“Rick & Morty” Shows The Utter Hopelessness Of Modern America

Rick & Morty is a new cartoon on Adult Swim. It was created by Dan Harmon (creator of Community) and Justin Roiland. You can watch the pilot here, as well as other episodes.

The premise of the show is a young boy—Morty—who lives with his parents who are in a broken, high-conflict marriage. They got married because Morty’s father (Jerry) knocked Morty’s mother (Beth) up in high school, so Morty has an older sister named Summer. His alcoholic grandfather Rick moves in with them, bringing all the baggage he dragged Beth through as a child. Beth still idolizes her father, despite his failings.

They all live in a middle class home and both Rick and Morty go on all sorts adventures that Rick basically forces Morty into. Season One isn’t complete yet, but so far we have an episode with dogs taking over the world while Rick and Morty incept Morty’s math teacher, Rick tries to build an amusement park inside a dying alcoholic’s body and another where Morty tries to cobble together an adventure but they end up arrested for “murdering” a giant and Morty almost gets raped by a pedophile in a bar bathroom.

[Image: rick-and-morty-pilot.jpg]

Rick is a brilliant scientist with a deeply troubled history. He abandoned Beth’s mother at an early age and his history is vague at this point. All we know is that Rick has run from just about any serious emotional or psychological commitment. His extraordinarily intense devotion to science has clearly resulted in a life of sheer brilliance. Second to this devotion is his crippling level of alcoholism. He is seemingly in a perpetual state of drunkenness with his constant belching, drooling and drinking out of a small drink container (his spaceship is always full of beer bottles). Rick is terminally mean and self-centered. He rarely treats Morty with respect, often just treating him as an object to advance his own ambitions. He does display compassion, but only in extreme situations, such as when he realizes Morty was almost raped.

[Image: 1386872836000-oliver.jpg]

Morty is a 12 year-old boy who has all the typical trappings of young men his age: just hitting puberty, awkward with girls and a not-yet solidified sense of self. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents, as his parents are more interested in their own lives than the lives of their children. His sister, Summer, immerses herself in the mindless trivialities that most girls her age, 16, drown themselves in. As for Morty, we don’t know too much about his interests at this point, as Morty exists primarily as an extension of Rick. He shows an interest in video games and nurses a gigantic crush on a girl named Jessica at his school.

The show certainly benefits from the creativity of its writers, who have a biting and dark sense of comedy. Rick has some excellent one liners, as does Morty. The show has very good pace and none of the episodes so far have even been close to clunkers. They came out swinging and have delivered in every episode.

An easy observation about the show is that is a pretty explicit allegory about how alcoholics treat people around them. So far in the show, Rick has almost killed Morty’s crush Jessica, let dogs take over the world, exploded a giant, naked Santa hovering over the US in space and turned the entire world—except Morty’s family—into giant preying mantises, then into “Cronenburgs.” Rick exhibits no compassion or empathy and cares only about his scientific exploits and his incessant drinking. The episode that featured the amusement park has Rick sitting back, nursing a drink as Morty and his crew are facing death from diseases like Hepatitis B attacking them.

A wider view is that the show is an allegory for how late-narcissistic societies operate. The young Morty is somebody who—in class—might wonder aloud why blacks didn’t just rise up and challenge slavery and racism. The nervous fidgeting of his female classmates might tell part of the story, maybe a black classmate might have stray thoughts about Morty’s “racism,” but what Morty would be showing is how he hasn’t learned about the system, about America. He hasn’t internalized the utter hopelessness of modern America. Like Morty is learning through both his parents and Rick, Morty is quickly learning that he is a cog, a building block in a descending society.

What Morty shows off is the painfully honest idealism of a young boy. He entertains notions of romance with a young girl. A girl untainted by the Sexual Revolution who may very well end up on the wrong side of 30, childless and a bitterness that surges through her veins in a way only a person with estrogen also surging through those veins can understand. His aborted attempts to connect with Jessica have always been thwarted by Rick, as Rick either gives Morty bad tactics (when he provided Morty with a love potion) or prevents him from connecting with her when she shows interest. Blocked from experiencing life as any young boy needs to in order to grow, he is shunted into Rick’s fantasy world.

[Image: 1454774_10152042978711745_338571464_n.jpg]

Rick displays a startling levels of indifference towards Morty’s parents (Jerry and Beth). One episode starts with Rick and Morty walking into the kitchen, as Jerry is—yet again—fretting over his tenuous relationship with Beth. Rick grabs a generic beer from the fridge, pops it open and wonders aloud, “Yeah I get, you knocked up my daughter, Jerry. Most marriages end in failure so who cares.” Morty is mortified, as is Jerry, but Rick doesn’t care. He tells Morty to follow him and as Morty is learning he does just what Rick says.

This is a subtle allegory to how adherence to narcissism works. Morty’s sublimation of his identity into Rick’s desires is clearly indicative of an unhealthy relationship, but given Rick’s only concern with his interest in his identity and his alcoholism, it is a narcissistic relationship. What Rick is showing Morty is how modern America works. You either get busy conforming and doing what you are told by “experts” in media or you get busy identifying yourself as somebody who is a problem. Your existence, at times, is painfully aware to those around you, like in Inception.

Morty is quickly learning that to play the narcissistic game and seek their approval is a fools errand, but a game he doesn’t know how to escape. Much like most American men, they can feel the bombs going off around them, but have no idea where they are coming from. They see their fathers stripped naked in divorce court and they see their friends treated like dry husks of meat by indifferent females. Guys might play the MRA game and talk about “misandry,” but that is just as misguided as women bitching about “misogyny.” The system doesn’t hate you—it simply doesn’t care about you at all. Stop trying to convince yourself that the system gives two squirts of piss about you; we are all nothing but one face in a sea of millions.

As for Morty, personally, he is realizing his own lack of autonomy and ability to find love a young boy needs. His own sister has already strung up the white flag and is completely superficial and addicted to social media as a substitute for real, human connection. His parents? Still arguing, having 3 out of 7 good days and more interested in their own self-image. Beth sees herself as a woman trapped in a failing relationship, but does nothing to ameliorate the situation. Jerry feels he doesn’t deserve Beth and ports this out as jealousy and weak, controlling behavior. Jerry is a classic beta whose problems stem from believing he doesn’t measure up as a man and is threatened by people who he perceives to be better than him.

The truth is that Morty is the typical young boy who will most likely become a beta. A beta is simply a man who wants to want to be a man, but he has little willpower to transform his life. He might end up like Rick, who has alpha credentials with his indifference, brilliance and naked self-absorption. Yet, we see what train Rick enters the station as: a man who will die from his own addictions and predilections. However, most likely, Morty will end up a listless beta, one who has no sense of healthy family life nor the ability to be independently attractive to females. He will have fantastic stories to tell—as any boy who endured such abuse has—but will never do anything but pique a woman’s interest temporarily.

That being said, you may think that the show is more art than science, but the truth is that anybody who has endured such untoward childhood experiences has a vast array of stories to relate. I have a female friend whose alcoholic father has resulted in her having a litany of engaging—but deeply saddening—stories to tell. Just like Morty, she has so many fantastical stories that a regular, healthy listener could question the story-teller. Sure, she isn’t talking about building theme parks inside a homeless alcoholic, but the stories are similar in the sense they are both fantastical and disturbing.

[Image: rShu76B.jpg]

In many ways, Morty is undergoing what so many men have undergone—a long-term mourning—when you come to terms with reality. The hangover from being “red pill”—or whatever that term means now—can be crushing. Like receiving a call that former friend has committed suicide, all you can do is sit back and let the realization wash over you. Morty certainly hasn’t committed suicide, but his innocence is next on the executioner’s block.

We all have to admit some reality just to exist; even “blue pill” guys have to admit certain realities are truth just to function. However, we all need to admit many “red pill” ideas to flourish in society. It may be subconscious, but we all need to realize certain truths in order to succeed in modern society. This should come from fathers and handed down to their sons, but we all know the paucity of quality fathering in modern society. Morty exemplifies this, as his own father is primarily interested in his flailing relationship with Morty’s mother. Summer and Morty are nothing but afterthoughts for both Jerry and Beth. He isn’t there to help Morty understand himself, women or society at large.

What is most striking is Morty’s fall from innocence that Rick dispassionately forces. He takes a young boy, making the most of his terrible, yet unremarkable, childhood and forces him into the role of a hero. This is no saccharine tale of a young boy finding heroism; no, Morty is forced into his role and needs to succeed just to survive. Morty isn’t a hero of his choosing, but a boy desperate to survive his next scare with a giant, naked Santa or falling off a cliff. Just like the system in his real life, Morty knows that Rick doesn’t truly care about him. Morty will chase the possibility of approval—like gay folks chase gay marriage—but the system will only approve of anything because it is beneficial to the system. This isn’t about love or compassion, but the bottom line, labor costs. Morty costs nothing as far as Rick is considered.

rick potion #9

The episode Rick Potion #9 had a curious ending. Rick punts the ball again, using a time machine to travel into a world where Rick didn’t destroy the world but one where Rick and Morty die quickly after saving the world. Taking the places of their recently deceased selves has Morty’s mind completely blown. They bury the bodies of their other selves in the backyard and they go inside. Rick grabs a beer and Morty walks through his home—as his parents are arguing, yet again—shell-shocked as he can’t fathom living in a world where everybody died, but exist as approximations of themselves to Morty.

That is a chilling allegory of narcissism. You can sense the people around you, but they are nothing but projections to you. They don’t exist as independent people, but people whom you have detailed dossiers on. They are nothing but jagged, fragmented memories; broken ideals about who they are or who they should be. What is qualitatively lacking is a real appreciation for their independence.

Most importantly, Morty shows he isn’t this. The lines under his eyes as he slogs past his parents shows he is used to this reflexive unhappiness, that parental failure is a given in his life. He shoves off to sit beside his sister on the couch. Summer is mindlessly on social media, yet again. Morty sits backs, his mouth agap as he contemplates his new reality, with the same inhabitants, but in a new, alternate world.

In sum, Morty will most likely become a beta. Dutifully following Rick around does nothing but hurt him, even worse than his parents have hurt him. However, he has shown slight signs that he could transcend all the bullspit sprayed his way from his parents and Rick. The show does highlight the poor family life that so many boys have and also highlights how many betas are born at the hands of narcissistic alphas who only see boys and men like Morty as tools to advance their life.

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71 thoughts on ““Rick & Morty” Shows The Utter Hopelessness Of Modern America”

  1. Amazing article. If you have watched the episode 10, then you know that there is some chance for Morty to avoid becoming a hopeless beta and a mere tool for Rick.

  2. Haven’t read it yet but, I just wanted to say I always enjoy when Cartoons ad or sneak in some knowledge for people like us that can catch the truth. Shows like “American Dad”, “Family Guy (Not always but, eh)”, and old 90’s classic “Rocko’s Modern Life” (Very underrated and over my head as a kid)…. They manage to make it seem as if its a joke when really its the form of a joke with the substance of truth. They can get away with A LOT more than a regular show can.

      1. Its a trip now. A LOT of shit flew over my head when I was young. Watching it now I was like “Whoa? How did they get away with this on a Kids network?”….

        1. They got away with it on a kid’s network because almost all other avenues of communication only allow what the media and government want you to hear (excluding the Internet).
          Remember, you only have freedom of speech/expression until you speak truth to power or piss off the wrong people, then those people will go out of their way to discredit you in any way possible. If the stakes are really high, then they will make sure you disappear.
          Throughout human history, satire and parody have been used to ridicule what’s wrong with society by broadcasting it to a wide audience without the creators getting in trouble with the government. When the means of communication are that tightly controlled by the government, satire and parody are really the only effective tools left to get your message out there.

        2. Agree, 100%. Those that tow the line of the status que tend to dismiss satire, underestimating the intelligence of both it’s creators and audience, compounding this in the current era is the fact that the primary consumers of satire these days are young men, generally dismissed as unintelectual and lacking in nuance by main-stream media.
          What’s so terryifying and fascinating about the current state of government control of the media, at least in the us, is that there are literally no restrictions on political content, but the media, so driven by the status que and lowest common denominator dollar, self-censors itself into inanity.

        3. The msm “self-censors itself into inanity.” It truly does. The msm is currently at a crossroads. The media is a business. News media outlets make the most money when they seek the truth, as most news consumers are educated and want real info, not bullshit. The recent trend by the MSM, particularly NBC, is to sell out to all Gov’t interests, while omitting inconvenient and pesky facts. In recent years, the MSM has kept their revenue streams consistent by providing fluff stories and special interest bullshit pieces, etc. But now the MSM has to compete with all the other nonsense on the internet, which there is currently plenty of. My god, 90% of the internet is total nonsense. How will the MSM be able to compete with this? The answer…they won’t. CNN, NBC, NY Times, and all the other shit MSM outlets are currently bleeding money. They have alienated their core consumer ( educated people who want facts) and are trying to compete with the internet for the morons who just want to consume entertainment.
          Long story short, if the MSM continues to use their current business model, they will fail and be out of business in a few short years.
          The internet, as well as themselves, are the worst enemy that the MSM has ever known.
          The MSM news outlets will require huge Gov’t subsidies just to stay in business. NBC in particular. They will get these massive subsidies. When they do, we will truly be a third world banana republic who has to have state run media.

        4. State sponsored media is not really the worst thing, as long as a certain degree of independence is maintained. Take the bbc, which still engages in investigative journalism, unlike the major us networks. BBC news which doesn’t rely on advertising dollars, generally produces far more neutral and informative stories than NBC, fox etc.
          I do doubt, though, that us journalists posses the requisite character traits to mimic such an arrangement.
          As for subsidies, I doubt that they’ll get them or need them. The networks have already slashed their investigative divisions. They’ll do what they need to be profitable. They are businesses just like any other.

        5. There are plenty of restrictions in political content in America:
          Ask Mr. Snowden, who dared to tell the truth about how own government is spying on us behind our backs for our “security…”
          Security, that’s a good one…
          I wonder what else the Government isn’t telling us.

        6. If you really believe that our nation doesn’t have an interest in mantaining secrets, especially about espionage programs in other nations, then your concept of self-interest is wholly lacking.
          If you truly feel that you have something to fear from the programs snowden exposed, you are either operating under a quaint notion of privacy, are paranoid, or are a criminal.

        7. I was referring to the Domestic Spying program, not the overseas programs.
          For example, PRISM.
          Last I checked, the 4th Amendment is an implied right to privacy, which I have as an American citizen and taxpayer.

        8. Correct. That’s why Comedy Central is home to some of the best and most responsible sources of journalism.

        9. In regards to snowden, the two can not be separated. It is unlikely that he would have leaked the information had he not had the assurance that he’d be protected by the secrets he could leak to those dictatorial regimes. He is a self-righteous hypocrite. If he really cared, he would have leaked the information and turned himself in, not jeopardize our way of life.
          As for your implied right to privacy, sure, but it is also established jurisprudence, mostly from the jehova’s witness flag saluting cases of the 40’s, that national security can indeed trump civil rights. Those rights mean nothing if the state can not uphold is responsibility to maintain national security. This is why courts have upheld the legality of the nsa’s programs. Judges weighed the issue, and decided your right to not have a total stranger with no interest in you seeing you sexts or whatever the fuck does not outweigh the state’s interest in preventing terror attacks.

        10. If America becomes a Police State, I hope you find comfort in the government spying on and controlling every aspect of your life, because that’s ultimately what will happen.
          Ask the Germans and Soviets how their police states worked when the Government was allowed to spy on everyone for their “protection” and “National Security…”

        11. Slippery slope fallacy- irrelevant
          Those states were set up to be authoritarian, there was never any other pretense. The us is nothing like those places or times.

        12. The USA has learned from the Germans and are doing a better job of it, making it appear that there is a democrazy. It’s all for show… the people don’t have any say when mega corps and the mega rich push for what they want (or don’t want).

        13. I agree. There’s no need to get in the way of law enforcement by getting hysterical about privacy concerns. Authoritarianism is unnecessary when the vast majority of the population is overcome with delusion: programmed to see their life in narrative terms, believing some mediocre career as a cog for someone else’s money machine, a mortgage borrowed from sociopaths, and a laughable excuse for a family gives them purpose.
          The us government had no need to spy on the political orientation of a bunch of nimrods who truly beleive a new car will make them happy forever and that hold so many things as “sacred,” it’d make a pharasee scoff.

    1. Rocko’s Modern Life is a total parody of American Society, especially the Magic Meatball episode and any of its eps that refer to Conglomo. It’s also completely spot on about Corporate America.
      That show is genius.

  3. Well written in depth review. I wonder if the show’s writers are consciously doing those things to the characters or not.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Or could this just be a projections of the writer’s life or the life of those surrounding him.

      1. You’re most likely correct, unless the exec producer or network execs are femnazis demanding what are essentially weak male characters (“alpha” granddad notwithstanding). I’d be curious to know more about Morty’s sister and mother’s behavior, are they just as weak or do they exhibit faux “strength” character features.

        1. They’re anything but that. The show makes rape jokes and pushes into un-PC territory constantly. It’s really genius and very funny. The show makes really controversial statements that come in under the radar somehow.

        2. Cartoons can do this type of thing with impunity. That’s the beauty of adult cartoons. Nothing is off limits. People don’t take them seriously because they are cartoons. Imagine trying to get away with these things if the actors were living people.

    1. Bundyville is a good stand against the government. But I think it will also be a significant piece of United States history from here on out. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

      1. I don’t have much confidence in the majority of Americans standing up to their government, simply because most don’t care about anything outside their own immediate lives.
        They are content with their 9 to 5 jobs and sitting in front of whatever their electronic device of choice is.

        1. Definitely, it’s a classic example of “Bread and Circuses.”
          As long as the people have those, they care not at all about what their government does.

        2. Yes, but the bread and circuses cannot last forever. It is a mathematical certainty that at the current rate the US economy is declining, the dollar will eventually fail, likely throwing a few hundred million Americans instantly into poverty. That’s when things will get interesting.

        3. Actually it can.
          Digital entertainment in the form of movies, porn and video games are actually pretty damn cheap to distribute and have significant financial incentive to produce.
          Also we’re poised to enter a new virtual era that is eventually going to blur the line between reality and digital. The Occulus Rift is simply the very beginning of this phase. Facebook paid 2 billion dollars for this device for a reason.

    2. I don’t see the point of idolizing a deadbeat squatter who has appropriated public resources he had no right to.
      Frankly I’d like to see the Feds shoot some of these militia morons who have robotically gone to this standoff like bugs to a buglight. That precrime action might wind up killing the next Timothy McVeigh before he can build a truck bomb and murder some babies in a daycare center.

      1. McVeigh was a mind-controlled patsy with connections to MK-Ultra. OKC was a false flag set up to demonize the anti-government militias. Or did you forget how our brave FBI burned a building full of children and prevented fire trucks from reaching the scene.

  4. 2Wycked, you usually include a link when you try the TLP thing, and you usually do it with more originality than this. “Labor costs” deserves a citation and the “questioning slavery” point is just plagiarism. Overall, this read like you were trying to shoehorn your thematic interest (narcissism) into a TV show you like.
    You also aren’t using the word allegory correctly. In most cases, you just mean metaphor.
    Deconstructing the show as a metaphor for alcoholism, however, was insightful.

  5. It’s like you think any type of real personality in the characters actually means something in reality… Yep all the themes and ideas in everything that can be called ‘Entertainment’ has a plan to make you into bitches.. Here’s the real fucking problem, you need a cartoon to compare ‘hopeless’ society to.

  6. Indeed – quite a few alcoholic Alphas have Beta-sons. That is what is so bad about the so-called Naturals.
    Before the manosphere came along it was mainly unconscious competence – knowing a few things which got you pussy, but most being unable to teach any of it to anyone. Knowledge of Game and the psychology of women are such wonderful wisdoms that we can partake in!
    As far as the cartoon goes – the usual propaganda with plenty of beautiful females, who deserve something better, a foolish Beta-husband, a Beta-son in training etc. The only brilliant Alpha is of course an irresponsible alcoholic. Men are always the butt-jokes of our society or they are alcoholics, narcissists or stark-raving psychopaths. Women are the better sex and deserve sooo much better….

    1. Most of the females in the show are portrayed as neurotic shrews or vapid idiots. So I really don’t see how the show is only making men the butt of its jokes when they have an entire episode dedicated to parodying and mocking radical feminists.

      1. Isn’t that just an accurate reflection of 21st century, western women in general?

  7. How come you didn’t mention Episode 7 (Raising Gazorpazorp)? It was hilarious and ripped into feminism.

    1. Yes and no, but mostly no. The characters talked about the wage gap like it’s a real thing. The Gazorpazorp society is a pretty high bar for feminism “gone too far” and even mainline feminists will at some point say something to distance themselves from radfems.
      Whatever its’ politics It’s a fantastic show. But anyone looking at it as a deep well of anti-PC subversion is probably indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.

  8. Two Broke Girls sums up in one episode what’s wrong with America, if you can even sit through it.
    Racist, vapid, dumb, and written by women it is very, very, very, very far from even being a little bit funny. It is a woman’s idea of what is funny – merely by copying and multiplying the degeneracy of man by 100, the way only a woman could.
    There was one episode of that show where the main character bangs some ugly half-black / half-Jewish dude in a dumpster. Yes, in a dumpster. And she was proud of it. (Not being racist, just I thought it was an interesting choice of character. She could have banged an Indian dude in a curry shop, but they choice a black dude in a dumpster). And there is also the Chinese restaurant owner who is 5′ tall and looks like a child. It’s like, no matter how many Jeremy Lin’s and Yao Ming’s or Obamas there are, to these stupid vapid modern 21st century cunts, we’ll always be niggers and chinks to them.

  9. Coincidently, I rewatched Rick Potion #9 just last night. Personally, I attributed Mortys shellshock at the end more to the fact that he had just buried his mangled alternate universe self in a shallow grave in the backyard. Its an understandable reaction to that sort of trauma.
    The show has some fantastic dark humour. I dont know if Id read into it as much as you have however. Not everything has to have deeper meaning.

  10. Why are you watching cartoons when you’re supposed to be spending 99.99% of your like fucking hot 18 year old virgins??

  11. I pass through this site weekly to read the articles that interest me. Enjoy the commentary/stuff the media doesn’t talk about, and thought you all would enjoy this little article I saw a chick post on Facebook. Have at it ROK — it’s almost disturbing what trends and tendencies I’ve been noticing since I started frequenting this site. I guess my eyes are opening and I’m just not used to the chlorine.

  12. Holy shit! The relationship Morty has with Rick is the one I had with my father.

  13. Sorry I have tried to sit through and watch some of these new “cartoons” can’t do it, they are all crap and I feel myself getting dumb just wasting time watching.
    You want real cartoons, check out some of the old original Johnny Quest, an all alpha male cartoon good example if you ever saw one. I don’t even think there were any women in them.

  14. It’s a good cartoon, but it is a VERY politicially-correct one. For example, the daughter and Rick beat up a guy protesting same-sex marriage. Also, the girl Morty has a crush on is dating the black captain of the basketball team. Maybe you need those sensibilities to get a show on TV today.

  15. It´s always about love. What about weapons? What about war? What about world domination?

  16. Way too much time on one’s hands for someone to analyze a cartoon. I expect more from ROK.

  17. “Yeah I get, you knocked up my daughter, Jerry. Most marriages end in failure so who cares.”
    Sounds like the dialogue is a bit lazy to say the least. Using a cartoon as a political pulpit is far from entertaining.

  18. “Like gay folks chase gay marriage”? WTF is this suppose to mean?! Was the author saying that gay folks are single people trying to seek approval, because that is highly ignorant.

  19. Now that I’ve watched both seasons, I can safely say that it is perhaps the most hilarious animated show I’ve ever seen. For a show that deals so much with the fantastic, it has very much to do with modern-day reality. For example, young beta Morty’s efforts to win over a girl with the classic beta daydream of a love potion are cynically resolved with the destruction of the world rather than ending with the typical sappy, sentimental ending that any other show would have done. The betaness of Jerry and the effect on his marriage is almost cringeworthy but also hilarious and will have Red Pillers nodding their head in approval. It takes subtle jabs at today’s political correctness such as Rick and Morty questioning the sanctification of the word “retarded” and hints at the mudsharking between Morty’s white dream girl Jessica and an alpha black basketball player at his high school. Very refreshing in a time where so many shows are inundated with PC propaganda.

  20. Wow, what a well written, deeply thought out load of crap. It’s a lazy show who’s creators very likely would read this and laugh their asses off because they didn’t mean half the conclusions here – if any.
    I especially love that you give Rick credit for showing compassion when Morty’s almost raped but ignore the many “inside” innuendoes Rick makes about shoving things up Morty’s butt. In fact he wants to put his “seeds” up Morty’s butt. Seriously you don’t have anything to say about the not so subtle pedophile jokes in this show? Not just the dialogue but even the artwork that frequently shows very dick and ball like things everywhere.
    This is a show created by crude, Neanderthal minds with no serious themes, metaphors or satirical value other than what people like you project onto them. There’s a ton of much better cartoons with a hell of a lot more depth. You’re embarrassing yourself when you analyze this crap as if it had some deeper value than Phineas & Ferb or Beavis and Butthead. And yes, that’s my opinion and many people think it’s great. Good for them, I’m not insulting them or their taste but I am expressing my opinion about what I think they’re reading into it that isn’t there. And I’m definitely insulting the creators. Having listened and read interviews with him I believe my opinion is accurate.

  21. This article was fairly good until the beta horseshit entered the picture lol

  22. Dude, you should check out the old Tumblerna fave, Steven Universe. Now that is a progressive show, lol, to say the least.

  23. I liked Rick and Morty at first because its Sci-Fi concepts were wild and imaginative, but now I feel the philosophy behind the show is bleak, sick and disgusting. You can do what you like, but I won’t watch any more.

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