5 Painfully Annoying Types Of Backpacker Girls

Travel is arguably one of the most pleasant experiences in a mans life, especially when it’s an opportunity to cut loose from the expensive, feminist, and over-regulated western world.

Outside of “The Matrix,” a greater sense of adventure and higher quality women inevitably await those who have some decent social skills and game. Particularly in places like Southeast Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe.

However, the west also sends some of the dregs of their females along for the ride, which you are inevitably going to have to put up with on a semi-regular basis while backpacking. This article will explore five of the most glaringly obvious.

1. The Obnoxious Aussie Girl

A lot of Australian girls are like skunks. Some of them can be pretty cute, but I probably wouldn’t take one home to show Mom and Dad anyway.

Women from all western countries tend to get a lil’ cray-cray on the drinky-drink while they are on their travels, but Australian girls often take it to such an over-the-top level that they are worthy of their own alliterative title.

Along with their culturally similar New Zealand counterparts (who have less than 1/5th the comparative population), Australian girls probably consume more booze, and loudly spew more profanity and stomach lining than pretty much all others when overseas.

Additionally, as others have pointed out, young Australian women also tend to be very aloof and interpret kindness, rationality, good manners, and calm dispositions as big weaknesses in the sexual marketplace.

Only Alpha males, and to a smaller extent Sigma males, will have any measure of success with them. But when you are in one of the global you-know-what paradises of Southeast Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe, why would you even bother with C(unt)-grade Kangaroo meat?

2. The “Semester Abroad” American Girl

Daddy is paying for me to fuck Aussies in Europe!

To be fair, a lot of these girls can be really nice, particularly if they are from less SJWey parts of the country like the South or Midwest, but the general sentiment is almost always the same. There is just something uniquely irritating about this sub-category of backpacker girls.

Usually white (but highly disproportionately Asian-American as well), these young women should be the poster child of global privilege and over-nurturing.

Often coming from upper middle-class or even moderately wealthy backgrounds, they have never had to struggle for essentially anything in their lives, and in the event of poor decision-making, their gender has ensured that white knight orbiters and sympathizers will relieve them of any personal responsibility.

They can often be found in groups of at least three or four, wandering old streets speaking in an irritating vocal fry tone at least five decibels louder than the next loudest person, and are like sooooooo amazed that they can drink in bars and clubs before they are 21!

The semester abroad girl can almost exclusively be found in an almost hassle-free first world country like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, or Japan. Black or Brown areas of the world like South Africa or Latin America are simply too dangerous for daddy’s precious little girl.

3. The Donald Trump Apologist American Girl

Like, oh my gawwwwd you guys! We are sooooooo sorry about him! Not my President!

Often shares a great deal of similarity with the “semester abroad” American girl, though is not necessarily a university student. The Donald Trump apologist takes their liberal sensibilities to such a self-conscious level, that they feel compelled to completely hide their nationality or immediately apologize to any non-American for whatever Republican has been elected the new commander-in-chief.

She is prone to say things like “not my President!” or “I’m one of the good ones. I promise!” or “In San Francisco/Austin/Portland we are really cool. Not like the racist Trump parts of the country!”. You get the idea.

This girl has a special affinity for sewing a Canadian flag on her backpack (where she wishes she was either born or desires-to-move-but-won’t) and also takes a particular liking for the Scandinavian countries with all their “tolerance” and social democracy.

An overall vapid and air-headed specimen who has nothing positive to say about her country, and will socially and sexually ostracize any man who speaks anything complementary about the Donald or agrees with any right-wing talking points.

4. The Spinster-In-Training

Still downing those buckets ay?

High probability “Mother Merkels” and cat collectors of the not-too-distant future, these are single traveling women who have exceeded their 33rd birthday but have not quite reached 40. They are not yet middle aged, but any resemblance of youth, vitality, healthy fertility, and general SMV is now fading fast.

The spinster-in-training has been riding the carousel for 13+ years, and somehow failed to latch onto a nice beta-male provider husband during her epiphany phase (late 20s). Accordingly, the best thing to do is just keep peter-paning around the world and partying.

Some of these women are delusional enough to think that similarly aged backpacker men might even fall in love with them, and finally get offered a rock (diamond). However, they are blissfully unaware that high value 30-something backpacker men are almost exclusively chasing women the greater part of 10 or even 15 years younger than them, especially for any potential long-term attachment.

Lucky for them, due to pervasive male thirst they will still be able to get dicked on the regular if they desire. The only catch is it will increasingly come via dating apps like Tinder, where they are clearly treated as a 2nd or 3rd tier choice for many men who only set their age dial above 30 when their options with younger women are exhausted.

The spinster-in-training can otherwise be quite a pleasant lady (politeness and humility often being a result of a woman’s lower value hierarchy in the sexual marketplace), but her mere existence is incredibly irritating for the good of the traveller community and western civilization as a whole. They “inspire” and act as an enabler for younger backpacker girls to eventually become just like them.

5. The ‘Social Justice’ Degenerate


Glad she lives in Canada or New Zealand (because Donald Trump reasons)

Finally, we have the social justice degenerate. You don’t immediately know what country she is from, but it’s highly likely to be an overly feminist English-speaking country like Canada or New Zealand, and you will definitely see her when you see her.

Blue hair, rampant tattooing, bull rings, or hipster glasses are dead giveaways visually, while her abundance of profanity or drunken mantras about “equality” and “racism” will be like sand grinding in your ears.

She’s also probably the chubbiest girl in the hostel too, who acts as the highly unwanted photo-bomber in more bikini-friendly travelers destinations.

The one saving grace of the social justice degenerate is that you don’t even have to speak with them in order to figure out they aren’t worth your breath (or your game plan).

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432 thoughts on “5 Painfully Annoying Types Of Backpacker Girls”

  1. All backpacker girls, regardless of their reasons, are traitors to their tribe and family. They are all sluts. Nuff said.

      1. Every one of these women should be required to carry their belongings in a bandana tied to a stick and have “box car” as some part of their name.

        1. Jim, If I would have found it I would have posted it for sure.

        2. Find someone who has interest in similar soup cans at E-hobo.com
          You won’t find too many bums at E-hobo.com
          Looking for a boxcar to share for a night? E-hobo.com can help.

  2. what the hell is a backpacker girl? Is that a girl who takes it in the ass?

      1. well, there are two types of women: those who will take it in the ass….and those who will ask for it in the ass. I am guessing “backpacker girl” is the second.

        1. don’t look at me, I avoid that hole all together. My rule about anal is that she has to be an 8.5 and begging for it for me to even consider and even then it is a case by case basis.

        2. never do anal if she didn’t do an enema first.
          Otherwise you’ll be surprised by the brown train.

        3. I really don’t understand why anyone wants anal anyway. The female body has three holes you can stick a cock in and two of them are self lubricating. The other has the exclusive purpose of feces disposal. I will never criticize a guys sexual preferences or kinks so long as children aren’t involved but I can’t, for the life of me, understand why a man would want to stick his dick in the pooper

        4. No one has any right to be surprised with that outcome. I mean, where did you THINK poo came from!?!??!?!

        5. Too much porn… what they don’t see is the amount of preparation they did before recording the scene

        6. Friend of my dads put it thusly : i dont like to get shiy on my shoes, why would i want it on my dick?
          Personally, im not a big fan.
          Very much prefer mouth and puss
          I think for those who like it, its a kinky and power trip thing.

  3. damn #4 can take 3 straws at a time..The article is right about aussie chicks, they’re the worst.

  4. The main picture, and the video that shows Indians as hungry wolves that lust for the White women, and we keep bringing them in large numbers to the United States. Imagine now how single Indian men feel being in a developed country and having an abundance of White women. No wonder dating sites are flooded with these low tier Indian garbage. As I type this, the new H1b deadline is approaching on April 1st. Expect to see 200,000 more new Indians coming into our country.

    1. Their weird little wangs arent even putting a dent in it. The number one thing that Indian women say about their guys is that they are all talk.

    1. Because Roger Miller was cool, females can’t replicate that….

      1. Seriously, they are doing about the same thing, traveling around, bumming off people, being the dregs of society. I am sure they smell so much better though.

  5. Just for the record old boy, Mrs Merkel isn’t a spinster. The clue is in the Mrs bit.

  6. I really can’t understand the mindset of anyone, man or woman, who opts into homelessness.
    EDIT: this includes any form of camping.

    1. Last summer, I was visiting family in this liberal town in Oregon. At a park, I come across this carving on a picnic table that had a face with a tear drop on in. The caption read – I shit your not..”They give us everything we need, except a home”
      I wish I was given everything I needed except a home.

      1. If I was there and saw that I would just kill myself instead of continuing on an existence where I knew it existed.

      2. That reminds me, when I was a corrections officer I was walking through the prison one day and I overheard two inmates. One said to the other one(I shit you not, this is the truth) “man, this place so fucked up, it make me not want to come back to the chain gang”.

        1. lol that is excellent.
          Also, here is an obligatory
          “YO! C.O.! On the gate!”
          not sure if that is just the regional way to call over your corrections officer in booking or if it is ubiquitous

    2. Noooooooooooooo, camping is a great thing. Granted, everyone’s different and what’s good for me might be shit for you — there is definitely something to be said for heading out into the wilderness for a few days, with as little material for comfort as you can possibly take, and climbing up & down mountains so far from civilization that you couldn’t get a cellular signal if you tried. It’s quiet & meditative, and it forces you to get into that self-reliant mindset.
      However I’ll agree with you in o e respect: it can be completely ruined if you try to bring along certain leftist types, particularly women. From the title, I thought that was going to be the subject of this article….And holy shit, I’ve got some whore-or stories to tell about prior experiences in the wild with SJW twats. TBH those were the snowballs that started the mental avalanche that one day made me a man.

      1. Well my friend, as you say…everyone is different…I leave the voluntary homelessness to you and if you find solace or joy in it all the better.

        1. True indeed. However, once in your life at least you should head out to Havasupai for a couple days, regardless of your feelings about camping.
          Go in the winter if you prefer a smaller crowd, or go during Summer – or better yet, spring break – if you want to catch some snatch.

        2. I say this with respect and love my friend……you and the toughest 4 guys you know would wind up in a hospital bed trying to get me to do that. 🙂

        3. So basically we’re going to need more of the Wild Kingdom approach to get you out there? Have our assistant Jim shoot you with a tranquilizer dart when you least expect it, etc. Got it. Roger that.

        4. ha, that is pretty much what it would take and you better keep that tranq gun handy incase I wake up because when I do I will be angry. You wouldn’t want to see me when I’m angry

        5. Yeah, just think about it man. You’re sipping frapemocalatachino at some New Yawk coffee shop one minute, then suddenly everything goes dark, and when you next open your eyes you’re out in the middle of the woods in North Carolina, laying next to a stone fire circle, and around you is a nice tent, sleeping bag, propane stove, flashlights, fishing pole and a cooler with eats in it and a small note telling you “Be back to pick you up in three days”. Your cell phone, is gone. You simply don’t know where you are.
          Why, I’d wager, at the end of the three days, after our assistant Jim put you under again and we got you back to NYC, you’d wake up with this strong urge to go out, buy a lot of jeans, rugged boots and plaid shirts while listening to Hank Williams Jr.

        6. I already listen to Hank….I am oddly folksy when it comes to music….but as big a guy as you are GOJ you and your assistant Jim better hope that I am in a very nice hotel in NYC with a drink in front of me when I come to.

        7. I tell you, there is nothing like a good kidnapping to make your day. Picture this….
          Back in college, a friend of mine had this girlfriend with three roommates. His sister was pretty cute (not my wife). We arrange with her roommate to let us in at 6 am. We go in and pull them both out of bed, grab their shoes and go. We take the two of them in their jammies all over, (first to get some socks at a store), then to the zoo, out canoeing and other stuff. At the end of the day, he proposes to her at a steakhouse (still in her jammies).

        8. I think he’d go native, have a necklace of squirrel skulls on by the time you tracked him down again.

        1. True. I have learned first hand how much humidity makes a huge difference at low temps. -10 in a dry frozen spot feels much better than 10 with moisture.

        2. Coldest years I spent was as a missionary in Ireland. Out in a suit and tie, knocking on doors in six months of blowing ice and rain. Summers were beautiful though.

        3. I’m a puss and over dress constantly. I rock merino wool base layer pantaloons from October to May. Fur hat, check. Fucking kids here are out in shorts in December.

        4. I am the same, grew up on a Dairy in Eastern Oregon, 30 below was not uncommon. Dress up like a marshmallow and you are good to go.

        5. If I’m eating right and working out regularly, I can be alright at freezing temperatures in shorts. Not at all comfortable, mind you, but it’s kind of a “man versus nature” challenge for me.
          Not sure I’ve ever been out for more than 15 minutes at below 30 that way, though. That seems more than a bit mad.

        6. Coldest I ever was was on a plateau in North Carolina. It was only a little south of freezing, but the wind was merciless. And absolutely nothing to slow or shield the wind.

        7. North Dakotan here. The negative 40 winters tend to keep out the liberal garbage. Always a good thing.

        1. I think Tina is hitting on you lolknee.
          When a girl is going all considerablemeasure on your ass, you know it’s lurv.

        2. She wrote that song for me…
          What’s love got to do, got to do with it
          What’s love but a swift back handed motion
          What’s love got to do, got to do with it
          Who needs a nose when a nose can be broken

        3. I read where Tina said he had a monster dong. She was addicted to the cawk. And the backhand.

        4. Ain’t is the English contraction of “am not”. Hence you can say “I ain’t” and be grammatically correct however you cannot say “she ain’t”.
          Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s bad grammar. Royalty has said “I ain’t”.

        5. As far as I’m concerned, if you stay with em, you must not dislike it enough.

        6. I don’t lol. I mean Ike says ’bout, not about etc. and no one can ever tell me otherwise.

        7. OK, here’s a broken nose story.
          In 1939 my father was standing on the northeast corner of Avenue A and 10th street, when a bunch of guys came out of a bar across the street, jumped him, broke his nose, and went back to the bar. Next day, he’s walking home (9th street and Avenue D) and one of the guys who had jumped him comes over and apologizes for the broken nose. He explained “We thought you wuz some one else”.
          That’s the family broken nose story.

    3. To each their own. I find it comforting to be out in nature, in general, whether just strolling through a park, fishing in a lake, or camping in the wilderness.
      There’s a certain animal nature that’s nurtured by such experiences. When you weather a rainstorm in a makeshift lean-to you build of sticks and leaves and emerge dry and rested, you feel something hard to describe. When you build a proper fire and light it with simple means (no charcoal or gas) to cook the fish you caught for dinner, you get a sense of dominance and self-reliance hard to match anywhere else.
      Voluntarily taking a camper into the wilderness to watch soaps, though, is nonsense. You get exactly nothing out of that kind of “camping.”

      1. a camper? I have said it once and I will say it again….I consider any hotel without 24 hour concierge service “camping”
        I also consider all of the time I spent in Jacksonville as camping despite being in a house.
        I love a nice walk near the lake, I enjoy fishing (though I like deep sea best) and I love a stroll through the park (central please) so long as afterwards I can get a massage, put on a suit and go have a martini

        1. As I said, to each their own.
          Still, if I had my druthers, I’d put every 12-year-old boy through a week of survival-condition camping. It’s the sort of rite of passage we don’t really have in the West, but it changes you. When you’ve gone a week without a shower, proper bed, climate control, or even immediately-available food and water, you come out with the knowledge you can survive.
          I imagine you’d have fewer beta manlets around if they had to rough it when they were kids. Such weakness cannot survive long even a few miles from civilization.

        2. I love to mix it up….next week I will be doing my version of camping. Caribbean island hotel — sun, sand, boats, snorkeling, fishing, jet skis, late night parties, deep sea swimming, rarely wearing shoes

        3. I grew up in Brooklyn in the 70’s. I had my own survival camp trust me.

        4. I’m jealous man. I just booked a night in a Jacuzzi suite with my wife in Salt Lake. First time we will be away from the baby in 6 months.

        5. Enjoy that as much as humanly possible. I can’t imagine the stress of raising a child, let alone when they are a baby. You earned it!

        6. I’m excited, I asked her to tell me one of her fantasies, it was to go to one of those lingerie sex shops with me. She is in the process of really opening up sexually, and I hope not to blow it.

        7. Don’t over think it. Take it from an old cooze hound….the more you enjoy it and take it as it comes the more she will enjoy it. Happiness and enjoyment are contagious

        8. Agreed, she will probably back out of walking in the door of the sex shop, but no mind. There is plenty you can do in a Jacuzzi suite.

        9. It depends if you know which leaves to use, one wipe of poison ivy and you’ll never want to crap again.

        10. Sound logic. You should demand compensation for when you hibernate in the winter and can’t work.

        11. True. If you bring marbles and some chalk you can do some impromptu pick up games on the porch, and if you’re really lucky, you can even take a walk down a nature trail.

        12. I don’t think mind blowing is a worthy description. Its more like something SEALs and CIA agents should undergo to prepare for torture.

        13. The key is to find a nice rock pile where you can get each foot elevated and a good, wide spread squat going. Comes out better. Less mess.

        14. you know, for all my debauchery and all my insistence of variety, I never did find much in a sex shop that did the trick for me. I don’t need fuzzy handcuffs…women come equipped with most of what I like and the rest is just being dressed nicely. Of course, every man has his thing and should make sure their woman wants it, but just being away from the kiddo, in a big bubbly pool with the woman….I have a feeling you will the a lot of fun with or without sex shop

        15. btw, http://www.adameve.com is an online sex shop. It may feel a little less skuzzy (unless you like the skuzzy which is totally cool too) to sit at home in private and look stuff up online and have it delivered (in non descript boxes) to your front door. Still the excitement of shopping around with the missus and still the excitement of having the toys to play with but a lot less of that seedy sex shop atmoshphere.

        16. Sex shops are good for one real purpose to me, and that’s taking a really hot girl in and having her propose different outfits to wear for me submissively and sweetly. Dress Up Barbie may sound like something girls do, but turns out guys can do it to if they get a real life living breathing Barbie.

        17. It was bad city wide and I was in a neighborhood that was worse than most.

        18. agreed, I think it is good for her to feel comfortable pushing her boundaries a bit. If anything, it will be a nurses costume, or similar.

        19. Love the variety on this site. Stereotypical Manhattanite and a Mountain West guy conversing in harmony.
          America, man, America.

        20. Nothing in the world will ruin the moment faster when you are the lady walk into a sex shop and the owner and his scum bag buddy are watching porn behind a counter and are paying a little too much attention to you as you shop.

        21. true, the place I am thinking of has the clothing section up front, pretty harmless, and then the “Over 18” section in the back. I’ve gotten her lingerie from there before (although I didn’t tell her where)

        22. The memoir is so hilariously politically incorrect and straight terrifying at the same time.
          Hard to believe how much NYC has changed. You’ve got million dollar homes that used to be murder scenes.
          Word was that Jews then were tough sons of bitches that didn’t always wait for the cops.

        23. Hell, I didn’t even realize for a long time that Bugsy (((Siegel))) was a leader of the Jewish mob.
          NYC has gone through a lot of shit over the centuries.

        24. To give you an idea of how much it has changed, there are places on the west side that were uninhabitable bad lands where even the police wouldn’t go that now are fetching northing of 2000 per square foot.
          There were some pretty tough jews. The legacy of the boys from Murder Inc is no joke.

        25. I was on top of a fairly small mountain the first time I had that experience. The “trail” down was still about 30 minutes to the bottom and there was no way I would have made it without shitting my pants. Luckily, I found a rock ledge that blocked the view from the trail… XD

        26. I thought it was ass blowing……If I got to go bad enough to go in the woods, it isn’t a pretty picture.

        27. Personally I really enjoy the contrast and variety of life. It’s nice to come out of the bush one in awhile and see an opera and get loaded on really high quality gin. The women really are a drag there though, but they’re fun for a bit as long as one has a plan for them.

        28. Hah, I felt the same way about a month I spent in Austin, Texas. My takeaway thought was “How do people LIVE in these conditions all year!?” 😀

        29. Can’t be much worse than using MRE toilet paper package. Not even close to a whole roll; it’s like using postage stamps to wipe!

        30. I could sleep in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton cause that’s camping to me. I have been in a fully loaded Winnebago and that was Ok. I just can’t plug my hairdryer into a tree stump. My idea of camping is having only one pillow – whew! That’s roughing it. Also one ply toilet paper. The list goes on.

        31. Says the guy who just recently claimed to have first hand experience using “55 gallon drums of ZEP soap”.

        32. You get fairly accustomed to it by about the fifteenth time, give or take. At some point, you learn to deal with it even after you used your socks for something else.

        33. no shit, nobody wants to remember actual hard times fondly. your old man was hopefully doing the best he could.

        34. I did 3 weeks Outward Bound in the Sierras at 14. No toilet paper, no soap, 70lb. pack, 10 mi./day horizontally and 1 or 2 vertically every day taught me something:
          I fucking HATE camping.

        35. I went through NYC when I was 10, ’82, headed to camp in Vermont from west Texas, traveling alone. I stayed overnight with a guy in Harlem who was supposed to get me to the bus station the next day. (For some reason he did not seem to appreciate my telling him how nice Queens looks from the air.) Shirtless Black bucks with jinormous boomboxes blasting on their shoulders, everything smelled like garbage, crusted with soot and worse.
          Driving a borrowed Karman- Ghia station wagon, dude rear-ended a … female… at a stoplight a couple of blocks from the station. Huge fat woman. Puerto Rican, probably. Wanted to take me home to mother me. Eeek! Scarred for life, left with a loathing for NYC surpassed only barely by my hatred of camping.

        36. You had bark? Ha! Looxury.
          We had granite chips, pine cones when we could get them – and don’t go the wrong direction with those or you’ll wish you’d used granite.

        37. You and I are the same age then. Yes, that is a fair explaination of New York in 82. Growing up here was a blast.

        38. Btw if you turn 45 before august let me know if your dick falls off….that’s what I heard happens

        39. After the crash dude switched instantly to hustle mode, “I wouldn’t have crashed if I hadn’t been taking you… you owe me…look at my friend’s car! ” like it’s my fault he’s a retard. I told him he should talk to his insurance company. For some reason that irritated him. Had to haul my own luggage two blocks, God knows how I managed it.

        40. It was a rough city before Guilliani and the broken windows policies

        41. Just had “the test” for the first time. Like mick says. What a drag it is getting old

        42. Stop-and-frisk FTW! Pricing out the riff-raff did just as much, though. Mom used to be a social worker in the S. Bronx, she would tell stories of people too stupid to understand directions to the welfare office on the same street as their apartment. Chickens in the house for Santeria sacrifices, babies with rat bites … some seriously fucked up shit. Those people and their eleven crack babies apiece went somewhere though.

        43. I am actually a big fan of stop and frisk and those santaria babies grow up to fuck like demons

        44. I’m all for it. Fuck “authenticity” I want a safe clean city where women walk around half naked at 2 am

        45. I heard there is something called “glamping”. I guess it is a luxury type tent. I bet the toilet paper is 2-play.
          My motto: “Life is too short for one-ply toilet paper and cheap wine.”

        46. Cyrus the Great had such law and order in his empire that it was said, that a naked (female) virgin with bags of gold in each hand could walk the Royal Road from Susa to Ethiopia in safety. In the US we have a way to go for reaching that level.

        47. Per capita income is lower in NYC now that in 1965. What has happened is more in the way of economic segregation. Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Queen have been reclaimed. The rest is third wold jungle: the city is estimated to have an illegal migrant population of at least one million.
          The working class neighborhoods in Brooklyn, good solid housing, have been displaced by the urban professionals. These in turn were displaced by the new new rich (yes, that’s two ‘news’) that emerged in the 1990s global finance revolution.

        48. Yes New York is a city of wealthy and poor people. When I say New York I mean manhattan and generally only the parts that are Central Park adjacent. Working class putter borough neighborhoods aren’t my problem.
          I get that there are some parts of the city that aren’t great, but I really am one of these people who finds it hilarious that people live in other places.
          As for the financials: NYC is a place of tremendous opportunity…opportunity you can’t find elsewhere. The fact that you have to hustle for it and can’t just coast isn’t a downside to me.

        49. Maybe, but having living here all my life I can vouch for the level of safety comparative to any other time prey Rudy

        50. Update….well it backfired in a way. We got a belly dancer outfit for her had fun with that. Bad part now is she wants me to dress up in some Chippendales get up for her. Such is life.

        51. That’s that’s no backfire. It’s nice that she wants to see you dressed up. There is a really funny SNL with Patrick Swaze and Chris Farley as Chippendale dancers. Have fun with it!

        52. Agree. It takes a Sicilian to run NYC, and it happened twice – first LaGuardia, and then Juliani. Bloomberg was just aping the master. De Blasio has let the Shadow fall again on the city. People tend to forget that ‘Fiorello’ was a very tough customer who re-introduced law and order to Gotham. Contrast his reign to hid predecessor ‘Gentleman Jimmy’ Walker and you know what I mean.

        53. Indeed. Before WW1 it was the Jews who owned most of the violent crime in New York City – and Detroit (the Purple Gang). As Jews moved into the middle class in the 1920s they ceded it to the Italians. After Dewey knocked off Murder Inc., that was the last of them.
          Meyer Lansky alone survived for a few decades as the New York Mob;s financial adviser, He survived as long as he did thanks to favors he did for the FBI and OSS, providing surveillance on German espionage just before the war, and linking them up to the Mafia in Italy for military intelligence. Died in his bed at home.

        54. The Sicilians run Staten Island too and what is it today? The worlds largest garbage dumb.

    4. There is a lot of beautiful scenery all over the world. Fresh air and scenery of mountains, waterfalls, beaches ect in my book make a good time. It makes more sense when compared to the male and females that want to go to a lot of places to party and have sex. Camping is nice and so is fishing.

      1. Hey.
        How YOU doin’?
        Involuntary impulse, outdoorsy country girl provokes it, nothing I can do about it.

      2. Obvious troll sent here to distract and waste mens time.
        Go away (((amanda)))!!!

    5. “I really can’t understand the mindset of anyone, man or woman, who opts into homelessness.” .
      I hear ya – and the reasons for homeless varies from man to man. Some people just go bonkers or lack the social skills needed to fit in society.
      I know one guy who lives very frugally and many times is without money. He used to work in banking, and just got fed up with everything, and I mean everything to the point where he had an existentialist crisis. So he went on a ‘visionquest’ in an effort to search for meaning in life. He also reads the Stoics. On one hand I can respect his desire to scrape the modern world off his shoe, on the other hand one has to be very determined to blaze their trail in a way that would alienate 99% of other human beings. When one becomes über red pilled one becomes nihlistic to the point where life does not matter at all. I would wager the rational suicide is in store for him – but I respect that.

      1. “So he went on a ‘visionquest’ in an effort to search for meaning in life. He also reads the Stoics”
        “Awww, I want to go on a Vision Quest!”

        1. Ahh… Family Guy. I remember that episode – too damned funny!
          That was back in a time when the humor on Family Guy was funny without talking about incest, bestiality, scat sex and just about every other fucked up shit the cultural marxists can come up with.

    6. Its sort of a journey. You have nothing and you improvise. You have certain plans and financial safety nets.

    7. I never understood this obsession westerners (especially americans) have with travelling. Now going to Eastern Europe to fuck beautiful women is ok but going to “who the hell knows where ” in Asia to take pics of tall buildings is retarded to me. Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time and money ?

      1. I’m with you. When I travel it is to a beach. The Carib is 4 hours away and I can snorkel and drink in the afternoon. The idea of going to Eastern Europe or Asia or even to Paris or London is insane to me

        1. Sure , if you have everything you need where you live than why bother ?
          When it comes to travelling or basically anything now , I always think…will my life be any better after I do this? Will I have more money , women etc ? No. Than fuck it. Honestly, if somebody offered me to pay me a trip to Paris this weekend I would refuse it. I have lots of shit to take care of where I am. I couldn’t care less about the Paris attractions.
          I know these asian students who are always on their backpacks visiting different german cities and posting pics online and they look so pathetic. Each foto is like a clone of the previous one. It took me two or three job/study journeys to realise that each city in Germany is basically the same. The city I live in now might as well be the last one I “visit” unless I have to.

      2. For some small few, it is the quest. I want to know other peoples and other places, in a way that books and television shows don’t show. People just fascinate me, as does the way my thinking differs from, say, the Japanese or the Russian.
        For most, though, it’s just a way to watch television and get drunk somewhere they’re not working off a mortgage. I find it a bit sad.

        1. You don’t want to know these “other” people , how they live or what they think. Let alone be fascinated by them. I you do, you become “open-minded”. If you become “open-minded” you become a leftist.
          What you as a Western man really needs , is to build a tribe of local men you trust like brothers , buy land , get guns and be wary of everybody and everything. Tough times are coming for us. Don’t feed the globalist beast.

        2. Thanks for showing us what kind of European stayed backward and in Europe. It’s not a criticism but observation. Either in life or in society, navel gazing is not a good idea, just my opinion.

        3. Our forefathers were after wealth, land etc. They were conquerors. The idea of leaving home just to meet some strange people thousands of miles away and learn about their “culture” would have been incomprehensible to them. Get your logic straight. Men are supposed to be rational creatures, unlike women.

        4. Land, wealth and power as well as curiosity and adventurous spirit are the reasons. Many explorers didn’t expect to conquer and pillage but to explore the world, a world theretofore locked behind a fog of legend, myth. , etc. That natural curiosity is expressed nowadays in a wanderlust which is healthy in a man and an excuse to be fucked when a woman is expressing it. That’s what I said. If I misunderstood you my apologies but what you just said is the same old navel-gazing game that China and the rest of the yellow peoples played for thousands of years…until the world kicked them in the teeth.

        5. There were Europeans that did document foreigners and wanted to learn what they do. Christian missionaries were sometimes sent to instill civilization into these people . These Europeans sometimes documented foreign animals etc. Marc Polo’s work for example can be debated but he can sill be added to the list of Europeans that wrote about foreign cultures.But yes some Europeans were after wealth and land. They did not have political correctness. For example Europeans thought nothing about slavery for awhile since the non European world practiced slavery. So it is natural for a human to be curious of something he has never seen (like a foreign animal). It is also natural for men to love power and wealth or be non politically correct and be repulse by certain stuff in a foreign culture and desire to end it ( such as the British wanting to end Sati or suttee) Or the Spaniards being repulsed the practice of human sacrifice.

      3. Most of us EU guys go to Asia to fuck beautiful women.
        The Muslims already used all the ones in Europe.

        1. Yeah go to Asia to fuck monkeys and let the muslims fuck your women.
          Way to go for a White man.

        2. Beautiful Asian women???? Asian women are pretty f*ckin ugly on average. They are nice people. But are ass ugly from a purely physical perspective.

        3. Their looks grow on you after a while.
          Many different looks to try, I expect you could find one you liked.

        4. I so want to revenge fuck a muslima and I’m not talking about Indonesians here but Morroccans, Algerians, Tunisians and others who steal our girls here.

        5. Are you kidding me? Their smooth olive skin and silky black hair is so much more attractive than white women’s leathery or zit-covered skin and non-black hair.

        6. Not allowed, while the rules say Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women. Muslim women aren’t allowed to marry non-Muslim men.
          I don’t mention sex, as Muslims generally don’t have any rights of consent as we know them. Muslim women are married and fuck when the husband says, or are single and don’t fuck anyone (under threat of 10-20 years in prison or worse). Whores (aka unaccompanied women) are considered fair game (to Muslim males), no consent required, with little or no risk to the male.
          If you do manage to fuck one, generally the family have the right to kill you, and will be fully supported by their local police and government. It’s a very dangerous game to play.

        7. That made me a little disappointed also. Id NEVER cede ground to a goat fucking inbreeder.

        8. I disagree. The average Asian women I have seen are universally short, have shitty teeth, have very round generic facial features, and are generally very boring to spend time with.
          I have spent some time in Asian through the years. And I think that many of them do in fact prefer to date White men and Black men over their own shorter more feminine males. Asian woman are however VERY EASY in every way. I think this is atleast PARTIALLY the allure that many White men find attractive about Asian women.
          A very attractive White women of European heritage will completely lay waste to ANY Asian women in the looks department. However one has to exude MORE confidence when speaking to them. They DEMAND a more masculine man that a Asian female does.

        9. What part of I don’t find loud, obnoxious unfeminine leathery skinned white women attractive at all is it that you don’t understand? Loser lol

      4. The reason I like to travel is to bang hot brown girls, the tall buildings are the pretext so I don’t get labelled a creepy sex tourist lol

        1. I salute you. But there are many morons who are actually after “tall building”.

        2. Tall buildings and temples make you look legit:), average male traveller don’t give a shit about any of that, it is only silly asian travelers in europe who get excited about buildings and overpriced ‘just about everything’..
          I see no point traveling to any country where pussy is not easy and in abundance (west), if you paid me flights and hotel to visit germany or usa i would say no thanks.what the fuck im gonna do there?
          Drink beer, eat burgers, ? Been there once and that is enough, there are far better places where your smv and your buck go muchfurther

      5. I agree, theres plenty do do stateside, most of these cunts just wanna brag about being pretentious or tease peopke about being low enough to screw the lessers among humans.

    8. Shop, trailer, shotgun. Whatever one has in this life let it be earned by will, enjoyed by virtue and released with dignity. All things must pass but it’s a really, really great ride isn’t it ? Country girls are the BEST.

      1. Well I agree that it is a great life but to each his own. You can keep all the country girls trailers and shotguns lol.

    9. What, you don’t like the idea of camping and becoming one with nature? Eschewing modern conveniences for no apparent reason at all and dwelling in a tent with no running water like a caveman?
      Yeah. Not into it myself. 😀

    10. LOL, nothing wrong with camping so long as you have a trailer that offers basic ammenties such as heat, space, and dryness. gave up the tent life a while ago.

      1. There is nothing objectively wrong with it. People who enjoy it aren’t bad peolle. But I will never be in a trailer ever

    11. Love going backpacking in the Rockies. Magnificent.Backpacking through a third world shit hole for fun and “cultural enrichment”? Don’t understand the appeal there.

    12. Wait what?!? Nobody “opts” into homelessness. The welfare system just doesn’t care about white cis straight males who had, say, a failed pop & mom shop that isn’t covered by joblessness insurance.

      1. So you are saying that if the welfare system were to do the same for straight males (refuse to use “cis” it’s dumb and made up) then EBT cards and other benefits would be given to anyone who goes camping?

    13. I don’t care for camping either. It’s much easier to just sleep in your garage, eat bugs, and not take showers. Practically the same thing.

  7. I’m just assuming here but, I have been led to believe that ALL backpacker girls are annoying. They are just trying to be men.

    1. I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily true. If your girl comes along with you on hikes or camping, that’s fine. The single ones, or the ones “tagging along” with a group of guys as a Strong Independent Wyommynz though, yeah, they’re totally annoying.

      1. Yes the single ones and the tag-alongs, they are trying to be men but, they just be hoes.

    2. You just haven’t met the right backpacker girls. Fuck me what a crew of miserable tossers. Doesn’t anyone like to have fun?

      1. Yeah, I’m not quite certain where he’s getting that honestly. I’m not into the butch types out trying to “conquer all the trails in the world”, but the feminine pretty ones with long hair can be quite fun, and their default setting is “athletic”.

        1. Lot of backpacker are lots of fun. Sure some of them are PITAs, but generally they are cut loose from home and responsibility and ready to have fun. What’s not to like?

        2. Now *they* would be annoying, because there are like only 2 right wing girls between those states combined.
          EDIT: Wait, didn’t read “Utah”

        3. I have nothing at all against backpackers, my wife and I do a fair amount of hiking. Real hiking, like the Expert level trails in the Smoky Mountains type of hiking, that involve actual real risk of accidental death. Great fun.

        4. In Oregon, west of the Cascades is liberal. Anything east (excluding Bend) is conservative cattle country. Utah is the most conservative state in the union.

        5. I freaking read Utah as, and I have no idea how this happened, “Washington”. How the fuck I did that, I just don’t know. I’m going to blame (rolls 2d20) “lack of single malt Scotch”.

        6. Washington is the same way. Stay out of Seattle or Vancouver (east of Cascades) and you are in conservative county. Problem is, we get outvoted every election.

        7. Obviously he’s not a outdoorsman. Lots of crunchy outdoor sports broads up here (lots of fat fucks who drink and slut around for 7 snowy months too). Have a few jocky female friends I used to use as an in to those social groups. Avoid rock climbers – man hands…

        8. Turns out, we’re driving out through South Dakota, into Wyoming and then into Montana and Idaho, end of August. Just me and her and whatever vehicle Avis is foolish enough to rent to us.

        9. No matter the political leaning of the area anyway, the travelers come from liberal areas with their dread locks and foul stench.

        10. Planning to hit Sturgis? I think it is about that time. If you want to see some impressive areas without going to the busy National Parks, check out the Wind River Range in WY. I also recommend driving over Highway 212 from Red Lodge MT towards Yellowstone.

        11. True..very true, unfortunately, though there are pockets of conservatism in certain counties. The governor of WA-WA is always joked about as the “Governor of Seattle and King County”.

        12. Nah, we’re actually going a few weeks after Sturgis, so that accommodations will be considerably cheaper.

        13. I lived in Rapid City for about half a year. From what I heard, it is more of a tourist event than anything. Lots of recent retireds or vacationers. The hard core bikers leave it alone.

  8. Hostels are terrifying- I watched this drunk guy fall UP the stairs. Its like living in a homeless shelter- I took my shoes off and put each one under the bed’s stand just so no one thought of stealing em

    1. The only time in my life I checked into a hostel was in La Paz Bolivia. However, I immediately went to Route 36 and didn’t return for like 3 days lol. If you guys have never heard of Route 36 in La Paz….I suggest you find out.

        1. So you went to a bachelor party in Bolivia and had an IT department? Wut?

        2. lol. bolivian IT department was kicking juke box while the bartender cut the cocaine.

        1. He also had a bit about pregnant women. And men helping.
          Something along the lines of la maz? F that, im going to la paz!

    1. Women should be allowed to travel alone.

      They pretty much already are dude

      1. Sorry I meant to say the opposite. But unfortunately they’re already doing that too and it’s disastrous.

  9. LOL at obnoxious Australian girls making #1 on the list. In South America, they have the worst reputation.

    1. Australian girls come to Thailand, accuse someone of raping them, spend some time in jail for wasting police time, then get deported with a stamp in their passport saying “Don’t come back”.

  10. Re: Donald Trump apologists. I’d like to point out, for all U.S. citizens who haven’t been abroad since Nov 9, that foreign people are going to ask you, firmly and often, WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICAN. You’d better have a good explanation for why we elected an incompetent pathological liar bullshit artist to the presidency.
    In January, I was in Spain for two weeks. I’d say that question got asked of me at least seven times. It took me a while to come up with a short answer: “We’ve been on top for too long. We decided to handicap ourselves, give you guys a chance to catch up.”

      1. He needs to troll. An otherwise stellar dude, who can’t control the political lefty troll thing. I don’t get it.

        1. It’s germane to point 3 in the article. That’s why I mention it. You don’t get out of Ohio much, do you?

        2. I’ve traveled more than you can possibly imagine.
          You’re just virtue signaling and being exactly like the bitches described in point 3 of the article. Which hey, if that’s your thing, mimicking lefty girls, I guess…
          Ok, no more politics with you here. Bad boy. Bad.

        3. I haven’t *not* had a passport my entire adult life. There may quite possibly be shrines erected to me in nations I visited 20 years ago to commemorate the event.

        4. Last comment: It’s unbelievable the amount of virtual blowjobs that RoK and its commenters gave Trump prior to the election…
          …and yet, since it’s coming out that much of his campaign (and potentially Trump himself) has been kompromised by spies of the Russian oligarchy …. silence. Nuthin. No mention of that here. It’s like it doesn’t exist.
          Could somebody here mention the fact that he blatantly lied 14 times in his most recent interview with Time magazine this week? Is it not manly to point out when our national leader is a lying fuckstick?
          Ronald Reagan is flipping over in his fucking grave right now, and nobody here says a word about this sociopathic clown. This is a major blind spot in the manosphere. I’m not going to stop discussing it.
          (drops mic)

        5. When you post like the good dude you are, you’ll get serious replies. When you political virtue signal your female political beliefs, you’ll get mocking.
          So yeah.

        6. Dude, you’re impossible. It’s VERY masculine to point out when someone is a lying twat, which our current president currently is. Your only response is: Waahhh feminine.
          Grow up. Respond like a man, or don’t comment.

        7. Ronald Reagan the “conservative” who TRIPLED the national debt?
          Who legalized millions of illegals?
          Who killed small businesses with the Tax Reform Act of 1986?
          That Ronald Reagan?
          Are you and Mark Levin and Glenn Beck still sore that your candidate Hillary did not win?

        8. Ha ha! You Reagan worshiping Dittoheads are in such stubborn denial about the facts of the Reagan presidency.
          Read David Stockman’s Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed to learn the facts from Stockman – an insider who quit that administration in disgust. (But Rush said it was bad…so maybe you shouldn’t)
          What causes people to worship politicians? (Trump included) Effective govt schools and media I suppose.
          I used to wonder why people worship Che Guevara…then I found out the truth about Abraham Lincoln and I understand that I was no better.

        9. He subscribes to the female ego writ political, aka progressivism. You’re barking up the wrong tree hoss.

        10. Lol……compromised because the butt hurt lefties say it was.
          Wash those sour grapes down with some whine….I mean wine.

        11. We already responded like men by putting a real man into office.
          Fact: liberal men are beta

        12. I think some of the old blue collar union guys weren’t necessarily beta, but the Dems made it official policy to literally exclude them from their party. They’ll take their votes, sure, but they no longer put in any real time or effort to court them. Trump cleaned up on that demographic, hands down.

        13. I agree, that’s why I said liberal and not democratic.
          Lots of these guys are not extreme like the rest of the democrat base is.

        14. Most union guys are straight shooters, the rank and file I mean not the leadership. They are more likely than not, outside of the union thing, conservative more often than not. They shoot their guns and they hate their taxes and they don’t much like fags either, but they close ranks and vote democrat when their corrupt bosses tell them they are being threatened with some imaginary boogey man from the GOP.
          My grandfather broke ranks and was an open Republican while he was in the Teamsters, but nobody blew a gasket about it or anything.

        15. Yeah, ok. It appears that the hearings just proved that Obama and his minions were spying on Trump (cough, Nixon watergate, cough) but it’s ok because they thought he was a bad guy so it was ok to spy on him but Obama didn’t order it but Obama still got the briefings so… no problem.
          Looks like the Russia thing is going to die a quick death due to Barack Milhaus Obama.

        16. GoJ, watch the show All in the family again sometime. Consider that he was an ideal Democrat voter: A UNION member working on the docks and working class.
          AItF was the bellweather for how the left was turning on white, working class men and throwing them to the wolves for a new welfare state electorate. But they couldn’t do it all at once so they sought to create a strawman of a working class “bigot” to mock as they brought in 3rd worlders via immigration ASAP. The key was they had to lose fewer whites working class men per year than they gained via immigration and high welfare state birthrates.
          Imagine though… without Reagan amnesty of 1987 or so and without the new anchor babies and possible amnesty for illegals, the left still can’t keep up. They’ve driven out whites, men and the working and middle class so fast, they can barely keep up.

        17. I thought American Presidents were supposed to be lying twats.
          It’s not as if you’ve ever elected someone that wasn’t.

        18. He was lesser of 2 evils, either way everything is under Jewish control. Everyone was too optimistic, some even thought Trump will bring back patriarchy, end feminism etc

        19. I didn’t think of Trump as, by himself, doing all of the above. I think he represents a new direction and allowed the “alt right” to finally get some input into the debate which is what I think enrages the left more than anything. I overhear them often in the DC area smugly declaring that working and middle class men are now irrelevant and nobody listens to them because who cares? So when we finally did matter, it angers them that we’re still around.

        1. What country? The end game is erasing all national borders- you really think this is a good idea?

    1. I will be going abroad in a few days. I will be on a Caribbean island controlled (and largely populated by) the French. I will give it to you straight if anyone asks me. I honestly don’t think they will, but I will report back.

        1. I will, but I have to tell you jammy….I will be shocked if any of the frenchies there even mention politics to me. Either way, I will come clean with my experience.

      1. I’m betting you don’t hear squat. Sometimes the locals of a country may hint at politics, or discuss their own, or whatever, but generally I find that people are really loathe to do the whole political virtue signaling when out at nice tropical resorts. If there is discussion, it’s from the type described in example 3 of the article, the stupid virtue signaling leftist American.
        Last time in London I think I engaged in one political conversation, semi-involuntarily, with a guy selling sunglasses on the side of the road. He just bitched a bit about the “Asians” (aka Pakis) and Polaks, asked if we really had a problem with Mexicans coming in illegally, I said “Yeah” and that was about the extent of it.
        Generally, people with lives just don’t fucking care to broadcast that shit on vacation.

        1. my experience exactly. I mean look, if I go down there starting all sorts of political conversations I will be engaged in it of course but that isn’t about them being political or caring about what goes on stateside, it is about me being an asshole and them not liking it which, as far as I am concerned, is every man’s god given right. I will bet that in the week I am there not one person says one thing even remotely political to me despite me being very social (so I will speak to lots of people) and being quite obviously American.

        2. The only time I’ve had a political conversation was with a drunk Swede in Japan. He heard I was from Texas and wanted to know what the deal was with the second amendment.
          It was actually a pretty civil conversation, which ultimately devolved into laughing at how his English was immaculate while most Americans can’t get their homophones right. In the end, he bought me a shot and we went our separate ways.

        3. I’ve had 2nd Amendment discussions with foreigners, but only over here in the States, and they always initiate it. Had a group of 5 French people standing around me and my bike at Devil’s Mountain, Wyoming, taking pictures and nearly sucking my dick in public because they were so excited to see an American actually carrying a sidearm. Another guy in Sturgis from Switzerland engaged me too, but he was on “our side” right from the start so we more or less turned the talk to preferences of load for various rounds.

        4. I was thinking there’s money to be made in setting up foreign language interpreted “safaris” for foreigners from Europe to visit the states. Get them a deer hunting license, take them out, help them get it butchers and shipped home (if possible, at least the trophy) and pull in a few grand for the trouble.
          If nobody here does it, I may consider this my retirement job.

        5. Went to Eastern Europe in December for 2 weeks, only got asked once, and by a friend.

        6. I occasionally get a question but it’s more curiosity than anything. No rabid “Perché America!??” junk. And it’s only with a person that knows me.
          Like all places Europe has a range of opinions. I’ve even seen a couple pro-Trump signs on occasion in northern Italy.

        7. I’ve even seen a couple pro-Trump signs on occasion in northern Italy.

          You’ve provided wind under my wings with that observation.

        8. I think that you’ve mentioned that in the past.
          Serious offer, contact me offline, I actually think that this has real cash potential. Hell, they’d probably come over for a week at the range I go to (full auto). It would make us money, and get some freaking testosterone back into European men.
          Email in my profile.

    2. I hope you told them it was because the rest of the world sucks and we want to bring about its destruction.

    3. I don’t believe you were abroad. I don’t believe you can find Spain on a map. I don’t believe people in other countries concerned with their day to day lives spend time worrying about Trump. I do believe you are a liar. And a troll. And a cunt.

      1. Thanks for the comment. Your handle “Joe Schizoid” has been added to the list of idiots not worth replying to.

    4. My answer would be this: Trump has decided he doesn’t want the great immigrants that have made London, Malmo, Paris, and Barcelona into the fine neighborhoods they are so you can have all of them and even take the refugees that are leaving the states! They’re all YOURS and you, being so much more civilized than us, will surely integrate them into your society to show how inferior America is.

    5. The correct answer is
      “Anyone is better than a nigger or woman president”
      Most Europeans would then agree with you.

    6. We’re hoping to avoid some of the parking problems they’re having over in Europe. Bitches encourage others to follow their own self destructive ways.

        1. 99.99999% of that is just media posturing. I am a Scoutmaster, from what I have seen, the tranny decision hasn’t affected anything. A troop still acts under the authority of the local charter organization. They have the right to let in who they want. The BSA is a blanket organization that has little say in how a local troop is ran (although they do have requirements on insurance matters). As long as your troop is sponsored by a church or civic club that does not support gays, there will be little problem except at summer camps where city troops may go to. The decision sucks, but it is mostly lip service to keep the liberal’s lawsuits at bay.

        2. I’m not even talking about that, though the decision was ridiculous. No, I got my Eagle and bailed the second my troop bought into some organizational BS about bullying and hazing.
          I was SPL, and my troop kept showing up wildly out of uniform. I just wanted to drill-sergeant them into uniform by enforcing a “5 pushups per missing uniform item “rule. Since they’d done away with the belt by that point and our troop didn’t mandate scout socks, it meant 20 pushups maximum (neckerchief, slide, shirt, pants).
          That’s how I was taught when I was a rambunctious pissant Tenderfoot. We had a scoutmaster who was actually a drill sergeant, and he was a stickler. Everyone hated his guts right up until he moved, then we each invited him to our Eagle ceremonies.

        3. Our kids rarely if ever show up in uniform. They are just kids looking to goof off in an unorganized organization. No matter, they are having fun, learning to enjoy the outdoors, and keeping their noses clean.

        4. The adults kept insisting we were a “Scout led troop”, but they refused to enforce any discipline and undercut any decisions the scouts made. SPL was just a puppet with no authority, and everyone knew it.
          None of those boys I led got their Eagles, and I probably still wouldn’t take any of them camping, much less hiking up in the mountains. No respect for authority, no respect for their fellow scouts, and no respect for the dangers of nature.
          When I think how the organization was born from a bunch of kids with military manuals, I die a little inside.

        5. Dang. Our troop was hardcore then. Uniforms, every piece of it, including belt, socks, etc. were required, and they better damn well be tucked in properly. We have had quite a few Eagle Scouts come out of it on a regular basis. I had no idea that standards had fallen in other places. When we’d go to Peterloon (big scouting get together out here) most of the other troops seemed more or less in sync too, although it was more casual in the evenings but I figured, eh, they’re camping a huge gathering.

        6. We pump out a few Eagles, most get interested in sports, jobs and girls though. That is what I find so idiotic about this whole sexuality in the Boy Scouts….as soon as they get an interest in sex, they drop out. A 14 year old kid does not know if he is straight or gay, how would a troop know?

        7. Kind of why you start ’em young. The idea is to instill discipline and skills in the couple of years before their focus starts shifting. If your troop provides something the rest of the world cannot (i.e. comradery, discipline, exposure to challenges of nature, a place to get away from it all), many will stay.
          Some of my best friends ever were made in my troop. It was mostly the boys who came up under the drill sergeant, who functioned as a goddamn unit when a job had to be done, who took care of things they noticed long before they became problems, who you could trust to have your back if shit hit the fan.
          In fact, two of my favorite stories from those days revolve around the same kid. I was ASPL on their five-mile hike, and some of the dumber kids ran off ahead of the group and kicked up a ground hornet nest. This poor bastard caught the brunt of their ire, and the SPL and I beat the hornets off him and set up triage. None of the idiot kids brought their first aid kits, and our radio didn’t work for some reason, but we knew we were near a part of our trail that intersected a neighborhood. We dressed up one of the faster scouts in layers of cloth and ran him through the hornets screaming for help. The focus of the story got something like 60 stings, but he got through it alright.
          The other story is about the same kid a few years later. He earned some respect among us older boys for his reliability and clear thinking, and one campout we got stupid and hogtied him in front of a cabin. Adults saw us, and we ran, but after it was all over he voluntarily joined us in the punishment because, quote, “It was pretty damn funny.”
          I think he’s an aerospace engineer now. Great guy, would trust him with my life.
          That’s the kind of experience every boy should have, and I know precious few scouts my age or younger who can say anything of the sort.
          EDIT: None of the boys ever forgot their first aid kits again.

        8. Agreed, the liability aspect has gotten many of the leadership shy of doing adventures. Boys will be boys, and you got to let them hurt themselves a bit or they will never learn. Some of my best memories from scouting is from getting the troop to pull together to help out a struggling individual/

        9. Dang dude. My son was in until about age 16, so…five years ago he was pulling Range Master duty at the summer camp event. As in, as staff not attendee. They provided guns if you didn’t bring your own, but most brought their own, and then after the range closed down for the night an adult with a Class III fetish would cart in some machine guns and select fire. My son got to fire a BAR. Freaking BAR. *I* haven’t even gotten to shoot one of those yet!
          Hiking, camping, swiming (real, not in a pool) all that kind of thing, out in 1890 style three person “cabins”. Good times.

        10. He didn’t make it to BTSR out in West Texas, by any chance?
          Great high adventure program for the older scouts (14+, First Class or higher) – you hike about two hours into the mountains and camp in tepees you set up yourselves. Three to a tent, spend a week throwing tomahawks and hiking, bathe in the nearby lake without soap. If you have more than three pair of socks, you’re a loser.
          Great time.

        11. In Thailand they are allowed to start taking hormones at age 9, to align their sexuality with their mind. It’s scary how convincing they can become as girls when starting at that age.
          I was speaking to one that was in his early 20s and he claimed he knew his sexuality well before age 9.

        12. Sounds similar but not Texas, no. Deep woods Ohio, south, so Kentucky and WV can join in.

        13. I’m jealous, we are still in recovery mode from the 2008 thing. A civil engineer focused on land development and housing crashes don’t mix well.

        14. Central Ohio is more or less recession proof. We have a lot of white collar HQ’s here, and a lot of the insurance industry camps out here too, as well as OSU. When times are bad we just hunker down a bit and weather it, and when they’re good they’re *really* good.

    1. Passed through a swarm of ’em in Europe recently. Probably wasn’t paying close enough attention to where I was walking because my first clue was the alcohol driven body odor. So, in taking stock of my unfortunate sudden new surroundings, I observed two of the guys had nose studs. I’ve seen guys with nose rings before, but somehow these guys managed to take a bad idea and make it even worse.

        1. YES!
          It’s always right to make the Tick reference when it can be made.

      1. If I showed up for Christmas even dinner at that age looking like that my grandfather would have beat me to death for my own good.

        1. See, now that’s fair. Since I wasn’t this kid’s grandfather, and not being entirely sure of the local laws regarding such, I was unable to offer the same sort of assistance.

        2. I don’t think mine is much longer for this world. He’s in meh shape, but his wife is down the drain, and I don’t think he’ll last long without her. His daughter was talking about putting him in a nursing home, which would definitely kill him.

        3. If he would do you the favor of killing you for doing something so stupid, then you owe it to him to return the favor, preemptively as it were. Bring him a bottle or two of his favorite liquor and drink it with him. Or take him out to the bar to ogle the hotties at the local spot, whatever. It’ll prolong both of your lives, really.
          And by all means, put his daughter in her place, if it’ll keep him in meh shape for a while longer. Once it’s over, it’s over. Let’s not death be a goal, maybe.

        4. It’s funny, she’s the main inheritor, but if they knew she was considering putting them in a home they’d probably disinherit her.

        5. My nose would have a nasty scar from having that thing ripped out, I don’t think he would have killed me until I’d provided a great-grandson for him to teach fishing.

      2. Hopefully I do not eat at night…
        This is the idea I got of men that take part in the Erasmus program… In short europeans fuck each other while drinking at different bars in Europe… New a girl that participated, needless to say of her character.

        1. Oh, so there is a whole European wide organization and program for this! Which means they probably have a ten billion Euro budget and you get to subsidize all the alcohol, piercings, and fucking through your taxes!

        2. You know, if taxes are going to be squandered on stupid shit, I can at least get behind squandering it on alcohol and fucking. Hell, that’s probably a way more productive use of money than shit government normally spends on.

        3. What you said here sloshed in and out of my head during the afternoon. It congealed slightly.
          And I thought, to that end, it may lend itself to a possibly clever new idea about how we might change the way our government operates. Instead of partisan fights over the entire budget process, we simply let the party in power solely decide who and how much to tax, and the party in opposition solely decides how to spend it. I’d bet anything the percentage spent on drugs and hookers increases dramatically over what it is now.
          Okay, so, not fully baked, but a good for a grin.

  11. It is hard to read these websites and not make blanket statements about all women and how pathetic and depressing they are.
    Have you ever felt that feel?

  12. can we all agree that women cannot be held responsible for stupid decisions? They have been sold a SJW lie by thieving jews and MEN are responsible for not breaking the shit test. all these women hating articles are getting old, no better than laughing at special olympics retards.

    1. Well put, my friend. We need to attack the problem, not the symptom. But then again, this is an entertaining site, and I would like to keep it that way.

    2. Proper shaming protocols are critical to this though. They will fuck dogs in the street and steal not from a baby if they aren’t shmed for it.

  13. All backpacker girls are painfully annoying… except when you’re fucking them in an alley behind their hostel.

    1. I’m starting to think that there’s a distinct difference between “backpacker girls” as mentioned in the article compared to girls who go hiking out in the woods.

      1. Yes, girls who go hiking in the woods are called hikers.
        Backpacker girls are a thing. A terrible, awful, nasty thing.

        1. This is a distinction I was not aware of until today. I know people backpack across Europe and such, but they always seemed to be more or less the same people that backpack in the woods here. Sounds like they’ve split into two separate entities since the last I thought about them, which was probably back in 1981 when I first saw An American Werewolf In London.

        2. Girls who hike are (usually) much different from chicks who backpack across Europe. Hiking is primarily about enjoying the outdoors, walking among the trees, getting back to nature, and sometimes having sex out under the stars with someone who you’re hiking with. Backpacking across Europe for a girl is primarily about meeting total strangers and riding as much foreign cock as she can. It’s the ultimate way for her to slut it up, do as many disgusting and perverted things with as many strange and unusual types of guys (sometimes at one time) as she can, without it coming back to haunt her because she’s 1000s of miles from home.

  14. OT- anyone see clips of Sen Stuart Smalley grilling Gorsuch yesterday? How can someone who doesnt have a law degree get to grandstand like this?

    1. Because he’s good, he’s smart enough and dog-gone it,people like him…..at least his idiot constituents do.

  15. Women backpacking abroad is a good thing…it means they’re not in the country.

  16. When traveling abroad, the last thing I want to do is hang out with other Westerners. Women especially.

  17. I am a traveler but not a backpacker. I don’t stay in hostels. Inevitably, I see these types of women, but they normally get zero respect on the road except for the other backpackers. They are invisible to us. We are all chasing the beautiful, hot local women.

  18. So Shia LaBeouf moved his “He Will Not Divide Us” flag to UK and people still tried to get it so they shut it down at THAT location. “Illegal and dangerous trespassing” my butt.

  19. I remember fondly using the hostel in Zurich which was up to pretty high standards (back in 2003): clean bedding, a FREE breakfast (yes, in Zurich!), clean shower facilities, and shared a bunk bed in a room with 6 guys but still, $18 a night. I used it for my layover from Ukraine to the states when I had to catch a flight the next day. I bought a day rail pass at the airport for an additional 10 bucks and it was a sweet deal. Saw the whole city on rail for the evening and flew out the next day.
    I hope it’s still in good condition.
    I saw families staying there which I thought was pretty brain dead. For the price of 4 of them, that $65 could have gotten a sparse, but adequate, hotel room in the outer regions of the city.

  20. This article is pretty amusing. Just for the record though, an “apologist” is someone who speaks in defense of something, rather than apologizing for it. Not very intuitive, I know. For example, let’s look at Roosh. He’s a rape apologist!!!

        1. ah….sarcasm is difficult on the internet. There are enough crazies that actually believe everything but the absolute most absurd, that you have to establish your opinion first.

    1. You’re profoundly ignorant. Roosh publicly declared multiple times rape is terrible.
      But do go ahead and continue to embarrass yourself.

    2. Roosh doesn’t advocate rape. He’s just an idiot and can’t get satire right

      1. Geez… I thought about putting “joke” in parenthesis after that last statement, but I thought it would make it sound too canned. Now I realize I should have. This was neither me not getting it, nor me trying to troll. I was just trying to illustrate the definition of “apologist” with a joke. Now I can see it wasn’t obvious that I was being satirical, just like the article Roosh wrote that inspired this joke.

  21. Great article. The part about Aussie girls was very spot-on. When I was in Australia I met some small town girls in Queensland who were behaving well, although becoming sluts it appeared, but the absolute worst cunt I met last year was a skank from this particular country. Quite good looking but 1000% cuntish behavior.
    I made sort of a joke at her expense during a drinking game at a hostel in the Philippines and then she started picking on me because I could not name drop from some semantical category (I had trouble sleeping two days earlier and didn’t give a shit about the silly game anyway, and planned to leave soon after). Extremely passive aggressive. When she was about to sing, somehow connected to this silly game, I just left in the middle of her “performance” (everyone noticed) and then she went mad as a witch and started to mumble in a nervous manner and stopped singing. She tried to hide it but she absolutely hated my guts.

  22. Too much thought put into this shit. Come in her mouth and move on.
    Trump 2020

  23. Jesus Caligula, you can hide quarters in that spinster-in-training’s forehead wrinkles! Too much of The Three Ds (drinks, drugs, dicks) in her 20s really ravaged her to pieces!

  24. “Sigma Male”???
    That’s a new one, at least to me.
    Will have to google that…

    1. Short definition: Full blown alpha that goes MGTOW. Can get any girl he wants, when he wants, says “fuck it” regardless.

      1. I think sigma is meant to be the black wolf (following the black sheep analogy). He’s not part of the pack, but the pack can’t cow him nor bring him down either.
        I suppose I’d be a sigma male, but it’s a pretty gay word because it sounds new and made up I don’t know from where.
        I don’t know where you got the MGTOW connection from

        1. Because “Sigma” was made up. A lot of Alpha guys are good with women. And will generally allow women to be a part of their lives. Some guys are good with women, but choose to make women a minor part of their lives, if they allow them any part at all. Usually this is a result of “game fatigue” with a touch of “been there done that”.
          I don’t know why the “Sigma” designation specifically, but it was made up to describe guys who for all intents and purposes are “Alpha” in regards to traits that attract women. However, they choose not to exercise their options for the most part due to the reasons stated before.
          The reason for the MGTOW connection is because they are literally going their way in life without the consideration of female input.

    2. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sigma+male
      The outsider who doesn’t play the social game and manage to win at it anyhow. I’ve found that sigmas and Alphas usually work out to be excellent friends because the Alpha never feels that his social dominance is threatened by the sigma. The Sigma is an alpha-like character that the Alpha can connect with, but never fear his own status being undone. Everyone else is vaguely confused by them. In a social situation, the sigma is the man who stops in briefly to say hello to a few friends accompanied by a Tier 1 girl that no one has ever seen before. Sigmas like women, but tend to be contemptuous of them. They are usually considered to be strange. Gammas often like to think they are sigmas, failing to understand that sigmas are not social rejects, they are at the top of the social hierarchy despite their refusal to play by its rules.

  25. So far I’ve had a real simple rule about living in Europe: avoid all Americans, Australians, or anybody from a country that somewhat speaks English.
    Does wonders, believe me. 🙂

  26. Having spent 4 years of my life bouncing through Europe’s beach bars… holy shit is this article spot on. The Trump (and Bush in my day) apologists and Aussie cunts in particular pique my dander.

  27. You forgot about the Australian women being 95% morbidly obese as a harsh result of the ridiculous amounts of fried garbage they shove down their throats, all while guzzling copious amounts of booze on top. I’m yet to meet a single Australian girl outside of my own country that isn’t above 35% body fat. I dread when I head back to the terminal to board my plane and see a herd of fat, over-confident, hideously dressed, foul mouthed slobs from heading back here, covered in tattoos, piercings to the point where it looks like they’ve collided with a grocery cart, and talking about how no man is actually good enough for them.

    1. Isnt it disgusting…they should be talking about how all men are way to good for them. Feminism is giving western woman a bad name…BIG time.

    2. You would be overconfident too if you were constantly fucking girls 2-4 points above yourself.
      Yea i know feeling you get when you reach the terminal at airport on the way back and see trashy looking, over confiden loud skanks hugging their apple gadgets and posting updates on SM.
      I was wondering is it just me or everyone here agrees Aussie sheilas are worse than their us, uk and Canadian sisters? Then you have other western euro travelers but they are tame and grounded in comparison to anglos

      1. The fact that guys nowadays are with women actually 2-4 points BELOW their level of attractiveness is why there are so many that completely lack any confidence anymore.
        I can’t speak much for US, UK and Canadian women, as I’ve had little to do with them since I mostly travel through SE Asia. However, with what experience I’ve managed to have with girls from those countries, they certainly seem a lot warmer and less overwhelmingly annoying than the Aussie trollops which seem to endlessly manage to gallivant their way around the place. It’s even worse when the wine hits them! They become more loud, more brash and cackle incessantly, drowning out every conversation within 20 feet of their vicinity.
        I had the unfortunate event of seeing this at my most recent trip from Melbourne to Gold Coast at the airport lounge while I was quietly fetching myself a cold one. They then proceeded to carry on just as loudly on the plane, for 2 straight hours, then when they got off the plane at the arrival gate. But of course, if you were to say anything to them, you’d be deemed a misogynistic egomanaic that needs to keep his privilege in check. Although, I’m sure if I created such a scene, I’d never have been allowed to board the flight to begin with…

      2. Nah, Canadian women are always feminist cunts.
        A Canadian woman was part of a hiking group I was in. She was a feminist but a funny one, one day we were chatting and she said, “when a woman reaches age 40, she has to decide, cow or goat, I chose goat”. It was funny because she did look very goat like.
        I used to go running with a really nice Aussie girl, more like another bloke really, never even though of hitting on her.
        I also used to go cycling with a young British vegan girl, way too fat to hit on. Fuck girl, how did you grow an arse that big by only eating fruit and veggies?

  28. They never go to Pakistan or Saudi, those dudes don’t even show any respect to women!

  29. Fucking disgusting when I travel I avoid all white woman, the last time I said hello to white woman in Cambodia my cock was dead for days after listening to the big loud drunken garbage spewing out.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way about us. We’re not all like that. It’s the screwed up culture western women are raised in. I can’t stand all five of these types!

    2. White women are the hardest to snag buddy. They are the least likely to race mix. Try your luck with some alien looking Asian, they are desperate

      1. When I first came to Asia a White South African woman suggested I accompany her on her trip as she was touring India for the next month …. sharing a room………. I sort of wish I had. I quite like white South Africans, I always hit it off with them, guys and gals.
        (Can’t say about black or coloured SA’s, never met any)
        So many women, too little time.

  30. Met One, Two and Four when I used to Backpack – not good
    I first went to Japan two years ago and realised that finding a fat woman in Japan was a low possibility then I Flew home to Melbourne Australia its then that I realised how fat fat fat Australian women have become and all I wanted to do was throw up and steal their lunch money – On my second trip to Japan I avoided Western women why I’m at one of the busiest train stations in the world watching this loud mouth Western woman “shooting her big mouth off” the amusing part was nobody stopped to listen to her crap.

  31. Not to put down this great article in any way, but I have to state that it’s the Finnish girls who should be analyzed and “honored” in category #1.
    I mean, aussies are NOTHING compared to Finnish counterparts when it comes to drinking and whoring around. Nothing. Aussie girls look like nuns compared to Finnish ones.
    And I’ve traveled constantly around the world (always in hostels) for quarter of a century now, so I have some substance in my research.
    Finnish girls are definitely the worst ones of the pack. Not many men in the world can drink as much as them. Hell, not even most of the Finnish men.
    And you know what happens when girls drink…no need to go into details here. Disgusting.

    1. Yeah-it can be quite the harrowing experience. Hence why I say I’m Greek and if need be dispense with mangled English to emphasise the point.

    1. I love Indian girls’ musky body odour. It’s that artificial chemical smell of hyper-perfumed white girls that I find repulsive.

  32. Girls who travel = Girls who enjoy cock discretely without (public shame). Basically get to live their fantasy dreams without having to feel “ashamed for it”.
    Most American girls “LOVE” to travel to Jamaica and Italy for example. What does that mean? … You guessed it. That’s right.

    1. And notice how slutty American white girls become racist and never touch local men unless from some “desirable” European country? This is one of the reasons every time a cunt calls djt racist or someone a bigot, I tell them to stfu

      1. They love to travel to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal to get a taste of European
        men and once in a while (if they happen to have black fetish), they will go to
        Aruba, or Jamaica to get gangrailed by black guys in there.
        If they go to Thailand, it isn’t to get laid by Thai guys but to get hang out
        with other westerners for vacation spot.

        1. Huh? White women as shown on all dating sites, exclusively choose white men. Mudshark are rare and are usually are disgusting. You don’t seem to know much

        2. Oh how inclusive and tolerant!
          In reality, I honestly don’t care about who bangs who, but if one is going to call themselves tolerant and inclusive an bash others for being racist – there is nothing more racist than perpetuating ethno race myths in the sexual marketplace. So as usual, liberal western sluts and all their counterparts are hypocrites. Surprised? Na.

        3. White women prefer White men. Yes, but it’s also not a surprise that white chicks would want to get a taste of black men once in a while and try out the “big black cock”.
          Haven’t you seen many white girls lined up to go to Jamaica and get gangbanged by Jamaican men? I went to trip to Jamaica and seen it with my very own eyes.

        4. The women who do that are the ones nobody looks twice at. They are the unwanted. It’s pretty pathetic. I’ve seen it

  33. The social justice warrior one is the worst. I have loads of them on my facebook who constantly share petitions, go on marches and talk about workers rights and the usual bullshit. Only to be on holiday pretty much once every 3 months getting drunk and fucking random dudes. They couldn’t be more bourgoise if they tried.

  34. True story. My first long trip abroad was to Japan. Had to take a bus to a 3 day pilgrimage in the mountains. British broad was waiting at bus stop. Had to talk to me. Had to sit next to me. Had to talk about her independence. Had to talk about passing along the “lesson” of divorce to her daughter to be her “own girl” (in so many words). Then… had to tell me how “gendered” all the women were in Japan with their skirts and feminine ways and how she is basically invisible back home to men (about 30ish) because she (implied) does not cater to such gender definitions.
    I said… “Yea… dresses are pretty. I like em a lot.” And never said another word.

    1. You could have moved seat.
      “Hi, I’m Max and I’m a romance tourist, I like all those schoolgirls in the ‘Sailor Moon’ outfits, and the girls are charging surprisingly little to fuck them” and she would have moved.

  35. I was at a hostel in Portland. It was small enough as it is. I had to deal with an SJW/Feminist. She was slim but what made her stand out (aside from her mindset) was her unshaved armpits.
    I live in South Korea now and I see these type of foreigners all over the place. These women are nasty.

    1. Gosh what they do for virtue signaling and/or attention. Like hell they would go near these smelly poor and ugly kids without cameras near.

  36. This is so true. I just got back from backpacking in Europe yesterday and the Donald Trump apologizer is bang on. When it was Bush at the time, it was Bush apologizers lol

  37. Some real hate against white women in this thread. Listen up cucks and non whites, they just aren’t that into you. Move on, there are easier lays. You can do it buddy. Chin up

  38. SJW is the reason why those “American Abroad” types go missing.
    Go to a sea of Brown you won’t be found.

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