Kiss Talks About Groupies On Oprah

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley showed up on enemy territory to talk about banging groupies in the video above. Oprah tried to gently shame them, along with audience members, who have trouble believing that women want to fuck famous men. Gene holds his own, never losing his cool and responding with the only reasonable arguments you’ll hear during the show, especially when Oprah suggests that he’s leading on these poor groupies who think a relationship will develop after banging him backstage.

Here are the highlights:

12:35: Rock groupie is railing on Gene for things he didn’t say. She obviously has been pumped and dumped by rock stars and is not happy about it.

17:10: Audience girl on the right wants to bang.

~18:30: There seems to be a hierarchy with bands—not all bands get equal amounts of pussy. It seems that Kiss were at the top.

25:57: Fat girl is mad.

27:50: Supergroupie admits to banging the same amount of partners as Gene (at least 2,000 in the past 10 years).

29:10: There wasn’t a groupie culture back in the 1960s. One groupie remarked how it was simple to get backstage, but now it’s getting harder.

33:00: White knight is mad that they are making music to get laid instead of for the music alone.

Gene is so unapologetic about his lifestyle that even if you were a church-going monogamous man, it’s hard not to admire him.

This was perhaps the first time that feminist arguments about objectifying women were displayed in the mainstream (thanks Oprah), and at the same time we get some red pill wisdom in return.

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43 thoughts on “Kiss Talks About Groupies On Oprah”

  1. I was only 1 in 1987 so holy fucking shit was that how women looked in the 80’s? I’m so glad I’m banging modern broads.

    1. Not all women were like this, this is just Oprah’s main demographic. Middle aged, fat, and ugly women.

    2. To Carson D
      I was age 19 in 1987 and born in 1968. You may not like their style of hair, cosmetics and clothes. I respect your opinion, but want you to consider something else. At least some of the women who were older than aged 30 at the time were fat. Did you notice that none of the women under the age of 30 were fat? Can you say the same about women under 30 today? If these women under 30 style improved to your standards, would you not consider banging them?
      These next paragraphs are directed to everyone.
      Wow! Can you see and hear hypergamy especially by Pamela De Barres in action? Can you perceive the feminine imperative especially by Jackie Collins in action? Do you not see the Alpha-Widows (a compound word coined by Rollo Tomassi’s series of articles ) in action?
      I lived as a young man then. Can you imagine what life was like back in 1987 as a young man without the internet and with peak radical feminism about ready to begin sweeping away the last few vestiges of traditional masculinity before it? Can you imagine saying to yourself that the propaganda ruling elites, radical feminists and White Knight mentally castrated Manginas was a lie and having nearly everyone using verbally abusive and shaming language against you for stating clear evidence and logic as to why this is? Can you imagine finding few people, virtually all of them men, who agreed with you and even then you had to discuss this privately and had to be careful about which men you talked about these things in front of? Can you imagine having more White Knightery being used by the beta and omega males as displayed by the man at 33:00 minute as well as the Alpha males like David Cassidy( eg. saying that banging groupies is sexist)? Can you imagine that even though you knew more about the truth than most others that you still hadn’t been able to perceive that you too believed in lies? Can you imagine a world where the ones who believed in the lies the least were most typically the ones whom women rejected the most? Speaking of men, Eric “Mystery” Von Markovic and Neill “Style” Strauss, who got rejected by women in their younger years then went on to change to the path of getting lots of women and writing books entitled “The Mystery Method” and “The Game”, does it surprise you that it came from these men whose ages are within 4 years of my age? Does it surprise you that I didn’t meet a man who fully agreed with my views about the sexual market place and how it and men and women operated in it until 1991 when I was 23 years old? Would it surprise you to learn that there was a tremendous change on how I viewed the world at age 18 and how I viewed it at 23? Would it surprise you that my world view on this subject has changed considerably less since age 23? Would it surprise you to know that when I finally found the manosphere on the internet that I already knew most of what it was saying was true from observations and experience especially between the ages of 18 and 23 and to a lesser extent after age 23? Would it surprise you to know that after age 23, most of what I learned confirmed what I learned before age 23? Do you young ones know how lucky you are to have gotten to the manosphere provided by the internet which did not exist in 1987, and to learn the right things in an educational(easy way) rather than a harsh(painful personal experience) way?

      1. The link above should be The women on that show might be ugly in your opinion, but the average woman was thinner than what we have today. Compare Oprah Winfrey shows in 1987 to Oprah Winfrey shows as time as gone on since then; and, it’s only gotten worse with the Battle of the Bulge. The craziness of feminism is doubling down because no major conventional force exists to stop it as it is the ruling ideology and power now as well as the guerrilla forces of the manosphere have been on the rise for at least a decade and has gained considerable momentum in the past 5 years.

      2. There are definitely more fat chicks now, sure. But I consider them cows, not women. So I didn’t have them in mind when I made that comment.

        1. Just for your information. Padded shoulders in clothes was the very fashionable back then. I’m not disagreeing with your take on their fashion as I thought women in the 1990s were more fashionable than women in the 1980s and that women in the 1980s were more fashionable than the women in the 1970s. Of course one day people will look back at laugh at the tattoos women are getting today which was extremely rare in the 1980s and even the 1990s as well as how much fatter and unfeminine women are today.

        2. Fashionable or not, broad shoulders made them look more like football players than feminine beings.
          Only a subset of hipster chicks and trashy strippers have tattoos nowadays. And even then a lot of them look hot as shit. Slutty and unwifeable, but still very sexy.

        3. This was a period in female fashion I called ‘shoulder envy.”
          It was a great mild neg for women of the time and still usable today on ocassion.

        4. Tattoos = skin graffiti.
          Little discreet ones might be OK, where one is given the privilege to share the view, but public ones on a woman are a definite turnoff.

        5. Have you been hiding under a rock? Half of the young women or more under 30 have tattoos, its the norm now. Half of them are fat or obese. That wasn’t true in the 80’s. Take away the hair,clothing, bad makeup, the women of the 80’s/90s could’ve chewed up and spit out the women of today. Big hair easily fixed and they could wash off the makeup. Its hard to get rid of the tattoos and most are refusing to get rid of the fat.

  2. Simmons lives in Beverly Hills, California, with Canadian former Playboy Playmate and actress Shannon Tweed
    whom he had dated for 28 years. They have two children: a son, Nick (born January 22, 1989), and a daughter, Sophie (born July 7, 1992)
    hmmm… a player or not ?

    1. Both men, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, were Alpha especially Gene Simmons.

    2. For all practical purposes, Ms. Tweed is his wife. She tolerates the other women as long as they are no threat to her position, or to the kids’ inheritance. He’s the king, she’s the queen. Bet there’d be fireworks if one of the concubines dared show her face in the castle.

  3. Sad to see the lengths that the media will go to repress the truth that women are irresistably drawn to fame and power. The only honest person in that room is Gene (and Paul). The rest are all either envious or seething with repressed desire.
    My father once ran into Gene in a cafe in Bucharest and said he was cool as hell. Totally unpretentious. He always played by his own rules and has a refreshing candor. Now enjoy this recording of his infamous interview with NPR’s Terry Gross:
    [audio src="" /]

  4. Why would they lose their cool? They know they’re making all the pussy in the room flood. You think Oprah wouldn’t fuck them if she had the chance? The body language of these women tells the story. 6:25-6:50 is a great example here. Oprah’s laughing and she puts her hand on her head like she’s really contemplating what it would be like to ride their dicks, the red head calls them ‘goons’ as a shit test but the smile on her face @ 6:55 shows how reminiscent she is of rock-star dick. Listen to her rationalize why she wanted to bang them in the first place after 7:00.

    1. I mean, everyone knows that Oprah would fuck him. Hahaha. That was a good one.

        1. She has a ‘spiritual union’ with a man. Maybe she’s bi. Who the hell cares about Oprah, though, the point is that he could have fucked almost any of the women in the room.
          Also lol @ the girls’ reactions when Gene revealed that he had 2000 sexual partners in the last 10 years.

        2. Actually, I’ve read that Oprah’s what’s called an asexual. Not that it really matters, though.

  5. Hearing this reminds me of a documentary I saw on rappers and basketball players when they get their fame. There was this part about 2Pac. He showed up at a club one time and no girl wanted to dance with him. He was invisible. He wasn’t famous then but he was when he came back the next year. Suddenly, he had all these groupies on him. Now he was the man which is funny because the year before, women didn’t even notice him.
    Women had and have no shame in slutting it up for famous types. That’s a matter of pride for them as the redhead in the video showed. She even wrote a book bragging about it so you know she wasn’t ashamed of all the rockstars she did.
    P.S Money, power and fame is the name of the game

    1. Henry Kissinger once said “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”.

  6. Gene Simmons has become a bit beta or at least has become too politically correct. Not that I don’t appreciate him. I’m speaking of the Gene Simmons of today. Dunno, but I do suspect that old age can have an effect and take away a man’s qualities that make him alpha.
    The break up he had with that ex-soft core porn actress that he married he seemed to be the weakling in wanting her back.
    But one thing seems certain that today no mainstream talk show has alpha pussy mongering guys who talk about their sexual escapades. Nope, all that talk is too politically incorrect.

    1. Heard Simmons interviewed by Sean Hannity a few years ago. Gene totally dismantled Sean, who tried every appeal to emotion possible without the slightest attempt at reason. Gene held his frame, told the truth, and didn’t let himself get drawn into hypothetical shit. Freakin’ hilarious.

  7. Yes!
    IHSTAA (I have said this all along): contrary to the ideas of what constitutes alpha-like body language at Roissy/CH (and also here), alpha extraordinaires Gene S. and Paul S. (not related) break half of those rules in one sitting. A pun. Yes.
    Paul seems to think that the “don’t crimp” rule (as opposed to spreading your legs and b*llocks all over the place) is to be trifled with and leans to the side on his seat. Something I have found rather satisfying at work.
    Gene takes pleasure at crossing his legs in which-ever-way possible. I’m divided about which one is my favourite, although in the spread-in-front version I personally like to put my upper leg knee atop the lower knee. This gives a better position for the phone while reading manosphere blogs about not crossing legs. Heh.
    No retarded hating, just making the point (with the KIϟϟ frontmen) that with a proper attitude and projected make-believe (too) literal rules can be broken with no penalty.
    And “strong disagreement” from here on women of the 1980s being somehow sub-par for our modern d1cks.
    Every era has its own quirks when it comes to the female fashion and to my eyes, for example, the singularly unified perm era of the 1930s to the 1950s seems archaic and grandmotherly and not particularly enticing. Perhaps because that was the “grandmotherly” era for me.
    As for the video clip era, I can still feel the hard-ons induced by certain junior/high-school hotties in their perms/bob-cuts and thin, hmm, shape-forming jeans etc. Not that the perms (which were all the rage for men too, let’s not forget the omnipotence of the phenomenon) wouldn’t seem funny now. But times change and our views with them.
    Kids of today…

    1. “No retarded hating, just making the point (with the KIϟϟ frontmen) that with a proper attitude and projected make-believe (too) literal rules can be broken with no penalty.”
      I’m not sure where anyone has stated rules for body language are set in stone and apply at all times to everyone.
      I believe CH has stated at one time that fame trumps all other considerations in assessing who’s alpha. As longstanding rock stars, Paul and Gene can break all sorts of rules that apply to most other men.

    2. international rock star/pro athlete level fame trumps all, roissy never claimed otherwise. these guys can sit any way they want, it wouldn’t affect the quality or quantity of the pussy they get, because their sky high value has already been demonstrated in spades.
      but roissy’s blog isn’t targeted at rock stars and pro athletes (why would they be reading pua blogs anyway?), it’s targeted at everyone else, for whom things like body language matter.

  8. gene simmons is the man. he dresses like a clown, plays mediocre music, and sells the rights to his clown face. as a result, he has had sex with thousands upon thousands of women and is worth 300 million. when he speaks he speaks eloquently, to the point and honestly. he is the posterboy for the word man. those of you who need a role model or template to model yourselves on, emulating him would probably get you all the things that you want out of life. those of you who bash him will likely amount to nothing save for a divorce statistic cited on websites like this.

  9. gene simmons is the man. he dresses like a clown, plays mediocre music, and sells the rights to his clown face. as a result, he has had sex with thousands upon thousands of women and is worth 300 million. when he speaks he speaks eloquently, to the point and honestly. he is the posterboy for the word man. those of you who need a role model or template to model yourselves on, emulating him would probably get you all the things that you want out of life. those of you who bash him will likely amount to nothing save for a divorce statistic cited on websites like this.

  10. I don’t agree with his lifestyle but I’ve always admired Gene’s attitude. When he is being interviewed by any woman they never get to him.
    The attitude is that “this is my world and you are all living in it”…is what every man should have.

  11. Good on them for an amazing career and lives, but let’s be honest – KISS fucking suck.

  12. very interesting post Roosh, Gene really is the man! no shame, no regrets, no lies

  13. KISS were notorious homosexuals. Former band members have attested to this. Dress up in makeup and wear high heels and convince the world that is how you get women….what a joke.

    1. Usually when you hear about guys who got hundreds of female notches there’s also manhomosex involved. Magic Johnson, Kerouac, Byron, …
      It’s a deviant sort of hypersexuality that I think few normal men really identify with.
      Also, I’d love to see some pictures of Gene’s conquests. Considering he hits on Terry Gross in an interview the bar may be disturbingly low.

  14. 27.50… ahh 27.50…
    Man has to go and become one of the world’s most famous men, to become one of the world’s most wanted men, and only then can he manage to bang 2000 women, of quality unknown.
    Woman can be manjawed eagle nosed average perm barbie; just decide, and bang 2000 men, of more than average sexual attractiveness as some went on to become more famous than they already were.
    Now ask, why do we have the sluts and studs -double- standard?
    Lock, key… Key, lock… Dippidy dippidy klick klock…

  15. I met and interviewed Gene when I was a rock journalist.
    The downside to geting laid easily is that you don’t develop alpha male personality characteritics which lead to you geting pussy whipped when you are in a long term relationship.
    This is exactly the situation his is in with his now wife.

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