Is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen The Future Of Right-Wing Politics?

Recently, the French political party, Front National, suffered a defeat, failing to win a single region in the second round of municipal voting. The defeat was a disappointment, as the party had done well in the first round of voting thanks to anti-immigration sentiment. However, one bright note is that the election saw the rise of an attractive new political star: Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

What is Front National?


Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National, and his granddaughter Marion

Front National was founded in 1972 by Jean-Marie Le Pen to unite various French nationalist movements. Because the party’s anti-Semitic and anti-immigration stances, Front National had a bad reputation in the French media and Le Pen was dubbed the “Devil of the Republic.”

When she took over leadership of the party in 2011, Jean-Marie’s daughter Marine sought to remove the offensive elements of the party in an effort to make the party more palatable to the general public. This included softening the party’s xenophobic image and purging it of anti-Semitism. That meant that she purged her own father, the founder of the party.

Today, Front National is characterized by being anti-immigration, especially against Islamic immigration. The party opposes the European Union as infringing upon France’s sovereignty. It has also adopted a mildly protectionist stance.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen


Marion, who is the granddaughter of the founder of Front National, became the youngest French MP in modern history when she was elected at age 22 back in 2012. In the most recent election, she won the first round by capturing 40% of the vote—the second highest percentage in France.

However, she lost in the second round because the Socialist party candidate dropped out and encouraged her supporters to vote for Nicholas Sarkozy’s “center right” Republican party candidate. In other words, the so-called leftwing party, and the so-called rightwing party, are so terrified of Front National that they are willing to work together to block it from coming into power. This makes me wonder how much tangible difference there is between the Socialists and Republicans in France—sort of like the Democrats and the Republicans in the US.

Despite her loss, Marion remains extremely popular. She is arguably more popular than her aunt Marine Le Pen, who is the head of the Front National party. Since she is only 26 years old, she will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in French politics.

But Marion’s appeal goes further. She’s become an inspirational figure for nationalist movements in other countries as well.

The secret of Marion’s popularity


Of course, the fact that Marion is young and attractive is part of her appeal. But if her popularity was merely the result of looks, we could just run beauty queens for political office. The real secret of Marion’s appeal comes from the fact that she is bold and unapologetic about her beliefs.

In a country that is highly secular and atheistic, Marion is a devout Catholic. She is openly pro-life and against gay marriage even though we are regularly told that those positions are on the “wrong side of history.”

She is highly critical of Islam and how it relates to the French Republic. She has stated that Muslims could only be considered French if they adopt French “customs and a lifestyle” that have been shaped by 1500 years of Christianity, and if they speak French as their first language. She even opposes schools providing substitute meals to conform to Muslim’s halal rules.

In a recent speech, Marion sounded very much unlike American politicians who reduce American culture to nothing more than consumerism:

‘We are not a land of Islam,’ she declared. ‘In our country, we don’t wear djellaba clothing, we don’t wear a veil and we don’t impose cathedral-sized mosques.’

How Marion’s message applies to American politics


Mos Eisley Cantina or your local Starbucks

Democrats and the “cuckservative” GOP establishment are horrified by the bold language that Marion uses. Their vision of the United States is the Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina—a hodgepodge of different peoples and cultures holding nothing in common except the compulsive drive to buy more stuff. American politicians are terrified of offending any group of potential voters so they make no demands upon anyone.

This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when being a US citizen resulted in real benefits, but it also entailed real responsibilities. President Theodore Roosevelt wrote:

We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.

The lesson that the popularity of people like Marion Le Pen and Donald Trump have for American politicians is that the voters are tired of being ignored. They want their governments to put citizens first and globalist and corporate concerns second.

Time is running out for France

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.06.41 PM

While an appealing politician like Marion should give us hope, we should not delude ourselves into thinking that the future is inevitably bright. The window of opportunity for nationalist parties to win an election is becoming smaller every day due to demographic trends.

RVF poster Samseau noted that after this election, the left and “center-right” parties will likely increase Islamic immigration. Following French law, these immigrants will be eligible for French citizenship after five years. The probability that these new citizens would ever vote for a nationalist party is nil.

If Front National is not able to mount a victory in the 2017 presidential election, we may safely write off France as no longer being a distinctively Christian European country. It’s fate will be sealed. It will slowly but inevitably morph into another outpost of the Muslim Ummah.

It is no different in the United States. Although Donald Trump is not a nationalist in the same sense as Front National, he represents the last hope that the United States will see a government that desires to “promote the general welfare” of American citizens first.

If 2016 marks the election of Hillary or one of the globalist, donor-approved GOP candidates, immigration, both legal and illegal, will be increased. By the 2024 presidential election, the US will be reduced to a bunch of squabbling minorities, all vying against each other to grab the remaining government benefits.


Marion Maréchal-Le Pen represents a refreshing trend in politics: politicians who reject political correctness and who are unabashedly nationalistic. If these politicians are elected, they may be able to roll back the globalist policies that have made their citizens feel like foreigners in their own countries.

But the establishment forces are not going to give up easily. If they can collude to block the election of a beautiful, charismatic woman like Marion, they will do the same to any other politician who threatens to challenge their hegemony. If there was ever a time to register to vote and to be politically active, this would be it.

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141 thoughts on “Is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen The Future Of Right-Wing Politics?”

  1. I lived in France for 4 years. I went to France to study European integration as I used to believe that Europe represented the hope for the planet. There was a real cultural diversity but it was based on diversity with depth. A French person was really French and a German was really German. In France, you learned the greatness of France and the superiority of French culture. Yes, it could be exasperating at times, the cock-a-doodle do of these haughty French. But the culture of Voltaire and Moliere enriched my life, and I feel nothing but gratitude for France.
    But the new multi-culturalism is a destruction of culture. The new immigrants want the Germans to water down the study of Hegel and the French to water down their classes of Victor Hugo.
    I love diversity. Which is why I love Le Pen and the National Front. I am a macho dude, but I can also revere a Joan of Arc when I see one.
    (She is not only beatiful but at 26 years old kicked the rear-end of seasoned politician Juppe in a debate. She and her Auntie Marine can debate. I like Marine too, but she looks too much like some bitch who smokes Gauloises)

    1. Ha, Gauloises smoking bitches. I can remember so clearly. They were all like stunning until they were about 28 and then on 28 and one day fell totally apart.
      Sitting in café with a girl chain smoking gauloises (this is when the franc was still the currency and trading at 6:1 against USD) talking about the world and philosophy and music….serge gainsbourg….those were the days before I got cranky. I am going to sit back and smile a bit now. Thank you for the memory.

        1. Really ? I do not remember seeing them my 2nd time 88-90
          Maybe they were just less popular (and I did not smoke as much my 2nd time in France.)

        1. Ha!!!!!!!! Perfect.
          Of course they hit the wall anyway then. But they run directly through it in this case.

    2. Hegel? Voltaire? Hugo?!? Radicals the lot! Their respective contributions to the West have done nothing but lead us to our present self-destructive, hopeless world. That Europe could still find a place of praise for these men, sadly reflects the perpetual death grip the Enlightenment still has on the European mind. Despite this mad legacy’s place at the root of Europe’s destruction, it still retains a place of honor.
      It appears Europe would rather die of the disease, than accept the cure.

      1. Hegel was always against the rule of the mob. If you think of 20th century anti-democratic regimes, you have New Hegelians in the far left and Old Hegelians in the far right.
        If things are as they are it’s because Hegel’s ideas lost twice: firstly in 1945 and then in 1991.
        As for Voltaire… I know you are right, but even so, I liked reading “Candide” and it didn’t make me turn into a libtard.
        I agree that Enlightnment has brought us hell, but I would be careful dismissing authors. Even when wrong, they have something to show us. And it is our fault if we follow them insanely to the abyss.

      2. Actually I prefer Fabre Olivet myself. Few French have heard of him. He would have kept the radical secularist poison from taking over if he had been more prominent

  2. I never thought I would start arguing against democracy but this is ridiculous. Mainstream parties conspiring with eachothers against a third party is just fucked up. In the US it’s even worse. The White House meddled in the election campign by saying that Trump is disqualified from being a president. One, he’s more qualified than that fool Obama who makes these conspiracy theories about him being a secret muslim sound increasingly true right now, and two, the only thing that can decide if someone is disqualified for the presidency is the PEOPLE!
    The west is so fucked…

    1. Democracy combined with universal suffrage is a horrible thing.
      One of the few times democracy was “done right” was in the early days of the USA during which only landowners or people who paid poll taxes could vote. Those people were seen as “having skin in the game” and thus would be less likely to vote against the best interests of the country at large.

        1. hahaha this is exactly how I felt with the leftist propoganda at my university campus during Canada’s Justin Trudeau election.

        2. Lowering of the voting age has also caused problems. In fact because of the pernicious effect of college/university education the voting age might need to be raised from 18 to 23.

        3. It’s not that they are too young. It’s that they are too infantilized. They start working too old, they leave their parent’s homes too old, they play with toys untill too late, they marry and start having children too old.
          A 18 year old man from 1930 had more world and work than an average 50 year old now.
          And with the youth unemployment rates we’ve been having… Prepare for even worse.

        4. Some women over 40 at my work behave like 15 y.o. girls – idiotic laughing, I mean just hysterical sometimes, impulsive behaviour, and such. I cant stand most of them.

        5. I feel you. I have been on your shoes too many times these days. It is even worse at work, because if you are trying to be focused and competent at your job, having to cope with a bunch of “grown-up babies” is intolerable.
          And then I end up branded as being standoffish for trying to be professional.

        6. You are probably right, I always sensed there was something wrong but wasn’t sure till I was about 30

        7. The guy not only looks like he has downs he speaks like it. I’ve seen him taken on by a conservative woman in parliament and he comes across like a beta boy. He is 100% ass for sure.

        8. I think a minimum age of 35 is more in line with the framer’s intent. When the age was set at 21. At that age then this was a man (no women voted) that had completed his apprenticeship and was well into, or had completed, his journeyman status and was established in a trade. He was almost always married with several children. He was a participating member of the society. Can we say this of the typical 18 year old, or 21 yearold, or even 25 year old today?

        9. In an earlier time, people were made into adults at a much quicker speed. If those conditions were restored, then maybe 21 or 25 wouldn’t be harmful, but as it stands, prior to 30, people are too easily manipulated.

        10. Forget the age; everyone who pays more into the system than they take out (excluding federal contracters and employees) gets a vote.

        11. As part of researching around this article I looked for books on Amazon. I note there are several on pornographic addiction, both how the mechanism works and how to get out of it.

      1. Democracy cannot be done right. What you see today is the inevitable consequence of democracy. There will always be an incentive for politicians to extend “suffrage”.

        1. I’d argue that about any form of government. They all end up collapsing and being “reset,” often through violent means.

      2. That is called a republic. Opening up the vote to people who have no vested interest in the system is called democracy. Of course it is a little more nuanced that this. It would be a mistake to label the period from 1791-1803 a democracy, as Jefferson was the first president to step down the path where we arrive at today. In my opinion, democracy can never be done “right.” No democracy has ever lasted more than a few hundred years. Democracy destroy a culture.

        1. The classical republic it seems did not suffer from the usual memetic virus of egalitarianism of the french revolution that would very easily transform it into a democracy, instead Caesar make it into a Monarchy.

        2. In that view it would be in order to view the bigger picture. Monarchy was dead by napoleon’s time. It just needed to die, or it was controlled by lenders who helped it along it’s path. Further the early french republics were nothing more than dictatorships. The committee of public safety was a dictatorship, after all. And all my love for Napoleon, aside. My point is the classical world developed in a more organic state than those “organic” states of more modern times, which were funded. R member that the concept of a bank did not exist during classical Greece and rome.

        3. In my opinion, none. Regardless of any system ideals, that system is dependant upon the humans within that system, and humans will always choose what is most advantages to themselves.

        4. Indeed human nature determines the system. But which system is anti-fragile enough to handle human nature?

        5. Republic of America. The Republic of Rome through the military and the political power that Military success creates for its generals enabled its transition to a Monarchy.

    2. Funny how the fuck ups in government who fucked things up are there to say someone else is not qualified.

    3. Democracy and Communism are equally good in theory and equally bad in practice, because most of the people are fucking retards. That’s why we used to have Patriarchy. You couldn’t have one idiot who doesn’t know how to read have the same rights as an educated Lord. But now you can.

    4. The west IS fucked. Especially France. Of course they have historically been pretty fagged out.
      The day you need a 26 yr old hot blond to be your fucking savior is the day you deserve to get gang raped by every rabid Muslim you let in your bitch ass country you fucking imbeciles.
      Marine le pen ousted her own father so she could look palatable to other piss weak faggots.
      France, you are a bunch of fucking COWARDS!
      Where are the strong men? You are always lookin for some broad to come riding in on a pretty horse to save your fucking pathetic asses. You hate men like the founder of Front National who started the movement with your country’s true enemies in mind.
      Instead you let disgusting pedophiles and deviant faggots rule over you. Whatever evil God sends your way, know that all you fucking death cultists deserve that shit.
      Now burn in the fucking hell storm you made for yourselves. Fuck the lot of ya. No sympathy for you weaklings here.
      France, the omega incel pussy pedestalizer of the entire goddamn world.

      1. Instead you let disgusting pedophiles and deviant faggots rule over you.
        Literally, in the case of Belgium a few years ago.

        1. Belgium is Europe’s San Francisco. Too fucked up to even think about it. However, Sweden is always trying to catch up in the degeneracy championship…

      2. You are somewhat right. Not 100%. Because there is no “France”. It is a republican creation, with a big detachment from the people and the People. In other words, Paris, with the Cartier Latin and the infamous leftism it has been spewing, and with its effect on youth and culture, IS the great responsible for the whole problem.
        Normandie, Bretagne and all the other regions are against these developments… But they are not represented. The “democratic” institutions are nothing more than a cover of the true power, in the hands of Freemasonry, and its school of thought, the ENA.
        In normal conditions, this would not have happened, but France has a history too much bloody and its people has become exhausted of conflict. Since 1789 and until the fall of the Empire, with a few exceptional years, the French were always fighting in some conflict. A deeply survivalist and individualistic worldview grew within families, which makes popular mobilization much more difficult. And strong forces of cultural marxism have settled and rooted deeply in Paris, suppressing all opposition.
        If you add to that the people now living in the greater metropolitan areas, which are parasitic warmongering thugs of the islamic kind… The French must pray to Saint Denis and decide to dye or to fight once more and live. They seem to have too much difficulty doing it. And that is why the “new Joan of Arc” is a good relevant thing: they need to remember what has made their glory and why it is woth fighting for.

        1. Good insights. Sounds like a royal cluster fuck.
          Radical individualism is the other end of the polemic that is used to dialectecly destroy us.

    5. “I never thought I would start arguing against democracy…”
      Well it’s about time. It took you westerners long enough

      1. That’s unfair… Some families, like mine, had no democrats at all or just one or two… But you see… democracy only listens to the ones who vote, and those who don’t… are supposed to pretend to not exist. Even if they are roughly a third of the entire population.
        (And before someone starts calling me names, I follow Plato.)

    6. Democracy is just another one of those things we are taught that is completely and utterly wrong, at least in the modern day. It’s in the same boat as “woman are sugar and spice and all that’s nice.” Total and utter bullshit. Democracy is the enemy. What’s really sick is that America is squandering our wealth, our reputation, and our lives spreading “democracy” around the world.

    7. If you think that’s fucked up, try the Canadian system. At least you have an essentially 2 party system, no? That eliminates minority governments, which are useless. Also, my understanding is when you vote federally, the ballot lists the presidential candidates. Not so in Canada. Our ballots list the party candidates in your riding. What this means is that everybody goes to the polls with the federal leader they want in mind, and then vote for that party’s local candidate. What that means is that local politicians get elected not because of their personal credentials, but because of the party they belong too. Also, in a 3 party system, people are forced to vote strategically. Now that’s fucked up.

  3. I am pleased to see the successors to French Monarchists gaining ground. The French Revolution made a key mistake: Alexis De Tocqueville quite eloquently said that they put Equality over Liberty.
    Whenever a society values equality over liberty, Social Justice Warriors do horrific things, like behead nobles and anyone too bourgeois to the prole’s liking. The French Revolution was one big SJW’S murderfest.
    Indulging my British nationalism, I can proudly say that the Royal Navy and British Army nicely did away with them. Thank Wellington and Nelson.

    1. I agree with you 100%, but you guys did cheer up when the French revolution and its mayhem happened.
      When the crowns are back, I think we should go back to being best enemies.

      1. Initially, we did, sadly. But when Robspierre showed his true colors and Napoleon decided he wanted to conquer the world, things changed.

  4. I’m not particularly enthusiastic about Female Leaders, I don’t believe women should Lead Men, but since the Men aren’t doing anything except working to Maintain a Politically correct appearance, and the Average Man is more interested in Soccer than Being Au courant about the Issues facing his Country, if I was a Frenchmen I would Vote for her.

      1. You’d be surprised at some women’s political views. Not all of us are whinging lefties. Those of us who legitimately earned our success (through hard work and financial restraint) have just as much skin the game as anyone else in a similar position. And we don’t like “everybody wins, lets all pander to the lowest common denominator” government policies any more than you do. In fact, the whole reason why I came across this site is because Roosh sp? thoroughly outraged the city of Toronto last summer by attempting to hold some conference? the topics of which would evidently be considered offensive and sexist. Gasp! Not offensive and sexist! That’s a trigger!
        I probably wouldn’t agree with a lot of what the guy says, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to say it. I’m a big girl (figuratively, not literally), I can take an opposing viewpoint. In fact, I find it interesting. I certainly don’t need some unemployed, debt ridden twat[s] telling me when I should feel threatened or victimized. How insulting.
        The Left has become the very thing it originally opposed: a rigid, totalitarian regime.

        1. Egalitarianism due to its contradiction to reality must be imposed by force and hence it turns out totalitarian.

        2. It’s an SJW problem and it’s spreading to the millennial generation through social media such as Tumblr.

        3. Yeah, and millennial women can’t seem to stay away from social media, so in that sense it probably spreads faster through my sex. But that doesn’t make it entirely female driven. In any event, never underestimate the power of “real change” through social media. Just ask Joseph Kony. Oh wait. Never mind.

  5. I never thought I’d be cheerleading a female leader EVER. She’s the thirld female leader I’ve only had admiration for; the first two being Margaret Thatcher, and Marine Le Pen.

    1. Any female nationalist politician is still better than any of the male globalist cucks.

      1. I agree with you, except that I would question whether guys like Jeb Bush qualify as being described as men.

      1. You mean Orville Redenbacher? The one who forced demented sex education on our children?

        1. You know she’s the one. How in the world a person with kids and grandkids all of a sudden decides to go full lesbo?

    2. I’m a woman, and I loved Maggie. Don’t know much about the other two. Then again, get a couple of beers in me and I make Ayn Rand look like a bleeding heart 😉 I take it you’re Canadian? Trudeau supporter I presume? (Just kidding).

      1. I’m often uncomfortable with the generalisations made about women on these sites particular when they are insolent. For one I find conservative women generally more intelligent, you can sense their sharpness, perhaps because requires a certain amount of extra intelligence to resist the pervasive and pernicious culture they are surrounded with.
        I can understanding the kind of demystification of women as somehow higher moral beings or eternal victims is essential so that men start making balanced choices and therefore women and society as a whole as well. This demystification should not in any way lead to automatic disrespect. The tendency of women to display kindness often has them make extremely rash choices in political decisions that can cause long term damage.m Kindness is essential, rashness, the kind Merkel is doing now, is not.

        1. Women (not all but some) do need to stop playing the victim. We have everything our mothers and grandmothers fought for. Now it’s time to act with responsibility. Playing the constant victim card is insulting to me and every other woman who achieved their success, both personal and professional, through hard work and responsible behaviour. And yes, Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis is shortsighted and potentially dangerous, which is weird because I thought her approach to the Greek debt crisis was fairly balanced. Those who think Greece should just sink aren’t considering the broader economic implications. As for rash decisions being a female trait, traditionally perhaps, but I still trust Merkel more than Canada’s (my) new Prime Minister. The left in general make rash decisions, appeasing the pseudo hysterical populace. And this rarely ends well.

        2. Women (some, not all) do need to stop playing the victims. We have everything our mothers and grandmothers “fought” for. Those of us who achieved our success, professionally and personally, through honest hard work and responsible behaviour, find this latest “wave” of feminism insulting. And yes, Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis is shortsighted at best, potentially dangerous at worst, which is weird because I thought her handling of the Greek debt crisis was fairly balanced. Anyone who thinks Greece should just sink isn’t considering the broader economic implications. Thanks to our globally intertwined economies, their problems ARE our problems. Doesn’t mean they should be let off scot free, but an economic meltdown for them will result in tremendous problems for the rest of us. As for women making rash decisions, perhaps traditionally this was the case, but I still trust Merkel more than Canada’s (my) new PM.

      2. Bahaha, since you loved Maggie, I will reply to the comment.
        Definitely not a Trudeau supporter. He’s just a narcissistic child with no leadership qualities or experience and dangles distracting issues at the electorate to take their minds of how badly they’ll be getting fucked by the Cuckiberals.

        1. He’s going to bankrupt our country. Seriously. But, he’s very adept at manipulating the mouth breathing electorate. I was a Harper supporter from day one, but I’ve come to realize there is actually no point in debating political issues with the average person. They buy into everything the left wing media outlets report and are easily distracted by shiny things. Peter Worthington described our current leader best when he said “too bad he got his looks from his father and his brains from his mother.”

    3. Too little too late. Women are never going to save civilization, and they’re presence in political office doesn’t further the cause of civilization, it undermines it.

  6. This makes me wonder how much tangible difference there is between the Socialists and Republicans in France—sort of like the Democrats and the Republicans in the US.

    It is a perfectly valid question. Outside from a few outliers on the GOP side, there really is no difference between the parties. The whole of the Democrat party and the GOP Establishment march in unison lockstep on issues like gun control, illegal immigration, increasing the number of guest workers, and expanding government overreach on our lives as much as possible.
    For 4.5 years under the Bush administration he had a Republican-controlled Congress, and part of me really hoped that with that very rare opportunity there would be some, maybe any, rollback in the federal government. But of course things continued to expand, at a record clip.

        1. Thankyou very much. As a past drunken sailor on many occassions I have always taken humbrage at this saying. When you have been at sea for 3 + months, and are looking at 3+ more months at sea in the near future, why not blow through some money having a good time. And if you only have 2 days you are not looking to form a LTR; you are looking to get your tubes blown.

  7. She’s attractive and wise beyond her years. This is a “woman”. I hope she wins. I hardly think she’ll implement policy to cut men off at the knees in order to elevate just females, like leftist women are doing.

  8. France wont join the ‘ummah’ but it will polarise and fracture. The future of Europe resembles Lebanon, with countries divided into enclaves in a constant state of tension and periods of communal warfare and ethnic cleansing between the colonists and the indigenous populations.
    I do think a reconquista will eventually come, but only after decades of warfare and chaos.

    1. “The future of Europe resembles Lebanon”
      That would be very convenient for the Arabs in more ways than one. Europe will be islamized, and with it, their ambition of commercialized fusion thwarted (i.e. prevent they become less reliant on Arab oil).

  9. “Although Donald Trump is not a nationalist in the same sense as Front National, he represents the last hope that the United States will see a government that desires to “promote the general welfare” of American citizens first.”
    Trump or pitchforks….your move establishment.

    1. If Trump loses the election or is not selected as the GOP candidate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see some legitimate claims / threats of succession.
      Sounds a little far fetch but it just feels like the US is at a tipping point right now.

      1. What’s really needed is some kind of anti-elite movement that can’t be co-opted by the elites themselves.
        It’s easy to see why the elites support cultural Marxism.
        It allows for a co-opting of any grass roots anti-elite movement the moment it starts so that it can then be safely steered away into the ground (e.g. occupy wall street).

        1. Religion.
          Any movement, in order to be successful, must be fueled by an ideology.
          Religion makes the elites shit in their pants, and the elites are well aware it’s really the only thing that can actually defeat them.
          That’s why they’re trying so hard to destroy it using the media, but they will fail.
          NOTHING scares the elites more than an organized religious revivalism movement.

        2. Religion is very powerful. True Religion (Biblical Christianity aka Conservative Reformational Protestantism of the likes of Luther/Calvin/Bunyan/Spurgeon is very powerful).

        3. Protestantism paved the way to all the social currents that are destroying society (enlightenment, marxism, secularism…)

        4. Leftist thought is entirely religious. And to fight a faith, you need an alternative faith.

      2. Excepting God’s intervention, I’m not certain Trump will lose (I would be very surprised if he does) since he taps into the current culture of the country so well (that is, ‘F U’).

        1. The horrible conspiracy theory part of my mind will cry foul if Hilary wins the election.
          Trump and Cruz 2016

        2. Here is my non-Christian and Christian theory for a Trump victory (not certain where you are coming from, so both are presented):
          Theory 1 (non-Christian)
          a) The GOP nomination is currently between Trump, Trump-lite, and GOPe. I assume Trump will win because people want the real McCoy over an imitation, and GOPe is getting rejected by a long shot.
          Trump’s opponent will probably be Hillary. Sanders may be an outsider, but he’s a nice guy (he can’t even prevent his own rally from being hijacked by protesters), and Team Clinton pulls no punches.
          b) Between Trump and the Democrat, Trump is more than capable of winning because he’s willing to get his hands dirty, even against Hillary. Hillary has years of baggage as a political insider. Trump can pull voters from unlikely areas (how many other candidates have rap videos and a pair of black ladies stumping for them?) despite the vows of many GOPers swearing not to vote for him.
          Theory 2 (Christian)
          a) America as a nation is overdue for Divine Judgment. However, God always judges His own FIRST. I believe the sheer popularity of Trump to be judgment on the Churchians.
          b) Churchians look for ‘God’s candidate’ (which means that they look for ‘god of the warm fuzzies’, not the ‘God of the Bible’): the one that prays on the street corner, says ‘God Bless America’ plenty and often, and makes them swoon when pronouncing ‘Mesopotamia’. God is not honored or glorified under this scenario.
          c) Churchians (from my surveillance of conservative sites who contain a good # of Churchians) call Trump ‘lacking in basic humanity’, or in some way give an impression that they think Trump is below them, not considering that basic humanity nailed Jesus Christ to a cross, and that all have sinned. God is not honored or glorified under this scenario.
          Trump losing either the primary or the general, or another GOP candidate losing the general would not cause Churchians to reconsider their ways (they would place the blame on Trump and/or his supporters).
          A Trump victory, however, might cause them to reconsider their ways and turn back to the Lord, and hence would attribute glory and honor to the Lord.

      3. Succession will never, ever happen. The vast majority of Americans will go right back to chomping on their junk food and watching Football every sunday, completely ignoring Washington like they always do.

    2. Trump’s platform is the same platform as the guys down at your local VFW after the keg is kicked and all the war stories have been told, talking about what they would do as president.

    3. Trump simply says what everybody is thinking and the Establishment Cucks are afraid to speak so plainly because they are too PC, it’s that simple, and That’s why he’s at the top, because of his No Bullshit approach to solving Problems.

    1. “Paul Ryan just showed he is just as much a cuck as Boehner”
      He already had a reputation for cuckservatism before getting the Speakership; why he was chosen in the first place is beyond me.
      “terrified of the popularity of Trump”
      If I was Trump, I would hire someone to start my cars and taste my food pronto.

  10. The only person I would trust to run France right now would be Jean-Marie Le Pen. Marine and Marion may have good ideas, but I wouldn’t trust them to run a country, because they are women and because they have mainly worked as politicians.

    1. I have never heard that myself. Never.
      There exists plenty of neighbourly banter which may have xenophobic undertones and there are racists everywhere but I really do not think that expresses the british culture at all. Who the fuck even uses that word under 80 years old?
      Did you mean ‘frog’? We havent yet come to terms with their stereotypical eating of snails and frogs legs.

  11. So can we assume that if Trump was a 26 year old blonde 7 he’d be getting a lot more support?

    1. Get his daughter Ivanka. She’ll give Hillary a heck of a fight. We’ll see what feminist BS Hillary could come up with if she loses.

  12. It is the same throughout the European Union. Ireland sends it’s “Navy”, a few tug boats, down to the Med to drag the fugees across to Italy. They are welcomed home as conquering heros. It is fast getting ridiculous.
    The propaganda that is spewing from the MSM is going into overdrive. A show on the national broadcaster about a minor celebrity following his Muslim roots. The fag marriage referendum. Legalised abortion coming up.
    Its all about “change”. Change is good. Either get with the programme or you are classed as a Neanderthal.
    Problem with contemporary Western men is they have no pride in their nation or culture. Sure they’ll bang on about the national team of such and such sport but talk to them about taking up arms to defend their patch of this planet and you’ll see their true colours. Recently it came up in conversation with some guys I know. Response came back, “it will never happen”, “we have an army for that”, etc., etc. Bunch of slack jawed faggots.
    The only way forward for Western Europe is the breakup of the EU whether by fair means or foul……. watch this space…..

  13. Sad to say that I share the sentiments of the article. Michael Houellebecq’s novel, Submission, now available in English translation, shows clearly how the establishment politicians could even put a Muslim government in power, just to keep out the National Front. And after 2017, French demographic changes will make it increasingly difficult for the FN to win. Despite Marion Le Pen’s undeniable political and personal appeal, the future does not look good for France.

  14. The fact that all France can find to lead it’s nationalist party is WOMEN who are professional politicians tells me all I need to know about their future. If men aren’t leading, then the people are dying.

  15. This included softening the party’s xenophobic image and purging it of anti-Semitism.
    In other words, she was either bought up by the Judeo-Masonic mafia or she simply acted as any woman would, conform with the narrative.
    She’s just another politician, another pawn, another woman. Nothing to see here.

    1. The jewish mafia aren’t influenced (much less controlled) by the masons or jesuits. Just saying… In any case, france has become so desperately ill that even a purple pill is better than nothing.

      1. Ah, you mean like in weddings, where they play that infernal Chicken Dance as if we were still in pre k?

  16. People like people like themselves. I’ve encountered thousands of people of various races and ethnicities while living in N. America. Yet, the only lasting connections I’ve made were either with other fellow whites or Latins with heavy Euro DNA in them.
    Diversity + Proximity = war or perpetual conflict.

  17. Keep your eye on the spin doctors. The men behind Marion are the same type of ilk that put up the plane crasher McCain with the cuntservative Sarah Palin. Boy would those two have given a shot in the arm to the divorce rape industry. At such a critical juncture in the immigration crisis, the cucks stand down on offering up a male head for the party. It deals a small but strategic loss to the anti party machine forces, just enough to ensure that the machine wins and the anti machine party is held off for another term. When either machine party wins, the machine wins.

  18. “If Front National is not able to mount a victory in the 2017 presidential election, we may safely write off France as no longer being a distinctively Christian European country. It’s fate will be sealed. It will slowly but inevitably morph into another outpost of the Muslim Ummah.”
    This presupposes that French nationalists won’t be able to find any way by which to reduce the number of Muslim residents / voters in France. History, however, provides many compelling examples of how that can be / has been accomplished. Charles Martel leaps readily to mind.

  19. You mean France is running out of time to solve this without violence. I do not intend to quit just because democracy is showing what a sham it really is.

  20. “This makes me wonder how much tangible difference there is between the Socialists and Republicans in France—sort of like the Democrats and the Republicans in the US.”
    American politics and European politics are very different entities. I’d like to point out that this article emphasizes her grandfather’s position. In America the grandfather would be a “consultant” or “director of the CIA” before consideration for media candidacy. That is all…. Thank you

  21. Whatever we do must be made desirable and equitable, at some level, to women.
    I spend of lot of time on blogs and YouTube. On YouTube there are an incredible number of anti-feminist women fighting on the behalf of men. Karen Straughen is well known, Diana Davidson and Lauren Southern (who critiques feminism and political correctness from a libertarian point of view) and Ann Coulter.
    One needs to persuade them that its a good idea, good for them to come over. Remember ugly women vote and they need a place in the sun as well, a place to go to.

  22. Contradictory article. Talks about a female politician who speaks her mind, *after* the offensive elements were removed from her party’s platform. France is doomed. The near future will put 1940-44 to shame as a bad time for France.

    1. I believe it was Jean-Marie’s (i.e. party founder) daughter who watered down the policies and ousted Jean-Marie. But Jean-Marie’s granddaughter, Marion has tried to return the policies back to their original status, much to Marine’s chagrin.

  23. Haven’t read the article yet, but I have a question: Why are women from the right infinitely more attractive than leftist women? Actually I think I know what it is; it’s not so much superior physical attributes.. it’s that leftist women carry around this angry, self-righteous, holier-than-thou sneer, especially when dealing with men. The kind of look that makes you wanna turn queer, or give up on women entirely.

    1. That would explain why all leftist women look alike: Pelosi = Fiorina = Streisand = my high school counselor in the looks department.

  24. Its good to see some common sense finally taking root in france, even if it turns out to be too little too late. I recently argued with some frenchmen about the threat posed by the muslim immigrants, and the arrogant fools laughed me off! One of them was actually a resident of paris, who watched the mass shootings live on tv! The complacency of these people is astonishing… Miss. le pen, I wish you all the success in the world, even though your fight is probably doomed.

  25. The National Front, as it is with all ‘similar’ political parties in Europe, does not reject political correctness. It only employs common sense about basic political and social matters within a state, and prefers to use facts and number rather than useless, eleemosynary discourse. Metaphorically speaking, you’ve got engineers v. bloggers vying for the best jobs in an engine factory. But the voters don’t like engineers… because they don’t have the veneer of modernity, the hot clothes and the sexy beards that the bloggers do.
    The party is not racist or xenophobic. It doesn’t support the curtailing of immigration claiming that, for example, foreigners are ugly, or stupid, or smelly, or ‘inferior’ to Europeans or the French. The FN has a clear-cut, fact-based platform abundant with rational explanations for their agenda- social incompatibility, historical and cultural dissimilarities which further deepen the gap between the French state and its people’s lifestyles and the immigrants. It is as easy as ABC.
    Now, a large part of what’s happening today in Europe because of multiculturalism and political correctness (in France, Germany, Sweden etc) is owed to the policies of the United States. The US have been driving extraordinarily strong policies based on this type of unhinged acceptance and tolerance, and have been trying to impose such behaviors or influence their European partners to adopt the same attitude. It was the United States who chaired the Nuremberg Trials and gasped at the ‘cruelty’ of the Nazi atrocities, punishing an entire country, while back in their own homeland, African-Americans were still denied going on buses and using the same restrooms as whites.
    After the US showed them how it’s done, the European nations most burdened with their ‘colonial past’ quickly jumped at the chance to prove that they’re not ‘bad’, but good. And they started exhibiting even more radical views favoring political correctness and misunderstood tolerance, as one who adopts a foreign view will be much more adamant at defending its values to prove himself to the ‘old guard’.
    It all spiraled out of control and very few politicians have the courage to name it for what it is, Merkel included (who only had occasional bouts of honesty, quickly sweetened by massive governmental handouts and cushioning of the immigrants).
    The media plays a huge role in this entire matter, coupled with the herd-like mentality of people. If someone dares to express an honest, fact-based opinion in respectful, non-offensive terms, they are immediately shunned, called racist and Nazis and considered somehow insane. Even if, ironically, most people support the same exact policies and deep down have the same beliefs. It is the case of Sweden. People are paralyzed by the fear of being called a racist or Islamophobe, but in private they express their true views, which they never would bring out in front of anyone else…including in front of a ballot.
    There’s no Jewish or Illuminati or Jay-Z, Putin-backed conspiracy. It is just the plain old human stupidity at work at its best. Sad but true.

    1. “European nations most burdened with their ‘colonial past’ quickly jumped at the chance to prove that they’re not ‘bad’”
      – Spot on. I’d never quite seen that before.
      Thanks for a very clear summary.
      I worry if the countries stay in denial much longer there will be a potentially terrifying repeat of the last centuries shenanigans, while the majority quietly ignore all the difficult doublethink and just let it all go wrong because they will then have someone to blame. The human stupidity understands situations where there is one bad guy, group or conspiracy, there will be a few more wars before they understand the complexity of it all and their own part in their downfall.
      I suspect a war is imminent, just as soon as a suitably fitting scapegoat can be identified.

  26. You’re dreaming if you think Trump gives two shits about the general welfare of the American people…

  27. Why do French conservatives have such a hard-on for a woman? Where is the strong male conservative leader?
    Where is the Charles Martel.

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