Pride Parades Are A Pathetic And Detrimental Attempt At Promoting Gay Rights

Historically, marches have served as a means for oppressed people to get their voices heard. For example, the marches Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers engaged in lead to drastic changes in civil rights.

Gay Pride parades take a different approach. It is not people walking throughout the city, dressed in pressed pants and dresses, marching silently side by side in solidarity. Rather, it is comprised of people wearing revealing clothes (if any at all), dancing, yelling, and engaging in utter debauchery.

In fact, if you or I did what many people do during gay pride parades we’d probably be sent to jail and registered as a sex offender. Yet, the gay community wonders why their culture is still not completely accepted by society.

Gay Pride: Coming To A City Near You

pride 3

We’re tired of being oppressed!

An ironic aspect of Pride events is that they take place in the most docile and “progressive” enclaves in a city. The DC Pride event took place in Dupont Circle—an affluent neighborhood in Northwest DC known for its large gay community.

If the goal of this group is to create awareness and tolerance in the community at large, then why do they choose the locations that are already accepting of gays? Wouldn’t it make sense to host these events in parts of DC where people in the LGBT community have been stabbed and murdered?

Logically, yes. But these events are not governed by logic, but rather by excess and pleasure. They want to choose the trendy spots with all the best bars and restaurants. A place where people can congregate, drink, smoke, and party without having to deal with the realities gay and trans people actually face just a few miles down the road.

Gay people do have it tough around the world, however. ISIS, which is building its caliphate as we speak, is throwing gays off rooftops and beheading them. The LGBT community’s collective response?

“More Jello shots!”

Okay, that’s not completely fair. The LGBT community is busy bugging the Pentagon to change its policies—just not towards ISIS. Rather, they are lecturing the US government on how they can promote gays in the military.

I'm sure Russia and China are shaking in their boots...

I’m sure Russia and China are shaking in their boots…

They Ignore The Real Issues

Another fact check for the yuppy, white LGBT crowds is that the majority of gay and trans people who genuinely do suffer (and not from micro-aggressions) in America are mostly minority. If you look at the list of those who suffered significant beatings or murders because of their sexual identity, they are disproportionately black and Hispanic—the same goes for the perpetrators of these crimes.

But that’s an inconvenient truth for most white liberals, who prefer to reside in wealthy, gentrified neighborhoods and not mingle with people who can’t buy designer jeans and afford $50 brunches. In fact, gay pride parades are virtually exclusive to white people. Gay white men complain about suffering from prejudice, yet gay black men are marginalized at these events—so much for discrimination.

Just as liberals have let homicides skyrocket and cities burn at the expense of promoting their delusional ideologies, they will continue to let fellow gay minorities and trans people suffer.

The Efficacy Of Pride Parades

In whatever events and activities you engage in, you should always be monitoring the results. When it comes to Pride parades they need to ask: Are they accomplishing their goals?

The answer is a resounding no.

pride 1

Why would any culture embrace this?

What sane society would tolerate people prancing through the streets in their underwear performing mock BDSM acts in broad daylight?

None, but if you remotely question their behavior like I am, you are immediately labeled a homophobe. That is why the gay-lobby in America has to be ruthless in shoving their agenda down the throats of Americans.

They have gone so far as to drive a small pizza shop out of business for saying they would not supply pizza to an imaginary gay wedding (and who the hell orders pizza for a wedding?).

If gays really wanted to assimilate into societies around the world, they wouldn’t have pride parades, or at least they would be exponentially more civil about it.

The only reason gay people garner attention is because they choose to embrace their own “culture,” which consists of engaging in socially deviant behavior. But to hell with social norms, right? That’s just a product of white patriarchy trying to keep people down. Social norms have never accomplished anything, or so the refrain goes.

We know that multiculturalism doesn’t work, and has been an abysmal failure in every country it has been promoted. So why do we continue to promote LGBT culture, one that is in stark contrast to the Judeo-Christian culture upon which American and Western civilization has been built?

The Future Of Gay Pride And Activism

Any culture that goes out of its way to promulgate excessive sexuality and hedonism in any form (including heterosexuality), is setting itself up for disaster. Nonetheless, pride parades will continue to grow.

These events are going more mainstream every year. They now have corporate sponsors like Marriott vying to show how much they love the LGBT community. In reality, these companies are just trying to make a quick buck off wealthy gays. They’re also being touted as “family events.”

Many LGBT rights groups have failed to show maturity and respect towards existing cultures. Instead, they adopt the “We’re here. We’re queer. Get Used to it!” mentality.

I, for one, will not get used to it. I will not sit idly by and say that such debauchery should be accepted, let alone encouraged in our society. And nor should gay people themselves.

Most cultural events feature music, dance, history and more featuring the best aspects of their culture, but gay cultural events feature irresponsible and deviant behavior. It is the duty of gays to make the changes they want to see. The LGBT community should come together to put an end to these parades, which only tarnish their reputation.

Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. Politicians, professors, college students, Tumblr “bloggers” and crew will continue to cheer such nonsense on, enabling them to continue their self-destructive behavior.

Someone has to put their foot down. The question is, who will and when?

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374 thoughts on “Pride Parades Are A Pathetic And Detrimental Attempt At Promoting Gay Rights”

  1. Dealing with real issues means you have to care about others. You have to realize there’s a bigger world out there than you. How can we expect men who suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome” to do these things? That’s really what West has devolved into: the most important person in the world is me!

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    2. It’s devolved into: I’m the most represses so I want special benifets for being a victim. The West is going from celebrating achievement to celebrating victimhood.

  2. Of course pride in itself is very interesting:
    Pride generally comes from having accomplished something, while pride without accomplishment or an “inordinate amount of self-esteem” is better known as conceit.
    Pride comes before a fall, and one of the seven deadly sins is pride.
    Conversely the thing that the proud demonstrators in the civil rights movement also had that went hand-in-hand with their marches was: humility. They were humble and only asked for equal rights not special privilege.
    No surprise that gay activists desire to be a “privileged class”
    considering who they mostly are and no shock that a culture screaming “we’re all all right” and “nothing is your fault/responsibility” would breed those who assume rather than earn pride.

    1. “Conversely the thing that the proud demonstrators in the civil rights
      movement also had that went hand-in-hand with their marches was:
      humility. They were humble and only asked for equal rights not special
      “No surprise that gay activists desire to be a ‘privileged class’ ”
      If you don’t deserve “equal rights” then you’re demanding “special rights.”
      1. Women aren’t equal to men.
      2. Men aren’t equal among themselves.
      The state can only serve the best interests of one race, one religion, and one sex. The state that tries to be everything to everyone will be nothing to everybody and is going to collapse, be carved up by other nations, and/or broken up into smaller states with new boundaries that closer reflect demographics.
      Not the way I want it to be, just the way that it is, always has been, and always will be.

      1. That’s why the state needs to get the fuck out of people’s affairs and let people’s own self interest dictate what the hell they are going to do for themselves. That philosophy should extend to all facets of a man’s life.

      1. Its at least partly deliberate, as a way of overthrowing the old order. ‘Transgressive’ sexuality has been embraced by marxism, feminism, and various alternative ‘spiritualities’ as a means of revolt against traditional morality. Not all gays want this by any means, but for those that do It is a specifically an anti-nomian strategy, one designed to invert value.

  3. I think gay pride marches are ridiculous, I’ve known some gay guys who are good guys and don’t really care if someone is gay but I hate having it shoved in my face. These types of marches where they go around with guys twerking and have giant inflatable cocks or whatever just piss me off instead of wanting me to suddenly be happy that someone is gay. They are counter productive in my view.

    1. That is the difference between you and your friends: They love having it shoved in their face

    2. It’s nothing but attention whoring (like women). They are crying as if they are still victims and nothing has changed over the last 3 decades. It’s bullshit…and I call them on it every chance I get.

      1. It is attention whoring and little more, if they were so oppressed they wouldn’t even be allowed to march and do those antics.

    3. It’s a party. It’s ludicrous, over the top, and deeply ironic. The overwhelming majority of those involved put on their work clothes the following Monday, just as the people from the St Patrick’s parade ditch the shamrocks and green jumpers.

        1. What “lifestyle choice”? Wearing angel wings and glitter with your shirt off once a year? As opposed to hammering your liver with Guinness while wearing a green top hat?

        2. Getting drunk and pretending you’re Irish for one while sill is different from being gay. I could care less if someone is gay but having a parade with, dildos, inflatable cocks, guys kissing and twerking just makes me sick. People should keep their sexual proclivities behind closed doors instead of ribbing it in everyone’s face.

        3. Whether you’re gay is not related to whether you go on the parade. Just as whether you have Irish heritage or not is not related to whether you march in the St Patrick’s day parade. You can be gay and not march, you can be bisexual or straight and march (lots do, particularly if they have family members who are gay).
          And I find it interesting you lump two men kissing in to the same bracket. Do you object to straight couples kissing in public and, ahem, rubbing iit in your face?

        4. Once again I don’t care if someone is gay or if someone wants to support gay people. But I don’t like having a parade showing it in my face that they want to engage in male in male sex. If they had a straight parade or a Bondage where people go around with sexualized objects and were stimulating sex acts I’d think that’s just as stupid. Gay rights parades don’t change people’s views on gay people, it’s just attention whoring.

        5. Parades by definition are “attention whoring”. You’re essentially objecting to parades. That you personally find guys in speedos less interesting than giant leprechauns, or chinese dragons, or marching bands isn’t really an argument.
          A bunch of people with a shared experience have a party. It’s not your thing. You are mildly inconvenienced for one afternoon a year. Seems a pretty minor thing to get worked up about.

  4. The author seems to be naïve on the nature of homosexuals and trannys. He wants to believe that they want and/or can end their deviants behaviors, when in fact these people are mentally ill. Throughout all of history every single civilization considered them mentally ill (or flat out evil) and repressed them. They did this because they knew you can’t just causally let homosexuals practice openly or else they will push for what they want.
    Homosexuality was rarely tolerated because it is by it’s very nature an expansive, promiscuous behavior and ideology. This is why we need to restore the anti-sodomy laws. I don’t think we should prosecute each case but merely prosecute enough to get the message across that these behaviors will not be tolerated.

    1. You seem awfully sure of that. Have you read about ancient Greek history? Spartans?
      I’ve found the more someone decries something the more they are secretly interested in it. Are you hiding something fellow Buckeye?
      I’m kidding. Nothing but love for ya.
      No homo.

  5. Here “pride” equals: I demand your affirmation and acceptance. Further, if you do not accede to my demands you are a bigot.

  6. Recently, our state’s largest public university posted a job for its “pride center,” which supports the university’s LGBTQIIA community. (Not sure what that stands for, entirely. Basically anyone who’s sexually deviant, I suppose.) The pay was decent, and full benefits were included. It’s incredible that our tax dollars are being used to promote the queers’ lifestyle.

    1. I’ll add that the job called for a master’s degree in college student services, women’s studies, or gender studies. As we all know, these are fake degrees that have no application outside of higher education’s inbreeding processes.

  7. Thanks to a recent article on ROK I’ve been armed to the teeth with facts explaining why gays are degenerates and their relationships not equal. Higher adultery rates, skyrocketing and just plain astounding amounts of sexual partners, high disease rates, and typically homosexuality is related to a lack of father figure for male gays. So if there is a psychological cause for this affliction, not only can it be helped, but that makes it a clinical disease, and/or sickness. So no fucking way in hell will gay relationships ever be equal to heterosexual ones. Just remember, heterosexuality is the future of mankind, homosexuality is just a hobby.

    1. The marches just remind me of attention whoring that women do all of the time. These parades started back in the late 70s and early 80s (they had shock value back when). Today, it’s nothing more than “hey, we’re still here”. Fine…so are regular couples but you don’t see them strutting down the street half naked still crying the old “life is not fair” bullshit.
      Gay rights just as women’s right have come a long way over the last decades. The victim card bullshit is just that…bullshit. These parades need to stop and these people need to stop acting like its movement is the equivalent to the civil rights movement. Change does happen and is happening but the behavior is still the same (like there has been no progression whatsoever). You need to call them on their bullshit (just like women) whenever you see it happening.

    2. Sex for gregarious primates is about social bonding as much as direct reproduction. And considering the dearth of sperm donors in many Western countries, any gay man who particularly wants a genetic legacy can do so.

  8. Well every time I see or hear about a gay pride event I can’t help but feel an enormous sense of relief that I am not part of it. There is also no way that I’d ever take children to a gay pride event, the sexual aspect to them is overt and in your face. I can understand why the Russians made a law to stop homosexual propaganda, they must look at what’s happening here and think, thanks but not thanks.

    1. The funny thing about what the Russians did was ban pride parades and teaching homosexuality to children.
      And the Left and elites in Europe lost their shit over that. Apparently they’re all pro-pedophilia.

      1. The Russians basically say that you can be gay, we won’t imprison you but we’re not gonna promote this as some kind of healthy alternative nor are we going to let you run amok in the streets.

        1. The Russians are pretty on the ball. They don’t kill gays but recognize it as a sexual fetish that adults should keep it in the secrecy of their homes. Perfectly what a nation should be like.

      2. I mean let’s teach children about BDSM and other adult fetishes. They’re all desires we should normalize too right as long as we’re not hurting anyone right?
        Let’s give sex ed to kindergartens as well. They need to know what sex is before knowing what homosexuality is right?

    2. Former fuck buddy recently posted a picture of her 6 year old daughter, dressed in a corporate sponsor t-shirt, on their way to the pride parade. The comments went on about how awesome she was for taking her daughter. I wondered Why you would ever willingly expose your child to that.
      You guys are right… The indoctrination is starting younger and younger.

      1. This is “progress”… when Western Nations have to immigrate poor foreigners because the native populations are too confused about sex to maintain their own populations.

        1. At this point, I will take an immigrant woman with a strict father and family ties over your average left leaning, “Girls” watching, Kardashian loving, cum receptacle.

        2. nah, thats not why they do it…these people have no history in their host countries, hence lower (or no) expectations…reset the bar, much much lower than it used to be…

      2. I wonder these people think when taking their kids to something like that. The thought process. Most of them are just stupid sheeple who watch too much TV but still, there must be some mental illness going on there. Do they show their children xvideos too these days?

  9. When I saw the Gay Pride Parade from the safety of my car in DC, my friend and I laughed and laughed at how appallingly ridiculous they looked.
    The key part of getting people to respect you does not include acting and looking like a complete idiot.

    1. Russia understood that you just can’t give homossexuals any ground, because they will always want more and more and more. First it’s marriage, then adopting kids, then banning Mother’s and Father’s Day (after all, how is a kid that got two moms or two dads going to feel like in days like these?) And the list goes on. People gotta realize that the day will never come where GLBTHSYAJM communities will say “oh, it’s all fine now, we got our rights”, no it will always be someting like “ohhh no there’s still a long way to go, the fight must continue”.

      1. The only thing worse than the pride parade is how often gays compare their road to equality to the black civil rights movement. Getting fucked by a world that quietly loves you versus being fucked by a nation that openly hates you are not the same.

        1. Happens a lot here in Brazil…. gay people always compare their condition with being black.. I’m like “what the hell???”

        2. Black people were actual victims, my friend. But now any group, can say that they are being treated like the blacks were treated in the past, and evoke oodles of sympathy from the masses.

        3. You can hide the fact that you’re a homo but you can’t hide the fact you’re black so of course the comparison is ridiculous.

        4. That’s what I meant. There are things you can hide and things you just can’t hide so for a homo to bitch about discrimination is absurd.They’re full of shit too because even in the old days if two men wanted to rent an apt. people would just think they’re roommates and no one would ask if they were queer.Most of the stuff they bitch about never happened.So I guess they’ll have to bitch about not getting a birthday cake because you know there’s like 1 bakery in SF and Ny lol

        5. Fundamentally, being black is a normal healthy and natural thing. Having a predilection to shove your cock in another man’s shitbox… not so much.

        6. Believing that they have an ‘inner black woman’. Also gays weren’t persecuted nearly as much as blacks in the US. Or even the Indigenous people of the US, Canada and Australia.

        7. Exactly. No hangings in the trees. No beatings for opening books. No public killings. No running from houses on fire. They weren’t called three fifth’s of a human. They aren’t called non intelligent beings. They aren’t even experiencing any aspect of economic impoverishment now. In fact many of the fights for equal viewing of merit still happen from black people to this day. Every public murder of a black person by a white, sparks this flame. Every IQ battle or race segregation argument has the black sub-human undertone to the argument. Often, blacks start off from any political, social, educational, debate or relationship with negative merit, and this first begins from being black, and then branches off to their look and demeanor.
          All a gay male ever experience was a viewing of their sexuality as perverse and social ridicule/assault for that. To stop the assault they merely needed to not let people know they were gay. These are my views on the outed gay males, dubbed queens in the gay community. They are super aggressive, confrontational, and a protected class that can be as crass as they wish without public backlash. If anything they are protected by society and it is only the deviants who still treat them negatively, as society as a whole does as much as possible to push gay as natural.
          There are several problems with being gay, all un-related to the act of butt sex. If it were simply butt sex, I’m sure no one would care, as bedroom activities are usually private.

        8. Hm, I’ve been wondering about this for a while …
          If we’re to assume that gay people simply feel no attraction towards the other sex, then what are they supposed to do? Stay alone forever and only masturbate?
          Even if it’s a “mental disorder” of sorts, apparently there is no “cure” for it, is there?
          While I totally agree with all the victim shit and parades being entirely redundant, I was wondering what your positions are on gays just being gay in private. I mean as I said before it’s not like they can help it, they just shouldn’t make a big fuss about it.
          Also, sometimes you find the recommendation for Otto Weininger’s “Sex and character” within the manosphere, a book that basically says that females are inferior and that men are “somewhat” bisexual. Which is kind of weird because you certainly oppose such an opinion.

        9. Women are not inferior nor are men superior. However, there are behaviors which men are chiefly linked with that we will always outpace women on. The problem arises from the nonsensical rote that women and men compete with each other.
          Maybe now we do, because women are living their lives jealous and appropriating stances they feel men have always had. The sexism argument and obvious power struggles as well as the sexual strife occuring as a result need not be re-addressed but you should know, at the core, men and women competing is an abberation and this is the resulting strife.
          On homosexuality, while all un-founded aside from personal anecdotes and what I believe evidence shows, homosexuality is a behavior not a practice. After a certain age, formative years, sexuality becomes a set in stone affair. For women sexuality is more fluid so gay, bisexual, dog, etc., if someone is remotely accepting and a woman has weak boundaries she may be willing to partake in all sexual affairs. Same as a man. The proliferation of homosexual men just so happened to coincide with men being displaced from the homes and the draw hasn’t been made so I’ll say it.
          Boys with weak relationships to men, who have no strong male role models, or male groups to show them how to be a man, will grow up to be gay or bisexual. Some men learn about or get attachment to strong male role models before becoming adults so they stave off being gay but look into a gay man’s past and the holes becoming noticeable.
          As to who a person wants to have sex with, thhat is their business. It is neither my place or right to tell them what is right or wrong for them to practice. However it is important for us as a society to beware of the effects of homosexuality amongst men. It creates a fearful approach counter to men meeting and learning from each other. Gay men have also a dangerously high likelihood of spreading life destroying diseases. Homosexuality also brings with it a higher likelihood of pedophilia, especially, directed at boys.
          Taken in isolation, no one has a problem (mostly) with gay sex. Being amorous in public is fine as well. Eliminate the public sex, love of being debased in public, flaunting of sexual behavior, and gays will get respect as people.

      2. You do understand that the reaction of most of the gay community was “well that’s stupid” when they banned Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right?
        Those gay parents still celebrate the applicable Day (ie both mothers celebrate Mother’s Day in a lesbian couple and the reverse in a gay male couple).

        1. “You do understand that the reaction of most of the gay community was “well that’s stupid” when they banned Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right?”
          Yeah, but that doesn’t matter because it got banned nonetheless.. duh…

        2. By the school, not by the request of the majority lbgt parents.
          Or would you blame all Christian parents for getting Halloween canceled because some complained about it being a pagan event?

        3. “By the school, not by the request of the majority lbgt parents.”
          Yes, but the great problem here is that there was a loud lgbt minority that got their voices heard in that school, I see no reason why not to expect it in a national context, given all the gay acceptance that’s going on.
          “Or would you blame all Christian parents for getting Halloween canceled because some complained about it being a pagan event?”
          Yeah, except that would never happen and such request to ban Halloween on a national scale would be instantly crushed.
          Until next time, gay keyboard warrior…

        4. And Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is still on too in most places.
          And again most LBGT parents ARE FINE WITH MOTHER’S DAY AND FATHER’S DAY. So because one or two schools cancelled it doesn’t make it so everywhere anymore than a few places banning Halloween.
          Until next time, closeted poster who mistakes allies for homosexuals.

        5. “closeted poster”.
          hahaha well, there you go. The gays’ defender is trying to insult me by calling me gay.
          I rest my case.

        6. Warning: Troll detected, cease responding to this “batcountry2”.
          Just look at his comment-to-vote ratio.

        7. We know that all of these holidays ‘may’ have been left over from the prior religions but kids having a party or collecting sweets is not the same as paganism.
          The word Halloween is a contraction of All Hallow’s Eve (All Saints Day) It is a time for remembering the dead,saints, martyrs and the souls of the dead.

        8. A mother is a female who has had sex with a male and got pregnant and had the kid. Females who just take care of kids are not mothers. They are nannies, foster parents, adopted parents, babysitters etc etc etc

        9. So a heterosexual female who gets pregnant via artificial insemination is not a mother by your logic.

        10. No. And artificial insemination(baster babies) should be illegal and only permitted in animal breeding.
          There’s a big difference between having sex with a man and using a turkey baster.We don’t know all of the factors that exist as to why a female will have sex with one man over another and it’s one of those intangible things that are not understood well.We also don’t know if the DNA somehow ‘knows’ which other DNA is compatible with it at a particular time.We do know that the human race has been able to survive and adapt for a million years so whatever Nature is doing no matter how inexplicable that it works for survival.
          Baster babies are the result of some female buying some anonymous sperm and using a baster to insert it. Perhaps in real life she’d never choose this man because her DNA would just not choose his DNA through some mysterious process and they’d never have sex.The baster kid may look fine but we don’t know that if this practise became common what it will do to future generations or possible end the human race.
          And as in all things nothing is perfect or 100% so there are errors even in normal sex.Personally I think most of these errors are rejected by the females and she doesn’t get pregnant.
          Off topic: Female’s having orgasms during ‘rape’
          I don’t think this would happen during rape because if you’re frightened you body is in that fight or flight mode and your blood vessels constrict. A man couldn’t even have an erection and the blood flow to the female’s sex organs would also be restricted.
          The difference between men and females as far as fight or flight is that both will flee if they can from danger but if a man can’t then he’ll fight. A female may fight but her tendency is to soothe an aggressive man(she may fight another female) even if she has to have sex with him rather than being harmed. So her reaction is entirely different from the male and her defence may be to have sex so in the female it may be no different from normal sex and she may orgasm, There’s really no such thing as rape and it’s just a social construct invented by men to keep their property safe from other men and to prevent her from whoring around.

        11. Well that was quite the nonsensical ramble now wasn’t it.
          There’s a bit more to it than a “turkey baster” and not very one is anonymous.
          There are quite a number of times where a couple with an infertile male will seek out friends or family members to donate their sperm for a child.
          And the fact that you don’t consider that individual a mother shows how ignorant you are.
          Clearly they are going through the cost and desire to be a parent unlike some random hookup where the girl gets knocked up.
          Your rape rant? Pure idiocy.

        12. Even after a female does choose a man based on some inexplicable instinct in her DNA she still has to have his dick in her and the DNA of both parties communicate with each other. After he shoots it into her pussy they decide if the sperm live or die based on compatibility with the female’s egg. If there’s something wrong they send out hit squads to destroy it or get it to destroy itself. You see it’s the condition of that sperm at that particular time in conjunction with other data picked up from the man’s body that influences their decision.Perhaps if he fucks her the next day the conditions are different and he knocks her up. You can’t make this decision from frozen sperm and an inanimate turkey baster.
          Now buzz off dingbat and never try to argue with the doctor.
          Another thing, Nature doesn’t care about your crap and just wants to reproduce humans so that random hookup is just as effective in doing it.

        13. Progressives like you constantly use the actions of Christians to justify arguments or actions as if two wrongs make a right. I’m not a Christian so those arguments are irrelevant to me. There was obviously enough Christians that believed Halloween should be banned or it would have never gone anywhere. Same as enough gays and gay sympathizers must have agreed to ban mothers day and fathers day.

        14. In America, I heard about these cases:

          In publics schools in my city, São Paulo (Brazil), it’s already becoming a trend (article in portuguese):

          Allow me to translate São Paulo’s department of education’s statement: “Nowadays, a family is composed of different cores of coexistence, and because of that,some public schools have decided to transform the traditional Mother’s and Father’s day into “the one who takes care of me” day.”
          Oh well..

        15. How the hell is All Hallows Eve a pagan event? If you count that as a pagan event you would also have to include Christmas (Roman Saturnalia and Norse Yule) and Easter.

        16. Because of its connection to Samhain. A very pagan event, with Oct 31 being the eve of Samhain.

      3. Lenin wrecked Russian society with liberalism and then, when Stalin came along and promised to restore order, the people suffering the chaos welcomed him with open arms. Russia has already learned this lesson the hard way.

      4. Giving homosexuals the right to adopt kids is nothing but state administered child abuse. These kids are likely to face a lot of mental and sexual abuse. First it’s the societal stigma, of being the kid of a homosexual couple. These kids will always be teased, taunted and made fun of in school, and deep down, they themselves will know that their “family” is not natural. A father and a mother are the pillars of a family. Two dads, or two moms are just bullshit.
        And kids of homosexual couples are far likely to face sexual abuse at the hands of their parents, or their parent’s friend, who themselves may be homosexuals. Everybody knows this, but still the society bends over backwards to appease the feelings of homosexuals, as if their “feelings” are more important than the physical and mental health of children.

        1. You just nailed it. I can’t even fathom the pain, suffering and mental damage those kids will go through..
          “as if “feelings” are more important than the physical and mental health of children.”
          Exactly. For them what the child thinks or will go through is irrelevant. ALL THAT MATTERS is that the faggots MUST always feel good and they must get to play the “let’s pretend we are a family” game.

        2. “Scratch the average homosexual and you will find a pedophile.”
          -Kevin Bishop, South African homosexual and pedophile who promoted NAMBLA.
          Like many before him, he too was molested as a child (when he was six), and it was then that he became homosexual; he was NOT “born that way”.
          Homosexuals make up only 3% of the population, and yet they account at least 33% of ALL overall child molestation cases.

        3. well, fuck children. the problem is that these children end up being adults who hate society for excluding them, believing their parents that they are special and society just doesn’t understand.

        4. Lol. Yes, I have seen individuals of these kinds. They have a lot of pent up frustration about the society, and many of them believe that families with two moms or dads are actually better than the traditional man, woman families.

        5. Sadly, many of these children are encouraged by their homosexual parents to “experiment” with their sexuality. This causes many of them to end up identifying being homo or bi.
          If these children are molested by their parents, or the homosexual friend of their parents at a young age, there is a high chance that they may accept the homosexual lifestyle, and feel that that were “born that way”, since the sexual abuse occurred very early in life. I know some individuals like that.
          We indeed live in sad, sad times, my friend. It would be much better if the west had stuck to the Christian faith, it was founded upon. Conditions here would be much better then.

        6. Also take note of Benjamin Levin.

          Ontario Liberal (openly lesbian) premier (provincial prime minister) Kathleen Wynne made him her deputy education minister (top bureaucrat.) He just got sentenced to three years for child porn. Wrote Ontario’s sex ed curriculum (that Wynne recently rammed down Ontario parents’ throats) while in office. Levin is a real piece of shit. And Wynne refuses to distance herself from him.

        7. I’ve read the horror stories of boys asking help from psychiatrists that sound like they should be reporting to the police about it. How they get raped by their mom’s gay friend until their asses bleed

        8. Imagine if you accidently played with dolls or picked up your mom’s lipstick and thrn you were given sex reassignment surgery
          Yes that’s how these lunatics determine your sex identity
          What happened to children cannot consent?

        9. Homos are 1% and lesbians are 1/2 of 1% and even here 1/2 of them are straight girls being groomed by the dykes because like men they like somewhat feminine females too.Females are different from males and things like hugging and kissing each other are not signs of lesbianism and are just sort of a female trait.Dykes know how to spot and groom vulnerable straight girls and befriend them and comfort them. That normal hugging etc can turn into pussy licking in time.

        10. Worse than that, all to many homosexual adoptions are done not in the interest of raising children, but as a status symbol.
          These “parents” usually ignore their kids after a month or two and let the (admittedly well dressed) kids fend for themselves.

        11. Yes. We have age of consent for having sex, and a certain age for drinking alcohol, etc, but no age of consent for gender reassignment. I believe that individuals themselves must take this decision in their lives, as it’s a BIG one, and something on which his/her whole life depends on. Individuals must be at least eighteen to go for gender reassignment.
          I have three sisters and no brother, and when I was a kid, my family being poor could not afford a lot of toys, so my dad usually would bring dolls for the girls, and being a kid, I often played with them, with the dolls, because I had no other toys to play with. That was my childhood, and I grew up to be a heterosexual man, with masculine interests. In today’s world, if the child of progressive parents acted so, due to having more or only female siblings, I guess they would opt for butchering his penis and turn him into a (supposedly) girl.

        12. And AIDS, don’t forget AIDS. Something like 75%-80% of people newly diagnosed with AIDS are faggots.

        13. Odd that you’ll take a pedophile’s word as gospel yet refuse to believe what law-abiding gay Americans have to say about their own lives and feelings.

      5. Gays are like this because fundamentally they are exactly like women. In the case of lesbians, they are women. In the case of fags, they are no different for practical purposes except that they are physically stronger. Have you ever tried to have a rational conversation with a homo? You’ll see the same illogic, knee jerk emotion, irrationality, groupthink, hypocrisy and histronics as with a woman. It’s like talking to an ugly chick with no tits.

      6. Same with friggin’ feminism. No matter how much concessions the society gives these perverts, it will never be enough.

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      1. No, I dont walk around with just a piece of string covering my genitals, claiming don’t tell me what to do in my bedroom, but then bringing the “bedroom” to whatever side street, port-a-potty, or bar bathroom you can find, where you do atrocious things with a number of guys, who probably have aids. Gay = degenerate. Their is no equality as far as marriage goes, because your relationships are not equal. Look at statistics.

        1. Clearly you’ve never walked down side streets and seen drunk guys and girls having sex after hooking up in a bar.
          But you seem to know far more about the gay lifestyle than me.
          And I don’t see my wife and I’s relationship as any more or less valid than any other relationship.
          What statistics are you speaking of? Saying look at statistics is pretty vague.

        2. Don’t mind him, the word gay came up on the Hive’s monitor’s so he was dispatched from the boiler room. He just wants attention.

    2. unfortunately the west respects if not rewards victims, until that stops these kinda things will keep happening

    3. Agreed. I have no real problem with whether somebody likes redheads or dudes or black chicks or whatever. But someone here made the astute observation that in SE Asia where there is this phenomenon of ‘ladyboys’ (men who are effeminate and prefer to act feminine) and they are a well known and established part of the society, everyone knows they exist, but they receive no attention or undue discussion. No one mentions “ladyboy rights”. No one is proud of their family member for being a ladyboy. (Contrast that with Caitlin Jenner who is “so brave” for doing what it did).
      Compared to the USA where gayness is something that must be celebrated, they dress and even talk in a different way, live in special neighborhoods, and have all sorts of events to “celebrate” their lifestyle. You know, in any bar in Asia with a ladyboy, if you are looking for that, you know where to go. There is no need to promote and glamorize and pedastilize this lifestyle.
      I think the main problem is the attention and resources spent on talking about and discussing these issues. Bruce Jenner lost his balls? So what? I think if everyone ignored him he would have never gone this far. Stop promoting and “equalizing” gayness, and just let people do whatever they want. Basically, stop caring about other peoples business. Same with so many women. If everyone ignored the Sulkywitch she would have stopped lugging around mattresses on day 2. But since articles were written about her, and attention was given, it because a new way to create power.

    1. the new cold war: a stalemate consisting of russian nuclear missiles versus the western worlds giant inflatable cocks.

  10. The whole idea of “gay pride” is a fucking pathetic joke. And even gay people themselves know it, yet they insist on this delusion.. just make the test: just tell a gay person: “hey, you know… you suck dick” or “wow, so you take it in the ass, huh?” and watch their reaction. They are going to do the usual: to cry and complain, calling you a homophobe and all that shit. But wait.. you just described their sexual activities, you didn’t even start talking if it was good or bad, yet they will feel bad and cry in the corner… why? Shouldn’t they be proud of it? Well, the answer is because there’s no pride in being gay and their brains know it.
    Now imagine if a gay dude tried to insult a straight guy and describe his sexual activities to him: “hahaha, look, so you get pussies, right? You suck big tits, right dude? hahaha what a looser!” and zero fucks would be given. His reaction would probably be “hell yeah I, do!” because he knows he’s in the right track. Hell, even gay people will call a person gay if they want to insult someone…
    Bottom-line is: One can only feel “shamed” when deep inside he knows he is wrong. You can gay-shame someone, but it’s impossible to “straight-shame” someone. The same goes with fat-shaming… you just can’t fit-shame someone, can you?? So there you go..

    1. Ever actually said that to a gay person? Because they don’t actually react like that at all unless you’re yelling it at them and peppering it with terms like “faggot” or other insults. If you just say that the response is usually “Yeah, and?”.

      1. You’re SO not gay, are you darling? Yeah right. I don’t even think you’re male. Your choices of phrase are distinctly feminine (e.g. eye-rolling.) Are you a lesbian gay-rights warrior?

        1. Since when is an eye roll feminine?
          It’s a sign of clear derision to a statement.
          Whatever man. Think what you will but I’m a dude.

        2. Actually it’s a pretty old school thing that applied regardless of gender.
          Check out some of Bogie’s eye rolls. The man could show disgust with a simple gesture.

        3. Asking a question doesn’t mean I’m offended.
          I just laugh at the gay and woman “insults” you kids try to throw my way.

    2. Many people who align themselves with leftism, and are pro gay, often call others gay to insult them. This happens a lot on internet forums. Fucking hypocrites.

    1. Id recommend subscribing to his twitter account. Also watch his Bob Uecker story from the howard stern show

    2. Ha.. you beat me to it. I was about to post the same thing.. gotta love Norm McDonald.. one of the under-appreciated greats.. and doesn’t give a fuck if he’s politically incorrect, which he is these days given the stifling PC culture.

  11. Just another segment of the Left that will never reproduce. Eventually Leftism is a self solving problem. They really seem to like to do things to ensure that they leave no genetic legacy. And I’m fine with that. If the basis of Leftism is genetic, and I think it may be (highly emotional, extreme response to emotion, irrational beliefs contrary to reality, narcissism, etc) then they cannot cull themselves from mankind fast enough.
    The world will not mourn their passing, nor will I.

    1. “.. ensure that they leave no genetic legacy.” humm.. never really thought about that. I feel a little better about the future now..
      Well, I couldn’t care less if these couples want to be fags forever and ever, but one problem I got is that they always want to drag kids into their relationships, with adoptions and everything else so they can be a “reeel femilyy”.. that is what worries me..

      1. Yeah. That’s how I feel. Do whatever you want to do with yourselves, but don’t make innocent kids go through hell.

      2. people want to fake being something they are not all the time, it is pathetic to watch.
        soulless robots wear suits to look like businessmen, fatties wear dresses to look like pretty girls, unhealthy people wear make-up to look like they have a good skin, old hags wear colorful and skinny clothing to appear young, cowards wear aggressive haircuts to look like masculine men, gays want children to look like a family.
        and, although it is fading, i have to acknowledge that that kind of masquerade works on some level. at least it did for me; always felt like something was wrong about the world, but i wasn’t courageous enough to really look.
        it reminds me of the segment in the book ‘death in venice’ where the main protagonist sees an old man with a wig and false teeth acting like a young man and nobody seems to notice.

      1. but if that is the agenda how many people would they need to turn to make a difference? If 1% extra go gay (some of whom will adopt, have in vitro etc), and moreover with the women, there’s no automatic limit – they can get preggers anytime they want. The other thing is the NWO has always been about markets, which would obviously decline if they decimate the world population. Obviously there has been lots of focus on limiting world population including amongst the Rockefeller Trilateral Commission but is it even a workable strategy. Besides its only going to work for white countries. Good luck with that strategy in Uganda

        1. Different sets and different strategies. Those who are not turned into flaming gays will be supporters of that lifestyle and their own mindset will preclude the rise of big families, even if they themselves do not become gays (ie. Hipsters). For countries like Uganda, war and mass poisoning (hello GMOs and castrating chemicals in everything) are part of the menu. Besides if you own a trillion dollars and control the most powerful nations and markets, what need do you have for new markets…

    2. You’re right leftists don’t tend to have many kids, instead they favour insanely high levels of third world immigration.
      The real question is why do they actually want to revolutionize western society. The original aim was to smash the patriarchy and corrupt society to make it easier for communism to take over.
      But the real commies are all dead so what is supposed to happen after this liberal revolution? All they will do is burn the house down and be left with a pile of rubbish that was western civilisation. Its truly a road to nowhere.
      But at least gays can carry giant black inflatable cocks without being oppressed.

    3. Of course why do you think they i doctrine children and pump their ad nauseam through the entertainment industry. Not to mention places of “higher learning” because they largely don’t reproduce.

      1. While everybody is susceptible to propaganda normal people will tend to moderate their extreme views from youth rather quickly when they get their first real paycheck. The insane Leftists, however, do not.
        I have a male cousin raised in a very right wing family. He went to college and bought the Leftist bullshit. Graduated, got a job and reverted back to hard right within five years.

        1. Even if they get one percent of the population on board they achieved their goals. It is this tiny minority (extreme left) that dictates much public policy.

      2. “Of course why do you think they i doctrine children and pump their ad nauseam through the entertainment industry. ”
        Rule, or be ruled, there is no equal.
        Italian Families Protest Forced Cross-Dressing of Schoolchildren:
        There is also a card with a game called “If he were she and she were
        he,” where boys and girls are expected to exchange the clothes they are
        wearing: the boy dresses as a girl and the girl as a boy, and they
        discuss how they feel in that new “role.”
        Parents are also protesting a sex education program for kindergarten
        students intended to highlight the similarities and differences between
        boys’ and girls’ bodies. The program involves one child lying down and
        the others placing their hand first on the child’s heart to feel how it
        beats, then on the diaphragm to feel it rise and fall. The text reads
        that “obviously in the genital area children can see that they are made
        differently from one another.” Though the text does not specifically
        state that the children are to touch each other in the genital area,
        parents are complaining that it is “understood.”

        1. It seems worse than I thought. What else could be expected when the Church in that country became infiltrated and the Pope is a heresiarch who has rejected 2.000 years of Catholic thought and teaching, coupled with the fact that the people voted for the madmen and madwomen to run the asylum….

    4. Because clearly lesbians never reproduce via sperm donors. *rolls eyes*
      And because clearly gay men never have surrogates. *rolls eyes*
      And because clearly adoption is not a thing. *rolls eyes*
      And because clearly straight parents NEVER have gay offspring. *rolls eyes*
      Do you even think before you type?

      1. “Because clearly lesbians never reproduce via sperm donors. *rolls eyes*
        “And because clearly gay men never have surrogates. *rolls eyes*
        “And because clearly adoption is not a thing. *rolls eyes*
        “And because clearly straight parents NEVER have gay offspring. *rolls eyes*
        “Do you even think before you type?”
        They don’t reproduce at replacement rates. They need the larger society to be complicit in allowing them to adopt and reproduce by artificial and abnormal means and methods. Nobody is born a sodomite, nobody is born wanting to have sex with animals, those are deranged ideas/desires that they allowed into their minds and left to fester and consume them.

        1. Are you trying to convince yourself of that? Trying to tell yourself you can drive away those desires? That that time at the gloryhole was a one off?

        2. “Are you trying to convince yourself of that? Trying to tell yourself you can drive away those desires? That that time at the gloryhole was a one off?”
          No, my struggle would be lusting after a harem when Christianity limits me to one wife. There have been a few handful of times in my life where the idea of doing something unnatural occurred to me, but I’d promptly go “WTF!?” and crush those ideas.

        3. My insults are truer than your mention of some gloryhole mr. Othodoxchristian never gave a hint about
          But it seems you know much about it so I can also add you are a cocksucker that hopes orthodoxchristian will be at the gloryhole next time

        4. Projecting your fantasies on me?
          Sorry bud, but I don’t like dudes. Nothing wrong with you liking them, I just don’t swing that way

      2. their fertility in any of those cases do not match the general population
        adoption isn’t genetic and gay offspring are still a genetic dead end
        of course I don’t assume that leftism is purely biological, but if it then every little bit of space in the gene pool denied to “potential leftists” is a relevant blow against equality

        1. You are ignoring surrogates and sperm donors of course because it doesn’t fit your diatribe.

        2. the number of people using surrogates or donors don’t match fertility rates from natural birth – addressed in the first sentence
          give it up girl, equality makes people stupid

        3. Youve been en fuego lately.
          I hope your screenname is on your driver’s license too. That would be awesome

    5. that may be, but leftists compensate for this by attracting minority groups as pawns using appeals to compassion
      it’s why i don’t encourage rightists to attack minorities, but to divide-and-conquer by uplifting right-wing minorities against left wing ones

    6. It seems to me that leftism is based on a toxic society, as opposed to a genetic trait. Primary school, high school, TV shows, movies, social media, university; the left has fully ingrained itself in almost every avenue an individual takes growing up. The only option for more conservative values to be taught is through a family unit (especially via a conservative father), but even then these values are shamed by the relentless influence of the left. For this reason, I don’t believe the left is a self solving problem. Unfortunately.

    7. Agree. The problem will eventually take care of itself. Either through non reproductive means or they’ll eventually turn on each other to “out victim” the other.

  12. I feel like the vast majority of gay people don’t act like these deviants, and if anything, it continues the stereotype of gay people.
    I’ve known plenty of reserved and Conservative gay people, they had no interest in attending stupid things like these parades.
    Perhaps that the Pride Parade is a bunch of BDSM deviants, who are probably straight, and messed in the head.

    1. your right. Pride marches always make me think back to the gay daleks, in the days when gay love was celebrated in a rather different way If gays want to be taken seriously I would have thought they’d want to distance themselves from all the sexualised campness.

  13. The notion of pride has been permanently tainted by those who desire to force their fringe beliefs and anti-social behaviors deeper into what is left of our culture. Unfortunately, It is an effective label to envelop even the most egregious behaviors and lifestyle choices within the warm folds of the victim classes.
    Taking pride in something they claim to have no control over, no choice, and has required nothing of them to manifest is just one more way in which our language – and so goes our culture, has fallen into meaningless self-indulgence and license to degrade the very things that built and secured the freedoms they seek to exploit for their own political agenda.
    God, marriage, the family, a community of like-minded people, white culture, white males; all grist for the mill that powers these useful idiots who drag the sad carcass of our culture through the streets in the name of ‘equality’. All while the self-loathing upper-middle class women and mamboobs cheer it on.
    Indeed marching for ‘rights’ – even by other self-appointed victim classes is primarily about the actual rights and less about promoting and agitating for the behaviors and choices largely unique to that group.
    The gays, however, have taken a different tack. While they claim to desire ‘equality’ aka special treatment, aka disproportionate power, that have supposedly been withheld due to these specific sexual behaviors and choices (or non-choices, it matters not), their primary public event in this regard is about nothing more than advertising the hyper-sexuality, promiscuity, indecency, and shamelessness that is prevalent within the gay community.
    They shout that their sexuality should not define them, yet literally parade their sexuality through the streets. It is what defines them. And they want it that way.
    To me, this is just a f*ck you to the “man”. Which, of course, is most of us; the culture that most of us were raised within and desire to maintain. Because they know it is not about their lack of ‘rights’ but rather about their desire to destroy what is left of any cultural or political barriers that restrict or sublimate the full expression of these behaviors in any way.
    Like the militant feminists, they aim to elevate their power to define the language, the terms of engagement, and ultimately invert the power structure of what determines and regulates our culture. And like the feminists, they are succeeding. Or rather, they have succeeded.
    These gatherings are nothing more than gay shock-troops amplifying their sexuality; incrementally expanding the limits to which decency can be defined and thus enforced. Each soldier seeking to one-up his comrade to evoke the most gasps mixed with cheers from the ignorant hetero sheeple.
    The gays have full victim-license to aggressively promote their agenda. They are being celebrated as heroes for their bravery by the media and pandering politicians – from the top down.
    The relentless thought policing by the gay mafia and their cultural Marxist collaborators ensure minimal headwind. Noticing these things is dangerous. Fear drives any dissent into the shadows. This should all sound familiar.
    The result is that mainstream and gay culture have been in full intersect for quite some time. Just as ghetto/gangster/”cool” culture supplanted white culture as the aspirational market-maker, the gay culture is creeping into what remains. The moral decay is striking. Grindr=>Tinder.
    Enjoy it while you can boys.

  14. The gay issue only exists in mass media to distract people from real issues. Why else demand the fixation on a group that, at most, commands 5% of the population?
    When the shock value comes to an end they’ll just parade something else out.

  15. America: where they can have a pride parade in an utter display of degeneracy in front of children in a manner breaking just about every law regarding exposure and lewd acts in front of a minor.
    In the same cities that, even if open carry of a legal firearm is not banned, you still get cops swooping down on you.
    One more reason to hope for the entire every-city-a-smoking-ruin end of this rotten civilization and highways lined with the bodies of the people in it.

      1. Yeah try getting any kind of firearms safety course for kids. You know “hey kids if you find a gun, here’s what you do not do with it”.
        But no. The same people who have no trouble with kids at pride parades freak out at the idea of teaching a kid that a gun can be dangerous and how not to handle them. Because guns.

        1. Agree. Back when – kids were taught at an early age on how to use a firearm, farming, being responsible, etc…
          Today, kids are dumbed down and catered to at every turn. There own parents are handicapping them and they won’t be able to deal with the real world when it’s time.

    1. I believe the answer is to always call attention to it (the double standard). We couldn’t get out there and do the same without being arrested so why is this bunch allowed to do it?
      For too long, people have been too afraid to speak out but now it’s changing (I believe because people are getting tired of the nonsense). Marching for a real cause “back when” was one thing….today, it’s attention whoring at it’s finest.
      Let the U.S. fall on hard times and this shit will end in a hurry.

      1. If you want a Straight Pride parade have at it. Organise, get the sponsorship, clear the route etc. Sounds great fun.

        1. Don’t need it. We just need men, everyday, to remind society that we’re looking for equality (not special treatment). We’ve given everyone else a leg up in society while constantly pushing men down. They shit will change with more men being vocal.

        2. I thought your whole problem was with these men being vocal and having a parade? Or are we doing this fun thing of defining gay and bisexual men out of masculinity again, because that will really win you friends.

        3. It’s not needed on either side. Things have changed and are changing all of the time. It’s not the 1980s and civil rights have come a long ways. It’s no longer needed.

  16. The pride parades are nothing more than the an opportunity to put the cultural shock troops on display. It’s done for the same reason Hitler’s brownshirts marched in the streets: intimidation. People respond to intimidation with fear, and that’s why the corporate sponsorship as well as the SJW presence is so prevalent.
    If necessary these people will target individuals. The reason homosexuality is no longer classified as a pathology in the DSM is because they went after the editorial board personally and harassed the hell out of them til they finally gave up and took it out.

    1. Or because the reason it was originally included in the DSM wasn’t actually based on any sort of study, it was based off the church saying “IT’S BAD!!!” with zero studies surrounding it and it being a far more puritanical society where the church had a great deal of influence.

      1. You have just proven you’re a high level ignorant jackass. Homosexuality got included as a pathology due to the high correlation with deviant behavior such as pedophilia, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, criminal activity (think serial murderers) and many other issues.
        The church had nothing to do with the classification of homosexuality as a pathology in the DSM. In fact, you might just be amazed at the percentages of psychologists and psychiatrists who are atheists or agnostics. Your claim that there were no studies is complete bullshit and your attempt to paint this as a hit-job by the fundamentalists in the church is pathetic. You need to change your profile name to “IMbatshitcrazy”

        1. The influence of the church AT THE TIME IT WAS ADDED certainly was a major factor.
          There were zero credible studies to add it, it was added because it was a sin.

        2. Batshit, you’re embarrassing yourself. You claim a huge collection of atheists and agnostics suddenly gave credence to the CHURCH and included homosexuality as a pathology because it was “sin” to do it? Wow. How about backing up your claim here. When, pray tell, was homosexuality “added” as a pathology? Do you have a copy of the committee report that mentions sin with respect to homosexuality? WAIT! Wasn’t homosexuality one of the original major social pathologies included in the *original* DSM because of the longstanding body of anecdotal evidence? Were there “studies” that “proved” it was a pathology any more than pedophilia or suicide at that point? You are a jackass. Even if I accepted your premiss (which I don’t), what did the resultant data reveal?
          You are making an argument that the church was responsible for the inclusion of homosexuality as a social pathology. You’re wrong and you have ZERO data to back up your claims. Given some of your other comments I’m beginning to wonder if your “wife” has a dick. If so, given the way you argue you’re certainly the bottom. So… put up or shut up. Let’s see your proof that the CHURCH was responsible instead of a large collection of atheist and agnostic scientists who knew what kind of damage they were seeing.

        3. Google Evelyn Hooker sometime when you falsely make the claim it was removed with no evidence.

        4. Except the correlation was based on people who went to psychiatrists. Who, strangely enough, tend to have mental problems. Gay people who were happy didn’t go to psychiatrists.

  17. Gay Pride Prides: “We’re going to fight negative stereotypes about gay people as being flamboyant, in your face, and obnoxious with their faggotry”
    Then this shit happens.

    1. There’s a sex tape apparently. Let me give you some more weave to hang yourself with.
      This just keeps getting better and better with each passing day. You can’t buy entertainment like this.

      1. She’s claiming she’s a victim of abuse of her ex husband. I was guessing she would have blamed her father. But still its the “patriarchy” that made her do it.

    2. I think this woman is simply a sociopath. Goes to a black college as white and sues for discrimination. She is whatever is convenient at the time. She’s mentally ill and likely to be the fucking poster child for the left.
      The MSM seems to cut the lower part of this picture out.

    3. Now, comes the poor me moment and the feelings (sympathy) – why she did it all. I really don’t care why she did it she just needs to admit it, seek therapy and get on with it.
      We all know she’s a mental case (just look at her upbringing – her parents). I’m not sure if it wasn’t enough attention or what but something went wrong. No normal person acts in this manner.

        1. So we should rescind our laws prohibiting public debauchery for these events and surrender the public space to this disgusting display, increasing our protective measures of our children so this can go on? So when the necrophiliacs want to bang corpses in the street for “Necro Pride” day, we should just do the same? You’re an idiot.

        2. Homosexuality is LEGAL (in most places that have a Pride Parade)
          Necrophilia is not.
          Try a better comparison idiot.
          And again. DONT GO.

        3. Having sex in public, homosexual or not, is ILLEGAL idiot. You obviously don’t know what goes on at these events.

        4. Obviously you haven’t either if you think that actual sexual acts are commonplace.
          Most of what you will see is no more risqué than Marti Gras. Which I assume you also have an issue with due to it’s public nudity.

        5. These people bugger each other with dildos. It’s commonplace. Your Mardi Gras straw man tactic is pathetiic gay keyboard warrior.

        6. Because that joke isn’t 20 years old.
          Sorry man, I’m married to a woman and I’m not interested in you. Try craigslist for m4m hookups.

        7. You’re not merely an idiot, you’re also a very useful idiot… to the gay mafia. Keep on stumping for all that “economic prosperity.”

        8. “gay mafia” *rolls eyes*
          I not you don’t argue the “economic prosperity”.
          Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll find lots of m4m hookups on Pride week.

        9. Famous last words.
          The Overton window’s perpetual leftwards shift won’t suddenly stop just because the current level of degeneracy happens to be congenial to your tastes.
          I’d wager that not too long from now, you’ll be forced to either defend the merits of pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia, or find yourself relegated to “the wrong side of history”.
          We’re all quite looking forward to your dilemma.

        10. Porn is a money-maker, I won’t argue that. I do take issue with it being displayed in the public square though.
          Your constant insistence on calling everyone in this discussion forum gay looks an awful lot like a pathetic attempt at “Jedi Mind-Trick” suggestion. Project much there gay keyboard warrior? You should be banned. You’re not contributing. You’re just name-calling.

        11. You comment about my contribution (the financial aspect) then say I’m not contributing.
          Make up your mind

        12. It still fails in the fact that a corpse is not a consenting adults then (and area it is not a crime will still hit you with desecration of a corpse or other applicable crimes if you try it)

        13. “Remind me again how children, animals and dead people can be consenting adults?”
          The same way baby murderers say unborn babies aren’t human. Why can girls be married off and die of internal injuries in Islamic societies at six years old or younger? The same way you’re a human supremacist in some circles for doubting that animals are people.

        14. Actually necrophilism can be consented. A dying spouse can allow their husband or wife to have sex with their corpse by a written will

  18. I once had an argument a few years ago with a friend in Toronto about former mayor Rob Ford and his refusal to attend the Toronto “Pride” event. I argued that, since the event fell on a holiday weekend (July 1 is Canada Day in Toronto), it was reasonable for Ford to spend the weekend with his family. I waited for my friend to make the predictable argument that Ford should simply bring his family to the “Pride” event, that it was “important” for Ford, as mayor of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, to show his support for Toronto’s gays. Then I quickly asked my friend if he would bring his own children to “Pride.” My friend immediately became shy and admitted that, during a previous summer, he had been out on a bicycle trip with his wife and kids and they had accidentally found themselves riding towards the “Pride” parade route. Once my friend and his wife realized the exact nature of the event they were riding towards, they turned themselves around and took the children AWAY from it. At that point my friend conceded my victory in the argument and we spoke no further on the subject.

    1. Actually one of the biggest complaints about Fraud, errr Ford was that he couldn’t be bothered to stop doing crack long enough to haul his ass down an elevator to attend the flag raising ceremony to kick off Pride Week in Toronto outside City Hall.

      1. Fair enough. Ford is a slob and he was a disaster as a mayor. But the issue is… should ANY mayor feel compelled to attend this event? On this issue Ford was dead right.

        1. Pride raises millions in tourist dollars for the city of Toronto. The hotel industry, restaurant industry, and bar industry of Toronto see a huge surge because of Pride Week.
          If nothing else Fraud should have recognized the importance economically to the city and put in a token appearance at the flag raising.

        2. Right, because spending time with his family is far less important than promoting public pornography. Ford made the right choice.

        3. It raised that much money regardless.
          People went to see the naked people not Rob Ford.
          It’s an interesting question whether or not a mayor should be expected to publicly support every single social event in the city.

        4. Making pics of little girls in the basement and renting them out to affluent “suitors” on an hourly basis also raises millions of dollars if done on a large enough scale.
          We could also open a special zoo for the animal lovers amongst us. Lots of shekkelz to be made.

        5. That’s why pornography should become the example of a city. You know so the elites have more spending money
          So noble

        6. When transexualism and homosexuality began to try and legitimize 3+ year old children as having sex identity issues and what sexual desires they have
          All the insults and bantering aside why can’t you see the problem?

        7. Try making a lick of sense. Those “elites” that benefit tend to be hotel staff, wait staff and bartenders

        8. Because homosexuality and pedophilia are two different things.
          Unless you believe that all straight men are pedophiles because a small percentage molest kids.

        9. Because homosexuality and pedophilia are two different things.

          The rate of homosexuals molesting children is far, far greater than that of heterosexual child molestation. Statistically, homosexuals create a far greater than average risk to children.
          Your move you NAMBLA defending faggot.

        10. Cite your source.
          And I do not support NAMBLA. I can’t help but wonder if you do since you bring them up.
          I support the right of those of the age of consent to sleep with others of the age of consent regardless of gender.

        11. Results also argue against a previous explanation of the high prevalence of homosexuality in pedophiles (25% in this study), namely, that the factors that determine sexual preference in pedophiles are different from those that determine sexual preference in men attracted to adults.

          Be honest. You held the mailman at knife point while you fucked him in the ass. I know how your kind are. Your “wife” is a beard. Just admit it.

        12. You do understand that a) it was a study of pedophiles not the average person and b) the means 75% of those pedophiles were straight.
          That means AMONG PEDOPHILES 1/4 are attracted to the same sex. Not among homosexuals as a whole.
          Jesus you can’t even understand the study you’re citing.
          As far as the beard thing, your mom isn’t my wife and you should keep your mailman rape fantasies to yourself.

        13. Jesus you can’t even understand the study you’re citing.

          Speak for yourself.

          “The oft stated claim by militant gays that they are statistically no more likely to engage in pederasty than heterosexuals has no empirical basis. A 1985 study of arrests in 12 U.S. jurisdictions showed, on average, about 40% of arrests for pederastic homosexuals. Another recent study, touted by gays as evidence to support their claim of being no more likely than heteros to engage in such behavior, actually proved the exact opposite. The study was done by a team of researchers from the University of Colorado who, according to the leader, Dr. Carole Jenny, set out to prove that homosexuals were not more likely to molest children […] In any case, the researchers looked at 269 cases at a child-molestation clinic and found that 50 cases, or 18.5%, were male-on-male molestation. Since homosexuals make up probably less than 5 percent of the population [the actual figure is about 2%], this would seem to indicate a disproportionate molestation rate. So the investigators engaged in what is known in the scientific community as data torture. Without interviewing the molesters, the interviewers decided that most of those offenders who engaged in homosexual sex weren’t really homosexuals. Only one of the 50 actually qualified as gay once the data had gotten the full S&M treatment. The study was then touted as evidence that gays don’t molest children.”
          —Paul Mulshine, “Man-Boy Love,” Heterodoxy, p.11, September 1994

        14. P.S. Try again faggot.

          “The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality. For the gay community to imply that boy-love is not homosexual love is ridiculous. We in the gay community […] need to support the men and boys in those relationships.”
          —Editorial, San Francisco Sentinel, March 26, 1992.

          “Scratch the average homosexual and you will find a pedophile.”
          —Kevin Bishop, South African homosexual and pedophile who promoted NAMBLA. Electronic Mail & Guardian, June 30, 1997

        15. Want to try something a little more current?
          Or something not promoted by NAMBLA?
          How about that little kid?

        16. Appeal to novelty. There are literally mountains of valid data that substantiate my views, most of which is readily available to anyone with access to the internet. To wit, I will not read to you like a fucking 4-year old at bedtime. At least attempt to do your own homework, kido. Who knows, it may help banish some of your ignorance.
          Conditioning has convinced you that no informed conclusion may stand in opposition to your indoctrination, even if history and common sense testifies you. You might inform yourself of this rather than silence it.

        17. Ambiguous nonsense with no meaningful message, what a disappointing rebuttal. The burden of proof has always been on you to explain why you are willing to do anything to ingratiate yourself with faggots and those who are in a position to accuse you of some form of political incorrectness. Self-respecting people do not pay tribute, to others who don’t even represent them or their interests, out of mere psychological conditioning. Learn to preserve your dignity, and refrain from bowing and scraping to powerful interest groups. It won’t kill you.

        18. The sad part? You think you have dignity when you have none.
          Of course what should I expect from a NAMBLA member who’s trying to associate homosexuality with pedophilia like yourself?

        19. The 1990s were ancient times?
          Lol. Sure. Whatever you say.
          This is for you friend.

          It should be pretty obvious which pertains to you.

        20. What’s truly sad is how virtually none of your world views are born out by any research or scholarship. You’re simply a useful idiot of the more virulent avant-garde of your movement, who just happen to be into some pretty nasty stuff, actually. Either way, you’re out of your depth my homosexual friend.
          That said, it’s clear you’ve wandered off course on your way to some gay dating website, no doubt to arrange anonymous anal intercourse and ended up shipwrecked here at Return of Kings. Unfortunately, this is not a welcome place for you or your kind. Maybe it’s time for you to continue on your way. I suspect grindr will deepen the views you already hold, unless it dawns on you where those views lead. Ciao.

        21. Well considering your data is about pedophilia not homosexuality yeah it is.
          I see what you and your NAMBLA buddies are doing though.

        22. Pedophilia, homosexuality it’s the same thing. Homosexuals have flat out said as much but you refuse to listen. Oh well.

        23. Actually it isn’t. One consists of same sex relationships oof consenting adults.
          The other involves children who by definition can not be consenting adults. No matter how much you and your NAMBLA buddies want them to be.

        24. Is that so? Then how do you explain mountains of research confirming that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals? More importantly, how do you rationalize the fact that Homosexual leaders repeatedly argue for the freedom to engage in consensual sex with children? Btw calling NAMBLA my “buddies” doesn’t negate that you’re a (supposedly) straight male who advocates for sodomy. Now that’s gay.

        25. You’re the one who keeps bringing up NAMBLA. Because you’re a member trying hard to associate with homosexuality. Those are the leaders trying to push for children to be able to consent. Your NAMBLA buddies.
          Not homosexuals who want consent laws for same sex couples to match opposite sex couples.
          As far as being an advocate for sodomy,
          well my wife does enjoy anal. So guilty on that one (FYI sodomy includes opposite sex intercourse and can even include a blow job so if you’ve ever gotten a bj then you too are a sodomite).

        26. You’re the one who keeps bringing up NAMBLA. Because you’re a member trying hard to associate with homosexuality.

          I haven’t said anything that hasn’t already been said by prominent members of the LGBT movement. NAMBLA flat out calls itself a homosexual organization. As I said, you have no clue who or what you’re supporting. Btw, google “Frank Kameny” and tell me what you find.

          As far as being an advocate for sodomy, well my wife does enjoy anal. So guilty on that one (FYI sodomy includes opposite sex intercourse and can even include a blow job so if you’ve ever gotten a bj then you too are a sodomite).

          Homosexuality is, a relationship predicated uniquely on the form of mutual masturbation sodomy represents. To be a gay man is to practice sodomy in all its forms uniquely; To be a lesbian is to engage in analogous practices, consistent with the sex. The ambiguity between these further underscores the intrinsic disorder they reflect. Not to practice these things is neither to be gay nor lesbian, by the way. It is to be human, though, and thus worthy of every dignity accorded our fellow men. Come out the closet already.

        27. How cute. Is this the closeted homosexual version of “I know what you are but what am I?” Were you aware that, in some societies, sodomizing your wife and mother of your children (assuming you have children) is deemed distasteful? Enjoy glorifying degenerate behavior faggot.

  19. Just think! Islam is coming. This is a major reason why. Effeminate perversion always comes before the fall of a civilization. Yeah, why should a straight soldier die for these perverts? Decent, normal, heterosexual men will withdraw in disgust. Sad to say, but this wave of perversions has happened before. Historically, mass slaughter is the only cure.

  20. I felt indifferent about fags when I was growing up, but now that they not only demand the right to marry (fucking silly, stupid, and ridiculous), but also demand that I am ok with that, I fucking hate their fucking guts. I hope they all kill themselves. I can’t stand hearing from one more fucking homo.

      1. Good lord you people have no intellect and less than no imagination. The group think speech is now way beyond boring, it is rancid in its stupidity.

    1. I get tired of hearing about what I’m supposed to accept versus just letting me live my life. I don’t care how two people live their lives (go ahead….just don’t shove it in my face or force me to watch or accept it). The circus needs to end and the government needs to stop pandering to them. Change has happened and it will continue to happen. These people need to stop with the “show” because it truly is all about attention whoring.
      Also, I’m supposed to sit quiet and not have an opinion (on anything). Fuck that…not happening.

    1. There’s a lot of repressed homosexuals hiding in the closet here trying to deflect their urges (while searching craigslist for m4m postings)

      1. I bet you are the type of woman who rolls down the car window at the safari park, despite a sign every ten feet telling you not to- when is your next visit?

        1. I bet you’re the type that needs those signs not to do something stupid.
          And I’m male. Nice try though.

        2. You must be a pee-wee herman fan- you pretty much just said “I know you are, but what am I??”

      2. Where is the evidence they are homosexuals? It just seems like you’re wishful thinking there bud and you know about the listings for gay relationships on craigslist go back to craigslist you won’t find a boyfriend here to have gay marriage with
        You support homosexuality, in a logical sense you are gay as a reason why you support it.
        I mean why would a black man support KKK? Makes no sense.

        1. Because only idiots believe in an “us vs them” attitude to homosexuals and heterosexuals.
          I know about craigslist because I’m alive in the 21st century.
          You seem to take my repressed homosexual comment to heart though.

  21. I used to live in Key West years ago. We had Gay cruise liners dock, and it was truly disgusting. Public anal sex on Duval street. Seriously. There were so many of them doing all sorts of sexual acts, that the local police just stood back. Locals simply were disgusted. However, the powers that be wanted the tourist dollars. Same thing is happening here.
    History is a cold mother. Perversions are always destroyed by Stronger Barbarians. Islam simply points out that the West is effeminate and perverted, fit only for destruction. Effeminate societies lose the will to fight off the Barbarians.

      1. Back around 1990 the cops weren’t all gay. There really wasn’t anything they could do to stop it. The locals would just stay away till they left. We were really concerned about the mosquito bites, however.

  22. Being Dutch I all too well know how this extravagant cockcircus looks like. In our capital they have a “gaypride” every year. It’s fetishism. Even a lot homosexuals don’t agree that their sexual orientation is being put up for display like that, because it’s without any boundaries and shameless. Amsterdam was the gay capital of Europe for a long time. Being openly gay is being/was promoted by the socialist party that governs the city for dozens of decades now. (like cockroaches, can’t exterminate them) The ironic thing is that the gay friendliness of Amsterdam suffered tremendously from the aggressive immigrants this socialist party welcomed with open arms since 1970. Kissing and walking hand in hand now is asking for a beating from the local Islamic youth.
    you can be gay as you want as far as I’m concerned, walk hand in hand give somebody a goodbye kiss. I don’t care. But walking in your leather string and advocating butt sex in the capital? That’s just wrong. I even would call it a disgrace. Because it has nothing to do with acceptance anymore.

    1. i honeslty find that hilarious. Who would have thought that mass Islamic immigration would slightly help curb this gay biz. I dont advocate violence towards gays but at the same time they need to know their place, which the muzzies seem to help doing.

      1. Well, I don’t agree with them beating up men because they like a cock in their mouth. Actually it’s pretty sad they let themselves go being violent, it’s a sign of fear. However, that gaypride should be forbidden asap. Protest, hold a march or something.

    2. It’s a catch 22 with them. They complain about the stereotype but then this parade comes along. They actually create the problem and then point fingers at everyone else.
      Where do people get this concept of gay people? Just watch a gay parade and find out. You can’t make this shit up.

  23. Any way to block the gay trolls and prevent them from hijacking the comments, like they’ve done with so many parades like marti gras, and st patricks day?

  24. Here’s an interesting idea……most people have no idea just how skilled the ISIS IT apparatus really is. I’m all for folks leaving an indelible footprint. You see, the people who don’t understand Islamic terror tactics are the ones who will be killed. Before someone says that’s ridiculous, study the applied tactics. Yep, feminists and the Homosexuals are easy targets.

  25. Well at least there’s some mild morbid humor out of the executions in the middle east, I lol’d at the “now gay men can fly” comment.
    Maybe if these queers would lobby congress to take more drastic action on the extremist groups that exterminate their kind it would show they are serious about this ‘identity’ they all have. But their collective intelligence and direction is driven by semen and shit, not logic and reason.

  26. agreed,fucking hell.I dont give a shit if u fuck another man in the ass.Why must u walk around in nothing but a pink thong?Fucking faggots

    1. Children raised in gay households are more likely to suffer mental problems, more likely to end up gay themselves and, if raised by lesbians, almost certain to witness domestic abuse.

        1. and noticed how much it is not reported on by the news stations (main stream media).
          These are two groups (women and lesbians) that they don’t want displayed in a negative light because of the almighty dollar (that corporations could lose out on if they pissed them off).

      1. Because the Catholic University of America is clearly going to be unbiased.
        Whereas actually respected studies find children raised with a homosexual couple test virtually identical to heterosexual raised kids (in some the heterosexual couples tested higher, in others the homosexual raised kids but within the margin of error for the study).

        1. Because being Catholic implies bias? Look, it’s a university, which means it’s infected with the same toxic cultural Marxism as all the other Universities in the western world. And besides, us Catholics are taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. The current pope is a happy little SJW, just like you. The fact that the writer of the article that I linked, Milo Yiannopoulos is Catholic AND openly gay explodes your shallow little hypothesis there buds. The research cited by Milo is entirely valid. I note you left out any citations for your “respected studies.” I wait with anticipation for some evidence to back up your outrageous claims.

  27. In olden days a glimpse of stockings
    Was looked on as something shocking
    Now heaven knows
    Anything goes
    Good authors too who once knew better words
    Now only use four-letter words
    Writting prose
    Anything Goes
    The world has gone mad today
    And goods bad today
    And blacks white today
    And days night today
    When most guys today
    That women prize today
    Are just silly gigolos
    The above written by the great American songwriter Cole Porter. How ironic.

      1. This is from the 1934 musical of the same name, Anything Goes” with music and lyrics by Cole Porter. There was another revival of this musical in 1962 and the song endured some revisions to the words. Porter, an iconic American song writer in the same vein as other greats such as Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael.

        1. Could be. So far I have left out that Cole Porter, from one of the wealthiest families in the state of Indiana was gay, only they called it homosexual back then. He went against his family’s wishes and became a party guy and as previously stated one of the most famous song writers of the Tin Pan Alley era. Of course he led the wild party lifestyle and yes he was married. That is what successful professional homosexual men did in that era. It was a marriage of convenience, she a socialite and he a famous song writer. Apparently despite it all they were devoted to each other in a sense. So I found it ironic that a gay man wrote a song decades ago that reminds me of the decadence of today’s life in the West. A photo of Porter and his wife Linda Lee Thomas.

  28. It was last year that I made the connection between homosexuality and low-socioeconomic status.
    When I went to the pride parade last year in Toronto with my friends after coming back from a trip in Europe my reaction was just “Holy shit… why does everyone here look so unhealthy and poor?” You see the occasional super-fit hairless gay-dude but the majority of the crowd looks like they’ve been living in cat-infested run-down homes.
    I recently moved into that area for work and guess what I found? Cat-infested run-down homes… Huh… Whouda thunk it?
    I’m not against people having freedom to do what they want on their own time, but I clued in that the whole gay thing has gone off the rails. It’s just attention whoring at this point. Seems like a lot of them have nothing better to do.

  29. “Most cultural events feature music, dance, history and more featuring the best aspects of their culture, but gay cultural events feature irresponsible and deviant behavior. It is the duty of gays to make the changes they want to see. The LGBT community should come together to put an end to these parades, which only tarnish their reputation.”
    It won’t happen because aside from debauchery, gays and the like have nothing of worth to contribute to any culture, at least nothing that isn’t already contributed and done better by others. Deviant sex is what defines them.

  30. As a thought exercise, I’ve already begun planning how one would take down libertartds such as these. Unfortunately the initial stages echo hauntingly of Jonestown’s origins.
    Except there will be power armour based upon such a simple concept it is surprising no one has ever considered it…

  31. Last year’s pride parade in my city led to naked grown men in public places, exposing themselves to children, and used condoms all over the place the next morning.

  32. I personally don’t mind LGBT, but I personally observe only within single digits they practice “My jizz, my biz.”

  33. Biblical prophecy states that when the Last Days are close, the “sin of Sodom” (homosexuality) will be portrayed everywhere…

    1. be real, the majority of countries in the world dont allow gay marriage (russia, the african continent, etc).
      Unless you’re assuming god only really cares what Americans are doing (which given our massive success, I suspect that could be true).
      Given American WASPS have driven the world of progress in the U.S., I supposed once white americans embraced liberalism and homosexuality I supose the rest of the world will tank with it as well, so maybe in that sense you’re right.
      It’s not like any of these other cultures could create a 1st world society the way WASPS have. Once WASPS go down, the whole world will go down too.
      Futhermore, Just because the U.S. economically collapses and our jobs / standard of living fall, that definitely doesn’t mean the world has ended. Only from our arrogance, ambition and lust for material goods are we headed for a ‘end of days’ where you wont have the purchasing power you want.
      You could live in a wood hut with no running water or electricity and be perfectly happy. I’m not sure how everyone thinks ‘end of days’ equates with a lower standard of living.

      1. The bible wasn’t the only source for end of days prophecies: a lot of soothsayers were folk who used to stare into the reflection on water in a bucket, amerindian shamans, etc . All the prophecies are lining up, and Christianity has nothing to do with it

    2. If you’re going to cite the bronze age goat herders, at least do it correctly. The ‘sin of Sodom’ was greed. Ezekiel 16:49 “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

      1. You forgot about Jude, verse 7: “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to immoral sex, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”
        Inhospitality doesn’t seem to explain why all of the men in Sodom wanted to have sex with the angels.

        1. 1) Yahweh was going to destroy the city before the angel incident.
          2) Angels aren’t human, so it isn’t homosexuality pretty much by definition.
          3) Yes lack of hospitality does explain the ritualised rape of outsiders as an act of humiliation, nothing to do with same sex attraction.
          4) Lot clearly thought the mob liked women as well, hence him offering his virgin daughters to them.
          But again, Ezekiel tells us what the sin of Sodom was unequivocally. It’s just a message of economic justice is harder for some people to take than hating on people who are different.

  34. When will people learn just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Using this rediculose liberal tolerance logic one could argue maybe I’m just born to kill lgbt people, don’t opress me for that. A line must be drawn, if everyone is to accept and tolerate everything and everyone we may as well decend back to the dark ages and stay there.

  35. My fellow citizens have a very effective way of dealing with Gay Pride Parades: ignore them completely, give these sickos zero attention!

  36. Here is something truly appalling from a gay pride parade. Just saw it on Roosh V Forum. Young boy twerking with pedos salivating…
    Who the hell is raising [grooming] this kid? A few years back, as a libertarian, I was generally in favor of gay rights. Not anymore. This is just evil:

    1. the left are like women….they aren’t reasonable, if you give them what they want they will start demanding more and throwing it in your face.
      you assume they have integrity and they don’t

      1. Another week on this site, another thing I wish I could unsee.
        Lawyers on this site- does this not violate some sort of child endangerment laws?

    2. Like you, this Libertarian supported their cause in the ’80s.
      If I had it to do over again, I would have fought them. They were never interested in Liberty. They were and are obsessed with punishing all who disagree with them.

  37. “Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely. Politicians, professors, college students, Tumblr “bloggers” and crew will continue to cheer such nonsense on, enabling them to continue their self-destructive behavior.”
    What makes it worse is that it is not limited to their self destruction, but rather the destruction of society

  38. A larger problem is the transformation of gay rights and other sexual identity issues into serious politics
    If you vote based on whether or not you support gay rights, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote

    1. Rachel Dolazel – first black female bi-racial bi’sexual.
      “Vote for Dolazel because it feels right.”

        1. The consent issue is not as black and white as you libtards try to make it. If it were then every country would have the same age of consent but they don’t. Within the United States alone there is a difference. In some States the AoC is 16, in others it’s 17 and then in some it’s 18. Which one is the “correct” one? None of them? How do you decide? One thing is certain is they can’t all be right.
          Hey what’s the word you libtards like to use? Social construct? Yeah, I believe that’s what the age of consent is. It’s not a fixed, objective truth. It can change just like it always has. Pedophiles demanding their rights is not as far off as you like to pretend. Back in the 70’s Nambla use to march in the gay pride parades, it wasn’t until the media started giving it bad PR that they kicked them out.

        2. Tell that to the trans and homos that want elementary student to see them commiting sexual acts in public and teach it in school

        3. If the pedo rights movement succeeds, It would be a glaringly hypocritical. We live in a culture in which if an eighteen year old boy has consensual sex with a fifteen year old girl, he is considered a rapist.
          And now we are beginning to have talks about middle aged perverts fucking little children. Some people behave as if this is not rape but an expression of sexual orientation. Fucking hypocrites.

        4. Again, tell me when children became adults capable of consent?
          A world of difference than two adult men or adult women having consensual sex.

    1. What a nag. Say “nay” to sex with animals. He’s my “daaaaaaaaddddddeeeeeee”. Left me a little horse. Quit clucking around you bitch.

  39. As you probably know by now, in Ireland we just voted for gay marriage. Not that that’s anything surprising, coming from a feminized hellhole like Ireland.
    Tom Crean: Irish hero from 100 years ago. Barely literate yet he went to Antarctica with Ernest Shackelton. (Video in Gaelic with subtitles)

    Panti Bliss: Irish hero today schmoozing with some sleazy politicians.

      1. But the laws are pretty much the same everywhere, and really its the federal government that most people have the biggest problem with. Sure if you love pot you can move to Colorado or something but otherwise the laws and taxes are roughly the same, higher property taxes here, lower sales taxes there, it always works out to roughly the same level of oppression.

  40. The original intent of “gay rights” was simply homosexuals wanting to be left alone. The Stonewall Riots were about not having their bars and other spaces raided frequently by the NYC vice squads. I think most fair minded Americans can agree that people causing no harm to others should be left alone and that largely became the consensus by the 1980’s. Most homosexuals were happy with that and went about their lives.
    Then around the early 90’s liberals needed some more votes so they co-opted the gay rights movement. The polling showed that homosexuals would tend to vote more libertarian/conservative (despite the objections from the religious right) because they benefited from the financial policies of the Republican party. By the Left making homosexuals thinking they were being discriminated against because they could not legally marry (most did not care at the time as they viewed marriage as simply a heterosexual institution and didn’t mind it staying that way). Again, liberals needed the votes. Convince around 3% of the population that used to vote one way to vote the other way and you start winning the close elections liberals were losing in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
    We are probably going to get national gay marriage here in a few weeks when the Supreme Court rules. After that it will be interesting to see liberals once again abandon gay rights. And I predict in five year gay “marriage” is hardly going to be a thing. Homosexuals are not interested in marriage. If they are it is usually a temporary arrangement (just look at the divorce rate among gay marriages…properly reported it is darn well close to 90%).

    1. Actually no that’s not true at all.
      Although it is hard to read the data long term since homosexual marriage hasn’t been around long enough to fairly compare heterosexual and homosexual divorce.
      In Belgium only 14% for homosexual male couples for example.
      Now as I said it isn’t fair to compare the two since heterosexual divorce rate would include couples who split after 20, 30 and 40 years which obviously homosexual couples can not have been married that long.

      1. America is not Belgium. America is distinctly different then European cultures. Comparing the two is apples and oranges. The average length of a gay marriage is about two years. The divorce rate is high most likely around 90% when you sort out the static and lack of long term data. The only difference with gay marriages as opposed to real marriages is that monogamy is not read into the marital contract. Even if gays stay married, at least male to male “marriages”, they are distinctly different in their arrangement. When real surveys are done the number one reason why homosexuals even bother to marry is dispersion of material assets after death.

        1. Actually the divorce rate of homosexual couples is around d half that of heterosexual couples in America.

        2. Not to mention how polygamous these gay couples are there is no reason for gay marriages
          They can write a will without the marriage if it’s asset care

    2. Homosexual acts were illegal back then the same as prostitution is today. And just as the vice squad tries to entrap men today with undercover female cops, the vice squad then would go to homo bars and if they were propositioned then arrest the fag. The fags at the Stone Wall bar were likely acting in a very indiscreet manner to have attention drawn to them. Although the bar was not in a really populated area there were still people living in the area who probably complained to the cops about fags having sex in alleys, outside their doorway ,in cars etc. The same would happen if men/women were doing these things near a bar where they meet and neighbours complaining. I don’t know if the Stone Wall bar has reopened but it closed shortly after the riots. I won’t be at all surprised if it becomes some sort of protected national monument lol

  41. took the words right out of my mouth. Very well stated. Thank God I have never witnessed much from these parades, whether in real life or online, but the tiny bit I have I puked a little. Even those pictures in these articles are vile and disturbing.
    and KIDS ARE BROUGHT TO THESE EVENTS. Bloody hell, the Western world is so far up it’s ass.

    1. Gay pride is nothing more than a conversion rally; come be like us and you too can do what you want in the streets without fear. When they involve children of course it’s pedophilia; it’s about SEXUALITY. Sexual anything directed towards kids – including heterosexual stuff – is pedophilia, so why is this any different?

  42. I own my own business and work almost every weekend. My young daughter was going to the office with me one Saturday. We were delayed by about 45 minutes as a “pride” parade passed.
    He question for me was, “Daddy, why is that man spanking the other man?”
    If heterosexuals engaged in these “simulated” sex acts in public, they would be arrested. Rightfully so.

  43. Feminists coined the phrase linking the personal with the political a few decades ago. It has only metastacized since then. I think they are wrong. I don’t really care who fucks who in what orifice but we don’t need a tax-payer subsidized parade to validate it. We don’t need laws granting special privileges to gay ass fuckers.

  44. As others have said, I don’t believe in unearned pride, nor undeserved guilt; therefore, white/black pride, guilt, etc. are all bullshit.

  45. the gays are out of their mind. The only reason such a small minority has gotten such a considerable influence is because of the herd behavior of the female of the species. This is what happens when your have emotions without any intellectual activity. Misguided sympathy. The homosexual agenda is poisoning the West irreversibly with their vulgarity and depravity. Repulsion not sympathy should be the appropriate response but I don’t think the women are interested in using their brains. I guess you also have some pansy men who want to please the women and be politically correct supporting this travesty as well.

  46. Let’s try to see some positives about gay people here… other than HIV statuses (badadish!). Most importantly, every gay guy means one more woman for the rest of us. Some gays are inherently better at design, cutting hair, fashion and other niche things that may not be the most important things in the world, but still make up parts of our lives. Aparently, Silicon Valley is full of them too. And they’re good as male friends for your GF that you know won’t fuck them. Makes you feel a bit like ancient rulers who had eunuchs taking care of their harem, except you don’t need to house and feed them. They might even learn your girl to give killer BJs if you’re lucky.
    Sure, a lot of gay culture is degenerate. Hedonist, selfish, irresponsible, promiscuous… You name it. But that’s mainly a problem for gay people. And things gay are a mine field of political correctness. But that’s not an inherently gay problem that doesn’t go away before gay people do, it’s a part of our problem with political correctness.
    If you want to win a battle, you need to get the allies you can cooperate with, and at least avoid making unnecessary enemies. Also it’s important not to become the grumpy, angry, hostile mostly white and the odd black supremacists a lot of people would like us to be. If MRA turns into that, we’re destined to fail.
    (no homo)

  47. Katlin “BruceyBoy” Jenner is scheduled to receive a “courage” award at this year’s ESPN Espy’s. Is it any surprise that Disney (Kiddy porn central) is making this event universally available , for the first time, on the over-the-air ABC network , instead of traditionally, hidden away on subscription cable ESPN. AGENDA AT LARGE on display for the masses.

  48. “Judeo-Christian” Actually, it’s just Christian. Please don’t repeat this mistake in the future.

  49. Sort of related, or not, but wanted to share this. I found this written on a chick’s profile on a dating site:
    I am NOT attracted to:
    Effeminate men, LGBTQIAFRWFAFJGARGF…, polyamorous/open/mostly
    non-monogamous relationship types, cuckolds, cross-dressers,
    sissies, sexually submissive, the yes-dear-whatever-you-say-dear
    – the look-at-me-I-am-so-good-and-enlightened politically correct
    self-loathing joyless saviors of the world (including modern male
    feminists), who are perpetually offended on other people’s behalf
    and willing to bend over backwards for the “oppressed” (but not
    actually doing anything, except being self-righteous and demanding
    that others carry out their brilliant ideas of Utopia and bear the
    social and other costs) in order to try to get “likes” from their
    equally brainwashed peers and feel good about themselves, screaming
    that those who don’t share their views (or are simply guilty of
    existing), are fired, thrown in jail, shot or at least re-educated,
    all in the name of tolerance and diversity, yay!
    Good to see a glimmer of hope every now and then. 🙂

  50. The zombie bots that support the pride marches only reinforce the evangelical degeneracy. They only want to evangelize and convert non gays and break families. And the fugly women lining the street watching the parades are local lesbians or sympathizers. They could be your co workers or even related to you. They’re probably nasty to be around and would back stab or undermine your family to no end, but you see them so elated and jubilant at a degenerate pride march. That’s the only place they’re at peace. The worst thing you can do is let them in your home or around your family. They’re toxic for the traditional family.
    In your younger years, you may be tolerant of them and let them breach your sphere, but a mature surviving family learns to be weary. It’s ok to be rude to them. Hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way that some folks you just don’t allow in your house. I used to be friendly and chat up anyone but with a family you do just the opposite, you discriminate first and then patronize or at least be neighborly to other pro traditional family types, even if they’re young and haven’t yet started a family. They’re still all worth more than the gender mutant death cult.
    But the people with the fag bug up their ass, you give them a blunt ‘good bye’ that sticks. The damage they cause isn’t worth being nice and welcoming to them. They’re also the worst statist pig squealers around, almost as bad as the ‘see something say something’ retards that come out of ‘special ed’ class with the thick glasses and ten pounds of keys on their belt.

  51. I lived in Long Beach, CA for 7 years right on Ocean Blvd. Every year the Pride Parade went by right in front of my apartment. I had to see fat dykes and homos gyrating in speedos marching by. I couldn’t imagine having kids and them witnessing this degenerate shit.

  52. So gays have no rights eh? Let’s see:
    Gays can indulge in as much debaucherous sex as they want to, can have 365 different sexual partners a year, and get it on in the men’s room anytime they want to and NEVER GET PREGNANT.
    That’s right. No unplanned pregnancies, no paternity tests, no lifetime of child support, no single moms to worry about. Just keep on sticking your dicks in shit.
    Gays can walk up to other gays in a bar and say “let’s fuck bitch” and get it on in the men’s room. Try doing that with a woman and see what happens.
    Gays have their gay pride parades. When’s the last time you saw a straight pride parade?
    And they still complain they haven’t enough rights.

  53. I got caught in one a couple of years ago. The most disturbing thing about the whole thing was the MOTHER’S at the parade with their children, forcing them to watch the sick spectacle.

  54. When a homosexual makes the argument they where born gay I believe them, I trully do. Man is born capable of all kinds of feats but I was born with the ability to be gay also I chose not to be. I was born taking dumps on myself and pissing on my self and slobbering on myself, I had to be taught not to. When you see little children they are incredibly selfish and mean, you see kids strike each other and its all mine,mine, mine why don’t we tolerate that behavior in adults. It is counterproductive, if one can’t learn to share they will have a rough life. Or if one doesn’t learn to use the restroom or speak proper English they are way behind the curve. What we see is uncivilized heathens attempting to sneak in, well they are very succesful. And the heathen looks just like a normal person they make 50k a year drive a Prius just like you, but inside they are uncivilized. It is readily apparent they flaunt their double standard everywhere, it’s ok if you claim to be a women if you spent x amount of dollars but if you claim to be black we will out you , disgrace you. One cannot keep up with what’s acceptable or not. But these people keep gaining power and clout and before you know it they’ll be tossing you in jail for a post like this.

  55. Well done article. If I may add, homosexuals are a significant threat to public health. They make up a very small percent of the population but have the potential to infect millions of straight males and females.

    1. The worst offenders are the bi-sexuals who sleep with gay men then sleep with promiscuous women which is why there has been such an increase in women contracting AIDS.

  56. Ah yes, my dear commenters. Because letting all couples, whether or not they identify as same-sex or not, marry and have children is such an abomination.
    That is privileged? You all are truthfully, incredibly ignorant if you think that is the case. If we are going to point of the case of having no mother or father on Mother/Father’s day, how about single parents, or children with estranged mothers/fathers, and about the traditional American family?
    Wouldn’t children adopted into a straight family think they’re in a normal family, unless someone says: OH NO. YOU WEREN’T BORN FROM YOUR MOTHER’S WOMB AND YOU LIVE WITH THIS WOMAN? YOU’RE AN ABOMINATION AND YOUR FAMILY IS TOO.
    The only reason these children grow up so fucked up is because of the stress of never being good enough for homophobic and misogynistic assholes like you ^_^ which further contributes to the ‘statistics’ you people happily point out. The sexual assault and the charges pressed on people who happen to be gay are true, yes, because victims should always be taken seriously no matter the sexuality/gender/race of the attacker… but notice how The majority of these attacks are performed by those not identifying on the LGBT+ spectrum.
    Personally I find the parades rather garish myself. I grew up learning class from a young age. I hold doors for others, I pay it forward by occasionally leaving a large tip for a waitress that looks to be having a bad day. Equality is not so much about overtaking the rights of others, it is about accepting the differences of others and offering them the same opportunities.
    Myself, I identify as bisexual. I was never exposed to any pride parades, etc, and actually had a rather grey-area homophobic family growing up in a small town. I had a normal childhood with no molestation, I experienced the normal bit of teasing every kid does and dealt with those problems as they came. I realized my own bisexuality and thought it was just the norm in around first grade, when little kids have their first crushes. My first crush, a little boy… and then once I lost interest in him, I noticed the really pretty new girl who loved the same games I did and was very funny. I didn’t come out until early middle school, due to later noticing the way my brother made fun of the lesbian couple at the supermarket, or how my parents were complaining about the gays trying to get rights. I came out and was quite scared, although everyone had pretty much known and my mom’s acceptance and curiosity of my difference soared.
    TL;DR: I don’t like the distasteful and garish pride parades, but like the message of: We’re here and that’s okay~ Equality is not equal to overtaking rights, just accepting difference and offering the same opportunities without judgment from others, Sexual assault/misconduct is performed by a majority of non-LGBT spectrum people and anyone can be a victim or suspect. I never got sexually abused, had straight parents, who were grey-area homophobes and still knew I was bisexual by ages 5-6 (years ago, and have only dated guys even after coming out) Nobody really has the right to judge. We’re all different and it’s totally cool.

    1. Yes, most ROK readers generally believe the traditional family is the best for children, and deviations from that get worse to varying degrees depending on the situation.
      You are showing a large part of the problem as to why people are starting to backlash more and more against “progressive” liberal SJW, LGBT, and feminist shit. You see no problems with your own side, and any issues that you do you try to brush off on the rest of society, “homophobia,” those evil right wingers, misogyny, or anything else you can. You think more about what feels good to you than you do about the larger society as a whole. If it makes you feel bad then it’s not good. You never stop to think “maybe LGBT people do have their own internal issues that aren’t related to what they feel is the oppressive outside world.”
      You have a huge chip on your shoulder. You feel the need to tell everyone your life story when nobody gives a fuck. Nobody gives a shit about your sexual identity or your parents. We don’t care about your attempts to garner sympathy by showing us how “oppressed” you were. If I told you about how hard it was for me growing up as a white boy in Detroit you would probably brush it off and say I’m trying to mansplain or whitesplain. Nobody else would give a fuck about my woe is me anecdotal sob story either, and they shouldn’t. We care more about the whole of society than some girl’s feelings. A girl who feels the need to share her life story and show her smug face on the internet to all the strangers in a comments section she thinks she’s enlightening.

    2. I have a right to judge because I have standards because I have self respect.
      If fags don’t want to be judged they should isolate themselves in SF and never leave.
      But we all know that isn’t going g to happen. This isn’t about rights or pride it’s about attention and rent seeking (muh shekels).
      In other words, shove it up your empowerment hole.

  57. “[B]ut gay cultural events feature irresponsible and deviant behavior.” That is their culture.

  58. Homosexual “pride” parades always looked like just an excuse for exhibitionism and for an orgy to me.

  59. A couple of things. . . When these school kids come out as gay and complain about thier issues, yadda, yadda. . . How do they know they’re gay unless they’ve been sexually active? And then you have to ask with who? An adult, of course. Nobody’s asking that question. It’s like there’s a conspiracy to push the kid’s “rights” as gays over the fact that crimes have been committed by adult homosexuals. Especially lesbians who work their way into high school sports programs.
    Another thing the gays keep quiet, is the fact that gays have been behind some pretty terrible events in history. From Nero, to Hitler, to McCarthy, to the Neo-Cons, gays have been behind the scenes doing work that normal, sane humans couldn’t be forced to do at gunpoint. They’re not normal sane people.

    1. You seem to have a limited understanding of human sexuality. It doesn’t just involve sexual intercourse. It also encompasses who we fall in love with and feel attraction to. Didn’t you know you were straight even before you ever had sex? Didn’t you ever have a crush on a girl or even a female teacher? Don’t girls get crushes on boy bands. I’ve known I was gay since I was 8, long before I even knew what sex was or even what the word homosexual meant.
      Straight people and religious people have been behind FAR more horrible things than gay people but that doesn’t mean all straight or religious people can be vilified. In fact Hitler sent gays to the concentration camps, which is where the pink triangle symbol comes from (it was the tattoo that identified people as being gay).
      In fact, Willem Arondeus was a gay Dutch artist who joined the Dutch anti-Nazi resistance movement during World War II. He participated in the bombing of the Amsterdam public records office to hinder the Nazi German effort to identify Dutch Jews. When he was caught and sentenced to death his last words were “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards”.
      Alan Turing was a gay man who is considered to be the father of modern computing. His code-cracking skills saved millions of lives from destruction by the Nazis during WWII.
      Mark Bingham was a gay man on Flight 93 on 9/11 who helped fight back against the hijackers, saving the lives of everyone in Congress or in the White House.
      So you might want to learn more about the role gay people have played in our history.

      1. No, actually Caligula and Nero’s advisors where gay. And the several of the top guys who started Hitlers “Final Solution” were gay. Also, the Neo-Cons in our current political system who wreaked havoc on the world economy and in the Bush wars practically make being gay a requirement. Alan Turing. . .Really? He witheld information that could have save many more thousands of civilian lives because he wanted to manage his invention’s PR. Hey, the more horror to civilians, the more he’d be hailed as hero in the end. . .Right? Youre arguments are based on “advocacy research” that conveniently sidesteps real history, and the homosexual’s contribution to some pretty disturbing facets of the human race. For being such a small percentage of the human race, gays have certainly made a horrific impact on the rest of us

        1. Could you tell us just what Turing withheld that negates the fact that he saved millions of lives?
          in the end, Hitler himself was straight and had straight advisors too, yet we don’t use that as an excuse to paint all straight people, all Germans or all Christians as evil. The point of all of this is that gay people AND straight people have the same capacity for good and evil.
          In fact, here is a list of well-known historical and cultural figures who were gay or bisexual. I dare you to prove that most of them caused evil and horror.

        2. An even better challenge for you would be to point out how homosexuality has harmfully impacted society here in MA. We’ve had gay marriage here for 12 years and for years before that, gay people have found more acceptance here than in most other places. Could you show us EXACTLY what horrific harm gay people have brought upon everyone else? Last I checked, society has go on as normal, the sky hasn’t fallen, it’s basically been a non-issue. Where is this damage you speak of?

        3. Oh, and by the way, Martin Luther King, Jr. had a close gay friend who advised him, as Republican Senator John McCain had a gay advisor. Gay people are just as diverse as straight people. To paint them all as evil is simplistic and dishonest. Not to mention it is completely disrespectful to American heroes like Mark Bingham and the thousands of gay citizens who have defended our country throughout our history.

  60. Hi guys. Filthy bisexual degenerate here, and Pride Parades disgust me. The gay movement these days is fast becoming the equivalent of modern Feminism. I’ve lost gay friends when I mocked a trade unionist cockroach, criticised promiscuity within the gay community, poked fun at pride parades. Although, to be fair, Uganda does a mean pride parade. Rainbow robes, and dignified marching. In a country where homosexuals are murdered by the State. THAT, takes balls. Not dressing like a stripper and pissing everyone off.

  61. Transgenders freak me out more than gays. I’m not even going to talk about Vaginal Dilation. It makes you think Transgenders have some sort of severe mental disorder.

  62. You clearly need to educate yourself on the history of gay pride events. They did indeed start out as a means of bringing attention to the mistreatment of gay people in THIS country under OUR system of government and in OUR society. It was very much a political movement. But it also became a celebration of the diversity of gay people, including those who enjoy their sexuality despite having it used to demonized them.
    One of the first gay rights groups was the Mattachine society which staged protests in “pressed pants” and they didn’t get anywhere. If gay people were to wait around for people to accept them to get their civil rights, they’d still be waiting. The only way forward was to become more radical and demand those rights.
    And just what is so horrible about having a positive, humorous attitude towards sexuality? Especially when your sexuality is going to be used against you no matter how palatable you try to make it for some people. Just because someone doesn’t have a negative view of sex doesn’t mean they’re perverted. It’s just a drag queen or a leather guy. Who cares?
    Gay pride parades aren’t about putting on a front for straight people to like us better. It’s a chance for all of us to be who we are, even straight people. That’s why, if you bother to look, you won’t just see leather men at pride events, but also gay parents, church groups and civic leaders. You can find any kind of gay person if you really wanted to.
    We can’t do much about the mistreatment of gay people in other countries (though there are certain human rights groups that call attention to it; I don’t know where you get the idea that gay people just don’t care about it). But there is definitely a lot we can do for ourselves here.
    The idea that pride parades should take place in dangerously homophobic areas makes about as much sense as the idea that St. Patrick’s Day parades should only happen in traditionally anti-Irish neighborhoods.
    But yes, as gay people have won more equality there is less focus on politics and there is more of a celebratory tone, which is great. We deserve to celebrate and cut loose after all we’ve overcome. I don’t know why you think it’s so ghastly to be happy and colorful and expressive.
    Even some gay people think pride events should be more political or less corporate. But you can’t please everyone.

  63. All y’all:
    If we want to get Trump elected, we have to start posting on facebook.
    If you’re shy, you don’t have to say you’re a Trump supporter. Just say something like, “I can’t believe we have to choose between the lesser of two evils” or “I have Clinton Fatigue”
    And then let her pictures do the talking. Anyone who sees her, I mean, really SEES her, won’t be able to vote for her. It goes against human nature.

  64. You have absolutely no idea what these parades are for. Yes. Some of it is to reach out to people and tell them that we are here. And that we aren’t backing down just because YOU don’t like it! Pride Parades are a place where people who are rejected and frowned upon in the real world can get together with THEIR people. With people who face the same problems as they do. Who KNOW what they go through and just let go of their problems for one day! To just have fun! The pride parades are a place where the LGBT community can feel accepted. Where they can meet people who are just like them. They pick places that accept gays because NO ONE ELSE WILL LET THEM HAVE A PARADE THERE!! No one who’s against gays are going to be like. “Oh. You’re having a huge get together with a million people of which I despise?? Go ahead! You can have it here!!” And don’t bring race into this. Race has nothing to do with this. The LGBT community should be treated as equals no matter WHAT color there skin is. As should everyone in the world! And another reason for gay pride parades is to make a mockery of the stereotype given to gays. People think that all the LGBT community does is talk about dicks and have sex. But it’s not like that. And if you had done any research at all, you would know this. But know. You’re writing this entire thing on your beliefs as one pathetic homophobic human being.
    “Why do we still promote LGBT, a direct contrast to all religious beliefs that America has?” Why do we get divorced because of reasons OTHER than religious beliefs. Why do we promote eating a cheeseburger or anything that mixes meat and dairy because the Bible prohibits that too! (Exodus 23:19) Or mohawks or the quote unquote “f*ckboi” hair cut and styling your beard? For the bible states that cutting the hair on the sides of your head or clipping of the edges of your beard is prohibited. (Leviticus 19:27) And then there’s Leviticus 10:6 “Uncover not your heads, neither rend your clothes; lest ye die, and lest wrath come upon all the people.” And what about tattoos and piercings? Because Leviticus 19:28 states that “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” And what about mixed dog breeds? Because I’m pretty sure in Leviticus 19:19, “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind,” applies to pets too. Or sports on the “Sabbath Day?” The super bowl!!
    I did all of this research on the bible and what did you do??? You say on your butt and talked of false claims towards the LGBT community, basically damned them to a fiery afterlife in hell, and then claimed that you’re “not a homophobe.”
    I rest my case.

  65. I’m gay, and I’m not crazy about these events either, but geez… Live and let live. Do that, and I promise you’ll be a happier person.

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