Is The USA Wasting $172M Of Taxpayer Money On Penis Pumps?

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The penis pump market is a massive industry that reportedly cost Medicare $172,000,000 between 2006 and 2011. According to a Government watchdog report into Medicare expenditure, 474,000 American men have so far claimed costs for their medical penis pump systems. But are these guys just wasting tax payers’ money? After all, it’s the Doctors and Surgeon themselves that are prescribing vacuum pumps for men…

Leftists and women will argue that this is nonsense spending. What they won’t mention is that Medicare spends an exorbitant amount on relatively cosmetic procedures such as the labiaplasty and rhinoplasty. If we delve further past the current onslaught of anti-male literature, we will find, for example, that the Australian public health funding scheme, also known as Medicare, spends $40,000 to $70,000 per procedure on labiaplasties. A labiaplasty is generally a cosmetic procedure where women see their family doctor and raise the issue that the size of their vagina lips are unfortunately not the same as the ones in hardcore pornography, or after years of brutal usage, have deteriorated into a state where they believe it’s time to get a designer vagina… paid for by ours truly.

I don't know where to start...

I don’t know where to start…

In forums across the web, women who’ve passed their uneternal youth share sentiments such as “I had [a labiaplasty] done a while after my second daughter was born,”. Another similar confession in the femisphere by a mother of 3 who seems to be unable to properly manage her hygiene says: “I had it done due to medical reasons – I was constantly getting sore/red/infected!”

Until we add Kratom to the public health system, it’s up to the common man to vet out procedures that are being claimed for health reasons, when in fact they are for cosmetic purposes only.

A 2009 British report featured in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology determined that 57% of the main reasons of having the expensive tax funded labia surgery was due to physical discomfort, 21% due to pain during intercourse and 15% as a result of their labia being uncomfortable with their choice of underwear or clothing.

Since over 50% of women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia, we should be very wary of a major increase in the amount of women falsifying reasons to have a procedure to mutilate their vaginas that will be fully paid for. If any such increase if observed, we should immediately add all forms of penile enlargement surgery to all national health schemes across the Western world – it’s only fair. Furthermore, although male hair loss is a sign of coming of age, if more men are at all concerned about the growth or loss of their hair, we should also immediately add surgical hair restoration procedures to publicly funded health. Heck, let’s socialize all forms of cosmetic surgery and live in a plastic world.

But I digress; we should be asking a more important question now: if Doctors and Surgeons really are prescribing high quality vacuum pumps to half a million men in the USA alone to assist with erections and growth, then they must work right?

Permanent Growth, Guaranteed

Fortunately, penis pumps do in fact work. They work because bloods engorges into the penis as a result of vacuum pressure and it genuinely makes your penis firmer, longer and crucially – wider. Most readers who would engage in weight training know how important the “pump” is after a set. It’s the increased blood flow, muscle & capillary breakdown and subsequent repair of the muscle that grows the penis over time. Since the penis is a muscle (corpus cavernosum & corpus spongiosum) it has been medically proven that using a high quality penis pump can massively increase blood flow to the area and, over time, grow the penis is length and width permanently. The scientific word for this phenomenon is angiogenesis which means “new blood vessel growth”. The only reason there would be new blood vessels growing in the penis is if there was a need to accommodate a massive increase in blood flow, and in turn, increase the size of the muscles within.


Grow it like your biceps.

The benefits of a larger penis are innumerable:
– Increased sexual performance
– Increased confidence
– Increased blood flow
– Increased sensitivity
– Increased stamina
– Non-invasive medical treatment
– Once-off cost (Viagra is expensive!)

Some men who suffer diabetes and have blood flow issues find that using a penis pump allows them to gain a massive erection that they otherwise would not be able to achieve. After the penis reaches maximum size, a good way to keep that erection and blood flow in the member is to then place a rubber or silicone cock ring over the penis which acts as a torniquet and can keep you erect for an hour or more.

The best way to think of this is as an enhanced erection. Any erection is caused by blood flowing into the penis and using a pump simply ensures you’re getting as much in there as physiologically possible. Your erections actually vary each time you get one – and sometimes your penis will be slightly larger or slightly smaller depending on how aroused you are, how beautiful the girls is, your circulation and various other factors. Using a penis pump is just a matter of stacking the deck in your favor and getting the very best from your biology.

In fact, due to the benefits of penis pump technology, we have also developed clitoris pumps and pussy pumps too. A clit pump will increase the size of the clit and, in turn, raise sensitivity. Any man who knows the ins and outs of a female’s body knows how important attacking the clitoris is to get her off too.

When to Use an LA Pump Penis Pump

For guaranteed money-back permanent penis growth, the best course of action is a 15 minute pumping session per day where the organ is fully engorged with blood. As a penis pumper myself, using a pump for even 30 minutes a day has allowed me to achieve an overall 1.5 inch growth in length and 0.5 inch growth in girth.

The second best use case scenario for a penis pump is going to be just before sex, probably with a girl you’re already comfortable with. Being a lifehacker, I find this is the best way you can ensure you both get the best possible experience any time. Sensation is improved for you and your ability to hit certain parts inside of her are the main benefits in this case scenario. When a woman orgasms, her brain is loaded with a chemical called Oxytocin. This chemical is what makes a woman’s knees weak and makes her feel satisfied and loved. If you could make a girl feel more satisfied and loved simply by improving your sex life, why wouldn’t you? LA Pump are the brand of choice when it comes to pumps and a high quality vacuum pump setup can literally give you the best erections of your life.

Two penis pump cylinders, a pump, and a pair of nipple pumps too.

Two penis pump cylinders, a pump, and a pair of nipple pumps too.

Diamond Cut, Flame Polished Cylinders

If you’ve never used a penis pump before, then we must advise ask that you take it easy when using one for the first time. While it is very exciting to see a 20% increase in size immediately after using the pump, we always remind users that the muscles (corpus cavernosum & corpus spongiosum) need time to adapt to the increased blood flow and allow for angiogenesis to occur.

The results of a $10-50 penis pump are lacklustre. LA Pumps are diamond cut, flame polished cylinders that are made in the USA and a full system will set you back around $150-300. However, this is a one-off cost and more of an investment because we find that customers usually burn through 2-3 low-quality/high-turnover pumps before they find us. All customers become life long customers and they usually come back every 2-3 months to buy the next size up pump as they grow in size. We also guarantee permanent growth and if a Doctor recommends a pump to you, you can claim costs back through your private health fund. Prices on the site are in US Dollars, but you can adjust the price when you click through to each pump. Shipping is free worldwide with DHL and lastly, here is a $50 off coupon when you buy a cylinder and pump together: ROKFIFTY.

Click here to see the world famous LA Pump Penis Pump System. If you penis doesn’t grow, we will give you your money back.

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132 thoughts on “Is The USA Wasting $172M Of Taxpayer Money On Penis Pumps?”

    1. No , rok is pegged as a typically white male site . Stereotypical fears of white men are small penises, being short , and blacks . They sell to the stereotypes

        1. I guess I can’t mad. By flaming the fears of their readers….makes sense.
          I think this is the first time I spoke about it and not been eaten alive by the ‘establishment’ haha

        2. I said stereotypical, not that it applied to everyone who views this site . Though I do think majority of us feel we lack something in one area or another which lead us here. By establishment do you mean white male ?

        3. I’m aware its not every one but have you read some of these ‘White posts only’ as I call them. Alot of them are pretty noid that everything is trying to bring them down

        4. I agree , but you would find the same if you went to a black male oriented site . The world is full of people who make excuses as to why they aren’t where they think they should be.

        1. I may have missed a reference but maynoise sandwiches are poor people’s food. I grew up poor if you didn’t have maynoise you slapped to pieces of bread fast enough to catch the air between them . Air sandwich

  1. What is up with America’s obsession with a large penis? Most women don’t like men that huge. They say it hurts too much.
    You get bragging rights looking like a porn star, but you won’t be dipping much into a wet hole.

    1. Most women don’t like huge cocks? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. My opinion is, the more “seasoned” women become as a whole, as a consequence of SATC and the like, the bigger they need to fill their void.

      1. Then those are the women you would want to avoid. Why would you even care if you please them or seek their validation?
        This whole ad is for insecure little boys.

        1. “Why would you even care if you please them or seek their validation?
          This whole ad is for insecure little boys.”
          This ^^^^^
          Roosj even wrote an article that it does not matter if she gets off or not.

        2. There are basically two types of women: cum dumpsters and wife material. A cum dumpster is just that. Her purpose in the universe is to please your cock and take a load of sperm on her face, in her mouth, as a creampie or whatever. Whether she has an orgasm or not is irrelevant because SHE is irrelevant on any long term basis.
          Wife material is completely different. If you are the first, second, third or even fourth man to penetrate her, then you have to make it count. If you don’t want babies, then get her to cum so she will thankfully repay the favour. If you are gunning for babies then bust your nut and drop a load into her vagina, then do what it takes to make her cum. During orgasm the vagina convulses and the cervix will be splashed into the pool of sperm, increasing the chances of conception.

      2. I’ve seen that argument that women don’t like huge cocks, its bullshit. At the very worst she needs a 3 day break-in period. Women give birth to babies, they can handle a large dick.

        1. It takes. . .practice. All girls can take it up the ass if they eased into it, but only about 10% actually do.
          Part of it isn’t the width but the depth. Pounding the cervix can simply be painful.

        2. Ha ha. I am out of the loop at this point. Chinese girls don’t take it up the ass as a matter of course. Many don’t even know how to suck dick. It is a wonderful learning curve. . .

      3. This reminds me of the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs: dick, dick, dick, dick, dick. Porn stars, sluts and whores like huge cocks but normal girls can’t handle anything over 7 inches long and 5 inches in circumference.
        If you are an average guy – 6″ or so – and your dick gets lost in her, then RUN AWAY. A woman’s vagina should present some resistance/friction to her man.
        Roosh wrote an article that dissed tight girls and said that loose pussies are better because you can fuck them longer before you cum.
        I disagree with that on a number of accounts. First would be to stop fucking stretched-out sluts and second would be to show a bit of discipline.

    2. Ok then, say to your new dates that you have a small penis. Then watch as literally all of them reject you.

      1. Question…..Why in the heck are you telling them that anyways? Honestly. I have been with women who thought me massive. If you turn them on, like a man not caring about her orgasm, she does not care about yours. She is literally sleeping with the rock star she wishes you were with a “massive wallet” anyways. You are merely the actor in her own little drama where she is the center of the universe.
        Besides, some of those short women with small (seriously tight stuff I can’t fit in), need some lovin too.
        What you young bucks fail to realize is, you are being a male version of a materialistic woman. Your literally obsessing about your looks and breast size.
        How many men actually care if the woman they eventually settle for has huge tits, or an ass?
        If a chick really turns you on, maybe she won’t have as much ass or titties like you really dreamed about. But you will bang her anyways right?
        Same thing with that unbelievably hot Amazonian chick you scored with. She didn’t care that you are not the record holder for busting the Guinness book of World records urologist’s eyes out. She cares that she enjoys it, and your company after.
        Besides, if you find a bish who actually mocks your size, bang her and throw her back where she came from. She is probably a true to life nympho, and will never be able to be satisfied. Don’t take it personally! She can’t help it. She is a nympho, who needs cock like a crack addict needs a fix. Who marries or dates a crack addict? Let alone gets mad when they do something stupid. It’s like being mad at your neighbors dog for crapping in your house. Be mad at the enabler, not the fool who has a lifetime of rehab, or early suicide to look forward to.
        Find a woman who loves the size of you, and doesn’t think twice about upgrading to the “impaler” class of tube steak at the local porn-convention. Contrary to what some may think, there are a few good woman out there. Just stop viewing all of them as nothing but bitter harpies.
        Cause then bitter harpies are all that you will find.

        1. “What you young bucks fail to realize is, you are being a male version of a materialistic woman. Your literally obsessing about your looks and breast size.”

      2. Depends on how you say it. I always say I am as big as a field mouse. They crack up and automatically know I am big enough to say that I am small. I’m not huge but I am packing more than the average man. I always get the whole “OMG my ex was so small compared to you”. Sure they could be lying like every woman does. But that doesn’t deter from the fact that I always have repeat customers.

      3. The vast majority of women want a good man with an average penis. If you are not a good man, you fail. If your penis is less than average, you fail. Otherwise, Thunderbirds are Go.

    3. If you think having a huge penis is great, go visit Asia, and mark that off your bucket list. I think every guy goes through some kind of penis envy or lack of confidence at some point. Hell, I thought I had erection problems at one point but it turns out I was just seriously turned off by my career-girl office drone whiney wall-approaching girlfriend who had problems lubricating herself.
      Once I started gaming slim young horny foreign women, I amazed myself with my performance. I went from having problems getting it up once a week for boring sex with an unfeminine Americunt to having wild erotic sex up to 10x a day with no sort of pill or stimulus with a natural sexy latina (I say UP TO–I wouldn’t want to have sex that much on an ongoing basis but I didn’t think a guy in average shape in his 30s could perform like that).
      I think it’s helpful to be with a small petite girl just to see for yourself how penis size isn’t an issue. I equate penis size to breast size. Will a member of the opposite sex stare / fixate on really large breasts? Well, same with penis. Does that mean the experience is any better with huge breast / penis? Nope. I honestly prefer average sized or even below (B cup) jugs in a girl, but you better believe I’m gonna stare if I see some huge D cups. It’s basically the same with women. They will obsess and stare at a big member, but it’s typically not as fun for them, and often a detriment.
      Think about the best sex you had. Wasn’t it more about *how* the girl was doing things, her enthusiasm, positions, skill, etc. instead of size of boobs/butt/poosy? Did the girl with the biggest mouth give you the best blowjob, or was it the girl who really knew how to suck? It’s a matter of technique, not size. There’s a reason most vibrators are smaller than the average penis.
      One caveat, loose sluts probably need huge cocks to satisfy them. But why would you care whether an easy slut is enjoying the one night stand?

      1. Have you read Bukowski’s Women? He gets one that is very loose and is seriously dissatisfied with it.
        Huge breasts would be great to cum on and maybe breastfuck, but I guess that it is just a fantasy of mine and maybe not that important in the long run. I do like to watch them bounce, though, and generally find myself more attracted to larger cup sizes than I used to when I was younger. I think the larger ones used to intimidate me.

        1. I was with one woman where it really was too much, you needed like two hands for each one. It was wasted on me anyways, I like girls with nice asses.

        2. I’ve never been a tit man. The only requirement for me is that they have to at least balance against the size of their ass. Tit fucking IMHO is perhaps the most boring sexual act there is. Big knockers are nice to look at and a bit of fun to play with, but as they say: “Silly Rabbit, tits are for kids!”
          I had a size zero girlfriend who decided to get a pair of D cups installed, They looked awesome on her small frame. Another chubby girlfriend had a natural G rack. I was in bed and she leaned over to give me a kiss and I made a strange face. She asked what was up and I told her it was like watching the Macy’s Parade go by.

        1. I’ve always found that short women can usually fuck better, but those tall girls with the long legs that get all the attention in a bar/club.

        2. The little ones present all sorts of acrobatic possibilities while the tall ones present problems either concerning your own muscular strength and endurance, or else the mechanics of it all.
          I stand 5’10” – average for a North American. The three ideal heights for me are:
          a) Five foot. If they are weight proportionate then they should be about a hundred pounds but at that size there is some leeway. You can pick them up, flip them around, do a standing 69 or otherwise completely, physically dominate them. Despite any notion of common sense, the size and resilience of their vagina has nothing to do with their height. Bonus: your dick looks 20% bigger when you slide it in.
          b) 5’4″. This is the most ergonomic height. They spoon the best and when you walk with them you can hold hands or put your arms around them and it is a good fit. If they are slim then they can still be spinners like the 5-nothing girls. They are not a complete short ass and with some heels they can draw respect at a dinner engagement or club.
          c) 5’10”. Yes, you’ve met your match. Assuming they are slim – ideally 125 pounds but certainly no more than 145 – there are still lots of acrobatic sex possibilities. There is a saying that everyone is the same height laying down, and that sort of comes into play. Standing sex, doggy style and a few other things can be awkward because of the angles involved. However, eating pussy and missionary can take full advantage of those long legs. Plus a few other positions where they are on their back with their legs over your shoulder or around your neck. The primary value of a girl like this is when you put her in a slinky dress and 4″+ heels and take her to a dinner party where you intend on doing some business. If she has a brain in her head and can work the room, she is worth her weight in gold. The smaller ones are not taken as seriously in such an environment.
          As for me, I’ve been around the block on this. My present (and hopefully permanent) girlfriend is 5’9″ and about 130 pounds.

        3. The little women are turbocharged too. They can move like taller girls cant. But its true even if they are gorgeous people tend not to notice them.

        4. I’ve dated 5-footers who were business executives or pediatric rheumatologists and other such things. These were super smart and talented women who built their careers overs a dozen years or more. Sad fact is that it is the dishy 5’10” girl who can make more or an impression at a dinner party if she has even a fraction of the former’s intelligence and craft.

        1. I’ve mentioned this elsewhere but the size of the woman has little bearing on the size of the vagina. I have not been fucking any land whales recently so maybe they have gaping holes the size of the Grand Canyon. But presented with a 5-foot girl and a 6-foot girl, all bets are off on who has the bigger/tighter pussy.
          The childish (but fun) thing to do with a 5-foot girl is press your pelvis to hers and flop your dick on her abdomen. Your glans will probably be in her belly button which may scare the hell out of her, but all with good intentions.

      2. “Nope. I honestly prefer average sized or even below (B cup) jugs in a girl”
        A chick I used to bang had normal size tits, but then she got huge implants and when we went out in public everybody thought she was a whore and that I was renting her for the night. Seriously, chicks with huge cans are a turn off for this reason.

        1. Part of it is in the way they dress. Flat chicks can wear tank tops and such and look “cute”. Stacked girls look like whores is they don’t have ample coverage of their mounds.

      3. Ha ha: the advantage of banging a petite 5 footer over a svelte 6 footer is that it looks 15% larger when you put it in!

      4. “If you think having a huge penis is great, go visit Asia, and mark that off your bucket list.” Hilarious! Reminds me of Thornton Melon “If you want to look thin, you hang out with fat people!”

      5. Had one girlfriend who was wet before I could get to her. She triggered on the slightest indication or interaction. She was the most normal.

    4. “Most women don’t like men that huge. They say it hurts too much.”
      Is that what your girlfriend keeps telling you? It’s ok buddy. Not all of us are blessed. Just own it and move on. At least you have a chick who is willing to be with you and even lie about it.

      1. I can tell from the responses of my original post that some here are really insecure about their size. Women pick up on this and use this against you and manipulate you. Fools. Don’t get played.

    5. I dated Chinese girls when I was living in Canada and they could take a pounding like a trooper, even the 5 foot nothing ones. However, with the Chinese girls here in China I have to go really easy on them.
      A guy with a huge cock will bang porn stars and get a lot of blowjobs but yes, most women can’t handle 8 or 9 or 10 inches or more, or more than 5 or so inches in circumference.

  2. This totally does not convey the idea that ROK is a website mostly frequented by men who are insecure about their virility. Seriously, choose your sponsors more wisely. Still, thumb up to the guy who took the pain to browse the site before writing his shit so that he could make a kratom reference and point out that “leftists and women” despise his product.

    1. I can’t see how it conveys insecurity – it’s just about going from 5 to 6 inches or from 7 to 8 inches… If you could grow it, would you?

        1. Just do the Mandingo Stretch (google it) a couple of times whenever you go to the toilet and you’ll eventually have a better cock than you have right now.

        2. Holy crap! Did not know that. Now I’m seeing it, that shit is whacked. And of course, it goes without saying, for anyone wanting to check it out, NSFW, unless you want to explain to your boss why you’re looking at a guy twisting his dick around while on duty.

    1. Its a great last second x mas gift…If you have amazon prime you might get it in the nick of time

    1. Fact, most urologists argue against this sort of thing. I think, talking to you young bucks, to take their advice. You really want to risk putting a “cock ring” on in order to force your short stick to stay past it’s working hours? Good luck with that.
      Once you lose it, like an eye or shoulder joint, it’s all artificial (if you can afford it) from there baby.
      Pills, pumps, and creams….oh my.
      Pass. Fortunately, I don’t have a problem in that area. But taking it from a guy whose probably nailed your chick… size didn’t make her stay with me. Your wallet drew her to you! Truth is so…brutal…. is not?

        1. True, but the co-ed can’t be placed in the bedside table and it probably co$t to get her around again. The penis pump won’t text or call or whine.

      1. Really? This is supposed to be rhetorical, but ok. When was the last time you had sex with a college coed? For me it’s been awhile but, I’m putting it out there, it’s better than Viagra, or at least I presume it is since I’ve never taken the blue pill. Of course if that doesn’t work for you, then it’s either a pump, or just buy yourself a Dyson.

        1. A college student, usually refers to a female college student who goes to a school where both genders study…..ok I sense you’re just being dumb.

        2. Not really. I only have sex with women and I was unsure of your need to generalise the word rather than just say ‘college girls’.
          I figured it had maybe changed meaning since my day when coed meant the residences were mixed gender, and you were maybe being particularly gender non specific in your ‘mixed together’ sexual partners, so long as they go to college.

        3. Duly noted sir. Pretty much today coed is a catch all term for female college women in general, but mostly it means younger women. You can thank porn for that one. Then again, even adult women tend to behave like girls, so I can understand the meaning behind the first sentence of your comment. My apologies.

        4. Short for “co-educational” as in men and women who study together at the same school. It’s been about 15 years since I banged a university student, and I was not in school at the time.

    1. I heard Senator Lindsey Graham-nesty offered to save the taxpayers all that money by using his own mouth on those in need!

  3. “diamond cut, flame polished”… For the first time, I’m actually embarrassed by this site. Way to feed into the SJW “you’re just trying to compensate for a tiny dick” narrative, guys. Another one of these, and I’m gone for good.

    1. It’s all well and good to be secure in one’s masculinity, but, as with everything, there must be men who are significantly below average in penis size, and they have every right to want to address that issue. Still, they had better exercise caution, as a small, hard penis is infinitely more functional than permanent impotence brought on by some failed enlargement scheme. This product might be great – just be careful with the family jewels.

  4. I bought a “penis pump” that cost less than $50. Homemade one. Petco, buy a fish pump cylinder and then go to car accessories part store and buy a vacuum sucker. Pump your penis. Or better yet, get a bitch that is willing to suck your penis everyday at your instruction. Your penis will be inflated more from pumping a girl’s mouth and pussy than an artificial penis pump. Google search, no need to pay someone that much when you can make your own “penis pump”

      1. A girl sucking your dick for ten minutes non-stop has similar effect to homemade penis pumping my penis for ten minutes at least from my experience. Anytime I go soft during sex, I tell the bitch to suck on my dick.

  5. I was going to start in on this silliness but being so close to Christmas I’m feeling magnanimous, instead I will choose to share a proverb that I just recently observed and would deeply hope the sponsor would observe from here on as well which is to say “If you don’t have good words for another let your response be silence.”

  6. So is the main reason some men make fun of other men who build their cocks to be bigger and thicker the same as women sniping other women who are better looking and therefore considered as competition?
    Serious question by the way… because paid advertising aside, I don’t understand why some men would care about what others do to/with their cocks…

  7. I have heard women say they wanted a bigger one than what they had usually. I have also heard them say one that was too bIg was painful. It’s like a car and a gaRAGE. Some big trucks wont fit in a small garage very well.
    But when you have a small car but a large garage there is excess space. Which you can use to put in tool racks, stock freezers etc.
    But when the vagina is too big, you can’t put in a stock freezer or extra motor cycle. Your silly weenie just sloshes around like a reed in the Pacific Ocean.
    That is why we need penis pumps. I just don’t know if the government needs to pay.

    1. Really with all the pork barrel spending, a pump would almost be a token pat on the back to men but it’s actually a trick on men meant to backfire. Look at how much service women get from the government and all we get is a dick pump. I’m almost afraid to look in my stocking this christmas now. She knows I need socks and underwear as usual, but this pump thing has to be some sort of plot. Women won’t have to suck during foreplay with a ‘pump’ in every home. It will be their excuse to not suck. ”Go get your pump”. And it’s a mgtow necessity for the light traveller or any man who gets the boot from the bitch system.

  8. Serious question, how would something like this compare to a hydropump? I’ve always been a little worried about the air pumps because of the horror stories about people hurting themselves with them.

  9. I’m assuming there’s a gadget out there for pussy shrinking as well. I guess the ‘pump’ could do that as well. I’d feel bad if her brains came out. I better not try it.

  10. I might be missing the point here but why is penis size so important to men? I understand that women have breast enlargements- and more reductions than you probably realise- but in discussions with other women I find none of us want to be faced with a jumbo cock.

    1. Alright, give me your honest reply.
      What do you think when you date a new guy, and when you get in bed, he is 2″ shorter than your ex?

      1. I really wouldn’t be bothered. My first partner was small and we found ways around it- the cock doesn’t always have to be the main event.

        1. Uh huh *sarcasm*. (I’m reading this in my mind with a lisp) “My firsth partner wath thmall and we thound wayth around it!”
          So what you are saying is that you have to find a way to compensate for your partner’s disability, sort of like you’d work with someone who is paraplegic. That makes small guys feel so relieved, thanks!

        2. No, not at all. What I’m saying is that sex needn’t revolve entirely around the penis. It got as much attention as any other cock would in that situation so don’t think it wasn’t involved. We both got off so it worked for us anyway.
          Why have I got a lisp? Sorry, ‘lispth’. And why do you think having a small cock is a disability? Is having small tits a disability?

        3. “My first partner was small, and we found ways around it…..”.
          I’ve had gf’s with small breasts, and I never felt I had to “work around” anything. I suppose for me it’s not a fair comparison because breasts do very little for me. I did however have to “work around” slightly looser vaginas. Was it a disability? sure, you can consider it a mild one. Anything that detracts from a person’s sex appeal is a disability IMO.
          So if you had to “work around the problem” then it obviously was a problem, wasn’t it? Or are you going to tell me a 4″ dick feels exactly the same as an 8″ one?

  11. Bathmate is the way to go. Every pussy feels so tight since it increased my girth. But it didn’t do shit for length

  12. Yes. These poor men who cant satisfy their women should be culled rather than allow themselves to be trapped with a medical issue that labels them as weak, in order to justify a sex toy sales drive.

  13. I just had a vision of an Amazon drone crashing thru the skylight, landing in the gravy boat, and the kids looking on in horror at the gravy-covered penis pump smack dab in the middle of the table.
    If this isnt a “Christmas Miracle”, I dont know what is

  14. I’m sorry but I think you are leading guys to harm themselves. Penis pumps can damage your elastic tissue and you can get scar tissue in there which means you cant get a solid erection.
    They are sometimes used by men who can’t get it up at all but I would definitely say use with extreme caution.

    1. Which “elastic tissue” are you actually talking about? Is this from your personal experience?
      Doesn’t the quality of your erections have more to do with keeping your pc muscle in top shape?

      1. When I was a young kid I acquired one of those and used it. My dick felt kind of numb so I went online and read up on it and the medical people have all kinds of crazy warnings about using those things.
        Do whatever you want, just hate to see guys out there hurting themselves trying to get bigger when they are probably just fine to begin with.

        1. I’d like to pose the same question to those medical people… the problem is that many of them don’t know a thing about penis enlargement but in the interest of sounding educated and not wanting to take a hit to their ego, they’ll automatically take the negative position simply because they have no idea then make up theories to back up that negative position.
          The other side of it is wanting to keep the penis enlargement operation scam going. What they won’t tell you is that after paying them 10 grand to have an operation, they’ll still make you perform the exact same penis enlarging techniques that people use naturally with no operation… in which case, there seems to be an information conflict because if using penis enlarging techniques supposedly causes problems then why do “medical people” also promote the use of them post operation to make the actual gains?
          Obviously there are problems that can arise if you go too hard (such as serious bruising, popping blood vessels or locking up your girlfriends jaw) but there are risks with everything from body building to driving. It’s a matter of minimizing risk through education and applying proper processes…

        2. My guess is no one actually gives a shit about my opinions but what the hell.
          A lot of guys come to sites like this because they are trying to improve themselves. They have been spoon fed mouthfuls of bullshit by our society since the day they were born and they realize something is not right and are looking for something real. Providing them with guidance and and help on how to live their lives as men is a noble effort. To sell a penis pump you first have to tell a man his penis is not big enough to satisfy a woman then you present him with the fix for his problems. The truth is 99% of all men come pre equiped to satisfy 99% of women without the need for pills, creams, or pumps. Men get enough of this kind of bullshit in the real world but its worse here because this is a place where we look up to the guys who write for this site and those of us who haven’t achieved everything we’d like to be look to them for examples of how to do that.
          Or I could be way wrong and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

        3. That’s a 100% valid point of view too. What prompted my original reply was the specific comment about penis enlargement being dangerous/bad.
          For those who chose to improve themselves (for whatever reason), even if it’s only 1% of men, I think it’s important to provide credible information rather than automatically resort to scare tactics or ridicule due to a lack of education on the subject.

        1. I doubt he was referring to any ligs… pumping doesn’t affect them much, if at all.
          Ligaments are plastic rather than elastic and can only be *stretched* gradually over a long period of time using direct manual stretching or medical devices…
          This is why pumping alone won’t make your penis much longer other than the length gained by forward protrusion of an increased head size.
          Pumping needs to be combined with stretching for any significant length gains. Pumping for girth, with pre-conditioning/loosening of the sheath (tunica) before pumping and *stretching* of the ligaments for length.
          I should probably organise an article about safely doing this stuff but I’m not a writer…

  15. Sometimes i began to think Roosh made this site just to publish ads. Whole community and articles are part of huge joke.

  16. In terms of labia there are innies and outies. I like both. The innie is dainty and neat the outie is exciting because it extends when the girl is aroused which I find very arousing feed back. I can understand a woman who has a significant asymmetry wishing to deal with it. Girls should chill out, it’s not important.

  17. You guys are idiots if you think you can show up to fuck a new girl with your 5 incher, and she won’t notice that it’s significantly smaller than her last man’s 8 incher.
    Even if you could gain 1.5″ extra, at least you’ll only be “slightly” smaller. Every girl that has discussed the matter usually says “yeah the large dudes are cocky assholes, so I prefer smaller guys…..”
    What she’s actually saying it “OMG I liked his large dick but he was so cocky about it and didn’t care about making me cum, so I rather lose some of the pleasure by being with a smaller guy because he won’t be a tool about it and will actually work harder to please me too”

  18. Just a reminder to reader who do notice the “SPONSORED CONTENT” label at the left of the article.

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