Is Zoe Quinn Using The Massachusetts Courts To Censor The Legal Speech Of Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Return Of Kings has obtained public court documents from California lawyer Mike Cernovich that contains the harassment complaint Zoe Quin (not her real name) filed against ex-boyfriend Eron Gjoni. Details within this complaint reveal serious inconsistencies that suggest she may be using the courts as a way to censor all criticism about her from Gjoni, whose public revelations about their relationship launched the Gamer Gate movement in August of 2014. Quinn is currently portrayed in the mainstream media and some in the gaming community as a brave woman who is fighting “misogyny” in gaming.

The birth of Gamergate

For non-gamers unfamiliar with GamerGate, the movement began with Gjoni’s 9,500 word posting of his relationship with Quinn at The Zoe Post on August 16, 2014. It included stories and screenshots which detail how the relationship got its start and how it ended due to Quinn’s multiple infidelities. The infidelity of any woman is not usually news, but Quinn is a gaming developer who slept with prominent members of the gaming journalist establishment, particularly Nathan Grayson of Gawker-owned Kotaku, which led to her receiving favorable coverage for work that she earned money from.

This corruption was further exposed by journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, who revealed a secret list called GameJournoPros that conspired to manufacture gaming news that matched their extremist agenda, inspired directly from Ezra Klein’s defunct JournoList, which cost the job of a Washington Post reporter. Instead of reporting on the conflict of interest created with Quinn’s personal relationships, they aggressively coordinated to squash GamerGate by broadly painting the ethically concerned gamers as rabid misogynists. Highlighting this collusion further on GameJournoPros was an email thread suggesting that gaming insiders buy Quinn a “feel better” gift along with publishing a letter of support instead of reporting on the major conflict of interest within their ranks.

To many gamers, this revealed the corruption, nepotism, and outright bias of gaming journalism, not to mention the many game reviews which were written by journalists who had relationships with the gaming publishers. Gamers demanded fair changes that were more in line with standard journalistic ethics. They were instead met with a coordinated attack by major sites that declared them “dead,” with admonishments from their editors that nothing untoward was occurring. This launched an acrimonious fight that lasts to this day, with the SJW-dominated gaming media on one side (backed fully by the mainstream media) and gamers who believe that gaming journalism should be free of corruption and extremist infiltration. Advertisers such as Intel, Mercedes, BMW, Adobe, and Nissan have since distanced themselves from sites embroiled in GamerGate.

(A more detailed history of GamerGate’s early beginnings can be found at History Of Gamergate.)

Zoe Quinn’s Massachusetts complaint harassment complaint against Eron Gjoni

Once The Zoe Post went public, a video was made by MundaneMatt on Youtube that connected her personal relationships with men in the gaming industry. He included a ‘fair use’ excerpt of one of her games, but Quinn filed a DMCA request anyway to censor the entire video. Another Youtuber expanded on the story in a video that is now approaching one million views. Quinn then privately corresponded with the moderator of Reddit’s /r/games, el_chupacupcake, to censor thousands of comments that discussed the revelations brought forth by The Zoe Post.

In the proceeding month, Gjoni gave further information of the relationship that aided the corruption investigation of the decentralized GamerGate movement, but on September 16, 2014, Quinn wanted this to stop. Here are portions of the scanned complaint she filed in Massachusetts on that date:

Quinn’s handwritten complaint

Quinn’s request to prevent Gjoni from writing about her “online”

The court order preventing Gjoni from distributing material to “hate mobs”

And here is a portion of the transcribed text (full transcript can be found on pastebin):

On or about August 16, 2014, the Defendant wrote and published a long post about my sex life and private dealings to several websites that he knew had a history of harassing me. He was aware that harassment and stalking would happen, and openly admits to doing so to damage my professional reputation as an independent artist. Since then I have received numerous death and rape threats from an anonymous mob that he had given details to. My personal info like my home address, phone number, emails, passwords, and those of my family have been widely distributed, alongside nude photos of me, and several of my professional accounts and those of my colleagues have been hacked.

Eron has coached this mob multiple times, made multiple social media accounts to smear my name publicly, and has stoked the fire of this on many occasions and doesn’t seem to be stopping. He has also called hotels that he suspected me of staying at, falsifying information to give more personal info to the mob. I am in fear of him as he is not repentant for the mob’s harassment of me and keeps hinting at giving them more information, which he knows will continue inciting the threats and harassment.


Therefore, I ask the court to order the following: “not continue to distribute private info about me online and to people harassing me or to contact my friends and colleagues”

Granting of order number eight legally bound Gjoni from talking about her publicly, effectively acting as a chilling effect in all further speech about his ex-girlfriend.

Quinn decided to use the legal system to prevent sharing her “personal info” when in the past she shared the personal information of the organizer of Fine Young Capitalists, a charity organization meant to promote women in gaming. It was claimed that she doxxed the organizer for the reason that they were transphobic, but it has been speculated that she was upset they didn’t offer compensation in exchange for her participation. She helped blacklist coverage of them (aided by her relationships with many reporters in the industry), so that the charity was effectively ruined. It was brought back to life by 4chan donations after Quinn’s actions were revealed.

Quinn also aided the doxxing of my colleague Mike Cernovich yesterday by gleefully retweeting a blog post that showed a photograph of where Cernovich lived, calling it the “best” journalism.

Khaleesi of SJWs on Twitter   The best gg journalism continues to originate in blogs and storifies http TlvH855QvG

She has petitioned the Massachusetts police to prevent Gjoni from a behavior that she has committed herself less than 24 hours ago.

Did Gjoni “coach” a hate mob against Quinn?

I read the entirety of The Zoe Post along with Gjoni’s public social networking feeds to find the source of his mob coaching, but I could not find an instance of it. Instead I found a man deeply conflicted about his involvement in GamerGate, and as a self-proclaimed social justice warrior, ambivalence in the movement he has unleashed. Nonetheless, he supports the most prominent opponent of GamerGate:


He has come out against bullying:


And he has come out against doxxing while Quinn continues to actively engage in it:


At the beginning of The Zoe Post, in bold and capitalized letters, he states the following:


His interpretations of her behavior and psychology could be very well wrong, but I could not find instances of genuine harassment or coaching, and he even has gone the extra step to censor names out of chat logs that he had with Quinn. Instead you’re more likely to find an emotional if not sappy outpourings from a man who has been crushed by his relationship with Quinn:

For the next four hours I lie awake next to the woman I love – or someone who I thought was the woman I loved, but who has yet to provide a reasonable explanation for what she’s done to me. Who even after all of these revelations, I still can’t help but trust.

As embarrassing as these details might be to Quinn, posting factually based details of past relationships and sharing them on social networking is not typically defined as mob “coaching,” “harassment,” or name “smearing.” Otherwise, a company like Yahoo, which owns the most emotional platform on the internet, Tumblr, would face huge liabilities.

Gjoni’s interview with Buzzfeed

On October 16, 2014, Gjoni did an interview with Joseph Bernstein. The interview contains a portion that seems to corroborate Quinn’s assessment that Gjoni coached the mob:

He admitted to regularly advising GamerGate leaders, and seems to take some pride in the power he claims to exert over the movement, as well as over the effect the movement has had on gaming journalism.

I investigated further by reading the entire interview transcript. I immediately noticed that Bernstein’s “interview” was more like a hostile interrogation, whereby it was obvious to see the agenda Bernstein possessed. This isn’t surprising considering that Buzzfeed had previously published an anti-gamer article along with one of its employees expressing hatred for the movement by calling it part of a “shitty” culture.

In connection to Gjoni’s advisement of GamerGate “leaders,” this is the relevant portion I found in the interview:


Gjoni provided “knowledge of the landscape” and informed “opinions,” which Buzzfeed transformed into Gjoni acting as a sort of mastermind of GamerGate. It almost seemed like Berstein was in possession of the harassment order and wanted to stretch Gjoni’s words to better corroborate with it.

The interview did include an interesting quote from a woman in gaming who supports what Gjoni did, suggesting that claims of Gjoni’s “harassment” are exaggerated:

Rachel Martin, is a 25-year-old freelance designer who described herself as a radical feminist. Martin described Gjoni as “gentle and conscientious” and said that she condoned the publication of “thezoepost” because of her own past as a victim of emotional abuse, which she felt Quinn had committed against her friend.

If it can be proved that Gjoni did not coach the mob or “stoke the fire” as Quinn claims, she would be on the hook for filing a false police report, a misdemeanor or felony crime depending in the severity of infraction.

Harassment or threats has no place in any consumer revolt

It’s hard to deny that Quinn has received harassment and threats since The Zoe Post went public, but the evidence does not clearly show it came from Gjoni, suggesting that her petition with Massachusetts was filed more to censor Gjoni from sharing details of their relationship that conflict with the public reputation Quinn wants to maintain as a game developer. Her petition does fit with her clumsy previous attempts at censorship on Youtube and Reddit, and her actions against the Fine Young Capitalists and Mike Cernovich show that she continues to actively use doxxing as a strategy against those whom she disagrees with.

“Zoe is in fact a pretty solid narrative designer. And if there’s any significant fault to find in her narrative design, it’s that she never stops doing it.” -Eron Gjoni

For a woman who is held up as an innocent victim by the media industry, GamerGate supporters should be concerned that they are up against an establishment that is supporting someone whose concept of free speech is far narrower than their own. This establishment will persist in painting GamerGate supporters as harassers and misogynists while their own “victimized” darlings continue to dox others. They say that enemy flak is most intense when you’re flying right over the target, hinting that GamerGate may be close to further truths that corrupt insiders don’t want revealed.

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  1. What is being displayed more and more is some degree of sadism.
    Look at Matt Binder on MSNBC yesterday, the look in his eyes, the twitching of his facial muscles.
    His opportunity to insult and character assassinate beyond reproach clearly excited. him.
    These are people that relish in inflicting pain in others.
    This won’t, and shouldn’t end with just Gawker rebadging.

    1. Its good you people are finally starting to wake up to what sociopaths are all about and how they control the entire media aparatus whether it’s gaming or supposed real mainstream news. Anyone that wants a really good and informative read about these lowlives should pick up the book “Without Conscience” by the world expert on psychopathy Robert Hare.

  2. In all honesty I could careless that she cheated on her bf, that being said her ex did give us ample evidence needed to finally strike back. If it were the reverse situation I’m sure the media would have do any and everything to bury him and further the bs that the gaming industry is misogynistic. Free speech becomes hate speech when criticizing women.

        1. Yes that’s true and women and minorities are going to ‘hate’ that when it happens

        2. Where have you been?
          I haven’t seen you for a day. I was about to send you a get well soon card.
          I did my best to do your heavy lifting while you were gone.

        3. they’re overinvested in calling everything hate. Its wearing thin even now. The bullets are already beginning to bounce off their targets

        4. You have done a spectacular job. You’re shredding these trolls. LOL. I was busy, had to do 5 days work in 3 so I could get away. In PA visiting friends then Mon I am off to Miami for 4 days then home again .

        5. High praise coming from you.
          Those young girls will cover themselves in shame after you go down to the beach in your bikini.

        6. Yep, just as being called a racist or mysogynistic or whatever else the left has done to try to silence people , they draw a big yawn and nothing more.

        7. They’re gonna need a bigger boat OR they’re not here for the hunting. ( pick one ) ;-0)

    1. If you men really care, find out how the CBC Toronto dumped Jian Gomeshi because of a jealous ex-girlfriend claiming their kinky sex wasn’t legal. He filed a $55 million lawsuit today against the CBC.

  3. #GamerGate is quickly erupting into a major cultural war. It matters to everyone, not just gamers, because it exposes corruption. Not just in gaming journalism, but the entire media complex. Since sites like Gawker are taking a beating, the progressive left called in the big guns and had MSNBC run a hit piece on the Gamer Gate people, including Mike from D&P. Freaking NBC has thrown their hat in the ring over Gamer Gate. These SJWs are Cultural Marxists. They have infiltrated our media institutions and have been using them as propaganda tools for their political agenda.

    1. True enough. The only thing that I can see setting GG back is casual gamers. They have no interest in politics which is understandable but the political left now has complete interest in the industry.

      1. Actually think about this a bit deeper my friend. It is the casuals who may just save the day for gaming since they will only buy what is fun and usually stupid fun at that. The SJW crowd has shown a complete lack of game developing ability so all they can do is criticize so called “politically incorrect” games for this or that non issue. So getting to the point what I’m saying to you is one way or another these SJW’s are going to be leaving the game industry as even if they beat Gamergate into submission and continue to push games to become ever more odiously political filled with their Communist SJW themes the casuals and we hardcore will turn away in disgust and not buy that garbage since we simply do not want political preaching of any kind in our videogame entertainment which is supposed to be about escapism and escaping our real world filled with grim and all too often divisive politics into a world of whimsy, fun and fantasy.

    2. Exactly. It is necessary that all who read these articles realise that this is not just a few people acting up. This is a wide cultural movement which gained power throughout the western world in the spring of 1968, starting with universities and colleges and eventually spreading its narrative until it dominated everything from the news you read to the food you eat to the textbooks in your children’s schools. It was quite intentional, and the end game is a society which can be socially engineered in every single way by an omnipresent and omnipotent government.

      1. “This is a wide cultural movement which gained power throughout the western world in the spring of 1968”
        That’s when it first started to make waves and to start positioning its pieces. Its only in the last couple of decades that its become clear how complete its efforts have been

    3. I am happy to see the Cultural Marxists being fought, finally.
      So man people have been caught in their cross hairs for being politically incorrect, apologized profusely and still had their careers or lives ruined.
      Backing down or apologizing doesn’t work. By simply not backing down from telling the truth about Gamer Gate, we win against the Cultural Marxists. And a win like this will turn the tide and show the Cultural Marxists that they cannot impose their will on us with impunity.

      1. If there’s one thing I learned from that ‘do not talk to the police’ lecture video, it’s that an apology is ultimately an admission of guilt. And with such an admission they’ll smell blood in the water and be on you like a shark on a wounded tuna.

        1. Sociopaths/psychopaths such as these SJW’s also view apologies as a sign of weakness. The only thing these lowlives respect and even potentially fear is a person with a backbone who will stand up to them.

    4. The SJWs aren’t just Cultural Marxists, they’re often actual Marxists. They will laugh and vehemently deny any connection, but their political philosophy is verbatim Marx. A rose is still a rose by any other name…

      1. I wouldn’t insult Marxists by associating them with Z. Quinn and others. Marxists have sincere, if fatally flawed, beliefs. These people are disingenuous, self-serving, lying sacks of dung.

        1. Well keep in mind that not everyone that is a Communist/Marxist is on the same noble ideals having page. Some know exactly what this sick ideology based on Christ insanity results in when practiced in real life and want to further the goals of Communism in America for those purposes ie they are sickos who want to either commit mass murder on the public whom they hate or be part of a Communist leadership aparatus and thus have access to all the people’s wealth despite all the high minded lying commie jargon about everyone being equal under it’s system. What a laugh. Communism just like it’s big daddy Christ insanity isn’t about brotherhood but about controlling populations and using them to commit murder or to amass great wealth at the subjugated population’s expense. Just another Jew con as always.

    5. Alright, story time. I’ve been basically silent on this issue, I am not sure my contributions are relevant, and I have…
      Posted by Cole Nasrallah on Friday, October 3, 2014

      Not sure why this does not get its own article.

    6. The fact that feminists have been using the media, and every other NGO, government agency, and everyone else they can gain leverage on to harass and intimidate those they wish silent is old news. Even if it were new, people right now, or ever, don’t really care.
      People, by our very nature, are self-absorbed. We only care when it personally effects us. Like ISIS. As far as most here in the US and else where, are concerned, why do we care what happens over there. We fought, and died to give them a chance, and it is up to them what to do with it. They are not wrong.
      However, if ISIS makes it over here, and starts beheading people; they will wish they listened, but still will never take credit for their apathy. Unless it is humorously appealing, and beneficial for them to dismiss you while doing so.

  4. If a big boned woman like Zoe Quinn is able to command so much deference among males in the game industry by using her sexuality, resulting in all sorts of corruption and decline of ethical standards, what does this say about other women, less “bony” or not, in other industries?

    1. I’m sure he sexuality involves more quantity than quality.
      Typical for a big girl.
      I wonder if this story will catch a wave of FB Astroturf outrage as did the Tattoo series. I kinda hope so. Bringing attention to Quinn’s behavior may stop others from emulating it.

    2. I think it is safe to say that RedPill minded men make up the minority.
      And don’t underestimate what even seemingly rational men will do in the face of possible vagina.

    3. I used to think Zoe herself had power and sway over the game journo bozos but I’ve come to think and believe that her apparent “power” is simply what the radical left/cultural marxist SJW’s provide for any female that aligns themself with their politics. Zoe being a natural parasite makes a perfect fit into their ranks as they know they can trust her to lie and manipulate and push the SJW agenda forward for them continuing the Communist strategy of takeover via the “long march through the institutions”.

  5. I am surprised how much power this fat hog has on the internet, I thought one needed to be attractive to control men to such extend, but with these geldings even a mold filled pussy is worth fighting.

    1. Most of those game journalists and developers are so beta and feminized, they couldn’t get laid if they lived in a whore house.
      So it’s easy for her to manipulate these progressive losers with the promise of some pig snatch.

    2. This us why they hang pussy over beta males: They are easily controlled. I can’t figure out why some men will bend over for a hug, peck, or bj and support this bullshit when they could call the shots instead. Eron must have questioned his reality and SJW ways and when he found the truth, he quickly paniced and swallowed the blue pill again. He wasn’t song enough to take the narrow road at the fork.
      Luckily our path is always there waiting to be traveled.

      1. I think Eron is a dyed in the wool Communist. One of those whites who the sick Jew ideology appeals to like crack rock to a black or well methamphetamine to a trailer park trash white person stereotype. My point of telling you this is I think Eron’s political views go far deeper than just erronious beliefs about the inherintely noble nature of women (barf) and would require a cult deprogrammer to get him thinking clearly for perhaps the first time in his life. He seems like an intelligent guy otherwise but I realize a highly intelligent person can use their intelligence to wrap themselves up in a false ideology ever more tightly since they have many elaborate intelligent ways to justify said ideology to themselves not available to less intelligent others. Communism and it’s big daddy Christ insanity appeal so strongly to elements of the white race because they are Jewish brotherhood scams that play on our empathy and our love and our desire to be altruistic. Of course however like any Jew ideology they turn disasterous when put into actual practice since they go against human nature and reality itself.

    3. My son has been playing “Battlefield” a lot lately. I suggested that it should be called “Battlefeld”, which he thought pretty funny.

  6. Roosh, I’ve also had a thought a few days ago that the GameJournosPros list could be construed as a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. They seem to be deliberately colluding to stifle competing narratives (hence, restraining trade as a cartel). It’s something to look into.

  7. Zoe Quinn in the perfect example of what happens when you fuck a fat, broken, dyed, and tattooed skank. Gjoni is a beta symp who created this monster by fucking that disgusting broken girl.

    1. but by him posting all the information that he did, he got 1 step closer to the red pill. I’m not saying he’s going to swallow it anytime soon, but give him probably another 5 years. He will either swallow that pill successfully, or he’ll choke on it and die. one way or the other, one less asshole to fight against.

      1. And just think of all the other Blue Pill gamers out there that will see how not matter what a sweet little bitch he was to her, she still fucked him over. And then they read about gamer gate of ROK and start looking around….
        Lots of Red Pills will be swallowed in the coming months.

        1. She fucked him over because she is a Cluster B Personality Disordered individual. Thats not to say normal women are not capable of doing similar, they are, its just that its generally harder for normal women to do so as they possess a conscience unlike Zoe. People like Zoe tend to not change ever unless they really commit themselves to therapy which lets face it she’s likely not going to do what with all the excitement, attention and enablers that she has at present via her cultural marxist SJW allies, the corrupt game journos and the Communist Jew controlled MSM.

  8. I personally like how by her own definition of what rape is, Zoe Quinn is an admitted rapist.

    1. And a killer, possibly. She herself had admitted stabbing some dude in the face a some time ago.

        1. “In fall of 2007 (according to my EXIF data 10/25/2007) I packed up my equipment and drove the 220 miles to Albany, for a weekend of work with Zoe.
          By time I arrived in Albany, Zoe had cancelled one of the three shoots we had planned. She lived in a tiny apartment with her boyfriend / spouse / lover (I did not ask personal questions) and her roommate. I had been assured I could over night with them, and that they had room to accommodate a guest, and room to shoot in. They had neither. We ended up doing an impromptu shoot in the extremely crowded apartment, in the middle of the night, to try to save the shoot. I was not proud of it, but I knew with a bit of editing, it had potential.
          While we tried to plan a shoot for the next day Zoe, and Co. chatted with me. She claimed to have stabbed a man – attempted rapist – in the face, who had grabbed her. She relayed to me no less than three other accounts of alleged violent assault. I will not share the details here, I feel that would be fundamentally indecent. I was alarmed at this, and I admit, by the time she made the claim that she stabbed a man in the face with a knife* and ran away, I was skeptical as well. Two claims involved alleged workplace incidents, and were her prime explanation for why she could not hold a job. I was mildly disconcerted, because true or false, these stories have good cause to make one uneasy. She also claimed to have reported nothing to police, or management at her work.”
          Here is the full story:

        2. thanks for the information. She sounds like – and almost certainly is – a deranged fantasist.

  9. Whining about “death threats” and bad behavior from one’s opponents is also ghey. Mike should let me take over his site. Danger and Play was a cool site for about five minutes, before everyone found out it was run by a lawyer with aspergers who sounded like Mike Tyson

  10. “The Hindu”, a leading English daily in India published an article borrowed from The Guardian written by none other than the great Jessica Valenti on Gamergate. Jessica has portrayed Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian as great warriors standing against the tyranny of Patriarchy. Newspapers like The Hindu and Times of India are hell bent on “liberating and empowering” women. They have multiple articles on a daily basis to brainwash the younger generation. Words like “misogyny” and “rape culture” can be found everywhere. The media here started slow by pushing small, seemingly innocent ads to the public and now are preparing for the great assault on men. The media is hell bent on solving the First World issues in a country where 800 million (yes, you read that correctly) people still suffer due to Third World problems.
    The situation in Indain metropolitan cities is already equally or almost equally bad as the west. Girls have already started slut walks here. They have started asking men not to look at them when they walk around skimpily clad. The girls tell openly that they consider all men as rapists etc. The media has started smothering our culture. They portray the West and the Western culture as the epitome of civilizational excellence while bashing Indian value system.

    1. Well that sucks. Has anyone looked at the ownership structure of Indian media? I am wondering if some western companies might have bought a stake in newspapers and/or TV stations in the last few years and have started infiltrating the culture. Or is this Cultural Marxism wave home grown amongst the Indian intelligentsia?

        1. Be careful. If you name them, they’ll have your head. Many of them (a majority, if we’re talking about executives for large media corporations in the United States) have one characteristic (ethnically Jewish, but usually atheist in terms of religion) in common that makes it a hate crime to even call them out on their actions. Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, CBS Corporation, you name it.

    2. They’ve already utterly defeated Western Europe, Britain and the United States, and now they’ve set their sights on India? This really is a cult that’s spreading all over the world, and it might actually be more destructive than the Islamic State in the long run. The Islamic State will collapse on its own, but this social justice garbage will echo and infect generations to come.

  11. Fighting for what?
    I’m sorry, but I’ve seen this woman’s picture. The only thing she’s likely fought for in the last five years is for thirds at the dinner table…….
    Possibly fourths

  12. oh shit if eron goes to defend the 209A complainy maybe ill see him in court. ill give him the nod on everyone’s behalf.
    does anyone know what courthouse this will be in?
    based on the complaint alone it shouldn’t issue. i don’t see three instances of abuse on the complaint or anything that’s linked directly to him other than the original post. which was his story to tell, and he tells it about himself from his point of view. most of the other bad stuff seems to have been done by 3rd parties- plus she cant get a 209A order for other people who are not part of the complaint.

    1. This Eron guy is not an ally. He is a male feminist.
      This girl hurt his feelings and made money in the process, and he wanted to hurt her back. The information he provided happened to be useful, but he’s probably very angry with himself for having provided “misogynists” with ammunition.
      He’d probably hate every last one of us.

      1. It’d be encouraging for persons like Eron to see how they’ve been played and ruined by people like Quinn, but some are just too blind.

        1. The fact he decided to support Sarkeesian tells you everything you need to know about this guy. It’s not like Sarkeesian is any less of a fraud compared to Quinn.

      2. being a male feminist does not make you a 3rd wave leg beard supporter. its not a bad of a thing to think of men and women as equal. and honestly i don’t care about the whole feminist thing, that part is irrelevant to me. the whole feminist/misogyny thing is just using buzzwords to to smoke-screen the actual issues and rile up the tin foil hats so everyone on our side of the aisle looks crazy. the real issues to me are the promotion of an outside agenda through unethical means, the assumption that the agenda is correct, and that i need what that agenda promotes. i’m also not thrilled about the bloggers and faux-SJWs shit talking me, my friends and the things i love even though what we do has no actual impact on their lives.
        whatever his personal beliefs are don’t matter to me. He opened the shades and let some light in on something that impacts my life and i respect him for that.

    1. Because a long time ago, they (women) were given a hand by men. Instead, they took the proverbial arm.
      “When an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to the establishment of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.”

      1. Because Jews value education, promote education to their children, set aside money for education, and being a judge usually requires a law degree?

        1. You need to stop being so cruel to the mentationally arrested. Have some compassion, will you?

        2. Looks like we found a snake under this rock.
          As soon as he’s done voiding all over himself he’ll either run for the first dark spot he sees or he’ll try to bite.

        3. I’ll try. I shoulda had it all out of my system after dealing with the FB trolls this week.

        4. Stupidity being a bottomless pit, smacking ’em back in line is a never-ending job, no?

        5. It certainly is. Somebody’s gotta do it. Call Mike Rowe, I want to pitch an idea for a new show.

        1. Awwwww….
          I am so disappointed in you. I expected a snappy reply, perhaps a cogent simile, what’d I get?
          A bully question straight out of your Uncle Adolph’s playbook, and a racial slur.
          Perhaps I expect too much of you.
          Maybe people expecting too much is a pattern when it comes to you.

        2. Wow. That was easy.
          I guess anybody who can write well looks like a Jew to you.

  13. If there is one thing I have learned about SJW’s they view everything not under their control a threat … “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” to quote an ideological ancestor of theirs. The gaming community was fine off on its own so long as it held no real power but in the last 20 years gaming has gone from a activity of a very small fraction of young men to something rivaling Hollywood in its size and most importantly its reach it has to be brought into the fold of those who control popular culture. Quinn isn’t the problem, shes symptomatic of a cultural force that sees anything that can capture peoples attention and is outside their control as a threat …. Look at what they are doing to the NFL.

    1. I had that thought the other day. It occurred to me that about 10 years ago, any man who was trying to have a date with a woman and claimed that he was a gamer, the woman would laugh him out of the restaurant. Today, video games have become the new platform in which to get attention from. I think that’s the only reason why women even goes forward with video games.

  14. I was pleasantly surprised to see Gjoni get support from the most unlikely of sources in Rachel Martin.
    And as Mark Fox said, it comes as no surprise that Zoe would go running to the court system to aid and abet her. It’s like a child running to its mother after some of the other kids on the playground played too rough.

  15. Start using liberal’s tactics against them.
    Remember when the Liberals rejoiced in the fact that Don Sterling’s livelihood was ruined by an illegally taped private conversation? You can do that to your enemies.
    The next time some faggot, nigger or cunt SJW posts a “Fuck the white man, Christians are retards, down with America bolg or Youtube video”, down load, take screen shots of it and save the link. In most cases, when they’ve used their real name, it’s easy enough to to find out where they work. Send their words to their HR department and ask the company why they tolerate such open “bigotry”.
    Recruit allies. Share your info with like minded people- possibly from ROK maybe from Stormfront.
    Destroy them. Just like they’d destroy you.

  16. One thing I keep reading on opposing sites is that there was no review of Depression Quest on any of these websites before Eron’s accusation. Can anyone confirm or deny? I keep seeing opposing claims and I want to make sure who is factually correct.

    1. Thing is depression quest is not a game. It´s a linear “interactive” amateur novel that gives you depression. Thats it!
      Here is a link to someone who does a great job of ripping apart the lies behind all these zoes and gawker nuts,

  17. I wonder if these “death threats ” these chicks are getting are real and not made up. It’s an age old tactic to fabricate death threats and then act the victim. Example. The Tea Party has a rally . Thousands of peaceful folks are attending. The Dems send in 3 operatives with racist signs/placards. Result…Tea Party racist. Tea Party discredited.

    1. I’m yet to believe the Anita sarkeesian death threat bullshit. I still think she fabricated that shit. If anything, when those two filmmakers called the San Francisco Police Department, she panicked and realized she was about to get her ass handed to her and call the FBI. the FBI always works with the local police almost immediately after these types of threats are issued. The San Francisco Police Department not getting ahold of information from the FBI immediately sounds incredibly fishy.

  18. Are there any public figures that do NOT get death threats? It’s safe to say that any famous person that publicly complains about death threats is either attention whoring or trying to censor their critics.

  19. Who would want to kidnap, rape or kill this messy fat broken chick realy ? Nobody! No sane man with a little bit of pride would make his hands dirty on that filthy chick. She is to me a walking talking NO GO and thats it. There are mad people out there we all know but ehem… I would fuck my pillow for ever if that ugly zoe and I would be the last humans on this planet. YES, i would end humanity and fuck my pillow instead!
    She is just another fake feminist role model for the brainwashed little girls and the agenda retards for ever! She came into the gaming scene, fucked it up like the other bitches aka anita or brianna (who is the spokesperson now for every wimin in the industry btw….and Brian has a dick!) and the result is censorship, hatemongering, people losing their jobs, doxxing and blackmail etc.
    And back to the fucker Zoe, hell would await her if my arm would be long enough…
    I dont know why you in the US dont just do it. Not to tell people that they should use violence but we had similar cases here in germany and know what. A few guys drove to the asshole and waited and waited and waited and got him. Since then he is a very tiny dick!

  20. Zoe Quinn is a psychopath, but she has a vagina, so she gets beta boys to do her bidding by crying misogyny and offering up her pussy.

  21. That handwriting. So masculine, so degenerate. Never trust a woman with manly handwriting.

  22. The media portrays her as a victim of misogyny. The media also accepts her version as the “facts” and the original story as “lies”….i can only presume came from Gjoni. Its iteresting though the media wont report the load of crapcake the Online SJW had to eat with this interesting event.

  23. Narrative = “Noble Lie”
    Feminists and SJWs want to be philosopher queens, telling us how we are supposed to fuck, how we are supposed to play our games, what we are to find attractive, how we are supposed to approach the opposite sex etc. They want to create a world where men are either sperm donors or policemen that keep men who refuse to comply in line. Unfortunately for feminists, not all men are willing beasts of burden who are to be ridden or whipped at a SJ Warriors whim. At some point, regardless of the narrative, there’s going to be push-back.

    1. There is a certain double-edged sword in drawing attention to the issue, in that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” — but articles like this are going to come up on Google searches more or less forever when it comes to Zoe Quinn, which is about as good a result as you can get in the interests of making people think before believing.

  24. Let me tell you all something that you might have not noticed. What they will do is to make Gjoni the enemy. When they make him the enemy, it WILL be easier to silence Gamer Gate (Not saying GG will be silenced, just that it will be easier if it could). It goes as follows:
    1. Make an enemy
    2. Make the enemy defeat able
    3. “Defeat” the enemy
    4.Pretend the movement is gone

  25. Keep mailing those advertisers boys!
    ROK and Roosh you guys are really helping to expose this Borderline or Histrionic Personality Disordered lowlife Chelsea Van Valkenburg a.k.a Zoe Quinn so you deserve all the praise and credit any of us can muster since your site along with Breitbart are some of the few where this very important truth can be told about how dangerous not only Zoe is but also the rest of the sociopaths and psychopaths that make up so called “game journalism” and it’s “social justice” (Orwellian term if there ever was one for these freaks) warriors.

  26. are you people for real? If Quinn was a man and slept with a female journalist would we be even having this conversation? Did her relationship with Gjoni end poorly? Yeah. Did she cheat on him? Probably, but lots of women and MEN cheat. Also you can’t call out Quinn on censoring Gjoni’s “free speech” and call Anita sarkeesian a bitch in the same breath for excising her right to the same thing.

    1. Two things, Ace:
      (1) If Quinn had been a man and slept with a female journalist it is likely we would not be having this conversation – but not for the reasons you think. Had it happened that way the feminists would simply be screaming that the female journalist’s integrity was in no way affected by sucking a male game maker’s cock. You are still missing the point that this debate relates to the integrity (or lack thereof) of gaming journalists and the constant attempts by Ms Quinn to use the cloak of feminism and misandrist stereotypes of males to prevent her conduct and connection to the journalists from being scrutinised. Had Zoe Quinn been a man, a demand by him to suppress a website on the basis of being “threatened” would be laughed out of court.
      (2) Anita Sarkeesian is not a bitch because she exercises free speech. She is a bitch because she abuses that precious right.

      1. If the roles were reversed the blog, which is clearly bitter, would have been seen as that of a scored woman and feminist wouldn’t have the opportunity to debate anything because no one would be paying attention, there would be no movement.
        Just because you don’t like what Sarkeesian has to say doesn’t mean she is abuses that right.

        1. “Just because you don’t like what Sarkeesian has to say doesn’t mean she is abuses that right.”
          If so, let’s adopt the same double standard that feminists use when abusing men who present views they don’t like: she has no right to complain about the consequences of that free speech.

    2. Translation from cuntspeak
      He everybody…please leave the blatantly guilty Ho Quinn alone. My vag is screeching “men get away with murder”.
      Well Ace… your vagina is lying. Ray Rice is suspended indefinitely while Hope Solo is on billboards and still playing. Et cetera Et cetera.So take your self serving bullshit someplace else. Women benefit from double standards as much if not more than they are hurt by them.
      Zoe quin is a whore and a self admitted rapist…. Your ilk criminalizes men for even talking to women or about women in a way you don’t like.
      Don’t try to lecture me cunt.

      1. So you can’t argue a point without resorting to name calling? I don’t care if you think I’m a cunt and don’t worry I won’t lecture you, it’s not worth the time.
        For the record I didn’t say Quinn was a good PERSON, but if gamer gate is really about ethics (you might want to look that word up) in journalism like you say it is then start fucking taking about that.
        Thanks for proving my point though, I appreciate it

        1. But gamer gate is about both issues. But the awkward faggots of game gate are scared to piss off the SJW’s so they “pardoned” the Quinn whore rapist and focused on the more politically correct issue… journalistic corruption.
          Quinns a fucking whore and should be vilified.
          And corrupt journalists who support this whore should also be vilified.
          Now fuck off with your simple little mind!

  27. Communism is the ever present threat to America NOT fascism. Remember that and remember that what these so called “Social Justice Warriors” are up to is just yet another means of Communist subversion of the United States and their strategy is typically referred to as “the long march through the institutions”.

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