Thanks To Progressivism, America Is No Country For Men

America certainly has come a long way in the past fifty or sixty years.

Entitlement programs now soak up three quarters of the federal budget. Immigration policies have gone from restrictive to permissive—and even illegals now are so numerous that they could populate a medium-sized city in each of the 50 states. Civil rights expansions have allowed, among other things, women in combat units and same-sex marriage—developments that would have been scarcely imaginable a half-century ago.

How did all this happen?

“It was inevitable—it was progress,” is one possible answer. And in a narrow sense it’s true: The policy shifts listed above are typically called “progressive.”

But broadly speaking, progressive policies are just those that put compassion before cold logic. Logic tells you, for example, that over-generous welfare will, in the long run, discourage work and self-reliance, harm families, and ultimately hollow out society. Compassion tells you to focus on the short term and fill every begging hand that presents itself.

So why did America make such a decisive shift towards compassion over cold logic?

And why does this question never get asked by our mainstream media, let alone answered?

The ascendancy of women

Here’s one big hint at a cause for this cultural shift: A greater preference for compassion over cold logic—sometimes described as empathetic vs. rule-based thinking—is one of the most prominent features of female psychology.

That’s according to the age-old pop-psych view. But the scientific literature doesn’t really contradict that view. Females seem to score higher than males on empathy tests, on average, and at the low end of the empathy spectrum, among the sociopaths and autistics, one finds hardly any females. The widespread, plausible assumption has been that women (on average compared to men) evolved a greater capacity for empathy and compassion because that is an adaptive trait for raising children. Probably most of us who have wives and kids are aware of that tension between what we want as fathers (toughen the kids up a little, prepare them for the real world) and what mothers want (protect, protect, protect).

Women aren’t just more compassionate in a general sense. Studies over the past few decades have shown that they are more likely than men to favor specific, usually compassion-related progressive policies: looser immigration, tighter gun laws, more generous welfare programs, expanded civil rights, more lenient law enforcement, and less military intervention.

So why have these policy and cultural shifts, which seem so strikingly aligned with female thinking, occurred in just the past several decades?

Check out these charts. They show the female (pink) and male (blue) labor participation rates for the past sixty odd years.

In case it’s not obvious from the charts, women, who had been trickling into the peacetime workforce since the early 1900s, suddenly moved there in a flood starting in the 1960s. By the year 2000 they had nearly doubled their 1950 participation rate.

Over that same period, men started leaving the workforce in large numbers, partly due to earlier retirement but also because welfare policies—including programs like Social Security disability compensation, which became a lot more generous—made it easier to live off the government.

But the more important trend here has to do with women. And they didn’t just reach workforce participation levels close to men’s. They also began to achieve parity or near-parity in professions of strong cultural influence that had been traditionally dominated by men—including journalism, law, academic research, publishing and politics.

In other words, they obtained the power to affect how all Americans tend to think and act—to a degree that has probably never been seen before in any large civilization on this planet.

At the same time, and also to an unprecedented extent, women loosened their ties to men. Sociologists have found evidence that the average woman is more likely to vote the way her man votes, the more she depends on him financially. Women as they moved into the workforce certainly lost much of their traditional financial dependency, and moreover started marrying later, or not at all. When they did marry they had a high—and again, I think unprecedented—chance of divorce.

Being less influenced by men, women thus may have felt more free to follow their own (progressive) policy preferences. A curious fact that is sometimes noted in the media these days—but of course never in a context like this one—is that single women, of all races, are overwhelmingly likely to identify themselves as politically liberal and to vote Democratic.

The social impact of women’s new influence would have been huge anyway. But it presumably has been intensified by the Democratic party’s deliberate alignment, since the 1960s, with women and their policy preferences. In recent years, the partisan “gender gap” has become so large that, if one excluded women’s votes, Mitt Romney would have easily won the 2012 presidential election—and Hillary Clinton would not stand a chance in 2016. Frankly, were it not for women voters, the country probably would never have heard of Hillary Clinton, or Bill (“I feel your pain”) Clinton, or anyone as liberal as Barack Obama.

Environmentalism and illiberalism

There are other traits besides empathy that women and men appear to have in different measures. Women seem to have a greater affinity for environmentalism, for example, and also for ”natural” or “organic” foods and medicines. That “green” mindset became mainstream over just the past several decades, and is now often considered part of progressivism.

Could that green mindset also owe something to women’s traditional roles as child-bearers and child-raisers? It may seem un-PC to suggest that, but in fact women often refer to their children’s present and future health when they talk about green issues. Women during pregnancy also exhibit food aversion and nesting instincts—instincts apparently meant to minimize the risk of toxins and germs—and conceivably that innate sensitivity to the possibility of environmental harm persists to some extent outside pregnancy.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting a clean environment, and foods and medicines that are “natural.” Who likes toxins? But if that preference springs from somewhere deep and irrational in the mind, it might often manifest in unscientific nonsense—such as Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine rants, Gwyneth Paltrow’s “detox cleanse” regimens, or the histrionics of the anti-GMO movement. Not to mention the vast majority of the claims made by the alternative medicine industry—claims that their customers, most of them women, tend to swallow whole.

The spread of the political correctness mindset is another striking cultural trend of the past few decades. “PC” emerged in large part from campus feminism of the 1970s and early 80s, and this link to feminism, which certainly persists, begs the question: Does the PC impulse to silence speech and speakers that it doesn’t like—even to suppress certain scientific research—also spring from some female psychological trait?

I don’t know, and I doubt that any academic psychologist these days has the balls to address the question experimentally. But plainly there is something motherly and hyper-empathetic about the protectiveness of the PC mindset towards certain favored groups. And perhaps a natural motherly protectiveness is also one that brooks no debate.

More generally—just as a matter of naked reasoning here—if women tend to rely more on empathy and other emotions vs. cold logic, then one would expect them (on average compared to men) to tend to avoid situations of free and open debate, where their lesser reliance on logic might leave them at a disadvantage. After all, reason is just one way to win a point. Shouting down your opponent, or employing drama and spectacle, can work too.

Hush, children

This is meant to be just a quick sketch—a little “red pill” to help raise awareness of some things that seem largely overlooked. I think that, once prompted to look, we all can see how life in America, and indeed throughout Western societies, has become dominated particularly by themes of compassion, and related protectiveness towards special groups, and how cold logic has been devalued.

Indeed, cold logic now seems effectively forbidden in some cases. All that has to happen is for the new guardians of the culture to find it “offensive.” A male New York Times reporter recently provoked those furies, drawing criticism even from his paper’s own (female) Public Editor, for drawing the simple, emperor-has-no-clothes conclusion that Michael Brown, the late convenience store robber and arrest-resister from Ferguson, Mo., was “no angel.” That male Times reporter might have been fired, except that, luckily for him, he is black.

But back to that other question I posed at the outset: Why do we hear nothing about women’s influence—probably a decisive influence—in shaping the progressive culture that one finds in early 21st century America? The answer, I think, is that hardly anyone has an incentive to say anything about it.

Feminists hate almost any argument that has to do with innate sex-based psychological differences, especially if it sounds like “women are more emotional and less rational than men.” Feminists also don’t want to admit to their enormous cultural sway, having complained for decades that they don’t have enough.

The MSM won’t let on either: newsrooms now are full of, and often headed by, women—and men are swiftly punished when they fail to toe the PC line.

The Democratic party won’t tell you. They wouldn’t want you to think that their sacred “progress” might be attributable, in large part, to a mere demographic shift, let alone to a mindset that evolved for the raising of children. They also don’t want men to know that the Democratic Party now is essentially the party of women.

Won’t the Republican establishment speak up about this? Dream on. Tarred with the “war on women” brush, and facing a demographic calamity (from non-whites and single women expanding their electoral share), they are desperate to retain some women’s votes. They are now far more likely to pander to women—as the Tory government does in the UK—than they are to say something (on purpose) that might “offend.”

So how does all this end?

I don’t see how it would on its own. The women-and-minorities electoral bloc seems on its way to supremacy not just in the US but throughout Western societies.

Interestingly, though, the progressive, feminine mindset I’ve touched on here hasn’t stopped “at the water’s edge.” US foreign policy now includes the promotion of progressive themes such as women’s rights and LGBT rights in traditional, conservative societies. America’s military operations also seem increasingly consistent with what women want—i.e., they seem more about helping whomever is suffering during a given news cycle, and less about long-range calculations of the national interest.

Perhaps none of that will come back to haunt America. After all, many of the world’s strongest and most prosperous countries, including America’s closest allies and trading partners, have political cultures that are just as feminized and progressive.

But America does have a fairly long list of adversaries, from Al Qaeda and ISIL to Russia and China. All have a deep loathing of progressivism, and a corresponding lack of—even rejection of—female influence at the higher levels of culture and politics.

What wouldn’t they do, as America weakens, to keep its infection from spreading to them?

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254 thoughts on “Thanks To Progressivism, America Is No Country For Men”

  1. Frankly, were it not for women voters, the country probably would never have heard of Hillary Clinton, or Bill (“I feel your pain”) Clinton, or anyone as liberal as Barack Obama.

    I remember hearing all of the bullshit about how people were so “moved” by Obeezy’s speeches during the elections. He and Clinton are pretty damn good speakers, which is really all you need to tug at these women’s emotional heartstrings all the way to the ballot box.
    Hillary 2016….SMH

      1. Yeah I don’t get the video… why were those guys standing around willingly being treated like garbage?

        1. Because the police will always take the woman’s side, regardless if it was self defense or not.

        2. they where catholics forming a line to protect their church and demonstrating non violence. if they retorted then the sjws would have used that as proof that the religious are violent, never mind that the sjws started

        3. This is appalling considering that Argentina is or was a traditional country. Indeed the church takes second place to soccer, but recently argentina has passed same sex marriage and has allowed anyone to legally declare their gender, so if you were born with a cock you can still legal declare yourself to be a woman and vice versa. The progressive disease is seeping to south america.

    1. Part of my bucket list is to ward off an angry mob armed with a flamethrower. Watch them all scatter like flies.

    2. AT that point the appropriate response would have been:

  2. I get the electorate, but what I truly don’t understand is the number of men in traditional male strongholds like pro sports, the military etc. that “sell out” to the ideology of feminism. All the athletes that condemned ray rice publicly rather than either saying nothing or supporting him has me befuddled. These are independently wealthy men who have no excuse.
    The NFL is now the National Feminism League. WTF?

    1. To be successful in life you have to know how to play ball, so to speak.
      If you were making millions of dollars a year and fucking whores in your mansion just because you play football, would you rock the boat?
      Are you gonna throw that all away just to make a point that nobody is listening to or will remember two days from now?

      1. personal peace and affluence.
        Those are our values. Old Francis Schaeffer was right about that much. So long as those hold……the beat goes on.

        1. Very true. Why would anyone revolt when everyone is relatively comfortable? Ease and comfort are the true pillars of stability in the US. Now when that evaporates….all bets are off.

    2. It is sad but those athletes have it good and they are not going to go against the NFL (and lose their gravy train too).
      Yes, even these wealthy “independent” men still have to answer to someone…so they’ll go along with it until their retired (and then you may hear some of the truth).
      It’s the same with politicians. You’ll never hear anything close to what they really think until the end of their career (then, who cares…damage done). They’re not going to rock their gravy boat to say the right thing and hold women accountable.

  3. Some level of progression is needed to prevent society from stagnating. But the damn problem is that it’s simple going out of hand now in western societies. As the article says, there’s too much emotion and short term thinking instead of logic and long term planning in place. As a result, we actually become more vulnerable to real and hostile forces that threaten our liberties and way of life.

      1. It’s all by design. There is more money to made in the short-long run by exploiting sick, weak, depressed people who lack impulse control. That’s why there has been a deliberate “dumbing down” of America for the past 50 years. It’s much harder to make money off of people who are healthy, strong, smart, and aware of their situation, and those who are inclined to save their money rather than spend it.
        Short term gains and long term dysfunction are the hallmark of corporate America, the entity that truly runs this country. This ideology has manifested itself on a grand societal scale. In the long-long run this ideology is disastrous for a society. The wheels are beginning to fall off of the American money machine. The wreck will be devastating to even the super rich.

        1. “It’s much harder to make money off of people who are healthy, strong, smart, and aware of their situation, and those who are inclined to save their money rather than spend it.”
          White men, this is why you’re a prime target.

  4. Environmentalism is a conservative value that has been somehow hijacked by the progressive movement. The sustainable use of limited resources and reducing waste/increasing efficiency is by its very definition conservative. We have such a wealth of resources in the United States that we should be coasting along at this point. Instead we have one side of manboobs screeching leftists declaring the sky is falling and industry is the devil incarnate against grudgingly stubborn industrialists with their heads planted firmly in the sand/up their asses. Not surprisingly, we have what we have today.

    1. True. The first modern environmentalists were the nazis. Marxists adopted environmentalism after the fall of Berlin Wall. They did not give a damn about it before.

    2. If you ever wondered what happened to all the big Marxist parties following the end of the Cold War when their patrons in the Soviet Union stopped sending checks, they merged with the Green movement. It was another way to continue with their lust for power under the “we will take care of you ” banner.

    3. Great point. Environmentalism isn’t about hugging trees or protecting animal species simply b/c one thinks they’re cute, but it’s having the humility and mental aptitude to understand and accept that we’re dependent on the physical world around us. No matter how smart people are, and how inventive, all human progress first and foremost depends on resources.

    4. One of my political heroes is the late, great Joe Vogler, who created the Alaskan Independence Party to sucede from the American government, which he (rightly) believed was raping Alaska for her natural resources. He called modern-day Leftist Environmentalists “posey sniffers” for their near-religious obsession with preserving nature at any cost.
      Regarding what the article said about no one having an “incentive” to question the diseases that the Feminism virus brought about, untrue. It’s just that those with the insides to do it are chastised and have their livelihoods threatened as a result. Ask Stephen Smith.
      And did someone mention Hannity? Yeah, Neoconservatism is another political termite mound. Our abandoning true Conservatism in favor of its counterfeit was the beginning of the end for America, IMO.

  5. Progressists’ notion of equality actually means “everybody equally mediocre like us”. Cultural marxism has replaced the search for excellence that made the West the greatest civilization ever (manhood) by this amount of spoiled and decadent trash we are now (women).

    1. An important thing to point out. Indeed, we can bemoan many disappointing stats, but, its critical to keep perspective. You see, women might be a larger portion of the work force etc, but it was done by force and on top of it, as you pointed out, we’re an anti-merit anti-exceptionalism culture and society. Which is to say we had to become anti-merit and anti-exceptional to see these social experiments through. After all, people are hired or achieve station in life, today, because of the aggrieved group they’re associated with. Look at the recent nfl draft…some player being a homosexual means more to the sports community than his ability, which isn’t even that impressive.

      1. We are becoming an idiocracy. It will not end well for the majority of people, men or women. I give it less than 30 years before we are in the midst of serious trouble. The time between now and then will be confusing and scary.
        The logical conclusion is that after all of this falls apart, we will witness the rise of brutal totalitarianism, which of course is nothing new to Western Civilization. The manner and scope of this totalitarianism is yet to be seen. I suspect that the combination of technology and female ’empowerment’ will produce a new type of stifling, oppressive, boot-on-the-throat of humanity totalitarianism that the Western World has not yet seen, and the kind which would make even a tyrant as ruthless as Hitler blush. The Dark Ages will return, but they will be much different than before.
        I must say it is a little redundant though, considering that humanity just went through this kind of thing 70 years ago. It’s not as if the historical perspective is not there to learn from. Humanity will simply never learn it’s lesson.

        1. 30 years damn you are optimistic…I was putting a market crash in under 5 years and problems spiraling out of control after that. It won’t take 30 years for the Russia/China regime to make a move on the petrodollar and greatly diminish our economy.

        2. As indebted as our country is individually and collectively, we can still produce and innovate under the protection of property rights….for now.
          Russia, despite its more feminine women (a product more of its poverty outside of Moscow/SP, than a genuinely conservative culture) produces nothing outside of its petro-resources. Otherwise most its population is drunk, poor and hopeless. Orthodoxy never quite recovered from 1917 in the hearts of the people, and now more than ever, adherents attend church as a cultural custom, like Roman Catholics in America and in Western Europe used to and as Evangelicals in the South still do. It’s a nationalist cultural habit & social group, not a genuine expression of faith. The government is corrupt, the population is dying, promiscuity and abortion are rampant, and Western decadence (a product in large part of Cultural Marxist infiltration, an irony that seems lost on Russians complaining about Western decadence) looks to be making headway. The only reason the women are more feminine, like I mentioned above, is because of the poverty. The women haven’t the money is act otherwise.
          China still must reckon with the consequences of it’s one child policy. It will grow old before it grows rich. It has no innovation; it just copies foreign R&D. It produces cheap crap nobody but fat stupid Americans would want. That won’t last forever. It must keep its currency low to support exports, but that means that the average working man sees his wages’ purchasing power stagnate. It must keep expanding economically, to quell the restlessness of the vast peasant populations of the hinterlands, but it won’t be able to. Once all of that comes to a head, China will have another bloody revolution on its hands.
          Meanwhile, we here in the States have no one to challenge the dollar, or our innovation, or our natural resources. No, we ourselves will be our own conquering horde.

        3. I was being very conservative with my 30 year estimate. I also believe there will be a worldwide market crash in the near term; less than 5 years, however this is just speculation on my behalf. The fallout from that will be varied though. In a stable nation like the US, I can see the installation of totalitarianism first thing shortly after the crash (for our own protection, of course). Who knows how it will all unravel from there.
          You gotta remember, the US is a huge empire with many competing factions. It may take a very long time for it to unravel fully. I don’t think it’s just going to turn into Thunderdome overnight.

        4. Excellent analysis.
          Here in America, we are our own worst enemy. Who needs international enemies when you have American citizens living all around you.

        5. Broseph, Idiocracy’s already here.
          Sadly, Mike Judge was right about where this country was heading, as was the late George Carlin.

        6. Couldn’t agree more; the west is its own worst enemy.
          In Russia, a husband is traditionally expected to hand over his pay to his wife who then hoards it and decides what to spend it on. (I actually had a Russian girl try to get me to do that lol) The men secretly keep some of their wage to have fun with…
          Russian scientists and engineers do innovate but mostly as part of huge state organizations. They don’t start up their own companies American style.
          China’s one child policy is an incredibly dumb not to mention inhumane atrocity. Japan has shown us what happens to a burgeoning economy when all you have is old people. Culturally, China has two sides: the shortage of women due to selective abortion of female fetuses and the destruction of traditional culture has produced a generation of greedy entitled women who expect men to have a huge salary, a car and a house before even considering mariage. The other side is that a large portion of the upper middle class was either practicing Falun Gong or influenced by it prior to 1999. The women growing up in those families would keep their virginity for their husbands (seriously, I met girls like this studying overseas). Millions of Chinese were returning to Confucian type ethics and behavior which would have benefited the country immensely. With the banning of Falun Gong, one of the most productive segments of society was impoverished and persecuted. The current Chinese middle class that replaced it is corrupt and hedonistic. Whether the communist party will loose power in a bloody revolution or a peaceful transition like in eastern Europe I really couldn’t say.

        7. I’d give you ten reps if I could. Incisive analysis done with brevity. Only the radical Muslims are crazy enough to throw a monkey wrench in all of this.

    2. Cultural marxism seeks to make as all equal, ….equal to the lowest common denominator, i.e the proletarian. But remember, some are more equal than others.

      1. I would say that the lowest common denominator is the laziest individual. And yes, some are more equal than others.

      2. 1: Idiot racists, Race is nothing but a social construct to separate people.
        2: The White Race is the greatest evil the World have ever known! We must destroy it!

        1. “The White Race is the greatest evil the World have ever known! We must destroy it!”
          Is this sarcasm, or are you the exact idiot racist you just described?

        2. Ok. It’s funny, because I get the joke. And I was leaning toward interpreting the comment as being a joke, because a leftist hypocrite would not have broken down its comment into two separate thoughts, and then used correct spelling and punctuation. Essentially, it did not have the tell-tale written word ignorance that “liberals” tend to embrace and celebrate.
          But I had to be sure because it is not a stretch at all that someone would post a comment like that in a serious fashion.

  6. The new feminism is about creating a nanny state. Divorce laws have created a wealth transfer from man to woman, which then results in single moms who are then to be further supplemented by society with welfare programs. In order to help offset the cost of these social programs, a further wealth transfer occurs via cuts to the defense budget, which results in a less robust foreign policy that relies on soft diplomacy and alliance building. This might be feasible for a small european country that only has a military like a police force, which feminists always point to as examples of enlightenment.

  7. GMOs have not proven to be safe, no sane person would eat them if given the chance or believe corporate scientists that use outlandish excuses to avoid long term studies, for that reason . Ditto for most vaccines that have been slowly poisoning the population. Some adherents to the alternative medicine are downright crazy or are conmen but the truth is: Modern Medicine is a racket and has cured no disease since the release of the great vaccines decades ago, who by themselves were minor game changers (hygienic conditions are the most important reason we don’t die like flies anymore…).

    1. The drug companies find a disease that is on the decline such as measles (because of improved sanitation and recognition of vitamin A deficiencies).
      Then, they create a “vaccine” for it.
      Next, they claim that since the vaccine was introduced….Measles have dropped by almost 100%…wow what a coincidence!
      It seems like the author of this article has fallen for the false left-right paradigm. (I hate corporate feminists and social justice warriors but I loooove corporate drug and foodstuff cartels because they are scientific and rational).
      Got to go…time for Hannity!

      1. Drug companies really have no interest in finding a cure. They rather develop a treatment for a disease because that would have you coming back and spend $$$.
        Think of it this way. If a company finds a cure for cancer, sure it will make lots of money initially, but that income flow will die. If you’re cured, why would you need their products or services anymore?
        These drug companies need you to be sick and stay that way so they can continually sell you a temporary relief from what’s ailing you. There is no money to be made from you if you’re healthy.

        1. Agree. And I laughed when I saw the uptick in drug commercials on TV (started about 2000). They banned smoking commercials (way back when) but they’ll gladly push drugs on TV (that haven’t been out or tested that long).
          Here, take this pill and you’ll be ok….the new advanced drug dealer of today (brought to you by the TV).
          I stopped watching TV awhile back because of this nonsense and all of the other nonsense (feminist) being pushed on TV.

        2. Excellent point. I hadn’t thought about the cigarette comparison, it is very fucking ironic and funny.

        3. While visiting relatives, they leave that shit on.
          I simply cannot stand to be exposed to it. I comment on how dishonest it is and they get all offended.
          You know what? I simply don’t give a fuck
          The truth simply exists whether these brainwashed progressives like it or not.
          And I am quick to remind them that at least in America, they have no right to ‘feel safe’ nor do they have a right to ‘not be offended’.
          I on the other hand, do have inalienable rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms that defend my life and liberty (except from the blue heroes but I digress) etc.
          Upvoted your post. Nice work.

        4. Yep, same here. I always give my two cents (and it is just my two cents); people can agree or disagree (their right as well). It’s just a shame that this country has become very hypocritical and too (over the top) PC.
          You can’t seem to make one single comment without someone (some where) being offended. I say ‘fuck’em’ it’s my opinion. I don’t get rude and I am considerate (rights and consideration go hand in hand in my book) but I do give my opinion, often.

    2. Vaccination science is real and predates modern western medicine. The africans were already using vaccination in the medieval period, which is why they didn’t all drop dead like the native indians from european diseases. The real problem with vaccines is adjuvents and all the other chemicals and poisons modern western medicine is dumping into them to kill you off later. Isn’t it ironic that George Washington lived to 87 almost 300 years ago and took several vaccinations from his african doctor slave, but most of us will die before 87.

      1. George Washington Born: February 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, VA
        Died: December 14, 1799, Mount Vernon, VA

    3. So, you’re not happy with your polio and measles shots?
      For the most part, modern Western Medicine is a fraudulent racket at best, as you have stated. But it’s not all bad.
      Modern flu shots are fake. Nobody needs them.

  8. “the histrionics of the anti-GMO movement”
    …because it is so unscientific and irrational to NOT want to eat a plant that cannot be killed by Roundup

    1. Never trust anything that bleeds is sprayed with harsh toxic chemicals for 7 days and doesn’t die.

        1. So why have over 40 countries banned them entirely? Why do they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to stop the labeling of GMOs in stores? Why are they prohibiting any scientists from doing any assessment of their long term effects on our health?

        2. Because they are safe, there is no need to put money into their research. Better to put it into something useful like the military. About the 40 countries? They are some commie countries anyways.

        3. Spoken like a shill.
          Have you actually read their poorly performed studies? Did you know they appointed “former” employees of Monsanto to the FDA? If the shit is so safe why would they take such measures?
          You need to get in the habit of thinking critically.

  9. Yeah I hear women whine about where the good men went. I know where. You ladies took his job. He didn’t get that good job because you got hired by some hr cunt via affirmative action. Hope you are happy. . That breadwinner man you want doesn’t exist. He is in an apt playing Xbox now wondering what happened to his piece of the American dream. Don’t even get me started on the quality of women in America. They used to be thin, nice and not towing some thug spawn behind them. . Now they are gutter trash. . The hell feminism has unleashed on society is why women were controlled for thousands of years. When their hypergamy is allowed to run wild civilization collapses. Enjoy the decline.

    1. Men put those women in the HR jobs and allowed them to keep hiring women. Men passed affirmative action. Men allowed all of it to happen and now we must fix it. You can’t just drop out and accept the decline. That’s what a woman would do.

      1. So what do you suggest? The main thing we can do right now is to expose Israel for 9/11, to start the process of cleaning out our gov’t and awakening the masses to the fact that our society is completebullshit.

        1. HAHAHAHA! Give up the crusade to awaken the masses. it will not happen. History has clearly demonstrated that the masses are sheep who will be manipulated and led wherever the powers that be want them to be led.
          Live your life. Help those who you can, those who want to be helped. Forgot society as a whole. You cannot change the direction it is going in. Nobody in history has ever really been able to change the human condition that much.
          Humanity simply is what it is, and it will always be this way. You must accept that.

        2. Dude, if I knew the answers to save society, I would not be here posting on a message board. However, I’m pretty sure dropping out and/or actively helping the decline will not solve it. At the bare minimum, I would suggest staying positive and creative and as Broseph said below, help those you can and those who want help.

        3. Stop it man.It wasn’t nothing but incompetence that allowed 911 to happen.Enough of the anti jew BS for gods sake.I don’t care either way about any race but god damn it man enough.

        4. “Humanity simply is what it is, and it will always be this way. You must accept that.”
          So true. The only thing that will fix humanity is a doomsday meteor that falls out of the sky and puts us all back to that puddle of shit from which we arose.

        5. Don´t hunt to live, live for the hunt.
          Save the minority of intelligent humans against the masses of weak-minded retards.

      2. Let the women burn everything down. Let the fire consume everything. I’d rather a world of ash where a Man can be a Man than walk comfortably down paved streets as a eunuch.
        Tyler Durden told us.
        It’s only after we’ve lost everything that were free to do anything.

        1. Its a hard choice; totalitarianism or anarchy. Neither choice is very inviting.
          Personally I’ll take anarchy. I’d rather be slaughtered than ruled. Also, there may be some great opportunities that arise during anarchy, both economic and mating opportunities.

        2. Absolutely. Not giving a fuck what happens to this society and the women in it while they destroy this fucking place is the best thing I ever did. I actually enjoy watching them shit up their own sandbox, oblivious to what they’re doing. They’ve already burned their bridges with me and countless other men. I say when they finally get everything they want and turn this place into a post-apocalyotic thunderdome, don’t come whining to me or any other man to fix it. The bitches made their bed, one day they can lie in it.

        3. The problem is, you fail to realize that we are going to be caught in the fire too. You won’t walk in a world of ash, you will be part of the ashes.

        4. I get both arguments. I agree with you, the decline is most likely coming. I hope collapse is not imminent, but don’t like the outcome that seems likely!
          However you, like many here, are the same as those who love zombie movies: You think you will be one of the survivors!
          Yeah, sure you will fella. Most likely, if zombies could be real, you would be a frost bitten roaming flesh unnamed bagger hellspawn of a destroyed inner city. Oblivious to your demise.
          In real life, if the collapse happens, you are either dead, or a slave to another victorious man’s mine. Keep in mind, that victorious man will not be American. Nor will his slave master’s who will be whipping your back, and visiting your mom and sister at the local whore house. You will never be allowed to see each other. And probably think each other dead.
          Oooh, there is a wonderful thought!
          If you think, after they get our census records that the lovely little slutty watering holes of Europe, or anywhere for that matter, will still exist; you are kidding yourself.

        5. If it happens, be thankful you are not one of the elite. Only when a city is sacked do the elite get their comeuppance. At the hands of the elite who will replace them.

        6. Precisely the reason the elite are creating a militarized police state. They see what they have unleashed on the average man through feminism, and know a mob will someday soon be storming the gate.

        7. “Personally I’ll take anarchy. I’d rather be slaughtered than ruled.”
          Whats the New Hampshire State Motto: Live Free Or Die. Unfortunately their residents no longer believe this anymore.

        8. The more men are killed in anarchy and war the better women have to treat men. Thats why its all the western developed countries that have the ugliest worst behaved women.

        9. I agree completely. I enjoy watching them go into the tank. Spiraling further and further into hatred, bitterness, and despair. Unable to find another sucker to pay for her two failed marriages.

        10. I thihnk the appropriate analogy is not the tank but the toilet bowl; which they are circling in ever smaller radius circuits.

        11. My friend, don’t be concerned about them burning down the ship. Let them do so, since stopping them involves armed resistance which history will not support us on.
          Learn how to swim…and you will do just fine. Once we get to the new shore a cultural renaissance…no, the MENAISSANCE, will take place.

      3. Nice try. A real man doesn’t act like another person thinks they should. I don’t need anyone to tell me how to be a man. . I am not a janitor and am not cleaning up another man’s or single mom’s mess. Your shaming is like a trad con who thinks women have no agency and men are responsible for all the evil in the world. Shame on you. Telling a man to man up is what a woman does.

        1. a man is the only one that CAN tell a man to man up. Other men are the only ones that KNOW what it is to be a man, thus we are the only ones that CAN effectively dictate how other men behave. You don’t need someone to tell you how to be a man? How about your father? How about your superior? How about other men that have the experience you lack, the viewpoint you refuse to see, or the distance to percieve things more clearly?
          Men can say “Man up”. They are the only ones that can, and it is completely invalid if that man is following the dictates of a woman.
          Gundog is right. It was the failures of men that allowed women to become what they are. and while WE might not have been personally responsible for these failures, we ARE the only ones that can set things right… We might not have set the fire, but we sure as shit can fight it so we don’t burn with everyone else.
          Women can never fix problems. That is an exclusively Male ability. It’s stupid to assume that they can somehow work it out, or ‘get better’.

        2. You are confused. . I don’t care about things getting better. Let it burn. Women made their beds, let them lie. You and your buddy are mangina white Knights. So pathetic. Keep talking. Real men won’t man up just to make cash for loose whore women with thug spawn in tow. Let it all burn. Men have been saying for years how they won’t help if they don’t have a stake In society. I won’t and millions of others won’t either. If your well being depended so much on other men’s efforts then you and these loose hypergamous sluts should have had the foresight to treat men with respect. . So from all the men out there who have had their lives ruined. Go to hell. .

        3. “Gundog is right. It was the failures of men that allowed women to become what they are.”

        4. Again, the problem is that you are taking what I mean in the spirit in which it was not intended.
          MEN can tell men to ‘Man up’. Women cannot, men who take orders from women or are manginae are not men at all.
          ‘Man up’ from a man means, not caving to women. It means taking responsibility for your own actions and your own future. It means choosing to do those things which are the exclusive domain of men and abandoning those things which are the domain of children or women. It means not blaming others for your own failures, not placing your faith in ‘luck’ or randomness, and not refusing to take reasonable risks because the outcome may hurt.
          ‘Man up’ from a man means raising your children up. It does NOT mean caving to demands for money from a petulant, greedy mother. It does not mean that you must destroy yourself because a broken system demands more than you have to give. It does not mean caving, EVER. It means not putting the pussy on a pedestal. It means doing what you want, while willingly accepting obligations because you CHOOSE to accept them and know that they must be done.
          This is the sort of thing fathers used to tell their sons. And it is utterly shameful that men must tell it to other men, and are ignored because so many ‘men’ offering advice or suggesting you behave like a man are nothing like men… they are merely the lapdogs and hand puppets of women and children masquerading as men.

        5. There is nothing any woman can do that a man does not permit her to do.
          Any man (with a few exceptions) can easily overpower ANY woman (with a few exceptions) regardless of her training, physical fitness, or even armaments in many cases. We are generally faster, stronger, react more quickly, make decisions more quickly, better capable of handling violence, stress, privation, and fatigue. We can come to correct conclusions more often and more quickly, are more ruthless, more ambitious, and more aggressive. (Note ruthless, not cruel… women are for more capable of meditated cruelty than men)
          In essence, there is NOTHING a woman has that a man did not give her, create for her, or allow her to have.
          A long string of men both failing to restrain women, and caving to their ridiculous, emotion-fuelled demands is exactly what brought us to the straights we are in today.
          Again, I am not ‘blaming’ men. The worst excesses happened before most of us were even born, and today we are dealing with the aftermath of generations of women ’empowered’ by the failures and weakness of our forefathers. Like I said, we might not have started the fire, but we are the ONLY ones with the power to put it out or keep it contained.

        6. If you think that there is even the slightest possibility of men being allowed to correct any of this then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in purchasing.

        1. The creep that put the first nail in the coffin of this country (U.S.A)
          1. Federal Reserve (1913)
          2. Income Taxation (1913)
          3. World War I (which leads directly to WWII, the effects of which ended in the death of The West)
          A Globalist tool if there ever was one and a total sellout

      4. Companies have to hire an equal percentage of women. Most companies actually MAKE things and INNOVATE; Two things that women are incapable of. Therefore, the HR, PR and Corporate sensitivity departments have to hoard female employees to keep the numbers equal…..Company ruined. Add corporate America to the list of major societal pillars that feminism has demolished all for the cheap emotional buzz of progressive ideals.

      5. Well said. These guys bowing out are supporting the elite who unleashed this diseases called feminism.. Not fighting back/accepting the decline is exactly what they want.

      6. Men can’t fix anything anymore. The system has become so fucked that any attempt made by man, will be rejected by the fucking feminists.
        That is why most real men out there, are choosing to go their own way. We choose this path because it is the realsitic approach to follow and more importantly, better than fighting a losing battle. The damage has been done. Period.

    2. Whenever women say something like that, you need to interpretate it the following way:
      “I know there are good, husband-material in my inmediate social circle. But they’re actually invisible to me. They’re not attractive, they’re boring, they make good money, but I’m not as attracted to them as I was to my lovers during college.”

    3. I have read that because women are jumping the fence and statistically breeding with the violent men they crave…then coming back to tell beta / provider …its his kid……..society as a whole is becoming more violent!!!

  10. Got to disagree with the basic premises of this article, if anything it’s more left vs right standard talking points and itself rehashes standard feminist talking points.
    Women are not more compassionate/empathic more than men. They usually tend to be to their children and even that’s so so as of late. They however can be much much more vindictive and less empathic than your average male because they are driven by emotion. Sure it’s all good when that emotion is positive but watch out when it’s not.
    Also if anything we need less laws and more freedom, author seems to be calling for increased law enforcement which itself is hard to believe, given the sheer numbers of people imprisoned in this country.
    Gotta give this article a big thumbs down, it seems to be a call to continue the left vs. right argument which is has taken society nowhere. The patriarchy and manosphere should remain platform independent, I’ve seen plenty of GOP/Conservatives calling for a nanny/police state(same thing really) government controls you in the end. The current state of affairs is about the money and control, nothing less, nothing more. Keep tilting at windmills if you want but until you realize that, the truth will elude you.

    1. Women have a hivemind, and the status quo they collectively uphold always through magical thinking will represent so called “empathy”, and even how inverted it may be their moral relativism is backed by what… emotions ofcourse, and emotions are fucking important, but when its not grounded in reality and reason its psychotic, period.

    2. Women don’t operate well in a free environment. Have the past 40 years taught us nothing? Only men thrive in free environments. When women are given freedom, especially from consequences, they tend to run off the rails.
      Technology has emancipated women more than anything. Technology is a Frankenstein created by men. That cat is never going back into the bag.
      The future may or may not belong to women. I can guarantee it does not belong to men.

      1. Nature always has a way to make things right. There will be something that sets humanity back thousands of years, with no technology and very basic knowledge, that you can be sure of.

        1. Nature abhors a vacuum. Rome was pretty advanced by the standards of it’s time. The aftermath of the fall of Rome was unpleasant, to say the least. Unpleasant and VERY long.

        2. I tend to agree, but it may not even be nature that does the job. We have a very thin outstretched net, given so many depend on the government and can’t fend for themselves, any serious challenge to it would cause chaos.
          Just look at Ferguson, any wrong action by an increasingly out of touch Federal government could tip the scales the other way people underneath it all are very fed up with it all. A serious uprising in this country will be met with serious force by the U.S government, this place is headed for a Syria/Egypt like collapse if not in this generation the next.
          The greatest threat to humans isn’t nature per se, it’s other fed up humans.

  11. “f course there’s nothing wrong with wanting a clean environment, and foods and medicines that are “natural.” Who likes toxins? But if that preference springs from somewhere deep and irrational in the mind, it might often manifest in unscientific nonsense—such as Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine rants, Gwyneth Paltrow’s “detox cleanse” regimens, or the histrionics of the anti-GMO movement. Not to mention the vast majority of the claims made by the alternative medicine industry—claims that their customers, most of them women, tend to swallow whole.”
    Done with this. Stopped reading right there. If “being a man” means being a GMO guzzling high fructose drinking cancer causing vaccine taking idiot, then fuck this shit. To be on one side of something in some brainless fucktard manner of “you are this therefore you automatically believe in that”, then this is fucking bullshit. We might as well just sit here and wait to be told to to think by every fucking change agent and SJW that comes along.
    I am over 40, wear the same size clothes I wore in high school, never been obese, and have a FULL head of hair. I won’t touch GMOs, or vaccines, and none of the fucking poisons that we find in our food every day yet are banned everywhere else (you know, those countries that are not FULL OF OBESE WOMEN).
    I exercise only a few days a week and have not seen the inside of a gym in YEARS.
    Everywhere I look men my age: fat and balding.
    But oh no I’m some kind of fucking nut. I’m living proof that I’m right but hey, being a man is all about suckling on that shit right? And only women and faggots are into that organic shit, right?
    I’ll take my widows peak and size 32 waist to another article thank you.

    1. I’d say it’s probably your genes more than anything else. In spite of all the hysteria people are living longer than ever.

      1. Not strictly true. Once you screen out deaths due to infection (sulfa drugs and penicillin fixed this a while back), accidental deaths, and deaths due to diseases for which we vaccinated schools (polio, smallpox, measles) average lifespan has actually DECLINED. Women’s average old age has lost two to five years, and mens has lost one to three years, primarily due to the vast upswing in cancer.

        1. I took your post seriously and did my best to get additional data. I found some corroborating info on some sites with a left wing slant. Using their “evidence” to promote single payer health care. However, I choose not to take out this and that and just to try and look at longevity over the years. Yes you can go to a local cemetery and find tombstones a century or more old and see that some people lived to a ripe old age. However in the long term lifespans have been rising. Perhaps we are at a peak and the future trend is down. That remains to be seen. I know that I am alive because of a delicate surgery that was first used in the 1970’s and perfected since. In any case, slice and dice this any way you want.

        2. Yes of course it can and does. Sometimes. I remember one time I walked into this dive bar in a big city. It was awhile back so you were allowed to smoke. There were four old geezers, 80 somethings, in a row at the bar puffing away and drinking beers or shots and beers. Each one more frail and decrepit than the other. Prime examples of unhealthy living but there they were. I’ve worked out almost all my life but at age 49 was struck down with a rare illness, a one in one hundred thousand shot. Couldn’t win the lotto or El Gordo but could almost die from a rare illness. Survived because the medical technology had advanced enough to give me a chance. That and the fact I had a confident and competent surgeon. There are many factors affecting longevity and the long term trend is that we live longer. We’ll find out soon enough if we can sustain it.

    2. I couldnt agree more, almost everything . Ibeat is organic or fresh, and I get alot of shit from men and women about it. Like Im some kind of loser for avoiding pesticides that were sprayed by people wearing Hazmat suits. Many women give me beta vibes when they find out I only eat natural food amd Ive just come to ignore it, because I know most women dont think too deeply about anything anyway.
      I dont even understand how a “red pill” man that is supposedly about learning the way the world really works could make such ridiculous statements. Self preservation is our number one concern.

        1. That makes zero sense. Organic means it has pesticides at all. I dont go to supermarkets, I buy from farmers markets and local farms/butchers.

        2. I will admit I didnt know that but it still only applies to large scale commercial agriculture. The way around even organic pesticides is to buy from small local farmers.

        3. Not to rain on your parade but local farmers are in this for profit like any other entity and aren’t above lying. Unless you actually observe how they grow and maintain their produce you really have no idea.
          The only way to be 100% sure is to grow it yourself, but of course that tends to be impractical, hence farmers.
          The best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted didn’t come from farmers markets, they were home grown.

    3. Yeah I agree he lost points pushing that angle .. accepting his premise does not mean accepting his whole ideology.
      And you are right about taking care of yourself . I dont get it either how people dont see the link to longevity and youthfulness. *shrug*

  12. Favoring “compassion” over logic or favoring emotion over logic? You can have all the compassion in the world for someone with a serious illness but you cure or treat it by using knowledge and logic. The latter is truly compassionate.

  13. Its kind of messed, I see it all the time in my workplace. A series of potential candidates come through, I see them, we have a brief meet and greet but the hr people make the final decision. Its fucked up because they HR people just hire women who look exactly like them (blonde and white) and pass over qualified candidates for being the wrong gender, personality, race or sexual orientation. In that order. I have seen more qualified white men passed over for underqualified jewish lesbians. I might add wrong personality doesn’t mean wrong fit for the company, wrong personality as in the hr lady would not like to hang out with this man on the weekend so he isn’t getting hired, she wants to hire who she will have girl talk and ladies night out with.

    1. More than anything, I’ve encountered very high levels of nepotism. Which is why I always seek out positions where I have full control over hiring.

      1. Dude. That should be carved in stone somewhere. …maybe somewhere in DC in place of the doctormartinlutherkingjuniorcommieplagiarist memorial.

  14. I think the author is grossly mistaken about female empathy and compassion, at least as it concerns modern, younger women. Most of the younger women I have interacted with and dated do not seem to possess or even care about empathy or compassion at all. Everything is about them, at least when they are young and can command constant attention. Rank, widespread narcissism is the order of the day for modern women.
    Empathy is not something that comes naturally to women. That is a blue pill myth if I’ve ever heard one. Perhaps it can be learned. I believe women can be socialized and conditioned to be compassionate and loving, as is evidenced in the behaviors and attitudes of previous generations of women. However it is quite clear that many, if not most modern women lack, or at least fail to openly demonstrate, any real compassion or empathy for anyone; men, other women, children alike. Any display of compassion or empathy that seems to come from modern women appears to have it’s roots in narcissism; It’s basically being put on as a show to make them look better in public. That’s what you get when you train an entire generation of women to compete with men, to be tough fake bad-asses, and to generally regard the world as adversarial.
    If anything, women have a strong natural penchant for collectivism. Collectivism provides a generic sort of safety in numbers for women. All collectivist political movements gain momentum by tricking women into emancipating themselves from men; a very poor strategy for personal female survival, but a great strategy to send desperate women into the arms of the State. The Soviets employed these techniques in their overthrow of the Czar. These same techniques, although more advanced, are being used to turn the US into a collectivist and then ultimately neo-feudal society. Keep in mind, all of this is done behind the scenes, by men.
    Does anyone here honestly believe that women as a group are smart enough, and organized enough to pull this off on their own for their own benefit? If you don’t think that super elite men are the real brains behind feminism, then you are dense at best. Women are simply the disposable pawns. They are Stalin’s ultimate useful idiots.
    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    1. Empathy is related to mirror neurons, a mechanism which purpose is to “imitate” emotions, something useful for women to “trigger” the empathy* of men. So, it has a social purpose in her; Manipulation:
      – Adapted tear glands and ducts, for crying. Women cry more.
      – Empathy(expression) to trigger men’s feelings about her
      – Facial expressions(reading and expressing them)
      – Exaggeration, victimization, blaming, lying, etc
      – Neoteny to look like children, and trigger in men a protective feeling
      – Infantile personality, emotional brain. False innocence
      – etc
      Compassion It is also false to say that women are more compassionate, this is similar to empathy, and explain why women would support equality rather than merit(related to collectivism). It is nothing but a self centered perspective.
      • What I know is that men feel/sense more, has intenser emotions, but they also control them better.
      • A man(dominant,logical,paternal,protective), is actually far more compassionate and sensible than women who just expresses emotions.
      -she is communicative/emotional(needs attention) so men take action over her needs(sends) giving her “attention” care and benefits(receives).
      * Something I’ve learn from life is that women(in general) do not feel as much as men, but they demonstrate the opposite, far better.

    2. You are on the right track but a bit misguided, with all due respect. The women have no true compassion due to their 100% solipsism. You are right. But the mistake with the article is that it mentions ‘compassion’ when it should really be termed ‘pseudo compassion.’ It doesn’t make the hugely important distinction. These are two different things entirely but the article doesn’t address that. Think clicktivism. Internet pseudo-hero tingles. That’s what they have in spades. True compassion requires logic. False, internet-based, cheap, progressive click-compassion does not.

  15. Excellent piece. However, I would posit that empathy is not, as you say, an evolved trait. It is more of a vestigial feature that we as a society have unfortunately allowed to persist and thrive. Empathy is the tail on the circus freak, and now we live in a world of circus freaks.

  16. For any Toronto folk or people considering moving to Toronto.
    I found yet another online forum with tonnes of TO bashing…
    This is from a website called numbeo which is basically a website for travellers and people considering moving. It puts together the average costs of different living expenses and pits it against the culture of the city.
    In the comments section over half the comments are written by men bitching about how much they utterly hate it here. The other half is females and manginas telling them how they are “losers that can’t get laid”. If you want to live in a progressive city where you can’t afford anything and everybody hates you come on down!

    1. Funny….I lived in Toronto for a summer, was up to my eyeballs in trim. Nailed a random girl the first night. Minor hook-ups with a few others in the first week, then scored a 2 month girlfriend who was a solid 8 and fucked her silly until it was time to go home.
      Ace up my sleeve: grew up in and moved there from California. California plates on my jeep, sun bleached hair and a deep tan that you only get surfing. If I was the typical Canadian dork (they seem to all be frat/hockey/pop-collar douches or campfire/pothead/guitar/hippy types) I wouldn’t have stood a chance.
      Fish in a barrel.

      1. I think living here is more difficult.
        I remember coming back here after a Eurotrip and I had a very similar experience to yours.
        But having been living here for a while again I find it a stressful place to live. Too expensive and socially frustrating.

      2. Your account doesn’t invalidate any of the experiences these other men have described.
        Your ego thanks you for this post though.

        1. Correct. My account does not invalidate anyone else’s experience. Nor does it claim to.
          Shame you don’t like the egotistical element of my post…but then again most betas rationalize other male’s success that way.

  17. You are part right. For the useful idiots like soccer moms, it may be misplaced compassion. But for the progressive leaders it is a pure play for accumulating power and wealth. Nothing more.

  18. Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,…
    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn, the gods of the copybook headings with terror and slaughter return.
    – R. Kipling

  19. “”How did all this happen?””
    Six decades of relentless cultural Marxism engineered into Western countries?

  20. Read an article, can’t remember where, about when men have daughters it makes them better. And by better they meant they become more charitable. When men have sons, there is a drastic difference in the amount of their money that they give away.
    They reached the conclusion that they become better towards the end of the article, it wasn’t a headline. But they never explored or raised the question that men desire to be self reliant, as well as the social pressure to be that way. It’s early in a boys life that you see signs that they have a desire to be good at something and to be get to a point where they don’t need anybody to show them how to do it.
    The article failed to look into how a father will be less charitable as a way of teaching a son to be self reliant.
    Being environmental is a virtue to me. I do not want to see elephants, rhinos, even sea fans disappearing. However, I’ll freely admit to being aware that a push for organic and chemical free everything can come at a cost monetarily, and to the convenience that many people take for granted. Like the forum protest of the ills of men and the need for a borderless world that come via a laptop in a Starbucks cafe.
    Women and debates. There’s a Rachel Madow video about the male/female pay difference myth. It’s an example of something that happens so often. When a man and woman are in a discussion, especially on tv, if the man makes a point the woman doesn’t agree with, she’ll interrupt him to make her point, She’ll then rephrase her point maybe two more and try to keep him from responding. Usually the man out of courtesy will wait till after she rephrases those two times to respond to her point or answer a question that she has asked him when she first brings up her disagreement.
    She’ll then try to over talk him when he tries to interject, since he feels that he’s waited and allowed her to speak. If he doesn’t relent and let her keep talking, she’ll then ask him if he could please stop interrupting her, because she allowed him to make his point. When it was her who did the interrupting in the first place.
    Michael Brown. This Slate article does a good job about bringing up his past of not being an angel as it pertains to him being killed.Michael Brown
    It talks about the relevance of his actual past as well as the exaggeration of the officers injuries.

    1. The problem is that should the Duggar children be educated by the same establishment that educated Sandra Fluke, we will then get 19 Sandra Flukes.
      From what I hear though all of those children were homeschooled.

      1. Exactly. And as Philip Longman pointed out in his seminal 2006 article “The Return of Patriarchy”, future counterculturalists will find it hard to find fellows with whom to make solidarity because such individuals will literally never have been born.

  21. Nice post. However, women and their perceived ascendancy is, itself, a symptom of a greater malaise. Feminism, for example, as I once read somewhere, is nothing more than a means to redistribute wealth from men to women. It all comes down to Marxism. A soft, “cultural Marxism.” If you want to find its root, go to the Frankfurt School and follow from there the gradual poisoning of America leading up to the death rattle that were the 1960s.

  22. “Entitlement programs now soak up three quarters of the federal budget.”
    Holy shit!!! And leftist are constantly complaining about military spending. Really?
    Also allowing women into the workplace was/is a retarded idea. All it did was disenfranchise men and lower wages for everyone. It also separated mothers from their children at too early of an age and took away their fathers. Allowing television and state to become the primary influence on children, allowing the take over of parenting to the state/TV.
    Cultural Marxism along with appealing to the lowest common denominator in society to gain mass support(democracy) is causing mass degeneracy and ‘progressism’ everywhere. Hence an era full of weak, faggot, beta males and fat, ugly, mouthy, entitled slutty females. The general decline in the quality of people means that forming meaningful relationships with other people is almost impossible and not even worth bothering with. Hence the decline of civilization itself. Modernity and technology is our salvation like most ‘progressives’ assume, modernity is our fucking tomb.

    1. Well said. At least the dudes that read and comment on this site seem to get it. Everyone else seems to be lost cause.

    2. “The general decline in the quality of people means that forming meaningful relationships with other people is almost impossible and not even worth bothering with.”
      That’s quite a statement. I agree with you, btw. I wish it weren’t true but it’s overwhelmingly true. So it’s time to simply accept it as a fact of life that must be navigated as well as possible. People aren’t worth it. Learn how to navigate people as seamlessly as possible and never value them enough to really be engaged in any stressful way, if possible. Then get out into the woods, read the classics, quietly commit yourself to meaningful and challenging hobbies. Exercise, eat well. Use women’s bodies like beautiful, fantasy objects (Yes I said it). But hustling around and nancing around your whole life in order to win approval from such a shoddy group of people is such a tragic waste of time.

      1. There are places in the world where this is not true. You just will not find them in the rich comfortable west. I will be retiring to one of those places soon. I am trying to convince my sons to come with me before they invest too much in the declining west to change horses.

    3. I pretty much agree with you, Spider, on everything except the part about military spending. I believe much of the problem exists where ANY welfare is present (that includes military and corporate welfare).
      We do waste many tax payer dollars on social programs but our government also wastes many tax payer dollars on shit that we don’t need or even want (recently, planes were being built for the military that the pentagon said they don’t want or need). In the past, it was buildings in West VA that were needed…and etc…I’ve seen this happen under countless administrations (both parties)…it’s waste.
      It’s the waste, period, that I have a problem with because in the end…it’s our money (yours and mine).

      1. The reason for the waste on extra military spending has to do with contracts the government has with weapons manufactures. I see your point though.

        1. Yep, yep. I just hate any waste…because it’s our money. And, both parties always have a story or good reason on “why” we need it or spend it.
          I see it at the local level, here, in the school system….pisses me off. They spend the money (on useless shit at the end of the year) or they won’t get the same amount for next year.
          We call that “waste” at my house.

    4. You lost me with the faggot part. I don’t understand why people are so damn threaten by gays. They aren’t even a fuckin threat. Roosh brings up Asia, yet in Asia there are way more men that are into men than here in the States. No one should go no further than the Philippines or Thailand to figure that out. And yet these are the most visited Asian countries in the world despite their accepting gay culture.
      If you want to know the real threat, just look at the dozens of men in prison for murder. There aren’t a whole lot of gay people running around killing mutha fuckers. So one could argue that straight males kill and do more damage than the ones that are gay. If your threaten by homosexuals, then maybe you’re the weak one. I;ve had gay male friends. And I don’t judge them for what they do, but these are some huge son of bitches that hit the gym and would easily f*ck you up if you called them a fag in their face. Believe me not all gay males are “feminine” like the stereotypes. Even a “fag” can whoop the shit out of you if he really wanted to. How would that make you feel then?
      Men are only weak in the Western world, because they really have no choice, they were sold out by the ones running the country. Wtf we have to do with that? Nothing. No one on this forum or anywhere can force the politics to change the laws or the rules, even the President have to put up with their shit. If you can’t fight the system or change the laws without it getting you into trouble, the only shit you can do is leave the country and never come back. Move to a place where the laws are more in favor of men. That would be the damn Middle East, where even their women are trying to fight back. Unless your “too weak” to deal with the radicals over there, I suggest you shut the fuck up. I for one would love to change what I don’t like here, but I’m a black man. It too blacks dozens of years alone just to get their freedom, and that didnt’ even any good for half of the black community. Rather than taking advantage of that freedom in a good way, they rather ignore it and stay thugs.

      1. A fag pretending to be a internet tough guy because they feel so small in real life. I bet you just got out of prison didn’t you? I should have seen this coming.

  23. But it is ending.
    The structural integrity of every institution is coming unglued.
    The past fifty years are about to be washed away, replaced by……something else.

  24. What would they do, as American weakens, to stay out of the way and let America rot from the inside?
    Loss of freedom is just one generation away. The current generation is blindly racing into a life of servitude.

    1. Yup. Plan for a way out. It’s a total f’ing mess RIGHT NOW and the millenials are coming. Oh, man.
      “Oh don’t worry. The millenials will clean it all up.”
      Get your coin and get out.

    2. Alea iacta est
      (Latin for “The die is cast”)
      The West has gone past its Expiration Date.
      It has to be taken out of the fridge and be placed upon the ash heap of history.

    3. Good point. Americans happily trade in more freedoms to be “safe”. You see this happening more and more over the years.
      I grew up overseas so I was used to see military personnel at the airports (with machine guns)….no fucking around there. Today, here in the U.S., it’s a very foreign concept (so we put minimum wage workers at the airport to protect us?).
      I laugh all of the time at TSA and how we are now “safe” thanks to our government. Hand over your freedom so you’ll feel safe.

    1. I disagree. All accomplishment is created by extremists. Balance is stagnant.
      However, extremists can not only be extremely smart, they can also be extremely stupid.

  25. Grandfather and grandson looking at the ruins in New York, Chicago, and other cities. “Grandpa – why did the buildings fall down?” “We let the women vote Timmy, we let the women vote”.

  26. You know what’s scary? Everyone who put in place the foundations for a stable society founded on security, marriage, logical laws, etc., etc., is pretty much entering old age, senility, or dead.
    Who is going to run this country in the future? Fat neck beards? Porn addicted nihilists? YOLO party animals who don’t give a fuck? Washed up sluts? Greedy self serving bitter engineering nerds?
    Any spirit of country is dead. Any spirit of camaraderie is dead. Any spirit of god is dead. Any spirit of love is dead. It’s a free for all right now. The future will be interesting.

    1. There is probably continuity amongst the elite class pulling the strings. They live in a different culture, still have arranged marriages. There will always be a guy like Kerry to send to take orders from the Saudi royalty

      1. Why not? You have kids? Molyneux made a great point;
        Intelligent animals don’t breed well in captivity, he said. Stay kid-free and you should have enough coin for young, stacked escorts. THERE All of your social needs have just been met. Now go squat/deadlift then eat some steak then go smoke a stogie in the woods and come home to build a model airplane while listening to Pandora and nursing four fingers of single malt. How can you not enjoy that? Enjoy that shit.

        1. I am 48 and I am “old school.” I have seen the moral integrity (amongst other things) of this country crumble. That pisses me off and saddens me. I know I cannot live in the past. But that does not mean I have to enjoy the present decline.
          I have no kids. I have an amazing, traditional, highly intelligent, feminine Polish girlfriend who not only does not understand feminism, but she also despises it. She absolutely loves to cook and clean and takes pride in it. She loves me being a man and her role of being a woman. She also can’t believe how fat and dumb many Americans are.
          My house will be paid off in three years, I have a good paying job, I have money saved, I have more 1/32 scale model airplanes (and aftermarket) than I need, I have nice guitars and amps and know how to play ’em, I have an engineering degree from a very good university, I have a Harley, I travel to Poland several times a year, etc… So yes, I do enjoy all of that. But the decline of America??? I guess that I am not selfish enough to enjoy the decline.

        2. I feel the same bro…but I also empathize with melmoth. There is nothing WE can do…until a tipping point happens. Commenters above mention pro football players not backing Ray Rice. This would be career suicide. no coaching gig, no espn gig, nothing. However, for all of US men, notice how your friends are starting to pay attentions. When all the social engineers in the media are silent to the elephant in the room, be it the Anita Sarkeesian self tweets or the fact that Ray Rice’s wife was acting like a typical cuntasoras…Ray Ray wouldn’t give me any more coin for the slots, so I showed him…assaulting him in and out of the elevator. Ray received two shots to the face before firing a warning shot across the bow on his back foot. As soon as cuntasoras regained her balance, she launched herself at him. Her drunken ass was responsible for EVERYTHING…including falling hard onto the hand rail and getting knocked the f out. Nobody in the media has mentioned any of this. Just like nobody mentioned the 13 gold-digging hypergamous whores chasing Tiger Woods. Hairy Knuckle draggers-bad; Angelic Snowflake Princess-good. The only way society can be saved is if enough MEN start noticing the elephant in the room and act. Otherwise, men as individuals are gonna start avoiding women like the plague they are….just like Roman men. And we all know how that turned out.

        3. Many good points here. You’re not going to see any change until the male commentators in the media start to call the women out for their behavior (but that could spell a shift or the end of the their careers).
          Women used to get reprimanded (by other women) when they acted the way that Ray’s girlfriend acted out in public. Today, it’s considered acceptable or is seen as he deserved it….people pass by…nothing to see here.
          But as soon as they see a man defending himself (blocking, grappling or even striking back) the police are called, white knights jump in, etc….and the media has a field day with it.
          Why wasn’t there more people in the media calling her out for her behavior? Women want equality (until they are knocked the down or out) and then it’s the old “victim” role.
          If I fuck with a dog and he bites me…then, lesson learned, right? That’s how it used to be for everything….don’t stick your finger in that light socket or you’ll get shocked (I guess that’s old school?).

  27. Must read article
    “Eight years after that wonderful engagement party in 1989, I walked away from dear, devoted, loyal Matthew, convinced that somewhere out there, a better, more exciting, more fulfilling life awaited me.
    Only there wasn’t.”
    Had a good man, walked out, spits the dummy when he asks her to stop sending him Christmas cards, dates a bad boy who left when he got his other girlfriend pregnant and now is 42 years old with no prospects and no children.
    Did I mention her Dad told her if she left that first guy she’d regret it….

    1. Worst part is this story isn’t a deterrent. Women are short-term thinkers and won’t stop fucked up behavior until it’s too late, generally.

  28. “But America does have a fairly long list of adversaries, from Al Qaeda and ISIL to Russia and China. All have a deep loathing of progressivism, and a corresponding lack of—even rejection of—female influence at the higher levels of culture and politics.”
    A – fucking – Men!
    And they’re getting stronger.

    1. thank god there is still brutality in the world. The U.S. has been so safe and comfortable these dumb white bitches run around making a big deal about being called ‘bossy’.

  29. America is no country for Beta men. High level Alphas do better then ever with a surplus of sluts throwing themselves on their dicks. But even average Alphas prefer to leave the country for greener pastures and more sane women, if they are location-independent.

  30. Whether or not it’s going to change will be left up to the rational sex; men.
    The minority/female bloc will continue forcing the downward spiral of the culture/hemisphere while blaming everyone but themselves for the negative consequences. Once the West hits rock-bottom on this path, people won’t even recognize the world they live in anymore. Women will adapt to the chaos they’ve created and the paradigm will shift to whatever that future looks like.
    If it’s going to change, it will depend on men standing up and assuming the roles of leadership they have given up in exchange for “equality” and “diversity” and “inclusiveness”. All rubbish, fed to the American/Anglo public as natural and correct. The matrix does exist and operate on this cradle to grave daily feeding of progressive rubbish. The East and its cultures don’t suffer from this mental disorder. The East is counting on the men of the West keeping their heads in the noose they’ve fashioned for themselves since the women’s lib movement.
    I pose the question to any woman from America, Europe & western civilization at large: if western men don’t stand in the way of radical Islam, communism, dictatorial globalism, et al., who do you think is coming to save the day & your way of life?
    The answer is no one.
    It will be up to American men to decide how far down the gutter they want their country to slide. As for the UK & Europe, the game may already be over. For those of us still in the US, Europe’s fate will l be a grave harbinger of where we will be headed if the course is not changed.
    In essence: the true enemy is the progressive male. weak, passive, cooperative and complacent. Willing to please and sacrifice everything and everyone on behalf of the progressive cause. A base and detestable being – the soft spined, feminized western progressive man. You don’t change anything, until he ceases to exist.

  31. I loathe what this country has become. The progressives and their enablers are the worst enemy freedom has. Sadly many ‘conservatives’, if they can be called that, merely consolidate what the Left has done and provide no meaningful resistance to the onslaught of idiocy. Oppose the state at every level.

    1. I hold those who enable the activity of others just as guilty as those who actually carry it out. When the good people in a society do nothing, there’s no limit to what damage can be done.

    2. The real answer for a new party would be to take people from both parties (because they have a lot in common) and form a new party….the Common Sense Party.
      I saw similarities in people between the tea party movement and the occupy wall street movement. Yes, many crazies (are) were involved but you had a lot of regular, working class Americans who have worked (and or are educated), have paid taxes and have done everything right in this country only to be shafted – the “American Dream”.
      To me, common sense with a touch of old school values would unite many people from both sides who are tired of having a choice between brand A or brand B. Both are fucked up in a way and both have been trying to tell you what you truly are….when in fact you could be a touch of both.
      I think Chris Rock said it best…”I’m conservative about some shit (guns) and I’m liberal about other shit (prostitution). Funny…but very true for many Americans.

  32. I was once talking with a friend about what makes a religion a religion.
    We came to the conclusion that Religion is something you believe in without a rational reason. It’s down to belief, not logic.
    There is also a theory that humans are susceptible to believing in religion and so create religions where there is a void. There is probably an evolutionary advantage if you are closely tied to a group through religion, while at the same time it makes this group more united and so able to defend itself against other groups with no common and shared religion.
    It makes me think that as formal religion has declined (especially here in the UK and Europe, but probably all over the Western World), this has not been replaced by atheism and non belief but the void has been filled with a new religion – Politcal Correct-ism. Which is also in a way a form of communism – which also tried to replace religion in the past.
    I propose that Political Correctism is in effect a new religion with its own politics combined. (If you read the Bible or Koran you’ll see all religions are not only a belief system but a political system too) For the following reasons:
    1. Very often people who follow the PC line follow it in every issue. They obediently believe the ‘whole package’ without question. It’s rare to find someone who believes some of the pc policies and not others. They believe things without using logic and close down anyone who dares to do research or carry out investigations that may reveal information and knowledge that contradicts the PC line. These people are labelled ‘heretics’.
    2. They very rarely can partake in a debate about their beliefs and justify them without resorting to name calling to close down the argument. (ie. Racist, Nationalist, Misogynist, Islamophobia, homophobia, capitalist etc – the new heretics). They certainly believe in eliminating free speech and thought from any topics that they feel are ‘decided’ and therefore closed to ‘unacceptable’ debate.
    What is also clever is that the church of pc/communism has taken over by creating a multitude of persecuted/disadvantaged minorities and groups who as a whole make up the majority of the population. They do this by targeting the largest and wealthiest minority (white men) as a source of wealth that can then be transferred to the followers of the new PC religion.
    The communists lost the cold war but have cleverly manipulated the system, area by area until they control the countries of the West whoever the public decide to vote into ‘power’.
    What is interesting is that in the church of pc there is a whole hierarchy of special groups. Those higher up in the hierarchy are a bit more ‘special’ than those below.
    In the UK I think it goes something like this:
    1. (Top) Race – sub-ranking blacks are top, Asians, Hispanics, whites are lowest
    2. Religion – Islam is top and Christianity is lowest
    3. Gay rights
    4. Women/feminism
    5. Disabled
    6. Childrens
    7. Animal rights
    You can always discover the ranking by examining how the media and establishment pick up stories.
    For example. You rarely hear feminists (rank 4) criticise those that are ranking higher than them. ie. The treatment of women by the Islamic religion, mass child abuse by Muslims against young girls in the UK or the way girls are treated by black inner city gangs in London. If any of these girls were targeted by white men in the same way the feminists would have been far more confident picking up the issue.
    Example: Rarely are rappers criticised for their lyrics that attack women or gays. Rappers (rank 1) women (ranked 4) gays (ranked 3).
    Example: Gay people are far more likely to be forgiven for comments against women, that if uttered by a white male would end his career.
    Example: Hispanic man kills unarmed black guy. (Both ranked number 1 under race, but black trumps hispanic in the sub-rankings)
    Example: Basketball team owner criticises his gf in a private call about being seen with blacks. (Imagine if it was a black owner criticsing his gf for having white bf’s)
    When you see any story in the media where there is a storm about what someone has said in an un PC way, always ask yourself how the story would have been treated if the races/gender/religions were reversed.
    This PC religion is still spreading.

    1. Women, especially white women, should not be at rank 4. They are absolutely rank 1, without question. You think you can’t criticize minorities? Try any white woman, especially of the liberal variety.
      Question, what is a “sub-ranking black” as opposed to a non-sub or do they not exist?

  33. Here’s the thing. Women are not leaders in history, sure many times the course of events has been changed due to the influence of a woman, but they really are nothing more than irritable noise-making objects. Holes, as Neil Strauss once put it, ears to listen to, mouths to talk to, and vaginas to squeeze orgasms out of you. They feel like they’re getting back at men with all this progressive shit. They don’t think that, notice how I said that they “FEEL” it. Thats all a woman does, is feel, with her caterpillar-like antennae that reach out and tell her what every object and person is like in her path, these imaginary pedipalps of the queen bee hive mind are what misconstrues her ability to use reason and logic to calculate decisive actions.
    There’s only one way to stop this, at the source. Eliminate liberalism where it comes from, the fucking banking cartel’s who control the money to influence society into decadence so it will increase their capitol. If you control the money, you make the rules Jack, remember that. We control the money, the women don’t get any of it, they’re going to be begging for it to satiate their Jezebel appetites. And they’re not going to get one motherfucking penny from us.

  34. I’m convinced now that America is being destroyed by design. The very first step was giving women the right to vote. Then the 1960s the destruction got amped up by hippy shit liberals who were the product of the transplanted Frankfurter Schule chicken hawks, first by ways of Columbia University, later to manifest itself in northern california which is where hippy-ism started. Then the rest is history as the rigor mortis sets in. As an American for my own sanity I try not to think about it.

  35. Aaah it’s the Femen on the picture.
    They’re protected by our French socialist government.
    They were prosecuted for intruding in Notre-dame cathedral and damaging the bell but got away with dismissed case.
    The security personal of the cathedral, however, was charged for assault and had to pay a fine.

  36. There is some truth behind progressivism the problem is its mainly idiots who practice it. I’ve grilled environmentalists at a protest about the ozone layer and they don’t know anything–so really its an emotional, not rational movement. I’ve been doing alot of research into health recently, and the drug companies have hijacked it. When you go to a doctor, rather than figure out the root cause of something, usually they want to just give you a pill, and the newer and shinier the pill the better. Its like the current king of drugs lipitor-sucks compared to dessicated thyroid, which has been around for a hundred years, but there is no marketing money or manipulated doctors behind it so guess which one you’ll get when you have high cholesterol.

  37. The labour participation charts has proven my point, which I have made in several posts:
    When the manufacturing sectors were all outsourced and destroyed, it essentially ended the traditional gender roles and began what was known as the horrible service sector industry.
    Women are now ALWAYS given the jobs in many employment sector, not because they are talented, but because of their sex and good looks. This fucking pisses me off. I have seen many encounters in top investment banks where all the male candidates who worked their asses off, lose a job opportunity because it was given to some fucking female dolt who had no real competitive edge but got the job because she was blonde. Fucking asshole.
    An NO I am not a misogynist, but an observer of the freak show that our modern civilisation has turned into. Yes I am a misanthropist and believe that humanity can go to hell for all I care.
    Fuck this world.

    1. They stole all the men’s jobs and then sit there crying men don’t make enough money and can’t provide. Bed made lie. I have zero sympathy for these women

      1. Lets be clear though, they didn’t steal anything. Men are still at the top pulling the strings. I call them The Facilitators. They’re the real problem but they’re also untouchable.

        1. If you are saying the top 10% of men then yes. The did have a big part. women took men’s jobs regardless of who allowed them or set it up. Either way. Society gets what it deserves. Poor emasculated men who can’t afford families and single mom’s suckling off big daddy govt. The top men are creating an army of pissed off people. I have no sympathy for these men and the women are not innocent. .

        2. When you’re at the top you aren’t in need of sympathy, you give it, if you’re so inclined.
          They will be the last to suffer if there’s some kind of collapse. Look at wealthy people like the Walton family. They have a highly secure bunker they can escape to in the event that something drastic happens.
          When the SHTF we’re all going to suffer.

      2. It works like this, say you have 100 jobs for x. In previous times, the employer could decide on who they wanted to hire, but, left out of the progressive aggrieved narrative is that this was very much influenced by profit, so, hiring on merit was imperative, otherwise, the enterprise could be put at risk, which is what you want to minimize. So you had to compete and work hard etc. Today, and apropos to a lot of the angst here in the comment section its the law of the land that, say, 20 of the 100 hires MUST be of group A. And then a further 10 must be from group B and 5 from group C. Now, fill in the blanks for who you want groups A, B and C to represent. We’ll let men be group D. So, where you once competed for 100 slots, you now must compete for 65…hence, its more competitive and harder. Now, add in one more nasty variable – structural changes in the economy i.e. technology/automation and/or off-shoring. So, what was once 100 is now, say, 87 slots…note the amonts for groups A-C remain fixed, respectively 20, 10 and 5! So, 87 – 35 = 52. Hence, down from 100 to 65 to 52.
        That’s what we’re dealing with.

    2. Don’t worry about it dude, being called a misogynist these days usually means you’re doing something right.

  38. Great article. Top shelf “Atlantic” , New Yorker, major publication worthy. We are so fucked . We’ve become a small , silly people us Americans. All the money goes to fucking welfare and endless “programs” and NOT grand humanity enhancing endeavors like space travel or colonizing Mars. The demands on the economy are too great. We have a yearly debt of 17 trillion plus the interest . Our debt is in the trillions. What we are going to OWE to in the next few decades ( e.g social security etc) is estimated to be 100 to 200 trillion. Add on the hordes getting on permanent disability ( PTSD…) who WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN we are well and truly fucked .

  39. It really blows my mind that when you hear stories of these 21, 22 year old blonde females who are given the position of “management consultant.”
    Management consultant. How the fuck does a 21, 22 year old blonde female with NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE of running a FTSE 100 company or business organisation, get the position of management consultant? Fucking stupid backward companies are now hiring these inexperienced dolts all over places like London, simply because they are blonde, female and graduated from Oxford or Cambridge.
    Fuck that shit. When is the final economic apocalypse going to happen? Need it to come now. I would love to see these women get what is coming to them.

    1. Thank you. Its sad on so many levels. Its sad to see a certain demographic that put a man on the moon insulted and treated so poorly, but its even sadder when we realize this treatment and insults come from people who 1. benefited from this and 2. have nothing more to offer than their envy and jealousy.
      Its sad.

      1. They so often forget it was an all male white congress and president that gave women the right to vote, freed the slaves, and passed the civil rights act. So maybe they’re right… we are idiots, but they owe most of the power they enjoy today to the white man gifting it to them.

  40. Its always fun to bash about on tactics, so I thought I might give my take at the high strategic level.
    Here’s the deal – follow the money, or what is a proxy for money – energy. I was impressed with a book by Joseph Tainter (Univ. of Utah) about the “Collapse of Complex Societies”. He looks at a lot of collapsed civilizations big and small, with the Roman Empire being the best example.
    Anyway, the big idea is that the purpose of any society or civilization is to hoover up materials and energy as effectively as possible so as to distribute the goodies to the members of the society and, of course, promote continuation of the DNA (survival).
    Now, here’s the perennial fly in the ointment – as time goes on the civilization encounters challenges – like changes in the environment, running out of critical materials, threats from adjacent societies, internal problems etc. etc. So…. a successful society responds by increasing complexity to handle the changed circumstances. The thing though is that the complexity in always increased over time as challenges come. The complexity never decreases.
    I seems clear to me that the real reason for recruitment of women into the work forces in western cultures was a need to have more workers to handle the ever increasing complexity of western civilization. The proliferation of technology, the ever piling on of laws and by-laws (look at the tax code) makes the volume of information flow in western society simply staggering. Imagine the complexity surrounding the most mundane purchase of a item in a store.
    So, women have ended up (for the most part) in jobs that take bits of information, evaluate the information in light of complex rules, and repackage and distribute the information (basically administration and training or selling). They don’t really do much of the nuts and bolts jobs that involve producing energy or extracting and shaping materials.
    Of course, women over-interpret their importance in the whole fabric of the civilization and demand equal pay and consideration, along with the usual special concessions to their role in child bearing and child rearing.This, I think, is the root cause of feminism. It isn’t morality, justice or any of that stuff. It’s time, money, energy and information flow.
    To wind up, Tainter has a bleak view of the arc of progress and decline for all societies. The complexity demands more and more energy and time to maintain and grow. Eventually, the civilization experiences diminishing returns for additional inputs of energy (real energy, money, currency). When the society cannot meet new challenges with the energy and materials available, the collapse begins.
    Collapse really means a sudden decrease in complexity. Things fall to pieces, the trains don’t run on time, invaders take over….

  41. An interesting right-wing take on things, though it is all based on a false premise. Women are NOT more empathetic/sympathetic than men, as a matter of fact they are much less so. Compassion is based in forbearance and higher-level thinking. Women lie, cheat, divorce-rape, and steal, and then laugh about it. Does that sound like ‘compassion’ to you? They have no sense of morality OR logic.
    Not trying to offend any right-wingers here (though I know that you certainly don’t care about being offensive), but both the right and the left are at least 50% wrong in their approach. The left don’t believe in morality, and the right believe in a twisted, hypocritical and fascist version of it which favors them as the ‘master race’. Still, an entertaining read. Women are fucked up in an infinite number of ways.

    1. The definition of right-wing and left-wing changes, so you are true sheep if you follow one of those political orientatios.. I am an eastern european, when we were under far-left regime, we thought that liberalism, homosexuality, drug legalization is right-wing decadence.
      In the comfy capitalist west, the “left” are the “progressives” and “liberals” right now.
      And in Ukraine and Russia, right-wing mean “fascist satanist” and left-wing means “orthodox traditional christian”. It’s also interesting how the paradigms shift fast as hell, right now in Ukraine the right-wingers (the pagans, satanist ultra-nationalists) mock christianity and advocate church burnings ,
      while the left is adopting mix between Stalinist symbology and Orthodox Christian fanaticism and iconography.

      1. Even though following orientations is stupid, if you are young it’s quite fun.
        For example, here i am. Ultra-right wing satanist, ultra-nationalist… soon i will go to Ukraine to fight truly for the first time i my life versus the christian leftfags. It feels good maayne :), killing christian leftie loons.
        Battalion Azov here i come

        1. Ukraine HAS no future.
          They already have a standard of living not far away from Africa. An average Ukrainian makes 3000 dollars a year.
          Now they are getting raped from two sides. The Eastern Ukraine, that does not want to be part of a failed, fascist state, and the coup fascist regime that accepted the neo liberal IMF austerity shock therapy.
          Ukraine now need to get NATO support because their poorly led army is getting brutally destroyed.

        2. On the plus side, we should be in a good position to scoop up alot of nice ukrainian tail to bang. greencards a-go-go!

  42. Also thanks to progressivism, a real war can not be fought. Every war is politicized and drawn out into a system of half measures and nation building.
    Certainly we should never WANT war, but when we DO fight it, we should unleash our wrath, completely destroy the enemy and come home. But we no longer have the stomach for a REAL war that will in the long run save more lives. This new politicized way of waging war, costs lives and treasure.

  43. >Does the PC impulse to silence speech and speakers that it doesn’t like
    Being indirectly given (from men and hormones and other women) the powers of sex distribution and social network mastery, women are naturals at ostracization and subtle ostracization. Subtle ostracization being either where you don’t realize you’re ostracized or you can feel something off or a subtly toxic air that only after a long time you realize you’re not getting any meaningful interaction in your environment and can’t tell if it’s just you/in your head.

  44. In reference to the article’s end, I would caution that countries remain strong despite indulging in emotions, mostly by coasting on gains made when the nation was more aggressive and ambitious. In other words, the emergence of feelings-as-politics is a sign of societal decline.
    Unfortunately, despite compassion politics appealing to women, many men fall for the same. From the largely white manginas, to the non-white guys who vote liberal just because the left sounds more welcoming. This is true in every country. Remember that even if the Republicans, or any right-wing party acts hostile towards minorities, that does not mean we should forget that left is poison to civilization. Do not support the liberals in any country just because they’re “the alternative”. This kind of tribalism between men is what the feminists count on to bolster their numbers. Feel free to support neither side instead.

    1. You really don’t want that. If all the ‘real men’ moved to the middle east and became muslim, how long do you really think your little society would last?

  45. Who will take up the mantle? China? Or will Western Civ be reborn at the last second by the Eastern Bloc?

    1. Or, will progressivism, which is just socialism/communism in disguise, fail, just as it has elsewhere? Consider this, progressivism is anti-merit. It puts people into life stations due to things like their race, sex or “orientation”. Such arbitrary meddling cannot function as it can only lead to incompetency plus add-in the stifling negative incentive structure that comes about this results in stalling key societal engines such as the economy etc. Ref: the former Soviet Union.

  46. I understand men, particularly the ones that are red pill etc, have plenty of reasons to feel down. But, I’m increasingly optimistic about the future. All this, whether its how men are portrayed on tv to the labor force…all of this is made possible because of centralization, and of course, progressivism. But, not to sound redundant, progressivism cannot exist without centralization. Indeed, consider the illusion that men and women are equal; reality itself roundly contradicts that “idea”, therefore, it requires a centralized narrative originating from a centralized source(s) to keep it going.
    But what would happen if things started to become decentralized? What if the media/propaganda trough that push these falsities in the form of fads and illusions becomes subjected to competing entities and disruptive technologies that result in a extremely decentralized paradigm?
    What we know is that American culture up until recently understood freedom in terms of how much freedom does an individual have vis-a-vi the state, ahem, not things like mass approve for sodomy or dressing provocatively et al. Note: the latter remains a tiny minority. No, the country is still 2/3rd right leaning…a decentralized paradigm would re-empower this majority to re-exert their political influences and, with emphasis, cultural influences, importantly, with relative ease (click and drag). Progressivism’s (and feminism/homosexualism) strength has been the centralization of power over the years, but its always been their weakness…after all, silenced as we may be today, you can feel it in your bones that “ideas” such as “trans” “sex” is just utterly outrageous, yet, we owe this fad’s “popularity” to centralization. Technology, right here and now, exists and with minor refinement and tweaks will present us with a incredibly decentralized world, which means, among many other things, the rest of us can finally state the obvious on a number of issues, such as the aforementioned, your fucking DNA tells you you are a male or female!

  47. Women are not more empathic. Ask any man that has been through a divorce. They can’t look one inch beyond their own nose. The suffering of others is outside their solipsistic experience. They act like they have empathy, because that scores points in the eternal status competition among women. Look at all the pictures from any natural disaster or calamity. In all cases it is men that are actually out there trying to save lives and rescue people. Women are on the sidelines crying histrionically to appear to have empathy. Who has empathy; the one that feels the suffering enough to risk life and limb to do something about it, or the one that would not risk a broken nail to do anything to alleviate that suffering?
    When it comes to voting in generous benefits; people that see themselves with a high probability of needing those benefits are the most likely to vote for them. Women know they are incapable of being responsible for themselves or their children, and that someone else will have to take care of them. No woman really intends to take care of herself (or at least very few to the point of unicorn status.) In days of old women competed to get the quality man and marry him to lock down his resources. They voted (once they had the vote) in support of their husbands because as their husband’s status went up and down theirs went with it. The problem with this was it was hard to determine in advance the long term suitability of their work donkey…I mean, husband. And there were always the threat of the guy dying, or getting sick, or being disabled in a workplace accident, or in any way leaving them in the lurch. So, they decided it was much more secure to force all men to serve them rather than counting on any one man. Women will always vote for safety versus freedom. The path to do this was to use government to hold a gun to men’s heads and extort funds from them to transfer to women. This had the happy side effect of eliminating any need for any woman to reciprocate to any man, ever. Women could now treat any and all men like crap and still get provision and protection from the collective. Women’s voting record is much more along these lines than any natural tendency to nurture. When analyzing women’s voting habits look more to qui bono.
    As to the environmentalism it is just women’s magical thinking. They believe that anything is possible because they have no idea how things are made, or how they work, and they have no intention of learning. They think they can really have fried ice if they just bitch at men enough. Environmentalism is just poor science made up with feel good slogans. It is sold to women as having no price (to them) and with general benefit to all. They can score points for supporting it, and it costs them nothing. If you have ever tried to argue with a woman on environmental issues you find they eventually retreat to “Well you are just wrong” based on nothing more than their feelings. Then the ad hominum attacks begin. Women want to be on the popular team, and the environmental movement has sold them a bill of goods that they are the winning/popular team. Ask any woman if she would rather be right and stand alone, or take the popular opinion and be one of the “winners”, and she will take the later every time (if she is honest with you).

    1. “The problem with this was it was hard to determine in advance the long term suitability of their work donkey”
      And most of them are too fucking dumb to try and predict a man’s earning potential with even basic questions. Is he a STEM major? is he ambitious? does he read the wall street journal? College women don’t give 2 fucks what your major is, they want an entertaining, loud, overly confident cool dude with tattoos.

  48. The key point here, where this all started, was giving women the vote. Naturally, they vote their interests and women tend to vote as a block. It follows that politicians will want to appeal to this voting block and ensure laws are made that favour women. Hence, women begin to dominate the workplace and so on.

    1. Actually, it had it’s roots before that. Federalization started the wheel that made all that has come to pass inevitable.

      1. You’re right. One you establish the principle of democracy it is inevitable that everyone will argue they deserve a vote.

  49. What you really mean is this country is no longer a place for accepted misogyny and sexism, and you’re right. The articles and commenters here are disgusting and sad. You had your reign as Masters of the Universe and you accomplished nothing.

  50. Your charts would be even more powerful if you added services jobs as a percent of total jobs to the chart showing femal lfpr. Add manufacturing jobs as a share of total jobs to the chart showing men lfpr. You will see that when women entered the labor force they took service sector jobs. When men left the labor force we lost manufacturing jobs. Now compare wages in manufacturing jobs with wages in service sector jobs. Finally, ask yourself this question, if the federal reserve lowered interest rates how would that affect the operations at ford motor co. ? How would it affect the economic acticity at a school? Once you come up with an answer you can link the ineffectiveness of government policy with womens entrance into the labor force.

  51. With the recent “scandals” and the invasion of feminists into the last bastions of male spaces, I’m beginning to see a trend especially if that space is profitable like Sport and gaming, luckly too places that will never be feminized I frequent, Wizardchan, and MTG…

    1. Its just a tactic to latch themselves onto profitable ventures. Like computer coding, rock music, etc… Anything invented and dominated by men they try and force their way into. Now its med school, law school, NFL, whatever. They want it all even though they had nothing to do with its success

  52. This writer makes some good points, better than a lot of the awful crap being churned out by ROK lately.

  53. Females are biologically designed to “think” emotionally, whereas Men in general are designed to operate on logic and reason. This isn’t just me saying it, science backs me up.
    Whenever policies and laws reflect a shift towards symbolism over substance, or impressions (what if) over reality (what is) the political equivalent of a female emo-instinctual response is achieved.
    The reason that the US is resembling a hen house more and more is because females in BOTH parties have been using their increasing influence to vote for and support leftist policies which perfectly cater to their emotional solipsism. As the writer indicated, it’s the reason why the democrat party has found such a wealth of success in catering to so called minorities through a superficial appeal: Blacks, Hispanics and of course females chief among them. It’s a win win for all parties involved: the statists in both parties maintain and expand their power base while females (in this example) get to exercise more of an influence and presence on the open court of the political arena. It goes without saying that the win win here comes at a total loss to Men, especially center to right and right centered conservative God fearing Men. Just as satan deceived Eve, so too do the democrats deceive the typically stupid female democrat voter.
    So called conservative females are hardly an exception. Scratch at the surface of a female who considers herself “conservative” and you will reveal the feminist hiding just beneath. Gretchen Carlson is just one example.
    Taking all thing into consideration, one need not be surprised that females are vastly under/overrepresented on the polar ends of the empathy spectrum. Their modus vivendi can be likened to emotionally believing in things rather than logically thinking them through because of their emo-instinctual nature. The ends always matter more than the means and justify them undeniably because of it.
    Too much emotion can be just as harmful as too little emotion as history has repeatedly shown. Unfortunately when people think with emotion they tend to miss the historical consequences whenever too many people think emotionally and agree. An increasing presence and influence of females on US society made all this possible, and continues to make all this worse.
    To conclude, the more influence females achieve through a greater presence in media, government, and academia the more corrosive an effect it will have on American society as a whole, as they constantly accept more and more emotionally based so called progressive policies that shift the cultural mores away from orthodox JudeoChristian beliefs and into the realm of vice and lotophagic hedonism.
    JD Unwin’s vast research has shown that once societies become too liberal with formerly inviolable things like Marriage these societies tend to die, because the people no longer prioritized altruistic beliefs and the the betterment of their culture, but rather selfish and taboo desires that lead to the ruination of individuals, families and the societies that they constitute.
    As more and more emotional left wing policies are pushed and pushed into law thanks to ignorant females, the US will ultimately prove to be no exception.

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