Generation Y Bother

Everybody wants a quick fix, a magic pill, 5 easy steps, or a 30 second trick to change their lives forever. Even here at Return of Kings many of the most popular posts have been succinct hits of information and entertainment. The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America, 24 Signs She’s a Slut, 8 Signs She’s A Keeper, and many more.

Everybody wants a how to manual or brief instructions on how to incite revolutionary change within oneself. We want to be told how to live and we want to be lead instantaneously to greatness. From Tim Ferriss to Dr. Oz we are being sold these quick fixes.

Generation Y is criticized for being entitled, soft, narcissistic, lazy, and so on. I fully agree with this and I believe the problem is this culture of quick fixes, 30 second tricks, and magic pills which are said to cure our every ailment we are told we have.

The most successful fixes are shared by those who distill their years of servitude and experience into a succinct manual for success. After a quick Google search, we Gen Y’ers find this work and assume that since we have tasted the essence of innovation we no longer need experience.

We don’t respect our elders because we think we know better, we talk back to our bosses because we think we understand more, we wave a bachelors degree and believe that trumps sobering time working outside of textbooks. We as generation Y’ers truly believe we can have it all, or in the very least a little bit of everything.


Hypothetically lets say life is like a video game and you only have a finite amount of points to spend on a set number of skill categories. Would you evenly distribute them ending up mediocre at everything? Or would you pick a few skills to concentrate your efforts in to so that you will excel in a specific field?

What gen Y’ers are doing are generalizing. Gathering information, learning a few skills here and there then wondering why we are not reaching our semi-related goals. If there is one thing that should be taught in schools it should be that at 20 something years old you are not special, you know nothing, and you deserve nothing until you sit down and actually get the experience it requires to master a certain area of one’s life.

There really is no better way to get better than to keep your head down and go one step at a time through the footsteps of those greater than you. Only then will you have the perspective to improve the existing framework.

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  1. For sure! As a 20 something, I know tons about nothing. I’m probably ahead of the curb on some things because of growing up on a farm, but I find my skills are just enough to scrape by in most aspects of life. But, I’m 100% better at my job than I was this time last year. Nothing can beat good old experience.

  2. I taught myself a funny saying by accident when I graduated high school in the mid nineties: “The older I get, the less I realize I know.”
    When you are 18 and brought up in public schools, they concentrate more on your confidence than they do your actual skill level. This is the inverse of what is required. You can earn your damn confidence because you don’t know shit.
    No one will give you the corner office, head of the conference table, and free phone and convertible simply because your 9th grade English teacher, well, let’s just say she thought you were special. And she told that to the other disposable males she was banging too sweetheart.
    In the Navy, we are told to get a “Sea Daddy.” Now all gay jokes aside, as that name should make it obvious, there is nothing gay about it. Essentially, it is an old sailor’s term for getting under the wing and guidance of an older sailor, preferably a chief worth his salt to teach you the ropes, and speed your process from being a “NUB” (aNother Useless Body) to an old salt. You can learn it on your own, or take the fast track and hoepfully find someone that will set you straight and pass on the knowledge they accumulated over 10-20 years of experience, and then later you will do the same before you get out.
    Just know one thing, the first thing out of his mouth is “YOU DON”T SHIT PUKE.”
    Now shut the fuck up, grab that tool bag/med kit/manual and come with me! I’m going to show you how to do this, and their will be tests with consequences for failure.”
    That is how it is, and should be, and what will be the saving grace for future men who will seek out the few of us who got out with our balls, and spine, intact. Good luck tadpoles, you won’t be allowed to leave the temple until you know. If you cheat, we will see your failure as you crawl back in shame.
    In real life, yes, it’s like that.

    1. Hah! I still talk to my Sea Daddy every month, even though he’s been retired 13 years.

    2. You have just described why so many black American males are compelled to rely on the military for male leadership and guidance. It’s a poor substitute but it’s much better than nothing.

      1. I hear ya brother. The brothas in the service make my heart sing more often than not. They let me know that crime, and violence of all sorts is ot intrinsic to the black experience. Merely bad cultural conditioning over a very, very long time. I see many of them with their kid make something of each other and themselves. Let’s me know our future as countrymen can be very, very bright.
        One of many challenges of the day.

  3. All of your criticisms have been used by every generation of human since
    we first started to walk on 2 legs. The problem is that too many “men”
    are still swinging from the branches.
    Another problem is that
    PUAs don’t like anyone, unless that person can do something for the PUA. It’s not a generational fault. It’s the
    entitlement-minded players that are at fault.
    “Give me sex, bitch!”
    No sex? Well, “You’re just cold!”
    No sex? Well “You’re nothing but a feminist!”
    No sex? Well “The women in this country were ugly anyway”
    etc etc etc.
    It’s all THEIR FAULT. Right? yeah right.

    1. Entitlement is a mindset that expects something for nothing….
      Categorizing someone according to their behavior is just plain good sense…. and cold hard realism…
      Yes if you don’t want sex with me, it’s your loss… and you are a cold bitch….
      The whole PUA and RedPill mindset is still in it’s infancy… once it matures and gathers more following… it has the power to create huge changes in society…. especially once it moves beyond the bedroom….
      Sure a focus of it is around getting laid and not wasting time, Sure a focus of it is in realizing that women are bitchy unless handled in the right way…..
      however put those skills and the emphasis on men to become better men…. better physically, socially, wealthier, and so forth….. and put it into use in business, family, community, government….
      empower men to stop taking shit from society and to encourage each other to compete, rather than sit about waiting for a another nanny state hand out….
      It’s like nitro in a race car for humanity….
      PUA teaches men to learn skills for themselves and take responsibility for their sexuality and create a sex life for themselves.
      Redpill teaches men (and hopefully women too)… that society has been fed a communist lie (equality and feminism) over the last 50+ years… and now men are learning the truth and we will start to undo that damage….

      1. “The whole PUA and RedPill mindset is still in it’s infancy…”
        Why equate PUA and red pill? They aren’t the same.
        It’s not in it’s infancy, it’s on its way out, because it’s a money-making fraud.
        I will use the word “you” here, but I don’t mean you specifically.
        The secret to pick-up? Women do the choosing. PUAs may not like that, but that’s the way it is. So, learn to read the signs of someone that is interested. Then you won’t get shot down in flames.
        Be a pain in the ass PUA and she will tell you to fuck off. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and she was already attracted to you and went with you in spite of PUA games.
        But instead, “gurus” try and teach that men can make the choice, independent of womens desires. All they have are tricks, and they fail miserably. Why the fuck would anyone be happy with abysmal results for the amount of effort expended? Why?
        This isn’t rocket science here. But the “gurus” try and make it into something more complicated than it is, so they can sell books and “boot camps”, and have many bootlickers looking up to them.
        You write about how shitty society is, and I agree. But, we’re talking pick-up here. Being a PUA doesn’t help anyone be more powerful.
        Answer me this: You say feminism is a communist lie. Then how is it that about the only countries that aren’t affected by feminism are former communist countries? The FSU should be pure feminist. They’re not.

        1. feminism like communism is pushing for equality for all… preaching a lie and promising paradise while destroying society and creating more problems that it solves.
          … any one preaching equality is basically a communist… we cannot be equal… we can have compassion for those beneath us, respect for those above, we can find complimentary roles, we can move up the ladder, or drag those above us down… but no one is equal…. you cannot demand equality without destroying incentive, reducing everyone to the lowest average, and destroying the very ambition and drive needed to build a strong society… where communism destroyed economies, feminism destroyed families……
          feminism was pushed heavily, very heavily into the western countries during the 50s and 60s by the KGB, because by destabilizing the family unit you destabilize the capitalist / democratic, free setup and empower the state…
          hard feminists are almost always left wing, because they were heavily funded by communist money… feminism was written about by Marx, he was one of the first people to look at the subject of equal rights for women.
          although it wasn’t heavily pushed in the Soviet bloc, it was still apparent…. actively pushing women into the work force… making them ‘equal’ waters down the work force, leaving men out of work, and pushing them into the army… making them ward of the state and under orders punishable by death…. women in the work force also means children supervised more by nannies and schools than parents… meaning children can be indoctrinated with the state agenda and even made to spy on their parents… .this is communism 101…..
          do some more reading 🙂
          it’s been 20+ years since communism failed and since those countries really suffered and fell back into an ultra capitalist ‘robber baron; type era closer to the USA in 1800s… of course they are way less feminist than the western world that has had 100+ years for feminism to take root since Marx first wrote about it and communism first became fashionable….
          Funny isn’t it how we think we won the cold war, but the mechanisms of communism… right down to absurdities like Homeland Security and NSA are alive and well…
          how long will it be before secret police knock on your door for posting on a forum ? how long will it be before people are not speak their minds…. it’s already the case in the work place, airport, etc. etc. that you cannot make jokes or remarks about the system without risking your job or a law suit…. land of the free ?

        2. It wasn’t the KGB. It was the CIA. Research Gloria Steinem and the CIA. She worked for them, not the KGB.
          And when it comes to spying, even “israel”, that little shitstain on the Med, spies on us. That doesn’t stop our wannabe political leaders from kissing AIPACs ass during their campaigns.
          I agree with you though. People can’t be forced to be equal unless everyone is lowered to the lowest level. That is their probable goal. Or, they are just so greedy that they have no goal, except to gain more power.
          “right down to absurdities like Homeland Security and NSA are alive and well…”
          Those things are just recent manifestations of what governments of every type have always done. Religions too.
          But, this is about pick-up. Just because a woman turns someone down doesn’t mean she is a feminist. It just means that the man misread the signals, or he doesn’t even know about the signals and tried to force his way into her life.

        3. there’s more to PUA than that… certainly you are not going to be able to turn the bitchiest conservative girl, that is married, on her period and with 10 girlfriends… into a raging ONS threesome…. however, most girls especially in clubs have their bitch shields set to max, but with some no nonsense attitude, confidence and patience, the photon torpedo can be rammed home….
          i’ve sat across the dinner table on dates with women that clearly had no interest in me, and frankly i had no interest in them beyond pure game… it was a given conclusion on both sides that this was a one time only date and neither of us had any interest in the other…. then lo and behold by maintaining frame, humor and just refusing to take no for an answer, she’s inviting me back to her apartment mid week. I’ve done it more than once…
          It’s pure sport… that’s all it is… and it’s pure sport on bothsides although she invariably ends up feeling like a slut, even though she had the ride of her life and a night to remember when she’s 70+ … while i go home feeling top of the world…. i’ve done her a favor really….
          there she is giving me shit about being a player as i peel her bra off, and then telling me don’t worry about the condom because she’s on the pill….
          i’ve used her inner bitch against her and she’s wet between the legs and needs something inside her….
          it’s just the way it is….
          i don’t like it anymore than you…. i’d prefer a happy sexy wife and a comfy bitch free home environment… but i think that ended circa 1950…
          the question is can we undermine feminism and socialism enough to have it back again… ?
          it’s not just equality and women’s freedom it’s also the looming hand of government and the breakdown of extended family…. people feel they don’t need family because there are other safety nets now… but try having 2.4 kids and no extended family….
          the mother is a stressed out wreck without grandparents, aunts and uncles… you go to less developed countries and see how much better the women with kids have it, because of all the extended family…. women’s liberation actually enslaved them to the system….

        4. “but with some no nonsense attitude, confidence and patience, the photon torpedo can be rammed home….”
          Exactly right, Bill, no PUA necessary. Just confidence, balls to start the conversation, and ability to hold a conversation.

  4. “Seven minute abs!”
    I just installed a new front door. I’ve installed three exterior doors previously, and made mistakes, and finally I reaped the benefits of my failures and had a relatively mistake free project experience.
    I’m tail end of Gen X. My younger brother commented when I showed him my new installed door, “Yeah, there’s all kinds of things I’d like to do but I don’t know how.” My response, not buying his Gen Y excuses and bullshit, “You just have to start doing it. You’ll learn.”

  5. Good point, but the article is a little light weight….
    I agree that there’s definitely a problem, especially with the availability of information on the internet, that makes everyone a passive expert with no actual skill or experience….
    People also have so much….. the level of technology, choices, entertainment and general standard of living and wealth makes people feel rich even though their contribution to the world is less than zero….
    That combined with a cocksure arrogance is not going to end well….
    As they get more power, Generation Y is probably the generation to end up fighting a huge world war…. Just look at how Obama was swept to power in 2008 backed by hundreds of thousands of young arrogant idealistic voters….
    Change you Can Believe in alright… just not the on going paradise you expected…

  6. As a 25 year old I can tell you that there are so many things wrong with my generation…the millennial generation. As an undergrad I worked for a professor (at his house) and he would yell, throw files, and badmouth millennials. He pretty much paid me about $1,500 to visit his house so he could lecture me on how shitty my generation is. Kinda cool considering I got paid by a professor to listen to his lectures and not vice versa. It made me the man I am today.
    Nonetheless, I cover this issue in my blog and I find the writing of Gavin McInnes to be incredibly insightful regarding how people my age should act:
    Also, if you’re a member of Generation Y I think the best strategy is to just lay siege on your fellow millennials and society.–bust/alesia3
    Good luck.

  7. Well I’m Gen X (I think anyway), but it’s not that I don’t want to put in the hours. It’s that I wish I could find the right mentor. Once you’re out of school it’s hard to find someone who’ll push you and teach you. I guess you just have to pay that person to make it worth his while.

    1. that’s because the baby boomer generation are a bunch of egoist, narcissistic, selfish fucks….
      the generation before them (our grandparents) that fought WW2, and really suffered some serious political shit in their lifetimes, were amazing people (none left now)….
      their generation had loyalty, decency, community, honesty and so forth…. there were things you just didn’t do… like bang the neighbors wife….
      they were the mentors to the baby boomers who decided that everything fell from the sky for them… (well it didn’t… it came from their parents generation and mentors who were real stalwarts… )
      it also helped that baby boomers had respect for their elders whereas today, we think older people are worthless…. largely because they are just selfish baby boomers…… that don’t offer anything…
      so now you have generation Y that have seen generation X struggling, hoping for some parental support and getting very little…. and generation Y have figured out… fuck it… i’m out just for myself… if i can freeload i will…… if i can fuck the neighbours wife I will… they don’t care…. the world has become selfish…
      this cycle goes around and around in circles every 100 years or so… broken up by the wars that the selfish generations create….when no one has done the hard work needed to create enough progress.. and huge squabbles break out…..

  8. I want to lay this one at the feet of the many, many children growing up in a single parent household. As Dr. Warren Farrell has pointed out in ‘The Myth of Male Power’, that the single biggest predictor of future success is growing up in a two-parent household. Particularly, one with a father in it.
    Unfortunately today, the majority of households with children are headed by a woman. Dr. Farrell explains that most (NOT ALL), children raised in households where a woman is the custodial parent, are not taught delayed gratification. Learning delayed gratification is the biggest predictor of future success. He gives an example of a child at the dinner table.
    The father tells the child, “you need to eat the rest of your vegetables or there is no desert, that is the deal, do I have your word?” The child answers, “Yes!” The child does not eat his vegetables. The mother is thinking, “..well, we don’t have to be so hard on the boy, let’s just give him desert since everyone else is eating it.” But the father will hold the boy to the agreement on principle. The principle that when you give your word to someone, you keep it. Rarely do women exhibit rationality and principle when dealing with children, this is something a man must do.
    This is particularly relevant to the author’s points. Raised by a single mother, many special boys and girls got what they wanted regardless of having earned it or not. In the workplace, that only goes so far, doesn’t it?

    1. excellent point…. but look… if we hope to accomplish anything as men…. then it’s not to flat out blame women and alienate them, not least since women respond to positive encouragement rather than logistics and criticism as us men do…..
      the problem partly comes from the fact that the woman passes the first year with the new born baby, and when that baby cries you run to feed it or change it immediately…
      mothers tend to (and need to) treat everything with a new born like it’s a life or death situation because on the odd occasion it is (ie baby chokes on it’s own vomit and nearly dies etc.)….
      if the baby lasts 6-12 months its most dangerous time is over…. mom is like a life guard or fireman….
      mom can deal with 4am feeds and 6am nappy changes… and other emergencies that come up… most of which are generally emotional rather than physical life and death….. dad has to work….
      mothers provide immediate comfort and support…it’s important that new borns feel loved and cared for… fathers provide safety and guidance…. not much use for them the first 12-24 months….
      So after some years of filling these roles, it is hard to switch back out of them….. mom will always be ready to ‘save the day’. dad will always be slower and more guarded emotionally…. coming home to fix the problem later on…………
      i’ve seen dozens of marriages go to hell 1-2 years after a baby because the woman gets all resentful being couped up on nanny duty 24/7… while dad goes to work and has ‘fun’ in mom’s eyes…. this is the feminist poison at work…. mom is just as valid as dad… if not more valid since without mom… hey no more babies……. but feminism teaches girls otherwise… and a 30+ woman that stops her career after 10+ years and is stuck breast feeding and changin nappies…. and so forth soon feels cut off, depressed and lonely… such is the modern world… progress for you….. no extended family… few mommie friends…. etc…. so much for the MBA in marketing honey…. thanks feminists….. then she becomes such a misery to be around that dad walks…. he gets the bad guy wrap, further exciting the feminists that caused the problem in the first place…. but now get to point the finger at the bad father… talk about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…. this is sociopathic….
      also women tend to gain authority with an emotional attitude, shaming, guilt, drama, manipulation etc…which children do not have the emotional intelligence to understand… whereas a man has the recourse to violence and will maintain control with sheer dominance and the threat of physical action…. this is genetics…. we cannot change that very easily…..
      women are hard wired not to get violent because if they do, even today, your average man can beat the crap out of them…. thus it follows that women are hard wired to manipulate instead….
      add that manipulation to an empowered, entitled feminist attitude and you have a single parent family almost by default, since no man can withstand that kind of emotional abuse for long…..
      the ultimate problem actually goes back around to men, since the entire education system is geared around university degrees… and there is zero absolutely zero parenting skills…. you’re just supposed to know what to do…..
      there should be a license required to have children if you ask me…..

  9. Let’s not forget it was the Baby Boomers that raised us, usually single parent households cuz career mom can’t stand “deadbeat” dad and they can’t face the fact that they are failures at absolutely everything including parenting.
    I wonder who is left to take care of them and listen to more of their spoiled excuses when our nation is bankrupt and Gen X is too busy working till age 120 to pay off everything? I guess they expect their army of cats to start going to work.
    The tipping point is very near when we need to borrow money just to pay for the interest owed by China, Japan and Sudis… oh and entitlement payments including bummercare. Social Security is running out by 2040.
    Goodluck all MGTOW!

  10. I don’t like this article because I don’t think we have a generation Y bother. I think we have a fucked up culture on all levels causing this shit.

  11. Then there are those of us who started working at menial jobs when we were 16, sometimes worked 2 jobs to get through college, took an entry level position after graduation, worked hard some more, only to be shit on, realizing in their 30s they had been chasing a mirage designed to keep them under chain and leash, and the brass ring had been moved from their fingertips to Pluto.
    And after realizing what they had really signed up for was endless years at increasingly shittier jobs that suck their will to live because a crescendo of toil and drudgery would ultimately only be rewarding some fuckers at the top of a dominance hierarchy, decided to say a big FUCK YOU to the whole goddamned twisted lie of a system and are starting to plot some way, any way out of this rotten facade before it turns their very soul as black as those at the top of this pyramid scheme we call corporate America.
    In other words, some of us got fucked by a tissue of society’s lies that started in our youth and culminated in a rude awakening once we ingested a bitter little pill.

    1. “some of us decided to say a big FUCK YOU to the whole goddamned twisted lie of a system and started plotting some way, any way out of this rotten facade before it turns our very souls as black as the souls of those at the top of this pyramid scheme we call corporate America.”
      – Timothy Ferris (heartily remixed and improved by Relampago2013)
      Western Cancer, 4HWW was (mostly) truth: location independence, true wealth, questioning the matrix, MGTOW, etc. Don’t hate what you don’t understand.

      1. Never heard of Timothy Ferris before, but thanks for the name drop. I’ll look into his stuff.

  12. During my Dance Sensation days, I spent a lot of time around young people, not to mention my sons Shemp and Hermann. I think you are all-right compared to my generation. Seriously. I find a lot of the young men to be polite and respectful and many of the gals are ok too if a little misguided with the “career” obsession.
    40 years ago things were pretty bad. The Vietnam conflict had finally ended for the U.S. and there was some relief before the communists toppled Vietnam and Cambodia. We were about to get nuclear with the Soviets over the Arab-Isreali situation. I remember asking my mom about how fucked up it was and she reminisced about her orphaned youth during the Depression. Times have always been difficult.
    As some here have suggested, look for older male mentors or at least listen to old men despite thinking they fucked everything up for you. I could have made things easier on myself if I had listened to my own dad or accepted the guidance of many a man who reached out to me during military and college but I was pretty thick-skulled and could only see the negatives in every situation. Men who have failed can teach you a lot if they aren’t drowning in bitterness. Successful men of course will give you some pointers if your are lucky enough.
    Something that pains me is realizing I did not see the simple options I often had available to me because I was fixated on future ego gratifications or just plain pissed over the injustices I perceived I was being dealt. Looking back there were a few times when I could have just poked through the manhole like THX1138 and taken a completely different direction. Hindsight is 20/20 of course. I succeeded partly from just continuing to plow forward despite my fuckups. But things would have been a lot easier and quicker if I hadn’t been such a misguided moron.

  13. This article is somewhat hogwash. Ive had my nose to grind since I was kid. My brains been absorbing information, my body busting its ass, and been constantly fine tuning my process and im still in a shitty situation. Its not the generation, but the sapiens society as a whole and that genes for social ability are being selected for rather than brilliance.
    Talking back to your boss is great by the way. Especially when they are obese, cant speak a second language, do basic math, or understand basic computer functions, think napping is a sign of laziness, and they promote stool pigeons rather than people who can get shit done. No offense, but that type of thinking you employ here just neuters the young ones who are actually superior to the elders. Just becasue you are older than someone does not mean you know better or are any wiser, all it means is there is the possibility of that. The ¨adults¨ are just as likely to think they are superior as the ¨kids¨ are.
    Generation Y as a whole though is a complete waste of life. Seriously a generation of men that prides itself on how many XP points they got in a virtual war last night is pathetic. I feel sorry for the spawn the women are having with these grown children.
    Also Id like to add that if you have high percentage of Neanderthal DNA activation you are even more screwed. Shit cannot hit the fan soon enough. Alright time to get back to work like a good little slave.

    1. working any kind of normal job is a waste of time…. having any kind of regular boss, especially middle management in some large corporation not that different to being in jail….
      best thing that ever happened to me was getting fired from the only job i ever had, 2 months after starting….
      after that i lost money trying to buy and sell used cars from the auction, but gradually made my way from there….
      I was so broke I had to sleep in one for a month, my girl friend left me, it was winter i had no prospects but i pulled myself together and made a fucking fortune … it can be done…. it just takes a get rich or die trying mentality….
      the problem with a job is it’s like opium… it makes you addicted and sleepy…..
      when you have to make a business work, or literally fall on your ass, you will make it work…..
      i’d rather be a criminal that have a job, but there are ways to make good legal money… you just have to put your thinking cap on…

      1. Already have two products in a pipepline and setting up the blog as we speak to market them. Problem is the job pays little that I really have no buffer zone to get them done on a reasonable time table. Its taken several months, but the fruits of hard work are finally coming to fruition. Not as crazy as you sleeping in a car though. Mad props to you. Almost starved to death when I first moved out of my parents while getting my degree, so I can relate.
        All I was trying to get at was that itd be nice for once for someone in managment to have a brain and promote someone who actually has the ability to do their job. Thats exactly why am I leaving that company. I cant run off willy nilly though as it doesnt pay enough to allow me to get a couple months buffer going to account for unforseen setbacks, should any arise. I literally have $20 after all my bills are paid for the month. Ive been tempted to flip some molly a few times, but being a criminal is too risky right now. However, reading this blog though is motivation to keep going.

  14. I got to the article from Stumbleupon, so I don’t have a clue what this site is about. But, having said that, I’ve never read so much self centered, blame someone else bs that I’ve seen in these comments. You talk about your WW II grandparents like they were saints. I’m a boomer and I can tell you your grandparents were just as messed as you are, and as boomers are. My WW I grandparents were messed up. America has a history of messing generations up. You think what you see in society is new? Guess again partner. People aren’t any different today as they were 100 years ago. The only difference is what kind of crap you had to go through and the ways you found to deal with it. So, your life as given you shit and cookies. Get over it, and deal with it..

    1. So the boomer — the member of the most entitled, selfish, destructive generation in our country’s history — is telling the younger ones to shut up and keep paying his Social Security.

  15. Our problem isn’t information overload, it’s that we weren’t taught how to handle it properly to begin with.
    While improving one’s strengths is a good recommendation among many, I think this post could be over-interpreted to mean that it’s best to go “I don’t know this, it’s not my gig, I’ll pay/ask this other person over here to do it for me.”
    I think that part of this goes back to grade school, where knowledge was cut up into specific subjects and taught almost in a vacuum. They taught questionable, politically correct ‘facts’ with gaping holes for reasons, smacked down critical questions, slapped shaky logic on top of the whole pile, neglected to teach the student rhetorical skill (without proper facts and thinking, there’s nothing to say), and left the student to figure it out and integrate it on his own.
    What the student was good in, he specialized in. Classes which were taught poorly to him convinced him of his independent uselessness (in general), while his strong subjects encouraged him into specialization and interdependence. It’s where you can almost say it’s a modern day slave-making machine.
    Some students are lucky, in having instructors who have deeper insight into learning or going to a private school. A firm basis in fact, with a structure of logic, stands as the foundation to the natural sciences and man’s ability to intelligently inquire into nature and comprehend the results thereof.
    Everything is inter-related to everything else, and knowledge is that way. Specialize in what you like, but do not be ignorant. Nascence is excusable, but ignorance shouldn’t be.

  16. As a 20 year old college student, a professor once declared “A man isn’t worth a pinch of shit before he is 35.”
    It pissed me off. I worked hard at school, had jobs to sustain myself, and felt I was on an upward path.
    By the time I was 35, I realized that professor was right on the money.
    Just in the area of maintaining state control, there was shit that freaked me out as a 25 year old (work, women, finances, fighting).
    That same stuff doesn’t even raise my blood pressure any longer

  17. I talked about civilization cycles on another thread. I think we are essentially at the zenith of this great American civilization. It’s all downhill from here. Fear of our massive military is the only thing keeping our myriad of enemies in check. As we can see in the news, the evidence of decline is quite plain to see. Once America devolves into smaller more compact and most likely warring nations states, you will have a complete 180 in the attitudes of “Americans”.
    Feminism can only exist within the confines of a safe, secure civilization. The feminism that has created our culture of single-motherhood will only last as long as America remains intact. Once a breakdown occurs women will have no choice but to return to their natural roles in order to acquire the protection they will surely need in a turbulent and chaotic society.
    Believe it or not, right now is THE BEST time to be alive in America. There is practically free food(SNAP, WIC, EBT). American males have no pressure from society put on us. You can play video games and watch porn all day and no one cares. There has never been a more sexually liberated time in America. You can find millions of women all across the country willing to f*ck, and allow you to do all types of pornographic things to them, even if you are a broke slob. Drugs of all kinds are easily accessible and cheap. There are year-round ‘bread and circuses'(NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, etc).
    Be happy men. Eat, drink and be merry, because there is no telling what tomorrow will look like.

    1. head south of the border… it will look pretty much like that….. Mexico and Argentina were once mighty, wealthy and highly respected nations… today they are a smoldering wreck of debt, corruption, mismanagement, socialist governments….
      the wealthy either leave or curry political power so they contribute very little, while they live in gated secure compounds and hire chauffeurs, maids and security for pennies….
      they ride around flaunting their wealth without looking outside their front door and seeing that where they live is a fucking dustbin largely populated by monkeys (many of whom would just love to kill them).

      1. I agree that Argentina is a train wreck, though it’s largely self-inflicted. When Cristina is gone it may get better. Mexico has actually been improving over the last 10-15 years. I think Zedillo made some good reforms. I want to go back there and look around again. The Flynn Effect is lifting IQs all over Latin America. Peru in particular is getting better …

        1. “When Cristina is gone it may get better”. Who among present-day Argentine politicians do you think is better than “Cristina” (I guess you mean Mrs. Fernández, the Argentine president) and why, exactly? Are you aware of the fact that so-called “opposition” is a rag-tag band of dumbwits who already have exerted power, with atrocious results? “Cristina” and, before her, “Néstor” have done more to turn the Argentine Republic into something more resembling an inhabitable place than the “alternatives” you seem to support.

  18. It’s funny, but as a gen x’er in a management position in a high stress/high pay environment (merchant marines), I see that the same people who are targeted in this article are the most vocal deniers in the comments.
    I agree wholeheartedly with the central premise here, based on my experience. My industry has a terrible time attracting talent for unskilled labor positions. Pay starts at 50k and full benefits for kids with just a HS diploma who work 2 weeks and then go home for 2 weeks. Not being able to smoke weed seems to be the biggest deterrent to these kids. The ones who can give it up, inside of 3 years they’ll be up to 70k, and can train on the job to become an officer or engineer, which starts in the low 6 figures. We end up with mostly poor southerners from farming or fishing communities, and these kids at 21 own land, plan for retirement or work a few years and pay cash for college, and have a skillset that will make them perpetually employable- No on on my boat has been out of work for more than a week or two since the day they started their first job. And yet we get these know-it-all special snowflakes all too often, who last about 5 days before getting their feelings hurt because they can’t listen to their elders, who are trying to keep them safe.
    There’s an awful lot of whining in the comments by guys who failed and quit their first time out of the gate. These are not MGTOW. MGTOW choose that path based on a combination of knowledge and experience. What I’m seeing is the special snowflakes again trying to explain why they’re not actually loser pussies who fell down and refuse to get back up. Like a child who throws himself down in the aisle at a grocery store, the only way to deal with that is to step over them and keep moving.
    I fucking hate Y-ners. Most of them, even here, are armchair quarterbacks when it comes to being a man. It doesn’t matter if you had a single mom who didn’t teach you how to be masculine. Life sucks, so wear a helmet. Once you’re an adult, its’ time to develop dignity. It’s a fine thing, to choose to go your own way. Don’t confuse that with going nowhere.

      1. yeah right on… gen. X still basically have a work ethic and some ambition and respect for those more experienced….. but the gen. Y – X-Box generation….. are a disaster waiting to happen… ….hard work is only fun when you can do it with a joystick and a bong in between downloading porn….. entitled pussies and chicks with dicks
        god help us when they start holding positions of power…. the cuban missle crisis would have been over in 10 minutes….. the nukes would have flown….

        1. The work ethic is its’ own reward when it’s in one of the few fields out there where success, reward and advancement are self-directed. I’m not sure if any jobs like that are indoor jobs anymore, but it amazes me how most of my friends who DIDN’T go to college, took up a trade and opened up their own businesses are more satisfied and fiscally successful than the rest. The $700 a month I pay the .fed stings. Guys like Captain Capitalism who advocate staying out of the rat race and learning to live with less are legit, in my eyes, because they chose that path, rather than having had it chosen for them as a result of sucking at life like so many Y-ners.

    1. And we fucking hate you back. Probably your children included, if you had any.
      “My industry has a terrible time attracting talent for unskilled labor positions.”
      You aren’t getting talent because its an unskilled labor position you’re filling and any talented individual with half a brain knows investing 3 years into a job just to get into the entry level is shooting yourself in the foot in terms of missed experience.

      1. At 50k starting, with upward mobility, training, and the ability to earn 70k in three years, while seeing the world, and being able to buy land at 21, and be “perpetually employed because you rock, not suck?
        Listen here you petulant, whiny, stuck up, land lubbin, swaggotry riddled, nutless thundering faggot of an lowly ass rape; shut your fucking mouth and go back to your three story pepto bismal box covered in shit and homeless piss you whiny bitch of an ingrate.
        Fucking mother fucker; you’re mother is only good at a job with a steady line of infantry outside the gate. Fuck yourself. Take your shit to one who cares you fucking whiny cockologist.

      2. Wait…no… you’re at the entry level making $1,900 a week on day one. After 3 years if you’re not retarded, that gets upped, and never stops, based on your motivation and desire to advance. Some guys plateau, some push… but yeah, fantastic job proving my point exactly!
        @jesse James understands that the curses he threw your way are mild in nature. That’s something the special snowflakes can’t handle. I called a tugboat captain a ‘fatherless faggot’ for tooting his horn outside my window about 6 hours ago. He’s one of my best friends. The young kids get their feelings hurt too easily. Buncha girls.

    2. Any idea what the Canadian equivalent of this is? Cause, I’m only 23 and you just piqued my interest.

      1. Only thing I’ve got experience with there is the Great Lakes service, which pays a lot less than ocean service, as far as I know. Sorry, but I don’t know much about the maritimes’ maritime industry.

  19. This seems rather ignorant. We were the ones that were handed a shitty situation. We didn’t finance the dumb wars, start all the stupid social welfare programs, make all the bad decisions, and run up the debts, but it’s our fault. Fuck that shit.

  20. It makes perfect sense to think that we should listen to our elders in a world that’s qualitatively completely different than any society before than today, doesn’t it? Wait….
    This is a complete joke. I’m not saying that we should be ignorant towards them, but they were the ones who fucked everything up and set us to foot the bill for their bad decisions. Now we need to listen to these same guys to fix our problems? That makes no sense. In what world do you listen to the guys that caused the problems to fix them. We’re basically getting fucked and it’s completely our fault. Gimme a break. This is just a whole lot of bullshit with no support.
    The author of this article accuses Gen Y of applying the general to the particular; however, he does the same thing. Yet he doesn’t understand why we don’t listen to the older generations. You might have found your answer there…

  21. One curmudgeonly fellow on this thread rants about how he can’t find “Yners” to work for a 50k salary.
    Does he live on some other planet?
    No, he’s just spent the last couple of decades doing the same thing over and over again in the same type of group interacting with the same kind of people. He lives for his job and like a typical career man has never known anything outside of his parochial little corner of the world.
    A more typical “Yners” life is trying to get paid above minimum wage and as a general rule any “position” paying much more is defended by fortified trenches manned by HR and “recruiters.”
    The main job of these people is simply to machine gun down enough people charging the trenches that hiring doesn’t consume an inordinate amount of time.
    It has nothing to do with meritocracy. It’s just a sham, a game in an oversaturated labor market.
    Success goes to those who can most slyly bypass those outer defenses and access the real decision makers.
    We don’t work hard because hard work is for suckers.
    A typical Yner may have a college degree or certification but has never had a career. They’ve gone from place to place, from job to job, interacting with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Wherever you go, the key survival skill isn’t “skills” or hard work, it’s learning people whether one wants to get laid or employed.
    When I meet white collar baby boomers, I’m usually astonished at how they wear condescending airs on their sleeve, are rude, are narrow minded and limited in scope from doing just one thing for decades.
    They’re boring in conversation, talking in monotone, usually resorting to talk about the weather, work ethic, mechanical parts, and editorials(in newspapers no one reads anymore) on politics.
    I often find ironically that scarcity and strife has made many Gen Yers much better rounded than boomers even having lived less than half as long!
    Genetically we’re all just remixes of the same stuff that made previous generations. But we adapt to our times.
    Boomers found after their period of “rebellion” that society would reward them for showing up at a cubicle every day. So they did that, often neglecting other modes of development.
    Generation Y has discovered this strategy no longer pays off and as one would expect, they are adapting to the new reality, throwing aside the professional discipline and conscientiousness that proved to be a mainstay for their parents.
    If we don’t ruthlessly look after our own interests first; there’s plenty of people and institutions out there who happily take advantage.

    1. Pretty sure I’m the ‘Curmudgeonly Fellow’ you were talking about. But, no, you assumptions were off. I grew up on the water, became a scientist (At MIT, if it matters), gave that up to go back to working on the water. I started working on ships as a Wiper, an engine-room janitor. 15 years later I was captain of that same ship I started on. 100% learned on the job. My single greatest beef with the Yners is the ego they carry, being both massive and desperately fragile. You paint a picture of your elders as monolithic and established-at-birth, which is not correct or logical. They struggled with the exact same things as you, but the social stigma attached to complaining meant that stoicism was prized more, I suppose. Now, you can learn about stoicism from Wikipedia, I suppose, but unlike you guys, I had to read Marcus Aurelius in 11th grade. And I’m not that much older than you. Shame they don’t teach men about men anymore.

      1. What elders interpret as ‘ego’ is just learned distrust in the system.
        They come across as clueless curmudgeons because they just don’t get it.
        We demand more and work less hard, because there’s not as much payoff as there used to be. Why bother?
        If we don’t assert ourselves, we just get walked on and exploited.
        There’s plenty of people these days all over the world who already have the credentials for skilled stuff.
        If you signed up as that janitor today no one would ever care about your degree or where it came from.
        You’d still be mopping stuff for minimum wage 15 or 30 years later.
        Your ‘stoicism’ as you put in the hard work would beget pity and contempt…to the extent anyone would even notice a deck swab.
        As for Marcus Aurelius, it might have worked out better if he’d just put 1000th of the energy into setting up a proper heir or at least being more than an absentee Dad to Commodus.

        1. Oh, Jesus. That last paragraph. Son, sometimes it’s better to stay silent and be thought a fool, but you’ve writing, and now removed all doubt. “Gladiator” was fiction, kid. Commodus WAS Marcus Aurelius’ heir, and co-ruled with him for his last years, just as Marcus Aurelius’ brother was his co-ruler until his own death. Marcus Aurelius role as a leader is far, far less significant in history relative to his having authored ‘The meditations.’ Hard as it is to believe, being an emperor wasn’t anywhere near the high point of his career. How the fuck can you be a man and not know that? The Meditations defined western philosophy and and gave us the actual definition of masculinity that exists today.
          Ignorance, thankfully, has a cure. You need to read this stuff! For God’s sake, don’t be proud of being unlearned.

        2. Yes, I was referring to the meditations. If there’s just one thing in life he could have gotten right in life, it’s setting up a proper heir.
          Commodus was nearly as bad in real life as he was in that movie, maybe even worse since he ruled for almost 10 years.
          Aurelius was the last in a string of competent and good emperors who didn’t necessarily insist on handing the succession to their pampered biological kids.
          Man, did he drop the ball.
          Rome was never again at quite that same level…
          Hard to overstate the importance of his rule as an emperor!
          The Meditations are a prominent work on Stoicism but in no way The Work. There were plenty of Neo-Platonists around his time period who were expressing similar sentiments and lots of great Stoics before his time.
          So far you haven’t mentioned a single idea from the Meditations or how it’s influenced you in a meaningful way.
          As far as I can tell it’s just been something for you to be snobby about.

  22. This article repeats a message that I’m tired of hearing – our generation is so spoiled and lazy which is true to some extent. Sure we know that, but we’re also some of the most innovative. I don’t believe that specializing in one field is the best thing to do. I’ve been reading “Extreme Retirement Extreme”, and according to Fisker, specialization ultimately leads to failure because specialists will always be chasing the moving target of ever-advancing technology, requiring more (re-)training only for the specialist to be replaced due to factors such as age, cost of retraining and automation.
    Becoming a generalist is a better investment.

    1. What’s that saying, again? Jack of all trades, master of? Oh, right. Nothing.
      I can’t agree with this. Broad general knowledge is good, right up until you need expertise, at which point it ain’t worth shit. Would you research your doctoral thesis strictly on Wikipedia, or go to cutting edge technical journals? Would you go to a pediatrician or a vascular surgeon to get your kid’s amputated hand reattached?
      As for that ‘innovation’ claim, I call BS. Special snowflake syndrome again. Stats or retract, ‘mano.

  23. The biggest problem with Gen-Yers is that most of them are fucking pussies. They think some bullshit bachelors degree, some ink, a cycle of test and some mma classes makes them ENTITLED to a $500K a year salary by the time they’re 25. And if things don’t absolutely go their way they give up and blame everyone else for their failures.

  24. Generalizing is a skill in itself. What would the renaissance have been without its renaissance men?

  25. This article reminds me of the Robert Heinlein quote about specialization. You can google it.

  26. Being an older man, I can say that the observations you made have truth to them. But, I do notice that the so called “Generation Y” people that don’t embody what you described are at least five times smarter and hard working than I EVER was in my early 20’s (and I’ve worked my ass off) I believe that Generation Y is very polarized. It seems that ya’ll are either kicking ass or flat out zombies.

  27. “Gen Y” is not without their faults but it’s silly to place all the blame on them. The Boomers and their forebears had begun to fuck shit up well before the oldest “Yners” could wipe their own asses. Now we have “Gen X” peckerwoods like Hawsepiper talking all this shit like he knows what he’s talking about. It’s not 1975 anymore and only a fool would blame Gen Yers for not acting like it is.

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