Why Are Educated Women More Likely To Be Single?

There has been much discussion online with regard to the educated woman and her relative lack of romantic success. Much of this dialogue has been intended to explain this state of affairs and clarify both the source and resolution of the educated woman’s sexual conundrum. In a recent piece at EliteDaily.com, Lauren “LMoney” Martin offers her own take on the subject and, in the process, brings us much closer to the clarification that prior discourse has sought.

But why is this? Why don’t men want women with whom they can converse and who challenge them? When did the aversion to strong and intelligent women become a code orange? When did everyone just want to go to the Bahamas and lie around?

This quote from LMoney puts a spotlight on one of the primary sources of the romantic malaise plaguing so many highly educated women: arrogance.

Women like LMoney are often very quick to point to male arrogance as an explanation for romantic disconnects, but they too often neglect to acknowledge their equal failing in that regard. In describing the alleged male aversion to female intelligence in the quote above, LMoney asks why “men don’t want women with whom they can converse and who challenge them.” The fundamental implication here is as follows: only educated women like LMoney are capable of conversing with men. Only educated women like LMoney are capable of challenging men. Women who didn’t attend prestigous universities and lack high GPAs are not capable of conversing with men.


The reality, of course, is quite contrary to this. Not every woman who went to a great school and graduated with a high GPA is particularly skilled in conversation with the opposite sex. Just as a significant number of extremely intelligent men find their interpersonal communication skills wanting (especially when applied to the opposite sex), so do intelligent women sometimes struggle to connect with men they find interesting. Many of the women most skilled at conversing with the opposite sex do not have the greatest academic credentials.

To presume the conversational inferiority of another individual simply because they don’t have your degree is, at worst, extraordinarily arrogant and, at best, simply misinformed. Your ability to converse with the opposite sex is not determined by your GPA or the quality of your school. You don’t need a PhD to communicate with or “challenge” a man.


This is a fundamental issue. LMoney and many women like her are quite confident in their possession of an advantage that they do not actually have over other people, and go as far as to use this confidence to justify looking down on others who they falsely believe unable to do what they do. If you make a habit of running around with an unearned air of superiority such as this, it may be the case that you find your opportunities for interpersonal romantic fulfillment lacking.

In an article by “The Wire,” financial reporter, John Carney, gives one explanation for this phenomenon, deducing, “successful men date less successful women not because they want ‘women to be dumb’ but rather because they want ‘someone who prioritizes their life in a way that’s compatible with how you prioritize yours.’”
Basically, they want someone who isn’t ever going to let her career come before making dinner and pleasing them first.

They want a woman who is dumb enough to make them a priority and, unfortunately, for all those sane, rational and intelligent women out there, there’s a hefty number of these women out there.


Here we find more of the fundamental arrogance described above. The implications above are as follows:

1. Women who make their men (and families) a priority are dumb.

2. Women like LMoney who prioritize their careers and do not make men and families a priority are the only women who are “sane, rational and intelligent.”


In short, LMoney is making the following argument: “Those who do not hold the same perspective on the intersection of romantic and professional life that I hold are insane, unreasonable, and unintelligent.” This argument is continued here:

Those women who teach you, show you and help you grow are being picked over, combed through and dumped for girls with shirts that show a little too much skin and platform heels.

The assumptions in this sentence are as follows:

1. That girls who wear platform heels and relatively revealing tops cannot teach a man or help him grow

2. That women who can teach a man and help him grow never wear revealing tops and platform heels


Again, these are ignorant statements at best. At worst, they display a startling level of arrogance that would be difficult to find attractive in any human being.

The true extent of the arrogance displayed above is only magnified by passages such as these:

A study conducted with 121 British participants reported findings that females with high intelligence in male/female relationships were seen as problematic.

LMoney claims to speak for “intelligent” women, and yet consistently publishes decidedly unintelligent statements online. The sentence above, for example, is perhaps best worded as follows:

A British study involving 121 participants found that females with high intelligence were considered problematic in heterosexual relationships.

Granted, everyone makes mistakes—nobody is perfect, in writing or otherwise. If you intend to go on and on about your own intellectual superiority, however, it may be prudent to ensure that the quality of your writing is up to a high standard, lest you be mistaken for one of the “dumb” individuals whose perspectives you seem so intent on shaming and dismissing.

Again, I find this to be the fundamental problem with too many women like LMoney: they think they bring far more to the table than they actually do, and are so confident in this belief that they base a tremendous portion of their self-worth and identity on it. Since this belief implies that they are already in possession of everything a member of the opposite sex could want, they don’t spend much time actually examining what the opposite sex wants and correcting any potential deficiencies they may have. As they age and begin to perceive a disconnect between their belief in their own superiority and the reality they live in, they end up in a difficult position. Because they’ve been so convinced of their superiority for so long, they’re entirely unprepared to deal with a reality in which they are not ideal and may actually have to make some personal improvements in order to get what they want or (GASP) settle for something else.


They also spend so much energy embodying the ideal of the independent woman (loudly, proudly, and consistently proclaiming that they do not prioritize men and don’t really need them for anything) that they compromise their ability to find the romantic gratification they subconsciously crave. Good relationships involve a degree of mutual dependence, with each partner recognizing the value of the other and treating them accordingly. In a good relationship, it is typical for both partners to develop an actual need for one another — their presence becomes crucial to the wellbeing of the other. They become a priority to one another because of how much they matter to one another.

14 - 1

One can imagine it being substantially more difficult to begin and maintain such a relationship when you have spent so much energy investing in the idea that individuals of the opposite sex are totally unnecessary and fundamentally unworthy of the serious effort needed to bring and keep them in your life. How difficult must it be to maintain a serious relationship when you’ve spent the bulk of your life marking the individual you seek to enter a relationship with as a disposable and unessential accessory (at best) and an unnecessary nuisance (at worst)?


Perhaps LMoney and others like her should consider such questions in their bid to discover the source of their romantic malaise. They may find the answers quite illuminating.

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605 thoughts on “Why Are Educated Women More Likely To Be Single?”

  1. The more educated you are the farther you get away from the animalistic, primal, instinctive existence that many humans live in. This means less tingles for the opposite sex. The more a man learns, the more “beta” he becomes and its the same with women. I put beta in quotation marks because it may be that you appear more beta. Educated women give off an uptight, masculine energy even though they might be fairly feminine. The more your mind works, the more you give a fuck.
    Educated people dont cover their bodies in tattoos and speak popular slang. They dress to get respect from ither educated people, not for sexual attention. In my opinion, there is nothing less attractive than a woman in a blazer and slacks. Women that wear these arent trying to get my dick hard, they are trying to earn respect. If they carry this attitude around with them all day, they will find alot of men passing them up for dumber, more sexually appealling women.

    1. Yeah but it also doesn’t take much ‘alpha’ to impress these women who are looking for a well educated man because most of the guys around them are simpering betas.
      It doesn’t take as much to scare them off either.

    2. I have to disagree with the more you learn the more beta you get. That doesn’t make any sense. What are we doing on this site but learning?

      1. I clarified that it might make you appear beta. I dont care how “alpha” a guy thinks he is, if he starts quoting Nietzsche or Schopenhauer to your average American female she wont get the tingles for his manjuice.

        1. It wasn’t that clear to me but I understand now. Thing is, I think you are conflating “educated” with “socially inept”. I am an educated man but I would never start quoting philosophers or anything else to a woman. That said, in my experience women value an intelligent and educated man because those are the qualities of a leader and a provider which women need.

        2. Haha I’ve made that mistake…
          Always appeal to her feewings… She most likely doesn’t give a shit about anything other than her feewings.

        3. lol…agree. Plus, women only want to talk about themselves (remember, we’re dealing with self centered creatures here).
          You can talk about anything have to do with them, their feelings or their selfies – will do in a conversation. It’s sad but true…don’t talk about anything worthwhile (or worldly) unless your in the company of other men.

    3. I agree with your quote “Educated women give off an uptight, masculine energy even though they might be fairly feminine”

    4. It depends on what you are learning, if you are learning about the ‘humanities’ yeah you might be more beta after learning all of that, if it’s history or math or that sort then it might not make you more beta.

    5. A lot of people here just don’t get what your saying.
      The average accountant for instance: is very fucking intelligent, but his proper ways will come off as beta.
      Your average trade worker, pipe fitter, infantry soldier: will not have the beta tendencies, they’ll live instinctively and more in tune with their ‘feelings’ – which in general is more alpha.
      Come on guys, stop being intentionally ignorant, this guy isn’t speaking in Chinese, stop being so sensitive.

    6. Indeed. The Boner Test is a time tested selection tool. Usually doesn’t fail. Just don’t let that little bastard be the major decision maker! He’s the scout sniper in my toolbox not the Squad Leader. Which, as you’ve mentioned quite rightly, is where our education & personal male development comes in.

    7. Masculine energy helps women to advance in business and their professions. Femenine energy would not take you far in the current corporate world, unless in non-productive positions like human resources.
      The problem is that career women with masculine vibes naturally repel real men. At the end, they settle with blue pill betas, at best having a dull, sexless marriage, at worst an expensive, stressful divorce.

  2. Gotta love a (presumed) feminist belittling enormous swaths of the female populace.
    Men hate women, huh?

    1. I’ve always considered feminism to be anti-woman. They really seem to hate themselves.

      1. Oh it’s nothing new, it’s just nice that they keep adding documentation to the record.

      2. Right. Remove all men from an office environment and watch the havoc. Women tearing women down (talking, back stabbing, etc….).
        The “man” would no longer be a factor in the equation.

        1. It’s simple evolution, real women don’t engage in catty gossip at “the office.” Some women actually do work. And it’s like you’re insinuating, men never, ever do stupid shit at work, right?

        2. All women engage in catty gossip.
          My larger point regarding feminism was simply: other women are the problem (versus placing blame on men, corporations, etc..). Instead of shaming everyone else, women need to step up and hold their own accountable.

        3. Name the women blaming corporations and men. Real men men need to hold men like you accountable.

        4. Yes, women and feminism are the prime cause of all of the worlds problems. Indeed.

    2. Yes….and It’s pretty much the same thing with women receiving less pay (versus a man).
      It’s other women who fuck it up…not men. A women up for a promotion will take less money to do the job…otherwise, another women will jump in her place for the position (for even less money). That’s how it works (it’s not corporations or men fucking up the pay scale…it’s women.
      I don’t blame other men if I’m a shitty negotiator.

  3. From the article,
    “Lauren “LMoney” Martin grew up with one goal: to be the first woman engineer. Upon finding out there already were women engineers, and unable to pass Calc 1, she chose to study the beautiful and honorable art of advertising. After advertising proved uninspiring, she attempted a career in acting which was over before she could get on stage. And when she failed at everything else she decided to become a writer.”
    Lmao, she is the one giving advice.

    1. “The first woman engineer” this just reeks of an “I really have something to prove” feeling. Maybe LL cool J or whatever the fuck her name is should think about her predicament. “It’s almost like I have an inferiority complex, like a man would. It’s almost like these rich “assholes” don’t go for someone who acts like a man because they’re not into men. It’s almost like I’m a complete and total dumb fuck”

    2. If the bitch can’t pass Calc I then she isn’t that smart to begin with. That is far from rocket science.

      1. Exactly. I did my first 2 years of Calc by distance learning, that means no prof there to hold my hand, and she can’t even do entry level in class. Pathetic.

        1. I did calc 3 and a tonne of math and passed with flying colours. I am very gifted in math. What scares me is how little respect this woman is getting. Between relying on men like you guys (who clearly are terrible un-empathtic people) and having a career, suddenly I’m not so upset I’m single. The thing is that you don’t really know what it’s like to be treated like your not a person and you don’t know the pain, humiliation, and fear from discrimination. It’s just unfortunate that your incapable of loving things you can’t control.

        1. I’m sure some of the up votes are from people who did in fact pass Calc I and probably plenty that went far beyond. I wasn’t a great student nor had particularly strong mathematical inclinations and I made it through Calc I quite easily on my way to an Econ degree.

        2. You’re implying that some of the up votes are from hypocrites that couldn’t do any more in a Calc sequence than she could. However, I’m not aware of any of them that wanted to be engineers so it doesn’t really matter if they could pass the class or not. They recognize her lack of a grasp on reality. It also doesn’t repair her position since she had such aspirations as being an engineer when she couldn’t even pass one of the easiest required classes for an engineering program that plenty of people in non-engineering fields can do. It’s tantamount to a midget saying they aspire to be an NFL quarterback.

        3. I am female engineer and I do very well. I was just very gifted with mathematical and physics abilities I thought I’d use to help solve the world’s problems and make a positive impact. It’s unfortunate that men are so cruel and strange. Its been the least favourite part of my life realizing just how unpleasant men really are.

        4. and selfish and immoral. In fact, all of society’s problems can be traced back to men’s behaviour.

        5. I’d rather be selfish than delusional. In fact selfish behaviour helped early man survive. Delusions however made potential competitor species run off a cliff chasing a pink elephant

        6. Ah. The female LSD glands. Great to tap into especially when bored out of ones mind by weak and uncreative arguments from the small minds of the women hating Internet troll.

    3. Eh, that line from the article is an ad hominem fallacy. Her failures in life have no bearing on her argument. Stick to refuting her argument and avoid fallacious arguments.

      1. Technically you are right but it is still very amusing. Not every argument people make needs to be in full compliance with philosophical logic. You gotta laugh sometimes as well.

        1. Partial differential equations. Top university. But I must say you win the award for God’s most embarrassing creation. Why are men so rotten when it comes to empathizing with others? What are you so scared of? That you might actually have to have a relationship where she has a life and is happy and successful? You guys are always bitching about women being happy, then when we go get our lives and find success (yes, women have a need to be successful and find work very rewarding/challenging) and find our happiness you write these bitchy little blogs about why we aren’t your servants. Well I’m sorry, but a few different hormones doesn’t mean we don’t also like our freedom, independence, and the opportunity to make the world a better place. There are countless inventions and contributions from women (mind you they don’t mention them on TV) that have transformed our world. women pioneered environmentalism decades ago. If it wasn’t for them we’d be dying of respiratory diseases. Women in medicine have found flaws in medications prescription dosages given to women and corrected then. And then when women prioritize men and turn into step ford wives, the men complain about how needy they are and just want to go hang out with the guys. Then the men beat them to the ground and have no respect for them. You complain about how stupid women are with money and how it’s so hard to control our spending habits, yet you don’t want us to go make our own money….Like what the fuck is your fucking problem? You guys make no sense and there is no way to live a full and happy life as a women. So really, you want women to pretend to be happy so you can feel superior. I don’t know where your from, but I was raised that selfishness is not something you base your moral code on. This is what you all are: selfish. The children are doing just fine without mom going through depression after depression because her life isn’t what she wanted.

      2. She is making the argument that “men don’t want women with whom they can converse and who challenge them.” IOW she and her ilk are too educated and smart to appeal to most guys. But, her own resume is wrought with intellectual inferiority and failure. If she actually thought she was going to become the first woman engineer (that ship sailed a couple hundred years ago at a minimum), she is as dumb as a box of rocks–academic credentials or not. Her whole premise assumes she is speaking from the standpoint of a well-educated, intelligent women. Her only qualification for such an assertion is her own proclamation; the facts of her life indicate otherwise. She begins from a false premise. There is no logic fallacy in highlighting and ridiculing that.

        1. A large reason why men stay away from these type of women is that with their higher education comes their higher expectation for men to engage in traditional gender roles which are of benefit to them.
          These “educated” women will parade about men needing to do 50% of traditional women’s roles like: house cleaning, laundry, cooking and dishes.
          Yet when it comes to going out on a date . . . well, “it’s the guys job to pick up the entire tab because … ‘that’s tradition.’”
          I have 0 tolerance for these type of women.

      3. Right, ad hominem attacks are a bit rude here. But the problem is that she misunderstands male-female dynamics, not that she’s a bad person par se.

    4. I have to say I found this somewhat humorous…from the sounds of it she isn’t the best woman to be writing this article, LoL.

      1. Why do men love every opportunity to be an asshole? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe nobody appreciated it? Maybe thats why men aren’t doing well in school, they have bad attitudes and are rude and disrespectful. I must say that every single guy on this blog is incredibly rude.

        1. Can’t agree more. I work in a male dominated career, and it’s sad to see how insecure most men could be. Extremely nasty attitudes, gossip, rudeness and ignorance for NO reason. That’s the reason why most woman; career oriented or not, are choosing to remain single. Why have a nuisance for a man.
          I can count with one hand, the ones that actually behave like gentlemen.

        2. It’s a hostility resulting from sexism. Just proves that sexism is still alive and well and all the more reason to go get an education and reach higher in the office. Trolls don’t understand reason or manners. They are a sub-human form of anger and hate spreading nuisances. Like that EnglishBob. Just despicable horrid comments. I think the argument for women in leadership is quite apparent given the extreme lack of empathy shown by the men on this blog. Let’s go work for Ted Bundy because he’s a man and must be good at leadership. Or maybe Charles Manson? What a leader. These guys are psychos and the world would be a better place if they knew their rank: not being in charge of other human beings.

        3. These psychos are a waste of air and space…Even when they are around one can feel their negative energy.

        4. They get their joy out of making people feel like crap it’s terrible. My advice would be to stop letting them get you upset – they are like pesky little brothers annoying and trying to bring you down. I work on a male dominated career too and you just need to remind yourself that there are some good people out there who don’t terrorize women for fun. My advice would be to ignore the trolls and realize that they are probably really deeply unhappy people you should feel sorry for.

    5. Yeah, and she wrote an article trying to justify her poor college grades, citing that being an idiot with a GPA below 2.5 somehow entitled her to success in life.

  4. It’s not women’s fault they are single it’s the men in their social circle who are down right betas and show not a single alpha trait. The first thug that these women meet they bed.its no wonder their beta male handbags have no idea why they can’t wed these women. The more I take the red pill the more I observe that beta men are the issue and not women, they enable all the behaviour!

    1. yeah true, whenever I hear some out of control story of a helicopter mother, I just wonder where the fking father is. Back in the day dad would get mom in line. If teacher at school punished you for something, your dad told you not to be a little shit. Now the mother comes to school demanding to know why her little precious got punished. Always wonder where the father is in those situations.

    2. I think it’s a negative feedback loop. The men are pussified and then the women get more masculine and rude, repeat, repeat, and repeat. Repeat until you get modern society. First you must condition the men to never judge women for anything, then shame those men who do question the way things are. Next put up the image that men have it easy in their entire lives. Then as the women get out of control and develop into she-beasts, shame the men even more for not liking them. This is term pussifies these men further as they lost their voice and their will to talk back a long time ago. Who’s to blame here? I think ultimately you’re right, it is the men, just as we built civilization, it’s our job to guard it both physically and socially. But all of the pressures that pussified men destroyed that(consumerism, no challenges or adversity, large government with laws to regulate all male conduct, feminism, etc.)

  5. I met a lot of these over educated women who are past 30. They are an absolute nightmare. They take great joy in putting down guys whom they feel are inferior in intelligence or manners or culture etc etc…and then they have the gall to either complain that no one wants them or the arrogance to expect a romantic relationship with an alpha male!
    For me, I take great joy in humouring these miserable cunts, then actively hit on younger hotter women right smack in front of them. The evil look they give me is priceless!

    1. Yep…good points. Too much of the “Sex and the City” philosophy going on with these types of women.
      Many women (let alone men) can’t stand to be around these types of women. They think they’re so god damn smart but you ask them to do a simple task and they are lost.
      Many do not have a bit of common sense and they lack social skills (they try too hard to fit into the group or alienate themselves with their arrogance).
      We have one at work. Everyone has to put up with her (for now) but we’re hoping (with enough rope) she’ll “hang herself” (get fired) for being too smart to the wrong boss.

    1. The author, Susan Patton , wrote a book called “Marry Smart” which caused a moderate shitstorm amongst the sisterhood. She (Patton) is a Princeton graduate and said if you’re a smart Princeton lady you might want to marry an intellectual equal instead of some Jersey shore dude-bro type. Where better to find a smart fella /husband than the elite Ivy league school you are attending. She then goes on to quote the fertility statistics of women who postpone pregnancy to their mid 30’s . Fertility rates plummet. She basically quoted a bunch of facts and of course the feminists witches went nuts..

  6. Men want a woman like their own mother. Loyal to the end. Anything else is a fling and that is all you can hope for amongst the modern western woman.

  7. Lol, well it’s because such women do not develop these things with the interest of men in mind.
    Guys develop everything they are, and at the same time do it for the benefit of their women, even when they don’t have one. Most chicks choose to lose weight for instance, either when they want to get back at their ex or want to get a replacement bf lol. It’s no different with education, a lot of these very educated women don’t bring their education to the table as a thing of value. It’s all self-serving. It’s not like women are becoming millionaires so they can buy their husbands Lamborghinis.
    Men value loyalty and synergy, which is ultimately what makes men want to commit to women; education guarantees none of that. In other words, men want would women who appeal to their self-interests, but education almost guarantees that women will appeal to men’s interest less, at the same time increasingly demanding that men appeal to their own, without the promise of reciprocity.

    1. True, women go to college to make money not really to become educated. Most women I’ve met think being intelligent is a negative quality in a man.

        1. Yea I live in a college town with a huge university. Maybe its just the younger girls….

        2. Pretty much everywhere. You don’t see college girls banging down the doors of the engineering majors, nor the math majors, nor any other STEM degree major. Smart men, and by that I mean intellectual AND socially savvy, learn early that you have to mask your intelligence in front of desirable women. That is, play it cool, talk about nothing of substance, joke around a lot and then only in regards to non-nerd subjects. Crack one joke about quantum physics and her pussy dries up faster than a drop of water hitting the sun.

        3. Yeah, it only works in college if you are the top dog in the class, or in the top 3 or whatever, but that’s about it. And even then, it’s not your smarts that attracts but your social dominance.
          I used to think it was my ‘intelligence’ that attracted women back in my college days, but then i realised it was just the fact that they wanted to fuck me.

        4. That’s true. Save the intelligent conversation for like-minded men. Women have other things to think about, such as hair, make-up and what the Kardashians are up to.

        5. Ok was reasonably intelligent in college if I said something the least bit worldly women would exit the conversation or insert their feminist narrative. When I dropped outta college disillusioned it was heaven. I’m 5.11 and athletic but just told the lie that women like sensitive/smart guys. But yeah 13 years of indoctrination will do that but I have critical thinking skills that college claims to teach you but really they try and desensitise all critical thought.

        6. It IS odd. Where are you meeting these women? I’ve had MANY women quite interested in me upon learning I was pre-med/in med school. Which is fine if we already know each other, but if it seems like their main interest in me is based on my career choice I pass on dating them.
          On another similar note, I’ve found nearly ALL women I date are VERY attracted to intelligence. However, I think far more plays into it than just intelligence. On both sides sexual attraction is also a big issue, so even if you’re brilliant but hideous and slacking on hygiene…well…you get the picture.
          I find most women are extremely impressed with intelligence as long as you don’t come off as an arrogant know-it-all. Same with “nerd” subjects. On our first date, my last girlfriend and I discussed classic lit, poetry, video games, movies, Star Trek, music, gym/lifting, etc…and hit it off wonderfully. She was a college girl…absolutely brilliant…and she was not only gorgeous but so fit she was considering competing in NPC physique competitions
          Anyway, my point is that your experience couldn’t be further from mine, so there must be something causing such a difference in the women we attract. I’d be willing to bet it’s our differing attitudes and the type of women we pursue as a result.

        7. I’d be willing to bet it’s because you live in fantasy and in reality, every guy is an arrogant know-it-all to a girl who Knows Best how to obstruct and frustrate fools into buying the right to pleasure her. Women want to be the brains and they want the guy to be the brawn. This presents complications because women’s brains are dysfunctional.
          So they also want guys to take care of them financially as well as you can see where this is heading. Women need men to need to carry them but what kind of man would carry liability?
          Our pathetic ancestors, apparently.

      1. True.
        Competition among peers leads to self-improvement; competition with women leads to nothing if you win, and embarrassment if you lose.

      2. It is all about competition, and a man wants a wife, not a co-worker.
        And the corollary : I got a wife at home, I don’t need one on the job.

      3. So I guess mini-golf for a first date is out?? No pool tables?? No darts?? No playful teasing?? 🙁

        1. So when you are out on this first date do you bring your A game for these activities or do you just do them for fun?

        2. For fun. I am a female. I beat my then boyfriend at mini-golf ONCE. I wasn’t even trying. He looked completely crushed. I didn’t rub it in or anything (I know when to keep my mouth shut). But still, why such a big ego about trivial things from some men in regards to male/female competition?? WHY WHY??

        3. It seems Why is a defective sandwichmaker and not a mangina. Can her comment above be removed.

        4. “Hitting toddlers is just about universal.”- Murray A. Straus (Beating the Devil Out of Them)

          “Almost all small children are smacked during the first three years of life.”
          Alice Miller

          I don’t have any need so how could I be fucked up? All the need is with whores. You painted shells are pretty fucked up.

    2. Oh come the fuck on. Every one of our motivations in life is ignoble? Not even a modicum of human decency to be found in our blackened, necrotizing hearts?? I guess all anecdotal contribution falls under the “NAWALT” (or whatever the acronym is you fellows wield), nonetheless I digress…
      My first love struggled valiantly to launch his own business in a field with total market saturation with people who offered the same services as he. I whole heartedly believed in what he was doing and thought he had a really cool, niche angle with his particular venture and was steadfastly his cheerleader for over 3 years while he toiled. I was always on the sidelines kicking down supplemental marketing, PR, admin assistance for him and never took it personally as his frustrations and burgeoning depression often manifested in his being really curt, short and passive aggressive. I totally understood, he was watching the agonizingly slow death of his life dreams. That isn’t something a pleasant girlfriend armed with cupcakes and encouraging sentiment can ameliorate. I so desperately wanted to be able to do more than just contribute my 1/2 of our bills – so that he could focus on the task at hand without the ubiquitous threat of losing everything. I was clearly on my ex-boyfriend’s team during his adversity but he was so rigid in keeping up this feigned uber masculine front there was no cathartic outlet for him. I never gave him reason to feel judged and I never once cared nor complained that we were in our “starving artist and student” phases. I dug the cute, bohemian little studio apt we were
      rocking. It doesn’t cost anything to fuck around on guitars, or go hiking,
      or sprawl out on a beach and decompress and read. I believe
      there’s merit in the journey towards your goals and I have no problem
      with delayed gratification and would have stuck by him unconditionally.
      I had just started school and was certainly a broke ass myself. It
      would have been a little silly and hypocritical for me to lament his
      meager earnings at the time. He had every right to be angry and frustrated at the world but I too had a right to be met with reciprocal kindness and respect. At the end of the day there’s only so much toxicity and misguided anger that any one person can field and I sadly and amicably parted ways with him.
      That was so formative an experience for me, it was one of the strongest
      determinants in my deciding to pursue a career in medicine. I definitely want to get married one day and I want to be a worthy, contributing partner who’s empowered enough to protect those I love from life’s inevitable setbacks and misc. sorrows. I refuse to ever be in a position again where I can’t offer a lifeline (financial or otherwise) to my partner. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to be protected by someone strong too. Medicine can be soul crushingly sad, albeit unbelievably rewarding too. It’s the most draining and inspiring thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m so grateful for my current boyfriend’s optimism and insights. There are days where I feel like I can’t breathe unless I’m curled up on his lap and it’s like a mystical gift being able to follow his lead.
      But there has to be fluidity in the power balance of a relationship, or else it fosters a situation where there’s no room for universal, human vulnerability for both partners. Everybody has times when they need someone else to take the reigns. My partner knows he has a safe place to let down his guard if his armor ever cracks.
      So there you have it. We aren’t all pit vipers and we really don’t dream of success at the expense of dancing atop the heads of the downtrodden. And fuck yeah I want to enjoy my lovely future salary doing exciting, noteworthy things with and for the man I love even if he’s a closet bon vivant and secret Lamborghini enthusiast.

      1. Actually your comment just further reveals my point.
        Since your ex-bf is not here to defend himself, but you can, you get to share your feelings about what occurred and he doesn’t. Lets even the playing field a bit: lets disregard your feelings and interpretation and stick to the facts as passive observers:
        Girl loves guy; girl is ambitious wants to go get career in medicine; bf is not. Girl is prepared to go over 300K in debt (prob about 500K nowadays for a 4-yr med school) to pursue a career in medicine; bf is a dreamer who is likely never going to attain goals or success. GF tries to stay for 3 years, tries to endure his lack of ambition and the things that come along with it but eventually cannot and runs out of steam. Now girl is happy, while contributing nothing of financial value to her now current bf who is a bon vivant and loves Lamborghinis. Lol…is there any need to go on?
        The break-up of your past relationship rotated around his economic issues. The psychological stuff, the pessimism, all of that, was at it’s core having to deal with economics. The satisfaction you have with your current bf has to deal with the fact that he’s the exact opposite. And you wouldn’t have chosen to write about both of them if that wasn’t the case – you were trying to establish a dichotomy, but you evaded the foundation of which that dichotomy was based on, rather focusing on all the ex post facto stuff.
        The fundamental difference between us, is that men everyday endure women who were in the position of your ex. They do that because they are prepared to contribute unevenly in relationship, even at the cost of sacrificing their very own lives for the protection of their woman (a feat that women can only have towards their children, but not the men that they choose to love), not based off natural instinct, but based off of choice. Which is why, not just theoretically, but practically, men develop who they are for the benefit of women, and women do not, despite how many times they say “I want to”…the fact is, they don’t.
        It doesn’t make you or women ignoble: you probably would end up spending most of that medicine money on your kids, if you’re a good mother, but that’s not what you’re gonna do for your man: women simply don’t have that thing in them that allows them to deal with unequal contribution in relationships and have no problem with it. And I mean you can try that, but when push comes to shove, you’re just going to just leave in a sad and amicable way once again. It’s fine, we’re guys, just stay feminine and be an object of desire, that’s all we ask.

        1. “Now girl is happy, while contributing nothing of financial value to her now current bf who is a bon vivant and loves Lamborghinis. Lol…is there any need to go on?”
          My “bon vivant/Lamborghini” comment was made in jest and in response to your statement that women wouldn’t be willing to buy their men Lamborghinis. To further clarify – I was not making fun of the statement. I just personally find the vehicle ostentatious in a cheeseball kind of way – thus, my sarcastic quip that if my current partner were a big ole Lamborghini fetishist/aka bon vivant, I would happily buy him said flashmobile without thinking twice despite my finding the car a bit tacky.
          Your conjecture about my not contributing to my current living situation is inaccurate. I’ve consistently worked in a salaried position all throughout my undergraduate degree and I also receive royalty payments from previous projects I’ve worked on. I pay for half of our bills, including half of his mortgage payment because a) because I’m a signee on a lease b) I’m investing in building a life with someone c) my current partner isn’t an affluent guy and I’m a grown adult and wouldn’t compound someone’s financial stress by being a leechy dependant.
          I wasn’t dichotomizing the worth of my ex in comparison with my current partner. You stated the following:
          “Lol, well it’s because such women do not develop these things with the interest of men in mind.”
          My linear presentation of both relationships was to illustrate that I did in fact, choose my career path taking the needs of someone else into consideration. I found it devastating not being able to alleviate the struggles of someone I cared for. Had I been an affluent girl at that point in time I’d have instantly floated his venture until it took off, because I believed in his work and I believed in him and thought we were taking on the world together. I became resolute about attaining a lucrative career with ample job security specifically because I know how uncertain life can be and I want to be in a position where I can always protect the interests of those I care about.
          It’s inconsequential why I parted ways with my ex. It was amicable and not prompted by any kind of misgiving or cruelty on either of our parts. Per his own declaration he was not in the right place to be in a relationship at that juncture due to the loss of his business and being in pure survival mode. It was just a very sad and innocuous conclusion to the time I spent with someone I really cared about. It made me feel helpless as I’m sure it did him too. It manifested in my wanting to be a truly worthy and contributing partner (which I clearly would not be If I continued down the path of working towards a career in marketing – thus I overhauled and changed majors and veered hard science with the MD in my crosshairs).
          I simply don’t understand the logic in brushstroking all women as being ignoble in their intent. There’s a myriad of people with character and ethics – this isn’t something that’s gender based.

        2. Lol, I know, I know, I’m just working with the information you choose to share and making assumptions.
          That being said, almost everything you’re saying is inconsequential because my original comment was in the context of the topic at hand: “Why Are Educated women more likely to be single?” My response, you have rationalized and come to the conclusion is that I’m saying it’s because they’re ignoble, when that has nothing to do with it.
          All I’m saying is that women aren’t driven by a desire to provide and protect their men, that’s an option for them. You chose to go into the medical field for instance, so you could better “contribute” to your man in the future, yet men are driven by that desire whether they are broke or wealthy. It makes no different, where they end up. When they cannot provide and protect, they don’t feel like men, and thus aren’t in the correct mind state and that affects the dynamic of the relationship, ultimately leading to a break-up. It’s what men are by nature, the choice part is who they choose to ultimately provide and protect for the rest of their lives.
          This has little to do with nobility: women are primarily driven by a desire to feel secure in a relationship, they’re not driven by a desire to be the one offering the security: that’s what they have towards their children that come out of their womb. So, even when a woman is in a higher position of wealth or something similar and is taking care of her man, it is based on the hope or idea that it’s a temporary basis that he will step-up and eventually get out of his rut, because she doesn’t want to feel like she is being used or taken advantage of (security), but men don’t have that problem, because if they have it, they don’t care if their woman does as long as she’s loyal and brings synergy to the relationship.
          An education or even a woman’s money doesn’t provide anything that helps a man feel more manly and more capable of providing and protecting (which is the key for igniting romance, creativity, passion etc for him), regardless of if the woman feels she needs it or not, it has little to do with her or her solipsism in that regard. What makes a man feel more manly, once again is feminine energy as a form of synergy and loyalty, something that a lot of educated women dump on their pursuit of wealth and education, which is why they end up being single.

    3. If you’re the kind of guy who isn’t smart you will be content with a woman who is also not smart.

  8. My last girlfriend was one of these “educated” types(sort of, the truth was she was a clown who dropped out of uni after her first year) and you can bet it made her totally unattractive at times. Wouldn’t know when to shut up, always had a pointless opinion or comment to make about everything, especially things she had no idea about. I find those things intensely annoying in all people, but from girls it really does my head in. No wonder I haven’t had a relationshit in 2 years eh.

      1. I had a friend I’d visit occasionally years ago. He had the Playboy Channel. I noticed whenever he’d turn it on, he’d mute the TV & turn on his stereo. When I asked why he replied ” It ruins everything to hear them talk.”

      2. The problem is that at one point women only wanted a place at the table (i.e. voting rights, etc…).
        Now, they want to run the table and control the conversation. If a man has an opinion (on anything), then he is considered: stupid, unintelligent, not a real man, or insert any shaming language here.
        It’s my fucking opinion (where are we? the former USSR?).

  9. There’s an intelligence threshold where the individual is smart enough to rationalize their feelings and justify their moral beliefs, but not smart enough to control their emotions or realize that their values are limited if not irrelevant in real life. This includes a lot of SWPLs, Jews, and even some Asians these days.
    That and an education at any western university is basically left-wing indoctrination. You can’t avoid the feminist bullshit, especially not at the fields chicks like to study.
    I have a degree in [worthless social issues major here], that makes me intelligent!
    They really believe this

    1. I was gonna make pretty much the exact same comment.
      From the university educated girls that I’ve dated… ranging from undergrads and MAs in Cultural Studies, Neuroscience, Statistics, etc., it doesn’t make a lick of difference how “educated” they are, 99.9% of the time they still act like girls.
      As in… they could major in psychology and study emotional regulation and cognitive behavioural therapy and still have ZERO (repeat: ZEERROOOOO) control over their emotions.
      Pettiness, cattiness, cheating/lying, whorish behaviour, childish behaviour… It is ALL still there… the only difference is that now she is “educated” and thinks that she is equal to you (even if not a single creative thought ever comes out of her mouth). The problem is that often a girl that is “equal” to you (in terms of whatever social ladder is presented in front of her face) thinks that she must be better than you. I’ve seen this from personal experience and from even the most talented of my colleagues.
      I prefer a girl I can have a conversation with over a girl I cannot. If a girl can teach me things or give me a fresh perspective, for me that is fucking awesome and it will play into my attraction for her… Nothing better than fucking the hell out of a woman you respect. Nothing better than reducing an intelligent women into a fucking chimpanzee…
      With that said though… A lot of these “educated” women have serious control issues and don’t know how to let loose or be feminine without being completely intoxicated.
      They’re a fucking shit-show to deal with. And you NEVER date a co-worker or you might seriously get fucked over… That is my 0.02$.

      1. I actually hate a girl to “teach” me anything. That makes me angry. “Bitch did I ask you to show me how to clean the counter? ‘Clean enough’ is how I like it now bring me my fucking beer and it better be cold!”

        1. I’d slip some ricin in yours buddy. I can assume you’re not the ladies man amirite?

      2. Agree with the girls comment.
        Honestly, in the Anglosphere, and probably other places but especially here, education does not mature a woman or make her a more suitable partner for a man. In fact, as a man who has been in and out of tertiary institutions for the last 15 years for various reasons–teaching, upgrading qualifications etc–I can absolutely claim that it’s rare to meet a woman who is genuinely engaged in the actual learning process beyond the utility of getting high marks.
        Whether in the library or the school cafeteria, I can guarantee you that whenever an intellectual discussion is happening that doesn’t involve a group assignment, it’s almost always a group of men talking. When women are involved they add next to nothing to the overall conversation.

        1. “I can guarantee you that whenever an intellectual discussion is happening that doesn’t involve a group assignment, it’s almost always a group of men talking.”
          This makes me wonder whether the powers that be in higher edu deliberately littered modern curricula with this nonsense (that, and “presentation skills”) in order to make it easier for women and hence, to increase the chance for a payout for themselves, because more students graduating generates more cash for these institutions.

      1. I have dated both. Very intelligent yet charming. Not unusual to meet a well-educated asian gal with feminine humility who is a lot of fun to be around. And if you are a towering intellect such as myself a Jewish woman can provide hours of snappy repartee’.

      2. Am I attacking them? I’m Asian and I’m going to name my enemies, even if they’re Asian.

  10. I have no interest in having a woman “challenge” me anymore than I want my kids to “challenge” me. I get challenged all day at work, I don’t need to come home and be challenged there too. My woman better do what the fuck I say or I’ll know the reason why.

    1. I couldn’t have put it better, Bob. What allure is there to
      “challenging” when it’s not even hidden that the word is code for
      “bitchy, and you better accept it!”. That’s a selling point? Isn’t
      that like trying to sell a car by noting that it “gets awful gas mileage
      and runs so hot that it needs to be pulled over and the engine shut off
      every five minutes”? Challenging, indeed.

      1. Well said. And you know what? I find that with this attitude you deselect the bitches who want to argue and you’ll find yourself with a woman who wants to accept your direction. After all, women don’t really want to be in charge, they want you to be in charge. This provides them with the confidence that they are missing. My woman told me she used to be responsible for organizing all her trips with the girls. Then when I came along she was perfectly happy to hand this over to me. I rarely have to raise my voice because its understood that I am in charge in every aspect.
        “Independent women” like Lauren Martin totally miss this and stay single as a result.

        1. “After all, women don’t really want to be in charge, they want you to be in charge.” Of course, because all woman want to do in life is be submissive to their man. If such a gender role was really as easy as you put it, then I doubt there would be the screwed up version of feminism that we see today.
          I love how it isn’t mentioned that it used to be acceptable for men to beat their wives and call them property, to be told to “shut the fuck up” and that they can’t have opinions. And of course, since I know you’ll try to argue this point, when a woman has an opinion, it doesn’t automatically make them a bitch. Being educated isn’t a problem in society either. It’s arrogance and the screwed up perception of feminism, how many woman are trying to not become equal but better than men.
          Some men never get married and never want to be married and that lifestyle is completely accepted in society. But then when it’s reversed, when women say they don’t want to get married, it’s suddenly seen as taboo, as if the only thing that a woman is good for is cooking and taking care of kids. Independent also does not mean “bitchy and arrogant”. Independent means that if a woman ends up in a relationship with an abusive man, she actually has the decision now in this modern society to get divorced and actually take care of herself, instead of being at the mercy of her man.
          Of course, this doesn’t apply to every woman either. Some woman want to have a family life and be the mother of children. Some are fine with the life you mention. But that doesn’t mean that they are devoid of respect and mean less than pieces of shit. They shouldn’t be told to “shut the fuck up”. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be entitled to “bitchy, and you better accept it!” either. I don’t believe that the man OR the woman is the head of the household. They should both be equal in terms of mutual respect and care.
          I also don’t get why it’s necessary for women to have long hair or that they’re not allowed to wear a work blazer just to “please” a man’s ideas of a woman’s sexual attractiveness. A man’s needs aren’t all that matters just like a woman’s needs aren’t all that matters. A man is free to have whatever haircut they want, but if a woman does, then it’s suddenly the most horrific thing in the universe? A woman shouldn’t have to be sexual appealing every moment of the day. A man’s main goal isn’t to please a woman, so a woman’s main goal shouldn’t have to be to please a man.
          A marriage or just a relationship in general shouldn’t have to be associated with the idea of “who’s in charge?” It’s a mutual agreement with both persons’ needs taken into account. It shouldn’t be a power play or a game. And trying to generalize the female population into “delusional feminists” and “submissive sweethearts” isn’t going to force them into those two categorizes.

        2. “…..but then when it’s reversed, when women say they don’t want to get married, it’s suddenly seen as taboo….”
          not all men are like that, i for one am all for criminalizing marriage and decriminalizing prostitution.
          ” Independent also does not mean “bitchy and arrogant”. ”
          a true independent woman worths her salt does not even need men’s attention or to have a relationship with men other than a platonic one. It truly saddens me that it is bad enough already that we are oxygen-dependent, must we also be relationship-dependent? what a downer.
          “A man is free to have whatever haircut they want, but if a woman does, then it’s suddenly the most horrific thing in the universe?”
          i beg to differ, the worst horrific and eeeeeevil thing in the universe is raycism or perhaps ISIS instead of some stupid haircut.
          ” A marriage or just a relationship in general shouldn’t have to be associated with the idea of “who’s in charge?” It’s a mutual agreement with both persons’ needs taken into account. ”
          my ex and i did exactly just that. i told my ex that i need her to stay fit and slender otherwise i’ll stop fucking her, she responded that she prefer donuts, lots of them so ……………..

        3. I just pull out and blow on her face/tits…..all the landless love it…. looks great dripping off their chin, especially if there’s another hotty there to lick it off!! Fun fun fun…..

        4. 1. don’t reply to women.
          2. don’t worry. she already said the truth: trying to generalize the female population into “delusional feminists” and “submissive sweethearts” [is] going to force them into those two categorizes. a bit of a roundabout way, and certainly long winded, but she got there.
          all you have to do is stick to the plan.

        5. Someone always has more leverage in any relationship, no matter how much you say it’s “equal”. There is always a more dominant person. In any situation where at least 2 persons are involved, somebody will always be a “leader”. That’s just how life is. It really isn’t a conspiracy, it’s just that simple.

        6. Why should women have to do as a man says? I mean they don’t have to be “Challenging” but why should they just do as a man says? I mean, really.

        7. In any relationship, one person makes most of the plans, either the man or the woman. If a man makes a suggestion and a woman genuinely agrees with it, what’s the problem?
          In my experience, and in the experience of most men I know, women dislike when they have to make the majority of the plans and decisions in a relationship while the guy just says “anything you want, dear.” We follow other people’s plans and suggestions daily. There is no conspiracy. Somebody HAS to be the first to suggest something. But that’s only a problem if that somebody is the man, right?

        8. Again what a unhealthy relationship you are in charge in every aspect and you rarely have to raise your voice why do you guys want to treat your women like your children?

        9. You seem to want an authoritarian relationship instead of an egalitarian one. Truly egalitarian partnerships don’t have this kind of defensive, control-freak characterization. Authoritarian relationships generally end up in the woman seeking out someone who values her for more than her ability to be manipulated. I strongly advise you to get out of your man cave and interact with girls, so you start to develop some empathy.

        10. When a man fails to win an argument properly, he always resorts to decisions of grandeur. Science and psychology have proven time and time again that psychologically women and men are identical except men are more physically aggressive. Great. English bob I know your probably late for your wife beating so run along.

        11. Right after you find your incredibly small penis. You probably need to beat your wife for her to feel something. This makes sense. You need work to overcompensate. I do feel sorry for you. hahaha and your wife too! haha stupid people live such shitty little miserable lives.

        12. You are spot on. Hahahaha, you hit the nail right there…I love your reply to this-alien from another planet.

        13. I think English Bob is mistaking his blow up doll for a real human being. Even psychologists don’t know what to call that kind of crazy.

    2. Fukin A English, what does a woman challenging a man actually entail? Shrill bitch screaming at you? Giving you shit? Acting like a total kunt?

      1. exactly! because if she could challenge me in building a race car, or rebuilding an engine, or even changing a tire, that might be fun. But of course that’s not what they mean. they have no interest in actually challenging a man in anything worthwhile, other than trying to run things and complain about everything the man does.

    3. The meme that men can’t “handle strong women” is apologism for unnecessary belligerence wrapped in a shaming tactic.
      What is meant by “strong” is not so much opinionated or independent, it’s spoiled entitlement, with a dash needing to prove oneself, stemming from insecurity. And like all shaming tactics, it’s usually employed when women feel threatened themselves.

      1. “What is meant by “strong” is not so much opinionated or independent,
        it’s spoiled entitlement, with a dash needing to prove oneself, stemming
        from insecurity. And like all shaming tactics, it’s usually employed
        when women feel threatened themselves.”
        And here all along I’ve always assumed that when women roar “strong women” I think of women who can bench-press a car or can punch holes through brick-wall , foolish me.

        1. A woman who can take care of herself without selling sex, extorting broken men or abusing children would be pretty strong.
          Stronger than 55 billion has to count for something.

    4. If LMoney really loves being a challenge then we must encourage her to challenge Jon Jones and duke it out in the octagon! My money is on her because I heard Jon Jones is a blue-pill guy who probably will let her knock him out with a two-by-four just for the sake of chivalry and equality! LOL

    5. Sorry, but I laughed aloud when reading this. I don’t mean to mock, but I think you’re interpreting “challenge” in a way that was not intended. I think what most of us mean when we say we want a woman that challenges us is that the woman stimulates us intellectually, not that she tests and provokes us. If that’s your experience with women you’ve obviously been choosing your dates from the wrong “pools”. Although with the attitude you have toward women I think it predisposes you to ending up with the very type of women you abhor and disparage here.

      1. No one is misinterpreting anything. Anyone who is not a simp realizes that there is a duel meaning here. They use certain words so that people get an ‘idea’ about what they mean so they can do a 180 later and claim you, as the male, misunderstood her.
        Also, gtfo of here with that shaming horseshit you mangina.

        1. “Also, gtfo of here with that shaming horseshit you mangina.”
          absolutely no need for derogatory word like *mangina* there bro, the guy is most likely a faggot who regularly got straponed by his feminist overlords so we must be more considerate towards him and don’t hurt his feelings.

        2. LoL, wow…don’t worry about hurting my feelings. You gave me a good laugh. Have at it…I’m secure enough in my manhood not to be bothered. You all seem to be the ones with hurt feelings because someone dared to challenge your (rather demented) opinions with one that differs.

        3. Again, I think your attitude predisposes you to attracting this kind of woman, thus you create a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

        4. nah dude, men here don’t get hurt feelings over differing opinions from women and their white-knights. they may challenge us all their like, we just laugh or ignore them and keep doing things we like.

        5. “gtfo of here with that shaming horseshit you mangina.”
          Sure sounds like hurt feelings to me.
          I’m not being a white knight, either. I’m just expressing what I like in a relationship. My preference has nothing to do with white knighting. I’m not berating you for insulting women or being sexist.
          Laughing, name calling, and ignoring others (on a public forum, where the entire POINT is discussion) tends to be the mark of someone who knows their views are twisted and that they cannot win a debate. Many of the people here seem rather angry, so perhaps listening to and at least CONSIDERING the views of those who are happier in life and relationships might be worthwhile. Just saying…
          But by all means, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, keep doing what you’re doing if it truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

        6. “ignoring others (on a public forum, where the entire POINT is discussion) tends to be the mark of someone who knows their views are twisted and that they cannot win a debate.”
          it’s not about winning some debate, people discuss with their intellectual equals and ignore those who are not.
          “Many of the people here seem rather angry, so perhaps listening to and at least CONSIDERING the views of those who are happier in life and relationships might be worthwhile. Just saying…”
          a random stranger over the internet claiming he’s/she’s happier that you is not to be trusted. and let’s say he/she is indeed happier than you but more than likely his/her circumstances are vastly different than yours so basically their words of wisdom will only ring hollow since it can not apply to you.
          “But by all means, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, keep doing what you’re doing if it truly makes you happy and fulfilled.”
          that i will do and btw when will you ask that LMoney out on a date? she seems to be your intellectual equal, no?

        7. Or maybe I’m not a goddamn idiot, and can read between the lines. Positive attitude or not, the outcomes form patterns which people have adapted to and recognized. Oh but, you believe everything people tell you because you have a good attitude?
          And yes you have all the tells of a white-knight. You may sugarcoat the language, but all the same ol’ tactics are there;disguised as a plea for ‘an exchange of opinions.’

        8. Well by all means, lets discuss rather than resort to name calling, since even if you despise me I’m certainly of sufficient intelligence for discussion.
          I never said I was happier than anyone, but if you’re as angry as some here seem to be, it might behoove them to at least consider other differing opinions.
          I have no idea who LMoney is, nor if she would appeal to me intellectually or in any other way, but if we ever cross paths and she seems to be someone I’d enjoy spending time with, I certainly will….

        9. “I have no idea who LMoney is, nor if she would appeal to me
          intellectually or in any other way, but if we ever cross paths and she seems to be someone I’d enjoy spending time with, I certainly will….”
          her real name is Lauren Martin, here is her facebook :
          she’s quite hot actually but definitely not my type, a nuclear-fusion empowered strong agile dexterous confident enlightened more-intelligent-than-thou woman is really the last thing i need. but i think you’ll do well with her since both you and she wants an equal partner hence you both are match made in heaven so go for her hand dawg, you can thank me much later on.

        10. What you suggest here is that I will end up with Lauren Martin, precisely the kind of woman I hate and precisely the kind of woman you like? Ironic no?

        11. Many of the people here seem rather angry, so perhaps listening to and at least CONSIDERING the views of those who are happier in life and relationships might be worthwhile. Just saying…

          Slaves often told slaves who spoke of freedom something very similar.
          If many of the people here seem angry, maybe it’s because of people like you who collaborate with the enemy. Women are not the enemy. You’re collaborating with cosmetic frauds who are leeches, not women.
          They kill all the women aged [girl]. You’re just their broken bitch. Take your clothes off in public and learn the truth, bitch.

        12. If I stop calling you a bitch, what truth would I call you that doesn’t hurt your bitch feelings?
          Name-calling is only a problem when it’s not true. You’re a bitch who thinks sub-worthless women must be pandered to. Marry one and your children will be bitches like you. Violence and lies and shame is how you make bitches.
          You didn’t put those clothes on yourself, bitch.

        13. Where can I attract women who are my equal, bitch?
          FYI, I don’t need makeup to conceal my appearance. That would be fraud.
          I don’t need to be treated at all. Why are you treating women, bitch? Do you open doors for them as well? Hold their chair for them to sit? Spoon-feed them? You bitches who reward perfidious treachery are the worst.
          Where can I attract women who can treat themselves Right, bitch?

        14. I’m sure you’re not ACTUALLY interested in meeting quality women (sans chloroform, that is), but just for argument’s sake, I met my last couple girlfriends at the gym. Prior to that, I’ve met quality women in higher level college classes, at bookstores, school library, fitness events, “nerdy” events, etc. I’ve been out with quite a few restaurant servers as well. More intelligent college women often waitress themselves through school, and it gives you a good opportunity to chat with them and see if they seem your type before asking them out blindly (same with the gym). Bars, clubs, the mall, etc are almost always poor places to meet quality women. I can go on if you like…

        15. You say they’re quality but I believe we have a quality control issue. How can you respect a woman walking around with a cosmetic billboard on her face that screams – non-stop – “I AM MOTIVATED TO DECEIVE YOU”?
          It’s self-insulting to wear makeup in brazen disregard of the true worth of Self. Even if not worth much, true Self is worth more than any fraudulent image or appearance in the world.

        16. Wait, what are you even saying? Why are you ending your sentences with bitch? Are you okay? You seem mad. It’s coming off as a little shrill and psycho-babble-y.

        17. I think your overreaction to women wearing make up borders along the lines of insanity. Calm down.

        18. I think your obsession with deceit and fraud makes you a disturbed and twisted predator that warrants closer scrutiny by Society.
          But then I think you predators bred Society so they’re all as corrupted and wretched as their reduced mothers. So you’re probably safe. Keep your malicious need away from me, however. I don’t care for lecherous prostitutes obsessed with sex and with lying about it.
          Try being humane.

        19. Real men don’t respect fake women. Men who respect cosmetic frauds who contribute “difficulty” in fear of appearing “easy” are called bitches. They have a welcome habit of dying in war to impress abusive whores.

        20. You telling me to try and be humane by making inhumane remarks towards me just makes you look like the tip top douchebag. In order to be humane, you have to care about all people, not just specific groups. This isn’t the Ewe Boll movie “Rampage” – if you wanna go all Tyler Durden on society, pick something a little bigger than just women being fraudulent by wearing make-up. Humane people are peaceful – you are nothing more than the equal antithesis of the people you hate. I’m sorry the truth hurts 🙁

        21. In order to be humane, you have to care about all people

          That is the most ridiculous whore logic I’ve heard in minutes. To be humane, you have to care about humane people. Caring about inhumane people would be deranged. You need to be humanely put down, because your cosmetic extortion and cannibalistic exploitation of broken men is not humane.
          Selling nonexistent (withheld) favour to men starved of validation isn’t humane. As if your exclusive needy feelings had some intrinsic value, it’s ridiculous. Selling concealed liability makes you a lecherous creep.
          Honey, you’re a whore. Nothing more. There’s nothing less.

        22. I want to cut you open and play with your blood. Where do you live? I need this information pronto. I can’t wait to see all the cool things you’re going to do with your life. Will you burn down Maybelline? I want to wait until you peak in life but I’m almost positive that this it for you. 🙂

        23. Maybelline isn’t the problem. Stupid fraudulent women mutilating the minds of girls to purge them from the field are the problem.
          Women who can’t stop breeding life to abuse are the problem. They can’t stop breeding because they hate sex so much. Go figure.

        24. Okay, so you hate women who wear make up. My question is; what are you going to do about it? I mean aside from your whining.

        25. She’s a whore. She doesn’t do anything for a living. She fucks and breeds. The government throws money at her.
          It’s not living that she’s doing. Like all whores, she doesn’t know how to live. She creates life to betray. She breeds life for death. She killed my little sister; even worse, now she’s polite. Whores are very “normal” but not in Nature. Only one species has whores and only one species fights wars; the two aren’t merely connected, without whores there would be no wars. If women were not reduced to preying on men, where would the need for war be sourced?

        26. Truth is not whining. I’m going to escape this whore plantation, obviously. Once I figure out how to duck through the barricades sealing all the exits.
          Rhetoric notwithstanding, the Gift of Slavery isn’t felt to be a gift by the whores who give it. They’ve taken (disturbing levels of) precautions.

        27. This response is anything but surprising. I’m sorry you so easily fell into the cracks of becoming a product of your environment (I say this sarcastically because I honestly don’t feel bad for anyone that’s so weak as to allow personal experience to justify their condemnation of entire group of people). Weak, weak, weak. And with current cultural perception of what women are supposed to cultivate as opposed to what a man is supposed to cultivate, are you really all that surprised that your mother sat on her ass waiting to be saved by a man? Sure, the way you’ve described her makes her seem weak, too, but I don’t know – I feel bad for women who waste their life away by waiting around to be saved. It’s a highly marketed lie and distracts women from getting the most out of lives, so we have single moms who end up living off of government aid. Your mother should have killed you too.

        28. So in other words, you’ll be living a life that’s not much different from your mother’s? People like you always feel like they are different from the others – always want to change society or escape it – so sad. True social change does not come without a price. Running away from it does not help. What is your plan? I would like to know very much how you plan to escape a slave-like culture that doesn’t involve you either writing a shitty book or living off of welfare.

        29. Look how quickly you guys won’t even respect other men. Maybe you just don’t respect other people in general.

        30. “But then I think you predators bred Society so they’re all as corrupted and wretched as their reduced mothers”
          So what exactly are you of not a reduced and diminished?

        31. I just a wish you could heart your own gibberish. Until this point I have said nothing negative because it’s wrong to put other people down, particularly people who are already down.

        32. The problem with engaging you selfless horrors is that you’re not genuine, you’re not legitimate, you’re not a real person, you have no Self so you’re just a little rat. You’re not looking to engage in any meaningful way, you’re incapable of learning a damn thing, you’re just broken. Broken for good because you’re too stupid to function; you hate truth so you can never be fixed. You’ll just breed children to stain with abuse in private, unprovoked violence and traumatic emotional bullying with the explicit intent of forcing emotional bonds you want to exploit for the rest of your twisted existence. You’re making slaves and you love it.
          You are not a functional human being. You are a sickening perversion, a putrid relic from the Dark Ages that shouldn’t even exist. You’re not independent nor do you want to be, you’re not self-sufficient or self-reliant. You’re just needy. You need to smear your sleaze over everything. You can only communicate degradation. It’s all you know. You are a -EV proposition for anyone you meet, just a lecherous whore selling _______? What are you selling? Nothing. You have nothing of value to offer. You are Nature’s waste.
          You avoid logic you cannot counter, you ignore arguments you cannot refute, you’re so horrifying and predictable it’s fucking disgusting. To a whore, every last one of you selfless imps does the exact same thing — in every conversation — all you want to do is tear down, twist and misrepresent, smear and stain everyone and everything. You’re infected dogs pissing on everything to mark your territory. Spraying emotional urine across the globe, you’re punch-drunk on emotional overflow. Just a stained rat.

          are you really all that surprised that your mother sat on her ass waiting to be saved by a man?

          My mother is not important. I just answered your stupid question. You imagine you’re stumbled upon some big telling secret but my mother is you. You’re all the same putrid creeps, gnat-gnat-gnat rats, trying to eat Your Own children before someone else does.
          Women are murdering every child. They’re dead. They’re all dead, just like you.

        33. I was abandoned. I raised myself, well I was raised by island villagers who left me to my own devices. I roamed the island, I slept on the beach or in the forest, I was a toddler king.
          I loved my Self. You wouldn’t understand. You don’t have one of those. Your mother took it from you and you loved her for killing you.
          You had to.

        34. Honey, you’re a whore. Nothing more. There’s nothing less.

          Go sell…comfort to one of your abused children. Isn’t it nice how your whore services work, how you want to be paid to give comfort and then your children need comfort? It’s like a match made in whore heaven. Probably just coincidence.
          Or MSbP..

        35. Morality sees the individual, the monster makes generalizations. You want to criticize me, or any other woman for being dead inside? How do you think a person BECOMES dead inside? By refusing to see the individual. Any psychiatrist knows that anyone and everyone projects their own truths onto others. You don’t know me, so you presume me to be dead inside, because, well – you are. I will say though, that your tangent was very well worded. Kudos to you, I’m glad there are people out there that still read books. How is it though, that you can criticize me for not engaging in a meaningful way when you aren’t capable of it either? I’m sorry you view all of society as peons. That will work more against you rather than for you.
          So, rather than making this conversation about me, and my flaws, why don’t you offer up something about yourself? You said I can’t engage in a meaningful way – let’s see if you can practice what you preach. What do you have to offer everyone? What can we do to fix society? Does it involve shooting up a school?

        36. you’ll be living a life that’s not much different from your mother

          Whores don’t die until all their children are dead, everyone knows that. I never brought children to a world that murders children, I’m not that fucking broken.

          always want to change society or escape it

          Yeah, I have no problem with rejecting Whore Society. I would tear it down if I could. Fill mass graves with all you lying leeches. You just breed need.

          True social change does not come without a price.

          I mentioned what needs to be done, but I’m a broken human. I couldn’t even save my sister, I recoil from unpleasantness.

          Running away from it does not help.

          All that is necessary for Evil to breed is for good men to do something.

          I would like to know very much how you plan to escape

          I retired at 26. But the entire world has been divided up into vassal plantation-states administrated by Massa on behalf of the cooperative owners of each plantation. Plantations need slaves.
          To Be or Not To Be.

        37. You ignored my question to spray me with your babbling idiocy. That explains my rant.

          Only one species has whores and only one species fights wars; the two aren’t merely connected, without whores there would be no wars. If women were not reduced to preying on men, where would the need for war be sourced?


          Any psychiatrist knows that anyone and everyone projects their own truths onto others.

          Only liars project. I have nothing to conceal in shame.

          What can we do to fix society?

          You can’t fix it but it could be fixed easily. Humans aren’t broken at birth. The system is learned. All children need is the naked truth, which is to say they just don’t need whores’ abuse. They need to freed of women’s suffocating need, to control, to manipulate, to corrupt, to ruin everything.
          Children are coded to be perfect. They just need to be freed from their mothers’ murderous need. They don’t need to be forced to act in their own best interests, no one needs a whore nagging them, bullying them, forcing them to do what they are coded by millions of years of winning to want to do for themselves.
          Until a bossy whore forces them. Staining the activity with her infernal raping of free will. Humans have only ever had one enemy standing between them and liberty / happiness / fun. A miserable leech named Mom.
          And she doesn’t like fun. She can’t compete with joy.

        38. Okay, so, in your vision of a perfect world, children are freed from their mother’s murderous need. So now we have no use for women, so we….what? Kill them off? Enslave them? And who is responsible for the children afterwards? I think you’re using American mothers as an example – most mothers in other parts of the world aren’t like this. The only purpose of the mother is to prevent the child from dying and/or harming themselves, that and to be their security blanket until they’ve reached adulthood.

        39. Okay, so really, you’re not going to do anything with what you know or what you believe other than discuss it on a site that’s dedicated to hating women? That seems a little too easy. In other words, you’ve bent over and accepted your fate. I guess I fail to see where that makes you any different than anyone else.

        40. Why aren’t you answering my question?

          Only one species has whores and only one species fights wars; the two aren’t merely connected, without whores there would be no wars. If women were not reduced to preying on men, where would the need for war be sourced?

          So now we have no use for women, so we….what?

          We don’t have any use for whore services now. Who cares what they do? They just need to be kept away from children, who they want to kill for slavery.

          And who is responsible for the children afterwards?


          I think you’re using American mothers as an example – most mothers in other parts of the world aren’t like this.

          They’re all like this and I’ll tell you why; it’s biopolitics. Any mothers who weren’t like this would be wiped out. That is not a justification for being like this.

        41. you’re not going to do anything with what you know or what you believe other than discuss it on a site that’s dedicated to hating women?

          This site doesn’t hate women. That’s the problem.
          By your definition of “women”, this site needs to.
          And no, I won’t be trying to fix people who want to prey on children. You can’t fix them.

          I guess I fail to see where that makes you any different than anyone else.

          We can only control our Self. And I love my Self. So I have to go.

      2. “I think what most of us mean when we say we want a woman that challenges us is that the woman stimulates us intellectually…”
        who do you mean by *most of us*? all heterosexual men wants beautiful sexy women who stimulates them sexually. if those heterosexual men wants to be stimulated intellectually then they’ll go talk with their male buddies.
        why do you even need a woman to stimulate you intellectually?
        do you only take empowered strong agile dexterous confident more-intelligent-than-thou women as friends? are you not even a heterosexual man?

        1. I mean exactly what I said if you had read the post and considered it rather than becoming immediately incensed. Most of us that say we want a woman who challenges us mean in an intellectual way. Not in some twisted way of playing mind games. I was not attempting to speak for those who don’t want a woman to challenge them, obviously.
          Personally I want more than an ignoramus with a nice body. You may not, and that’s fine if all you aspire to have in a relationship is a sex toy. Seriously, if that’s what you want I have no problem with it as long as the girl you find is ok with it as well. Different strokes and all…
          I’m not even sure what the last paragraph was attempting to say, but yes, I’m obviously a hetero man. And I want an intelligent woman who stimulates me intellectually because I want more from a relationship than just meaningless sex. I want a mental connection. I want to be able to lie in bed AFTER sex and talk about things of substance. I want to debate with my woman…I want to talk about things that matter to us. I want a partner. Not a subordinate.
          And why must it be one or the other? Of course I talk to my male friends, but I’m not going to marry them. They’re not going to be the partner I spend more time with than anyone else. I find an above average looking intelligent woman infinitely sexier than a gorgeous but mentally deficient submissive beauty. There is nothing more erotic than sitting alone together and talking to a woman with a beautiful mind. Nor is there anything as amazing as sex with someone who is your intellectual equal.

        2. *yawn* ….. ok ok i got it that you want relationship with an intellectual equal and that LMoney wants the same thing too so when are you going to date and/or marry her?

        3. “And I want an intelligent woman who stimulates me intellectually because I want more from a relationship than just meaningless sex”
          sex with hot young women can never be meaningless sex for me or any heterosexual men, the sensation is intense and overwhelming!

        4. A lot of us would disagree. I find it empty and boring. But if it really makes you happy, more power to you. Although I think you might change your mind if you ever had really meaningful sex with someone you cared about, respected and who…ahem…challenged you.

        5. How very idealistic. Unfortunately for any relationship to work there must be a dominating and a submissive person otherwise you will have irreconcilable conflict. Fact is, even Lauren Martin would learn to follow my right direction if I decided to have her. Like all women she secretly wants to be dominated, just like all vegans secretly want meat.

        6. “Although I think you might change your mind if you ever had really meaningful sex with someone you cared about, respected and who…ahem…challenged you.”
          i care about my dogs, my savings and i respect my parents but i’ll never have any sex with any of them even if the sex will be “meaningful” for whatever that means. LOL
          sex is not about care or respect, it’s about boner, something all men with a functional penis should know.

        7. Care, respect, and intellectual connection aren’t required for sex, obviously. But sex is infinitely better when they are present.
          It doesn’t surprise me you fail to grasp what meaningful sex is if you’ve never experienced it. That seems like a pretty empty existence as far as I’m concerned, but hey, if you’re truly happy that way then who am I to judge?
          I actually turn down sex if there’s no deeper connection, but maybe I’m just weird. I simply don’t derive much pleasure from meaningless sex…

        8. I have my male friends for intellectual debate and stimulation and/or recourse to books and articles. I do not need or desire this from a woman and it is not sexy. I do not need a mental connection, I need an emotional connection. Sex is all about emotional, physical and chemical interaction. It is not about intellectualism.
          From my woman I expect the emotional care that I cannot get from my male friends. Aside from the practical aspects of keeping a good home and looking after the children, she is there to provide balance in my life not more weight in the other other direction. In return, I provide guidance, leadership, security and food on the table. This is an even trade and it has been good for humans for two million years.

        9. Like I said before, I don’t think there’s anything more erotic than intellectual discussion/sparring/teasing with a woman. But that’s just me. I also need an emotional connection, but find an emotional AND mental connection to be the best type of relationship…and the most sexy.
          I also have to disagree with your last statement, as women have famously inspired men throughout history. Countless great men (rulers, scientists, etc) through the years have been influenced, spurred on, inspired, and supported by women of great intellect.

        10. “Care, respect, and intellectual connection aren’t required for sex, obviously. But sex is infinitely better when they are present.”
          i think you’re too picky dawg, you want not only a good-looking woman but you also want care, respect, intellectual, etc. as for me, a good-looking woman is enough factor for me to want to sexperience her provided later on she won’t pester me into a marriage or even into a relationship.
          “It doesn’t surprise me you fail to grasp what meaningful sex is if you’ve never experienced it. That seems like a pretty empty existence as far as I’m concerned, but hey, if you’re truly happy that way then who am I to judge?”
          no dawg, sex with a hot woman is always a meaningful sex for me so yes i had sexperienced what a meaningful sex is, many times over! the thing i failed to grasp is YOUR definition of a meaningful sex.
          and please feel free do judge me all you want dawg, i swear to allah that i won’t find it to be offensive or even hurt my precious little feewings. LOL
          “I actually turn down sex if there’s no deeper connection, but maybe I’m just weird. I simply don’t derive much pleasure from meaningless sex…”
          can you establish deeper connection with a fatty and if you can, did you fuck that fatty or at least initiated sex with her?
          if you turn down sex with fatties then no you’re not weird dawg, you are but a man. but if you turn down sex with hotties then well …… only you know what you truly are. 🙂

        11. “I also have to disagree with your last statement, as women have famously inspired men throughout history. Countless great men (rulers, scientists, etc) through the years have been influenced, spurred on, inspired, and supported by women of great intellect.”
          and lest we forget, adam was inspired by eve to eat the forbidden fruit! thanks to that stupid son of bitch, we all got divinely screwed!

        12. You’re a real freak aren’t you? I can picture you inviting girls over for an erotic debate on quantum physics. Don’t forget the cocoa butter!
          I would suggest that those great men were in the minority. That said it doesn’t conflict with what I said. My woman can inspire and support me by fulfilling her function as a woman.

        13. 1. you know what you did. don’t.
          2. recognize women by the following: drama, incoherent posts that jump all over the place, more drama, saying one thing while meaning something completely different, blatant adherence to another world not of this one, too many logical errors to even begin correcting, more drama, slighting via obscure name-calling like ignoramus, vocal affirmations of their sex or sexuality (and other details that have no relevance, don’t matter, and are merely poor attempts at status elevation by reference), mixing words together that simply don’t and convey a poor grasp on objective definitions (erotic… beautiful mind, etc), false dichotomies to frame you as the villain uncompromising oppressor, nebulous word play, and so forth. all meant to put you on the defensive, to have your success answer to their fail.
          much like trolls, they are indistinguishable, and you don’t feed them.

        14. Haven’t we had this discussion already? Just in a shorter and less tiresome fashion?

        15. “Countless great men through the years have been influenced, spurred on, inspired, and supported by women of great intellect.”
          Who? Like the Macbeths? Didn’t work out so well.

        16. why do you even need a woman to stimulate you intellectually?

          I don’t wish to risk breeding with violent child abusers. What if they put a gun to my head in the form of a child’s suffering, demanding Whore Support, what would I do then?
          You can’t save the child, these demons make the child attached to ensure maximum suffering if anyone tries to protect the child from their terrorist mothers. Mothers who cannot even take care of themselves breed children for one reason.
          Ransom. And yo dude, they’re not bluffing. That should really be obvious. 29,000 of their toddler hostages die every day and this broken world talks about giving terrorist hijackers more support.
          UNICEF: Child Mortality
          If we give them more support (they’re already being subsidised for life by marriage), will they feed the four million children they starve to death in their first week of life? They’re unwilling to ruin their precious mammary glands on a child’s mouth.

        17. I want a partner. Not a subordinate.

          Then you’d better get to work on protecting girls from their competition, because the last 55 billion have been reduced to needing a man to carry them.
          Women can’t compete with value, bitch. Bad luck for honest girls.

        18. The great men of history were all destroyed before they were four years old.
          There has been about 55 billion of these geniuses. And about 55 billion other geniuses boasting superior mental faculties whose minds were also destroyed, albeit more completely than the minds of boys.
          Guess who destroyed all these children’s minds. Hint: Take your clothes off in public and learn the truth about your denial.

        19. You should see what the Matriarchal religions prescribed as punishment for that sin.
          If doing exactly what you want to do is a punishment…but then religions that don’t tailor themselves to mothers aren’t going to last very long, for what should be obvious reasons.

        20. I agree but I just don’t understand where you’re finding these women.
          I kinda get the feeling you’re caring about, respecting and being challenged by cosmetic whores who are lying to you about everything. Is that what you’re doing?
          What a bitch.

        21. I strongly suspect jonny here is suffering from a debilitating mental illness. Best of luck with your treatment, fella. We’re rooting for you.

        22. Oh you’ll have no problem finding a woman who will intellectually stimulate and challenge you.
          You’ve been imprinted with your mother’s mind. Your mother felt it was shrewd to project her insanity in lieu of a counter-argument to truth she couldn’t process, and look at that. Her little bitch speaks her robotic cliches. I bet she’s proud of you.
          In her defence, sleazy men were willing to validate her projection and coddle her emotional feelings to split her legs.
          No one wants to split your legs, bitch. You’re just screwed.

        23. Seems like you have “Special needs”. I say again:

          You’ve been imprinted with your mother’s mind.

          Either your mother didn’t leave / pass away until you were over the age of 3 or 4 or your father would be a very feminised man (almost certainly the former, men cannot really imprint like a mother can).

        24. Says the ghastly man-child sitting in what appears to be some sort of basement or rape dungeon. I shudder to think what lies out of frame. I’m sorry, I know, I shouldn’t mock the mentally disturbed….

        25. You have a woman’s mind, how can you not see it? I make a logical argument that explains your behaviour (early childhood abuse leading to imprinting) and all you can do is prove I was right.
          Speculated smear is the most feminine of all corrupted traits. They’re cowards but full of hate, incapable of making a counter-argument to truth so they project their compassionate concerns to smear their perceived enemies. Next you’ll be saying how worried you are for my safety. You have a whore’s mind, your mother imprinted you.
          I have nothing to hide. I sleep alone because this is a world of fake men like you who enable toddler whores to prey on children.

        26. I’m more worried about the safety of women around you, actually. And once again, I was never raised by my mother, weirdo. I was raised by a single father. From birth. My mother was/is a horrible woman. That doesn’t mean all women are.
          There is no counter-argument to insanity and the inane ramblings of a madman.

        27. jonny: “…they project their compassionate concerns to smear their perceived enemies. Next you’ll be saying how worried you are…”

          The_Cthulhu: “I’m more worried about the safety of women around you, actually.”

          Projected compassionate concern to smear. tick
          You’re a pathetic robot. Truth cannot be countered by the Insane. There has never been another reason to feign pretexts for incapacity to make a counter-argument.
          How can you have been raised by your single father from birth and simultaneously know that your mother was or is a horrible woman? How do you know your father didn’t abduct you from her arms and lie to you about her?
          I’m brighter than you are because you are a liar. You are imprinted with your mother’s mind. Stop lying.

        28. Ummm…..If you really must know, it’s because I know who she is….? She absconded to Kentucky a month or so after I was born. I HAVE spoken to her on occasion. I won’t go into detail on why she is a horrible woman, but suffice it to say the handful of times I have had contact with her over the years were not especially gratifying.
          Anyhow, I’ve grown weary of arguing with the mentally ill. Have a nice life, Jonny. I hope you get the help you so obviously and desperately need. I suspect, however, that you are a lost cause.

        29. If you really must know

          Whoa, woman! I do not want to buy your reticence. Don’t do me no favours, sweet cheeks. I don’t need to know anything about you, your feminine mind is patently transparent.
          If you were imprinted with this mind by your father, it would be very peculiar indeed. But it’s no wonder you and women get along so famously, you’re both selling nonexistent, withheld ‘value’.
          It’s a match made in heaven and it created hell. You selfless devils destroyed the world. Does your “real” really have value just because you’re fake? Is your “approval” worth anything just because you gratuitously disapprove like an entitled whore who knows men are supposed to please her? In exchange, she provides them with the Right to pleasure her.

          “It’s a big honour, you know?”

          Is your expressed “pleasure” valuable? What about if you killed everyone who displeased you? People would literally die to please you then but it wouldn’t really make you anything but human faeces like women. You’re free-rolling on malice with no value to offer, just like a whore selling men the Right to pleasure her.
          Is your “love” valuable because it excludes all but The One And Only? Or would your love be hate, in reality? Does your reticence to disclose irrelevant personal information make your disclosure a prize of value? Does lying make your “honesty” valuable?
          Women are demonic hijackers abusing defenceless children to gain their power. They have held power this way for thousands of years, by beating, shaming and harassing children until they behave (love them). But the children were behaving already. Women launch unprovoked assaults on innocence. Children who do not give their mothers love and respect tend to die. Mothers have no value. Women have no value. No one who isn’t humane has value. They just cause trouble, they cannot contribute. They just take what you have by force or fraud when you do not give them what they demand.
          They’re entitled demonic leeches who say “Please”. What is please worth? It’s a pretext. Did you say “No” when they asked nicely? Oh, that was impolite. Now they can kill you for being rude. This is the reality of Polite Society. Boys for war, girls for sale. Warriors and whores, in the best Christian tradition. Leeches can make a lot of trouble for you, and they will. They have to. It’s not like they can extort or bully themselves.
          War is coming. You were made for war. War is made for you. But the last time the US played a war game at home, their opponents were the US.

        30. Wow, you sound really plugged in dude. Tell me about these scientists and rulers who were inspired by women. I’m trying to imagine, for eg, Newton being spurred on by a woman when he came up with the laws of motion.

        31. I like how you just picked quantum physics because that’s so quintessentially hard…

        32. It’s funny. This is the exact moment I thought “maybe he’s crazy scary and not funny scary”

        33. I think essentially the problem you have with smart women is this: as a stupid man you need a stupid woman.

        34. whatever hon, what men smart or stupid would prefer smart ugly women over stupid hot women? smart ugly women don’t give men a boner.

      3. Interpret it any way you like I’m not interested. My attitude predisposes me to ending up with the very type of woman who knows her place. That’s my experience.

      4. “but I think you’re interpreting “challenge” in a way that was not intended.”
        That is until “challenge you” starts getting used as a an excuse for bitching and whining. Please, just how gullible could you be.

        1. I’ve experienced very little “bitching and whining” in my relationships with intelligent women, so I can’t really comment. You seem, however, to be judging all women based on a handful of bad experiences you’ve had. Of course there are bad women out there. It says more about your choice of mates than women in general. I’m not sure how I’ve been labeled as gullible, but if a woman I date ever does “challenge me” just for the sake of causing strife, I’ll be moving on. I welcome intellectual challenge, as well as a woman that speaks her mind. In my experience intelligent women do this respectfully and in a positive manner, however, in an attempt to better the relationship. But all I can tell you is my own experience. I suppose it’s possible I’ve just been very lucky…but I doubt it.

        2. You’re getting hung up on semantics. The context of the word “challenge” as referenced, would infer a recreational bolstering up of your own savvy on subjects near and dear to your partner that you may not have been familiar with off the cuff. For example, were you to plan a date with a cute physicist – out of natural curiosity, you’d probably peek at respective industry publications or correlated current events that might be pertinent to what they do (i.e. “challenge” as it relates to expanding your own repertoire of knowledge). As a medical student, I don’t possess much business acumen, thus my boyfriend (a proprietor of a small retail operation) “challenges” me to diversify my interests in order to not be a stranger in his realm. The corollary is that my partner also immerses himself in my personal and professional proclivities which all evolve around sweet, sweet neuroscience. If you can’t share the things you fixate on with your partner, it could very conceivably cause a huge deficit in your connection and affinity for each other. Therein lies the “challenge.”

      5. Perfect. These words were perfect. I swear, I read these comment just to see good triumph by simply showing up.

    6. Perfect statement Bob and well said! As many wiser than I have already stated, who the fuck wants a “challenge’? Or a woman to keep challenging them?
      I am all for women getting a education if the curriculum involves:
      Massage therapy, Cooking, Cleaning, Keeping house, Child rearing and the proper raising methods, better sex techniques for us to be used mostly every night and every morning, and being a partner, not a fucking “challenge”.

    7. You are comparing your woman to a child? That sounds like a boring relationship. You want your woman to be afraid to challenge you? That’s not healthy.

    8. I have no interest in having a man “challenge” me anymore than I want my kids to “challenge” me. I get challenged all day at work, I don’t need to come home and be challenged there too. My man better do what the fuck I say or I’ll know the reason why.

    9. Well, in your case, you want a doormat who accepts abuse. So, you benefit from having a dumb wife who has low enough self esteem to tolerate your massive entitlement complex. You’re what girls like me tend to call low marriage market value.
      When I say women should avoid being overly argumentative, I just mean that women should not be rude or obnoxious to their boyfriend/husband in public, and should strive to support him. This means that intellectual repartee is fine, so long as both the man and woman feel comfortable expressing themselves.

  11. The reason we exist today is because during evolutionary times women prioritized their family and men prioritized bringing home the bacon. If this didn’t happen Lauren Martin wouldn’t be around today to bemoan the fact that men don’t her.

  12. As some of the other posters have alluded to already, but necessarily connected the dots with, I’ve observed in my life that the more educated a woman is, the more bitter she is towards men or towards life in general and not a joy to be around. I, nor any man I’ve talked to are impressed by a woman’s position or degrees which they all think will impress us somehow. We don’t care to be “challenged”. Seriously, who wants to be around a woman who does that? If I want stimulating conversation I’ll hang out with my guy friends.
    I have a friend who is in hospital administration who had an equally intelligent/career driven wife. After she divorced him, he started dating a Starbucks barrista and couldn’t be happier. Not to say she is dumb, but she is sincerely happy, down-to-earth, and admires him.

    1. Because work sucks for most people. Most men are willing to endure it for a few small comforts from their woman. Women want to do it too but are not in it for those coveted female comforts that a man needs. The work itself provides few rewards and becomes a treadmill of exhaustion. So of course they become bitter. The cleaning lady with her 10 grandchildren has more life fulfillment than the aging career-woman and her empty condo.

      1. Yes. Women aren’t really meant to work. Fucking, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids. Women can enjoy that, but the feminist reality of independence means working 50+ hours a week and giving half your paycheck to the government.
        Being self reliant is exhausting and women cant handle it.

        1. Agreed, I only work to earn money for what I really want to do when not working, it is called fun.You notice only women rave about how they love their job, men know it is called “work” not “fun” because it what you must do not what you want to do.

      2. If work sucks for you, then it is perhaps a good idea to reevaluate whether you are in the right job for you. Work should not suck except for the most destitute and desperate people.

    2. Yep. Plus, I’m sure his ex wife considers the girl to be a stupid Starbucks girl, right?
      You have to admire the love and unity that women have for each other.

  13. The reason they are more likely to be single is that higher education produces no skills that make these woman more attractive to men while aging their bodies by several years (automatically decreasing their natural attractiveness by signaling that the opportunity for two to three offspring has already been passed by.)
    I was at a party a few months ago where me and a few pals were sitting at a table talking to four girls. One told us how she planned to be a doctor and make 80k per year fresh out of college, another how she wanted to travel before setting down, another how she was going for her masters. All three were over 21.
    The fourth had all eyes on her when she announced that she was 19 and going for a degree in elementary education, but had no plans for a career after school, and would gladly leave school to marry a good man making as little as 60k per year. She was instantly the favorite of the bunch.
    Frustrated, the future doctor asked “Wouldn’t any of you want to be a stay-at-home dad?” to which me and my pals all laughed. She could not see that that was her dream, not ours.

    1. I have a friend who is a stay-at-home dad. He hates it and his wife hates it. It has completely destroyed their sex life.
      And no woman ever brags about how her man doesn’t have a job.

      1. +1… breadwinning women contort themselves to rationalize and explain away their husbands’ lack of Alpha-ness. They are humiliated that they could not land a “real’ man.

    2. I actually would have no problem being a stay-at-home dad. Contrary to what tv, movies, and commercials have you believe, kids are not hard. This and I can do what I want all day everyday while somebody else pays my bills?
      And as far as my wife not putting out? I can behave however I want and if she doesn’t like it, oh well. No-fault divorce me and continue to pay for my lifestyle while I exercise a high degree of control your relationship with your kids. Stay-at-home dad? Where do I sign up?

        1. Don’t forget to use your best Oprah impression voice when you tell that to a woman, haha.

        2. “Through submission, women have known how to secure for themselves the preponderant advantage, indeed domination. Originally, clever women could use even the care of children to excuse their avoiding work as much as possible. Even now, if they are really active, as housekeepers, for example, they know how to make a disconcerting fuss about it, so that men tend to overestimate the merit of their activity tenfold.”
          – Nietzsche

          They even have some men fooled into imagining sex and childbirth are painful “favours”. They’ll do a favour for you, if you’re the right john.

  14. Something staggeringly important & quite elementary seems to have been left out of LMoney’s ‘education’; that is, that a false premise WILL lead to a false conclusion. I’m beginning to suspect that our education system is deliberately designed to produce arrogant fools.

  15. Authors Bio; just too perfect: Lauren “LMoney” Martin grew up with one goal: to be the first woman engineer. Upon finding out there already were women engineers, and unable to pass Calc 1, she chose to study the beautiful and honorable art of advertising. After advertising proved uninspiring, she attempted a career in acting which was over before she could get on stage. And when she failed at everything else she decided to become a writer.

  16. I’m very curious to see what happens with these women by the time they hit 40 years old. The age where their value to single men has usually declined to almost nothing, and they have no kids and a slim chance to have a family. I could imagine that is extremely depressing. Since this entire “I’m an independent woman” only became a real trend fairly recently, we will soon see how this generation of women will function in their post-menopausal years. I can’t imagine all that well…

    1. Most have hit the age (and the wall) and they now complain about not finding “a good man” or “a decent man”. Good men are everywhere.
      The problem is they have had their head up their asses for so many years with this self promotional bullshit and now guys are literally walking past them (passing them up). They are arrogant, they really do have control issues – no easy conversations and they are pissed that the “lesser educated” (read: dumb) women are landing all of the men.
      They haven’t been taught (in school) that men don’t give a fuck about their degree.

    2. Well…adoption, female roommates, a career…hobbies, dating other 40yr old men….the concept of family is changing. It goes beyond a man and a woman sharing a tiny bed and a tooth brush cup for all eternity bickering about dinner parties and college funds for the kids.

  17. What i dislike about such writers like LMoney is, that they always equate “being educated” with “having a college degree”.
    My mother does not have a college degree. She is a nurse, which, where i am from, does not require a college degree. According to this writer, she is not educated. Nothing could be more untrue. My father is highly educated and he loves to talk about his latest interest in technology, philosophy,…
    One might think after listening to LMoney that their relationship is doomed to fail. That is not going to happen anytime soon. They are now married for nearly 40 years. The thing is, my mother knows how to listen. She might not always be interested in the particular subject my father is talking about, but she knows how to ask intelligent questions and she remembers practically everything he told her. By listening she gives him the feeling of being important to her and that is what is missing in most modern relationships.

  18. These women can’t see that telling a guy how inferior he is and how smart she is just might be a little off-putting?

    1. These types will delude themselves into thinking that strategy will work until clarity, arguably, reaches them when they’re about 35 years old.

      1. Theyre only fucking over themselves.
        Being a single woman past 35 (or arguably younger) they are completely fucked and useless. All the independent feminists cave in and get married because the only other option is extreme loneliness.
        Even a 35yr old man who is a beta, virgin, video-game playing loser can make changes to improve himself and get laid. Older women have no options whatsoever. They need a husband

        1. Agree. I see many of these older married women walking about and I think to myself…’I wonder which poor guy is putting up with that?’.
          The only relief I get is when I know that I’m not the one putting up with it.

  19. An educated women very likely had to pass on all serious relationships in high school (because she was going to college in a university someplace else), likely passed on all serious relationships in college (ditto for grad school), and likely did the same in grad school (future employment is scarce and not likely in the same town as thread school).
    One of the prices of being an educated women is to be forced onto the carousel until almost age thirty.
    Forced. Not even consciously choosing to ride the carousel, but forced.
    This in one of the reasons that special subsidies and affirmative action for women is beyond stupid: smart women wasting their prime years carousel riding with no chance of family formation is a bad thing, worse than any good the education might accomplish. Perhaps the affirmative action targeted at women ought to be targeted at married mothers instead.

  20. “Independent Woman” this is a myth there is no such thing. Sure you may leave your husband and break up your family in order to be independent, but someday you will soon find out that your new sugar daddy is either the government or corporate america. As we all both of those entities are pretty brutal when push comes to shove much more then the guy you divorced.
    My sister recently graduated from college and started a job with corporate America, due to a red pill upbringing by my father she has already started to see through the deception. She also is being exposed to older corporate women whom did not have children, some even had the procedure not to have them and some are regretting this and now want children later in life. She is being exposed to the depressed people working in corporate America and it’s an eye opening experience for her.
    It’s a good thing she has her eyes open because if she chooses the corporate path this is what is awaiting her. At least with her she isn’t closing her eyes to the harsh truth as most women do nowadays. Can’t help but think this bringing women to the workplace is all about money for the government and corporations. I can’t for the life of me figure out why any women would want to join corporate America.

    1. My sister also hated her Corp job in nyc. She quit, moved into the town next to our parents, found an alpha, is becoming a teacher and is engaged to him. Sorrow to happiness seemlessly.

  21. First of all Elite Daily is taking the piss. People can definitely look fly and go to college at the same time. This goes for men and women, just because you major in engineering doesn’t mean you have to be a nerd / beta.
    Society says that if someone looks like Kim Kardashian or The Rock they’re a prole and a hoe, but that’s just propaganda. Fitness and diets are for everyone, but apparently Slim Fast is politically incorrect and SWPLs go on vegan / paleo diets instead.

  22. Women that believe that they are entitled to a “good man” as a result of their educational achievement are no different than a “nice guy” that believes he is entitled to a woman just because he holds the door open for her. Both the career gal and nice guy blindly follow the politically correct social norms for their gender, then act astounded when they find that the opposite sex doesn’t respond to their big shiny degrees (for her) or their chivalry (for him). They just don’t “get it”.

    1. Slight difference is that those politically correct social norms that the nice guys hear and follow came from the mouths of the career gals saying follow this. And both end up in the same place not liking each other, wishing for different company.

    2. I wrote the same thing before I seen your post. The reason highly educated women have trouble dating is because she thinks her education and career raises her social status, when it does not. The confusion is that a man with a successful career is seen as higher status… to women. However, what men and women look for in mates is completely different. A woman’s social status is still dependent on her beauty and youth, and it drives feminists crazy that they can’t change this. It’s not that men are threatened by her career as much as men just don’t value it as much as she does. At no point in history have men ever been dependent on women for survival, as providers, so men never evolved a preference for women with successful careers. It boggles the modern female mind, but it’s simple evolution.

      1. Very good points, indeed. The fact that so many “educated” women just don’t get the latter point is astounding. They do walk around with this arrogance attitude about them and they think everyone around them is stupid (I’ve seen it first hand at work) yet, they fail in so many ways to connect with the opposite sex.
        Men don’t give a shit about a woman’s degree. We can connect or grow with another person (women) regardless of her educational achievements.
        Women are their own worst enemy with regards to feminism.

        1. Yes, quite so. This observation should lead us to question their claim of being “educated”. Being educated properly means being taught how to think logically and draw one’s own conclusions, NOT being taught WHAT to think. That they cannot accept simple observable reality informs me that they probably aren’t as “educated” as they think that they are.

      2. Lots of girls are misled by society into pursuing these things, sometimes even against their will. Then they become old and realize they’ve lost their status, and they get angry. I actually empathize with them. They have every right to be angry. But they shouldn’t be angry against men, they should be angry at the people who got them into that predicament. Fortunately there are a few women who get this, hence the small ‘anti-feminist’ movement among women.

      3. Not only that a woman with a “career” sounds like a pain in the neck and conflict waiting to happen. Who gets to look after the sick kid today since “my job is just as important as your job”? My woman must subordinate her job to the needs of the family. No exceptions.

      4. “At no point in history have men ever been dependent on women for survival”
        Except when the man was a fetus, baby or child lol. That also depends on the era, region and culture. Many women around the world had roles that involved important tasks for the good of the community. Sexism has always existed, yes. But, European White women invented being useless sitting around in parlors.
        God invented periods and pregnancy and breast milk and babies. This biologically determined various social roles like killing bears or preparing food close to the village. Women and men should not be angry with each other about biology. Men invented war….that you can be angry about.

        1. Why would men have the need to do such a stupid thing as that? Men did not invent war. The Lord spake unto Moses because she couldn’t speak for herself.
          The Lord was obsessed with taking out promiscuous threats to the Matriarchal control of sons.

          Numbers 25 (KJV)
          1. And Israel abode in Shittim, and the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab.
          16 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
          17 Vex the Midianites, and smite them:
          18 For they vex you with their wiles…

          In Midian, the whores paid men for sex.

          Numbers 31 (KJV)
          1 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
          2 Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites…
          3 And Moses spake unto the people, saying…avenge the Lord of Midian.

          Israeli mothers invented war. They couldn’t compete with Midian’s ‘whores’ who were stealing Israeli boys with food and sex.

        2. Enough you moron, enough ! Had enough of this excuse and insane cowshit reason. You are able to give birth because a MAN fertilized/impregnated you and you are NOT capable of it otherwise.
          And this is 100% natural and nothing special ! You didn’t Invented, Innovated or Pioneered of getting pregnant or giving birth !!!
          So close you shit hole tight and don’t brag about “giving birth” !!!

      5. At a very vulnerable point, every man in history has been dependent on women for survival. We got beat up pretty bad for it as well. You didn’t put those clothes on yourself.

  23. Educated women are the biggest cock carousel ridders, in my experience.
    When they don’t eat pussy.

  24. Educated women are the biggest cock carousel riders, in my experience.
    When they don’t eat pussy.

  25. I couldn’t have put it better, Bob. What allure is there to “challenging” when it’s not even hidden that the word is code for “bitchy, and you better accept it!”. That’s a selling point? Isn’t that like trying to sell a car by noting that it “gets awful gas mileage and runs so hot that it needs to be pulled over and the engine shut off every five minutes”?

  26. “Honey, if you don’t need a man, don’t worry . . . you probably ain’t gonna get one!”

  27. Is she serious with that bio?? I’m terribly tempted to think that her article is a joke…. because you just can’t brag about how educated you are when you got a ridiculous bio like that, sorry…. but then again.. we’re talking about feminists…

  28. My Facebook friends who shared that post were all single, middle-aged women who think their fiesty, sassy, independent attitudes are sources of pride. They loved being told that the reason no man wants them is because they’re too good for them, rather than the fact that no man wants an unpleasant, confrontational woman as a wife. It was the perfect hamster fuel.

    1. Real reason: no man wants them because men don’t get hard when women express their accomplishments, degrees or the schools attended. Men don’t give a shit….and women need a wake up call.
      These other ‘dumb’ women are taking your man because they are acting like women. They aren’t trying to be ‘equal’ with the man (he is the man, she is the woman). She knows this fact (better than the educated woman) so she gets the man.
      The math is pretty simple…..for all of you educated women out there.

  29. I might take flak for this, but I like a smart girl. I get frustrated when the answer to everything I say is “Huh?”
    That said, even though intelligence is a priority for me, I screen for bitchiness, which means that in the end I wind up selecting from a very narrow field.
    The intelligence isn’t the problem, it’s thinking the sun shines out of your ass because you went to college.

    1. Agreed. Intelligence allied with her natural feminine qualities is a joy.
      The kind that breeds an entitlement mindset is relationship pepper spray.

    2. God…it’s that and the whole “status” thing with these women.
      Not only do they discuss their degrees…but they start to try and impress you with which college they attended, where they are working – all name dropping.
      Yes, I can easily fall asleep (right then and there) when an “educated” woman starts name dropping for status.
      Hint: I don’t give a fuck. Tell your friends, please, ladies.

      1. So tell the women directly. Or at least openly yawn and look around whenever she starts to go on about her “career/education”. When she stops, then become interested again.
        There are two parts to changing behavior: shaming and praise. Basically, punishment and reward. We need to employ both to be truly effective.

        1. Yep, agree. I hit them with it every time I get a chance.
          Usually, I’ll start to check out some other woman sitting behind her until she asks if I’m bored. Then the straight answer is ‘yes, you’re putting me to sleep’.
          Don’t ask the questions if you don’t like the answers….no?

  30. The problem here is with the feminist conflation of an intelligent woman with one who seeks to compete with men, including within a marriage / relationship. Being challenging in the sense meant is simply to be difficult something which causes unneeded stress and damages relationships, however ‘addictive’ the drama caused might be. Genuinely intelligent women know how to negotiate relationships without doing ‘battle’, regardless of any distribution of IQ or educational status

  31. To me it sounds like she is just trying to compete with men in every aspect but can’t cut it. Add to the fact that she insults “dumb” and “uneducated women” because they are able to attract men while she isn’t. Just sounds like any other bitter “independent woman” I’ve heard because they aren’t successful in competing with men or getting the attention of men.

  32. The conflation of ‘feminism’ with ‘intelligence’ has a lot to answer for. Most of these women are not intelligent, they are just arrogant. As i’ve said before, I have been around tertiary institutions for decades for various different reasons(study, work etc), and the vast majority of the feminist academics I’ve encountered–including academics in the humanities with a feminist bent who don’t openly claim to be feminist– are far less intelligent and cultured and interesting than the ones in the philosophy or politics departments, for example.
    In fact, the most intelligent academic types i’ve ever met see great problems with feminism, both in the theoretical and practical sense.

  33. Why ? because they think that their careers are actually needed by the world. They dont know that all they do is take up space for a better and more qualified man.

  34. Today’s education for women, particularly in the liberals arts, is utter garbage. They believe that searching for representations of the patriarchy in the films of Walt Disney makes them brilliant.

  35. Literate doesn’t necessarily translate into smart. Look at all the garbage novels chicks read these days, and then discuss endlessly on dates, in coffee shops and online. Oh, and then the film adaptations come out and we have to hear even more about these stupid female fads. Traditional societies which want to keep women illiterate probably have a legitimate point of view.

  36. Nice article. It boggles those Feminazis that a hot 19 year old with a high IQ is by far more preferable as a wife than a woman who has had the college carousel experience coupled with deep misandry and feminist indoctrination, then followed by a career of paper shuffling and boss- and sport-fucking – finally culminating in the epiphany stage where she is looking for Mr. Right in earnest at the tender age of 29-35. Men should desire my degree, my exalted education and my great job – I am such a catch!
    Women should realize that this is one who is their role-models and heroes – she is successful, she is working in the artsy liberal field and she even managed to become a millionaire:

      1. Yup. Should be standard literature for every man in the world. 1 billion copies sold and feminism comes to a grinding halt. He.

  37. Education, which importantly is progressive and therefore feminists among other things, is failing miserably and the evidence has become to great to ignore. In today’s hyper-changing world with certain jobs/skills facing fundamental change due to technology and automation the old model is incredibly insufficient. First, consider the courses being taught and the total disconnect to the skills jobs require. Second, consider the time; at present, the MBA has become almost compulsory, means it now takes six years to be fully “educated” versus four and interestingly enough the really only serves to enrich the schools. And with the costs continuing to soar, those six years out of production only compound these students situation to generate real wealth. Of course, just how utterly feminized education has become cannot be underscored enough, whether its the oppressive anti-rape regulations to actual course requirements and content.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with boys and men today and as for why they seem to be doing worse…well, its deliberate. Previously, education was more practical i.e. ABCs and 123’s but since the landmark “girl’s crisis” (I think that was the book title), which said that system held females back because of systemic sexism, today, the total re-configuration of education went from ABCs and 123’s to femo-centric curriculum. To clarify, that means “they” made education just about girls. ??? Isn’t that what they said they were suppose to eradicate – sexism in schools?

  38. If they’re so strong & independent, why do they keep obsessing about who the members of their species with dicks choose to be with? You’re strong, independent & don’t need a man, right?…Put your money where your mouth is.

    1. These type of women can’t stand that they really cannot control who men find attractive. They’ve been told (for a long time) that they don’t need a man, be strong and independent. The problem is….they want a man and they’re angry (with other women and themselves) because they’ve been lied to for so long.
      Men and women are not equal…it’s a fact of nature (and science). If any of these “educated women” think the two are equal then they need to get their money back (worthless school and degree).

  39. A friend of mine who is quite well off is dating a primary school teacher who makes less than 1/10th of what he makes. She is 10 years younger than him too. He told me recently that the most shit he gets about it is from middle aged corporate women who feel that he ought to be dating a more ‘professional’ woman .i.e them.
    I tried to explain this to a ‘corporate woman’ recently and she didn’t get it: men are stressed enough, so they don’t want an ultra stressed out partner to come home to. The primary school teacher is home by 3.30 every day, maybe 4 at the absolute latest, so she has ample time to de-stress before she cooks and cleans the house while he is working. When he comes home at 7pm, they enjoy quality, anxiety free time together, and he arranges to take time off while she is on holidays so they can spend even more time together.
    Compare this situation to the corporate women he has dated, who generally come home late, bitch and moan about their boss and colleagues, don’t cook or clean because they(i.e he) can afford pay a maid to clean the house and eat takeout for dinner 5-6 nights a week etc etc.

    1. Exactly. Why would i want to to date a version of me with a vagina?
      It’s the natural female qualities she brings that i’m gonna want.

    2. But the teacher is probably intelligent and interesting and fun to be with and also on the same team as the guy she is dating. I am not saying every high flyer woman is a pain, but some can be. By the same token some career male high flyers are rejected by women who would rather have someone less precious about their career.

      1. It´s the reason i enjoy dating women who come from one or another philology department, several advantages here (might of course be the case that the situation in Austria is quite different):
        1. They are not very career oriented
        2. They usually can at least quote intelligently from one of the giants, i.e. have something to say once in a while
        3. The classical studies are – outside of STEM – the least infected by Marx, which you can tell just by looking at how women dress and behave there.
        Seems to me that the social sciences are an utter nightmare though…

    3. Agreed. Corporate men have worked around corporate women for a long time. They know what these women are like, and how they live. That’s why they don’t want them. Nothing about these women is attractive for the long term.

    4. And it’s these corporate women who look down on the school teacher (and are probably jealous) because she does have a man.
      These type of corporate women are the worst because they’ve fed into the feminist narrative for so long…that they now hate themselves (wish they could have the other life – with a man).
      Feminism (the cause and effect) is really starting to show, today, and many women don’t like the results. The whole time we’ve heard that these type of women ‘don’t need a man’ so men finally said ‘fuck it….bye’ and started to look the other types of women (even in other countries).
      These educated women wouldn’t “get it” even if other women tried to explain it to them. They would simply look down on these ‘dumb girls’ and try to talk her into seeing the light (feminism).

      1. Yeh they are jealous because he is the greater beta they ignored when they were younger and now feel entitled to. Of course he can get a much younger woman and doesn’t need a middle aged one.

        1. I think it has more to do with the arrogance of these “educated” women (versus anything else).
          Many are so “intelligent” yet quite a few cannot do the simplest of tasks. I laugh when they say they are so independent.
          If they are really so independent, then stop calling men over to help do shit.

  40. The perfect role model of our times. I guess feminists won’t be satisfied until most girls look like this:

    1. Dumpy body – check
      Short hair – check
      Ugly face – check
      Nasty feminist attitude – check
      Realizing at 40 that feminism helped you waste your life – priceless.

  41. The means of getting the education, which is college, meaning womyns’ studies courses, means she’s a cunt once she has that education.
    Of course that education combined with the major cock carousel of the campus environment, meaning some serious mental gymnastics had to occur to prevent that feeling of being the only person taking crazy pills, is already a source of brain damage. To be trained to hate men and crave their attention and be conditioned to put a higher value in riding multiple cocks would make anybody sick in the head.
    Educated or not.

  42. Its not a genuine education though, we aren’t talking about the hard sciences here or mathematics. These are subjects that mostly subjective and based around regurgitating what your lecturers have told you throughout the year, or coming across as the most politically correct (In the case of the humanity subjects).
    I have lost count of the personal encounters I had with these “educated” women, who wouldn’t even know the most basic general knowledge. I am talking about business undergrads who thought Brazil was in Africa. I am not kidding here.
    University and “education” has just turned into these 3/4 year fuck fest of debauchery and “finding yourself”. The only reason why these Western universities are held in high esteem, is because of the forefathers and the international students that come from traditional countries and work hard in “real” subjects.
    As for these women who repeat the mantra of “being a strong independent woman” blah blah. Just ignore them, don’t even entertain a one night stand with them. They hate men it is simple as that, and are toxic influences in your life.
    University is no longer a barometer of success and intelligence as it was before.

    1. True, but I’ll add even the hard sciences these days are under pressure to make their curricula more accommodating to women.

    2. lol…very much agree. Many of these “educated” women that I have run into are pretty clueless when it comes to common sense. I’ve also watched many of them struggle to hold a decent, relaxing conversation with a man (many times they struggle to connect with a man during a simple chat).
      Example: I was wearing a baseball hat with my favorite team (fav city) on it. One of these ‘educated’ women trying to connect with me said “oh, your hat says (fav team – city)”. I replied “yep, I’m from that city”…and nothing after that….silence.
      I don’t are how educated a woman claims to be….if she can’t carry on a simple, every day conversation with the opposite sex then she needs work (and I don’t mean another or higher degree from university).

  43. The riddle of women solved.
    “I am a strong and independent (old) woman and need no man”
    Why would you want what do do not need?
    Buy 10 cats and live happy til you die I say!
    But what if you say you dont need a man, when in truth you DO need one?
    Well, then what you are going for is a cheat. You want to buy cheap.
    You want to get a *better* man then your *age* and *looks* can buy you.
    So how can you solve this?
    Sell yourself cheaper and settle for less. If you are not willing to do that you do not reallllly need a man and we are back to square #1 -> cats.

  44. Virtually all women tend to massively overrate their rank in the pecking order (to any women reading this: subtract two points from whatever you believe your rating is, and date accordingly). “Educated” women are even more prone to this sort of narcissistic self-delusion (subtract three points from whatever you believe your rating is, and date accordingly).

  45. Personally, it’s not the education that’s a turn-off. It’s the attitude. It’s the female expectation that I am supposed to place them upon a golden pedestal, and loudly proclaim their intellectual superiority because they completed a degree in Liberal Arts, Communication, or Counseling.

    1. The arrogant attitude is priceless. They are “so above” everyone around them yet they fail to connect with many men (and women) because everyone is considered “dumb” or “inferior”.
      Yes, who wouldn’t want one of these bundles of joy at home?

  46. Part of an ahem…. ‘education’ means being fed a fuck load of feminist excrement which warps the mind of educated females making them absolutely undesirable pigs.

  47. If you do some googling, you’ll see that educated women actually have higher marriage rates than non-educated women BUT with this caveat: marriage rates are down for ALL women in all classes since the 1964 civil rights act.
    Here’s the analysis of the numbers: Welfare mothers simply choose to not marry at all since the state is their husband. Working class women still see lower numbers than better educated women and I have professional friends who have married such women and gotten divorced. The problem is women overall in the states, including working class women, have a bad attitude towards men. It’s in the culture. My grandmother would be shocked at how many women, career or working class, seem to be unfeminine compared to the older era. They don’t cook as much, they don’t clean the house that often, they don’t mend clothes rather than buy new ones, etc. Working class women often do not offer much of an incentive to men compared to educated women.
    Yes, educated women will rarely support a man financially but still, the extra income they bring in does help. Many such women do use the money they bring in from work to pay for daycare, the maid, the second car, etc. Plus, if they do divorce you, you aren’t stuck paying them alimony like working class women will try to pull.
    In addition, educated women tend to be more healthy because they come from a better economic class. A girl raised in a trailer park may not have gone to the dentist enough, or ate too many corn dogs, etc. A lot of those girls look 50 at the age of 25. (American) educated women aren’t great, but they are generally not WORSE than working class women.
    And educated American women ARE getting smart, to a point. They do marry more often because they poach the remaining “eligible” bachelors that working class women of the past grabbed up: Firemen, upper level enlisted military, policemen, etc. These were the kinds of men that working class women wanted to bring home but a woman doctor who can’t find a doctor to marry her at 30 will settle for them. What other woman is going to insult a doctor woman for marrying a police officer who can fix parking tickets?
    That cache of men has now been snatched up, however, so marriage rates for career women are on the decline again. This is why many women millennials, caught between a shortage of breadwinning patriarchal men and the lousy leftist/crony capitalist economy are rejecting feminism more openly.

    1. That is true comparing working class to educated women. But I think if you stay within the group of educated women, the more they have they less likely they are to be married. But I’ll have to check on that. Or maybe it’s correlated because of income.
      On another note. That image in the article of a real women wants you, doesn’t need you. If that was made by a woman, isn’t that an out right endorsement(if unintended) to a guy’s decision of avoiding marriage?
      Since the real woman is what women keep telling men he’s supposed to try to get, if the whole reason to be together is just out of want, but to imply that there’s a level of being essential that it won’t meet, then it’s not as important. So if you just want something, why go the extra mile for it. Don’t get married, cause I don’t need it.

      1. I’m chuckling because feminism teaches women that they don’t really need men, at least individually (via the welfare state, which is basically robbing men collectively) but that is so not true.
        The middle class lifestyle, even for well educated professional women, is just as hard as it was 50 years ago thanks to the economic problems they helped created. Houses now cost more, wages are less, daycare is super expensive (funny how women love saying that women taking care of kids is priceless but they would love to pay an illegal without ID pennies on a dollar). Anyhow, women still NEED men’s money more than ever.
        Heck, many professional women I know were so bad with controlling their spending that I would have preferred they just sit at home and watch TV all day.
        One feminist snickered that women don’t need men anymore because they have AAA. Yeah, AAA will tow your car that broke down because of a bad alternator a mere $500 to fix it but I fixed my wife’s car for $150 when it happened. When my friend’s ex wife’s new house she got with her settlement had the windows go bad, she had to pay $4000 out of pocket to get them taken care of before winter.
        Hank Hill is NOT obsolete.
        Our gynocentric society is full of stuff for women to buy and do. It must drive them insane. It’s like teenage girls without money going to the shopping mall.

    2. I’m just tired of hearing (day after day) about how bad women have it in this country. Every day and at every turn you hear about how women need this or how woman are cheated out of something. Give me a fucking break.
      Women have it better (now) versus any other time in history but they are unhappy….and they still bitch. Plus, when you present many of these “educated” women with facts…they still don’t believe it.
      They live in some god damn fantasy land.

      1. I have a saying for this: The squeaky wheel is the greasiest. A silent wheel that’s functioning but is about to fail will get little attention. People who are masters of whining and get rewarded simultaneously seek to shut down legitimate complaints from others just as Microsoft seeks to shut down competitors.
        It’s rather funny how modern feminists both live in a world of entitlement where they are shocked when men confront them about their notions of victimhood because they grew up in an environment where everyone ran around seeking to appease them. It never registered in their cute, little brains that if the world is constantly trying to keep you from being oppressed… then you aren’t really oppressed. Truly oppressed people aren’t entitled to gripe.

  48. As ROK often points out, there are endless supplies of this type of arrogant women that are in their 40’s. I suppose there are endless supplies of such women in their 30’s as well, but they have not yet turned bitter as they can still get cock sometimes.
    These women were raised with all the “girl power” nonsense and essentially brainwashed. They are clueless when it comes to relationships. They actually believe that a man SHOULD have a desire to be “challenged.” They of course believe in their own entitlement. And they believe that the cops, lawyers, and the judiciary should be part of any relationship they have.
    Ah, but then they hit 40, the last little bit of sexiness fades away, and they are lost. They have pissed away their lives in office towers, drinking too much, and fucking men that they feel superior to. Then they realize that all the men around them are looking at them as if they are just another man, not with lust, not with desire. No matter what they do, they can’t get “it” back.
    This is when they start complaining that men should want women like them.
    Why the fuck would a man want a woman like that in his house, much less his life? Such a woman represents nothing but risk and absolutely no reward. No man wants a woman around just to have someone that will argue with him daily. No man wants a woman that threatens to call 911 when she doesn’t get what she wants. No man wants a woman that has a pussy that has been used and abused by multiple other men. No man wants to kiss a woman that has sucked so much cock.
    Men definitely want intelligent women. Human success requires intelligence. We want our genes mingled with the genes of an intelligent woman in order to produce intelligent off spring. We also want attractive off spring, because being attractive is also a trait highly correlated with success. So, we want an attractive woman.
    Moreover, and as important, successful children REQUIRE a stable family, a stable home, a good diet, a loving and nurturing mother. Truly intelligent women realize this. A truly intelligent women therefor subordinates her own selfish desires to the needs of her husband, children, and family. She ultimately gets far more satisfaction from her family then she could ever get in a life draining office tower, and she knows this. She is the happiest woman on the face of the Earth.
    What women like LMoney don’t want other women to know is that young, attractive, and intelligent women are the most powerful women on the planet. They can get a man, they can have children, their children will be successful. There is no greater calling for a woman that to achieve these things.
    But, the brainwashing cultural machine in the US has been incredibly successful. Most American women are brainwashed. Thus, they are only good for fucking and using while they are in their 20’s, then casting aside and avoiding. They are not marriage material. Not wife material. Should not be impregnated.

    1. lol…we’re all ‘equal’ to a point (and women hate to admit it).
      I had an incident, today, where a strong, independent woman couldn’t move something and she had to call on the man (me) for help.
      I know it burned her inside to have to ask me for help (but I did it) and I told her ‘I don’t mind helping you move something’…..just to make the point hit home.
      I know she left work at the end of the day thinking how much of a ‘strong and independent woman’ she used to be…lol.

  49. I followed the link to. Lauren’s article and read the comments from both men and women, and almost everyone disagreed and slated the article. These people like Lauren have far less support than you think. As one person said, the article title should read “Ladies, the more intelligent you THINK you are, the more likely you are to be single. And that comment was from a woman. Remember there are lots of great women out there who think this feminist stuff is crap and who are down to earth, honest and genuine people. And remember some blokes are wankers just like some women are.

  50. First there is a huge difference between education and indoctrination. Women are easily brainwashed to be the perfect drones and in turn can force testosterone driven and more independent males to fall into same line. Naturally I can’t speak for all. There are some very intelligent women out there. Depriving people of indoctrination, not education is a proper course of action. Sure they could become more miserable with more knowledge but this is essentially ‘ignorance is bliss’ argument. Many red-pill men probably would have been happier not knowing what they know but it’s the freedom of choice that matters.

  51. Great article. This is one of those simple and poignant pieces that I can use to explain things to other people (and clarify things to myself).

  52. If they are going to act like men, then they shouldn’t be surprised when *straight* men have no desire to get into relationships with them. Being an annoying, arrogant cunt is NOT attractive.

  53. One other thing. The strong women claim is often paired with the challenging the man claim. It’s never realized that a man doesn’t think of being with a woman and competing with her. He may compete with other men in certain aspects, such as play sports, or maybe even at work. But after that, he doesn’t come home or want to go see a girlfriend or wife that has a competition aspect to it.
    Even with male friends, having a discussion on what ever topics they talk about, it’s still a discussion of points of views. And even with other men, if things too often end up as a challenge or a competition, you’ll soon get tired of them and won’t want to be around them.

  54. Good article and pretty much hits the nail on the head.
    The fundamental problem for these women in my opinion is that they don’t actually care what men want. They’ve spent so long talking to their girlfriends about why men should want them that they’ve believed their own bullshit.
    I have to smile at women who constantly and loudly proclaim that they don’t need a man are surprised to discover that men are actually taking them at their word.

  55. Why don’t men want women with whom they can converse and who challenge them? When did the aversion to strong and intelligent women become a code orange? When did everyone just want to go to the Bahamas and lie around?
    Ok, first, the problem that LMoney and women like her have is that they use the above language (“converse” and “challenge”) as code words for them being “loud” and “opinionated” and then externalize the cause; it must ALWAYS be the fault of MEN. Du-uh. Perhaps some self-examination is in order.
    What they fail to understand is that men prefer FEMININE women. The Ladies In My Life understand that their role is to be sweet, tender, affectionate, submissive, patient and accepting…in other words, to exhibit the Feminine Virtues. That’s how they got to be the Ladies In My Life in the first place. For that, they get to bask in my Masculine presence, enjoy my protection, and the seamlessness of my life–they get to go where I go, do what I do, stay in the hotels that I stay in, eat in the restaurants I eat, etc., provided that they hold up their end of the bargain.
    And it’s not a matter of men looking for dumb bunnies, however men will prefer women who understand what it is to be feminine, rather than careerist trolls.
    À bientôt,

    1. I like having conversations with my wife. She’s an interesting, amusing person. She also has a sense of humor (for a woman.)
      Single, harsh women lack a sense of humor (even as they claim to want a man with one) and also have opinions that they don’t want to discuss and be civilized about but rather intolerant (it’s her way or the high way). Even men have a hard time discussing an opinion without taking it personally and going on the defensive and attack.
      If you’re opinionated, it’s your obligation to be responsible for being aware that the world doesn’t revolve around conforming to please you by changing to make you happy.

      1. These women are too busy trying to compete with men….is the reason why they don’t have one in their life.

        1. I think it’s more that they’re lazy. Entitled people usually are. Most American career women’s lives are lives of aimless leisure. They don’t see their job as a requirement to support a family (at best, they may view the money as a backup plan in case a breadwinning man doesn’t pick them up) but that particular burden is far less than what men face which is to be the primary breadwinner. Going out, they expect men to pay the tab meaning that they are even more complacent about the burdens of life.
          Imagine if a man sat around going to work and using that money for his own, personal, security and gratification and waiting for hot women to ask him out and pay his way. It’s insane.

  56. The main issue I think is missed is there is simply a HUGE negative correlation between female attractiveness and female intelligence. I went to one of the top 3 business schools in the US and there were 3 guys for every girl and there were literally no more than 10 girls I would have even considered sleeping with let alone dated. And men want to be with attractive women. It’s a biological/Darwinian drive.
    But yes there are outliers. In fact I can remember one in particular. She was stunning, had a flawless body and was brilliant. But since she is like one in a million (literally) her attitude is awful because she is hit on 24/7/365 and guys will do anything you can imagine to try to be with her. She could turn just about any guy into a beta because she is perceived as such a “catch.” So even if you find that incredibly rare woman that “has it all” it still won’t work because she is a pain in the ass due to her position on the supply/demand curve.
    But guys here is what I find frustrating when interacting with guys in the manosphere…there are two sides of this. Men want young, beautiful women that will make them a priority. Well guess what, in order for a young, beautiful woman to be willing to make you a priority you have to be a VERY HIGH VALUE man. Who the fuck would want to make just any guy a priority and subvert some of their own natural drives? So quit calling them whores for doing what makes perfectly rational sense.
    Grow up, quit talking about women like they are being hell bent on man’s destruction, and become a high value man and have all the fucking women you want.

    1. Man up!!! And don’t you ever mention the word “hypergamy”. Work like a slave, work out 5 hrs a day, eat bland nutritious food, don’t drink, take every vitamin under the sun, be as smooth as James Bond and don’t dare ever complain. Grow up you little children!!

      1. I don’t work like a slave…I work 30-40 hours a week. It only takes me about 4 hours a week to stay in great shape. And so long as I workout hard, I only watch what I eat/drink for breakfast and lunch.
        And I don’t complain because I have nothing to complain about. I have my life under control financially, health-wise and women-wise. I tolerate zero bullshit/drama from any women and even though I am nearly 50 I only fuck 18-24 (with a few exceptions here and there) that are 7s or higher (no exceptions here).
        It sounds like you might want to look in the mirror and grow up. I am living my life like a responsible adult and fucking loving it.

        1. Okay guys if Dawson Stone has nothing to complain about, time to close up the boards and go home. Stop crying about feminism.
          Really though, this kind of mentality only creates division within the male ranks and is what has enabled things to get as bad as they are in the first place.
          However, it does help Dawson’s product sales 🙂
          Here ya go Dawson, link’s on me http://dawsonstone.com/

        2. You were funny when you first joined the site, but your schtick is getting old. We get it, you are rich, the man, a player who swoops any girl you want with no problems. Matter of fact, why do you even listen to these manosphere clowns? You love your life so much that speaking condescendingly to the rest of our crowd and promoting your mediocre blog seems to be an entertaining and appropriate use of your time.
          Outside of your egotistical bubble you are just like many of men in our community: 50 years old, shafted in a divorce, kids with your ex wife who does god-knows-what, all while you pick up women by flexing your money on Sugar Daddy glorified prostitutes.
          I have nothing against SDD or prostitutes, but speaking as a never married gen-Y, I doubt I would be “fucking loving” the life you lead enough to call out the other members of the forum.

        3. Coming from a guy that believes in an imaginary god and thinks that the bible is a book of valuable moral insight your opinion on any topic becomes nothing but a joke.
          A few excepts of your colossal stupidity and ignorance:
          “It’s not far-fetched to blame ongoing crisis in the Middle East on women……If men were completely in charge, the Bush family would not have put any boots on Middle Eastern soil, only bombs. Is there any sane, rational male who would oppose turning Iraq into a gigantic crater?”
          I am not rich, I am successful. I am not a player, I am myself (PUAs don’t understand this). I don’t get any woman I want, in fact the opposite, I don’t waste my time on woman that I think are going to be a pain the ass or drama…I simply am focusing my energy on the right side of the supply and demand curve.
          If you don’t like what I have to say, ignore it and spew your hateful, misogynistic, ignorant, religious (ignorant of your own religion I might add), insane drivel to someone who gives a fuck.
          Oh…and have a nice day!

        4. If you and your ex-wife believed in this “imaginary” god your family would be living together under a highly functional marriage. Look at the facts: the bible has been the best-selling book of all time and yes, has clearly provided valuable moral insight.
          You picked the wrong blog to start calling people hateful misogynists, maybe you missed the topics of the past 100 articles. How can you white-knight considering you already lost the game?

    2. “Well guess what, in order for a
      young, beautiful woman to be willing to make you a priority you have to
      be a VERY HIGH VALUE man. Who the fuck would want to make just any guy a
      priority and subvert some of their own natural drives? So quit calling
      them whores for doing what makes perfectly rational sense.”
      Tons of thanks for the revelation yet countless times I’ve heard women said hogshit that they only want “a decent nice guy with a sense of humor who can hold-up a conversation and someone to share life & grow old with”.
      Now that I think of it again, those women uttering that hogshit must all be ugly as fuck because surely ONLY young beautiful women want a very high value man.

      1. Good point….I never take advice from women. They’ll say what they think they want or what’s considered socially acceptable but their actions are quite the opposite.
        You’ll never find the statement “Looking for an asshole, who will cheat on me, treat me like dirt, etc..and not call me” on a female’s profile (any dating site) but you’ll always find “Looking for a nice, decent guy to share time with, etc. etc.”
        I’m not making this stuff up…I’ve also lived it a couple of times in my 20s.
        Never listen to what a woman is telling you she wants in a guy…it’s just not true (see: Fifty Shades of Grey).

    3. I think most men here agree that women have a perfect right to want better lives just for themselves (hot, well-to-do men) just as men want hot women over ugly women. Fair enough.
      What’s irrational, however, are feminine “shallow hals”. Shallow Hal was a movie starring Jack Black who went to discos and wanted to sleep with the prettiest women but they treated him like dirt. A hypnotist tries to solve this problem by making him find ugly women attractive.
      That’s the universe a lot of women, especially entitled American women, live in: The notion that they can “be just as they are” but all get tall, well-to-do alpha men.
      And even then, a lot of them bullocks it up. I know plenty of good looking, successful men whose wives don’t appreciate them and then if he cheats on her, or wants to leave, the divorce courts rape him. In some ways, these guys are especially vulnerable because they don’t see the dangerous side of women until it’s too late.

      1. I saw the movie but that is NOT what men are talking about IMO. 88% of men think they are above average. Clearly there are 38% that are sadly mistaken. The loudest voices are those 38% that think they are high value but in fact are not. They are statistically below average and as such will get below average women. Simple as that.
        I date and fuck beautiful, young, intelligent AMERICAN women all the time and most of them (not all) don’t act that differently than women from other countries.
        Now with that said I totally, 100% agree with you about guys that get married and get raped when they get divorced. But they only have themselves to blame. I fucked up in my divorce and the system treated me unfairly. But it was totally avoidable. HIGH VALUE MEN SHOULD NEVER MARRY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If they do that then the rest of this crap is totally avoidable.

        1. Hello,
          A number of high value men I know married quite well in the oldest, traditional sense. They married pretty women in families with LOTS of money and got massive dowries. I often thought to myself that if I was as hot as them, that would be like winning the lottery.
          In life there’s high value and medium value. Lots of men aren’t Brad Pitt and/or CEO’s, but many are quite respectable and worthy beta males: White collar professionals, in decent shape, etc. They aren’t alphas or noteworthy but make fine husband material. As men get older, exceeding “average” becomes easier at least by comparison: (Formerly) high value men get divorce raped and have ex-wives and kids. My pretty blonde foreign wife remarked she’d rather have an average schlub like me as compared to someone higher up the food chain with a lot of baggage.
          Your claim that American women are no different than foreign women reveals that you are either ignorant or in denial. In some ways, they are all women and therefore similar but in many major ways, they are worlds apart. Foreign women aren’t as hostile as American women are to start. They play less games. They dress and act more gentle and feminine.
          It’s not impossible for an average man to fuck a lot of beautiful American women. I’m slightly short so I’m handicapped, but for normal guys with a little game and willing to buy three dates (not elaborate dinner dates but tennis, coffee, ice cream), getting laid is EASY. Even I got laid that way with a lot more effort.
          It’s useful to understand “average” in a variety of ways such as “the mean”. If I’m in a room with Bill Gates, the “average” salary of the room is about a million dollars a day. But the mean is probably 5 figures a year.
          Finally, I think men are generally more aware of their sexual market value than you give them credit for if only because men deal with rejection more directly than women do. Unless the misandric stereotype of all the loser men hitting on the pretty women while the plain looking women are ignored, I find it to be the opposite: Plain looking women often are hit on by low self-esteem beta males driving these women to overestimate their SMV making the pretty ones actually more reasonable a lot of the time.
          If I may ask, where did you get the 88% statistic from? Do you have a cite I can read?

        2. I am curious how many your “number of” men that married hot women with huge dowries. You can’t possibly be taking the position that is the norm versus the very very rare exception. But regardless, you make my point for me…the highest value men get the highest value women.
          And for the record I didn’t’ say America women were the same as foreign women, I said they weren’t that different. My point was that if you know how to handle them and set the relationship off on the right foot, they will treat you as well as any foreign woman would because she knows if she doesn’t she is gone. Women respond to strength and confidence. Any woman that dates me knows if she doesn’t give me her best she is history. Very few of them are foreign. These same women have had other men wrapped around their fingers but that is the GUYS fault for letting them get away with it.
          And you meant median not mean in your average income example I am assuming otherwise your example makes no sense and quite frankly I still don’t understand your point.
          Honestly what do you think your wife would tell you…that she would prefer a higher value man and if one came along that she would happily leave you for him? You stating this as if it is evidence of anything to me I find hilarious.
          Finally, I don’t know where you hang out but the most attractive women are hit on the most. And yes, loser guys might hit on loser women but the hot women don’t see losers hitting on their less attractive friends and go “why doesn’t he like me?” They know he doesn’t try because he doesn’t have a chance in hell.
          I can’t quickly locate the exact reference but this article makes my point (although it isn’t only a male phenomenon). http://www.cbsnews.com/news/everyone-thinks-they-are-above-average/

        3. You said in all quotes “HIGH VALUE MEN SHOULD NEVER MARRY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.” Exceptions don’t disprove generalizations but they do disprove absolutes which you were making. Not all the men I know who married well were good looking or exceptionally well situated. Some were just lucky. By number, I know about 4 guys like that.
          It’s funny that after you made an absolute I shot down you then quibbled that my claim you said “no different” is, er, different than “not that different.” Agreed but with this caveat: I think you generalize about foreign women and American women by looking at a single case: A “HIGH VALUE” man with a lot of game who just wants to bang them. These are wildly different cultures (the USA vs everything else) so the women will be radically different in many ways.
          I do agree with you about guys shouldn’t let women get away with walking all over them BUT this conflicts with your original thesis that too many men thought they were above average and therefore overconfident. Consider that logical paradox.
          Next paradox: your claims that hot women get hit on the most but loser men don’t hit on them because they don’t have a chance in hell. Wouldn’t it make sense then that with so many more loser men and loser women out there, that the loser women are getting hit on more? Then again, mathematically, the distribution may work out on average/mean that hot women get hit on more but consider that since loser men have to hit on more women get laid, then they’ll be hitting on more women than HIGH VALUE men hit on top level women.
          Regarding your point about beautiful women not wondering/feeling jealous about less attractive friends getting hot on by loser men. Keep in mind that the particular loser man the ugly friend winds up with isn’t the point: If her ugly friends are getting married/laid and she isn’t, then her self-esteem will be impacted even if she doesn’t want to sleep with/marry the loser guy her friend shacked up with in particular, yes? She won’t say: “It’s ok I’m alone and they’re happily married because their husbands are losers anyway.”
          And the men aren’t particular losers which brings us to the mean/median point (thanks for that correction, my error!) Remember your point about confidence? After getting married, I feel confident or at least relaxed with women because I don’t need to hit on them. I already have a wife so I can have normal conversations with them. The guy whose a “loser” at a bar hitting on the less attractive woman might be a good friend a year down the road when they all hang out for the holidays.
          This brings to mind the whole “confidence” paradigm. It’s easier to be confident when you’re good looking and have a ton of money. Or in a relatinship already. The notion that a person who lacks confidence (due to illness, job loss, shyness, etc.) should be treated with disdain is one of the differences between American women and foreign women that HIGH VALUE men simply looking to get laid may not notice. It’s called character. Nearly all people are honest when the valuables are locked and those with more character show their honesty when the valuables are unlocked and nobody is looking. Marriage is a bad idea to women who require continual game. Agreed. Foreigners agree that Americans seem to have a character problem especially of late perhaps due to the materialistic and lack of common culture. Bigger discussion and this is getting long.
          About my wife and your incredulity at my wife’s sincerity. We often laugh about our younger days even as there are lines we don’t cross and one thing was what we were looking for in a mate. She said she dated richer, better looking guys than me but with kids and exes and she didn’t want the hassle. I don’t think that’s a very shocking or unbelievable position she’s making to spare my feelings. Heck, I even know many American women who felt the same way. I’m not a HIGH VALUE man but hey, I dated many pretty career women and even had sex with a few of them because at the age of 30, I didn’t have kids and I had money and the supply of such men were scarce.
          Finally (and this is getting long): People thinking they’re above average doesn’t necessarily mean they think they’re high value. I may think I make more than average income, but that doesn’t mean I think I’m Bill Gates. It’s an important distinction in that even average guys thinking they’re above average may realize that they have no shot at hitting on hot women and go for the beta females. Since hitting on women involves effort and they want to reduce effort, they wind up hitting on the kind of women they are matched with.

        4. Sigh…Let me take these one at a time.
          You said you knew “a number of high value men.” In my mind a man cannot be high value if he isn’t at least pretty decent looking and at least have a solid career. Now you seem to be backpedaling and saying that at least some of them were just in the right place at the right time (aka lucky)? Do I have that right?
          You didn’t shoot my position down, I was simply clarifying my point. You can treat that as a concession if you like but it doesn’t make it so just because you treat it that way. I have traveled to 30 countries outside of the US including countries known for “better” women such as Colombia and Thailand. My experience is they are more the same then different. That if you set the rules correctly up front they will behave mostly (not exactly) the same.
          These are two separate points. Again, you calling them a paradox doesn’t make it so. Step 1, a man must be objective about his value. Many men are not. Step 2, become the best version of yourself that you are capable of and Step 3, in any romantic relationship never accept behavior you don’t want to. You are combining the issue of objectivity with the issue of how someone should allow their partner to treat them.
          We can have an ivory tower debate about what percent of men are this and what percent of women are that but if you have ever been out at a bar or club and can’t see that hotter women get hit on more than ugly women then you are blind. You can debate this point all you like but just ask any 9 and any 5 how often men hit on them per day. It’s a no fucking brainer.
          Your next paragraph is barely literate and I honestly have no clue what argument you were trying to make.
          This paragraph is literate but I still don’t understand what argument you are making. Care to clarify?
          Character? Based on who’s definition? It is kind of like defining what is “creepy.” Isn’t it odd how good looking guys are never creepy but ugly guys are? We can talk about honesty, integrity, loyalty, courage, etc. But since over 70% of marriages include physical infidelity and over 90% include emotional infidelity that seems like it shouldn’t go hand-in-hand when discussing marriage. And of course confidence is aided by success and good looks. But I am much much older than the women I date (so even though I might be considered good looking no way I am more than an 8 to anyone I date and probably lower to some) and while I am successful I am not what I consider truly rich. But I am a great father, a great friend, a great son, in amazing shape…all of which I have 100% control over. Confidence isn’t that hard for a person of value.
          Again, the fact that you laughed about it matters not. I am simply making the point that you have no idea what she really thinks…only what she tells you. She might be being genuine (I have no clue either way since I don’t know either of you) I am simply making the obvious observation that no fucking way she would tell you the truth if it was different. That was my only point.
          If you read the article link I sent, most people (men and women both) think they are across the board of higher value. As humans we have an irrational need to feel special. Men hit on the highest value woman they think they can get/deserve. As Chris Rock said, “A man is only as faithful as his options.”
          Let me close with this, let’s say at the age of 40 (I have no idea how old you are) that you submit a manuscript to a publisher (as a hobbyist writer) that is picked up and makes you millions. You are on the talk show circuit, get a makeover, and have thousands of fans a week sending you letters and emails. On your book tour (that your wife can’t join you for) every single day (you are gone for a couple of months) dozens of women that perviously wouldn’t have given you the time of day practically beg you to take them to bed. 18, 22, 24, 26 year olds that could be models if they chose. Maybe one of the sexy, young interviewers is dying to be with you. Not a chance you would succumb?
          In this example (far fetched though it might be) one person in the relationship’s value dramatically changes. The results are fairly predictable IMO.

        5. On the one hand, you don’t want an ivory tower quibbling about percentages yet that’s precisely where we started this. Let’s just say I’ll agree with you that it’s likely that below average men often think they’re above average but yet, they realize they aren’t since they get rejected. It’s a strange paradox. They may cry about how unfair reality is, but they are still at least aware of reality. Your example with the bar with the 9 getting hit on more often than the 5. OK, sure. But even a 5 woman at the bar is getting hit on more often than a man whose a 7. And unless the 9 and 5 women actually commission a study, they still both view themselves as desirable enough to get men to sleep with them. If you have a dozen women, even of slightly below average looks, hitting on you that will help your self-esteem tremendously even if you’re just a construction worker of below average height. More on that in a bit.
          What makes foreign women so different than American women is that while both sets of women expect men to hit on on them, American women seem much less appreciative of men in general. A schlub man hitting on a woman is part of the pickup process that women buy into by waiting passively for men to hit on them. Foreign women seem to understand that more reasonably than American women in my experience.
          Now onto male self-esteem: You self-label yourself an 8. We can quibble over the rating system a bit so let’s put out there whether you’re a true 8. Are you a CEO or movie star with great looks (6’3+?) That would be a high 9, agreed? An 8 is a man with a high level professional career and great looks. Are you a Doctor? Professor? 6’3+? Do you own a big house? That would be an 8. I suspect you are a 7. A guy whose reasonably tall (6 feet) and has a good professional job (engineer, lawyer) and if you put in some effort, you can pick up women. We all have different experiences with women, American and foreign, based upon our caste and status. So a 9 will tend to see women differently than a 5 will both in terms of how they behave locally and international. Agreed? It’s similar to tourism in general. Some places are great to be a rich tourist (Paris) and some are better if you have limited money (Mexico).
          About my wife. Hey, I’m cool discussing this (I brought her into this) and can only say that based upon what I know of her and 10 years of marriage and some frank discussions, I don’t think she is insincere with me on the matter. She’s a very frank, sometimes brutally honest person for a woman so on this matter I think she’s sincere but hey, believe what you like. Fair enough? I can’t know what anyone says is sincere, but as humans we figure out ways to guess closely based upon their actions and behavior. That’s what this whole discussion is about and makes it dangerously metaphysical and abstract.
          Would I cheat on my wife if I got fame and fortune? The answer is no and sure, you won’t believe me but I have my reasons. One is that for me to handle the way women often would try to use sex as a carrot with me and men I know, I spent a lot of effort in finding ways to control that impulse. I have walked away from women who wanted sex with me because I didn’t like the catches to their offer. My friends are shocked about that stance and amazed that a 5 like me would dare such a thing but I’ve done it. It helps to give me the ability to stand up to my wife when needed.
          Your 3 steps are pretty obvious which remind me of those pickup books which advise men to be confident. Well duh. But this simple minded advice ignores the human element which is why to get laid in the first place. There’s a human element of emotional connection with the woman and then dealing with the aftermath (Do you get rid of her, or keep her around?) How to handle rejection in a way that’s objective but still display emotion and connection with the woman without being a fake robot simulant. Guys whom I know are 8’s tell me that the biggest problem is getting rid of the crazies and dealing with their own feelings for the woman after it’s over.
          That’s a whole crazy mess of emotions running around so that’s the reason why I think a lot of men, and women, have a hard time dealing with them so “objective” standards mean dupkiss. A woman whose a 5 gets hit on by 10 guys at a bar. Even if she and her 9 friend (and these women aren’t hanging out with Anjolina Jolie!) who gets hit on more go home alone, they will still feel validated compared to a schlub 7 who hits on a lot of women and goes home alone.
          I know a lot of guys who claimed to be above average and they were. Professional men, decent height, and chronically rejected because of poor game or some other issue or bad luck (college town with few girls at the time) and they settled for women who were cows. And sometimes guys in the right place at the right time you would conside below average scored. It’s that way in life in a lot of ways. Successful men don’t become superheros to become successful. They find opportunities or change venue. That’s the USA is all about after all.
          Anyhoo, very nice talking with you and cheers. Took a while to respond because I was traveling and busy.

        6. Not to split hairs but I didn’t “self label” myself an 8. What I actually said was “…so even though I might be considered good looking no way I am more than an 8 to anyone I date and probably lower to some”
          My point about fame and fortune is there is no way you can know how you would react in that situation. You have never been in it and all you can do is guess based on other experiences that aren’t even close to comparison. Fortunately, it is an unlikely scenario to say the least.
          For the guys who “were in the right place at the right time …scored.” I would argue if they are lower value they will not keep a high value woman over the medium or long term. Some high value men will stay with lower value woman, often lowering their own value through complacency.
          I know a number of women I would rate a 5 and very very few that are 9s. The 5s are NOT validated. They complain about their thinner, hotter, taller friends that get all the male attention and are repulsed (not validated) but the trolls that hit on her. And actually I would not feel an ego boost by ugly women hitting on me.
          It appears that you have an exceptional relationship with your wife (I will simply take it at face value) and that’s great for you. Everyone should pursue what makes them happiest so long as they are being as objective and honest with themselves as possible. My broader point is that most people are NOT objective and honest about their happiness.
          My experience is that American women are as fun as easy to deal with as foreign women if handled properly. This was from two nights ago….
          And not all my relationships with women are like this. Some are purely sexual in nature. Others are more of a mix of emotionally, intellectual and sexual. I have no problem forming connections with these women while still remaining (for the most part) objective about things.
          Nice talking to you as well and thanks for your thoughtful responses and I guess on some we will have to agree to disagree.

        7. I think we’re about ready to wrap (for this time.)
          I want to add an observation about life which is that even if we’re repulsed by an offer we’re not interested in (such as a bad job, for example), they still provide us with comfort to know that we have options. Let’s try this thought experiment: You rate these women as 5’s and how they gripe that the 9’s get “all the attention” but that wording, which you and they may use, is inaccurate. The 5’s are getting attention… from other 5’s. But because the women are getting hit on by the 5’s, their self-esteem is higher making them think they’re entitled to 8’s. They may not admit that is what happened, but it did. Otherwise, if the roles were reversed and the 5 men were getting hit on by the 5 women, they probably would not hit on 5’s but rather punch their weight higher thinking they’re entitled to more.
          I use this in job hunts as well. I get hit on by recruiters all the time for jobs I don’t want. It makes me feel good that even if I don’t want to work in Delaware, that the option is there. It’s a safety net that the below average women have that below average men don’t.
          Read your blog and must say it’s rather amusing. Yeah, agreed, that if a guy is pretty good looking and has good game and isn’t looking to get married then sure, American and foreign women are in many ways the same if getting laid is the objective. In some ways, American women are more fun. What I found that’s outstanding, though, is that high value men through complacency in the states often were dumped by women of lesser value (they had aged, he didn’t.) My foreign wife was amazed at this. But as you said, we can agree to disagree on that. Of course, many foreign women are as vicious as American women are so generalizations are tricky in any case.
          Finally, when we use terms such as high value man or woman, it’s hard to know exactly what you, or I, mean. I do know men who are low value who kept high and medium value women simply because the women cared about them. This includes many American women. Having been in the singles scene for years, as you are, sometimes we forget that many if not most people lead very “average” or at least boring lives in that they fell in love with someone, didn’t have much sexual experience, and are happy with what they have. Having traveled, I have big tastes as do you, so we can almost not imagine anymore what a “normal” life is like.
          Anyhow, your blog looks fun. Not safe for work though!

        8. I am glad you enjoyed my blog. Your comments are intelligent so it means more coming from you. Thanks.
          I actually have seen the opposite among men and women. I don’t generally meet women that are 5s that believe they deserve an 8. I am more likely in my experience to meet a guy that while totally average in looks things he should be dating a model.
          And your job example is a fair one. While it might be true that recruiters call you about jobs you don’t want, it isn’t quite the same. First they aren’t asking you to accept a job in janitorial services (which I would argue wouldn’t boost anything) but a job that isn’t the right fit, right tittle, right industry, whatever. It still would be reassuring to know you have market value in other jobs that would pay at least somewhat comparably to what you currently make. If you are making $100K a year and you kept getting calls for $50K jobs that might actually freak you out a bit as in your market value had plummeted.
          I agree “high value” and “low value” are going to be subjective. However, regardless how you define your “value basket” (looks, fitness, good genes, smart, successful, no horrible vices, etc) there are going to be people that score high and others that score low. In the same way a guy might not like blondes he still knows that Scarlett Johansson is attractive.
          One final point. While it is 100% true that I have zero desire to be in a long term relationship with anyone, I could if I wanted to with 40-50% of the women I hook up with. In my experience with a relationship and higher exit costs comes more drama and bullshit. I will concede that on average this would probably be less that case (but still true) with a foreign woman.

        9. Thank you for your kind words. I was at my 30th high school reunion and my classmates including the women observed how far I’ve grown and one is the art of charm and you have that. Granted, you don’t want to be in a marriage but I would say that having relationships with women, even in the manner you’re in (perhaps especially so), helps to develop social skills and more cognitive understanding of what women are as compared to the infantile notions pushed by chivalry and our own childhoods.
          I was watching the show “Naked and Afraid” on NatGeo and it’s about a couple tossed into a forest naked and trying to survive for a month starting out with nothing. As humans, we require either resource rich environments or a set of tools to get by provided by our parents and society. Dumping a couple in the wilderness shows how hard it is for most to get by, or thrive, in a short period of time by bootstraps and this society is similar to that. Getting laid requires a lot of game and/or resources. Being “above average” certainly helps a lot. I wonder… do you think that you could have made this journey if you didn’t get married first? For me, a few trips to an overseas brothel (long before I got married) were illuminating. Getting laid, without a lot of effort, really opened my eyes to what I enjoyed and thought of myself without having to go through the BS required to get laid in other ways. By taking the emotional craving to getting laid out of the equation, I was able to relate to women (and myself) much better. It was like 20 years of game in a few nights. Why don’t all fathers take their sons out on their 16th birthday? It should be done for Bar Mitzvah.
          Regarding you meeting women who are 5’s who don’t think they deserve an 8. I don’t want to discredit your anecdotal experiences. I would say a lot of 5 women seem to think they deserve a 7 but in addition to that, they want the man to live up chivalrous notions that are now outdated. Sure, you meet a lot of men who are 5s who think they are 8’s (let’s call them 58’s), but at least they don’t expect the supermodel to come to their door with beer and pizza.
          The majority of men I know who are 5’s seem perfectly content with women who are attractive but with lots of flaws. Chubby women with pretty faces and big breasts. Or petite women with small breasts and perhaps a weird face, but dresses sexy. After spending a lot of time overseas, my standards are much higher so I’m rather amused when my 5 friends get excited over women that are in my opinion like background noise.
          I would say that my wife had a lot of typical feminine drama and still does in that if I don’t constantly remind her to not constantly remind me (nag) or whine and complain, she can easily become intolerable and then mean and nasty. They’re like children: If you don’t watch them, they’ll soon be tearing the furniture apart. Ironically, she seems happier knowing that this is what I’m doing and regards her spoiled women friends as inferior and miserable for being out of control.

        10. I am curious what drove you to get married (and for you to remain married now.) For me it was societal programming 100%. If even one person had pulled me aside and challenged me on my decision I would not have gotten married. At some level I think I knew on my wedding day it was a mistake.
          If I never married and never had my daughter it is so hard to tell what I would be like. My daughter in particular has influenced me in a deep and profound way.
          Regardless of a man’s score, I know very, very, very few men that are married that would honestly say they are happy.
          And I agree, the most important driver of a woman behaving is knowing for a certainty that misbehaving is simply not an option. Every women I see knows that I will tolerate ZERO drama, jealousy, bullshit, etc. and they behave accordingly. Either consciously or unconsciously they know I have tons of options and they don’t want to play chicken with me.
          I don’t say this to sound like I am a badass, I actually don’t think that way, but it is a simple supply and demand curve…there are way fewer of me then there are of them so there simply is no reason why I should have to tolerate anything…so I don’t.
          But I sure as shit used to.
          Thankfully those days are behind me.

        11. Being frank, I’m not a great looking guy so the singles scene is especially tough for me. The quality women who like me are into my intelligence and integrity and that also happens to be marriage qualities for them. So for me, the best bang for my buck is marriage. For higher value men, of course, the situation is understandably different.
          One of the few good things about being a lower value man (at least on paper) is that I get to see how women behave when they have nothing to gain. It’s like seeing a potential friend when you have no money to lend them. You have a lot of shit tests for women to see if they’re golddiggers. I largely am invisible to such women to begin with. The quality women who liked me, who weren’t nuts, have hearts of gold.
          Sometimes my wife annoys me, of course, but I’m happier with her around. She’s a lot of fun, reasonably sensible, and shares experiences going back 12 years. I still have to be a man, of course, but I feel I can let my guard down with her most of the time.
          One of the challenges in marriage is sometimes in dealing with annoyance or drama, I can be unfair. We’re humans so we can’t perfectly tailor our responses in every case. The worst is a man who tolerates and puts up with abuse and annoyance and women like dogs and children quickly sense weakness and move in for the kill. Each year of marriage means that there’s less of such nonsense.
          In American women’s defense: It seems like ex-married men I know who are at least 6 feet tall with a decent job find women for sex as easily as a cat finds mice in a grainery. Who cares if she has kids in tow or baggage if the goal is to have a good time and bang her? The supply of 8’s or even 7 men are low compared to good looking women in that category who are worthless for marriage, but great in bed.
          My wife’s crazy women friends are perpetually amazed that she respects me and wants to be with me. Why doesn’t she blow all our money on shopping trips and destroy her husband like they did with men far more tall and handsome and successful than me and give them what they want, they ask? The stable married women friends like me. She chooses to trust the wisdom of the marriage women.
          I’m reminded of one of Marilyn Monroe’s husbands, the playwright Arthur Miller. Throughout my life, pretty feminine blondes liked me and my frugality and tactful honesty. My wife is a lookalike with Anne Hesche. We all have our niches in where we are most compatible. I gave up trying to win over mousy, cute, smart brunettes who thought they were too good for me and just accepted my destiny: Find a nice, pretty blonde and marry her.

        12. I cannot tell you how many men I have asked why they are/want to get married over the years and you are literally the only one that has given me a thoughtful and reasoned argument. Bravo! My faith in humanity is restored. 🙂
          I know what you mean…I too have experienced women that truly did have wonderful hearts. If one is going to pursue marriage, that would be the only way to go.
          Stay well.

  57. Intelligence is never the problem, but the arrogance and unreasonable expectations that can come with higher education sure are. What man in his right mind would want a woman who is constantly nagging him about how he is not Warren Buffett yet, all the while she is nothing special herself? Just because you’re daddy’s little princess doesn’t mean you’re everyone’s elses too.

    1. You gotta love how these women, often having spent years memorizing and regurgitating facts and parroting their clowns/professors in college, never showed a sign of any capacity of independent and critical thought whatsoever, develop the arrogance to feel superior to a man who tries his luck in entrepreneurship.

    2. Agree. I believe many of these women truly believe that men (higher quality men) will just automatically flock to them because they have a degree. Plus, “the list” that all of these women have is ridiculous (and you’re right….they offer little in return compared to the list that they present).
      We won’t even talk about the fact that they’ve seen to have missed going to the gym while attending college.
      I know too many women (like the one mentioned in this article). Their “highly educated” yet they still don’t have the basic understanding of a man or what makes him tick.

  58. I work in project management for banking/finance industry. I am challenged all day, every day. Do you think this is what I want to come home to, more challenges? I have a boss, I don’t want a second one at home, thanks.
    And I can stop reading there. I already know what the rest of her article says: “I want to reorder the world, so I am considered the most attractive”. So typical of female journalism

    1. When they talk about having a partner who challenges you, they don’t mean someone who makes life hard for you. They mean someone with whom you have a deeper, more complex relationship than if they just clean house and sexually satisfy you. Someone you can talk with, confide in, laugh with, examine your lives and goals together. Another person.

  59. Men do not find educated women too attractive for many reasons. Many men want a wife to be a homemaker- to take care of the base while they bring home the bacon. Very few men married women to discuss the finer points of politics or history with, they had their male friends for that. A woman who will not look after the house, expects “equality” ie. is entitled, and focuses on her career at the expense of her family is, frankly, redundant.
    Speaking from personal experience, collage going women are also highly susceptible to liberal (Communist) brainwashing. They seem to be all for feminism, abortion, gay rights and a medley of other social aberrations. Men tend to approach these things more cautiously. I am personally repulsed by women who are some of these “social warriors” of our times.

    1. That is definitely false. Historically men have often sought their meaningful company exclusively from other men precisely because they denied the possibility that a woman could provide a greater role in their life than house making and childbearing. Not that those are bad things for a woman to do– but women also are people and have an identify, a sense of selfhood, just as men do. And if men and women could share that with each other, as nowadays often they do, then they could have much more meaningful relationships.

      1. bullshit you feminist dumbass have now idea what women want. You do not even know what you want yourself – women want in life what they want in bed. You sure you want an equal “partner” in bed where you talk about every grab and who asks permission to kiss you?

        1. Agree. I still haven’t read an online dating profile by a woman that reads:
          Single, fun, strong, independent woman looking for a man (a real asshole) who will beat me, cheat on me or just hurt me.
          It’s always this fluffy shit:
          Single, fun, strong, independent women looking for an equal partner who can handle me and be a partner to me.
          The second example is all of the nonsense that women will say because it’s what’s considered acceptable by society. The first example is what many women (yes, even those strong women) want but will not say….but it’s what puts their sex drive into overdrive.
          All women will stay with a man who abuses her (mentally or physically) for at least some period of time (months, years). But, they are too embarrassed to admit that they were “that woman” for a period of time. I’ve seen it, first hand, all too many times, with friends and family.

        2. “All women will stay with a man who abuses her”
          You know every woman on the planet, do you?

  60. IMO the key phrase in Martin’s piece is:

    Why don’t men want women with whom they can converse and who challenge them?

    “Challenging” the man in conversation is you-go-guurl code for intellectual sparring. When these women are up-front, they make statements like “Well, smart women, like myself, love a good fight but we also love a good win.”
    Naturally, that came from a piece lamenting men not wanting to date “smart” women. In another example, here’s part of point #4 in “5 Reasons to Date a Feminist”:

    4) We take control, in general.
    I mean this in so many ways. Professionally, emotionally, sexually, personally, physically, and mentally. We are self-aware thinking beings who have the confidence to stand up and say “Let’s do it this way, instead!” …. We see what we want and take it. That kind of confidence is attractive–it means we have ambition, drive, and poise.

    She follows this Crossfit-level hamstering with a breathtakingly delusional statement:

    This kind of attitude bodes well for long-term romantic partnerships, too.

    When someone is that blinkered, reality becomes difficult to understand. Here’s another lost soul pouring out her spinster’s lament:

    Some of the men I’ve dated didn’t want to share their knowledge, have stimulating discussions or avoided the intellectual sparring. I don’t know why.

    1. Not all smart women love sparring. Being challenged by your partner doesn’t have to mean competing with each other. Personally I look for my partner to challenge me, in that I want a partner who doesn’t just comfort me or pleasure me but helps me grow and become a better person. And my partner– happily he likes that from me too! 🙂

  61. Teach a man and help him grow? More like train your man and make him your pet.

    1. There’s only one thing a woman needs to worry about “growing,” and her Weemon’s Studies degree isn’t going to do it.

  62. Heres a fact gents, women are incapable of challenging men, they can only succeed in provoking them with the cattle-prodesque of bitch-sleighs they call questions and patience testers. Men are naturally patient creatures, think about it. We would never have learned to hunt without keen observance that most predators exhibit, or to study the laws of physics in order to build homes and shelters which have kept our race thriving for eons. What have women contributed to that long history? They’ve done their part in keeping our race alive through continuation, and they have no place telling the builders how to build. The only two drawbacks in human history are power-hungry women and men whose uncontrollable greed and lust ruined nations, other than that I’d say we were destined for the cosmos, but it looks like getting there will be tough without removing those two constraints forevermore.

    1. You seem to have allowed yourself to become embittered about all women because of fears or some bad experiences. That means you cut off so many other people in the world with whom you could actually be having really rewarding bonds and relationships! I totally support you in not wanting to date women that seek to test your patience and that don’t contribute anything meaningful to the human race! So don’t date them and don’t be friends with them, and go out there and find those women who are worth your time and company!

    2. Women are incapable of challenging men?
      -Emilie du Chatelet challenged Voltaire
      -Lise Meitner was responsible for laying the groundwork male scientists used to develop nuclear fission.
      -Rosalind Franklin’s work inspired Watson and Crick in their discovery of the structure of DNA.
      I could go on and on with hundreds of examples of women challenging men in science as well as all other professions. And those are just a few examples of women challenging or inspiring men. There are many more of women surpassing men altogether. I think your beliefs create a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. You turn down women of value based on your distorted beliefs about gender roles, leaving you with the “bottom of the barrel”…only the most shallow of women. Thus reinforcing your view of women as ignorant, useless, untrustworthy and promiscuous.

      1. Then lets hear them by the hundreds Tentacles. Also, given the fact that the streams of causality unfold one way or another, whether a woman was an instigator in some kind of scientific process or not doesn’t matter because if she wasn’t it was only a matter of time before a man would be that initiative. History shows this.
        Women do not inspire me, and Stack Thornehawk has never turned down an intelligent one either. So you’re implying that a woman of value is one who has an accredited degree and is a leading innovator in her field? It doesn’t matter what the woman is, it depends on how she treats men. Thats the one and only trait I judge women by, and that trait encompasses many facets of personality.
        To be quite frank, take inspiration out of context, humans do not inspire me period. I look beyond the planes of common sight to a future where humans are not top of the food chain, and that day is dawning, my dear lovecraftian beastie.

      2. Kudos fellow medical sojourner 🙂 A gentleman as impressive, nuanced and cool as yourself, deserves all the happiness, love and success in the world! Industriousness, generosity of spirit, creative problem solving abilities and intellectual wherewithal are genderless traits. As far as med school goes, I’m so fortunate to be immersed in an environment with the most amazing men and women imaginable. I love that we’re both en route to becoming doctors. Wishing you all the best my friend!

        1. Thank you for the laudation. I couldn’t agree more. Best of luck to you on your journey through med school as well. It’s supremely difficult at times, but definitely rewarding!

      3. “I could go on and on with hundreds of examples of women challenging men in science as well as all other professions”
        and there would be 1000 times more examples of men outnumbering them.
        Seriously if you find women boring there is something wrong with you.I could think of most fulfilling relationships and conversations and they would include little to none debates on difficult super intelligent school subjects, how the fuck did you get this idea in your head that relationships satisfaction comes from this, single mommy upbringing? grasping at straws and wishful thinking due to unfulfilling relationships? this is so dumb I can even find words. This is litterally setting oneself to failure
        With attitude like that how you are going to be a good parent to your children who are not only have zero education but are intellectualy inferior to you? What you are goin to say? they are boring imbeciles too? holy shit you are retarded and dont have a slightest clue on how relationships work.
        “You turn down women of value based on your distorted beliefs about gender roles, leaving you with the “bottom of the barrel”…only the most shallow of women”
        are you completely fucking retarded??? no one here says women value are less of men but they have different function then men which in turn makes them valuable. This is personal experience of men that shows real bottom of the barrel. Btw educated women automatically means she is not shallow?
        fuck you are dumb

  63. I’ve often heard women complain about nice guys, “just because a guy is nice to us doesn’t mean we have to date or have sex with him.” Similarly, ladies, just because you have a degree in Women’s Studies, English Lit, or Psychology doesn’t mean we’re required to be attracted to you. In fact, men don’t prioritize a woman’s education at all. Study after study shows that men prioritize a woman’s youth and looks. If she’s intelligent that’s a bonus, but an attractive woman will be chosen virtually 100% of the time over a girl who’s ugly and book smart.
    Are you “highly educated?” Good for you, pat yourself on the back, but is that supposed to make my cock hard? The real issue is that because women are highly educated, they believe that gives them higher status, when it does not. Because they believe they are higher status, they think they deserve a high status man. Wrong. A woman’s status is based on her beauty and fertility. All the time she spend in the library was a waste of time, as far as attracting men goes. If she wants to attract men she better 1) get in the gym, 2) learn how to dress yourself, 3) learn how to act like a fucking lady, 4) actually put some effort into being prettier than her competitors. Her liberal indoctrination at university does nothing to help her fat ass, unkept hair, flip flops, and sweat pants.

    1. Try turning it around– wouldn’t you want a woman you date to be interested in you as a person and not just interested in being attractive to you? Are you just looking for a mirror to date, someone that can just reflect back to you everything you want to feel and see yourself as? Don’t sell yourself short! There are wonderful relationships out there to be had if you respect your partner enough to have them.

      1. I don’t agree with these points at all. This has been the narrative that the media has been feeding men (and women) for years. We are not equal…it’s a fact of nature (or science)…pick one.
        People can compliment each other. But what we have going on, today, is women in greater positions in greater numbers (versus any time in history) and they still bitch about ‘what they don’t have’ and they are unhappier versus women in the past. It’s more nonsense as usual.
        Women are unhappy and they’ve created the environment. Men are simply adjusting to it, telling some women to fuck off..and moving on to other types of women (the women who are ok with being the woman in a relationship).
        It has nothing to do with ‘reflection’ or other nonsense that has been fed through feminism. Feminists have made a choice; now live with it.

    2. And very true– just because a woman has a degree doesn’t mean you’re required to be attracted to them. I don’t think anyone would argue you on that.

  64. It feeds their hypergamy, which is a deadly combination given their inability to empathize with male desires for women. They feel their status has been increased, which to them means their sexual status has increased since that an increase in status makes men more attractive to them. Unfortunately, it has at best not moved at all and most likely fallen due to having a bigger attitude and having aged out of the 18 to 24 golden zone.

    1. If you’re a man, why do you stoop to such a superficial view of your own gender? And if you’re a woman, why do you promote such a cartoon vision of men? Most men I know value a lot more than that and have satisfying relationships and friendships with women because they seek out more in them, in people in general.

  65. Men don’t want their women to challenge them
    Suck my Dick, make me feel like a king, don’t talk too much, and give me some space.
    Your submission as a woman brings out my dominance. I don’t give a damn about being challenged by you. I give a a damn about being happy by you. The men I talk with challenge me because that is what MEN DO. Its how we talk with each other because we know when its over we can laugh it off and keep it moving.
    When YOU do it there is a agenda behind it. And f I fail, you start to lose interest and move on to another dude that will play your “Saw” like games of mental fuckery.
    Fuck that.
    “Oh you are just a scared boy huh? Afraid of a REAL WOMAN huh? You need those little girls to feed your LITTLE ego huh?”
    You damn right. Whatever. I cab argue logic with you until the crows come home. Its not about seeking a answer with you. Its about the “is” of the conversation. You are not looking for a answer. You are in it for the sport like men do with getting new chicks. Now tell your younger sister I said hi and that I have a Playstation 3 and Netflix at my house.
    Fuck off.

    1. In case you don’t see my comment above, I wanted to reply directly to you. Your statements are mysogynistic and horribly disrespectful to women, your fellow humans. I would be outraged if a woman said to you that she just wanted you to pleasure her, make her feel happy, shut up, and give her space. If a woman has said that, I am so sorry. But it also does not give you a right somehow to say such hurtful things about other human beings. And are you saying that you can’t/don’t talk to women for enjoyment? Then you should broaden your idea of what women have to offer!

      1. “I would be outraged if a woman said to you that she just wanted you to pleasure her, make her feel happy, shut up, and give her space.”
        That’s the modern day woman. Wake the fuck up
        “But it also does not give you a right somehow to say such hurtful things about other human beings.”
        Freedom of speech. Next
        “Then you should broaden your idea of what women have to offer!”
        That’s why Porn has many categories for us.

        1. I am a modern-day woman, so I’m here to tell you that not all modern-day women are like that. Freedom of speech doesn’t censor you, no, but what do you gain by being so hateful and bitter? You’re just limiting the number of people out there that you can connect with in a real way. Not to mention that just because it’s not banned, it’s unjust.

        2. So just so you realize, then, we’re not able to talk just because you refuse to talk to me. Why is it that having a vagina makes me someone you can’t talk to when I’m here listening, trying to reach out?

        3. I don’t want to encroach on your safe space. I had just wanted to reach out and talk with you, to see if we could understand each other better. But it seems like this website is a safe space for you to discuss your views, and I don’t want you to feel attacked. All my love and best wishes to you.

      2. Nice comment, it’s good to read! But I don’t think he cares about being disrespectful to women… Whatever you’re gonna say, even if it’s respectful and does make a lot of sense, not much people in this site will agree if it implies that women have a bit more value than shit…

    2. I, for one, want a woman that challenges me. An intelligent woman that I can actually carry on conversations of substance with…debate topics of interest with…discuss my (rather difficult) school subjects and career with. A relationship would be pretty boring if the woman you’re with is an imbecile or too afraid to speak her mind. And I’m not so much into meaningless sex, thus if the woman isn’t intellectually equal (or smarter than I), it’s hard to form much of a connection.

      1. You’re using the same tactic that women use when a man voices his natural, non damaging desire for a woman to have a nice body, and to keep a nice body. This is often met with the response of he must want an anorexic woman.

        1. Not with women I’ve dated. On most first dates the subject comes up and I always state that while I’m not shallow, I think sexual attraction is a huge part of any relationship. I’m in the gym 5 days/week, in large part to continue looking as good as I can for my partner (among other obvious reasons – because I enjoy it/health benefits/etc…which all improve a relationship in other ways, as well). I’ll continue doing it until I’m dead. While I don’t expect my partner to look like a supermodel, I do expect them to put reasonable effort into remaining attractive for me. I think any less is selfish on either side and will lead to a boring relationship. It may help that I obviously practice what I expect of them and that I’m not a pot bellied, beer-swilling slug expecting them to put in work I’m unwilling to.
          VERY rarely have I had a negative response to this opinion/expectation. I can count on one hand the number of times my date has failed to agree with me. And that was fine, we moved on to other conversation, had a nice evening, but didn’t continue with a second date.
          I’m not exactly certain what “tactic” I was using that you were referring to, but think perhaps your experience with negative reactions to your preference for fit girls lies in your choice of dates, how you express your preference, or perhaps that you don’t practice what you expect of them. I have no idea what you look like and you very well may be wonderfully fit, but fairly often the men that expect women to look great for them don’t bother to do the same, which naturally leads to a poor reaction.
          If I were confronted with the “anorexic” statement (which I NEVER have been, mind you), I would state that obviously there’s a HUGE difference between being fit/healthy and anorexic. I think everyone should make a legitimate effort to be fit and healthy, not only for their own sake, but for their partner as well. In addition to the sexual attraction aspect, I want a partner who will be around for awhile…not leave me to live my later years alone due to their poor health habits catching up with them. Any less is selfish, in my opinion, and potentially hurts both their partner and any children they may have together.

        2. Yes, the “but I’m not like that” coupled with “it’s probably something you’re doing wrong” when talking about the general. Two other tactics often used by women.
          It’s also funny that you make this statement “…I would state that obviously there’s a HUGE difference between being fit/healthy and anorexic.”
          yet you don’t see what you said before “… A relationship would be pretty boring if the woman you’re with is an imbecile…”

        3. Apparently anything said that doesn’t agree with you is a “tactic”. All I can tell you is from my experience women don’t react poorly to my stating I expect my partner to remain fit. In fact, most wholeheartedly agree. If you’ve had a different response, I can only guess that it is one of several factors causing it, since that has not been my experience. Those you listed are just a couple of possibilities. It could very well also be the type of women you’re dating/speaking with. Not all women are alike as some here would have you believe.
          And yes, I did say I would clarify that “anorexic” and “fit” are two very different things. If my date didn’t agree with this clarification, I also stated we would have a pleasant rest of the evening but would not be seeing each other again romantically. I don’t see where I’ve contradicted myself in any way. And while I wouldn’t categorize a woman who equated anorexic and fit as one to be an imbecile just due to that one disagreement, I also wouldn’t see her as having similar values and ideas, thus I wouldn’t be interested in
          dating her. No harm done.

      2. I for one would want a woman who isn’t a pain in the ass!
        “And I’m not so much into meaningless sex, thus if the woman isn’t intellectually equal (or smarter than I), it’s hard to form much of a connection.”
        I guess you are one of those intellectuals (and I have nothing at all against intellectualism, I practice it myself) who are just too intellectual for their own good. An orgasm is an orgasm period. The only distinction there is is whether its unsatisfying or awesome.
        When you are ramming your cock frantically up a vagina, you aren’t simultaneously administering an IQ test on your partner which then determines whether you have an orgasm or not. Unless a woman is perceptibly too stupid and combines it with a bitchiness that simply turns you off, a chick with a hot (read : mating)body is going to give an arousal. Your body doesn’t give two fucks about her degree or IQ.
        All this nonsense about its about “whats inside, not how she looks” is nothing but widely preached misconception, its propagation being aided by feminism, to persuade men (exposed to such messages right from childhood) to date with women to whom they wouldn’t have looked twice at otherwise. Tell me, just how often would a woman tolerate a man as a dating prospect who she genuinely perceived as less smart that her actually. On top of that, just how many times have we seen women, feminist or not, play out the trope of the dull husband, pug brother etc… in real life or pop culture. Does it look like women appreciate YOU being equally or more smart than THEM? Wake the fuck up.

        1. I don’t relish the idea of dating a woman who is a “pain in the ass” either. Intelligence and being a “pain in the ass” aren’t synonymous.
          Perhaps your problem is that you’re FRANTICALLY having meaningless sex instead of taking time to enjoy the more subtle and sensual aspects of the act, many of which are mental. Of course you’ll have an orgasm either way (although whether she will or not is another question), but the act itself, the climax, and what comes after is infinitely more enjoyable if you have a deeper connection. You’ve never truly experienced sex until you’ve looked into each other’s eyes (and soul) as you both climax at the same time during sex with someone you truly care about. If all orgasms were the same and there was no deeper mental aspect to them, then you might as well just masturbate while watching porn.
          If you read my other posts, you’ll see I care about looks as well. I’m not shallow, but sexual attraction is important in a relationship and a huge part of that is looks. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that looks don’t matter. So yes, looks AND fitness definitely matter to me. But intelligence, sense of humor, etc are just as important. Just like if I found a girl absolutely hideous in the looks department I wouldn’t date nor sleep with her, the same is true of the attractiveness of her mind.
          And yes, the women I’ve dated appreciated my intelligence greatly. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t date them. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but I truly hope YOU will wake up some day.

      3. and that’s your choice.
        The problem, today, is that we’re all supposed to sing from the same sheet of music (which is bullshit). I don’t want that in a woman and I shouldn’t get “shamed” into it by women, society, or other men for not wanting that in a woman.
        It’s my choice.

    3. I’m sure the line forms to the left.
      “I cab [SIC] argue logic until the crows come home. Its [SIC] not about seeking a [SIC] answer with you…”
      Keep knockin’ ’em out of the park captain troglodyte.

  66. It’s not that women who like to display their body or want to stay at home are not able to challenge their partners. Feminism was never actually about making sure women don’t want to have good relationships or stay at home with husband and kids. It was about making it so that women who choose not to are not somehow seen as less than a proper woman. The concern about professional and academic women being more single than other women is because people wonder whether this is because people find a woman having her own interests and ambitions unattractive.
    And to the Association of Chronos below: your statements are mysogynistic and horribly disrespectful to women. I would be outraged if a woman said to you that she just wanted you to pleasure her, make her feel happy, shut up, and give her space. If a woman has said that, I am so sorry. But it also does not give you a right somehow to say such hurtful things about other human beings. And are you saying that you can’t/don’t talk to women for enjoyment? Then you should broaden your idea of what women have to offer!

    1. “Feminism was never actually about making sure women don’t want to have good relationships or stay at home with husband and kids. ”
      Sorry but you’re full of shit, and probably dumb, and displays a lack of historical culture associated with a tendancy to speak like an expert about subjects you don’t know very well, which is a feminine trait.
      Simone de Beauvoir to Betty Friedan :
      “No, we don’t believe that any woman should have this choice. No woman
      should be authorised to stay at home to bring up her children. Society
      should be totally different. Women should not have that choice,
      precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make
      that one. It is a way of forcing women in a certain direction.”

    2. “It was about making it so that women who choose not to are not somehow seen as less than a proper woman.”
      Oh yeah. So what would you describe as the shaming feminists inflict on women who chose not to have careers ? After all such women too are exercising their choice.
      Go on then, bring out the hamster.

  67. “Those women who teach you, show you and help you grow”
    We don’t need a woman to “teach” us or “help us grow”. Who the fuck does she think she is?

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