American Man Signs Demanding Contract With Girlfriend To Receive Video Game For Christmas

Via Daily Mail:

A young woman got her boyfriend the new Call of Duty game for Xbox – a very generous act indeed. However, this gift came with a special set of rules attached.

Ashley Davison created a list of five rules for her boyfriend Blake Perry, including statutes requiring him to put down the game if she calls and to keep her entertained if he’s playing the game in her presence.

Davison, a student at the University of Central Oklahoma, even included a space for Perry to sign the agreement, that required he ‘not forget about his girlfriend’ while playing the game.

Perry’s original tweet has been liked over 30,000 times. Users on the social media site have had quite a lot to say about Davison’s list, with nearly a thousand responses to the original tweet, in which Perry said ‘Little does she know these rules will be broken.’

One Twitter user replied to Perry’s tweet, saying ‘ Nah bro… I’ve been through this before, she wants you to think it’s a joke but in reality if you don’t follow those rules she will go postal on you. Just beware.’

Davison replied to this Tweet in stride, stating ‘ Don’t worry I’m not going to go postal on him, it 100% was a joke! Thanks for looking out for him though!’

Other Twitter users also chimed in about the Christmas gift. ‘Joke’s on her – you can’t pause Call of Duty,’ one said. Another even suggested that Perry buy Davison a copy of the game.  ‘Get her the same gift and play online together,’ the Twitter user said.

Davison’s list has attracted the eyes of tens of thousands online in the days following Christmas, with over 30,000 likes on Twitter

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73 thoughts on “American Man Signs Demanding Contract With Girlfriend To Receive Video Game For Christmas”

    1. This is nothing more than a playful shit test from the girl. But the video game addicted cuck is oblivious. Women send mixed messages but this ones an easy one. Nothing will dry a vagina quicker than a woman watching her man stare at a glowing screen with a video game controller in hand watching her cuck boyfriend vicariously save the universe between taking hits from the bong. You might as well start soliciting men on the street and ask them if they want to fuck your girlfriend. Get a life you fucking losers. Stop playing video games.

      1. I’m pretty sure she just wants him to bend her over and fuck the shit out of her in a timely fashion when she asks for it. Nothing wrong with that.

        1. that cuck would take your suggestion and buy a 2nd controller for her and insist on doggy style so they can both play the CoD.

      2. This guy’s idea of good sex is probably sticking his tongue in her ear. Service your willing girlfriend you pathetic cuck. Millenials that would rather play with a game controller than a heathy and real mammary dumbfound me. This knucklehead has is priorities all boned up.

    2. This chick is tired of getting banged in a bed shaped like a race car. I read the letter. It says, “Hey, I’m going to cheat on you, just thought I’d give you a heads up.”

      1. yeah but his roommates said they’d get him rims for Christmas. And a CB radio so he can talk to other car beds.

  1. Women do NOT JOKE about demanding attention and putting illogical conditions on their BF. He’s totally fucked. He’ll get emasculated and cucked in no time – letting him play the game is a great way to distract him so he won’t notice she’s out fucking some real alpha man. And then she can come home and demand his time and attention again, and like a simpering beta, he’ll obey like a trained puppy.

  2. She did not specify the game version.
    Once updated, the contract is void and the bro can do as he pleases.

  3. Speaking as a married guy, tell the bitch what she wants to hear, then do what the fuck you want to do anyway. Then make her blow you and lie and tell her you won`t cum in her mouth. You young guys crack me up!

  4. Why the fuck adult men are playing video games ???
    I know it’s a hobby for some…..but srs they need to grow the fuck up.
    Of course she is bitch too….like many women are.

    1. I attended a Christmas dinner, a very large one, with some extended-extended family. These are people who I see maybe once a year.
      One person was 17 years old and sat on their portable through the entire Christmas dinner playing video games. And the parent didn’t care… this was apparently a normal and acceptable behavior.
      I was not hosting this event. If I was, I would have a sense of obligation to say something.
      I am not a Luddite but I am growing increasingly frustrated with people’s obsession with phones and other electronic gadgetry. I just don’t get it.

      1. Exactly.
        It’s like a generation of zombies we are creating.
        less human interaction and more dependency on technology.
        you can’t even make a great conversation with people if they still checking their phones or play some games.
        Especially for men, physical activity is super important that is decreasing in the culture we are living. damn even if you try to fix something broken in your home and make some efforts …you will feel good abt yourself and more appreciated by the people around you.

  5. She is doing him a favor – the computer is the single greatest feminizing force in society today.

  6. Some guys have it so good playing videogames at 20+ and still have a hot gf around . He looks like is himself around her too. Other men have to work out , make lots of money , dress well , put on an entartaining clown mask or act macho when it’s not in their character etc and get nothing. Strange world.

    1. well he is not ugly, usually the people who complain about it are fat fucks self proclaimed nice guys, yeah yeah “”LUCK””

    2. Yeah but he is an average dude who is lucky to not be fat (yet) and plays videogames. He shouldn’t be able to get that kind of pussy in today’s sexual market , in the West. That’s what monosphere teaches us. Unless I’m missing smth.

      1. I know SMV is an opinion but just because she is maybe a 7 to be fair. She will drop fast the next couple of years. He should add a clause stating ill agree to this only if you dress feminine, give me sex at least 3 times a week and don’t gain weight. Otherwise ill buy my own $80 (just guessing here since the last system i bought was the first playstation) video game bitch. You must add bitch at the end to let her know your serious lol

      2. “This kind of pussy.” Are u outta your mind? I agree the market is competitive and getting even more so as I write this. But look at her. She’s borderline anorexic and has a masculine jawline – a complete turnoff. I get it, your philosophy in life is something is always better than nothing, but this worldview is against the principles of this site that’s increasing your SMV.

        1. In the USA, she’s a goddess. Agree about the jawline, but a slim chick. My wife and I laugh at the fat young 18 year olds that we see here in Seattle. Find a young white chick without fat thighs these days.

    3. What makes you think he’s not lifting weights, working on a computer engineering degree, or networking? Or that he plays video games that much? Also how is playing Xbox different from reading political articles, following on Twitter or commenting on sites like this?

    4. It all comes back around. Cod is a single man’s game. In a relationship, you have to make sacrifices.

      1. It’s true, FPS games are usually first to go when you live with a woman. They’re too loud and take over the TV. When you’re in a relationship you learn to appreciate mobile games and pc games. It’s way easier to get away with playing on the PC when you can distract the GF with the TV.

    5. Lol @ your cope
      They are perfectly looksmatched. He is slightly above average and so is she. Take her makeup off and she is average as fuck. You’re acting like this girl is a supermodel and he is some basement dwelling neckbeard. He looks masculine, is taller than her, and even if he plays video games (which I think are gay but whatever) he is most likely a sociable person who is normal so he doesn’t have to resort to autistic shit like PUA theories to get laid
      Newsflash men: most guys can get laid with normal looking girls all the time. What happens is that many manosphere basement dwellers never leave their house and thus most 5/10 girls become 8s due to them not having their Dick wet in so long (if ever)
      Also HE IS NOT UGLY

  7. Mind you, there must be something wrong with this guy’s video game habit if her girlfriend calls him out on it. He must be one of those gamers who will run a COD marathon all night. Of course he does risk getting overweight, among other things.
    Yet, I wonder why she doesn’t leave him. One, from a hetero point of view, the guy is definitely not bad looking. Definitely not your stereotype neckbeard gamer. And she’s decently cute. Plus, perhaps he does spoil her quite a bit, so this one might be a classic “carrot and stick” gambit. I give you something you like, but you spoil me in return.
    So three things I get from this. One, I like how women are demanding, yet will pull the “you can’t make me do what you want!” card at their convenience. Two, he should make a counter contract telling her that he’ll put down COD if she puts down her phone while on dates. See how long that lasts. And three, in the event that these two do get married, I definitely want to see the prenups they come up with. And as a bonus, if you have to pull bullcrap agreement out of your ass for your beloved to follow, then things must not be that good.

  8. Women know they need to compete for attention against other women, but they don’t know that they need to compete against video games and other hobbies in terms of fun and keep that attention. American woman fail miserably at this.

  9. What’s he going to do? Get butthurt and break up with her over it? Just sign it, and do what you want. She certainly will be doing whatever she wants.

  10. Rules for your new boyfriend:
    1. If I call you must pause whatever you are doing and take the call and talk to me with full attention.
    2. No interrupting me or beginning a new activity if I say we are going out or if I ask to hang out.
    3. You MUST ask if I need my dick drained and be prepared to make sure I have been satisfied before you do anything else while I am over.
    4. You must reply to texts within 11 minutes.
    5. You must give me at least as much sexual attention as you spend reading Twilight, masturbating, spending time with friends or family, and watching romcom or rom-dram movies.
    I don’t see the problem.

  11. We all know this is the kind of bitch to swallow random Tinder dates’ jizz and then make the guy who asked her out at church on Easter wait a month to get to 2nd base.
    Sad. at least the guy is in school. Assuming he graduates he can turn it around. It’s never too late.

    1. You’re not wrong. My ex told me… ‘I’d just sleep with a guy if I didn’t care about him’ while I was trying to initiate. We were already in bed and I’d just gone down on her, yet she would not reciprocate. This was three months in. I should have just dumped her right then. I know better than to waste time on women like this now.

    2. LTRs are just ways to cuck yourself if you can’t handle female nature. BUT rest assured even Chad gets cucked because Stacy got bored.

  12. The irony here is that she is getting even *MORE* attention now via viral Twitter – much more than she initially sought from X-Box boy. Regardless, her contract is essentially void either way once she starts getting hundreds of guys paying attention to her because of this.
    This relationship is doomed in so many ways. Box-boy should just take the game and break up with her.

    1. Problem being that she’s on Twitter. She gets so much social validation from sources other than him every day that I couldn’t imagine having to compete with that. It would be mind-numbing for me.

  13. Cunts and their overblown, exaggerated sense of entitlement. Let’s not forget to mention in two or three months, this pig will be fucking his cousin or best friend behind his bak, anyway.

  14. Young guys: step away from the video game console and start living a real life in the real world.
    Learn game. Hunt. Fish. Take up archery. Become proficient with a firearm. Learn another language. Golf. Bowl. Sculpt. Do calculus. Volunteer for the less fortunate. There are a multitude of options out there for you, all of which are physically and mentally stimulating and healthier than video games.
    Unlike video games of generations past, these new games are designed to drain many hours, days, weeks, months of a man’s time. They render too many men numb and oblivious to the world around them. Europe is being invaded by unskilled and aggressive migrants. American universities are turning out millions of SJWs. It’s no accident that mainstream culture encourages our youngest and most testosterone laden men to engage 24/7 with video games, the modern opiate of the masses. “Hey Slave, Never mind the SJW totalitarians taking over your government and culture right under your nose…. here’s a screen to stare at … you’re a pretend WWII hero!”
    Life is a gift, and you only get one. Stop being a poser and get engaged with something real.

    1. I’m sure there’s a list of “rules” for doing that, too. You’ll probably need to shower her with gifts and jewelry. Until guys grow a backbone and draw a line in the sand, this shit will continue indefinitely.

  15. Why all the trash talk about this cute young couple that’s obviously in love. Let love run its course. She’ll get tired of being ignored and see him for the loser that he is. She’ll cheat to get his attention. He’ll forgive her. Eventually she’ll meet a charming older man like me who takes her to fancy restaurants and makes her feel special. And she’ll tell me she loves it when I treat her like a naughty little slut, and that her ex was ok but just too nice. And then I’ll get tired of her, move onto the next one, and I’ll live happily ever after.

    1. A lot of jealous men here. In their minds they live, breathe, and think game/gym/”business”/self-improvemenr/philosophy and they spend so much time “improving themselves” they don’t have time for things like video games. Then they see a white guy who plays a lot of video games, drinks mountain dew, eats Doritos, and doesn’t exercise.
      The reality is he has other shit going on but just likes to wind down with call of duty once in a while. I had a roommate like that. He played Lol, but he also majored in mechanical engineering, interned at a small tech firm, lifted weights, cooked his own meals, was a blackbelt in BJJ and had plenty of friends.
      Humans need down time. Even Donald Trump watches football. Nobody is on 24/7.

      1. Jack,
        The trouble is that these aren’t your grandfather’s video games. Back in the day you could play a little Pac-Man on the Atari or at the arcade. After an hour it was on to another activity.
        These games are specifically designed to be a total time-suck and lure the players in for hours, days, weeks…
        I agree with you, there are other time-sucks out there. Watching football can be a time-suck if you allow it to. The guys who are “at risk” for overwatching sports are the ones who watch far more than just *the game.* These are the guys who spend time watching other guys on television simply *talk* about the game, in the days prior to and following the event. Paying for ESPN (The Total SJW Network) in order to watch two out-of-shape grown men shout at each other over sports is an insane behavior.
        Equally insane is putting on a headset and pretending that you’re some kind of 1943 American war hero, all while ignoring the ACTUAL mess that’s become western civilization in the present day.

        1. I agree those MMOs and other online games are awful in that you need to devote too mucb time to be competitive. There are still a ton of single player games and it all depends on self control. Most play too much but I and many others have done well with moderation and setting an alarm. I don’t think I bought a game in like years.

        2. I will say that games can be used as a crutch to not get out there and try new things/meet new people. It’s easier to just fire up a game than it is to join a meet up and introduce yourself to people you do not know.

      2. Playing video games in your down time is what losers do. Read a book. Play a musical instrument. Hit the gym. Chase some tail.

      1. I’m relatively wealthy and I routinely eat at great restaurants. I enjoy the finer things in life. Enjoying an amazing meal with a hot piece of ass who’s half my age is a pleasure, and the cost of her meal is nothing to me because I’m a successful alpha. And afterward she’ll have the best sex she’s ever had because I’m great at that too and I enjoy her screams of pleasure. Nothing beta about it, son.

  16. She’s pretty cute. If she’s good in the sack I would proceed to develop a powerful sexual connection with her, then bend, infringe, and ultimately outright break every one of those rules. Whenever she complains I’d activate her sexual buttons. I love boning a woman who’s pissed at me about stupid shit.

  17. If your girl complains that you play video games, DUMP HER!
    My girl brings me food and drinks every 2 hours and NEVER complains! She’s Eastern hence a real woman!

  18. Who cares. These are two juveniles with a juvenile agreement. They both might as well be 12 years old.
    Once she gets out of ‘college’, she’ll have thousands of thirsty betas hitting her up on linkedin, facebook, at work, at the bars, at the grocery store, etc. and she’ll dump the video-game guy.
    Young attractive females, even semi-attractive ones, literally have the same attention and sexual interest from guys as male celebrities/movie stars have from females. The attention is literally of celebrity-status that females receive today from men. She’ll get out into the “adult world”, and she’ll wonder why she even spent a dime on a video game.

    1. True, but I’m in my 50s and I’m having more sex than ever, better sex than ever, and with more women than ever. The result of a much needed divorce, natural game, and I’ll admit, T shots. Best advice a doctor ever gave me.

  19. Somebody tell the CUCK that I’ll give him the $40 so he can BUY HIS OWN fucking game 🙁

  20. My Dudes. Don’t be a cheap ass. Buy your own fucking video games. I can only imagine the level of begging this guy had to do just to get her to buy this shit. Begged so much she made him sign a contract.

  21. I hate when people suggest you play videogames with your girlfriend. I’ve tried it with a gamer girlfriend. It’s the best way to ruin gaming for yourself and the girl.
    -She always knows when you’re online.
    -She wants you to always hold her hand on quests or in matches.
    -She will get annoyed if you don’t play the games she wants to play.
    -She won’t have the patience to go for challenges and trophies.
    -She likes casual funzy type games that have no real progression.
    If you’re playing a video game with someone they need to know how to play and be able to contribute to the team. Hand holding the whole time kills the whole experience.
    The girl I tried to play with wanted to play with me but didn’t have enough real interest in the game to learn basic menu functions and level up stat distribution. So she couldn’t keep up due to lack of genuine interest in learning the game and an inability to immerse herself in the gameplay.
    I got to the point where I didn’t even want to login because she kept logged in literally 24/7 basically just to track my gaming. She never played shit on her own.
    I’ve been a gamer for 20 years and I’ve never met a girl that actually has that genuine feeling of wonderment I have when I pick up a new title. It’s no chore for me to learn new controls, level up mechanics or digest new content. I genuinely love it all unless it’s truly a bad game, the whole process of opening the package, seeing the disc art, starting up the title screen, feeling the new physics, learning the controls, solving the in game problems.
    I know lot’s of guys who love the shit just like I do, veteran gamers. I know there are girls who do some serious gaming out there but I’ve only met them digitally and few and far between.
    It’s way better to keep your gaming time completely separate from your romantic life. I think the best situation would be to have your own business where you can have an office with a console set up to play every day to your heart’s content without your spouse knowing what you’re doing.

  22. Closest I ever came to this situation was when I had a girlfriend buy me Duke Nukem Forever and told her I wanted a blowjob while I played like in the trailer. No contract needed.

  23. Look at the pic. The body language. How she puts her hand on his chest. Slightly pushing him back while simultanously taking the front position.
    She got him by the balls!

  24. No contract is a joke, ever. If it was a joke, she would have said he didn’t have to sign it, and thrown it away.

  25. Young guys with those wide faceshapes and hair that never looks like it has had a bad day ever usually have it pretty easy! That American girl she is with wouldn’t look at me if I made her a 5 star dinner and took her on a 14 day luxury cruise. Believe me when I say it, this is not a fun world. Life can be very tough sometimes! Its probably a hell lot tougher now then it was in 2004 when I was probably this dude’s age.

  26. Good thing this girl isn’t a lawyer. Several gaps in this contract:
    1) This rule does not specify how long the pause needs to be.
    2) If we are not “planning” to hang out, I can start the game whenever I want.
    3) I only need to ask (no requirement for approval); you will always have something to do (e.g., breathe)
    4) This rule does not even make sense – a text longer than 11 minutes? Voidable.
    5) I only need to “not forget” to give you as much attention. I may yet remember and still decide not to do it.
    In the final paragraph:
    “…while loving my girlfriend at the same time…” sounds like she is to provide oral sex while he enjoys playing the game, in fact this could be interpreted as a contractual requirement. Winner!

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