Roosh Attacker And Mob Instigator Jessica Lelièvre Is Now Trying To Become A Lawyer

Keen to keep the flame of SJW hypocrisy eternal, feminist Jessica Lelièvre, best known for physically attacking Roosh, leading a violent mob against him, and being rich because of old white men, is now seeking to become a lawyer (archived version here). She has finished her studies at Concordia University and has enrolled in an LLB degree program at the Université de Montréal. Did she share her recent nighttime co-curricular activities during the admissions process?

For those of you have not seen or have forgotten this unstable woman’s mental and emotional implosions, which led to her wiping her social media presence, I refer you to this earlier and very viral ROK article. You can find the video of the violent altercation here, a video in which Lelièvre and her cronies happily behave in ways they would describe as criminal if it happened to almost anyone else. Comments on the video were almost immediately disabled when even Roosh detractors described the mob’s actions as illegal and absurd.

In addition to assaulting Roosh with a drink (behavior which has been declared criminal by multiple Canadian courts), helping to organize a mob and falsely imprisoning Roosh (as the end of the video proves), Lelièvre posted a boastful admission of her assault and what she thought was Roosh’s address in order to drum up further illegal acts against his person:

The backstory of Jessica Lelièvre’s attempt to dox Roosh to encourage violence against him

People knew where Jessica Lelièvre and her kitty lived but decided to take the high ground and not behave as ridiculously (and illegally) as her. She owes Roosh apologies for all her actions, including the dox.

After her assault of Roosh and attempt to instigate street violence against him, people quickly located Jessica’s Facebook, her sibling’s and other family members’. Within an hour of the video going up, her residential address had been figured out (privileged girls are much easier to find than poor, working-class ones). This location was then confirmed by others. Unlike Lelièvre, who gleefully gave out what she thought was Roosh’s place in Montreal, no one associated with Return of Kings stooped to her level and publicized her residence details, despite tens of thousands of very active readers and many millions of visits every year. Ironically, she would have been the quickest person to cry “misogyny” and “imminent threat” if someone posted her personal details like that.

When she’s either bragging about or seeking sympathy for her antics against Roosh in between classes at the Université de Montréal, it would be nice if someone could ask her, as a freshman legal assignment, to explain how her actions were innocuous and not criminal.

Is there some sort of long-established legal precedent that if you don’t like someone enough you can do to them what you want? Montreal Police’s reluctance to pursue charges against her had everything to do with overall inadequate court and law enforcement resources, not any fundamental issue of illegality.

The “heroine” who went underground

And if Lelièvre was so proud of what she did, why did she disappear so suddenly? Was there a flash in her mind that maybe such self-created criminal publicity would prejudice her legal ambitions? The only person who was at risk of physical danger was Roosh himself (or anyone accompanying him), yet I seem to recall him continuing his groundbreaking World Tour instead of ending it by erasing his social media accounts and disappearing.

It’s clear Lelièvre still realises that what she did was wrong, at a minimum in the eyes of sober legal minds if not her own. And this is well after the initial backlash of certain media commentators criticizing her vigilanteism and the condemnation of many level-headed private individuals across the internet.

This poster girl for the violent reactions toward Roosh, unsurprisingly, previously faced academic charges from Concordia University over student strikes. She and her fellow troublemaking students, put in their place by the university, had deliberately intimidated other students and professors. Non-striking students, many of whom did not have the luxury of having a phenomenally wealthy father like Lelièvre and therefore struggle to get through college, also had crucial learning time wasted.

If people like this become lawyers, what does that say about the future?

I guess her dad would always handle any legal fees.

Some positions, from doctors to justices of the peace, are naturally reserved for people deemed to be of a higher character than the general population. Moreover, the most common pre-political profession amongst politicians is as a lawyer. It’s one thing to have an ideologically radical lawyer without the baggage of an assaulter, mob leader and violence-encourager become a pernicious leftist politician. But what happens when someone like Jessica Lelièvre is permitted to follow this path without restriction?

Her antics represent the basic mob mentality we are very used to observing and reporting on here at ROK. Roosh will be by no means the last person subjected to this kind of disgusting treatment by self-entitled SJWs.

Another point, which should act as a warning for any male Montreal student sadly interested in Lelièvre, is that she and her friend “Jennifer” arranged a “honey trap” so that Lelièvre could assault Roosh at a bar. If she orchestrates such a stunt to assault someone, is sleeping with her really an option? A woman that calculating can easily unleash a false rape accusation.

Whatever the case, Jessica Lelièvre has brought any damaging publicity expertly and compulsively upon herself.

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  1. “Another point, which should act as a warning for any male Montreal
    student sadly interested in Lelièvre, is that she and her friend
    “Jennifer” arranged a “honey trap” so that Lelièvre could assault Roosh
    at a bar. If she orchestrates such a stunt to assault someone, is
    sleeping with her really an option? A woman that calculating can easily
    unleash a false rape accusation.”
    Not to mention that if some poor schmuck ever marries her and she wants a divorce, she can personally rape him in court, seeing as she’s studying to be a lawyer and all. She’ll probably count it as on the job training.

    1. What do you mean “if”? Of course some simp will marry her. Even professional rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley recently married some schmuck.

        1. He probably deluded himself into thinking he has won the jackpot. Just wait till she files for divorce.

  2. I hate that fuckin bitch just looking at her ugly scum face makes me want to throw my laptop out the window, but fuck that…my laptop is way to good to have a tantrum over some piece of shit cunt whore.

    1. Sadly, she lives and goes to school in Montreal. Believe me, I don’t want another misguided imbecile like that roaming around my city. God forbid this is the kind of person who ends up being a lawyer. But then again, going on my experiences with lawyers, it shouldn’t surprise me at all.

  3. One note twat. If she passes the bar exam, look for her to be entering politics (Sandra Fluke of the North). No respectable law firm will touch her, so she’ll be doing “activist” work until she lands a public servant role. These people are predictable and have no depth and are forever parasites.

    1. Or she will take the usual route: marry into another rich family & quickly discard any delusional career ambitions.

        1. I wouldn’t waste my brilliant jizz on her if she was the last vag on earth. Can’t speak for others with bottom feeding tastes of course.

        2. I don’t think those fat ass sheiks would think her attractive enough. I see a promising career in animal porn in her future though.

        3. She does have a gorgeous, if somewhat psychotically distorted, face. But yes, she’s probably going to end up with haji splooge all over her face.

        4. Why do some of you guys think that mannequin-esque face is “gorgeous?” Ah well…to each his own.

        5. I would have done the same in his situation…I’m not ashamed to say I’ve hit worse

        6. Shows how slim the pickins are I suppose. Looking at her pics in this article, I’d rate her at MOST a 7…feel free to use your own number (as long as it’s not an 8, 9, or 10!)

        7. she’s a 1 1/2 tops while sober.
          She’s a 2 after a couple of beers.
          She’s a 3 after about few hits of hard vodka.
          She’s a 4 after a few hours of all of the above.
          She’s a 5 after your friend dares you to take a shot every time someone mentions the word “the.”
          She’s a 6 after you’ve had a keg…maybe 2

        8. Yup. Every time I see white girls trying to be cool with their down low brothas I instinctively put her in the category of disgusting mudshark.
          The smug look on her face? Lol it’s literally screaming beat the absolute fucking life outta me cuz I’m not worth shit.
          The positive is she will likely never reproduce or even kill her babies in the womb like most female terrorists do.
          Perhaps they know subconsciously their genes are malignant.

        9. come on. she’s attractive. that pic at the top of the article? would approach. well, wouldn’t because she’s crazy and dangerous but if i were a single man and saw a girl w a face like that and a decent body, i’d take a shot. maybe i’m more into the girl next door look than most guys, but still.

        10. While people like me try hard to get ahead to reach her position, she and her ilk do their utmost to be like us, or at least what she perceives of us. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? ( Alanis Morrisette sings in the background). And people wonder why I give white folks so much shit.

        11. It is ironic but coming from stupid fuck femtarded herd goat women I’m not in the least surprised.
          Sad to see white males emulate behaviors outside of their own cultures but alas the white male no longer has any culture, kin or identity to rally behind. This was by design.

        12. Oh my….
          I do like a lady who knows how to wear her makeup, her hair…
          and her garter.

        13. 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Thanks for posting that. I had to hold my sides from laughing so hard. That, and imagining Peej bristling his tail and getting away with everything. Truth be told, I would’ve been the same way.

        14. I kept his food in a metal can for a while. He figured out how to knock the lid off.

          So, being a good sailor, I set up a cleat on this bucket to keep him out. He learned to untie it. That is Leonard’s head in the corner. I’m not sure if he is encouraging Peej or chastising him. Leonard would become upset when Peej was in trouble.

          We may be too soft on him when we catch him. He doesn’t seem to have an appropriate amount of fear or guilt.

    2. “No respectable law firm will touch her…”
      If only this were true. Each of the Seven Sisters is full of lawyers who share her views on their world.

    3. Good point. She’ll be doing activist work, working as a prosecutor for the state (government work) and then she’ll marry a wealthy man. Most of these types end up marrying rich but will dabble in law or some other bullshit to make themselves feel important. This girl (more than likely) has daddy issues..not enough attention and it’s the real reason why she needs so much attention (thus the Roosh incident).
      I’ve seen these types too many times and there are many out there in society. Too much money (from parents) and not enough attention.

  4. Daddy can bribe the right people. That way she can overcome male privilege and get her degree/.

  5. Convicted murderers have been allowed to become lawyers in Canada after serving their sentence so I don’t think the standards for admission to the bar are that high,

  6. Sometime the articles on this website remind me of SJWs. This is one of them. As much as I disagree with what she did, this seems to me like it’s stooping down to their level. Trying to organize a witchhunt against this person. I’m not saying I have a better alternative, I suppose I could just avoid these kinds of articles and focus on the self improvement and game ones.. I’ll probably receive a lot of hate for this comment – just my two cents.

    1. I disagree….this article will be indexed with high authority by google, and when anyone searches her name, this will come up.

      1. If they can spell her name right. This cunt is so obnoxious even the spelling of her name gives a Man a headache.

        1. Lol, yeah I tried looking her up, but found I had to keep referring back to the articles about her to get her Name right!

    2. If it really was a witch-hunt, our brothers would have published her address in order for those of less inclined to taking the higher road to capitalize on.

      1. I agree it’s not the same, I just said it seems like a witch hunt. I don’t know what a better alternative would be, or if there even is an alternative. I think I’ll just stay out of this one, no point being bothered when I can control it.

    3. This article points out the hypocrisy and injustice our current society has. We need a constant reminder because we are constantly being bombarded with feminist narratives.
      Someone said that if you repeat lies enough times, it then becomes truth.

    4. No. It’s a necessary cautionary data point for anyone doing back ground checks on this dumb privileged cunt.
      ‘The superior man thinks of evil that will come & guards against it’- I Ching

    5. The information needs to get out (be on record with a Google search). These type of women have no problem fucking up a man’s life (marriage, job, etc…) because of “feelings” and it’s about time they had their lives disrupted.
      We can only hope in a few years when this women is on her way to a career that people do a background check on her and they find out that she has a quite a history (mentally ill) or that she likes to cause problems – thus avoiding her altogether (by saying no thanks to hiring her).
      It’s about time for men to push back against this type of bullshit. Lives are being destroyed…that’s not something we all should take lightly.

  7. Women want to be “equal.” Well, let’s make sure they get the same treatment a man would who pulled these childish shenanigans. No pussy pass granted for lowlife SJWs qnd their ilk. I say prosecute the bitch. Demand it.
    But let’s see this for what it is, a nuclear shit test. Deep inside I’ll bet this young woman wants to be dominated.

  8. I’m just putting it out there. I don’t even have an associates degree yet, and I have better grasp of English grammar than this woman. Knock on wood, but if I ever get in trouble, I don’t want to be represented by a woman who brags about “pooring” drinks on people on Twitter….oh yeah I forgot. It’s Canada. Aboot time right?

  9. So what? Roosh on the other hand is advertising dick pumps! Everyone is being a dick in their own way! Ha-ha. Ho-ho. Merry Xmas!

  10. So is this article just complaining or can someone send in the video and at lest ruffle some feathers ?

      1. Just she is pretty. Would steer clear of her. But I can apprecaite the beauty of the sirens without breaking my ship apart of the rocks trying to get to them.
        Don’t get me wrong. Evil bitch.
        But the good thing about being a 50 plus married geezer. You can go to the beach, look at the pretty asses wihoout having any illusions being able to hook up with them or having a need to.
        It’s all good.

  11. Bass player in my old band was nailing an Indian girl in college. It was his main LTR. Her IRT brother attacked my friend with a hammer, yes, bashing holes in his skull with a hammer nearly killing him, saying it was against his family’s religion to date interracially etc. Before my friend was knocked unconscious his martial arts training kicked in and he threw the IRT off the 2nd story balcony hospitalizing him.
    The guy did jail time for the near deadly assault. IRT went on to finish medical school to be a surgeon, and upon trying to obtain his medical license, the victim, my friend basically had to allow for expungement of the assault, or some sort of pardoning that the event occurred for the guy to capitalize on his 10-12 years of schooling in medicine.
    My buddy said:”Go fuck yourself.” << That’s how this bitch needs dealt with too.
    Lol. Over a decade in schooling and many thousands in tuition costs wasted due to his radical act.

    1. And i’ll tell you, there’s nothing hotter than race mixing with those south asian girls…deep down they crave ‘wheatish’ skin in their progeny. I remember I worked with this Sikh girl in Toronto, she was smoking hot, and every time this young blone haired guy was working, she was totally checking him out (alas I was older and heavy thus I fit the ‘father figure’ role) — my point tho is…it’s clear she craved that northern european DNA…she had the ‘frost fever’ lol

  12. “it would be nice if someone could ask her, as a freshman legal assignment, to explain how her actions were innocuous and not criminal.”
    She gets away with it because…White Pussy between her Legs.

  13. Run across more lawyers than I would like to in the last few years to note, it is a profession that is only necessary because of the level of cronyism and the degradation of human to human relations. Many laws are so riddled with jargon that their core dealings seem to obfuscate the truth and befuddle any listener into confusion. Not to mention the privilege of being a lawyer creates a make believe bubble of high class, shoulder rubbing, and sheer incredulity when dealing with the common man. Between some of the racists, liars, cheats, whores, man powered destruction, and legal stranglehold lawyers have, it is a beautiful thing none operate without some form of payment. If we are lucky, no man will have any dealings with a lawyer or need one in his lifetime.
    When reading this article only one statement comes to mind, put so well by one of the liked lawyers on this site, “99% of lawyers make all lawyers look bad.” Wise words to remember.

    1. Some lawyers are real scum. I have very little respect for the profession, after a recent experience with a few of them. Avoid them at all costs – they will draw out the process as long as possible to extract as much money from you as they can, or wear you down with time so that you no longer have the money nor energy to continue fighting. To them it is business as usual & a way of establishing their reputation among their colleagues in the legal world. That they involve the common man in their cynical games, draining his resources, time, as well as jeopardizing his own career & source of income is disgraceful.
      I have no desire to be a part of their unpleasant world, yet they found a way to involve myself & others who were minding their own business. The end result has been thousands of dollars in legal fees & an even deeper hatred for their profession & what they have put us through.
      Perhaps they are not all like this, but this has been my recent experience.

      1. Anthony, of Opie and Anthony fame (yeah, I know, his girlfriend caught him on video slapping her, hes going to jail) told his story of getting reamed in divorce- she initiated the divorce, yet was able to delay the proceedings until AFTER he signed his first fat contract.
        You can watch the vid on you tube(its hilarious, for all the wrong reasons); if it doesnt scare you away from getting married, I dont know what will…

        1. Almost makes one envious of the Muslim system where the man places his hand on their holy book and recites “I divorce thee” three times and that’s it, marriage dissolved.

        2. I searched you tube for Anthony slap and got: An instruction on how to do a base guitar slap by Anthony Wellington. Its a great video too. Check it out and learn to place some bass.

      2. You know what’s impressive: Thomas Jefferson said almost the same thing. He was so disgusted with the profession that after his legal studies and only a couple of years work as a lawyer, he quit, never to return to the profession. Anyway, his main reason was that lawyers are like vultures, and only make their living off other people’s suffering, and he, Jefferson, wanted absolutely nothing to do with such a profession. He quit legal practice when he was about 27, around 1770, and never looked back. As a matter of fact, he always looked upon the profession with disdain even until his death.
        Amazing how little things have changed in certain ways.

    2. While I agree there are many terrible lawyers, they are also a necessity because most people are too inept and lazy to successfully function in life. When I was in private practice, I described my job as cleaning up other people’s messes. Look at your common sports watching, fat wife having, beta drone. They are net negative on society. They screw things up and then come searching for somebody of intelligence and ability to fix it for them. Thus, lawyers.

    3. This stat is getting old, but Im sure its not too far off base at this point:
      US has 5% of the world’s population, and roughly 50% of the world’s lawyers

      1. Perhaps we can employ some affirmative action program and send a majority of our lawyers out to other countries. Afterall…it’s totally unfair that we have so many lawyers while other countries don’t, right? I nominate the Middle East and South Africa as great places to send the first wave.

    4. You’re thinking of corporate lawyers. My dad’s a lawyer, a local practitioner, and he’s one of the good ones, both skillfully and morally. The only thing he says about their reputation is, “Everybody makes fun of us until they need us.”
      He’s now retired and a professor of law at his alma mater. His advice to young ‘uns: DON’T GO TO LAW SCHOOL. That’s from a professional with forty years in the business, who now teaches at law school.
      Let me say that again: DON’T GO TO LAW SCHOOL.

      1. how then do you become a Lawyer? Just study and take to Bar Exam? I’m 99% sure the various states won’t allow that but if anyone can enlighten me I’m interested in knowing.

        1. The elite schools (Harvard and such) train the students to be technocrats. Basement level law schools are a 3 year preparation course to pass the bar exam.
          Anyone with $12,000 and a pulse can find a law school to teach them how to be a lawyer.

      2. wow…a lawyer telling kids not to become a lawyer. Tragic. Doctors are saying this to their children, not to go into medicine. Can you imagine discouraging your kids and others to not become a doctor??!!

      3. I went to law school because I already had a business degree so an MBA seemed redundant, and I did not opt for film school.
        Law school is, in the end, an over-rated sociology degree. You don’t actually learn how to be a lawyer until your bar course or OJT.

        1. Yeah, my dad’s classes are exactly that — OJT before the job. He takes second- and third-year students to court and tosses them in as public defenders. Shows them how things actually work, how to comport themselves before the judge, how to deal with cops, how to deal with prosecutors, how to file motions, etc.
          The only people who should go to law school now are the ones with a burning passion for law. Otherwise, there are a hell of a lot better and less debt-ridden ways to make $50,000 a year.

        2. And that is what a lot of people do not understand. The average lawyer only makes about $50k. You can make more if you want to kill yourself and put in 90 hours a week, but really you can make a lot more working on a oil rig or just puttering away in a cubicle.
          There were some things I really liked about lawyering but on balance it is a shit profession. Maybe I am just bitter because JAG turned me down and I could not land a position as a DA. In private practice your clients resent you because they have to pay for their stupid mistakes. Out of 4 years I can count on one hand the number of clients who actually appreciated what I did for them..
          My guess is that it is a world of difference to be a corporate solicitor. Business people probably appreciate the cost of doing business for you to put together a deal that will stick. But litigation is a thankless job.

      4. You’re thinking of corporate lawyers.
        As a corporate lawyer, I take exception to this. Really, it’s the 99% of lawyers that give the rest of us a bad name. /grin
        Let me say that again: DON’T GO TO LAW SCHOOL.
        I concur. Law could be taught as a 2 year masters program in lecture format, but instead, it’s 3 years. Why? Because schools don’t want to give up 33% of their tuition revenue, that’s why.
        Speaking of tuition, it’s prohibitive at good schools, now, when you get there, LS is packed with SJW, manginas, and twats, and after you get out, employment numbers suck. So many reasons NOT to go.

    5. I think the quote you are looking is that “a couple hundred thousand bad apples doesn’t spoil the barrel.”
      I spent 4 years as a divorce attorney. I can count on one hand the number of honorable lawyers, and I have lost count of how many complete pieces of shit there are out there.

  14. Since there’s no mention of this world class cunt ending up behind bars where she’s been systematically XX raped through the use of makeshift broom-handle dildos wielded by giant butchbull dykes, i’m going to guess she’s still out running amok and still engaging in solipsist twatage.
    Proving once again that there is no real justice in the world anymore, because of 3 distinct factors especially present here:
    1: Her daddy is a wealthy but mangina idiot who coddles his cunt daughter.
    2: She is a canadian; a land flowing with honey traps and anti masculine beliefs.
    3: She is a female…the pussy pass ergo applies.

    1. “…ending up behind bars where she’s been systematically XX raped through the use of makeshift broom-handle dildos wielded by giant butchbull dykes,…
      Heh, a few years ago I used to regularly make almost the identical comment – raped with a broom handle by prison dykes – every time I seen an article about some particularly odious female who should have been sent to prison.
      Of course, the point I was trying to make was how we laugh about men “dropping the soap in the showers” while in prison and society seems to think it quite fair for men to be raped in prison even if the crime committed was minor and non-violent.
      Unfortunately, I was most often the only one capable of spotting the irony.

      1. Glad you graduated from whatever anorchous site you used to frequent to one more befitting someone with such an insightful perspective as yours.

  15. I’m actually curious if anything of consequence happened to her but looks like nothing happened.
    I still would, but with a hidden camera in the bedroom

    1. That was incredible. However, I did think the 6 million Jews figure had been debunked. I think this was an excellent presentation but not fully convinced on the data sources. Also, the brief comparison made to US deaths in the Afghan war ignores the fact while only a few thousand soldiers may have died, tens of thousands of casualties are people with arms, legs, and dicks blown off, that will be unable to live functional lives or be productive citizens. In my book, almost the same as being dead… Also it’s unfair to only look at soldier deaths and not civilian, because this is a war against no organized army. Although to even call anything in the mideast a war compared to WW1 or 2 is a joke.
      Practically no one living today has any idea of what real war is like. It is not something to yearn for. Kind of makes living under feminist tyranny seem alright.

    2. Nice video, but lost a little credibility by saying 6 million Chosen(TM) died. The official Red Cross report was around 270 000 died in concentration camps. Mostly due to wartime disease like typhus and the Allied bombings of supply routes. Zyklon-B was the most effective pesticide at the the time before DDT was was introduced in 1944.

      1. Every part of the Holocaust story is ludicrous and easily disproven. The fact that there were more Chosen People™ alive after WW2 than before seems to suggest that there was no mass extermination of Jews.

    3. This is an interesting site for a number of reasons but lay off the holocaust denial bullshit. It happened, end of. It gets especially galling if the denial comes from idiots who have never set a foot in continental Europe, where I’m from. The evidence is there, in abundance, as the nazis were meticulous record keepers. So cut that denial crapola already.

  16. Me thinks the next article needs to ask the question “Is Mtl police selectively enforcing laws?”

  17. As a man who attends Concordia and knows some of these feminists personally, she’s, for reasons everyone here can ascertain, little under worshipped.
    The feminist mafia is real. Say anything vaguely against them, and they pounce at you and make sure you’re ostracized.
    It’s like Mao, except in the modern day.

    1. Hate to say this, but, this is why women need to be “tamed”. Because its either men and society tame women or we’re “tamed” by them, either way someone is always oppressing someone. Sorry I vote us.

    2. It’s getting better as more Men become aware of the Manoshpere , and Masculine Ideology Grows, the problem now is that Men are completely unorganized, so when a group of feminists attack a Man and try and Shame him, other Men will just watch and walk by as the Man getting attacked is forced to battle with the feminists alone, it goes without saying a Single Masculine Man in the Room can take on the feminists by himself, but for society to have Masculine principles, society needs more than one Masculine Man, and hopefully as the Masculine Movement Grows, the next time a Man is cornered to be shamed by the feminist Lynch mob, other Men will come to his aid.

      1. The more and more I take the Red Pill the more and more I’m tempting to leave society as a whole.

  18. Of course, not like there isn’t ample evidence that the west is now awash in lawyers. So, in some ways, why not encourage this, after all, this fucktard will go into dept and either will not find a well paying job, despite affirmative action, since there are already plenty of lawyers or will settle on some shitty pro-bono non-profit type in which case she’ll never make any money and always be in debt. Of course, the problem here is that she’ll likely join some non-profit NGO pro-feminists farthouse and keep pushing her insane ideas.

  19. Forward this article to the University of Montreal admissions, HR department????

  20. her dad did a shitty job in raising a bitch. She needs a man to fuck her really hard in her ass to teach her a lesson.

  21. In 2015 I got engaged to a long term GF. To better help her understand the pre-nup I was making her sign, my fiance hired a lawyercunt equal to Lelievre. Long story short, her lawyer declared WAR on me and I had to throw out my fiance like 2 week old garbage.
    Jessica Lelievre is going to ruin people’s lives, much like my ex’s lawyer. Feminist lawyers are the worst people on the planet, after feminist journalists

    1. Be glad you found out now.
      Even with a prenup, if she didn’t have her own lawyer to explain it to her, would have opened it up to the ‘I didn’t understand it’ routine and get it changed.

    2. You are lucky.
      If your GF couldn’t/didn’t want to control her lawyer then you would have been really fucked being married to her.
      You would be an IDIOT to get married with out a pre-nup. Not only does it smoke out the crazies (like for van ram) but it will help protect you.
      No – it’s not a perfect. Pre-nups can be broken. But there is only upside to getting one and no downside so why wouldn’t you do it?
      – She must have her own attorney review, otherwise she can claim she “didn’t understand” it. You can pay for it, but otherwise she should select the attorney and privately communicate with the attorney.
      – Execute no fewer than 4 months before the wedding date, otherwise she can claim she was pressured
      – Keep it simple. I did “What I own/earn is mine, what you own/earn is yours. We each keep our own assets in the event of a divorce. Jointly held assets get split.
      – Avoid women lawyers as too many are leftie femcunts (yes I speak from experience, it was shocking she was trying to protect my fiancee and not me, her own client)
      – Shop around for a lawyer. Interview at least 3 on the phone or in person.
      – Use a lawyer who specializes in family law/divorce and has a good reputation. is a good place to start looking.

  22. You know, I don’t think she’s that bad looking, imagine her Humble submissive Obedient housewife material, and she may not have been so bad, but of course the way she is now, is just another example of how feminism destroys a perfectly acceptable woman.

  23. My dad has been a lawyer for almost forty years, and even he admits that most lawyers are total scum. The fact that a psycho like Lelievre can become one proves that very point.

  24. I’m not sure about the US system, but traditionally Westminster-based judicial systems such as England, Australia, and maybe Canada, had separate requirements for admission to practice as a lawyer other than purely academic. Usually an application to practice as a lawyer required you to satisfy the local lawyers’ guild, er, practice board, that you were a “fit and proper person” to practice as a lawyer (as opposed to just having a law degree). That is, usually there’s a (tick the boxes) test of character involved, and criminal convictions often are big black marks against passing that test – i.e. usually convicted felons don’t get to be lawyers in Commonwealth countries, even if they passed their law degree summa cum laude.
    The point being: our dear girl isn’t yet applying to practice – but a criminal complaint against her, of which Roosh would presumably retain the particulars since the Montreal Police would have provided some details of it, might well have an impact on that character test. I wouldn’t say the dear is out of the woods yet. The manosphere has a long memory.

  25. Wow! Canada is really a groundbreaking country. The University of Montreal is going to admit a person with Downs Syndrome to their law school. Her rich daddy must have given them a huge amount of money to pull that one off.
    It is Downs Syndrome Jessica has, right? That doughy face, the retard smile, tiny ears out of proportion with the size of her head.
    It’s sad to see a woman with Downs Syndrome that also has the 1,000 cock stare. I mean, come on, I know there are very few fuckable women in Canada, but men there should not stoop to the level of having sex with the mentally retarded.

  26. Lawyer is the perfect profession for her to file shitbird lawsuits at anyone she sets her sights on…win or lose she still makes peoples lives a living hell both socially and financially fighting off her suits (The process is the punishment), and all it takes is one settlement for a payday where she can sit in her home and blog about the evils of anything with a penis. And let us not forget under Canada’s Human Rights Laws she can get people jailed merely for what they THINK.

  27. Back in 1994 I was at a crossroads: law school or film school. I could ace the LSAT and write my ticket but to get to film school would take another year to build a portfolio. I never really wanted to be a lawyer, I wanted to work in the film industry: every major film producer (who was not an A-list actor or director in a previous incarnation) has a law degree. Talent agents generally have law degrees (qqv Jerry McGuire).
    So I scored in the top 4% of the LSAT and made my way to the University of British Columbia Law School , second only to U of T in terms of credentials, but I wanted to GTFO of Toronto for various personal reasons.
    But to cut to the chase, I found that law school (and in particular this left coast law school) was comprised of 200 of the most intelligent morons you could ever assemble. Apparently they can follow basic logic like from the LSAT, but once they hit the real world, it all goes sideways. They are off in another world. And these are the leaders of tomorrow.
    So I am sure if she can get past the LSAT, then she will fit right in.

    1. “every major film producer (who was not an A-list actor or director in a previous incarnation) has a law degree. ”
      Fascinating stuff. Just think, if you went to film school, you coulda produced Harry and the Hendersons or somethin 🙂

  28. Throwing a beer on someone is considered an assault?
    C’mon Roosh, if your claim to fame is being an asshole, grow thicker skin. Bush had a shoe thrown at him *unprovoked*. It’s part of doing what you do and being who you are.

    1. Try throwing beer on a cop’s face next time and see what happens. I’m sure the cop with thick skin will just walk it off right?

        1. It wasn’t a smart move to upload an assault and encourage mob violence.
          I am afraid poor little Jessica will have to explain her illegal behaviour to her future employers and the governing body of registered lawyers.
          None of this will be forgotten and will continue to haunt her. 15 years from now you will type Jessica’s name on google and her assault will pop up.

        2. Roosh’s job is to provoke people; it’s silly for him to press assault charges and then whine about it on his website. I get why he did it, I’m just saying that I’m confused as to why he’d be surprised/upset for receiving this type of treatment. Anyone who’s claim to fame through dehumanization and cruelty should expect this type of backlash.

        3. I get it, but for argument’s sake, what are you comparing this assault to? I need you to be more specific.

        4. It’s irrelevant. She overtly trespassed over the law regardless of how you feel about it. There is plenty of evidence for it and she will be fined and punished accordingly.

        5. Because you know what you’re attempting to compare his “assault” to is actually incomparable, but sure, go ahead and gloss over it.
          His assault is on par when Bush had a shoe thrown at him. The only difference is, is that, in the “manosphere” Roosh doesn’t commend the same amount of respect as Bush does (though he doesn’t deserve respect), so she’ll probably have to pay an affordable fine.
          She’ll publicly apologize for it, but at the end of the day, a lot of people will still perceive Roosh as being overly sensitive whine-ass. So much for “masculinity.”

  29. She is forced to go into law school. What other options are there after doing political science? It was either that or working for her rich daddy or marrying up, which I’m not sure a successful man would want to do considering her track record. Wealthy men know that being with any feminist is like carrying a time bomb.

  30. “She wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for the work of men.”
    And men wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for the labor of oppressed individuals (misogyny, systematic racism, etc.)

  31. The word lawyercunt does not come from nowhere. It is widely used in the Manosphere and may have been coined by Heartiste.
    Feminist lawyercunt are those women who either remain forever alone and unhappy or divorce rape their husbands some day – also remaining unhappy.

  32. What a waste. She’s really cute. Too bad she doesn’t realize she’d be much happier barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

  33. All i remember was…
    Sounds like something she should be proud of.

  34. What if people like her become lawyers? No need to wonder, people like her represent the norm rather than the exception of who goes into law school in the Anglosphere; I don’t reckon Quebec is that much different.

  35. lol is he whining about a girl throwing a drink in a guy’s face and
    calling it “violent” and an “assault”? Don’t you think its ironic that
    the tough guy who wrote this sounds like a pussy?

    1. go away you disgusting white knight sjw. You don’t understand a thing about curbing this feministic bullshit.

  36. She has a very cunty look about her, that self important smirk and the glean in her eye that just screams a sense of entitlement.

  37. When it comes to academic brilliance and ethical professions, law and lawyers are at the very bottom of the barrel. They are the dregs – sure they can earn a decent living, and can be useful – but that dont change what they are.
    And you should not link to a linked-in account – they can see who clicked their link.

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