New York City Spinsters Fly To San Francisco To Meet Rich Beta Nerds

Every now and then, the gods bless us with a natural experiment that proves our concepts down the marrow. Recently a new “dating” service attempted to match up NYC spinsters with men in Silicon Valley. These golddiggers-in-training are well past their prime, as you can see in the below group photo, and that assumes that some of them actually ever experienced a prime.

Not the best of what NYC can offer

They have been tainted by hundreds of combined years on the cock carousel, of getting rode 50 Shades-style by aloof men who didn’t ultimately didn’t want to wife them up. In spite of an American dating market that values the vagina as if it was a large nugget of gold, they believed that pulling a Roosh was the solution to their problem. Of course they are called adventurous and open-minded while we’re sex tourists who “take advantage” of “poor” foreign women, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a minute. Can they now find it in their souls to put all their cock experience and Tinder hookups aside to find the rich beta male they can have a family with?

On the plane, my seatmate flirts with the dashing Qatari journalist sitting between us. I eavesdrop, then ostentatiously put my earbuds in, but in fact I am still eavesdropping. When we land, they exchange business cards. This girl is not messing around.

Not a good start. A girl is flying over to meet rich nerds, but can’t help herself in getting tingles for a good-looking guy.

All 16 dates are occurring simultaneously at the same bar, which is a blessing, since gossiping about dates is more fun than actually going on them.

Drama and gossip is more important than talking to rich betas, I’m sure.

My first date is Greg, a tall, dark, and handsome 37-year-old Yahoo employee who used to support himself as a professional pickup artist, though he prefers the term “social coach.” Moved by a character in The Game known as “Juggler,” a young Greg sought Juggler out and apprenticed with him, eventually working full-time for Juggler’s company, Charisma Arts. “Honestly, most of the guys I coached just needed to practice eye contact and basic stuff like smiling,” he says. Did it work? “Well, a bunch of them have girlfriends now. And I don’t.”

(I was never into Juggler’s style of self-effacement in order to show some kind of ‘authentic’ vulnerability.)

It’s soon made clear in the article that the dating agency couldn’t find the promised rich men who wanted the golddiggers. What a surprise that sharp millionaires aren’t lining up to meet week-old milk.

Greg 2.0 agreed to participate in our bicoastal dating experiment because he loves San Francisco so much, he wants to evangelize. He’s looking for a serious girlfriend, and while he talks about these deeply personal matters, I exercise my peripheral vision in search of Greg 1.0 [Juggler].

The PUA provided more tingles than the nice guy. American women are the first to shame game tactics, but they can’t help using “peripheral vision” in seeking them out.

Which would you bang?

Alexa, a 24-year-old pop singer who has a song called “Twitter (Spaces in Between My Heart),” summons a bunch of jocks she met that morning at the gym. (Alexa’s first date offered to take her and the female friend of her choice to Napa Valley. She declined.) When the guys offer to take us to a hip-hop club, Alexa bends over and announces, “I’m gonna twerk my little thang!” A few drinks later at the club, my thang gets into a few undignified positions, too.

It must be humiliating for the nerds to think these girls want to meet them, flying across the country to do so, only to bring along cocks that they just met a couple hours prior. It’s almost like a pathological obsession to seek out cock (alpha or otherwise) in creating an orbiting universe of men around them.

Some of the men at this party are more eccentric than those we received as matches. A programmer who donated “several hundred dollars” to the Crowdtilt likens the donation to “giving $2 to a homeless person.” In an affectless voice, he analyzes the relative Asian-ness of each of my facial features, then explains his frustration with online dating: “I prefer to use reality as my platform. There’s zero latency, no lag. Do you know what lag is? When you do something online, you don’t get a response right away. Meeting women in reality — boom! — fully responsive.”

The programmer man has a great point—real-life interactions have no latency.

The author finally met a rich guy, but apparently nothing happened:

I meet an angel investor who admits he gave to the Crowdtilt to butter up CEO Lauren Kay so she’d accept his money. “With these Y Combinator companies, sometimes so many people want to invest that they end up turning down money,” he explained. He’d given money to the Dating Ring to secure the chance to give even more money to the Dating Ring. He wouldn’t tell me how much he invested, but did mention a desire to buy an airplane.

The insinuation of buying a jet provided zero tingles, even though these women predominately wanted a rich beta (it would be like me flying to Ukraine to meet a beautiful girl, finding an 8, then rejecting her because she has a different accent than mine). Once a woman has had her mind primed to reward tingles over resources, she can’t easily make the switch back.

Around midnight, I am informed that half of those girls are curled up in the fetal position, crying. I report to the triage room, where I stroke a woman’s hair while trying to hide how excited I am to eat my brownie, now that I know it is strong enough to make grown women cry. This is also a good way to evaluate men, if you’re into sexy bad boys.

In spite of being surrounded by both alpha and beta cock for days, the women are not happy and resort to crying for no stated reason. Their health is apparently good, they are solidly middle class, they are educated, and they are surrounded by all types of men, who they often reject for trivial reasons. What more can they possible want in order to be happy?

After five days of nonstop meeting and greeting, the tacit permission to ignore everyone is a sweet relief. A 32-inch seat in economy class has never felt so private.

A mission to meet men in a sausage city still failed. It’s clear to me that no matter how old these women get, and how lonely they become, they will be unable to accept “settling” for a beta male programmer or otherwise normal man, simply because their asses have cemented to a carousal that—as far as we’re led to believe by the culture—is supposed to only be part of a “sexual experimentation” phase. Too bad for these women that they’ve made it into a permanent lifestyle that will prevent them from long-term pair bonding and motherhood. The ultimate irony is the following picture, uploaded with excitement on Instagram by one of the female participants:

Carousels indeed.

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467 thoughts on “New York City Spinsters Fly To San Francisco To Meet Rich Beta Nerds”

  1. I can only imagine how vile and detestable these women will become as they enter their late 40s and into their 50s. The neurosis will manifest itself in the electorate as they get revenge on the men who wouldn’t marry them by taxing single men who wouldn’t let them have it all.
    It’ll take the MGTOW movement into the stratosphere.

    1. …”The neurosis will manifest itself in the electorate as they get revenge on the men who wouldn’t marry them by taxing single men who wouldn’t let them have it all.”…
      They are doing that already….and a LOT more….things will only get worse.
      Sit back and enjoy the decline as Cap Capitalism says.
      MGTOW 4 Ever.

    2. The sad thing is they can’t even stay loyal when they hook a sucker, er man, into marrying them. My slutty neighbor is desperately trying to secure a ring from her beta knight, but be faithful to him? Pffft!
      She loves the tingles, and can’t live without them. So even though beta boy is taking care of her (effectively) and her spawn with another man (entertainment, fuel, et al.) she can’t keep her legs closed.
      People wonder why I rarely date women over 30 in any serious manner. Any woman over thirty is usually damaged goods. Triple that if she’s a divorced or single mother. (Widows didn’t choose to be single typically, so they get a serious look from me) Hell, if I wanted to be taking care of somebody else’s kid, I’d adopt them from a group home.
      No adopting a divorced, or never married, single mother and her kid(s) is my rule.

    3. I suspect the same. There will likely be a noticeable exodus of men from North America in the next 20 years or so. Of course, the increasingly totalitarian gov’t will try to crack down on this.

      1. Can’t let the Golden Goose run away, now can we? If all the men skip out, who’s gonna pay for all the free abortions?

    4. It is already happening. Look at any big government program and ask yourself, “Who is paying more money in to fund this, and who is taking more money out?” Men pay more for government and get less.

    5. Don´t worry, they won´t live that long.
      At least most won´t.
      If there are elections in 15 years, they are not going to be that much of a problem.
      If the looters and moochers are able to win over the producers, single men won´t have to worry about taxes (there won´t have anything left to tax), just these things.

  2. 1)Women want fried ice, served at room temperature.
    2)And I’m supposed to care.
    but, if I remove #2……………

    1. They want a rock that is soft. Fuck ’em. You can never please a woman, so why try?

  3. I don’t think American women are worth pursuing. As a whole, American men should reject the filth with which we are presented.

  4. “Millionaire Matchmaker” gets wings, lets make a reality show.
    Bravo (the girls I live with are always watching the fashion shows) is putting out another filthy show about a woman that breaks up marriages and decides who gets what.
    edit, here it is-
    The problem is that this crap has become socially acceptable, if not encouraged, opportunist behavior.

    1. Favorite line from the article you linked –
      “…Ziegler has no children, but does own a Shih-Tzu”

  5. Part of the problem is that men are rewarding women just for having a vagina. That invitation to Napa Valley should not have happened until after sex with her. Any resources men give to women should be conditional to her having good behaviour, such as not being selfish.

    1. Remember that the invite was for her AND the female friend of her choice….. …an obvious gambit to isolate/monopolize two out-of-town carousal riders for the weekend.
      A small tidbit offered up for a potentially interesting fling.
      Think of it as venture capital for pun-tang.

    2. that’s because all men are pathetic slaves to their d*cks. look at all you losers, bashing women left and right, yet you you’re so pathetically weakly addicted to that little entrance between women’s legs that you make fools out of yourselves for it and don’t even realize it

    3. Very inefficient. I’m not one who has a problem with paying but there is no way I’m spending a day or a weekend on a mini vacation with a couple of boring, annoying people.

  6. This is like a U.K. dating service calling for “English Roses”. Don’t believe the hype.

  7. For many of those women, that horse on the carnival carousel might be the last ride of their lives.

    1. Only if the rest of the human race is lucky…
      By willingly ignoring facts about their own biology and not reproducing, these “educated” feminist fools aren’t going to pass on their dimwit genes to a new generation of feminists.
      And the funny thing about it is, these women weren’t ‘sold a bill of goods’ — they BOUGHT it.
      Socialism can’t work without “useful idiots”.

  8. I love this post. Well articulated, Roosh.
    I remember in my beta days, when I used to date these kind of women.
    But somehow my soul teared away withing me, for trying to ‘date’ this piece of trash – i.e. American women. I realized I was lowering my own worth by trying to date American women. They’re infact, skanks and whores, no matter how educated they might be. And then I moved abroad. All I can say American women can’t hold a candle in front of foreign women. American women are selfish, gross, self-entitling, self over-estimating narcissistic, foul mouthed sperm toilets. The only time an American woman has appeal in between 18-25, which is spent on fucking as many cocks as possible. By the time she reaches 25, she’s had more cocks in her holes than the times she’s ever menstruated. I hate American women, not because they’re sluts – but because they still want to ‘date’ while being sluts. A slut shouldn’t pursue ‘love’ or a ‘relationship’. She will destroy more lives like that. Which American women have.

    1. “By the time she reaches 25, she’s had more cocks in her holes than the times she’s ever menstruated”
      I can’t stop laughing

      1. Actually, some study HAS found that by the time she is thirty, the typical American female has had sex more times and with more men than the average prostitute.

    2. I started telling people about how much better foreign women are, mainly because they don’t grow up in a gynocentric, pedestalizing, vagina worshipping, sexually repressed, degenerate culture like ‘Murica, only to be ridiculed because I don’t want a nasty piece of worn out pasty white pussy.
      So, I agree with you 100% but I now keep this knowledge to myself instead of trying to enlighten other men, especially sexually frustrated Betas. Fuck em. It’s not my responsibility to help anyone.

  9. Did anyone else read the headline and think the “New York City Cougars” would be the best sports team name ever?
    Great article Roosh.

    1. The Washington Redskins might be seeking for a new name. I understand Mr. Roosh is familiar with the territory; looking forward to his suggestion.

      1. Hopefully, Snyder refuses to change the name and they force him to sell the team. That would be the best thing to happen to the Redskins since the wise and respectful Cook family lost ownership.
        Snyder is a horrible owner who has played fantasy football with one of the historically great franchises in the NFL and the one thing that people in the DMV all like.

      2. Cougars implies that they are still worth a bang or two. That’s not going to cut it for DC.

    2. I changed it to New York City Spinsters. They aren’t that old… though they act weathered.

      1. “Used”. Most of them look early to mid 30’s. The cock carousel and late night twerking really takes its toll.

      2. Roosh, you need to write more on RoK.
        Your writing and humor are brilliantly superb, and a lot of fellow commentators too will share the sentiment as me. Articles like these want me to come back again and again to RoK.

      3. FYI, The title on the page itself is changed, but the URI is still “[…]/new-york-city-cougars-[…]”
        Though I imagine it’s safer to keep it as is to prevent breaking links.

      4. Riding the carousel? Take a look at those dogs and dregs of NYC. The only thing these girls were riding is the dildo.
        Everything sucks today and I blame feminism and the nanny/police state esp. in the US.Feminism is lesbianism. Don’t believe me? Then why is it that whenever you hear a feminist she always puts lesbians in there when talking even though lesbians are like 1/2 of 1% of the population.Even that number is probably 1/2 because the dykes are always trying to groom young confused innocent girls and be their ‘friend’.
        And while the standards for a female have gone down and there are more fatties, the standards for men have gone up.Most ordinary guys unless he was a complete dork could easily pick up a decent looking girl in the post.Of course, females were always looking for the top men in looks , money etc but mostly knew that they couldn’t get them and had to content themselves with whoever was around. I think that even the drinking age when they raised it to 21, although it took awhile to enforce, was meant to keep younger women away from older men and had nothing to do with accidents because in the city few people drive and just take a cab or walk.When the age was 18 you would sometimes have 16-17yo girls in bars, nobody thought anything about it, and as long as you didn’t look like a kid they wouldn’t even ask for ID;or if you were with an older man, no questions about your age.And btw, people drank just as much or more but I’ve never seen a girl puking or passing out.Cocaine was common too and no one thought it was very harmful although there were always a few people who got addicted.Famales have always done things to their bodies, it’s their nature, but no tattoos(maybe a dumb haircut or something) and if you picked up a blonde or redhead her pussy always matched :o) (they didn’t shave them to look like little girls) I’d say that the 90’s were the beginning of what you see today and by the early 2000’s it reached a peak and infected society through the media. No female studied feminism as a real course presided over by some dyke, those were the oddball girls and natural man haters and lesbians themselves.Little by little they weaseled themselves in and started to indoctrinate normal girls with this crap.
        It was nothing like today’s police state.You’re living in a fucked up era.There was no such thing as harassment, stalking or date rate and you never even heard these terms.If I had a time machine and sent you back to the 80’s you’d think you were in another world and would be asking me constantly ‘can we just do that’? lol
        Some of you mentioned prostitutes and although it was illegal no man would ever get arrested for picking up some whore.Even if a cop was watching some girl and he though she was trying to pick some customers up all she’d get is a fine for loitering, it’s too hard to make a case for prostitution unless you were dumb enough to proposition an undercover cop and the girls were not that dumb.Don’t believe Hollywood crap because most of the girls were rather innocent young good looking white girls who looked like any highschool or college girl.If you took her to a bar or something she’d just look like a normal girl. Their main problem was that they got addicted to something like heroin and just needed money but were normal in every other way.I’ve heard of cases where they’d even fall in love with men and want them for bf’s but that can’t work out because who wants a gf who goes with other men for money even if it was just some old geezer who wanted her just for company and to have a young girl with him.
        I pity a 20yo today who has to put up with all of this new bullshit.

        1. Let’s see now punk.
          Me? 30 years more experience on 4 continents and with at least 200+ more women than you.
          You? Thumb sucking pyjama boy playing video games in the cellar. Probably a virgin and Baptist religious nut.
          You disagree with something? Tell me and I’ll elaborate on what I wrote but just to come here and say it’s crap is rather stupid. I assume that people know something so don’t go into detail. Perhaps I shouldn’t assume anything on here lol

        2. 30 years of life experience and you’ve never heard of a paragraph break?

        3. Do you see anyone indenting paragraphs on comments sections? You’ll notice that I don’t finish the complete line which indicates that I’m going to the next paragraph.
          Now, why don’t you go back to the cellar because criticising a misspelling or something like that is what females do when then want to divert attention away from a comment.
          It’s also what little nerds and pyjama boys do when they have nothing to say or can’t refute what someone else wrote.

        4. I think it hurts our pride to admit but it is indeed at least logical to assume that even our grandmother’s and their mothers ect. “settled” in a sense that they didn’t have other opportunities or a nanny state taking care of them til they reached their decision (how many women are good at making decisions?)
          Excuses maybe but decisions? Psht. Most men need to understand that women have in fact not changed but have adapted to a more beneficial position in society where they are not held accountable for any of their actions. They just chase and fuck alpha men and look to settle with betas once they hit the wall but beta men should NEVER settle with an aging woman EVER.
          I wish we could make them see the light somehow and stand in awe at all the women hitting the wall. It would be quite the sight to behold and such a pleasure. Thank the universe for ROK for at least bringing this unknown garbage to light. I had no idea about this but it will be fuel for my next argument for sure.

        5. yeah, i have no experience with women since i am one asshole. a virgin and baptist religious nut playing video games in the cellar? can’t you guys come up with better insults?
          i was around during the 80’s too. you are fucking delusional.

        6. Nobody is even partially conscious until they’re about 20 and even then you know nothing so merely being alive in the 80’s means nothing

  10. Which would you bang?
    Wow! I think the combined score of that group is less than 8 because you’ve got two bookends with negative value.

    Maybe if the dirty blonde was into something dirty it might be fun for to relieve a case of DSL. Beyond that, it’s a miserable fail of the boner test.

    1. Even in the first group picture, you’d have to automatically DQ the whole back row. Ewwwww. Then, the bookends up front have to go.
      First, Ms. “I can’t put my iPhone away even during a group photo with the girls” on the left to Ms. flabby arms on the right must go. That only leave 3 in the front/middle that are worth considering. Of these 3, the one left of center is clearly a femo/lesbo with satchel strap crossed over her chest, and the one right of center is wearing a jacket and open-toed flat heel paired with an intelligent blue blazer, which is about as unsexy as it gets short of a 1980’s power suit.
      That leaves one prospect in the middle, which unfortunately is not boner inspiring.

  11. “Can’t turn a whore into a housewife.” That saying has been around forever.
    However, what happens when it’s even insinuated and put in much more gentler terms, it’s rejected with the same type of non logic “It’s 2014!!!! It’s not the 1950s anymore. Feminism did happen”.
    The problem is that you can petition government, society and cultural attitudes all day and all night long but nature simply doesn’t give a fuck.

  12. “Around midnight, I am informed that half of those girls are curled up in the fetal position, crying.”
    What the fuck?
    Also, in the second picture those aren’t bad looking women, even if they’re not hot.
    Miss Brazil is OK. Wifebeaters looks like a fetal alcohol syndrome case. Boob window is slightly past her prime, but I’d still do her. Same goes for blondie. The black girl is pretty.
    But their behaviour… my God. Imagine being stuck with one of those neurotic, entitled bitches. Listening to her endless pointless yapping and whiny drama. Watching her get uglier and more bitter with age.
    I’d rather join a monastery.

    1. “Around midnight, I am informed that half of those girls are curled up in the fetal position, crying.”
      What the fuck?

      What if the realization just hit you on this very moment that the only way to have the future that’s in any way acceptable to you is shack up with a 300 pound landwhale and fuck her on average once a week for the next 5 – 10 years?
      You would be crying in a fetal position too.
      These are the men that the progressive society has created though. They have spun out alpha traits in the provider class and made them totally unattractive. They wanted the betas to strictly be used for resource giving not for hot sex. It’s hard to feel sorry for people that do it to themselves.

      1. The beta male = landwhale female manosphere meme is a false equivalency that cannot die soon enough. You’re playing directly into the feminists’ frame.

        1. The beta male as he is today with his full on effeminate feminist conditioning is indeed equal to landwhale female. It doesn’t matter if it’s his fault or not, it is what it is.
          Most obese women are overweight because of the shitty diet recommendations that send them into feed back loops where they can’t escape obesity. I would blame the government and junk science for promoting simple carbs rather the girls themselves but at the end of day they are still very unattractive and unworthy of being with high status men.

        2. Beta male ~~ (about as good as) feminist 10. ( or non feminist 3-6)
          Alpha male ~~ female 10-7
          Omega male ~~ female 0-3 (land whales)
          That’s reality, but since alphas fuck anything land whales think they are worth the alpha.

        3. ‘Beta’ males = Ordinary Joes. Nothing wrong with them. Their female analogs are Plain Janes – ordinary, run-of-the-mill women. The women (and men) in this post’s story, basically. Not unfuckable, good for nothing landwhales. You’re pushing the envelope way too far with your suggestion that anyone who isn’t an ‘alpha’ male, whatever your definition of that is, deserves no more than a woman who’s significantly overweight. You don’t see how making this kind of suggestion plays directly into the female imperative’s hands?
          You could say that bottom-of-the-barrel omega males = landwhales is a more apt comparison, but even then it isn’t perfect. Plenty of men who aren’t successful with women possess some other remarkable qualities (high intellect for example)… unlike women of a similar rank who, in many cases (and especially in the case of landwhale types), truly are absolutely good for nothing.

        4. I’d quibble a bit with the numbers/definitions, but yes, I think you have the right idea.

        5. I never touched a fat woman and never will. Even being seen with one will hurt your reputation and your ego. I’d rather pay for it.

        6. If you know what you want and you get it, one way or the other, isn’t that better than settling for anything less?

        7. NOT TO WOMEN.
          If you’re not in the top 20 percent you’re basically a land whale in their eyes. It doesn’t matter what you and other men think. It only matters what they think.
          The way to avoid this is for them to be close to virgins when they marry so they don’t know any better. Once they get a taste of the high life, it’s game over.
          I didn’t make the rules, nature did. It’s not fair I get it but to deny reality is just dumb. That what females do.
          Yes the 80 percent get sex but it’s provider sex. They give it to them mostly because they have to. They aren’t really into it. That’s why you have the fetal position and crying.

        8. Bullshit. What you speak of is no more nature’s way than a spoiled princess throwing a tantrum over the fact that her new shiny expensive toy isn’t as shiny or expensive as her previous one. Foreign girls in traditional cultures don’t suffer from this condition to nearly the same extent, don’t they?
          What overly hypergamous women need above all is to be re-acquainted with reality. You aren’t helping by normalizing the idea that any man who’s less than an “alpha male” is “basically a land whale”. If women collectively decided that any man who’s less than the top 0.001% was a turd, would you take that bullshit at face value, or would you tell them to shut their yaps and get real? Stop speaking the enemy’s language.
          Besides, as far as your numbers are concerned, the situation is nowhere near that black and white anyway.
          The manosphere provides some useful insights, but like anything in life, too much of a good thing turns into a bad thing.

        9. Fat girls are for poor guys. Real alphas are not poor and don’t even come into contact with fatties.

    2. “Around midnight, I am informed that half of those girls are curled up in the fetal position, crying.”
      What the fuck?
      I believe that the girls had purchased cannabis-laced brownies, thus removing their few remaining inhibitions.

      1. It’s pretty funny and shows what a charade it is and where their priorities are located. Women in their 30s twerking and eating pot brownies. Pathetic. Who are the idiots who paid for this free vacation? Lol.

        1. They’re in denial…
          Their whole lives everything has been handed to them with smiles… and no one was ever willing to tell them the cold hard truth for fear of breaking the mangina code.
          Their minds are not prepared for what is in store for them…
          Losing their looks is like a man losing his career… except a man can build a new one… they cant… its done… Game Over.

        2. I honestly don’t think they were pot brownies (I could be mistaken) but I think she’s referring to her badboy as a “brownie” and the sex she has with him as “eating her brownie” and they were crying because they had sex with the jock and of course they got pumped and dumped like the human excrement they are. That’s what i got anyway…

        3. You should (if you haven’t already) watch South Park Season 11 Episode 14 The List. Has a great moment about a woman hitting the wall.
          An excerpt: “This woman is Nancy Pinkerton, as a child she was consistently rated the most beautiful girl in her entire school. Her life as a youth was filled with praises and everything was handed to her. Boys told her she was special, she was funny, she was interesting but that’s only because she was hot. It wasn’t until she reached age 40 when her looks started to fade that she learned she was actually about as interesting and as special as a wet carrot”
          Can we all please calling women that have hit the wall Wet Carrots? This needs to catch on, it is too brilliant not to.

        4. They were pot brownies, according to her words. What she meant as a way of testing a badboy was that if he ate the brownie and started letting loose with the flood gates of emotional baggage like the chic did, he wasn’t a real badboy.

    3. She gave them pot brownies and they ate too much. I looked at the article that was hyperlinked , Roosh did a good summery but the actual article was worse than described. I am not kidding btw , she actually gave them pot brownies and the article is a sad reminder about everything this site talks about.

      1. Oh well im too lazy to edit my last post but I thought she was talking about fucking the jock as “eating the brownie” Either way though I wish I could have been there to taste their tears like Eric Cartman to Scott Tenorman.

  13. The part where they bring jocks they met earlier is classic. The rich nerds think they have finally made it, women are flying across the country to meet them, and still they get shit on.
    I can just imagine how many of these guys overhead the classic “There are no hawt guys here!” line spoken from some inconsiderate woman with 10 guys within earshot.

    1. The problem is that these guys will still chase and date these bitches even if they heard it. American (or for that matter most men today) don’t have dignity when it comes to dating women, they’ll ‘settle’ for anything – except red pill men.
      A man’s need to ‘settle’ down in his life with a woman is the beginning of the death of his masculinity, his principles and his values. A man is at his weakest for the sake of companionship or sex with a low value woman.

      1. A man’s need to ‘settle’ down in his life with a woman is the beginning of the death of his masculinity, his principles and his values. A man is at his weakest for the sake of companionship or sex with a low value woman.

        True words. You don’t need a crystal ball to know the fate of these Silicon Valley dorks.

        1. In the interest of accuracy Isaac Newton remained a virgin by choice. He had some strange religious ideas and the chastity was part of it. In Newton’s day a successful knighted Cambridge professor could have easily gotten a wife if he wanted to.

        2. they’re all fuckin losers. Geeky potbellied, clothing ill fitted , nerdy , passive aggressive losers who think that hammering the same technical shit year after year for 40 years makes them a smart guy.
          They’re arrogant where they don’t deserve to be, boring, and useless .
          I’m an engineer and ive been interacting with these jokers for over a year now and I can’t stand em and their lousy wives.
          Not one of these guys has the balls to say and do what he wants unless he’s debating some stupid theorem.
          You’d be surprised at top tech companies true innovation is only done by 5% of the people working there. Most jokers crank out the same shit year after year with minor variations.

    2. These are computer geeks, not rich guys. They work for the companies that rich guys own.
      “There are no hawt guys here!
      Any female who would even be this rude is a nobody and likely fugly herself. Just tell her she’s boring, they can’t stand that.

  14. For it is said, “if she hasn’t given me her best ten years, then I’m not going to be with her in her worst thirty years.”

    1. great line…
      “Once a Whore – Always a Whore.”
      it really is as simple as that…. and this also explains the frustration of men (even accomplished players), with the lack of solid relationship material ….. although it’s nothing more than an ideal from yesteryear, men still pine for it…..

      1. It really is that simple. Once a chick whores herself out, she’ll always be a whore.
        Lots of guys fall for the reformed slut routine though. Men are a sad lot as well.

        1. I just gave this advice on the forum today. It’s never failed.

        2. To get what you want from her. You’re only treating her like a lady superficially.

        3. Same as, but different spin on “treata queen like a pauper, and a pauper like a queen.”
          Is it getting this bad that we are reusing old adages?

        4. Treat a whore like a lady? I’m confused, please explain because I was under the impression that whores wanted bad boys who didn’t give a shit about them.

      2. Remember, whores never retire…….they only take vacations. Spot on Ray.

      1. One of my favorites: “Women who don’t have their feet at home won’t have a home”.

        1. OH YES, they’ll have a home! YOURS — when the divorce is final.
          NEVER forget that!

      2. Sure, George Burns “I got married by the judge. I should have gotten a jury.”

      1. Stop advocating paying for sex. Learn game, that’s the whole point of the man-o-sphere. To be a better man andgo for the best. If you’re not, you’re a simp

        1. If the whole point of the manosphere is to spend countless hours learning how to talk and seduce worthless human beings (the kind of women you meet a the club or at the bar), then the manosphere is not worth its name.

        2. Don’t be simpin’ now. Stay pimpin’. Spit that game to that hoe and watch her face glow.

        3. If you’re 25, then yeah sure, develop game because you’re in your prime and have lots of time. However, if you’re 45 (ahem) and you’ve been through all that shit and all you want is the prize, why not cheat?

        4. “Better men” shouldnt need to “play games” to get laid.
          You sound like the simp to me.

        5. shows how much you know. YOU ARE ALWAYS PAYING! Either with time, money, energy, effort, or resources, that can be put to other use Sometimes you even pay with your soul(Paid for dinner? Drinks? Picked her up? Drove her? Showed her a good time? Entertained her?*That is what PUA do isnt it? Entertain women?*
          Pussy is never free, regardless of what you think. Unless your a famous musician with bitches throwing themselves at you, its never free, no matter how tight your game is, because at the end of the day, your still doing ALL the work (even in bed! while she just lays there…)

        6. C’mon man, that goes w/ out saying. you can argue this point about any and everything

        7. You wrote the solution: “Unless your a famous musician”.
          Learn to play music, do gigs, and become famous (at least locally). Problem solved.

        8. Learn game so he can have the pleasure of going where countless others have already been? What is the prize? How many others have already been there? How many others have passed on stds, infected themselves, gone in without protection, created babies that have been killed and then bragged about how they got there with all of their buddies at the bar?
          You advocate learning to play a game where there is no longer a prize, only the illusion of a gift that has already been unwrapped by hundreds of others who fell for the same illusion that you fell for.
          Be a better man for yourself.

        9. I completely agree with this.
          The biggest mistake a lot of guys tend to make when they first get into game is that they relentless chase pussy without even knowing what they want, and more importantly, what type of person THEY need to become in order to get that type of girl.
          It’s like going to the Pacific Ocean with a random fishing rod and expecting to catch “Fish” with no idea of what the fish will look like.
          Game is basically a fishing rod that is designed for the type of girl Roosh mentions in this article.
          So is it any wonder that most of us get dissatisfied once we master Game, only to be disillusioned by the results we get?
          Why not change your approach?
          Why not change your fishing rod by firstly deciding what type of girl you really want?
          What type of man would a girl like that want?
          Once you really knuckle that down and begin working on yourself, I believe most of our problems will be resolved. Game is great for fast lays, but it really isn’t a long term solution.
          The disappointing thing about this approach is that you realise that you’ve niched down your sexual market down to a small finite group of girls, which won’t get you laid much. But when you do meet them, become all the while more satisfied.
          As I always say, it’s far better to sleep with quality women than a quantity of them and develop distorted impressions of them.
          The good girls are out there, you just need to develop yourself into the type of man where a woman like that will want to gravitate to.

        10. If the whole point of the manosphere is to spend countless hours learning how to talk and seduce worthless human beings

          It is fitting to note, perhaps, that our judgments of the worth of others say more about our own worths than it does about that of others.
          It is clear by the number of upvotes this comment has received that it constitutes the sentiment of the masses here.
          I enjoyed this site, but I’m afraid it has given over to bitter, impotent rage – the kind that clouds the senses, impedes the judgment, and narrows the field of vision.
          This place might once have become something great, but it has lost that potential as it has lost itself to the mob.
          Today I mourn for ROK: what once was, and what might have been. We must wait a while longer for kings to truly return, for the rage that fills these pages is the bitter mark of slaves pulling at their chains, not the beneficent nobility of kings.

        11. What’s a “good girl” though? One who is not a huge dirty tramp, is that all it takes? Or one who wants a LT relationship, to get married, make kids, lock a man down? Everyone’s definition of “good girl” is different I s’pose, just curious about some examples

        12. Not every girl wants fast lays. If you observe the dynamic carefully in the field. You begin to see that the girls that aren’t up for it are quickly filtered out with the ones that are.
          The common mistake is to think that the ones you’re not getting are being gotten by other players. When it’s simply not true.
          Some girls just don’t want fast lays and are relationship minded by default.
          But most of us gamers don’t seem to realise this, which is why we get a jaded view of girls in general.
          There are good girls out there, it’s just that game isn’t the right tool for the job in order to get them.

        13. you will pay one way or another. every man does. learning game is no different and requires a huge investment of resources. it is the law of the universe. I’m always amazed at the chumps punting drugs in the clubs (and going to prison), paying thousands at PUA seminars or paying for bottle service who think they’ve got more “game” than the guy who hired the stunner Asian chick on backpage*com who rocked his world for $160/hr. And now she’s coming back to see him again for free. Or flew to SE Asia, rented a mansion for $300 and had a room full of betties for $20ea who cook, clean and fuck his brains out. Or date the Americanized woman who looks great on your arm but is a total head case or gets married (the most expensive piece of ass you’ll ever buy!) We all pay my friend; choose your currency.:-)

      2. Pay for sex? There is no reason why a young man who has his shit together has to pay for sex. Sex is only fun if the women actively wants to have sex with you. With the sheer number of women running wild in every mall, restaurant, shop, and gym…………………one must be a god dam pariah to not be regularly scraping some sugar walls.

        1. that’s because you are an asexual faggot who doesn’t like sex in itself but just feels obliged to do it because of societal pressure. If you had any sexual drive you wouldn’t give a shit about this bullshit and fuck an escort because you love her ass

        2. “Sex is only fun if women want to have sex with you” how dare you speak for all men. Remember All men are rapists as Per feminist ideology. No woman wants to have sex they are always coerced. As per feminism. Prostitution as per feminist mindset would only be putting a price on the coercion.

        3. that’s because you are an asexual faggot who doesn’t like sex in itself but just feels obliged to do it because of societal pressure. If you had any sexual drive you wouldn’t give a shit about this bullshit and fuck an escort because you love her ass

          Looks like Robert hit a big, throbbing nerve.
          Tell me, anus, when’s the last time a woman wanted you for anything other than greenbacks?

        4. Nevermind the time, energy, bullshit, and money spent on drinks and clubs, etc.
          Keep selling your soul for some tang. Can’t be a “pariah” lolz

        5. really. all men are rapists per feminist ideology. i’m speechless. what other gems of feminist ideology do you have to impart to us. go ahead, make some up, you’re off to a good start.

        6. lol @ feminist style shaming language.

          And what was anus’ comment but that?
          Reply to him first; once you’ve completed this task, let me know and let’s talk.

        7. Everyone here is not young. When you are in your forties, do you really plan on gaming your daughters friends or trolling college campuses. I’m kidding but the time to bang tradeoff skyrockets at a point in every man’s life. Pay for play is the time tested solution to getting exactly what you want, when and how you want it. It’s assumed sex with hot young giris the goal not thrill of the hunt, social status, etc.

        8. Asexual? No, I am definitely a heterosexual. In fact I have always enjoyed the company of females. Nor have I ever felt any “pressure” to have sex with women. LOL!!!!!!! I sense you are projecting your own insecurities onto me. I am not sure why you singled me out, however living a life of bitterness and anger will certainly not make you anymore attractive to anyone.

        9. I think anus’ point (why am I defending a guy calling himself anus? The world really has gone to shit!) is “who cares if some whore ‘wants you’, or why she ostensibly does so?”
          I’ve never had a lick of a problem “getting laid” for free, but just seeing what passes for women these days, I can’t say I really disagree with him, an anus.
          Anus for President, a fitting ruler of the shithole we live in!

        10. A king has many concubines and takes care of all of them. If you had any true wealth, you’d act differently. Too many guys who advocate “free sex” are simply broke men who must settle for fat chicks.

        11. This whole thread is a bummer. This guy anus is calling another a faggot for liking pussy that wants to fuck?! Listen I’m on ROK already, does every comment have to be of the he-man woman hater’s variety or else face the wrath of others calling them a simp, faggot, WK? So he likes girls that wanna fuck and actively seeks them out. I can’t.. I don’t.. ah what’s the use? Isn’t that at least on some level the point? I mean I’m convincible if someone can make the case that fucking women is somehow simping or being a faggot I’ll lieten, but I’m not gonna stop. Ever!

        12. funny how people like to blame common men that go see escort but say nothing when rich emira, actor, and athlete do it

      3. A king has many concubines and he takes care of all of them. If you had any true wealth, you’d act differently. Too many guys who advocate “free sex” are simply broke men who must settle for fat chicks.

      4. Paid sex is the best because you live to see another day. Many men lost their lives chasing that fatal free sex.

    2. Beautiful. copying this verbatim to read later
      >if she hasn’t given me her best ten years, then I’m not going to be with her in her worst thirty years.

  15. Kanye West is beta as fuck.
    I shrink with disgust at a man who’s probably put his tongue in holes which countless niggas before him have fucked, the most notable being Ray J.
    And he put a wedding ring on that ass.
    Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Selena fucking Gomez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga (even though she’s Brit), Madonna, Katy Perry, Britney’s ass Speared, Cher, Taylor fucking Swift.
    These are the embodiments of American women. FUCK YOU SLUT UP YOUR VAPID ANUS!
    You find them sexy? You find them hot? Aw, Good for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    I don’t have one miniscule of feeling for a North American woman. No matter how much she emotes, how much she cries, how ‘sweet’ she is. My feelings are dead for them. These women are the scum of the earth.
    Only fit for being jackhammered in their holes by cocks. With no commitment in return.

      1. NAh man he speaks the truth.
        When you’ve been screwed over by a pretty and feminist white woman you might get to experience just how utterly empty their words and their tears are.
        They’ll play any trick to garner sympathy without giving any respect in return. It wouldn’t even be so bad if they weren’t completely liars.
        They’re just there to use you… thats it… IT is sad and frustrating.
        It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have an army of white knights and manginas at their beck and call… idiots who think they’re angels.

        1. So it looks like YOU don’t get any respect or sympathy (cry baby) and that they all lie to you because you’re a naive pyjama boy.

        2. I certainly was naive but I am not ashamed of it.
          I haven’t expected any woman I’ve been involved with to treat me with more integrity than I was willing to treat her.
          Most women that I have dated have failed this test. Some however carried themselves with some respect and I choose to remain friends with them even ten years later.
          In my experience… I have simply seen too many “feminist” women use, abuse, and take advantage of upstanding young men for no reason other than “tingles” as we refer to it… or just their own lack of common sense.
          I wasn’t referring to all women… I’m not ruling out the idea that there may be better women and cultures out there than the likes of North America. I’m sure all women are hypergamous… but in North America many women are encouraged BY THE STATE to give into those urges…
          If you want to gamble go for it. Go marry a white feminist carousel rider and report back after 5 years.

        3. There’s one mistake you are making. It’s not just feminist women but all women who have this female nature. Some are better than others but that nature is always there. In general, the ones who had good fathers in the home get inculcated from when they are children into a more masculine morality.
          No, it doesn’t make them perfect because that instinctual way of female thinking is hardwired into their brains but at least they sort of know what’s expected of them.
          Females brought up by unwed single mothers never seem to learn some things unless the mother herself was brought up a certain way(like 1% of them lol) Girls don’t care what their dopey mother thinks but are very concerned about what their father thinks of them.

    1. You’re just mad because you can’t get any girl, you loser.And don’t believe all of the crap you see in the media which is your only source of information.I was talking to Taylor two Summers ago when she was with that Kennedy kid who lives by me and she’s a very sweet girl and very chaste looking. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she is still a virgin. She appears to me like one of these girls who wants a real relationship. These guys you see her with probably just want to fuck (which is normal at their age) but she wants more and that’s the reason she looks like a “man eater” in the press. Don’t know Perry but I doubt she’s a Ho.Cyrus looks like a kid putting on an act for attention, doubt she’s a whore either.Haven’t seen Madonna since the 80’s and before she became well known and was broke living on people’s couches and occasionally playing in some tiny venue. She never appealed to me and looked like a ball buster even when young.I shagged Cyndi Lauper when she was about 25 and before she became well known. She was a nice girl but got married and sort of quit the business.I know Gaga (no never did anything with her) she had a bf who was a bartender at a bar I’d sometimes go it. She’s just a performer, not a whore.
      Your problem boy is that you’re a loser blanket boy. You’re not getting any and you resent any normal person who is. These girls are in their mid-late 20’s so do you expect them to be virgins? Or maybe you think they’re waiting around until they meet a big ‘alpha” like you hahaha

  16. About a month ago I was talking to a girl who was in her late 20’s. We got into the conversation of what she wanted. I just wanted to pump and dump cuz I knew she was already fucked up. As she was telling me what she was looking for, she stated “I’m tired of going around on the merry-go-round.” My jaw dropped, eyes lid up, and immediately cut her off and told her I needed to go. Haven’t looked back since.

    1. “merry-go-round” also known as the carousel.
      Are there any other terms you guys have heard for the carousel?

      1. Well, as the generation who invented all of these terms that these blanket boys copy I can tell you that we had songs about them.Of course, they were all written in code that you youngins’ don’t understand.

    2. Well, at least she was – shamelessly – honest. Imagine you being married to her and finding out after 7 years of marriage and three kids. Should have bought her a – cheap – drink as a thank you (for not fucking up your life).

    3. If you just wanted to pump and dump, she most likely would’ve been up for it.

        1. Any girl who’s dtf on the first night, whether she admits to riding the carousel or not, will be at risk of having something.

    4. nowadays western women aren’t even afraid to be called sluts, they’re proud of it.

  17. Kanye West is a bitch mutha fucking nigga.
    I wonder what’ll explain to his daughter Andrea when she discovers her mom in the video with Ray J, and especially this pic.
    The embodiment of all American women today. Look at the next pic.

    1. I wonder why American men still marry such scum?
      How fucking desperate beta men can be…..

      1. Because some of the very same crotch-grinding-sluts come back to the Midwest-churches and suddenly are born-again-virgins “wanting to let go of her wicked past”. Plenty of men are still falling for those aging sluts only to be raped in divorce-hell a few years later, because an Alpha-widow cannot be happy with a Beta anymore.

        1. I wonder how they miraculously become born again virgins again? Another proof our pastors and clergy need to take the Red Pill. Blue Pill clergy has destroyed Christianity in America, and other parts of the world. Forgiving sluts is the worst thing a Church can do in the present debased state of society. You’re only encouraging new sluts, and giving hope to existing sluts that there is still time for them to continue riding the carousel.

        2. The only ex-slut I trust is one, who lets go of the cock-carousel while still being in the prime – age – 22,23. “Realizations” at age 27+ are useless.

        3. 27+ realizations are whorish realizations of selfishness. I’m 27 and washing out fast…better clean up my act. By then it’s way too late.

        4. The luxury of being a man is that 27 is nothing. Our brains are growing until age 26. Even women in the prime are attracted to men 20 years older. Cleaning up the act is always good, but no imminent pressure.

        5. I was speaking from the woman’s point of view on that one. 27 is time for them to scramble. Desperation is a bitch.

        6. I’m very familiar with this graph, as well as all of Tomassi’s work. Total brilliance.

        7. Women who are born again virgins = male convicted criminals who suddenly “find” God behind bars.

        8. Whoever would believe that a slut could become a “born-again virgin” is the same kind of idiot who would believe that fire can be made to burn backwards.

        9. It’s easy, you can buy a “Born Again Virgin” t-shirt almost anywhere.

        10. Which one is the most likely to divorce, the desperate 33 YO or the 22 YO?

        11. These women are obviously still below 16 when it comes to mental age.
          Have you ever noticed these 40 or 50 YO women talking with baby-like voices? That´s just fucking creepy.

        12. I would put my money on the 22 YO.
          Marrying that young in our times means she either is traditionally minded, has had the epiphany stage very early -which is a good sign, is more Red Pill or is incredibly in love with a strong Alpha. Either way – she is forsaking further “fun” times for the sake of a commitment in her prime and will likely meet a lot of pressure from society because of her “premature” marriage. On average she beats any 33-YO rat-spinster trying to leave the sinking ship looking for the Beta-lifeboat.

        13. Why is a woman’s SMV higher at 23 than at 18? Or, aside from legal issues, at 15-16?
          I also doubt men’s SMV increase all that much past 30-35, even today.
          My advise would be for men at 30-35 to marry a woman at 15-20. Those set to inherit the world are getting the women half right, but their societies lack of technological sophistication encourages their men to marry earlier than what is appropriate in the West.

        14. A woman at 38 still statistically has a kid or two left in her. Being a dad with teens at home when you’re 75-80, strikes me as taking the whole red pill script a tad too far.
          He 55, she 40, gets the last kid to college by 75. Still late by any reasonable standard, but at least less of a chance of having your kids spend their teens visiting their dad in an old folks home out of politeness.

        15. Lots of ex cons have fond god.
          You simply cannot become a born again virgin. It’s physically impossible.
          I tell women trying to claim that they are, that if they are truly serious about their “conversion”, they should become nuns. You cannot get redemption for 50 cocks by trying to land number 51.

        16. It peaks at 23 since such is the age most women achieve full mental development, from a biological point of view, while still having youth on their side.

        17. Women can’t have kids once they cross 44. Then it’s all the luck factor. To make a woman pregnant at that age, you have to use a lot of fertility treatments to make her have the kid. Again, it’s like 8% to 15% chances of a safe delivery.
          If a slut wants to have kids at that age, she has to practice a lot of unprotected anal sex with her partner to completion, if she wants to get pregnant. Because the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and will reject the sperm due to formation of antibodies. So anal sex, when the sperm is deposited in her rectum where digestion still takes place, makes her body adapt and adjust to the sperm of her new lover. After repeated anal sex for a one or two monthly cycles, unprotected vaginal sex with the same lover for such a woman increases her chances for conception.

        18. If you are Alpha enough and plenty of women would like to be in a LTR with you, then you know that you have some hand there. If you are a millionaire/billionaire son and she is not, then of course you have to check her motives very well. Otherwise a woman cannot really hide her personality very well from a Game-aware man. There is a saying that she can keep up a sharade only for 3 months. If unsure you may just as well install a keylogger in her system or yours and check her passwords. Judging personality is a skill that can be learnt. Especially with a wife to be in our fucked-up times background checking should be obligatory if you are unsure. If you find her flirting with 10 men and meeting up with 2 for dick-sucking you might reconsider your choice.

        19. You do not want to be such a life-boat, right?
          The “beta” sucker is less likely to get divorced by a 33 yo with a child or two than a childess 22 yo.
          One is actually seeking out that ship, the other more likely sees it as a plague ship and with good reasons.
          Natural selection did not make women disgusted by the “beta” sucker just for kicks and feminism today wouldn’t be able to turn the entire anglosphere into one big plague ship without them.

    2. The problem is that non-red pill stupid black men love the white woman’s ass, more than non-red pill white men.
      And a white woman, the sluttiest of all women in this world, knows that men will do kill to do favors for her, all she has to do is bend over and spread her ass cheeks to show her inviting anus. The white woman in fact rules over all men in this world on the power of her white buttocks.
      Black men, usually being the most sexually powerful of men, can’t control themselves when they see a white woman’s ass, no matter how slutty she is. The years of ingraining that the white race is the alpha race on this planet, has corrupted not only Black men, but Asian and other dark-skinned races as well. It is racial imperialism at its finest when you observe sexual politics in the world today. A dark man will always choose a light skinned woman, no matter how slutty and trashy she is, all because of she is considered to be the racial ideal and a superior race. Again a form of pedestaling women.
      The lighter the woman’s skin, the more sexual options and influence she has. And the evil white woman, the Jezebel of the modern world, thus manages to get away with murder. Even if an Armenian like Kardashian will hold power.

      1. This is generalizing and not very helpful. There is a subset of black men like that — but I can vouch there is a subset of thirsty Beta white guys like that, too. Since a lot of white women automatically screen out anyone of another race and since there are more white men than black, it’s the white Betas feeding their massive egos, buying them dinners, etc. Blaming the white woman’s ego on the black man is a bit much — white guys need to shoulder the blame for that one.

        1. There definitely isn’t more “non-red pill stupid black men love the white woman’s ass, more than non-red pill white men.”
          How would that make any sense?

    3. Possibly Kardashian exclusively gave her asshole to Kanye during their courtship.
      Fucking a light-skinned woman’s ass is every black man’s dream. Plus Kardashian does have a curvy booty. Once Kanye went into Kim’s ass, he was lost and done forever.
      Ray J was the true alpha. He dicked Andrea’s mom and should’ve ideally been her Godfather.
      Just sums up one thing, a man with no retroactive jealousy about his woman’s past when it comes to marriage has no dignity and is beta blue pill. Like 90% of men in the modern world today.

    4. so this is what you think the embodiment of american women today is. no wonder you have problems with your “game”.

  18. Meet the orgynizer, a woman which has a business of making sluts.
    “When it comes to sex, women are nowhere near equal to men: female sexuality is massively suppressed.” She points to her brother’s friends who “hook up nightly with random girls” they meet on Tinder, but won’t date a woman who has “shagged around”.
    So do her parties empower women? “It’s empowering because it’s a woman going ‘we can try it with two other girls’, ‘we can be promiscuous, because we are choosing to do it’ — it’s them exploring their sexuality.”

    1. The USP for the parties is that women are in charge; men have to be invited to join in any intimate activities. Killing Kittens now also arranges “experiences” to turn members’ sexual fantasies into reality — although Sayle recently refused a woman’s request for a rape scenario: “There’s a line we wouldn’t cross.”

  19. Indispensable addition to the catalog, Roosh.
    These women actually grow *less* graceful, classy, ladylike with age. You can see it and read it and hear it firsthand – in their appearances, their misandrist social media rants, and their shrill solipsistic bitching to gfs in cafes and bars and clubs.
    They stand in stark relief to the women I knew growing up – either family members or friends-of-family – who achieved a certain kind of undeniable, graceful beauty along with their aging – the kind of feminine beauty that can only result from having good old-fashioned character, especially as they entered their golden years.
    Perhaps some other cultural shift will take hold and guide these modern-day bitches in the direction of begrudged, accurate self-awareness. But I won’t hold my breath.
    My, how things have taken a turn for the worse in just a few decades.

    1. So true. My grandmothers were both very dignified people, as is my mother.
      It’s very sad that we have to experience this horrible destruction of women that has occurred in our generation.

    2. These women actually grow *less* graceful, classy, ladylike with age. Understatement of the year!!! Wait till y’all are in your forties and have women putting unclean spoons back in your drawers, not offering you breakfast, and smelling up the bathroom. Not good.

  20. I am a 23 year old woman, and I was raised in a religious house hold. I believe in waiting until marriage (am a virgin). “Waiting until marriage” is a non-starter with 99% of men I meet. While modern American men say they are virginal, pure wives, very, very few would actually want to practice saving sex for marriage in real life. This creates an almost impossible situation for women – you are consider a “slut” and “used” if you have premarital sex, and yet, men won’t date you unless there is sex involved. There are many women that I know who are virgins in their early 20’s, and this is the exact dilemma they face as well. If you want pure wives, you have to learn to build pure relationships.

    1. Would you describe yourself as being worth the year (+/-) of no sex that the man would be committing to during your pursuit leading up to marriage?

      1. Would you describe yourself as being worthy for me to lose my virginity to you without marriage?

        1. Great. Instead of reflecting on my reply you turn around the question like a child. Troll move.

    2. Hey, it’s an almost impossible situation for man to wait until marriage — a so-called sacred and holy matrimony, when in this day an age he know’s he’s likely already buying an open-box or returned item, only to know that his prized bride will rent herself out to any guy who will shower her with fun, excitement, cash and prizes.

    3. You have a point, which is why I’ve always claimed that this site (despite it’s usefulness) is part of the problem it pretends to fight.

    4. “While modern American men say they are virginal, pure wives, very, very
      few would actually want to practice saving sex for marriage in real
      – That blame lies too on American sluts. Hate your sisters for that, don’t blame men.
      Women today unanimously want a guy who can fuck their brains out. How will a man know how to fuck a woman’s brains out, without practice?
      Blame women for pressurizing men into becoming like this. Sites like Jezebel, swallowed up by mainstream American women, all promote the image of a guy who can fuck like a jackrabbit.
      When it comes to marriage, a man’s sexual experience counts. And a woman’s chastity and obedience. A man can train an obedient virgin wife into the whore he wants her to be in bed.
      When he marries a slut, he’s not training her. He’s training himself.
      To accept: comparisons to the dicks she had before, the shame of owning his wife’s ass which has been fucked by so many dicks before, and the possibility of being cuckolded.
      If you want to refuse sex on the grounds of saving yourself, do provide a virginity test certificate to your man. You can’t blame men for judging or not trusting women today. The tsunami of sluthood brought by feminism is inevitably going to drown a sizable number of female virgins marriage prospects. It’s upto you virgin women to fight the sluts back to reinstate female chastity and integrity, not us men. The choice and power to fight feminism is with you, virgin women. Shame your slutty sisters. Have virginity walks, in response to slut walks. Can you do that?

      1. Maturity is holding yourself responsible before you hold anyone or anything else responsible.
        We men created this situation and it’s up to us to fix it. But first we need to accept responsibility.

    5. Part of the problem is that prenupts don’t hold in court and a woman’s obligation to sex *in* marriage is no longer enforceable.
      I can’t believe that any man wouldn’t still like the deal to wife a good-looking virgin and providing for her for the rest of his life, if he also had the reasonable expectation of being able to do with her as he pleases after she took the oath.
      Obviously, he can’t. It’s going to be “oh, I don’t want that”, and after you gave her good spanking for the attitude, chances are you’re going to end up in police custody. So why marry in the first place?
      Providing for a woman *for live* is a big deal, there should be a big deal on the other side of the table too.

    6. hi im a woman similar to u, although im now engaged to my soulmate thank God. i see that it is nearly impossible for men to take women like us seriously thanks to feminism and women giving everything up and getting little in return many times. back in the day we would def. be the “pick of the litter” and not the near-pariahs that we are. u might get a guy to be w/ u for a bit but pretty soon….they start w/ the ultimatums “u sleep w/ me or else ull be alone!”, its exhausting and depressing and i been thru it all. the only good thing i can see outta this situation is that if u do pray, wait and find a man who’ll wait for u…it must be true love. why else would a man wait for is a woman for sex if there’s a sexual buffet out there? that has to be something truly special, and probably he must be a man w/ similar values to u or else they just wont appreciate u.
      u could just think about giving up, i thought about it im only human…but why would u? only if u luck out or pick a man to give up ur virginity to who would really appreciate a virgin even if u didnt wait till marriage…who knows maybe he might marry u and the marriage will last because he was ur only man? my friend lucked out in this way and has 4 kids w/ her man and married. but…how many girls gave it up and got absolutely nothing? we see them all around us. more often than not, this is what happens when u dont wait till marriage, that true commitment: men taking advantage of u being a virgin, and maybe getting off on it…but does that guarantee he’ll stay w/ u? no. having sex w/ a man never guarantees that, at least not forever, maybe for a time or years. u never know? can u imagine giving it up to one of these damaged men on here commenting who cant believe there are good women out there cuz theyve never seen one, they would never appreciate u. what if u break up as usual…u gave up all ur morals and beliefs for nothing. now ur just one of the herd, w/ nothing special to offer to a man anymore. u feel like trash cuz u gave up everything only to get nothing back…u may give up and turn slutty and self-destruct, u may not and still find a man to marry u if u didnt start sleeping around…or u may end up alone like so many women….its just a lottery. this is why i do believe in God’s wisdom when He says for people to wait till marriage. the guy gets what he wants, sex from a virgin, and the woman gets what she wants, a commitment, everybody wins. they can actually bond as a couple because they only know eachother sexually (especially the woman), have no resentments, no diseases etc…
      i feel for u, i hope u make the right decision. this is a test to see if u really love God and believe what u say u do or maybe ur just saving urself b-cuz of ur parents or indoctrination, not because u actually believe it in ur heart. there are so many reasons to wait truly, just google “pre-marital sex” and read all the negative effects from it, or just look around and see how society is breaking down because of fornication. honestly i tell u that if i hadnt found the love of my life…i woulda just stayed alone. why do i need sex for? u cant miss what u never had? and it would be by choice cuz im not an overweight hag….. as a teen i was a stunner and still i turn heads. i would be alone w/ my cats….but so what? i wont be bitter thinking of all the guys who used me like a piece of meat and threw me away, hell no. i would maintain my dignity and throw myself into a worthy cause, forget all these dudes! i hope i wasnt too harsh but…this world nowadays is uglier and harsher than ever….
      also u should check out this blog called “what women never hear”, its gold. its a man giving women advice to get and keep a man, conservative advice that we women desperately need to ear from a man’s perspective…God bless i hope this helps

  21. Sounds like some of these girls are natural introverts. They broke down at a party with most of the women they came with and tons of the California men.
    Keep in mind that introverts in our culture are trained that their instincts for smaller scale, slower, deeper interactions are wrong. Choice overload in this case could simply have been social overload. I’ve seen women experience it before in a different context. It really does come on that suddenly.
    A real test would have been for each girl to spend a longer time out in California, getting to know a smaller number of men.

  22. “Not the best that NYC has to offer”
    Aw give a jezzy train wreck a break! The blonde up front with the white sunglasses looks fairly cute.

  23. Reminds me of those ugly losers who fly to Russia to snag one of those green card babes. Sad.

    1. At least they’re serious about meeting a woman or women when they get there.

    2. And babes they are (well, many of them)!
      I never changed a fucking diaper, cleaned dishes, did laundry, etc.
      Even my fucking underwear was ironed.
      She stayed slim and fuckable and loved to fuck for the duration of the marriage.
      Great mother who slapped the kids silly when they needed it and they fucking behave well now because of it.
      No regrets here, my man, except bringing her to Canada, the attitudes of whose women ultimately ruined her, but it was fucking great while it lasted!
      She’s even reasonable as fuck with the divorce too. No crazy financial demands or threats of keeping the kids away from me.
      I won’t be doing it again though, as being married once is fucking enough.
      Loser? Bwah ha ha! I got to intimately know one of the coolest, craziest countries on the planet and I snagged a hottie from there whom all men back home in Canada twisted their necks at anytime I went out with her.
      Until you’ve had wild sex with a drunk Russian hottie, I’d advise you reserve judgement. Hell of a squirter too; it was good to feel her warm splashes on my balls; it meant I was fucking her the way she ought to be fucked!
      She’s fallen from a 9 to a 6 or 7; if you’re interested maybe I can hook you up? 😀

      1. I share your sentiment.
        EE babes are the best in sex appeal. They’re definitely the marrying type. But marriages today are just like a 5-10 year investment at the max. The concept of ‘marriage till forever’ is a sham.I’m not married, still in my early 30’s, but I don’t think I would ever want to marry just for beauty. I would think of it only for companionship, but that too when I am much older in my late 40’s. If I do manage to find a good hot woman who is marriagable, I might change my mind.
        But like all women,EE women age and lose out their appeal. And when a EE hottie ages, you notice it even more because they’re so beautiful.
        If I ever had a choice I would love to keep a harem of EE chicks. But the problem is that they tend to be very possessive. I can’t handle that. I was tempted once of marrying one, I think she would’ve made a good bet for a marriage, I met her when she was 26, but she was still a 8. Had a long term relationship with her 3 years, then ended.
        She’s now 36. Tries to keep in touch with me but I never reply. But she looks like a 5 now. I mean she’s fucked too many men – she told that to me in one recent emotional mail – after we broke up. That’s the effect of sluttiness on a woman, it takes away her charm as well as her beauty.

        1. “If I do manage to find a good hot woman who is marriagable, I might change my mind.”
          Don’t…get…married. You’re not mature enough, and will never be.

        2. She’s older than you!? It’s good you broke up; never marry older, for fuck’s sakes! I had an older GF in my late 20s and her legs went from smooth and unblemished to cellulitely and vericosey in a matter of two years. It turned me off so much that I just couldn’t fuck her. She thought she had gotten herself a younger hottie and got too comfortable and let herself go a bit. It’s surprising what 10 pounds can do to a small woman. Dumped her of course, shortly after her father had died. Boo fucking hoo.
          I was around your age, maybe a little older, and married 10 years younger. Very nice, very nice. 😀

        3. The only good thing about older women is that they’re sexually very open. My ex was like that – I mean whatever I demanded, she did it. Anal, oral, fucking in public places, anything. Sex was definitely the reason why I was so attached to her. The problem is that the sex made me fall in love with her. in addition to the care (like how you mentioned your ex cared for you by doing all the stuff). And when she realized that I ‘loved’ her for her, she began to manipulate me. I wasn’t on red pill then, but I still could detect signs of passive domination by her. In the end, the experience taught me a lot: never to let sex blind you into falling in love with a woman. You actually get dominated by her when she realizes that you’re in love with her. Sex and ‘love’ are the weapons which women use to control men.
          If a woman does all these things for you, never be grateful for that. Women always complain that men don’t value them for the things they do for men. That’s bullshit! Our forefathers never pedestalized women – they expected women to perform all these tasks as ‘duties’ which had to be responsibly carried out. An alpha never ‘thanks’ women for what women do for him. And women bend over backwards to please alphas. In today’s feminist world, these ‘duties’ are seen as acts of privileges by women, who expect men to thank for every single shit that they ‘do’ for men. That’s what gives rise to female narcissism and entitled behavior.
          And I agree in buying women for sex. It keeps things simple and uncomplicated. Atleast she fucking can’t argue back. Every woman has a price, and you’re paying hers to fuck her.

        4. Ha ha, that makes me think, I don’t think I ever did thank her for the shit she did as a housewife; but hey, I did lots of man shit around the house and yard so it balanced off. I did tell her once, “You know, you don’t have to iron my underwear…that doesn’t make much sense,” but she insisted so I was like “Yeah whatever, it’s your time you’re wasting.”
          I put in 80-90 hours a week at work, so do I have time to fucking waste at bars or restos, dining and wining and listening to bullshit, until I get my pecker wet? No. I get what I want and I want the best and I want it when I want it.

        5. What were some of these passive domination ways? Any red flags that stand out in mind?

  24. Wow. Just wow. I think that “nerds” now have a lot of resources on the internet that tell them how to spot and avoid gold diggers. I have argued with women on this, been told “what’s the matter, are you bitter because you could not get a date?”. I was never bitter though. I just thought it was a rigged game to “have all da powuh” and cruelly pick and choose when the looks where there, and then having a Come to Jesus moment when gravity kicks in. It’s like life prisoners finding religion AFTER all that rape and murder, like NOW you want to repent after you committed crimes and are locked up forever.
    We should make it our duty to get to “the nerds” and prevent them from being suckered. Since it’s perfectly OK for women to “warn each other about men” at every step, to even have books and networks built on that, then it’s perfectly OK for men to do this too. This is why the concept of the mens-only club needs to come back and it needs to become a trend to get as many people across all ages into them. Get some 22 year old out of college talking to a 42 year old who’s been through the divorce mill at least leaves a younger man forewarned.
    It’s only fair. And it’s only Free Speech too. The men’s clubs (read: fellowship) was destroyed for a reason, so that men wander a wasteland of sorts while also conditioned to be deemed “unable to get laid” (as if that was some horror – make a trip to Walmart and you’ll see that ANYBODY can get laid) or worse “he who does not worship the vagina is automatigically gay/trans” only to be picked off by these “women” who lived it up with impunity and now openly and actively seek to USE SOMEBODY.
    As my late great dad would say “Fuck ’em”. 😀

    1. “Get some 22 year old out of college talking to a 42 year old who’s been
      through the divorce mill at least leaves a younger man forewarned.”
      This is actually the function that I, and some of the other older guys, serve on the Roosh forum. These days the men’s clubs are online.

      1. There are plenty of men’s clubs. You could also just go play golf with men or go on vacation with them if that’s what you want.

        1. I hope you’re not implying that spending time and learning from your fellow man is not beneficial? There seems to be a smarmy connotation to your reply. I respect your other post but I’m just letting you know in case you weren’t actually meaning to seem like a dick. Regards.

    2. Some guys can’t be helped. Do you remember your thirsty blue pill days? I remember mine. I gave my all to some pretty nasty fucking slag whores. It took me a VERY long time to learn my lesson. Damn near 10 years before I figured out something was seriously wrong. Many men are so stupid, it would take them 10 lifetimes to figure it out.
      Pussy makes men do some crazy shit.

      1. Well, they say pussy is the biggest motivator in life. Most men are tools for women.

      2. We’ve been indoctrinated since our youth to view women in an “angelic” light. We were lied to, pure and simple. The naturals PUas always talk about are by nature narcissistic men. This is the only thing that makes sense to me.
        If you’re naturally narcissistic then you have no regards for the women in your life because you’re always number one (extremely effective for attracting women) Guys who weren’t born narcissistic first hit a cruel reality-inducing realization and then go through a point of denial (it can’t be true? they can’t possibly be that cruel right?) We hold women to the standards of men, never were taught about evolutionary biology until too late in the game and even then are not taught about the social implications of how that affects our chance to attract a woman, couple that with religious shame and you have a recipe for a weak man who gets trampled on by entitled women who never were taught to be submissive to a man and be a lady.
        Just to go for the best, never settle, be a womyn and let them hear you roar! We were neutered and they were given our masculine essence. I can’t blame men. I do blame women. Women only had to behave like more decent human beings (sort of like alphas after they’ve had their run of sluts) to attract men but most men are beta and are confronted with women’s horrendous behavior and must learn to love less to get what they need (sex, companionship ect.) Men aren’t stupid. I think most who weren’t born narcissistic are too kind-hearted, too forgiving of flaws (attitude, weight ect.) and in general too decent of human beings to attract women. I find it pretty depressing but ultimately men have to become less of human beings to find happiness while women could just be better human beings, but they aren’t starting anytime soon. Once again it comes back to female behavior in this day in age. The onus is on them.

  25. Every day I see more reason to donate money to Asian engineers working on love androids…

    1. The 1% who can afford them don’t need them. And boys like you can get a blowup doll.

      1. What makes you think they’d be that expensive? They wouldn’t cost much more or less than a car. Cheap, efficient and reliable.

    2. lol, look up Qara (or Kara?), which is a CGI demonstration for emotional scenes in video games. the plot is that Kara gains sentience and doesn’t want to be forced to serve. So even androids may not help! It’s a good scene though.

      1. Just use Avira free antivirus, finds and delete the feminist virus in no time.

  26. Interesting but frustrating story.
    What kind of madness is this? My brain hurts from the nonsensical silliness of this scenario.
    – A group of not particularly attractive women gets together
    – The women fly out ACROSS THE COUNTRY to meet men of supposed desirable quality (sucessful, mucho dinero $$)
    – They get the chance to better aquainted with men, and fuck it up royally
    – Turn down opportunities to spend quality time with men
    – Some spend time with men they didn’t even come all the way there to meet
    – Somehow end up in the floor crying
    – Something about how it’s better to have privacy (comfort of isolated airplane seat). WTF?
    Did I miss anything?

    1. You didn’t miss anything. just women being women. I’m honestly not surprised, at all. Someone needs to get these beta guys to RoK and CH, STAT.

  27. Dude, I’m at a loss. My older sister is in the same boat as these spinsters. She’s 33 and hasn’t had a serious boyfriend since 26. My mom got married at 22. She’s currently wasting even more of her time at a grad school trying to become a professor, and is even asking ‘where have all the good men gone’. I hate to make this request, but because I see my sister before I think of the carousel (yeah – it’s really fucked up to think about), I’d like it if someone smart here could post an article about how an older woman can take back her femininity so she doesn’t die with cats – if such a thing is possible.

    1. She can forget about an alpha in her age range. If she wants to land a beta…id say skip school and start with a gym membership and fake tits.

      1. Yeah, she’s aged herself out of alpha territory. Just the harsh truth. Better luck in her next life. Now the best she can do is learn to settle for a beta. We all know how that ends.

        1. She might still get a 50+ Alpha, if she becomes more Red Pill. But usually that is beneath those princesses.

        2. What are the odds she will take the initiative and change? If I know women, they’ll kick and scream and passively demand (complain) that the world change for them. Too bad for them it never does. The world has another socialist voter for life.

        3. I met some who accepted the Red Pill at age 35 even while being a single mom with an Alpha Bad Boy child. She is now looking for an Alpha at ages 45-55 with the right attitude. But most women will not learn – bitching about all the good men being gone is enough.

        4. I wish them the least amount of success in life and happiness. No alpha will raise a child that isn’t his own. He kills them off in the wild. That’s a wealthier beta you’re talking about. Not an alpha by any means. Hope she gets some cats to keep her company and her felon son writes her from prison or the trailer park.

      2. She could still get pump and dumped by an alpha if she gets the alpha very drunk, and facilitates the bang that same night. Otherwise, the train has gone.

    2. Absolutely she can take back her femininity, especially if she hasn’t fucked anyone in 7 years.
      The question is: is she willing to be submissive to a ~40-45 y/o man?
      She has to want to have a healthy relationship, and she has to be willing to break ranks with what is likely her feminist-allegiant social circle.
      It’s really her choice. If she can commit to this, and is willing to pay the price in PC America to stand by what she wants (a healthy relationship with a dominant masculine man in which she is submissive) – there are plenty of beta men in that 40-45 age range who have never been married and want to have kids. I know a few of them myself. Maybe she can even find a higher-beta or a man who’s turning himself Alpha via his own relentless commitment to self-improvement.

      1. Oh hell, there are divorced 45-50 year old guys with kids who would love to have a 30-39 year old woman who got the red pill; it’s an opportunity to do it properly.

        1. I’ll assume you’ve not been divorced from a predatory ex who up and decided that she wanted to go ‘La Vida Puma’ after decades of providing hard work and support for her and your offspring.
          That was a harsh life lesson in living as a beta provider only to be taken advantage of when I became inconvenient.
          There are too many of my generation (40-50) who were raised by Feminists who knew nothing except the blue pill of ‘making her happy at all costs’. For better or worse, it took a divorce to teach me to commit to taking the reigns again and sadly I’m not alone in that.
          As for me, I’d love to meet a 30-39 year old woman with or without kids who’s taken the red pill, and is willing to commit to a serious dedicated relationship in a traditional marriage.

    3. Your sister doesn’t have her priorities straight. Obviously suffering from the can-have-it-all disease. I would recommend her to stay in school (damn, 33 and still a student). I’m sorry to say but your sister has missed her ride (it came along a decade + ago). It’s to late, better to put all her eggs (no pun intended) in the career basket. What might be an option (if she really wants) is importing a dude from a third world country. Although highly unlikely he’ll stay with her after receiving his permanant papers. If I may ask: did you have a father while growing up?

    4. It’s tough bro. A modern woman’s psychological and emotional development ends pretty early; somewhere between 15 and early 20s, or roughly when they start fucking a bunch of dudes. By that time, her personality is more or less solidified. Considering there is no such thing as female self-improvement culture in this society, it’s unlikely many women will have the self awareness to change themselves, let alone the information by which to do so.
      You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    5. I have the same situation with my sister – only mine is 36 already and still hunting for the Alpha. My bet is that if she cannot accept the Red Pill – for example in the form found on Judgybitch or Rational Male, then you have to let it go. Having a lot of cats can be fun too…..
      I’ve had other women who actually accepted Red Pill and now are looking for way older Alphas and try to be more feminine. So it basically depends on her willingness to meet the truth and not believe in the media crap.

      1. Very few women can go against the media herd that put them in this mess to begin with. It’s just not in them.
        I’ve noticed that women take their own sort of red pill as time runs out for them. It’s not necessarily like the male red pill though; promoting self improvement, game strategy, etc, with the idea that the future looks brights. It’s very similar to MGTOW in the sense that they give up and deal with it through quiet desperation. They give up on men altogether, take up pointless boring interests like drinking wine or raising cats, etc. It’s pretty empty for the individual, but they have huge support from the giant and ever growing community of spinsters who are in the same boat.
        Life is tough for aging women. They deal with it accordingly though. Nature has a sense of balance and justice with regard to gender and aging, not to mention a dry sense of humor.

        1. Life ain’t fair, and is a cheat. That’s one of the greatest truths in life.
          And nature doesn’t have a sense of balance. How would explain women like Zsa Zsa Gabor, a supreme slut who lived well into her old age, bagging rich guys.Seriously, guys should stop hoping that women would hit the wall, and pay for their sluttiness. Because our feminist society protects them from paying the piper.
          Instead, the best revenge is not to care for them, and hold them in contempt. Don’t expect nature to teach them a lesson, as America and the modern world is totally unnatural – where unnatural is natural.

        2. Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive, she’s 97. I think that she even had to have one of her legs amputated, probably still thinks she’s hot. These old cunts never die! Between her and her two sisters they were married anywhere between 5 and 9 times. And between them all they have 1 kid.

        1. Extended Family & some Friends in Eastern Europe. Does not work so well in the West.

        2. Extended Family & some Friends in Eastern Europe. Does not work so well in the West.

    6. Her time has passed. No ridiculous surgery, please. It will make no difference. She could take up with a lovely 75 plus year old…

    7. She’s 33? She’s finished and beyond any hope. If she had a bf when she was younger and never thought of marriage and just let the years roll by then she’s a spinster. Buy her a rocking chair and a subscription to Cat Fancy magazine.In General, a female who reaches 30 and who has not snagged a husband will never marry or if she does will be unhappy and likely get a divorce.

    8. She has to consider a man who is A. older than her by at least 20 years where they will find her attractive who makes good money or B. As old as her but less attractive than her most likely perceived ideal and most likely only making around 40-60k. Both of these guys probably have kids so that’s another criteria she will have to face.
      Those are her realistic choices and the only choices that are likely to save her from spinsterhood and dying with cats. No more, no less. Those are the options. Men know that most women never mature and aren’t ever very interesting so they settle with someone younger and more attractive to make up for being immature and uninteresting. It’s a cost and benefit analysis and your sister doesn’t fare well in the eyes of an enlightened man with a good sense of an investment. Most likely your sister will wallow in self-pity when she could change her situation tomorrow by just accepting a lower standard of man than her ideal but I doubt she will so most likely she will die with cats. Regards.

  28. I see a bright side here, a silver lining, as I have recently with all the noise about the Rodgers murders:
    These are relatively young women (one was 24), who are going out of there way, across the continent to get some dick. They’re not passively sitting back waiting to be romanced. A 24 year old should have dudes lining up to bang her, she shouldn’t be acting like a desperate 45 year-old throwing herself at any old thing. Could this be more evidence of a turning point, where the balance has shifted in favour of (high value) men?
    It’s like the rodgers murders: if all men are considered rapists or all men are portrayed as overgrown child-like unemployed losers, then the bar is continuously lowered so that to be a high value man, all I have to do is have a job and not murder any women. I don’t have to do anything and my value increases. It just becomes hard for women to find “the one”.

    1. Your SMV would likely shoot through the roof if you murdered someone, degenerate women(the majority of women, for that matter) would get insta-wet over such a dangerous man.

      1. Hah, of course, we all know of the copious groupies that the likes of Charlie Manson, or Ted Bundy have, bad example.

      2. Convicted murderers do quite well with the ladies. Sadly, I am not being sarcastic.

    2. You make an interesting point, but I don’t think that the quality of men has lowered as much as the perceived quality. There are entire networks and authors devoted to the “men are bad/evil/scum/own guns” scheme and wider-ranging media is more readily available to younger women now. For example back in the 70s a woman might get married and have a kid who is a teenager by the time “they” got into her head. Now “they” get into her head when she’s a teenager, and there you have women in their 20s wondering where all the good men have gone, when they are brainwashed into thinking that all men are bad and/or would not know what a good man was if she found him nailed to a cross.

      1. Perception is what I was talking about, yes. To a lot of people perception is reality. They don’t to see through the illusions and veils, they swallow what ever authority figures tell them to.

    3. You’re using too much logic. If all mushrooms are poisonous except for one kind that you grow, and you prove it by eating some on a pizza, they wouldn’t see yours as having any value. They’d say because all the others are poisonous, your kind is just pretending to be edible, for the soul purpose of tricking them into dropping her defensive so they can poison her later on.
      Keep in mind that the women didn’t pay for the trip, they crowd sourced the funding. Also, they flew out there for millionaires, not dick. Yet some still wanted to hang out with guys from the gym. There’s gyms all over the east coast. And lastly, it was mentioned in the article that it was some what of a problem that they’d turn around and there would be another guy waiting to talk to them. They got what they wanted, more men than women together to meet a guy, and having more men than women was a problem.

    4. Perhaps the only people who end up believing the “all men are unemployed rapists” mantra are nice guys themselves which makes them go overboard when doing the opposite in their quest for validation. I don’t believe that bar is going to be lowered any time now. In fact, it’s best to raise yourself to bar and become an unemployed thug, for it is well known that that’s what women really want. Have a look at these articles:

  29. Best sentence: “Once a woman has had her mind primed to reward tingles over resources, she can’t easily make the switch back.” Nice summary.

    1. For men, it’s like asking us to give up HB9s and go back to nice, dependable, homely plain Janes.

      1. This is a solid post.
        I’m not certain but I’m inclined to agree with you… I’m pretty sure I want my next LTR to be with a girl at least as hot as the women I’ve already dated…
        Only time will tell… perhaps there is a plain Jane out there that will turn me on far greater than a “10”.
        But yeah I agree with you… my 34 year old cousin is scrambling to find a man now after she was dumped by an alpha because he wanted to focus on his business… A girl being dumped like that will never just shake it off… she, like the girl in this article, is holding out for Mr. Big.
        “In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.”
        ~Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card

  30. Has anyone looked up the Twitter song by Alexa mentioned in this article? It’s proof that 1). White girls should not dance and 2). With the advent of YouTube, pop music is little but attention-whoring for females. The less said about the actual song the better. I won’t link it but you can Google it.

  31. Just don’t get married/have kids with any of these women. You’ll figure the rest out. Just to fuck with em pretend to be an alpha beast plus beta provider for a month so she falls hook line and sinker for you. And then bam. Ditch like an itch…..its fun. entertainment

    1. If you pyjama boys were capable of pretending you wouldn’t be on here bitching about women.

  32. Sorry, but all you lil bitches have pointy elbow syndrome. These chicks look perfectly decent.

    1. They’re the ones who think they are millionaire class dating material. They should be looking at cable guys or school teachers, or rather they should have been 10 years ago.

  33. I wouldn´t wish one of these women on a guy selling hot dogs on the beach in Acapulco.

  34. When I look at the pics of the group together the first thing that came to mind was “They’re all ready to hop off the carousel for a while and start the mommy blogging phase of their lives.”

  35. Hilarious article Roosh! You found some great nugget there!
    It is amazing indeed to see the women already being unable to form real relationship except with the most Alpha guys with Game. Needless to say Ex-professional PUA Gregg 1.0 was not interested in any of those “quality” girls.
    Despite being past their prime and despite already trying to consciously find the Beta-provider they vehemently hold on to the dream of finding the Alpha they can tame. Hehe. Good luck – Alphas with Game know who you really are – emotionally destroyed trainwrecks who qualify only for a quick pump and dump.

  36. Meanwhile I’m dating a hot 23 year old venezuelan chick..someone else will have to man-up to date the 35 year old man jaw lawyers for me.

      1. Hell, I’d trade a 35 year old for a ’76 Ford Pinto with a blown engine, and come out well ahead on the deal. The car still has scrap value.

      2. If he can afford it he most certainly should. I would if I could. What’s to stop him? Morality? Maybe women should have treated people with more respect when they were young and acted a bit more morally themselves if they expect to get treated with respect when they’re old. Old people are mostly useless to society at best and a burden at worst. Same thing with women in their 30s, they’re the equivalent to a retired man in his 60s or 70s. There is no grace to an aging woman just a humility that she never possessed because she was too narcissistic and self-centered to ever be humble in her youth. Every man I’ve ever met that has been successful with women (as I had seen in real life ) has never respected them.
        Because they know deep down they don’t deserve respect if they have sex with someone like them while passing up on them when they were actually a decent man who got fucked over one or more times by an entitled bitch and turned into the player who they are now to get what they want. There are two main types of players: “Naturals” and “Alphas”. A natural is just a guy who was born narcissistic who thinks so highly of himself that he sees women as less than himself
        . An alpha is a man who has had enough experience getting screwed and then learning to screw women over to see himself more highly of himself than of them which allows him to sleep with them as easily as the narcissistic men. That’s the truth, you can try and deny it but it won’t stop it from occurring in nature.

  37. That smile on their they are still in control of the situation, as if they are still able to dance on bartables…like if they didnt piss their prime away.
    I can understand they are trying to put up an act yea..but this is more..they are even lying to themselves, and I doubt any kind of hard reality will ever make them see it.

  38. Good God I tried reading the original article. Who writes like that? If I wrote an essay like that in high school I would have ended up with an F. I feel like I just tried to read someones life story on twitter 140 bytes at a time. Is this what the short-attention-span lifestyle of women has churned out? Holy freaking cow. I feel damaged for having tried to read that.

  39. None of these women are serious about meeting someone. They are there solely to be validated. They have become attention junkies and with so much of that drug everywhere, they will never be clean.

    1. Pretty much sums up all females these days.
      In the past females were content with “validation” from someone they considered special.
      Now they need “validation” constantly like crack. And consider nobody “special”.
      Plus, none of those females above are attractive.

      1. Yea they are not attractive but still attractive enough to get plenty of attention from simpletons. They would have to hit wall #2 at 50-60 years old before they’ll truly feel the sting.

  40. San Francisco a sausage fest? Really?
    I’m having trouble convincing my son who lives there to stop being a gigolo. He’s got a harem, including a 40-something ex-girlfriend who still pays his rent. I want him to settle down and make some more grandkids.
    Sorry, but single women perceive SF as a cool and safe city. What they forget is a lot of the men are gay so the straight man to straight women ratio definitely favors the straight men.
    For a real sausage fest, look down the Bay to San Jose. But the H1bs are REALLY betas here.

    1. I also have this problem. Bitches just keep calling me and offering money. My private banker also called me recently and said that I had to open a new type of VIP account because I have too much money. After that, she offered to suck my dick, but I already have 10 supermodels lined up for this weekend.
      Another problem I have is that I have to order custom made boxers because my dick is too big to fit in regular ones.

      1. Eat beef stroganoff and rabbit meat every hour. Or try eating raw whale or snake meat.
        Drink vodka, and horse sperm mixed in ass’s milk every 20 minutes.
        You’ll not allow your banker to give you a blowjob, you’ll fuck her entire firm! The only thing is that you’re dick will grow so long that you’ll have to wear an Arab bedouin’s shirt for the rest of your life.

    2. “I want him to settle down and make some more grandkids.”
      Fuck that, pops, he’s getting his groove on!

      1. It’s what I want HIM to do, not what I would do in a similar situation.
        So far, no luck convincing him to my way of thinking.

    3. I hat to have to tell you this mama but you son sounds like a pimp to me. Is he a negro?

    4. the whole bay area is no place for single straight men, it’s a simple supply/demand problem fueled by omnipresent radical feminism. while it’s easy to get laid in san francisco being an alpha -or even just behaving like an alpha-, finding a 8+ is very tough and you’ll be competing with CEOs to get it.
      remember san francisco is the home of the ’49ers’ -> 4s that behave like 9s

  41. For decades, modern American men with trouble finding women in their own country have been flying out to Eastern Europe and Asia to date. In those markets, their SMV is considered higher as their American dollar and passports are more in demand. This is no better or worse than what Modern American men have been doing for decades.

  42. Here’s how delusional most women are. I was speaking to a girl I knew in college who turns 40 in a few weeks. She was lamenting that she’d like to break up with a bloke she’s been dating for 1.5 years. You see, he’s a labourer that loves soccer, owns his own house and apt, but is short, not good looking, doesn’t have much money (his property is paid off in full) and is boring. Her words…. She’s lamenting about meeting a rich handsome tall guy to blow him off completely. Here’s her story old, bloated (from taking depression medication), working in a department store as the directions chick, 23,000 in credit card debt, still lives with her parents and has a face like a smashed crab…… ????. She said she’ll stay for his property situation and try and get a child out of him……. Unbelievable !!!

    1. I just had an over-40 woman email me some rambling crap Andy Rooney wrote praising older women. She doesn’t realize he was like 80 when he wrote it. Anything looked young for him.

    2. Roosh refers to this in his post which I think is “money”- that is, when a carousel woman prioritizes Tingles over Resources, she cannot easily switch back. And forget about prioritizing a good man. There are some decisions that have 1-way doors.

  43. A bit off topic but here is a quote by Samuel Sneed Brown, a British civil servant serving in India in the 19th Century. He said it in regards to British men who took Indian mistresses:
    “Those who have lived with a native woman for any length of time never marry a European … so amusingly playful, so anxious to oblige and please, are they, that a person after being accustomed to their society shrinks from the idea of encountering the whims or yielding to the fancies of an Englishwoman.”
    I can’t speak to Indian women but I certainly find Asian women to be far easier than Western women to spend time with. I guess they had problems with Western women even in the 19th Centurny.

    1. “Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton: A Biography” by Edward Rice has a chapter titled “The Black Wife”, about British men in India taking up native women, and a boatload of “unmarried and unmarriable” English women who sailed for India in desperate hopes of snagging them as husbands.

      1. Looks like the claim in another article “Victorianism is the source of single white female feminism” just got proven correct.

        1. Nope all real.
          No photoshop. These are the 10% hot Indian girls. Too bad they get fat around the belly region, like men, when they get chubby. And they get chubby by 30.
          Rest all women are shit.

        2. Yeh, i went to India and expected to sell a lot of hot women in their cities but there aren’t. The women you see in those Bollywood movies are the best of the best in terms of looks and those films are like propaganda for the rest for the world to give everyone the impression that Indians are so ‘with it’ and ‘modern’ and ‘up to date’ and ‘fashionable’ etc. They aren’t. The men are ultra beta and the women aren’t lookers for the most part.

      1. What do Indian chicks smell like, in their pussy area I mean. Is it gross? Cuz Indian guys smell like shit. You can smell ’em coming a mile away.

        1. I think B.O. depends more on diet, personal hygiene and living conditions, more than race.
          Indian and Mexican B.O. is somewhat similar, because they both eat spicy food. When I traveled from Germany to India for 4 months for an archaeological survey, I lived off the spicy diet of the locals. When I returned back, my girlfriend complained about my body odor as well. 4 months of spicy, pungent food eating screwed it up. The Indians I’ve known in Germany don’t smell like the ones in India, because they have adopted Western diet and lifestyle. Indians also shower more than whites, but they don’t use deodarants or stuff to control b.o. much. The perception of skin color also plays a role, darker skinned individuals appear more ‘dirty’ as compared to fairer ones. Blacks, Indians, or other darker skinned individuals thus appear more dirty as compared to white individuals.
          A white woman’s anus is no cleaner than a dark skinned woman’s anus (black, hispanic or even Indian). But the darker skin around a dusky woman’s anus makes it look hideous as compared to a pale white woman’s pink anus. Even though white women don’t use water to clean themselves, and their anal area has more HPV microbes as compared to a Thai woman’s anus who cleans her using water.
          Living conditions play a role. I remember Roosh mentioning it in Bang Iceland where he mentions about the water supply there having sulphur in it, so even Icelandic women had sulphur bad breath. Women in colder countries don’t clean themselves as much as women in hotter countries do. And people from hotter countries exude more sweat from their bodies, as compared to people from colder countries. Thus they stink more. The skin is the largest excretory organ in the body, so what you eat plays an important role in how you smell. I found Indian women no different from Asian women when it came to pussy smell, though some of their pussies looked somewhat unappealing at times. But their pussies definitely don’t stink as much as slutty American women.

        2. They don’t smell like Shit(feces) you dumbass. The fuck are you smelling? They smell like strong spices like Garam masala, curry, paprika and hot peppers.

        3. Thais think we (Westerners) smell bad. Takes a few weeks of eating local food before your BO changes.
          Asians in general think it is strange that we use paper rather than water to clean our butts. The question I have heard is “If you had shit on your face would you just wipe it off with paper?”

  44. Lance here, after being on a much needed pussy hiatus, I write you these words as I walk out of a bar leaving some cunt shocked. She kept me waiting wayyy too fucking long as she went outside to talk on her phone (as I summarily arranged a booty call at my place in a few hours). Thank you for reminding me, after meeting many women, these past weeks and thinking another “one” stood out, letting my fucking self slip, that there is no “one,” just some bitch’s temporal beauty that will eventually fade. Not one of them is worth it, not a single goddamn one. I will be back soon fellows, thank you for the constant red-pill reminder.

    1. Dumb ass hates women so much he can’t even wait to pump and dump. Good, more for us alpha males.

        1. Dude, Lance bounced because he felt disrespected. Seriously? He could been patient and tapped some fine ass. For this alpha male, one can wait just a little longer to get another notch in the bedpost.

    2. rofl if she made you wait, then she clearly wasn’t into you enough, BRAH
      f’n loser…

      1. Yeah dumb fuck, then don’t you think I was even more justified leaving, and leaving her with the tab? What was I supposed to do? Stay like a fucking chump. Your post was fucking stupid.

        1. Dude, you left without getting any tail. All you had to do is wait. You are a chump.

        2. waiting would have wordlessly assented to her shit-test of making a guy wait,
          @lance_christopher:disqus – Well-played Sir
          and MCG if you think waiting would have granted you tail you are one of those guys who try ice-skating uphill, it just doesn’t and will not work unless she had some little voice on her shoulder saying “nawwww he waited, just give him a pity-fuck”

  45. I live and go to law school in Silicon Valley. I see these guys every day.
    What I do not get is how these guys are so oblivious to the realities of the sexual marketplace. I see these guys in my classes, I see them in the library, I see them graduated and at events for attorneys. They just dont get it. Where they put their energy makes it obvious to me what they think is important. They think the A in contracts is the key to getting women, so they dont bother being cool, lifting heavy, accumulating cool stories. Even otherwise good looking, sociaable guys. They are just operating on a different script, a decades old script their conservative parents probably gave them . they mostly come from very intact and wealthy families.
    I am the anamoly. I can see that I confuse them, and their comments reinforce it. I get essentially below average grades, yet date the best looking girls. They snicker at my non-clean cut style, and tell the girls I’m just interested in sex. They cock-block me and in the process, because I roll with it, turn me into more of a “bad boy” type than I really am. I can’t help but laugh at their efforts to sabatoge, which have ended up helping. It just shows me most guys, especially in this socio-economic group, just dont understand modern society and behaviors of half the human race.
    I feel lucky that I
    1) found sites like roosh’s back at an impressionable age AND
    2) I went out, got rejected time and time again
    3) Faced some dark times that led me to throwing away my old mentalities
    I have spent a lot of time thinking about these guys that dont get it. They are just like I used to be, its as if they think they know how to do things, and just because they have believed it for so long, their entire life, it is the truth.
    Sometimes, a mind is just too old to be freed.

    1. Really smart individuals tend not to be very socially adept. I’ve seen it too many times to believe otherwise.
      It’s very rare to come across a guy who engages in very monotonous, detailed work who is also a social butterfly.
      We wouldn’t be living such cushy lives without men with this proclivities.

      1. Also, to be very accomplished in complicated endeavors, you have to devote “time.” Any idiot can devote time to being a dancing monkey to appeal to the ADHD women in developed countries.

  46. Why do Anglo women have the smelliest vaginas among all women?
    I mean the body looks appealing, but the pussy…FUCK! YUCK!
    I can’t understand how anyone can go down on that Alaskan crab shit down there…
    Asian women too have smelly cunts, but they take so much care to wash and clean themselves, that finally their pussies don’t stink.
    Why can’t Anglo women do the same?
    That’s why I now only stick to buttfucking Anglo women – wearing a rubber and nose clip.

    1. Get lost homo, you’re probably still a virgin and obviously like the smell of butt better.

  47. Too bad there isn’t some miserable country we can send these entitled bishes.

    1. Send them to India, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.
      Indian men will rape them – so end of rape culture.
      Afghan men will dominate them – so end of feminism.
      Sierra Leone will assfuck them – so end of their genes.

        1. Nonsense. The Taliban are Alpha.
          These bitches will bend over and spread their ass cheeks to invite the Taliban to assfuck them.

  48. I’m trying to think of the last trip I took with the fellas where we ended up balled up on the floor, crying for no apparent reason.

  49. You Fucking little bitches.
    If you get played by a woman, that means you are a weak man. How the hell are you gonna let a weak creature like a woman play you? Because you’re not an Alpha, you aren’t even a beta. You’re an OMEGA FAGGOT.

    1. “If you get played by a woman, that means you are a weak man.”
      – Now I know why O.J. Simpson killed his wife.
      A feminist culture which promotes women playing and trolling men, and then shames men by calling them ‘weak’ for lying down to accept the trolls that women inflict upon them, leaves no option for men but to become inhuman and violent towards women. It’s such feminist male shaming attitudes – “”If you get played by a woman, that means you are a weak man.” – which promote misogyny.

      1. If you get played by anyone – male or female, take responsbility. It does mean that you made judgement errors and you are weak. It has nothing to do with violence, but recognizing your own shortcomings. Shame is a good and healthy thing. If you get played, you should be shamed!

  50. It was funny when Mike Epps was asked if he could, would he marry Kim kardashian and he said “Hell Nah! That lady done had Reggie Bush’s nuts in her mouth!” That lady is a gutterslut, even sluttier than a slut. Plus she’s in her 30’s. I really have no idea what the fuck Kanye was thinking in marrying and having kids with her. Oh well, better that nigga than me.

    1. She’s the best Kanye can do. At least she also comes from money so he won’t get the raping of a lifetime.
      Some of these celebrities don’t like marrying out of their elite circles, maintaining status quo.

      1. No I’m pretty sure Kanye can do better. Getting some washed up used celebrity slut is a poor decision. If that doesn’t scream ‘Captain Save a Ho’ I don’t know what does. He should’ve at least married Beyonce or someone like her. Oh well, better that nigga than me.

  51. The carousel. Is it life imitating art, Roosh? or art imitating life?
    You couldn’t write a better movie script for this theater. Regardless, truth is often stranger than fiction. Wo be onto the nerds, but weep not for the spinsters. Their lives have always been a matter of choice.

  52. What a pathetic bunch of human beings. This takes narcissism to a new level. Any beta silicon valley dude looking for a wife should just make his way to Bangkok. They’d have far more soul and be hundreds of times more interesting people then these washed up wrenches not even worthy of pissing on..

  53. These ex-carousel riders have little hope of ever being happy with a beta, even a greater one. Are there exceptions? Sure, but i certainly wouldn’t put my money on it.
    I always find it amusing that whenever men who are reasonably well off go overseas for wives they are always shamed for it and told that foreign women only want money and a green card. What do local women want? It’s funny how only the ‘foreign’ women are the gold diggers while the American/Australian/Canadian/British women are not and will love you for who you are. The caveat being of course that you have to be on their level, and this is ultimately where their argument begins to fall apart. I remember posting on an Australian dating website that it’s awfully convenient that people magically happen to ‘fall in love’ with people who are ‘at their level’. What does that tell you about love? That it is an egotistical expression of self. What does it tell you about relationships? That relationships are fundamentally about mutual exchange. When i pointed this out, in addition to the fact that the ONLY reason these bitches notice disparities in couples is because relationships are about mutual exchange, it was all denial/deflection etc, standard M.O tactics. Basically anything to avoid thinking a little more deeply about the implications of the statements they were making.
    So if that’s what relationships are about, why are men shunned for wanting the better deal? For example, if a short bald man that is worth 10 million at the age of 35 can’t get anything better than a 6-7 in the U.S who is 5 years younger at best, why wouldn’t he gun for an 8 that is 10 years younger from South America or S.East Asia or E.E etc?
    Of course i know the answer to this, but it’s pure hypocrisy. Nobody has the goddamn right to tell a man how or where to invest his resources.

    1. Co-sign this, Aus is a great country for living and working but a wasteland for dating though.

      1. Agree wholeheartedly. and why wouldn’t they shame men?? haha the obvious answer being if they actually admitted that their entire premise is a self-serving, self-loathing, swirling bitch-fest based on control and shit-testing then I imagine they would be cast out on a block of ice with apple-cores being thrown at them. again whatever it takes to preserve the Men = perpetrator/Women = victim mentality.
        Australia is probably worse for dating than America (thankfully family law isn’t AS bad as America) because for some reason the trends in the states take root here and then get blown out exponentially.

    2. The truth is painful and unforgiving but there is nothing more important to live your life in accordance with. If we are saying that relationships are about exchange of resources (which I agree with btw) then what’s the point of investing in a relationship at all if you can afford to get sex without it? There really is no reason to think of. No ROI for it anyway.
      Men used to invest in relationships to have sex but now you have a slut waiting to greet you after you accomplish all you can who will then age like milk and raise your children while on antidepressants and shoving ritalin down their throats.
      Never cooking or cleaning and still not grateful. Using sex as a weapon. If you can afford to not be in a relationship, you really should never be in one. The illusion of companionship is sadly just that, an illusion. Why see it for more than it is? I see it all the time. Ugly women in beautiful cars and houses. I think to myself (why?) for “love” something that women have proven is conditional? Seek love from a dog not a woman. You can have a child and raise it without a woman. Most are getting raised without women anyway. Au pairs are usually the ones raising the children or the tv ect. Women seem completely unnecessary as life companions as far as I see it. Which I am sad to admit but I really can’t see it any other way.

  54. if modern women werent such entitled bitches and stopped bullying less successful guys into submission by calling them losers, maybe there would be less lonely betas snapping and shooting them up.
    we live in an age where a female virgin is sacred but a male virgin is disgusting filth who should be bullied.
    thanks feminism!

    1. Being a woman in a feminist era means you can do no wrong. There are no standards to being a “woman”. Everything you do or don’t do is “empowering”. The same modern culture which brainwashes women into thinking they’re the sh*t, is the same culture that brainwashes legions of beta males into think women are the sh*t.

    1. You and InfoShinobi and 9 others got banned for replying to a woman. DO NOT REPLY TO WOMEN. Women attention whore and disrupt every male space, except this one.

  55. I work in the Software Industry. Its not just Silicon Valley although that location is Ground Zero. Its like that in most areas.
    And those women will be at the age of 50 wondering what they did with their life…..or have an orbiting set of betas…..blech!

  56. Here’s an easy solution to this problem – paternity tests be mandatory at birth.
    Why don’t this community do something useful and start campaigning for that apart from just bitching about bitches.
    I’ve done it and my wife knows that if she gets pregnant again I’ll do it again and so she will think twice about following her nature during the ovulation period.

    1. You think paternity tests will solve the problem?
      What about married women getting fucked in their asses by their lovers or blowing their lovers to drink their semen to avoid pregnancy? What about if she gives her lover a handjob on a daily basis? Are all these not cheating, in a time where unnatural, anal sex is considered to be a natural activity?
      You think a woman’s pussy is the only hole which determines whether she’s cheated or not? What the fuck, man?
      And why do you think it’s a man’s responsibility for what a woman does all the time? What if your wife was secretly getting fucked by your neighbor in her ass, and she didn’t tell you, even if you were the ‘dominating alpha’ in the home? In the end. every woman is responsible for her own actions. Today’s women have more freedom than women before when it comes to exercise personal judgment and discretion.
      You think we’re bitching about bitches. Just think about if your wife was getting her ass fucked by men without your knowledge, inspite of everything you did for her. If you’re happy with that, and still blame men, then you have a serious mental problem. It is such attitudes by men which has allowed feminists to exploit this situation, to make women irresponsible for their choices in life.

      1. Whoo hoo, hold your horses young man. Four out of ten men raise someone else’s child. So clearly women do a lot more than just getting ass fucked. What’s really important to a married man is to avoid being cuckolded. If the wife is such an extreme slut that she’d still cheat and avoid getting pregnant then the man should have never married her in the first place.
        Did you know that in France now it is illegal to have a paternity test. What message does that send to women – go and screw around.
        The mandatory paternity test would send the opposite message – if you’re such a slut, no one will marry you, have children and stay with you.
        It might not solve completely the problem with infidelity as women are programmed to do it but at least men won’t be enslaved to look after bastard kids.

      2. Paternity tests by themselves wont be the sole solution especially if the cuckold male will still have to pay child support. bringing in the mandatory paternity tests and then absolving those fathers that have been duped of responsibility, ordering the mother to repay the father any paid child support and funds given is a start. the whole point is that right now; women have very little consequences to their actions and due in part to this (also enabling betas) the weight of responsibility is not present in any of their decision-making processes.
        as for the cheating itself you are definitely right, cheating extends beyond just the vagina (surprisingly women are heaps clued into this in berating their paramours) and I don’t think that will change for a few generations to come simply because again there is no need for them to change (I mean they do NEED to change, but to them there is nothing powerful enough to motivate them to change).

    2. Now everyone read this story and tell me again I don’t have a point.
      I just found out yesterday that the man I thought was my father for 32 years is not my biological father.
      My daughter was born last weekend. Wife and I were having fun browsing a website on paternity and blood type. Just for kicks, we entered my blood type and my Dad’s . . . and found out it was categorically IMPOSSIBLE for him to be my father.

      Contacted my mother and confronted her–she finally admitted to having an affair around the time I was conceived. Her and Dad have been divorced for nearly 30 years, and she exhibited no guilt over bamboozling my Dad for love and child support whatsoever.
      I’ve completely cut off contact with my mother. I will never forgive her. I drove 130 miles to my Dad’s house at 3 a.m. and told him. I didn’t want to, but he had to know the truth.
      He says I’m still his son, but our relationship will never be the same.
      Bottom line: Even if you’re married, get your kids paternity tested, boys. YOu just never know.

      1. I don’t know what the legal position is in the USA, but here in the UK there have been a large number of cases where men have found themselves in similar situations to this and have sued for redress. In all the cases the women have been ordered to repay the maintenance that they have received.
        It’s fraud, and the British courts tend to come down hard on it.

  57. If men collectively raised their standards and weren’t desperate, this would be cleared up with a generation or two. its only because they are so desperate and pedestal women too much, that they get rewarded for such bad behaviour.

    1. True. And it goes beyond thirsty beta male desperation. These same men are giving women undue importance in all spheres of life. They neglect building friendships and mutual respect with other men; they unwittingly give women importance in all social settings – inflating women’s egos everywhere. By doing so, they push themselves and all other men further down in status. It’s a kind of horndoggery where beta men with no game will still try to undercut other men to get attention. It’s out of control.

        1. The very concept of a “dating site” is not alpha. Tender is the exception, but not the rule. Alphas do not mention to others, their “alphaness” and lastly, do not frequent dating sites for pussy. The very concept is repulsive to us. Other than that, you post some good stuff man.

        2. “The very concept of a “dating site” is not alpha” – no, but using a dating site as a “PPG” (Passive Pussy Generator) can be termed Alpha. if you were to put it into investment terms it would be like those crappy shares sitting in your portfolio that have mid/high fluctuations usually around the time the dividend is given out; you don’t base your whole strategy on them though.

        3. creating a dating site on here would bring women into this, and while there are some that may claim to be on the same wavelength as us, just no…..seriously just no. It’s bad enough that women are allowed to permeate almost EVERYTHING that there is in the western world please lets just keep this as it is .

        4. I was seeing it as a means of casting a net for women who really have gotten the red pill – make a red pill test as a criteria for joining that would quickly weed out the undesirables.

        5. they have them – the sugardaddy sites.
          But you can make a pof/match like Alpha site. You just have to have red pill forums and charge small fees for initial messages to cut down on attention whoring by the females.

        6. Go on POF at search the dudes in LA. Half the guys are 8+ (no homo) and have headshots in their profile pics.
          It’s alpha to the naturals

        7. I’d argue that the Sugar Daddy sites aren’t alpha as much as desperation.

  58. Perhaps I have low standards compared to the writers of ROK, but I would fuck at least 2 of the chicks in the pictures shown.
    Am I the only guy who thinks this? Especially second pic with the blonde in the white top. The females are worthy of my dick, but definitely not really worthy of a LTR

    1. Yes. Plenty of keyboard warriors and pointy elbow syndrome sufferers on this site.

  59. Wait, so these rich Silicon Valley guys paid for these girls’ excursion?
    Holy betafaggots, Batman! How CLUELESS can you be?!!!!

  60. 35+ year old single American women are often psychopaths. Those that are not are so thoroughly mixed up by a culture that has explained everything to them upside down that they are still nightmares if you let them get mixed up in your life.

    1. Guys, too true this. Have slipped a few times and slept with 30+ y.o.’s. Hamsters on turbo overdrive wearing rosey glasses. Have paid a psychic price even when maintaining frame. The sickness is deep. I’ve finally decided if she’s not in her prime it’s not worth my time.

    2. Cumulative psychological damage from 101 pump and dumps. Women cannot easily decouple love & sex, no matter what feminism tells them. The goose adopting what’s good for the gander has royally f*cked up the goose. Sometimes when I think what they could have had versus where they are, I can’t help but laugh. A life of a home, family, a husband and kids has been replaced by unwanted solitude, a shabby apartment, cats, a therapist, and lonely nights, empty wine glasses, and barren wombs. Nice job, women!

  61. Ok, hit me with a ban. But mark my words, the day is coming that you’ll wish you had more strong allies and less weak-minded followers. You’re on the edge of being labeled a terrorist organization and you’re cutting off your own nose just to spite your face–but don’t blame the nose because it smells bullshit. Or blood.
    Have fun in your echo chamber, for now. The tide of history has a strong undercurrent, and an organization that amputates itself will be pulled down into the Void. It is inevitable. I’ll withdraw my attention at this point, therefore all replies will be masturbatory in nature.

  62. Hilarious. So apparently now it’s gotten to the point that guys pulling in anything from $120,000 to millions upon millions a year can’t find a wife / woman to even consider to marry. Anyone think just how fucked up this is? You think how many Asian / Indian dudes are sitting around in Silicon Valley on tops of massive three story tall piles of cash, yet 95% of women of their ethnicity, and others, would rather spend their 20s-early 30s in shady nightclubs every weeknight and weekend and fuck some dirty dudes with tribal tattooes running up and down theirs leg who are GUARANTEED to throw them out onto the street, than even sit through a single weekend with a millionaire beta male? So pretty much women are saying this: WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT MONEY, STABILITY OR SECURITY: WE WANT THE MODERN WORLD! WE ARE MODERN WOMEN! We want to live in the chaotic multiracial cities filled with jacked alpha males who fuck us and lie to us and beat us, but DAMN THEY’RE HOT! We don’t care if the economy crashes and men just straight up drop out of society, we’re still going to fuck who we want!

    1. I rarely see Indian or Asian women date tatto-ridden drug dealers. South and East Asian women tend to be highly educated themselves and date those of similar background. Their families tend to place high emphasis on education and careers. Really, dating trailer park trash is a white girl’s game. The Asian girls are at home practicing the violin:)

      1. No way dude. In NYC I see Asian girls with 6’2″ jacked ball players, other playboys, BBCs, etc., and some of these girls pursue really hard. One of my friends is a very handsome dark haired white guy who has a reputation of being a total player, and there’s this pretty ugly Asian chick who is just about to get married to another white guy, and she is constantly hitting up my friend for sex on the side – not that he’s a drug dealer, but it just goes to show that Asian women can be scheming sluts with the best of them. I feel bad for their children – and yes it feels bad for me too but at the end of the day my mother paid the ultimate price for her choice, and died. Maybe not always drug dealers, but Asian girls love the bad boy stereotype with the best of them. Just anything but the prototypical studious Asian nerd – in a couple generations I think the Asian stereotype of being hard working and overachieving will go under as more and more Asian guys realize there’s no point. I certainly learned that early on.

        1. Doing well in life – having a purpose – is its own reward. If you were doing it all trying to impress Pussy, you were doing it wrong.

      2. Not to mention arranged marriages where they crank out a kid and go ‘BOOM!’ and instantly turn into middle aged whales before 30.

      3. I see them a lot with tall white guys. I see them months later on their own. There’ve been a couple of articles showing the “boomerang” effect of minority women coming back to Asian men in their 30s. For some reason, I’ve seen it a lot more recently. In particular, I’ve seen it with indian women. It used to be that indian women often got no play. Now I see them juggled by white guys in their 20s, and then they’re often single in their late 20s or 30s.

        1. Yeah, minority women play the “good virtuous minority woman” just to fuck tall white guys (or more often short white guys, since people over 6’0″ are 1/10), yet they’re still being ratchet because most women only want to fuck tall white guys. Then they realize said tall white guy isn’t gonna stick around so they go back to their own men. This is stupid. I’m a tall half asian guy and I simply refuse to have kids if my daughter will disrespect me like that. Sloots gonna sloot.
          On a side note in the immigrant communities or the tightly knit Asian communities the chicks are like unbelievably hot and stick to their own especially when they’re younger. At least in places like queens, ny, where I grew up.

        2. fuck off to Asia. No need be minority no more then.
          given that the white population is about 8% of the globe now anyway talk of minority status is a laugh.

    2. ok I think it has been said enough on here: women do not know what the hell they want, first its money, then its power, then its this and that and blah blah blah on and on it goes its like a maelstrom of wants. Chris Rock summed it up nicely; “Women don’t want the house, or the car THEY WANT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!”
      What we do know is down at their core they want the alpha, and no amount of Cosmo BS articles, female dating coaches or feminazis will change this. notice though how there is always a lot of “I WANT” with a lot less of actually doing anything other than trying to get others to do it for them (feminazis pushing legislation through political puppets, women using their beta freindzone asswipes to move their furniture)

  63. Women are so predictable, aren’t they? I went out to get some dinner with my FWB the other day (I’m 52, she’s 20, HB 8.5). We were seated near a table of cougars, who kept staring over at me with a mixture of hate and IOIs, the whole time we were there. LOL. I studiously ignored them, never making eye contact, but I did observe them with morbid interest with peripheral vision. If looks could kill, my girl would have been instantly incinerated. Textbook.

      1. Much depends of wealth, attractiveness, and power. If MCG has it rockin’ then we should be cheering him on!

    1. If a 20 year old is already putting out for money, what would she look like when she is 30?

      1. LOL she ain’t putting out for money. We ain’t getting married, I’m divorced, she’s still in University, and she will probably still look good at 30 (good genes), that’s 10 years from now, hardly a major concern, is that how you choose your girls? Jeebus.
        I have bought her meals, in the course of daily life (I like to eat every day, YMMV), that’s about it. That is not a “dinner date”, we’ve already been seeing each other for about a year. She’s a bartender, makes good money, mostly buys her own drinks when we are out, she even buys me drinks. We aren’t in a serious “relationship”, as I told her from Day 1, she has her own place, doesn’t even get over to my house much.
        As to the “age difference”, she likes older guys, pursued me (I thought I was too old for her, she didn’t). I look about 40, tall, semi-muscular (left arm/elbow is toast, can’t lift heavy weights anymore), which apparently is good enough for her.
        And a lot of other women, I get IOIs all the time, even more when I’m out with her, as she provides good social proof, I use her as a social prop, the conversation usually goes like “Is SHE your girlfriend?”… I reply with a dismmissive “Nah, we’re just friends.” Works like a charm.

    2. If a 20 year old is already putting out for money, what would she look like when she is 30?

  64. YT: 35 years old? Then why don´t you settle for a 55 or 65 years old guy? Or just a 45 years old guy that makes less money than you?
    Cougar: Ewwwwwh, that is disgusting! How can you even suggest that? A real man is a provider, I don´t want to feel like the man in a relationship, I want someone those sole purpose in life revolves around me…

    1. says the woman who proceeds to dictate her partners every move, all while possibly blowing the kabana boy and posting photos on FB with the phrase “what do you think? hot or not??”

    2. “A real man is a provider, I don´t want to feel like the man in a
      relationship, I want someone those sole purpose in life revolves around
      You do realize that’s a contrary position to take? A real man is in charge and will take care of you, will love you, and ensure your welfare. The trade off is your submission to his non-violent authority. You have to give to get here.

      1. Of course it is contradictory, it isn´t just politicians who have problems with consistency.

  65. “Spinster” brings to mind images of the Black Widow spider.
    “Cougar” is a cat-lady.
    Career women are unlikely to satisfy their hypergamy. Yet they can afford to make themselves attractive to men. Wiring their jaws shut seems synergistic (I think it is carbs not cals, but silence is golden and temperance even dearer). Not cutting their hair until they can play Rapunzel would help.
    There is an old song, “The old gray mare”…

  66. Its all relative.
    Personally, Id intesely smash all the blonde chicks in the pics above.
    Brunettes just bore me-i love reds and blondes with pale skin.
    PS-Wheres Roosh on his blog? Going by the site isnt fun w/o new content.

  67. “I prefer to use reality as my platform. There’s zero latency, no lag. Do you know what lag is? When you do something online, you don’t get a response right away. Meeting women in reality — boom! — fully responsive.”
    Jesus. I try to feel for you ROK/CH guys but you certainly don’t make it easy. This is just not how normal people talk, much less men who are successful with women. Now I’m wondering whether “alpha” around here really just refers to someone who has the ability to carry on a normal conversation.

    1. You do realize that the woman cherrypicked the most ridiculous thing the man said and relayed that in her article, right? It’s quite possible whatever he said that was ‘worthy of your approval’ and more ‘normal’ was somehow omitted, since she obviously didn’t land anyone. Must portray men therefore as un-dateable.

  68. To be honest, these women are the nicest looking set of bowling shoes that I’ve ever seen.

  69. Wow. It’s amazing how delusional American women are. Rejecting rich betas in her 30’s that she will be literally stalking in just 5 short years when she approaches 40 and the Alphas ignore her.
    Somebody please tell these rich betas to take a hint and travel to South America or Asia. This guy would have hot 18 year olds creaming their vaginas if he could buy a plane. Much hotter girls than these used up chicks.

  70. This is something utterly disgusting. It is like women develop faster than men in their teenage years, yet don’t grow up and evolve. A girl thinks that she is 16 until she is 45.

    1. The only time a woman thinks she is 45, is when she turns 70.
      That’s even more disgusting.

  71. I believe prostitution is the way to go.
    I’ve fucked more than 200 women (100+ of them from Russia/Ukraine/Poland/Belarus. Rest of them were from Germany/France/Greece/Serbia-Montenegro/Brazil/Peru/Chinese/Argentina/Japan/Lebanon/Egypt/Tunisia/Morocco. And a few of them were Canadian-French, Turkish, Thai and Scottish.), but only two of these women (one Irish,and the other American) as to my memory were gamed bangs. And I don’t feel apologetic about it.
    The best thing about prostitutes is that you can negotiate the price and the service before hand. Treat with her with respect, fuck her as you want,and don’t forget to say thanks to her, like a normal human being. Prostitutes are better human beings than sluts. Atleast they give you the real deal for the service that you’re paying for.
    When it comes to STDs, the prostitutes were always clean. The only time I got urethritis was through one of the two bangs I had.
    That’s when I realized, prostitution is over-sensationalized as a vector for STDs. You don’t realize that the cool chick you’re gonna game at the bar to fuck, is probably more risky than a prostitute. The only bummer why prostitution sucks is because of the money factor. To make your dick happy, you have to make your wallet sad.

    1. haha making your wallet sad???? sure some game requires no financial outlay but depending on how you game said woman it could cost you almost as much.
      and then there are the ones who get into a LTR/Marriage saying “Sex on Tap” – yea right until you have to buy gifts and spend time with her usually at your own detriment just to get laid, and even then it will slide evermore towards the vanilla scale.
      Prostitutes – cheaper long-term and you can trade it in.

    2. I belive in buying women.
      Get them as Virgins, pay whatever the price is, and keep them as wives/concubines in your own personal hareem for life.

  72. I’m so glad I found this website. I will be frequenting here a LOT – not to troll, but to educate those who are easily led by the arrogant, uncompassionate dawgs who seem to have control.
    BETA MALES are the too masculine, the muscle, the meathead, the BETA TESTER.
    Of a pack/group – the beta will approach any outsider coming into the vicinity of the pack, and ask him questions and maybe even give him a physical reaction test to see if they are trustworthy to be in the group.
    Programmers and geeks are most definitely NOT betas. They can never be beta they are not muscular as a rule(brain over brawn), and not intimidating or manipulatively calculating enough to be the tester.
    An alpha male is one who is capable of using brain AND brawn in equal measure, if not slightly more brain than brawn, but will actually use his brain more – his words are the words of an orator convincing and true. He is inspiring…
    …And he is in touch with his feminine side, which women find incredibly sexy. So much so that when you achieve this you will have at least 1 attractive woman giving you the eye once every 5 minutes on the average street, I shit you not.
    Guys “at the top” (there’s the top, then there is the top of the top – men who live righteously, and not like medieval egomaniacal royals, but true NOBLES)- you can condition unconfident goodhearted men to be assholes no more. I will not allow it.
    RETURN OF KINGS is what this website is about, I will help it live up to its name, my brothers in need of counsel.
    A king before feudal systems of corrupt kings was the shaman or medicine man, the WISE MAN of a pack. The nerd is the wise man, the nerd who tones his body to keep in shape, and uses his brain to manipulate the group in a loving caring way, is THE ALPHA.

  73. Aaaaaahhhh NYC! Gods gift to the straight men! For those who
    are not fortunate enough to be in or around NYC. Here are the basic facts.
    In NYC there are two single women for every single guy. And
    half the guys have very handsome boyfriends! So as my NYC friends say “We have
    a 6 26 rule!”
    Which means, “Woman are you older than 26? And are you over
    a size 6? If so get your old saggy ass out of this place and move to NJ! We don’t
    want you here!”
    So these hags are just desperate and think they are of any
    real value in the city and aren’t smart enough to leave and lower their standards
    when it comes to their partners income earning potential. They still have
    delusions of being kept women living in high rises in the upper west side when
    the best they can really do is maybe Hoboken or NJ city. Questions?

  74. New York City is a boom city for sluts, I mean there were places in the city where you can get cheap whores, and there still are. Take my advice, you’re better off paying $250 for a whore in her sexual prime, than spending $250,000 for a failed marriage with these post-wall sluts.

  75. I am literally shaking with ANGER these whores did not give these rich beta nerds the sex they were entitled to.

    1. You should rather be shaking with ANGER that these whores will, in five years, be screaming and bitching about the fact there are no “good men” around to wife them up.

  76. “In spite of being surrounded by both alpha and beta cock for days, the women are not happy and resort to crying for no stated reason.”
    They cried because of the pot brownie they ate. Do you even read the words you quote?

  77. If only these women knew what their competition REALLY was (i.e. the HB10 sex freak escorts these guys hire). You could almost feel sorry for these unattractive females (physically and personally), were it not for knowing that their true agenda is most likely quickie divorce fraud. Like the alcoholic gambler who thinks he’s going to walk into the Vegas casino and beat the house, the mismatched contest between the sexes here is truly comical and the level of female delusion involved doth recall the classic craigslist post:

  78. As much as we all hate feminists, you gotta admit – they sure have been successful in their ultimate goal of dragging other women down to their own gutter level of attractiveness

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