The 10 Commandments For Atheist Men

Religion is a big topic in the manosphere with sporadic debates erupting over whether it is a positive influence for today’s masculinity and society at large or not. The religious camp argue that belief in God and religious moral values are basic necessities for red-pilled men who are fighting against modern cultural degeneracy while the non-religious camp argue that it’s just a distraction and, at worst, another form of blue pill used to control men.

My purpose here is not to blow up a debate (although it is practically unavoidable once the subject is brought up), nor is it to patronize the Christians on what they should or shouldn’t do (although many of these tenets apply to Christians as well), but to talk practical sense into some of the fellow non-believers who may find themselves at odds with the other men of manosphere who are religious. Here are some basic guidelines that I think should be adopted by the red pill atheists:

1. Thou shalt not be petty or defensive regarding your position

Atheists are accused of being too defensive and somewhat sensitive regarding their lack of faith and I find this to be generally true.

Perhaps it’s the indignation that comes with the feeling of being lied to when you were young and vulnerable, of having had believed in a supreme being that one feared, only to realize that it was all just superstition. Or perhaps it’s associated with the memories of having your family, school, or community trying to control you and enforce guilt within you. But whatever it may be, it’s best to leave it in the past and move on. Being reactive and displaying knee-jerk hostility to silly statements made by religious fanatics don’t help you at all, it just makes you look weak.

2. Thou shalt not argue about the question of God

Never let yourself get trolled.

In the eighteen years or so that I’ve been on the Internet, I’ve never seen a debate on the existence of God end with one side saying, “Holy shit! Your arguments make perfect sense! I will now join you for you have opened my eyes.” So it surprises me that people still waste time typing away angry arguments that lean closer to insults than intellectual debates.

If people believe in something, they’re not going to change their minds no matter how much you challenge their beliefs using the best possible arguments (and trust me, I’ve tried and so did the other guys who tried to convert me), not unless their hearts are open to it or the seeds of doubts have already been sown. Just don’t do it.

3. Thou shalt differentiate between the argument on the existence of God and the utility of religion

Although debating is one of the dumbest waste of time ever, if you do insist, please learn to differentiate between the argument on the existence of God with the practical implications of religion. I see far too many people slipping from former to the latter when their position gets weak.

4. Thou shalt not identify oneself as an atheist

There’s an unfortunate connotation among the religious right that if you’re an atheist, you’re probably a progressive, leftist, hipster, faggot, pinko-commie socialist. It doesn’t matter how much you prove yourself to be not; the other camp doesn’t care. If you’re an atheist, you will be marked as an outsider. For that reason, I find it better to say that I’m not religious or “non-religious” and not mention religion at all until someone asks me first.

Besides the stereotype, I really don’t find any use in forming an identity around a lack of belief in something. I don’t consider myself a psychic-skepticist, Scientology-denier, or anti-Loki, so why should I do the same with religion? If a certain faith tries to limit my freedom, force its values onto me, or endanger me in anyway, I will push back, but there is no such danger for atheists in the West (unlike in Bangladesh.)

5. Thou shalt not seek praise for your lack of faith

There are few atheists who think their lack of faith makes them smarter and better than the theists and insists on letting everyone know. This is a symptom of our Internet culture where people without real accomplishments try to one up others by proclaiming their identity or belief as being superior to the faceless strangers on the net. Although this is more common with the pseudo-intellectual Leftists, I’ve seen it enough times in the manosphere to warrant a mention.

6. Thou shalt not judge another man based on his faith (or the lack thereof)

I admit this is hard, especially when the other side starts to get rabid to a point of absurdity and accuses you of being literally Stalin or even autistic—it’s enough to declare the entire camp as being nothing but a bunch of crazies and intolerant buffoons. But I implore you to turn the other cheek.

I’ve met both extremes of great and wicked people regardless of their faith (although some exceptionally kind individuals have tended to be devout believers), so a person’s religious belief doesn’t seem to be a reliable indicator of his character. Don’t jump to conclusions so easily.

7. Thou shalt not seek false idols

There are plenty of statheists from both the Left and the Right.

To compensate for their lack of faith, atheists tend to seek alternative gods to worship, substituting an immaterial deity for another one in the material world. Among these include: hedonism, consumerism, money, self-love, technology, ideology, and statism in all forms (including the worship of “civilization”). I can tell that there will be many disagreements as to whether these things actually represent false idols or not, but none of them can bring you genuine happiness and contentment in life, if not being outright traps to exploit you that will lead to your demise.

8. Thou shalt seek enlightenment from within

Instead of seeking false idols from without, seek enlightenment from within. If religion is not your cup of tea, stoic and Eastern philosophies (of Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) are good alternatives to follow. Know that you don’t need to be religious to be spiritual; it all depends on how you define spirituality.

9. Thou shalt honor thy masculinity

I don’t think I need to tell the readers here of the importance of cultivating masculinity, but if you’re looking for something else to focus on to give you a meaning in life besides religion, masculinity should be one of your top three priorities. Learn to be good at being and man and everything else will follow.

10. Thou shalt not fear death

As a non-believer, your inevitable mortality will likely trouble you. Unlike those who believe in heaven and hell, you have no afterlife to look forward to or take comfort in, only the eternal nothingness that comes with death. That is something you must face bravely if you wish to live a life of greatest satisfaction and potential.

Obviously, accepting death is something far harder to actually do than say. So if you fear death, try to make it your friend. Remind yourself of the brevity of life and dance with death to experience the thrill of living. Along the way, you just might come to accept it without even knowing. And once you do, you’ll know that you lived the best you could—that you were granted the chance to experience the world in all its mysterious glory.

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225 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments For Atheist Men”

  1. #10
    I’ve always been obsessed with / fixated on death and the idea of not existing. Even when I was a young teen.
    Drinking definitely helped settle and quiet those thoughts.
    After quitting drinking and getting older, those thoughts are back louder and more insistent than ever.
    When I was younger, I thought there might be some amazing new technology that would come around in time to radically extend human life or allow us to upload our minds to some super-computer.
    15 years later and I have to admit it’s not going to happen.
    For a lot of reasons.
    The best minds – the ones who might create some amazing life-extending technology- are all culled by Fuckbook and Google to use their mental prowess to figure out ways to insert ads and get people to buy them new sneakers.

    1. In the 1500s, it was Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth
      In the 1800s, it was salesmen hawking snake oil or Dr. McGinty’s Cure All Tonic
      In the early 1900s, the salubrious effects of radiation were touted
      in the 1990s, scientists claimed we were on the verge of injecting nano-bots into our bloodstream and they would help keep us young
      Now, it’s CRISPR gene-editing
      The promised tool is always a reflection of where society is at the moment.
      It’s no different than someone eating a lot of tortoises and hoping doing so will give him the tortoise’s longevity: in the end, you just ate a lot of tortoises for nothing

      1. Why would you want to live forever though? That’s just a style of clinginess, attachment, what have you. It’s important to learn to accept the idea that someday, your switch will be flicked, and just kind of make some peace with that well in advance.

        1. How could you not want to live forever?
          To see what comes next, to continue creating, learning, discovering,etc.
          For practical reasons: we’re now reaching the point that the human lifespan is too short to accommodate how long it takes to become truly proficient at a demanding skill: one is not ready to practice surgery or head their own research lab until around 35 or 40, meaning they are more than half-dead by the time they become competent. Also, the human mind probably starts to decay by the late 20s so these experts are becoming competent AFTER peak brilliance or ability.

        2. I guess if you could eliminate the problem of aging, it might not be so terrible. Even given that impossible concession though, I’m still not sold on immortality for a number of reasons. But you do make a decent point.

        3. I think the real concern is of people becoming too rigid in their mental thinking: imagine someone from 2000 years ago alive today in modern society – they would probably have a very hard if not impossible time of acclimating because everything they once knew or believed in was either discredited or mocked.

        4. if radical life extension ever comes to pass, it may be necessary to “retrain” the mind and reset it or make more pliable / plastic as it was as a youth: perhaps careful administration of psycho-active drugs like LSD

        5. “Also, the human mind probably starts to decay by the late 20s so these experts are becoming competent AFTER peak brilliance or ability.”
          Completely wrong. Most studies have shown peak mental competence to be reached in one’s fifties. It can go later if you keep yourself in good health.

    2. When I was younger, I thought there might be some amazing new technology that would come around in time to radically extend human life or allow us to upload our minds to some super-computer.
      If that technology ever existed I wouldn’t want to use it for myself. Imagine being aware that you are trapped inside an IC and no longer have a body, can’t have sex with cute girls anymore, enjoy good food, some nice beers etc, and maybe so for eternity. Now THAT would be my idea of hell.

      1. If I could live forever as a disembodied brain in a jar (provided I had ways to input information and communicate with the outside world), I would be perfectly happy with that.
        Keep in mind. the trend will be something like that Bruce Willis movie Surrogates where people control robotic bodies remotely and experience the world through telepresence or VR.

        1. That thought makes me shudder. I hope at least one can choose to opt out.

        2. Yes, of course it should be optional. People often raise the specter of resource consumption in a future where no one dies. This begs the question of whether that’s a non sequitur – perhaps a good number of people would opt out

        3. Our human psychology has limits, and evolved to equip us to handle only a span of three generations or so. We are people of “our time”, and the further time moves past the era we were born into, the less psychological motivation we have to “keep up” with things. We don’t care about keeping up with the new music, the new slang, the newly emerging customs etc. This has a cumulative effect that would completely isolate you within a generation or two after you had lived past your normal lifespan. Jonathan Swift wrote about some immortal characters, and they weren’t able to speak the language or at all relate to anyone or anything around them, because they had lost the motivation many generations prior to keep up with the endlessly evolving customs, language,trends, fashions etc.
          If I could live forever in an unchanging 1997, when I was 27 and women, music, culture etc. were all at my feet and thoroughly enjoyed by me, that would be fantastic. But actual immortality wouldn’t be like that. I’m in my late forties now and already hate the way things have evolved over the last 20 years. If I could live long past my normal life span, I’d quickly become like Swift’s characters. We are meant to die.

        4. That’s a good point.
          I myself seem stuck in a similar era circa 2000 when I was a young teen: the fashion (baggy jeans, band t shirt), the music (Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Korn), even when it comes to what I find attractive in women (style of clothes, hair, etc). If a newborn chick can think a person or a dog is its mother (through imprinting), the human mind must also form certain unshakable core beliefs when it young (in terms of preferences, beliefs, ideals etc).

  2. Re #10:
    In the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, the government and research institutions probably expended close to 1 trillion dollars in AIDS research.
    All to learn how to treat something that was entirely preventable.
    But there is no similar effort made to extend human life or cure aging. We’re told “death is part of life.” Why weren’t the AIDS zombies told to accept their fate?

  3. Re #10: Most people are not sufficiently self-aware to contemplate non-existence. Because they are not self-aware, their loss is not tragic. Animals don’t have self-awareness and most people don’t either.

  4. Anyone ever see the movie Cube? That’s how life feels to me: everything is trying to kill you but there must be a way to beat it and win

    1. Fantastic movie…reminds me of arguing in a relationship. No matter which way you go you get fkked

  5. “I don’t believe in Atheism”
    This article is good, but probably is good for anyone who believes anything. Change “atheist” with vegetarian, christian, bowling fanatic, whatever.

      1. I stick with apathism. The question of whether or not god exists is totally meaningless to me. I am absolutely apathetic as to the existence of god

        1. Same. God exists? Okay. God doesn’t exist? Okay.
          I’ll keep doing my own thing. Life goes on.

  6. A masculine society is focused on leaving a legacy: look at the pyramids, ancient temples, works of philosophy, etc.
    A feminine society is focused on experiential concerns: enjoying life, having fun, having nice things, being happy, etc.

    1. So right, so right.
      What is accomplishment but struggle?
      There would be no JFK without autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 2 and a resulting Addison’s disease.
      There would be no Spengler, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Kafka without the suppression of the sexual urge.
      There would be no Thomas Bernhard without Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease.
      If you don’t struggle, if there is no adversity, you won’t build a legacy.

        1. Seneca: “Starke Männer freuen sich über harte Schicksale wie tapfere Soldaten über Krieg.”
          ‘Strong men rejoice over a cruel fate just like brave soldiers rejoice over war.’
          (From Seneca – De Providentia)

        2. Mussolini also said: “Better to be a lion for a single day than a sheep for a hundred years!”

  7. Isn’t it strange:
    No one would tell some guy on death row to not be so glum, to smile more, or that things aren’t so bad.
    But no one has the slightest reservation telling someone who is fixated on death and the idea of not existing to lighten up, don’t be so morose, etc
    We’re all on death row: some of us just have larger cells until the warden comes for us.

    1. Just become a Stoic. You get the best of all worlds with Stoicism.
      Fixed that for you.

        1. I agree but I don’t like the fact that white people embrace asian philosophies when they have the same thing in their own culture. That’s cucked as hell. Just like this buddhism trend. Disgusting.

        2. Oh fuck yah, I’m totally with you there. Just yesterday in fact I was at the mall and I saw some god damn white person eating lo mein instead of the hamburgers easily obtainable there at the food court. Well needless to see I was fuckin disgusted. I called him a cuck real loud while simultaneously slitting his throat with a double eagle medallion that i’d forged myself out of iron I smelted from a meteorite. the lo mein began to drop out of the tracheotomy i’d just given this goddam chink food eating race traitor and I thought I was in big trouble for sure. but no, the people in the food court all began to cheer loudly. “Yeah, fuck that guy, it’s disgusting that he also liked lo mein in addition to burgers! You are our true savior, Alyosha! Please come back tomorrow for Martin Lucifer Coon Day and punish those born in other foreign nations!” That said, it’s about time for me to head back to the food court…..wish me luck brothers!
          JK dude that’s completely fucking retarded.

        3. that would be pretty hilarious: to start screaming “cuck” at every white person doing something in any way non-white like eating chinese food.
          But there is some truth to it: whites seem eager to shed their culture in favor of foreign culture. while non-whites are characterized by extreme xenophobia, (modern) whites are characterized by extreme xenophilia.

        4. If true, then please explain the worldwide appetite (Asia, Africa, etc) for the white man’s entertainment. As well as the white man’s language. And the white man’s women.

        5. I will cede you half a point on that bc some white people really seem to hate their whiteness. But to say something like “it’s cucked as hell to reference book B when book A says the same things,” goddamn I worry for the future. I’ll reference any book I fucking please and anyone who doesn’t like it can suck my cock once their mother is finished with it.

        6. The white man’s entertainment?
          I hope you talk about Formula 1, soccer and stuff like that and not about (((Hollywood))) and (((porn))).

        7. If someone paid me 1$ everytime a person thinks culture equals food (“Yey, I love the migrants because it brings diversity and I can eat kebab, duh”) I would be as rich as D. J. Trump.

        8. It is surprisingly easy to hear this reasoning in the US, especially in women. Although from German women I can expect anything as well.

        9. The Tao Te Ching thankfully lacks the grim gloominess of Stoicism, which makes it much better.
          Stoicism is also much too hung up with duty and virtue.

        10. You mean like white people currently worshipping a crucified Middle Eastern Jew instead of Odin and Thor like their ancestors did?

        11. Wellllllllll nowwwwww
          Aside from being a giant bag of dirty cucks, you are also clearly a total cuck
          JK bruv although I checked with the judges and we aren’t buying this idea that Taoism isn’t hung up on virtue. I mean that’s kinda what te is, after all. You might retort and say yeah but not really, and besides I said Stoicism is “too hung up on…”in which case I’d be like whatever you cuke

        12. I also don’t understand this bizarre need that so many White Men have to worship a Middle Eastern deity, when we have our own ancient tribal Gods of war, lust, fertility, etc. We should also worship our Ancestors for giving us Life.

      1. Kinda. Like Ubermensch here says, it’s very much like our good friend Stoicism. I’m gonna have to Google coolie though…

        1. Ha save me the trouble then and spill it brah.
          Also…No I wouldn’t call it an import. It predates Stoicism by a significant length of time. And anyway, all those old cultures shared these ideas.

  8. There’s an unfortunate connotation among the religious right that if you’re an atheist, you’re probably a progressive, Leftist, hipster, faggot, pinko-commie socialist. It doesn’t matter how much you prove yourself to be not; the other camp doesn’t care.
    And this is how my username was born.
    Unlike those who believe in heaven and hell, you have no afterlife to look forward to or take comfort in, only the eternal nothingness that comes with death.
    I have no hell to fear either. I imagine nothingness just like it was before I was born. In fact I don’t remember anything before I was about 2 years old so it’s a bit as if that was also nothingness, yet I was already alive. Another similar experience is when I blacked out from excessive drinking.

    1. Me, too. I am so thankful I turned away from after-life based mumbo jumbo, it scared the crap out of me when I was a child…I guess that’s how religion rolls. I’ve come to terms with my own mortality, the way real adults do instead of holding onto childish dreams of heaven, or big rock candy mountain. I am looking forward to eternal nothingness at the end of my life; beats living with all the rest of you for ever and ever.

    2. Although often seen as horribly reductionist, could we not agree that life itself is like a thin, bright shaft of light situated between two periods of eternal darkness (the one before you arrived, and the void that comes once again when you die)?

      1. The assumption there is that the ‘you’ part is a singular event, and that death is eternal, even though life is temporary. I don’t know of too many static states in the universe. Is being dead the only one?

  9. 4 and 7 are 2 sides of the same coin. There’d definitely less of 4 if there were more of 7.

  10. It was very liberating to “come out” as being atheist. I’d realized that I was just trying to be polite by saying I believed something else. Being an atheist is more or less saying believers are morons. Stop humoring people. There is no need to be rude but like with many things about being a man you must own it and not apologize for it. So take your “commandments” and stick ’em where the sun doesn’t shine.

      1. Telling people you are atheist often starts an argument even when you have no interest or intent of starting or engaging in an argument. Simply stating you are such is often perceived as an attack on their own beliefs.
        If you say you are agnostic you leave room for their beliefs and avoid arguments and hard feelings and the inference of insult. I tended to say I was agnostic as a “go along to get along.” I finally stopped caring if my belief caused anyone else a crisis of faith i.e. I “came out of the closet” as atheist.

  11. Simply saying you’re an atheist brings along the connotations of being an anti-theist, which are two very different things. I do not believe in a higher power, but I don’t judge those that do, otherwise I risk alienating people in a very personal way.

    1. That’s the trouble isn’t it? All the things folks want to read into your answer to a binary question.

  12. I met up with some fellow atheists back in April and the discussion turned to politics and Trump. Out of a small group of about five I was the only one who supported Trump. Most of the others really hated him and said the usual talking points about he’s racist, sexist, etc. One of them even said he didn’t give a shit about the people who were recently killed in the Brussels bombing because of what he saw as racial profiling.
    Christians can be sneaky as well like trying to sneak in ‘intelligent design’ as science but when it comes to fighting the spread of that barbaric ‘religion’ called Islam throughout the Western world I would rather stand shoulder to shoulder with a bible thumping Christian than with most atheists.

    1. Most atheists follow a slave morality: in their minds, beliefs are more important than actions. Hence they care more about racial profiling than about people being blown to bits.

      1. Why would I care what happens to someone not related to me, not known by me, and not a fellow countryman?

  13. Love this piece.. I am an atheist, and must admit I am guilty of some of the points the author makes. It often ends with pointless bickering in the comment section of this site. It would be much more effective to realise we are on the same side on most points and discuss more important issues instead.

    1. An old college friend is a religious studies professor. He explains it like this:
      Atheism isn’t a negative position. If all a person does is point out how and why religion is wrong, that person is actually an *agnostic*.
      In reality, atheism is an actual belief system, just like any religion. And like any religious body, it has dogma, and the dogmatic.

      1. Atheism is not a belief system. It is a single answer to a single simple question, “Does God exist?”

        1. And your adherence to that belief system is what compelled you to both respond and do so in the manner you have.

        2. No, my adherence to the belief that we should all be using and speaking to the same set of definitions led me to make that response. A belief and a system of beliefs are not the same.
          How much ice to put in Scotch tells you nothing as to the rest of a person’s beliefs about serving alcohol. It is a singular thing. Not an entire system. It may make some beliefs more probable than others but it in an of itself does not mean those beliefs are in point of fact held.

        3. How much ice a person puts in their scotch tells you a lot about them. Most people, if you look at them having a drink, give away a lot about their personality

        4. Everything you do is in some ways reflective of who you are and what kind of choices you make. Learn to pay attention to details and you will ever be disappointed. Here is a starter, if a girl doesn’t have immaculate finger nails do not waste even one second on her no matter what other desireable features she has

        5. Interesting. If she doesn’t care about her nails she doesn’t care about herself?

        6. There is a saying in the restaurant biz that the bathroom is a reflection of the kitchen. If the restaurant doesn’t bother to keep the bathroom clean, knowing everyone will see it, you can bet the kitchen is a mess.
          A girl with immaculate nails will have that same habit f care and cleanliness in every aspect of not just her appearance but her life.
          Ymmv but this is my experience

        7. Do you believe in for example Zeus or Odin or Poseidon or Ra or Anubis? No? Does that then make you atheist?
          No, because not believing in Zeus doesn’t mean you also lack belief in God.
          It is likely I simply believe in one less god than the typical Christian does.

  14. Ironically, is is people who believe in an after-life who do the most to make this life count while it is atheists who mess up their earthly existence:
    It is the ultra-religious who have the most children.
    It should be the other way around: the atheists should be obsessed with passing on their genes but they often fail to reproduce or have at most one child.

    1. And that’s a good thing because most atheists are leftwing marxist antifa black kid adopting cucks who need to perish.

  15. Yeah, a lot of so-called “atheists” on the internet think “atheism” means you have to defend a whole list of woo-woo beliefs about nonwhite people, women and people with broken sexuality. Atheists would probably think more critically about these claims in other contexts.
    A more parsimonious sort of atheism would accept the tragedy of the human condition: Gods don’t exist; and neither does “social progress,” because man’s nature doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year.

    1. And neither will your place in the pecking order. Jews will always do better than your people.

  16. Christianity doesn’t make sense even given its own assumptions.
    For example, supposedly only a finite number of angels rebelled against god and went to hell. If these fallen angels now have jobs as hell’s prison guards, like we see in Dante’s Inferno and in Jack Chick’s tracts, yet billions of humans die every century and most of their souls go to hell, how does this system work, exactly? How does the math work?

    1. They don’t. It’s bad theology. No one goes to Heaven or Hell. The dead sleep until the Resurection. After Judgement Day, then they go one place or the other.

    2. Right. And Adam sinned, which allegedly automatically damned all of humanity without giving them any choice in the matter.
      And then Christ allegedly died to atone for all the sins of humanity, but didn’t really save anyone because most of humanity still goes to hell. You were damned automatically (by a God who supposedly honors free will, lol) but you’re not saved automatically and you will still be punished even though Christ allegedly already took your punishment and paid your debt in full.
      Christianity is a scam and a control mechanism.

  17. “if you’re an atheist, you’re probably a progressive, Leftist, hipster, faggot, pinko-commie socialist.”
    You know why? Because thanks to this crap (who have always identified themselves as atheists) the whole concept of atheism has lost its sovereignty and is often (unfortunately) associated with this rubbish. And it takes a whole lot of time to explain one that atheism has its own principles and has nothing to do with any socio-political nonsense.

        1. Unlike JFK who was back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left, back…….and to the left

      1. Economist used to be Thatcher neoclassical economics. I thought it went out of business with Blockbuster Video.

        1. that is as good an explaination of anything that I’ve heard in a while

      2. No. In fact, the editor directly called it having a liberal/globalist perspective in recent editorial comments on the Trump presidency. They self-described using the word “liberal” and tagged themselves with it, to be clear. I wish I had a link for you but I read it in hard copy in late November.
        I subscribe to The Economist.

    1. Economist is pozzed as they come.
      I canceled my subscription a few years ago when they ran a cover story that blamed Europeans for Africans deciding to pile into leaky boats and drown in the Mediterranean.
      It’s almost like Economist editorial board think Africans are so dumb that white men must be held accountable for African actions. White mans burden maybe.

  18. I know several atheists that bitch and moan about getting buried in a Christian cemetery after they die. I always ask them “why do you care where you’re buried, you’ll be gone from this earth never to return.” They always seem to have a problem with it. Why don’t they just get “Here lies such n such, Athiest”.
    I find most atheists the biggest virtue signallers. I was brought up Catholic, I will admit mostly non practising. All you get from atheists around here is the child molestation charges, terrible for sure, abortion rights, etc. As if kiddy fiddlin wouldn’t exist if the church disappeared in the morning. The vast amount of child molestation is carried out in families and by employees of the state, i.e. teachers. They however never talk about the good the church has done throughout the world, establishment of Universities, hospitals, education, etc. Where are all the atheist humanitarian/charity organisations?
    I just find most atheists I have encountered tedious…..

    1. It’s been my experience that the “atheists” who left catholicism after the sex-abuse scandals are believers that feel betrayed by the church. They generally find their way back to christian or unitarian churches. Anger with god is not atheism as you can’t be angry with someone who does not exist.

      1. so every angry atheist out there is a betrayed believer. Well that means there are no atheists.

        1. No. Read what I wrote again. I spoke specifically about a large swath of catholics based on my personal experience of the last 20 years.

        2. I am speaking specifically on the fact that most atheists that can be seen, heard and read are angry and annoying. from the angry atheist to lawrence Krauss. Very annoying and dull. You sound angry too. big surprise

        3. You’re an empath? You can feel my emotions through the internet? 🙂 Well if you’re not angry that the sex abuse went on for so long I would have to question your morals. I’m not angry at the religion itself. Also I was atheist LONG before any such abuses came to light.
          For what seems like the 1,000th time I will reiterate, atheism for me is the lack of belief, not an active belief against god.

    2. You know what the epitaph on their headstones is?
      “All dressed up with nowhere to go”

    3. 1, Many Atheists donate to religious charities such as the Salvation Army and city rescue missions due to their name recognition and impact.
      2. There are quite a few “atheist charities” with the Foundation Beyond Belief being a good example. Personally I would like to see some more deep pocket support but the problem is many of secular wealthy form there own charities.
      3. A large portion Top 10 charities with expenses greater then 500 million many of which are secular such as the Red Cross. Another large secular charity is Feeding America with 200 food banks.

      1. I would stick with Salvation Army. Their director takes $13K annual salary compared to the million dollar salary that the Red Cross Director gets. Even the local (county) director of Red Cross gets over $150K salary.

  19. RE:
    1) You shouldn’t be petty or defensive when arguing any idea or position. Seriously when have those qualities helped anyone in a discussion?
    2) You can argue whether god exists until you are blue in the face. You are however correct that you will likely not change anyone’s mind and don’t insult anyone (SEE #1).
    3) Understood. But it’s been my experience that many religious looking to convert people start with “Hey man (or “bro”, I love “bro” or “brother”) just so you know there’s a difference between RELIGION (airquotes) and personal relationship with god.” “Now stop by the Church of Baptist Fire & Brimstone on Main St. at 10:30 a.m. Sunday and I’ll show you.” 😉
    4) I’ll call myself whatever I want. If someone can say “I’m a christian, or I’m a jew, or I’m buddhist” or what ever I can call myself an atheist. A religious friend of mine once said (and I agree) “an agnostic is an atheist who is afraid to offend, if you don’t believe just say it.” Now do I walk down the street with a t-shirt that says “There’s no god”? No. But if it comes up I’ll tell you. I can’t help if you shape you opinion of me from that.
    5) Agreed, but should you seek praise for ANYTHING you do?
    6) Agreed. Atheists should not act like they’ve figured out some mystery and that believers are fumbling about in the dark. By the same token, ardent christians, don’t take glee in telling me (rather arrogantly) that eternal suffering is my reward for not accepting J.C. and following up with “just saying the truth” or “just trying to help”.
    7) Agreed. I’ve said on this forum quite a bit that for some atheists, lack of belief BECOMES their god. Atheism is a LACK of belief, not an idol to replace god.
    8) Stoicism I can get on board with. Many of the eastern religions also attack rational thought and reject the material world a bit too much.
    9) No argument there. That’s why I’m on RoK everyday.
    10) You’re always going to fear the unknown. How you conduct yourself DESPITE fear is what’s important.

        1. Well, most people either believe or deny …….. why be like most people?
          I like to be a man going my own way!

  20. So the basic rules for those denying the existence of God is framed as ten commandments which are the basic rules God gave to His chosen people. Oh, the irony.
    Personally, I believe there are no true atheists, just those who build elaborate defense mechanisms through science or philosophy to rationalize their supposed non-belief. Deep down inside they know they are living a lie which is why they frequently react with anger when challenged.

  21. As a Christian, I find this article interesting. To me, I just don’t see how you can find meaning in life without God. If there is no PLAN, no afterlife, then there is nothing. Before World War One, you could at least say your were helping Human Progress (cap H, cap P) but after two world wars and the Holocaust, who can pretend that mankind is progressing morally? Ironically, science is a FRIEND of religious belief: how can we deny a creator when we see DNA and the magnificence of the universe. I’m not trying to start a slugfest here – just posing a few questions.

    1. You assume God to be true without any evidence. Besides the God of the Bible told His followers many time to massacre other tribes hence God isn’t interested in “being good.”

      1. we massacre other tribes on our own today for the sake of profit. all the same shit. we are not good

      2. Yep, He even made them kill all the babies and animals. Sometimes He let them spare the young nubile women so they could be raped.

      3. No evidence ? This issue was settled centuries ago. You obviously never read Aquinas …Or probably anything.

    2. Not trying to start a slugfest either John, but what about genetic disorders? What about the millions of species that went extinct before man even walked upright? If there’s a plan or designer it’s some plan.

      1. What about all of the millions of creatures that died and were fossilized long before man was around to allegedly sin and bring death into the world?

        1. what about the dinosaur original, organic, soft biological tissues found within their bones by researchers? What about the dinosaur proteins that still induce a chemical reaction? what if the “millions of years” didn’t actually exist and all the animals that you mention, including dinosaurs, are actually quite young?

    3. You can find meaning if you have the balls to stare into that abyss. most people want to be entertained and don’t use their brains.

      1. You could stare at my balls instead of the abyss. You may find it entertaining if you don’t use your brain while doing so. Mine aren’t hung lo, so look up a bit.

    4. “If there is no PLAN, no afterlife, then there is nothing.”
      Right. Same goes for the afterlife, whats the meaning of it? Is there an after-afterlife?
      As for moral progress as a goal of humanity, well, since your two wars and Holocaust were caused, planned, and fought by the exclusively religious I guess we’ve progressed quite a bit, morally speaking.
      DNA? You really don’t know much about it, do you? DNA is one of the major evidences against a deity creating the world as we see it today. If this planet/universe and this human organism is the best your creator can do…lol!
      Since you identified as a Christian, I understand that argument from facts aren’t going to change your mind. It took me the better part of 20 years to cut the emotional ties to religion since it had been ingrained in me from birth.
      I’m just responding to your incredulity, to show you how it is possible to find meaning to life without relying on fairy tales.

      1. May I ask your previous religion? Is your family quite conservative? Did you tell your parents about it? How did they react to it? Sorry if I ask too much. I had to. lol

  22. Wow, what a load of guff. It’s akin to a moderate Muslim in an Islamic country saying “just pay the non-Muslim tax, don’t make waves and you’ll be all right.”

  23. I prefer there be no God so I can have complete autonomy. People are dull and predictable so I’d rather not attach special divine meaning to them when It’s obviously not the case. most atheists are angry and annoying and its because they are afraid. stop being pussies. the end

  24. Agnostics are always unfairly mocked and hated for some reason. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doubting and saying “I don’t know” if you honestly don’t know.

    1. Agreed Dennis. Whatever you are, simply be honest about it but not rude. People of all creeds need to remember that ultimately, only their own opinion matters.

    2. Rationally speaking, the only position one can realistically take in terms of the existence of God is that of agnosticism. There is simply no way of objectively proving or disproving the existence of God(s).

    3. Indeed, it’s usually the overtly, virulently resolute who smell of overcompensation, fear and doubt. At least in my experience.

    4. Agreed, but how do you feel? Atheism/ Theism is belief while Agnostic/ Gnostic is knowledge. AA, AG, TA, TG. I believe another term is strong/weak theism or atheism.

  25. “So if you fear death, try to make it your friend.”
    I call mine the Dark Passenger.

  26. Compare and contrast two atheists I know. One a neckbearded sci fi fan* who will bore the shit about his atheist views and childishly slag of the ‘bibble’ like a big kid nd another who states only if asked his atheism and doesn’t make a big deal out of it.
    Guess which one gets more sex?
    *in itself sci fi is OK but does tend to form a liberal cluster of behaviours

    1. This is just it. I don’t care about if somebody is an atheist no more than I care if somebody is a leftist. What matters is whether or not they’re a smarmy, condescending faggot about it- of which there seem to be a large amount from both camps.

      1. I disagree; most of the smarmy condescending faggots come from the atheistic camp. And I say this as an atheist but one who does not insist on letting my views known unless asked. Way I see it, I don’t believe, some do, what difference does it make? Being red pill is partially about knowing what to make a fuss over and what to ignore-if I met the right person, I’d still get married in a church if they wanted to-why be an arse about it? It is symptomatic of a childish, overgrown manchild who loves sci fi and still raves about music well into his middle age to rant to all and sundry about his atheism. Grow the fuck up, I think -you’re not 17 anymore. They are the direct opposite of all that is wholesome and manly.
        As a side note, these men seem to be mgtow by default as no woman in their right mind would touch their (Pink Floyd) burrito-stained t-shirt with a barge pole.

  27. The core issue of atheist vs. “religious” vs. “spiritual” or whatever boils down to morality. In the purest sense, whatever a person has ultimate devotion to is their “mighty one”.
    We’ve lost that understanding as a people and fail to understand what a “god” is. The word “god” literally means “mighty one”. Atheists, and every other human being, has one. A person’s god is where they derive their morality. What is your belief on murder, rape, theft, nationalism, multiculturalism, etc.? The source of your beliefs in these things is your “god” and again every single human being who has ever lived has one. It’s long past due time people on both sides of the “religion” debate understand this truth and apply it. Do your moral beliefs come from the founding fathers of the US? If so, they are your gods. Your own ideas? If so, you are your own god. Alex Jones? If so, he’s your god and so on. Some very relevant statements to keep in mind regarding all of this:
    – Idolatry is less about statues than it is about statutes.
    Culture is religion externalized. You cannot have a change in culture without first having a change in religion.
    – It is impossible to separate morality from law. Every law in a nation reflects someone’s morality or someone’s immorality. Morality has its source in a “mighty one”, results in a moral/immoral code, which is then responsible for every law that ever was or ever will be. There is no such thing as a “secular” society.
    The laws, or lawlessness, that govern a society are what steers it to prosperity or destruction. We are still at a point where the enemies of the West, especially the (((enemies))) of the West, understand this truth whereas the nationalists are still just waking up to it, if they are aware at all.

    1. By said reasoning to be moral is to ditch religion. It isn’t moral to do something because some supernatural entity said so.

      1. It’s moral to do something because it is righteous and good. It’s moral to promote justice for the widow, orphan, and stranger. It’s moral to love a righteous and good God who points wretched, sinful, self serving humans in the right direction to love their neighbor as themselves.
        By your reasoning, it would be immoral to do something because anyone said so, supernatural or natural, which is the essence of rebellion and self worship.

  28. “seek enlightenment from within” But that is exactly what religion is all about. Organised religion merely adds a structure to facilitate the process, because unorganised spirituality usually leads to crazy shit like new-age nonsense, and lacks community cohesion. The notion that religion is not about enlightenment and mystical experience, is due to the rigid-fundie stereotype. So many people ditch Christianity without exploring it’s other branches. Catholic and Eastern orthordox writings equal anything produced by the far-east, and by adopting the far-eastern philosophy, you indirectly weaken traditional western culture.

  29. The question about the existence or not of a metaphysical entity(ies) is largely academical and philosophical. From the scientific point of view there is no way to prove the existence or not of metaphysical entities. However, religion is useful from a sociopolitical perspective: it brings cohesion, morality, and order to a society.
    Of course, there are religions more useful, and others are simply non desirable. One example of a non desirable religion is Islam, who’s basically a primitive and intolerant superstition with expansionist impulses. Even when I’m not a xtian, I support xtianity because its the religion of the West, whether we like it or not, and it fulfills the objectives mentioned.

    1. “I support Christianity because it’s the religion of the West.”
      Isn’t that funny?
      A religion created by Jews, centered around the worship of a literal magic Jew, is the central religion of the western world.

      1. And to boot, a religion centered originally around the Middle East. Emphasis on “East.” And Westerners wonder why they get accused of ccultural appropriation.

  30. Good article. Stoic philosophy, combined with meditation, weight lifting, and a life of action, can effectively replace organized religion in a man’s life.

      1. It can be a religious practice, but isn’t necessarily religious. Mindfulness, at its simplest level, is clearing the mind of all distractions. Religion certainly need not be connected to it.

  31. I don’t give a crap about what other people want to fill their heads with. But I do draw the line when they try to justify a legal system based on their fantasy world, and then seek to impose it one me. Oh, and their insistence that I pay for their religion, through tax gifts.
    I keep my mouth shut, but I demand the same courtesy. If they stop shoving religion at me, I won’t show them up and humiliate them by using facts and logic; if they would just admit they are scared little snowflakes and they need some Jesus to comfort them, it would be fine.
    I mean seriously, how many “God Hates Gambling” signs do I have to put up with?

  32. As a non-believer, your inevitable mortality will likely trouble you

    Not in the least.
    Not existing bothered me not one jot in the considerable period before I was born. I have no reason to expect it to be different after I die.

    1. So, dying in agony over a period of 6-9 months from cancer doesn’t trouble in the least? Really?

        1. Doesn’t the futility of life trouble you? What’s the point if there’s no hope of life eternal? Perfect felicity can only be found in an unchanging eternity, because “the joy to be attained had the fragile brilliance of glass, a joy outweighed by the fear that it may be shattered in a moment.”. If life isn’t about achieving something lasting, then it’s utterly futile.

        2. Doesn’t the futility of life trouble you?

          It is what it is, regardless of what me or anyone else thinks about it. Some people are, by nature, morose souls. I’m fortunate not to be one of them. This is likely an accident of birth – down to the gene bequest of my parents. For those that are morose by nature, there are things one can do, other than trying to kid yourself by chasing the supernatural as a palliative.

          What’s the point if there’s no hope of life eternal?

          I see this as a non-sequitur. It doesn’t follow that because a state is impermanent, it’s not worth while. This applies whatever one’s view of the Cosmos, of theology, of the existence or non existence of deities. Or else we wouldn’t go out to a restaurant, mow the lawn, enjoy a sunset, play sport or a thousand and one other things.
          It’s up to us to determine if something is worthwhile. Personally, the idea of believing one is under constant celestial close circuit TV surveillance by an omnipotent, omnipresent supernatural entity…One that maintains a good and naughty ledger, micro manages the Cosmos, cares about me and my family – amongst 7 billion other people and countless other sentient beings..strikes me as bizarre, beyond implausible and yes…deeply solipsistic.
          I couldn’t believe that even if I wanted to…anymore than I could believe in Santa or Peter Pan. Even if I thought that such belief had positive consequences. And as it happens, I suspect, for the lower orders, it may well have…but there is the danger of the consequences of belief fallacy. That is to say just because believing something has positive consequences, doesn’t make it true.
          In any case – for those with an IQ much above 110-115 – the positive effects of deity belief taper off and I strongly suspect, likely even reverse.
          All that said, I think there is much to Buddhism, but then Buddhism is atheistic – it entails no god belief, it’s really about ‘mind posture’ – which addresses the morose/ self absorbtion/ fear of annihilation thing you kicked off with, without supernaturalism. But then I wouldn’t describe myself as a Buddhist, not being much of a joiner.
          Go well.

  33. I generally seek to keep the blatant religiosity (or lack thereof) to a minimum in public discourse, and let the outwardly religious know a few things if they test me or push a condescending (holier-than-thou) tone my way:
    1. Jesus Christ was one of the greatest moral thinkers and philosophers of his time, and by many measures in the top 10 or 20 of all time (read any book by Will Durant on the subject and you might come to agree).
    2. The Bible contains multitudes of essential life lessons that are still valid in 2017. Moral parables are excellent tools for the young to grasp the higher concepts of the head/heart/soul.
    3. I believe some prior “truths” of the Bible have expired (do not elaborate; too contentious) with the enlightenment and scientific revolution that followed it. There is no going back. This is evolution.
    4. I was baptized Lutheran. In our church I felt the warmth of a local “community” more so than I did the glow of “religiosity.”

  34. “Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.”
    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    1. The pithy quotes and historical contexts of “Gladiator” and “The 300” are like gifts that keep on giving. I laud the economy of words (least amount of words / maximum impact).
      Stoicism never ages.

  35. I do agree with this article about being nonreligious under the radar. If there is a subject I rarely touch, except around people I know, is religion. And because I’m nonreligious, I’d rather have people not talk to me about it, and especially not ask me repeatedly or try to preach to me lest I give them a theological beatdown and call them out on their moral failings.

    1. You can’t be red pill and have conscientious regard and pursuit of any object?
      Religion: any object of conscientious regard and pursuit. Websters.
      So, if you are red pill you must also be brain dead. Please learn to think.

      1. You can’t be red pill and worship something as your master.
        You also can’t be red pill and believe in a magical sky daddy with no good evidence.

        1. Radical skepticism is just an excuse to remain earth-bound and to never make the neccessary leap to begin the journey towards higher truth. It’s a safety blanket, because you fear that you might actually find something. To be red pill is to ask, seek, and knock.

  36. Sadly, the author thinks it is possible to think and NOT have religious beliefs. Everyone, not brain dead, has religious beliefs. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what religious beliefs are.

  37. Interesting article. I would posit that these are not really commandments rather than guidelines. It’s hard to equate thou shalt not seek praise with thou shalt not murder. The problem is that many atheists are not atheists; they’re antitheists. While it is ok to simply be non-religious in terms of existing in society, it is not ok to make your entire philosophy based around being combative towards established religion. This makes you no better than LeVayan Satanists, who formed most of their rituals around mocking Christianity.
    Most religions executed heretics because of the danger they posed to society of spreading their shit. Most religions, with the exception of Islam, no longer do that. Christianity does not force you to come to it, it would be cool if atheists returned the favor and quit having the purpose of their existence being to mock a religion which is enlightened enough to let you do your own thing.
    I’m a Christian, specifically Episcopal. I have a hard time reconciling the idea with unless one believes in Christ, they are doomed. I believe in Christ, but I have difficulty with excluding millions of good souls that did good work from a heavenly reward. I am not sure how that all works out. I think some religions are better than others; I put Islam and Satanism at the bottom, and I don’t trust Jews very much. Will I actively shame those not of my faith? No, but it will have some bearing on how I deal with them.
    Outside of what faith is what, I find that the best way to combat the tactics of obnoxious atheists is to take them to the limits of science. What was before time? How did the matter in the universe get here? What’s outside of the universe? How did life start? Why can’t you go faster than lightspeed? How can we be so evolved based simply on chance when the world isn’t that old? How can the universe defy entropy?
    Atheism requires certainty. I don’t have it. I have faith and belief. Do I KNOW? No. But, they don’t know either, and they won’t admit it.

    1. You should read Michio Kaku’s book Hyperspace. It might show you that your questions are possibly based on very limited thinking, in light of where string theory might eventually lead us.

    2. Au contraire, American Christians are trying to gain the reins of power so they can spread their religion with the force of government rather than the brute force that Muslims use.

      1. Christians don’t believe in forcing their religion upon others. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    3. In Brazil atheists are vicious and mean, and make a profession of mocking Christians.
      They are not much different from radical Marxists.

    4. Very good points about the atheist vs antitheist. I think many antitheists ignore the effect that they may have on people, in the sense that they often act purely destructively, meaning they just want to tear down religion without offering a viable alternative framework for morals and ethics.
      Molyneaux has some videos on this subject that are interesting, and also some good critique of the majority of atheists this day in age for their prevalent statism and antitheism.
      Far too many atheists are also moral relativists which is part of the problem I think.

    5. “I have a hard time reconciling the idea with unless one believes in Christ, they are doomed.”
      For what it is worth, here is the Mormon take on that question….
      “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; (1 Peter 3:18-19)
      We believe that during the 3 days between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, Christ preached to the spirits and those who die will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
      “For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit. (1 Peter 4:6)
      If in the spirit, they choose to accept Christ, they have the opportunity to receive baptism, and all the other ordinances necessary for salvation (by proxy).
      “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead? (1 Corinthians 15:29)
      The Old Testament describes a baptismal font within Solomon’s temple. (1 Kings 7) We believe that all the ordinances will be done, and it is up to the individual spirit if they want to accept those being done in their behalf. That is why the church invests so much into building the temples and genealogy work. Eventually we will be able to seal (create family relationships) in heaven as here on earth.
      “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

  38. So you don’t believe in God but follow Eastern mysticism, religions full of little gods, superstitions, rituals and occult practices?
    Come on, gimme a break.

  39. “Thou shalt not fear death”
    “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
    Mark Twain

  40. Having been on both sides (grew up atheist, had a conversion, now am strong in my faith), I would say even if it weren’t true, Christianity has improved my life.

    1. Knowing the truth in general does not necessarily make you a better person, happier or make things easier. The choice is there to turn away and ignore any truth, it’s not any easy choice.

  41. If this was a satire, it was a damn good one. Please ignore what I’m about to say. If this was serious, please refer to my comment below, you godless scumbag.
    First, understand this: I don’t often write to make enemies. But anyone who forges a piece simply to announce that they are greater than God or any other type of belief system (save the “religion of peace”) needs to be corrected immediately.
    If it wasn’t a satire, it was the biggest piece of shit that I’ve read in a long time. Not because it was poorly written, surprisingly, but because it was poorly thought out. I cannot believe that after a short break of commenting on Return of Kings, which I previously understood to be a community built around modern men upholding traditional ideals and beliefs, the trash that forces my fingers to return to my keyboard is one that denounces God and faith in general. How or why it makes any sense to put an article that is anti-God, anti-religion, or anti-whatever atheists want to call it, on this specific website, is beyond me.
    Corey Savage believes that he is greater than God, and therefore believes that all ideals which can be taken from the Christian religion (or other religions): freedom, love for your enemy, etc. are also beneath him. What this article illustrates is someone who considers himself a prophet, and wise enough to be a spokesperson for all atheists around the globe — “king atheist.” Isn’t it ironic that the wise king atheist here uses a style for his own set of rules that sounds just a little bit like the Ten Commandments from The Bible? Didn’t Muhammad do the same thing when he plagiarized the Bible a few thousand years after it was written? Eh, maybe it’s just me.
    Give up this atheist bullshit. Especially right now. Look at what is happening in the world. You try to be a sage, a leader of men? Then preach about something that matters. Whether or not we need God is out of the question. If you simply think that a bunch of pseudo-intellectual elitists who sit around and agree that they themselves are responsible for this worlds turning can come together snd suddenly become the great army that once already had to take this country back from evil forces, you are wrong. The only reason America is so strong is because it was built on Biblical principle.
    And so it can only be truly saved the same way.

  42. If this was a satire, it was a damn good one. Please ignore what I’m about to say. If this was serious, please refer to my comment below, you godless scumbag.
    First, understand this: I don’t often write to make enemies. But anyone who forges a piece simply to announce that they are greater than God or any other type of belief system (save the “religion of peace”) needs to be corrected immediately.
    If it wasn’t a satire, it was the biggest piece of shit that I’ve read in a long time. Not because it was poorly written, surprisingly, but because it was poorly thought out. I cannot believe that after a short break of commenting on Return of Kings, which I previously understood to be a community built around modern men upholding traditional ideals and beliefs, the trash that forces my fingers to return to my keyboard is one that denounces God and faith in general. How or why it makes any sense to put an article that is anti-God, anti-religion, or anti-whatever atheists want to call it, on this specific website, is beyond me.
    Corey Savage believes that he is greater than God, and therefore believes that all ideals which can be taken from the Christian religion (or other religions): freedom, love for your enemy, etc. are also beneath him. What this article illustrates is someone who considers himself a prophet, and wise enough to be a spokesperson for all atheists around the globe — “king atheist.” Isn’t it ironic that the wise king atheist here uses a style for his own set of rules that sounds just a little bit like the Ten Commandments from The Bible? Didn’t Muhammad do the same thing when he plagiarized the Bible a few thousand years after it was written? Eh, maybe it’s just me.
    Give up this atheist bullshit. Especially right now. Look at what is happening in the world. You try to be a sage, a leader of men? Then preach about something that matters. Whether or not we need God is out of the question. If you simply think that a bunch of pseudo-intellectual elitists who sit around and agree that they themselves are responsible for this worlds turning can come together snd suddenly become the great army that once already had to take this country back from evil forces, you are wrong. The only reason America is so strong is because it was built on Biblical principle.
    And so it can only be truly saved the same way.

      1. Traditional American values include all men being created equally, worshipping God among all other things, charitable works, fighting for what is right, that we are all born with rights given to us by our Creator that cannot be taken by man, etc… I’m pretty sure that Jesus and his disciples can identify.
        The modern-day cherished American “values” of which you speak: how many likes I get on an Instagram photo, whether or not she should get a boob job, if he’s six feet tall in shoes or not in shoes… I don’t think Jesus and his disciples would understand at all.
        Then again I’m pretty sure we’re all here because none of US see the point in these modern “values” either.

  43. I lose the thought process of athiest when it comes to defining morality.. I mean, how do you become moral? No matter how you slice it; its biblical and based on a god. You may not like the “god”; but its there none the same. If I am immoral than what does that mean to an athiest? Re does immorality matter -that is , can I eat your family for dinner and why do you care? How can I possibly be a bad person?

    1. Well… It is possible to argue, and it has been argued, that we do not necessarily NEED God to be good, per se- but that a code of morality originating with a moral and just Creator is the only one that actually works and provides a basis for a moral society.
      Note that I didn’t use the term “Biblical” even once there. The existence of divinely-inspired codes of morality and behaviour go far beyond the Bible.
      I merely submit that the Bible, particularly in the New Testament, provides a rather more rigourous, testable, and provable code of morality than any other system yet devised- because the New Testament is one of the very few documents, anywhere, which actually attempts to understand both the existence and nature of evil, and provides solutions for dealing with it.

      1. At some point in human history man decided it wasn’t a good idea to eat our fellow man. I doubt there was any code or anything written down. At that point, we were bred out of that idea. I really think its impossible to be good without a belief in a god. It doesn’t drive all actions but our breeding sure is driven by those ideals. If men are bred a certain way, they act a certain way. Islam can teach a 10 year old to strap a b on and get to heaven. The person behind that idea has a belief in god. The 10 year old doesn’t think twice.

    2. Morality amounts to practising self-disciple. Religion is about believing supernatural entities.

    3. It’s the reason WHY people NEED religion because finding the answer to your question is not easy and takes more self-disciple than most people can achieve in their lives.

  44. In all honesty, this is a pretty good list. But, as a former atheist who turned to God years ago and is now at the point where people I highly respect tell me that I’m maybe a cup or bowl of water away from joining the Christian fold, I would add an Eleventh Commandment- Lord, forgive me my sins:
    Thou shalt not use the same old tired New Atheist arguments against Christian apologists until thou hast read The Irrational Atheist by Vox Day
    That is the book that changed my mind forever about atheism. It was a long and difficult road back to God after that, but I do not regret it.
    As has often been said- one cannot reason a man out of a position he wasn’t reasoned into in the first place. In my experience, one can reason a man into believing in God- but atheists too often substitute a sneering visceral hatred of organised religion, mostly of the Christian kind, for any real reason. To find God, and to find Him waiting for you, merely requires open ears and a receptive mind.

  45. Most so-called Atheists belong to the Church of Darwin.
    Evolution/Darwinism is a religion. It can never be proven but Darwinists treat the words of Charles Darwin as absolute truth. (Sound familiar?)
    They says things like The Theory of Evolution = The Theory of Gravity
    WRONG. Gravity’s existence can be proven and demonstrated. Darwinism cannot.
    Evolution/Darwinism cannot be “proven” without a time machine.
    Other religions cannot be “proven” unless the Divine One makes a personal appearance.
    Evolution/Darwinism is the current government religion.
    Catholicism was the dominant government religion in Europe in the Middle Ages.
    NOBODY knows the origin of life. Not me. Not you. Not Bill Nye the “science” guy.

  46. I love this article. Both as an agnostic with theistic leanings, and as a man. Great piece.

  47. 4 is a really stupid point. I’ll call myself what I want to call myself. If you’re going to assume someone is a “progressive, leftist, hipster, faggot, pinko-commie socialist” because they identified as an atheist, no matter how much they prove themselves not to be, you are clearly a moron, who is literally no better than the “if you disagree with me you’re a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot” leftist. These people are an embarrassment to the conservative movement so we shouldn’t be pandering to them. Not to mention by making it a rule that conservatives should never identify as atheists you are furthering the stereotype that conservatives are a bunch of crazy bible thumping rednecks and thus, turning away moderate left wing atheists who aren’t necessarily stupid people but are just victims of brainwashing, and might otherwise be open to changing their views.
    2 is kind of dumb as well. Why bother debating ANYTHING on the internet then? You may not convince the person immediately that their position is wrong but you may plant seeds of doubt in their mind so that years down the tract they may change their opinion. Also, its not so much about the person you’re arguing with, but the people watching the argument. If you completely own someone in a debate you may not necessarily convince them that they are wrong but you can at least get them to shut up about their beliefs for fear of suffering another humiliation.

  48. Religion truly is the ultimate mind fuck. Take Christianity, for example. You’re born sick (a sinner) and commanded to be good. You must love, but also fear an all powerful creator whom you’ve never even met or seen. If you were truly to follow the 10 commandments to the best of your ability, the shame and guilt built up over time would be unbearable.
    Essentially, religion puts a cap on your potential. When faced with a difficult situation, praying and asking for guidance will get you nowhere. Refusal to give up (grit), top notch awareness, and surpreme confidence are the only tools you need to be an extremely successful human being.
    Since the author was afraid to say it, I will. If you still believe in a God sitting in the sky watching your every move/thought, then your maturity and awareness levels are that of a 5 year old. We stopped believing in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause around that age, and no one has presented any tangible proof that God is any different from those fictional characters. Put religion behind you, don’t feel bad for being successful as fuck, and watch the haters, pussy, and accolades pile up.

  49. This list is perfect. I have always practiced these without realizing, but you laid them out perfectly. I’ve always wondered how the fuck can you be Red Pill and NOT be an atheist? Most people think if an atheist as someone who is pissed off and constantly pushing their views on others, it’s obnoxious to meet people like this but that’s not really what it’s about. #4 is key. I have always used “not religious” etc, other atheists catch on. For the rest, they judge you but don’t associate you with the evil “A word”. It’s completely obvious why religion existed (and still does), but overall it’s outdated. Most of my male friends are atheists (the humble type). It’s important to not only relinquish your fear of death, but also a fear of not following a religion. You will definitely be an outsider on this planet. It’s not the easiest choice but a logical one. There is no mysterious reward at the end, just life as it is and you only get one. I’m sorry to tell it how it is but religion is all smoke and mirrors. Challenge yourself to accept the truth and the hard path of finding a guiding road to your life within yourself.
    The one thing I will say is that if you are “religious” it can be extremely easy to find a sense of community. I will admit that if you don’t have that option it can be challenging at times simply because atheist tend to not have places of meeting to gather with other like minded people who want to help and invest in each other. Religion makes that much easier.

  50. If you are atheist, great… awesome… move on…
    you don’t need to tell us 10000 different ways why you hate “God” and why “God” doesn’t exist and blah blah blah…
    If you are religious, great… awesome … move on…
    you don’t need to tell us why “God” loves everyone and blah blah blah.

  51. I’ve read a lot from atheists. Most seem to argue against mans portrait of God. There’s nothing wrong with that. For God to be God, God must be beyond human understanding or comprehension.
    The battle is with those who “claim” they know God through religious teaching. This is nonsense. Humanity has attempted to project itself on God rather than having a sense of God through creation and life itself.
    God has no gender. God doesn’t act like a human being. And God doesn’t use language, which is a misrepresentation of reality and man made. So those who don’t accept religious viewpoints on God may actually be closer to having the ability to experience life as it is and let God be that God is.

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