English Actor Who Bent Over Backwards For The #MeToo Movement Gets Cucked By His Wife

Colin Firth, a stalwart of the #Metoo movement, has just been hung from his own gallows. His wife is revealed to have had an affair with the man who… wait for it… she accused of stalking her.

Livia #hertoo Firth

Livia Firth’s affair with the Italian journalist Marco Brancaccia took place back in 2015, but a taste for romantic men is not without its dangers. It seems that when she returned to her film-star husband, Brancaccia couldn’t bear to be parted from Livia and contacted the Firths in England. Attempting to allay suspicion of her infidelity, Livia told her husband that Brancaccia was in fact stalking her. Firth then did exactly what he should—charging Brancaccia down in the Italian courts. Under that legal scrutiny, however, Livia was finally forced to admit her adultery.

Poor Colin, the creaking quixotic who stood up for his lady’s nonexistent honour, has been jousted from his horse in full public view. Oh, Les Infortunes de la VertuBut there is a lesson which, in its selective tact, our society will do its utmost to avoid taking from this.

Life Imitates Art

Some of you may remember the Bridget Jones cult films wherein the slatternly alcoholic heroine rides the credit-boom funded cock carousel of 1990s London until she hits the wall. Firth and Hugh Grant—the stock Alphas of the British film industry—then have a fist fight over her.

The latest iteration of this perverse franchise involves our heroine accidentally getting knocked up aged about fifty and being unable to decide which of two men is the father.

The appeal of these and other Sex-and-the-City-type movies lies in their promotion of the Gothic courtly lover so as to accommodate the slutty hedonism of postmodern women, assuaging an urbanette’s natural malaise about the connection between her lifestyle choices and her worthiness of a ‘decent man.’

Firth now has little option but to live up to the soft standards of ‘manliness’  that he helped to create. Apparently he has already expressed his sympathies to Brancaccia who, after all, has lost the woman he loves—Firth’s own wife.

Although I admire Firth for saving his marriage, I see no evidence that he has broken from his approval-seeking cinematic ideal which assumes a woman’s sexual strategy is virtually beyond reproach. Now that social and legal enforcement is lent to this dangerous theory in real life an urgent need has arisen to call to account the lie of lust-driven, chivalry.

From Pretty Lies To Tyranny

In Shakespeare’s King Lear, it is remarked:

…the policeman who lashes the whore has a hot need to use her for the very offense for which he plies the lash.

#Metoo evokes this dynamic as a whore’s means of shaming those who may judge her by inferring that they do so out of repressed carnal self-interest. However, society’s cooperation with this sleight of hand is causing the mask to slip as each phoney case that collapses reveals the victim’s repressed desire for these ‘unwanted approaches.’

People like Livia Firth are the reason that real victims of abuse steer clear of such tides of fashion which inevitably ebb from their service.

If feminists had a shred of integrity, they would demand that Livia make a public apology to the sexually abused, whose plight she brazenly co-opted to cover up her own sexual opportunism. Of course, they won’t.

If Colin cares enough about victims to publicly shun Woody Allen, he should publicly shun #metoo as well—and do so before the movement has run its own credibility into the ground.

None of this can possibly end well for the popular Romantic industry. A society where women are not held accountable for acting on their impulses is a society where men must illustrate what those impulses are by manipulating them. The UK’s true impetus for banning Roosh from its shores was not to suppress pickup artistry per se but rather to extinguish those lights of sexual realism that pickup artists carry through our darkest hour of self-imposed romantic bafflement.

Sites such as these are a true bastion against the unspoken axiom of our carnal tyranny: Libido vincit omnia.

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92 thoughts on “English Actor Who Bent Over Backwards For The #MeToo Movement Gets Cucked By His Wife”

    1. “If Colin cares enough about victims to publicly shun Woody Allen, he should publicly shun #metoo as well—and do so before the movement has run its own credibility into the ground.”
      No logic in this statement, Woody Allen is a person, so the correct comparison would be for Colin to shun his slutty wife.

    1. I don’t know what else he’s said regarding #metoo, but judging this case alone, I feel bad for the guy. Put yourself in his shoes: your wife gets called up by a stalker, you’re a wimp most of your life and this is your chance to display your protector instincts, so you use the strong arm of the law, only to find out that your entire world has been crushed, that your wife’s a lying slut, literally. Must be tough to handle, white knight or not.
      I can’t say I’d have gone the legal route, I know women, I’d have maybe talked to the guy, or beat him up then talked to him before taking her word for it.

      1. asdasda
        I agree. I would have talked to him just to see what’s going on. See if maybe she and he know something I don’t. Yeah! I don’t trust shit.
        But I wouldn’t beat him up unless it’s self defense.

        1. Good point.
          But I was putting myself in Colin Firth’s shoes. He’s famous, you can’t fuck a famous guy’s wife and pretend you thought she was single. So, regardless of her being a lying slut, the dude still deserves a punch. Nothing excessive, just a single punch in the eye. If he’s a man, he’ll take it, I would if I’d done wrong. Old school.

    2. Knives are dangerous. Knives kill people. A cuck or white knight falls on his spork, a much safer alternative.

  1. “If feminists had a shred of integrity, they would demand that Livia make a public apology to the sexually abused, whose plight she brazenly co-opted to cover up her own sexual opportunism. Of course, they won’t.”
    If feminists (or Livia herself for that matter) had a shred of integrity, they would demand she publicly apologize to both her husband (for dishonoring him) and Marco (for falsely accusing him).
    But even if she did this, the husband should not stay with her. This is the one unforgivable act a female can do to a male.

    1. I’ve always said that feminist cucks like Colin Firth get exactly what they deserve. I believe the more of a feminist cuck a male is, the more he deserves the abuse he s from women. The problem is that decadent, gyno, western society tries to flush, men who are not feminist cucks, down the drain with the cucks. If you are a man who is not a feminist cuck, the only way to navigate decadent, feminist, gyno society, is to be an army of one. A real man can exist in society and navigate society on his own terms, but only if he has the mental and emotional muscle to withstand the daily onslaught of feminist cuck indoctrination that every male is bombarded with in western society.

      1. I bang expensive hookers and drink cheap booze. That’s how I deal with modern western society.

      2. I genuinely hope there’s a #cucktoo movement of all these feminist men crying (or patting themselves on the back) on twitter how they just got cucked. It’s a damn good way to endorse the red pill.

    2. “But even if she did this, the husband should not stay with her.”
      Colin spent a LOT of money on his home, I guess he’s not ready to give it away quite yet.

  2. I’m an ugly motherfucker from South America and even I look more feminine than that woman. Why would a famous, successful and reasonably handsome man like Firth choose such a disgrace? Fuck England.

    1. Why would Tim Robbins, when he was relatively young (or at any age) want that decrepit old bag Susan Sarandon? Lots of weirdos in the world. Even in Hollywood…

  3. Italian women strike again.
    I live in Italy, and Italian women are the most beautiful but the most ipergamous women in Europe.
    Especially those from center and north Italy.

  4. In one story you have;
    1. A demonstration of male feminists as betas
    2. A false accusation to avoid the truth of a feminists adultery being exposed
    3. The #metoo people demonstrating their poor character
    4. Look at Livia (short hair, head too big, resting bitch face, a certain stare), she has all the signs of a woman you would want to avoid but that male feminists find empowering. This is why we call them out in the manosphere
    5. Feminists demonstrating a complete lack of moral integrity.
    It tells the story of all Hollywood feminism.

    1. More than beta, they are cucks.
      And they deserve that kind of shit from the wymyn they are so eager to defend.

  5. Once upon a time … blah, blah, blah … and the French President Macron and his amazing princess lived happily ever after. Not even the most terrifying terrorist attack or the forced conversion to Islam of the French people was able to disturb their happiness.

    1. France…what a great culture, great history, great people of the past…
      What are you doing to yourself. This is truly sad…

    2. Even i don’t disagree with your comment i cannot understand your statement.. the article wasn’t about french people?

  6. The quote from King Lear is
    “Why dost thou lash that whore? Strip thine own back; Thou hotly lust’st to use her in that kind For which thou whipp’st her.”
    The bit you quote above appears to be from Christopher Hitchens paraphrasing Shakespeare.

  7. Hopefully experiencing AFALT can awaken him from being a thirsty boy, to an actual disciplined man.

  8. Women are becoming like unchained, junkyard bl00dhounds, and have gotten so lost and reacquainted in the wilderness that they are even resembling some sort of dem0nic animal with the bull-ring nose piercings, tattoos, sheared/dyed hair and a spray-tan, all hidden under gobs of geisha face-paint and ever-rising mom jeans (almost overalls), since the muffin-top of yesteryear has crested beyond the high-watermark of indecent exposure.
    Women have only gotten into a position to assert this absurd amount of authority over the average man because the average woman has gotten b!tch!er and [email protected] in the Current Year without male recourse (universal simping replaced male standards).
    But the rare beauties who still exist (and have plummeted in numbers with the rising tide of beached whales) seem to have won the war of Natural Selection, where you either have social skills or you don’t, which has rendered their need to be ’round-the-clock’ b!tches (defense-mechanism against the beta-orbiting monsoon) unnecessary.
    Besides, they have channeled and monetized all that beta-orbiting into social media beta bux (likes, followers, subscribers, sycophantic comments, donations etc.), freeing up their need for resources and converting it into full-time bad boy exploration.
    So they have no reason to be b!tches like they used to, whereas the fatsos/ugly th0ts have become harridans because of sexual/hypergamous frustration, a lack of social skills, feminism (because b!tch!ness is now empowering), and the shocking success of anti fat-shaming/anti slüt-shaming campaigns, vis-à-vis the ubiquitous extension of male thirst to virtually all women, dualistically coupled with the contraction of universal female attraction to the average man, and instead whittled down to a depleting pool of alphas they pursue relentlessly.

    1. —-Continued—
      But the ugly th0ts/fatsos are themselves not valueless…. Their value has actually skyrocketed because of this hot chick scarcity, who themselves have basically become an!me/henta! characters on social media (whom simps fap to) because they do not really exist IRL anymore. Instead they play these various characters (Trad-Th0t, cam-wh0re, gamer-girl etc) online that exude mythical (yet relatable) masculine traits to stoke the fire in the simp’s imagination (because he cannot relate to any actual women from inexperience) so he shells out more beta bux that he would otherwise provide to his nonexistent family.
      Therein lies the hyperinflation of male thirst for fatties and ugly th0ts. He is so devoid of any female interaction that seeing them in person puts him over the edge. Any human with a wet h0le will do because he so badly wants a wife and kids/simulated fun, and thus any breadcrumb of female approval. So he puts on the beer g0ggles without actually consuming alcohol out of pure desperation.
      To recap, this attractive female scarcity + high-tech hypergamy has created a simp thirst unlike anything the world has ever seen, where female infidelity is forgiven before it even occurs.
      The women are too high-time preference to understand that this is an unstable system and any personal gains will be incredibly temporary, which will eventually cause them to fall from grace like a t0rpedoed freighter. But that has not stopped them from capitalizing on it short-term with coups (#MeToo), protracted warfare (unceasing waves of feminism) and male indentured-servitude (family court).
      But the good news is this wilding of the domesticated female will not last. The Pareto distribution isn’t meant to. Eventually the imbalance collapses under its own weight, and will leave a smoldering husk that women will find themselves buried under without enough chivalry to ever reverse.

  9. The really sad part is that he will probably stay with her ….
    And People Seriously wonder why we have sites like ROK? LOL

  10. If Colin Firth had any real courage he would throw her overboard and not look back.
    The only way for him to regain any dignity in this fiasco is to disavow the #MeToo movement and call it out for what it really is…a movement for social and economic climbing whores to pretend they aren’t whores and to make men guilty of non-existent fake crimes without any means to prove their innocence.
    The #MeToo movement must be exposed for the criminal enterprise that it is and utterly destroyed. Only then will whores get the point that they are whores.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha The Firths are trying to make out they had a private arrangement and were separate at the time. Even though the so called stalker met her at their house over dinner, the Firths carried on living together in their house and travelled everywhere together including appearing together at awards all over the world. The stalker followed her all around the world fucking her for 11 months, Colin is your classic Blue Pill Chump, the Firths have now got back together are there so call fake separation.

  12. Actually, it’s true disaster epics like this that need to be told again and again and again before the moral of the story gets set like a dagger in your soul. Another Hollyweird version of vomit? I could care less. But the average schmo’s like us and the remaining heap of humanity needs to cowboy the hell up and stop drawing lines in the sand. This isn’t an exercise in empty rhetoric. It’s the impending implosion of western society all to accommodate the weaker sex. (Hence the accurate title.)

  13. “Marco Brancaccia…” What’s that? Your wife cheated on you and fucked an italian guy?
    Banging married chicks must be in our blood.

  14. If you are a male feminist, a traditionalist, a simp or anybody that believes women are your equal or need to be ‘respected,’ it means you are absolving women of their predatory behavior even before it occurs. That is white-knighting, and it is not going to make them or anybody else respect you/us.
    Chivalry stopped being relevant when there were no more dragons to slay, back when there was chain-mail, headdresses, jousts, horsemanship, castles, crowns and swordplay. It is an inappropriate, anachronistic, medieval pathology.
    White women have a prominent role gifted to them by their (((employers))) that you need to accept because white women badly need to be humbled. At this rate, removing (((them))) will solve roughly 60 percent of our problems, which leaves a growing 40 percent of other problems that will quickly take (((their))) place in a litany of other ways.
    If we solve the WQ, the JQ is defanged because women are empty-headed vessels traipsing around ready, willing and able to be inseminated with the ejaculatory fertilizer to make a white baby (procreate), and even more importantly, ready to be inseminated with the (((cultural))) fertilizer to deconstruct society (proselytization).
    They uphold it via Briffault’s Law of sexuality – dualistically rewarding diversity with carefree notches (thus ennobling/titling Tyr0ne, M0hammad and Carl0s as alphas), while stonewalling white men into the purgatory of involuntary celibacy, causing a deleterious effect on their social skills and an undescended masculinity (Gee, what could possibly go wrong?).
    I have watched the labyrinth of excuses so many simps and beta-orbiters have made to not necessarily ‘protect’ white women (because they don’t even have any in their lives, unless it is their daughter), but to protect the hypothetical IMAGE of a white woman in their lives. They are literally huffy about their wet dreams being interrupted by reality because ‘muh trad girls’ are basically henta!/an!me characters to fap to since they do not exist IRL.
    What these guys do not realize is that you automatically lose that fantasy if you actually get women because the real thing is never actually like you imagine it to be.
    This goes beyond even mentioning the disruption of the European pair-bond Hegelian Dialect (white male + white female = white offspring), which so many white-knight nationalists are singularly concerned about, at the expense of refusing to notice all these other variables I have mentioned.

    1. If a woman’s a Nazi or pro-White, I won’t wish her harm. The sad thing is most broads like that are non-White. Every man w/.5 a brain know todays White women are flawed. Defang vs (((debrain)))? Short of a violent uprising, best to chip away at both.

      1. There is no such thing as a ‘pro-white’ woman. They already have white female nationalism: feminism/gynocentrism. That is what is most dear to them. The only time they take a break from it is during BDSM sex sessions. They need that breathtaking duality or else they become self-destructive and treat 80 percent of men as nonexistent if they cannot sate her with pseudo-abuse.
        Any ‘white nationalist’ woman is just a chameleon seeking to siphon the beta bux from a burgeoning, untapped sexual market.
        I have seen enough evidence to know that ‘muh based’ women or ‘muh grad-con’ women are surreptitiously banging nonwhites, have in the past or seek to in the future, while the craziest most ‘tolerant’ feminists in the Pacific Northwest will condemn themselves to spinsterhood rather than lay down with a black. Statistics even reflect this in interracial marriage (more Republican mixed couples than Democrat).
        I literally saw two women on two different sides of the street carrying cats in bags in Portland. Then I saw another one at Mt. Rushmore with a backpack habitat and a cat in its little window.
        Women do not have actual beliefs. They cannot even decide what to wear or even what men to be attracted to without a female consensus deciding for them. All of their pretend ‘principles’ disappear when the right opportunity presents itself. ‘Honor’ is masculine concept that only men are judged by and a standard that only men hold themselves to. It is no different than women gathering together with their girlfriends, sisters and mothers for an entire weekend to purchase curtains…something that all men (maybe even homosexuals) could not fathom the importance of.
        The only ‘beliefs’ women have are what is in vogue. They will enforce it rigorously, whether it is fascism or Cultural Marxism. They always somehow find themselves in the winner’s harem.

    2. White women are indeed exceptionally entitled. Apparently during the pre-colonial times of the pilgrims the Indians said white women are lazy because the men allowed it. That view makes me call bullshit on myths of “matrilinear lines of succession.” In olden days a mouthy bitch could be effectively reprimanded. Personally, I have a hard time listening to women I do want to fuck. Listening to some old woman I don’t want to fuck is psychologically impossible.

      1. “during the pre-colonial times of the pilgrims the Indians said white women are lazy because the men allowed it.”
        That was line from Magua in the movie “Last of the Mohicans” (just before the first Indian ambush), not sure if it was in the book or not.

    3. You make some interesting points but in all honestly you come across as more than a little insane.

  15. Can’t say I wouldn’t have seen that coming. I mean he married a Fucking fill producer. Did he really expect her to be chaste? Women with theater backgrounds for the most part are whores. Well most women are whores but these girls are way more open about it. These are the diehard feminists and leaders of #metoo and all that garbage.
    The thing is male feminists get hard at the thought of a woman with power and status. It consummates multiple fantasies of theirs. The fantasy of Fucking a powerful woman. The fantasy of being the white knight who treats her like a princess. The fantasy of his buddies respecting him for snagging a broad with clout.
    In a male feminist mind, it isn’t that women can do no wrong, but rather that women have not been given the proper tools to do right since men keep them down. Infidelity really is to be blamed on the toxic masculinity of her Italian culture which caused her to blindly follow the dominant male Marco. You see boyos, to a male feminist we need MORE feminism because it will prevent Livia and girls like her from succumbing to Il Chado Tonderqoco (aka Vinny Pringo) since they will be made so powerful they won’t even need men!

    1. “The fantasy of his buddies respecting him for snagging a broad with clout. ”
      I’ve known guys like that. Knew a guy who married a corporate attorney and thought that was a big deal. And other guys who thought he was “lucky”. Even though he took sh*t from her because she made more money them he did. Will never understand that line of reasoning. I would prefer a hot young high school dropout as long as she is pretty and petite and can do some cooking and cleaning.

      1. Why would a man judge a wife by her professional accomplishments? It demonstrates nothing about her abilities as a wife and mother. A man’s accomplishments demonstrate his ability to provide, which is how women judge their husbands.

        1. Yeah, I obviously agree.
          The guy I am speaking about was/is a very decent guy, but had serious issues regarding male/female interaction.
          His older brothers treated him like sh*t, and he bonded mostly with his sister. He told me that his best friends were always women. He was ripe for that uber-bitch lawyer to swoop in and abuse his misplaced loyalty towards females. Real shame.

  16. Cheating is merely testing the market for a better product.
    If a woman cheats, she does so because:
    1) he sucks sexually and thus fails to drive her into always desiring to be banged by him, or;
    2) she sees him as weak, insecure, unmanly and thus ultimately a risk to her future.
    If a guy cheats, he does so because:
    1) he desires a better ride

    1. Or sometimes she’s just a cheating whore. It’s not always the guys fault anymore than it’s always the woman’s fault when her man cheats. I’ve known dudes who are so incapable of being faithful that they’ll cheat on their mistresses with side flings. They just cannot keep their shit in their pants under any circumstances, and there are some women who are the same.

      1. You sound like a Swede. Makes sense given your unoriginal egalitarian approach. I bet you are lapping up all the pussy lol.

        1. Nope, American born and bred. But it’s a feminist trap to always blame men when women cheat. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen sometimes that a guy deserves it but some women are just whores. Lots of times they’re not even making rational decisions.
          Guys do it too. One of the actors from this very article (Hugh Grant) cheated on an absolute smokeshow of a wife with an ugly-ass crack whore. Why? I’m not criticizing the guy for cheating on his wife, just saying that even a normal dude who looked like Hugh Grant should be slaying it. Even if he had some weird sexual thing that a non-professional would never satisfy, why hire such a disgusting beast? People don’t always act rationally is my point.

      1. You can keep telling yourself that, but nah, you’re like most weak ones. You’re lying to yourself.
        You’re dissatisfied with what you have because:
        1) You don’t know yourself
        2) Because you don’t know yourself, you don’t know what you desire
        3) Because you don’t know what you desire, you lack a plan
        If you knew yourself, you would know how to identify a mate
        with whom you can execute your plans.
        Instead, all of your current girlfriends upon whom you cheat are merely filling time and space. They come into your life to fill the gnawing emptiness to which you are so mindless, you lack the capacity to see.
        Good luck!

        1. You’re either an incel or a clueless cuck if you do not understand the attraction women have and DEMAND in a man to be a womanizer. They need a man to be a sexual beacon, where all the other women (since women are practically identical as per the Bell Curve) chase after him. That is why women are so forgiving of mistresses, while a man gets a gun to find the sancho who cucked him. Women secretly thank them. They LOVE having a man that other women crave, as their sexual market is a sharing economy, where 80 percent of women pursue 20 percent of men. It means they picked a high-status mate and are willing to clean up other women’s pussy juice off his high-value cock rather than dust the cobwebs off some beta-orbiting simp’s lonely, needy, saccharine dick. I bet Dodds is mostly a womanizer because he knows he has to be from a failed marriage in which he was loyal and did ‘the right thing’ in every manner, but still got betrayed all along the way.

        2. @Weimar Republican
          You’re shitbag retarded. And you’re a follower, a wimp, as you parrot slang “incel” and “cuck.” Parroting slang is a sure sign of being subordinate, merely a fag trying to fit in.
          Good luck!

        3. Aha I triggered you without trying or even intending to. Way to show your high-time preference, girly-boy. Way to make it all about yourself, like a woman. You missed the entire point, like a woman. Are you a woman?

        4. Dipshit, you lost control of yourself and replied to me first.
          You’re a fag, man.
          And this: “You missed the entire point, like a woman,” is your gay attempt at dragging out your publicly-expressed stupidity over the topic at hand.
          Reality remains:
          Chicks cheat on guys who don’t know how to fuck and control their women through sex.
          Guys cheat because deep-down they are looking for something better — a higher sex drive chick, a tighter pussy chick, a hotter looking chick, a bigger dowry.
          Good luck fag!

        5. You say ‘fag’ an awful lot. Could be projection, could be like a Charlie Sheen thing (‘Bitchin’ maannn!’). Also your insincere catchphrase ‘good luck’ is just as corny.
          I think you are a little too emotional to actually have a sincere discussion, so I’ll spare us both.
          But mostly, I think there is a lot lost in translation because I cannot take the time to read hardly any of these boring posts people make because it is too formulaic and virtue-signaly, making it difficult to tell who is some holy-roller and who is just plain boring in a pointless way.

        6. You’re such an emotional pussy. You suffer from having an effeminate mind. This womanish reaching out of yours reveals as much: “I think you are a little too emotional to actually have a sincere discussion.”
          Facts remain.
          Chicks cheat on guys who don’t know how to fuck and control their women through sex.
          You have protested from the beginning, like a pink hat pussy, likely because women have cheated on you. And because you can’t face up to truth, you were cheated on because you can’t lay pipe and keep a woman dripping for more, you have attacked the messenger.
          Good luck pussy!

        7. Wow. Talk about projection. Another catchphrase too. You clearly didn’t read my entire post, which I was guilty of not reading all of yours because of how there are no time-stamps, so it’s difficult to know whom is talking to whom. Plus you’re just boring.
          You’re illogical like a woman. Go ahead and use more insults. This entire thread was a waste of time because you used your high-time preference to attack Dodds and you confused everybody with your incessant need to ‘be right’ and argue or no apparent reason…like..a..woman.
          Bye-bye average Joe Schmoe

        8. Look at you, still begging for my attention like the typical effeminate-minded attention whore.
          Someone here has the mind of an irrational woman but that one isn’t me.
          Good luck effeminate attention-whore!

        9. Weimar,
          You’re actually right, if I don’t bang other women, my wife loses interest in banging me. After a week on holiday alone, I return and my wife bangs the hell out of me. I need to be unfaithful a minimum of every 3 months to retain her full interest.

  17. I used to wonder why a man could be “harsh” to a woman. Now, after having experienced some life it makes complete sense that a dude would be furious at his womans’ infidelity. Then throw her out into the street yelling “if you’re going to act like a whore you belong on the street like one!”
    Best case scenario if you take a cheating woman back. She doesn’t ever cheat on you again, but will always respect you less for not being done with her. Or, worst case scenario continues to fuck around, and often in the very bed you sleep in.
    Women constantly test boundaries to see what they can get away with. From what I’ve seen with my parents’ terrible marriage, if you let bullshit fly once, it will only get worse. A cheating bitch cannot be reformed, she’ll only become more brazen.
    Colin Firth is getting exactly what he’s willing to put up with. Unless he’s getting hotter younger ass on the regs and doesn’t give a shit about his wife.

    1. Lesser known actors could cuck most men with no fame. Fame is a different animal.

  18. Well this cunt got a taste of his own poison. It is the best thing which can happen and maybe he can wake up and become a man at last.

  19. FUNNY seeing that plenty of us men on ROK happily admit we are cheating on our wives…..even good ones.

    1. As I never made any promises to only bang her (wife/Buddhist), I don’t view it as cheating. We aren’t all WASPs.

  20. You know what the moral of this story was?
    Brits are faggot, Italians can fuck.
    Ps: this lady is however a whore, no matter what her nationality is.

  21. The other lesson to take from this is that you can be cucked no matter your status. Bear in mind that Firth is a sex symbol in Britain. Still not enough for his wife. Dread game for life guys.

  22. A woman would never cheat on a man she respects, on a true alpha it doesn’t matter of what profession. As long as he is dominant, confident, a true leader and demands 100% respect from everybody he deals with his wife will respect and adore him and never cheat on him.

  23. I bet he is a cuck taking shit from her and she has no respect for him. He deserves what his got. The only reason she doesn’t leave him is because of his status and fame. She most likely is cheating on him right now with a true alpha. It’s called biology. Alpha fucks(Rollo),beta bucks(Flirth)

  24. LOL is this Life imitating Art.
    Firth got cucked hard in “The English Patient” by Ralph Fiennes, who had already played Hauptsturmführer Amon Goeth in “Schindler’s List”.
    Got to wonder why a man who played a Nazi Commandant known for shooting Jews on less than a whim got cast in the romantic leading role, Hmmmmmmm?
    Dark triad.

  25. BTW, all actors are phags, except RIP Jimmy Stewart RIP Ronald Reagan, and Ray Stevenson.
    I think I said that one time before.

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