In Praise Of Alpha Male Bill Clinton

Does this even need an introduction? Bill Clinton is an absolute alpha male. Alpha, alpha, alpha. Gaston-level alpha. Here’s why.


That was a woman in love. Monica has accomplished nothing with her life since then except growing fat. And why need to maintain her appearance when she knows that no other man will ever be able to satisfy her?

She sues or does modeling shots once in a while, but that’s just so that she can still feel relevant. She wants to feel connected to the few months that were the only time in her life when she felt a female’s favorite emotion: anticipation.

I don’t believe for a second that they stopped at oral.

Maybe she wasn’t terribly pretty, but Bill chose to make her more than a one-night stand. He chose to take the risk in banging an intern when he could have had any other girl in the city. Don’t tell me she was just a convenient hole. She must have had some serious female charisma.


March 2001. 3/10, WNB.

Roman poets like Horace wrote often about such things. Aristocrat has affair with common girl. But she grows older, and he’s got his family to attend to, so they part ways. Or perhaps they just got bored or resentful. In ancient times it was socially acceptable to be such an alpha.

I wonder if Monica regrets ever knowing Bill. The deeper the exhilaration, the even more deeper the pain once it’s gone. But then again, he did make her feel absolutely alive in an environment that was otherwise dead. She knew going into the affair that she would be nothing more than a memory. Perhaps that’s all the validation she needed. I imagine today Monica often wishes she could have had Bill’s abortion.


The woman has accomplished nothing in her life except rubbing her pussy on the glass ceiling and calling it power. Like all front-and-center female politicians, Hillary wears a pantsuit and has boyish hair to look less feminine. Her “I’m powerful because my husband is powerful” outlook would in theory be the complete opposite of feminism, but at this point she takes what she can get to stave off the crippling self-doubt. Why the liberals haven’t found a new mascot already is beyond me, because the American people will never vote Hillary into office.

But Hillary’s ugliness is not just political posturing. See that picture at the top? That scaly-looking woman with Bill is a young Hillary. It’s almost an intimate moment. Perusing through old photos, that’s the only one that looks like they were almost touching, and their smiles look forced. Body language doesn’t lie. Hillary is the kind of woman who needs feminism.

Look closely at how ugly and terrifying (two unrelated traits) she is and then take a guess why Bill married her instead of any other girl he knew on a first name basis. Keep in mind they met at Yale, not backwoods Wyoming or ghetto Memphis, so it’s not like he was short on choices. Hillary resents all things traditionally feminine.

Granted, Bill’s not marriageable-quality either, but at least he’s a charmer. Hillary is neither of the two. I think it’s not so much that Hillary is naturally ugly, although her cheeks are weird. There is something in her gaze that both draws you in and repels you.


Hillary in her youth and lack of sexual prime.

Bill only married her for the money. It was Monica he grew to love.

They claim Hillary’s a lesbian. I don’t believe that. There’s no such thing as a lesbian. Some part of her had to be attracted to Bill, even if she couldn’t feel love. After all, he’s Bill Clinton. Only Charles Manson exceeds him in charisma. She obviously married him for the status, but that’s always a crucial element in a woman’s affection.

Urban Dictionary: The best social commentary on the internet.

Urban Dictionary: The best social commentary on the internet

The common myth is that Hillary used him to push her political agendas. I don’t believe that either. An alpha like Bill isn’t controlled by people, especially a miserable wife. She was just a trophy to placate the feminists. “Ugly, hateful women can land high-status men, too!” Why would he need to appease her by pushing her agendas? He already had everything he needed. The only thing she had to offer was her money, her acceptance of his philandering, and her alleged spousal abuse.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was told as a young man, “Rich girls don’t marry poor boys.” Bill may have grown up poor white trash, but he had enough immaterial wealth to overcome it. The real question was whether it was worth it for Bill to marry such a miserable shrew.


They also claim that Bill was a great saxophone player. Actually, he was terrible at it. But it doesn’t matter. Playing improv sax is like dancing tango: It doesn’t matter how bad you are so long as you can fake it. If a sax player can fart out a few notes in the right key, women will drop their pants. No other instrument quite works that way.

Trained musicians will listen to that video of him playing “Heartbreak Hotel” and cringe. Much like many seemingly impressive blues and metal guitar solos, Bill’s saxophone playing was all cheap musical tricks designed for pure showing off. None of it had real musical value.

To quote Leela from Futurama, “My ex-boyfriend Sean played the sax. I used to listen for hours while he sat naked on my couch and improvised. Then I found someone else’s couch fibers on his butt.”

What Can We Learn?

Not much, actually. The kind of charisma Bill has is not something you can learn. It’s something you’re born with. Frankly, the unattainability is what makes him so admirable.

Bill Clinton deserves our praise. In the ancient days, the Greeks made their heroes—both in old stories and in contemporary politics—into gods, gradually evolving upon the myth until a cult arose around them. Bill Clinton—despite his leftist political insanity—is a god for red pill men to worship. We are blessed to have him as a role model and an example in our generation of betatude. We should pray to him that he writes a tell-all book on his deathbed.

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204 thoughts on “In Praise Of Alpha Male Bill Clinton”

  1. He is certainly charismatic and charming.
    However, he is a government parasite who has never made an honest living…he can’t be a complete Alpha to me due to that.
    It’d have been great if he used his skills and talents to better the world.
    He does NOT deserve my praise.

    1. “It’d have been great if he used his skills and talents to better the world…”
      Is “making a better world” one or the requirements for being an Alpha male?

      1. I guess it depends on how you define Alpha…personally I don’t consider making money and taking power via unjustified non-self defense violence to be “Alpha”. Be it a govt school teacher, Dick Cheney, or the “American Sniper”.

    2. if you change the title of the article to “In praise of dark triad stone cold cold sociopath bubba clinton” then it would be an awesome piece lol

    3. Lots of convicts, drug dealers, rappers are alphas even it they are complete pieces of shit. Have you learned nothing on ROK, grasshopper?

      1. I’ve learned that ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ should have been left to describe supermarkets, not imaginary classes of people to fit juvenile theories about human character.

        1. Sure boy. That’s why I simply use what was given me, instead of naming myself The Hammer of Thor.
          It’s ’cause I’m an insecure beta.

        2. A/B is a simple theory that is a great tool. You read about it, realized which category you were solidly in, and rejected it instead of learning from it.

      2. Being a masculine man (some like to call Alpha) and being an asshole isn´t the same.
        Convicts, drug dealers and rappers belong into the asshole category…mostly. Their behaviour is far from manly. A real man needs self-control and values.

        1. You are confusing “good man” with “good at being a man.” Take the Prophet Muhammed for example. His religion was evil, and he was by many accounts vicious and cruel even by the standards of the day. A terrible individual indeed, but can you say he was not a masculine man?

        2. I´m having a hard time talking about the masculinity of somebody who died aprox. 1500 years ago. I don´t know Muhammed well enough for this.
          Vicious and cruel guys I certainly wouldn´t call masculine men though, no matter how many gas stations they´ve robbed.
          Being a piece of shit doesn´t make anyone a man.
          “You are confusing “good man” with “good at being a man.” ”
          What makes a drug dealer so good at being a man in your opinion?

        3. I did not say that drug dealer/rapper/murderer=good at being a man. I’m saying that masculinity often falls outside of what you and society considers moral.
          Look at a murderer serving 20 years. You might find him morally repulsive. But within his group of prisoners he is a man. He has honor-he would never betray a convict friend to a rival gang or the prison authorities. He is strong-he can bench 400 pounds. He is courageous-he doesn’t back down from threats from other gangs. He shows mastery-he knows how to fight as well as other useful prison skills. He may be a bad man, but he is good at being a man.
          Now, let’s talk about a milquetoast white collar worker. He pays his taxes, provides for his kids, and follows the laws. But he throws coworkers under the bus. He is passive aggressive. His boss and more dominant coworkers make him nervous. He can barely do 10 push-ups. His main skill is fixing code for a system that will probably be obsolete next year.
          Who is the man in these examples? Keep in mind that laws against murder, rape, and stealing only applied within the tribe. Other groups were fair game.
          Take a read through Jack Donovan’s “The Way of Men.” He does a great job explaining this.

        4. Being good at being a man is impossible without self-control and values.
          In an end time scenario the convict you´ve mentioned would be better off for himself than the other guy but still that doesn´t make him an “Alpha”.
          Take your prisoner give him self-control and values and there we have a real masculine man…this guy would be the real boss of all the three guys mentioned.
          Tree of manliness:
          Omega –> Beta –> Asshole –> Alpha
          or in other words:
          Loser –> Whimp –> Asshole –> Man

        5. Holy crap. Are those your idea of “manly” ethics? Those aren’t ethics; they’re an excuse for evil.

  2. Bill Clinton is an absolute alpha male. Alpha, alpha, alpha. Gaston-level alpha.

    Except for little things like
    1. “shooting blanks only” and raising someone else’s kid (Chelsea Clinton)
    2. Pushing liberalism
    3. Being only president because of women’s suffrage

    1. You have a nice guy mental block where you think good ideas/politics = alpha. You can’t deny someone’s alphaness just because you hate them. Look at Darth Vader!

      1. Look at Darth Vader!

        What about him? He was working for the democratically elected Emperor Palpatine, fighting against terrorist Skywalker. Isn’t that alpha?

    1. Lol! Slick Willie. His pussy rate likely went through the roof when the world found out he was an incorrigible philanderer. We know women love bad boys but it’s insane how much women truly love bad boys.

        1. Wow the 90s… That clip made me nostalgic… The 90s were my childhood and teen years, people say the 90s were the “height of feminism” but I call bullshit. Things seem way more uptight now than in the 90s… The 90s were fun and still had some authenticity. Even just in this clip, Liz was fun and looked like an actual woman.
          I gotta say though… My tween-balls did not officially drop until I saw this.

        2. Women were still women then. My teens were in the 80s but to be honest Hurley and Cameron Diaz probably stood out more than any others that I can think of (I remember feeling it might be treasonous to knock one out while picturing Princess Diana – and no I don’t mean after 1997). The Mask was Diaz’s first film, and the only one she was drop dead gorgeous on. There’s Something About Mary didn’t enhance her image. Not least because the thought of her using spunk as hair gel spoilt the sense of purity she exuded. Then there was 9/11 and women suddenly stopped being real any more. Or thereabouts

        3. youre right about Diaz.
          There was a hilarious article in the old natl lampoon magazine about the before/after of women, complete with crudely drawn pictures. She would be in the exotic then bizarre looking category…man I wish that article was online…

        4. yep, these’s days her personality is more attractive than her appearance, which is a shame, because she was a genuinely fine woman, even if she never again quite managed to look as good as she did in the Mask

        5. ” even if she never again quite managed to look as good as she did in the Mask”
          Of course her looks degenerated with time. Ye cannae change the laws of physics.

        6. it was only a year or two between the Mask and Something about Mary! Maybe she got hooked on crack in between time

        7. A shame about Diaz.
          She was about 22 with longer hair in the Mask (1994). She wore dresses, heels, etc…
          She was about 26 in Something About Mary with that short haircut (I guess thank goodness it wasn’t a color back then)…no dresses or heels.
          It shows you how much a woman can change (be less feminine) and how they are their worst enemy at times.
          Go Feminine Imperative…”keeping men away since….”

        8. I didn’t even remember she had short hair in that film. Shows what a difference it makes

        9. Catherine Bach – Daisy Duke – That’s what we cut our teeth on. Not an ounce of fat.

        10. I know. You ca see how much of a difference it makes when a woman is feminine (versus not). In the first film, Diaz was very feminine in her role. In the second film, it seemed like that good old feminine narrative was as work on her (then the short hair, jeans maybe shorts)…but a big difference. It really can change a woman (the first one was damn sexy).

        11. i liked Di a lot but she had short hair, was not particularly that sexy, but was super sweet. then she got on some foreign cock to get away from her lizard exes. plus harry has gotta be james hewetts son

        12. she was sweet (if not so much to her lizard exes lol). If she had short hair probably had tatts too

      1. What chicks can’t seem to understand, is that the “good guys” don’t like being “second choice” either…

    2. You couldn’t pass her at her prime. Seriously tasty. Do yourself a favour though, and check out the original Daisy Duke.

        1. Spot on. Remember – I’m an older dude. Doesn’t look that good these days.
          Like that you put Harley Davidson and Marlboro man up though.

    3. Yeah, EH was hot. Still is. However, that photo does not mean she went to the hotel with him. And also, if she is so great, why did that English fuck muffin get his rocks off with a black street whore in the back seat of a rental?
      Like the old adage says, “See a super hot woman, and see the man whose super sick of bedding her, and dealing with her crap!”

      1. The 9s I have banged were the worst lays. Only worth it for my ego. Every single one. Give me a good 7 or 8 that tries harder anyday.

  3. Bill Clinton was probably an idealist in his youth. I would bet he made the transition from beta to alpha when he was already in a relationship with Hillary. Also, google her infidelities. There’s a rumor around that Chelsea is not his. These people probably married out of idealism – it was the age of hippies, after all – but stayed married due to a mutually beneficial power plan.

  4. Regardless of your political leanings, or lack thereof … he’s the greatest politician of the modern era, and a weapons-grade alpha.

      1. Putin is a bully and a thug. He doesn’t need to be a great politician. There are degrees of Alpha.

      1. Im ignorant as to the diff types of jew broads.
        The darker ones come from their tribes which moved to northern africa correct? and the lighter skinned jews are from jew tribes who emigrated to europe right?

  5. Bill Clinton an alpha? This is a joke, right? He’s a blue pill liberal feminista to the Max, albeit with some predatory instincts towards women. It’s not hard to have a constant mini harem in this country if you are a “celebrity” of one kind or another. He also seemed to go for ditzy women with wild hair. Good for him. Didn’t his daughter turn him in to a vegan? Sorry, this is a sad day at ROK. Hillary is much more of an alpha than Bill ever was.

    1. I’d agree, but Bill was a first rate (ie non-stop) pussy hound. He understood power gets pussy, and he did have real “charm”. I mean, define it how you like, but the man probably got more tang than most guys dream of in their lives. I also totally concur that Hillary was convenience in marriage. The only time she cared about sex was A) when they were doing the procreation but and B) when he got caught jeopardizing political ambitions.
      Bill was the anti-feminist feminist. What does that mean? He mouthed the words, but gave them what they really wanted. In other words Billy talked to gain entry to the group, but once in displayed the characteristics that actually got them wet. Finally, he acted unlike the majority of men in their lives.

      1. were they (Bill and Hillary) really doing it for procreation? Then why does their daughter look so much like Webster Hubbel?

      2. Clinton kind was date rape.
        His successful technique was…..
        Tell women what they want to hear, no matter how big of a lie it is. Appear to be sincere, and women will believe it., not matter how illogical or how far from the truth.

        1. You cannot not like mad max. I actually live near a lot of the places the first one was filmed. I would say most Australian men like Mad Max. But they may be lacking in taste.

        2. The first Mad Max was subversive satire. All others are parody. Only other thing that Met Gibson did that was that good was Payback.

        3. Parody? The screenwriter conceived this movies based his experience during the early 70s oil crisis. I think this is a pretty good guess as to what a world would look like in a post oil era.

        4. chrisgale will never run bartertown.
          Those chase scenes are the best ever- no nets, no wires, no cgi, just batshit crazy stuntmen.

        5. very true. plus the bizarre characters are great: lord humongous, wez, the toadie, the feral child, etc. it works as a perfect action movie, but if you look deeper than that, it’s pretty philosophical too.

    2. Bill Clinton, with all the pull and power he had, got a lowly intern with maybe SMV of a 5-6? And he married an uber-crazy, left wing, man-hating hack like feminist Hallal-ary. Whose only contribution was her families money?
      And not just Hillary in that photo, Bill looks like he was as beta as they come in that. I swear, he looks like the draft dodger prone to break out into a fit every time he got around someone with a spine. Read actually masculine, and not spouting off hippie nonsense about hating every institution, corporation, and how war is bad for killing all these good young men whose GFs they were banging over heroin, weed, and crack..
      Bill Clinton will never be my hero. I’m not fooled! He was a beta-schlub who married the first piece of ass he could find before becoming powerful through politics. And then regretted it the rest of his life being stuck with that harpy, or losing everything in a divorce system he helped create. Had he not gotten involved with the lunatics he did at Yale, he probably would have gotten some real ass, and stayed away from politics. Using that gifted mind of his to make real money, and have a bunch of beta-schlubs like him on memory dial.
      The women he took were political groupies who pass themselves off from one wrinkly dick to the next like an party-favor platter. They don’t care how old the guy their banging is, as long as he has power. They can get their real sex addiction from young bucks who they are physically attracted to.
      In other words, the “most-powerful” men they bang are merely notch counts to brag about. They are whores. It precisely why they are there.
      What, you think all the politicians they are around, keep them for their “professional skills” at typing? Or the “men” they marry are not getting cheated on? Tricked into buying some aging, used up slot C, replete with picket-fence in the suburb lifestyle because they are real men?
      He’s not a hero. Merely a very intelligent beta that made it to the top. And because he did so, that is why those women go for him.
      Let’s face it, he did what precisely many of us here have done. Figured women out. And took advantage.
      To me, that does not make him an idol to be worshiped

      1. Yeah. I hate the dude. 100% supplicant for approval. Every single second of his life is a synthetic and deeply superficial play for approval. He sucks. Fuck Bill Clinton.

    1. wtf was the cook doing with that boot? must be a russian thing.. Back to the video, note how Obama leans forward and Putin leans back and relaxed, just like a gangsta..

  6. Bill Clinton is in the news today for having traveled on convicted sex offender Jewish Banker Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet to Epstein’s private Island.
    On Epstein’s private Island there were 14 and 15 year old whores servicing the visitors, which included Clinton, Steven Hawking, Alan Dershowitz, and Britain’s prince Andrew. Epstein comes across as something of a beta, with formerly respectable heiress Ghislaine Maxwell serving as a Madame.
    Any article on what make Clinton alpha should discuss what makes him alpha. Is he a rich guy banging the illegal teenage poon of those who would bribe him? Or is he a true alpha. You could look at women’s treatment of him and argue either way.

  7. Ahhhh, points taken. The problem is clinton pushed us or, put another way, put us on a path to where we are now as it pertains to feminism. Yes, it was likely pushed by hildog, but, that administration though perceived as moderate was actually quite radical. As I recall, it was the conservative filbuster that put clinton back to the center…had they not you might have seen nationalized healthcare or hillarycare. Among many other things. Alpha or not, he’s a BIG reason why we have our problems today. The fact that he’s an adulterer etc…well, he’s a fraud just like every other politician especially liberal politicians. And besides, libprogs are ripe with hypocrisy and incoherence and so are they’re ideologies.

  8. The Alphas in politics have almost always been Democrats.
    Bear in mind, however, that this is why feminism is promoted by Democrats. It is because Alphas are generally competitive in all things and part of winning is eliminating competitors. Feminism has done a great job of eliminating competition for Alphas.
    This is why Alphas in politics don’t mix well for the rest of us. They’ll agree to any crazy scheme because, quite honestly, it will never apply to them. Give women the right to vote? Yeah, sure, we still get to bang, though, right?
    Bill Clinton wasn’t the best President. But he was probably the best guy to go bar hopping with in politics next to Ted Kennedy.

    1. “The Alphas in politics have almost always been Democrats.
      “Bear in mind, however, that this is why feminism is promoted by Democrats.
      It is because Alphas are generally competitive in all things and part of
      winning is eliminating competitors. Feminism has done a great job of
      eliminating competition for Alphas.”
      Democrats are never Alphas. They are all Omegas that promote feminism so they can get access to sub-par Beta quality women. They’re almost to a man married to ugly shrews (3s and 4s), they may have affairs with (marginally) more attractive women (5s) than their wives but they never seem to do better than just above average (6s) to pretty (7s).

    2. “The Alphas in politics have almost always been Democrats”….depends on your definition of Alpha. Eisenhower? Teddy Roosevelt? Lincoln? If alpha means whoring about banging chicks yes Democrats win ( e.g JFK). Another definition of alpha is the man who doesn’t need to bang chicks but leads armies in battle or is cerebral /thinker type. Putin is an example of a badass Alpha. He’s married to a young gymast but he’s not a whoremaster.

      1. “If alpha means whoring about banging chicks yes Democrats win ( e.g JFK).”
        JFK doesn’t count. I mean modern Democrat.

  9. Bill is definitively Alpha. He just sold his gender down the river, like a lot of men in his generation have done.

  10. Marrying a feminist and banging a fat chick on the side disqualifies clinton from being alpha forever. Kennedy married jackie and was banging marilyn on the side.

    1. this.
      also, the article claims you have to be born with charisma… not a chance. this is like being born with the skills to run good game… bullshit. whether it’s charisma or game… practice practice practice.

    2. Ah yes JFK-that man was a true player. He had a constant flow of top shelf poon that his own secret service would help sneak in and out. He only married Jackie to give the “family man” vibe that we still consider to be the de facto path in life.

    3. This.
      When it comes to women, Clinton gets an “honorable mention” for nailing a “Miss America” (he basically had a seduction of the moist and clutching sort in the back of the gubernatorial limo with Elizabeth Ward Gracen, back in the day), but it has just been a path of heinousness and destruction ever since.
      Clinton wasn’t so much alpha–really he was a “pleaser” more than anything–so much as an “Ah don’t cayer, ah gotta have it!” horndog. That dewd would bang anything in a skirt that would drop her panties for him. Have a look at the Clinton Rogues Gallery–it’s like taking a stroll throw Skanksville.
      Monica Lewinsky? They should make a horror flick about her, “The Chubster Who Stalked Me.” Nailing a zaftig Jewish chick when you’re the motherfucking president is hardly an accomplishment. If he had been getting hummers from Kathy Ireland, no guy in the country would have been uttering the word “impeachment”…

    1. I don’t think Bill is that Alpha, how much praise should a man get for cheating on his wife?You are right, a better example would have been Reagan. Bill’s economy was still coasting off the years of Reagan and of course, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.”

  11. Not to digress, but some of the articles posted on ROK, are ridiculous.
    Bill Clinton is a politician. He is responsible for passing NAFTA, which in turn, destroyed over 8 million jobs in the US. Furthermore, he was also responsible for repealing the Glass Steagal Act which was one of the instumental factors that led to the housing crash of 2008.
    This man is not to be praised whatsoever.

  12. Willy is a pussy.
    When he was flat out caught fucking Monica (who looked like a super model compared to his hideous wife), instead of coming clean or simply saying “Fuck off”, he decided to argue the definition of the word “is”.

  13. Maybe I missed something here. Bill Clinton is an alpha because he fucked a 4, married an overbearing ambitious dyke, and can’t play saxophone?
    I’ll grant that he’s charming, but he’s a politician. That’s his entire fucking job. That’s like saying a programmer is alpha because he writes good code.
    Take the Monica situation – would an Alpha grovel before the country like a weasel, or would he say, “yeah I fucked her, i dig fat chicks, next question”?
    Maybe this article is meant to be satire, in which case it reads better.

      1. Ha ha. He coulda said that and the whole impeachment thing would have vanished. BC was a known whoremaster so no one would have cared. I’ve read that Hillary was the one who made Bill lie and deny.

  14. Bill may have been a POS, but the beta boy bitterness by a lot of these commenters proves he was alpha.

  15. Don’t care if he’s alpha or not, he married Hillary. Labels aside, I can’t think of one redeeming aspect of marrying a fugly, feminist woman like Hillary that would make me think highly of Bill for doing it.

    1. Lots of alphas marry for political and financial reasons and get the top shelf poon on the side. I doubt Monica was the only one, she was just T&A and Old Willy did it because she was there.

  16. Bill Clinton is such a rake, such a rogue. He’s still at if those stories about his pal Jeffery Epstein are true.

  17. because the American people will never vote Hillary into office.
    I sure hope you’re right, but in my corner of Eastern PA, all of the liberals think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    1. That’s because they only know what the controlled media tells them.
      VIDEO: [American “liberal” aka Democrat] Students shocked to learn Hillary Clinton is 67, hasn’t driven since 1996:
      “Students tend to be uninformed about the candidates they support,” Cooley said in an email to The College Fix. “When confronted with the truth – that Hillary is a career politician and is out of touch with the American people – college students quickly changed their tune and Hillary lost her appeal.”
      Cooley said asking students questions they will be surprised to learn the answers to is a good way to help snap them into reality.
      “Asking questions is one of the most powerful ways to open someone’s eyes to an idea they may otherwise disagree with because questions often spark a genuine search for the truth,” she stated. “The questions asked in the video forced students to confront the idea that Hillary Clinton may just be a career politician that is out of touch with the average, American citizen.”

      1. Of course they do. Liberals fawn over that stuff. Your example is students, however, we have a lot of Baby Boomer voters in my area that will vote for whomever the Dems pick. And of course there’s Philly…

  18. I get it, there are liberal democrats that visit the site and though I think new age liberalism is marxist and Uber blue pill some guys are democrats here and like Bill clinton. However if you think society for Men is bad now just wait and see what happens if Hillary gets elected President. I’m asking the democrats on this site in the name of God, do not jump on the Democrat bandwagon and give Hillary the vote for President of the United States.

  19. for those referring to Hillary Clinton as a feminist, you are wrong. she is an opportunist. If it was politically advantageous to hate feminism, she would. Hillary is a Hillaryist and nothing else. She is actually more alpha than her own husband.

    1. As a private attorney before she got into politics, hillary successfully defended a rapist she knew was guilty and was caught on tape talking about it and *laughing* about it. That doesn’t disqualify her as being feminist, because feminists will vote for any woman because she is a woman.

    2. Hillary is an alpha man lady. And she also likes girls. Bill Clinton is more beta than she is.

    1. “Aint no body harassin’ you Willy. If you was pretty, you’d have something to say to me. U in da city at 3 o’clock in da mornin’ by yo god damn self… you ugly bitch, Willy Wonka”
      De’Marquis Jefferson 2016!

    2. watch the “crazy latino” vid after this vid is over. typical day on the subway. and the prices are going up again.

  20. I think the real message here is:
    Despite being surrounded by feminists, “strong women” and leftists in general, Bill proves that you can conquer pussy of any sort whenever/however and women will not only forgive you, but they might actually have fun with it.

  21. Bill Clinton may have a bizarre version of the Madonna-Whore complex, with feminist/lesbians playing the role of the Madonnas and healthy women playing the role of the Whores.

    1. Good point. He married Hillary and I bet she slept with way more women than him. Hillary isn’t straight.

      1. Maybe sex of any kind isn’t a priority for some people; to them, it’s just for reproduction. As in some traditionalist forms of religion.

    2. What “healthy women”? Anything that moves! (But then, maybe that’s all it takes to give any man a good time.)

  22. Bill Clinton is the antithesis of masculinity. He’s an Alpha Liar and an Alpha Coward, and that’s about it.
    Looking forward very much to this punk’s introduction to hell.

  23. I kinda hope Hillary gets elected in 2016.
    POTUS is just a puppet of the ZOG with no real power. Plus I have over 500 Magpul 30 round AR15 magazines that I bought for $8.50 each and would love to sell at $40-50 each, like I did after Newton when I made over $18K in profit.

  24. You know who was alpha?
    Wilhelm Reich.
    This motherfucker was a student of Freud, who eventually branched off to form his own psychotherapy based around the idea that having a “regular and fulfilling sex life” was the key to all happiness, and that having regular and satisfying orgasm would remove all neuroses.
    He was then ostracized for his view by the mainstream psychiatric community while he continued to bang all his female patients.
    He then discovered a “universal substance” called orgone, a living breathing pneuma that was sexual and libidinal in nature, which he claimed to be able to measure.
    When two farmers from Maine heard of his research, they asked him to remove the drought in their area to save their crops. He responded by building a machine that creates clouds using his orgone theory, and subsequently made it rain.
    Eventually the Federal Government of the US and A burned all his books, ordered a stop to his research and confiscated all his orgone equipment.
    The hamsters keeps spinning.
    tl;dr Wilhelm Reich was a brilliant scientist and psychologist who identified having a regular (and fulfilling) sex life as being the only requirement for living happily and functioning well.

    1. You’ve neglected to mention that Reich was one of the early ‘cultural marxists’, whose ideas on marxism / freudianism worked there way into the frankfurt school, i.e. he was one of those guys who have caused all the ills in the world, and who should someone ever actually build a time machine we would be well advised to go back in time to assassinate.
      I’m not saying he wasn’t a brilliant figure – he was – along with Bernays, one of the main figures considered in the brilliant 4 part documentary series “The Century of the Self”, but if you’re not that keen on feminism, marxism or ‘the world being completely fucked up’ then admiration for Reich is probably misplaced.
      You might know more about it than me but as far as I’m aware unlike Freud Reich, and after him Marcuse believed in the liberation of female sexuality and as you say the end to sexual repression generally. As far as I can recall both Reich and Marcuse believed in MATRIARCHY, the latter in particular believing that liberating (and pedestalising) female sexuality would be liberation for all oppressed peoples. I’m not sure about Reich but Marcuse also wanted men to become more like women, to make people more androgynous (ring a bell – because it should do: its the world we’re suffering in!) and one of the reasons he wanted that was because he wanted to be men to be less brutal. Reich also, like all the other cultural marxists emerging at the time, was fixated on the rise of fascism, and wrote the mass psychology of fascism. That situates him as a true spiritual brother of the theorists who wanted to put masculinity in any meaningful form to bed: I don’t know how that can be squared with him being an alpha male, unless you’re talking about a self-hating alpha male. Incidentally I’d probably classify Bill Clinton in that category as well

      1. Interesting, I actually didn’t know any of that, I’m only familiar with his psychological theories because of some posts on a meditation forum I frequent.
        Good to know that he was one of the people that ruined the world.

        1. This is why this site is important- James doesn’t lash out in an emotional way, its just “wow, I didnt know that, thanks for bringing this to my attention.”

        2. he certainly was an interesting figure – as evil commies go. Probably got loads of pussy by promising to destroy the patriarchy

    2. “When two farmers from Maine heard of his research, they asked him to remove the drought in their area to save their crops. He responded by building a machine that creates clouds using his orgone theory, and subsequently made it rain.” Hahahahhaa, cheap trick, like Bill Clinton’s sax playing

  25. FYI, in regards to politicians, I feel it would be difficult to make a change. Simply because even if you start out as a good “seed” (as a “genuine person”), in your quest to become a politician so as to effect your motives, you lose all of your person, and then by the time you’re in office, your actions become ineffectual. Because you’ve lost your core.

  26. bill was still a much better president than Obama, the latter who is a wealth spreader who thinks he can grow an economy by canceling your healthcare plan and overtaxing the rich. Obama is an effete wealth spreader

  27. Rok you disappoint me, bill Clinton was a tyrant. So you praise a man for embarrassing the highest office with lies and bieng a whoremonger. Let’s go over white water where he used his govoner seat to scam old people and resell there house, or the mena conspiracy where he was accused of having knowledge that the cia was running cocain through his state and even killed kids. Bill did nothing in fact he invented three strikes your out wow such hypokracy. And now he is involved with another scandal about underage girls When will we see justice that’s more than three scandals you got white water, mena Arkansas, Monica, and now underage girls. The United states of hypokracy, and when he dies he will get all sorts of media coverage about how great he was.

  28. Bill Clinton is a shill. I don’t recall your other posts being shill posts though, Blair. We’ll pretend this never happened

  29. What is this The Onion?
    Bill Clinton is the poster child for the Femcentric Regime we are currently suffering under. Raised by women, attended an ivy league school, groomed by the Elite under the Rhodes program, married a fat feminist, blatantly pandered to the woman vote to get elected gov. then president. Dramatically expanded the police state while in office. Hates freedom, liberty and self determination for anyone except those in the highest positions of power.
    Yea , what an alpha. More like arrogant douche. He continues to publicly pander to the Feminist movement while privately living in a direct opposition to it. In short a total hypocrite and fraud who gets a free pass due in large measure to his powerful status, connections and usefulness to their cause

  30. Just because you’re a man-whore doesn’t make you Alpha.
    IMO, an alpha would be someone simply displays masculinity without necessarily getting his sausage wet.
    John Wayne was an excellent example of an Alpha Male.

  31. So is Jacob Rothschild an Alpha too?
    How about Alan Dershowitz? He fucks young Eastern Euro chicks, you know.

  32. What next an article on how Lady Gaga is a paragon of feminine virtue or maybe one on how Oprah is the epitome of hotness.

  33. Despite any personal dislike of character or actions, I think any man that makes it to POTUS is, in one form or another, an alpha.

  34. Alpha you say? Three words: Andrew Fuckin’ Jackson. He brawled, he dueled, and he beat (to death if I recall correctly) a would-be assassin with his cane after a botched attempt on his life.

    1. dont forget his most important achievement: got rid of the central bank.

  35. Cheating on your feminist wife with a fatty? Really sounds more like thirst than masculinity

    1. You could say the same thing about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’m sure most consider him alpha.
      They’re in a tough situation to effectively cheat without getting caught. Remember the age difference between him and Monica. Yeah she’s chubby, but she’s (was) good enough to drop a load on in a pinch.

  36. Aside from probing the mind of Monica, it is on record that Bill is uncircumcised. ‘Princess’ Lewinsky learned the hard way that NO YOU CANNOT CONTROL the man with the pointed dick. Honestly the pic of young Hillary isn’t quite what you call fugly. She’s rather petite and looks like a hippie chick that could do that yoga thing with her feet behind her ears. ‘UUMMMPH’! And she could cohabitate well in a small college efficiency with narrow spaces. But as with any woman, a position where she wields any power whatsoever will take 5 points off her looks and smv. She’s maybe a 6-7 overall with makeup and eyebrows plucked and separated but even queen elizabeth in her prime would be a 1 or 2 sea monster hag. Power doesn’t only corrupt, it also makes a woman a degree of ugly that is more than skin deep. The fires of hell might as well have toarched their face and body to achieve the spectacle of a ‘powerful’ woman.

    1. Oi, less slagging off of Her Majesty if you please. I happen to think she was quite attractive in her youth. And when an Englishman says “quite attractive” what he means is “hot babe”.
      I met her once to talk to, introduced my wife to her and also had lunch with her and the Duke of Edinburgh (in the company of one or two other people, I have to admit). Meeting the Queen is like meeting your mum – you feel as if you’ve already known her all your life. Prince Philip. Now there’s a prime example of alpha confidence, powerful charisma and not giving a damn what people think. He had us all in stiches throughout the meal. In his 70s then and my wife fancied him. Of course she did.

      1. It’s an American habit or pastime I guess, throwing chips at royalty . . goes back to 1776. Our constitution forbids any titles of nobility.
        I’m sure Elizabeth is of pedigree genestock but why she didn’t have more children in her prime and why the duke didn’t keep concubines to sire still more children that could grow up to say run and administer far away territories or colonies? Who ever said they can’t afford a ‘full house’? Ridiculous. Michelle Duggar plopped out 19 kids easier and with less fuss than an alley cat and her daughters even resemble Middleton somewhat. Is it that hard for royalty to get busy and crack out a replacement rate in a dwindling land or are they acting as a barometer of the negative native population growth of the kingdom?
        Diana seemed to be a reflection of the cuckolding whore culture – post wall mom runs off with the pizza delivery guy. Is it that hard to keep your nose in the role of breeding, tit feeding and simply serving your master WHEN THE WORLD IS WATCHING? Hey royalty, you are setting an example for your subjects in everything YOU do.
        Let’s see a KING WITH CONCUBINES and a queen who rules and manages no one but her nursing offspring and her ‘sister’ concubines. A queen who stumbles over herself in public to serve HER only master THE KING. I would literally MELT at such a sight and the queen’s beauty would rise many notches becoming beyond stellar – absolutely COSMIC. THAT WOULD set a fine example for the people and would send the femicunts running from the land with their tails between their legs.
        Better yet LONG HAIRED and UNCIRCUMCISED male royalty becoming the norm and the standard. Look at the buzzed and chopped men in their group shot at the palace. Ever heard of THE SAMSON RULE? 2028 is approaching and hypergamy will be at an all time low. The hive queens will either forment a fratricidal bloodbath war the likes of which we’ve never seen OR man will finally capture her crown and patriarchy will flood the air all the way up to the STRATOSPHERE.
        Don’t let them cut your hair SAMSON BOY and stave off fighting your brethren. Instead CONQUER YOUR OTHER HALF for the millennia. THIS IS THE TIME for MAN to return to the throne.

  37. Bill Clinton an Alpha Male? No, he was just the early symptom of a more troubling reality-America is now ruled by women. More specifically, single women.
    Let me explain; Most men don’t consider Bill Clinton or Barack Obama Alpha Males on most levels, but women do. That’s how differenty men and women define what “Alpha” is. Generally speaking, men usually judge other men on what they do-their accomplishments, skills, etc. Basically what men ‘DO’ earns men respect from other men. Women however, judge men on what they ‘are’-mostly on the basis of whether they give them the ‘Gina Tingles’. It’s why men like bands like Metallica while women like Boy Bands. It’s skills, talent, and hard work vs. ‘Gina Tingles.
    Let’s use the 2012 election as one example of this political and socio-sexual dystopia. Now remember, even though 93% of Blacks voted for Obama, they only comprised about 12% of the vote*. Married women, who comprised 31% of voters in 2012 broke for Romney 53% to 46%. Single women OTOH comprised 23% of the vote and overwhelmingly voted for Obama(67% to 31%). Now if you consider that women comprised 53% of the 2012 vote, and the largest demographic of American voters is single women, it’s no surprise that Obama won. Ditto for Bill Clinton.
    That’s the ugly reality we all now live in-We are essentially ruled by single women.
    The good news and bad news is that they’ll likely and increasingly vote for the Socialist Democrats who will increase government to benefit single women voters until all of it collapses. Which probably isn’t too far away.

  38. Slick Willy is an example of a dude with very low self esteem.
    Look this dude was the presdient of the United States, and a Democrat, meaning every chick in Hollywood already was in his back pocket, sexually speaking.
    And he chose a fat Jew intern? And Hillary? That’s not chubby chasing, that’s a man who shot way below what he could have had.
    This is a lifelong pattern for Bill; even as a rising power and Governor of Arkansas, he slept with a variety of ugly women. Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, etc. were all well below his pay grade. The best was Gennifer Flowers, and even she was only moderately pretty. His biggest celebrity flirtation? Over-the-hill ugly Barbabra Streisand!
    I used to think Bill was a dude who just parroted the lefty lines but really didn’t believe them, like Ted Kennedy.
    But Kennedy grew up a wealthy, protected little rich boy whose family taught him how to manipulate and bully his way into power. Hypocrisy has been the Kennedy family code for generations, never more embodied than in Ted. Ted’s conquests were hot.
    Bill, however, was a poor kid from a broken home with a messed-up whore for a mother who skipped one of his inaugurations. Seeking an anchor to his life, he took the JFK public persona as TRUE and modeled himself after it. But inside, he never really felt he belonged in the Kennedy’s world, though he desperately tried to join it.
    So he never really felt good enough to bang the kind of chicks Ted did, because what he really sees himself as a Boss Hogg in some rural backwater.
    This is how he could get with Hillary and Monica and not something better.

    1. He was the typical lazy / busy guy – just tried to fuck everything above a 5 that wandered by his office – but never actually went looking for better.

  39. Bill must’ve been attracted to the bisexual chick aspect. Thing is, bisexual chicks look better these days.

  40. I’d argue that Clinton was the “Omega sexual degenerate”, a sneaky male who suffered from such a profound well of inadequacy that he tried to compensate by putting on airs and sleeping with as many women as possible. He didn’t sleep with women because he wanted to, he slept with them to assuage his screaming amygdala.

  41. I think a big part of being an alpha male….is to have selfcontrol and make the right decisions…in which he lacks in both.

  42. I don’t buy it either. He wasn’t any kind of confident seducer – too many reports of his clumsy attempts and at least one police report of forceable rape.

  43. Slick Willie was a complete dumpster-diver. I don’t think he had an affair with any woman higher than a 7 (Gennifer Flowers).
    The one thing he did have going for him was his refusal to really apologize for his deeds. I suppose he was alpha in context (i.e., among liberal Democrat hippie males), and so nasty feminists particularly liked him.

  44. If bill Clinton is an alpha male then the feminists have won and this country is over. he married an ugly feminist. Just because he got a bj from a fat girl in the Oval Office doesn’t make him an alpha male.
    LBJ was the last man who was elected president from the democratic party.

  45. What’s “Alpha” about him
    A/ he screwed around (Hillary may be a Lesbian biased bisexual)
    B/ He achieved power
    He didn’t leave many children in the world and he pretty much betrayed his people. He’s one of those “elect a new people” types more interested in playing on a world stage.

  46. If Bill Clinton was such an alpha (which he was), why couldn’t he do better than either Hillary or Monica. Seems like he could pull a lot prettier, smarter, classier and sexier than either of those babes. So why doesn’t he?

  47. We have no idea whether Clinton was alpha in school but he sure aint one now or over the last 20 years. Media reports abound how Hillary talks down to him, treats him like a second class male and basically runs the shop. No he is not alpha at this point (if he ever was). Yes he was a chick magnet as governor and President because was powerful and women even married ones will fall for a powerful even if he was a beta softee. That’s why non alphas can also get quality pussy – maybe not as many as alphas – but high-end (job wise) males with a good bod and flat tummy can. The alpha beta distinction wears away as you get older. As women get into their 30s and 40s the guys with a non fat stomach and muscles (not Arnold but bullworker type) who have white collar jobs have no problem getting the best looking women if they choose to do so. Even a guy in his 50s who is in excellent physical shape (ie not fat, someone who works out, can job 30 minutes a day) will get “the look” from women as they compare the men to their increasingly pot belly hubbies. I guess at that age you are “alpha” by definition if you are in shape.

  48. Think I’m done with this site. It’s run by liberal pansies claiming to be Alphas. You can’t be both.

  49. Honestly, Bill is the reason why I’m telling everyone to Vote Hillary in 2016. Bad times are coming, folks. As Aurini said, vote Hillary 2016, and let the dems have it. Hillary for pres means feminism dies completely, never to haunt us again.

  50. Clinton is NOT alpha…..damn this is by far the stupidest article writtrn at ROK

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