Football Is No Longer A Masculine Pastime

A funny thing happened on the way to the Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the Green Bay Packers on January 18.

My mother was the only person in the house watching the game.

My dad, an avid runner and cyclist, found the local trails more alluring than the hype surrounding the NFC championship. My older brother had initially come to make dinner for them later that night, but in the meantime had gone to work out, uninterested in the outcome of the game (my younger brother is an avid football fan and most certainly was watching it in his home).

Meanwhile, I’m the only man left in the house, albeit I’m pecking away at my laptop trying to get some work done.

At one point I got yet another call from my lonely mother asking if I’ll watch the game with her. I stopped and asked myself, What is going on here? Why am I, a man, not watching the game while my mother, who normally watches the Hallmark Channel, can’t take her eyes off of it?

To watch or not to watch


The answer wasn’t immediately obvious. While I enjoy a good football game as much as the next man and actually ended up watching the fourth quarter, I had a higher level of emotional investment in my work, something I was directly involved in and had control over.

It’s not that I don’t like the Seahawks. If I met Russell Wilson, I’d be searching for a football for him to sign. It just that I’m not obsessed.

But that wasn’t it.

I’ve also grown tired of the Seahawks worship. For those of you who aren’t from the area, it’s become the dominant religion. It’s hard to claim I’m exaggerating when the churches cancel or change their services times to accommodate game schedules, while they openly encourage the “faithful” to wear a Richard Sherman jersey as they worship Jesus. For a Christian like myself, wanting to go worship God without hearing any mention of the Seahawks during the sermon means staying home and listening to sermons online.

Still, that wasn’t it. It wasn’t until my brother came back from working out that I realized why.

Watching Sunday football just isn’t a masculine thing to do anymore.

Maybe I am alone in this sentiment. I have a strange feeling, however, I’m not.

How Sunday football spectating has been feminized

That a man might even contemplate this possibility demonstrates the effort to feminize American football has been a total success. Although the game itself is as violent and alpha-male dominated as ever, the marketing panders to and placates women.

Six years ago, a story like the one I described above would have never happened. Even in the 1990s, the height of feminism, Sunday football was one of the few remaining vestiges of masculinity.


The way men were.

Yes, there were women who enjoyed high school or even college football, but they were the token gal among the boys. And there was something different about Sunday football. It was when average men gathered together to drink beer and eat junk food while their wives or girlfriends made some offhand remark about them all being Neanderthals. It was Home Improvement’s Tim Taylor’s time to bond with his sons while his wife Jill is busy telling them not to get “too involved in that.”

Now, these women are huddled up next to their hubbies on the couch, adorned from head to toe in their respective football team’s apparel they bought en masse at a sporting goods store in an attempt to conform to latest social trend. Older woman who in a previous generation would have rolled their eyes amusingly at men cheering a QB sack now screech and scream like they’re back in high school cheer squad and talk about how cute they think their favorite player’s hair is or how they enjoy watching them during their cuddle — I mean huddle.

For a lot of men, the change in atmosphere and environment is unbearable.

To be fair, much of this phenomenon in the Seattle area can be attributed to the recent success of the Seahawks. My mother, like 90 percent of the women here, had absolutely zero interest in football until their 2005 appearance at the Super Bowl, the first in their history. The excitement then disappeared for another seven years until the “Russell Wilson” effect had women swooning as they flocked to the living room to join their husbands in what once was a masculine refuge of solitude.

But it’s not just the Seahawks’ success. You can see it in the way in which domestic violence, against women, of course, dominates the discussion during football games, the effeminate pink sweatbands players wear for breast cancer awareness.

Bob Costa’s anti-gun rant in 2012 during a live football game showed women have finally taken over. Had he said something that dumb when the primary audience was men who still wore the pants in the family….well, never mind, he wouldn’t have been that dumb.

Women in the world of men

What’s happened is the women have finally penetrated—trigger warning—one of the final bastions of male-dominated rituals, the spectating of the Sunday football game. Like everything else that once gave men a sense of community or bonding, women have barged their way in, and like all others they now control the conversation.

It’s why you have football players featured in commercials condemning domestic violence committed against women by men but none on how men make up 40 percent of domestic violence victims. It’s why you don’t hear about how 85 percent of the time women are awarded child custody during a divorce, nor the suicide rate disparity between men and women following divorce. It’s why you don’t hear about paternity fraud or a see segment on how “deadbeat dads” might actually be real human beings who love their children but can’t see them ever because they work two full-time jobs to pay for alimony and/or child support.

These are relevant men’s issues. Back when football was a masculine man’s world and women were merely guests in it at best, these topics might have gotten a fair hearing.

Comedian Bill Burr nailed it when he told Conan O’Brien why women took over football. Because it was started by men for men. And they can’t have that, especially in a country that has its balls in the feminists’ purse.

Notice that men don’t seek out female-dominated pastimes and attempt to intrude. Men are content with women doing their own thing among themselves and have no interest changing the arrangement. For feminists, however, there is an instinctive resentment of anything male-oriented or exclusively male. Honestly, how many women actually watch football because they personally enjoy it? How many would watch it if all of their girlfriends thought it was “weird”?



There is also a subversive side to the whole thing. As Fred Reed observed, it is difficult for men to have certain conversations while a woman is present. When women become a significant portion of the group, these conversations become impossible. Much of what men enjoy about male-exclusive activities is the ability to segregate themselves from women, to be alone with men so they can speak plainly and openly about things.

Feminists know this. To them, it is critical these conversations don’t happen on a large scale in order to maintain control.

That’s why men like myself find ourselves doing other things on Sunday. It’s no longer a time for men to chat with other men about things men care about without censoring ourselves for the sake of the women in the room. Watching football is slowly becoming an experience akin to watching a soap opera with a bunch of stay-at-home moms.

Yes, the players are men, the coaches are men, the commentators are men, and the team owners are men, but like the modern Christian church in America, the NFL is now an institution run by men for women.

Again, I might be alone on this, but the comment below made by a rueful husband in a recent Seattle Times story in regard to his wife’s newly-found obsession with the sport says I’m not:

“I’ve created a monster.”

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298 thoughts on “Football Is No Longer A Masculine Pastime”

  1. Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.
    -George Will

    1. Well, there is something to say for residual blood stains. That’s a cool form of pink, but it has to happen during the game, heh.
      Lacrosse is the only sport I can even stomach to watch (live) nowadays with any frequency, followed by minor league baseball (love sitting for hours on end in a relaxed stadium drinking and watching a casual slow paced game on a hot summer day). Truth be told though, I’d rather play than watch.
      As to football, don’t think that other men aren’t noticing this as well. The “what the fuck” comments I hear from men at bars are not terribly infrequent regarding the whole feminization push.

        1. Absolutely agree. Life isn’t supposed to be hectic stress all the time. In fact, human beings were not designed to be in a constant state of stress, which I strongly suspect is what causes so many late stage illnesses and cancers (just speculating).
          The same folks that complain about baseball also utterly miss the entire point of fishing, where the ultimate goal is not about catching fish.
          I pity those types.

        2. One of the best times I had in recent memory was when two buddies and I kayaked down a river south of here over a long weekend. We fished all day and at the end, I caught exactly one fish. But we swam when we got hot, drank beer the whole time, made camp in the evening, ate like cavemen and bathed in the river. Most importantly, we got to act like men without the scrutiny of women. Great times.

    2. They get such a kick out of making football players wear pink. It’s a humiliation ritual. Nothing to do with the breast cancer scam.

    1. Both were the same thing prior to the 1920’s actually. Back at the turn of the 20th century Harvard played “Harvard Style Rugby”, and other American universities did the same as well (with their own name appended before the word “Style”).

      1. Really it’s more of a joke. I just like the non-PC guys of Top Gear. I doubt it’ll be the same though. They’ve pretty told Clarkson one more “outrage” and he’s canned. I think he’s managed to piss everyone from feminists to Mexicans, Americans, Russians, the French, chavs, zee Germans, (and so on) off already anyway.

        1. Top Gear makes money precisely because Clarkson and his two wingmen insult the crap out of everyone and everything. The cars are secondary to making another German Joke.
          And Clarkson is part of the power elite: he plays the jester, while his children play with the PM’s.

        1. Yeah, it was wholesale brutal for a long while, and most of the time it was an excuse simply to brawl back in the day, when the entire viewing audience would end up on the field beating the living shit out of each other.
          This country used to be such a fun place.

    2. Rugby has been taken over by women here in England too. Go to any university populated with the upper-middle class/upper class and you’ll see loads of posh girls talking about Rugby. They’re always a particular type of girl, but they’re girls nonetheless, and thus I doubt the blokes can have the same kind of conversations and so on – as was discussed in the article.

      1. Nothing makes my dick softer than hearing that a girl plays rugby or football. My buddy caught oneitis for a girl who played rugby when he was at uni – She wasn’t ugly by any means but her looks were negated by the fact she plays a game traditionally played by large, balding men.
        He didn’t quite get why we found her mildly repulsive.

      2. It’s a walking stereotype in the UK that a rich bitch ugg boot wearing home counties horsey crowd Princess will readily and openly suck the cock of a rugby player. First team at any uni does get to pick whoever they want out of the horsey set to bang. You have to remember that rugby even though very popular here in England, is still associated with the wealthy.

      3. I don’t know… most blokes I know in England don’t give a shit what women think about the conversation.

      4. Same with Australian football. My girlfriend doesn’t watch it, but she has this really weird ability to know who’s going to win.

      1. Could you imagine if the USA actually played Rugby, though? It would be hilarious curb-stomping these arrogant and snobbish Englishmen every time.

    1. Yes. Marketing firms have declared en masse that women are the primary consumer spenders and have made no bones about turning all advertising towards women. Script writers, whose salary is ultimately paid for by commercials, have followed suit and made television a wholly female experience.
      This is why I gave up that damned device in 2003, it was clear even then what was happening.

  2. the only primarily male space I have left is motorcycle roadracing. While there are a few women who race, they suck terribly at it. In fact, many sanctioning bodies are now creating a womens class so they can win at least one.

    1. It’s because most of them are too scared to go fast. If they went faster, they’d win taking account their size. NASCAR racers are not big guys. But women don’t really like taking risks.

  3. I’m not against women watching football but the SJWs and feminists hijack them with retarded domestic violence commercials and shit and this the annoying part of it.

  4. I still watch the NFL. You know how you watch the NFL and enjoy it? No women. Hang out a “NO GURLZ ALLOWED” sign if you have to, but keep the girls the fuck away, except the stripper you get for half-time. Otherwise, they can fuck off to the mall or wherever women fuck off to now that the 90s are over.
    A buddy of mine married a girl who got it. Even after they got married, if he had a bunch of guys over for the playoffs, she bugged out and took my girlfriend wither her, as well as anyone else’s miscellaneous girlfriend. They’d make food for us, and leave. I don’t know where they went, and I don’t care. The important thing is, the went, and didn’t come back for three hours. And it was wonderful. Not that they weren’t fun to be around/highly ornamental/tremendous aids in relaxation, but they understood that guys need to have male-only space.
    If watching football isn’t fun anymore then try booting the women out. I guaranty that it will get better, except maybe for that “Pink” bullshit, but that can’t be helped…for now.

    1. Careful. Some dyke or feminized bitch boy might report you to the news. I can just see it now on MSNBC. Some fat troll dyke of a woman crying and screaming outside of your house with a sign that says “THEY EXCLUDED US!!!!!!!” Chris Mathews and Maddow will show up to give talks on “inclusiveness” and the “glass ceiling of sports”.

      1. That would only up my street-cred as the local male chauvinist Neanderthal who throws cool parties.

    2. I follow a trashy, chubby, single mom ex-co-worker on facebook. It’s fascinating. She found a young beta dude to marry her and raise her spawn and married him on Super Bowl Sunday last year. Now she/they are having a Super Bowl/Anniversary party. That sneaky bitch figure out how to make the fucking Super Bowl about herself. It’s evil, but pretty damn clever.

      1. I wonder if the husband regrets letting her pick the wedding date? He really didn’t think that one through…dude will never, ever get to go hang with just the boys and watch the game ever again.

      2. I have a friend whose new wife made them get married on Mother’s Day. That way, she is #1 instead of my buddy’s sweet old mother. As you say…evil, but clever.

        1. Yep, because she will have the house, the kids, half the money and he’ll STILL have to pay alimony. No where else to go unfortunately.

    3. I agree 100%, but I cannot put my finger on exactly why. I have yet to meet a woman that won’t start talking about something irrelevant while the game is on, but I know a few guys that do that as well. Something about having a female in the group just prevents men from being men, and a good football game is best enjoyed by men focusing on whats happening on the field.

      1. It’s similar to this: I have a buddy who is a golfer. He says he never takes his wife golfing so that he never has to say, “Nice shot, honey!” 85 times on the front nine.

        1. You touch on a good point here: men don’t want to pander to women’s hurt feelings. Unless you commend them and pat them on the head for wiping their ass, they get upset.
          In male only company, you can tell it how it is. I bet your buddy would say to his golfing friends: “hahaha that shot was shit!!!” And they would all laugh about it. If he said that to his wife, she would get pouty and not talk to him for 3 days.

        2. Hahhahahhahhahahhaha the alternative definition for beta male; a man who takes his woman to play golf with him

    4. Good advice. The sad part is all of the nonsense that has been feminized around (and about) the NFL. The pink bullshit, the commercials, the female reporters, etc, etc… God damn…I just can’t watch it any longer.
      You can remove the women (from the area) but the NFL “environment” has changed too much. That bullshit commercial came on TV (when I was in a bar) for domestic abuse and I just shook my fucking head….turned my back to it.
      They say “domestic abuse” but the underlying message that no one talks about – men abusing women. You never hear (or rarely hear cases about the woman being the abuser. It’s bullshit. I can’t do more money or time from me on it.

    5. I liked Tagleboo. Goodell is making the league soft by selling out to women and network television. Tagleboo was old school. The whole pink in october which is a big portion of the season for a 6-7 ft tall male to be running around with hot pink on. I understand the awareness because its for cancer, but its more so about money then it is about raising awareness. But how much of the proceeds really go to cancer research.
      Women money is good money. Watching the Game at the Bar and the loudest shreeking harpies voices that carryed out through out the bar was from? Guess who. And they wasnt even for big plays, it was for silly plays. Throw a party, they show up with friends or invite friends, dont even acknowledge the fine single gentlemen there, but want you to wait hand and foot to mix them drinks, and help themselves to the food while they play dumb freeload and pretend to know whats going. Halftime they’re probably full feed and pissy drunk off your booze while they sit and text the cock they have lined up for after the game, and are always quickest to leave while the fellas sit around and chat over what ever food or booze we have left.
      They’re now commiercials selling women jerseys. This domestic violence awareness is a dead horse. The media outlets like ESPN is supercharged wit PC. Katy perry was a sing A long for the children and they need to put rockstars up. The penaltys are absolutly getting redicoulos now especially the no celebrating and they want you be aggressive on the field but totally emasculated off it. Marshawn lych had all the hype of being the best RB in the league, they love him, but as soon as he says Im only here so I wont get fined I had to deal with the news saying how disrespectfull he is. No dignity at all any more, Seattle threw it because they wanted willson to get mvp and notif marshaun, just a hunch

      1. You guys have all missed the point. The government is actively attacking the populace with social engineering. The NFL has been bought and sold by the government, particularly the CIA and all this feminine crap that is being foisted upon you is to weaken men, and they have been doing this for quite a number of years now.
        Your best bet now is to totally abandon and shun the NFL for the evil they have given in to. Find a new hobby, because football exists to promote homosexuality and emasculate you now.

  5. Used to be a fanatic baller, and loved watching the game. I haven’t even watched the Super bowl for a few years. Free agency ruined it, or helped to. The NFL is doing nothing to win me back. Oh, wait, they’re pandering to sexual deviants. That’ll work.

    1. Francis is pretty much a walking vagina, so your prophecy may well have come to be fulfilled.

      1. Every time I see or hear mention of that faggot in the news/in person I cringe. Mostly because it is always some leftist praising him to high heaven with such things like “he’s such a cool pope!”. Vomit. Commie Bastard.

        1. Every time one of my Godless heathen friends comments on how much they like Francis, I always ask “Do you like him enough to join the Catholic Church?” No, they just like him because they get the impression that he doesn’t take Catholicism as seriously as his two predecessors. Under Francis, “Is the pope Catholic?” may no longer be a rhetorical question.

        2. Thankfully however we’ll always find certainty in knowing that bears, yes, do in fact shit in the woods.

        3. If you’re the head of a religion you should probably take it seriously instead of trying to become Rachel Maddow in a funny hat. But that’s none of my business.

        4. In contrast, pretty much everyone respected John Paul II even if they themselves were indifferent or actively disliked religion.

        5. Until liberals deem it necessary that bears be given the right to not shit in the woods or something. Because having to shit in the woods instead of your living room is oppressive. Right?

        6. The nice thing about bears is that they have no qualms in attacking and eating leftists that come over to “liberate” them. Gotta admire bears that way.

        7. They’ll come running asking me to put the bear down with my 12 gauge and some slugs in a heartbeat. Funny how people who don’t believe in guns depend so desperately on people who have them for protection/saving.

  6. Does anyone else see the irony of wearing another man’s name(football jersey) like a male version of the trampstamp?

  7. Obsessing about sports you don’t play at the expense of mental and physical pursuits is unmanly.

    1. I don’t really care who wins the game. But I have found two redeeming qualities about sports. The first being it is a great social prompt. The second is my schadenfreude is satisfied in every contest.

      1. There is something quite malicious and gleeful that warms the bottom of my soul….. when I see some idiot not wave for a fair catch and get absofuckinglutely annihilated.

        1. I enjoy watching some sports (notably the collision ones such as football, rugby, hockey, and lacrosse). And I respect the natural and acquired talents it takes to compete in sports. But my life doesn’t revolve around them like it does for some people.

        2. Same here. Exactly why I never say “we won”. I leave that for the religious fanatics of their sports.

      2. Sports were meant to be a lesson in masculine virtue. Now they seem to have replaced masculinity.

        1. Probably. But that is what happens in sanitized cultures where actual masculinity is highly discouraged.

        2. Men compete with one another under restraint of rules intended to ensure as much fairness (impartiality) as possible. Masculine virtues often result, because the goal isn’t to always win (nobody does) but to IMPROVE the individual and/or group via the experience. That’s why boys intent on athletics always play with guys a little older and better.
          Women do not invent elaborate rules of restraint, fairness, and impartiality. They make the rules and laws up according to momentary desire and demand. Fixed and severe rules are only for imposition upon males.

  8. Been thinking the same thing… Those years of “breast cancer awareness” were always a bit lame, but you got by it. Now, with all the bowing to “domestic violence awareness” and such, the NFL has shown itself to be just another feminized entertainment outlet. The proper course of action is to just let it flounder, and devote our time, attention, and most importantly our money to organizations and activities that remain masculine.

    1. Yes, indeed. We (men) may need to come up with local groups or clubs, again. There may be a new “need” for places where men can gather (in secret if needed) to have a drink or beer and discuss real shit (real solutions, real problems of the world, share ideas, thoughts, experiences, etc…).
      We’ll have to make it a new “fight club” with that similar motto: You can’t talk about (name) club.

  9. There is also a subversive side to the whole thing. As Fred Reed observed,
    it is difficult for men to have certain conversations while a woman is
    present. When women become a significant portion of the group, these
    conversations become impossible. Much of what men enjoy about
    male-exclusive activities is the ability to segregate themselves from
    women, to be alone with men so they can speak plainly and openly about

    +1 Fred Reed reference. That man is hard hitting, no nonsense and has a writing style akin to a modern Mark Twain at times.
    I keep coming back to bikers, but it does seem to me that this place in my life is still a safe haven. Yes, biker bitches show up with their alpha men, but they cluster off into their own little groups after everybody has said their howdy to one another. A few younger chicks try to interrupt male conversations, or hang around when men are talking, and find themselves literally and without question excluded. Think the “cut direct” from the 19th century.
    Biker1: “So yeah man, I was riding my shit down on the Serpent and almost slid out on a patch of loose rocks. Fucking shit man, thought I was going down!”
    Biker2: “Fuck man, that kind of shit will fuck you up!”
    Girl: “OMG, I like so totally almost fell off the back of Snake’s bike last week, I was all like…”
    Biker1: (without missing a breath, turns away from Girl and speaks directly to biker2) “So yeah, watch out on that trail man, especially at the 5 mile marker”
    Girl: (being ignored, frowns a little, walks away)

    1. I don’t even think I can remember another human ignoring a girl like that ever, except for myself. Especially when drunk and a girl tries to interrupt one of my long winded philosophical questions with a drinking buddy. I give her a look that says “I will kill your cats and fingerbang them when dead” and then resume random drinking conversation.

      1. Happens all the time here. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the chicks say things that we all laugh at, sometimes they like to stay and drape themselves on their dude, or whatever, but once the conversations turn pure 100% masculine, they are not welcome to interrupt and know to wander off, or be quiet, mostly. More importantly, I have yet to hear a buddy of mine moderate his conversation, words or “un-PC” thoughts if women are present. If they don’t like what he has to say, the notion is “get the fuck out of here then” as understood by all. It’s a liberating feeling after dealing with the “real world” most of the time.

        1. I feel as if Football and Sports in general would still be a male dominated space if only ALL men would stop moderating their conversations as soon as a female was within earshot. Little miss sensitive, emotional sports gurrrlll would evaporate from the room faster than the special snowflake she thinks she is would in a microwave.

        2. I imagine the biker girls are blue-collar-workers’-daughter types? These are the best girls, hands down.
          They know their place in life, and know that being entitled won’t get them anything. They are comfortable with their role.
          The one thing you have to watch out for with these girls is when they go craaaaayyyy and divorce rape.

      1. This is the money shot of that article. He’s priceless.
        Any loon feminist can accuse men of being rapists, killers, sadists, and Marines. These are pretty serious charges. A fellow could take exception to them. But if I say something comparatively innocuous in return, such as that I weary of being harried by a rat-pack of diesel-fired tarantulas who mostly look like Rin Tin Tin’s littermates–why, they get mad. (Yes, I know, that was a three-animal zoological-automotive metaphor. Patent applied for.)

  10. Female envy at work. Feminism was founded on envy, is driven by envy, and consumed by envy.
    Football just happens to be one its victims.

  11. Pretty much the only sport where the women leave me and my guy friends alone to watch is WWE (“sport” being taken very broadly there.) They roll their eyes and scoff about us being neanderthals when we talk about the Macho Man Randy Savage getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Yes, I know professional wrestling is fake. Shakespeare plays are fake too you know.

  12. Every time I see that domestic violence commercial aka “it’s hard to talk about let’s start the conversation” I rage. Football has now become a platform for leftist talking points like “rape culture” and how all men are violent, wife beating rapist assholes. Having to suffer through all the Ray Rice bullshit and being the only person in the room who saw it from Rice’s perspective was bad enough. Now when I role my eyes at that fucking commercial I am met with remarks of “it’s a serious problem bro” from the white knights I’m watching the game with. Hopefully there will be some good non-leftist commercials for the Superbowl but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Those idiots dont realize how deeply theyre enabling women to do whatever they want without consequence.
      If your girl is mad at you she knows she can get away with anything and a government goon squad will back her up.
      You’d be surprised how many movies where women hit men without retaliation.
      A woman can pretty much do anything up to murder and have a decent chance of getting away scot free

      1. As much as I hate to say it, when the shit finally does hit the fan I look forward to being able to knock a cunt out when she deserves it. This is without her government goon squad coming to arrest me for something as simple as moving her out of the way so I can leave the residence.

  13. In the 70’s, 80’s and early/mid 90’s I watched football religiously.
    Starting early 2000’s my interest started waning, and 6 or 7 years ago I quit entirely. It’s not just football, it’s sports entirely fo rme.
    I never thought that would happen. When I was younger I always thought I would be a huge sports fan (particularly football). Guess not.

  14. “It’s hard to claim I’m exaggerating when the churches cancel or change
    their services times to accommodate game schedules, while they openly
    encourage the “faithful” to wear a Richard Sherman jersey as they
    worship Jesus. For a Christian like myself, wanting to go worship God
    without hearing any mention of the Seahawks during the sermon means
    staying home and listening to sermons online.”
    “Yes, the players are men, the coaches are men, the commentators are men,
    and the team owners are men, but like the modern Christian church in
    America, the NFL is now an institution run by men for women.”
    Stop passively sitting on your ass listening to sermons. Stand at attention and actively pray the Divine Liturgy.:
    Dimond is among what appears to be a sizable number of people nationally and locally who are converting to Orthodoxy.
    In Washington state alone, the number of Orthodox churches has
    doubled from 13 in 1987 to 26 now. And while membership growth in some
    of them is still due to new immigrants, others are growing primarily
    because of converts.
    Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Shoreline grew from about 40 members eight years ago to about 150 members now. The church, which conducts its services in English, is unusual for a Greek Orthodox church because it has so many converts — perhaps half of the congregation, said member Martha Pavsidis.
    Janell Gilmore, 54, an accountant from Kenmore, has attended various churches but wanted more than just going to church on Sundays.
    A friend invited her to Holy Apostles. In services called the Divine Liturgy — which feature candles, incense, icons and congregations chanting and mostly standing throughout — Gilmore felt “much closer to God. It’s like all your senses are permeated with God’s presence.”
    Holy Apostles member Judy Bethea, 65, a retired therapist in Mill Creek, began her journey toward Orthodoxy four years ago when the turmoil in the Episcopal Church began reaching a crisis point after the election of an openly gay bishop.
    “I was looking for something solid, steady, unchanging,” she said. “What I found here is a rock-solid church that had not changed what it believes and what it preaches in 2,000 years.”

      1. The author had two paragraphs addressing his Christianity, his attendance at a feminist/football “church,” and his observation that the modern (Heterodox) Church is like the NFL “an institution run by men for women.”
        So, my advising him to seek an older, more active/masculine form of Christianity, located in his own area, is not thread jacking.
        If anyone thread jacked, it was you with your Nazi sympathies. Here’s Orthodox Cossacks saying hello to the US backed Ukie Nazi junta puppets:

  15. Yeah the sheer number of duckface selfies with team beanies and jerseys on and the black strips under the eyes (I don’t even know what those are officially called) is really comical. All that they’re really thinking is “Free food and drinks and constant attention on Sunday, yesss!”, give me a goddamn break already!
    Ah, Sundays in the 1990s… Pro football all day then The Simpsons when it was still actually good and then Married… with Children right after. Such fond memories.
    Eh, they’re all criminally overpaid for running around a field with a ball anyway, so it is no loss.

    1. Sundays in the 1990s… Pro football all day then The Simpsons when it was still actually good and then Married… with Children right after.

  16. “Social trend” sums it up nicely.
    And for the record, while I enjoy an occasional game myself, I place obsessive sports fandom by a woman high on the list of things I find unattractive.

  17. Not that it isn’t a universal problem, but Seattle being a liberal shithole and the home of Starbucks might have something to do with it.

  18. If you want man-only time watch horror films like Maniac (either version), I Spit On Your Grave (same), Last House on the Left (Jesus, has anything not been remade???) or Irreversible. Trust me, nary a woman will be within earshot.

    1. Actually my wife loves horror movies. She manages to cultivate this love of them by not actually seeing 75% of any given flick since she covers her face or buries her head in my arm during the scary parts.

      1. Just like all the rest of them do. The 1980 Maniac had a theatrical re-release (so great!) and my ex walked out twice during it. Hey, I got dragged to innumerable comedies (which I generally detest, not interested in seeing a bunch of underachieving White guys or Jews running around Manhattan or Los Angeles trying to get sex, which is the gist of most of them if you really think about it), it was only fair I subject her to that!

  19. Jeez they’re just like a virus. They infect the host, multiply themselves, wreak havoc and it becomes all about them. Then when they destroy everything its onto a new host.

  20. I honestly thought this was going be another lame defense of the Pats.
    “Real men cheat.” Bla bla bla

    1. Suck it down and squeal harder next time. Looking more and more like they had nothing to do with the deflated balls. As if it affected a 45-7 game where Brady did better with the fully inflated balls in the second half.

      1. Oh yea, I totally believe it was a rogue ball boy.
        Here let me give a * for the record.

        1. They’re not even saying the ball boy did it anymore. Guy just stopped to take a piss for 90 seconds. Looking more and more like it’s on the officials.

  21. I love the game. I’ve been a Packers fan for 30 years. I hate what’s become of the NFL. You’ll never hear me referring to a Packers win as “we won”. I’m no player. I played football in high school but that was it. I was on the chain gang for a few of my son’s football games. You’ll never see me wear a players jersey but I might sport a shirt or hat with the packers emblem at a game party.
    Mark, I think you hit the nail on the head as to what makes me hate certain teams like the Seahawks. I live in Los angeles but I hated the Raiders because of the fans. I always had a respect for the Chargers for the same reason.
    I got to watch the last half of the Packers/Seahawks game after getting off a flight and here are a few of my observations. I couldn’t make it home in time to watch the second half in time so I went over to an airport hang out to watch what was left of the game. It just so happened that there were a some fellow Packers fans, some geeky dudes who only acted like they liked football so they wouldn’t look out of place and some women–very annoying women. I’m trying to watch the most entertaining game I’ve seen all season, not answer questions about what’s going on, who the players are dating, why this and that just happened. At one point I was a total dick and told this one chick “I’m trying to watch this game, you have a smart phone, google is your friend”. It was a stark contrast with how I usually watch a game at home.
    My wife, son and I usually watch the games together when we can. My wife got interested in football several years back. When she did, she researched the rules of the game, how the NFC and AFC broke down, asked us a couple questions here and there and watched the game–not “the game”. We went to all our sons games and I actually like watching HS football better than the NFL. When it’s actually a family member winning, it’s a great feeling–better than the feeling I remember from a win being on the team.
    Football is like anything else. You have to look through all the static. Usually what I do is watch the game with the sound turned down, then I turn on the AM radio and listen to the team announcer. Sometimes you have to sinc the game with the radio using a DVR.

    1. I hate the whole “WE won!!!!” No you didn’t. You sat on the couch getting fatter and more drunk screaming at grown men living their dreams wishing you could be them/ bang them if you’re one of the girls who watches to see who is the cutest.

  22. Even the talking-head, sports program men on TV are behaving like women.
    About a week ago there was a sports program hosted by two pretty, youngish women. They were gushing about the NFL playoffs, but obviously had nothing to say. Then one said to the other “Let’s turn it over to four guys who actually played the game”. The screen cut away to an identical set with four men who proceeded to “analyze” the game.
    Only they didn’t actually analyze. They talked “around” the game, each one playing a role. They passed the verbal ball from one to another so each could make some useless points. They set each other up for faux, tastes-great-less-filling debates. It was painfully obvious the whole thing was scripted. And never was heard a discouraging word.
    Then it hit me: they’re talking and behaving like women — animated gestures, lit-up facial expressions, artificial excitement in their voices, happytalk positiveness, empty hyping (everything is “super” and “awesome”), tons of eyecontact/relating/responding to each other.
    The show wasn’t actually about football, or even about sports. Football was just a platform, a vehicle. The program was merely entertainment, trying to deliver a sugar-high of excitement. It was like a high-energy infomercial, offering pseudo-content and trying to keep the viewer-junky watching by giving one cheesy adrenalin rush after another.
    Onscreen, nothing was happening for a man interested in football to give a shit about. That’s pretty much what I’d say about the feminized, crony-capitalist NFL too.

    1. It’s because those shows are all scripted to entertain the new consumers….women. If they actually talked about the Xs and Os, then women would turn it off or walk away.
      Those commentators used to talk about strategies, defensive schemes, etc…today they talk about the QBs grandmother, his new hairstyle, etc….it’s fucking ridiculous and it’s all feminine.
      Again, I can’t watch the bullshit any longer. If it’s on TV at someone’s house or if it’s on at a bar then no choice (but to leave). I don’t make any of my time available for it, though.

      1. I had a friend note that Sportscenter turned into TMZ several years ago.
        I don’t watch sports, I’d rather do things than watch others do them.

        1. Agree. I never really watched Sportscenter. I would occasionally catch it or similar shows like it while sitting at the bar and I agree on doing the activities versus watching them. The sad part about today is like you noted (the TMZ reference). So many of these outlets are going for the ratings factor so their all using the same formula. Many channels have turned into nothing but drama filled reality channels for ratings (even channels like The Learning and History channels). They used to be about education….now their like the rest…just nonsense (the continuation of dumbing down Americans).

  23. Modern football and basketball are particularly pathetic. A lot of middle-aged white men wearing jerseys with the names of other men on them cheering on a bunch of black guys slamming into each other or throwing a ball through a hoop.

  24. A major part is women wanting to intrude on predominantly male activities but the other part is money. The more women watch football an buy jerseys etc, the more money the NFL an their franchises make which is why they push all of the feminist PC down your throat. Sure some men will be turned off but they are still making more money off women. In the west there”s very few masculine activities for men unfortunately.

    1. They’re just banking on men suffering through the shitstorm and continuing to watch football, which by and large they certainly will. Win-Win. Females buy outrageous amounts of expensive team merchandise and men still tune in on Sunday.

      1. That’s exactly right, most men don’t think like the guys on this site, they are so used to swallowing feminist narrative that the NFL becoming feminized isn’t an issue to them.

        1. I don’t quite see that. Lots of griping going on with men I know who are not “red pill”. I think it’s the “domestic abuse” commercials that is finally breaking the back of that bullshit. Or not, I really don’t know, I don’t watch the games.

        2. There’s definitely some more awareness of red poll concepts an of the femizing of society an some fightback, but your average western male is still feminist brainwashed. I bet if you talked to your average American man about the feminizing of The NFL they would understand it’s happening but wouldn’t see it as an issue as genger inclusity is the norm. Plus thirsty guys would probably think female football fans are cool coz it gets them something to talk to girls about.

        3. Most guys I hear bitch about the feminization of the NFL aren’t particularly enamored with “gender inclusivity” actually. They don’t mind the sideline reporter chicks, of course, but seem to be openly bristling with “fuck you” over the assumption that the NFL is making that we’re all “domestic abusers” simply for owning a penis.

        4. OK well it’s good to hear that the men you are talking too are getting annoyed with it. When I talked about gender inclusive I didn’t mean it’s something your average Joe says but your average Joe would still watch NFL an not see the feminizing of it as an issue, since they are living in a feminized society it’s what they are used too an taught to accept.

        5. I agree with you. I think it’s the combination of constantly hearing about the Ray Rice incident (another NFL player – the evil man – and his innocent wife) with the domestic abuse commercial.
          It’s finally getting to many guys and they are responding with ‘what the fuck?…where is the football game?”

        6. Domestic violence commercials are bullshit! I don’t mind women watching or even playing sports but the PC commercials are getting to be annoying. It’s one thing to play and watch the sport but bombarding it with ‘pink’ or PC domestic violence commercials so more women can watch is annoying.

  25. It’s all about conformity. Football is being hyped to women, and women, being the gullible collectivists they are (how else would feminism be so successful in destroying their own nature?) are all into it now.
    You know, there are people in think tanks noticing this. They will study this success – heck they probably did it on new tabletop models just to test the paradigms – and then seek to apply it to something else.
    What’s next?
    It could be a kind of national socialism or maybe a gun control movement (just gotta send another windup toy into a school of course), or maybe a “combo” terrorist attack/new facism one-two punch like 911 that turned a lot of soccer moms into “security moms”.
    Yes, the women, or their mental shortcomings and malleability, are weaponized and have been for a long long time.

        1. Considering that National Socialism was founded purely to combat communism, I have to disagree.

        2. National socialism was a German version of Fascism = right wing. Only libertarianism is even more right wing. So it is almost as right wing as one can get

        3. Socialist movements have always hated each other. The communists would have taken great glee if they’d managed to get ahold of the English Fabian socialists.

        4. Still. You just can’t equate communism and national socialism. Nor Fascism for that matter, though it is closer to communism than NS.

        5. False. Fascism was the gathering of failed anarcho-socialist movements that festered from the late 1800’s through the 1920’s. Mussolini was a famous anarcho-socialist who turned a lot of his comrades on to fascism, which was sold as a slightly modified version of the previous movement. If you can’t convince people to go to anarchy through socialism, you can well convince them that you can use socialism to make the trains run on time, the thinking went.
          When a movement has “Socialist” in the title of it, I take it at face value as leftist. It’s kind of self apparent, when you consider it.

        6. I didn’t say they were the same thing. I said they were two sides to the same leftist coin. Each side was different in degrees, but still of the same basic thought e.g. – societal control of the means of production.
          It’s no mistake that Nazis called each other “Komerade”.

        7. National Socialism is a misleading title. Was neither socialist, nor capitalist. And it was in no way communist.

        8. It was quite socialist actually. The means of production were directed by the government for government purposes, while maintaining the facade of private property and allowing “industrialists” to keep a government defined share of the profits. But it was controlled by the government, make no mistake.
          I never claimed it was communist.

        9. “Lieber tot als rot” “Better dead than red”. No mistake it rhymes in both languages. Communism and National Socialism don’t belong on the same coin, much less the same currency. More like mortal enemies. You can argue which of the Reichs policies are socialist etc.

        10. Term liberalism is used by both left and right. DPRK has the word democratic in it. Libertarianism used to be a leftist movement.
          The terms don’t mean much, especially when you are taking it out of context. Only Hitler used the word socialism.

        11. Aye, but any man who likes socialism is by default not alpha. Wanting others to control your shit is beta/omega, and thinking you can control the shit of others is pie in the sky thinking at best.

        12. Yeah, him and the entire rest of the party and the whole of the German people. But other than them.
          I’m well versed in libertarianism here, that’s not in question, fwiw.
          It’s more than the word of course, it’s the practical application. The means of production were dictated by the government. That some non-government were allowed to make a buck is irrelevant to the ultimate definition, which is, societal control of the means of production.
          Leftists have to suck it hard, Nazis were left wing. Sucks to be a leftist.

        13. I view it as Military Keynesianism. Early in the Reichs history in the 30’s it was much more shall way say “capitalistic”. When you only have a poorly equipped standing army of 100,000 and you see the soviets preparing for war, it was necessary in order to not be wiped off the map in 1941.

        14. Nazis were extremely right wing in many regards. A government dictated military build up in the face of the soviets rolling over Europe was a necessary evil.

        15. Being the enemy of somebody does not mean that you pursue a different overall philosophy. Christian European countries had no problem beating the living shit out of each other for centuries, despite sharing the overarching philosophy of Christianity, for example. They differed in the application and flavor ’tis all, and were more than happy to exterminate other Christians as heretics wholesale. Same with socialists of all stripes.
          If you ever get to hear differing socialists debate you are in for quite a show. They reserve their most dire hatred for those they view as traitors to their “cause”. Fabians and communists practically choke each other for your viewing amusement.

        16. I don’t disagree. But then, Keynesianism is a primary economic plank of most lefitsts, today and back then (though not necessarily socialists per se).

        17. Leftists aren’t anti-military EXCEPT for the hippies from the 1960’s. China, Russia, the NORKS, are all pleased as punch to be highly military oriented and have no qualms with invading other nations.
          In fact, one of the primary criticisms of the Right during the 1920’s and 1930’s was that we were too peaceful and anti-war.

        18. I would like to see socialists inflict harm against each other for “micro-aggressions” against each others personal flavor of libtard. Guess we’ll have to just agree to disagree on the NS thing. One things for sure, both the left and the right love to accuse the other of being Hitler. Just check out Fox and MSNBC. They get raging hardons whenever they can call the opposition that made up word “Nazi”

        19. There was an article here recently about some leftist group turning on another. I think it’s the Transgendered against the Feminists or some such trope.
          They eat their own, and do so gleefully. I love to observe it in action.

        20. “They eat their own, and do so gleefully.” Exactly like females do. Hmm, need any more proof leftism is purely feminine and matriarchal? Or that Feminism is just Communism with Lipstick? I think not. They all behave exactly like a group of teenage cunts.

        21. I have long held that socialism/leftism are feminine philosophies.
          Reason magazine referenced an apolitical study done last year I believe, where people of differing political ideologies were gauged in how their thinking patterns worked. They went for logic, fuzzy logic, and emotion. Leftists came out almost entirely on the side of emotion. GOP/Conservatives were fuzzy logic leaning towards logic in some cases and emotion in others, and self identified libertarians came out with a nearly sociopathic level of logic. Given as emotions are the feminine domain, it only makes perfect sense that leftist/socialism is nothing but the political expression of female “thought”.

        22. How times have changed. I wish the right was still the anti war party instead of the “let’s invade anybody who looks funny at Israel” party. If the right was the anti-war party again the left would not be able to pretend they are peace lovers anymore. I’m looking at you Obama… taking 7 years into your presidency to withdraw from Afghanistan.

        23. That will probably never happen though sadly. The right has been hijacked by neocon Israel lobbyists. Kind of like the MSM has been hijacked by the liberal version of Hebrew. It’s a funny world we live in.

          That’s me/what I picture when I think of nearly sociopathic level logic. The right definitely puts more emphasis on logic. You don’t need a survey to see that leftism is just an expression of female thought. Just go up to a leftist and question one of their religious pillars like, the wage gap, or multiculturalism. Better yet tell them that having open borders and allowing anyone to be a citizen is retarded. Watch the emotions and ass hurt flow strong. Then smile like Dexter in the picture above.

        25. Not sure who Dexter is, but he’s got a cold, heartless stare, which I admire in a man.
          At my age I’ve given up trying to deal with Leftists in real life, and have actively taken to mocking them or laughing openly at them (which is my preferred path). Nothing gets their dander up like somebody who laughs at their PC notions with contempt and scorn. Plus, it’s free entertainment.
          My wife’s aunt is a former hippy, EST/transcendental meditation type in the 1970’s, now a leftist fruitcake on the Left Coast living off of her rich husband’s retirement, who cannot gush enough about Obama, and has nothing but praise for Cuba, the USSR, etc. I’ve pissed her off so many times now by openly challenging her views, and showing them to be totalitarian in nature, that she basically shuts the hell up around me whenever she’s in town, in fact, she gets nearly submissive and keeps her eyes averted and pointed downward and talks very meekly and kindly around me and my family.
          Something really telling there, if you ask me. Leftists only have the power we give them through being quiet and not openly opposing them. Their ideology cannot stand up to even casual scrutiny from an unafraid pure-logic man.

        26. Your Aunt in law sounds like the typical commie railing against capitalism while living off of it. Except she’s even worse because she didn’t earn the money herself. Plus she seems like a special kind of stupid. Normally leftists try and say the USSR or Cuba or wherever was simply communism not run by the right people/right way. If you’re ever in the mood to watch a logical, sociopathical, serial killer who only kills other serial killers…. well then throw on season 1 of Dexter.

        27. Yeah, you’ve outlined her more or less accurately. She just *adores* Cuba. Fuckin’ hell if I can figure out why, since it all boils down to duh feeelz with her.
          Her strict, old world German Lutheran parents were not particularly pleased with how she chose to live her life. Damn shame.
          EDIT: Ah, a television show. Don’t watch the tube any longer, will see if I can catch any seasons on Netflix.

        28. Ron Paul (the last real Republican) – Isolationism.
          Neocon (Bush family, etc) – Invade and nation build, spread democracy. In theory this could at least build a viable vassal state.
          Democrats – Fund/arm an uprising or coup and/or civil war. Say you’re for “peace,” therefore everyone must stop fighting your faction. Since the other side refuses to surrender to your puppets, they are anti-peace, Clinton/Obama now order the military to openly intervene (Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, etc, etc). World domination by ruining every other country in the world – turn them into failed states.

        29. “China, Russia, the NORKS, are all pleased as punch to be highly military oriented and have no qualms with invading other nations.”
          China is de-facto capitalist now.
          Russia is Orthodox Christian and capitalist.

          Who have they invaded recently? Russia briefly invaded Georgia in 2008 to make them stop shelling Russian ethnics in a break away region. Russia annexed Crimea after the Ukraine Nazi puppet junta overthrew the democratically elected legal government of the Ukraine. Other than that? Nothing. They are only getting involved in conflicts right on their border, to protect their own ethnic group, in regions that have historically been part of Russia.

        30. That last part of your post is exactly right. It’s through being quiet and not openly opposing.

        31. By capitalist you mean state supported, financed and controlled businesses? Eh, not so much capitalism there. At best, it’s mercantism or soft fascism. Making a profit is not the sole measure of “capitalism”.

        32. Sidenote: I watched the first four seasons of Dexter, then I got deployed and didn’t keep up. I told a buddy who watched the whole series. His quote:
          “You inadvertantly made the single best television watching choice of your life.”

        33. Season 4 was definitely a high note. But the last few seasons were still pretty good. I don’t understand the hate, even if they weren’t on season 1-4’s level.

        34. All 3 function the same way if you are not one of the chosen few. German National Socialism was created to redistribute the wealth jewish communists redistributed from Germany.

        35. Weasel Zippers covered gays throwing stools and trash at #blacklivesmatter protesters that showed up in their area. The funniest comment on there was that Queens trump spades. Pretty bad for thug rep to lose out to gays.

        36. All the left has holding it together is hatred for straight white males. A gay Hispanic co worker says stuff about blacks at work that would get any Asian or white fired.

        37. Redistributes wealth along ethnic lines
          pro big govt + high taxes
          pro universal health
          pro gun control for political enemies
          That’s Lenin, AH & BO. Crony Capitalism is fascism

  26. When was it ever? Sport fans (or, more charitably, sport fanatics) are just another sort of nerd. Play yourself, or do something with meaning beyond entertaining others.

  27. “Watching Sunday football just isn’t a masculine thing to do anymore.” Adds a picture of men at home on the couch with the caption, “The way men were.”
    No OP. Football is still a masculine pastime. Playing it at the beach or the park, actually going to a freaking game with your buddies to tailgate and sit in the stands is still a refuge for men! You are talking about staying in the comfort of your own home with your parents bud. Totally different.
    How about moving out of your parents house for starters? Sorry mate, but if my hometown team is in the playoffs and I do not have tickets, I am with friends at a bar or at a public viewing to watch and enjoy the camaraderie, not at home with mom and dad.
    Sickening article.

      1. What point was he making?
        That he lives at home and none of his friends want to watch football with him so he blames it on women?
        In that case, yeah man, so alpha.

        1. You’re entirely focused on living at home. How old is the author? I don’t know, do you? I’m assuming he’s a teenager, or a college man, which would explain still hanging around the house. It doesn’t bother me. And it has nothing to do with his point, which if you haven’t noticed, is that football is being systematically overwhelmed by feminists and feminine talking points. If the last year hasn’t made that crystal clear, outside of this article, then I don’t know what to tell you brother.

        2. If ROK is putting up articles written by teenagers or college students who don’t have friends and are at home on the weekends, then the feminists have won.
          Football is being systematically overwhelmed by feminists and feminine talking points? Yeah, because the sideline reporters are not attractive women with little or no input on the game and are just there for the male viewers. The commentators are not ex-players with masculine viewpoints. The commercials are not geared toward men (Chevy Silverado commercials, beer commercials like the guy in your avi, fast food commercials, etc.). When the camera cuts to the sidelines, the sexy ass cheerleaders are not shown.
          Sure buddy.
          The real issue here, is this site using bogus articles as click bait.

        3. Where is it indicated that he doesn’t have friends?
          Do young men have nothing to contribute of value to the manosphere? I strongly beg to differ on that, friend, and I’m in my mid 40’s.
          Enjoy your pink ribbons and “we need to talk” male guilt commercials, pal. If you notice them I mean.
          If articles like this bug you, why not find other articles you do like? Serious question.

        4. A few thoughts on your comments:
          1. I never said all men don’t watch football anymore. I stated it isn’t a distinctly masculine pastime, like how working out in the gym is not distinctly masculine because women do it, too. This is why a lot of men – like myself – aren’t big on watching it. We like doing male-exclusive things sometimes – gasp.
          2. I referred to football spectating only, not playing football. I specifically said the game itself is still alpha.
          3. I made a personal observation, got curious, did research – which is linked to in the story – and then came to a conclusion. It wasn’t just one personal anecdote of mine followed by grand assumptions based on emotional reasoning. Had I not found what I did, including Bill Burr’s comment to O’Brien, this article wouldn’t have materialized.
          4. The whole “he must not have any friends/he must live at home/that’s not how it is for me in my life, therefore his argument must be wrong” ex cathedra pronouncement is a beside-the-point shaming tactic I would expect from a feminist. If you think I’m wrong in my argument feel free to post some stats or evidence contradicting me, besides your own personal experiences and the fact that they still feature beer and car commercials for men.
          5. Personal attacks are just signs of emotional immaturity or the fact that you feel personally attacked by the claims made in the article. If you simply disagreed with my argument you would have offered some personal observations of your own contradicting it and left it at that, as opposed to conveying how offended you are at the idea.

        5. It’s pretty apparent he does not have any friends. I mean, his pops and brother chose to do other things than watch the game with him also. If you are okay with a guy that prefers to stay at home with mom than why are you opposed to Breast Cancer Awareness month in October (pink ribbons)? Serious question.
          I could care less what the players wear (pink, purple, yellow, orange, etc). Does a guy wearing a pink wristband by his own choice to bring awareness to cancer really offend you? It makes the game less watchable? Serious question.
          Also, that male guilt commercial only started airing this year. Do you know the reason? Because Ray Rice punched out his fiance in an elevator and it was caught on tape and the commissioner goofed on his punishment. The league had do to something for the sake of their public image. If there was a huge incident that dealt with race instead of domestic violence, the guilt commercial would be about tolerance. Are you more interested in the commercials than the actual game? Serious question.
          A year from now, you will not see these “male guilt commercials”. By the way, how is this male guilt? Beating up a women after losing your frame is alpha now? Serious question.
          This article bugs me because he has not provided any factual evidence to back up his argument. It is pure trash.

        6. 1. When was watching football only allowable to men? Can you post your research findings? It is the main argument in your article. Or is it just your own personal observation from your own life? Is it viewership demographics you are referring too? Because in that case let’s pull up the data. Here is my research on the latest completed NFL season (2013) per
          60% of the NFL viewers were male while 40% of the NFL viewers where female. Clearly, men viewers outnumber female viewers by a large margin. Looking at the list, the NHL has the smallest gap between male and female viewers.
          2. Okay.
          3. Personal observation, okay. Research? Citing one comedian who feels the same way you do. Are you able to provide any more examples? On the flip side, can you provide evidence that feminists plan on taking over the NFL?
          4. I posted data on viewership demographics. More men watch football than women do. I called you out because this article is just opinion with no valid facts or research. I am not a feminist, I am red pill but I do not tolerate crap writing and I still stand by what I said. You made a personal observation from your own life. Women are taking over the NFL. I made a personal observation from your article. That you are a loser. Do I need to find a mechanic on youtube who feels that men who do not watch football are losers to make my point valid like yours?
          5. Again, where is your evidence behind this. Because, men who are unable to confront personal attacks are considered to be of low sexual value as this is beta behavior. See how that works?

        7. You refuse to talk the points actually made in the article. Where did I say that football is primarily watched by women or that women – as opposed to feminism – have taken over the NFL?
          I never said women weren’t allowed to watch football. They just weren’t interested in watching it – that has changed. Decades ago it was generally considered a time for men to be around men. I don’t understand how the two can be confused.
          My argument was that it is not considered a distinctly masculine pastime, which is why men like myself aren’t as inclined to watch it because we are interested in activities that are male-exclusive. Watching football used to be one of them.
          No, women are not the major demographic – again, didn’t argue that- but they have increased – particularly when it comes to watching it on television.

          Here are some quotes from the Nov. 2014 story.
          “Perhaps the clearest evidence of a decade-long trend that shows the increase in women viewers is at Fox Sports. Through 10 games this season, the network has posted a 5.4 rating for women 18 and older, and a 4.7 rating for women between the ages of 18 and 49. Both figures are down slightly from last year (5.5 and 4.8), but are up significantly from a decade ago. In the past 10 years, Fox Sports’ NFL ratings are up 35 percent in the women 18+ demo and up 27 percent in the women 18-49 demo. Such an increase runs counter to television’s prime-time entertainment trends, which have been dropping across all demos during the past decade.”
          “Over the last decade, the NFL has seen consistent growth trends in its female fan base, particularly on television. Overall, women represent about one-third of the NFL’s viewing audience throughout the regular season and playoffs, a figure network executives say they expect to hit 45 percent in the next few years. Women already account for about half of the league’s Super Bowl viewing audience.”
          “Eric Johnson, ESPN’s executive vice president of multimedia sales, said that ratings among women are up 12 percent overall at ESPN. Since 2004, the number of adult women watching NFL games on ESPN has increased 60 percent — higher than the 47 percent ratings gains NFL games have experienced on ESPN during that time.”
          I also argued how feminism has taken over the NFL culture, which has made it more appealing to women. This is why you have athletes doing domestic violence commercials exclusively concerned with violence directed at women, as opposed to commercials addressing men’s issues. None of your criticism has addressed this.
          Unable to confront personal attacks? Yes, because it’s so beta for a man to tell another one to debate the actual argument at hand.

        8. You just posted a wall of text that everyone in America already knows, football is the number 1 sport in this country. It is the reason why sports channels feature programs about the league from January to December.
          “I” refuse to talk the points actually made in the article? What points have you made besides your own opinions that are not backed by actual facts or evidence? You claim that feminism has taken over the NFL. How? Please cite these examples for the sake of your journalistic integrity. All you write about is how once upon a time men use to gather and eat junk food and drink beer for football while women scoffed. What the hell is that?
          I have asked you to provide your research and evidence and you cannot. The personal attacks towards you are just icing on the cake, they are frivolous much like this article.
          Here is the reason why women are now watching football. The NFL is now marketing merchandise towards them. There were no female football jerseys in the 1990s or other apparel. There was no breast cancer awareness month. They are doing this not because of feminism, but to make more…wait for it… money!
          So please Mr. Beta, debate your argument. Prove to us how feminists are changing/have changed the NFL.

        9. You can only lead the horse to the water…you can’t force it to drink.
          There are many who don’t want to see or hear what’s really going on, today. They find it uncomfortable when you present them with an “unsettling reality”. I try to talk to many younger guys about some of the red pill truths so that they can see (themselves) what’s really going on around them. Some take the information and run with it…others just don’t want to hear (or see) it.

        10. You are making assumptions out of whole cloth. Assumptions rejected as immaterial and irrelevant.
          The Ray Clark “thing” also had her smacking him around *first*. She deserved what she had coming. Don’t want to be hit by your man, don’t go apeshit and start beating on him first.
          Additionally domestic violence is only a male problem 60% of the time. The other 40%, guess what, it’s chicks. Why do the commercials then feel compelled to try to make men feel like it’s a man only thing and “we need to talk”. Fuck them.
          If you don’t like the article, then find another one that suits you, or write on you feel fulfills the mission of this site. Stop bitching and whining, it’s effeminate.

  28. I’m not watching the Super Bowl this year since getting introduced to the NFL. As for the article itself, this reminds me of the 90s narrative “DVs happen the most during Super Bowl” which has since been disproven ad infinitum.

    1. Yeah, that flopping around like a fish out of water without ever being technically contacted by another human being, as well as the riveting 1-0 scores, are totally masculine.
      To be fair, y’all do still have your mindless soccer riots, which are no end of fun, so there is that.
      Some of my family still adores football (they’re from England and Scotland). I can’t stand the sport, boring as watching flies fuck. To be fair, I don’t like watching any given sport on the tube, and only a few are passable even in real life (see below).

      1. Basketball is the same way these days in regards to flopping. Can’t be bothered to watch it or give a single fuck at all. As far as Fussball being male dominated, I know plenty of german girls that were pretty stoked about the world cup.

      2. I don’t watch football either (used to when I was younger). Those riots aren’t always mindless. They are politically motivated in many cases. Some teams have far-right and far-left supporters, who get into scraps. Nationalists vs Communists.

        1. Well that at least is a bit of hope now, isn’t it? I don’t mind a good political riot, if it’s the Right who finally gets fed up with the animals from the Left. Unfortunately it’s all too rare an occurrence here in the States. All we get is mindless hooligans burning down their own hovels and blaming white men like me for things we had no hand in doing.

        2. Or burning couches and flipping cars in the middle of Lexington. I’m looking at you UK fans.

        3. The UK teams are the ones without a political consciousness as far as I’m aware. UK football hooligans simply do it for a fight to prove who’s the hardest, no higher cause.

        1. I’m partial to the shooting sports when it comes to the Olympics, but yeah, weightlifting is cool as well.

      3. Watching it might not be masculine, but playing it is. It’s basically 90 fucking minutes of wind sprints.

        1. Totally agree. It’s my take on most sports, even the “wimpy” ones. Fun to play, stupid as hell to watch.

    2. Where the fuck in Europe is that where they are displaying national socialist flags and not being jailed for it? Hell I even see the celtic cross white pride symbol over there on the left. Is this reality?

      1. Actually nationalist movements are springing up everywhere over there now. Famously UKIP, but also in Germany, France and even (gasp!) Sweden.
        There is still hope left, they haven’t managed to quite extinguish the European warrior genes…yet.

        1. I know. But most places in Europe that right there will get you jailed. You can be put in prison for years just for saying the holocaust never happened. Let alone displaying swastikas. Hell there are even banned phrases. Right wing germans wear shirts saying “Blood and Honor” in English because “Blut und Ehre” is banned.

        2. Right, but it’s changing. I have the highest of hopes for UKIP, since I still have family living in the U.K. who share my/our family sentiments over here across the pond.
          The sheer hysteria that the German “walks” were greeted with last month was absolutely encouraging. End of the day, the Left can’t arrest mobs, and have no other way to respond when enough people stand up and say “No more”. They are basically powerless parasites if and when the Right decides to finally stand up and do something.

        3. The problem is when most of the right wing white men die in two world wars, leaving only leftist parasites to welcome in the third world immigrants. This in turn swells leftist numbers even more. I fear a third world war will completely extinguish those European warrior genes and Europe will be a muslim empire. War spares not the brave, but the cowardly.

        4. True, but leftists are inherently weak and are fearful of nationalist sentiment. The whole EU experiment is underpinned by leftists trying to wean the populations of Europe off their underlying culture. In my opinion this is impossible. Culture rises from the ground upon which you stand and permeates the air you breathe. It might not be today or tomorrow but they will fail in all their endeavours.

        5. UKIP is just one big fucking joke as well as their policies. Just a break-off from the torries, lead by an ex broker. In France and Germany the left and the right don’t differ that much

        6. Isn’t that funny? The supposed bastion nations of “free speech” (who basically lick America’s balls and ape everything we do anyway) have BANNED SLOGANS AND SYMBOLS. That makes what kind of sense??
          Even if they are unpopular and incendiary, let them be. The people brandishing them have ever right to alienate and ostracize themselves and deal with the windfall of consequences from their society. Jail time for “Blut und Ehre”? Wow!

        7. Look it up. All these communist sock puppets believe in “free speech” as long as it follows party lines.

        8. Everybody knows about Holocaust denial being a crime, which I think is really stupid. If somebody wants to be so asinine they should have every right to, no need to punish them with imprisonment. Society will deal with them accordingly.

      2. Those pics are of SS Lazio fans. It’s an Italian club with a long history with Fascism. I think they were Mussolini’s favorite team.

      3. In some countries people don’t make a fuss about shit like that because they have better things to do, or in this case like in Italy were the ultras have so much power that nothing can touch them. In France, Germany and Spain you will be jailed and the team has to apologize for this behavior as well as getting a fine.

    3. I will say that a game where a ref stabs a player to death then is decapitated by the crowd and his head placed on a pole is rather interesting if nothing else.

    4. @1:45 is where it starts to get fun. The boys clearly forgot that lighting a fire with flags and poles is a fire hazard. Aslo, a nice “PC friendly” message for rival fans. lol

  29. Diagnoses the disease but not the cause. Feminists can’t do jack without government force behind them. As such, the NFL gradually developed unwritten agreements with government. In exchange for taxpayer paid stadiums and tax free status (the NFL is technically a “charity”) the league has to be a vehicle for social change.
    To continue to divide the sexes and break the stalwart American male, soap opera culture invaded the league. Did you know anything about Johnny Unitas’ wife? But everyone knows about Ray Rice’s and has an opinion on what she should do. In addition, there is security theater, getting everyone to willfully consent to searches for what used to be mundane events, being surrounded by snipers while drones fly overhead.
    There is precious little free time as it is. Time spent being programmed by your social masters is time wasted.

    1. “As such, the NFL gradually developed unwritten agreements with government.”
      When we used to watch in the Fifties and Sixties, it was a league of men run by men. Imperfect men, but at least masculine.
      Now the NFL is not only whored-out to government, but interconnected corporations and NGOs. All with anti-masculine profit-bases and agendas.

  30. On a brighter side of things I found it encouraging that both the author’s Dad and brother opted for working out instead of watching the game. Even the author said he worked versus watched. All good. In the same way that men might be being pushed out of video games, let the women have the coach potato lifestyle. Let them atrophy in front of the tv, whether it be an nfl game or video game. Meanwhile, lets encourage men to go out and play pick-up football, work out, work or engage in constructive activities that will make us stronger. I’m in Massachusetts and guess what, I have barely watched any of this season. Why? A. don’t have the time and B. I’m sick of the politicization of the nfl.
    First, and this must be thoroughly understood – the nfl is SUBSIDIZED! Which means it can (and is) taking marching orders from washington et al. “They” have been deliberately using the nfl as a vehicle to promote shit like gun control and fucking feminism. Meanwhile as this goes on people are starting to question the legitimacy of the league itself, as in, games being contrived etc. Hell (and someone elaborate or put me right), apparently, its widely accepted that the NBA is a fraud. This is a typical consequence when government intervenes.
    Lastly, regardless of the author’s observations, women might seem to be more interested but if they are its because they’re collectivist queuing off of social pressures, trends and fads. They still have no idea what they’re doing and the game is just a noisy accessory in the background. You know what nfl, go ahead fuck over your loyal and consistent customers…show them what you really think of them. You progressives pulled a lot of shit because good men were caught up in sports. Now you’re pushing them out and in doing so breaking the very trance that brought you here.

  31. I altered the day schedule for my work crews this coming sunday so they can make it home in time for kickoff. 9 guys cheered. 1 girl asked ‘why’?

  32. Fucking right – men should actually boycott the crap. From the article this is fitting how crazy it has become:
    A lawyer bitch saying:
    “I wonder if it’s not that the NFL is changing but that women are changing and women are not wanting to be excluded and be pigeonholed and left out of that kind of informal networking that happens over sports,” she said. “That’s a big thing. I’m a lawyer and that’s real. People take clients to games and talk about sports constantly.”
    But navigating the male-dominated world of football can be intimidating and discouraging for women. Sexism permeates the culture”
    Why the fuck do you need to permeate all male culture? Do we want to go on your wine-guzzling book-clubs or go on other female-only activities and places? No – we don’t because we are not told by a masculinist movement to go and infiltrate all things female.
    We don’t watch the NFL for social and networking reasons or for feminist supremacy. We do it because we want to see outstanding athletes show fantastic feats of discipline and ability – but no, we can’t have that without bitches shrieking.
    Thus men should boycott it completely – do something truly masculine like run Daygame and try to pick up a younger prettier chick while his wife watches the damn NFL to be able to “network”.

    1. Watching the game, having a beer and actually being able to discuss shit with men without having a women interject her nonsense or hurting a woman’s feelings.
      The jokes, the language…all set in a “men only” environment….and for good reason.

  33. Most sports are feminized.I used to watch borcar but it Gauls me when they pan up to the drivers wife on the final few laps like I’m supposed to give two fucks what she thinks.Drivers families in the pits before the start of the race.Its the same shit in the NFL.I’m going trail riding sunday with zero fucks given about the Superbowl.

    1. It wouldn’t hurt to see the wife setting an example in public of what women SHOULD naturally be doing. A zoom in shot of her TIT FEEDING an infant and not giving two fucks about the race but keeping her head buried where it belongs – keeping that little darling mouth centered nicely on her pertruding MENISCUS ! !

  34. Honestly, sitting on a couch watching other men play sports has never been an especially masculine thing to do anyway.

  35. Like everything else, follow the money. Adding female interests to the game has led to Increased ticket sales, ad revenue, and I imagine fantasy revenues are pushing close to $1 Billion. 32 owners got into this for the money and have taken the league to its pinnacle of success. All well n good. You want to PC some shit, let them.
    As I’ve “unplugged” or whatever we’d like to call it, I came to the realization that dedicating 3 hours of my weekend and time during the week to “research” fantasy matches based on others accomplishment is the height of passive aimlessness. If fantasy football is the highlight of your fall, something is very wrong.
    No point in bitching about it. The point of being a “man” is to find a challenge, conquer it, and move on. 32 men conquered and monetized our refuge, move on.
    What we are really saying is not “we want our football” but “we want out solitude to speak plainly and bond with other men”
    If you need a bar setting for this refuge, go to soccer pubs. Focused patrons and generally intelligent as well.
    If you just need a male outlet, go fish. Bitches hate blood n worms.
    Most all, stop bitching & start creating something for yourself.

  36. I don’t think its become feminized. Unless you’re watching it with your mom. Go to a bar and watch

  37. Good article.
    The gyno-grovelling of the National Feminist League over the past year is the final puzzle piece in the imposition of New Amerika. Every single sports announcer/commentator jumped on the fem-bandwagon to single-out the next male target and get on board the Estrogen Express. Some of these ‘men’ have tens-of-millions of dollars in the bank, lives of extreme luxury . . . and yet every one of them abased themselves before the matriarchy, while preening. Not a single MAN amongst the whole sorry emasculated lot. And these are the punks who blather on and on about some fatass defensive linemen who, due to his 380 pounds, is therefore a ‘real man’.
    In the Fifties my dad and I — along with millions of others — bonded over watching and participating in athletics. As always, it is this father/son bond that the architects of New America love to destroy, the better to consolidate their power.
    As you point out, all the ancillary elements of televised U.S. athletics are controlled by women — commercials, PSA propaganda, and indeed the thoughts and expressions of the announcers, commentators, league officials, etc. Only the actual game retains any element of masculinity, which is only permitted because the American Female controls all related contexts, and thus can use the athleticism to advance the interests of themselves and their State.
    Truly, America is a ball-deflated nation. And not by accident.

  38. Supports your point. I was having this discussion with a dude at work today about band wagon Seattle Seahawk fans, funny I know a chick that goes to some of the games from a couple thousand miles away, bet you she became a “Fan” just like the ones in the picture….

  39. I lost all interest when they started dressing up the teams in pink bullsht. The mouth gaurds look like pink pacifiers for wil’ babies. It’s pathetic.

  40. The wife has been watching Steelers games since the 70’s. She is quite proficient in knowing whats going on instead of saying “Why doesnt he just run around them?”. She isn’t what is described above but i do agree it is an exception.
    The game is feminized in different ways. The wearing of the pink in October is one of them. The NFL with those domestic violence PSAs saying everyone should discuss that. The insane crazy crap rules no one knows about until it affects the outcome of playoff games is another.

    1. My Grandmother and Mother could/can talk shop about the Redskins with the best of them. And my Mother is the first one to point out how “feminized” the game has become, which makes me laugh.

  41. Keep women out of your hobbies or anything else that makes you happy. When the commercial breaks or discussion comes on, change the channel or mute the tv and talk to your bros about the game. Don’t sit there watching some twat tell you how it is because “she’s hawt!”. Keep your male spaces, male. It is easy to do.

  42. Question: What is the one thing that a football cannot do? ans: It cannot ROLL. Because of its oblong shape it is impossible to make it roll predictably. Ever tried to play soccer with a football? Figures. Good luck trying to dribble or shoot it into a basket much less spin it on your middle finger.
    The game of football was designed around the concept of a ball with such a handicap that it must be carried like a baby the majority of the time. It can be kicked, hiked and with proper spiral spin can be thrown but never reliably rolled. Much like a woman’s butt. You can give it a spin in the bedroom and then roll it and it will swivel away like a mexican jumping bean and then it will return to you like a boomerang. If that bitch of a ball doesn’t have a hamster to it then I don’t know what does. Is it any wonder why women fixate their eyes on the game like they’re staring into a mirror or something.

  43. First, thanks for that link to the Home Improvement episode. Started watching it and couldn’t stop smiling. childhood.
    back to the feminization of the NFL, I think that’s excessive a bit, but whatever. I grew up not really watching football and its sort of creeped into my interests a bit, but for the most part I’ve always been much more of a “do sports” not “watch them” type of guy. the exception being hockey. I watch that religiously. speaking of hockey, as I was reading this, a nice fight broke out on the game on TV as retribution for some sort of bodycheck. I smiled as at least fighting is not going anywhere in the NHL for a little while. If feminists had their way though, north american hockey would be like the european leagues where you can’t fight and everyone uses their stick. oh look another fight. everyone jumping in. 😀

  44. Men today have half the testosterone of their grandfathers..that could be part of the problem as well.

  45. I personally have zero interest in watching the NFL because I don’t like all the commentary and background stories. Plus, I have my own life to lead and don’t understand the point of following some stranger’s career.

  46. How bad has this invasion of men spaces become? Here’s a recent picture of bodybuilder Dennis James with a bunch of chicks from my once hard-core gym in southern Australia. No, they’re not part of a netball, softball or basketball team but an American football team – in Australia!
    Forget talking turkey about nickel and dime packages or zone blitzing, it’s all about being involved in what men do. It won’t be long before they want what every other female sports organisation wants in Australia – to be professional – funded by …? Well, it’s never ticket sales or TV money but, um, someone.
    And there seems to be limited deterrents too. What you can’t see in this photo is the bullet holes in the top left-hand corner above the coffee machine at the back where the Hells Angels blasted away in an attempt to blow the place up in September 2013 because it’s owned by a rival bikie gang member. The holes are still there and now too are the unisex facilities. Never fear Girl Power is here all day, dailyyyy, and nightlyyyy.

  47. well women still stay away from things that end in an apostrophe, like huntin’ n fishin’. So there’s that.

    1. My great grandmother was an avid fisher and I used to date a girl that hunted. That sir, is a dumb statement made.

  48. As much as a fan I am of the NFL and CFL, the moron fan base has done more to push me away within the past 10 years. From feminizing the sport, to democratizing where everyone has to have an opinion about everything that happened.
    I still root for the Redskins, but I’d rather watch baseball or one of the soccer teams I support.

  49. Based on what I had said earlier about the playing dress-up and posturing (gee, why would women ever do that about anything under The Sun, right?). Amazing how fast after I mention something trite and cliche on here I can effortlessly find an example right away. I have no idea what’s going on in the second picture, must be a new bodybuilding pose they added to competitions after those become trendy all of a sudden and well. Nice to know you can pose all kinds of crooked and discombobulated-looking now.

      1. Oh yes, it’s Tinder. Hey, all I do is work my two jobs and exercise and sleep if I’m not working and I’m in my late 30s and where I live most women my age have kids from multiple races and I don’t have time/money/energy/patience to try and meet women out and about, so I use Tinder to shop for what I want based on the criteria I want, just like women do. And I have moderate success with it. Keeps me grounded in my pump n’ dump agenda.

    1. This one here is so confident about her fantasy football skills. Woman after my heart, oh yeah!

  50. I was a life long NFL fan up until around 2010. One of my earliest memories is watching Joe Montana’s Super Bowl winning drive against the bengals in 89 with my dad. I started to lose interest when the league began adding new rules every offseason, trying to make the game safer. No more big hits, no more violent QB sacks, they essentially made it illegal to play defense. Another reason is the blitz of commercials and crass ‘Merican patriotism turned up to 11. I did an experiment where I actually clocked how much real action is in a nearly 4 hour NFL game. 16 minutes. The rest was commercials, players standing around, and announcers trying to explain rule #225643 section b of the rule book. The NFL is the epitome of crony capitalist, PC, maximize profits at all costs America. I rarely watch a game now. The only American sport I follow is the NBA, mainly because it is on when the weather is shit and I can’t do anything outside. Plus the largely black, urban fan base keeps Kaylie, Zoe, Ashley, and the rest of the SWPL herd far away from arenas and bars that show a lot of NBA games.

  51. I was seeing a girl last year who claimed to be an avid Buffalo Bills fan. Last year she went to more games than I did. However she doesnt know shit about what individual players are attempting to do on any given play, why the coaches make certain decisions, or have a basic understanding of some simple rules like holding. In the 90’s my dad used to take me to the games as a 12 year old and tell me swear words to yell at the away fans. Now you get kicked out if a father or woman complains about foul language. The deflategate story that has pervaded mainstream media and the ignorant talk that has accompanied it spoken by talking heads who i doubt ever watched a full game is a case in point. Under 2psi= 38 points! Great article

  52. Watching sports is a distraction and hollow ritual that doesn’t fulfill a man thus watching from the side line is never as fulfilling as being a man of action.

    1. Reason why it should not be done a lot and sports fanaticism is annoying added with stupid feminist commercials in it.

  53. I’m going to make a correction that I think many would agree with. “Football” (more like Handegg) was NEVER a masculine hobby.
    What is the NFL? It’s basically just a bunch of advertisements with some pittance of play thrown in (actual gameplay is only about 11 minutes in a 3 hour broadcast). What you have are grown men trying to be sold some pathetic inkling of masculinity and meaning that can be expressed by watching a bunch of people run around for a few seconds chasing an egg. This picture you use is a perfect example:×460.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Os9HMhzhvu.jpg
    It’s pathetic. Grown men sitting around looking at a television at some game thinking that by watching other guys tackle people, they are being “manly.” They are wasting hours of their time that could be put to better use (game, work, exercise, etc.) on this television show.
    Want some action in sport? Watch boxing or MMA. Not this silly little game.
    Hell, this might deserve it’s own ROK post.

    1. The game’s not the problem then. The TV industry is.
      Boxing is dead. If I’m gonna go see skinny Mexicans fight I’ll go to Ecuador.
      It won’t be long until MMA follows. Besides they fight once every 3 months and the match might end after 30 seconds.. c’mon.

    2. Watching TV sports is something anyone can do. It’s just like video games and does not involve anything physical. As for guys watching football and calling it guy time, I call this pathetic, quiet honestly. Football fanaticism by both genders is just annoying. Plus the Superbowl is staged.

  54. Women are already invading good ol’ mainly brazilian football watching sessions, get the hell away from my sport woman, and bring us more alcohol and eats!

  55. I had to stop reading after the “trigger warning” remark. Even if it is used sarcastically it should not be used.
    As always ghost has some useful tidbits of info.

  56. A child living at home wrote this. Listen, every Super bowl articles make their way into the culture about ‘ how to make you’re Super bowl’ female friendly. As if that mattered in anyway. This article is it’s counter-point. As if a man needed a counter-point? The wider issue is the fact that EVERYTHING men do get’s a point-counterpoint article these days. Remember when Janet Jackson flashed her tit? I don’t because it was half-time and I was taking a much needed shit-piss-smoke-stretch-meat sandwich break. You can watch the Super bowl for any reason you want. I watch for the game. Is it ‘manly’? I don’t know and I don’t care. For me that’s the manliest part of watching any sport. I don’t have to care what anyone thinks about my doing it. That goes double for what those around me do. I don’t care. Why should any man?

  57. This article is exactly what I’ve been talking about in the comments section for a while now. In fact, I feel that I was starting to sound like a broken record.
    The main reason that women barge in on the football is ATTENTION!!! It is not particularly sinister- they are not plotting to shut down bro-talk behind their backs. Women can just tell that Erin Andrews and all those bimbos ESPN keeps hiring to give pointless pre-game comments, along with certain sluts who work at/frequent sports bars, get drooled over by millions of men, and the rest of the women get jealous/worried that they are getting left in the dust.
    Male thirst, once again, is the reason for this unfortunate destruction of a piece of the world of so-called men. We should not be angry at women for this. We should be sad that women are so desperate for attention, and sad that men are so thirsty that they will stupidly throw away their necessary male bonding.
    Honestly, sports fandom is a cheap pleasure, and not at all a foundation for manhood. You know what **IS** a foundation for manhood? Ruling your home financially and ideologically.

  58. ”Sunday football was one of the few remaining vestiges of masculinity.”
    I don’t think living vicariously through others is masculine.

  59. I really don’t care if women watch the game that is not what takes away from it. I do get tired of the constant pandering to women. It is a constant insult to the men watching.

  60. They took over the NFL years ago. Breast cancer ribbons, endless whining about Concussions. You can’t play defense anymore. Mangina ads about domestic violence. . Most ads targeted towards women. . Women talking like they know more about football and actually believing they do. The men today are pussies compared to the old school men who played. . Parents even are saying football is too dangerous and they don’t want their kids to play. It’s pathetic. Just another female takeover of a male space

  61. The Super Bowl is on now. It’s in the second quarter. I’m in the computer room catching up on email, visiting my favorite trivia web site and just reading and relaxing. Every now and then I visit my wife in the living room where she is watching the game intently. Her favorite team is neither the Patriots or the Seahawks but she is glued to the screen and at this point I can’t say I couldn’t care less, but you see where the game is on my list of priorities. This from an older man who has followed American professional and college sports since the late 1950’s.

    1. It will become even more pathetic when they attempt to re-masculinize it.
      When that happens we’ll get to see what the SJWs think real men find appealing.

  62. He’s right. About half the Superbowl commercials are designed to recruit SJWs.
    I don’t usually watch football, but I think I’ll never watch it again.

  63. You mention Tim Taylor but that still was an example of the screw up husband and the only one sensible was the wife.
    There’s some commercial for a new show to come, can’t remember the name, but it has a woman come on being videoed like she’s hiding somewhere or maybe captive, but she starts out saying all of her unit was wiped out but she’s still alive. Holds up a news paper headlining her death.
    So it’s a unit, so it’s probably some kind of military. But of course, it’s being led by a woman. Maybe the reason is that magical 50% number. 50% of military operations are actually led by women.

  64. The fact that you said “trigger warning” illustrates your point. Since when the fuck do we care if something can be a bit offensive to some?

  65. So after reading this article and then watching the Super Bowl at a friend’s house last night (I was hesitant, but hey, food and drinks) many things were elucidated:
    1) Something is criminally wrong, if not insane, about a group of men making millions of dollars to get an object from one area past another group of men to another area, whether it’s on grass, ice, or a wooden court. Just. Fucking. Insane. And also kind of weird…
    2) People who like these games enough to yell, swear, call names, and even threaten people ON A SCREEN where they have no control over the outcome are also really weird and probably some form of sociopathic.
    3) Any form of mass hysteria in general is weird, and even kind of scary. Just ask Leni Riefenstahl.
    4) Amazing how impromptu people can make one of two teams playing in the championship game their “favorite” team all of a sudden and be adorned in that team’s gear.
    5) Women do indeed only show up for the free food and drink and also attention-whoring opportunities. Any chance to make constant references to their body parts (And it’s just sad when moms do it when their kids are around. Holy fuck, have some goddamn respect, lady!) or that classless, unattractive thing where they announce “I have to pee!” instead of just handling their business silently can and will manifest non-stop. And you know they truly don’t give a fuck about sports deep down, as much as men don’t give a fuck about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s just all about the party vibe and how much they can get pedestalized by schmucks and suckers for many hours.
    6) The NFL is politically ungodly feminized and Beta. The vibes, the emotions and the commentary are all just cringe-worthy. As is the photo at the headline of this article.
    Being athletic and competitive is always good, but fuck pro sports, man. What a shitcrock that they make as much as they do and bang Victoria’s Secret models regularly and get away with crimes people like you and I would rot for just to get an object past another group of people on a random type of surface.
    Learn Chinese, Arabic, and Russian fast is all I have to say, people!

  66. It has happened under the watchful money grubbing eye of Roger Goddell. This jerk has sold out wholesale to feminists…..or has he? To me, the worst part is the blatant hypocrisy of the NFL.They do everything they possibly can to make the game palatable to women. This even extends to changing the CORE rules of the sport. Regular, routine tackles now will cost you 15 yards in penalty. The QB sack has been rendered downright non-threatening. (A player like Detroit Ndamakong Suh would have temperamentally been an average DL in the 1970’s thru the 1990’s…he would have been rather benign on the classic Raiders squads). It is totally illegal to hit someone hard now. This is unbelievably ridiculous. It’s akin to the NBA saying you can know take 5 steps before “Traveling” is called. It’s simply not Football. And Goddell does all this, yet curiously still won’t allow a female player! Why not, at this point?!? Hypocrisy. Goddell’s handling of both the Rice and Peterson cases also shows his amazing deference to any offended woman. The NFL is a joke.

  67. I’ve noticed this for a long time, sure some men still watch football, but the considering the mass amounts of protest over the the allegations of crimes done by football players, the NFL now caters to females. Considering that superbowl commercials now parrot feminist talking points like the #likeagirl commercial.

  68. I thought your discussion on Male spaces and conversation was a as spot on as it gets. I often wondered if the whole institution of work was originally created as an excuse to get out of the cave and hang with the dudes. Also, one might consider the attraction to football in women being linked to something else you alluded to, they like seeing all these “real men” running around and beating the hell out each other–they find it exciting.

  69. You hypertestosterone guy types (not all men) take this man thing just way to far, turning yourselves into selfish, delusional beasts. You run everything in our society and keep it mostly to yourselves ,,,the government, pro sports, corporations etc and you do nothing but harass and complain against women when we try to get a little piece of the pie and balance these extremes.
    It’s not women that are harming you…you guys are doing it to yourselves.
    Please do women a favor and leave us alone. Don’t have sex with us, don’t marry us. We’ll be happier without you. Go rot in your man caves.
    Please keep watching the porno so you can cause your brains to shrink; please keep playing football so the concussions can damage your brains; please drive your cars fast so you can get into accidents; please go off to fignt in useless wars to eliminate yourselves. The world will be a better place without you.

  70. Well, you could always join a ladies’ book club, go along on “girls’ night out,” or host a home sales party/wedding or baby shower…at the very least it might make for an interesting counter-study.

  71. Hurray for this article.
    I am officially dumping the NFL this year for all the reasons you cite. I won’t watch or listen to a single game. The chick ref was the last of many straws for me.

  72. I consider myself a bit of a lone wolf, but I ride a motorcycle and as I started hanging out with a group of guys, invariably joined a club. It seemed like a great way to get into the wind with some like-minded brothers and bar hop, go on road trips ,etc.
    For me, it was a great concept as my wife wanted nothing to do with bikes. I can’t speak about the outlaw clubs, but in my club, the members wives/girlfriends were just as eager to destroy any concept of biker brotherhood as women are to finish off the NFL. The President’s old lady has literally taken the term “1st lady” seriously as she has practically set up a women’s auxiliary in order to keep tabs on her old man and the club. I find myself spending less and less time with the club.
    I also watch less and less football, not as much because of the women as I just can’t care too much about the antics of pampered millionaires. But several years ago when the Jets were in the playoffs I admit I cared. A bunch of us were watching the game at the clubhouse when the ladies auxiliary showed up. I paid them no mind as I was drinking and watching the game. It should be noted that the Jets, even when winning, are a maddening team. So I was screaming and cursing to the point even a sailor would blush. At one point one of my “brothers” said that maybe I should watch what I’m saying as apparently somebody’s old lady brought her rugrats (from a previous marriage), and they were running around. I must have mumbled something, but the next penalty or mistake brought forth another torrent of vitriol. At this point another “brother” mentioned the aforementioned rugrats.
    To be fair, I don’t recall either the mother, or any other woman saying anything. But I had enough. I said in a loud voice so that anyone could hear, that I was in my fucking clubhouse watching a fucking football game and I was going to say whatever the fuck I wanted. This ain’t Chuck E Cheese or daycare, and if anybody doesn’t like it they could fucking leave. For good measure I eyeballed the Brother whose old lady had the rugrats. He put up his hands and said he didn’t say anything, which was true, and I felt bad a little because I put him on the spot.
    I could go on as there were several others of these types of incidents, but I thought I’d share this one as it highlights the desire of women to first infiltrate, then destroy, any hobby or pastime that men tend to enjoy among themselves. A lot of it stems from the fact some of the current old ladies were cheating with the men while they had previous old ladies. So now these women have to be up in everyone’s shit to keep from getting a taste of their own medicine. At least that’s their belief it seems.

  73. It started with all of that pink color “breast cancer awareness” that is now displayed every October.

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