How To Get Connected In The Club Scene

I have met a lot of guys over the years that experience “club burnout”. They no longer have a desire to go to the high end dance clubs because they feel it is expensive, too loud, they don’t score the girls they would like to, and they don’t have very much fun. Add on top of that the anxiety of possibly not getting in at the door and you have a recipe for a lot of frustration. Even in the manosphere and self-development community you will find leaders coming up with elaborate excuses, one author in particular even concluded that “Clubs are the worst places to get laid”.


I believe these are the symptoms of a lack of proper club game and a lack of the structure and process that should guide you in any pursuit. With this article I will show you how to optimize your club experience and have more fun, meet promoters, expand your social circles, and pull more quality girls. But let me start with my red pill story…

My Story

When I was around 24 I had one event that put me on the path to learning game and swallowing the red pill. I was a single guy in Miami attacking the nightlife on weekends, making friends, and approaching women. I was excited by the atmosphere and short skirts. I had prepared myself by getting into sick shape and dressing well. One night I met two sisters from the Midwest vacationing for the week. One of them was a solid 9 with a tight one-piece and the trashy ankle tattoo to boot. I thought if I played my cards right, she would be on my dick just like she was on my cousin’s the night before. She was a slut and everyone knew it, but I had no game plan because all my programming up to that point was to put women on a pedestal.

I thought if I took her to and her sister to some great spots that I would win her approval. I already had it, but I was too hesitant to act. So I invited them and a few friends for a night on the town. I drove my group to the best clubs in Miami. At the Fontaine Blu bar I isolated her for a few minutes and she told me how good looking and in shape I was, even hinting that we should hangout by her hotel that night. I didn’t act. Instead I took everyone to the club.

It was a loud crowded place in South Beach called Mansion. We hung out, the girls loved it. “What do I do now?” I thought. I guess I’ll walk around with my buds. Minutes later a bald-shaven guy dressed in an opened collared-shirt with wing decals grabs her on the dance-floor. She is reluctant to dance but she submits. He is with his buddies at a table getting bottle service. They are friendly and motion our group over for a few drinks. Meanwhile, the bald guy is getting more aggressive, she pushes back with a smile, but he gets even more aggressive. Within a few minutes he is lifting her up and pinning her against the wall. She starts to love it. They are now in full embrace with her legs around him making out. He takes her over to the table and she straddles him and begins gyrating and unzipping his pants.

I was disgusted by the sight, I couldn’t believe a girl despite being an established slut would respond to this. Wasn’t I the taller, better-looking, and better-dressed guy that she had already built rapport with? Shouldn’t I get the girl? I drove home at the end of the night fighting back tears knowing that someone who I thought was lesser than me was banging my 9 and not me. I knew something had to change, that’s when I Googled “dating and women” and discovered Game with a capital “G”.

I am now 30

As I write this I am reminiscing on a Sunday afternoon about last night. I pulled up to my favorite club in the MPD (a trendy area of NYC) and met my promoter friend outside. I typically hit the same spot every weekend because I have scored 6 for 6 at this spot the past 6 weekends with minimal effort (but tight game). This is a huge change from years past when I would simply go to a new club every week on nothing more than a whim, and get blown out in numerous “sets”. Your friends will tell you “lets try X spot tonight” or “lets go somewhere new, explore”. To hell with that jazz. If you want consistent results you must be consistent in your venues, your social circles, and your game.

Wait… wtf is a “Promoter”?

If the word “promoter” draws a blank in your mind than you have much to learn about the club scene. You might think you are just supposed to get in line and if you are lucky enough to get into a quality club you just have to “be awesome” and “have fun” and “approach approach approach!”. If you are a PUA you probably think this is the testing ground for your canned material and hoop-jumping to try and hook up with semi-attractive women. This is all well and good if you have low expectations, but like anything, approaching the nightclub with a process in mind will have a gradual and cumulative effect as it scores you more benefits and more lays with higher quality. Lets lay some foundational material…


Promoters are your social hubs. It is their full time job to seek out cool/attractive/wealthy people and bring them in groups to clubs that do business with their organization. They get paid for it. In NYC full-time promoters typically have up to 7 events a week 5 days a week at different venues. In this article I will show you how to meet these people.

First of all, get it out of your head that the highest value persons in a nightclub are hot women. Wrong…

Men are of the highest value in a club. Men have all the power. They own the house. They are the managers, the bouncers, the owners, and the promoters.

Women are the currency. And clubs are a currency exchange. “You bring your girls, I will bring mine, and we can trade” is your modus operandi when you go to the clubs. If you come to the club broke, you need to put your game skills to work at the venue and bring girls to your circle, introduce them to your promoter, make him feel like a king. In other words you are not “pushing for the close” on every approach, you merely want to introduce them to your social circle.

If your circle is appealing enough, they will stay. If you are appealing enough, they will hook up with you. If you find yourself fighting to keep the girls attention, your circle’s center of gravity isn’t strong enough. It should be dense, with your promoter friend in the middle. You should push your way through people to make the introduction. Create a scene where people are meeting people because of you. Why?

The introduction

The power of the introduction is immense. Most pickup material is about cold-approach pickup. Even though there is a beauty and art to the cold-approach pickup, it is still the minor league of the dating scene. The introduction is cold-approach’s wiser older brother. Being introduced is much more attractive to a woman than someone introducing himself because it creates instant social proof.

Women are social creatures and prefer pre-approved suitors over complete strangers. If you imagine the dating scene as a 10 point system, the introduction will place you 2 points higher in value than a cold-approacher due to familiarity and social proof. In a woman’s mind, a man who cold approaches must be out of options. Be the man with options. This is the reason you see scrawny guys with no game score with 9-10s. Its because they don’t have to “game”.

The reason I scored so easily with my promoter friend is because when you have game in a situation where you need none, you will hookup hand over fist. It isn’t even fair. I receive the introduction, 2-5 minutes of friendly banter, hold hands, dance, kiss, push/pull, pull to apartment. And the beauty of the social circle hookup is that I don’t have to “isolate” like in the cold-approach. I have pre-approval from the group so I can game, grind, make out with my girl in front of all her friends. I can sit down and put her on top of me so she can give me a lap-dance and dry hump me in front of all her friends because we are in a space of maximum comfort. Her friends are not trying to cock-block because social circles love to see people hook up with familiar people, they hate to see their friends hookup with “randos”.

Yeah they are the staff girls but you get the picture. Quiz: Who do you approach?

Yeah they are the staff girls but you get the picture. Quiz: Who do you approach?

Imagine you are locked in with a girl and her friends see you and ask themselves who you are. There can only be two answers: (1) “I don’t know, some rando” or (2) “oh he’s a friend of so and so.” Now you can imagine why its better to have pre-selection working for you rather than against you. Answer 1 will likely get you cock-blocked. Answer 2 will get the hamster wheels spinning, “Who is this person? Should I know him? He’s obviously part of the group so I should know him!” Even if you know no one, act like you do, introduce your promoter  like he’s someone important. My promoter in NYC would introduce me to girls he met only once on a pass-by 15 minutes earlier and I would still pull. You and your promoter are the seeds of a social circle, you just don’t know it yet.

Finding the promoter

By now you are probably sold but have no idea how to find the promoter.  There are ways to get on list’s using websites and social media, searching facebook events,, etc. Many promoters target tourists by using facebook/meetup or various tourism websites. But I have no experience with this, maybe you can do some research and report back to me.

I have met promoters organically, from the approach. For example, one night I saw an athletic black guy standing at the bar with a Russian 9 puffing on hookah. I knew he was high status from a mile away. Most “PUAs” would not bother to talk to this man because “I’m not gay I only talk to chicks! I like poosy! He is the competition! I will AMOG and take his gurl! becaus I am teh pickup mAster!!!” This is foolish and not socially calibrated.

I pull up next to the bar to order a drink and make an offhand comment like an indirect pickup: “That smells great what is that mango?” He responds that it is pineapple and that I should try it, so he hands me a plastic hookah thingie and I take a hit. I cough and joke at how inexperienced I am. I make friendly conversation with him and his girl. He is from the midwest like me so we talk about making it in NYC as I joke and do “guy kino” (i.e grab his tricep as you make a point). Within a few minutes he thinks I am cool so we exchange contacts. He said, “I am a promoter you should come out and party with me, I promote at the spots with the hottest girls.” Shit, you don’t have to tell me twice.

My first night out with him we came in with a group of around 16 at a club in the Meat Packing District. I believe I was one of 4 other guys. The girls complained that there were too many girls. Yes you heard correctly, women believe it is a problem when there are too many girls. Believe it or not merely having a penis means you are of value to attractive young girls hanging out in a club all by their lonesome. Demographics is the key word. You must seek clubs and social circles with an excess of women. He introduced me to a tall blonde FOB Russian that night. I pulled.

Target clubs with an excess of women.

So the moral of the story is that you need to stop being so queer and afraid of approaching/talking to high value men, for they are more valuable than a singular hot girl. Look, we all want pussy and we are all out to get it, but building strong alliances is more conducive to that goal than the cold approach. There are already enough game aware-guys running their routines at the bars and clubs in big cities like NYC. Now get your team together and compete at a higher level.

During my game development I tried to figure out which were the optimal “sets” to open. I arrived at the conclusion that “2 sets” and “3 sets (one couple/one single girl)” were the best opportunities to exploit on a night out. I hope after reading this you realize that the best “set” is the “Alpha Male Set”: The stylish great-looking guy with an athletic build who is surrounded by women and seems to know everyone at the club. He is the one you should approach and be friends with. He will introduce you to the girls and give you the social proof you need. But you must offer value as well.

Challenge #1: Find a Promoter. Party with said promoter.

Challenge #2: Introduce 10 girls to your promoter friend in one night.

Challenge #3: Get laid with one of the promoter’s girls.

Challenge #4: Promoter gets laid with one of your girls.

Side Challenges: Pull girls from other tables to yours. The line I settled on for the most success is “I need you guys to make the crossover” after a tap on the shoulder and pointing at your table. Bonus points for carrying the girl to your table.

Additional notes to understand:

1. Not every promoter is socially savvy.

Some are only in it for the girls and will not be down with bringing guys along. You see these promoters often by themselves or with a handful of girls that are bored and looking around the room because there are no guys to talk to. My promoter is cool with me coming solo or bringing a friend because he knows I have game. But if you are contacting a promoter through the internet and haven’t demonstrated value yet, you should be bringing at least a girl the first time. Bring a date to demonstrate you are a guy that actually gets girls. Your opening line when contacting a new promoter should be, “Hey man, going to be out this Saturday with my girl and some of her friends,” regardless of if she is bringing friends or not. Remember that promoters gets paid based on how many girls they bring so this line will flash a few dollar signs in his eyes.

2. Respect the promoter’s business

And understand how he gets paid. Don’t scare away girls with overly aggressive and assholish behavior.

3. Bring girls to the venue, don’t be stingy with girls.

Especially bring your slutty F-buddies. They are usually more fun. From here you can get a reputation for bringing hot/fun girls and get VIP treatment. A relative of mine mastered this to the point where he could get any guy tossed. He went to this spot twice a week for an entire summer and got the place completely “on-lock”, as Christian McQueen would say.

4. Don’t be cheap.

People often get turned on by the idea of getting free drinks and get stingy as a result. You should use that unspent cash to tip generously and pitch in for extra bottles (promoters can get extra bottles at cost, pitching in a 20$ or two will keep the party going).

5. Keep trucking in pursuit of your goals.

I first started going to clubs after college and didn’t have much success for years despite being tall, dark, and handsome. I was frustrated for years because I didn’t have proper structure guiding me. I spent a whole year sexless in Miami in my early twenties. By 27 I was coaching guys in my local PUA lair in NYC about proper club game. Now at 30, I am completely at ease in any club and I just want to learn new languages and travel.

6. Do maximize your fun.

If you don’t have a 9-5 job, meaning, your career doesn’t require you to be up early in the morning and show up wide-eyed, you MUST make connections in the club scene to maximize your pleasure. In NYC I have been to some very exclusive parties (where you absolutely MUST know someone to get in) with ridiculous F-M ratios (70%) that were hosted on weeknights. Unfortunately, I did have a 9-5 so I could only go to a few of them.

7. Dress well.

8. Read all of McQueen’s material.


I was putting the finishing touches on this article very recently after having moved to Chicago, a city with a dating market terribly skewed in favor of women. One night I sent my Russian ex packing from the hotel we were staying at in downtown Chicago. I decided to suit up and go out on the town by myself on Hubbard St, a trendy downtown hangout. I focused on this aspect of my game. After an hour hanging out at a popular club I spot a 6′ 4″ very muscular guy with a tan and 4+ girls with him (noticing a trend yet?). He has a huge grin on his face as he jokes with the bartender and seems well established. So I tap him on the shoulder and say:

“Dude, I thought you were this player on the Blackhawks for a second then I realized they are playing tonight! You an athlete?”

He laughs and goes, “Actually I’m a personal trainer, but I did play some hockey.”

“Yeah that makes sense, what are you celebrating tonight?”

“Life! I’m a promoter here.”

“Thats sick. I knew a promoter in NYC and got into some awesome parties because of him.”

“Well, I’m your guy here in Chicago, here is my card! Those are my girls over there. Come over, I’ll introduce you.”

Shit, you don’t have to tell me twice.

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85 thoughts on “How To Get Connected In The Club Scene”

  1. I pulled an attractive Brazilian girl from a club a couple weeks ago. That doesn’t change the fact that I simply don’t like the club scene. Everyone has their preferential environment to game in.

  2. This is essentially ‘pimp’ game.
    I pimp my girls to the promoter, and he pimps his girls to me.
    The problem is; where do I get the girls to give it back to him? So I must game the promoter, to then game his girls.
    Easiest way: Save cash, and start your own promoter company. You’ll get all the poon you want.

    1. This article is just sh*t, if i got girls i would keep the bitches for myself without needing any promoter at all.

  3. The club scene? ROK is turning into Details magazine…
    If you want to pick up a tranny or coked-up whores, nightclubs are the place to do it. Be careful of the bouncers. They like to start fights over nothing and steal clubgoers’ belongings.

    1. I think you’re missing the underlying themes here:

      First of all, get it out of your head that the highest value persons in a nightclub are hot women. Wrong…Men are of the highest value in a club.

      Stop chasing pussy. Fellowship with men.

      Men have all the power. They own the house. They are the managers, the bouncers, the owners, and the promoters. Women are the currency. And clubs are a currency exchange.

      Men are and always will be more valuable than women. Use their wisdom, knowledge and legwork of other people to further your own cause. Never do yourself what others can do for you.

      So the moral of the story is that you need to stop being so queer and afraid of approaching/talking to high value men, for they are more valuable than a singular hot girl.

      Maximize productivity. Minimize redundant effort and expenses. Become more efficient.
      These are concepts that can be applied, with success, to literally any life situation.
      Conversely, here is your advice:

      If you want to pick up a tranny or coked-up whores, nightclubs are the place to do it. Be careful of the bouncers. They like to start fights over nothing and steal clubgoers’ belongings.

      First and foremost, where are you hanging out that you have to worry about taking home lady-boys by accident? Further, I know countless bouncers and get love and respect from each. If you aren’t receiving the respect of your male peers, that’s a problem unique to you.
      Clearly you have no frame of reference and in all due respect, you should keep any uninformed opinions you may have to yourself.

      1. Sorry OG, I agree with everything Scott said. You are just laying down some pie-in-the-sky shit that sounds good on paper but in a real life big city that shit aint gonna fly.
        Get real.

        1. Sorry ‘guest’ but I don’t see how networking is “some pie-in-the-sky shit that sounds good on paper” In fact, what @NeoBushi talks about is pretty basic shit.
          You know: Being affable? Meeting new people? Cultivating relationships? Expanding your network? Does any of this sound familiar? You should be doing all of this everyday anyways, why not do it when you go out?
          I’m not even crazy about clubs but it kills me how jaded basement dwellers attempt to discredit the the club scene because they preform poorly in social situations.
          News Flash dork:
          The club scene isn’t El Dorado.
          Guys get it in clubs across America, damn near on a nightly basis. @NeoBushi is simply breaking down the basics of how to do so more efficiently. If you weren’t timid with a loser’s mentality you could get it in too.
          I live in the largest city in America and for the most part, move unobstructed in places most people have have to pay/wait a ridiculous amount of money/time to get into, if they know about the party at all because I’m connected with the right people within the industry (bartenders, bouncers, promoters, etc)
          It’s not magic. Just talk to people (without doing whatever weird shit you do to freak them out).

        2. Lol don’t rattle the Pimp C’s hamster cage now.
          Denigrating hip hop culture in any way is a serious offense, lolz

        3. Possibly he’d say that JFK is still alive, and even that shooting was a hoax.

        4. I appreciate these comments. I don’t have much time to respond. Currently typing this at a restaurant in vegas after a bachelor party. Connections are key. I was able to get my group into the best clubs here for free thanks to connections. And I pulled a solid 10 back to the hotel so I’m literally laughing at these comments. “Basement dwellers” hah. I’m using that one.

        5. I don’t think anyone who has a clue and is being honest would claim clubs are anything but a great environment for a certain type. But you have to be realistic in evaluating your own situation and for a lot of people, they are a low payoff affair. I used to jokingly tell some of the dorkier regulars to go home because they were never going to get anything worth banging here.

      2. Bouncers are there to provide a service to club patrons. As soon as club patrons pay the entrance fee, they are entitled to that service. Bouncers are not there to relate to patrons as their “peers.” It’s not a high school. It’s a business. As long as a patron has paid an entrance fee and isn’t causing trouble, they’ve earned their respect.
        I’ve worked in two nightclubs as a bartender and I’ve seen bouncers punch out guys who did nothing more than bump into people accidentally because they were drunk. I’ve seen bouncers go completely overboard when a minor scuffle broke out (these were usually drunken shoving and shouting matches). I’ve seen them steal from patrons who were passed out drunk. (Black bouncers are the worst, in my experience. They have zero scruples.) This was at two nightclubs in two major cities, mind you, and I’ve had people report similar experiences with bouncers they’ve had so this is not unique to me.
        Transsexuals hang out at clubs because they’ve deluded themselves into thinking they’re women from taking hormone. I’ve seen drunk guys take them home. Clubs are a nest of STDs, drugs, fights and robbery. If you want to hang out at a club to stroke some douchebag’s inflated ego in the hopes that he’ll hand off one of his gonorrhea-infested coke whores to you, knock yourself out. I’m not going to waste my money.

      3. Lesson: You can lead a fucking loser to the bar, but you can’t make him drink.
        If your goal is to get laid with a good looker, clubs are one place to do it. Who cares if she is “slutty”, if she is hot enough. Wear a condom.
        A lot of guys just like to whine about what they can’t do, rather than try to go do it, it’s just easier. Like the replies to your comment.

        1. A lot of guys just like to whine about what they can’t do, rather than try to go do it, it’s just easier. Like the replies to your comment.

          Well said brother. I’m not even surprised. As much as I enjoy RoK, it’s core audience are these losers. Inadequate, middle-aged white men, lacking any distinctive characteristics or discernible achievements, usually with some type of prejudice towards some minority group.
          These extraordinarily average men lead relatively sedentary lifestyles, only pursue opportunities with low risk and have a high proclivity for anti-social behavior.
          No group of men are in more need of ‘Red Pill’ guidance, regarding women and masculinity, than this specific subset of Anglo-men; Majority of whom have deluded themselves into believing they already possess it. What’s more amusing is how these habitual losers honestly believe, anger, bitterness and resentment are synonymous with ‘Red Pill’
          Most of them couldn’t get laid in a brothel so they sit around, drinking shitty booze, growing tits and complaining on the internet about women, clubs, women in clubs, immigrants, the jews, their government and whatever else they believe prevents them being men and grabbing life by the fucking balls.
          These men are a lost cause.

  4. Finally a man who gets it. Constantly having to explain simple concepts to my less savvy comrades, who don’t understand how or why they’re able to jump the line of every club I bring them to, annoys me to no end. You’ve helped me explain what I do and why I do it to these assholes.
    RoK needs more a posts on this particular topic.
    Great work @NeoBushi

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. I wrote this article for guys who want to maximize their club experience. I’m just going to ignore the guys that don’t get it and won’t listen.

      1. Hey Ivan, this was a great post. Thanks so much for the value. I live in Chicago. Been out everywhere with a fake last year. Been trying to look for better places. Got any favorites?

        1. I go to clubs to have fun and get laid. So I don’t really enjoy going out to Chicago clubs anymore. I still love going in other cities. Just not Chicago. I recommend you find your own scene you are comfortable in. At your age I recommend going to smaller EDM shows.

  5. Clubs are worth it (literally by affordable pricing and decent talent) in places like Argentina, Colombia, or Poland etc.
    Not worth the money or the “whale factor” in USA.

    1. Exactly, I don’t go clubbing in the US anymore but do very well in places like Indonesia and Thailand. Colombia is also pretty good, though not as easy as South East Asia.

  6. You should have just left it at the first paragraph.
    “have met a lot of guys over the years
    that experience “club burnout”. They no longer have a desire to go to
    the high end dance clubs because they feel it is expensive, too loud,
    they don’t score the girls they would like to, and they don’t have very
    much fun. Add on top of that the anxiety of possibly not getting in at
    the door and you have a recipe for a lot of frustration. Even in the
    manosphere and self-development community you will find leaders coming
    up with elaborate excuses, one author in particular even concluded that
    “Clubs are the worst places to get laid”.
    That pretty much says it all about clubs.
    Low-value attention whores seeking validation, peacocking douchebag niggys and bouncers, weak overpriced drinks and a nice 25 thousand DUI expense waiting to happen on your way home with no pussy.
    Thanks, you can keep your “club scene” bro.

    1. Clubs are only for chicks, homosexuals, Saudi Princes, and guys who pay late fees on their credit cards. You are almost certain to be as broke as Allen Iverson if you believe it is wise to go clubbing often. The DUI point you make, is spot on.

      1. And jacked guys, bouncers, investors, and multimillionaires. And promoters, who basically make a living partying. I’m sorry, this post pretty much sums up why rando chicks try to call us pyjama boys. You’re so weak!

        1. sums up why rando chicks try to call us pyjama boys

          Yeah…because hooking up with better-looking, better-behaved chicks you meet at cafes, malls, friends’ birthday parties, and at holiday bashes — instead of at over-priced, over-loud nightclubs — makes him a “pyjama boy”
          That makes total sense….

    2. waiting to happen on your way home with no pussy.

      The entire article was about explaining how to leave the club with pussy.
      Why is this the top-voted comment?
      This site has been overrun by MGTOW.

      1. This is the top voted comment because it is true. Clubs are the worst place to meet women and the place to meet the worst women at their worst behavior.

        1. If you’re looking for a life partner, sure.
          If you’re looking to get your dick wet… I can think of plenty of places you can do much worse at if you’re following the author’s suggestions or have a similar game on lock.
          There are SOME men getting laid in clubs – quite a few of them. You’re either learning to be like them, begging off good naturedly and saying “not my scene”, or you’re railing on in impotent fury about how unfair the club scene is. 1 and 2 are fine; 3 is just weak and annoying.

        2. If you have half a brain, you can get your dick wet without wasting time and money and you can easily find a lot more attractive women than the club sluts, and also club-goers are not the only ones who have recreational sex. As a matter of fact they seem to be the ones who get the least amount of action but are so socially inept that they cannot even pick up on who is doing what around them so they think they are some sort of sex gods of the universe.

        3. I wouldn’t even bother Xaiver. One of my favorite authors once said “Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.” Which applies here.

    3. This author took time to write an article with practical game advice. All you did was whine.

  7. So you got some payback from your “solid 9” for ignoring her request to go with her alone to her apartment (you WHAT???) “Shouldn’t I get the girl?” Nope. You blew it by taking her to a club of thirsty men and she wanted to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget! How did she do? Har! Har! But you have learned your lesson, you gotta strike while the iron is hot!

  8. This is solid material and very true. The negivtive commenters must of went home with their tail between their legs and gave up. Now rationalize all you want about the scene if it truley is a morals thing its not even worth commenting.

  9. Men are of the highest value in a club. Men have all the power
    If you remember this in all situations, you’ll do well not only in the clubs, but in your career, and every other social, professional and political endeavor.
    Beta’s fight over table scraps in the club, and even guys with some game are the ones who get burned out and turn off to pursing pussy there. I know. I’ve been there, done that.
    I started making excuses an assigning blame to the the biatches that were not worth pursuing. Boy, did I lose sight of what was a blast in the beginning — slaying pussy — because I got complacent and lazy. Rather than take my club/lounge game to the next level, I just started finding reasons (really excuses) not to go out and score. Granted, I was in a rut in some poor venues, but I wasn’t doing my work to build the connections and get venues on lock-down.
    But hey, it’s cool if guys are not anit-club and all. It just means the ratios will get better for those who aren’t dissuaded by the dark side of red-pill knowledge and thinking.
    Thanks for a solid article.

    1. it’s a good article and there was a day when going out and meeting other men and building networks and friendships was what i used to do by default, without thinking about it…. the fluff just showed up along the way….
      thanks for the reminder…. men are so much more useful than women, and they are so much easier to approach, establish rapport with, network, build potential business projects etc. etc.
      i’d say my biggest failing has not been networking with more men…. most men have a girlfriend around and every girlfriend is jumping to line up her single BFF with some new guy…. it is as easy as that…. plus you actually build a real social circle of men you resonate with who might be useful to you in all kinds of personal and professional ways…. instead of some unmanageable soft harem of vapid sluts…. that shit is like herding cats….

      1. “Promoters” are only interested in their fellow high status colleagues. The majority here do not even reach their ankles socially.

  10. Look at those in society ends up in the trade of bartender, bouncer, or promoter – usually straight dirtbags. Only idiots who fall for this type of sleazy environment enable them to make a living. Acting like a big shot in a club is laughable, it’s where the 30k millionaires run rampant. If you got real money there is no need to flaunt it to fetch poosay.

    1. You’re probably less of a man than those ‘dirtbags’. The bartender has way more friends than you, the bouncer can beat your ass and your friends’ asses, and the promoter gets more pussy weekly than you have in your life. The scene only works if you’re in, and this article shows how to get in.

      1. LOL, yeah bar regs make the best friends and I’d love to see that bouncer trounce my .44 revolver. I’ve got a quality wife sourced from outside the USA, the club scene is for jerk offs. Someone just turn 21?

  11. I see where you’re coming from man, clubs are in a universe of their own, different rules apply.
    Still….I’m 24 and club-burned-the-fuck-out. Too much shadyness. It’s a pretty easy environment to get laid in, if you’re into plowing sluts (blow off some steam!), but you could have more fun at raves… Which can also be pretty shady….
    Solid information provided.

    1. Give this young man a gold star for sharing his opinion.
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I must head over to an NRA article and leave a comment on how guns don’t interest me and I have no interest in ever firing them.

    2. Clubs smell like piss and ruin your entire rhythm of life. If you have anything meaningful to occupy your time, clubs are one of the worst time wasters because not only do you get a bad deal in time/sex/money exchange but also don’t have the opportunity to develop qualities to attract desirable women.

  12. Lol. This reminds me of a promoter I know. Total beta dude. Controlled by his girlfriend who’s also a promoter. Most male promoters get laid a lot but not this one cause his girlfriend controls him like a dog on a short leash. If she could, I think she would wear a strap on and fuck him up the ass as well.
    Having said that, yeah, it’s good to know him cause he gets me straight into the club for free and without having to queue. Just kinda of amusing to see him wallow miserably behind his girlfriend who I don’t doubt is sucking the club manager’s dick.

      1. Tongue in cheek.
        The mystery meat wars of America gather pace. Meis is the heroic inverted version of Rodger.

  13. 4 points of agreement:
    1) social proof/preselection is invaluable, even if just acquaintances
    2) don’t see other man as ‘AMOGs’, befriend them
    3) seek to add value, at all times, to everyone. if rebuffed, self-dismiss with kindness.
    4) yes, men who do repeated cold approaches are seen as creepy. choose wisely.
    A couple other points: remember that what draws a lot of these chicks to these clubs is the thrill of cutthroat competition with other women. That is not a particularly advantageous dynamic for actually fucking these women, *even if* you leave with them. Those inherent club dynamics can mean excessive drunkenness (read: she ralphs in the cab or worse, your bedroom, and can’t fuck you) or her feeling like ‘she won at clubbing tonight’ and doesn’t necessarily consent to the bang after extraction.
    …And don’t confuse ‘assuming the sale’ with ‘assuming she’s gonna fuck you’ too early in the night. Never back down completely from teasing her, building attraction, ramping up tension until after you’ve actually fucked her. Seriously, save it for pillow talk. I see so many guys get a chick to make out with them or just flirt with them and they assume she’s DTF and they glom onto her like obsequious lapdogs because they’ve prematurely assumed the fuck. Don’t do that.
    All that said, I still prefer bars and lounges to the ‘hottest (top 40 or hip-hop) clubs’ in major american cities. There’s a whole lot of vapid, both in women and men (especially male patrons), in these clubs. Also – take a good analytical look at many of these high-maintenance club whores. How much of that ‘beauty’ is the result of hours of caking on makeup? A valid question.

    1. My favorite clubs have lounge areas to talk and mingle and dance floors that’s aren’t too open. Lots of booths are great because there are many ways to pin a girl against something. They absolutely love to get pinned
      Your comment about maintaining the cocky frame is very important and took me years to learn because it is “end game” and is easy to fuck up by opening up too much about yourself.

  14. Make sure you have money for taxi.
    Make sure that you approach girls having a birthday group.
    If alone make sure you point out that your friends ducks out early.
    Buy a bottle of champagne.
    I tend to pick up a girl every single time I go out to a club. Even if I walk in with a current girl I walk out with a snog and a number or I’m off to a pad to fuck.

  15. “Challenge #1: Find a Promoter. Party with said promoter.
    Challenge #2: Introduce 10 girls to your promoter friend in one night.
    Challenge #3: Get laid with one of the promoter’s girls.
    Challenge #4: Promoter gets laid with one of your girls.”
    Challenge #5: Ignore 1-4.
    Another bullshit article by a completely beta author. And, of course, he has to lay down the card “Buy Christian McQueen’s books”. Clubs are one of many venues for alpha males. Spending the majority of time there equates to chump status.

    1. dude, if everything on this site pisses you off (seemingly, since you are in almost every thread dismissing everything), why the fuck are you here?
      Fucking whiners just gotta whine.
      The author gives you a roadmap on how to improve your social life in the club scene, if you want to. If you don’t, then just don’t go to clubs. Don’t get in the comments and moan about it like a mangina.

  16. Well written article and nicely tied together with lots of practical tips. Strikes a better tone than McQueen. I no longer go to regular clubs (that are not brothels, I mean), so I could give a shit about promoters, but many guys who still shun P4P could benefit from this article, especially if they live and party in big cities.

  17. This article is top-notch for people who go to clubs because most of them have little idea of how the scene really works. Personally, I am old so I checked out of the scene years ago but if you go read this article until you know it. The animal must understand his environment before he can survive and prosper.

  18. What’s with all the negativity? I thought the article was informative. I am no stranger to fucking random pussy, and I thought the article was very illustrative in regards to the inns and outs of the club scene. Alot of these dudes on here seem bitter, angry, and pissed off. Being attractive to the opposite sex is a big deal. For both men and women alike. To deny that is to deny reality.
    I understand that clubs are not the end all for picking up females. I myself use to do much better at the beach then at the club. In fact for a while it seemed like every Saturday I would meet a fresh piece at the beach. The truth is, there are many good scenes to meet females. The club is just one possible place. As a man, you have to find your niche. You have to find out where it is that YOU can pull ass the most effectively.

  19. I was a resident DJ at two clubs in Chicago back in the early 2000’s when trance got big. It’s by far the shadiest industry I’ve ever worked in. I never felt like a promoter was my friend or even a cool acquaintance. They just want to fuck your girls, and they offer nothing in return besides easy entry for your friends. Big deal. I still hit up a couple clubs a year just to see my favorite DJ’s, but other than that I stay far away. If you like being around snake oil salesmen, and the most parasitic women in the city then I wholeheartedly recommend the club scene, but with so many cool lounges and bars in Chicago these days you can do far better.

    1. I hear you, I’m not saying that its all rosy. But you shouldn’t be quick to trust or distrust anyone. You must always do your due diligence and understand the value exchange. Yes some guys are after your money and your girls but if you feel the price you pay is worth it for what you are getting in return, that’s a decision you need to make. I know the value I’m getting when I pull a 9 that I otherwise wouldn’t meet from a club I otherwise wouldn’t get into. I know what price I’m willing to pay for that. In regards to the parasitic women, this is why we learn game, you get the most out of them by giving less in return.

  20. This was a good article – but I’d avoid terms like “guy-kino” and talking to “high value guys”.
    Perhaps you could word those another way?
    Might turn some guys off!

      1. Well – I don’t what else do call “high-value” guys, but I’d say – “touch his triceps/fore-arm” lightly to build rapport as opposed to “guy-kino”.

  21. Hey NeoBushi,
    Just read your article and even though i’ve been reading ‘manosphere” blogs for over 3 years now, this is the first time i’ve felt compelled to comment. Great f*ckin article man, love the information provided and i can see how effective this can be. I’m a student but i live in NY and last summer i stumbled on MPD with my boy and somehow got confused for people much more important than we were. Went to the top floor of the Gansevoort and had the greatest night ever.
    I would love to relive the experience but i hear MPD is better left off to when your older/ more established, u agree?

    1. I don’t see age as a number, it should be your collected experiences that speak to your maturity. If you want to get connected in the club scene there is no reason not to try now. Keep it affordable, focus on having fun and learning new things. The key is to build on a foundation by focusing on the processes. Don’t just go out randomly with no plan of action. You won’t learn anything, and you will get “burned out”. Learning this stuff will put you at ease at a club, because most anxiety is a result of not-knowing what to do next.

  22. its easy to see the basement dwellers on this post oppossed to many of the other articles on rok. in categories such as wisdom or culture you basement dwellers are able to digest and reconstitute the information given with a little bit of fedora infused nihlism and stay undetected because of the contribution you give, but on a article which proclaims the benefits of “club game” you cannot help but whine on about its pitfalls with endless regurgitated rationalisation about how it doesnt work. in these articles YOU STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB. you do not contribute to these articles not because they dont hold merit but because they highligh your fears and insecurities then ask you to face them. roosh has already banned females from this place and rightly so, i think its time to ban regular negative commenters if they cannot prove that their opinion is of any worth, for they poison the minds of the budding redpillers with thier blue pill, broney esque , rainbow coloured venom

    1. no kidding, fucking losers just got to bitch about everything.
      If they could only put down the video controller and get up off of the couch, they might meet some women.

  23. thats just so much effort for what kind of results: laying club skanks.
    the high end club as an environment for meeting and hooking up with girls is overrated, unless you are an exeptional dancer.
    its too loud for conversation, so the only option left when you are to “manly” to dance is showing off your status, read: sitting around in a VIP lounge, buying oversized and overpriced bottles of liquor, pretending you are enjoying yourself.
    and the music in these places is the worst. not saying club hos cant be hot, but doesnt it get old? isnt variety the spice of life?
    How about a handy: how to meet and hook up with a girl at a venue with music you actually enjoy- guide?
    step1: approaching: supereasy, she is most likely here because she likes the band that plays, awesome ice-breaker!
    and when you get rejected you can still enjoy the music, a win-win situation! 🙂

  24. I like to keep friendly with the staff of 2 or 3 clubs in my city purely to keep an easy supply of girls coming in. I will agree that these girls are rarely of the highest quality, many being of the coked-up fake-tittied arse-hanging-out-of-mini-skirt variety, which is not to everybody’s taste.
    The cost-benefit ratio of going to clubs when you are not a regular is terrible and for this reason I tend to avoid them in places I don’t live. Paying cover, buying over-priced drinks and not being able to talk to my friends over the music doesn’t seem worth it.
    However, having a local club on lockdown where you can show up any night of the week, be greeted with a smile from the bouncer and bar staff, is a recipe for success if you are looking to fuck a lot of hot girls with nothing between their ears.
    Thankfully my male friends provide me with all the stimulating conversation I need so I will continue to reap the rewards of club game. Good work @neobushi:disqus this
    article is spot on.
    Challenge #1 Find a promoter – if you show up with a few hot girls to a major club, the promoters will find you!
    Challenge #2 – Introduce 10 girls to a promoter. For those of us mere mortals that don’t have 10 girls to bring out at a moments notice birthdays are easiest for this. It’s the only time I find girls only bring out their girlfriends and not a supply of thirsty men in tow. Find a girl and tag along to her birthday!
    3 + 4 are a piece of piss after this.

  25. I see a lot of people don’t go into a new environment with an open mind – you never know what to expect. You can try out the advice and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out, you know you should try out a different scene and use some of the skills you have acquired, mainly networking, bartering and direct marketing.
    The only problem with this, at least for me, is the high cost of clubs. I am a student and an emigrant in Great Britain (hailing from Eastern Europe, sucks) and money is very tight so I can’t waste money on entrance fees, drinks and transport without declaring bankruptcy.
    I am left with student flat parties which suck if you want to pull girls or meet new people, cold approaching on campus which is the easiest way to ruin your reputation and expanding your social circle and bartering with other people which works great but you can lose a lot of friends.
    The best way to have sex is to go on organised trips where you have 2-3 days and can make painless contacts if you excel at direct marketing or to go to summer house music beach parties with your friends.

  26. This is an important article, and illustrates a key dynamic that I’ve sensed the existence of in fleeting moments, but never articulated, and have rarely seen discussed so coherently. It reminds me of being in the house party circle in college, where a cold approach from a towney to one of our friend-girls would feel out of place; but it seems a challenge to recreate that out in the much larger world, where the actors rotate nightly and everyone is not automatically part of a collegiate peer group. It also seems that someone with the balls and skills to be that circle creator could reap a nice harvest, because society is so atomized that people are starving for others to create circles. Gravity.

  27. I would add that those of us who naturally perceive the cosmopolitan female to be a desecrated whore are more apt to develop social circle game in non-club environments–where the meat is not rotten–but for men unencumbered by a sense of the sacred, the connected club game seems to be the fast track to bountiful sweetmeats.

  28. Fuck them pigs. In the ass. They like it. If you don’t, the guy that didn’t buy the drinks will.

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