8 Things That Make A Girl Stupid And Useless

The vast majority of modern women in the West are irreparably corrupt. And while many of us blame the toxic influence of feminism, I believe that feminism is merely a symptom of a decadent society rather than the disease itself.

Even without feminism, there are aspects of our society that lure and corrupt women with disastrous consequences for the society as a whole. It starts with the creation of snarky and entitled women who place their careers and riding the cock carousel above being wives and mothers, which leads to dysfunctional matrimonial relationships, which leads to divorce and men shunning marriage.

This then leads to the destruction of nuclear families, which leads to the decline in population due to low birth-rates, which in turn makes governments resort to importing millions of foreign immigrants to replace the native population, and also all the consequences for the children being raised by single mothers, and so on.

The following are the biggest offenders that are currently corrupting women today:

1. Bars And Clubs


Bars and clubs are the sort of places where women congregate to bring out their worst. The male attention they get from these places is so great that they end up bloating their egos to a point where it refuses to deflate even into their 30’s.

Although they’re the sort of places frequented by women who are already tainted, any decent woman who enters them will succumb to their toxic influences over time.

2. Social Media


Women love receiving attention and validation without accomplishing anything, and social media is their weapon of choice. Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and more, have turned into male-attention buffet for the attention whores everywhere who feed their vanity by fishing for “likes.” The more shameless ones use them to engage in real-life depravity, where they allow rich Arabs to defecate in their mouths to satisfy their materialistic orgy.

You can expect any woman who makes a habit of putting up her selfies online to be a narcissistic shell of a human being devoid of any humility or decency. I think it’s safe to say that social media is the worst thing to happen to women since the sexual liberation of the 1960’s.

3. Careers


Perhaps the most devastating social change to occur in recent times is having women turn from loving, caring wives into career women who are more interested in their desk jobs than in raising children. The more time that a woman prioritizes her career, the more she is likely to delay marriage or not marry at all, resulting in decreased number of available women for men to marry—which of course leads to the subsequent decline in nuclear families.

Careers also tend to make women more entitled, materialistic, and narcissistic. Their attitude suffers as well as they believe that acting up like a bitch equates to being a competent leader.

4. Colleges And Universities


Colleges today have transformed from being giant money-making schemes to breeding grounds for militant feminists and the social justice rabbles. Any woman who go to one of these “educational” institutions are infantilized with “safe spaces” that offer bubble, Play-Doh, and videos of puppies to soothe empowered female feelings after being triggered from facing opposing views. (You know things are bad when even Obama thinks the students are coddled).

And when a place of education turns into nothing but a giant day-care centre for privileged cry babies, these sort of shrieking goblins shouldn’t come as a surprise:

I myself have witnessed a sweet, bubbly girl I know transform into a short-haired, feminist bitch after spending just few years in a university in Toronto (the same one that started Slutwalk). Today, colleges no longer serve as places for intellectual growth, but are, instead, places that indoctrinate women with warped, progressive world-view. Women should be discouraged from attending them.

5. Smartphones

Smartphones may be useful in many ways, but when you consider the way most people use them most of the time (i.e. texting, social media, games, mindless browsing, etc.), it’s by far the worst technological innovation to have infested our society in recent times.

And while these devices affect both men and women, it seems to be having a worse impact on women who seem to have merged with the machine to become one with it. Much like crack addicts, women who are addicted to their phones are irritable and short-tempered as anything that distracts them from their phones is seen as an annoyance.

6. Shopping Malls


Shopping malls were made for women, to exploit women, thus spoiling them in the process. You have to understand that women don’t go to shopping malls to merely buy something; for them, it is a way of indulging in their materialistic hedonism—and also a way for them to resolve their psychological anxieties of beauty and status.

You can almost guarantee that if we were to draw a graph that shows the relationship between how often a woman goes shopping and her level of narcissism, it would be a straight line.

7. Movies And Television Shows

Women reach both their sexual peak and photoshop peak when they hit their 30’s.

The messages in movies and television shows today do nothing but harm women by distorting their view of reality. From the unrealistic and lavish lifestyle portrayed in Sex and the City to the ridiculous girl power films like the new Max Max and Star Wars, the only thing these brainless fantasies “empower” is women’s complete irresponsibility and delusion. That is, until reality hits them—hard.


8. White Knights And Male Feminists


One of the main reasons why women feel bolstered enough to be as crass as they are now is because of all the loser white-knights and male feminists who jump in their defense like well-trained dogs. If all men united to express their disapproval at the state of women today, many of the problems we face might be mitigated significantly.

But the fact of the matter is that there are far too many supplicant men who kowtow to every whim of the opposite sex, thereby indirectly contributing to their skyscraping egos and bitch behaviour.


While there isn’t awful lot we can do to stop these toxic influences, we can use them as a reference to decide which women to avoid—especially if you are looking for a stable relationship. You can argue that it’s virtually impossible to find any woman who is clean of all these influences, but the point is to find one close to it as possible.

And for that, you might have to look outside the cities or head overseas. But as long as women today remain unchecked to do as they wish while the above mentioned factors remain in place, I don’t expect things to improve anytime soon in the West.

And last, it’s also worth noting that the majority of men are also guilty of the things that I’ve listed above in one form or the other. If you do happen to be guilty, limit and fix what you can as much as possible.

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  1. I love this article!! In fact, If I could like it an infinite number I would but from all of your numbers, the list only marks one aspect as the worst one in my eyes, the career woman. Losing that one element will reverse everything wrong with society in 8 years tops.

  2. Life is too easy.
    There is a part of the brain called the amygdala. When it is well developed, people tend towards being altruistic instead of shallow and selfish and materialistic, seeking out a small number of quality mates vs having hundreds, more effort is put into child rearing as opposed to single mommery, etc. We all know the list.
    The amygdala does not grow on its own, however. It requires certain life experiences for that to happen. Particularly, your life must be at risk in some form. It is concerned with survival. And life has never been safer and easier than it is now.
    What we call unicorns used to exist, but they are not born. They are grown, and it requires a far harsher society than this one. There will be no improvement until western society collapses and descends into war within our own borders.

    1. You nailed it.
      An excess of material comfort breeds decay of character in people.
      The modern female uses technology as a replacement for a particular end due to the hollowness of her understanding of virtue & value.
      For the enlightened man, technology is a means to an end. An extension of will manifested in a physical form. A bridging of the gap between undergoing a process leading to product. But it is not the end itself.
      The virtues of withstanding trials for the sake of self improvement is an alien concept for the modern woman.

      1. I used to be all in favor of free trade. Now I’m thinking that it brings excess creature comforts (cheap stuff from China) and thus self indulgence and rot.
        Put simply, we are better when we are hungrier.

        1. A lot of the stuff I thought I believed in (capitalism, democracy, freedom, cheap shit, equality, etc) isn’t as great as they tell you it is.

    2. Which is why the Greatest Generation that grew up during the Great Depression and then turned around and crushed Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” 988 years ahead of schedule, and then brought down the Empire of the Sun as an encore tried to give their children, the Baby Boomers, everything and it turned them into a poisoned generation of locusts.

      1. Hilter was alpha, he saved the German people from absolute poverty & mass unemployment and turned the country into a powerhouse producer of technology and industry.

    3. I always knew having a more turbulent upbringing made better people but I didn’t know it actually was do to a part of the brain . Good post .

    4. A well developed amygdala is also associated with higher sex drives… or, dare I say, a greater desire to survive…..since it also plays a part in emotions and how they relate to sex, emotional memory, etc. Just watching the Fem-rant in the Yale video proves what runaway FX SJWs are having on society. You could argue that what we witness in the vid, is pseudo-emotional societal flare up, with an improperly connected sexual driver involved somewhere in the brain. What does a better emotional memory and higher sex drive equate to? A LOT of great sex with ONE person.
      I truly believe we’ve been in this feminized SJW world long enough, it’s physiologically altering brain chemistry and neuro function, rerouting primal pathways into new, useless functions. Much like mimicing the very uselessness practiced in a smart-phones usage. More on the amygdala::
      “The amygdala has long been known to play a role in sexual
      behavior, from the results of animal studies as well as
      clinical evidence in humans linking temporal lobe
      seizures located near the amygdala to sexual behavior
      such as sexual automatisms (Leutmezer and others
      1999). Bilateral damage to the amygdala and surrounding
      cortical areas results in the so-called Klüver-Bucy
      syndrome in monkeys (and, more rarely, in humans),
      characterized by atypical and indiscriminate sexual
      The same way ischemia (strokes) can be reversed in some cases by focusing on motor damage. I.e., force yourself to lift an affected side of the body until the brain matter literally regrows (no shit, this is being done!!) and you regain use of that side of your body while comparatively regrowing the damaged brain matter (a retraction of stem cells due to O2 & nutrient starved brain matter during the stroke) . Women will need to think differently to ever make themselves break their stupid and useless montage, and literally “fix” their brains. This is my hypothesis

    5. Brilliant insight and highly perceptive; you, good Sir, possess what is called deep spiritual discernment.
      Unfortunately, yes, there is no hope of rehabilitating the current depraved, degenerate and thoroughly vulgar culture that we live, and are immersed, in. The entire rotten edifice has to collapse so that we can rebuild, or at least have the opportunity to rebuild, a sane, rational, empathetic, and humane society with men (and women, of course) of first-rate character and integrity who value human dignity as well as Liberty above all else. In the current social and political climate, it’s utterly and absolutely impossible to inculcate the higher noble virtues on a large societal scale, because the gig is rigged such that it only “nurtures” the most vile and base features of human nature.

    6. “There is a part of the brain called the amygdala. When it is well developed, people tend towards being altruistic instead of shallow and selfish and materialistic, seeking out a small number of quality mates vs having hundreds, more effort is put into child rearing as opposed to single mommery, etc. We all know the list.
      The amygdala does not grow on its own, however. It requires certain life experiences for that to happen. Particularly, your life must be at risk in some form. It is concerned with survival. And life has never been safer and easier than it is now.”
      VERRRRY Interesting theories, I will be researching this.

  3. #6 reminds me of my ex and her female family members. No matter where we went, somehow we ended up in a generic mall. It was as if our mall back home didn’t have a Victoria’s Secret. But yes, it is awful to be alive today. The Apocalypse cannot come fast enough.

  4. “The vast majority of modern women in the West are irreparably corrupt. And while many of us blame the toxic influence of feminism, I believe that feminism is merely a symptom of a decadent society rather than the disease itself.”
    Jews did this.
    They took over feminism and poisoned our mostly white & christian women AND Men. Bye Bye white nations in just a short couple of decades.
    “Even without feminism, there are aspects of our society that lure and corrupt women with disastrous consequences for the society as a whole. It starts with the creation of snarky and entitled women who place their careers and riding the cock carousel above being wives and mothers, which leads to dysfunctional matrimonial relationships, which leads to divorce and men shunning marriage.”
    This is all propagated by (((feminism))) as being modern, EmPoWeRed, “sexy.” Obvious fucking bullshit as studies show. Every dangerous thing that exists naturally in society has been amplified by (((feminism))). Open Hypergamy, cock carousel, career/tankgrrling over families, etc etc.
    Read it here: http://donlegaracci.wix.com/reviews#!A-reminder-of-how-Feminism-destroys-women-and-thus-civilization/pb0ye/568fb8a90cf2913953209fd1
    “This then leads to the destruction of nuclear families, which leads to the decline in population due to low birth-rates, which in turn makes governments resort to importing millions of foreign immigrants to replace the native population, and also all the consequences for the children being raised by single mothers, and so on.”
    This is the #1 goal of the jewish elites, who run more than 90% of the media we consume and Hollywood too. They see Goyim (non-jews – mainly white europeans) as filth, as nazi scum, as totally inferior lifeforms to their people. They’ve been doing unspeakable shit to non-jews forever now. Hitler didn’t just wake up one day and randomly target jews for no reason.
    By using feminism and capitalism – created by whites – they have brainwashed most white people into absolutely repulsive braindead dolts. Androgynous second-rate versions of the opposite sex.
    Why? In order to diminish white populations and break their spirit (miscegenation through media, open border policies, etc…. can’t have another risk of “Holocaust!”) and because androgynous broken freaks are easier to manipulate/control and sell shit to.
    Jews love revenge and they love money.

    1. Jewish women played a large role in creating modern feminism, true. But they didn’t do this necessarily to sabotage the gentiles. They did this because of the inadequacies they saw in their own men.And American Jews have engaged in massive miscegenation themselves. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg, his Chinese-American wife and their hybrid baby.

      1. “They did this because of the inadequacies they saw in their own men.”
        Who gave those harpie cunts the platform to infect people on a global scale?
        Jewish elites who run hollywood & mainstream media.
        Besides, these were barren women who never landed a quality man to save their life.
        “Incompetency” had nothing to do with the anti-white vengeful genocidal assault on white christian nations.
        “And American Jews have engaged in massive miscegenation themselves. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg, his Chinese-American wife and their hybrid baby”
        That’s silly, son. Most jewish elites support closed borders for Israel to preserve “pureness.”
        And Lol at equating asian + jewish (2 of the highest IQ groups in the world) with miscegenation on ZUCKERBERG’S part. He benefits from that because genetically, he’s marrying UP. The hong kong folk is on average smarter than every other average folk on the planet. Not to mention silky smooth hair.
        SHE’S the one doing the miscegenating. She gets nothing genetically on Mark’s part. He’s an ugly 5’7″ shit-haired jew – the ONLY thing he has going on for him is his money/power/fame, which is the most powerful chick crack. That’s why he lands any type of hot girl.
        Fame Game has nothing to do with Jews or genetics. Genetically, lil Zukcerberg Jr. won. He upgraded from his dad’s weak genes.
        Besides, white/jew + asian isn’t anywhere near as bad for society nor the child’s health as black + white miscegenation is.
        Black + whites couples have a SLEW of domestic problems at a rate MUCH higher than other interracial same race couple has.
        And the interracial offspring of a black & white couple has a higher chance of being born stillborn as well.
        Yet what is the most frequent miscegenated interracial couples we see in the media and hollywood? Black man with a white woman.
        So we know white women are cheated on, beaten and killed more frequently with a black guy than other other man (maybe on par with muslims), yet the media and hollywood try to make this unholy union acceptable and celebrated. This is what is WHITE GENOCIDE. Because once that mixed baby is born, IF the black dad hasn’t killed his white mom before he’s conceived, has a higher chance of being stillborn.
        The plan: let in a bunch of savage non-whites to rape and marry already broken white women. Promote this unholy miscegenation constantly through hollywood & media, shame/jail/fine/punish those who oppose. Dilute the white nations IQ with miscegenation so that they are easier to control/manipulate and sell stuff to.
        Jews think long long term, unlike hitler.
        So if you’re a jewish elite and want to get rid of the white race, you promote having interracial sex and relationships so that the non-white black/hispanic either kills the white women eventually or gives her and her babies STDs, and/or straight up increase the chances of that white man/woman’s miscegenated child never being born (stillborn %).

        1. Straight out of the Protocols. Of course, that’s a forgery.
          It’s just a cohencidence.

      1. Once again, who is behind the putrefaction of feminism and the mainstream media where degenerate ads for degenerate putrid shit is strategically placed?
        Jews exploit both feminism and greed to their utmost advantage.

        1. The only reason all jews aren’t oppressing white people and other non-jews is because only a handful of the jewish population are elite of the elite.
          And yet STILL they’ve trapped every single white person into living in their putrefied civilization and into using at least 1 one of their degenerate products.
          The only people I can think NOT under the Jews is TRUMP and PUTIN.
          2 of the most masculine and successful Men quite possibly of all time. Literally.
          You have to be a God to be in this world slapping propaganda left and right like they were nothing. Look at what Putin said:

  5. the more the phone become intelligent, the more women become stupid.
    remember the time when there was no mobile phones ? women were already mocked because they were protrayed spending hours speaking to their female friends with the unique phone at home. But that was just an annoyance, a joke topic, nothing more.
    Nowadays, mobile phones + social media = we have the same shitty behaviour, but amplified to the maximum which generate the worst side effect = amplification of attention provided by betas thus leading to amplification of female narcissism thus leading to amplification of feminism thus leading to all the shit we are living in nowadays.

    1. In other words…
      iPhones aren’t the cause of female behavior; they’re the vehicle for it.

  6. If you actually think about it, the walk a mile in her shoes thing isn’t feminist at all, because 1) Men aren’t forcing women to wear them, women fashion is pretty much chosen by women and 2) It proves that even men can wear high heals, so women need to stop complaining about something they put on themselves.

      1. Preparing one’s suit the day before is tedious at first. Make it a daily habit and you will eventually do it unconsciously and it would not be such a tedious task. This will make you stand out better than 90% of the men out there today. Once you’ve built that into your habit, do something additional to improve yourself and make that into a habit. Just keep improving and making it a habit.

        1. Just like military uniforms. In fact Air Force full service dress uniforms are nothing more than glorified business suits with ribbons and stripes. Still makes one look sharp though.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah…. Modern women suck, but it’s not like their prudish ancestors were a delight either…. All of these points are true, but as men we are best off by adapting to this ever-changing reality…. Social media sucks, don’t friend any bitch you want to fuck on Facebook…. She loves the mall, have her buy you shit there, and never accompany her on these excursions… Movies and television, slowly drop red pill wisdom on her gerbil brain, and she will buy in hook, line, and sinker to see the modern media for what it is….. Careers, if you want to make a hoe into a housewife, make a bunch of jack and tell her to stop working (I’d prefer her buying me shit)….. White knights, don’t be one….. All this being said, if you want to find a real woman to marry, tough luck.

    1. Their ancestors were not generally prudish. Where do you get that? Do you think we all came from some Southern Baptist sex hating origin or something?
      The Puritans were nearly sex fiends and were quite keen on man and wife having frequent and FUN intercourse. The Amish, who are a relic from centuries long past, alive in the flesh, are quite set on ensuring that the girl and boy find out if they’re sexually compatible before they wed (for obvious reasons).

        1. Ah lol idk anything about the Amish. For some reason I figured they’d have premarital sex as a no no

        2. They are also heavy drinkers, and often have barn parties (keggers). The Amish are far more in touch with “eat, drink and be merry” than pop culture would have you believe.

        3. I actually knew that. I think I’ve seen the whole rumspringa thing in more than one movie before.

        4. Ah. I don’t watch that kind of thing, or even television. But we are awash in Amish here in Ohio.
          EDIT: Keggers are not a rumspringa thing, the Amish do it throughout their lives.

      1. Yeah, I get that… I was more saying they were still most likely a drag to hang with

      2. It’s not unacceptable for an Amish man to knockup his fiancée, just so he knows she’s fertile.

  8. And while these devices affect both men and women, it seems to be having
    a worse impact on women who seem to have merged with the machine to
    become one with it. Much like crack addicts, women who are addicted to
    their phones are irritable and short-tempered as anything that distracts
    them from their phones is seen as an annoyance.

    Amen to this. As an avid motorcycle rider who almost lives on his ride when the temperature is above 45F, I have to say that this is an absolute fact. 90% of the time when I encounter a bad driver on an iZombie, it’s a woman. I get this from the number of times I mutter “Stupid bitch” (female) instead of “Stupid asshole” (male) on a given day riding. It’s to the point where I hardly ever find men doing it above a certain age any longer, but women of all ages seem to be crack addicted to this idiocy. It’s against the law in Ohio to text/iPhone and drive (except for using it as a phone to speak into), but if you mention this to an entitled bitch if her window is down, after she’s done something that almost knocks you off the road, you’ll get a rage-face and usually a Ms. Middle Finger as she drives off, swerving between lanes as she updates Facebook.
    If she kills somebody, oh well, not her problem. Fucking idiots.
    Shopping malls have been around since at least the 1970’s, I doubt that they’re any kind of major contributor. Women were fine in the 1980’s, despite being surrounded by shopping malls.
    Absolutely correct. Flee from the woman whose sole passion is her career or who hopes to make a huge glowing career. You’ll save yourself untold amounts of grief.
    White Knights
    Hopefully this will change in time. More and more men are being disillusioned with this entire awful societal trend.

      1. Listening like that, or plugging in for music, sure. That’s not the problem.
        Last year I lost two brothers on motorcycles to women on iPhones. Year before, one. This year, well, we’ll see.
        They are dangerous, the law tries to address that, and all you get is a sneer and a middle finger if you try to tell them to stop being dangerous. Fucking cunts.

        1. My condolences for your losses. I’ve often thought of ways to shock people like this into paying attention, at least temporarily. The most legal thing I can come up with is rigging a semi horn to my car and using it on anyone not paying attention. As you said, trying to address it is worthless, so why not just scare the absolute shit out of them?

        2. To be clear, not flesh and blood brothers, I mean riding friends.

        3. Women have flipped you off from their cars? Really?
          Chicks: zero situational awareness

        4. Another big problem, I think, is that driving, like life, has been made too easy.
          When I lived in Europe, especially I Germany, driving was an activity. It wasn’t something you did while talking, listening to music, texting, having coffee, etc. People took their connection to the vehicle seriously.
          I still see this with motorcycles (though not ubiquitously) and very occasionally with men in cars, but never women.
          My first car had no power steering, much less an auto transmission. I have never owned an automatic and only have driven them when I have rented or borrowed a car.
          By making driving so vanilla that nothing about it matters they have taken away what it means to be a “good driver”
          Now it just means you haven’t crashed into something and not about how well you hold the road, downshift, handle curves etc.

        5. And horrible “I’m older therefore I get a pass” attitude. Maybe we should adopt a concept from the show Dinosaurs and throw them off a cliff.

        6. Yes, at stop lights. If they’re texting and nearly run me off the road and we end up at a stop light beside each other I let them know what they almost did, and that it’s illegal to text and drive.

        7. You can add all those safety feature options in luxury cars. ABS, bumper sensors, cars parallel park itself, turns lights on and wipers on automatically. These technologies made to simplify and idiot proof the driver. What it did was created a bunch of idiots.

        8. “Another big problem, I think, is that driving, like life, has been made too easy.”
          Agree 100%. In fact, there’s an argument to be made that artificially low speed limits may actually cause as many deaths as they prevent. Think you’d fall asleep at the wheel going 150MPH? Think you’d pick up the phone going that fast? How many people fall asleep driving motorcycles?
          If we could drive faster, more attention would be necessary and, because the time shortened, less time would be spent in the car (making it less of a burden to focus on the task at hand).
          Of course, none of this really matters because, in 10 years, we’ll have cars driving themselves. Which will fix the stupid driver problem for both men and women.

        9. “Smart cars” will be a menace I believe. “They” can’t outlaw bikers (too big of a voting block and with a strong overlap into gun owners), so smart cars will have to account for uncontrolled free-radicals on the road. As somebody who does code, I don’t trust the technology to do this effectively and 100% of the time.
          But then I don’t trust battery powered sights on my firearms either. The notion of leaving your life in the hands of electricity gives me the creeping willies.

        10. I believe this is true, but only if getting a license isn’t a perfunctory show up and make a left turn. You really need to know how to drive to drive a car over 100 miles an hour without killing yourself. However, the road was populated by people who knew how to drive and respected the awesome power and responsibility of a car then yes, I can see that increased speed would infact be safer.

        11. correct. All idiot proofing has created trouble.
          When I grew up it was literally a baby obstacle course of cleaning fluids, hard corners, angry dogs and live electricity.
          Baby proofing was the first step. Making driving idiot proof, making college impossible to fail at….all these things seem great on paper but in the end we have become a nation of queers and wusses.

        12. Dunno. Possible. It takes seeing your computer go “Oh, hey, I need to lock up the entire OS and you can’t do anything but reboot” only a few times to drive home the point that this kind of reliance on it to take you down the road at 70mph may well be an exercise in madness.

        13. Lowering speed limits really is just for municipalities to issue more citations for speeding and add to the city’s coffers.

        14. True for the most part, except extreme residential areas I think. Going 55 mph in a subdivision is a near guarantor of hitting some kid playing ball, eventually.

        15. GoJ “HAL, where are we going? I told you to take me to the range.”
          HAL “Youve been making politcally incorrect posts on the web. Im talking you to the nearest police precinct.”
          GoJ “Open the car doors HAL!”
          HAL “Im sorry GoJ, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
          Yeah what could possibly go wrong with smart cars connected to the web??

        16. Even if the car is standalone, not networked (yeah, figure the odds of that) and such, I still foresee massive problems with people on the roads no using the “technology”. How this is going to be solved is anybody’s business. Maybe allocate a lane for “manual” drivers. Like I said, if they try to ban motorcycles they’re going to have almost a revolution on their hands.

        17. Yeah, I actually tried arguing with a cop one time that I was driving in the middle of the night on a deserted highway at 85 MPH in order to keep from falling asleep (true). I got the ticket anyway.

        18. That’s true, although I rarely if ever see cops patrolling this type of area. I would be all for enforcing speed limits around homes or children.

        19. GPS had made me considerably worse with directions. Although it has improved my spatial recognition (ie I have a great understanding of where neighborhoods lie in relation to each other N / S / E / W)

        20. “Think you’d fall asleep at the wheel going 150MPH? Think you’d pick up the phone going that fast? How many people fall asleep driving motorcycles?”
          Or better yet, if you are driving a stick shift car.

        21. have to agree. i dont much care for these new cars….even if my 03 is kind of newish….its still a bit old. for instance I was driving a friends car and his new fancy GPS Will yell at you “THE SPEED LIMIT IS X MPH” if you go over it…..seriously that shit can wreck you.
          i hope my 03 gets another 20 years in it….I dread having to get a new car.

        22. I had to get an 03 because some uninsured female in her early 20s ran into it heading wrong way up the interstate ramp (if she hadn’t hit me, she would have hit the interstate going full speed in the wrong direction). She damaged my 1996, although her car was far more severely damaged. I’m glad an 03 is still old enough that it doesn’t yet beep at me when I don’t wear a seat belt. I do wish it had a Bluetooth for playing podcasts over the radio, mainly just because radio sucks now, but otherwise I’m fine and agree–will be driving it at least through this decade if not the next.

        23. Nag signals can be disabled (buckling). I hate that shit. They need to mind their own damned business (the car manufacturers).

        24. I’d hope that the volume on the voice can be turned down or muted, that shit would wear on my last nerve, fast.
          I ride nearly without directions on the interstates these days. All you need to know are a few basic rules and you can almost always find where you need to go, although sometimes the roundabout way. It’s dead reckoning, but it works in a pinch. Talk to somebody younger though and if they are not guided every turn by a GPS, even to places they’ve been over a dozen times, they’re lost.

        25. I have no idea if it can be turned off but Im not hopeful. Just this weekend while watching the NFL playoffs they kept advertising a new car commercial with new safety features. one such feature that they advertised in every commercial was the radio won’t turn on until your seatbelt is buckled. to which one of the women said “my husband could use that” and *cue the laughter*….male shaming and idiotic safety features all in one breathe….what more do you want i ask?
          so Im not hopeful it could be turned off.
          even my 03 camry has a blinking red light for seatbelt reminders….which can be annoying if you are driving at night and say do shopping and buy something with enough weight to trigger the seatbelt light and stick on your passenger seat as i often do. even a 32 pack of bottled water can trigger the light. so not even obsessive shopping is needed.
          my friends that dont like the seatbelt I tell them I dont care just make the blinking light go away….some end up sitting on the seatbelt while its buckled lol and others stick a piece of paper in front of the light.

        26. “The notion of leaving your life in the hands of electricity gives me the creeping willies.”
          This a million times.
          I ‘fix’ things for a living (or prevent the mistakes in the first place, sorry I can’t be more specific), and I have an absolute leeriness of relying on things complicated mechanical or running on batteries.
          Or course, it doesn’t help that stuff today is DESIGNED for cheapness than longevity, and that I would rather fix it than buy a new one. I’d give my master’s degree for my grandfather’s mechanical aptitude in a heartbeat….

        27. Modern cars can already get hacked, and some guy managed to hack a plane from inside the aircraft.

        28. That’s what dash cameras are for. It’s fun to look at them and point at the camera.
          I’ve never tried “Can I have a name to go with your license plate?” yet.

        29. I don’t know if you can mount a cargo ship horn on your bike, but if you can that’s the way. Pull along side or behind them at a light, and let that motherfucker rip. Guaranteed hearth attack. I almost had one when a truck behind me pulled that trick.

        30. Agree wholeheartedly. Out of the five vehicles that I have owned all were stick but one. I took my driving test in a manual, and you wouldn’t believe the look I got from the guy at the dmv for the test. . Utter disbelief that someone my age would be driving a manual. That’s how I learned to drive, it must be a concise effort. And I have wondered if automation has effected the skill set of drivers. Glad to know that others see this too.

        31. I learned to shoot on iron sights and even with battery powered optice, on a few, always have an iron sight back up. You can’t leave anything to chance.

        32. Ha I got the craziest look taking driving test with manual too…and that was a long time ago. It was just the only car I had access to. The first time I drove an auto I almost killed myself jamming the break with my left foot looking for a clutch

        33. If you’re interested in reading on the more general subject of the effects of automation, I would recommend The
          Glass Cage by Nicholas Carr. Among other things, he goes into detail about the consequences of the reduction, elimination even, of the immediate connection between the automobile’s movements
          and the driver’s own physical actions.

        34. “People took their connection to the vehicle seriously.”
          German vehicles show this. My first car, an 87 Volkswagon fox, a standard, was a like driving a precision CNC machine.
          One slight miscalcuation and you we’re gringing gears.
          Compared to an 88 Corrolla I drove later this thing was tighter than a gnats ass on a lemon wedge.
          Most North american drivers could simply not handle this..Germans like this kind of thing.

        35. “I believe this is true, but only if getting a license isn’t a perfunctory show up and make a left turn.”
          Totally! In Germany I bet it’s a serious affair.
          In Japan I know it is. Nobody passes their first test. they fail you and make you go through everything again.

        36. “When I grew up it was literally a baby obstacle course of cleaning fluids, hard corners, angry dogs and live electricity.”
          Later in life, don’t forget asbestos in the classrooom, lawn darts and cops looking for you after you egged thepublic school who would definitely beat the shit out of you if they caught you..
          Ohh the 80s

        37. this and I find it’s terrible for your short term driving memory as well.
          Without one I remember the smallest details of many streets and the best routes come back to me.

        38. You say Germans like this kind of thing and I say no doubt…however, and I hate to no real Scotsman here, all real men like this. Power over nature and control over sorroundings is as innate in a male as having a dick.
          I would love to drive a 60’s Porsche around. I think I could cum in my pants

    1. It’s so bad some cities have made anti texting ordinances. Government meddling, perhaps, but as I like to put it, retarded decisions lead to retarded consequences. Ladies, you want the government and us to treat you like adults, then behave like adults and not like kidults. Of course you hear them whining on their rights, but what rights? To mow down traffic?

      1. Right, the entire state of Ohio has the “you can’t text and drive” law on the books now. Not that most women even know about it, it seems.

        1. And even men. Just three years ago I was involved in a wreck involving an idiot who was texting in rush hour traffic and slammed on the brakes and caused a three vehicle crash. The argument is that laws won’t prevent wrecks. In my case, the guy went to jail and got a citation. Didn’t prevent the wreck, but at least I got a sense of justice. At least the paradigm is, there will be consequences. But yeah, this is the same society that thinks it is ok to stop traffic to do a marriage proposal. Scary times indeed. This is how bad entitlement has become.

        2. I guess maybe the only way to get people to know that law is on the books is to have every licensed driver to retake the written test when they renew their license.

        3. You’d think. They announced the living shit about it on the radio and in the news, but I guess those outlets are too “old fashioned” for broads on Facebook.

        1. We need to add a spelling and grammar test prior to granting texting rights to people.
          80% would fail, texting feature on the phone would be remotely deactivated.
          Problem (mostly) solved.

        2. When texting I always use complete sentences and proper punctuation. I think it is important.
          I also think we should remove spell check so at least we know when we are dealing with a moron much faster.

      2. Texting while driving is about as dangerous as driving drunk. But, because 90% of the “TXTers” are women and 90% of the drinkers are men, we have a bit of a disparity in the punishment for them. You think this is an accident? Because I sure don’t!

        1. Before I go on, a disclaimer. I don’t approve of nor appreciate drunk drivers. So cute that shit out. With that being said, at least we can make the argument that drunk drivers at least try to focus on the road, even if they fail miserably. Texters don’t. And then we must think of something that no one really mentions. I find the whole concept of not being able to drink until 21 silly at best, independently of whether American teens are idiots. Yet consider this: we don’t let 16 year olds drink, yet we let them drive and have cell phones. Yikes.

        2. In Denmark kids drink from about 13. Better to learn with family watching you than with other drunk kids cheering you on. None of this is of course legal, which is another reason to ignore the law.

    2. As a fellow motorcycle enthusiast I have to agree with you.
      The hyper awareness that one has to have (especially driving a bike in New York City which presents obstacles that a mostly highway driver couldn’t imagine) sometimes isn’t even enough.
      I can get to a good cruze speed when I take the 100 mile ride to the beach I like. But when I am darting around Lexington Avenue women + smartphone is really a recipe for disaster.

      1. A couple of older men (as in, way older than me) that I know who rode, gave up and sold their bikes this year. Reason? “Too fucking dangerous now, everybody is texting”. They know their reflexes are aging so they gave it up before becoming a casualty.

        1. I’m starting to consider not riding a bicycle as a form of low impact exercise due to the danger out there on the streets.

        2. It’s smart. I got rid of my Yamaha R1 because I just didn’t want to propel myself at those speeds with idiots all around.
          I am seriously contemplating getting an old Triumph Bonneville to tinker with and drive on weekends, but need to figure out the logistics of where to keep it.

        3. Trimuphs are nice bikes, good choice.
          The traffic here is nowhere near what it’s like in NYC so I can still rely on my reflexes and keeping my head on a swivel. Not sure for how much longer though, especially as this idiocy is getting worse each year.

        4. yes, I never feel safe driving in the city. The only time I do it is, essentially, to get out of the city. I like driving up to bear mountain which is fun and has a bunch of winds or going out east of here to Montauk which is a pin straight shot and the police generally don’t bother with motorcycles and their speeding.
          Triumph seems like a fun bike and more mature than my Japanese rice burner. There was a time when I got a genuine thrill of hitting those high speeds that only race bikes can get, but I just don’t feel it anymore.
          As Mick Jagger said, what a drag it is getting old.

        5. All serious bikers go through their “young guy rice rocket” phase I think. Mine was had on the highways of California when I was a teen.
          I’ve stopped “evolving” at cruiser, and there I’ll stay until I give it up, if I do. The day I buy a Goldwing is the day I put a bullet into my head.

        6. I picked up a 1979 Honda CBX 1000 in November of last year to add to my garage. Definitely a keeper, love the response of the inline 6.

        7. Always wanted one, they demand pretty big money and repairs and sourcing parts can be a bitch. Adjusting 24 valves pretty much sucks. But, it gets a lot of looks and questions.

    3. Great post, however, I do have to add that shopping malls have changed dramatically since even I was a kid (80s). When I was younger, there were a lot of things to do in the mall for men. Video game stores, real computer stores (where you could buy things like RAM and video cards), arcades, and other male spaces (Spencer’s gifts, etc). Today malls aren’t like that; there’s nothing to buy in my local mall for men at all other than endless clothing stores (some of which have a men’s section).
      Malls have become a nearly 100% female space, it was not that way 20 years ago (IMHO).

      1. Spencer’s Gifts a male space?? There are still Game Stops/EB Games at most malls (even strip malls). Arcades began to fade when the NES came out in 1985. And as for real computer stores, blame the Internet (e.g. Newegg) for pricing them/better supplying them out of existence (adios Radio Shack). On the upside, a lot of malls have a Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods or some such place attached to them.

        1. Not necessarily. If you play a real PC game (e.g. a flight sim) on a rig you’ve built yourself, that’s alpha. If you sit in in a room playing World of Warcraft all day, well, that’s different.

        2. My old man did. I’m sailing a boat instead of playing Boat Simulator #456. My grandpa built some of the roads in his town. Do things in the real world.

        3. I get what youre saying, but not the greatest example. My friend was interested in getting a commercial pilot’s license until he saw the $30,000 pricetag.

        4. OK, wise guy. Maybe if I win Powerball I’ll be able to purchase a used F-100D or Hawker Hunter, because that’s what I’m cyberflying right now. A killjoy like you must be a real blast at parties.

        5. True on that, but nobody learns on a F-100D. Fly a real life Cessna-172S however and I guarantee that it’s a high unlike any other you’ve had. Learning to handle and maneuver it is absolutely thrilling and exciting.

        6. I see your point. Yet it was playing Microsoft’s Flight Simulator that got me into airplanes and ergo, and enlistment as a USAF crew chief. Simulators aren’t bad as long as you go outside and actually do it in real time.

        7. We fight war and kill whole communities from behind a computer screen. Even for the alpha male, times…they are changing.

        8. It’s just another form of entertainment. Some people read, some watch movies, others play video games. If it’s a couple hours a week, no big deal; if its several hours a day, that’s a problem.

        9. Exactly. What form of war is more lacking in nobility, more “blue pill” (to use RoK parlance) than drone warfare. Basically it’s Homer (or “Homerette”) Simpson behind a control panel with a joystick in one hand, a donut in the other, hoping that s/he is blowing up Ahmed, and not some wedding party. And, most “blue pill” of all, said drone operator is sitting in some air conditioned office stateside, facing no more danger than a paper cut or a bedsore on the ass from sitting for too long.

        10. In my grandfathers time, REAL men, did learn to fly airplanes in their spare time. I’ve known quite a few of these guys, ALL of them are over 65 years old today. The kinds people that you are referring to, don’t exist anymore due to economics.
          You know who learns to fly planes for recreation today? Note, I did not say professionally for pay.
          RICH KIDS, using family money or those that got their high income jobs from family connections.
          Go ask ANY private pilot trainer, teaching on Cessna’s, whom the majority of their clients are today.

        11. <—- well ya One got, right here. : ) and it’s why they always chase me around. but meh, I ignore them, it’s hilarious when I sexually reject the, ‘cuz it’s all they really got to work with. and boy does it piss them off! hilarious!

        12. To expand on Power’s “terror and death” comment below, it isn’t alpha to shoot people in a videogame. In real life, when the shooting starts it’s because morons have failed to create infrastructure. Resources become scarce, and the meatgrinder begins. If you’ve ever buried corpses you would know this. As Blindo said, it comes down to real life achievements, ex: flying planes, building roads, businesses, etc. In modern 3rd wave fem, the risk/reward has tipped dangerously upside down. Cue hyperinflation.

      2. The mall back then was where you find cute girls and socially interact with them. See them in their cute outfits. This was the original attention whoring by women. Unlike today with social media.

        1. See them with their cute outfits…..another relic from a bygone era. Enjoy the pjs and the lazy bun hairdos folks.

        2. I’m actually surprised that the women in my office at least still dress well and not come in wearing pjs.

        3. oh for real, they can’t even take the sweats off, lazy asses for the most part and didja ever notice they always attack the blondes, STILL to this day? inferiority complex much? you bet!

      3. Shit, good point. I used to love going to the mall as a teen. Walk around the food court, hit the arcade, laugh at stuff in Spencers, get an Orange Julius, see some cute girls. I go to the mall about once every 2 years now.

        1. Orange Julius
          Used to love me some Orange Julius.

        2. Piña Colada Julius and a Pizza Dog, while taking a break from playing Donkey Kong at the mall’s arcade. Those were the days…

        3. What sucks is I remember walking by the place SO many times and never even tried it. Now I regret it.
          I remember the counter had little glass windows with a display made by being lined with plastic oranges.

        4. We must be about the same age, you just about 100% described my time in malls as a boy! Add in a trip to Electronics Boutique or one of the other stores to peruse the latest video games and you had a great outing for a few hours.
          Now? There’s actually nothing for a young boy to do in my local mall other than look at high fashion clothes that they can’t afford and eat. There’s no “male” stores at all. The closest you’ve got is Sears. And this is a big mall, probably 300 stores. Just about every one of them designed entirely for women. The only exception (for older men) is Brooks Brothers, I buy my work clothes there and that’s a very “masculine” store.
          The really terrifying thing is the clothing stores for young men. I walked into Gap (I think, it doesn’t matter) and the number of gay men in there was astounding. The sickening smell of perfume. Add to it the music that was playing and layout of the store, I actually looked around thinking I went into “Gap Women”. It was that feminine.

        5. Yeah, kinda like how someone posted a comment on another story about going to Starbucks at 3:15 and seeing it full of middle / high school boys. The last place I would have been at that age is a coffee shop! Hell, I didn’t really start drinking coffee until 2015, a couple decades later.
          But so true, there are no male spaces, not just spaces where males can congregate, but not even spaces that are masculine in and of themselves that we can visit alone. I made a comment on the ROK meetup thread of how cool it was to click on some of the European meetup locations because they are near some badass monuments that masculine men erected to commemorate something.
          I’m trying to think of a masculine space in my city. The best I can come up with is the gym. Even places like the cigar shop are just full of feminized rich yuppie men who buy cigars because they saw Rush Limbaugh smoking one on the cover of a magazine at the grocery store. Sad.

        6. and if there is male stores, it’s what the whores WANT them to wear, shit’s hilarious and pathetic at the same time. lol, the good old arcade days. now, the girls even invade male couch gaming and complain, for attention about nada that has to do with nada, too bad ‘feelings’ don’t pay the bills, eh, girls? but they think their a$$e$ will! nope. H4D. that’s holes for dick for the laymen out there. YW.

        7. it’s ‘cuz they’re mangina’s, fags, wimps, limp wristers. I got no problems with gays, actually like them, funny and chill, and they even know how much trouble the vagina attitude is, lol, who wants to raise a family AND his wife? it’s how it is these days.

      4. Shopping centres definitely do need more of this stuff – not everyone’s interested in clothes shopping, including women.

      5. well, they need all they can to entice and $ell their a$$e$ now don’t they as they run around competing with each other and talking smack about their bestie’s awww… over their UG(ly) boots and typical follower fashions now don’t they?

    4. I’ll never forget the time I was almost run over on the day Breaking Bad was having its last episode. I was on a run in the backroads and this van with a distracted driver (she was texting) almost hits me, and loses control and hits a telephone pole right behind me. The wires shook overhead and I did a long jump to the other side of the highway out of fear of being hit by falling power lines.
      Out of the van emerges a USDA Grade A issue one each Americanus Fatus Cuntus who stared at me for 10 seconds while I stared back. I had no intention of sticking around because at this time I was well aware of “it’s never my fault” culture of the cuntocracy. She said something along the lines of “are you going to help me?” and I just turned and sprinted out of there.

      1. “She said something along the lines of ‘are you going to help me?’”
        You should’ve replied, “That’s what that cell phone you have there is for.”

        1. or what do I get? and boy, that would have really pissed her off, THEN you ride away with a big fat smile on your face. —> : )P just like this one.

      2. It’s easier and easier to walk away from “women in distress” any more, isn’t it?

        1. Along the same line, last weekend I was picking a buddy up, because he was going to help me change out my front rotors. Before I left he txted me saying that his mom (she is usually only in town for the holidays,) wanted to see 8f I could swing by Starbucks and bring it back by. I txted him back, “I’m not really a delivery service.” I’ve never even met this woman and she is trying to get me to do shit for her, cause why? I’m friends with her son? I was only thinking this woman can take her 2014 ford f150 special edition and grab Starbucks herself. (Although I do want to point out that if I am paid for my time I would have done it.) Such entitalment.

        2. Given the amount of evidence on the internet via news stories and videos, definitely, because it just confirms what other men’s accounts and the “red pill” sites have helped men to understand: more often than not, it’s a fool’s errand to bother helping women, and you’re being manipulated.
          I just remember how privileged most women are and it makes it really easy.

        3. I would have said blow me, hooker… then went and taken ride. they’re all just holes for dick, hookers and parasites. live YOUR life, let the weak perish. : )

        4. or learn them and their tricks (they’re all hookers anyhow) and turn the tables and fuck with their little hamster heads. watch the smoke pour out their ears, lol – after all, it’s not like they’ve ever invented anything but problems for all mankind, right?

        5. And I care because….?
          Everything I said is true, and it’s not too hard to verify.
          As always, when someone doesn’t like a point or statement, they (try to, not effective on me) attack the person in question, rathter than the statement.

        6. “im no bible thumper, but when red pill truths even shine through in ancient religious texts-you know the shitlib is ignorant of learning from any constant trends or logic”
          Roosh wrote an article about the old testament and it was sobering that even back then one could not find a decent female:
          “A good woman is a treasure:
          Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies. Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. (Proverbs 31:10-13)
          It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home. (Proverbs 21:9)”

        7. doesn’t really seem like entitlement, seems more like your friends mom knew you were driving over and asked you if you could stop for her. if it was so inconvenient you could have just said sorry not going by the starbucks and im sure she’d have gone herself. you know how many times my father has asked me to stop by the store for him on my way to his house? disrespect for women & your elders. im gonna go with a wild guess and assume you’re single bahaha

        8. Roosh has a few great articles on red pill wisdom written from various religions. Lazy skanks are nothin new on this earth.

        9. Right. What kind of person would ask somebody, whether they know them or not, (short of that person being your kid or significant other) to get their coffee for them? Shining example of the validity of the above article.

        10. My thoughts exactly. I would gladly get a coffee for my mother or sister or wife, friend, etc. But not for somebody I he never met. (I do reserve the right for charity for the less fortunate.)

      3. Although not exactly same, I had a situation where a woman tried to FORCE my assistance.
        During a lunch break me and 3 co-workers were returning to our car, but as we were getting into the car to go back to the office, in the car parked next to ours, there was a woman arguing with her boyfriend or husband or whatever he was. I was getting into the front passenger side and was last to get in, when the woman starts running over to my window, yelling “help me”. I quickly shut the door before she got there, but as soon as I closed it and before I could lock it, she opens the door and starts screaming gibberish at us. I quickly shut it again and told the driver to pull out. The lady was stunned that I had refused to assist her with her problem and stood there for a LONG time, seemingly wondering why I didn’t utter a word to her, did not look in her direction and then closed the door on her, during her pleas for help. After everything sunk in and we were exiting the parking lot, she started screaming hysterically that we were jerks for not helping her and then screamed out every curse word in the book, as we pulled away.
        She just assumed we would all jump out of the car and be White Knights, when we did not do that, her world view instantly crumbled. Heck, we didn’t even acknowledge her existence with conversation or eye contact.
        I honestly hope she felt like a hobo that day, like the kind that try to wash windows at the stop light.

        1. What if there was an emergency and the couple needed help? What if they were flipping out because they had a sick child/dog/relative in the car? You didn’t even bother to find out. You are the worst type of garbage.

        2. Then he would have done something.
          Clearly it was not the case. Take the man-shaming somewhere else.

        3. “What if there was an emergency ”
          Call 911. They’re never more than a minute away, especially, if its a snowflake in distress..
          How many white knights have had their asses handed to them while thinking they were Superman or sth like that?
          That said,
          Do you know what prompted the drafting of the Good Samaritan Laws?
          What if his state does not have any such laws?
          I hope you learn from practical experience, the dangers of being a Knight in Bright Armors.

        4. I agree. He should run the risk of getting shot or stabbed for an absolute stranger.
          What an asshole.

        5. I’ve run risks for strangers before. A woman getting harassed on public transit by two men who kept grabbing at her, a man who was being screamed at for supposedly making eye contact with some thug at the mall. I’ve intervened in both cases, even though I’m 5″4 and 125 lbs. What’s the excuse of the big men on here for being cowards? Why are you better than me for not supporting your fellow citizens, just because it’s not convenient? You bitch about women not being good enough, but you’re certainly not proving yourselves valuable or heroic enough for a quality lady. Just a bunch of entitled cyber bullies having an angry wank fest with one another and not doing your part in society. Shame.

        6. Would he have? It sounds like he slammed the door and drove off without even looking at her, never mind bothering to find out what was wrong.
          And not man shaming. Loser shaming. Most men – most people in fact, can perform altruistic acts once in a while, and don’t brag about being douchebags. Driving away only made him look bad, not her. I pray I never encounter someone like him if I need help.

        7. Cell phones die, not everyone has it on them at all times, and police are certainly not a minute away everywhere. I wish they were.

        8. “As he who lays hold of a dog’s ears, so is he who sets himself forth as champion in another’s cause.”
          Proverbs 17:26

        9. Yes, he would have. The average man is willing to help others when justified.
          More and more men are being shown the truth about women, and that is that they are manipulative and entitled, and will expect some ignorant passerby to “white knight” for them despite it being completely unjustified often.
          I would have done the exact same thing, and I have seen enough in my life to fairly quickly know when to not get involved, like I’m sure this guy did.
          Shaming tactics just don’t work anymore. Give it up. Insulting men when they turn the other way is a tired cliche by now.
          A man letting a woman deal with her own problems is not the definition of a loser: white knighting, however, can be.
          After so many cases of men “helping” women being beat by men, only to have the same woman run away with the man who beat them, a man would have to be an idiot to do that knowing what we know now.

        10. you’re certainly not proving yourselves valuable or heroic enough for a quality lady
          I’m not out to prove anything to anyone. Who cares?
          When I find that rare woman worth the effort, I’ll act accordingly.
          White knighting is for chumps and men who don’t understand that it’s a fool’s game to try to be “heroic” and that the same women they “rescue” with run off with the “asshole” type instead of them.
          Insulting men about this just doesn’t work anymore. The jig is up.

        11. @Elisha
          So, per your understanding, the lady that I encountered was in such distress that she had EXTRA time to STOP focusing on the person or event that was supposedly threatening her and instead used that spare moment, not to ESCAPE her attacker or the dangerous situation, but to hurl insults at my group, as we drove away.
          That is not what people do, whom are TRULY in DANGER or in need of immediate medical attention.
          Again, she did not “knock” on my window asking for assistance, she just OPENED the car door on the passenger side. That is the action of a CRAZY person, NOT someone in DESPERATE need of GENUINE help.
          My actions were completely justified. So, if you do not have enough experience to evaluate these kinds of situations that is not my problem. After all, its YOUR life and physical well-being to be lost, not mine.
          I assume you have never experienced real danger, however, I HAVE and I don’t take risking my life lightly. Perhaps one day you will learn that same lesson, but the hard way.
          Based on your responses to my post, I can safely say, its only a matter of time before you put yourself in a bad situation that will have personal, DIRE, consequences.

        12. You put yourself in harm’s way for family and friends- that’s it.
          I saved a kid’s life once. My reward? Thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills.

        13. She is entitled to your help man, its a right not a privilege.
          Astonishing mindset.

        14. The only reason you (and most women) feel “brave” enough to intervene, aka get in someone’s business, is because the odds are you probably won’t get your ass beat, or killed for doing so. Physicality is the man’s domain. Women just talk loud and hope that someone doesn’t slap the shit out of them. This is your problem, sweety. Men will KILL each other over nothing. Women, on the other hand feel as if they have a bubble of entitlement that prevents them from physical harm. I don’t blame you, I blame your parents for not teaching you your limitations as a woman.
          Men are raised to know that there are consequences for our actions, whether direct or indirect. Which is why we mind our own goddamn business. Women are taught that they can do anything they want, WITHOUT consequence, because they could always find a pussy-whipped guy to do her bidding FOR her (white knights to the rescue!)
          Bottom line, women aren’t owed ANYTHING from men. That’s just social programming on your deluded part, to believe otherwise. Btw, men are and always will be better than women. That’s why modern feminism exists and why society is trying so hard to diminish masculinity. Because you assholes (most of you) WANT to be us. The opposite isn’t true, which is why we’re better. Also those pesky things known as sound reasoning, logic and common sense >>>>>> a woman’s emotion.

        15. What a load of cowardly bullshit with no foundation. I’ve been physically assaulted by a man before. When I was a a cashier during university someone clocked me on the side of the head for disagreeing with him on a price. I also used to play soccer, and the men were just as rough on my co-ed team as they were with each other. Fractured 2 bones, my shin and my arm. Did that make me a pussy in life? No fucking way. I’m not living in a bubble, and I’d still stick up for people in danger. Why? Because I’m a good person who possesses a high level of intelligence and altruism. I realize that life is bigger than just my own, even if I put myself in situations that seem foolish and inconvenient.
          As for all of this men being better/smarter/more logical than woman crap, I’m certain there are many men AND women better at all of those things than me. What I am 100% certain of is that I’m better than all of you. A better, more intelligent, empathetic, cultured, traveled, moral, and likely educated person than the whole lot of you, and I worked my ass off to get here without any special privileges or using my body.
          Stop being so butt hurt than women are competing and often getting ahead in your job markets now. Belittling them and trying to shove them back into the 50’s isn’t going to make the world a better place. It’s a more competitive world. Instead of hurting and insulting others, why not work on bettering yourself? Time to grow up, children. The bar has risen, and you’re at the bottom eating and having tantrums in the dirt, pacifying each other’s short comings like a bunch of lunatics.

        16. Let’s count the typical female behaviors in your post, shall we?. 1. Insisting your opinion is more valid because you say so – check. 2. Anecdotal evidence to “validate” your opinion – check. 3. Arbitrarily claiming moral superiority – check. 4. Demonizing a man in an effort to marginalize his opinion – check. 5. Trying to shame a man into believing that your viewpoint is right – check. 6. Making unsubstantiated statements as if they were fact – check. and finally 7. Not refuting ANY logical points previously made, in lieu of going on a sanctimonious tirade, fueled by nothing by emotion, and invalidating every point you think you made? CHECK.
          Try again, babygirl. Because these 7 behaviors you just exhibited are just a small sample of why we’re better than you.

        17. But she’s a woman, and arbitrarily thinks a man would NEVER slap her fragile ass through a wall for not minding her business. Cuz didn’t you hear, women are physically equal to men now, as well? Personally, I have never found myself in a situation where I needed to use my physicality to check a woman, but I do get some satisfaction from watching women who act as men (slapping, spitting, kicking, or even punching men, under the guise of “you can’t hit me back, because I’m a woman”), get put in their place.

        18. typical female contribution on this site. All about bragging, “me me me” and my superiority (over males of course).
          ” I’m a good person who possesses a high level of intelligence and altruism”
          “What I am 100% certain of is that I’m better than all of you. A better,
          more intelligent, empathetic, cultured, traveled, moral, and likely
          educated person than the whole lot of you”
          Yeah, you go girl, and by the way, go far and get the fuck out of here you and your bragging bullshit.

        19. Elisha: DIY: Don’t Involve Yourself. A few years back me and some friends were enjoying a pint in the pub when a man and woman at a nearby table started a massive argument with each other. The man ended up punching the woman in the face, not just a slap (which would have been bad enough) but a full force crack to the jaw. My mate, who is quite a strong lad but not generally a violent type (seeing a woman being punched in the face by a man is exactly the kind of thing that would set him off) bounced up and bopped the man a cracker right on the nose. The woman then turned on my mate and started attacking him whilst shouting “that’s ma man ya prick” we actually had to restrain her because we didn’t want her hurting our friend and there was no way he would hit her back. In conclusion Momosgarage would probably have opened himself up to trouble had he intervened.

        20. you know I’ll answer all the “why dont you help them” questions with what my concealed weapons permit teacher told us.
          some states have had to pass laws that basically say the person you are helping cannot sue you….in essence if a state lacks this law(cant remember that its technically called) then you could use your CWP, shoot a killer, and the person you save could turn around and sue your sorry ass.
          that right there is why our hearts are turning black icy cold. if I can get thrown in jail for saving your ass from a killer…..well then so sorry but fuck you i prefer my ass over yours.

        21. all the men on this site are cowards. havent you read the garbage they post on here. its comical

        22. I think these guys have a point about some things. Then again I’m not a feminist. I’m only here because I saw a petition about Roosh V & I googled him. I was bored so I thought this site would be entertaining. I’m not disappointed.

        23. Would you help a woman in a car accident? Or is it just that you won’t help women who’re getting beaten by men who they’re gonna go home with anyway? Just curious.

        24. Yes, apples and oranges difference.
          In the first case, of course, it would be right thing to do.
          In the second case, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time something has happened; hence, meaning she decided to stay with him anyway.

        25. I think people should be able to have opinions and speak their mind without it resorting to violence. If men wont let each other do that, they dont have the right to insist women cant either.
          The problem with the world now is we are stuck with the rules men created for each other.

        26. Welcome to Return of Kings – angry wank fest is the entire premise of the website. If you read the articles and comments and can see them as satire they’re actually pretty entertaining. I know a lot of these guys are actually serious and for me that makes it even better. Honestly I’m with you on this but there’s absolutely no point in telling red pills to think logically, they’re incapable when it comes to anything related to women. They get this strange red mist that totally takes over their thought processes. Bizarre but hilarious.
          E.g. “destruction of nuclear families, which leads to the decline in population due to low birth-rates, which in turn makes governments resort to importing millions of foreign immigrants to replace the native population”
          I mean, this guy’s got to be sitting there at his pc wearing a tinfoil hat and ranting about the Royal Family being lizards.

        27. Hey girl you’re not doing anything to help the case against women. The guy clearly realized that the woman was not in any real danger. The fact that she expected someone to use his time to help her with her petty problem is ridiculous. And then she had the nerve to insult him for minding his own life. Everybody has to deal with their own problems. And while a little help is nice, it shouldn’t be expected.

        28. my ego has nothing to do with typical female bragging on rok. did you read carefully my comment ?

        29. hahaha, I came upon a gal who had a flat tire and as I aksed her if she was okay she said “I have a flat and YOU ARE going to change it for me”. I told her to fo and almost 2 hours later she was still there trying to wave down traffic, so I stopped and said I’ll teach you how to change that flat and all she did was scream and yell and then said I was trying to rob her – they’re life long children, retards more like it. feeble minded and weak.

        30. you responded to a FEMALE poster, fk their opinions, it’s all they ever have, oh, and their wants, hooks, all of ’em… : ) lazy and stupid too, can’t even raise kids right, srs. : /

        31. for real, no respect – just expect. they fear having to actually grow up and do something other than making babies. and most can’t even do that correctly.

        32. damn right they are, something I;ve known since the first grade when all the girls were like ‘will you ‘go’ with me’ – in the 1st grade and they’re already focused on sex, pathetic, no wonder they never produce anything tangible, eh? all about their a$$ = HOOKERS! : )
          I admire and loves me a real whole woman though any day or night, the rest are just holes for dick – which I’ll add I also avoid.

        33. and some of them set it up that way to begin with, act all desperate, stage events, etc. JUST TO TRY AND BAG A MAN, so watch out, they’re parasites, lazy parasites. know why they need makeup and perfume? ‘cuz they’re ugly and they stink! : )

        34. if you’re playing soccer and breaking bones, drink more milk. : ) and drop the ‘kool-aid”… merely a suggestion.

        35. ya, they’re retarded like that, they cook up the drama to get what they WANT – it’s not like they’re building the world, now are they = nope. they create and cook up drama for their ’emotional manipulations’ but then when others step in for right and wrong, they’re screwing up the girls games and so they get pissed because she’s not going to be able to get what she wants – cunt-troll. they’re retards like that, feeble minded life long children. accept it.

        36. eps on a MEN’S site, always notice they’re always invading and have no respect, too worried the cocks are gonna figure them out – whoops! too late! : )

        37. You could have at least called the cops for her. One day, you will need help from a stranger and maybe they will treat you the same way. What kind of person you are.

        38. Let “them” perish? What if it was a man that needed help? Or what if it was you?

        39. All he had to do was make a phone call to the police. He did not have to risk his life.

        40. That’s literally what you morons do on this site all day though…brag brag brag about how awesome you are because of your awesome Penises and awesome muscles and big awesome man brains.

        41. I wouldn’t worry about these “men” too much. They’re a dieing breed and they know it, and it scares the shit out of them. The world is moving on, becoming more educated, while these cavemen sit in their caves crying about a world that once was…but will never be again. Sleep soundly tonight knowing most men aren’t this dumb, just the few who feel threatened by the advancement of modern civilization. Also, most of the world would laugh hysterically at these men’s ideologies, so there’s that to comfort you as well.

        42. You sound smart. All one needs to do to understand the men here is read their abhorrent comments. It’s really very simple.

        43. Nope, sugar tits. Not going to happen.
          I’m a contributing author here, and I’m here to promote the common good, not bicker about petty things. I leave that childish drama to bitter ones like yourself.
          <—– Jezebel is that way.

        44. you’re certainly not proving yourselves valuable or heroic enough for a quality lady
          And so you see the unexpected consequences of 3rd wave feminism, male-shaming, and the continued derision and anti-male rhetoric that increases each and every year. You reap what you sow.
          You should be happy the original poster is in a way, a “true feminist”: he’s allowing a woman to fight her own battles. True equality!

        45. There is no reason to you stupid fuckhead. This society has taken away my God given rights under natural law. Females have taken full advantage of it and have shown zero mercy. I have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to help a female out that is in “trouble”. If I see a female being raped or harrassed, no way in hell am I putting my life on the line for some bitch that has participated in taking my God given rights away and will continue to participate after I “save” her. I will only consider my own well-being when seeing another female being attacked. I will run the other way and let her defend herself. I have no obligation to “man up” since society has told me that I am nothing but an oppressive sexist racist that all women are superior to. That’s why I do not get doors for females any longer nor do I let them “go ahead of me” in any circumstance. They said they are “equal to me”, so then I have zero obligation to fullfill any traditional man-woman qualities that were once part of our society in the past under natural law. That has been artificially denied from me, so I will artificially deny any help or protection to a female. Oh and did I mention that you are a stupid fuckhead? You stupid fuckhead.

        46. I absolutely hate “white knight” men like that. If I see a female get popped in the face, I could careless. What do I care? Why would I want to go hit another guy that popped some girl in the face? I’ll help my fellow man out before I help a female out.
          How about being a “white knight” for other men? Help out and protect your fellow brethren. If some female gets punched by her boyfriend, then tough shit. That’s her stupid decision for deciding to be with that particular guy over other men that can control themselves better. Don’t go putting your life on the line for some worthless creature that could give two-shits about you.

        47. You’re an idiot, and that’s not a word I throw around lightly.
          You have no real world experience and rather than accept the fact that women like in the example story would EXPECT a man to come to their aid without question (and by manipulating them) you have, as expected attempted to turn this into a fault of the author.
          The worst type of garbage is those who would choose to put themselves in the company of others who would put them in harm’s way then expect to play on the sympathy of passerbys in order to use them for their personal servants momentarily.
          The west is declining, and your attitude & mentality is precisely part of the problem!

        48. Great comment – excellent point.
          I’ll also add that once you accept the red pill truths about men and women, you’ll not really care much any more.
          She wanted to be in that situation, and honestly, in my experience, more than likely provoked it.
          Bad decisions = consequences.
          Never attempt to “rescue” broken women. It’s like trying to fix something that’s been thrown in the garbage…it’s there for a reason, and not worth your time and effort.

        49. You cannot possibly be more wrong. That’s quite a profoundly ignorant comment you posted.
          – The number of men who share similar thoughts & opinions regarding the subjects covered here and other sites has INCREASED substantially over just the last few years
          – These “cavemen” you so absurdly attempt to insult are typically middle-class educated & productive members of society, or skilled blue-collar workers with good reputations
          – “Most of the world” also includes a great number of societies where traditional male/female roles are still in place, and are not eroded by morally corrupt western propaganda pushed by those such as yourself.
          Try going to muslim or other conservative countries and tell me just how much “the rest of the world” “laughs hysterically.”
          It’s almost too easy to refute comments from others like yourself. Honestly, you should be embarassed a bit to be writing like a little girl having a tantrum so much.

        50. No “wank fest” here. However, when weak, cowardly men come here to act as the royal Honorable White Knight for His Sirs Maiden, I can’t help but feel a bit sad for you.
          We deal with very, very uncomfortable truths, borne from real world experience and an understanding due to personal growth that lesser “men” such as yourself do not experience and simply seek to shame.
          When you have no valid point, of course your first reaction is to insult and belittle our points here. Essentially, you have failed before your started.
          I did not read one valid, factually supported point in your comment. Not one.
          You have failed. Good day.

        51. “Women are taught that they can do anything they want, WITHOUT consequence …”
          Look at the vids of some cunt assaulting a man EXPECTING him not to defend himself. Women being taught they can do anything without consequence clearly shows when the media goes nuts on the guy defending himself. Never in any of these cases does one suggest a woman shouldn’t assault a man without expecting him to not defend himself.

        52. why is it that no woman ever gets involved when a man is in danger?
          Can you answer that?

        53. Whats the excuse od the big men on here for being cowards… Shame
          Ok hero, since you are the self appointed Real Man in the room, when was the last time you saw a owman behaving badly and called her out on her bullshit? When was the last time you took in a man who was in the middle of a frivolous divorce and was abandoned by the entire society and saw his kids ripped away from him?
          When is the last time you went to the school system and demanded they get rid of the equal time in athletics and gave the young men the FULL attention they NEED to develop as men?
          When was the last time you went to a nightclub and told the young sluts that they were debasing themselves AND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE MEN?
          When was the last time you chided some frivolous young woman for blowing time at the mall instead of reading books at the library.
          You my man, are a coward. And the worst kind, the kind that sabotages men AND women for your own petty advantage.

        54. My dad is a doctor, and when he first came to the US in the 70’s he saw a car accident and wanted to get out and help. His brother, also a doctor, physically restrained him and said “dont. If you get involved then you can legally be sued if anything goes wrong.”
          My dad is one of the bravest men I know, he was the main doctor in Mosul back before the Baathists took over. Yes, that Mosul. Even tho he was a Jew the Arabs loved him. He told me that the main door of the clinic in Mosul was filled with bullet holes when he first took over, nevertheless he stayed and did a great job, because saving lives was what he did.
          But once he heard what my uncle said, he said nothing and kept driving. Draw your own conclusions.

        55. No one cares. The only thing you are achieving is to earn the contempt of the rest of the men. And the women as well, btw.

        56. You are 100% sure that you are better than ALL of us? Now that’s logical and rational. You simply proved how insane you are with an absurd statement like that. Pathetic.

        57. “The bar has risen, and you’re at the bottom eating and having tantrums in the dirt, pacifying each other’s short comings like a bunch of lunatics.”
          No, Elisha, the “bar” has not “risen.” In fact, your 3rd-wave, Feminist, diatribe, filled with logical fallacies and virtue-signaling buzzwords instead of reason/logic, shows how far the bar has been lowered.
          Aside from the subjective arguments you made, you claim that, “women are…getting ahead in your job markets now.” Indeed, women are being granted more diversity-hire positions that ignore merit-based hiring practices of the past, but this is done at the expense of your own philosophy and ignores the very real and demonstrably failed performances of such hires as Marissa Mayer, Elizabeth Holmes, Carly Florina, Hillary Clinton, etc. I use examples of female ‘bastions’ – lauded in the media and culturally as female icons – of tech and politics (both traditionally male-dominated fields) in response to your assertion of “your (i.e. Formerly male-dominated) job markets.” Contrarily, both the qualitative and quantitative job performances of these women prove that the failed ideology of feminism, while foisting unqualified candidates upon industry and society, has, not only been to the detriment of Western civilization as a whole but also, ironically, been to the detriment of feminist theory.
          By failing to recognize their evolutionary purpose and, instead, forcing them to conform against their very nature into a role better suited for males, women are often left confused and dissatisfied as this contradicts the entire feminist dogma. Meanwhile, suicide and depression rates among women skyrocket while birth rates plummet, children are increasingly left to raise themselves with little guidance (there is so much to add on this, eg More children being bottle-fed leading to allergies and health issues, obesity and diabetes rising in children due to convenient food choices for working mothers, poor academic performance, correlation between single-motherhood and criminality in their offspring, etc, but I digress), and the elderly are forgotten in nursing homes (elder care – an oft forgotten traditional role of women).
          I could go on, but instead I will ask this: perhaps men are not “having tantrums in the dirt, pacifying each other’s short comings like a bunch of lunatics?” Perhaps, just maybe, men are rightfully wailing against the destruction of a civilization that they, with the support of their EQUALLY IMPORTANT BUT DIFFERENT female counterpart to tend to the hearth and home as nature intended, built through ingenuity, discipline, hard-work, and, the most precious resource of all, eons of time?
          >inb4 *muh mysoginy,* Feminists.
          I am a woman – a happy and fulfilled woman who chose to give up the circuitous and failed doctrine of feminism to ACTIVELY raise my daughter (to also reject feminism), nurture my husband and family, and tend to the home. Men, do not despair. We DO exist. Please keep faith for the future of Western Civilization.
          A Non-Feminist Woman who Supports Men, Ironically, Under the Oft-Forgotten Original Tenets of Feminism (“Equality for All!” Instead of at the expense of some. Would be laughable if not so sad)

        58. Elisha congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments. I’m sure you are an absolute joy to be around! Please let your boyfriend know how much we appreciate the quality time you are spending here at ROK.

        59. Char, enjoy all your femme freebies until the banks collapse. Unless in your magical kingdom there is going to be another $20 trillion bailout. Cheers

        60. Midnight, it’s called teamwork. Rational men in dire situations quickly form up. I’ve been there many times, most men will white knight for each other if they see a common goal. This is our nature. It’s women who backstab and manipulate without providing value. Any man who tries that shit is exiled from the herd in a street situation. Excluding Wall Street of course.

        61. So should she. They are paid to rescue damsels in distress. We have cell phones now. Anything a woman needs help with she can call a professional. If she needs a tire changed call roadside assistance. If she is being threatened (doubtful) call the police. She doesn’t owe any man anything (just ask her), so no man owes her anything.

        62. I will bet dollars to donuts that you are a woman. You get the pass that no man can touch you without the wrath of god and community falling on him like a ton of bricks. So, from your bubble of invulnerability, you can criticize the courage of men.

        63. They are called good Samaritan laws. I worked with a guy that stopped on the way to work to pull a guy out of a burning car. The guy’s back got hurt in the process and my friend was sued. He should have left him to die. The state passed a Good Samaritan Law the next year.

        64. Of course if she can call assistance by herself, she should. But people who need help don’t always have the chance to use a cellphone.
          And I think women who always wait for men to do stuff like changing a tire when stuck on the road should learn to do it by themselves.

        65. The best is the one where the guy who beat his woman keep yellin from the back of the cop car, “tell the troof Nancy! Tell the troof gurl!”; and she considers it.

        66. Retarded people often judge an entire sex on the actions of a few. I don’t know ANY woman who would act this way. I think you are full of shit. Maybe you wanted to fuck her and couldn’t get any.

        67. let’s see – that’s CODE PURPLE! : )
          nah, just no time for parasitic scabs that got their HOLE mentality laid out – so sorry, the ‘options’ are dwindling, but insult away, we all know female are dindus – as in children their ahem, hole lives, on their guilt rips and accusation, but it’s okay – it’s not like your tits are brains, your feeling’s ain’t gonna pay your bills, OPINIONS aren’t “education” and how didja like the GLOBAL TRIGGERING… ?
          of course, males are just identifying THE LOSERS… AND ALL THEIR UDDER BULLSHIT… have fun, soon the meter’s will be on the beds and hotels will be government housing… with red and green lights out the doors.

        68. A stupid sexist and a stupid feminist. Who should I support
          Jesus Christ It’s Trump vs Clinton again

        69. You are right, in a sense. You are not obligated to help a woman, and she is not obligated to help you. However it is just kind to help someone (anyone, male or female) if you feel they deserve it. In the case of rape, it may be the first time this has happened, so helping, calling 911, or similar services would be common kindness. In the case of a car crash, again it would be simple niceness to pull someone out of a flaming wreck, or for the less brave, call the fire department. As you said, most people have their phones within arms reach. If you don’t help, fine, whatever, your choice. Women are strong and capable. They’re human beings, having been oppressed for years already, they’re still recently finding the courage to rise. Equality for everyone should exist already, but unfortunately doesn’t. Women don’t just take care of children and stay at home. They’re joining the work force and going to universities, finding jobs and rising higher than you ever will. You’re just sad because your fragile, 1950-style, male-dominated, sexist, misogynistic world is crumbling before your eyes. We’re moving forward, and people like you are dragging us back. I’m going to graduate at 16, and find a prestigious university to attend. I will have a career, and I will not stay at home, or serve my husband day and night. I’m going to work, for the improvement of the world, and people like you aren’t going to stop me.

        70. No one is trying to stop you! I can see you have no idea of what’s going on in the real world. In the West, women have preferential treatment over men, and a sense of entitlement not seen in decades past.
          When you grow up, have real-world experience, and see how men are treated more and more like 2in class citizens, perhaps -and I’m doubtful – you might give up the feminist propaganda you’ve bought into and think for yourself.
          The facts support my statements, not yours.
          An increasing number of men are simply tired of the bullshit and are leaving women to deal with difficulties by themselves. Marriage rates are decreasing as well because men are increasingly becoming more well informed of how laws are blessed against them in family & divorce court. So much for “oppression”, eh? These are facts and statistical evidence shows this to be true.
          If you could be bothered to leave your arrogant, emotionally charged, privileged bubble long enough to actually understand what men are saying rather than being another useful sucker for the feminist myths, youd already know this. It’s common knowledge now.
          I’d say you have a long way to go in developing critical thinking skills, and are hardly in a position to lecture good men who have had to earn their way in life via many difficult struggles unlike the average woman.

      4. What a great story! “Americanus Fatus Cuntus” and “cuntocracy”: hahahha!! Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. I hear ya, pal, and though I have not had any experiences as balls-out dramatic as yours, I have had a few close calls with texting cunts while they were driving and almost dispatching me to meet my creator. So I hear ya loud and clear.

      5. “. I had no intention of sticking around because at this time I was well aware of “it’s never my fault” culture of the cuntocracy. ”

        1. In every case they merely look for the closest man to blame everything on. So, don’t be the closest man.

      6. Nearly had three accidents this year alone all from women. Texting while swerving in my lane before I laid my horn for the nitwit to come to reality again. Total retards.

    5. Bikers are the next target of the SJW as they have been targeted by the police for decades and it still doesn’t knock the manhood out of them. As for me, I’m taking my a$$ back to the farm and as far away from these so-called modern conveniences as possible.

      1. They can’t touch us. The “shame tactics” of some clown haired bints and coffee house SJW hipsters has an effective range of 0.0 meters in our circles. And what are they going to do, boycott us? Heh.
        Besides, they give us too much lip and they’re going to find out quick what real violence means.

        1. In less than a New York minute…
          Just go ahead and picket a club house; see what it gets ya. (ARGO; NUNYA)

    6. I’ve split lanes at stoplights to deal with Ms Middle Finger before; this man knows what he speaks…I carry old spark plugs for these occasions now.

    7. Disagree with one small part of this. That you differentiate between the sexes with the insults. They are all dumb assholes. I call dumb broads dumb assholes all the time. I actually can’t remember the last time I used the word bitch. Nowadays bitch is more of a socioeconomic classification, the dumb junk who refer to themselves as bitches. An asshole is an asshole and they are all dumb, dumb assholes.

      1. Just a habit I’ve always had. It helps me keep track of this in any event, so it serves a purpose, however frivolous.

    8. “Women were fine in the 1980’s, despite being surrounded by shopping malls.”
      Yeah, women were still women in the 80s. It’s the last time I remember them being that way before their minds were taken over by these evil people.

      1. I miss how girls were in the 80s. I really do.
        Man, I wish I knew back then how things were going to be later, because I would have really enjoyed it and made the best of it.

    9. Great points raised, and well articulated. One thing: I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism regarding the last point, though I hope you’re right and I’m deeply mistaken. As I look around, so many men have been castrated and turned into a mutant breed of half-pussies and half-Bruce Jenners, that it will take writing-off an entire generation or two, and starting afresh.
      Most young men (and not so young ones) today are more interested in prancing around the beach in their white capris and pastel coloured aqua blue shirts, waxed legs and chest, giggling away while texting their “bff” about relationships. What a disgrace; what an utter and shameful outrage. It will be awhile before such pussies are turned into men. But, hey, c’est la vie, as the cowardly French say.

    10. Yep. Had a soccer mom in her Lexus RX make a left turn into my lane (oncoming) and stopped when she saw me coming, because she can’t think and drive at the same time. I hit her passenger side fender with my bike and went over her hood. Did she ask if I was ok? NO. “You were speeding” were the first words out of her mouth. As I could feel my blood pressure rising and a fresh hematoma filling with blood, I had to walk away and collect my cool, and I called the cops. I couldn’t believe someone can cause an accident, watch someone fly over the hood and crash hard on asphalt, and have the fucking nerve to try to blame it on them.

      1. Oh, I’m not surprised. Several times I’ve heard of women causing an accident and they don’t even bother to go over to the guy lying in pain on the ground.
        As well as arrogantly denying fault at accidents they caused. It’s a strong argument for using helmet or in-vehicle cameras.

        1. To be fair to cunt mom, she did come up to me as I was getting back on my feet to assess my injuries, but it was to tell me I was speeding (which I wasn’t), not to ask if I was ok.
          The cop was completely on my side. She was pretty much yelling at the cop for writing her a ticket, she kept saying “but he was speeeeeding” in her whiny bitch voice. After arguing legalities with her for 2-3 minutes, the cop finally said “I don’t care if he was going 100 mph, you turned into HIS LANE which you ADMITTED TO. Take it up with the judge” and walked away.

    11. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who is really into her career?? Most men are , What’s your deal ??

    12. wanna know how stupid they really are? when you come to a 4 way stop, watch which way their heads turn, they almost always look to the right, when traffic comes from the left. real geniuses aren’t they? nope. literally they’re all talk and no walk. and then some homo protects them from themselves, lol. ya never fix what a gal breaks on purpose for attention – herself, just laugh and move on. the bitches just ain’t worth it – EVER. which is why thee’s declining population numbers. they got a serious attitude problem and a hardcore wake up call that was sounded, but they’re too dumb and uncaring to even acknowledge it, shit’s hilarious. it really is, and the W.N.’s and wimps fall for it day in and night out. they’re even bigger bitches than the gaping vagina’s are – AND THAT’S FUNNY!

    13. I got rear ended on my motorcycle last July while I was stopped at a stop sign by a woman, which totaled my bike. I’m convinced that she must have been on her cell phone since I was completely motionless and waiting for traffic to clear so I could proceed. Almost had my lower leg broken when the bike tipped over and landed on my lower leg but thankfully had a good pair of boots on. I also had a close call on the bike while going down the thruway when a car abruptly moved into my lane (she was texting on a phone while driving with her forearms on the steering wheel so that she could text message while typing with her hands). Be careful out there, they don’t care who gets killed as long as they can maintain contact with their validating friends.

  9. For the most part I find you list agreeable, but do you also have a list of the “Most useful places for women”. After ‘social media’ could be argued as ‘useless’ for some 90% of the population.

      1. The vast majority of Modern Women are useless in the kitchen anymore; the majority probably couldn’t even boil water, while the rest of them would likely burn it.
        And with the way that they have had so many cocks in their holes by the time that they left college, their STDs and STIs, and their infertility problems, they’re pretty much useless (if not a health hazard) in the bedroom, too.

  10. I cracked up when I watched the clip of the dude punching that harpie. I love it when women walk all over men/physically abuse them, and then suddenly it’s a situation of “oh shit, he’s strong I am weak.” The look of fear pricless followed by an imidiate scream to alert any nearby authorties how “she” is now being abused.

    1. I liked the one with the dude at McDonalds beating the shit out of two black sluts who were screaming at him. 😀

      1. Nothing will ever top the slap heard round the world with the 8-ball jacket guy on the subway.

  11. I think very soon we’ll see what happens to an entitled, comfortable society when the quality of life deteriorates rather quickly. Im talking about Germany. German women are up to a very fast reality check.

      1. Except, it was men who allowed women to vote. It’s all on us, and it is on us to fix it again.

        1. Indeed. Past time to stop giving a fuck about the women’s political opinions. They’ll follow whoever is winning. And right now German men are not winning.

        1. No, they are too busy making sure 3 year olds have the right to be faggots.

      1. A truly inspiring link. Turns out, natural selection is a bitch.

        1. Pretty crazy huh.
          You would think that natural selection would fix a lot of our problems. However, I think that fat women are throwing off the natural selection process.
          Because they will stick around long and late enough at bars and accept otherwise unused male genitals, fat women, which should long ago have been weeded out of society, continue to pass their genes down.

        2. Well, fat is not genetic, it’s a result of bad habits. Bad habits are a result of nurture, not nature.
          Would be nice to find a real way to show women how fucking ugly this trend is, but there are far too many thirsty pseudo-faggot men who will “date” anything with a pulse for the message to gain any real traction right now.

        3. You are right about nurture nature on fat, but fat people tend to nurture their children in unhealthy ways which leads them to be fat.
          So like Chinese people have Chinese children, fat people have fat children. The reason may be different, but outcome the same.
          And you are 100% correct about thirsty men. I have said it here before. I don’t blame women for being fat, selfish, cunty, worthless shits. That is the definition of women. That is their nature. It is the fault of men for not holding them to account in a way that forces them to be better than their base instincts tell them to be.

        4. I don’t know if I’d say believe in it in toto but there’s no denying that human beings learn from others. It’s part of being an intelligent social being. You don’t come out knowing how to play cello, for example. Learning bad habits like over-eating, smoking, what have you, comes from learning it and then not processing it fully through to understand that it’s bad. Or worse, learning it, processing it through and saying “fuck it” like so many are doing these days.
          I do think some things come from nature though.

        5. Agree. Sexual preference (in most cases) for example. And some mental illnesses run in families too.

        6. One of my darker moments in recent years was when I was down at the local grocer. Fit, good looking guy (easily better looking than me) was with a whale on two legs. I would never even talk to something like that, yet here he was obviously girlfriending her up. Males today have no standards and no dignity.

        7. I fight a very, VERY, strong impulse to approach young men who do that, when Lard-N-Tard is in the “ladies” room, and ask him why he thinks he can’t do better. But I resist, because I’m certain as the sun rising in the morning that he’d feed me a truck load of blue pill blubber and try to tell me how wonderful she was and then try to shame me for having standards. Fuck it, I say, let him get limp dick by age thirty from fucking fatties.

        1. It appears that he smashed his puddin’ head on the commode, which is made of hard, uncompromising ceramic. No loss to the world.

        2. the back of the head and the toilet are not two things that were intended to meet

        3. How do you die falling off a door
          this sentence has me laughing uncontrollably

        4. He was hanging from the frame like some kind of fucked up urban monkey boy. Some guys at my college like doing that shit while posing like jackasses.

      2. Number 4 is a laugh. The pic is gross and you can practically hear the she-beast entitlement.

      3. No7: Smacked head on toilet bowl and bled to death while being dressed as Sponge Bob.
        I’d rather die of ISIS rape. lol

    1. Whats really insane though is that the feminazis over at Jizzibel and Feministing militantly refuse to criticize this woman. Bet your ass. In fact, they would say that YOU are the big meanie oppressive shitlord for criticizing her demonstrably disgusting behavior. Thats whats really fucked up.

      1. No mistake there. I’ve heard tell from many sources that the “tramp stamp” was originally a mark of ownership by a 1%’er biker of the woman as he pimped her out for porn movies. I view ink on women mostly through this lens, they may not know it’s a mark of slavery, but I do and sometimes I’ll even make them aware. It’s rarely well received news.

        1. Poor little guy will be very frustrated while his mommy is slutting it up around the house. He may even end up on medication to help his anger and depression, then he will unload on a school and feminists will wonder why men are so violent.

        2. That is true. Porn or straight up prostitution. I recall a buddy of mine having a couple of biker mags from the 80s and one pic was of biker tramp with “Property of” tattooed on her back to include 7 guys names with a line through them. The last tattoo simply had the current owners name.

        3. Sex with this woman must be awkward for whomever the fella is, unless you have no moral compass whatsoever.

        4. I met a girl not long ago that was really pretty and a little immature. I thought she was for sure 23 years old. Took her back to my place to bang and while we were doing our thing, i noticed she had a tramp stamp. Young girls dont get tramp stamps these days so i knew i was dealing with a girl around 30 years old.
          Women always get the same tattoos and every year its a new trend. Ive seen the tramp stamp trend. The marilyn monroe pic trend. The quotes on the rib cage trend. Now girls get sleeves and chest pieces.
          I can guess a womans age within +/- 2 years just by looking at tattoos.

        5. This is so painfully true, its hilarious. Entire post is gold and deserves a slow hand clap.

      1. Now you look here Mr. Patriarchy Oppressor, don’t you going to trying to disempower a Strong, Independent Woman who is Having it All ™, got it?!?

      2. And they give their babies oh so cute names to make their baby stand out from the rest. Cute baby names aren’t so cute when the baby grows up.

  12. From the unrealistic and lavish lifestyle portrayed in Sex and the City to the ridiculous girl power films like the new Max Max and Star Wars, the only thing these brainless fantasies “empower” is women’s complete irresponsibility and delusion. That is, until reality hits them—hard.

    At first blush Disney’s superhero cartoon Frozen promotes this ridiculous grrl power fantasy to tween girls. But then Elsa discovers that her cryokinetic superpowers have inadvertently plunged the world into endless winter, and it takes her puny mortal sister’s sacrifice to shake Else out of her selfish absorption and teach her the importance of humility and concern for others. (With great power comes great responsibility?) So on the whole it sends a better message to girls than you might expect from this annoying song.

  13. For the editor, Mad Max is spelled ‘max max’.
    Great article, very concise. I agree with the list here. I love how the most poignant enabler of corrupted women, white knights, was listed last.

  14. This line “But the fact of the matter is that there are far too many supplicant men
    who kowtow to every whim of the opposite sex, thereby indirectly
    contributing to their skyscraping egos and bitch behaviour.” should be at the top of the list in big bold letters. As long as their are beta bitch boys willing to cater to women in any way to get a whiff of pussy, nothing will change. That has to be first.

      1. Agreed-I’ve believed for a long time it should be legal. It’s a waste of police resources. So what if 2 consenting legal aged adults want to trade money for sex? It happens informally everyday, these girls just get right to the point. It would definitely alleviate the desperation some men feel.

  15. I think the #1 problem is social media. It means they can act like sluts without their friends or other men finding out or later knowing their pasts. So many women have done this now, that men are start to accept it as normal.
    We need a LULU for guys to use to lookup girls where men can report having sex with girls, having been nexted or cheated on by girls etc, so that women’s reputations start to be effected by their behaviors and guys have a way of knowing they’re sleeping with an ex-pornstar before the relationship goes too far. If you could easily tell a girl was sleeping with 4 guys a week or used to go to “group sex parties” guys would avoid these women and the women would start controlling themselves for fear of ruining their “resume” and good guys avoiding them.

  16. “I believe that feminism is merely a symptom of a decadent society rather than the disease itself.”— It could be, but feminism is a branch of Marxism and it shares the same objectives: destruction of the family unit.

  17. Totally agree with the article, but maybe we should stop bitching about women and start thinking how to revert the situation.

    1. The system is long past the point of no return and cannot be reversed. Collapse is now the only possible outcome

  18. Capitalism has destroyed the family. It began by destroying the widespread existence of the extended family in this country long before feminism was even a factor. The creation of the nuclear family as the economic norm immediately laid the groundwork for destructive feminism to finish the job, which it quickly did.
    This happened because capitalism wants society to consist mostly of isolated individuals, who now have to spend money for goods and services that used to be provided for free by families and communities

    1. Capitalism entails free choice. Socialism entails government control. None apply here. After all, it’s not capitalism when you live in a small town and can only buy at Wal-Mart or eat at McDonald’s. And it’s not socialism because the government doesn’t control squat. It’s the corporations and their lobbies that control the government, be it the NAACP or the NRA.

      1. Walmart eliminating small town mom and pop businesses is the essence of late-stage capitalism

        1. Those mom-and-pop stores for which you pine (you sound like a liberal) often had indifferent service and ooold productssitting on the shelf forever. And they were expensive. Chicago still had some corner groceries, and a lot of them had rotten produce, limited stock, and astronomical prices. (Except the Polish ones, which had decent to high quality, reasonable prices, good products.)

        2. It becomes a catch22 situation once big players start to move in. The smaller owner operators when facing falling sales, need to leave stuff on the shelf longer and have higher margins to make up for lower volume. When it comes to service with an attitude then the free market should kick in and the consumer can easily go to one of the other mom&pop stores.
          Society is better served with a balance between pure economic efficiency and the greater good of the society (imo) even if we have to pay a little more for local product. If the displaced former mom&pop owners can be trained and productively employed in another rising industry then that would be the ideal efficient allocation. More & more of the economy is getting service based though with increasing % of goods being imported.
          The biggest food chain where I live like to brag how they hired x number of people this year, but of course they dont say they dismissed x number of staff or put x number of small businesses out of work through direct competition or indirectly through sourcing more of their home brands from overseas or that most of the jobs are casual/PT and pay minimum wage with no overtime or many are for junior staff only.

    2. “Capitalism has destroyed the family.”
      No. That was soclialism and all it’s bastard forms, but you absorbed the Marxist talking points well pollywog.

    3. Exactamundo. And nice to see that someone on this forum actually understands economics, the dialectic, and where we are heading. You’ll offend some of the Hayek-types, the economic rightie-tighties, but that’s OK. We are indeed, as you stated in another post, in a state of late-stage capitalism. Crony-capitalism, “too big to fail”, inability of privately owned business to create enough good jobs, offshoring of jobs (and lack of national loyalty), insourcing of quasi-slave labor, and total disregard for morality (pop culture is a creation of private companies like Disney, Time-Warner etc.) are all indicative of this. We are looking at an economic system in a state of terminal decadence; we are heading inexorably towards a publicly-owned economy. We may or may not want that, but it’s a natural process that cannot be stopped.

  19. So true. And a woman can be blamed for all of these except University (of course, the father is always partly to blame and shouldn’t let his daughter waste her time at malls, clubs, etc.)
    Even a “good girl” who shuns drugs and alcohol, is a virgin, conservative, and honest, has a desire to better herself and to learn. The time of the patriarchal male household earner is gone. Even in the 1950s where women didn’t really work, many of them still went to university in order to either prepare themselves for some part time work or at the very least for the MRS. degree (finding a husband).
    So I can’t blame them for wanting to pursue knowledge in a certain area, acquire a skill, continue their schooling, etc. The corruption of education rests entirely on the shoulders of men. We have allowed the institution of education to be dumbed down, curriculum to be made easier and weaker, expanded college to everyone instead of intellectuals, allowed political correctness and weird ideologies to expand, ended same sex education, shunned intellectualism, and encouraged promiscuity.
    Did you know most college dorms today are coed? Meaning even the institution itself supports the idea of living in close proximity with, if not shacking up with, members of the opposite sex.

    1. The whole point of Pell grants and student loans was to help people advance, which I think in itself is not a bad idea. Nowadays, especially with women, this is used to pay for the equivalent of a 4 to 6 year vacation resort.

      1. I assume you know this, but education grant and loan money can now be used for non-education expenses. In other words, Uncle Sam will offer you $20,000, you can use it to pay for your apartment, weed, hookers, whatever. In the past it was sent only to your school for them to use on tuition and fees. And of course these kiddies will be paying off the debt the rest of their lives. Student loan debt does not ever go away, not even in bankruptcy.

        1. To new parents, check out UPromise credit cards.
          We did them from day one with both the kids. It’s a credit card where X% of your purchases each month get contributed to a college fund. We put our mortgage payments through it, all large purchases, etc over the last 19 years, then zeroed out the balance at the end of each month. Son has his college paid for, so does the daughter. There may be one quarter or so where it will need coverage, but big whoop.

        2. Interesting. Having been out of school for awhile now I did not know that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go apply for a student loan. Daddy needs a new truck.

        3. One of the worst thing (among many) Congress did was not make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy as other unsecured loans like credit card debt are. If grads in heavy debt were allowed bankruptcy, they’d still have to pay off some debt (albeit greatly reduced) as part of a settlement, plus their credit would be trashed for 10 years. No house, no new car, high insurance rates, and tougher time finding work if employer does credit check. So they wouldn’t be getting off scot free by any means.

  20. Nailed it. BTW don’t put this on all girls. This is white women. Black women have a lot of babies but with very few dudes. White women refuse to have babies because they are selfish and know they wouldn’t take care of them….plus it would take up their whore fun time. White women will never spend their money on a child of theirs. They just get a white man to do it and then do party.

    1. Back in the days of agricultural society and extended family, children were mostly an economic asset. In our post-industrial society, children are largely an economic liability, unless one is on welfare
      Thus, the idiocracy that is rapidly developing in this country. That Mike Judge movie is a peek into our future

      1. Agreed but children are returning souls with a life mission and purpose. For white women to consider them useless fodder, baggage, crumbsnatchers and liabilities is dehumanizing to say the least and downright demonic in my opinion. Jews and their false god fiat currency have objectified everything. This country is over.

        1. I bought the usual first world assumption that they (Africans) have so many children because so many die, so with better medical care, they won’t. Then I listened and learned about the spirits waiting to be reborn. It’s the culture. First world culture throws women under the bus for having children if they are poor. “Don’t breed what you can’t feed.”

        2. What the Jews created is raw, objectivist, “Atlas Shrugged”-style capitalism, devoid of pity or any concept of social contract.

      1. You mean Jewish Planned Parenthood aka Eugenics forces them to abort babies and many times sterilizes them without them even knowing it. Black single mothers are broke as hell. They should not be getting pregnant. Then they wouldn’t to abort. I can’t even go into all the problems with American women. I have psycho fatigue. American women have largely abandoned God so this is what we should all expect.

        1. I have long since abandoned all beliefs that any of this is external. This is what WOMEN are. They are naturally corrupt. It has nothing to do with an absence of any god as every religion recognizes the same thing. The bible practically alludes to women being a total mistake.

        2. You know what? For a while I had a similar theory that women are just evil. Maybe evil is too strong but they are definitely overly self-interested. That is bad for children and everyone else too. Women used to be more self-sacrificing but that was because it benefited them to be that way. I honestly don’t think most women care about anyone or anything but themselves. Some of them mellow as they age but they change because it benefits them to do so. I see no altruism in women whatsoever. Maybe the problem has never been men. Maybe it’s always been women. Women rule the world through sex. Men just pretend that we run it for our egos. Now that women can do whatever they want (Thanks Jews and Biden) then women no longer have to pretend men are in charge because they know that sex basically keeps men doing their bidding. Women are just materialism in flesh form. These are servants of Satan. Now you know it’s bad when the Old Testament God Yaldabaoth complained about women too. Hell hath no fury…..

        3. I agree and their purpose is to corrupt men. Now they are on their own. And guess what, I feel absolutely no guilt in watching them suffer any more than I’d feel guilt watching satan suffer in Revelation 22.

  21. I have pondered a science fiction plot where aliens come to earth and simply start destroying the fuck out of everything.
    In the end a hero fights his way into the mother ship and confronts the alien general, who then explains that they did it to save the human race. “Look at the human birth rate”, said the alien general. “Before we came here, it was lower. You were killing your unborn by the millions. Now life is more valuable since you have to fight for it”.
    So in my mind, anything that gets rid of those 8 things I would welcome. Even if it means having to contend with wolves.

  22. Blame it on the men who lived in the 60s/70s. They were the ones who created the foundation of our degenerate society. Like already said by other people: Western society is in a state of no return. We can delay the collapse, but a collapse is inevitable.
    I would advise to search for a quality woman now, because it will only get harder in the future.

    1. Even those men were victims. Capitalism had largely destroyed the extended family by the 1940s, and earlier than that in many parts of the country

      1. Actually that was socialism. It is a long stated goal of socialism to get rid of the family. They’re quite clear on it. The social welfare state instituted from FDR forward has done wonders to erode traditional families by making men “unnecessary” at a personal level, since big daddy is now government.

    2. Actually I take it back to the Greatest Generation for failing to raise their daughters and for spoiling all of their children for no good reason. Plus they all voted for every government scheme on the books.

    1. Guys like Steve Harvey know the only reason they’re relevant is due to the failures of delusional middle-aged women.

      1. Plus the guy has married multiple times. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t take advice from a man that can’t hold a marriage down. That’s like going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting hosted by Charlie Sheen.

  23. Damnnn, where do bitches like the ones in the first picture hang out? Are they all instagram whores fighting to fuck Billzarians?

  24. #4…Uni/college can ruin a woman. Have a personal account… Super hot, southern girl from Alabama. She had that southern accent that would make you weak in the knees. Took care of herself. Amazing bod. Wasn’t a nun but she was no slut. Super cool. She goes off to al liberal arts college in Asheville NC. I run into her again in her senior year , I barely recognize here. She looked like shit. She went full hippie/lib/prog/Fem. Gained a bunch of weight. Bad skin. Had the typical hippie uniform i.e. clogs, kooky accessories, piercings, tatts… She bangs my friend who’s a total dudebro and bangs him first date and gives him the clap…. Was awful….

  25. Wow. I had been looking for pro masculine based web content for my son. I wanted him to have support in a world where feminist are emasculating men. But this article is just absurd. Not to down play that women can be narcissistic cunts looking for attention. Or that there are women who are self entitled, self centered and only care about them selves. But useless!!!! I don’t think so. These women are perfect for men who want to have a partner who contributes financially, but is so interested in them selves they aren’t paying attention to how many affairs their men have. While she’s out shopping and gabbing with her friends he can pursue his own hunt with out questions like. Where were you? I called but you didn’t answer. Why? and Blah blah blah.
    My other contention with this article is the idea that all women are so stupid that they succumb to the evils of our modern world.
    1st. I am married to a beautiful white western woman 22 years my junior. She’s a knockout and turns heads daily. We have two teenagers she gave up a good paying career for. She decided she would go back to school while raising our kids. She registered for an online program. While doing this she had succeeded so well that she had offers to attend an Ivey League school, full scholarship. She had excepted at first but when I had to leave retirement because my oldest son from a different marriage drove my life’s work into the ground we had to move back up north to save my business. I gave her the option to stay and finish school there as it would have been a once in a life time opportunity, but she said no, being a mother was also a once in a life time opportunity. She cried for days over it but said it was the right thing. We all moved back north and she continued her education on line and she takes care of us all… cooking, cleaning and teaching our children domestic responsibility. She hates the mall. I’m at the Harley Dealer more than she’s at any mall.
    The bar scene…When I met her she was on a pool league. She used to play on a team and was really good. She grew up with a table. I asked her if she met a lot of guys while at the bars. She told me that she liked drinking for free to much to piss where she ate. I didn’t understand. She said that the bar flies that went home with any guys maybe got their drinks bought once or twice but after a few of the regulars take their turn with the sluts they get ostracized. But she figured out that by being a “good girl” that kicked ass at pool, she had all the guys taking on a big brother attitude and watched out for her. She also learned that the guys would buy her drinks if her money was short because she did the same when she had money. (no expectations for sex)
    Social media, she does love. But that’s because she can finally keep with all the friends she had made in the different places she lived plus family that’s all over the country.
    So what does this article really tell young men like my son? That women like his mother don’t exist. That all white western women are mindless self absorbed sluts. If he buys this crap he might as well give up. I’m still debating on weather to turn him on to this site. Some of the articles make sense, but others are really sad and extreme. What you believe will become your reality. If you believe this crap, you’ll be so busy watching for the women this article describes you’ll miss out on the prize.

    1. ROK has a variety of viewpoints, some you may agree with, some not so much. That’s what the comment section is for, to discuss that sort of thing.

    2. This article is more on the extreme side but I agree with you that it is pretty stupid. It’s sending the message that if you want to find a decent woman you should be looking for an Amish midwife. Who in society does not have a smart phone? Facebook? Watch movies or tv? Did not go to college or get a job? The idea that all of these women are eliminated from the pool of possible partners is absurd. It certainly doesn’t progress the movement either.

      1. I disagree with a lot of it and happen to think that facebook has helped to bring people together and that’s why it’s so popular. IMO, facebook is one of the most evil companies out there in terms of their employment policies and politics. But the application has helped me keep in touch with many wonderful people around the world.

    3. Dan, in answer to your question: I wouldn’t advise anyone to take what RoK writers say as gospel. It is thought provoking, however, and that’s what’s good about it as compared to young men just absorbing the poison that the media puts out there which is designed to exploit them. Heck, one of the cruelest things about the feminist centric media is that it exploits women as well telling them they need to buy $2000 handbags to survive.
      From what I’ve read about your life story, it sounds like you had a failed first marriage. This means that your ability to judge women is imperfect. That doesn’t make you a bad guy, but it does show that your son needs to learn caution. One bad woman can destroy his life, and the life of his kids as well. Yeah, there are good women out there and it’s wise to get them young. Look at you: You married a woman 20 years your junior because single women your own age were largely worthless.
      On the other hand, a useful message to teach a son would be that most men aren’t much competition, really. Women despise white knights and chew them up and throw them out. A young man should aspire to survive to his late 20’s and early 30’s and only then will he have the resources, wisdom, and perspective to pick one of the few young women 10 years his junior whose not messed up AND have something to offer her in return. That’s what I did, personally.

    4. Interestingly, when you run this post through Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser it returns a “Weak Female” result, whether for formal or informal writing. And when you add more of the posting in your history, it firms to “Female”.

      1. If this is accurate your post also analyzed as weak female. just because I don’t hold extreme views doesn’t make me female.

    5. “What you believe will become your reality. If you believe this crap, you’ll be so busy watching for the women this article describes you’ll miss out on the prize.”
      So if I believe that I’m Superman then I’ll be able to levitate at 50,000 feet and bench press an aircraft carrier while I’m at it? Wow…….I can’t even……….
      If only the EU could figure out a way how to make those Syrian rapefugees believe that currently Syria is infinitely way more peaceful and properous than Norway or if only those Cologne women can be led to believe that it was the likes of Jamie Dornan, Ben Affleck and Dicaprio who were groping them then everybody’s happy.

        1. Nah, I think I’ll just believe that I’ve read them all 5000x over then surely it’ll become reality! Woohoo!!

    6. The problem with what you wrote is that 1) a woman who will make her family/husband a priority is rare, and therefore does not apply to this article, 2) we have to deal with the reality in front of us, described here in general terms.
      Despite a good attitude and demeanor myself, I have to accept reality: generally speaking worthwhile women in the west are far and few in between. That DOES NOT equate to them not existing. It simply states that men have to deal with extremely slim odds of finding one worthwhile.
      This isn’t “crap”, is the day to day reality for many, many men. My experiences growing up in the USA, and having known foreign women, and the differences, has taught me harsh lessons and confirmed many points in the article.
      Your points are rather mute.

  26. #4 I remember during exam times the student government was advertising colouring books to “de-stress”. Other times they had bingo (or some such game, I never attended) where the prize was sex paraphernalia.
    I swear a few years back I slipped into a parallel universe.

  27. Kids. Corey has a good sense of the problem, but he misses the biggest “thing” that corrupts women. Before I reveal that, I’m amused at one that is near and dear to many RoK readers’ hearts: Bars and clubs. When I turned 21 and went to the bars and clubs, I almost immediately realized what loservilles they are. For a quick happy hour night out with some colleagues, occasionally, they can be fun but on a regular basis? It’s worse than masturbation without any of the pleasure. All the people I know who met someone at a bar and later got married, wound up divorced. Without exception.
    Actually, women largely don’t like clubs and bars as much as men which is why the female:male ratio is usually low and why club owners give financial incentives to attract more women.
    Ok, here’s the big reveal: Corey is right that it’s feminism AND white knights, but they’re both really combined into one thing: western chivalry. The notion of feminine entitlement of being a princess merely for being female. Feminism is merely an extension of this notion of entitlement that encourages women to find oppression everywhere in order to justify white knights to reward them with compensation. NOBODY is more sexist than a feminist as we all know here. This is the explanation for that paradox.
    Combined with feminism is another problem that in much of the west, legalized prostitution is not available. This is another problem similar to that of RoK where articles advice young men on how to be PUA’s but simultaneously, not to marry a young woman whose easily picked up and corrupted by the PUA culture (such as at bars and clubs). Smart cultures keep the prostitutes in red light districts (which one would think should make Amsterdam into a paradise for men. But not necessarily.) This also explains why, other factors aside, bars and clubs in Amsterdam are useless for finding good women to marry in that culture: Smart men would just go to the red light district. Why bother wasting time and money on skanks in clubs and bars in Amsterdam?
    Believe it or not, I think social media is helping to turn women AGAINST feminism since despite the grrrl power posts, young women now are exposed to reality through their aunts, grandmothers, and other posts as to what’s going on. It was a lack of connection to their family members that helped the media and academia to brainwash young women. The “media” now are women’s own friends and family but at least it’s now out in the open. RoK is an example of social media. This is something NOT controlled by the usual establishment forces despite them trying (guardian has banned me like a dozen times from trying to comment on their articles.)
    Bottom line, and this is an empowering message: The biggest problem here is men. Men who decide to make the problem worse while they “get” theirs (tragedy of the commons), white knights/chivalrists, men who act in beta ways without even knowing it (becoming a well educated, fit, and charming man with “game” won’t fix you or women if you remain “beta” in thinking that to keep a woman, you need to “please” her.) Much of this, believe it or not, is about making your own universe: Your colleagues, acquaintances, women you choose to spend time with, etc.

    1. You’re going to have those privileges in Germany in the next two years or so. If you’d prefer it in Cologne you’re welcome to relocate there.

  28. “You can argue that it’s virtually impossible to find any woman who is
    clean of all these influences, but the point is to find one close to it
    as possible.”
    The best most men can do is find a manageable woman who can be properly trained.

  29. Females have been given everything they wanted in america and it only increases their dysfunction.

  30. Is the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” a national event? Every year, I am pressured to participated in it through work. Whenever I mention that men are just as likely as women to be abused, I get looks of abject horror and shock.

      1. Same reason I refuse to participate in Breast Cancer events. Men die at a far higher rate of colon cancer but no one “runs to save an ass”.

  31. I remember when that fucking piece of shit “Sex & The City” came out in the late 90s. I clearly remember shit changing around 2000, which was a year or two after the virus of that show spread. Chicks immediately started copying that shit and the downfall accelerated.
    The addition of smartphones and social media were the superchargers to that fucked up mentality that has us where we are today.
    And like the author wrote, finding a woman who hasn’t been infected by any of the shit is pretty much impossible.
    In my opinion, that show and the addition of smartphones and social media are the main causes. Most of the other things are the result of the two I pinpointed.

    1. I really do think that that show is the result of female thinking and not the other way around.

      1. IIRC it was written by fags about fags. They casted the 4 chicks as the producers knew no one would want to watch gay debauchery.

      2. Actually, the show’s creator, Darren Starr, is a homo. So you have a fag telling women how to act. That fucking show also unleashed the gay agenda in a big way.
        I’ve referred to that garbage program as more destructive than nuclear war. Am I wrong?

      1. Huge! Mid-late 90s (before piece of shit “Sex & The City”) was a great, fun time.

        1. Remember the chicks that used to wear sweat shirts, jeans and with long hair and makeup?
          WAYYYYY hotter than the slutty skimpy dressed, tatted up whores of today.

        2. Oh yeah. How about chicks without candles wearing skirts? The “average” 90s chick would be in the top 10-15% these days.

        3. LOL. Yep. I remember a little but girls my age at the time wore mostly a plain t-shirt or swetshirt and jeans. I remember there were only one or two girls per SCHOOL that looked like sluts and even they looked more modest than the girls today.
          The girls may have dressed a little like boys but they were wayyyy more feminine.

        4. Yep! Underneath the t, sweatshirt and jeans was heaven…hardly any secret fatties.
          I remember here used o be “dress up” days when I was in HS; that’s when the women were separated from the girls.
          College was pretty much the same. I don’t remember seeing any “dirty sweatpants/sweatshirt/Uggs” types back then,
          Good times indeed. Yep…

        5. The hairspray they used to use back then used to made me hard LOL. That cherry fruity aerosol smelling shit they used to use. LMFAO!
          Good times.
          And yeah they dressed up nice when dance time came around.

        6. Yep. Again, very very different than today. And by “different”, I mean “worse”.

  32. The number of LGBTQ “safe spaces” at my school is just the most retarded thing ever. Why TF do they get special treatment just because they like to put things where they don’t belong?

    1. I hope you are being sarcastic. Sheesh 1 is enough if at all. I’m not being a dick here to that crowd but many countries don’t have the funds to cater for every special interest group on all school campuses. I’m sure the school has policies in place to ensure they are not being victimized without building extra facilities for 3% or whatever of the students.

      1. Every office, the library, places like that have an “LGBTQ safe zone” sticker on the window. Makes no sense.

  33. Jesus Christ. I love articles like this because you can smell the bitter sexual frustration in the writer. If you are just trying to get laid as often as possible why are you not seeing these things as places to meet women? Campuses have a higher female to male ratio than most clubs and bars. Bars on slower weekdays have a higher chance of having more women in groups and are less crowded. You can use Tinder, Facebook, Instagram and Meetup to bolster your online dating profile and meet women sharing similar hobbies as you. Girlfriend works too often, good! More time to play video games on the new flat screen at home alone or juggle the jumpoff chick while your main girl is working. Shopping malls, same opportunities. The White Knights that are kissing their ass are causing women to have growing resentment for these turds and grow frothing desire for True Alpha Cawk which, judging by articles like this is becoming rare. It’s time to stop being pretenders and complaining about the decline of civilization and just go ride the storm! Stop seeing everything women do as a detriment and a reason to bitch and start seeing these things women do as an exploitable opportunity.

    1. I tend to agree with you actually.
      Use it to your advantage.
      Women like to use men why not return the favour?

  34. 8. White Knights And Male Feminists
    This is basically the main reason. How can we win this fight if we have so many traitors among men? All the above problems would have been solved easily if women were shamed for their shitty behaviour by every single male they encounter.

    1. And in a way, they are. What drives many men to RoK is frustration with how badly society, and women, treat the beta males they claim they want men to become. I have a half dozen hilarious stories myself as to how badly beta males, male feminists, and chivalrists have been treated by the women who supposedly respect and admire such behavior.

  35. I don’t know about other Asian girls but Chinese girls are terrible when it comes to their smart phone. “From my cold, dead hands!”

  36. The future is gonna be hilarious. There will be more cat ladies than any other time in history.
    And any man smart enough will invest in Duracell/Energizer, Ben and Jerry’s and Purina.

    1. the business world certainly wont mind this trend. More singles means more people have to spend more than if they did as a couple. Double the insurance, accommodation, cars, furnishings, gadgets, etc. more people needing a job. .

  37. Perhaps it would be simpler to say women obsess over retarded shit
    So do men, of course – but it seems like women limit themselves to just the stupid things

  38. Clubs are not the number one problem at all – they’re losing business to the smartphone.
    Clubs, generally, suck ass and the women figured this out. They can get all the dick they need from Tinder – no point in actually going someplace to socialize and meet real time. Clubs dug the grave deeper with over the top loud music, overpriced drinks, no place to sit down without bottle service, ridiculous cover charges and nothing special in the way of music absent the occasional celebrity DJ appearance.
    We can point a lot of fingers to what’s turning western women into shit, but clubs are the least influential factor nowadays.

    1. I wonder sometimes whether clubs should get smart and pivot their model by ditching women entirely?
      After all, men everywhere are crying out for masculine spaces. A smart club owner, if he discouraged women from attending (“No free entry, ladies, we’ve got too many of you here already, you’re going to have to wait and pay for the privilege. Oh, good evening, Mr. Jones, yes sir, right this way.”) could make this happen.
      Such a club would drive women away, but it’d become a good joint for men to start converting it back into a cigar-masculine club again.

  39. Years ago, clubs were a great place to go and meet decent women. I met a few chicks that I dated. Chicks went to them…to actually dance!
    Now what are they? Poorly lit studios to take selfies in. Great…
    Clubs are another casualty of smartphones/social media.

    1. Years ago, everything was different. Guys were guys, chicks were chicks, the normal mating rituals and such took place.
      Everywhere was more fun back then.

  40. I wonder if the parents of the Yale sjw chick are proud. If I were her daddy, I’d do a facepalm. I’d be ashamed that I failed as a parent letting the bitch system gobble her up. If I ever happened to meet the girl’s father, I’d tell him that he should have married her off when she was a virgin and that he should have offered up part of the rediculously high tuition money AS A DOWRY to a good loyal chum or quality red pill suitor. Still with plenty of money left over, her dad could have bought a boat, guns, lots of other good shit and that’s a lot better than blowing the dough on a feminist brainwashing job for his daughter. Heck Yale will clean you out for a good 100k and a miserable childless screaming neurotic bitch is what you get? WAKE UP daddy!!

  41. I hope no one minds me commenting…I just want to show people that there is still a glimmer of hope for the future, because not ALL women are lost causes…
    -I have never been to a bar or club
    -I deleted my social media account over a year ago, because I had become too concerned with my online “image” and it was wasting my time. It is a frighteningly addicting thing, especially for females! And it is definitely contributing to the downfall of our society.
    -I am a homemaker and mother
    -I didn’t go to college. My ultimate goal was to marry and have children at a young age.
    -I mainly use my phone for reading conservative-minded articles, such as the ones on this website. : )
    -I don’t go to shopping malls because I think vintage clothing is more feminine, and better quality than modern clothing. I do my shopping online because it is more convenient for me as a mother of little ones.
    -I watch movies and tv shows from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and early 60s. I idolize Grace Kelly and other elegant actresses. My sons idolize Roy Rogers, Fred Astaire, and other truly masculine men.
    -I think the most attractive men have old-fashioned manners and style, and do not let feminist women push them around. They expect their ladies to be feminine, nurturing and submissive.
    I will raise my daughter to have these same values. And one day she may raise her daughter the same. There is hope.

  42. I hate women who use white knights. I’ve been a victim of it many times. They talk trash indiscriminately because they feel safe behind their men. Their men stand there and do nothing b/c as men we don’t look for conflict and don’t care. But if I were to say something then he’d have to react, and that’s what gives her that safe haven.

  43. Solid points. Remove those eight elements from the woman you want to have a relationship with and it would be an excellent start.

  44. why don’t you do an article on the church ladies feminists who do: baby blankets, crocheted or knitted for preemie babies in intensive care, church ladies who visit those in nursing homes, the hospitals, those that visit and take food and clothes to the poor, go and visit the innocent in prison? just wondering. follow a true feminist around and see how we serve humanity, how we want to desperately save the world and teach peace and love.

    1. Let’s be clear about something: Christianity is not feminist. The two are not compatible. Reread St. Paul’s letters and the theme of them is utterly clear and utterly incompatible with feminism’s general thrust: man is the head of the family and his wife is his helpmate and complement, not his equal in the way feminism screeches it “should” be. There’s a reason the older faiths — Catholicism, Orthodoxy — have refused for two thousand years to make women priests and made monasteries and nunneries discrete institutions.
      If you want to follow Christian teachings by following Christ’s suggestions from the Sermon on the Mount, well done. That makes you a good Christian. But a feminist, no. Do not try and claim those good works as the works of feminism; they’re commanded by Christ, not fucking Andrea Dworkin.

    2. joannemdenison wrote:
      “here’s the best way to deal with cops–always compliment them and flirt
      with them. Compare them to a beautiful actress or handsome actor. If
      you’re of the opposite sex, always flirt, esp. if your older and
      overweight. Tell them they’re great and how much you admire their
      ability to be kind and helpful. Or, tellt hem you have a great younger
      cousin and ask them if they want to get fixed upon a date. Tell jokes.
      Anything to get them off of being grumpy. About 50% of the time women
      can talk a cop out of a ticket. Men often get angry or mad and it
      backfires. They rarely get out of tickes Always turn the conversation
      into something positive. Tell them you can teach them how to knit,
      crochet, anything.”
      “why not just rewrite sharia for them to make it goddess and feminist?
      there. problem solved. make everything about peace and love for them.
      teach peace and love, live peace and love. breath it in and let it
      become part of you”
      Yup, that’s taking responsibility for being pulled over for speeding. Yup, you’re a lawyer. Don’t pronounce “church lady values” when it is quite easy to read what else you’ve written. “Goddess?” THIS would be why you don’t see the articles you suggest, as you even seek to rewrite Christianity. You desperately seek to control the world and I don’t see much “peace and love” on YOUR Discus profile.

    1. Yes. It makes you stupid because you lock yourself up for 40 hours or more per week doing a job that everyone knows you’ll quit when the biological clock starts ticking, and it makes you useless because your ovaries get too old while you’re in the process of coming to that realisation.

        1. Sorry, dear, we leave the presentation of subjective and therefore unreliable evidence to women like yourself.

        2. Sorry, dear, but this site is the proof that there are still men with medieval thoughts and whose excess of so-called testosterone suffocate neurons. You will have to learn one day that women are not ovaries boxes with boobs and arms to do dishes.
          But I imagine that the word “questioning of yourself” is not in your vocabulary.

        3. Honey, there is no such thing as an “excess of so-called testosterone”. We’ve spent ages serving as “builders of civilization” and you don’t hear us bitching about it. This site only proves there are still men with opinions that have not been provided to them by a woman. And let’s face it, who wants an attitude like yours?

        4. “whose excess of so-called testosterone suffocate neurons.”
          Testosterone cannot suffocate neurons. Testosterone is a hormone that most human beings have, including women. As we were saying about careers making women stupid and useless…
          “But I imagine that the word “questioning of yourself” is not in your vocabulary.”
          It’s certainly not in women’s vocabularies. Women never self-examine psychologically. It’s a large part of why a quarter of you are mentally ill and on antidepressants, even though you’re “not ovaries boxes” and you’re all liberated and strong and independent and stuff.

        5. I thank God that there are indeed still men out there who are unashamed of being men, who make no apologies for their masculinity, and who refuse to allow themselves to be dominated by women or silenced by anyone. You all make my heart glad and give me hope. I guess that is why I like this site, because as you said, it is proof that men still do exist who will not have their opinions and behavior dictated by women. Please don’t ever give up, give in, or change a thing. .
          Anyway, I just want to express my gratitude to all of you men for all that you have done throughout time and for all you continue to do today to maintain the functionality of this world/society we live in. Thank you for being you.

        6. Ok, Mister Marcus. I said “so-called” testosterone because (I didn’t speak about science), I was talking about the fact you are convinced a man have to like guns and be muscular. I would say this wish to show your testosterone can blinded our vision of world. (I have readen an article when a dad insisted ont the fact his son have testosterone and like guns and school is too feminized). When I say “questioning of yourself” is not in your vocabulary” I don’t generalize for all men (unlike you with women). I speak about this site. In fact, I don’t understand. I won’t speak about feminism, I know we will not agree about that. But just: Why boycott Star Wars 7 just because the woman is a warrior? I think (it’s my opinion), you have a age-old opinion of women and society.
          Sorry if sometimes I expressing myself poorly, I don’t come from an english speaking country.

        7. Ummm… I’d want an ‘attitude like theirs. They sound like a pretty awesome person.

        8. “You will have to learn one day that women are not ovaries boxes with boobs and arms to do dishes.”
          Why would I have to learn that?

  45. It sucks that there seems to be so many entitled, useless and egotistical PEOPLE in the United States that even being a helpful guy has been corrupted and turned into a bad thing.
    It’s like when robbers pretend to have a broken down car and then rob the good Samaritan trying to help them.
    Or when you make the mistake of holding open a door for a feminist and she starts yelling at you for oppressing her.
    Or when someone falls on the ground and breaks their hip. Someone tries to help the fallen person and later ends up getting sued by the injured party.
    Or my “bad” habit was that when I was in the Army, I thought it was an honorable thing to help a “battle buddy” or friend out when they asked and looked like they needed help. It turns out that a good percentage of these soldiers will just take advantage of you and refuse to help you out. If you let them, they will try to take what you have, and have sex with the wives of their fellow soldiers.
    I try to be a good person, but there comes a point where you tell people to fuck themselves, they deserve whatever bad shit happens to them.

  46. I think Christianity is truly feminist. Jesus never said treat women poorly or differently and he had apostles and disciples that were women. The early Christians had them. Go read ACIM, the Gospel of Mary and the other books that make it clear Jesus intended women to have 50/50 participation in relgion. For sure, Christianity, in its purest form, and even the bible is feminist if you correctly transliterate it.

    1. The Gospel of Mary has been acknowledged as a third-century fake. St. Paul said he does not allow a woman to teach him or have authority over him and says explicitly that women should shut the fuck up in the churches. Jesus made a man the head of his church, not a woman. Christianity in its purest form is as literally provided by the Bible, and it is not feminist. Your opinion does not matter. Shall we begin with what some prominent feminists have said about the place of men?

  47. “If all men united to express their disapproval at the state of women today, many of the problems w face might be mitigated significantly.”
    It will TOTALLY and UTTERLY eradicate ALL the problems. We men are what allowed this to happen In the first place, and therefore can take it all back… Once we find our balls.

  48. In total awe.You write and speak what so many of us have been thinking.So many of us think”Am I the only one who sees all this madness going on?”and now we know many others are wise as well.Some really rotten,evil people are controlling and ruining society/culture via their control of media and education.Girls/Women really are too stupid to see that those who guide them into the perverse lifestyles don’t have their interests at heart…but can they really lack basic wisdom and the ability to learn from continued failure following this shitty culture…yes apparently they will be dumb till the end.Men must band together and overthrow this system and never let females make decisions again because we clearly see where this leads.They will listen to the evil manipulator every time over a well meaning guy thus proving decisions must be made for them,for their own good and for the good of society.Excellent writing.Brilliant Sir.Please keep your writing such pieces.

  49. # 8 is the main reason, hands down………way too many betas kissing their asses, and way too few alphas taking control, without concern of the outcome……..face it men, we’re outnumbered, and the women know it……..when it comes to crunch time, they assume we’ll all bail, thanx to past experiences with the sissies aforementioned

  50. Suggestion: start shaming men who act weak around women. Take out White Knights by kicking them in the ego. “women are capable of defending themselves asshole”.
    Manginas on the other hand need to ne shamed for using their soppy nice guy bullshit to flatter women. Ie “has the shit succeeded in getting you into her pants yet you fucking liar?” That kind of thing. If they get outraged “good I hit a nerve.” or “ah, it hasnt. Well, keep trying.”

  51. For me, it’s the smart phone/social media addiction. Nothing screams out more that she is a narcissistic pain in the ass with zero empathy, zero nurturing ability and zero things making her worthy of a relationship…

  52. Quench the stench of feminist matriarchy: ALL women who deem themselves “FEMINIST” must be subjected to the DRAFT. The days of banging over boys and men while fanny feminists live to a ripe old age is sexism personified.

  53. do you dick holes know how stupid you sound? is this some kind of elaborate fucking joke? do you know how insignificant men are to the human race? ESPECIALLY men like you?
    men like you are the reason we NEED feminism. men like you are the reason the world is such a shitty place. men like you are the reason women don’t trust men.
    i bet you’re all a bunch of acne covered, fedora-wearing, sweaty-balled virgins who are just mad that no woman would ever give you the time of day. i know you like to think that this is because women are out to get you, and women are giant feminazi’s who only care about themselves, but the real reason is because you are the worst human beings on the planet. you guys are the lowest of the low. lower than dirt, lower than shit.
    when will all the men who think like you just die out already? when will natural selection just take you guys out?

  54. From experience of posting positive male support things. Men don’t support each other. Men want women to like them so they cower down to them and support women rights only.

  55. Article title should have been ” 8 Things That Make A Girl and a boy Stupid And Useless ” to be fair. In the conclusion the author states that men are equal to the same stupidity.

  56. This place is very strange. I actually don’t completely disagree with some of the points above, I just don’t really understand why many of them pertain only to women. Men use smartphones and social media just as much as women (on average), I would assume. I personally enjoyed university and never participated in a single feminist demonstration (but I would call myself a feminist in the sense that I believe in equal rights among genders). I’m mostly thinking about how many guys on here either completely hate their mothers or are still live with them well into adulthood. Seems like a lot of mommy issues going on. I have no idea how people could have such a hateful stance otherwise against an entire gender. Seems bizarre to me.

  57. Amen to the last paragraph : “And last, it’s also worth noting that the majority of men are also guilty of the things that I’ve listed above in one form or the other. If you do happen to be guilty, limit and fix what you can as much as possible.”
    It’s tough finding a man who had not been tainted by North American culture. No career, no college, no shopping, and no phones. Fix these things men! Otherwise us ladies will have to start looking in economically depressed areas with no phone service for our forever mates.

  58. “you’re certainly not proving yourselves valuable or heroic enough for a quality lady” Elisha your’e wasting your time, none of the guys on here want a quality lady.. 80% of the men on here haven’t had sex since their last girlfriend cheated on them. haha

    1. I’m making up for those guys, had sex with my wife last night, bagged a 22 year old university student last Friday (she stayed the whole night), am going on holiday with my 30 year old girlfriend at the end of the month for a couple of weeks. Not bad for a guy over 60 years old!

  59. how many women have turned you down to make you spew such hatred towards them?? This shit is hysterical bc of how ludicrous it is. here we go again, men blaming everything on women. wake up gentlemen its 2016, not the dark ages. oh and a lot of these, men do too. maybe we should take these toxins out of the public period.

    1. Dislike rather than hate, and only directed at white women. Non-white women are great, they actually contribute to society. Many of our farmers, road construction workers, house builders, garbage collectors are women ….. but none of them are white.

      1. Oh yea. What about the women doctor of all colors who went to those universities that are “poison” to us, who vow an oath to take care of you and others when they’re sick. Still useless? And not knocking anyone of color, but i know a lot of white woman doctors too who contribute to society. I worked with a white woman researcher who is trying to find a cure for cancer! My dentist is a white woman, oh and funny went by a construction site on my way to work this morning to the company who provides necessary medical equipment to dying hospice patients and is run by a white woman, only to see another WHITE woman working on said construction site. HOW IS THAT NOT CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY!?!?! You’re a fucking idiot. Women of all color contribute to society. such a privileged little bitch you are, hiding behind your computer screen and having the freedom to spew this bullshit because of the men and WOMEN (some whom are white) fought for the right for you to be allowed to be a little whiny bitch.

        1. ok. whatever u think. i can’t argue with stupid or ignorance and that is exactly what you are. a hateful, spiteful, racist, scum who will die alone. and i hope whenever you’re in a life or death situation that the white female doctor looks you in the face and tells you to go fuck yourself.

        2. the fact you just type your hateful opinions instead of providing factual information that show white women, or women in general are useless just shows how fucking ignorant you are.

        3. No white people here, except me, the doctors are all brown and mainly men. Doctors aren’t all that special, you can buy your own drugs over the counter, not so much need for doctors these days. They only get to control the west by limiting people’s access to drugs.
          PS why would I die alone,? My wife, children or girlfriend would probably be around, unless it were a sudden accident, which is a risk for everyone.

        4. I’ve never claimed women in general are useless. Women grow the rice on my farm, plastered the walls of my house, and tiled my floors. Women collect my garbage and sweep the road outside my house. But none of them are white women.

  60. I think its mens fault, somewhere men at the top have decided to feminize the whole of society to keep women from fully reaching liberation.

  61. This is my first time addressing such an issue in a public forum. I am totally in agreement with the MGTOW movement. However, I have attributed most of existential problems faced by humanity to stupidity. Unfortunately, the largely said stupidity is observed by me in abundance within the female population.
    I have chanced upon this article. (http://elitedaily.com/dating/men-smartest-women-stupid/1085408/)
    My question is therefore :
    Is the problem truly one of stupidity or a social one pertaining females. (As such has any readers met an intellectual female who due to her intellect are capable of inheriting the same world view similar to the majority of her male counterparts.)
    I humbly ask for constructive replies from other victims of this movement.
    The females in my life have caused me severe harm. Ironically, they were loud, irrational and intrusive when they were invested in proving me wrong. When eventually they were proven wrong, they fail to take responsibility.

  62. Don’t forget that these useless sluts love to bang serial killers. Don’t forget that. Many women love violent men.

  63. I cannot understand white knighting manginas.What do they gain from doing it?Are they so stupid they cannot see for themselves the women they are supporting arent victimised one bit,and the men theyre fighting against are the real victims?Women rights wont even translate into their own rights,so why the hell?
    Men in singapore have to slog and slave in the army now and again till they reach 40 or more for the defense of the country,while women enjoy themselves wearing minimal clothes sunbathing or in airconditioned malls satisfying their shopping indulgence.And we are supposed to respect these creeps??

  64. Stunned ones they are, all the pussy, half the money and none of the grey matter.
    Stunned Cu$n%s

  65. meh, who gives a fuck, lol… most are just desperate dumb holes for dick on guilt trips of udder lies as they run around competing against each other to peddle their attention whore shallow a$$e$… meh, they’re missing out on life – LET THEM… : )
    same with their muh dik counterparts, lol… there’s human beings, then there’s animals… and most these hoes got NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT. everybody r/e:lax… : )

  66. She’s not a machine she’s a human being, kids are important but we’re still human, we can’t just put our hole life on hold. Some women like to do that, but now since feminism and the changes that were made due to war allowing more women the free will to work. That doesn’t make them bad mothers.
    Clubs are fun , they are meant to have fun in, if you don’t like the people there go to a different club or don’t go, it meant for people to get turnt in anyways and you probably don’t know how to do that.
    Omfg are you kidding me ? Careers turn women into career women ? Women having careers makes them just loose their love for their family and just not care for them at all ?
    Are you all this ignorant every one of you who commented on here ???
    Shopping malls weren’t made for women, They’ve always had men’s stores, stupid.
    You know why a lot of girls are angry ? Because of dumb shit like you and your article and your mindset. Feminism has done nothing but help women, help them get the rights they deserve and you feel like God has shit on your life ?
    Social media has made men and women narcissistic but if you really want to blame someone blame apple for making front facing cameras, blame them for starting that or whoever.
    I’m thankful for all the men that fought for my rights at the side of other women fighting to make change.
    You sound like an awful person

  67. I recently encountered one of these spoiled brats at an intersection. I was on foot and stepped about 4 or 5 feet into the crosswalk when the princess decided she shouldn’t have to wait and cut me off by driving her vehicle directly through the crosswalk a few feet ahead of me. She actually swerved into the oncoming traffic lane so that she wouldn’t have to wait an additional 5 seconds for me to cross the street. She then managed to top it off by giving me the finger as she pulled away.

  68. lol, they’re parasitic gestators off all mankind, usually democrats too, ever notice that? can’t raise kids for crap, don’t know nothing or even care too, attention and competition are all about – attention, retards at teaching, sexist since birth, on and on and on… it’s not like they’re building space shuttles, now are they – BUT THEY’LL SURE LIE AND SAY THEY ARE! as per say usual. smh – they got no respect – just expect and the mangina’s fall for all their emotional manipulations like weened puppy dogs wanting to get back on the tit. shit’s pathetic, it really, really is. they lie, cheat, steal and kill – and see nothing wrong with anything they do, and there’s the real problem, besides, sperm is your brain and back bone, male OR female, like I said, no respect, just expect. I was aised by women, not whores, but most of them are just that, no class – just a$$ and they’re pretty much head fkd from birth to the grave, life long children… all lazy and full of excuses and crap. and it’s always somebody else’s fault. always. and when called out – they just lie some more and guilt trip and point fingers of embarrassment – or is it that they got caught… and you’re not supposed to call a how a hoe. $ell dat a$$, it’s all they’re doing anyhow which is why prostitution is STILL this world’s oldest profession. most are ugly as fuck too, and stick which is why they need makeup and perfume. then again, LQQK at the dudes, ain’t much better. so glad I’m IN the 1% of the world. means I’m not retarded since birth.

  69. Article/List list is our salvation.
    Thank you for posting this, please make a follow up article, because there’s more…

  70. You are a sad, pathetic little man, with nothing better to do than sit around and complain about how there are amazing women out there who have achieved more than you ever will. You are complete scum, and the most vile thing ever to besmirch this world with you presence. I pity you, because you are so far below every single woman you meet, for she is better than you will ever be. Oh, and by the way, college, by it’s very nature is made to educate, something clearly you haven’t experienced. And, contrary to your sadly ignorant beliefs, woman are not made to serve men. When you return to your parents’ basement, think about how you’ve bettered the world…it won’t take long, it’s a pretty short list.
    You’re gross. ~Women Everywhere
    Return of Kings? Don’t make me laugh.

    1. Do feminists have copy and paste rants out there? You forgot the part where you claim he has a “micro penis”.

    2. Name one item in your house (including the house) or property that was made by a white woman?
      They didn’t even grow the food you eat, if white women are so great, why do they make/manufacture/produce NOTHING!
      White women are useless parasites, they can’t even manage to breed enough to keep the population level. Your government has to import non-white women to make enough babies.

      1. So many absolutes. I can count seven items made by white women just in this room I’m sitting in. If your white ex wife didn’t ‘make/manufacture/produce’ anything for you and your home, you married a low quality woman.

        1. Haha! 🙂 why the cantankerous old man routine today? Of course I can. I just said I could name seven. A throw, a beeswax candle, a table, a duvet, a jar of lip balm, a photo and the frame. Women should be capable of making most if not all of these. Your wife wouldn’t or couldn’t? Why did you marry her?

        2. I wasn’t thinking of tat, more tables, chairs, televisions, showers, …….
          Married her to have children and a VISA.

      1. You know what it ment. I take liberty to make new words if they don’t exist. That’s called intellect Homer Simpson.

  71. “3. Careers”
    Agree 100%!
    Agree with all of them really. But (1) and (3) especially.
    (4) Could be OK, as long as it is primarily to learn something feminine, like music or literature and to meet prospective suitors. BUt not for preparing for a “career”. And let’s face it, at least 90% of the women in the workforce are useless. Pure AA hires and nothing else.

    1. My wife is studying ‘Political Science’ at university. It’s useless but better than having her at home 24/7. How did she choose? She went along and said ‘what’s your easiest degree course?’ Before that I made her go to High School for 5 years.
      I tell her “Go to school or get a job, I’m not having you sit around at home all day.”

        1. I’m working on a baby (that would be number six) with my Filipino girlfriend next. I’m concentrating on spreading my kids between different countries/nationalities/religions. Having all your babies with the same woman (of your own nationality) is asking for trouble as well as not being politically correct.
          I’ve been studying multiculturalism and diversity. My take on it is, you should reproduce with many young local women in as many foreign countries as possible, making loads of different mixed race dual nationality children (preferably in countries that don’t enforce child support). Then in the future you will be able to have free foreign holidays in your diverse kids homes all around the world.
          Hopefully feminists the world over will come to admire my advanced thinking and innovative participation in creating a diverse multicultural worldwide society.

        2. Jesus. How many kids do you plan on having? You know the world is in a population crisis, right? How about focusing on one family? Or do you want some of your spawn to grow up without a father present? Get over yourself.

        3. The world isn’t in a INCREASING population crisis. This is BS spread by SJWs. The western population is in a serious decline, even the developing countries are suffering population decreases.
          Happy to spend time with any of my kids, in whatever countries. Or they can come and stay with me. Air travel is cheap.

        4. Right. The world has the infinite resources to support however many kids someone wants to have… times a billion. Keep telling yourself that. While you’re at it, you should work on formulating an apology letter to your grandkids because you were too stubborn or short-sighted and left them an overpopulated world where there’s long lines for every God damned thing and you can’t get around because there’s too much traffic. I’m not having kids, so idgaf.
          Don’t we go on incessantly on ROK about how being raised by single mothers is bad for children? But you want to have children spread all around. Ergo, you obviously won’t be present to raise them the way they should be raised according to ROKs “values” (whatever that actually means)?

      1. What country are you in?
        I am guessing maybe Australia as you said “at university”.
        Agree on the not “sitting around the house” comment.
        That can lead to all kinds of bad things.
        Some jobs are OK for women. When I said they are useless I obviously
        meant jobs that were traditionally only filled by males.
        But nothing wrong with a girl working part time in Macy’s, CVS, Walmart, or Stop ‘n Shop.

  72. This will all come to an end one day. If one studies Catholic prophecy, hopefully sooner than later. As what was once said, “If God does not do something soon, then He’ll have some apologizing to do to Sodom and Gomorrah”. Think about that.
    We’ve come to the point in human history where if there is a higher power and if that higher power is the one of the Christian bible, then this current anti-man society we live in today will need divine intervention in order to save future souls. If there is not a higher power, then all of what we have been seeing in modern times developed on its own and had no demonic influence. If that’s the case, then you might as well just accept secular society for what it is and obey.
    We truly have an artificial society where women have been given artificial power and special privileges. It was done intentionally by a higher entity to break down Christian civilization and guide it towards a one-world central control point. If one looks at all the moves implemented slowly over the last century, it becomes every obvious. “Women’s Suffrage” is one move made to slowly march society over a period of time to what we are seeing today. The true intention of World War I was to destroy the last of the remaining Catholic monarchies. Gee, I wonder why?
    Study Catholic prophecy. This will come to an end soon. And there will be one hell of a backlash towards females when that time comes. I can’t wait.

    1. The Catholic version of the end times doesn’t make any more sense than the Protestant versions.
      Christians in general can’t disavow the doomsday message in their own religion because the New Testament emphasizes it. They had to reorient their teachings towards assuming an open-ended view of history starting in Roman times from the simple fact that Jesus mysteriously fails to “return,” whatever that means, and the generations continue to come and go. Why not just admit that Christianity originated as a mistake, and set it aside?

  73. I say colleges are the worst the efficiency they had with warping women’s minds is appalling. They sometimes do it to men as well but for the women especially the ones I know before and after college.

  74. Yes yes women are slaves/parasites/addicts who take the easy way out. All can you can do is not be the beta who enables them.

  75. “6. Shopping Malls”
    I get the impression that shopping malls are slowly becoming extinct due to a lot of e-commerce via amazon and the likes; not that this will help much in turning women back into Human beings.

    1. A lot of shopping malls are closing, but they’re definitely stratifying in the process. We basically have 3 distinct kinds of mall now:
      1. The ritzy upscale mall. Usually these have high end anchor stores and an Apple store presence.
      2. The white trash mall. Usually located in the exurbs.
      3. The ghetto mall. Most of the stores here sell cell phone accessories.

      1. Malls aren’t really dying; they’re just being converted into town plaza formats. The idea of having everything in one building is outdated, and the new town plazas are now integrated with large condo and apartment communities. So instead of “going to” the mall, many people now essentially live at the mall, and naturally spend more money than they would have under the old model.

        1. The creator of the mall intended it to be a town center type development with nearby housing. Not the shopping island in the middle of a vast parkinglot like it became.

  76. Interesting, but i think we lack such articles on signs wich combinaisons seems to show than she is worthy. Touchy subject.

  77. Though I do not share in any of your opinions expressed in this article. In fact I found some of it to be personally offensive. I still do appreciate you sharing this alternate view, it’s given me a different lense by witch too look through, even for the briefest of moments.
    I did have some genuine questions however. None of these are meant to be offensive or intended to be an attack in any sense. Please forgive me if you take it as such.
    I’m curious however, what would be an ideal woman? Both physical and mental? Do you view them as complete humans? Gifted with all the complexity to their nature that would entail?

    1. “Do you view them as complete humans? Gifted with all the complexity to their nature that would entail?”
      Right there, tells me you wouldn’t listen even if given. Their is no “complexity” to woman nor baiting into hating as a method to get women’s libbers on their high horse. Is just another con game being played; more than likely by a woman… Woman are animals- males are animals. They are just different animals. Men are angry with Woman in our society because of the shit liberals have been turning out. Everything from “diversity’ to globalism to the female societal imperative to make pussy the queen of selection. Its all 1 giant shit stack.
      The perfect woman? STFU and get me a beer. I am a male- if you don’t like it; die off.
      Where is your respect for my complexity? and all my nature would entail?…oh, that’ right- if your a woman – its about YOU!

      1. Thank you for your comment. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with your comment. Aside from the inflammatory rhetoric used to prove some misguided point. I wish you the best and I hope you can keep a more open mind toward the future.

        1. I hit the point right on. You came into the discussion with a liberal “mission” and were not looking for a response. You were on a warpath vitriol and were called out. Now your hiding.
          I gave you a pure male response from my perspective and all I heard is “I am a flamethrower”? Weak.
          So a “girl” is complex because she is pure hypergamy? 7 days of alpha and 23 days security driven?

        2. Just came here to make sure you don’t get the wrong impression; to clarify no one is ‘hiding’ from anyone. Please don’t confuse my busy schedule and your impact on my life. No offense I don’t care what you believe nor am I trying to convince you of anything. You feel entitled to view the world through such narrow lenses then be my guest. However please don’t inflate your ego into thinking I’m hiding from strangers on the internet. Thank you and have a blessed day sir/madam

  78. Her stupidity makes woman divine.
    The most important requirements for woman’s divinity are, however, her propensity
    to masquerade and her stupidity.
    The majority of men prefer to subjugate themselves to an exclusive deity, woman (they call this subjection love). This sort of personal deity has excellent qualifications for the satisfaction of religious needs. Woman is ever-present, and, given her own lack of religious need, she is divine. As she continuously makes demands, man never feels forsaken. She frees him from collective gods, for whose favors he would have to compete with others. He trusts in her because she resembles his mother, the deity of his childhood. His empty life is given an artificial meaning, for his every action is dedicated to her comfort and, later, to the comfort of her children.
    As a goddess, she can not only punish (by taking away his sense of belonging) but she can reward as well (through the bestowal of sexual pleasure).

  79. This kind of covers their entire lives.lol. The one I agree with the most is “smartphones”. I don’t know what the f they are yacking about that is so entertaining.

  80. I would add “9. Credit Cards” to the list. If women had to save money and buy things with cash instead of buying them on impulse with credit cards, this would discipline them to think about consequences and plan for the future.

  81. A healthy patriarchal society doesn’t necessarily have to conscript women to make them socially responsible; it just has to stop offering women “escape routes” which they can take to shirk their natural function.
    If most women simply could’t go to college, for example, where they major in useless subjects and then get jobs in corporations, then they would by necessity have to look for productive men in their communities to marry so that they can start families during their peak fertility.

  82. I would also add “10. Modern Sex Education,” which has become politicized to encourage women to seek sterile sexual hedonism as an end in itself. In a healthy patriarchal society, we wouldn’t instruct girls how to masturbate, how to use contraception for their premarital sexual encounters, and how they should accept homosexuality as a different kind of normal. They wouldn’t have time for any of this foolishness any way as they marry early and start making babies. If they stay in their home towns, they might not ever even encounter a gay or a lesbian, especially if they don’t go to college where people with broken sexuality tend to congregate. This would keep them from “befriending” degenerate gay men or engaging in sexual experiences with lesbians out of curiosity.

  83. So now is probably not a good time to mention I make some of those apps that suck what little IQ is left from women on their phones, is it? 😀 😀

  84. Add their obsession with useless celebrities and pop stars to the list. Any woman who watches that show about the Kuntrashian family or listens to Kanye or Nicki Minaj is a shallow, vapid moron.

  85. A friend of mine who is a millennial had a girlfriend who would text him he said about 50 or 60 times a day. She would be angry if he didn’t respond to all of them. Women are out of control.

  86. Women are terrible drivers and smartphones have made them even worse.
    I was walking up the street from work one day when a women was driving up the street I was about to cross so I stopped and waited for her to pass, which she didn’t. Mind you, she was on her phone so I decided to cross. As soon as I decided to cross she decided take off and she ran over my foot and her rear view mirror hit my arm and broke! i just stood there and looked at her for a minute and said “i’m okay” and I kept walking.
    Ever since then I don’t trust women to care about safety while driving so if they don’t see me first I refuse to cross paths with them until that happens.
    These women are a threat to themselves and others on the road.

  87. I think the issue is far more systematic than simply putting the blame onto individual women. Men don’t want to marry anymore, and really, who can blame them? Marrying and having children with a woman runs the risk of destroying man’s life, and the laws have made that so. Women are miserable, but they have been taught that they must fake happiness because otherwise it’s an insult to the sisterhood. Men have been stripped of all their authority. Even a 16 year old girl is allowed to disobey her father and a parent cannot even spank their child or put fear into them any more if they misbehave. Melinials have had everything sugarcoated for them. They simply don’t know any better than this, and they are afraid of reality and they are bullied and brainwashed by a liberal nanny state. The only way this can improve is when society collapses and has to rebuild itself. I expect things to get a lot worse before they get better

  88. This is a GREAT article! Not that it said anything I did not know already but rather because i took the time to tie it all together without overly lengthy analysis. Thank you!

  89. Matriarchal-ism is here & proliferating. I am female & witness way too often T.V. commercial denigrating a Male’s intelligence plus in our social circle witnessing the aggressive wife insulting her man while we look on. We had to reduce our circle of acquaintances as this is sickening.

  90. Is this satire? The problem with the modern world is young people fraternizing, telecommunications, moving pictures and book learning? LOL

  91. Sarah Jessica Parker is the ugliest woman. God, take that picture away. She has a face like a horse or a camel.

    1. Compared to Kellyanne Conway, she’s a beauty. And Bruce Jenner in drag looks like Sarah Palin.

  92. Save us Trump or Putin. I don’t care which. Someone put an end to this madness.

    1. A little late for that cry. You should have been around…let’s say around the time that Constantine was still alive. When Western civilization still had a backbone. And convince Constantine that worshippping a dead Jew on a stick wasn’t going to save our culture.

  93. 100% correct fact is most males can’t handle the truth so they try to knock it or turn the cheek like cowards .white knighting is the worst cause for the mutts that world give up their values in hopes of scoring with some whore as wide as the grand canyon that they never had a chance with in the first place is a sign of weakness and men like me don’t respect boys wearing a mans pants. But I like to call the weaklings simp’s cause their simple ass mind is too narrow to see the full picture in real life .let the haters hate while the players play cause were still gonna get more coochie than they ever will. Return of the kings

  94. What about me? I am a woman, but I hate all these things. I don’t go to church, though, because I don’t believe in Jesus, God, or Mohammed. Where do I go to become a wife and mother? Please help. Please. I am so lonely. I want husband and children.

  95. This site was hosted by a muslim. Really, factually and truly! I’ve checked!. Most points in this article are close to being correct but then again, shut your filthy hajib mouth!
    Infantile imbecilic materialistic female mindsets you will find to a significantly larger extent than in west, namely in muslim societies where this kind of shit you are mentioning has historically been prohibited. And yes, where evolution is/has been suspended, children that are born suffer in addition. (like in your muslim shithole verminous excuses for societies). In muslim regions everything is “the pig in the sack” or much much worse. So choosing spouse or slave (regardless of gender) with your eyes closed probably has mind-health benefits.
    I am not a counter-jihad idiot, I am just hypocriteragheadassholofobic. So go home and oppress someone instead of standing here and pretending punk!

  96. I classify women into two classes: ladies and females. Fortunately, my mother is a lady, and I could also classify one of my sisters as a lady; Sensible, honest, realistic and unselfish. I have a close friend whom I also classify as a lady, and we have discussed this issue. She has been knocked into by clueless broads too busy on their social media and has read them the filth for not paying attention. I am constantly stood over on crowded trains by females holding a hot coffee on one hand and their phone in the other, trying to text with one hand and shaking the hot cup with the other.
    However, where I see the largest group of entitled straight women are in primarily gay men’s bars, particularly one where entertainment of some kind is provided, and the behavior of these drunken broads is horrific. They are furious when they do not get attention, hoot and holler with their high pitched voices that make dogs howl dozens of miles away, and send the regular crowds scurrying for the door when they come in to attempt to have a “bachelorette party”, acting worse and worse with each round they buy. Friends of mine have been physically assaulted by these fe-bots and twitiots who really need a good old fashioned Julia Sugarbaker (“Designing Women”) termination.

  97. Non virtuous women which are many nowadays can’t drive and watch lesbian oddball talk shows all day who are stuck in their imagination while not paying attention to the road . But the Godly one’s are worth more than rubies and are what real women are all about.

  98. If women would put down the love affair shows, people magazine, and all this other demonic stupid entertainment then they will be a real woman not a manipulative loser.

  99. It happens to be that daytime tv especially on CBS, NBC, ABC would make anyone brain dead then add in the Kardashians, TMZ, lesbian talk shows with Facebook all day would make any person totally depraved and brain dead. However women more often consume this everyday every week every year while their husband is working. STUPID!

  100. Muslim’s think women are stupid and should be beaten as a way to correct them. However I think that’s false and wrong. Idle time and promiscuity coupled with this narcissistic self centered women power culture is the recipe for useless women.

  101. When I get off work early during the work week the driving is really bad once The View and Wendy Williams end and the lazy entitled women go on their lunch break. They are in their imaginations, aloof, distracted, and dumb texting while driving. Rather share the road with men way under the influence.

  102. So far this is the most realistic assessment I’ve read. College a money making scheme is a bulls eye.

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