5 Things We Can Learn From The Movie Gran Torino

Walt Kowalski, the protagonist of Gran Torino, is a product of an earlier time. In many ways, he is the red pill incarnate. However, his wisdom is unintentional. He lives without a care as to what others think. He is a threat to the modern status quo, giving modern men five tremendous lessons. In so doing, he transforms his neighbor from an omega into an alpha.

1. Men used to be raised with balls.

During Gran Torino, Walt faces many challenges, some of which may result in his injury, death, or people simply not liking him. Regardless, he does what he feels is best, and not what will endear him to others. The best example is his refusal to call the police and confronting intruders with a M1 Garand instead.

A man of today would never do that. Rather, he would call the police and retreat into his house, then pray that nobody entered the house. Men need to take action, not be passive. Successful people take action. Failures are passive. Kowalski is a product of the 20s and 30s, where men weren’t subject to public ridicule. You did what you had to, if you were a man. Forget what everyone else thinks, and flout society’s expectations. You are your own man. Never forget that, despite what all the betas, “white knights,” omegas, and feminazis want you to believe.

2. Say what you want.

Walt Kowalski is an unabashed racist, calling Hmong “gooks,” Italians “dagos,” and Irish “paddies.” But he doesn’t conform to what’s “acceptable.” I’m not saying to be a racist, but I am saying that most guys who worry about society’s reaction tend to be either betas or omegas. We move towards being alphas just by learning this stuff.

Now, let’s relate this to game and lifestyle in general. As men, we need to say what we think. Not just to other men or our friends, but to everyone. That doesn’t mean you should be the negative, energy-sucking fellow. Nobody likes him. Rather, be the man who isn’t afraid to disagree. Be the guy who isn’t afraid to take initiative and say “let’s do this.” Be the man who takes control of situations. For example, I’m a fraternity brother at my university. During pledge, our pledge class president wasn’t doing his job one night. We were being lax in our duties. I started getting people together so we could do tasks we needed to do, kicking some guys asses and telling them “get your ass in gear.”

I had my pledge brothers there the next three nights.


3. Age should be no object

Kowalski is at least 75 years old. Now, I’m not saying that you need to pull women at that age… nobody does. He doesn’t let his age get in his way. Rather than sit at home and meekly watch his world go to shit, Kowalski fights back, knowing he has nothing to lose. In the process, he helps his neighbor become a stronger man. This sets him up for a bright future, as long as he stays away from feminism.

Now, apply this to game and understand two things. First, we are conditioned to believe that passive game is worth everything. Look at the stuff that the media throws out there. I’ve seen many older men with young, hot women. Most people attribute that to money and looks. Well, these guys aren’t wealthy and aren’t good looking. Logically, they shouldn’t get women. However, they do.

4. Don’t take crap. Ever.

Kowalski doesn’t take crap from anyone. His family, friends, and neighbors all realize that he won’t tolerate dealing with nonsense, as is shown on his birthday. Pussies let people get away with giving them crap. The type who goes “it’s okay,” “not a big deal,” or “don’t worry.” Secretly, however, pussies are burning up on the inside. Men tell it like it is. We stand up for ourselves, something that we seem to have bred out of boys.

Women will try to shit test you. It happens and if you want to fuck them, you have to beat it. There are a lot of ways to do it. My favorite involves making her wait for me to finish something.

5. Don’t care what people think about you

Kowalski doesn’t care what people think about him.  He is completely unapologetic in what he says, does, and thinks. He operates completely on his own terms, and doesn’t care if people like it or not. To me, this was a huge lesson, and one that I am still learning (I’m 18). The red pill reveals a world that most men will never enter. When you determine a goal and start pushing towards it, people will give you shit. People will be jealous. Some people can’t stand the idea of someone who speaks his mind regularly. Screw them, push yourself, live your life, and be an Alpha in every part of your life.

My friend, a fellow fraternity brother, is dating a girl – a bad idea to keep a girlfriend when you go to college anyway. This pussy is the epitome of the blue pill. A few nights ago, we performed one leg of a famous event at my university. It involves streaking. He texted his girlfriend to ask for permission to streak.

To reiterate briefly, Walt Kowalski is a man’s man. He teaches us the lessons that we need to learn. In many ways, he’s why I became interested in the red pill in the first place. He is what we should aspire to, although we do not need to be bitter or racists. Rather, we should take his positive attributes and apply them to our own lives. I have noticed that I have begun to live a far happier, more fulfilled life since I did.

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153 thoughts on “5 Things We Can Learn From The Movie Gran Torino”

    1. As I said to Nathan, I did things a little differently when I wrote this than I would now. I feel as though I had a far more cartoon-like belief in what “the alpha male” is, and both experience and self-reflection taught me that. After reading through your first link, I found that I agreed with it. As for Shackleton, I know quite a bit about him. He was a true leader in every sense of the word.
      Regardless, thank you for your comments.

    2. Community service is bullshit. You’re going to play nursemaid to some loser at a food bank when the time you waste you could be making more money and just donate the money. Besides, I pay the government to do these jobs through my taxes which they confiscate 1/2 of.

  1. “Say what you want.” — Terrible advice. Intelligent people know it’s better to keep quiet and not spew whatever is on your mind. Only lower class idiots (and women) feel the need to constantly let everyone know what’s on their minds.
    “Don’t care what people think about you.” — More terrible advice. Clearly you shouldn’t live your life based on the opinions of others. But, being socially aware and conscious of how others perceive you is essential if you want to be successful.

    1. Nathan, I don’t think he means “run your mouth” which seems to be how you’re interpreting it. It’s more like if you have an opinion or some information that won’t necessarily be taken well but needs to be heard nonetheless, don’t hold back. I agree with you that you should not spew whatever is on your mind, though.

    2. I will admit that, upon review, I dislike some of the stuff I put in this article. That is my fault, as I should’ve done a better job editing. Also, I agree with your issue about “say what you want.” There are times where judiciousness is required. I should have said (more accurately) that you shouldn’t hesitate to say things that might be unpopular. For example, all of us hold opinions that the average man today would dislike, but say them anyway. This is what I mean by “say what you want.”
      Additionally, I understand your point about “Don’t care what others think about you.” What I was getting at is that the majority of men care too much about what people think about them. You need to live your life independently of what people think about certain courses of action. You need to live for you.
      Anyway, thank you for your criticism. As this is my first article, I truly appreciate it.

      1. Doesn’t matter that you dislike what you wrote. Don’t back-peddle.You’re not “wrong”.
        Of course you will regret a few things you wrote. You said you were only 18. But you wrote is EXCELLENT points. The core gist is there. Do not deviate.
        “Unappologetic”. Remember? Don’t Withdraw what you said. internalize and REFINE it. Figure out what it means to be “unapologetic”. You don’t SAY “sorry”. But BE sorry and show with actions. An important part of manhood is not feeling a need to explain yourself or apologize.
        It’s going to be a constant battle with REFINING yourself. 30 years from now – you will STILL be doing it.
        Make MANY mistakes and PAY PAY PAY for them.
        “Don’t care what people think about you.” — is not terrible advice. You should never look to other people for social cues and must live by &choose your own code of values. MANY people will not agree with you. Your GUT is more right than they are. Your job is to find out and PROVE it – not to them – but to yourSELF. That’s what “Don’t care what people think about you.” means. You might surprise yourself many years from now – how right you actually ARE.
        Your explanation to Nathan is unnecessary. We KNOW what you mean. But you didn’t need to say it. Let others read it and extract what is useful – and discard what is not.
        It is up to Nathan to figure out the meaning for himself in a way that works for him. As with all your readers.
        Consider the Bible. It is WAY open for interpretation. If you call bullshit on every single lesson – it becomes a useless piece of literature. But it exists for a REASON.
        Adam and Eve and the expulsion from Paradise is practically a TRUE STORY which we still see every single day. Headline: “Woman ruins man’s paradise because he wasn’t careful and fell for her manipulation.”
        If you take it at face value, it’s just a dumb story. Apple. Snake. Devil. Yeah so what. But if you interpret it correctly – it will save you a HELL of grief — and even your own fortune.
        It’s up to the reader to interpret correctly. You’ve done your job.
        Chin up old old boy. Keep muddling through.
        Best of luck in your all your endeavours.

        1. You forgot to incude the specifics. Saying someone is “wrong” doesn’t make it so. My message was directed at him and totally positive in its intent.
          Yours is fucking disgrace and a miserable failure.

        2. I can’t log into Disqus right now, but I’m interested in hearing WHY you think I’m completely wrong.

      2. “For example, all of us hold opinions that the average man would dislike, but say them anyway.”
        You write them, using aliases and pseudonyms, on an internet blog. That’s a whole helluva lot different than “saying” them in public.

        1. Why do so many manosphere writers write from behind a mask??
          It simply doesn’t matter WHO says it, or WHO does it.
          What matters is what is said. “The public” doesn’t even want to HAVE this conversation between Men.

        2. You couldn’t possibly know that. That’s just something you NEED to believe. To get “chicks to dig” you… all you need to do is tell them exactly what they want to hear. Generating “likes” from females is so easy… I have trouble even saying it.

        3. The entire appeal of BatMan was never showing he was Bruce Wayne.
          Besides… “looks” play zero role in the merit of an argument or what is written. It’s not “more right” because of someone’s face. You can’t get “white” to be “even whiter” no matter what you wash it with.

        4. What you just wrote has no merit. And if I want chicks to “like” what I wrote…. I would just have to type something like “All women are beautiful and they can do no wrong”. A manosphere writer could go on daytime TV right now and say that in front of a female audience and get an automatic round of applause. But it has no basis in REALITY.

        5. The spark was offered from that MTV lady who said she wanted you guys to come on her “True Life” show and y’all balked at the chance.
          You omegas ’round here won’t do diddly squat, and you know it.

        6. this clown will find an argument to tell you the sky is green not blue…. she’s got a mint choc chip wedged in her panties… starting to cause a thrush infection i think……

        7. That’s why the captain of the debate team gets all the cheerleaders right?
          The idea that someone wants to sleep with someone else based on rhetorical skill……

        8. MTV wanted this site but you scoffed at the prospect, despite the fact that more young American men watch MTV than they watch ABC.
          What gives?

        9. Generating a like on some public board where there are other chicks around and they’re all operating in herd mode means nothing. When you have some of these girls alone you’ll really see how they behave and what they really like when the other chicks around around to encourage them. They go right back into the natural female subordinate and submissive role unless you’re a complete geek omega.

        10. Let me give you boys some advice:
          BEWARE OF SODS
          This oreo choc chip is either a tranny or homo which is why he’s hanging around here. He’s trying to entice some of you naive horny sex starved boys so beware.That’s what they do, prey on boys or drunks. That Beware of Sods was a sign you’d sometimes see in old bars where it was known that homos or trannies would frequent the place and look for drunks.

        11. Roosh never turned down opportunities in Europe to be on trashy shows. So now all of a sudden y’all are growing standards?

        12. I guess your real name is Mint Choc Chip. Anonymity is one of the perks of the internet, and how the hell do you know what he says in public?

        13. Let’s see your pic. No? Then you should probably shut the fuck up and go back to Jezebel, troll.

        14. Probably doesn’t want rabid femcunts like you trying to get him fired from his job. Can you blame him?

        15. Your hamster obviously had to work some overtime to come up with that one. I really hope you’re a female, because either way you’re a bitch. Seriously, nothing you say has any value. Henceforth, I won’t be responding to any of your inane posts. Dork.

        16. Yeah. Right now it’s taking the form of a supercilious little bi-curious British twat who insists on hanging out in the big boy forum being an irritating pain-in-the-ass. For someone who’s 21 years old (tops), you sure do think you know a hell of a lot. Why don’t you just admit that you really need help, so your future girlfriends don’t fuck around on you? That’s the real reason you’re here, right? Your pussy-ass feminist leanings can’t quite come to terms with what you subconsciously know is the truth. Otherwise, why would you waste your time here, when you could be wanking and playing WoW? Seriously, if you need help, you should just quit trying to front.

      3. You’re 18 an already wider than most 35 year old men. I wouldn’t beat myself up too much if I was you. Wish my 18 year old self had written this.

        1. “You’re 18 an already wider than most 35 year old men.”
          LOL! If he’s an American then for certain he is already “wider” than most 35 year old men.

        2. Take note, people: S/he’s good at reading whatever the hell she wants to in an article or comment text field (‘wider’ and not ‘wiser’). Props to you for having psychedelic, rose-tinted vision, Mint Choc Chip.

        3. Low value women hang out where the alphas are, desperate for attention. If s/he had anything better to do, s/he’d be doing it.

        4. Part of being a strong man is not letting BS into your thoughts. The guy deserves no more thought than a babies peepee diaper.

      4. you did a great job and you made some excellent points and it is most certainly true that the older generation who are mostly passed away now, had some kind of code of honor, grit and integrity that is long lost these days…
        there was a great quote from this old couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, most women these days are hard pressed to push the second kid out before filing for divorce…. and sicker still they are already shacked up with a new guy before it’s out of diapers…
        they said… “in our day when things were broken, we didn’t throw them away, we found a way to mend them…. ”
        for all the other crap you need, like stupid weddings that will only last a year or two… there’s mastercard….
        it used to be considered crass to remarry at all, it used to be considered wrong to start dating within a year of a break up or bereavement…. adultery and fornication used to be gross….
        the whole shit house has gone to the dogs…. (or in this case more like baboons)

      5. Congratulations on your first article. 🙂
        I also would agree with Nathan that you should not blurt out anything and everything you think and take care what people think of you, just in case you’re really doing something wrong, but I’m sure that’s what you meant, even if you forgot to specify it.

        1. I apparently can’t log into Disqus, but thank you. I feel as though Nathan pointed out some flaws in my article, but I did not believe that I had to spell everything out for people. Yes, it is important to manage what people think about you. It’s also important to use discretion in what you’re saying. Don’t go to a guy’s funeral and say “he was a fucking asshole,” because that’s idiotic.

      6. Hey Thuth Teller, i will actually defend your points, instead of agreeing with you that they were bad. If you view your advices as “always” , “regardless of situation”,etc i would agree they’re are bad. But i guess you wrote them for people with good enough discernment, not for people with asperger’s, hence they’re good. Anybody who disagrees with these points missed them, or are hypocrites. By the way, i really liked your whole article.

      7. I see nothing wrong with the article at all – I’m 40 years old and when I was young most men were like that. It could be difficult, and sometimes socially ‘awkward’ or ‘damning’ – but that’s the thing about not giving a fuck what people think. You don’t give a fuck. Industriousness and speaking the truth are noble traits, they lead to near constant conflict, but they are the way of true men.

      8. In an era where what’s socially acceptable to say is shrinking everyday, I think following Walt’s example is probably the best thing you can do for a sick society.

      9. In an era where what’s socially acceptable to say is shrinking everyday, I think following Walt’s example is probably the best thing you can do for a sick society.

      10. You did good here kid. I was shocked to read that you are 18. As to the above critique, I’d add ‘pick your battles’. And when battles pick you, fight smart and go balls to the wall to win.
        You are on the right path. Experience will add refinement and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you.

      11. I agree with the previous post. You are 18 and figuring things out. But you are far ahead of most 18 year old men, and way ahead of where I was when I was 18.
        The important thing is that you are not gobbling up today’s cultural and politically correct messaging that you should be a blue pill pussy.
        I am EXTREMELY happy to see young men rejecting the crap that feminist hope you will eat up. It gives me hope for the future.
        So, keep going. And, take your own advice: Write what you think and don’t give a damn about what other people think. Seek your own truth.

      1. Blue pill is red and red pill is blue, depending on the era. See my comment above regarding this.

    3. I think too many people read “Say what you want” literally. I understood it as: be honest, especially to other men

    4. Success on other peoples ok is not success, its being a herd animal. There are far too many ” socially aware ” dudes and not enough manly men. You think patton , thatcher or richard branson got where they are by diluting their passion to please the mediocre and jealous?
      But if you want to be a corporate wage slave, be my guest.

    5. Nathan you’ve missed the point of the article entirely. It is about having balls and being an alpha male, not about being “intelligent”, “higher class” or “socially aware”. These are the pursuits of a blue pill beta males, an alpha male simply pleases himself however necessary and truly gives no fuks what people think.

  2. i was just thinking about the older generation this afternoon… when i was growing up in the 70s and 80s of course I had access to a lot of older folk born in the 20s and earlier and looking back i wish i had accessed them more… they had an integrity, honesty, honor and decency which is almost totally lost today….
    the baby boomer generation that are the old folks now grew up in the plentiful boom of the 50s and 60s and are a bunch of total narcissistic egoists… it’s no wonder their kids the X gen, and their kids the Y gen… are so messed up with no center or focus…. probably the kids born post 2000 will be the ones to form the new generation of honor and decency and put things straight again… shame they’ll probably have to fight WW3 and WW4 to do it… just like their great grand parents did….
    then their kids will grow up to be a bunch of conceited post war baby boomers and the whole cycle will start again….
    but it’s hard to take movies all that seriously and use them as real role models… especially when a movie like GT doesn’t consider that wandering about in the street with weapons shooting at people, is not as straight forward or as glamorous as it seems…. look at real people who have built businesses, self made men, characters from history, that’s where you find your real life alpha males…

    1. “i was just thinking about the older generation this afternoon… when i was growing up in the 70s and 80s of course….”
      If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you ARE the “older generation”.

      1. my god you really are the most conceited jerk around aren’t you… i tried to like you, but your intellectual hamster just sits there all alone on his PC all night, trying to find clever and cutting comments to tear anything and everything to pieces, mis-interpret the points and just yap like a bitch….
        don’t you have something better to do like get your wife to peg you with a strap on ?

        1. It is a guy, and I’m pretty sure you hit the nail on the head about the strap-on (except he doesn’t have a wife). The sort of shit he comes off with is about what is to be expected from a still wet-behind-the-ears feminist university student know-it-all.

        2. I could have sworn that The Thing described itself as a “girl” in one of its numerous comments. What’s funny is that the stuff he/she writes is equally applicable to both feminist twats and mangina university fags.

    2. The Boomers were a large and very diverse generation so you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re just a typical person who hates or is rebelling against his parents and thinks his grandparents are so much better which is why you say this nonsense.And btw, stop all of this bullshit about a certain generation having more honour because you have no idea how bad people were before the Boomers outside of some Hollywood films you watched.Also, if you were talking to old people from the 20’s you have no idea what they were really like when they were young and only know them after they became mellow with age. What’s that line from the film Chinatown? “Bad architecture, whores and politicians become respectable with age.”

      1. The problem is that the face of your generation is Jane Fonda, not a marine in Vietnam. Same thing with mine. Some indie hipster is the symbol for people my age, and that’s the opposite of who I am.

  3. I enjoyed the old school masculine persona that Clint Eastwood put on for his character in this movie. A rare thing to see in today’s movies. One thing always bothered me though: why the hell were his kids and especially his grandkids so goddam materialistic, shallow, and disrespectful? Why was he able to straighten out the neighbor kid after spending a few months with him, but his own son turned out to be a big douche with a selfish cunt of a daughter?

    1. the teacher does not seek a student, rather the student finds himself a teacher when he is ready to learn…

    2. “why the hell were his kids and especially his grandkids so goddam materialistic, shallow, and disrespectful?”
      Because western civilization.

    3. I think it was because, as a typical man of his generation- he spoiled his family; His bitterness was realizing that everything he did/endured in his life: being a child of the Great Depression, serving his country, providing for a family, etc. was expected, but not necessarily respected by the world around him.

  4. What’s interesting about Gran Torino is that it took an actor of Eastwood’s age and stature to give birth to a character like Walt — and not undercut him by constantly showing how “out of touch” he is with today’s world. Probably why Eastwood knew he had to direct the film as well as star in it.
    Walt went out the same way that lived — on his own terms. That’s a luxury that few of today’s leftism-infected actors and filmmakers would have afforded the character. Gran Torino is, by no means, perfect but it makes a perfect statement about what it takes to remain a man in such a degraded, misandrist culture as we have today.

  5. I loved that movie, and one other thing -I thought Walt Kowalski is also quite chivalrous. Being a man isn’t anti-woman. Kowalski is a good guy, he respects others he just doesn’t allow anyone to walk all over him.
    I don’t know if my husband would be called an alpha male, but one thing about him – he will stand up for what he believes in. He really spoils me and takes good care of me, but there is a line I can’t cross, and I know it’s there and I respect that. I’m a strong woman, and I’m glad that he’s secure in his masculinity and has a backbone, because it would be horrible for both of us if he was a weak man.
    BTW, I don’t see hard-core feminists as strong women, in general. Part of being strong is being confident with yourself, which, for a woman, means being comfortable with your femininity.

      1. Because that is what a “strong woman” does. She recognizes her role in the relationship and serves that role. In return, she is able to draw strength from her man.
        A man’s role in a relationship is to be the LEADER not a co-pilot. Ssohara appears to not only understand that, but she embraces it, and her own femininity. I wager she is happier than any of her raging feminist peers.
        A leaderless woman is a lost, miserable woman.

  6. I tend to care to much how people percieve me. We men lose power this way. Great Article.

  7. Imagine living in some backwater town where men are still men and women are still women. A kid at the early age of 12 absorbing all of this into himself and then leaving for the big city, oh the shock that was received upon entering and seeing boys act like girls and girls act the boys. The shock of seeing a boy ask a girl out in school all bashful and shy and that girl immodestly states he is to ugly for her and that boy then cries with his friends about how he will never love again, and those friend support him. It was utterly shocking seeing this, these boys needed a good smack and discipline and these girls needed much much more than even those blue pill boys ever needed. I have heard him speaking about people time in and time out and this boy was always popular, how could an alpha not be popular. This kid is my now best friend over 28 years and at the small age of 12 I recognized he was a rarity and till this very day we still learn from each other and progress in a time where progression is halted by constant distraction.
    I am the type to shut up and stay silent while always thinking and acting when appropriate and well thought out for an effort + reward + risk = decision personality, not the type to speak unless needed, now my friend on the other hand is the type to say anything and do it with a headstrong way that makes whatever he says get respect (even if he is wrong). We have gathered a few friend that are able to be strong minded and unbending in these times, but alas the average person would rather sit down and watch tv for 8 hours instead of actually doing something and this will be constant downfall. If man gets rid of distractions he is forced to focus, and when focus all men will realize and adapt to this very world we are in… Adapt as evolve, and evolve they shall.

  8. “Walt Kowalski, the protagonist of Gran Torino,
    is a product of an earlier time. In many ways, he is the red pill
    – If he was a product of an earlier time, that indicates that men like him were not uncommon during his time, which means he was blue pill for that particular era, but red pill for this one.
    “He is a threat to the modern status quo”
    – He is modern. Maybe you meant a threat to the post-modern status quo.

  9. “Walt Kowalski is an unabashed racist, calling Hmong “gooks,” Italians
    “dagos,” and Irish “paddies.”
    But he doesn’t call blacks “nigg*rs”.
    “he doesn’t conform to what’s
    Uh, yeah he does. See above.
    Italians and Irish can be called names because they are white. Hmong can be called names because they are Asian, smart, and thus “privileged”.
    This movie towed the line.

    1. Actually, if you watch the movie, he did. There was a scene where two Black guys were hitting on the Asian kid’s sister while she was with her Beta White bf. He called the Black kids n*ggers, and told the White kid off saying that they’re not his brothers and shouldn’t want to be either.
      It is indeed acceptable to call Black people n*ggers, but it depends on who you ask, and the objective laws of power say that it’s OK to be cruel to the weak, but you live at the mercy of those stronger than you. I think that this might answer your previous question about the group that cannot be named…

      1. “Actually, if you watch the movie…”
        I haven’t, and won’t. I said before I don’t do Hollywood.
        “I think that this might answer your previous question about the group
        that cannot be named…”
        What group are you inferring here?

        1. never even watch the movie… you sure have a passion for it… hahahaha….. i always find that armchair philosophers love to expose their ignorance and bigotry by spouting about almost anything

    2. Nah, the word he used for black people was “spooks”, I do believe. Also, since you seem to be big on pointing out grammatical errors in other people’s posts, that would be “toe’d the line”. Retard…

  10. College freshman teaches us what we need to know based on a movie. Acted in and directed by an old guy. Whose wife is just now divorcing him.
    Dude. I was once a college freshman, so I can say this: get a clue and give yourself a chance to develop a perspective. Srsly.

  11. Better advise from a better movie:
    Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.

  12. Mint Chip: Why do so many manosphere writers write from behind a mask??
    So, Truth Teller, did you sign this article with a pseudonym because chicks dig Batman?

  13. Not expected to pull chicks at 75? First of all, Clint can pull more young tang at 75 than you can at 18, I would bet. Second, once you get to 50 SMV, supply and demand, etc make the male experience similar to that of a 25 year old slim white American chick. Unlimited options, high demand, little sup[ply, If you lacked self respect you could support yourself on women.

    1. “once you get to 50 SMV, supply and demand, etc make the male experience
      similar to that of a 25 year old slim white American chick.”
      Make that 35 and you might be right.
      “Clint can pull more young tang at 75 than you can at 18,”
      Because he’s rich and famous. A non-famous old geezer can’t even pull his diapers out of their box, forget about wu-tang.

  14. I don’t agree with what is stated in this article. What you have defined here is nothing short of a sociopath. I wonder if it is even possible to live such a detached existence. Would people want to be around you? Surely you have to care about the feelings and opinions of someone in your life?
    The older I get, the more I’m starting to accept the philosophy of balance in all things. Adhering to extremes in behavior seems irrational, and in my opinion that should be avoided. Balance is key; knowing when to ignore critics, and when to listen you just criticism intently.

    1. ” Surely you have to care about the feelings and opinions of someone in your life?”
      Many men in “western civilization” have absolutely no one in their lives, so no, they don’t have to care because there is no one to care about.
      ” Would people want to be around you?”
      They don’t have anyone around them to begin with. See above.

  15. This is American narcissistic individualism on display. The more I thought about what was written here, I had to come back and write down my thoughts. In the “old days” you could not get away with saying what you want, doing what you want…etc etc. Back when laws were not nearly as strong as they are today, a loose tongue could get your head blown off, or get you strung up from a tree.
    I really don’t know how Americans became so rampantly individualistic. When humans lived in small scale societies, male behavior was not like it is described in this piece. You had to conform to tribal norms, or you’d be exiled or worse.
    I guarantee you won’t have this life philosophy if you were to venture into some of the more dangerous parts of our planet.

    1. “This is American narcissistic individualism on display.”
      Watch it! This site champions Western Civilizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation.
      “I guarantee you won’t have this life philosophy if you were to venture into some of the more dangerous parts of our planet.”
      No worries. They ain’t gonna venture nowhere. Its all hot air outta their asses.

  16. Damn, I wish I had taken the red pill at 18. I got my first dose at 26. Well, better late than never. Have a fun time in college Truth Teller.

  17. Truth, hope you are at ASU or UCLA. With the red pill down you will clean up. Nice post and good luck.

  18. The only people that can act like Eastwood in Gran Torino are the very wealthy or extremely high status. Or hermits.
    No one who reads RoK is high value enough to not repel everyone…men and women…away from them with their sociopathy, no matter how much game you employ.
    No one can be 100% alpha.

  19. Glad someone finally wrote about this. Great movie. I agree with everything said here. Although I wish you would have delved into it more, there’s more good stuff in there. Like Walt teaching the kid how to talk to other men and be able to relate to them. This stuck with me because at 28 I’m still awkward and don’t know how to be one of the guys when I met new people. Wish there was an in depth article about that.

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  21. Truth teller will need to not care what people think of him if he becomes a registered sex offender for streaking through his college campus, probably to a fraternity, ie to gain the acceptance of others which contradicts his other points.
    A good effort from an 18 year old contributor though to b fair.

    1. Cops here don’t give a shit. I know several guys who have been caught by the cops and not charged.

      1. Don’t sweat all these naysayers bitching about your age.
        Treat all that kind of talk the same way you do cockblocking. Some men can’t stand it when another man is set to take off.
        You don’t know at 18 even a fraction of what you’ll know at 30, but you’ll never regret being assertive and strong.
        And you’re definitely on the right track.
        Regarding the law, though, that’s a different matter. The system is set up to exploit and confine you, so you always have to keep your actions limited due to that reality.

        1. Thanks for your comments on this, and for everyone else who has actually been constructive. The law is something that needs to be followed.

  22. Critics of the character focus on what he says, not what he does. He may fling casually racist comments, but he’ll back up people he respects when the politically correct crowd sit on their thumbs.

  23. Solid movie points that have been brought up in numerous articles when this frat star was still in middle school.
    ROK should ban this kid. never take advice from a teenager who has to pay people to be his friends.

  24. First of all, congrats on capturing the knowledge of “how the world really works” at 18 – your life will be dramatically different. Next, I believe the key element (which is not necessarily evident within the movie) is that “Situations change, circumstances change, your mission does not” — this guy was retired, but he still was “on mission” — did the mission look different, sure, but it was still HIS MISSION. Age, circumstances, the world – those evolve and change – know, understand, and then live your mission.
    One of the greatest scenes of the movie was how he moved through the various “groups” at the party. Didn’t matter, young, old, woman, men – he was the same and smooth in all those situations.

  25. Walt was not a racist. He may have said lots of offensive things but that doesn’t make him a racist. If you paid attention, he was good friends with the construction manager and barber who he called paddie and polack and so on. He made good friends with and stuck up for at the cost of his life the people who he called “gooks”. He’s not racist, he just says offensive shit because he’s 75 and he can.

  26. Save your money for your very, very expensive divorce in about 15 years. You will deserve everythinth that you have coming to you, tiny little boy.

  27. Man. Does anyone else get the feeling that this website is really a cunningly disguised place for “beta” men who are secretly intimidated by women to cheer each other on? It’s like a community of bros telling other bros that it’s okay to be a bro. And defining bro-dom as “everything about masculinity that anyone else might criticise, whether that’s right or wrong”.
    It’s as batshit as a lot of feminist websites. There are some good individual authors, but the general tenor seems to be one long, pathetic squawk against the modern age and how inadequate everyone is – apart from the writers and their intended audiences.
    I suspect a lot of the 1920s/30s paragons of masculinity you so happily namecheck would wholly dissociate themselves from all this. Not least because if you have to try so hard, and take lessons from these kinds of people, you’re doing it wrong.
    (This is true reading a sampling of the articles. Reading the comments sections, some of the commenters genuinely seem like decent folk looking for a middle way. Some seem like people looking for an excuse to be dicks.)

  28. I realise I clearly posted this on the wrong post (Comments 19 days old? What was I thinking?)…but in case anyone was to check this thread:
    Oh man. I just read the article whaling pointlessly on socially inept people, on some kind of forum for “wizards” etc. It totally underlines what I said below. Many authors here=douches. Many users/commenters= nice guys trying to find a way to be happier and get laid more. I just hope the latter group are discerning about what they take from the former, and don’t swallow the snake oil.

  29. “dont care what people think about you”
    I wear a hat, I do this for two reasons, I had a family member got skin cancer on his head, if you are outside a lot doing stuff this is a real danger so as a result I wear a hat. I like to mix it up just a few traditional styles of hat that men would wear.Flat caps, boonies etc. You have no idea how a non fashionable hat utterly freaks out a simple sheep male. They are so utterly hopelessly brainwashed the concept of wearing a hat completely confuses and even angers them. Twice I have been threatened with violence and suffered a torrent of abuse. I can see there brain utterly freaked just by my hat. Now I wear a hat out of deliberate obstinate but it is truly scarey how controlled and led most males are. Its utterly pathetic.

      1. I tried it with some other things, no outrageous pea cocking just some simple stuff and watch the reaction of conditioned males. The primate communities do the same especially chimps.

  30. I’m an old prick. I grew up near DC in Virginia, Pop was Navy, I was Navy, I did some fire fighting, danced on carrier decks, saw fast planes crash and lots of people die. Rode motorcycles, carried concealed handguns legally, drove security limos with golfers and rock stars and actor/actress and politician assholes in them. Never got a scratch. I admire Walt in Gran Torino, but be careful what you wish for. TT is a good kid, he’s finding his way, but one wonders, with no military in him, college kid in the third wave of feminism bearing down, how tough could he be? Has he trudged the cobblestones of Jerusalem? Climbed the stone of pyramids in Cairo? Smuggled hashish in Rota, Spain? Where’s HIS concealed carry permit? Easy to talk tough guy stuff, but at 18? TT ain’t shit. Roosh got no use for me, I’d write articles that would curl hair. He’s a good guy, I’ve communicated with him some, donated to ROK a little, he’s the real thing, I respect Roosh. But I’m old, I’m in philosopher mode, other than the bikes and broads. No one got use for an old conservative white guy.
    But TT doesn’t know shit. He’s a college brat, he was 18 when he wrote this. When 18 I was road racing motorcycles, traveled the world on carrier decks, returned to DC in the midst of the Clinton scandal when every broad in DC was unleashing her inner Monica Lewinski. EVERY chick in DC (especially Jewish) was desperate to demonstrate she could suck a cock. I was bangin’ dozens of broads a year before they called it bangin’ dozens of broads a year. And so the fuck WHAT? It’s not the measure of a man. It’s entertainment, these broads. Toys. Cock-bait. At 58, bulked up from the gym a little, with the bikes and rough hands from installing tech and building stuff, I’m bangin’ more broads than ever, albeit broads in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It’s great to get laid, but these broads got nothing on anyone. WE created and enabled the feminist monsters. They’re mostly shit-stained, but they DO have that delightful hole, or three. The measure of a man is your imprint. What’s your effect on your world? What did you build, where have you been? What have you done that mattered? TT hasn’t been anywhere nor has he done anything, other than review Gran Torino. Let us know when you’ve done something besides facing down Frat-Boy Faggots, tough guy. And don’t even think you’re a judge of the propriety of going Walt with a rifle and a front yard full of crazy-assed gang-gooks. That shit will get you dead, or in jail. Gunfights make a tough guy piss his pants, TT. Try one sometime, it ain’t pretty. People get dead.
    It’s life. Live a worthy life or not. I used to watch this cartoon movie with my daughter, Aladdin. Great music, Beta guy, this Aladdin, endlessly chasing a typical Hypergamous female. The message I took from that movie and taught my daughter? The part where Jaffar tells Aladdin, “You are a street rat, you always were a street rat, you will always BE a street rat and when you pass, only your fleas will mourn you.”
    That’s the rule, gentlemen. That’s the measure of life. We’re pieces, little cogs in an enormous machine, every one of us. This rule doesn’t change, for man nor woman.
    And sooner or later, when we’re gone? Only our fleas will mourn us.

  31. If you are either so rich or so poor that it just doesn’t matter anymore, then feel free to play by your own rules. For most people, actions have consequences so you need a bit of diplomacy.
    A take-away is that Walt talks racist but certainly isn’t given his existing friends and the friendships he makes during the movie.
    He is a man of action who – with righteous intent – will pick up his M1 or .45 rather than driving on or cowering in his house or calling the police.

  32. NOthing at all racist about Walt. So he uses certain names to refer to people? so? How does he treat them? That is just more feminized, liberal crap. Beta talk.
    I know I’m writing this two years after it is posted, but it has to be said…

  33. I know its a movie but a lot of that stuff in the movie isnt realistic. What would’ve happened was the asians being coward groupthink pussies would have done something in retaliation ONLY if there were at least five of them. They probably would have shot him. End of story. Also there is no fucking way in hell the asian family would have reached out to Clint and baked him goodies. There is no other culture in America that wants no fucking part of white society unless it involves higher education and making money. Other than that they dont want to mingle or assimilate until they start making real money.

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