Why You Shouldn’t Have Gay Friends

Despite the fact that ROK being a website for masculine heterosexual men, where women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged to comment, butthurt (not just in the literal sense) gay males have questioned my suggestion to not have gay friends.

While it’s not any writer’s obligation to explain each and every belief or idea being stressed, or challenge counterarguments, I think this topic requires some further analysis and exemplification. This will hopefully provide men with a more comprehensive and nuanced take on the matter.

The gay lobby and social consequences

In simple terms, homosexuality can be looked upon at two major levels: macro and micro. With macro I refer to broader social patterns and consequences of homosexuality. One such concern is that the homo or LGBT lobby nowadays quite literally penetrates the public. It’s no longer a private matter, that homosexuals and other sexual minorities are to be left alone, when depraved gay parades and gay clubs emerge in urban environments and impose their views on the public body.

Furthermore, homosexuals are often protected under hate speech laws. It’s fairly likely to lose most jobs for stressing, for example, that gay anal sex is disgusting, even if a person accepts their existence and equal individual legal rights and use a professional and polite discourse at the workplace. This is problematic, regardless of you want to associate with gay people or not.

Moreover, it exists a possible although not palpable link between homosexuality and child molestation. Mainstream science often aims for to contradict such contentions, whereas more pessimistic positions are sometimes taken by conservative scholars and writers.

In this regard, it’s possible to find an analogy to David Buss’ notion in his work The Murderer Next Door: just like most stalkers are not murderers but most murderers stalkers, most homosexuals are not pedophiles or hebephiles (or child molesters). However, a significant share of child molesters are homosexual or have partaken in illegal homosexual activities in connection to their crimes.

It’s not just people with a fixed homosexual orientation who make up the problem, but rather the (illegal and immoral) homosexual behavior itself. People can debate all day long whether or not gay genes exist, but it’s likely that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to homosexual behavior and lifestyle. Social acceptance of depravity is one piece of the puzzle.

The individual relationship with homosexuals

At the micro or individual level, on the other hand, it’s partly or largely beside the point whether or not homosexuals are more likely to be involved in illegal sexual deviance. There are a host of reasons for why majorly masculine men don’t want to have close homosexual friends. Some of these are about the same as why many don’t want to be friends with weak beta males and annoying females: one does likely have less in common with such people. The relationship is often mutually exclusive: the opposite teams do hold congruent views about you and me. And guess what, that’s totally fine, or should be.

Of course there is a lot of in-group variation, and homosexual males who you have more or less in common with. The more shared interests, the more likely that a person will be closer to your inner circle of friends. The less shared beliefs and interests, the more peripheral position.

That’s why even non-neurotic, somewhat masculine and socially skilled gay men whom I have encountered throughout life (and I have mostly lived in urban areas and traveled the world so I have met plenty of them) tend to be not so much more than acquaintances or fairly distant friends. While I can find common ground in regard to reading, traveling, food and physical exercise, some crucial dimensions are still missing. When I meet close male friends, we discuss everything between heaven and earth, including our similar relationships and sexual preferences. That’s obviously not possible to do with homosexual males.

Furthermore, in general gays are likely, although not necessarily having views that are leftist and do not accept slightly homophobic positions, for obvious reasons. This leads to unnecessary two-sided suspicion, not so much different from having a politically correct blue pill friend that you will gradually stop seeing or hearing from due to lack of shared values.


When a man asserts that one does not, nor should have gay friends, that is more of a general guideline rather than an absolute dogma. There are predominantly masculine red pill males that have met or will meet gay males that they form meaningful platonic relationships with. However, given the whole of the matter it’s less likely the case, and from my perspective I don’t see that I miss anything; just like I don’t miss having several female or weak beta male friends.

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101 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Have Gay Friends”

  1. Definitely no gay male, platonic female, or soy boy friends. All 3 groups will destroy your manhood.

    1. ALPHA
      If total Beta losers could not fuck one another and HAD TO FUCK FEMALES you’d see higher rape rates because women these days are unbound by traditional monogamy (Nor can our economy support it) so they become concubines for Chads in threesomes or cross over to blacks who will have sex with any white woman.
      When males have to live at home until they are 30 with no hope of getting a house or a decent job why would any woman enter into a traditional relationship with them.
      This is coupled with the fact that Gen Y women are raised on porn and have none of the previous female generations inclinations towards normal relationships with males.
      If you cannot GET ANY sex with women than fucking some she-male is better than no-sex.
      This is the situation with whites. Blacks and Mestizos will continue to reproduce in their traditional fashion and white will continue to shrink as a result.

      1. >When males have to live at home until they are 30 with no hope of getting a house or a decent job why would any woman enter into a traditional relationship with them.
        Even well paid senior level jobs in places like Londonistan won’t enable you to afford more than studio apartments unless you live out in the sticks going through commuter hell.
        The only whites that will reproduce now in Europe are low IQ countryside plebs and big city thugs of equally low IQ. I wouldn’t be surprised if high IQ guys reproduce at single digit rates these days.

        1. If over 90% of who we are is genetic like with all other animals and culture that tiny overhyped cherrry on top and more of a myth than God . If the civilization and level of development dependent on your nations demographics and genetics and it is not a miracle of culture that seperates hood gansters and chinese nerds then surely surely these civilisations will not last much longer.
          Sad they will fall to decay as per Rhodesia and South Africa if that is correct and I fear it probably is. When twins are adopted apart in history they were often studied and even when one was in a poor uneducated home and the other identical twin in a highly eductaed affluent home they did very similarly in terms of eduation and IQ. The myth is that wealthier people do better due to money spent on them rather than the genetics that made their parents wealthy.
          Identical twin adoptions studies sadly proved what we already know and the left hate them because they fly in the face of their black slate shit and the arguments that multiracial societies could work out well.

        2. multiculturalism is not an end or some form of balance it is a transitory state as another ethnic or religious group takeover. African DNA will take over highly r selective states which breed from the genetically lowest IQ groups.

        3. READER
          Tyrone Da Bone has a huge fatherless brood in the ghetto and Leatherface keeps fucking his cousins in the sticks.
          Urban guerrilla warfare in Baltimore and a giant albino cannibal on a backcountry road dancing with a chainsaw as the sun rises over rural America.
          How the middle class is going to pay for these people-Texas Chainsaw Massacre made the point that they had reverted to cannibalism because they were unemployed slaughter house workers-is a huge question now that the middle-class shrinks to some single-child yuppies in Blue State bubbles and a few gays sucking one another dicks in San Francisco.

      2. I suspect sex for white males will drop even more now that backpage was taken down. You will have no choice but to create a dating profile somewhere with your name and information plastered all over it and you might have to pay a monthly fee even though more then half the women are bots. All the government did was put prostitution back on the streets. When that happens, crime spreads.

    2. Sex and friendship should be kept totally separate.
      The mentally ill should keep their illness to themselves or be locked from sight.
      This is the way the world always was, and still should be.

      1. @ JD
        I’ve “been friends” with some of the hookers I’ve banged over the years. To a point, anyway.

        1. @ WR
          Well, I never asked for a monetary discount.
          But I did get lots of extended time.
          Many overnights after going out and getting F’d up together, so yeah, I suppose I did.

    3. When you put all these people aside, you notice the genuine are few and far between.

    4. I used to not mind gay men too much. Now I can’t stand them at all.
      Soy boys are simply gay men who are seemingly attracted to women. I mean, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…
      As for women: if you aren’t flirting or doing anything sexual with them, there’s no reason at all to be around them. Unless maybe they’re doing you favors.

      1. There are 2 types. The first type I don’t hate, they’re the gay guys who only go for other gay guys. The second type, the ones that believe every guy is secretly gay, they can all fuck off.

  2. Okay, so I met him in a hipster bar in Seattle and the poor thing was all depressed and crying. {He’s Soooo Cute}
    And this is amazing. He tells me he got dumped by some person called Anita who he helped make this entire awesomely produced web series for and I’m thinking to myself, “What A Bitch?”, so then he asks me if I want to star in a web series made by him and I’m like, “Sure, that’ll be GREAT.” with a big smile on my face.
    I then ask if he’d like me to be his girlfriend because he’s SO HOT, and then he’s like “Sure, so long as you can help me make this new web series for me.”, and then my inside voice is all like “YAAASSS, SLAY BABY!!!!”.
    So then I ask him what this whole web series would be about, and he’s like “Oh, it’s about promoting Feminism, resisting Trump, presenting arguments that can help counter Climate Denialism and Islamophobia, and why every woman should have small boobs, a pixie haircut, red lipstick, and wear leggings instead of a skirt to help combat Toxic Masculinity and Patriarchy.” and it’s so within my interest that I shriek like I’m in the middle of an intense orgasm and yell to him, “Baby, I am so down for those causes!!! Trump is a FASCIST!!! And oh yeah, I totally got this pixie cut and a breast reduction when I was 18 and I discovered Feminism and Tumblr for the first time two years ago – IT’S SO LIBERATING!!!”
    He then shows me back to his apartment and…IT’S SO CUTE, IT’S ALL ANIMU!!! My heart is then palpitating because it’s such a far cry from when I was a slutty looking long-haired cheerleader with big boobs dating the abusive and toxically masculine football team captain who didn’t let me do cosplay and forced me to watch ESPN with him. I then take a picture of him in his room just to show you guys because he says it’s OK, he then makes us a candlelight vegan meal and we have the most explosive and satisfying sex ever…ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

    View post on imgur.com

    1. Umm , I think I just discovered what happens when LSD is consumed and the first pink unicorn farting skittles bloats up and explodes….and it makes it sound like I really have tripped before, but I haven’t…ever. Thank God.
      FFS, this is why humanity is doomed.

  3. About 15 years ago i had a girlfriend.It wasnt real love and not the woman i always dreamed of, but she was feminine and i liked her.She was stewardess and i thought thats cool and attractive.
    We´ve been together for about one month, when she said something very disgusting to me: “I want you meet my friends. They are my co-workers.They are stewards.They are gay”
    I said: “Oh no. I dont want to. I dont socialize with gays.I feel uncomfortable about this”
    She became very angry and tried to persuade me some days again.
    I replied the same. After this she instantly ended our relationship on the phone.
    I became angry too.What the fuck!
    Its okay for me to talk to gays for some minutes if really necessary or on business meetings.
    But i just cannot pretend that “everything is fine” for a longer time.

    1. “She was stewardess ”
      Stopped reading right there. You got cucked by at least one pilot.

      1. More liked cucked by yours trully, a straight male flight attendant. Most of the pilots I come across are clueless when it comes to women.

        1. ” straight male flight attendant…”
          I’ve always imagined that being similar to a straight male college cheerleader. Or a straight male ballet dancer. Getting loads and loads of poontang. Good for you. Takes guts to do those things, male nurse too. Have to ask, did you take the job for the poontang? I imagine it it does not pay very well, so what other reason could there be?

      2. That is an adventure job where girls travel for cock and thrills with non serious women. Certain jobs draw a certain crowd. Female nursery teachers are generally about the best of working women. Generally however I completely oppose and fight the idea that women should be educated. Female high school teachers often fuck the students and are polticized where nursery teachers are just women who want to be mothering and natural and there are few men in these jobs to bang.

        1. @automaticslim
          100% took the job for the poontang and travel benefits. The flexibility is unmatched as well. I also realistically can live anywhere in the world and commute in to my base. Starting out pay sucked, gets much better with time. Doubt i’ll do it forever, it’s draining, but then again going to a “normal” job now at 32, I admit would be hard. I look at these 9 to 5 males with families and homes and wives who just look defeated.

    2. I was banging a Brazillian flight attendant for a minute. Come to find out, she revealed as well that most male flight attendants are gay, which was kind of obvious. Much like any guy in a traditionally female role is suspect of. What threw the biggest red flag was when she told me she was moving our of her place and into a new one with a “gay male flight attendant” as a roommate. I went and got tested, just in case. There are almost no boundaries with women anymore, justifying everything for weak reasons.

      1. @derde
        You nailed it about boundaries. A few of these girls I work with have and currently bang some of the gay dudes i work with. “Omgggg hes amazinggggg, hes my “work husband”. W.e the blank that is. Trully disgusting. They will never openly admit it but i know the score. And yep..lot of the guys i work with, they aint so straight. Pilots too. Married with 3 kids then you see a 21 yr old fruity pants exiting the hotel room as you check out to get the hotel van. Puke. Never forget this one good ol boy pilot from SE texas…guns this trump that i smash hot girl etc etc…out of the hotel room comes a prepubescant looking boy. He saw that i saw him too. Nearly lost my free hotel breakfast.

  4. Like Beta male orbiters with women the gays that just “want to be youor friend” actually want you to compromise your principles and suck their cocks.
    In the end of the day, when a gay man seems cool or decent enough he is looking at your mouth.

      1. WES THE GREAT
        I learned from the gays that tried to “orbit” me that being a Beta male orbiter around women will not get your cock sucked.

      2. Madman Marz is my Rust Belt brother, he sees bullshit a mile away and takes none of it.
        No homo.

    1. It is said it is the ultimate fantasy of gay men to “turn” a straight gay. You can see this revulsion by normal towards them is warranted instinctually. Never mind the 36 pics of soy boys warranted….

      1. ‘It is said it is the ultimate fantasy of gay men to “turn” a straight gay.’
        Impossible, IMO.
        If the “straight” guy ever “went gay”, then he was always gay.

        1. That’s why so many queers want to be women, even though they can never be so (regardless of surgery and hormone treatments).
          Makow has a new article on the subject, revealing that most Sodomites by far are “bottoms”, wishing to assume the “bitch” role. It’s difficult to read it without feeling queasy.

      2. I’m trying to reply to the comment about how homos try to convert other non homos. It is a zinger of a reply but this system keeps rejecting it as “forbidden”. I think gravitar thinks it is a duplicate comment because I pasted a quote from the original comment. I’m the third responder to put it in quotes and it is flagged as duplicate. I’m wondering what should you do to indicate quotes?

      3. Being nice in any way to a woman or child is destructive. They only expect more nicities like spoiling . . . or chocolates . . . or CRACK!! Coddling, knighting, advocacy and spoiling debilitates the full maturing of the subject in every case. It’s like the difference between painkiller drugs used to expedite healing versus being used for pleasure.
        Excessively coddled women and children are the weakest. This is a law of nature. The pampered and knighted women don’t reproduce or tit feed. It’s too inconvenient and challenging. It’s too “haaaard”.
        And spoiled children too do no work on the farm or ranch. Boob joob TV depicts only the spoiled rottenest youth without a lick of chores or farm work. Youth shows all revolve around the social circus of the targeted age peer group. It’s all blabber and female gossip. Even the male youths are portrayed talking to the young girls about problems galore. The females then grow up to continue pulling problems galore out their a§§ and NOT A WHITE BABY properly produced and tit fed. The boys too are wiped of any memory from only several generations ago of how to run a ranch. Disney kids propaganda shows are all feminine yappity-yappity-yapping blabber.

        1. woops that comment was intended for the next article. I’m having probs trying to post a reply. Keeps flagging it as duplicate (forbidden)

        2. actually your comment is being moderated by a word because it keeps happening to me as well. when i go back and intentionally misspell a suspect word, it passes the automod fo certain tabled words.

  5. My theory on the cause of homosexuality is that it is something they wilfully choose or INVITE upon themselves as a form of rebellion against natural law during their childhoods. Or put another way – and this is not going to sit well with some of you – I think it’s probably caused by demonic possession.
    Romans 1 outlines a higher cause for it: a form of judgement from God on certain individuals who wilfully, knowingly reject the Creator’s existence. In those cases, homosexuality marks those who hold such “vile affections”, as the Bible calls it, as God’s peculiar enemies.

    1. I’m pretty sure all gays are intent on going to hell and taking as much of humanity with them as they can.

      1. Ahh, the advent of the gay minister or priest. Devil hides in plain view in the most unexpected places, the heads of the church especially. Dated a Methodist girl who attended a local church. I quit going to church a long ass time ago when I could see the blatant hypocrisy in its community. I too am a confirmed Methodist from my childhood. Anyways, I went once with her on a Sunday A.M., after morning sex of course. The second he started his sermon and opened his queer mouth I whispered to her “he’s a faggot.” She softly slapped me, this later started an argument over not being mean towards gay people. We split about a month later because I told her I’d rather spend my time with someone who leads an honest life and sees the real truth when the onion is peeled back.

  6. Gay men never have to struggle finding sex (for free at least) compared to heterosexual men. I just can’t fathom making a serious friendship with another man who has never had to struggle in that way.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are 15 or 30 or 45, talking about girls and our struggles, failures, and successes with women is one of the key things that good male friends can talk about. Homo’s just can’t relate.

    1. REALITY
      There is a reason homosexual men are “gay” (Happy).
      Imagine you could just go into a designated public restroom at luch and stick your penis through a stall and woman would suck if for free or you could screw random women in the bushes of a park you met a minute earlier.
      It would not be good for society-abandoned children would run around like stray dogs in a Third World country.
      But of course gays are happy. Additionally, there is no unexpected (Or expected pregnancy) that costs them 20 years of support (More these days) for the fuck.

      1. “here is no unexpected (Or expected pregnancy) that costs them 20 years of support (More these days) for the fuck”
        Only aids

      2. Interesting take, but your facts are wrong. Homosexual men are not gay or happy. The reality is that homosexual men have three times the rate of depression as straight men, and have a much higher suicide rate than other demographics.
        There is nothing gay about male homosexuality, there is nothing gay about AIDS and HIV and HCV and loveless promiscuity. It seems ironic that the word “gay” which used to mean light-heartedly happy has been taken over to refer to men who use each other’s anuses for sex.

  7. Gays are caught in a weird hypnosis.
    Gays cannot reproduce.If everybody would be gay, mankind would die out very soon.
    Therefore its a kind of disease.

    1. MARCO
      Not really, Michael Jackson tried to hide his pedophilia by marrying Elvis’s daughter and jerked off in a test tube to make her pregnant.
      Women would continue to pay gay Chad’s to fuck (Cunanan turned a FEW straight tricks to get coke) or would simply inject their sperm into their vaginas.

      1. yes, gaykind will be reduced considerably , maybe there will not be an extinction of humanity but there will be a collapse of civilization, then all gay will be forced to be men again and do the necessary job to survive, gay or not in the end is a male brain, the problem is not the sexual preference is the degeneracy. Men are not made to have easy access to sex that fuck their minds.

  8. A few months ago, I read a comment at Breitbart by some gay guy, trying to talk straight males into trying it. Just try it, he said. He even left links. His selling point being, homosexuality is a way to escape, or even defeat, feminism and female domination.
    In other words, it’s just like they use to say about gays; they’re scared of girls.

    1. MATT It Works…
      Gays move into “bad areas” and…
      1) Hookers can no longer rent their body cavities. Gay male hustling is actually less damaging whereas female prostitutes end up train wrecks on welfare.
      2) Pimps also leave the vicinity.
      3) Drug dealers also disappear. Gays mostly prefer Molly and not crack cocaine. Gay dealers exist but the street trade that goes with female street whores disappears when they do. Crime goes down.
      4) Single mothers disappear so more money as both partners working and no dependents.
      5) Angry youth resulting from single mothers disappear and crime goes down-vandalism, gangs, graffiti, B & E.
      7) Less domestic violence, stalking, rape. Yes, these things exist among the gay community but to a far less degree. You also get serial killers.
      Women would essentially be “defeated” if all men were gay.

      1. what the fuck, madman, homosexual have a problem with alcohol and drugs what are you talking about. they are more likely to be addicts than NORMAL people.

        1. DUNCAN
          How do the pathology of gays affect the rest of society?
          Oh, I agree that a Dahmer kills 17 because nobody notices a gay black street hustler missing in action BUT how does that affect the average person?

      2. Own a gay bar instead….talk about needing to own stock in companies selling of mops and mop buckets and other disinfection supplies, id guess no need for furniture either just stalls with toilets and no barstools. ewww.. just trying to envision it or rationalizing it it is nauseating.

      3. Build a public restroom………no just a big open room with a DJ in the corner and large floor drains scattered about,, add some beer taps and a wet bar for the most colorful fruity drinks, and viola, gay bar, then toss in a couple gay for pay dancers.

        1. DEPLORABLE
          Meth dealers “TINA” in gay parlance do a brisk business in gay meeting places.
          So you’re not wrong.
          Straight male tweakers in Arizona worked male glory holes for this reason.

    2. This approach is the flipside of feminist tactics, trying to indoctrinate young women into lesbianism, to escape the patriarchy.
      On a similar note, there is an interesting case in Australia, where a high profile, Christian, rugby union player, Israel Falou, said all gays will go to Hell if they don’t repent.
      Mainstream media, Rugby Australia officials are trying to bully him into retracting the statement and to apologising. Falou is refusing to do anything of the sort. Good on him for standing up for his beliefs. Its funny how libtards think a traditional Christian would ever be accepting of homosexuals.
      One of the biggest factors is that Qantas airlines is a sponsor of Rugby Australia. Qantas, since they have been led by openly gay CEO Alan Joyce, has been strongly pushing the pro gay agenda. Boycott Qantas as long as they support a pro gay agenda.

      1. Another problem we have in Australia is that the Prime Minister represents the biggest faggot electorate in the country so has to be on board with the gay agenda. Was recently seen outside a gay pub in Sydney waving at the queers participating in the Mardi Gras parade. Another thing that has happened is the the gays have infiltrated Australia’s conservative Liberal Party and influenced it to support gay marriage. Unfortunately when the vote was held in Aus to decide on gay marriage it was us good old white folk (not me of course) that voted in favour of it. It was only the areas predominately Asian, Muslim etc. that voted against it. Go figure.

  9. Can’t have friendship with gays in the same way you would with male friends. Most of them will eventually try to convert you into their ways. For me they are more like social or professional contacts.

  10. faggotry is a sickness “implemented” by a fucked up mom in %99.99 percent of the time.
    The rest %0.01 is a result of bodily( hormonal) damage during pregnancy.
    Actually, the vast majority of our complexes were implemented by our moms when we were below 5 years of age. Mostly subconsciously.
    The antidote is to have a normal dad at that period of life.

    1. BENNY
      That is also true of Lesbians. Most of the time, they have had awful experiences with males but need some sort of sexual stimulation.

      1. John Dodds,
        The only gay guy I know grew up with two older sisters; one of whom was pretty butch.
        Not sure if you might be on to something.

      2. @ JD
        A bullying, evil witch of a mother will make a guy hate nasty old bags. Forever. And only want hot young girls. Forever.

  11. I have had a lot of gay friends in the past. Most of my friends in high school were closeted from each other. I believe that’s one of the reasons why I was so meek around girls at the time. They simply had zero interest and it made things easy to not even try.
    I would say that as an adult all of my gay friends had some sort of anxiety or personality issues. One of them was an SJW and essentially pushed me out of the group after I was red-pilled. It ended up being no big loss. They kind of sucked and were holding me back. I had been dating a lot and made the mistake of talking about my experiences with him honestly. Whenever a woman I was dating would do something really shitty, I would mention it to the group. Since women in my area are in general pretty shitty, he viewed me as a misogynist for simply being honest about how they were acting. It’d pretty funny if it weren’t sad.

  12. Why do homos want to be friends with heterosexual men anyways? We don’t share their lifestyle, and we don’t provide the quirky social drama their female friends provide. I assume we’re boring to them.

    1. JIZM
      They want you to suck their cocks, same as Beta Male orbits want the girl to suck their penises,

  13. Simple formula here: gays seek men. Straight men seek women. Therefore gays cannot equal straight men in any form of relationship because both have different interests. If a gay man is trying hard to be your friend, there’s only one reason: your d!ck.

    1. “If a gay man is trying hard to be your friend, there’s only one reason: your d!ck.”
      And you should also be asking yourself why the queer apparently considers you a candidate for turning out…

  14. How can you build your SMV in womans eyes, & not have queer eyes notice as well? Pussy juice cologne?
    Honest question.

  15. Just be open and say that all gays are child molesters, this is the truth you have to call them out. The only stable gay I’ve seen is Scooby Werkstatt, the bodybuilder and I did not meet him ever. The gays I interacted with are all mentally unstable and have drama surrounding their lives. All they think about is hooking up and live like animals. They shutdown Backpage for child trafficking yet child trafficking is openly happening in courts and in LGBT parades

  16. LMAO the level of insecurity in this comment section is real. the fact you feel so threatened by gay men means you doubt your own masculinity and are afraid they’ll either hit on you or convince you to engage in a sexual act with them, which means you doubt your heterosexuality to being with LOL. Any secure straight man can be friends with any gay person because… HE ISN’T GAY, therefore theres no reason to fear you might engage in homosexual behavior. Now go buy a shotgun while driving a truck to feel better about your small dick LMAO.

    1. Trying to shame us for calling out homosexual deviancy won’t work. Try Fox News or some other libertardian circle of cucks.

  17. Don’t patronize any business that has publicly supported the homosexual agenda or hires out-closet gays. Hit the agenda in the purse.

      1. You will come off as very unsophisticated if you don’t have some reasons and nuances besides instinctual homophobia and common sense. But the underlying arguments are quite simple: less in common with gay men being on of them.

    1. that’s the problem with monopolies. if there’s only 3 companies that own 99,9% of certain product, and all 3 mostly campaign for poz agenda, then what you’ll do?
      that’s why economic libertarianism (i.e. “Liberalism” outside the usa) and social conservatism is a match that never really work it

  18. Homos are disgusting,they belong in the Gulag
    and all the corporations that are promoting this shit

  19. Got no bad feelings towards the gays. But friends? Does that even require an explanation. Oh fuck no.

  20. “Why You Shouldn’t Have Gay Friends”
    Isn’t it common sense! but yeah, common sense is “not so common” !!

  21. While many stats say that about 3% of the population is homosexual, I think its a bit more than that. There are quite a few men of different ages that have homosexual desires, I believe that any man that stares at another in public, or tends to loiter or “hang out” in or outside of stores, malls, restaurants, bars, parks or any other public establishments is doing so to eye-fuck other men, even those who may be married to a woman or had a past relationship to one. I truly believe that there are many more homosexuals that are “latent” and are itching to take their first shot.

    1. Midwest Gen X
      I think blacks and Mexicans who spend considerable periods of time in jail come out on the “down low”. Their version of sexuality is a “bitch” (Submissive) and “owner” (Dominant) with little of the Yin-Yang of white sexuality.
      We see this during black home invasions or muggings. They beat the white guy up, get his money, then start sodomizing his ass as well.

      1. Those are good examples of what I was talking about but to be more specific, what I was alluding to were occurances in everyday suburbia and in cities as well, usually by other white males.
        Here in Northeast Ohio, there has been more than one occurrence of a middle-aged or older white male local politician who was caught in a park or some other locale with another male or passed out alone in a compromising position (one was found unconscious on his driveway with no pants on. Another had simply disappeared and was found dead later with no explanation. These most likely stemmed from homo encounters with bad endings.

    2. I really don’t think that. I think there is a lot of propaganda out there today that wants to make people think homosexuality is more common than it actually is. If you’re not careful one can fall for it even if they’re redpilled. As for the whole prison thing, we’ll, ~ 2 % of the population are convicts, and although a different group altogether, homos are also 2%. Moreover not everyone goes gay either, so, you can’t just say 2+2=4 in this instance. There are two things embedded deep into our existence 1. Survival and 2. Procreation. And the two are closely related in that procreation is a function of survival in a transcended sort of way. As been said many times over homosexuality cannot lead to procreation. Ergo, this is a lot more profound and deeper than just circumstance.

  22. I have many issues with homosexualism. Lately and apropos to the recent post on ROK, I highlight the inherent selfishness of homosexuals. They are a very self absorbed and selfish group. Any group that insists by way of authoritarian political power that everyone must like and accept them represents a community of truly and pathologically self centered people. Because, that’s what their “movement” has come too. I will not be forced to call selfishness good or whining courageous or succumbing too ones impulses wholesome. Take the whole kids thing, which makes my skin crawl…it’s some selfish lesbian who doesn’t have the self control over her pervert sexuality let alone the ability to deny her wanting of kids. She should deny such longings if she continues to choose to be gay. As a child requires male and female biological mother and father. Anything else is abuse.

  23. Before I joined the Marine Officers program in college, I saw a poster of a young Lieutenant leading his infantry out of the back of a helicopter. The text read:
    “A Man is Judged by the Company He Keeps.”
    And before there ever was a Marine Corps, Scripture instructed us to not be unequally yoked, for what in common hath good with evil, and darkness with the light?

    1. TRUTH, Luke.
      I too attended the PLC course. I brought up Scripture in a speech I made, and was actually amazed at the amount of God-fearing righteous Men there who responded.
      The Marine Corps is one of the last bastions. Unfortunately it too is being pozzed as of late.

  24. Since I began reading ROK articles and other familiar material, I’ve been adamant on using game and asking 6’s, 7’s and 8’s out on the spot. I’m 38 but could easily pass for someone in their early 30’s. I typically ask about 3 or 4 girls out every week after some opening conversation.
    Let me tell you, it is really tough out their…and SHOULDN’T BE AT ALL!!! I’m white guy (very Belgian, Scots or Irish looking), brown hair and blue eyes, very medium built for this day and age at 6’2 and 215 and lift almost everyday doing squats, bench, deadlift, bicep curls, you name it…I hit these Anglicized American ladies up, but they seem to detest you if they get the hint that you want to bang them good. Its almost as if you’re white and male and don’t look like a garbage truck driver, that you should have better table manners then that.
    I had 2 gay friends in the past (1999-early-mid 2000’s) and let me tell you something good about gay friends…I met some smokin’ hot bitchas at the parties, clubs, and their homes then you would with just your regular buds. For some reason in Anglo-America, women gravitate towards gay and black men almost EXCLUSIVELY. DON’T TELL ME IT WASN’T LIKE THAT 20 YEARS AGO…It was the same then as it is now…The difference today is that there are less females available because of more competition on Tinder, other dating apps, etc…Before social media, it was still a sausage fest and it always be that way. Its just that your local girls didn’t have any contact with an extremely better sausage then you because she never saw this person without the Tinder crap.
    Now, back to what I was saying…If a gay guy ask if you would like to come to his party, guaranteed there will be girls their at his pad. PERIOD! If over 2’3rds of the guys are gay, guess who she is blowin’ in the forest park late at night or in a hotel after her fifth tequila shot? You, bro! She will also think you’re cool and a nice guy for accepting her gay friends. That’s all I have to say from my past experiences. Going it alone in Anglo America and asking girls out on the spot off the street or at a day care, will get you nowhere. This is not Ukraine, Slovakia, or Bulgaria, OK?
    One more thing…Be careful around gays today…Any hint you’re at Trump supporter or nationalist and you’re done for…If you ask me, gays, blacks and women stay with their own now…Other then FAMILY , you’re on your own in America! Yes!! Its a no holds barred world out there and everybody wants to shoot their load.

  25. I don’t go out of my way to befriend homosexuals but as they do exist, I do not totally discount that they may be acquaintances or perhaps ‘friends’ of mine.
    I get along with all races/types except cowardly lil’ bitch soibois, pain-in-the-ass women, feminists and their loudmouth LGBTQ allies. They are much worse than any regular garden variety closet homosexual, who are generally reserved, quiet, and keep their sexual biz to themselves.

  26. As a masculine gay man I bask in a sense of superiority to homophobic and often sexually unsuccessful men like the ones I see commenting on these threads because I get SO MUCH interest from females on a regular basis I could be fucking 2-3 different “hot” girls a week! I have to explain to female strangers that I am gay on a regular basis so they stop hitting on me! Maybe that’s why I was born gay, because women would just take my ancestor’s dicks and put them in their cooches themselves! Maybe you fellas should try to be more like me! I love bitter heteros because its all the homophobic bullying I got from guys like you that gave me the thick skin and confidence that the women you want find so attractive.

    1. So, it’s like this…
      You are aware this is a comment board? As follows there is no way to tell if you are the things you say you are. Equally true, you have no idea and have no way to confirm that all the commenters here are loser men. So that pretty much discredits your entire post. Naturally you must know that because you are soooo superior to us, right?

  27. Seriously this seems a bit over the top, if you mean gay as in feminine I get your point, but a Jack Donovan style homosexual should be respected, no?

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