A Brief Introduction To The City Of Tucson, Arizona

I have lived in Tucson, Arizona for a few years, and I have become very acquainted with the city. It has a population of over 500,000 and is situated a little over 100 miles from Phoenix (which is the 6th most populated city in America) and around 60 miles away from the U.S-Mexico border. As with any other city, Tucson has its ups and downs. I want to share with you my objective (and subjective) view of the city..


One of Tucson’s main employers is the University of Arizona. Without the university, I don’t think there would be anything going for Tucson. Since the city has no major league sports teams, Tucsonans are attracted to the university’s sports teams, regardless of age. This makes for good social interactions when a game is on, since it is a good reason for the average Tucsonan to leave the house. Social networking is easy regardless of if there is a game on, but this makes it easier. The people are very open to outsiders.

If you are a younger reader and plan on attending the University of Arizona, you will be able to establish a good social network that meets your needs, as long as you are outgoing and not socially awkward. If that is not a good description of you, make it a good description. I’m sure that some of you who would like to go to this university have seen the pool parties posted on YouTube, but keep in mind you still need to be outgoing (and willing to participate in white trash debauchery) to have any sort of enjoyment out of such functions.

The TUC is a pretty inexpensive place to live, compared to other larger cities in the US. Rent is almost never above $1,000 regardless of what part of town you live, and you can easily find a good place for under $500. Drinks are also quite inexpensive. You can have a pretty fun night out for less than $30, and dates almost never cost more than $50. If you are spending more than $50 on a date, you are either on a very fancy date or need to cut back on the appetizers (or date skinnier women).

Tucson is a very seasonal city. I don’t mean that it has four seasons; I mean that folks tend to leave town during the holidays and summer months, so expect a deserted city during those times.


The dirty T is mainly a liberal city; however, I have had chats with plenty of men and women who share traditional conservative viewpoints. The good news is that if you are not open about your views in public, you won’t really hear anyone discuss theirs. People here are very laid back, and even the most radical feminists don’t feel the need to tell everyone their opinions. Most people here just put their opinions on their car via stickers or on their Facebook. Expect rednecks, hippies, and “intellectuals,” since Tucson is full of all of them.


Arizona, specifically Tucson, has some of the highest rates of domestic violence in the country. This leads to a surge of feminists with an agenda to capitalize off of the victims of such abuse. Feminism is on the rise in this city, so understand the signs so you know who and what to avoid, as you can spot such garbage from a mile away in Tucson. If they have any politically-charged sticker on their car, avoid them.


Tucson nightlife is centered around either the university or downtown area, which are about a mile apart. Outside of this area are the dead suburbs or barrios. Expect to see plenty of college students. Again, you won’t spend too much on a regular night out. If you live pretty far from each of these locations, it shouldn’t cost more than a $20 Uber ride, since it’s located in the middle of the city.

The nightlife scene has a little bit of everything; dive bars, microbreweries, billiards, regular bars, and even a few nightclubs to spit that game and get your dance on. Occasionally you may have an entrance line that could take a little more than five minutes to overcome, and sometimes you get a cover fee of $5-10. If you are really good at social networking, however, cutting lines is a very feasible possibility here. For me it probably only took a few months to get to know the managers and bouncers at all of my favorite spots, and I’ll be damned if I have to wait in line again. Social networking is key in this city.


If your thing is black or Asian women, I can’t say much since there is an insufficient amount of them to make a judgment. The majority of women are either white or Latina, so learning Spanish can go a long ways in Tucson. My standards would say that the average (mean) woman in Tucson is a 5.5 with one of the highest standard deviations I have ever seen in a city.

For example, for every 8 and 9 (which there are plenty of), there is a 1 or 2 morbidly obese welfare recipients strolling around in an electric wheelchair at your local supermarket to buy her two-liter soda, or some crusty hippie picking off her scabs outside your favorite dive bar. Luckily you won’t see these she-beasts in a nightclub.

For every 6 and 7, there is a 3 or 4 fatty barely fitting into a skin-tight dress, drunkenly hitting on men way out of their league (expect to see a fair amount of these at nightclubs). For every long haired, high-heeled-wearing feminine woman, there is a bald, tatted up woman resembling the character Edward Furlong played in American History X. Speaking of tattoos, I’d say that 60% of the women in Tucson have at least one on their body, and about 30% have many visible tattoos. If you view tattoos as trashy and unattractive, consider another city.

For every woman that looks like this, there is a she-beast

One thing I’ve noticed about the 7.5s and up is that they are much harder to crack than they are in other cities, they usually have boyfriends, and they usually don’t have sex with someone that they just met (not saying it doesn’t happen). If you are decent looking, well dressed, well accomplished, and have adequate game, however, you will have your choice of most girls in the 7.5-9 ballpark.

If you are looking for an same night lay it won’t be hard to find, but it will probably be with a girl who is below a 7.5. In other words, there are plenty of good looking women here, but like every city, they don’t come easy, and they are a minority. This rule applies as well for the university students, except the fact that most of the women in the university don’t expect you to have a solid career or wear $400+ worth of clothing just yet.


I understand this city is not for everyone. It has a much slower pace compared to bigger cities, it is centered around college frat-tards, it has an increasing feminist presence, and is a hit-or-miss with the ladies. However, if you are looking to escape the big city for a more laid back environment with most of the same amenities, Tucson may be worth considering.

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55 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction To The City Of Tucson, Arizona”

    1. Used to be a great, unique, little town. Now it’s getting crowded, getting homogenized.
      But, beautiful locale and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do, within close distance.

    2. Great town for quality of life, you gotta be OK with cold and snow, definitely liberal with NAU there and all the Californians, plus expensive housing given the limited job opportunities. Otherwise, beautiful environment and scenery, with minimal minorities and their crime.
      A long way from a major metro (Phoenix is about 150 miles away as I recall).

  1. I lived California’s central valley for many years. It’s very similar to your description of life in Tucson. Slow pace of life, low cost of living, average women and okay quality of life. Theft and vandalism is rampant in most central CA cities but violent crime is quite low.

  2. FTA : “…folks tend to leave town during the holidays and summer months, so expect a deserted city during those times.” No pun intended?

  3. I had a friend that lived in Tuscon a few years back. All of the photos of girls that he’d send me were fat Latin women. Turned me off from the city, at least in terms of dating. Not sure about the job market, but he said that he had it rough. His background wasn’t that prestigious though, no offense to the man.

  4. I could do one on Seattle but it’ll be one paragraph and ending in something like “Dear God please rain fire on this shithole”.

      1. Snohomish tries desperately hard to be King County and in every bad way. It’s what we would call “infested”.

    1. Oh yeah! Do one on Seattle. Include some photos from the street.
      Seattle is the largest collection of fat, butt ugly, feminist bitches I have every seen packed into one city. Making it worse are all the pasty male “hipsters” walking around with some of these fat, angry bitches.

        1. I cant imagine its worse than the NYC tri-state area- is it?? Less dummies per sq inch out there…

      1. You got that right.
        I’ve lived in Tacoma, Snohomish, Kitsap, from urban to the sticks, around here. I’ve used the ferries and the highways.
        You know how bad it is? This is how bad it is:
        If there is one woman on an entire ferry or on an entire street who is NOT dressed like a dude, who does NOT have short hair, who is NOT wearing footwear that appears it was chosen for her by a lesbian, she will stick out like a sore thumb. I have marveled about how my radar system can pick that one feminine woman out of a crowd of hundreds in mere seconds. It’s like a radar system that automatically locks on target the moment it’s in range. You don’t even need to press the button to lock.
        That’s how bad it is.
        But I also lived in Florida and it was just as bad but for a different reason: all the women were just plain fatasses. I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like Florida attracted the fat and SHAMELESS women. It’s like something in say Vermont, there’s a hambeast walking around in a string top and short shorts and flip flops, then a black van pulls up alongside her, and the barrel of a dart gun stick out the side door and she gets hit with a tranquilizer dart.
        Then they weigh her, put an ear tag on her, ….. sorry, making a Wild Kingdom reference….
        What happens, so it seems, is that when she wakes up, she’ll have a lease on an apartment in Orlando and a shit job and she’ll waddle all over Florida now in her short shorts and flip flops being fat and shameless. That’s how bad Florida was: it seems like they round up the fat shameless women and ship them to Florida.
        Yes I know, South Florida and the hotties on the beach. I lived there too. You know what? They are rare. And they are there to fuck the rappers and football players. It’s hard to even find them, you have to find their secret hideout or something. The best shot are tourist bitches though – I knew fat rednecks who regularly scored tourist bitches but man, these guys must have had regeneration capabilities because they probably had to regrow their arms every weekend. I’d rather slam my dick in the door.

        1. “… then they weigh her, put an ear tag on her …”
          Lindy West keeps finding someone who can take her ear tag off …

      2. You can’t take pictures “from the street” in Seattle without panorama mode because that’s the only way you can fit Lindy West and her entourage into a single photo …

    2. That got a laugh out of me. I’ve only been to Seattle once, but when I went I visited an Irish pub that had several very feminine, very fair, very beautiful young women, both servers and customers. Wish I could remember the name.

      1. Down by Pike Place Market?
        There are two likely candidates, and both of them are full of tourists.

        1. Yeah, I think you’re right; I looked up Irish Pubs in Seattle, and it looks like it was Kells.

    3. You might be from Seattle if …
      … you greet everyone with an insincere question about “how’s your day going”, and you could not give one fuck about the answer, but you do this crap anyway
      … you hate California, but you miss the quality women there because underneath every California Six is a Seattle Ten waiting to come out
      … you secretly suspect all of the pale-skinned porn chicks you’ve seen lately are really Seattle chicks who moved to California just to stay indoors, especially the chicks who are really “Painted Sixes”
      … you can’t admit to making a mistake by moving to Seattle years ago, so you put off moving away from Seattle because you’re secretly hoping for a warming blast of wonderfulness to make you no longer regret it (cf. certain songs by “The Postal Service” for variations on this theme)
      … you joke with your non-Seattle friends that “Stepford” is properly spelled “Seattle”
      … you made your way into an “elite qualifying tier” with your airline on the basis of your trips away from Seattle for “mental health breaks”
      No, really, I can do this all day …

  5. Lived in Tucson through my enlistment. All seems to be true, except for one thing: if you want a crack at really gorgeous women, hit the Tucson Mall or Park Place mall, and if your Spanish is good, go for the Mexican girls. And by Mexican, I mean, from Nogales, Hermosillo, Ciudad Obregon, and other big cities in Sonora who go to Tucson for shopping. You will tell right away them from American girls, including Chicanas, by how they dress. Mexican girls will wear high heels with skirts or jeans and nice tight blouses, and since multiculturalism had a pretty positive impact on that part of Mexico, you will see mostly girls with jet black hair, but fair skin, and even some blondes. As for American girls, well, pjs and flip flops and Pink shorts. And bear in mind, I lived there about 8 years ago, before the era of the smartphone. Two things I must warn though. For one, the Mexicans might be with their families. Also, they might be at least middle class, so I suggest, polish your Spanish, get rid of the cargo shorts and flip flops, groom your facial hair, and bring your A game.

    1. +1 on the Mexican girls. Having lived in the Southwestern US most of my life it is easy to differentiate the traditional, feminine ones from the Americanized version. My future wife and mother of my children will likely be a Latina, love ’em.

      1. I’ve done my fall run of game on the locals here in Cent. Florida. And the only keeper in the bunch is a slim, tight latina from central America. The local talent is a bunch of bullshit self-absorbed cunts who want some Mark Cuban money bags to sweep them off their feet and into their multi-million dollar mansion, despite being so far over the hill that even their knuckle skin sags.
        It’s a sad commentary on the standard-issue Amercian wildebeest that they are easily trumped by the average latina from just about any country other than the US of A.
        Amerikan women are like american taxes: high price/low value at best. And you’re forced to pay for shit you’d rather not.

    2. A lot of well-off Mexican families come up for shopping. If you seem polished and professional, their fathers will even encourage them to see you. I worked in a music shop, selling instruments; I was young, handsome, clean-cut, a professional ‘cellist who knew my way around the Classical Music repertory as well as anyone. These upper-middle class folk would come up from Mexico with stunning daughters, and I spoke very, very good Spanish. I had more than one dad try to match me up!

      1. Maybe it’s the stereotype, but people are surprised that Mexicans have an upper class to begin with, especially a well cultured one. And while they’re still somewhat tribalized, unlike say, American WASPS, they are more than willing to accept you as one of theirs if you try hard enough. And yes, the fathers, while still old school patriarchs, will let you date their daughters if they see you worthy. The mothers, meh, that’s a whole other story. And anyone reading this still having doubts, please tune in to your local Univision or Telemundo affiliate. Mr Pertinebit, myself, and all the gentlemen that have dated Mexican girls can tell you, that’s how they will look like.

  6. I like this style article. Informative, even if many of us never visit there. As to the pool party video, even if those women offered me their snatch within the first 30 seconds, I couldn’t stand the music and ugly tats and would completely pass on that scene. Sad to see a woman completely ruin herself while she is yet a teenager.
    As a general rule, women in warmer climates tend to be fitter, because they spend more time outside. And places like Arizona and especially Colorado attract those who like outdoor activities.
    I live in the southeast and the same problem exists–a wide deviation of women so there are some classy hot ones but they are rarely single, and there are plenty of landwhales.

    1. Agreed. I live in a larger city in NC and although there is a mix of people from the east coast the deviation is the same. And the hot ones always have a boyfriend!

    2. I’ve noticed a growing trend of attractiveness disparities around my parts and it doesn’t seem to favor the men or women. It’s generally one pretty good looking person shacking up with a significantly uglier counterpart. Not like a 9 settling down with a 2 or anything, but more of 7’s and 4’s. It’s really quite bizarre seeing them together and I have to ask, “Why? You could do better.” Now I did see one pretty good looking guy who was married to a 2, which made me want to slap him, but that was an extreme case.

  7. I went thru Tucson about twenty years ago. It seemed like a decent mid-size city then. Even somewhere I’d consider relocating. But twenty years worth of invading mestizos probably has taken its toll.

    1. Yeah, don’t bother. Twenty years ago it was a great little town and I enjoyed being in it.
      Twenty years later, and it has become a catastrophe of urban sprawl and decay, strip malls, illegal immigration, and feckless liberalism. It was always a left-leaning town, but the Left really took it to crazy town in the past 15 years. I went back to visit family after just four years away in 2008, and it had become a completely different place. Every year since then, it gets worse. Places that were a 20 minute drive outside of town, are now heavily urbanized, full of section-8 housing and illegals.

  8. Try living in a town with only 14,000 in the Northeast…this place sounds like heaven. Luckily I’m attractive and I look much younger then my age and will be collecting a pension at a fairly young age due to my career. Can’t wait to escape.

  9. First mention of feminist assholes out trolling for DV victims (meaning, men getting falsely accused) and that ruined it for me.

    1. Every college town and I say EVERY college town claims to have an ‘epidemic’ of DV and billboards everywhere with a woman pictured curled up into a ball and crying with a hotline phone number to call. They’re busy trying to process and educate cubicle workers for the market, marxist teachers and socialist workers and the town doesn’t need LTR’s or family formation when graduates have to be ready to start hopping the corporate racket. Family growth projections are being reserved for the immigrant influx.
      Working factory towns also have similar billboards, only they picture the ‘child rolled into a ball’ crying and then they declare an ‘epidemic’ of child abuse. Anything to keep the wage slave families quiet, stripped and strapped.

  10. I read this article because my family lived in and near Tucson when I was very young; first, in a little government house above the cloud line on Mt. Lemmon (Dad worked for the National Park Service then) and later in town. My earliest memories are from living up on the mountain and day trips to the Grand Canyon. I learned to ride a bike when we moved down into town. Completely irrelevant, but you read it anyway.

    1. Where on the mountain did you live? My dad lived up there at one point, and my grandfather, too.

      1. My strongest childhood memories are of driving up a death-defying mountainside-hugging one-land road through and then above the clouds when going home. I’ve looked on Google Maps and such but those little houses and that road we used to risk our lives on are long gone – it’s been fifty years – so I have no idea where on the mountain we lived.

        1. Ah. I thought people only lived on the prison camp or in Summerhaven. I didn’t know there were more options!

  11. I was going to go through to ordeal of moving to another city..why the hell would I move there ?

  12. Awesome place for dirt bikes and dual sports. No daylight savings bullshit either. That’s about it.

  13. Doesn’t sound like a bad college town to wind up in your 20’s. Like most college towns though I would generally advise 30 somethings and older to stay away. When you have a 10+ year distance from the general traditional student age it can really hurt your game.

  14. If you live in Arizona, why would you go anywhere outside of Phoenix? Seriously! having lived in Az for 5 years, I don’t get it

      1. You can go to Mill, Scottsdale, Downtown or Westgate for night life options. Phx while not the strongest has a pretty decent job market, the cost of living wasn’t terrible. There were festivals and events going on. But I’ve always had a preference towards a bigger city. Tucson always seemed there was nothing to do but drive to Phoenix imo

    1. What are you talking about? Phoenix is an urban-sprawl hellhole. Northern and Eastern Arizona are the places to be! Southen Arizona, too, away from Tucson. The worst parts of Arizona in order, are: Phoenix/Tucson (pretty much a tie, for different types of badness), pretty much the whole Western border, Southern Arizona west of Tucson (though there used to be some cool places, before the illegal aliens trashed everything).
      The best parts of Arizona, are: the Northern and Eastern borders (tons of natural beauty, White Mountains, Chiricahuas, Crater Monument, Mogollon Rim, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Canyon de Chelly, etc.), and, for cities/towns, places like Payson, Wickenburg, Flagstaff, etc. There are nice areas outside of Tucson and Phoenix for folk who like the Sonoran Desert or “Sky Island” activities (Picacho Peak, Tucson Mountains, Catalina State Park, etc.). Mt Graham, a ways East and North of Tucson, is also great; Gila River area is nearby, and Salt River Canyon, but they never really did much for me.
      Admittedly, this is from a guy who is not into the nightclub, PUA lifestyle. This is from a guy who likes the atmosphere of real folk and natural beauty. Even then, if I was going to put moves on a girl, I’d rather do it in a tent under the dark skies and bright stars of Eastern AZ.

      1. That’s assuming you’re outdoorsy like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice bike trail or a nice hike. Phx is an urban spawn kind of hell though

        1. Yeah, I figured you meant for night life. Truth is, Phoenix is probably the only night life in Arizona, if that’s your scene.

  15. My piece, “A Brief Intro to the City of Newark, NJ” should appear on this site by week’s end

  16. It’s the lesbians that drag up the domestic violence reports and yeah Arizona is like San Francisco for lesbians

  17. Im not going to rat out my favorite place, but lemme just say the “strippers” of Nogales can be top shelf if you know where to look, & priced right

  18. Having lived in AZ on and off for almost 10 years I will say this to
    any single man in his 20s. There are exactly 2 and only 2 places you
    want to live. Within 5 miles of Old Town Scottsdale or North Tempe
    around ASU. There is nowhere else to even consider if you enjoy being
    around the action and an unreal ratio of attractive young women. If you
    are over 30 and still single I suggest leaving AZ for LA, San Diego, or
    Miami. Forget Tucson, its a roach.

  19. I live up in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains, which is just north of the Tucson city border. Most of the upper middle class lives here–there are extremely low taxes, fine restaurants, inexpensive house prices, wildlife all over, unpolluted air, and great weather…..sounds like the author hasn’t spent much time here.

  20. Tucson is a good town, especially if you do solo outdoor stuff, e.g. biking, desert hiking, etc. Liberals have deliberately kept it underdeveloped due to its proximity to a local observatory. Apparently too much light pollution can affect conditions for the local astronomers. There is, for instance, no good way to get around town quickly, i.e. there is no internal freeway system; so for that and other factors I’m really not sure what these “urban sprawl” people are talking about.

  21. Im here temporarily but i have never seen more white trash !!!!!!! WTF
    Tucson is worse than Arkansas etc…. Im blown away. Not sure where they all come from.

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