4 Ways Immigration Changed My Native Community

I recently visited my family for Christmas. Apart from the joy of seeing them, going back to France is not something I look forward to anymore, since the veil of media and government lies has been removed from my eyes.

I observed noticeable demographic and physical changes in the city where I studied (third tier city), due to recent pro-migrant stance of the government adding to the earlier problems caused by post-colonisation immigration, between my arrival (mid 2000s) to the present year.

I strolled around for a few days taking mental notes and will share now my observations, to confirm what most of us already know and what the skeptics still refuse to acknowledge. Simply put: We are being replaced. It is affecting us all and it is very real.

1. Destruction of native habitat


Migrants set one of the oldest buildings of the city (where they were squatting) on fire this summer. This was the second place they burnt down this year. Churches were deserted and were falling into ruins or are downright destroyed by the government that deems them a waste of space, being too busy courting the Saudi and other radical regimes that fund French mosques.

With the pauperisation of of the native population, locals food shops (butchers especially) close down. Their quality products have become a luxury and many choose to shop at globalist-friendly supermarkets. Kebab shops and halal butchers now pop up at every corner with the stench of putrefied mutton invading the street.


Native species thrive in balanced ecosystems. But sometimes, a handful of people decide to introduce alien species in an environment that has not been exposed so far, regardless of consequences. The new specimens take over the resources of the natives. If they do not overcome the aggressor, the newly arrived eventually breed them out.

Take the example of mainland Australia after the introduction of the cane toad. The animal served its purpose at first but having no natural predators, it proliferated until becoming a pest, destroying the balance of the local ecosystem. Just like the government introducing migrants to divide the population until they get out of hand and destroy society as we know it.

2. Natives are less visible


Public transportation is always a good barometer when it comes to social fabric. It became quickly obvious that there were less natives than in the past.

Hopping on the bus, the only language I heard was ghetto French or Arabic. (This is not in Paris. This is in a third tier city, in one of the most conservative and rural regions in the country.) My mother, noticing the incredulous gaze I gave to the passengers in traditional Muslim garb, read my thoughts. “I don’t have the impression of being in France anymore,” she said.

I observed a higher percentage of native beta males with low quality non-white women and young, pretty native women with gangster-looking non-native men, sometimes with the assorted progeny. Single beta men cast glances at both situations with envy, before looking back at their shoes or their phone. If there were more alpha men, this would not happen. Women being women, they choose thrills and practicality over loyalty.

3. Replacement by a faster growth


Another phenomenon I noticed is a reduced number of native women with babies in the street, whereas Arab and African women (in pairs usually) often blocked the entire sidewalk with one or two buggies. The majority of native women under 30 that I saw were without children and if they had any, they were usually approaching the wall or with a single child.

Having been in a few night venues, the rising number of sausage fests around town, droves of non-native men grinding in single file on the same 6 and reduced number of attractive young women overall clearly differed from my freshman years.

4. Inaction of native men


The guys are demoralized. I rarely crossed a happy native man. Almost all of them are sighing constantly and dragging their feet to the sounds of “It’s the crisis,” “My job is killing me,” or “I am back with the so-so girlfriend that barks at me but at least i am not alone.” I read a newspaper article where a university acquaintance was virtue-signalling his weekends spent helping the migrants settle in a village with less than 100 mostly retired inhabitants.

The train station of my city has constantly a dozen of migrants sleeping inside it, plus the ones coming and going towards Paris and larger cities. The cops pass next to them as if they were part of the landscape, but take away the odd native hobo that sleeps near the railtracks.

Taking my train after purchasing a 30 euros ticket, I noticed a group of 6 young Afghans at the end of the carriage. The train guard came along and controlled everyone in the carriage. Reaching the Afghans, he looked at them and went his way, not checking the tickets that they obviously did not have.

I learnt later that the SNCF (state-owned national rail agency) sent directives stipulating that all the migrants (predominantly Muslim) can travel on their trains for free, which is nothing less than a reversed “jizyah” (the tax imposed to Christians in Muslim societies if they want to live in peace).

Allons nous nous laisser faire?


The present leftist French population being beyond the point of salvation, we can only focus on the next generation of men if we want to preserve our culture. The goal would be to tackle the general laziness and pusiyfication of our society in order to create richer and stronger (mentally and physically) men.

January 2017, To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought could be free. From the time of Big Government, from the Age of Political Correctness, from an angry man… greetings.

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407 thoughts on “4 Ways Immigration Changed My Native Community”

  1. Once you have enough diversity, things are no longer diverse.
    Kind of like adding too much salt to your soup. Doesn’t matter if by volume the soup is still far more prevalent, once you pass a certain threshold, that is pretty small, all you’ll taste is salt.

    1. Bringing “diversity” into your country is like putting manure into your ice cream. The ice cream will be ruined and the manure, well, it will still gonna be manure. but manure that ruined good ice cream.

      1. It’s like all these people who tell me how I need to go to Paris. I ask them: “Why? I’ve already been to the Middle East.” Very amusing to watch the reactions, and in general this works for most places in Europe – with all the “diversity” what is so culturally unique that I should travel across the ocean to see (I’ll allow that there are still cites of historical significance that
        have not yet been Taliban-ed that I would be interested in)? If I want to see uncouth foreigners act like retards, I could just drive to NYC and see the same shit.

        1. Paris stinks these days just like most of the big Western cities around the Globe. Wanna see Europe? Go to Warsaw, Prague or Budapest before they got enriched.

      2. Exactly. Like a hot fudge sundae. Too much and it’s just fudge, and you can’t really appreciate the taste of both textures.

    2. Enough diversity in contemporary newspeak is removing white people completely.
      A business or organization with zero white people is 100% diverse.
      A group that’s members are majority white is Anti-Semitic racist Nazi’s white privilege.

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      1. Kinda like how you’re not supposed to notice that the good guys win the big battle against the foreign invaders at the end of “Glory.”

        1. Or that Jack Nicholson is dead right, and Tom Cruise an appallingly smarmy little putz, in ‘A Few Good Men’.

    1. Will it boil down to a French street fight between who’s Lord is more “true” than the others? Us (Christian) natives…… or the foreign (Muslim) hordes defiling it!

        1. Sage advice from Bill here regarding pigs, their similarity to men, and how to use a blade when someone fucks with you –

        2. why cant American actors do an Irish accent? He and Diaz were dreadful

        3. A lot of them can. It just doesn’t fit the “All white American men are idiots” mindfuck, so they don’t cast roles based on accent ability or acting ability. You know, like virtually no American college basketball players are good enough to play in the NBA (wink-wink). Yet, white Europeans, or dudes from Australia – no problem. Hollywood doesn’t cast based on ability. Just like they don’t create films based on the best available scripts. Social engineering is all that matters. Creating perception. All white American men are idiots, is obviously one of their most important messages.

        4. and evil! Training Day, the tv series, is debuting soon. Guess who is the bad guy this time?

        5. Good part of them are idiots since they’re buying into all that Leftist programming. Some of the most vile SJWs I’ve met were white males…unfortunately

        6. They sounded like true natives compared to Julia Roberts in “Michael Collins”. Her accent was so bad, it gave people cancer.

        7. No offense or anything, but if none of them could be bothered to start making their own movies they kind of are all idiots.

      1. So many great scenes to choose from. This movie was a sleeper. Saw it ten years after it came out.

      1. No, the Indians weren’t the first “Americans.” Yes, they were the first humans to inhabit the North American continent. America and its culture, society and laws was created by settlers from England and other European countries. The country would have been quite different if the Spanish or French settled it.

    2. Yeah, Bob, if we’d just closed the doors on those Irish in 1840, America could’ve possibly made something of itself.

      1. I agree with his philosophy, not necessarily the fact the Irish were targeted in that film. Fast-forwarding to today, and immigration, fuck anybody coming here for any reason, for about 50 years or so. Except under extreme circumstances. Jesus, a guy’s gotta qualify every single thing he writes around here, consult with a lawyer, wear anti-crucifixion gloves, etc. Heh.

    3. Solid character development in this one. Not your “pure evil” cardboard cut out bad guy but a well cultivated 3d villian with a few redeeming traits..

    4. Tammany being of course Tammany hall, the Democratic Party’s consciousness raising apparatus. Basically the equivalent of any SJW site nowadays.
      The Democratic Party at that time was pro-slavery and nominally pro-business, which meant that it gave cheap labor to its corporate donors and delivered the Empire State to the Democratic party (the state of NY being of course the source of the most electors).

      1. The Democratic Party at that time was pro-slavery and nominally pro-business, which meant that it gave cheap labor to its corporate donors and delivered the Empire State to the Democratic party (the state of NY being of course the source of the most electors).

        So, essentially the same as today.

    5. Well look at America! Go to the state of New Jersey and it’s rampant with East Indians with very primitive third world etiquette. The schools are even replacing PE sports with Cricket because the entire student base is Indians and have no desire to learn basketball, football, soccer, or baseball. Go to San Francisco. Indians and Chinese are the majority. The immigration board has made mention that it’s not Mexicans, but East Indians (Chinese second) that are immigrating in great large numbers than any other country. Seattle is getting destroyed by Indians, and so is Texas. Burroughs of New York are rampant with South East Asians. Pretty soon, America will just be Asia. Good luck with that.

      1. Oriental immigrants do not destroy civilizations. You would not regret having oriental immigrants instead of Indians and swinophobes if you had a say.

        1. For some reason Chinese tend to acclimate to the culture and have good looking people. Third world Indians, not so much. In fact, the creepy Indian men lurk the corners of dating sites hoping to find that “white” blonde woman who will lick their ass.

      1. The first Europeans were not immigrants because they did not enter an established country. There was neither a country nor a civilization here. The first Europeans were pioneers, not immigrants.

        1. I suppose the Aztec Empire, the Inca Empire, the Mayan city-states and the Iroquois confederacy don’t count as civilizations?
          If you had bothered to read up on the subject, you’d know that these peoples weren’t scattered tribes, but established nations. They lived in cities and towns, had written languages, laws and constitutional governments, and all the other accoutrements of civilization. They bathed regularly, when most Europeans didn’t. They kept their streets clean and had proper sewage disposal, when most Europeans emptied their chamber pots out the bedroom window and into the streets, most importantly, they practiced what they preached until those Christian hypocrites, which is why so many white settlers went native and had to be kept under armed guard to prevent mass defections.
          Shall I go on? The reason leftism is so popular is that historical injustices were done and continue being done to racial and ethnic (so-called) minorities by the kinds of people you’re defending. The fact that the movements aimed at redressing these wrongs were hijacked by the Powers That Be to serve their own agenda doesn’t alter the fact of these wrongs.

        2. “I suppose the Aztec Empire, the Inca Empire, the Mayan city-states and the Iroquois confederacy don’t count as civilizations?”
          Sorry, I assumed we were talking about the United States. Mahh bad.

  2. France was lost a long time ago. Western Europeans are pro-homo, pro-feminist and abort the majority of any children the accidently have. No surprises. White people love sodomy it seems

    1. Whites suffer from guilt, lots of it. While others were still crawling in the dustbins of the world, white Europeans were inventing modernity and the future. We won the race lottery, we were superior to others and obviously, that leads to domination. And when we became king of the hill, what did we do? Decided to let guilt destroy it all. We allowed a bunch of caviar lefties to make us feel bad, while they took as much money as they could, while allowing all types of trashy behavior.

      1. I suffer from guilt:
        I just blew out the handicap stall…what the hell did I eat last night?

      2. You’d be right…if you weren’t so wrong. Europeans suffer from dementia and amnesia, I am telling you that, as one of them. And the destruction started long before the caviar leftists entered the scene…

      3. I’m not sure what your retarted ancestors actually contributed to the world. Only a very small group of white Europeans created the foundation of Western civilizations. And they were Greek and Latin speaking tribes. None of your Germanic, Celtic or Slavic ancestors did this, because they were warrior tribes who only cared about warfare and stealing the stuff of others. They were too dumb to create a civilization.
        There’s a huge difference between creating something of your own and copying + altering the work of others.

        1. I dont know….I mean, England’s going on over 1000 yrs. in tact. Not too shabby to “retard Anglo-Saxons”…..
          Then there’s art, science, music, and engineering too.

        2. your stance on celts shows your absolute ignorance of these cultures. Romans and Greeks were degenerates and enslaved all men they could. Celts on the other hand were free men and much more civilized that you would think. I’m tired of reading such bullshit.

        3. Who are the one ruling the whole thing, boy? Just look around you. Someone might have invented it, but we made it huge. Dismissed.

        4. Who’s ruling the whole thing today? I wasn’t talking about creating garbage that doesn’t work, like democracy. I’m talking about ruling the cavemen with an iron fist and bringing a sense of control never seen before. Where were the rest when the Germans were building rockets and circuitry? You’re dismissed.

      4. Funny how that works….he who gives the least shits about rules and norms gets ahead the farthest and fastest here on earth.
        Or just locked up but who cares anyways.

  3. Have said it before in France it’s time to organize. Patrols by groups like Soldiers of Odin.
    Vote for Nationalist parties.
    State email campaigns to local politicans tell them this is unnacceptable. Make sure to post of their spcial media sites what their doing wrong or not doing.
    Have a feeling the next French election will yield positive results.

    1. And the supposed savior for their nationalist movement is……a woman. I think they are finished as a nation

    2. Hopefully they are over and serve as cautionary tale, just as Sweden. Soldiers of Odin. I guess they will sell slaves to the Muslim hordes…

  4. A friend of mine just returned from Paris. I asked if the place was overrun with Muslim death-gangs, just to goad his Liberal ass. He of course said no, that everything was clean and shiny and happy. I asked where he went and he said he spent most of his time in art galleries and the “gay” and “Jewish” areas….
    I blurted out: “what a waste – you can see that crap here!”

    1. The Pink Panther Museum is in a shady part of town. Right next to the swine factories

      1. I never know when you’re kidding….
        If there is such a place I may have to rethink my prohibition on going there!

        1. Its real, the museum sponsors a scholarship every year for the Parisian School of Dentistry

  5. We already had diversity here in my corner of the world. The last 10-15 years we’ve had a lot of immigrants show up Indians to run the motels and convience stores and Asians are buying up the chicken farms. The thing about it is, the recent immigrants evidently have no problem with working and getting along with the locals but, the diversity section of locals will hardly hit a lick at anything other than basketball if they can get around it.
    In the last couple of years I have had to go to the Atlanta Ga metro area quite frequently and around there are whole neighborhoods that look like a foreign country including signs on businesses in everything from Arab to Korean. It just doesn’t seem right.

  6. “The consequence of the ‘do your own thing’ democracy is the intoxication of the greater part of the population which is not capable of discriminating for itself, which, when not guided by a power and an ideal, all too easily loses sense of its own identity.”
    ~Julius Evola

    1. Even when I disagree with a number of Evola’s positions, he has a lot of quotable quotes like this one.

    2. Now you’re getting it. Allowing other people to decide is the genesis of destruction, hence democracy. Or demo-crazy, as in you’d have to be crazy to agree to it, so its ingrained from school on until a billion people are conditioned to accept it as ‘good’. Might be time to….naw, you’re probably not ready for that.

    3. “People without national self-awareness is a manure upon which other peoples grow” – Pyotr Stolypin. My rough translation, but I hope you get the idea

    4. Had to look this guy up, interesting stuff on society, spirituality and his incorporation though not blind acceptance of facism.
      His take on early Buddhism is especially different to the standard rose tinted glasses version we get in the West.
      I may have to get this one. Totally way out in left field compared to what I susually read..
      Thx KENT..https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac1776048646a425efda45da5de049e3964630cf7b9d6eb784f1d3bf1f6f4dcf.jpg
      Thx KENT..

      1. I’ve heard his best works are “Revolt Against the Modern World”, “Ride the Tiger”, and “Men Among the Ruins”.
        He’s famous for criticizing the Nazis from a right-wing perspective. He thought the fetishization of the Roman and other ancient empires by Hitler and Mussolini was somewhat off the mark.
        He felt that the fascists of the 20th century did not understand the underlying principles of how truly traditional men used to think and he thus attempted to outline the mindset of men who existed pre-French revolution, the common sense of the old world.
        He predicted that modern democracy and materialism would be a failure, leading to a weaker Western world. This topic has been beaten to death by many writers, but Evola’s writing is not dry or overly analytical about it.
        I haven’t read enough of his work to say whether or not he is a comprehensive right-wing thinker, but if you’re looking for something different, I think Evola is worth checking out.
        If you’re interested this is a vid of the late Johnathan Bowden giving a long lecture about Evola. Watched it over a couple of nights a while back and thought it was worthwhile.

  7. Immigration is invasion, immigration is war.
    White Genocide Defined:
    “There can be no all-white countries anywhere, and there can be no all-white areas within the confines of those formerly all-white countries. There can be no all White communities, no all White, cities, no all White organizations.
    Do you see that this evil proposition is Genocide?”
    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    1. Careful… you’re going to trigger our resident multiculturalist punks “jz95” and “verified account.”

  8. The melting pot analogy works, but you can only do it so fast. Opening the gates and letting people in as they wish creates different communities. You cannot invite people in by the millions and expect them to assimilate. They would rather stick to themselves.

    1. The melting pot around here has been in place for centuries and it still doesn’t work.

        1. Ah….so you have a lot of blacks who stick to themselves and do their own thing. That is the thing, 200 years ago, there was a huge influx of immigration (whether forced or not, it don’t matter) of blacks. There are so many of them that they were able to stick to their own community, and it perpetuated that way.
          I live in rural Utah, it is predominantly white, but we are getting some Mexicans move in, The rate, however is slow enough that they learn and assimilate to the culture here, so it is not bad. However, there is a section of Salt Lake city that they are congregating to so they can live on the dole. Yeah, I would avoid that neighborhood.
          We really need to build a fence and limit immigration to no more than 1/1000 per year, and not allow them to live on welfare. As long as our country is in demand to live here, we can limit it to the best those other countries have to offer.

        2. I agree I don’t have a problem with immigration in general however just throwing open the doors to everyone isn’t a good idea for reasons already mentioned in the article.

        3. “However, there is a section of Salt Lake city that they are congregating to so they can live on the dole.”
          You sure about that? Mexicans generally come here for one reason — to WORK. When there’s no more work, they go home.

        4. Depends on where you go. I would agree in fruit picking areas. Middle of a city? No, they work in full time labor positions (masonry, shops, concrete) which I don’t mind, or they live on the dole.

        5. Illegal immigrants cannot get welfare or food stamps. According to the Social Security administration, illegal immigrants also contribute about $12 billion each year in payroll taxes for federal benefits that they will never get.
          However, illegal immigrants do receive schooling and emergency medical care.

        6. We used to only bring in the very best immigrants from abroad which included diplomats, doctors, lawyers, businessman etc. Highly educated people. It is the highest of privileges to be accepted to live in our country.

        7. That is exactly what we need to do. Liberals want a nation of dependent losers (for votes)

        8. That’s what the H1B visa is designed to do — to bring in the educated immigrants, the cream of the crop. They are the brains that we WANT in our borders. Our prez-elect even married one of those H1B visa holders.
          This week, Republicans are threatening to end the program outright. Idiots.

        9. The globalists want to homogenize the iq around the world so that when the final battles occur for key resources large tracts of the human population will be too dumb to give them any trouble.
          Or at the very least they won’t have to feel as bad about nuking the shit out of everyone else.
          They can just say that there were hostiles everywhere in a particular city and justify leveling it.

        10. No… They come for money. If they can’t get it through legal work, then they’ll get it otherwise. There’s work in Mexico. Lots of manny factoring.

        11. And in california they can vote. There are no plus sides to our illegal immigration problem.

        12. Cmon dude, thats not true, h1b’s cant leave the company that sponsors them. it keeps wages down, its all about keeping wages down

        13. Many H1Bs eventually win a green card, which entitles them to switch companies like anybody else. It also entitles them to stay longer than the six years. Of that group, another sizable portion eventually become full citizens.
          This is a good thing. We need that ingenuity here. It’s not like jobs are a zero sum thing. People can make new jobs with new ingenuity and a few of those immigrants could turn out to be massive job creators as well. We want the jobs flowering out of those brains to take root right here — not in Germany, or Canada, or India, or wherever else.

        14. Both. Work, get paid in cash, no declarable income, get dole too. Many of them milk the system for all it’s worth. Especially here in Cali.

        15. No we don’t want these people for many reasons.
          1) we should be developing our own.
          2) the brain drain only hurts their original nations and continues this cycle.
          3) it creates tension and is a financial drain on taxpayers.

      1. It only worked with other Europeans. American blacks after 400 years of sharing the same country with the whites – still, by far, are fundamentaly different and resentful toward whites.

    2. I honestly don’t get why ethnically/culturally homogenous countries in Europe allow for any non-native immigration under any circumstances. France won’t be France anymore if most of the people there are not French. The same goes with Germany, the UK, Sweden or any other such country.

        1. I don’t know what is worse… the fact that globalist elites allow for this to happen, or the fact that the rank-and-file self-haters in these countries seem genuinely surprised and shocked when the savages they import act like savages.

        2. They act shocked then do backflips trying to explain how they aren’t all like that.

        3. Its how these people roll: The hold up the exception to the rule as being the rule itself to the public

      1. Not at the rate they are allowing it. It takes time for an individual to learn the language, customs, and what is expected of them. If they come in at a rate that they set up their own communities, you get what you see.

        1. When you let millions in at once, you change the native culture instead of the immigrants assimilating to it. Its like reverse colonization. Instead of a rich, prosperous nation taking over a shit one, which despite what school told me, benefited those people, you have the hordes from the shithole taking over the better country. Its cuckoldry to the most extreme.

        2. If you change the dna of a nation it won’t be the same, doesn’t matter how “integrated” the immigrants are. You can’t have a first world country with third world people. IQ differs between races and it’s determinant to shape the developement of a country. Europeans are already a minority worldwide yet thet’re the only ones supposed to be “enriched”.

        3. Jewish Lobbyists and influence are leading the charge for Multiculturalism in Europe and majority white nations.
          Mother Israel on the other hand has the tightest immigration laws in the world and practices racial segregation.

        4. There’s a racial element to it too. Really, France should never have allowed any non-whites in.

        5. The melting pot actually does not work when universally applied. Certain cultures can be assimilated into the host culture due to aligned values and beliefs. However, that is not possible in today’s climate.

        6. Don’t recall ever saying otherwise.
          By the same token, Ashkenazi IQ is far higher (approximately one standard deviation) higher than white IQ.

      2. They have made life too easy for their natives, who are now accustomed to doing nothing and getting paid for it, or think that everyone can be a millionaire. They need to import migrant hordes to keep their economies running. Basically the same problem as America, except that it is a shorter distance for the third-worlders to travel.
        A step in the right direction would be for the US to stop subsidizing European welfare extravagance – stop funding their defense for starters – and let their welfare state collapse.

        1. The critical flaw with that theory is that it simply doesn’t make any sense. Are natives unwilling to do that job or are they simply unwilling to do that job for that price ?

        2. The illusion of the perpetual growth economy is really the problem as I see it.
          I think Europe would be much better off without the involvement of the the US, particularly when it comes to “defence.”
          Would the UK be involved in Iraq and Afghanistan if they where left to fend for themselves? I don`t think so. That would also mean no surge of migrants from those countries, the same thing with the deliberate destabilization of Libya and Syria by the (((US Government.)))
          I hope the US military packs up and leave Europe, as well as Japan. It would be better for everyone, and save Americans a lot of money as you said.

        3. How exactly does this undercut my point? Immigrants aren’t being brought here to fill top positions. Natives are still willing to do those jobs. Immigrants are here to fill all of the other positions with suppressed wages that natives “don’t want” because their leaders have made it more profitable to be on the dole than in the workforce. Try again.

        4. “They need to import migrant hordes to keep their economies running”. We’ve been told the West needs migrants to support an aging population, but in fact they are a huge increased drain on welfare funds, for example:
          “Jobless Somali refugee family who have not worked since arriving in the UK in 2008 are rehoused from their £2m Hampstead council house – into a £1.3m one around the corner”
          “…they decided they would rather live in London…”
          “‘Hard-pressed families struggling with their bills will be furious at such an extortionate amount being spent on housing a single family in one of the most expensive areas in London.’ ”

        5. ‘Less than 1.2 percent of all the estimated 1.5 million Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany have any sort of full-time work after nearly two years in the country, new statistics have shown.

          Of that number, however, IAB director Joachim Möller said, 57 percent are “in temporary work, other economic services, and in the hospitality industry.” Thousands of these “hospitality
          industry” employees are the “one euro” fake jobs created by the German government to try and hoodwink the public into thinking that the invaders are actually working.’

        6. Oh, it makes sense. If you came to invade a country, your pride in exploiting the natives is far more important than the money you might make from any job. It’s the same reason the nobility never works for a living.

      3. I dont mind. It just hastens the inevitable breakup even faster…civil war, best thing ever for reforming civilizations. Increase the chaos, destroy the status quo so the elites have nothing to control anymore. The elites will be strung up or made to run away to safer shores once the masses have nothing left, no more trinkets to bribe them with.

        1. It is hard to argue that people who are willing to throw away civilization the way they are in Europe are worthy of keeping that civilization.

      4. Cheap labor and a highly proven tendency of voting left. The reason feminism protects Islam is because feminism acts as the vote-producing apparatus of left-leaning parties.

      5. It will become a shit hole country made by those who have left their shit hole country ??

      6. A lot of it started as a sort of colonial blowback, for instance British Commonwealth countries immigrating to the UK.
        It’s baffling to me that a twisted version of US-type diversity and affirmative action imperatives popped up in Europe, without even the historic background of slavery. They want to promote the chances of minorities, while importing more of them.
        Unfortunately even the words ‘non-native’ and ‘French’ have lost their meanings. (By the way, it’s illegal in France for the govt. to keep track of citizens’ ethnic ancestral origins. If they want such statistics they look at a bunch of sample photos and guess!)

    3. The melting pot really only works for the United States though. For better or for worse we are a nation of immigrants (though that of course does not mean we have to take EVERYONE in, which is impossible). The same thing would not work for France, Germany or Sweden.

        1. Well, we are now. Fifty years of UNRESTRICTED immigration, legal and illegal, will do that.

    4. Its like cooking a stew where the size of the pot, heat temperature and the amount of water stay the same but you keep on adding more and more veggies. In the end you get something that is somewhat eatable at the bottom but is disgusting and horribly tasting by the most part.
      Melting pot should be a very slow cooking dish with just a few ingredients added over a long period of time

      1. I had my 8 year old daughter make dinner the other day. I should have watched what she was doing better. She chopped up some bacon and threw it in the pan, but then before she let it cook, she chopped up a couple onions and threw it on top. By the time I caught it, it was too late, and we had to cook the onions practically to a crisp before the bacon was done. There is an order to things.
        Populations are similar. When Christ set up the church at first, he had the Christians gather and follow him. It wasn’t until the church was well established around Jerusalem that he sent the apostles and others out to the Gentiles to set up churches in neighboring areas. You have to start with a nucleus of good people and then add others to that population as the community grows. Try to do it too fast, and you can’t weed out the impurities (bad characteristics of the neighboring populations).

        1. Im not religious, but sometimes when I look around me I tent to think that perhaps Satan does exist

        2. The Devil’s greatest trick was to convince people he didn’t exist.

  9. Anybody see what Meryl Streep said about Trump? Hollywierd is full of immigrants and foreigners if they leave the only thing left to watch will be football and mma.
    I’m under the impression if Hollywood fell off the world we would be better off.

    1. I was ch surfing, saw the bald guy who stars on that tranny show on netflix (he was the father on Arrested Development)…he actually referred to straight men as cis-gendered. And yeah, burn Hollywood, burn- I hope China buys em, I rather watch bad Kung Fu movies that the dreck they turn out these days

      1. I can’t recall the last really good movie I have seen. They are all full of feminist multicultural BS.
        I don’t even know what the hell cis-gender or most of the new genders mean.

        1. Cis-gender is a “buzzword” that these lunatics have created to place blame and guilt on people who have never had to “question” their gender. It’s really quite crazy when you think about. Because we are normal and live a healthy life and dont want to be a woman if we are a man, we somehow should feel some guilt because we aren’t fucked in the head.
          I only know of this term because I attend school at a liberal campus. There are many other words that shame straight white men. Typically the cis-gendered term only applies to men and not women, even though it can equally apply to straight women who have never questioned their gender either. But it is used against straight white men almost always.

        2. I took me so long to realize that “cisgendered” meant “normal.” Like I had heard that word for weeks before I realized wtf they meant by it.

        3. “please remember to have your dogs cisgendered or neutered”

        4. Yeah I was going to go with bigot, white nationalist, trump supporter, patriarch, and this funny one I didn’t even know existed: Cishet Male.
          If you’re like me and cant figure out what the fuck that is, here is a hilarious definition that mocks these losers that come up with this crap:
          Cishet Male: A man who is heterosexual and not transgender. Usually this has the word “white” in it. To a feminist this is automatically the worst thing in the universe to be even though the vast majority of males are cishet. If you are not white you may get a tiny bit more of a pass but not by much. Being white and cis is the worst thing you could ever be. (This also preempts the word SCUM most of the time)

        5. Well when it’s a made-up word to cause trouble from a extreme minority of people who feel like they’ve been disenfranchised and want to tear down the people that have “held them back”, its really no wonder most people do not know the real meaning. Instead of just calling someone a Male or Female, there is an added meaning to gender, so these creeps can make sure people realize how “privileged” they are, to just be normal and live life without wanting to chop their member off and become a woman.

        6. It’s all phony nonsense newspeak. Don’t use their words. Once you do, you are playing on their court by their rules.

        1. He wouldnt get a role in kung fu flick, unless he went heavy on the eye liner

    2. I made the mistake of watching that this morning….ashamed to say it got under my skin. She’s a great actress and all, but STFU!!!!!! Why does Hollywood think they have some special insight into the workings of the world? And WHO still believes that rubbish about “mocking the disabled” anymore?!?!
      And the crap about “diverse, immigrant Hollywood”. What a load of bunk : all these ‘poor huddled masses’ yearning to be fukkin movie stars. She’s out of her tree. Made me want to go put my balls in the toaster….

      1. “And WHO still believes that rubbish about “mocking the disabled” anymore?!?!”
        I really wish that someone would come out and say “yeah, but it could have been worse. Instead of “mocking” the disabled reporter he, and three of his friends, could have kidnapped him, tied him up, beat him, forced him to drink from a firty toilet, scalped him and put cigarettes out in the wounds”

        1. It was a dirty toilet? Story just gets worse.
          UK students are trying to abolish white philosophers from the curriculum, good thing you got out. I really cant imagine how insane college life must be these days

        2. That’s what I saw but who knows. I don’t pay attention to what students “call for” I think is always clownshoes absurd

    3. Name the foreigners and immigrants in Hollywood. Yeah, none are coming to mind for me either.

      1. Christopher Waltz.
        Javier Bardem.
        Penelope Cruz.
        Charlize Theron.
        Natalie Portman.
        Benecio del Toro.
        Bruce Lee.
        Antonio Banderas.
        Rutger Hauer.
        Sophia Loren.
        Jackie Chan.
        Monica Belluci.
        Sofia Vergara.
        Famke Janssen.
        Want me to keep going?

        1. 14 names. Most largely defunct or resigned to supporting roles, one even long dead.
          That you know this says more about your own appreciation of film than it does about the prevalence of immigrants and foreigners in Hollywood.
          Please do continue.

        2. Are you really upset that I answered your question? It’s not my fault that you’re ignorant of our entertainment industry.
          Hollywood has always drawn ambitious, beautiful, talented people from around the world. It’s been doing that for nearly a hundred years. The movie industry in particular, moreso than television.

        3. No, not upset. I just think this response is too try hard.
          Streep’s implication is that Trump is going to ruin Hollywood. You and I both know that Trump’s policies aren’t taking aim at Brits like Judy Dench, South Africans like Charlize Theron, or asians in general. No one on that list has any cause to complain unless they are here *illegally*, and let’s not pretend that there are tons of illegals gracing the screen in Hollywood, or that films will stop being made even if they were targeted. Last time I checked, filmmakers have a whole world to work with, and if necessary, they can make their films wherever they need to assuming that for some reaosn a specific actor couldn’t work here.
          I doubt Streep is going to see much change in her 96% white town of Salisbury, Connecticut, regardless of whether we kick immigrants out, or bring them in.

      2. anyone noticed the incredible amount of brits and aussies playing in american tv shows, doing american accents. What’s up with that ?

        1. Funny enough, if that’s what she means by “foreigners and immigrants,” it’s even more retarded. I don’t think anyone sane would accuse Trump of targeting Brits and Aussies. And I’m pretty sure lots of those Brits and Aussies are happy to continue living in Britain and Australia vice Hollywood.

        2. Brits are the best actors, by far, much better than Americans. Their training is impeccable. Think of the quality engineering that went into classic British roadsters like the Austin Healey. It’s the same with their actors.
          Aussies are popular right now, in movies, because their accent is most pleasing to Chinese ears. I’m not making that up. Our film industry makes movies for the international market these days, and producers consider these things closely.

        3. It’s part of the push to make Americans look worthless. Especially white American actors. You know, like they already do in all Hollywood movie scripts and TV scripts.

    4. My first thought was that it is just another case of stupid vapid celebrities commenting on politicians. But the politician is also a stupid vapid celebrity. So it is just more in fighting amongst strange, famous, wealthy people who all seem thoroughly ridiculous.

    5. “As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers, and then say what we read on television like it was our own opinion”

      1. It seems you can only tell the truth if its in cartoon or puppet form. Maybe its time for a news network that is nothing but toons or puppets?
        Gonzo achoring the nightly news, Id but that for a dollar

        1. “It seems you can only tell the truth if its in cartoon or puppet form.”
          Had to think about this:

    6. where was she when Obama was destroying Lybia and Syria ? somebody shuts granny’s filthy leftist mouth.

    7. Hollywood along with International Banking are the main bullets in the Globalists’ revolver

    8. I take that terrible Streep speech as a positive sign that the power and social influence of traditional media is slipping.
      It is slipping from the major news orgs that burned up their credibility to push for Clinton, and it is slipping from the entertainment orgs that push their morality agenda. For her to dare to identify the Hollywood class as an oppressed people lays out for all the USA (and the world) to see just how little credibility they have.

  10. Wesh trop la lose, c’est la hass.
    Bon après, j’kif grave les jolie rebeuses.

      1. I was being facetious by using French ghetto the way you make Mexican references in the US. Our invaders are North Africans.

    1. Ben oui t’as vu, tu vois frère. Les reubeuses, trop bruyantes. Sur la vie d’mes morts, ça pique les oreilles.

  11. If you compare Russian vs German casualty estimates during the 2nd world war against the Russian vs Afghanistan casualties during the invasion of Afghanistan, It stands to reason an Islamic terrorist fighter would have to outnumber a competent German soldier 20 to 1 to even come out on top. Northern Africans are even poorer combatants, so when the push happens, lets make sure we get them all.

    1. They aren’t going to push back because they don’t want anyone to think they are racists.

      1. even a beat dog will fight when its cornered. There will be blood eventually. Maybe not in france, maybe not in germany, maybe it will be just a couple good ol boys cooking brownies one last time before the end

      2. “racist”…..that is such an overused political term. I suppose they would call me a racist because I acknowledge that there are differences. It doesn’t mean I burn crosses in peoples’ front lawns

  12. This shows another aspect of white dispossession: Our elites don’t just want to replace us with the world’s diversity trash; while we live they also want to erase our memories by destroying these memories’ anchors in the real world.
    I’ve seen this happen in my home town of Tulsa, which now has a majority of Hispanic school kids and Spanish-language signs everywhere in the neighborhood of east Tulsa where I grew up in the 1970’s. Oklahoma didn’t have much to brag about before, but at least it offered the kind of modern civilization mediocre white people can create based on their own resources. Now the place will go to hell, and fast, as the Mexicans and their spawn take it over in the next generation.
    This demonstrates what “white supremacy” and “white privilege” really mean: White people have the cognitive ability to create a quality of life that most of the world’s Orcs can’t pull off after thousands of years. Our elites can rob us of the fruits of our minds, but they can’t rob us of what our minds can do in a free society, short of causing our extinction.

    1. Why is eastern Europe still largely a shithole in comparison to western Europe? They’re white aren’t they? They’re Aryan. If this is the case, why are all their smart and hardworking people trying to get into the west?
      Answer me that.

      1. Too many years being buddy-fukked by invaders, ranging from Tatar Mongols, Nazis, Soviets, and currently Oligarchs.

        1. But I thought whites had “the cognitive ability to create a quality of life that most of the world’s orcs can’t pull off after thousands of years?” Western Europe has been warring for centuries. Didn’t stop them.
          Are eastern Europeans “not really white” now since they don’t seem to be able to meet this criteria? Kind of goes against the common alt-right narrative that eastern Europe is the great white hope, whose beautiful, pure women will give birth to the next generation of white ubermensch.

        2. Eastern Europe is booming. As long as they purge the kikes in the future they will be the leading nations on the planet.
          Take a look at Poland, they are now the second safest country on the planet and the safest country for women.
          Of course they got Untermensch slavic DNA that cant compare to the atemberaubende Schönheit der deutschen übermenschlichen Götter-DNA, die man beispielsweise in meinem Wesen anzutreffen vermag.
          Sieg Heil!

        3. jz95, you are touching upon the central crux of the white nationalist movement. In two words: False entitlement.
          I’m white, but I know that my white skin doesn’t guarantee me jackshit. My individual effort does.
          It’s meritocracy, not melaninocracy.

        4. My interpretation is that the alt-right stands for omni-nationalism. That all peoples have the right to establish a homeland.

        5. False Entitlement. Also found under the heading: “brithright” and other such fallacies…

        6. Race is much more than that. IQ differs greatly between aboriginals and orientals for example. Please explain me why affirmative action exists then. Your society don’t give a fuck about meritocracy.

        7. So why then are you alt-righters triggered when one brings up the difference in IQ between Europeans (94) and Ashkenazi Jews (107-113)?
          If blacks and aborigines have to accept their “genetic inferiority” to whites, whites must learn to accept their “genetic inferiority” to Jews.

      2. Not any more.
        Lots of guys who previously wanted to go West now stays and is happy that our country is still ours.
        And because so meny went to the West before, there is a shortage of educated workers, on every level, so at home now finally we are in the position to demand decent salaries. Soon as this becomes the norm, nobody will want to go, and those who left will want to come back.

        1. “[T]hat our country is still ours.”
          And yet alt-righters seem to cling to this belief that eastern Europe will accept ALL white people, despite believing in “ethno-nationalism.”
          If all Polish women mated with western European men, would Poland be Poland anymore?

        2. I would advise that they rather stayed at home, took their own countries back, and put their own women to their place.
          See, we in Eastern-Europe are oldschool nationalists first and foremost.
          We can and would cooperate with the Western Europeans or white Americans on a White Nationalist basis, but the interests of my own country and my own nation comes first. WN interest is second to that.
          It should be the same for the Westerners, too.

      3. Eastern Europe has been ravaged by Ottoman empires and Jewish despotism and ‘utopia’ building.
        I’m sure it truly pisses Jews like yourself off that they are still standing strong and grown a resilience to your kind.

        1. Isn’t it funny how seventy years ago the Slavs were considered half-Mongoloid untermenschen scum, but now they’re considered the “saviors of the white race?”
          I thought whites were the master race? If this is so, why is it eastern Europe is so often ripe for conquest?

        2. And what would you know about an argument? I have yet to discern a legitimate argument from you.
          And I repeat, have you started on those white children yet?

        3. You have no respect for reasonable argument, you only wish to throw out strawmen and browbeat those you disagree with.
          Care to elaborate on the white children thing you keep attempting to taunt me with. I’m not sure I understand your humor. I’m sure its very clever, heh.

    2. “Well, Okie use ta mean that you was from Oklahoma. Now it means you’re a dirty son-of-a-bitch. Okie means you’re scum.”
      – Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath
      Back then people hated on white Okies. Today people are hating on brown Okies. The more things change…

  13. I wonder if among the mixed progeny there exist any minds that will rival those of Antoine Lavoisier, Louis Pasteur, or the Montgolfier Brothers. I’m going to wager not.

    1. Yeah, I doubt we’ll see mathematicians like Descartes, Pascal, Lagrange, Laplace, Fourier, etc. coming from the new “Frenchmen.”

      1. Nonsense. They will become amazing novelists like Jules Verne. We’re all equal doncha know.

  14. Damn. Sounds like France is well beyond the US. On the American train (amtrak), I’ve seen them throw drunk white bitches off who got too out of control or grabby. No pussy pass for them.

  15. Undoubtedly the communist takeover of America is complete. It has just come to my attention (probably because I don’t watch sports) that The Most Interesting Man In The World has been replaced by another Most Interesting Man In The World……fucking commie bastards.

    1. Yuri Bezmenov in an interview in 1984 said the process of demoralization was already completed in America.

  16. I wonder if Charles de Gaulle could see modern day France, would he have still fought against the Nazis? I doubt it.

    1. The germans were the good guys in WWII. If Germany won, we would already have free energy, landed on Mars etc… “The greatest story never told” is a documentary everybody should watch.

  17. Mass male immigration is skewing the gender ratios in Western countries. You can bet if millions of Thai and Malay girls started immigrating to Western countries, the native women would start calling for closed borders!

    1. I calculated the gender ratio from age 20 to 30 in germany before and after the migrant crisis.
      Before: 1:1,04 (normal level)
      After: 1:1,24 (like China or India)
      Me and my german brothers are doomed.

      1. Oy gevalt! Anuddah shoa! Remove dat picture or I’ll call the ADL, stupid goy!

    1. You.
      It’s all your fault. You wanted “them” to build the roads, regulate the schools, lock up the criminals, enforce building codes, make life easy for you.
      Look in the mirror, if you don’t like the system.
      Don’t forget, you replaced someone, too.

      1. It’s the americans, the russians, the englishmens and the frenchs fault.
        If they wouldn’t have stopped the Drittes Reich from hailing white people todays world would be totally different. These backstabber-cunts fought for the kikes and not for themselves – like the ultimate cucks.
        If Hitler had won, there would be only one race in 2017: the caucasian Übermensch.
        Get over it.

      2. OMG the White Cismales are so evil, right? Thank God Abu-Hajjar will soon be running the Mars exploration program.

        1. If France had never colonized north Africa (regardless of whether or not standards of living there improved) France would not be in its current situation, no?

        2. Who’s talking about the Swedes? The Swedes did this to themselves.
          Had those white children yet?

  18. Is bridget bardot giving blow bangs to african migrants? Why do people say those things if they aren’t true?

        1. So it’s wrong when white men consider white women theirs but not when men of other races get possessive?
          What about a neologism like “gook-cuck” or “chink-cuck” or “dot-head-cuck” for those colored men who get their jimmies rustled seeing one of their women with a robert redford looking white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes?

        2. So why do Asian men give dirty looks when they see Asian women walking hand in hand with a White man? Are they jelly? Are they gook-cucks? They shouldn’t feel bad: it’s not like they have a right to expect loyalty from their women, right?

        3. Or maybe because the media, academia, government apparatus doesn’t go after the tuban-wearing Sikh Father for demanding that his daughter only date good Sikh boys but will publicly shame a White father for condemning his daughter for mudsharking.
          So it seems wise old Confucious father has a right to expect his children keep his traditions (eating with chop sticks, gay checkers games, etc) but white fathers aren’t extended the same courtesy.

        4. Sikh-cuck, I think your turban is too tight. It’s cutting off the circulation to your brain.

        5. any man who gets his “jimmy rustled” (btw Jimmie Rustling sounds like some gay rodeo event) about who women are fucking is ridiculous. The great philosopher DMX put it best when he said “i’m tired of weak as niggas whining over pussy that don’t belong to them. the fuck is wrong with them?”

        6. It’s natural to feel a sense of ownership over your chattel. Maintain it and it will pay dividends. Protect it and it will be yours. . . Possess it? Probably will not end well when dealing with this kind of property.

        7. Yep, that’s why there were great civilizations in places like India, Babilonia… . Look now that they’re not white anymore.

        8. You do know that the Italians are not the same as the ancient Romans, right?
          Civilizations rise and fall. What makes the west so special that it’s supposed to go on ad infinitum?

        9. Most Asian women routinely reject decent Asian men just to hop on some White losers cock.
          Also White Men + Asian women only creates hellspawns like Elliot Rodger!!!

        10. “shouldn’t be allowed” Shit dude, that is nutter butters. Want to teach your daughters not to race mix? That’s ok. Want to pick a girlfriend/wife who feels the same? Great. Good idea. Stop trying to control pussy that isn’t yours to control though.

        11. Let us be honest here. Nobody will pay $500 for a mixed or mongrel dog. But they will for a pure-breed dog.
          and as far as “whining over pussy that don’t belong to me.”, I have no idea what made you think I had that kind of entitlement.

        12. I understand what you are saying but saying that “Race mixing shouldn’t be allowed” is basically telling people who they should be fucking (unless I am wrong) and that is the kind of entitlement…

    1. Bardot put thumbs down to Islamic immigration about 20 years ago and the French governments response was to replace Marianne statues modeled on Bardot with likenesses of women who parroted the party line.

  19. Sounds like French women – like most White women – would rather focus on a material life (“education,” career, and leisure) at the expense of children.

    1. They just do not give a shit…as long as the money toys and cock keeps coming they will not care.

      1. It is sad how many I have crossed path with that are just the millionth copy of an unhappy office drone

    2. Or, the expense of children. This week’s news pegged the cost of raising a child from birth to 17 at 233k. IMO that stat was jiggered to be scary high, however, it’s still daunting to contemplate combining paid work plus children. Even if one has help, children are the woman’s responsibility. Moreover, white and Asian women may be catching up, but remain less likely than women of other races to be unwed mothers. Spoiled and self-centered? Maybe. However, I doubt that appeals to racial survival will convince more white women to choose the unwed mother poverty plan.

  20. So we’re supposed to cheer the anti-colonial movements in India, Africa, the Middle East, and Indochina while also celebrating the colonization of Western countries by yellow and brown peoples? Seems almost like a double standard is at play here … hmm

  21. Anglo-Saxons should have stayed in their shithole homeland, which comprises present-day Denmark and southern Sweden. These delusional Germanic retards invaded the British isles, spread as a disease over Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world and are now bitching about other immigrants, while their ancestors were unwanted immigrants for the past 2000 years.
    And yet they still feel entitled to the lands of other people, because they don’t mind when white people settle in non-white and non-western countries, but oh boy…it’s the end of the world when non-whites and non-westerners enter ‘their’ lands.

    1. haha that might be an argument if peoples and races were equal but they’re not

      1. agree. I still think we should send the marines out on a thanksgiving and surprise the fuck out of those slow talking assholes.
        “here for cheap cigarettes or the casino?”
        “nope, just taking care of some unfinished business”

        1. Just let them parcel out and sell off their land. No more unfair treatment, they will not be an issue in two generations.

        2. I spent time living on a few reservations and it’s all full of meth, drugs, alcohol etc…the females in general are feral sluts who prefer blacks and mexicans to their own kind just like white women so often do.
          The males are typically caught up in all that and to make things worse a great deal of them try to imitate negroes.

        3. No worries my friend meth, alcohol, wannabe gang bangers, the token negro, and mexicans are all interbreeding with these savages. I used to live on a few reservations they are trying hard to turn themselves into little Chicagos.
          Indeed they will be bred out once the mexicans get some more blood mixed in there.
          Funny thing is too most every tribe has a big scandal every year or two of the leaders embezzling large amounts of funding for things like upgraded water systems, and other projects that their people are depending on.
          These fuckers will live in giant nice ass log homes while their tribal members are living in squalor. Then the federal government makes a big show about taking them to court where they get a nice love slap on the pee pee and are right back out at it again.

        4. I would have serious reservations about going anywhere near there (not just hilarious, but also very, very true.)

    2. I don´t get it, So the British island were full of people of color before the Saxon invade?

      1. Why do you think no one has ever found a leprechaun? They were genocided out of existence. They were made into four leaf clovers and green top hats 🙁

        1. ohhh so that´s were the jew came from, A mixed race between leprechauns and Anglo saxons, I get it. it was a leprechaun genocide.

  22. This nightmare that is immigration today is bulid upon the hard work of immigrants that assimilate and succeeded in Western World in the past 50 years is used as shining example of “diversity”. “Diversity” to modern politicians is importing 3rd world literal idiots to bankrupt their country in terms of money and demographics for votes. It one aspect of immigration that pisses me off. I loved the living in Western society not 3rd world shithole with bunch of degenerates.
    When I walk upon the streets of French city I expect aspects of city steep in French cultural heritage. Instead I will now get line of shops filled with Halal, population of that does not know history of the soil of they are standing on, and no Frenchman in site.

    1. The average kebab eater doesn’t know the difference between Verdun and Vermouth

      1. Currently eating a chicken kebob right this very moment and I know That if you put too much Verdun in your martini you will ruin it!

      2. Oiiiiiii, I eat kebab and I know the difference between these Canadian two car brands.

    2. The melting pot was a myth, and is a myth. The previous immigrants didn’t assimilate anything. They gradually changed the existing culture to what you have today in different cities and regions. (BTW, 50 yrs ago was only from 1968). The Germans changed things, the Irish changed things, heck, in my area we have tons of ethnic Czechs, Germans from Russia, don’t think they didn’t shape my culture here. Everything from food, music, politics, sports…but its normal to me since I wasn’t around before they all arrived.
      Get over it, there is no pure ‘American’ culture, or French or British or anyone, there are only stereotypes of them. There are only predominant types, but even the predominant types were the minority at one point.

  23. My take away from this is remembering to dress like an Arab Muslim if I ever use a train in France 😀

  24. Define your terms: Native-any one born there? If so, then all second gen are native. If not, then what is your criteria? Race based? That will never work, of course. How long a residency does one need to have to qualify?
    How could you possibly know what people are thinking? What the quality of women are? Please preface, or at least provide some inference that these statements are just opinions, not fact.
    The root of all the ills you decry in your article is, drumroll……the state. Fueled by…drumroll…..ism’s of all kinds. In the case of many here on this site, nationalism.
    So…what do you want all the alpha-masculine-active-vagina independent men to do?
    Start summary executions in the streets? Maybe the nation worship got you in trouble and now you don’t like the results of turning power over to politicians. Maybe supporting “the right policy” ends up screwing you over in the long run. Out breed the invaders, lol? As soon as the foreign invaders have kids, oops, more natives. A static culture has never existed, and, like the weather, changes constantly. Get over your myths of a stable, benevolent patriarchal system that provided a mono culture capable of centuries of purity and power. Never happened. Anyway, France has never had a united people anyhow, language and culture insanely fragmented geographically. That nation stuff is just more globalist jingoism being crammed down your throat, so to rule the masses easier. Just move away if you don’t like it….kind of like the invaders are doing.

    1. Well I guess the changes that caused the downfalls of all ancient civilizations were worth it, right? The japanese are very homogeneous and nationalistic, Korea even more, they are great countries and don’t need or want any change. A matriarchy never lasts, you should read the book “sex and culture”. A change shoul be welcome if it brings somethong good, not if it leads to third world.

    2. “Get over your myths of a stable, benevolent patriarchal system that provided a mono culture capable of centuries of purity and power”.
      Who are you kidding, mate? Do you really think that basic reverse psychology works on anyone here? “That nation stuff is just more globalist jingoism being crammed down your throat, so to rule the masses easier.” Damn, troll are getting good at this trolling malarkey!

  25. I grew up in the States – my dad was in WWII and I was too young for Vietman – and for the majority of my life America was for the most part (not everywhere though) a very stable country. Under these conditions one takes their safety, way of life, and cultural preservation for granted.
    So for me the past 2 years here in europe has been eye opening to say the least. I have had on numerous occasions experienced plenty of “WTF?” moments because I have never before seen (or perhaps was not aware of it because it proceeded much slower than today) the outright, painfully obvious evil social engineering instigated by the political elites, and more so the dupability / stupidity of the majority of peoples behavior and perception of what is going on.
    Everything the europeans have: their heritage, culture, way of life, quality of life and their safety is being EXTERMINATED while the vast majority of the native people of europe sit idly by and be slaughtered. And to make things worse anybody who questions any of the current state of affairs are criticized and ATTACKED BY the very same native population slated for disposal.
    I no longer am angry, but rather have become somewhat detached and at the same time curious as to the causative factors of the mental illness in the people who willingly accept their execution.

      1. “Comfort. Too much comfort”
        Well it looks like this is going to change and I will also be curious to see what the outcome will be – unfortunately many buildings are will be burned to the ground, many lives are taken, many rapes will take place before the uncomfort factor hits critical mass.

    1. great post – I feel the same.
      Seems anyone of a few decades age has literally lived thru the social upheaval between 50s legacy, and SJW genocide…
      “I no longer am angry, but rather have become somewhat detached and at the same time curious as to the causative factors that causes the mental illness in the people who willingly accept their execution.”
      I’ve tried a couple of times – but not worth the stress, and attacks…
      But, interesting to watch the mental gymnastics of SJWs rationalizing their attacks…
      the breading out reminds me of braveheart -> prima nocta

    2. The only advantage the USA has is its size, otherwise the people are the same type of sheep.

      1. “The only advantage the USA has is its size, otherwise the people are the same type of sheep”
        Good point and I agree. The states always had a lesser concentration per capita of people. But indeed the same shit going in europe is being brought to the usa. The difference being that there may be a certain level of the american populous (some parts in fly over country) might resist and at least perhaps we might get a civil war resulting in the States fragmenting into 3 or 4, possible 5 separate nations.

        1. You might be right. I’ve always felt that the usa is long overdue for a civil war, so far nothing.

    3. A question that haunts many people, after the fact. Why Nazi Germany? Why Communism? Why Japanese descended Americans, in America, while fighting for supposed freedom? Why do you put up with abortion, civil asset forfeiture, taxes, injustice?
      Basic humanity, that’s why. Not new, not changeable, not a problem, really. If no one fucks with me and mine, what do I care about what happens 5 miles down the road? Basic human behavior.

      1. “Basic humanity, that’s why. Not new, not changeable, not a problem, really. If no one fucks with me and mine, what do I care about what happens 5 miles down the road? Basic human behavior”
        I’m very inclined to agree in the majority of cases. For example: every white chick who lives in a protected community, and is pro immigration AND who knows damn well about the rapes and gropings taking place, she is thinking “Well, it’s not my anus that is dripping blood and arab semen from a pack of mass raping immigrants, so what do I care?”
        Then there are the extreme cases of hardcore support of immigrants, most notable is the death of the german woman Maria Ladenburger who was raped and murdered by an Afgan muzzie ape, and the father of the murdered girl, at her funeral HE was collecting donations TO HELP THE IMMIGRANT PROGRAM. This kind of extremism is beyond surreal.

        1. If that was my daughter I would be collecting scalps…if the german police get in my way its a good day to die.

        2. “..if the german police get in my way its a good day to die.”
          The german police are the tin soldiers enforcing the status quo; they are then enemy too; I’d take a few of them with me on the way out.

    4. The wrong side won the war, that’s why. You should watch “the gratest story never told” documentary. Yuri Bezmenov interviews are very useful too, he predicted extremely well the future of America.

    5. Detachment is kind of the way to go when you see fellow countrymen motionless and the gvt trying to silence us. Then you start to think only about your circle and next move.

  26. Jean-Batave, I had the pleasure of visiting France early this past fall. The “french” aspects of France were wonderful. France is/was a great country. It’s my hope that the French will soon be able to tap into what made there country great and recover from its trajectory of cultural suicide.

  27. So roosh is kebab migrant running game on polish women and paying his bar tab with stormcuck web traffic? Too funny.

      1. Its not cognitive dissonance. It perfectly congruent. Learn game or get played. That’s why stormcucks get the leftovers of society.

        1. Aye. I can see the keffieh-sporting, noodle armed hipsters like Andy L. using it as a valid argument.

  28. The immigrants know exactly what they are doing and what they want out of it. The white women just do not give a shit is all.

  29. I had planned on taking a trip to France last year. Even started teaching myself the language in hope of getting around better. After that immigration crisis start I cancelled my plans. I’m still taking my french lessons, but starting to think they are a waste of time as the language itself will probably be dead in a generation or two. Maybe I should start learning Ukrainian or Russian instead.

    1. There are still places to see as a tourist that are green and really French. Two days in Paris are enough then move

    2. It’s not as bad as you tink it is. France is still a great country. Country side is fantastic, even Paris is beautiful and has plenty of history to discover.
      French is a very rich language and learning it won’t be a waste of time.
      Basically I’m trying to tell you France is not done. Despite the difficulties it’s having, it will not be destroyed.

  30. “If there were more alpha men, this would not happen. Women being women, they choose thrills and practicality over loyalty.”
    Kind of a chicken/egg thing wouldn’t you say?
    Back before the 60’s, females policed themselves. Now with AA-EEOC/Social Programs/Mainstream media brainwashing, things havce gotten out of control. So, should men be Mark Wahlberg/Channing Tatum peacocks? Or should we be hard working, honest, intelligent, steady Jimmy Stewarts and Gary Coopers?

  31. Complaining of being invaded by the inhabitants of countries you once invaded and colonized? Priceless….

    1. Colonization was the best thing that could have ever happened to those savages, otherwise they would still be living in mud huts if they didn’t go extinct already.

      1. Savages who lived and cohabited in patriarchal tribes, without wanton consumerism driven by unrestrained capitalism, which in itself needs endless war to survive. I’m sorry, who are the real savages?

        1. Let’s just agree that savages are awesome no matter what their nationality and leave it there

    2. Queue that argument with “it’s a madman”, ” not all muslims!”, “we must not play the game of the far right”, “colonies are Hitler!”. I can drive you to the next train towards Seine St Denis where you’ll be able to preach love. See how that works out

      1. I have a female relative and her family living in Paris and she wants to leave and return home. I do not blame her. I do feel for the native French as much as I feel for the native British. Europe is not what it once was due to Western powers bombing the sh*t out of African countries and then wondering why all the Africans are moving to Europe.

    3. My friend, I can only agree with your statement but who in the right mind would like to be colonised?

    1. Yes! I had to login just to upvote that. Man it will be great when it happens France needs it so badly..

  32. Why is there a p[picture of tony abbot there? hes not the Australian prime minister anymore, hasnt been for a year?

  33. Dutch native here. In my country exactly the same is happening.
    I gave up hope and decided to move to SEA where people are still happy and friendly. Big bonus that I love Asian girls. Big chance I will interbreed and produce hybrid offspring in the future, and doing my part in slowly dissolving the pure European blood in the world…

    1. I’m already here, jumped ship nearly 10 years back when I saw the writing on the wall.

        1. Thailand is going downhill the past few years, but the Philippines is still great. I bounce between both these days. Laos and Cambodia are too primitive, Vietnam still hates Americans.

    2. You should be ashamed for planning to have mongrel children. I understand that you had to move out of your country but you could still find a good European wife.

      1. Read again. I’m not planning. I just have a liking for Asian girls. Most girls I dated in Holland were at least partly from the former Dutch colonies like Indonesia and Taiwan, but must admit I’ve also dated an Aruban one. By the way, I didn’t move to SEA yet, I booked my ticket for March. I could find a European wife, of course. Actually I was recently dating a pretty white girl with dark hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Turns out she’s half Jewish. What about that?
        This whole website is about masculinity and fighting feminism in the West. I’m not looking for a so called self-supporting independent feminist wife. I’m looking for a feminine, loving, caring and beautiful wife, and that’s pretty hard to come by nowadays in Western Europe. Of course, I could look in Eastern Europe – but these are Slavic girls. I could look in Southern Europe – but these are mostly non-Aryan Europeans as well. Should I mix my Aryan blood with them? You see, it’s pointless. You can always draw the line closer. If it gets close enough I only have my sister left to marry.
        If I can be happy with an Asian girl in Asia, does it really matter if I have kids with her sometime in the future?
        FYI, a family member of mine had 3 children with a half-Indonesian woman. All 3 of them have blue eyes and blonde hair. Guess our genes are pure and strong.

  34. The native men doubtless have to be inactive or their own legal mechanisms would attack them.

  35. This article is non sense.
    Lets talk about migrants from former colonies and forget the rest pakis, indians, syrians, soudanese, afghans etc…
    France is not Poland.
    France had many colonies for 100 years (north africa, africa, asia)
    You went to those countries for pillaging the ressources and spreading your language/culture.
    You were the invaders not the other way around.
    Its fair that you guys take responsabilities for the bullshit you’ve created.
    There is an historical reason if a congolese guy prefer emigrate to FRANCE than going to sweden or china.
    Final word French women are so fuckin ugly.
    They look deformed, wobbly with big nose and no breast, no ass plus they think that they are the hottest women in the world what a sorry joke. Be happy fellow Frenchmen to have some arabic ass to pound hard….

    1. What did Sweden as one example ever do to deserve the mutlicult invasion.
      Are Arabs not accountable for their expansionism and conquering in the past.
      Just more bullshit rationalization to the genocide of Europeans

      1. From what I heard it went 200 years without a war unlike its neighbours Finland, Norway, Denmark.. They didn’t colonise but somehow just got too soft about things thinking the world was friendlier than it was and felt guilty somehow that they so many of them had blonde hair etc

        1. Its only a recent phenomenon Sweden has succumb to this insanity.
          An insanity deliberately inflicted.

    2. French people conquered these colonies because they were superior in every way. It’s only natural. Strong always conquered the weak.

    3. Infering that non whites living in France are actually colonialists…
      Can’t say I disagree even though we are on opposite sides of the spectrum !

  36. “Take the example of mainland Australia after the introduction of the cane toad. The animal served its purpose at first but having no natural predators, it proliferated until becoming a pest, destroying the balance of the local ecosystem. Just like the government introducing migrants to divide the population until they get out of hand and destroy society as we know it.”
    This is absolutely true. Arab men have no natural predators in France because French men are cockless sissies.

  37. Excellent piece.Its happening here in the South as well.I no longer recognize my Southern state(S.C.) or its culture.Sad.Its being done to all White nations purposely.And my best estimation is that mostly one world Jews are the main force behind all this.They are truly of their father the Devil.Maybe this is how the end of time is to come about,but I for one want to give them such a fight that there
    will be nothing left either way.

  38. May we know which city you’re talking about?
    Overall I agree with what you said, especially the part about demoralized native men.
    You live overseas don’t you? Don’t you think you’re part of the problem then? I’m myself faced with the same moral dilema, I love France yet I keep moving in foreign countries. Lots of my friends are emigrating to other countries (Canada, SEA, UK). It feels like escaping the battefield, and I’m guilty of it.

  39. Went to London over the spring to visit some friends of mine I made while abroad (I’m American), and this was the first thing I noticed. Riding the tube at 7 in the morning coming in front the airport, all I saw around me was brown fucktards. Want quite sure where I was, and in my sleepy haze, I had though I had gotten on the wrong plane for a moment.

  40. Fuck this shit. What the fuck is wrong with you fucking people? Where is your French pride? Where is your Gaellic honor? You have a thousand years of culture and history and you are throwing it away! YOU ARE GIVING AWAY YOUR WOMEN! They are the hottest women on Earth outside of Israel and Italy, and YOU ARE HANDING THEM AWAY TO FOREIGNERS!!
    You goddamn assholes what is wrong with you?!
    This is proof that it is NOT the holocaust guilt that has kept the Germans down. What is happening is a result of resource abundance. Too much time having it good has made Europeans soft. You want to know what happened to the bad ass vikings? They succeeded that is what happened! And so they forgot the harship that made their people terrors to the rest of the planet!
    Now I realize that the only thing that has kept Israel from being equally faggotized is the constant attacks, and the religious extremists.
    French people, RISE UP! STAND UP DAMN YOU!!

  41. Love how the Jews are at the forefront of all this anti-white & anti-Christian immigration we’ve been seeing in predominantly white countries..Their goal of course, to divide & conquer these white cultures.
    Pro-immigration, pro immigration, pro-immigration-except, when it comes to Israel ..and people still don’t understand why the Nazi’s wanted to annihilate these people.

  42. It’s not like Europe needs French people. I think it would be OK if France self destructed out of existence.
    It’s kind of sad, but cultures have done it throughout history. France will be no exception.

  43. Je ne veux pas être chiant mon ami, mais l’Europe est FINIE, et pour cela vous pouvez dire “Merci” aux politiciens “progressistes” qui ont permis ce gros bordel.
    Si jamais vous réussissez à redresser la situation (c’est encore possible), il va y avoir bien de la casse avant, c’est clair.

  44. Living in France as a native , I can say for certain that none of this authors obeservations has any bearing with reality.

  45. I was shocked watching France National Football Team at the Euro 2016. There were only 2 white players in the starting eleven: Griezman and Lloris!

  46. Although I’d love to counter this article (not because I’m some dellusional leftist arse gapping idiot but because I’m French), the reality is, immigration has changed the landscape.
    And you know why ?
    Because in France, French people and France as a nation do not command respect anymore.
    Think about every great power in history and think about the saying : “When in Rome, do as Roman’s do”.
    Non natives, when stepping on the soil of a great power, had to abide by the rule of the land.
    You think Gauls didn’t follow Roman laws when they were conquered ? They did. 400 years later, Huns, Vandals, Goths… didn’t give a toss about which emperor ruled the crumbling Western Roman Empire.
    Now there are reasons (several, but I won’t go into them now) why France and other countries don’t command respect anymore but this is the unmovable truth.
    We do NOT command respect.

  47. Your mother’s words on that train train were pretty important, I think. When it gets to the point where even wily old mademoiselles could applaud a resistance movement that does seem like a decent time for one to kick it up a gear. They won’t need to fight an army on top of the invaders if its soldiers have female relatives they’re concerned about as well.

  48. Great article! Especially this ismost important I would say: ” …we can only focus on the next generation of men if we want to preserve
    our culture. The goal would be to tackle the general laziness and
    pusiyfication of our society in order to create richer and stronger
    (mentally and physically) men.”

  49. I’m in Turin, Italy and I can relate with a lot of what has been said in the article. Recently most of the arrivals are from Sub-Saharian Africa, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, etc. Most of those arriving on boats are not even refugees from Syria, they are simply economic migrants from Africa.
    The city center is packed full of them, dealing in the streets, begging outside supermarkets and harassing women.
    Good thing I renewed my firearm license last year, I’m not allowed to carry but I have a 9X21 IMi(we don’t get 9X19 in Italy as it’s considered a military caliber and banned for civilian ownership, so every firearm that abroad would be found in the Parabellum caliber in Italy is either re-chambered or produced to fire the 9X21 IMI) under my bed for home protection. I also have a .22lr for target shooting and practice.
    The thing that annoys me the most is that I’m not even fully Italian, my father is from northern Italy while my mum is a Palestinian Christian, yet I seem to give more of a shit about this country than most of the full natives I know.
    Most of my coworkers and “friends” label me a racist and a hypocrite(they assume that since I’m half palestinian I should like the muslims even though I explained to them a million times that there are arab christians). I see the Islamification of Europe as a huge threat and also the African migration flow, say what you want but negroes are less than human, literally every race on the planet can work and contribute to a society, except for them, they just corrupt and turn into shit everything they touch.

  50. Humans by far are ethnocentric and tend to stick with their own kind… every race. Humans as a whole.
    Should not be any surprising.
    Even when Americans go overseas, they tend to form some sort of American cliques or American town. It goes both ways.
    You import immigrants and expect them to change ways?

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