4 Surprising Benefits Of Being A Housewife

My husband and I dated a few short months before marrying last year. We were both working full time and living alone before our marriage. Being a regular ROK reader and fan for nearly four years now, I recognized the potential benefits for our marriage when my husband presented the opportunity for me to stay at home.

My husband has a good job, is religious, and is somewhat traditional. For the first couple months staying at home, I was riddled with guilt about my husband working while I got to stay within the comforts of our home. I worried about being a financial burden and wondered what his family (all of who are very successful in their careers), friends, and coworkers would think of our situation.

After some months, these feelings mostly faded away as I began to see great benefits that my work was bringing to our life. Besides the obvious benefits of my husband knowing I’m safely working in our home and not parading in the streets all day, and having home cooked meals and a clean house, there were many other benefits we gained that surprised me.

1. Our Weight

Basic items like lentils, white beans, bulgur, rice, and ingredients for soup are not only healthy but also quite inexpensive.

My husband has lost 30 pounds since we married. Before we married, my husband was mostly ordering take out to the home or eating pre-packaged snacks and treats. Don’t get me wrong, I feed by husband plenty, but somehow he has still managed to effortlessly shed a ton of weight.

I cook him breakfast every morning before work, he usually has two helpings of our dinner meal, and we always have dessert with tea at night. Our friends are shocked that eating like this, especially dessert every night, hasn’t led to weight gain for both of us.

As for me, I was hardly eating at all before we married in order to keep down my weight. I often ate only one small meal a day. I was actually terrified that living with a man who ate so much would cause me to gain weight. Shockingly, I have not gained weight since our marriage despite eating at least three times as much as I was before (I now eat brunch, dinner, and dessert).

Being a Nutrition Science graduate, I have no logical explanation for being able to maintain my weight despite eating much more. I can only assume our weight loss and management are attributable to having most everything including bread, dessert, sometimes even yogurt, prepared from scratch.

2. Money

Embracing my husband’s minimalist philosophy really curbed my desire for material things.

My husband has a nice job but we are by no means rich. As I mentioned earlier, I was super concerned about being a financial burden staying at home and have my husband support us. However, my husband shocked me by saying that since we’ve been married, he has been able to save so much money.

Staying at home has definitely limited expenses on my end. When I was working and living alone, I would constantly make impulse purchases that added up. Filling up on gas, buying drinks or snacks outside because I was running around busy, and meeting friends for drinks or dinner out would make money disappear fast.

Now I mostly stay home unless we need something like groceries and I try and make meals from cheap ingredients and only buy what we really need. I have decreased purchases for myself down to next to nothing. For example, I have adopted a more natural approach to my beauty routine which my husband actually loves. Instead of getting expensive highlights once every two months or constantly restocking makeup, I have embraced my natural hair color and only use just enough makeup to look tidied up and fresh.

3. In Laws

The success of my husband’s family was pretty intimidating at first. My husband’s father is a doctor, his sister is in medical school, the other sister is an engineer, and his mother studied chemical engineering before getting married. With all these hardworking women in the family, I was scared what they would think of me with my lowly bachelor’s degree and opting to stay at home.

However, I was super pleased to hear that my in laws couldn’t be happier with the person their son married. They have seen how well I take care of their son and I think his mother sees that he is being taken care of like she would take care of him.

Even his go-getter sisters have been affected: they have both expressed to me that they want to eventually stay at home after they marry (one of them is affected upon seeing how her career could compromise this dream). I don’t think anyone was expecting me to take my role this seriously, least of all my husband, but my efforts have made an impact and I believe our home and marriage is a source of pride for my husband not only with his family, but also with his friends and coworkers.

I may not have a super impressive job, but one would be surprised how even nowadays a woman taking care of her home, husband, and herself can gain respect in even upper-class circles.

4. My Husband’s Demeanor

My husband’s coworkers joke that they know he is happy because he always races to the home after work.

When we first married, my husband was very gentile with me. I believe he wasn’t fully sure how to own all the power I was giving him. However, over time, he began to get used to me serving him and me having my role. I couldn’t help but smile when he would ask “Where’s my tea?” or “Why didn’t you bring me water after breakfast?” He had come to expect these things from me and personally I feel it’s truly a pleasure to be needed. It makes me feel irreplaceable. It’s really the biggest compliment for me.

Being a stay at home wife (and hopefully mother one day sooner than later) has really benefitted us both in so many ways our first year of marriage. Of course, there are still times when I feel self-conscious about my status when people ask what I do, but I can honestly say this position feels right in so many ways for both of us.

When a housewife works hard in all aspects, amazing things can get done and she can become a source of pride for herself, her in laws, and most importantly her husband.

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139 thoughts on “4 Surprising Benefits Of Being A Housewife”

  1. This article won’t help one single man improve in any way. Return of “Queens” or what

    1. Benefits of being a housewife,
      1. You get 100% child custody (he never sees them)
      2. Maximum Alimony (I gave up my career for him)
      3. You can sit around all day drinking coffee, reading books and watching TV.
      4. No time wasted commuting to work.
      5. He’ll never realize the housework only takes 60 minutes of your day.
      6. Plenty of time to bang the pool boy while hubby is at work.
      Did I miss any benefits?

      1. they can back the security guard at work “if whore is whore then whore will whore’ no matter where you put em.

      2. Divorce is a mere 10% when and IF couples agree on:
        1. Faith
        2. Budgeting and spending Money $
        This is according to Dave Ramsey-author and Minister.
        You can carry out your yellow fever fetish all you like, others of us are married and want White heirs. We are also in successful marriages.

        1. In my state, only after 10 years, provided you were the primary breadwinner is there alimony.
          If youre that concerned about assets, you do a pre nup or simply, be smart.
          You can do a Blind trust, assets go into that, Doesnt even have to be disclosed to her. Or buy tangible assets- art, guns etc. Store anywhere you like, again without her knowledge or consent.
          Keep separate checking accts for obvious reasons, do not allow her as a signer on account.
          There are so many measures like this one can do to minimize being divorced rape.
          Communal property is built together, and yes, will result in a split. Keep it at a minimum.
          My grandfather died and my grandmother had NO idea, as in 0, what assets he even had. They were in the Millions. That was Boss.
          Keep her on a need to know basis only. Take care of your business and be a damn man.

        2. @RW,
          Great points, except that prenuptual agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, unless using to clean your behind. Tossed out of courts 10 times out of 10, unless written for the woman’s benefit.

      3. Unfortunately I have to agree with you on some of this. I am a housewife (not by choice, living abroad with no work visa). The housework and meal prep etc really doesn’t take much time at all, in fact I got this all done when I was working too. I kind of laugh at the other housewives gushing over how much work it is and the husbands who actually believe this foolishness. There is indeed plenty of idle time to read books and drink coffee etc. Lol I certainly don’t fuck anyone else while my husband is at work. No commutes is a given. We agreed to give up all rights to alimony in the event of a divorce. Being a housewife is THE cushiest job in existence. “Making a nice home” is much easier than working 11 hours a day outside the home including a stressful commute in horrible weather.

    2. Girly, you’ve got guts publishing an Article for RoK. I’m sure you’re feeling intense heat from the flaming here.
      Having set up my ex in the same situation as yourself, I think time will tell how well your new-found perks of stay-at-home wife/mother marriage work out. Just like postpartum, postnuptial depression sinks many a marriage, once the proverbial honeymoon is over..” I am very familiar with the initial enthusiasm most girls have for anything new, only to have that interest wane quickly and devolve into seething contempt for the boredom repetitive familiarity. Marriage is no different, especially the domestic tasks of maintaining a home.
      So, while you seem to be well intended to post up the advantages of being domesticated from your POV, other here are correct in saying that it doesn’t help men here be men. And, all the things you mentioned as benefits to your hubby from you being at home (at his expense, of course) can easily be outsourced — yes even the sex. Be glad you’re the product of his religious indoctrination into the marriage arrangement you now benefit from.
      Hope it lasts, but if I were a betting man, I’d give it 5-7 years, tops.

    3. Wait until the Seven Year Itch kicks in.
      What is she? 24-26 years old? What happens when her brain chemistry changes when she’s, say, 36 or so? For that matter, what happens when she’s nearing her expiration date and he’s eyeing the cute 20 year old intern?
      Reality is that relationships go through 4 stages, all of which can be likened to meals. Here we go:
      -Stage One – the Gourmet Meals Stage – Everything is calculated for maximum effect. Designer pasta, expensive olive oils, rare wines…. You get the idea, it’s the big show. But the circus doesn’t stay in town forever, so that leads us to…
      -Stage Two – Pot Roast – Things have settled down and there’s no real need for big surprises. Hearty comforting fare. And if it stays like this forever, then great! But reality is that it usually doesn’t. And that leads us to…
      -Stage Three – Dominos Delivers – There’s a rediscovery of one’s self outside of the relationship. Hurried get-togethers happen between this or that meeting, soccer practice, or whatever. Hurried wolfing down becomes the norm. And then…
      -Stage Four – The Frozen Burrito On A Plate With Instructions On How To Microwave It – You’re eating by yourself. (Tom Leykis mentioned coming home to eat fast food in the kitchen while his soon to be Ex was in the next room watching novellas.) The other person doesn’t even want to be around you, and is perhaps off somewhere else. It’s over.
      The Author is in the Stage Two phase of the relationship. Good for them both if it stays that way, but it probably won’t. Cynical, but there you go. She’ll look in the mirror and decide that she wants more. He’ll get bored. Or whatever. And then….
      (And don’t tell me that because they’re “Religious” that they’ll stay together regardless. Religious families are too often observed to have some of the biggest fights and messiest breakups. Just because they put on a big outward show about Loving Jesus doesn’t mean that they’re immune to lust and greed, quite the opposite in fact. Quite a few stories there.)
      It would be interesting to revisit this couple in a few years to see where things stand in their relationship. Or to see if they’re even still together.
      I’m not holding my breath.
      Just a thought.

  2. Good for him. But we see how long before his wife divorce rapes him. I don’t want to be in his position. Marriage is still a raw deal for men I will stick to using Escorts.

    1. “Being a Nutrition Science graduate”
      Holy cow, what a waste of time, you went into debt for something that frivolous.
      Now you’re a housewife, is your husband paying off your college loan?

      1. “I can only assume our weight loss and management are attributable to having most everything including bread, dessert, sometimes even yogurt, prepared from scratch.”
        Bold emphasis is mine. Whole foods made by the consumer, not necessarily purchased made for consumption…yes that will help with weight control. My mother (80) makes homemade bread that is incredible for and the toast it makes is beyond comparison to ANY store bought bread. Never mind being perfect for any meal that has gravy that needs to be mopped off a plate. The down side is the amount of time to make it from scratch at home.

        1. I followed Roosh’s advice and bought a bread machine. Takes about 5 mins to measure and load, and 2 mins to wipe down at the end. Almost no effort at all to make bread. No grandmother required.

      2. Bullchit. Just a Marxist Smear campaign from yellow fever John.
        A friend of mine has this degree.
        She does meal planning for multiple large accounts- hospitals and senior homes etc. She makes a very nice comfortable living.
        So tired of you J OOs Poisoning the well. Its all you do. Its a wonder youre not in Madagascar yet.

      1. Depends on the service.
        I do the following:
        0% is she is a rotten a c*nt
        12.5% – 15% for standard to above avg service
        20% – 30% (or higher) for excellent
        That’s just me, though.
        Do what you think is right.

        1. I don’t tip, but if they are fun I’ll employ them for the week, or buy them a meal or drinks.

  3. This is how ROK dies. You let a woman, A WOMAN wrote an article..
    You do a disservice by having a woman EVER write an article here.
    She is not in her place.
    In the future, when a married woman writes here, please at the very least have the common sense to address the Husband’s wife as Mrs whomever the man she is married too.
    I assume she took her husband’s last name.

    1. It’s not only about her. The general lack of quality content is long gone as it is. The only articles worth reading are from Roosh, as I’ve stated before. The rest? BuzzFeed standard.

        1. OMG make up your mind, one minute everyone bitches about articles being about the ethnic genocide of whites and the fall of western nations and not about game and PUA shit, then when it is PUA shit you morons bitch about it being “22 year olds” shit. So then he gets a woman to share her experiences about being a good and subservient HOUSWIFE, which is good and it is the culture a RETURN OF KINGS site should promote, and now people bitch about that. Then we write articles about race and every “kang” goes on bitching about race baiting articles (when really they are not) while they themselves post history revisionist comments supporting their own race. Stop acting like children, just constantly bitching about shit. I thought this was a good article. If you hate women all together than go join the MGTOWS and fuck some plastic dolls.

    2. Chances are, the article was writtwn by a man and submitted as if from a woman, just like Jax, or whatever her name was, a few years ago.

    3. Sometimes to understand the hamster wheels of insanity, you have to LISTEN to them as they speak. Kinda like listening to them in a restaurant from another booth over (yes, EAVESDROPPING), but if you are LEARNING from how and what they talk about rather than nefarious reasons, you can UP YOUR GAME by being ahead of their psychology. Sometimes to understand your opposition you have to actually do some intelligence gathering…Oh wait, the military does that to WIN…Why don’t you? If the women will seldom ever tell you the truth to your face, then listen to the truth they share amongst themselves. And remember, she is COUNTING YOU TO NOT LISTEN when she doesn’t want you to, and ONLY when she does want you to.

    4. whyem took over the worlds most powerful government and you are shocked that they just took over a simple website????

      1. Women didn’t take over shit. Men gave them power. Pussy whipped, individualistic faggots. BTW, a woman writing about her great experiences as a SUBSERVIENT HOUSEWIFE is by no means a “take over” of this site. Go join a MGTOW site.

    5. The article is written for men understanding how a relationship should work.
      Its for their benefit, understanding and comprehending the nature of the male/female dynamic, as well as female lurkers.
      Women are miserable at work. It defies nature. They know it. They want to hear the word Mommy and have a children love their essence. Thats nature.
      I think it showed the positivity of a relationship when a traditional role- male as provider, is carried out. No more, no less.
      Well done.

      1. Agree. I’m shocked at all the hate at this article from a group that denounces feminism so much.

  4. I give her marriage seven years. She came from a feminist upbringing and it’s very hard for women to hold onto that.
    Also because the husband seems beta, she will still be in masculine drive somewhat.
    She’ll tire of this unless she has kids and homeschools.
    But come back in seven years.
    Luckily, this is a resurgence.

  5. Why the heck is ROK allowing a female to write?
    This is a website to help men improve themselves, not Better Homes and Gardens.
    This article is rubbish.
    I would never take advice from a female I’m not related to.
    Marriage in America is a terrible deal for men. It’s just a way for a woman to sink her legal hooks into a man.
    No marriage for me thank you.

        1. Slim
          Look at all the downvotes we got: we generally both write way more controversial comments without getting thumbed-down.
          Apparently even for the most hardened Manosphere types, MGTOWS, WNs, etc. is still quite difficult to think of their saintly mommies in realistic terms.
          My mother is honestly a very loving and good-hearted person, she’s still affected though by the typically female lack of rational thinking, hence I tend to ignore what she spouts about any topic beyond the right blend of onions, tomato sauce and ground beef for the tagliatelle ragu’

        2. @ Ajeoshi Id take that recipe for the tagliatelle ragu’. Id bet it would be awesome with homemade garlic bread toast

    1. The sole purpose of marriage or wedlock is HEIRS.
      Divorce runs 10% when couples agree on Faith and Money, according to Dave Ramsey.
      Its 20-25% among Catholics. Thats very low. And doesnt factor what Dave writes about. Some of us want white heirs. Thats why we marry. And we enjoy the fruits of it- children.

  6. This is a beautiful article. I’ve flirted with the idea of going MGTOW, but I know it’s possible to have a fulfilling marriage nowadays. All it takes is finding the right woman AND living in a traditional community that’s as removed from the West as possible. Lucky for me that I don’t live in the Western hemisphere, so my chances are higher.

    1. I’d take the job of a housewife in a goddamned second, but I’ve never met a woman stupid enough to work as my personal wage slave. With all this talk of equality, why don’t we men ever have the options of free everything, forever in return for a 5 minute fuck every now and again?

      1. I’ve read quite a few of your comments before. I’m glad you haven’t found a woman stupid enough to want to be a devoted wife to you, seeing as you’re quite stupid yourself.

        1. I’ve had 2 wives, first was a “Domestic Science Graduate”, she was a housewife, and after 30 years of me completely supporting her started banging the gardener, then divorce raped me. Wife 2 (current for nearly 10 years) was a farm girl, I paid for her to go to high school, then university “Political Science”. Number 2 has no claim on my asset as I haven’t ever taken her into the western world, so western divorce laws don’t apply.
          Trust me on this one, there’s no lack of women wanting to be housewive’s (aka kept women) in the world. You just can’t find one to be your housewife because you don’t have enough money to seem a likely prospect.

      2. I agree with you in principle, but I am far to motivated to lay about slovenly like a spoiled princess vagina owner. But your reasoning is very sound. Talk about a dream job AND THEY STILL complain incessantly.

      3. Could it be because youre a disgusting J EW, John Dodds with a yellow fever fetish?
        Women naturally take to being a homemaker and housewife.
        Many- over 1 million now, Homeschool their children, as my wife did. Now they go to a Traditional Catholic School. Studying Freemasonry, Anti Christ Judaism, Latin, Advanced Math, Science among other topics. Socratic method is utilized to encourage critical thought.
        When we started 10 years ago, a mere 100,000 kids were homeschooled.
        My wife loved being a home maker. Play dates with friends, museum trips, Thomas the Train parties, Farm visits to get our Raw milk, concerts etc.
        Its been rewarding. And my kids are J EW wise. too.
        So F You

        1. I’m a Catholic too, 4 white children, 1 brown child, and as a bonus I get to bang plenty of Flipino and Viet Catholic ladies and nobody ever suggests a condom. Marriage in the western world isn’t worth the risk, even if your 10% divorce was realistic (it isn’t my first wife was devout Methodist), I still wouldn’t bet all my assets (current and future) with a 10% chance of losing everything.

  7. Robin, as long as you don’t have or get any tats, remain loyal and feminine, and have at least a couple of kids that you give 100% effort to, you’re OK in my book.
    As far as keeping the weight off so far, you’re only in your mid 20s and no kids, so I wouldn’t be crowing too quick.

  8. I don’t understand the negative comments to this article. Doesn’t the hoped for goal of a return to the masculine involve having women embrace their traditional roles. I am sorry only a boyish man wants to be a single playa all his life. When our culture was strong and traditional you would find it difficult to find willing sluts to bed anyway. If we can eventually revive our culture the single playa lifestyle would rightly disappear. Or is the goal to just live a decadent lifestyle in a decaying culture? I hope that marriage lasts, they have many children and they are an inspiration to others. This is how it starts. This is how we revive our culture.

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately we’ve all been recruited into the Satanic cult called judai$m, where hedonism, immorality and destruction of everything traditional and decent is the end goal. All it took is about 50 years of television & Hollywood programming / propaganda, mixed with various subversive magazines (Playboy) and books (50 Shades…). Our “culture” has been reduced to a “cult” and most of us are played like puppets while the (((puppet masters))) grin like soulless reptiles.

    2. Cavalier is a chick, it’s obvious. What sane hetero male doesn’t want a wide variety of women? Literally coded into the DNA, like lies in women’s dna

      1. You are obviously just a boy. I am a man in my 50’s and know about life not a child such as you. If you think that hedonism and bedding multiple women is good for our culture than you are part of the problem. Back in my Father’s day and certainly before that being with one woman was normal. Do you want to live in a depraved dying culture or a strong Christian one?

      2. Fucking a variety of women is nice in your twenties early thirties… After that it’s pathetic even if you have the desire to do so. I guess you are young. Look at this Dan Bilzarian guy… Pathetic man living like an eternal child. Waste of a life. This young chicks only want him for money and expensive lifestyle.

        1. So you are saying men like me in our 40s should wife up old single mom hags so we don’t like like pathetic like Dan ?

        2. I plan on banging 18 to 29 yos until I am dead or go broke. Don’t care if that makes me look “pathetic” to you or anyone else. No wrinkled old bags in their 40s for me.

        3. If you plan on banging sluts until you die without building a familily why do you complain about this decadent society? It’s perfect for you! You deserve the loose woman! It’s golden age for you! Go and bang them all until they suck out all your money and then die in misery

  9. Dudes, not everything in the world is black and really – isn’t the point of all our work towards being more masculine to achieve this kind of result? A loving relationship with a woman who is capable of bonding. To all you guys who are butthurt – yah I was there too but finally came out of it and can see things more clearly now. Sometimes good things Do happen.
    The only thing about the article that blows me away is the girl says she has a degree in nutrition science and doesn’t understand how eating healthy homemade food causes a person to revert to normal weight? Quite a damning comment on the University she attended – which obviously DID NOT provide her with even a basic understanding of nutrition.

    1. Could be because the FDA and various ‘Councils’ on Nutrition have been lying to the general public for decades about healthy food choices, the pyramid, %s ratio of Carbs/Fat/ protein etc and when coupled with the boxxed foods- full of chemicals, foods pumped with herbicides, pesticides, estrogen and the like…it takes a true scientist to study and sort it. I dont fault her for that.
      Bodybuilders and holistic food practioners have known what works but this is kept from our Universities and general public at large.

  10. I love it how all the pics in articles like this are some stock photos… u know that reality doesn’t look like that right?

    1. Did you expect her to post pictures of herself, so that guys here would accuse her of attention-whoring?

      1. What… HER?!?! I didn’t even see that the author was she, wtf is this, female writing on ROK? What is next, femnists writing here about the toxicity of the manosphere?

        1. Apparently Roosh got scared shitless from his little exile in Iceland and maybe now he rethinks his strategy. Maybe he will try to slowly convert ROK to more socailly acceptable outlet complete with the diversity and inclusion of women in order to clear his reputation thus the fake female author articles here.

        2. I agree, he’s throwing in the towel.
          I’ve been in jail, most guys don’t like it much, so I can see his POV too.

  11. Great!
    Some other benefits;
    * Do not have to compete like a man in the workplace and retain your femininity.
    * Instead of slaving for another man (employer) The only man you’re working and sacrificing for is your loving husband.
    * You get to raise your own children and not minimum wage day-care strangers.

  12. And the day ROK has jumped the shark and gone on a slippery slope has arrived…
    Allowing a female writer.
    I honestly don’t care what this article even says. My respect for ROK has halved due to it’s sheer lack of integrity.
    Women and gays/trannies are NOT allowed to write here. Pope Francis can’t just undo thousands of years of Catholic tradition and suddenly say gayness is OK.

  13. There are many red flags in this article:
    “The success of my husband’s family was pretty intimidating at first. My husband’s father is a doctor, his sister is in medical school, the other sister is an engineer, and his mother studied chemical engineering before getting married.”
    “They have seen how well I take care of their son and I think his mother sees that he is being taken care of like she would take care of him.”
    “Even his go-getter sisters have been affected:”
    “When we first married, my husband was very gentile with me. I believe he wasn’t fully sure how to own all the power I was giving him.”
    It’s interesting that the writer explicitly mentions the professional backgrounds of her husband’s family but never of the husband himself:
    father-in-law = doctor
    mother-in-law = engineer
    sister-in-law = engineer
    sister-in-law = studying to become a doctor
    husband = ???
    Seems like he’s the underachiever of the family. The reason why also becomes apparent when reading between the lines; raised by dominant women, problably blue pill father overly cuddled which produced a soft spine and a passive attitude (very common among sons of professionally high achieving mothers). The article lacks sufficient information to make reasonable predictions about the future. Much will depend on the writer’s own history. Did she lead a wild life of excitement? if yes than she’s going to get bored eventually. If she led a conservative life untill now than they might make it.

    1. If she is a happy housewife to him despite him being an “underachiever” then the more respect she deserves.

      1. If he’s the underachiever of that family she’s going to lose respect for him once those first feelings of being in love fade away. Children are going to put pressure on both of them and show of what material they’re made – steel or cotton candy? The article doesn’t really show how she personally feels and thinks about her husband. She did brag about her in-laws.
        I suppose both his sisters aren’t married yet (because no mention). Once they do they’re going to be in a much higher socioeconomic station than their brother and his wife….considering hypergamy. This will only amplify his underachieving. It’s a sure red flag when a guy is professionally and financially outperformed by his sisters. That kinda tells you what the regime was in their household growing up – dominant, controlling and overbearing mother and absent or passive father.
        Betaness isn’t necessarily a problem if it’s compensated for with lots of money. Once blue pillism and limited financial means are concentrated in one person disasters happen.
        “My husband has a nice job but we are by no means rich. As I mentioned earlier, I was super concerned about being a financial burden staying at home and have my husband support us. “

        1. “Betaness isn’t necessarily a problem if it’s compensated for with lots of money. Once blue pillism and limited financial means are concentrated in one person disasters happen.”
          Anthony Bourdain would disagree were he here.

    2. Well she definitely picked a “family” that is moneyed…..Most overlooked the gold digging plan in effect and executed NM student debt and how fast she noted income and treatment of the females (white knighting) in the family. All expensive degreed fields, all supposedly making tons of successful money…(ahem)…..But moot points to people who cannot read the intelligence value of what she actually says..all they see is words, and no psychology, no “tells” of her agenda…but you bite down hard on the base obviousness of the story like catfish bait but not the substance of it. You morons don’t even understand half the sh** I say because your so linear in thought and so inside the box., but sure you can blast me with bullsh**. Keep them fingers in the ears and keep making nonsensical noises, the feminists love it when you do that, they win. “alphas” my ass.

  14. As one of the harshest users in the comment section, I must say I’m disgusted by this reaction by a number of you. Yes, we have all been red-pilled and understand the true nature of women but this article has nothing to do with any of that. Regardless if it was actually written by a woman, the article is simply about a woman who has embraced the role of being a housewife and how it has positively benefited her husband (and herself). What may happen or not happen to this arrangement in the future has no effect on their current situation and honestly for those of us that do believe in traditional marital roles, is this not what we want?

    1. When it is too good to be true…it IS. Suckers bite hardest on the sweetest baits….AWALT, but people develop selective understanding when their feelz get manipulated. Aside from the awkward expressions used and spelling errors in it by a “degreed” female….Completely miss the fact it was SJW troll bait. but it drew out the white knights in the commenting crowd.

      1. People still fervent clinging to the feminists favorite myths and brainwashing while proclaiming red pill…pfft. Bitter truth.

    2. Agree. A nice uplifting article for a change, regardless if it’s fictional or true. It does represent an idea situation for most women / men, although obviously not common or easy to attain — in this sense, somewhat of a unicorn relationship. As such, this type of article (via the comment section) “outs” all the negative losers who read and comment on this site. I don’t care if they are alphas, betas or zetas, and I don’t care how many whores they have pounded — a stupid asshole is simply a stupid asshole.

  15. I’m no fan of marriage and understand all the pitfalls that exist with it, but come on people.
    We have all these supposed Alphas that like to comment but are scared stiff when it comes to any mention of marriage. Talk about being a big ole’ p—-y.
    Life is full of risks. Marriage is one of them. Can it be a bad deal for men? Sure. Is the legal/divorce deck stacked against men? Generally yes (but that is changing). Does staying single for the rest of life come with risks? Sure does.
    I’m single. Lost my job with no notice. Just laid off due to H1B’s flooding in. I had no backup other then some modest severance, short term unemployment, and my savings. A lot of my co-workers had spouses who either took up a job while they looked or were already employed. They made it work on one income for awhile. Me – I had to scramble around and take the next crappy job I could find. Three months severance doesn’t last too long when the bills start piling up.
    Got sick a few years ago. It was some unexplained virus that kept me largely in bed for a month. Really sucked not having anyone to care for me. Fortunately between friends and a family member who took a week off I was able to piece together some care. Left me wondering though wouldn’t it had been nice to have someone there instead of having to haul my feverish butt to the grocery store using all my willpower.
    Not saying marriage is for everyone or it doesn’t have lots of downsides. Just don’t be scared of it like a black cat just crossed the road.

    1. Good for you.
      Visa workers need deported. Affirmative Anti white racism laws need rescinded as well.
      Divorce runs only 10% when couples agree on Money and Faith. They are the building blocks. Dont get discouraged reading the comments from the Hasbara rats. Youll know when its the right one. Marriage is great with the RIGHT partner. Its hell with the wrong one. Choose wisely.

    2. So what, life isn’t fair. That’s rule number one. All relationshits are gambles, and in the end, you come into the world alone, and will go out of it alone. Get a grip. Be smarter than that. make the best of the good times, and try your best in the bad ones, you are not guaranteed a perfect life, so quit acting like you are. Its what you make of it, and not what some can give to you in it.

    3. @Another…,
      Do the H1B’s work for free !? or for less pay !? And how come they are able to successfully replace “your kind of grudgy guys” !?

      1. @Ravi
        Very large vendors like wipro, tata, mphasis, etc.. bring in H1s at significantly lower rates than American workers. And the H1s will never complain (at least to the American mgr) about the lower pay or longer hours they are asked to work. It is well documented how this is being used to displace American IT staff, especially the recent layoffs at Disney.

      2. They work for around the 25th percentile of salary. Most are happy just not to live in their s-hole country anymore. They won’t complain because if they do it is right back to s-hole country for them.

  16. I would like to know what Robin looks like, but if she is somewhat attractive, you become a billionaire if you could clone her.

    1. Revisit the topic about the Marvel cosplayers creating their own fake gods to whoreship….and then you will see why the white knighters go on and on about what a godsend this “robin” is….and how shamelessly fast they act just like the cosplayers do.
      The morons found their “unicorn” at last, it seems. And they shamelessly go on believing it is true. How quickly the surrendered their “alpha” and red pill state of minds for blue pill cuckery, or that they never were red pill to start with.

  17. “I believe he wasn’t fully sure how to own all the power I was giving him.”
    What do you mean by “all the power”, mam !? What kind of “power” you are “giving” Him, mam !? Are you giving Him “power” so that :
    =He can stay at Home & don’t need to break His arse at work !?
    =He can just “sleep” with you & He has nothing else to be worried !?
    Damn it! Come out of your grandeur illusion, mam! You are NOT giving Him any “power” !! He, as a MAN, has all the Power to give whatever He can. He, as a MAN, has every right to expect & demand “Return On Investment” !!
    You are with Him because He loves you, He cares for you, He provides all the Comforts He can afford (and beyond) & protects you, He gives you Pleasure (on demand, no-strings-attached & absolutely FREE!) & Bestows you with motherhood.
    So accept it! You have no “power” as such to give Him! You are doing whatever you are doing because it is “mutually beneficial”, in fact MORE beneficial & rewarding for you than to your MAN.
    Anyway, we still appreciate you for embracing the traditional role(s). Best Wishes to you Couple.

  18. It’s good to hear a story of marital success. I hope that your marriage will last and that God will bless you with children.

    1. “Marital success” can only be proclaimed by the living survivor after one spouse has died. While they both live, there is always the chance of failure.

  19. Alright this was a wholesome and interesting article and Return of Kings needs that every now and then. But I’m sure Roosh said somewhere that women and gays are STRONGLY advised to not even click on this site, let alone write an entire article. I respect the bravery of the authoress but a storm is brewing in the comment section and you honestly can’t blame them. If I had a wife who was “traditional”, she would not be on the internet posting stuff. In fact, she would not be on the internet doing anything at all. She’d be pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen baking pancakes wearing a kerchief on her head; just the way a lot of us guys want it.

    1. But I still wish her a happy marriage and luck with her family. But ROK is the last place I would expect a female-written article.

  20. I went thru the same thing John Dodds went thru. I would be extremely careful with having a SAHM because that gives our broken court system more leverage to break one off on the man when she divorce rapes him. I mentor my son and all his college friends at UT Austin to not marry any American woman because the risks, hazards, and pitfalls are too great. I email him articles all the time, and I tell him that he will not get any of this kind of learning at UT Austin and it is my job to mentor him about the hypergamy of what radical feminism has done to American women.

  21. Dont understand why this article is getting flak. Its a woman talking about how she enjoys being a traditional stay at home wife. Isnt that a mans goal? Or are you going to keep fucking skanks your whole life?

    1. Some people wish the herd to remain angry and bitter towars women as a feminist would towards men. Got to keep that gender war thriving and the white sheep divided and sterile.

      1. Divide and conquer via bitterness and gender war. I like the flip-side insight.

  22. In all likelyhood, this probably isnt even a woman. A traditional feminine stay at home wife wouldnt fuckin read rok. Lmfao

    1. Why would a woman have anything to do with ROK? Of course it’s fake, it’s just Roosh trying to steer away from the perceived toxicity of the manosphere after the matrix got him. Maybe SAS commandos raided him in Iceland and told him to include wahmen… or else.

      1. Lol. Oh no the g0yim women are waking up and ROK could be undoing our great (((feminist))) work. JIDF to all stations we have to crush this possible outbreak.

  23. So when ROK started there was a strict “no women or gay men” policy.
    Now a woman has written an article. This site can’t even follow it’s own rules.

    1. I’m just writing a story “The Joy of Sex with Ladyboys”, to take advantage of the new RoK submission diversity rainbow flag.

    1. Thank you @Burner! Don’t know what prompted ROK to publish this kind of “fill-in-the-blanks” article !!

    2. ROK just got trolled by a militant feminist telling them exactly what they wanted to hear, and when their cotton candy farting unicorn showed up, they ate mightly from that spouting bunghole the “cotton candy” fart was real horseshit and the horn was fake too. they would be really red faced embarrassed but nobody can see it through the “mud” mask they are all wearing right now, while sporting their uncovered name tags of white knight #1, et al.. Not the names of the suckers, they will be much more reserved now that they outed themselves as faux ” red pill”ers…

      1. …note the names of the true believers…ahem SUCKERS…..suckers.
        Psychology is not a strong suit for red pill people I guess. I keep telling them, but no, they don’t listen.

        1. Neal Jensen you won already. you exposed the article very accurate with your posts. now you are just beating the dead horse hahahahahah

        2. @the internet, it makes a satisfying fleshy hollow thumping noise equivalent to a millennial being hit by a bus while listening to and focused on their cell phone while insta-whoring. What’s not to love about it?

  24. Some of these comments are very funny…seems to have triggered a lot of guys. When I was younger and in college, I too only wanted to be a single playa but for a variety of reasons, that just didn’t happen (mostly due to the fact that I matured). Most of the guys triggered by this article are probably complaining about declining birth rates and the moral decay we see due to the lack of the nuclear family unit yet they won’t form families of their own reverse this trend. Makes no sense to me but oh well.
    Having a wife that is a housewife/stay at home mom, I can say that this article is pretty spot on. My wife and I are both Mexican. I was born in the US while she was born and raised in Mexico (didn’t come to the US til we got married). In Mexico, many married women are housewives and married men are the breadwinners. Her family is no exception so naturally, my wife also became a housewife, even though she has a college degree. I can tell you it’s pretty sweet living in a household with a housewife, especially when you have kids. I go to work and make money while she does all the housework, cooking, and takes the kids to and from school. Plus, I have a lot to look forward to when I come home from work. The house is always clean, I always have nice hot meals waiting for me (on top of breakfast and the lunch she makes for me), the laundry is done, and I can just kick back and relax after a long day dealing with idiots. Having a sole provider isn’t as bad in terms of income either and with careful planning, we’re financially well off and we still have enough spending money to treat ourselves or occasionally go on vacation. All in all, life is sweet.

  25. I have seriously mixed feelings about allowing females to write articles for this site. It’s a cute article, I’ll give you that, but this is the current year, which means that all this woman has to do is get an itch, and she can leave at any time, steal the guy’s resources, etc. And not only will there be no consequences, in most parts of our culture, she’ll be rewarded and complimented for it. Let’s see what she writes 20 years from now.

  26. I don’t feel quite as alone after reading this article. As a stay-at-home mother of three young children, I find we save a lot of money as a family due to me earning “labor income”. I keep a garden, I can, I cook almost everything from scratch, I don’t have our children in daycare since I watch them, etc. I’m very content keeping up the house and being able to raise my kids. Sometimes I do miss adult interaction (hence why I’m here during naptime), but overall I am very happy. Even more importantly, my husband is, too.
    Funny enough, I’m also thinner now than I was while working before kids. I think it has a lot to do with both eating from scratch and not having the pressures of working outside the home.

  27. I agree I could’ve written better, and now this comes out by a woman, I can’t believe it you really are mocking me huh, I’ve read this shit longer than 4 years ‘Brah’

  28. People here complain about the degeneracy of modern women, how slutty they are and how there are too few traditional women who embrace their natural role… This is a traditional woman, talking about the benefits of living that way. I’m not sure what the problem is. I guess there are too many MGTOW faggots here.

  29. Very cool. I especially like that you make everything from scratch. Most women take pride in not being able to cook. It would to nice to run into someone like you one day. Cheers!

  30. Roosh fckin up big time with this. This could be the start of the end of his online success. Only thing needed now is another individual to fill the void. Really looking like whatever he’s going thru & his newly jaded perspective is changing things for him.

  31. That ship has sailed.
    “Housewife” will be
    an even harder job
    to land than male
    nurse as men go
    their own way.
    The Kings are
    returning and
    that means no
    more marriage
    contracts or
    common law
    living together.

  32. Im shocked and disappointed at all of the negative comments!! I thought this was what men wanted? A loyal sweet girl to cook and clean for you, take care of everything outside your work, happily love and support you, and make your life easier. Some of you just don’t seem like you would be haaaaappy no matter what!
    Luckily, I have a healthy and stable husband who appreciates these very things. Good for you, Robin, doing what you love that makes your husband happy too =)
    I’ll add a few more benefits I’ve discovered in my decades as a housewife myself. I have time to coupon and shop around to save him as much as possible. My schedule is flexible so I can take care of any surprise errands that would be inconvenient for him. I am at home to receive deliveries, admit the electrician, respond to that burst water pipe immediately, etc. I have time to maintain family relationships, organize entertainment, launder, iron and mend his clothing myself, care for children and pets, detail our cars, and an infinite number of other tasks that save him money and express my love and care of him.
    I assure all of you, being a good housewife is not just more than a 60 minute day, it is truly a never-ending career that does not get nights, weekends, or holidays off!

  33. Thank you for the article. It was very pleasing to read! God bless you! I hope you guys have many babies as you can provide for. Your husband is a lucky man be this article true.
    Yes Eurasian men on here there are white women like this still. I have a Christian Reformed background culturally/genetically (my father’s blood though is Scottish/British) and can give testimony these women are out there. My brothers have wives like these, and Lord willing the daughters that keep popping out will be like there foremothers.
    That being said the Liberal agenda – Tv’s in the home/etc. does bring stress to my brothers… (Roosh I can set you up with a classical Dutch women just fyi)…
    There may be hope yet brethren!!!!… but the Liberals must still be dealt with absolutely/ultimately. May you shed what Liberal lies cling to you yet brethren….
    They can’t keep us from getting organized in vast numbers forever. The snowball is rolling…

  34. Rok is becoming shit day by day. It’s nothing but politics. Knowledge and writing about game is utterly rare and almost non existent now. Also, there are female articles now being published. Way to step it up.

  35. I seem to remember that the rules said that if you reply to a woman in the forum, you got banned.

  36. This made me choke up a bit. Yes, a few tears of joy were shed. God Bless You, Robin Henessey.

  37. My wife stays home and I have full appreciation for what she does, but we also have two small kids. Staying home without kids is absurd and bizarre to me but to each their own.
    No more women written articles please. This is a man’s site. Like we need an article telling us why a childless woman should stay home.

  38. Robin “Hennesy” is not how you spell the name Hennessy. This was written by a dude. Lane.

  39. You have been married for a very short time dear. Just wait until you have kids you will be tired of him acting like a baby and asking you why you didn’t bring him water when the baby does the same. I love minding my husband, cooking for him, caring for him, giving him a massage, looking nice for him, being sexy for him, etc, but I can give myself one hunfred percent to him because I trust him and he isnt acting like a baby. But ai don’t know if this is traditional. Have you all heard of the pygmies, they are very healthy soceities without the problems of ours. There they care about the spoise nd often contribute 50/50 to the calorie intake, there is almost nothing that only a man or woman can do and men also help the woman and a good dad is considered one that support the mom and they are much more gentle than us, non violence towards kids and all livings, very eglitarian. And divorce is not unclmmom like it has never been in human life, sometimes the other part would die sometimes it wouldn’t work, it has always been a part of human nature.

  40. This was written by an actual woman. Yeah, right. Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  41. Allow me to tell you single guys out there that:
    There is no comparable happiness in being single to that attained when being married (to a good, intelligent and decent woman).
    The marriage I am in has its stressful points, but, my good wife and I do what we can to be reasonable and rational as we work our way through the warp and woof of living in the current year. We dated for two years before the ceremony. A few months later we bought a house. I was so surprised at the feeling of freedom I had that first morning I drove off to work. How nice and what a great support it was to have a real dinner cooked for me when I got home that evening.
    We have made it twenty two years together and I do not know if we are going to split up or not. And the concept of divorce has been floated by her in response to some nincompoopery on my part. I have always filed a joint tax return. I believe that more children would have helped us avoid some useless sidebars.
    I do know that the marriage has allowed us both to be free in ways I could not imagine. That appears oxymoronic… free while being tied to one person. But it is true.
    A few weeks ago I went to a local water hole sans my wedding ring… the experience was really sad for me. I spoke with five females and shuddered at the thought of cohabiting with them.
    When we grow into men we naturally have fewer and fewer male friends. The few males we can talk too are suffering from jealousy and envy and a safe bet is that, if you have anything, they are sizing you up for some form of take down.
    As men our only real ally is our woman. No guarantee. Your results may vary.
    It all depends on you and something we do not hear so much about anymore: Love.

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