Feminists Attack Elderly Gay Man For Saying Older Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants

…not since the mini-skirt has there been something worn by so many women who should never have it on in the first place…

— Alan Sorrentino, a sexagenarian gay man, in his letter to a local Rhode Island newspaper

A senior citizen and self-described “short, little gay Italian” in Rhode Island has been the victim of a vicious intimidation campaign by feminists with too much time on their hands. After he wrote a newspaper letter saying that women over 20 should not wear yoga pants, the backlash against Alan Sorrentino was vitriolic. 300 women marched on his home address, which was publicly shared, using the excuse that it was just a “neighborhood protest.”

In retaliation for exercising his First Amendment rights, which you might have incorrectly thought encouraged violence given the heavy-handed feminist response, Sorrentino received threatening calls and explicit death threats. Publications such as The Washington Post regarded the shameful intimidation of an old man as some kind of fun outing. Rabid social media users and the protesters themselves also lost sight of the context of Sorrentino’s letter and later comments. Among other things, he pointed out that men rocking up to supermarkets in Speedos would be considered inappropriate, too.

“Violent” gay man whose fashion prescriptions in a newspaper reaching only a few thousand people are capable of disemboweling feminists and ejecting them into space.

If anything, the moronic march on Sorrentino’s home and throughout his neighborhood demonstrates the paucity of real issues women have to complain about. For all the talk of the “misogyny” and “patriarchy” that triggered the march (pun intended), these women were able to assemble freely in one of the most liberal states in America and harass, without interruption, an old white male, albeit not a straight one. They evidently did not feel the fear they continually reference in their diatribes. Where were the Saudi-style female dress code police or the rape squads of the rape culture they always talk about to teach them a lesson? Alas, the dastardly misogyny and patriarchy must have chosen to remain invisible again!

 Women tell men what to wear all the time

I didn’t see anyone staking out Jennie Price’s home for telling her husband and other men what to wear. Image attribution: Martin Spaven.

It goes without saying that one of the biggest criticisms leveled by women towards their boyfriends or husbands is their allegedly bad fashion sense. Even beyond their relationships, women have a penchant for sticking their noses into what a man wears, from his sporting clothing and clubbing attire to his choice of bathing suit. Here in Australia, an entire media sub-industry emerged to criticize our former conservative Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, for wearing so-called “budgie smugglers” whilst swimming and keeping fit.

Because Alan Sorrentino had 300 women obviously stalk him in his home for his fashion comments, should men have targeted the residence of one Jennie Price, a hack journalist from The Daily Mail? Instead of celebrating her husband’s decision to resist middle-age decline and obesity through cycling, Price penned a ridiculous piece in 2014 decrying so-called MAMILs (middle-aged men in lycra).

She joined BBC “journalist” Dominic Casciani, who equated men taking up the amateur sport with a mid-life crisis. Notwithstanding that men in lycra wouldn’t get me or my readers off, at least men wearing this fabric actually engage in exercise when they don it (in the morning, too, when fewer folks are awake to see them!). By contrast, yoga pants seem to be the default female fashion option for non-exercise more than any kind of physical exertion (even yoga).

Naturally, had just three guys, let alone 30 or 300, publicized their intention to protest-cycle their way through Jennie Price’s neighborhood in Britain, the police would have been called. The same can be said of any march on the homes of countless female journalists and female “fashion experts” who have opined on what men should or should not wear. And let’s not forget women telling each other what clothes are or are not acceptable. A number of females make their careers out of critiquing what other women wear, usually savagely, especially on the celebrity red carpet. I wonder how many times, for example, then zombie and now dead zombie Joan Rivers found her home visited by offended feminists after she berated either a piece of female fashion attire or the character and appearance of the women wearing it.

Sending a tweet is “violence” but 300 people marching on someone’s house is not–what world do we live in?

The national debt? Nah. Terrorism? Nah. Urban crime? Nah. These folks are protesting fashion comments.

At the start of this year, I brought you the story of Holly Michelle Wood, a putrid Harvard PhD candidate and feminist, who went around calling white people “awful.” After the now banned Milo Yiannopoulos simply retweeted Wood’s criticisms of him, fellow feminist Catrin Cooper used the “cyber violence” argument and tried to get a Twitter stooge, Michael Margolis, to alert its founder, Jack Dorsey. We would not have the time to go through a mere noticeable fraction of the other instances in which women who cannot argue their position online reframe criticism as “misogyny” or outright “violence.”

Even as Alan Sorrentino clearly feared for his safety during the march, hundreds or potentially thousands of women in America gave themselves excuses for calling some other man disagreeing with them online or in person “violent.” Tragically, this goes well beyond Sorrentino’s plight. A climate now exists in which whatever words certain women find offensive become the basis for stopping what they’re doing (presumably not much) and going after the person saying them in the most organized and appalling ways.

At a minimum, the target of their fury must lose his job, reputation, and sense of personal safety to satiate their desire for revenge. In the meantime, the very act of their shrill protesting, which is not interfered with, validates the idea that women are not the targets of systematic hate or oppression in society.

As a gender, women, particularly the middle and upper middle-class women who seem to dominate these kinds of pointless, abusive protests, have nothing to complain about. Except maybe having too much time on their hands.

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121 thoughts on “Feminists Attack Elderly Gay Man For Saying Older Women Shouldn’t Wear Yoga Pants”

  1. Didn’t their used to be a programme on Britain’s channel 4 called “Queer Eye for Fat Slags” which dispensed priceless nuggets of gay fashion sense to sartorially challenged land whales, thereby helping them to become more attractive to the opposite sex?

  2. I really have nothing in common with anyone who has ever “marched on” any place. These fat pigs needs to get jobs or husbands or kids or some thing that brings meaning to their lives.

    1. lol i love when SJWs get triggered and respond with appearance-based insults, shows just how offended you are.
      do some heroin and chill out friend :^)

    2. The guy should have photographed them all and put their pictures up on a website for users to rate on a scale of 1-10. See if any of them die from indignation.

        1. Also a comment section so anyone who knows them can share their real name and we can track them down and protest outside their house.

  3. Twitter is an organizational tool SJW’s use to harass, bully, and intimidate people. I deleted my account and only use a sock puppet Fakebook account. I actually call, text, and email my real friends.

  4. We have now reached a point, where as a society women can do or say virtually anything and get away with it with absolute impunity,
    Men, on the other hand can simply state an opinion or disagree with a woman’s point of view and they can be attacked, abused, threatened, or terrorized.
    Female terrorists of course have immunity.
    How much longer until the gas chambers and crematoriums are built?
    ……….And yes, yoga pants should no more be worn in public by women than speedos should be by men. Actually when it comes to appropriate public attire men have far more common sense and better taste than most women.
    I have never seen a woman wondering around in yoga pants that wasn’t a total sow.

      1. On the contrary.
        There is little poverty in Westport Connecticut.
        ………But quite a few fat asses running around. Some even wear yoga pants, but most are swathed in Christian La Croix – miles of Christian La Croix.

        1. There is a key difference between the sexes shown here.
          Since women are far less visual most bareskin clothing on men and women are not a big deal to them. Fags in gay parades showing off their degenerate shit is nothing more than a fun day like at the circus, shaming a boomer in biking tights is just done to belittle weak betas, and a Chipendale stud – not bad, worth a giggle and a tingle or two.
          Now you put a woman back in high in a class full of her favorite guys..ie big brother star, micheal jackson of the day, justin bieber of the day, some tv and movies star she likes, you will see a female out of control. Her mother will wonder why she has gone from straight A’s to failing; has no attention span; and spends alot of time alone in her room masterbating.

    1. We need to organize jury nullification for most crimes against women as protest until this shit stops.

    1. The one on the right looks like she’s trying to smuggle a family of Mexicans across the border in her ass.

      1. That body type used to be celebrated and appreciated in our culture. Like this example from 1988:

        1. Sir Mix a lot did horrible damage with that one song. It gave women everywhere the green light to let themselves go. It goes back to the mans definition of curvy vs womens definition.

        2. Women don’t buy into the curvy crap because of Sir any more than Homer Simpson causes men to emulate the Michelin man physique. Why so many fatties? My take is that as first world cultures embraced self-esteem which led to special snowflake status, what were formerly the virtues of discipline and self control got thrown overboard.

  5. “Women tell men what to wear alll the time..”
    Had a good chuckle when I read this reminds of when I first got married and the wife would always try and “dress me up” whenever we went out, my response:
    “I’m not wearing that looks like I’m going to a gay bar!”
    Looking at the guy in the picture hard to think anyhting else…if your woman tells you what to wear you are “BLUE PILL.”

    1. I remember my own ex trying to get me to wear shorts with flip flops, skinny jeans, those swarthy Von Dutch tees, etc.

  6. Off topic:
    Let’s hear from a man who has zero use for feminists, Mr Dan Bilzerian. Interesting to hear him tiptoeing around loaded questions about the women in his life:

    1. This interview was magic. He gets the highest quality pussy in the highest quantity. His perception on reality is law.

        1. P4P?
          Edit: ah… pay for play. Yea he has done that, he admits that, but that doesnt negate the ludicrous amounts of top shelf poon he gets.

        2. I’m sure he does well, but nobody – not even an A list actor – can maintain that many 8’s and 9’s at once. So yeah, P4P is at least a big part of Bilzerian’s image, if not his day to day life. He practically admits that in the video above.

  7. Women corrupted by feminist degeneracy just don’t realize that men say no to a lot of their folly because we have better judgment than they do. On average a man can make better decisions for a woman than the woman can make for herself.

  8. He was a bored troll sitting in house thinking – what can I do to spool up some morons today? Who is easily offended?
    How? Oh, a comment on appearance should do it. To the keyboard!
    And he got the desired reaction of a bunch of clueless idiots provoked by a troll they could have just ignored. This sparks a protest?
    A prime example of ‘First World Problems’

      1. You do realize I have no problem with a troll writing something?
        I’m just amazed that folks take it so seriously. What our forefathers would have just ignored as one guy’s opinion- now it’s a march.
        This in a world with serious mistreatment of women/gays in the mid-east, breakdown of the family in the inner-city, lot of other issues that actually could use some serious attention.

  9. When a gay man says that women shouldn’t wear yoga pants, there’s war breaking loose.
    When feminists say ‘Women should not be mothers or “in the kitchen”‘, it’s lauded.

  10. That bent over seam not aligned with butt crack pic is why laying in a serious stash of eye bleach is key to surviving the net.

  11. The average life span of a fat person is much less than the average life span of a person who is thin, or of normal weight. So it makes sense that the globalists are pushing this notion, as they want most people to die as early as possible. Ever see a really fat, really old person? Neither have I…

    1. I have seen a few older fat people myself, mostly in, surprise surprise, Wal Mart. Apparently they have adapted to somehow live longer in spite of their condition, thanks in part to welfare, advances in medicine that manages to keep them barely alive, and those neat scooters. Not that it benefits them in the long run. They still look so miserable that suddenly euthanasia isn’t that bad of an idea after all.

      1. Nah, they look old but they’re really just a ruined 55 year old suffering the effects of crap health making them look 85.

    2. healthiest bmi though, for females at least, is 20-25. those are the best bmis to conceive at and also the bmis you live the longest at. being thin (bmi <20) is not healthy.

    1. You made my day!
      I’m laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my cheeks!
      ….Love the remark from the fat guy at the left hand side of the screen!

    2. Yep, too much time on their hands. Don’t they have homes to tend to? Picket fences to fix? Kids to bathe? Or in the case of the working ladies, work to go to? I mean, how are they going to close the pay gap when they’re too busy marching to protest nonsense? Just let Bubba cover for you. In all fairness, that’s also what I think of both Hillary and Trump supporters who spend a bit too much time at rallies instead of, you know, making America great again.

      1. I’m from Rhode Island, I can tell you… there are no jobs for anybody there. Especially for these types.

        1. Welfare must be generous up there then. Especially, women must be well taken care of if they can take time off to protest, of all things, a fashion savvy homo.

        2. Half the state’s on welfare, the other half works for the state government or a corporation/university that gets immense favors from the state gov’t.
          RI exists so that people who work in Massachusetts, who can’t afford to live in MA, have a place to live.

    3. Dog: “Fuck these gay humans.” LOL
      And what’s with the guy in the middle with his face covered? He probably got his protest schedule mixed up. He thought he was supposed to be at an anti-Trump protest.

      1. Even funnier – that quote from the dog looks like it’s actually coming from the woman’s pussy

  12. Leave it up to a Gay Guy to provide fashion advice, and an Italian yet! Ecco a te Finocchio!

  13. Before I duck out of here, I want to modify my wager slightly on the Cubs’ game tonight. Take the Cubs -130 (current odds at most books) to win on the money line for 3 units. And for a little extra action, make a 1-unit parlay bet on the Cubs to win on the money line, to the over (the total combined runs scored by both teams during the game, which is currently 6.5 runs). This gives you the chance for a nice one-two sweep on both wagers. The parlay pays 13-5 if you hit it, so on a $100 wager, the parlay would pay you $160 in profit. If you bet $300 on the Cubs to win, that would give you the chance to pull in $460 in profit off of this single game. If you lose the parlay bet and the Cubs win, you still come out 2 units ahead. So I want the Cubs to win, and 7 or more runs to be scored by both teams, combined, during the game. Good luck, and see you at the cashier’s window – or out back in the alley, chugging cheap wine from a brown paper bag, in the event we lose…

  14. Hmmm, whaddya know?? Turns out that, with help from The Google, “Budgy Smuggler” (ref. 4th paragraph down) is a real thing, as in the Australian swimwear company. Ain’t that taking the piss??

  15. Feminist non profit organizations need to stop getting funded by the government and be what it is nonprofit. These feminists are being paid to harass and whine what kind of job is that

  16. “Gays” are constantly bugging people around them with bitchy comments. He can go to hell. Gays are male bodies with female brains. Feminists against gays do not concern us.
    I thought that “homosexuals” were forbidden about participating on ROK and now I see an article defending one of them. May it be the Milo brainwashing effect?

      1. In 5 years there will be a Mila whateverpoulos defending “conservative trannies” and people will applaud like idiots again.

        1. I think our movement has been infiltrated by these wanna be red pill cock suckers who worship milo. Milo at best is a useful tool or ally. But those edge lord “anti” – SJW’s are viruses and bacteria.

        2. The right is suffering right now what happened to the left 50 years ago. Exactly the same thing.

        3. I think it is acceptable on ROK to simply DGAF about trannies. I can tolerate them because it is a minor annoyance. Fat women are more offensive than chicks with dicks IMO. Both pale in comparison to feminists/terrorists.

    1. if gays really trigger you that much go back to tumblr. it really is amusing how easily offended straight SJWs are.

    2. You idiot. Gays are the canary in the coal mine. They get more protection than us so when even they suffer our discrimination we know its really bad and about to get worse.
      They are also a welcome moment for male solidarity where in coming to their defense we won’t be accused of defending status qquo privilege since we are a defending a minority.

      1. “minority”, “privilege” I am not American you idiot. I don’t give a shit what people think about me.
        10 years ago faggots were no more than a lifestyle. I don’t need to ally with any deviated.

  17. ” .. men in lycra wouldn’t get I or my readers off ..”
    Wouldn’t get ME or my readers off either.
    Heh, couldn’t resist.

  18. Fuck females.
    If they want to rule the world, let them make their own toilet paper to wipe their asses with. Oh, wait! They can’t even make a logical argument, much less something useful.
    All women should wear a chastity belt — around the god-damn mouth.
    On another front. I saw this story like 2 weeks ago. It’s just now making waves on RoK? I doth protest! I think someone missed the news-cycle on this one.

    1. someone triggered? go back to whatever SJW shithole you came from lel. you arent oppressed

      1. Hello femicunt. I can see by your other replies that you lack originality, basically calling all men “triggered.”
        You might want to pay a professional, like myself, for some original content before you take the mic on stage again.

  19. These women made a big mistake! That man could have become the sassy gay friend that gives out fashion and dating advice and make their dull lives so colorful….all women want a gay best friend; at least that’s what all the sitcoms imply.

  20. Yoga pants are as close as it gets to wearing nothing at all for a women. You can see the folds of their labia in them, they love it because men have a hard time focusing when they wear them. For me it just signals slutty, lazy clothing attire.

    1. isnt it kind of ironic how male SJWs like you watch porn, but then go on to complain when females dress in a sexy way? also have you seen how the average american male dresses? because its not any less lazy than yoga pants.

      1. We may dress lazy but we try to hide our dicks so they should hide their labia. Also no, there is no contradiction between wanting to watch naked attractive women in the privacy of home and not wanting to see near naked obese women in public.
        I don’t think you understand irony.

        1. im sorry i didnt realize that what you find attractive is the same as what every other man finds attractive. therefore i dont really see a problem with females wearing whatever no matter what their weight is. believe it or not people have different preferences.

    2. Agree. Years ago, first time I saw a woman wearing them was at work, and she happened to be overweight and an angry person. The other women there made fun of her where us guys just gagged. She wore them all the time. Now just last week at a Starbucks, there was a perfect 15-16 year old wearing them that completely showed herself off. She as also in a tight sweatshirt and her hair looked like she had just gotten out of bed… Interesting enough her mom was right there with her. “Eat your heart out boys!”

  21. Yoga pants are played out and dull now. At least mini skirtspencil skirts have color variety and require shaved legs. Yoga pants with whatevs are a lazy, sloppy bitch outfit usually.

    1. lol, do you shave your legs? if not you have no right to call others lazy, or “sloppy”. for all we know you could be a “lazy, sloppy bitch”.
      SJWs are so fucking hypocritical

      1. Shave your legs, pull up a pencil skirt, throw on some heels, and get on your knees, bitch. The faded yoga pants with skechers and broke ass acoutrements aint cuttin the mustard any longer.

        1. honestly, i could read generic drivel like this anywhere on the internet. but i dont, cuz its boring. also, i hate yoga pants i stick to jeans only and t shirts. this is the worst and most pointless advice i have received in my whole life. why would i buy a pencil skirt or heels i would never even wear when i could just buy probably 2 grams of heroin with that money instead? also, my knees are too bony for me to put them on the ground comfortably. but if you get on your knees too ill consider it, i guess. also shaving is a waste of time i dont really care to pander and coddle those offended by leg hair.

      1. Fat girls in Yoga Pants I don’t want to look at, toots. I don’t want my kids to have to look at either. I suppose you are all for old fat men in speedos?

        1. The guy should have grabbed his trusty cattle prod and chased the cloven hooved ones off his property until nary an oink, a moo, nor a whinny was heard.

        2. As for hot girls in yoga pants, even they better understand that just we like looking at them, they ain’t shit. They are for our amusement. They will not be allowed to exhibit hypergamy or ego trips or delusional thoughts of being special. Fatties don’t even register for me.

        3. Totally agree. Just this morning while waiting in line, in front of me was a woman in yoga pants and she was talking about going to work out later. By the looks of her large ass, she doesn’t work out enough. Gag…

        4. im all for people not getting offended by natural bodies. fat girls in yoga pants (which to you, probably means any girl weighing over 120 pounds) are a far cry from old fat men in speedos (which to you probably means actually fat ie an overweight bmi)

  22. I couldn’t get 300 people together to publicly support me if I had been wronged, or was under attack. The fact that 300 fatties can come together to attack this man for making fashion statements shows a serious misalignment of our priorities in this nation, and further evidence that we will soon be eclipsed by a culture that doesn’t take women seriously.

  23. This was right in my state. Ironically, the woman who organized this little “protest” was not in the best of shape for yoga attire. Things like this make me ashamed to live in this country. The fact that you can organize this many vacuous women in one area because of a man who wrote a letter of opinion to a local newspaper.
    His free speech is as important as theirs. Plus, he was absolutely correct.

    1. “he was absolutely correct.” Thats the reason for the panic. The feminist agenda in its core wants to remodel reality.
      Everybody knows thin, young women are sexy and have a high SMV.
      Women who are fat or old or ugly (or all of the above) now have 2 choices:
      a) accept reality and accept a low SMV and a low quality male (or 20 cats and batteries)
      b) become feminists and change how men think. Make them believe fat, old or ugly is in fact BETTER than young, slender and sexy.
      It sounds retarded. Because it is. But thats what they do. Does not work but as long as everybody lies to everybody they believe it is working.
      ..until one day the child said: “Look! The emperor has no cloths!” -> Then the house of lies collapses. Thats why they are so enraged.

  24. An elerly gay man ! How courageous !
    What about asking a muslim baker to make a pro lesbian cake ? That would be an even funnier challenge ? What ? Nobody is willing to do that ? To busy to fight a terrrrrible elderly gay man ?

  25. Rather than wear yoga pants (who cares, really?) they should be doing yoga.
    yogas chitta vritti nirodhah
    Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind. (Yoga Sutras: I, 2)

  26. I swear, feminists must be trying to turn me gay. I feel pushed in that direction by evrything they do. These antics just fill me with empathy for this poor old dude and want to be his friend or something. Meanwhile I don’t just hate these women, but the silent majority of women who tolerate it instead of standing up against it. Prettyness aside a lot of the mental attraction is the steretypical “gentle” sex. Where has that gone? I see it primarily in fiction. The women who are gentle are now a cowering minority of unicorns afraid to poke up their heads lest their sisters.bite it off for daring to betray them and defend a male victim. Available single gay men probably outnumber available gentlewomen 10 to 1 at this point. If I really wanted human companionship I might be willing to settle for the gender I’m least attracted to if it would save the groundwork it would take to dig up a unicorn.

  27. “If anything, the moronic march on Sorrentino’s home and throughout his neighborhood demonstrates the paucity of real issues women have to complain about.”
    Totally. First world problems of the highest extreme. You don’t see women in the third world doing this nonsense.
    “By contrast, yoga pants seem to be the default female fashion option for non-exercise more than any kind of physical exertion (even yoga).”
    With white women, it’s yoga pants (whether or not they actually do any yoga); with black and hispanic women, it’s spandex – and they usually, definitely, appear not to do any form of exercise at all.

  28. If only Lawyers were cheaper – I’d get restraining orders on these people – as soon as they start seeing some legal notices coming their way they’d pull their heads toot sweet

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