Friendly Guide To ROK’s World View For Recovering Liberals

Return of Kings has a great variety of information about many subjects: improving your social life, health and fitness, tourism, among several others. Still, our political perspectives might be off-putting to some readers on the left. Although you could tune out whatever you don’t agree with. you might do well to take a closer look. Not all of us agree on everything, but we do have a rough consensus on some items.

Our views on the political establishment

The left blames corporations while the right blames the government, when in reality the two interests work together to subvert the will of the people

The left blames corporations while the right blames the government, when in reality the two interests work together to subvert the will of the people

It’s pretty easy to see that this site has a mainly conservative perspective, especially on social matters. Not all of us started out that way. Many of us began our journey away from the political orthodoxy after realizing what a mess feminism has made of society. Others have been turned off by political correctness. Once upon a time, I used to be liberal, and I know I’m not the only one. Be that as it may, some of us are actually friendly to liberalism.

By the way, we don’t give a free pass to the mainstream conservative establishment either. Unfortunately, the government in countless ways seeks to amass power for itself while producing fear and dependency in the populace. Really, it’s not a Democrat problem or Republican problem; they’re basically two sides of the same coin. Heads, they win; tails, you lose.

Surely you’re in favor of progress. One good question, though, is what exactly this constitutes. Also, who gets to define what is progress? All that might seem rhetorical, but these are important matters. Likely you see change as a good thing. But who’s setting the agenda, deciding which direction that change goes? Actually, we have answers for all that.

In fact, we might have some more in common with you than you expect. Don’t care for agribusiness? Neither do we. Are you troubled by the influence of the ultra-wealthy in the political process? We are too. Do you suspect that the powerful have set up a system of managed democracy, where they’re pulling the purse strings of both the Republicans and the Democrats? (If you supported Bernie Sanders, you’ve probably figured that one out already!) We understand you.

Today’s political and social scene


You might be disenchanted by some of the things going on with the Democratic Party today. Perhaps you’ve heard of their hypocrisy and contempt for the public. Are you troubled by some of the Clinton scandals, maybe even wondered if there was more to it than you expected?

Perhaps your questioning goes deeper; you might wonder who hijacked liberalism. It once stood for helping the working man, but some time in the 1960s it turned into so much squabbling divisiveness. Actually, there’s a reason for that; the culture war began long before the 1990s! That wasn’t about liberation, but rather a deliberate attempt to spread divisiveness and weaken the fabric of society.

Also, taxpayers have spent untold money on social programs, but why don’t they solve problems?  Instead, they create intergenerational poverty. You might be shocked to learn that encouraging dependency, along with taxing and spending to oblivion, was actually a stratagem meant to crash the system. That’s not about helping the disadvantaged; it’s about using them! Schemes like these—causing societal upheaval so a Socialist paradise will magically fall into place—are pretty reckless.

You might shake your head in bewilderment at online mobs of misguided youths spewing bile about things that don’t really matter. Sure, you’re against police brutality (as am I), but deep down you also fear what will come of all this open contempt for the law and violence against police. The authorities take a pretty dim view of cop killers; kind of sounds like someone behind the scenes wants to start a lot of trouble, doesn’t it?

Finally, you might wonder if the people on top of the liberal establishment really give a damn about the common people. We think it’s rotten that they’re using so many well-meaning people for the cynical ends of amassing money and power.

Likely you have some nagging concerns about what’s going on in society today. Why are women both liberated and spoiled, and sometimes even hostile? Can’t the feminists see that things aren’t really so bad? Sure, you’re all about tolerance and have lots of gay friends, but you privately wonder if there should be sensible limits. You might be uncomfortable with all the evangelizing of “alternative lifestyles”, especially if you have children in school.

You consider the press to be the bedrock of a free society, but you have doubts about journalistic integrity. Hey, we understand. The propaganda is everywhere, even in shows for young children. The media has been feeding you bullshit all your life, and we think their lying is rotten. You deserve better than that.

Starting to reconsider?


A die-hard Social Justice Warrior will seethe with rage for me bringing up these uncomfortable facts. Even if you’re a moderate, you might be reluctant to consider any of this. We understand; rethinking deeply held beliefs is a painful process. For so many things, you’ll see that what you’ve been told is right is actually wrong, and what is “wrong” is really right.

Many on the left have been there before and found their way out. For me, someone explained that I’m not responsible for the world’s problems. “It’s not your fault.” The endless attempts in college to ram opinions down my throat hardened my resolve. Others who’ve made the journey have different stories. Some got religion. Others realized that their past fanaticism has hurt others. Some wondered why decades of costly social programs haven’t accomplished anything. Some came to see that preferential treatment in hiring decisions is anything but “fairness”.

It’s in your best interests to purge the misconceptions and guilt trips from your mind. Still, you don’t have to abandon everything and embrace the polar opposite. Some have reached a synthesis position.

Welcome to the other side


If you’ve read this far with an open mind—and checked out some of the referenced articles—then you might be confused. Perhaps you’re tempted to reject our message. On the other hand, you might be shocked and even angry about what’s been going on in politics and society.

We understand; enlightenment is a painful process. We’re here for you. The truth hurts, but we’ll do the best we can to tell it like it is, which is much more than can be said for what you’ll see on television. I’ve merely scratched the surface here; stick with us and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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238 thoughts on “Friendly Guide To ROK’s World View For Recovering Liberals”

  1. Thank you, feminism, for helping me see the world for what it really is early on in life.
    Had it not been for feminism, I probably would never had discovered the Truth until much later.

    1. and now things should be happening at an even faster rate of awakening. for christs sake just look at triggly puff. if the average western male has a minimum of two brain cells to rub together, he would say we need to go against EVERYTHING that triggly puff stands for, full stop!

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        1. I can’t believe nobody has pasted a picture for him!
          Somebody’s gotta do it… surely?

        2. Ok… and with apologies to *everybody* in advance…
          In all her glory, the one and only Trigglypuff:

        3. So sorry…. I Did warn you!
          Research has shown that watching Trigglypuff reduces male penile length by approximately 1″ per viewing and induces profound numbness in the male genital region….

        4. hmmmm…. perhaps she is the latest design in the shock-troops of social engineering?
          We are going to see a whole lot more of that model on the streets soon then….

      2. In fairness to triggly…she may stand for things but I am pretty sure that is where it ends. I don’t think she would briskly walk for things. Even standing is probably only done in short clips

    2. I think that’s what did it for me too. The thing which feminism does is it takes all of the arguments and ideologies of the left and plays them out to their logical and extreme ends.

    1. That that dude was a real man, too bad there aren’t politicians like that now.

      1. I love the story of him being shot at a campaign stop and continuing on with his speech because “it will take more than that to kill a bull moose”

        1. So many great stories of TR!
          I love that he used to box pretty much every day, even when in the whitehouse. Eventually got his cornea displaced or something, at which point he gave up boxing but imported a judo/jui jitsu teacher into the whitehouse for daily lessons!
          Gotta love that guy!
          “The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.”
          Compare and contrast with current waste-of-space POTUS…

  2. Its okay to want things to be a certain way, or to believe that things Should be a certain way… But you have live in the world the way that it actually is. You have to acknowledge the inequalities and injustices and unfairnesses; they are real. They won’t go away just because you don’t like them.
    Eventually you can use the reality you live in to your advantage, instead of banging your head against a wall trying to figure out why things don’t work the way they should.

    1. Germans have a great word for this. Weltschmerz. It is the particular laconic feeling of malaise and depression that comes from comparing the actual state of the world to an idealized state of the world.

      1. So many ‘nuance’ emotions have such great words in German! Worth learning just for this (and the crazy verb order!)…

        1. Yeah the subject-verb switchers is tough to really internalize. It takes constant practice. The ability to make work compounds is really excellent if not often times frustrating

        2. I had a good laugh.
          I give you another example:
          In English: “I will fuck your pussy with my huge cock.”
          In German: “Ich werde deine Fotze mit meinem riesigen Schwanz ficken.”

        3. And just imagine the build up in tension with the recipient wondering what was going to be done with, or to, that collection of filthy nouns….
          Putting the active verb at the very end of the sentence? Genius!

  3. I’ve never been a liberal, not in the modern sense of the word anyway. I consider myself a far right winger way to the right of Rush Limbaugh and a little left of Ted Nugent and have always voted republican, mostly because they tell me what I want to hear even though those sorry cocksmacks never do it.

  4. The problem with liberals is they have no logic or reason. Your trying to push up against people who can’t add 1+1 without getting into an argument. Just knowing that Hillary took 25 million from the Saudi’s should disqualify. These are the same people who committed 911. The hijackers -most of them were from that country and tied to that govt. The stench of their stupidity and lack of awareness knows no bottom. Yet, a hillary supporter will deny this type of zombie exists. She is being investigated by the FBI..yet, a hillary zombie will say it doesn’t exist. These folks are nuts.

    1. “The problem with liberals is they have no logic or reason. Your trying to push up against people who can’t add 1+1 without getting into an argument.”
      Liberalism, like socialism is a mental illness. But I assume that the article is written for liberals who have had the epiphaney and are in the process of accepting their new objective way of seeing the World.

    2. “The problem with liberals is they have no logic or reason”
      I thought this for many years, but I came to the conclusion that they can’t be that stupid, nobody as a group could. They just have a different worldview and set of goals. They are more than willing to lie, cheat, steal, or even start wars to get to that end goal. They hate the United States and the principals they are founded upon. To them, people need to be controlled by something more than their own conscience. They view people as sheep in need of a master to guide and direct them. To this end, they create social programs intended to coerce people into living how they see fit. A runaway debt and collapse of the US would be beneficial to them in the hopes that it would bring about their Utopian Ideology. This stems from athiesm. To them, natural processes are by accident and are inherently unstable (human nature, global warming, deforestation) and need to be controlled. And who would be the ones to control?

      1. YUP.
        I know some very intelligent, productive, pragmatic, creative people who oddly enough are liberals, and yes, across the board they are atheists.
        They want to apply a static, man-made system atop humanity which by its very nature is fluid and organic.

        1. I was talking with our preacher about what was appropriate on the Sabbath. The crux of his comments is that they want the individual to decide for themselves. Mosiac law had a set of rules on what you could or couldn’t do, which became stricter through additional rules and tradidtions as time went on. By the time of Christ, there were rules on how far you could walk, what you could eat…etc. Christ done away with that, and brought it to the basics, let the individual govern themselves as they are guided by the spirit.
          Fast forward 2000+/- years…….Joseph Smith taught “teach the people correct principles and let them govern themselves” (I am a Mormon). It is wise council and works well. The preacher was talking about time he spent as a missionary in Russia, he was saying that culturally, people did not get that. They had been so used to being told what to do at all times that the idea of self-governence was foreign to them.
          People are generally good in my opinion, but they need to be taught correct principles and let them govern themselves. Of course, there are people who will not govern themselves, and for that there should be laws to prevent egregious acts. But those laws should be more lenient than what we expect as a society. This relates to your environmental argument. Most everybody wants a clean environment, teaching people correct principles is effective. We can go after the worst case polluters, but regulating things to the point that everyone is afraid of a home inspection or jobs are pused overseas is just too much.

        2. Sure, you can’t strangle enterprise with regulations or it will die or leave, to do worse elsewhere.
          The problem with principles in and of themself is that they are subject to interpretation, and that means every act would have to be argued before a judge. We already have too much shit hung up among the lawyers.

        3. Can’t really do much with principles by themselves. Ideas like recycling whatever is prudent cannot be enforced, it does not mean that it should not be adhered to. Laws should be set up that prevent people from making their personal landfill or dumping sewage into a creek.
          However, a couple years ago, I had a van that ran great, it got 35 mpg, never used oil. The only problem was it’s check engine light stayed on and nobody could figure it out. In Utah, emissions need to be checked yearly to be licensed. After about $1500 in mechanic bills, I gave up and got rid of the van and bought another one. That van is probably sitting in a wrecking yard because of a stupid check engine light. The time and material that went into that is now wasted, because of a over reaching environmental law that, in this instance, does more harm than good. How about only worrying about what comes out of the tailpipe, like they do with vehicles older than 1995?

        4. As in all things governmental, too many laws are written and championed by special interest lobbyists rather than in the interest of the actual citizenry.
          I think if you booted the lobbyists out of DC , like Obama promised to do (ha ha) then you’d see much more sensible laws.

        5. a fellow mormon on the red pill? i never knew this was possible.
          be curious what you think of the current state of the church? i admit the red pill has made me view the modern corporate church with skepticism even if i believe in what Joseph Smith initially restored….

        6. red pill ideology is not as far from the churches teachings as you would suppose. It is obvious that feminism has done considerable damage to the traditional roles of both men and women and that we as men have to adapt. Back in my dating years, I learned that you got to care less about women to get their attention, and you got to play the field. The only real difference is I left sex out of the equasion until I married. Still, my wife wants to be objectified and for me to take charge. We have six kids, and a very good marriage.
          “the current state of the church”? I really feel bad about the decline of most Christian churches. I think it is a huge factor in why society is in the mess it is today. People let go of the solid principles and family values.
          The LDS church is one of the few that is growing. It has a strong youth program (quality activities every week) which I came into when I converted at 23. The girls were like a breath of fresh air compared to the dating world outside. Friendly, vibrant, honest, and willing to date. Leaving sex out of the equasion meant a date was no big deal for them, Girls were more open and nearly every Friday was booked with different low cost dates.

        7. i appreciate the reply….but what i was getting at and i guess it got lost in the lack of tone of voice that is typing is that it isnt that the church and the gospel isnt red pill(it very very much is), it is the fact the current church as it stands now, is very very blue pill.
          hence i would be shocked to see a mormon on the red pill parts….as mormons while we are Christian, we tend to be different than other Christians as you are well aware.
          having just moved back home aka left utah after several years….the girls there, while they are more willing to date and not have casual sex, they are otherwise nearly full blown feminist when you break it all down. perhaps a little less so than other places, but Utah is fast becoming very blue pill. singles wards there are laughably blue pill and stupid….its like middle and high school. its simply sad. i think the moment i officially couldnt take it anymore(even if i didnt completely walk out the door forever at that moment), had to be the singles activity where they did this

          yes that was a singles activity at my ward. i tried telling them it was stupid…no one believed me. another highlight was when during a talent show for the singles….the girls all suggested this man read childrens stories….and this man just happened to have a childrens book with him. at this point in time, i was still attending regularly and i was still blue pill…..but these things offended even a blue pill brainwashed idiot like myself. to the point where yes i kept attending but i left those activities immediately.
          the last remaining bits of my balls issued their veto power and compelled me to call everyone stupid there and to leave.
          between my red pill awakening, some reading, and other things…i cant really say i attend church much these days….but i do as stated believe in joseph smiths gospel he restored and i did grow up mormon and have spent a lot of time in the church.
          i think the last segment of america that will be the one that preserves the constitution or at least the ones by which it will live or die, will be the deep south redneck christians, perhaps not for their overwhelming morality or perhaps not even for having the fullness of the gospel….but simply for actually being willing to fight to death. something scriptures have shown God is more willing to back the man willing to fight to the death for His sake than anyone else. so I tend to think the current Utah mormons are not going to be the one up to the task.
          for instance a deep contrast between utah and Texas….Texas has christian stuff all over the place and bible verses in restaurants….Utah doesnt even do this. Texas wears their religion with pride Utah doesnt.
          so while i agree the modern christian church(all of them) is a big problem….i just dont see any red pill left in the current mormon church. i think we’re extremely close to the mormons completely accepting gay marriage. feminism is already there. we ignore the countless warnings about women leading. we got 25 year olds making hand turkeys and going out to watch disney movies for their friday night dates.
          and we still havent even gotten to whether or not we are obeying the gospel correctly or any church doctrine. if you still attend church regularly….i ask….how do you do it and not shoot yourself?

        8. humanity without a system of civilization is short and barbaric. We adhere to a social code in order to reap the benefits of shared progress and prosperity. Human nature is fluid and organic, but we try to shave the rough edges off it

        9. ” but we try to shave the rough edges off it”
          that is exactly as I’ve tried to explain it to others!

      2. Some of them were just brainwashed at an early age and never had any powerful experiences like we did to make us resist that..

        1. Our education system is not any help either. 12-20 years of being taught that the US is the great oppressor and cause of the worlds problems when the exact opposite is closer to the truth.

        2. we shouldn’t be spending trillions playing Globo-Cop and having wars of choice in the middle east, for profit. A lot of meddling in other countries governments if not outright bombing and toppling them does equal oppression.

      3. Why is it all liberal this, liberal that? Conservatives are pretty keen on controlling peoples lives too. They institute the drug war, perpetual military action around the globe, defend every crime or excess of large institutions that donate to them, condone and perpetuate a police state that violates peoples civil and constitutional rights. I think their end goal is to install a theocracy where everyone is forced to undergo religious indoctrination and weapons training. They certainly are not for bodily autonomy, one of the key principles of the libertarian platform. Kids can’t even sell lemonade on the street corner because they don’t have a food service permit. They can’t walk home from school alone or CPS takes them and charges their parents with abuse. Can’t let the lawn grow too tall or you get arrested. Cons view people as peasants to be ruled with an iron fist. This stems from arrogance, born of their lives of extreme privilege. Sort of a Mitt Romney mentality. Massive hypocrites that call poor people parasites when they themselves are the biggest parasites on the planet.

        1. Difference is drugs control people’s lives, and cause much more damage to society than the benefit of the buzz a person gets. Why is it you liberals are always for freedoms that are destructive to our society (drug use, homosexual behavior, easy welfare, etc…) yet are for banning things that are beneficial for society (self defense, free enterprise, self governance, etc…). Those dumb laws you cited are an effect of liberal ideology.

    3. It’s like when the politicians do a bad thing enough times, like Hillary taking money from the Saudi’s or Merkel breaking all kinds of laws to let the turd world march in it sort of in a unwritten way from the publics view changes the perspective of where the boundary between right and wrong is

    4. I’d label myself a progressive, supported Bernie Sanders. I think Clinton and Trump are both horrible. I’m particularly troubled by the rampant Hillary bots I see coming out of the woodwork everywhere, who cannot accept even legitimate criticism of her, and dismiss it all as right wing conspiracy. I used to be a democrat but this year I’m done with their shit, they’ve shown themselves to be nearly as corrupt as the republicans, unworthy of trust or votes.
      I’m happy to see you and others calling out their lies and BS. Just hope you’ll do the same when it’s the lies and BS of the right wing too.

  5. Been listening to some of Arash Dibazar’s talks in the past year and he has some very interesting philosophies and some in which are what we discuss here in ROK. Thought I’d share.

  6. Most of us aren’t friendly to liberalism because we have common sense. You can’t have a productive society when nothing is forbidden and nothing is saved.

    1. This! I might also add that retards on the left don’t seem to understand that you can’t have said society by taking from the hard working citizens and giving to the lazy..
      This is destroying our society almost as much as the degeneracy that permeates it.

      1. uninformed people parroting canards, how tiresome. I could explain to you why you’re wrong but I don’t think you’d listen or have the intellect to grasp what I tell you. Kind of amusing that you call others retards and then embody the sentiment in your own writing. Typical.

        1. Judging by the lack of actual content, except childish trolling, in your post the only parrot here is you my dear.

    2. What do you want to forbid or save? I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about. It says in the article that old school liberalism was sticking up for the common working man. What part of that do you have a problem with?

      1. The part about the common man needing to be stuck up for. He should be sticking up for himself and/or improving himself until he can do so, not relying on handouts from “old school” liberals. That’s what this entire website is about.
        Destructive behavior needs to be forbidden, as it was prior to the 1960s in the US. People need to save their money. Women need to save their virginity.
        Like I said, it’s common sense, so of course you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

        1. You’re still being vague. What destructive behavior?
          This whole fantasy that we had some American golden age decades ago is tiresome. It’s been trotted out by various people time and again, yet never holds up to scrutiny.

        2. Sure, if by “scrutiny,” you mean Padge Vounder’s ill-formed opinion. Graduate to the troll version of third grade and try again later.
          Since you seem determined to keep riding the short bus, here are a couple destructive behaviors off the top of my head: promiscuity, feminism, transgenderism.

        3. Its not a fantasy- the late 40s up until the early 70s was an amazing boom time in this country. It doesnt hold up to scrutiny? A man without a college degree could land a job with blue chip companies, have a pension, stock options, great healthcare plan, etc. Wife could stay at home, raise the kids.
          What do we have now? You need at least an associates degree for just about any job, tons of college debt(unheard of a few decades ago) no pensions, shitty healthcare, both mom and dad NEED to work just to get by, broken families…ned I say more?

  7. Liberals, and leftists in general, vote their own for taking hold of position of power, not for policies. Most liberals do not care for what she will do once being president, they care that their own will be having it, so friendly policies to their agenda may be followed.

  8. My red pilled moment came from two sources:
    1] Volunteering at the catholic mission on Skid Row in LA. All the homeless had a sob story that played upon my naive heart strings at first. Then after, a while, I noticed every single one of them have a debilitating flaw; whether it be drug addiction or a violent criminal background. In spite of all the generous welfare my home state gave to get them off the streets, they would drown the funds through a heroine needle and/or prostitutes. They were homeless because of their actions, not society.
    2] The final blow was watching Pete Schiff crush Occupy. The eerie silence that befell the protesters when he asked them “How many of you would turn down a 6 digit offer to come work for me?” told me they weren’t protesting out of benevolent socialistic principle, but out of malice that they weren’t the ones in power. The rest is history.
    Here in the West, to be born in desperation is not your fault. To die in desperation is.

    1. I don’t recall for sure but, wasn’t Occupy Wall Street a Soros funded venture?

        1. Initially I liked the idea of “rising up against our oligarch masters” and all that, it reminded me of the Boston Tea Party.
          But then…..
          I’m not sure but it turned into something else.
          Same with BLM. Yes , perhpas the possibility of systemic racism in the police should be examined.
          And again….it became some shadily-funded, multi-platformed, fuk the world, reparations…..

        2. well they had no power except their voice(OWS). I’m not sure what it could have or should have turned into. Our bought and paid for politicians didn’t give a fuck what they complained about

        3. OWS – stop crashing the world economy leading to mass job losses and loss of wealth. Make WS execs criminally liable for reckless gambling that screws over everyone else.
          I hope you’re trolling or being sarcastic and don’t actually believe what you wrote there.

    2. Fuck the homeless. Fuck working at a homeless shelter. If homeless shelters need people to work there let them get homeless people.
      Other the the bums who are so mentally ill that they really just need to be locked up in an institution the rest are just drug addicts and losers.
      I am sick of the word trying to guilt people who do things right into helping the peasants. Fuck em. Let the fight to the death for our entertainment

      1. All that happens from helping is the same issue that befalls Africa when AID is given: They reproduce in numbers that require even more aid be delegated.

        1. I really hate that there is a social responsibility for me to cow tow to the fucking peasant class. When I see a bum in the street sleeping I have no idea why I shouldn’t be able to kick him until he moves

        2. I lived in a country where they rounded up all the homeless people and locked them into a walled area on the edge of the city. No idea what happened to them in there, which I imagine was the entire point.

        3. Thats a bit harsh pal…we are in the midst of a another depression, less thatn 3% growth for 10 straight years…hasnt happened since the 1930s…

        4. Not just me then….
          Have this *double* when it is an able-bodied young man…. its like “where the fuck is your pride, dude?”

        5. Survive or die, but I’m not a fan of kicking a man, be-it physically or metaphorically, while he’s down. The worst I’ll do is ignore them, and the best I’ll do is toss them something from a convenience store.
          My father was one bad break away from being homeless, and now he’s a corporate exec.

        6. But this is precisely the point!
          A man can be born in the worst circumstances imaginable and through sheer strength of will make himself over to be the best he can be.
          Another can be born in all kinds of privilege and drag himself lower than the lowest state imaginable.
          SJW’s admire the lowest of the low and want us to somehow look up to them.
          I admire men like your father…

        7. I am not so sure that it is a depression and it a restructuring. That said, I take your point. There are good men who have got fucked by the world. Their jobs dried up and now have some shitty miserable job they have to do just to somehow feed their families. I feel bad for them. Some people do everything right and get shit on anyway. That is a tough beat.
          The fucks I’m talking about are the lazy welfare queens that keeping popping babies out. The crack heads that are sleeping on my street. Not people going through a hard time…I mean dirty filthy bums.
          If they have a legit mental illness, and some do, they should be forced into an institution. Want me to pony up tax money to keep that place running? Sure. The rest of the drug addicts and parasites should be hunted for sport

        8. Too many idiots who thought Institutions were the stuff of Victorian-set movies, and sanitariums the things you see in horror movies.

        9. I know that 2 mile by 2 mile bubble you reside in has treated you well, but there are tons of homeless camps all over the country; there was a yuuge one smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley(I think it was razed recently).
          The real UE is around 25%, more people in the 24-32 age range still live at home than they have since the 70s, when alot of people lived at home until they got married, marriage rates are down, not just bc of feminism, but bc people cannot afford to get married…pockets of wealth around the country, you dont see it…

        10. Yeah, I get that. And I can feel bad for the good people who have to go through with it. But what the fuck does it have to do with me any my responsibilities

        11. I honestly don’t remember. I do recall the special when Geraldo “exposed” institutions for psychotic degenerated and played on the sympathies of fools to basically turn them into hotels

        12. Nothing.
          I dont think you are aware of how bad its gotten out there. Maybe it there was a homeless camp on York Ave?

        13. Nothing beats his special when he opened that gangster’s vault- completely empty

        14. “Many mental hospitals closed in the 1970s and 1980s. This was due to pressure from the antipsychiatry movement, feminist criticism, ex-patient activism and political suspicion of large, unaccountable institutions. Other mental hospitals were converted to ‘short-stay’ treatment centres – a policy enabled by new psychiatric drugs. In the UK this was called ‘care in the community’.
          Many patients were left homeless. Others, especially people with profound intellectual disability or brain damage, remain institutionalised in ‘care homes’ their entire lives. Such patients and ex-patients depend on loved ones or charity to weather political and economic changes. People without such shelter are often forgotten. This distantly echoes the situation of people called ‘mad’ in the Middle Ages”

        15. they have already shown that they are in no place to make decisions for themselves. If they chose not to be in a shelter then they should be brought to prison

        16. The real UE is around 25%,

          I’d actually guess much higher. The numbers I consistently hear are in the 90+ million range for people eligible for work (iow, not counting the retired and the children and those who are institutionalized, etc). In a nation of 300 million, where a good 100 million are easily in the “can’t work/feeble/child/prisoner” category, that’s nearly a rate of 50% unemployment regarding people who can actually hold a job.

        17. Jails and prisons are the new mental institutions along with being a default homeless shelter.

        18. not a few of them are veterans with real PTSD or simply can’t adjust to civilian life

        19. Institutions are shite, and they crush the people who are in them by and large. Better than being on the street perhaps, but not by much

        20. there’s never been a time or place without people who’ve fallen by the wayside. It’s difficult to distinguish between the deserving and the undeserving poor. Most people on the street are going to end up with mental health issues regardless of whether they had them to begin with or are drug users who’ve created their own problems

        21. aid without effective government or education, or a functioning society even. If they’re going to help should be a holistic approach rather than a bandaid

        22. Become a police officer, you can do it to your hearts content. As various videos will show you.

        23. Could happen to anyone, at any time, for so many reasons. I’ve been there. I’m in a much better place now, but the experience taught me empathy. I still had pride, even when I lost my job, lost my car, lost my family.
          People I met who were homeless had talents, had skills, some even had higher education or had run successful businesses. But their issues held them back, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health issues, physical health issues.
          And there wasn’t really any effective help for them. They were one step away from getting their lives back if we just had a functional system to empower them. I’ll always advocate self-empowerment, but sometimes you need some help!

        24. Easy to stand by things on the internet son. Why don’t you go fuck your mother

        25. WOOO still with the edge! No, I was fucking your mother, right up her ass. She tried to stop me so I had to slap her around–has your mom always been so disagreeably?

      2. Can’t save people who:
        Don’t see a problem.
        Don’t want to be saved.
        Don’t have the mental capacity.
        Tragic but true. Pathological Altruism is deadly.
        Help those that ask for it and will strive to change their situation. Many people from bad situations seem to be able to lift themselves up. Many people with everything can fuck themselves to the bottom.

        1. Definitely something in the modern world needs to be reformed.. Have seen this too, too much of this misguided altruism and it is encouraging the wrong things and the wrong people

      3. Jesus. There is a middle ground between just giving handouts, and going “Modest Proposal” on them.

        1. well then get them the fuck out of the streets and put them away where they aren’t bothering people. I really have no patience for human refuse laying around the streets while I am trying to get to work

        2. The “middle ground” is charitable contributions on the local or personal level. Only when a person is able to give or not give to someone based on personal observation is it effective. I am all for helping out people, but not if they are just going to waste it.
          Case in point….I have a neighbor who is a single mom with three teenaged kids because of a divorce. She works, but still struggles juggling being a parent and bringing home the bacon. I will help out whenever they need repairs done, and I will spend quite some time being a dad for those boys (teaching them how to weld, build, or take them out shooting, etc..) Other losers I have came across in my life, I may have helped out once or twice, but when I see them blow the contributions I have given them, I will cut them off.

        3. I gotta say, this is not the first time you’ve evoked this guy in my head…..
          But still, did he have to fuk up the dog? That aint right.

        4. Homeless dogs are a problem. People have compared me to this character (jokingly) since the movie came out. That culture, music, scene, lifestyle is pretty much what I have been involved with my whole life from the moment I was able to afford it. That said, my near obsessiveness with skin care doesn’t hurt either.

        5. To each their own. Just please don’t start (or continue) killing people!
          And I can forgive a dog for being a dog.

        6. I find it interesting how the further away you are from the recipients of your donation, the more “entitled” they feel they are. You give a gift to someone you know, they are typically grateful and try to pay you back, if you give through a local church, they are appreciative but will not try to pay back, on the national level through taxes, they feel entitled, show no graciousness, and are all about how they can screw the system.

        7. I will never do anything that will place me in jail. That is simply not a risk I will take

        8. Herein lies the difference between charity as understood by a conservative versus charity as understood by a socialist. The former requires a real relationship with the recipient (a genuine love of neighbour) together with personal sacrifice. Charity as understood by a socialist is sentiment and emotion. A feeling of virtue that requires nothing of self (“charitable giving” extracted from the property of others) directed to the nameless and faceless downtrodden “masses” (with the individual an object of scorn and contempt).

        9. you do care. You probably volunteering at some NY soup kitchen right now, but just don’t like to admit it

        10. HA! I wish I could get every single person I have ever known in my entire life in one room and tell them someone just said that about me. The laughed would cause an earthquake that would end the world….saving us having to go through this election and being a hilarious way for neither the Cubs or the Steamers to win the world series.

        11. yes, underneath that there is a sensitive and loving man. Underneath that there is public parking.

        12. there is a sensitive and loving man giving you a piggy back in a public car park? Couldn’t you reach the soup toureen?

        13. Man you have a grudge against them.. Aggressive and entitled beggars are worse especially the ones that hang out next to the cash machines..

        14. At the end of the day guilliani was right. Get rid of the bums and the graffiti and the street walkers and dope dealers and all the “quality of life” crimes and everything gets better…the economy, major crime, quality of life…it all stems from getting rid of the bums

        15. Think you once said you live in New York? Can maybe see where you’re coming from, just with the lurking underclass in France and also gypsies who are often camping in fields and the general homeless who are sleeping on several lined up mattresses under bridges. Where I live in Germany there is one homeless man who has set up camp on a bench I walk past, that’s not too much of a problem, but when they have like ten mattresses under a bridge it becomes an eyesore and it’s like the government policy is almost encouraging it.

        16. Exactly. And the bums are usually using drugs. Many of them are mentally unhinged. The chain starts with bums.

        17. Hell no, I am happily married. Plus she is about a 3 on the looks scale. But, she is nice and appreciative. Would you consider it White Knighting to help out your mom?

        18. Ok. Youre just being neighborly then.
          She aint your mom is she?

          Congrats on being married. Hope all is well.

        19. Thanks….. I think the definition of White Knighting is to do favors for a girl in the hopes of having some romantic relationship. That is not the case here, just helping out to be neighborly. Same way I will open the door for a little old grandma, but not for anyone I remotely find attractive.

        1. That film is a personal favorite.. Have been thinking for some reason a fair bit lately about the third part when Alex revisits the artist’s house

      4. There are some veterans that ended up being homeless. If we don’t care of them, who will?
        You think foreigners who come to America will care for US homeless population?
        the government encourages extreme individualism mentality and we as citizens need to start helping each other (help to certain degree of course).

        1. This government, despite what people say, does not encourage extreme individualism…not even a little. Our government insists on absolute collectivism hidden behind a guise of pretentious bullshit “i identify as a gay redwood tree” individualism meant to hide the fact that they are living a group collective.
          Yes, there are some veterans that will end up being homeless. There are some not veterans too. If those people are able bodied and end up being homeless then I have no sympathy. If those people have been wounded or are somehow unfit to rejoin society then sure, there should be a shelter for them. Never let this modern cultures insistence that you can identify as an aardvark and everyone should just accept it be confused with extreme individualism. It is the heart of simp, weak ass collectivity.
          Some people will fall through the cracks. Some people always do. But if each man takes care of himself and doesn’t leech off the whole there will be a rise in quality across the board and that will work out best for everyone.

        2. The problem is you’re blaming individuals for systemic problems caused by the biggest leech of them all – the US government. Takes in trillions of dollars, from us, and blows it on whatever it pleases. But very little is spent on the people who pay into the system through taxes. We deserve a better return on investment. Our money pooled together can do great things, has done great things in the past, with the right priorities.
          We could have a system that cared about people and provided the best start to life for all, so that everyone could be empowered and achieve their best. But there is a pernicious belief on the right that giving people food or shelter or a quality education or access to healthcare removes their desire to try hard or do well in life. In a perfect world everyone would just grab their bootstraps and haul themselves up into an ideal life. But it’s not that simple

        3. Yes we could have a system like that….in head it works well in the magical kingdom of fairy tale land

        4. you’re so cynical and bitter. You can’t even imagine a better world, or just don’t want to

        5. I’m not cynical and bitter at all. In fact I’m very optimistic and think that the worldnisnlrettt great as it is. If you want to sit around and dream about fairy land your are welcome to it. I’ll just be over here enjoying the real world

        6. I enjoy the real world too. You can do both. Have vision and imagination for a better world while being firmly planted in the one we currently have. If nobody ‘dreamed’ about better things you wouldn’t have all the nice things in your life you currently do. Inventors, creators, writers, artists, mechanics, engineers, architects, so on and so forth. Our reality in present times would look like fairy land to someone in past decades or centuries. Thank goodness some of them had vision and didn’t listen to people like you. As they say in the military, lead, follow, or get out of the way.

        7. Well, your pithy military quote and starry eyed optimism aside, as we say in kneeland…make your own destiny, you get no excuses and if you fail well, tough shit.

      5. are you in such a perfect position with your whole life that you’ve never needed help and never will? And if you were, and weren’t able to solve the problems yourself, should you commit suicide? Would your pride prevent you from asking, and you’d take death before your notion of dishonor?

      6. Totally this!
        Looking at some heroin junkies get their methadone the other day it became clear to me what needs to be done:
        Massacre them all and incinerate their bodies.
        There were two guys and a woman in their 30’s they will not ever be productive members of society. They are a drain on perfectly good resources and a blight on our downtown which is starting to come to alive again after 20 years of decline.
        If we simply took them out into the countryside, executed them then incinerated their bodies and gave them christian funerals before burial we’d be doing them and society a favor…
        If we put stray dogs down then why not heroin junkies???

    3. 1) That right there is why the welfare system will always fail and exacerbate the problem. Making people comfortable in their poverty will only allow them to stay in poverty.

      1. If you’d ever been in poverty you’d realize it’s anything but comfortable, regardless of what drop in the bucket government programs you qualify for.
        Welfare state… no no no. As George Carlin astutely said, the upper class is there to hoard and manage the wealth, and give the middle class something to look up to and aspire to. The middle class is for the people who actually produce things and do the work. The poor are there to scare the middle class.
        It’s all working as intended. Poverty could be eliminated, there’s plenty of money in the world and things we could have people do for it. The fatcats and slimebags in DC could wave their pens tomorrow and have a 50 states job program set up and everyone back to work. If they wanted to.
        By having this ‘welfare state’ our governments two parties can pretend to fight about it. The left has a noble cause for their hearts to bleed about, and the right has an easy target to hate and demonize. Keeps voters busy and all of us divided arguing about the merits or lack thereof of safety net programs instead of the bigger issues. When you control the focus you can get away with murder.
        Faulting the individuals for systemic poverty instead of the system itself is not seeing the forest for all the trees. Also a right wing canard that’s existed as long as the right wing itself.

    4. True story. Last month my 13 year old daughter told me she was volunteering for a breakfast program for disadvantaged youth that her school was participating in. I was fine with it. I really don’t want to harden her with my cynicism and world weariness. I really believe it’s important for her to not lose the sense of compassion, generosity and gentleness that she got from her mother. Moreover, I still believe there are people in genuine need that can be helped by charity from strangers.
      So I dropped her off at school at 6am and together with two teacher volunteers and a number of classmates they loaded up in a van that took them to a community centre in our inner city.
      That evening as we sat down for dinner I asked her how it went hoping that it made her aware of all our family’s blessings and the importance of Christian charity. She said, “It was ok but I don’t understand how these kids are so poor that they can’t afford breakfast but are wearing $200 running shoes that you say we can’t afford”.
      I struggled to respond to that. So many red pill truths fly in the face of our better natures don’t they?

      1. Interestingly, those shoe companies often have batches that were produced with a flaw and they don’t want to damage their brand name selling them like that. So they end up giving them away to charity, who gives them to poor people.
        That’s pretty typical experience. Middle class person sees poor person having something nice and assumes they aren’t really poor, just faking it and abusing the system. They don’t know the story behind it.
        They may have bought it for themselves before they lost their job, or a relative got it for them as a birthday/Xmas gift.
        Do you lack imagination or just want to assume the absolute worst about everyone?

    5. I think you’d be more at home with Faux or Breitbart. The whole point of the article is that it’s a place for moderates and true liberalism, not some alt-right extremist bullshit like you’re peddling.
      Do you know about the drug war, how it started, how it perpetuates mass drug abuse, how various industries and government systems such as law enforcement and even the MIC profit off of it? How keeping various drugs schedule 1 keeps effective cures and treatments illegal so big pharma can profit more?
      Do you know what it’s like to be homeless, how when you seek help for various issues there generally is none, and not everyone is capable of pulling themselves up by their boot straps? How it would cost less to retrain and empower people instead of leaving them to rot on the streets with a pittance of safety net program money perpetuating their misery?
      Do you know why occupy protesters were even protesting in the first place? “malice that they weren’t in power” – I’m trying to think of a time I read a more clueless statement. Maybe you were in a coma from 2007 to 2009. There was this huge economic crash wall street caused with it’s reckless gambling that took an already crappy economy and job market and smashed it into pieces. It still hasn’t recovered from that shock.
      Here on the internet, being born ignorant is not your fault, but to remain so at this stage in your life with abundant information readily available is tragic.
      I don’t think you took a red pill, I think you took a laxative. Go blow it out your ass and come back when you’re less full of shit.

      1. Yawn. I can see why a Bernie fan such as yourself would be triggered. We’ll ignore the fact I crushed Fox News on live air at Occupy LA, or had a heavy hand in starting Occupy OC.

  9. Whoever organized Occupy Wall Street apparently didn’t understand male psychology. Get a bunch of guys in their 20’s and 30’s together who announce to the world that they’re losers, and then they act shocked to discover that men with better organized lives would mock and humiliate them. Many women also joined in the mockery.
    Young men hate that.

    1. Not everyone wants to be a criminal scam artist that takes part in crashing the global economy.
      The mafia had well organized lives too.

  10. There is only one issue that truly matters: stopping the destruction of the biosphere. If the biosphere collapses, you won’t have any other issues to be right or wrong about, because there won’t be a you.
    The left has consistently led the charge to halt the destruction, and the right has consistently dismissed every warning and pressed ahead with eliminating, piece by piece, the foundation of all Life.
    When two children are fighting, and you don’t know which one started it, if one of them tries to end the argument by burning down the house they’re arguing in, you can be pretty sure which one has the demon inside.
    If the Right wants any legitimacy, it has GOT to start respecting the Planet it lives on. Until it recognizes the paramount importance of having a functioning biosphere, and the profound folly of hacking away at the very foundation of Life, it doesn’t deserve any political power, and will justifiably continue to wander in the wilderness of obscurity.
    You can disagree about taxes, abortion, geopolitical strategy, school vouchers, and whatever else you want, and that’s fine. Disagreement can be healthy. But you cannot disagree on the necessity of stopping (and reversing!) the elimination and degradation of the biosphere. That is not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of sanity versus profoundly dangerous mental illness.
    The Earth is not a resource. It’s our home. As long as the Left recognizes this and the Right charges ahead blindly toward global ecosystem collapse, the Left will remain the sole holder of governing legitimacy, no matter how degenerate it becomes in society and sexuality, because there will be no society or sexuality without a functioning biosphere.

      1. I’ve read a lot of your posts, Jeff, and you seem like a thoughtful and insightful person, most of the time. So why don’t you try making an actual argument here, using logic? Instead of telling me “kool aid”, how about identifying a specific flaw in my reasoning? How about making an attempt to refute one or more of my actual arguments? That’s how rational discussions work.
        Go ahead. Tell me which thing I said is incorrect, and why.

        1. despite the inviting tone of the main article, this site seems to be a cesspit of alt right extremists.
          I’m in full agreement with you, we’ve only got one Earth and polluting the hell out of it is stupid. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can agree with that

        2. Ghost of Jefferson is acting like an SJW.
          Calls me a koolaid drinker, says I’m wrong, doesn’t specify a single point I’m wrong ABOUT, doesn’t even attempt a rebuttal of anything I actually said…
          Typical behavior on Tumblr/Jezebel.
          Nice going Jefferson.

    1. Which argument seems more logical ?
      1) conservatives hate the environment and want to destroy it
      2) socialists are using environmentalism as a venue to advance their agenda

        1. Everywhere I look, over-regulation is causing corporations to move overseas where environmental regulation is next to none. National Forests are being locked out, forcing logs to come from Brazil or Canada. Mining is moved to China or elsewhere. Not only is this gross dichotomy ruining our economy, it is worse on the environment overall as jobs are moved overseas. Myself and other conservatives are all for protecting the environment, but not with draconian regulations that price us out of the world market.

        2. That there is an argument for planetary governance. If China and Brazil have the same regulations as the USA, then the operations won’t move overseas. Most economic activity will go back to being local again.

        3. planetary governance is a joke. Right now actual genocide is occuring in several locations, do you think those countries would adhere to some carbon footprint rules? The only nations that would adhere to “worldwide” environmental law are the ones who adhere to the Geneva Convention, further weakening their influence.

        4. Planetary governance is the next stage of civilization’s evolution. It’s inevitable. The only question is whether it’ll be run by a cabal of blood-drinking bankers or by We the People. I’m rooting for the latter. And I think that if we fail to set it up ourselves, the vacuum will be what allows the cabal to step in. We should set it up before they have a chance to.
          Just because some countries are too barbaric to see the light doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shine it. That’s a quitter’s attitude.

        5. Maybe you want to move to China where they can’t even go outside some days due to the pollution from the smog. Where they dump toxic waste out of trucks into farmers fields or rivers. The environmental devastation of that country has been documented, and the pictures and accounts of people poisoned by it would make you sick. If it takes ‘draconian regulations’ to prevent that from happening over here, then so be it.

        6. We can’t even have a decent, non corrupt government in one country. Setting up further centralized power to control the world seems like a dangerous proposition. I like to dream of idealistic notions, of utopia too, but knowing human nature as well as I do, it’s very hard to envision further concentration of power working out well.

        7. It will work if, and only if, it’s based on Natural Law.
          Think about it: the Planet…
          …governed AS a Planet…
          …based on the intrinsic law of said Planet.
          Nothing could be more logical than that.
          Here’s a primer on the planet’s law:

        8. There is a happy medium. Environmental regulation is fine, but there is a point of diminishing returns.

      1. I didn’t say conservatives hate the biosphere. I said it looks like they simply don’t care about it. I’ve been paying attention to politics since about 1996, and I know what I’ve watched. Every person who cared about ecology and spoke out in defense identified with the Left. All I’ve ever heard from the Right is either A. silence, B. ridicule (“green weenies”, etc., or C. tokenism (e.g. “yea we should protect our environment”… but what are we gonna do about it? Nothing.)
        I don’t doubt that some elites want to hijack the process for their own gain. That’s what elites do. But just because an airplane can be hijacked, doesn’t make the whole idea of aviation bad.
        How about you tell me what your plan is for halting and reversing the destruction of the biosphere? What should the USA do about this?
        I’m listening.

        1. “I’m listening”………..The hell you are.
          At what point is environmental regulation enough for you people? Limit energy production to the point that we are in poverty? Look at Africa, people don’t care about the environment, they care about feeding themselves.
          Since you only paid attention to politics since 1996, let me fill you in. Nixon (a Republican) created the EPA. By 1985, liberals have expanded that institution way past what was prudent, to a point that business is driven overseas. Since about then, conservatives have pulled back, saying that we have too much regulation. Liberals have continued to push ahead, to the demise of our economy and personal freedom. It has gotten to the point that we are questioning your motives.
          “Halting and reversing the destruction of the biosphere” There are more trees, wildlife and less water and air pollution than in 1960. Ghost of Jefferson is right with his Kool-Aid comment.

        2. Everywhere you look, ecosystems are being pushed to collapse. Some are already collapsing.
          Every heard of the Great Barrier Reef? It’s effectively gone. 90% of it is dead. Another year or two, and the remaining 10% will be bleached as well. The reef is done. An entire ecosystem has died.
          If that can happen in the sea, you’d have to be a fool to think it can’t happen to terrestrial ecosystems as well. And it is. Billions of trees are dying from blights, which spread out of control due to the elimination of their predator organisms (i.e. ecological breakdown). The rest are falling to the chainsaw. Living soil is being converted into dead pavement at breakneck speed all over the planet. Species are going extinct faster than the end of the dinosaurs.
          You know which forests are shrinking? All of them.
          You know which deserts are expanding? All of them.
          It is a mathematical fact that you cannot subtract indefinitely from a finite quantity. The mass of the biosphere is finite, and so is its resiliency.
          Imagine if you subtracted millions of cells from your body every day. And you replaced them with concrete, preventing any new cells from regrowing to replace them. Eventually, you’d run out of cells, and you’d die.
          But here’s the kicker: You’d die WAY before you reached zero cells. You wouldn’t have to get anywhere near zero. Because your body is a dynamic system, and there is only so much injury it can absorb before the destruction starts cascading upon itself, in a positive feedback loop. When the system falls apart, it does so very quickly, and long before you’d expect it to, solely from linear subtraction of its cells.
          What our civilization is doing to the biosphere is so reckless, the word “insanity” doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. This society has a deep, deep malady at the spiritual level. It is eating this planet alive, consuming its own foundation.
          Thankfully, the alternative is not poverty. The alternative is WISDOM. The systems for living simultaneously in prosperity and in balance with nature have already been designed. They are collectively referred to as “permaculture.” Google it.

        3. we should be embracing green energy alternatives and moving away from fossil fuels. But conservative politicians get donations from energy companies and collude with them to write laws making green energy more costly. It’s happening in states all around the country. They won’t let their buddies take the financial hit, even if it would make the world a better place. This is why they’re called regressives. They block progress for greed.
          I always hear that ‘too much regulation’ canard but I never hear one specific regulation mentioned. It’s an empty, dead end talking point.

        4. Well said. This is way beyond the mental capacity or processing power of the alt right crowd. They just know how to repeat their talking points. They’re too old and stubborn to learn or change. That’s why they vote republican.

        5. Spoken like someone who’s never owned a business. Listing a few of the regulations would result in a wall of text that’s longer than this comment thread.

        6. Can’t even name one, I see. I didn’t say write the whole thing out. Which regulation? And why is it so bad? You can’t summarize in a couple sentences? For an issue you seem to be so passionate about, I’d think you’d know more about it and be eager to make a substantial point instead of blowing smoke.

        7. Why would I be eager to make a point to someone who isn’t mentally astute enough to arrive at it on their own? Lol.
          But sure I’ll name one regulation. It’s called Obamacare. It mandated that I lay off three employees and drop another one to part time because they weren’t generating enough business to justify paying the absurd cost of their healthcare. So the net effect of Obamacare on one of my small businesses was lost productivity. And the net effect of it on those four individuals was unemployment in three cases and drastically reduced wages in one case.
          Again, common sense for anyone who has ever owned a business, created jobs for others, or done anything other than be a shitty leftist troll.

        8. Wow, so hostile. Tsk tsk. Anyone who has a differing opinion is a shitty troll huh? It’s a shame you’re such an angry, bitter person. Says more about you than it does the people you make childish attacks against.
          I do sympathize with small business owners who legitimately cannot shoulder the added costs. Think there should have been a subsidy involved.
          At the same time, looking at the big picture, the Affordable Care Act cleaned up a lot of health insurance industry abuses, improved standards of coverage, made it so they couldn’t scam people. It was a half-measure, and should have been single payer instead, but the lobbyists refused to allow that.
          Common sense might involve learning to grow your business so you don’t have to be poor and whiny. Other people grew their businesses into huge successes with a lot more hurdles to overcome, why can’t you? You just want to think small and complain about the man keeping you down. I thought conservatives were all about “personal responsibility” and not blaming others for their failures?

        9. How many projections and suppositions can you have in a single post, lol. Typical leftard.

        10. Green Energy doesnt scale- you need more coal, oil, gas, you extract it from the ground. You cant make it sunnier or windier, and the wind typically dies down at night, so no wind or solar to be harnessed. Best estimate Ive seen for green as part of the energy mix is 25%- where will there rest of our energy needs come from? The world runs on oil, not green energy pipedreams

        11. You consider that non-word an insult? What a joke. You want to brag about your business, then admit you’re a failure at it and can’t even make enough money to pay your workers. But it’s all the governments fault and none of yours. Way to take personal responsibility “right-tard” since that sort of talk passes for insults around here.
          Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and accept help from no one.

    2. This is known as the tragedy of the commons, it’s well studied behavioural psychology.. Once you grasp the basics behind how people behave, you will see that right ideological thinking is actually the best solution to the tragedy of the commons when it comes to the environment.
      The short answer is that private property ownership rights over land provides the best possible outcome. A large area of undeveloped land owned by a hunting association for example will ensure the conservation of both the land and animals within that parcel of land. Hunters like to hunt, but they are equally motivated to ensure that the animal populations within the reserve are maintained, otherwise they don’t have anything left to hunt within a period of time. Quotas and restrictions are willingly followed by those who hunt there because it’s in their best interest to do so..
      Now consider government sanctioned nature reserves, poaching and general disregard for the area is more common than not. It requires an ever increasing sum of enforcement, which consumes an ever increasing sum of resources. You can apply this same model to any form of natural environment, there’s always a suitable private owner who act in the area’s best interest.
      As Jim Johnson accurately points out, the left have no interest in conservation at all. Canada’s current Prime Minister and his band of merry SJW’s are full throttle on allowing projects and trade deals that are very bad when it comes to environmental conservation. Where’s the outrage? There isn’t any, because the hard left back this muppet and his government, because they ‘feel’ that he has leftist values. You have been conned!
      The environment is little more than a tool used to garner grass roots support for the upper level leftist movement. I have to laugh at the eco-warriors who blindly vote in leftist governments on the assumption that they have environmental interests, it couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t believe me, then simply follow the flow of money! Why would investment firms and mining companies back ‘leftist’ political parties if it weren’t in their best interest to do so?

      1. I know the “tragedy of the commons” theory. I understand it, but I see very little evidence of its validity – at least on a macro scale
        Most mountaintop removal is done on private land. Most strip mining. Most logging. The entire Appalachian range was clearcut at the turn of the century. Every last tree, except for a few tiny pockets on 70 degree slopes too steep to get equipment up. Can you imagine that? Every last tree.
        And that was mostly on privately owned land.
        Fracking occurs on private land. Although the earthquakes and water contamination are entirely public.
        Your theory is valid only at the small-scale level, when people actually DWELL on/in the land in question. Of course people don’t want to poison their own backyards.
        But when you’ve got a magnate owning large tracts of land, what does he care? He doesn’t live there. He doesn’t give a damn. Your theory goes out the window.
        Also, your hunting example is an example of government. The hunting group is governing the land.
        But you are right about one thing though: Democratic Party hacks dont care about any of this nearly as much as they say they do. But still far more than the other party, which seems to have settled on the conclusion that the very concept of an “ecosystem” was invented by Soros.

  11. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any federal politician much farther than I can throw them: Trump or not.

  12. Have any of you guys seen the descendant son of Teddy Roosevelt? Not bad but it’s just quite shocking.
    Google Theodore Roosevelt V

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