8 Things Women Can Do To Be More Attractive

While women are affected by life experiences, and particularly number of sexual partners, far more severely than men, there are always steps that can be taken to preserve and cultivate the dormant femininity that lies within every woman.

If you are working on a LTR with a woman, demand these behaviors. If you know females, encourage and reward this behavior in them. And if you are a lurking female, take these to heart.

1. Stop cursing


If it really makes you feel all “equal and empowered” to talk like an ex-con, then go home and do it into your pillow. Men don’t want to hear a woman curse. It’s not feminine. It’s rude. It’s trashy. Men want to hear a pleasant, calming, soothing voice, and to look at a smiling, kind woman.

Besides, if you really want to be all individual and cool, try standing out from the crowd by smiling and using gentle language. I guarantee you’ll stand out, and in a good way.

2. Hit the gym


A woman’s physical appearance is more than half of her attractiveness. And over 90% at the beginning of a relationship. While a woman can’t do much about her face, height, or skin, losing weight will make a woman more attractive in almost every single case.

3. Quit eating out and hit the cookbooks


Processed food is unhealthy, and often expensive. The quality of the ingredients used in all but the top restaurants is quite poor. The meats are laden with chemicals, hormones, and even sprayed with viruses, and the produce coated in pesticides. Fat-free food, the latest craze, is unhealthy, and loaded with sugars and other fillers to counteract the poor taste that results when natural fats are removed.

Eliminating eating out will benefit a woman by reducing her waistline as well as her financial expenditures. And of course, what better way to express your love and admiration for the important man in your life than to cook him a healthy, delicious meal from scratch? The old adages are rarely wrong, and indeed it is true that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

4. Learn a hobby


In more traditional times, women were expected to take up a hobby or develop a talent, the same way pageant participants do today. An idle mind is the devil’s playground, and instead of filling their head with garbage like the latest anti-male movie on the Lifetime network or glorifying talentless sluts like the Kardashians through pop culture media, a woman can bring happiness and joy to those in her life by learning a skill such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or any artistic endeavor.

Bonus points if you are young, as such skills are rarely seen in girls in their 20s.

5. Grow your hair


The other day a woman complained to me about how cutting her hair costs about five times what my local barber charges. There’s a simple solution: grow your hair longer. Long hair is feminine, attractive, and the opposite of men, which is the whole reason we are attracted to you in the first place.

We don’t want to date a muscular, cursing, bald person with tits who looks like Hulk Hogan. We want a woman to contrast and complement us, to be the yin to our yang. Long hair is almost always more attractive than short hair on a woman. Whatever you do, do not cut your hair shorter than a man.

6. Smile


It may sound trite and silly, but guys in the West rarely have a woman smile at them, other than (hopefully) their girlfriend or wife. Even then, make a point to smile more often, and it will only help.

I can’t remember the last time a Western girl smiled at me spontaneously, without me having to tell her a joke or “make” her smile. A woman who flashes a friendly smile at guys will set herself far apart from her competition.

7. Think before speaking


Last night I was out with a couple of girls socially. One is a former FWB, the other just a friend. They were to be my social proof for meeting other women. While talking to them, I realized why the “friend” had never been anything more. She wouldn’t shut up about herself, and her ridiculous life.

She went on and on about her job, her social events this week, the number of dates she was having, how she makes poor decisions about men and it never works out. In my head, I was thinking “of course, no reasonable guy will go out with you, when you just admitted you are dating (i.e. banging) five guys this week.”

But more than that, it was just incredibly boring. Think about why the other party would have any interest in what you are about to tell them before opening your mouth.

8. Dress like a girl


Guys are visually attracted to women, and first impressions make a big difference. Nothing says “feminine, nurturing, sexy, available woman” like a girl who dresses like one. Dresses, skirts, heels, clothing that accentuate your body = good. Anything that a guy can wear = bad.

Reinforce Traditional Femininity

Part of neomasculinity is that we encourage, support, and reinforce traditional feminine values and virtues. Any time you see a girl displaying these behaviors, compliment and encourage her. Make remarks to girls you meet encouraging these behaviors. Respond to any bad traits with “That’s not very feminine.”  Show women that despite what MTV and Cosmo tell her, her grandmother is actually a positive role model.

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392 thoughts on “8 Things Women Can Do To Be More Attractive”

  1. 9. Stop mutilating your body with tattoos and odd body piercings. Earrings are ok.
    10. Put on some makeup when you step out the door.
    11. Don’t color your hair with non-human hair colors.

    1. Maybe it’s that I don’t notice the convincing dye jobs, but I see a lot of women in rural Pennsylvania with obviously phony and stupid-looking yellow goop which fails to cover their dark roots. (Bleaching is also stupid but is less common.) If you really want to look smarter and higher-value, you should save the money on these worthless “products” and keep what you’ve got. Also, the “Retarded” hairstyle is very common here:

      1. But what if we have a weird natural hair color, like red? I wish I had a normal one, but dyes damage the hair haha..

    2. ear gauges are the worst. saw a girl in the supermarket the other day who basically looked like barbie: about 20 years old, long legs, thin waist, long, thick, straight blond hair, angel face. she had big 2″ gauges in her ears. negated everything else. had to suppress a vomit reflex when looking at her.

        1. Sometimes “idiots” are the ones who hold them selves back because of prejudices, by my own experience, I can say that dressing girly, femenine and colorful while being extra nice, kind, friendly, well-mannered, nerdy, geeky, hard-working, generous, self-disciplined, self-confident and tender, works as a filter to keep away the ones that be a waste of my time, kindness and generosity (in friendships, bcs I’m gonna be on abstinence for life), people who see me as too nice, too kind, too naive, too expressive and ethusiast or as teacher’s pet are often too coward, (though it might seem non-sensical to you as well), to be them selves fully, so they fear someone who is so loving, friendly, successful and nice; their self-censorship devlops self-hate and mean, cruel, sheep-minded, hypocritical, neglective and destructive attitudes, words and behaviors, but I can observe that form afar since that type of humans didn’t go near me in the first place, so that’s a plus about being as sweet as I am :3333333

      1. I’ll say something else here. We should not be afraid of telling women these truths. Usually they will do what you tell them. If they don’t drop them. They’ll soon get the message.
        Really do not be afraid to dump a chick. Keep your bases loaded so that you always have options. I do this by maintaining female orbiters. This way, the leverage stays with me.

      2. But what is actually “so wrong” about gauges? trendy sheep non-thinking automatism? I think are more explicit examples of group cowardy. Gauges can look cute to me, but depends on the whole picture and personality as well as kindness and other virtues. Besides everybody experiments a little or alot with their looks, specially in tweeny, teenage years and young adulthood, is part of human development and self-disovery, and can be sign of constructive rebelliousness, honesty, adaptabily, resilence, proactiveness, self-expression, self-confidence, self-respect and self-love, which translates to compassion, solidarity, generosity, respect, honesty and kindness towards others :3333 I think you’re just being too radical on that matter. If you wanted a “good wife and mother” like I’ve read some of this site’s articles though i don’t agree on its traditional arcaic close-minded ways though I know traditional ways do work with proper mutual respect, virtues and excellence and i respect every view very much, then you would need someone brave and corageous with tenderness and infinite love to raise children correctly, not someone who just submits to non-sense without making her own mind, analizing, observing, reflexing, looking and learning for every perspective, researching and being an actually aceptable efficient or excellent human being going above every average or the necessary basics, she would need her own mind so she knows and values a good match, if she acknoledges her worth, skills talents and virtues she will want someone as kind, rebellious, brave, hardworking and loving to build a family with.

        1. There is nothing “wrong” with gauges, they’re just really unattractive. They’re fucking gross looking. To make an analogy, imagine a man with no job, no skills, no talent, and no future. What’s “wrong” with that? Not a damn thing. Its just really unattractive.

        2. But is not related to your example, besides people’s worth more than its utilitary value or monetary potential, some people during depression can’t get up of bed and can’t work but are still worthy, tender, loving and need time to recover and find their life passions and purpose to be happy and contribute to society, btw sometimes good manners and kindness contribute to people not killing them selves that day. Gauges and some body modiffications and being fit or not are just a moments in people’s lives, I think you’re clueless, you are entitled to have personal tastes as much as everyones else, but your words just show off your lack of logic, self-love, self-respect, prudence and criteria, I can’t know you from a few words but it seems that you need to grow up boy.

        3. We’re not talking about people’s worth, at least I wasn’t, I didn’t say or imply that gauges make a person worthless. I said its NOT ATTRACTIVE. Its fucking gross. Because it is. All this other shit you’re going on about is completely irrelevant. All of these judgments you have made about me based on what I do or do not find attractive says a lot more about you then it does me. I think gauges are gross, so that makes me clueless, illogical, and all of this other shit? You’re a retard.

        4. You are being rude to me by calling me a retard (besides that’s not an actual insult and seems very childish and reactionary from my perspective), that rudeness to begin with could say a lot, but I acknowledge I can’t judge you, I don’t know you for a few lines we’ve exchanged and I woudln’t know you fully inside and out even if we were siblings, and in deed no one can make asumptions, I was just making observations about the argument and about human specie current and more common cultural prejudices nor about you nor your human value, I was extending the conversation view to make it more whole, widening my perspective makes me less egotistic and opens my understanding, compassion, fairness, inner and inter honesty, and builds, develops and strenghtens other values and skills that make me a better leader; leaders accept their mistakes or the times they’re not nice nor fair, being reactionary and coward makes people weak by not giving themselves the chance to be true by respecting themselves while respecting others, take this as a reminder to myself, I’m not giving you a lesson on manners and inner strenght because it is not my right nor responsability, you are a grown man and each person demands excellence from his/herself or doesn’t.

      3. You are aware that women don’t exist to please your idea of what we should look like, right? If I want to have big-ass gauges in my ear, that’s my right, and you can fuck off.
        As far as this list goes:
        1) I will say whatever the fuck I want to say.
        2) I will work out solely for my own health, not because you think I should weigh less.
        3) I will eat what I want to eat, whether it’s cooking something myself or getting take-out. And heaven forbid you learn how to cook.
        4) Any passion I pursue, I pursue for my own pleasure, not so you can show me off because “I’m not like other girls my age.”
        5) I will wear my hair however I want to wear it. If I want my hair short, it’ll be short. My hair, my decision.
        6) Please tell me you aren’t the type of guy who tells random women on the street to smile, because that’s not a compliment. We are going about our daily lives, not parading around for your evaluation.
        7) A good conversation consists of talking about all parties involved. The woman can talk about herself and it doesn’t make her shallow.
        Megan: I went on a date last night.
        Brad: How did that go?
        Megan: He might just be a fuck buddy. We had fun, but weren’t super interested in starting a relationship together.
        Brad: Okay.
        Because Megan’s life and choices are hers, and Brad doesn’t have the right to determine how she should live her life.
        8) “Dress like a girl”? Fuck off. I didn’t realize clothing was gendered. I will wear whatever I want to wear.
        And before anyone accuses me of being a “man-hater,” I assure you: that’s not true. I just tend to not get along with people who think they have the right to tell me how to live my life, especially those who do so only so I will be more attractive to others.
        I live for myself. Not for my parents, not for my boyfriend, not for my friends.

        1. Ouf, I finally find someone intelligent on this website ! I’m girl too (not an american but a French^^) and this website make me wanna puke. I have short hair with violet wicks, I listen to heavy metal, I wear peaks and nails and I don’t fear to openly talk about sex ! For regards high heels, you strong male alpha should try to wear some during one day, sure you will end your day crying because it HURTS so much (despite of that I sometime wear some, but not too high…) ! BTW, you’re quite incoherent in your whole because you reproach to women their vanity, you say that a girl who is too sexy is a bitch but at the same time you encourage them to take care of their physical appearance… Incoherence ?? Just to end, no, I don’t hate men who are nice, open-minded, intelligent and don’t try to play the “superior male alpha” with me. These ones can go FUCKING THEMSELVES (omg it’s so un-feminine to talk like this oooou”

        2. Both emily and Ele Riot Grrl, This is not an article telling women, (of appropriate child bearing age) what to do, it is telling them what they can do to increase their attractiveness, at least to straight men.
          Yes you can do what you want. Ignore all of the list items, just know that there are outcomes for every choice you make.
          Also both of you ignored number 1, but at least Ele recognized that it was un-feminine.
          If you ever decide to become feminist, SJW’s or whatever strikes your fancy at the moment (as most women do) I suggest this article:

          Why Do Feminists And Social Justice Warriors Use So Much Profanity?

        3. Er I have never recognized the first one was unfeminine. Anyway, women are human as much as men, so sometimes they can angry and shout, as men sometimes do toward their wife… More, I don’t think shouting is a good issue both women and men. Then, I think this list can also apply to men. It’s easy to criticize a woman “not feminine” enough but what about the number of men who don’t know how to dress correctly ?

        4. “These ones can go FUCKING THEMSELVES (omg it’s so un-feminine to talk like this oooou”” – From previous post
          This is what I meant about acknowledging that cursing is unfeminine. Number one was to stop cursing not shouting, but I see how women usually use both together.
          Haven’t really met a man who shouted as his wife but maybe that’s just me.
          Besides number 5 and 8, the list can also apply to men, however that’s what the rest of the website is about: Discussing philosophy, body improvement, leaders of the past, the opposite sex.
          As for the men who don’t know how to dress correctly I have two points:
          1) This is a male self-improvement area, not Cosmo. With self improvement come the wants to dress better, hence they will look to other sites that focus on proper male dress. White, Hispanic, Black, and Asian men have different needs as far as dress is concerned.
          2) If you see those men, send them here. Improvement comes first from the mind set.

    3. I can do without the makeup though. Generally, anything that takes more than a minute to apply with a dab here or there causes me to raise an eyebrow. This initial skepticism creates an impenetrable defensive reaction on my part and makes any sort of normal human interaction nearly impossible.

      1. I agree, a woman should wear light Makeup, if any makeup at all, when the make up comes off and if she was wearing a lot, she may look like a totally different person than you first bargained for.

        1. I also discourage it in women I’m quite familiar with as well. I don’t think it’s some latent instinct for ‘mate guarding’ either. I genuinely think that they look better, more comfortable, more amiable and healthier, etc. without all the paint. And I find myself desiring that they look their best too.

        2. I think I can see where this discussion of “naturalness” is leading and I can safely say that for the most part I don’t have a problem with it even in moderate cases. Maybe I’m a bit odd when it comes to things like this, but I’ve dated some hairy women and I never batted an eye.
          For example, an ex whom I was dating for some time decided to not shave her legs or trim her pubes for a week or so. She was naturally hairy and needed to shave and trim everyday (she had that good Slavonic blood). All I noticed was that the extra bush provided some interesting cushioning during sex and that I couldn’t stop stroking her legs in bed (much like a man might stroke his beard or wave his hand across the stubble on his shaved head). In hindsight, she was probably shit testing me. In the end, my lack of comment and compulsive rubbing of her legs made her feel unsexy so she shaved and trimmed shortly thereafter. I didn’t really care one way or the other.
          Also, one of the sexiest women I’ve known was a full-on hippy who did not shave her legs or armpits at all. I merely noted it, but I did not allow it to detract from her face, her smile, her long and healthy hair, her body, her natural glow and her carefree joie de vivre. Granted, she did have a penchant for sundresses that covered most of her legs, and full on leg hair is a bit much, but nevertheless she was one sexy lady. Heh, and she walked around barefoot all the time too so she had black feet. I think she may have ignited some primal instinct inside of me.
          Facial hair is a no go. The point is that–other than facial hair–I can accept hair and stubble here or there without much resistance.

        3. In theory I agree. When I think about it, I would much rather sleep next to/with a woman who has clean shaven legs and pits, but my experience indicates that other factors are so much more important that they make these things as naught.

        4. This is probably just a matter of taste and instinct because there are similar things that I find unacceptable, which are probably less within the control of a woman and less unsightly, yet I exclude the women with these characteristics all the same (namely bacne and what I call “pre-diabetic chin”). They are otherwise very attractive and sweet women, but something inside tells me to stay away.

        5. Haha, I was expecting this question so I found the best photo I could that captures the idea.
          The pic is not exactly what I have in mind, but it’s close enough. It’s a sort of weakness under the chin whereby the neck seems to almost connect at an angle rather laying flat and tight under the jaw.
          It is not a “double chin,” although when the head is pointed downwards it can look like it. The woman sporting one of these can be young and thin without any other indication of dietary or genetic problems.
          The women I’ve known with “pre-diabetic chins” have tended to speak nasally as if they needed to hock a loogie at all times, and they’ve all had some strange obsession with getting “sugar” in their diets at particular times lest they get dizzy and faint.
          Perhaps my use of “diabetic” is a bit imprecise, but my gut tells me that these are people who will blow up once they stop strangling their impulses and that they will develop some sugar processing disease that they’re genetically predisposed towards. That’s not science, or even rational, it’s just what my gut tells me and ultimately why I won’t go near them (sexually).
          It’s a shame too because for the most part they are attractive, fun, and eminently interested in starting a family.

        6. Oh, God. I cannot stop seeing this now. I dread going back to college next semester now. 😀 Thanks for taking my question and warning me of this potential issue. It might seem nitpicky, but I do not want to take any chances. I like health, after all.

        7. Even without the possibility of impregnation (using a condom), I could never really get interested in the sex act without the thought of impregnating the woman.
          I like the idea of fucking, but I always balk if it’s someone whom I could never see being the mother of my children.

        8. For most women heavier makeup it’s an occasional thing, to get a certain look, for a certain outfit. I don’t decry the fashion girl so long as she has a good heart and a balanced mind.
          Intrinsically girls have a great deal of anxiety over looks. They firstly compete with other women but ultimatly the clearly do it to attract men. It’s a bit like breathing, not wanting to die wanting to live: it’s built in to them.
          I like freckles and don’t care about a few blemishes. There’s plenty of more important things to concern yourself with.

        9. You never know, one friend of mind got a girl pregnant. Rather than go for abortion or single motherhood, which both have serious downsides, they got married. He now says it’s the best thing that ever happened to him. They really are happy. Of course you need to be the kind of person that has a good reasonable personality.

        10. I agree, I think there are much worst things than just a bit of hair, especially when it comes to personality traits.

        11. Interesting feeling. Maxillary hypoplasia (small lower jaw/underbite) has been linked to nutritional deficiencies (specifically vitamin k and other fat solvable vitamins per Weston a. Price and some modern rat research) in utero. It’s also a part of fetal alcohol syndrome. The maxilla is formed by neural crest cells which migrate from the back of the developing embryo and form all sorts of important glandular and facial structures (and even parts of the heart). From an energetic medicine perspective it represents a congenital weakness in your “primal” hereditary level of vitality – I’m sure there is something to it. That or lower androgen levels – small jaws are a neotenous trait like in domesticated animals – big jaws are masculine and atavistic.

        12. Haha, I was expecting a good ribbing over that one. I was actually looking forward to seeing some images of bearded ladies or baboons or something with appropriate captions mocking my complacency about how body hair affected their beauty.

        13. I had to do the same once. Then I realized later that she’d be looking for a one-armed guy so I chewed the other one off so she wouldn’t recognize me–the double coyote escape.

        14. It’s the same girl. That’s obviously a pic taken by a plastic surgeon, before and after. The hair and makeup are different. A chin implant was put in and she’s had some orthodontist work to correct her bite.

        15. I’ve only seen one case of what would even be close to fetal alcohol syndrome because it is rare. A small stature and a sort of a pixie look is usual.

        16. Bare feet? Even cavemen wore shoes.Even Otzi the iceman found in the Italian mountains was wearing good shoes.They were obviously made by a shoemaker 6k years ago and not just some crap he strapped to his feet. Someone made shoes based on their design.

        17. All I noticed was that the extra bush provided some interesting cushioning during sex
          Except that’s not the purpose of public hair or does it have anything to do with scent.
          I know the purpose for it and if anyone here knows I will award them a $1k for their explanation. Don’t worry I just take it out of one of my grants haha

        18. I really like hairy humans, are visually warm and “home-nesty” safe. I do like hairy females a lot and full beards in husky chubby males though I haven’t actually touched one bcs I’m an autist and I respect others space radically since I need a lot of space and solitude and I’m passionate about body and mind autonomy so is logical and absolutely unavoidable to respect others, besides saving my first kiss and all that even when I hadn’t found out about being demisexual makes me extra not ready for that despite my age. I would actually like a bearded girlfriend or to be able to grow a beard, but is impossible bcs of lack of testosterone. Some girls are hirsute, I really wish aesthetics and trends would lean towards that bcs I’ve read on blogs that extra-hairy girls can have a hard time with bullying and hardcore meaness. I only wax my legs and armpits on weddings or family reunions during spring-summer bcs I don’t go to clubs nor wear the type of outfits that would show them, except for dresses and skirts but i always wear leggins though that hair is too thin, short and rare, as I’ve said I would love to be hairy but is just not how my body is :/

        19. I think most females dress how they dress and maybe use make up to feel comfortable with their selves, and that self-confidence glow is beautiful; competitivity is a learnt thing amongst low class families as I observe or at very, very conservative families despite social classes; “hunting-trap overtly femenine but “desperate to breed and gold dig” looks and flirty manipulative behaviors come from them being told over and over that being a mixture between fake-prudeness, hypocrite, fake-naivity, fake-fragilty, dipsy clueless-ness and almost slutty but “enchanting” teasefulness is the only worth in them, they get possiblities cut off since early childhood just by their parents not loving them at all as they should and not believing in their worth, imagination, intelligence, goals, talents and honest hard-work, so most in that unhappy situation commit to hunt which also indicates their broken inside and lazy among other things that results at home (which probably is what interests you), into being cruel to their children and to spend a lot of money in non-sense since that archetype doesn’t apreciate money bcs they didn’t earnt it and also to fill up time and compulsive craves if they don’t have hobbies and inner rich spiritual life and mental and physical activity (like every human should; almost any human despite their gender can react that way to that very specific stimuli, I know I sound mysoginistic but that archetype is just a result of unfairness and perpetuating old social pathologies hand by hand with social decay, lack of human values that make almost any system function properly and shallow uncommited to human inner development societies).

      2. But makeup application is so much fun! I am great at zombie makeup for Halloween. I don’t wear it often because it’s bad for my skin, but once a year I want to look like a rotting corpse 😛

    4. I saw a few girls with make up today. It is sad, but when you are somewhat conscious of what you are actually looking at, that shit is repulsive. Like a mask of plastic over the real face. And you do not even want to be thinking about what is hidden underneath.
      Alas, girls with ugly faces and skin really have it bad.

      1. You deserve some kind of reward. I’m totally stealing this to shove it in feminists’ faces whenever they decide to be smartasses.

      2. Awesomeness achieved! Plus s he did it retaining his member and without ever having to give birth or have cramps.

      3. I have to turn away. Back in the day Bruce Jenner was my hero. He was the most accomplished athlete of his era and guys like me could only dream of doing what he did. But now, this is his/her legacy. Superman is Dead.
        He can do what he thinks he needs for himself but the obsequious press disgusts me.
        Fuck bitches. . Are there any real men who can be role models for the next generation?
        But still, are there any women who can stand as icons of femininity?

        1. Yeah, I had a hard time actually believing it. We kids had posters of him on our walls and weight sets made out of cinder blocks and shit. Then when this nonsense came out it hit me how fucked up our society has become.

        2. Just to follow up, when I was a kid back in the 1970s, I had Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evel Knievel, Chuck Norris, Bruce Jenner and a bunch of other inspiring guys I could point to as being “men”. WTF do 10 year old boys have to look at today?

        3. Yeah, I grew up in the 1970’s also. I worry about today’s kids. There are no correct role models. Even the lyrics to modern “music” point to an efeminization of modern men.

        4. Now that you mention it 66scorpio…. I drew a blank. I can’t think of any famous women who could serve a role models for femininity in today’s media. Princess Di did for me when I was young.
          Helen B Adeline…. heavily criticized by the women’s movement for writing “Fascinating Womanhood”.
          Interesting to me is how women wish to cast aside/repress all their inherent feminine qualities to prove they have
          the freedom to be manly, when all they are doing is paying homage to the other sex.
          True feminism, to me, is proudly exhibiting all that makes women different from men.

      4. Even a hero like Bruce Jenner wanted to be remembered as a woman not a man. She was proud showcasing herself as a woman. Now u don’t get jealous becuz ur not a girl. Look, watch and learn.

    5. Isn’t it funny how most things women can “do” to increase their sexual attractiveness really just boils down to things they “shouldn’t do” but they insist on doing anyway?

      1. Women can be attractive simply by being women naturally. It’s the social conditioning making them unnatural that makes them unattractive, hence we list what they shouldn’t do.

      2. Girls actually practice a walk to accentuate the wave of their pony tails in order to attract. They are quite aware of what a bat of an eyelid, a waggle in a walk past can do. Some, like some men, are shy of course. I have no problem when they exercise or signal that power. One must not sacralise it and become stupefied.

        1. LOLOLOLOL.
          What, do you think we still go to beauty school and practice carrying books on our heads too?
          As a woman I can tell you no one does that and you’re a virgin who can’t drive.

      1. Says the man who has clearly never slept with a woman without sending her straight into the arms of anothe woman.
        It’s called sexual preference and it has nothing to do with you, you self-centered dickhead.

        1. haha, you are speaking wihout knowing anything poor dumbass. Go fuck yourself and gtfo, it’s a man’s place here.

    6. On smiling.
      I walked past a woman at the market and smiled. She gave me a heartstopping smile in response. I kept walking for about a minute.
      Then I slapped myself about the face, walked back and asked her out.
      On that last picture, not a single one of those girls is pretty but they have nice bodies, are dressed well and are smiling. That gets my attention.

    7. I like my gaming related tattoos, and I don’t like makeup oh also my purple hair is hot. And my tongue, nose and belly button piercing are sexy as fuck. As my fwbs tell me. (All 6 of them)

    8. I have my belly button pierced and a lot of guys find it attractive. Sooo your the wrong one here. Also I don’t curse or use any bad words, my ex bf said I needed to loosen up. Some guys like girls who curse, some guys like girls with colored hair.

  2. Ladies will do(and have done) the opposite of what you just posted.
    Is there anything worse than a woman who swears like a longshoreman (I have to admit, its appealing the first few weeks of the relationship).

      1. ha, yeah it is now. The filthy mouth used to pique my curiosity back in the day. In my experience, English women have the filthiest mouths…

        1. Ha ha. Funny how just a couple of letters can change the whole meaning of a word. I thought it wad the auto correct on the smartphone that made the error.

    1. I dated a girl from Massachusetts once. Good Lord, that girl could swear. Made me blush a few times, I’m sure.

  3. Half of these come from women with “penis envy” syndrome. Cursing? When a woman tells me “Fuck you”, I respond “Fuck me with what”. Makes them furious. I understand why they would feel handicapped by nature, but it’s not my fault.

  4. to be fair, the girl in the first pic looks pretty great in those jeans, too. love the long, thin legs and the little gap between the thighs (there’s a name for that, but i can’t remember it).

    1. I agree. Maybe it’s just one of those quirks of taste, I don’t know.
      I see a quiet homebody with understated beauty and an endearing lack of con-artistry in the left pic. On the right I see a cocksure, loud-mouthed and uppity power-princess. Easy choice for me.

      1. yeah. i find the girl-next-door look a huge turn on. makeup and stylish clothes are fine, but a truly beautiful woman is going to look good in jeans and a t-shirt with little or no makeup.

      2. Not that she’s dressed particularly provocatively on the right, but the effect of “Where’s the fun in ripping off her clothes when she’s hardly wearing any in the first place?” comes in here for me. Assuming that her attitude and demeanour match her outfit, bedding the one on the left would feel like an achievement whereas banging the one on the right would barely be one step up from hiring a hooker.

    2. ‘TWO TRIANGLES’ stacked one atop the other looks somewhat like an inverted Scientology symbol:
      It’s called ‘magic gap’, ‘triangle of light’ ‘perfect crotch gap’ . .
      This one had nudie examples but they’re more in vogue with art class demo’s:

      1. check out the hamstering in that first link:
        “The video highlights fetishization at its worst because, although it
        features the voices of women and men and the bodies of females, there’s
        not one face shown throughout the minute and a half. Because, clearly,
        women are really only important from the waist-down.
        This video takes us to a very dangerous and dark place, where women are only valued and looked at for their bodies.”
        surprisingly the author, katie gonzalez, appears to be about as thin as the women in the clip from the few images i could find online.

  5. “8. Dress like a girl”
    In that photos of 5 girls, the fourth one in from the left, blond, with what looks like a pink sticker / emblem just above left breast – that person looks looks like a dude.

    1. All these girls look a bit on the chunky side so they attempt to hide it with their pose and posture. Agree that they certainly look better dressed like that than the Pink sweat shirt and pants with flip flops and hair tied up.

        1. LOL I love going to left wing threads and telling them how my dad taught me to spike the eggnog with Christian Brothers brandy!

        2. Tim, it’s great to hear from you! Merry Christmas brother Those poor sock puppets never stood a chance against crack shots like you men guarding the fort!

        3. Merry Christmas to you Tim!
          I haven’t seen you in a Coon’s age.
          BTW, the tattoo thread is still open, but they have hidden the comments. One has to follow an old comment to get to it.

        4. One of them has been busy killing at least five of her puppet profiles and cleaning up her primary profile postings.
          Her game now is going to new sites and claiming that the men of ROK are “gang trolling” her.
          This broad was the one who would post the same .gif two hundred times in the thread during a single day.
          I’ve kicked a few hornets nests in my day, but I never considered it the hornets fault for coming after me. Our special princess doesn’t quite grasp this concept.
          That kind of cuntish behavior indicates to me that she is the type of girl who would make a bogus rape allegation.
          Glad I don’t know her in the flesh.

        5. Every time I dropped in there she was again, new face, same talk. i’m surprised she finally left, I thought she was incorrigible to the point where she became a permanent fixture, eager to return to the thread every day and take her beating!

        6. After she kicked the hornets nest a few thousand times at ROK, she went to other sites and played the victim.
          To be effective in that role, she had to kill her sock IDs, and clean up her primary posting history.
          Have you noticed that among the under 30 crowd, victimhood is valued more than achievement, bravery, or any other form of success?

        7. Victimhood is like a virtue to them! It’s also lucrative and a tool these women can use to get men fired, since it is encouraged by the man- hating divorcees of the HR departments.

        8. I still catch up on the odd article and comments, work has never been busier though so the prolonged discussions have had to go for now. That was a fun week, though. 😀

        9. Sadly true… the “unintended” effect of our so-called public education system, which is nothing more than the taxpayers’
          sponsored public indoctrination scheme. Just wait until the Common Core kicks in the door open fully. It’ll surely be a rare sight to behold…Would you pass the popcorn, please, Shep?!

    1. You do realize that’s a DV and rape charge in the current climate of SJW insanity right?
      What is even more sad, is the public reaction would not change, but the legal one sure has.

    2. Damn that was nice. Too many people in general are afraid to say anything when this type of shit happens. I encourage more men to speak up when they see something like this going on around them.
      I know it’s like dealing with children but you have to call people (especially women) out on their shit. Otherwise, it goes on and on.

      1. This video hit home with me because I had a similar incident at a post office. I admit this was years ago (different days). A nasty elderly woman tried to cut in front of me and wouldn’t stop arguing until I raised my voice and told her to get back in line. The customers were quiet but I could tell by the postal clerk’s eyes and smile that he was glad I put her in her place (he probably dealt with her before). The clerk and I wished each other a nice day as I left. The sight of that woman got me fired up again and I said “asshole!” before I walked out the door.
        Ah, yes…the memories!

        1. I have a similar experience regarding line cutters. For whatever reason, within the same week, three women, formerly hot, past their primes, cut the line at the deli by my office .
          I let the first two slide, the third one made me snap.
          I told her to “get to the back of the line, you arent special”, etc… she went to the front of the store, whipped out the cel. I left the line and said “Who are you calling sweetie? Your boyfriend to fuck me up? Go ahead, do it, Ill be right here waiting…”
          Totally taken aback at what I said…she hung up the phone and scampered away…

    3. Not an “alpha male”, more like a rude ass. He could have simply said instead “excuse-me, could you please go to the back of the line”. Rudeness should not be conflated with positive masculinity.

  6. As for number 7. The other day I was walking in the mall and I over heard a couple talking, the guy was literally just Nodding and going “Uh huh, Yup, Uh huh”, meanwhile his Girlfriend was endlessly Jabbering on about Nothing, and I’m sure whatever nonsense she was talking about she felt it was Quite important and Profound. The Guy just looked beat down, his Role in the Relationship was just to be an Acknowledge Drone for everything she said. Conversations between Men and women where Men set the Pace and choose the discussion topics, is Good, Conversations between Men and women where women set the Pace and choose the discussion topics, is Bad.

      1. …the two I saw yesterday involving womYn publicly berating betas about their Christmas Day schedules.
        Both happened at the same Circle K within five minutes of each other. The appropriate action for both men would have been to have left those unfeminine 250 lb (curvy my ass) Nessies stranded high and dry. If those hulks wanted to behave like abusive men, then they should have been treated like abusive men.
        My family went for a walk in OKC’s Bricktown last night. The level of pussified white knightery became so intolerable that I took them home.

      2. The Male was just acknowledging everything the woman said with “uh- Huh” and “yeah”, he didn’t really say anything, the woman just kept Rambling and Rambling and Rambling on about Absolutely nothing, no doubt in her mind she sounded very Profound and Interesting, she also said Nothing…

        1. You’re just describing the scenario all over again. I understand what was happening. What I’m attempting to point out is that you pass it off as “nothing” because you were more focused on the male’s response rather than what the female was actually saying. Unless you’re able to tell me what the specific topic at hand was, your anecdote seems completely useless (no offense).
          Secondly, both men and women get bored in relationships.

        2. You’re not understanding what I’m saying, either. You say she was yapping on and on, about “nothing” apparently, yet you cannot even tell me what the topic was about. She could have been talking about the differences and similarities between both Republicans and Democrats, and her boyfriend could have been a fucking idiot that cared only about Call of Duty and mudding. Just because HE wasn’t interested in the topic doesn’t mean that what she was saying was lacking in merit/substance.

  7. I would love to see this article go viral. How dare men suggest that we have any standards for ourselves? Real women are “curvy” blah blah blah. Don’t tell me how to dress. -time for a slutwalk- I didn’t leave the house just to have some loser tell me to smile.

        1. I guess I missed the anorexia article.
          Please do me a favor and come to get me when you spot a live one.

        2. I think it was titled, 5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorders. Went absolute viral.
          Anorexia is a first world white girl problem. No anorexics in Africa or Asia.

  8. I can’t emphasis this enough but a girl with a nice smile (not pretentious fake ones but real genuine smile) can put her looks to 1 or 2 more additional point. Even if the girl is average looking, a girl who looks happy and smiles would look more attractive than girls who frown and have robotic look all the time.
    Girls with long natural hair looks better than girls who cut their hair short. The whole half-buzz skrillex look is just awful, piercing and tattoos are just so trashy. What happened to old plain skin? And also don’t artificially tan yourself in tanning bed, it looks horrible.
    Nice long and natural hair would do it.
    Girls with their natural genetic look is beautiful. etc…
    White girl with natural white skin (no need for tanning) looks better than fake California white girl tan look
    Asian girl look better with natural plain black hair than an Asian girl who dyes her hair fake blonde, fake brunette look
    Black girls look better with their natural curly hair than trying to straighten it out
    Girls with less makeup, little touch here to there is okay but no need to plaster your face with smudges and layers of makeup.
    Prefer skirts, or dress over pants. Yoga pants and leggings aren’t that bad but having modesty doesn’t hurt either.
    Don’t be fat. This is obvious. IF you want ass, you don’t need implants, just eat right, and do some squats.
    Workout, no need to get six pack abs and look ripped; that looks nasty. Just light cardio and be in shape (no need for extreme muscleness or extreme fat ness). Just be normal looking and don’t try with your attitude and try to compete with men. That kind of attitude is big turn off.
    A girl who cooks and know how to cook is a turn on too. You don’t need to be intelligent but don’t be so dumb either.
    Oh yeah don’t curse like this article said. Can’t stand that. Seems like the list is long and not many western girls qualify for this.

  9. I’d rather have a girl bug me over how her ‘gap’ is since she can’t see it. It’s more feminine for a woman to obscess over her gap than to obscess and fuss over where she misplaced her damn cell phone charger. When out jogging, ”I just had to notice your perfect gap”. ”I’m into upper. I’m seeking a rowing partner, just ordered a two seater. Here’s my pencil.” (free lottery pencil with your # written on the side) ”that’s my hotline # on there” ”keep it private. I don’t want the whole city blowing up my phone.” (always carry pocketfull of pencils)

        1. “She’s a marvel while young.”
          That BMW, it is only a marvel while new, it won’t be as attractive as my Yugo after 200,000 miles (age 50).
          Woman, please, after 200,000 miles (age 50), you better have a man who you gave the best years of your life to, because he isn’t sticking around because your bumper has less dents than other cars with 200,000 miles.

        2. as a wise man once said:
          “…you better god damn believe I have meaty pectorals with what appears to
          be a zipper zigzagging down between them, and visible obliques, and a
          fingery lattice of muscle crisscrossing over my ribs when I lift my arms
          above my head, and different muscle groups kind of elbowing each other
          out of the way when I flex my ass in the mirror, which I often do. And
          biceps with a peak on them, and etc. etc.”

        3. what’s so unbelievable? you can do it too. dammit, you should do it: roll out of bed early five or six times a week and hit the weights hard for 30 or 40 minutes. put down the starbucks, donuts, etc. eat your veggies and get in some lean protein too. takes a little discipline and hard work, but you’ll get there eventually, and it’s 100% worth it.

    1. Looks great when they are young, but those wide hips ain’t so sexy at age 50 or more. Working out and diet helps but those type of butt/hips need extensive buffing, sanding, massaging etc. on a weekly level and that require$ plenty of buck$.
      Enjoy it while it is young.

      1. “Looks great when they are young, but those wide hips ain’t so sexy at age 50 or more.. Enjoy it while it is young.”
        No part of a woman is sexy at 50 or more.

      2. I bet your ass is equally awful at that age as well. Probably like two flapjacks nailed on a wall. And you can’t control it without thousands of dollars of surgery!
        So…you’re just a liver-spotter hypocrite. Congrats!

  10. It is extremely simple for a woman to become more attractive and feminine, but women today just don’t give a damn. They’re lazy creatures that have no incentive to put in the work to better themselves because there will always be some guy desperate enough to give them attention anyways.

  11. Somewhere in the extended list:
    Don’t hang out with gay male “friends.” Gays give their fag hags horrible advice, like encouraging fat acceptance and female promiscuity. And gays don’t suffer from the consequences of what they tell women to do.

    1. Homosexual men are jealous of healthy heterosexual relationships. It gives many if not most of them a deep and sick pleasure to use the “Lavender Whisper Campaign” to sabotage any male + female relationship. If a woman surrounds herself with homosexuals or has a homosexual “best friend” she should be nothing more than a pump and dump.
      After all, isn’t that exactly what she and her homosexual boyfriend want? — Another reason to hate real men?

    2. clearly ! I’ve seen a lot of girls who like having their fag friend, like it was a trophee or a new trend to self promoting herselves. those suckers.
      I think these girls have a real problem with masculinity because they prefer the company of a inoffensive feminized member of the opposite sex instead of dealing with a real man…
      Real women dan’t waste time with such persons.

  12. #6 is big. And all of these Hollywood flicks have the male lead falling in love with some scowling, “ass kicking” chick. As if what the average guy wants is to bang and agressive he’she with resting bitch face.

    1. This butt-kicking babe nonsense has to stop. I hope the new, preposterous Star Wars film signals Peak Warrior Woman, and that Hollywood will pick up on the retraditionalizing trends in the culture after this fiasco and show women in roles which make sense.
      We wouldn’t see women portrayed in this way in a healthy patriarchal society, where ordinary men could find sexually inexperienced and unspoiled wives early in life. The warrior woman looks like the fantasy of sexually naive nerds, who don’t know how real women behave because women have evicted them from their lives.

      1. The “butt-kicking babe” is social programming. If you notice, it’s the top-tier Alpha that pairs up with these type in these movies. The movies are, essentially, trying to train tier one dudes to wife up less feminine women (i.e. women with low SMV).

      2. “The warrior woman looks like the fantasy of sexually naive nerds”.
        I call it “Laura Croft syndrome”, or “Tomb Raider Syndrome”, Nerds can suffer from it, but it can be any Male who is impressionable/Naïve enough to believe a woman can do anything a Man can, just because it is on TV or in a Video Game. Sexually Retarded Male so to speak…

      3. Don’t hold your breath for it. The latest SW film is at $750m (global) and it hasn’t even been 2 weeks. The trend will follow the $.

    2. This is why I still enjoy the James Bond films. The women are feminine, though some have cuntish attitudes which Bond should just wrestle them down and bone them. That’s their hint that they need some lovin’ and they purr like a kitten afterwards.

      1. “This is why I still enjoy the James Bond films.”
        Only the classic bond movies for me. And Daniel Craig is a total fag for cross dressing in the name of “equality”

        1. What an idealistic idiot. Miserable women always try to make other women miserable before looking in a mirror.

        2. My God that video is appalling. What kind of weak beta male would put himself through that? And the absurd, illiterate and statistically challenged rant by Judi Dench is embarrassing. It just shows how far masculinity has fallen. Can’t imagine Steve McQueen doing something like that.
          I saw Craig talking about how important it is that in the lastest Bond film the Bond girl is middle aged (Belluci) – such a strange thing for a Bond to say, as if there is something wrong with wanting a pre-wall woman.

        3. Ugh.. don’t think I will see any more Craig bonds. I didn’t see Spectre. While I enjoyed Goldeneye, mostly the female “M” has been too much for me.

  13. “While a woman can’t do much about her face, height, or skin” — anyone who has improved their diet will attest to how much control you have over your skin. That’s why a lot of bitches that eat poor diets have terrible skin and age so fast. They spend hundreds of dollars on make up, creams, and other scams but if they simply stopped gorging on processed food/sugar/alcohol/drugs and ate more vegetables their skin would look a hell of a lot better. I’m 33 and I get guessed at 26-28 all day long That didn’t happen until I really started taking my diet seriously.

  14. I like the piano hobby. My mother and grandmother were great pianists. When my wife and I moved back to the USA and bought a home, the first thing I did was buy a pretty nice piano for a couple of thousand bucks. That was aqlmost 20 years ago when I had almost no money and that was a lot. My wife knew the basics, but I told her she had to learn since I forked out that cash. No way my son was going to grow up in a home with no piano or music.This was July, but by Christmas, my Japanese Buddhist wife was playing and enjoying singing with my son all the Christian carols.
    Thanks to that purchase, my son is also a decent musician now.

    1. That calendar is a weight loss tool. Where do I get one? I was hungry but lost my appetite.
      Don’t be so harsh on those curvy girls – it’s the wheat dontchaknow.

  15. Get in touch with your feminine core and be caring and nurturing….obviously avoid being a doormat, but that would be my number 1.

        1. It must warm the heart of most of the red pillers here. Racial amalgamation and harmony. Merry Christmas to all and to Western Civilization a fucking good night.

    1. I would hit that…..in the face…..with a hammer…….until it FUCKING DIES!!! #merrychristmasgoodwilltowardsallmen 😉

  16. This is good advice, but only half or so raise a girl’s SMV. Those are hit the gym, grow her hair and dress like a girl. The other stuff raises her RMV (Relationship Market Value), such as learning to cook, having a feminine hobby and not being an angry, nagging shrike.
    Personally, I don’t mine it when a girl swears. Getting a girl to swear is usually $4.99/min. rimshot!

    1. This illustrates perfectly why so many who post here are against racism. Look at all the “White Men” standing around with smiles on their faces taking photos. THIS IS SICK FUCKING DEGENERATE BEHAVIOR. America will NEVER return to greatness because we have become a multi-ethnic hell hole like Brazil. Brazil was never great and will never be great because of diversity and multiculturalism.

      1. All based on fear too. They are afraid of being called sexist and racist, so they let shit like this happen, in front of children even. This situation calls for a bullet and two backhands, not smiles.

  17. These are great pieces of advice and I would/do give them to all of my female friends. I feel like I apply them pretty well
    1. I absolutely never swear unless I am incredibly upset/angry in which case I might swear once, which my husband would later say sounded unnatural coming from me haha.
    2. Not a fan of the gym but definitely exercise and stay in shape
    3. Always cooking my hubby meals 🙂
    4. Does belly dancing count? Haha. I also play the flute.
    5. Have always had and will always have long hair. Can’t stand it any shorter than breast length haha.
    6. I have a habit of smiling at everyone, all the time, only stopping when I’m alone.
    7. Feel incredibly awkward talking about myself to anyone. Never do it.
    8. Only wear dresses/skirts most days and whenever I leave the house, leggings and blouses sometimes when at home all day. Wear make-up when going out. Can’t wear heels at the moment as I’m 8 months pregnant and live in a country town in which wearing heels at any time other than a formal event is stared at with suspicion. Lol.
    I would also add
    9. Don’t post underwear/slutty selfies on social media
    10. Don’t get god-awful sleeve tattoos that make you look like a bikey or disgusting stretchers or excessive piercings.

      1. Self promotion to a bunch of strangers on the internet would be hardy useful. I’m just here to improve myself and am happy that this list was already ticked off, but I am by no means perfect.
        Femininity is something that comes naturally to me and I think it does to most women, only it is repressed because masculinity in women is so heavily promoted by feminist culture. I strongly believe reinforcing traditional femininity as stated at the end of the article will do wonders at changing the character of women if operated on a large enough scale.
        But the purpose of my comment was to show that women who fulfil things like this list naturally and without effort do still exist. Feminism has not ruined all of us.

  18. –Long hair
    —Squat and press 3 times a week
    —Have the eating habits of an adult instead of an unattended 5 year old in a candy shop.
    So freaking easy. Yet only 2% pull that off.

  19. Can anyone break all seven rules at once?Throughout all the internet, this lady violates one rule after another like few could do if they tried. Yes she has hair but if she shaved it, she would be mistaken for a man and would be on the receiving end sporting black eyes and crooked nose. She sure can dish it but it’s doubtful whether she can take it. She packs in the fast food with those dingy teeth and spare tire and swears out the ass. She doesn’t ‘think before speaking’ #7, but she screams like a banshee while kicking things with her feet. It’s hard to decide what makes for her coupe de grace, but man this snowflake takes the cake:

    After watching her, an empathetic part of me almost wants to try to understand her, but those kind BITE and eat their young. The white knight bikey cop at the end might be the real coupe de grace. She’s chummy with him at the end and I hear violins. White knights get their just desserts too. He’s a sociology simp looking cop. He’ll walk her to Subway so they can EAT FRESH while she calms down and cries on his shoulder.

    1. Cops like that deserve to be unemployed for the rest of their lives. Destroying society, the only reason she felt ’empowered’ to get in his face like that is because she was sure no one would whack her in the mouth.

    2. Aint that America:
      Foul mouthed, fat chick acting like a man
      The men she attacks are built like 13 year old boys
      Cops who are built like Doug from The King of Queens
      Lil pink houses for you n me

    1. I guess you have zero expectations of men right cunt?
      Short fat bald unemployed poor guys are all you date, right?

    2. Telling women to dress nicely and not mutilate their bodies is sexist? Well, if you want to be unattractive and undesirable, go ahead.

    3. Wow. Like, we’ve never heard that devastating blow of, like, shallow, worn-out rhetoric here, like, before.
      Did the soft bigotry of low expectations which Affirmative Action necessarily entails really do that to your mind? How sad.

    4. Feminism is, by definition, sexist since it literally means to see the world in terms of what suits women and to classify them as helpless damsels in disdress in need of rescue from men by other men. It is nonsensical in many levels.
      Ironically, much of the article is common sense for both genders: Getting into shape, behaving with manners, dressing to accentuate your natural attractiveness to the gender you desire (even many lesbians want women who are dressed and look attractive. The bull dyke winds up having to pay for the date!)

    5. if you believe that self improvement is sexist, you better say yes to that fat bald unattractive loser that asks you out next time

  20. Years ago when my wife and I were in the pre-marriage negotiation phase: We were both laying out exactly what we expected out of each other before committing to marriage.
    One of my (quite non negotiable) expectations was: “You will never cut your hair short… ever.. no pixie cuts.. I don’t care how much some other woman tells you it will look good”.
    I hate short hair on women. It makes them look like boys. To this day, my wife has had shoulder length hair or longer.

    1. Short hair on a woman is associated with the middle age tired mom passed her prime. Also masculine female athletes. A woman has to work that much harder to overcome the negative perception.

  21. Great article!
    Supplements to:
    2. Hit the gym – LIFT WEIGHTS! This is the best way to have a better body. While you should do cardio on your rest days, you must lift.
    3. Quit eating out and hit the cookbooks – Learn to cook low/no carb dishes using healthy fats, non root vegetables, and lean animal protein. Remember that you
    can have a drink as well as long as it is distilled (whiskey, brandy,
    rum, vodka)

  22. Friends, I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but I think the game is up. The left won big time, and we lost.
    -The family unit is dead.
    -Eastern parts of the world are westernizing at a rapid pace, and will be no different from the west within a decade or so.
    -The future of Europe is Islamization.
    -Hilary Clinton will win the presidency. The numbers are on her side. World War III and dictatorship are upon us.
    -Male-female and race relationships will continue to deteriorate.
    -Intelligent people (namely those of us on this part of the internet) will opt out of reproduction due to the cards being overwhelmingly stacked against us.
    I guess it’s time to buy a copy of Aaron Clarey’s “Enjoy the Decline” and prepare for the worst. I just can’t see a silver lining to this shit anymore.

  23. In prison where the Inmates have nothing to do they pick a female Guard or employee and slowly tell them their new hair cut was great, but it would look better longer or they looked good in a certain dress and slowly over years brag about how they got the woman to wear their hair a certain way or dress a certain way.
    I have slowly done this to my wife. They think they are choosing but they love to hear how good they look. And once they get in the zone that women naturally excel at by looking great and attracting and keeping a real man it makes the world a better place. Fakebook and Twitter let failures band together and pretend they are the norm.

  24. Fantastic advice. I usually don’t agree with most of the articles here.. But women of all ages need to read and apply these words of wisdom to their lives. That is if they desire a good man and a quality life..

  25. I shaved my head, quit the piano and stopped working out as a direct result of reading this. I also threw out my high heels and deliberately say the word ‘Fuckingshitcunt’ five times a day as added insurance that I never attract the most delusional, tragic men on earth.
    EDIT: After reading the replies today I also had the corners of my mouth surgically altered so that I’m incapable of smiling. Ate an entire pound of lard, have deliberately broken my nose and removed several teeth. As have a large group of my friends. Together we are starting a movement with the aim to of avoiding and turning off jizzgarling gobshite fuckwagons such as yourselves. We call ourselves the Supercuntfuckbuggeringhorsecocks.
    Oh! and I also got a tattoo of a scantily clad Andrea Dworkin riding that chick from Mad Max on my back. Glad to see its having and effect. You see, instead of sex as currency I use the impotent rage of angry dicks. I’m so wealthy right now.

    1. I’m pretty sure you are highly unattractive to begin with, so there’s no need for you to shave your head. The fact that you took offense to the article shows the kind of woman you are…probably fat, with short hair, ugly tattoos, poor fashion sense. ..am I right?

    2. The appeal of ‘feminine’ women who have the traits described in this article is not just to the subset of men who read manosphere blogs. From alpha jerk to ‘nice guy’ joe shmoe to nerdy geek to old bald fat dude…across the board guys want a feminine girlfriend, as much as women get the tingles and are DTF for masculine men.
      You’ll still score men though with your new image – ones that just want a zero obligations fuck or the ones lower down on the desirability totem pole.

    3. … aaand you just had to come here and post the Disqus equivalent of a selfie so you could bleed all over our floor just like the rotten-fishhead-smelly bitch that you are, amiright?

    4. Nice bs post. Your head was already shaved. You have no idea how to play the piano or any other instrument with the exception of the skin flute. Your a fat pig who has never worked out. You don’t have heels to begin with. Any whore that would write fuckingshitcunt on a troll post already swears like a trucker. Face it, your life is a train wreck and you don’t attract any men which is why you are here attention seeking.
      I’m a NASA scientist with a degree in aerospace engineering with 10 boyfriends, tats and smarter than everyone in 3,2,1……..

    5. ” I also threw out my high heels and deliberately say the word
      ‘Fuckingshitcunt’ five times a day as added insurance that I never
      attract any man on earth.”
      Fixed that for you.

    6. Some dude’s comment referred to women as: “cock-juggling business feminists”. I actually might steal that, it’s pretty badass.

  26. These are all good points, but women today have no need to increase their SMV. Even fat and ugly ones have tons of thirsty orbiters, awaiting their chance.

    1. Indeed,and perhaps that’s the one thing that RoK articles which seek to advise women fails to address because it appears so obvious: The “traditional”, passive approach to finding a good man is what has caused much of this mess (besides women’s supposed equal rights, of course.)
      What stands out to me in places that are supposedly more “traditional” is how much more open and interested in good men the women are. They didn’t seem to need to be “picked up” or waiting to be swept off their feet. They could have mature conversations about relationships and take a healthy initiative.
      Yes, there are plenty of thirsty orbiter men out there and weeding through them can be a hassle but waiting around for the perfect man to ride a white horse through them is a surefire way to get stuck thinking that’s all there is. A smart woman needs “game” (in a good way), just as a man does. If not moreso since she has a more narrow window to find a good man and have kids.

      1. A woman does not know what a good man is because her mood changes throughout the day. They guy, while hasn’t changed at all, would be Mr. Right that moment and then Mr. Wrong when she’s craving chocolate.

  27. An interesting and commonsense article. If any of today’s women read this and took it to heart, they would stand head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd in almost every aspect of their lives.
    However, they would be solidly rejected by the feminist herd. Here’s an illustration why.
    When I lived near the Chesapeake Bay, crab fishermen would go out in their boats and check their traps and toss the blue crabs in a bucket. However, they never needed to put a lid on the bucket. If a crab dared to try to attain the top of the bucket for an escape, the others would simply pull it back down into the mass of crabs.
    Below my post is a post from a troll who calls herself “babaloo maloo” and this is why she has made such an acerbic post. If a women was to read the commonsense advice found in Max Roscoe’s article and begin to follow its steps, Miss Maloo wants to make sure any woman who dares try to escape the empty void of today’s modern woman gets pulled back down into the morass of partially bald, tattooed, overweight, screeching feminists because Miss Maloo cannot handle competition. A true feminine woman merely reveals Miss Maloo for the crab she is.
    The pressure on women to remain part of the homogeneous feminist herd is amazing. Any woman who has the emotional and mental power to break away from it to stand above them all is, in my words, a “keeper.”

    1. Mr. Geobbels, My grandfather used to sing a wartime ditty implying that you had no balls at all. Is this why you have such crippling insecurity?

      1. Ms Maloo, my father had a Holden truck that had the same name as you. Is that why you occupy most of a lane of traffic when you’re walking down the street, and why every man and his dog has used you for decades?

        1. Marcus Aurelius I heard you married your underage cousin and all your inbred kids died. Is that why you are so resentful and joyless?

        2. Oh, I was — until I saw you’d named yourself after a car which in Australia bogans generally use only to fuck their girlfriends in. Brightened my day right up. As did your reply, thus proving I’ve found the quickest way to your amydgala: addressing your physical size. Thanks for showing me your glass jaw.

  28. Clothes that are too revealing, even if feminine, aren’t right for meeting and dating. Why do females wear clothes that obviously embarrass them?

  29. Girls go feminazi if you say with “That’s not feminine”. Say “gross” or express your disgust without directly attacking the behavior.
    If you directly say it’s “unfeminine”, she’ll rebel because feminism teaches her to do so. She’ll be more likely to change her behavior if she sees your disgust.

  30. The first photo set of the brunette in jeans and then in skirt/heals didn’t quite do it for me. That girl looks great in either outfit and could have looked cute in flat slippers instead of kitten heels. Nevertheless she would do well to dress in a mix of feminin styles that accentuate her feminin qualities and not always be casual.

  31. Long hair and a BMI of 20 are the most obvious physical traits, Talents in terms of music, cooking and writing complete the package.
    The least important aspect of long hair is that you can grab it and put her face where you want it. More important is the overall aesthetic. Long hair LOOKS FEMININE. All of the women that I consider to be the most beautiful of their kind had mounds and mounds of hair cascading from their dome.
    Here in China there are very few women who are fat and most let their hair grow long, black and straight. (An unfortunate side effect is that they won’t shave their muff.) YMMV but overall I think Chinese women are much more beautiful and feminine compared to North Americans.

  32. Also, quit getting tattoos. They look horrible on the vast majority of women that get them. Hell, they’re not all that flattering on most men, either, but males can pull them off better. And piercings? Nope. Who the hell wants some wannabe third world tribeswoman?

    1. I know a heavily tattooed woman in her late 30’s who just had a baby girl. This kid will grow up not knowing what women used to look like.

  33. Maybe it is just me but I think it is all about hair: the hair on your head should be long and luxurious but the rest of your body should be hair-free.

    1. Their waist is now wider than their hips due to the sugar overload. It’s tough to just keep balance without swaying.

  34. yep because all women care about is how they look to men. When I walk out the door, I don’t wear a skirt because it’s more pleasing to you; it’s because I want to. I wear make up because it makes me feel better; not to impress you. This is one of the most sexist things I’ve ever read, and if you believe this you are an idiot. I do not want to change what I do to make myself more attractive to arrogant men like you. If I want to go out and eat, I will. If I want to cut my hair, I will. If I want to look upset, because you’ve cat called me on the street, I will. And I will not waste my time thinking about how it looks to someone as awful as you. Sincerely, a 14 year old girl who’s sick of being objectified and opressed.

    1. “When I walk out the door, I don’t wear a skirt because it’s more pleasing to you; it’s because I want to. I wear make up because it makes me feel better; not to impress you.”
      As the Last Psychiatrist tells us, the fact you’re doing these things to make yourself feel better is the fucking problem. But then, given you’re still a teenager, we can mostly blame your shit, narcissist parents for that.
      You are not being objectified or oppressed. Go to a fucking third world country, teenager, and you’ll find out exactly what oppression and objectification means.

      1. There is nothing wrong with me wearing what I want to because it makes me feel better. And its got nothing to do with my “shit, narcissistic parents” it’s because of people like you who make up our society, who tell me that I need to wear make up. I’m sorry that I conform to society once in a while, but I can’t take it on by myself. And if something makes me feel better then I’ll fucking do it and you don’t have a say in it.
        Also, you can’t just use words like oppressed and objectified to describe third world countries. I am objectified and oppressed, maybe I’m not a sex slave in Ethiopia but that doesn’t mean I’m not opressed and objectified.

    2. So how does make up make you feel better? I’m guessing you will say its because it makes you look more attractive so you feel more confident or boosts your self esteem. You are not doing it for men so you are doing in reaction to other women (to out do them) then? Is the patriarchy forcing you, or the marketing is just too irresistible. Don’t say you are doing it strictly for yourself because otherwise you would save your money, time & effort. You are getting value from it and its directly/indirectly derived from how others view you and treat you, You will be a rare person who does not behave a certain way to appeal to the opposite sex. If you are already wearing makeup & have long hair & wear skirts then there is no need to change, but you are not doing these things by pure serendipity. Also if you are 1 year into puberty and already tired of guys desiring you, well maybe you should think of using this as a guide for doing the total opposite to avoid the oppression.

      1. The thing is though, have you ever tried makeup? that shit is fucking fantastic for self esteem. I get it, you think everyone who puts on makeup is doing it for men, but i can tell you honestly from the bottom of my heart that you are wrong. Do you honestly think women wear purple lipstick, and sparkly eye shadow just to attract the attention from a man? No. They’re contouring their faces and painting their cheeks as a confidence booster. When you feel you look good on the outside, you’ll feel better about yourself on the inside. I really doubt that any woman is thinking “Oh, yes let me do a nice smokey eye and burgundy lips so Jeremy will notice me. Ah yes and my eyebrows must be on fleek or no man is going to want to fuck me”
        No honey.

        1. What an utterly shallow shell of a human being to actually admit that you need to paint yourself up to feel good on the inside.

      2. 1) I wear make up because it makes me more confident in myself, and has nothing to do with anyone else.
        2) I do want to be attractive to the opposite sex, but I don’t think I should have to let that affect my choices in what I wear and do. I make those choices for myself, and if guys don’t find me attractive I don’t want to be with them anyway.
        3) I will not do the opposite of this guide, because that, once again, is changing myself for someone other than myself. I’m strong enough to be myself and not change for a boyfriend/friend/anyone.

    3. yep because all women care about is how they look to men

      Oh, sarcasm and snark! How funny and original.
      The article was titled how to increase SMV (Sexual Market Value) which is how you are viewed by the opposite sex. Perhaps you don’t care about attracting men, but most women do.

        1. Actually they do I’m afraid. If you think that men don’t look at a woman’s looks before everything else, you’re a fucking idiot.

        2. Most men are attracted to more than just looks. Like personality, intelligence, goals and ambitions (and of course looks). I guess that makes you the weird one.

        3. No they aren’t you fuckwit.
          So what you’re saying is that your average man could get a boner with a chick with an amazing personality, wishes to be president and rid the world of poverty..but has the face like the back of a bus and is 300pounds?
          Yes, of course he could.
          Because everywhere I look I see men chasing after such women.
          And I never see women who can barely string a sentence together, but with long blonde hair and blue eyes, 5foot 7″ with 34DD’s and an ass that could cause traffic accidents, getting any attention from men.
          Never happens.
          Because men value personality, inteligence, goals and ambitions.
          In Aaron’s world, such women are shunned.
          I am the weird one, amn’t I?

        4. Again, do you have any evidence to back up your fantastical claim that men en-masse are running around after “intelligent” women, barely, if at all, taking their looks into account?
          Or are you going to dish out pathetic schoolgirl snark like “check out number 7”, signed off with a even snarkier “peace out bro”?
          Any chance of you actually backing up what you say?
          You can’t, can you?

        5. Yeah, when I first see a woman I immediately notice her goals and ambitions and intelligence.
          Or not. Maybe I, like every other heterosexual man on the planet, first notice her looks. There is no getting around this, unless you are speaking strictly for blind men. Deal with it, equalist.

        6. Absolutely most men view women by their SMV. Its hardwired into us. The guidelines in this article wont be agreed to by 100% of men, but following them will definitely give you more options in the dating market and also very likely get you a better quality man. Yes a woman can look & act like a bikie mole and still get a guy (become chattel to a bikie) if her standards are not high. The older a woman gets the more important these become as she cant rely on her youthful glow and exuberance .
          Yes men are attracted to more than just looks, and this article does touch on attitude, health & hobbies, As for personality there is quite a bit of variability there as each guy will have a subset of traits that appeal to him, but being a sweet natured devoted girlfriend will go a long way with most. Intelligence, ambition & goals are great but those things wont be the aspects that make the guy get up and walk across the room to chat you up, Those attributes dont turn a guy on. Your SMV does.
          I have been both skinny and buff. I used to do rally driving, rock climbing, yachting, squash, golf….when I was out meeting women those pastimes did not really impress women (as a skinny dude). When I bulked up suddenly they did. Conversations on them went from 5min to 30mins, now they were more intrigued…because I looked better. Likewise I got treated better day to day, I didn’t have to work to keep conversations going in bars, got laid more, and got treated better in relationships (women were now more eager to please). Why – because of my increased SMV. Good looks get your foot in the door, then personality keeps them there and then the other stuff adds value.
          There are a lot more articles on the manosphere blogs that outline what men should do to improve their SMV which is more important than ever these days given the change in women/dating market the past 30 yrs. Women expect more and can and do date up when it comes to nsa sex, and men should expect the same quality back.
          Many women want to be ‘loved for who they are’ with disregard to what actually appeals to men. That’s fine, just that they should not complain when the men they desire don’t act like they hoped.

      1. it’s written like women are dogs instead of equals! “Encourage and reward these behaviours” is just patronising. I care about attracting men, but it doesn’t affect my life choices! My first thought isn’t about how attractive it is to men, and if you think women do think like that then you are seriously underestimating us.

  35. 9. Talk less and lower your volume. Learn to stop interrupting someone when they’re making a point, and stop turning a conversation so that it becomes all about your interests.
    10. Develop an interest in arts, culture, politics, architecture and history.
    11. Value your body more and hold off from sex until you’ve made an intimate connection with your man.
    12. Be direct and honest with your intentions.
    13. Let me organise an outing and show up on time. Offer to share the bill.
    14. Control your emotions in public and enjoy being in the moment during sex and moments of passion.

    1. It’s sad that I find myself surprised and amazed when I am able to complete a thought without a woman interrupting me. Or the other day when I was speaking to a foreigner, and we both spoke at the same time and she allowed me to finish my thought. Mind blown.
      Disagree that women should express political opinions though. They should control their own families, under the guidance of their husband, not mine. Plus, I’ve yet to meet a woman who was truly empathetic.

    2. Your point number 9 is so vital and so needed these days that’s it’s not even funny.

  36. To all the men who think we care:
    You are all probably ugly ass old men anyway. I can do waaay better than any of you misogynistic assholes. In fact, I already am. So kiss my big, swearing, “non-traditional” ass. I’ll do whatever I want, whether you find it attractive or not.

      1. Hahaha I really have a hard time trying to figure out what would prompt a person that supposedly doesn’t give a damn about us “ugly ass old men” to just create an account, come here to a site that she clearly hates, to tell all these “misogynistic assholes” that she is going to live her life the way she wants.
        Yeah.. that will show them… all of ROK’s audience is surely mourning the terrible loss we are having now because cass, a woman we don’t know nor will we ever meet, is NOT going to try to raise her SMV, which, seeing how upset she got, is probably so low that any of these measures wouldn’t make for any significant increase anyway….

        1. I know. Pathetic trolls and their an”outrage!”. Like anybody can really take them seriously.

        1. Sure you do honey. Sure you do.
          You’re a three post account, made solely to come in and sneer at people you’ve never met, putting your full set of sociopathic traits, insecurities and atomistic narcissism on display for all to see.
          I really could give a fetid dingo’s kidney who you wish to please or not please. If you do ever happen to snag what passes for a man in your eyes, I’m sure he’ll be happy that you are so selfish and hateful that you won’t even pretend to try and look or be nice for him. A real catch you are, dear.

        2. Say what you want, but I don’t have to validate anything for some crusty, old creeps on the internet. My boyfriend doesn’t need me to wear a ton of makeup, or act “lady-like” to appreciate me. And it’s not selfish to not want to look nice for a man, but instead to look nice for oneself. Sorry, but we’re not in the 20th century anymore. People with a brain realize that a woman isn’t just for being pretty and cooking. And calling a young lady you never met a sociopath (you’re using the word wrong, nothing I said is anywhere near sociopathic sweetie) narcissist, is not only hystarical but shows your lack of knowledge and that you probably are an inferior little man. But go ahead. Keep up the good work 🙂

        3. Yes yes, sure sure.
          I didn’t actually read your post, but I responded because it seems like you really crave the attention.
          Later cupcake.

        4. And here we have another butthurt poster who thinks that snark means smart.
          You’re wrong. If you look in my posts, you know that I’m married to a 5’9″, 120lb blonde haired blue eyed girl…..basically I get to sleep with the kind of girl on a daily basis that most guys only ever get to jack off to.
          Here’s why you’re wrong. The reason my girl doesn’t need to wear a ton of makeup or “act lady-like” to be appreciated is because she’s a , good natured, nurturing, and feminine woman. She’s genuinely pleasant to be around. You know what’s really going to piss you off? That before we both changed our life direction for the relationship, she was on course to become a regional director for a rapidly growing business.
          So basically feminists have no excuse. The masculine behavior you so prize isn’t helping you succeed in your career, it’s holding you back both professionally and romantically. As my wife says you should enjoy being a woman. There’s a lot of perks that men don’t get to go along with the challenges.

    1. You care, though.
      If you didn’t, if your rage hadn’t sent you through the roof on you reading this article and realising you don’t fit any of these basic feminine standards and likely never will, you wouldn’t have made an account specifically for commenting on this thread.

    2. You’re embarrassing yourself by calling us losers. I know who GoJ is in real life, and as it turns out he’s a self made man who has done VERY well for himself(about the most I can say without outing him). On my end I’m in the top 10% of my class at one of the world’s best management schools, and I have a job offer that’s worth several hundred grand a year after I graduate.
      You know what men like me and him have in common? We all do “waaay better” than to marry angry, unpleasant, obnoxious women. Both of us are married to women who are feminine, supportive, pleasant to be around, and in good shape.

      1. And I’m supposed to care just because you’re supposedly “very successful”? I said this because I’m sick of people closing us in to one group of what we can be. There’s nothing wrong with a girl being feminine but there’s also nothing wrong with them not (and it doesn’t mean they’re masculine, why do people have to be either???) anyone can be attractive, and I don’t need any approval from anyone. And it’s hypocritical to say I look stupid by assuming, because you just did yourself

        1. Can you point out exactly what I assumed? You’re responding to a lot of shit that nobody’s actually said. Which is why I reiterate my position that your comments look stupid.
          Let me break it down for you. I never said you MUST be a certain way. I merely described the reality of what type of woman most men prefer and choose.
          You’re entirely free to be overweight, masculine, and obnoxious. We’re also free to choose to not spend time around you and to sleep with and marry women who are feminine and pleasant.
          We want to be complemented, not matched.

    3. Nice debating style you have there dear. Trying to bring us down with insults. I think you may find we are a little tougher than that. And I bet I could park my motorbike against your ass cheeks.

    4. All men turn ugly and old one day.
      Might I remind you that so will me and you.
      What will you do when you are ugly and old?

  37. Most of these can apply to men too. Especially number 7!
    Why post advice to women on an MRA site? If you want women to read this try posting to a site that treats women as equals to men.

    1. Because lots of women lurk on this site, for reasons that I really don’t understand.

      1. You wondered aloud a month ago, but no one answered, so… you’re welcome:
        You know that painting of dogs playing poker? Sure, it’s ugly, and tasteless, and lurid… But watching you guys fumble around with logic, attempting to parse femininity/masculinity has that same kind of “aw, they think they’re people (with important opinions)” appeal.
        And you make so many lists! Life seems really hard for you and I can’t resist a good listicle that underscores your trainwreck struggle. (“this girl was cute but had piercings i don’t like ARGHHH MODERNITY”)
        Plus: Zero remorse for trolling. What are you going to do, block me, pretend I have cats? lol.

    2. Because there are actually some human beings that are able to discern a difference in gender, and who actually have a clue when it comes to little things like womanhood and manhood. REAL women like real men (and vice-versa).
      So how about apply your own advice, and suppose why you are posting advice to MEN on all those sites where nothing but women, gay men and betas inhabit???

  38. It’s funny how easy it is for a girl to be attractive, and they still complain about how “hard” it is.
    Yup, growing your hair is going to kill you because of the amount of effort that goes into it!

  39. One I would add is, “Shut the hell up once in a while.” Men are thinkers and planners and fixers and doers. Much of that has to be done inside the head before it is put it in play in the real world. It is just how men are. If a man’s thinking (SJWs call it brooding), just hush up and wait quietly while things get worked out. Constantly yapping and asking, “what are you thinking” interferes with the process.

      1. Yeah, it’s like I was telling the other guy in the Toronto post, it’s like Toronto, with legal weed.

  40. Brace yourselves… the Feminazi trolls will be here soon to whine about how awful an article this is, when in fact it is not awful in the slightest. Just a sensible list of suggestions and nothing more.

        1. Hello Shep! In the bustle of New Year celebration, somehow I’m not sure, if I already wished you a happy one, or not. just in case, Happy
          Healthy & Prosperous New Year to you, my Friend & your loved ones.
          ( better twice than never, and be sorry forever; that’s what she says! )

        2. No she just got roped into fighting for the cause, but deep down she knows giving up fucking men is a better solution all round.

  41. #1 doesn’t bother me. In fact, dirty talk is one of the hottest things for me personally. If I meet a girl & she drops an F-bomb at any point, I pretty much just discovered it will be easier to get her naked.

    1. Yes. I dated a girl from Boston. Every other word was ‘fuck’. Had her in the sack on the first date. Like, immediately after dinner.

  42. Do you honestly think that women dress the way they do to please you? Women dress for themselves. They dress to feel confident in themselves. Sometimes they’ll wear the tightest fucking dresses, and sometimes they’ll dress in leather jackets and jeans. But I can guarantee you, no woman is waking up in the morning picking out her outfit based off of what men want for them. LOL

    1. “Women dress for themselves. They dress to feel confident in themselves. Sometimes they’ll wear the
      tightest fucking dresses, and sometimes they’ll dress in leather jackets
      and jeans.”
      And as the Last Psychiatrist tells us, as with all narcissists, that’s precisely the fucking problem.

      1. Narcissism is defined as “Excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.” I disagree that putting effort into their appearance is being narcissistic on women’s part. Men dress up too. Men wear nice suits, and buy nice watches, why? To feel confident. There is a vast difference between Narcissism and self love.

        1. “There is a vast difference between Narcissism and self love.”
          The fact you think that is a rather potent demonstration of the problem with millennials, and in particular, millennial women.

        2. So do you not love yourself? Do you not enjoy feeling confident? Whatever, it doesn’t matter, but I hope you’re happy. Not trying to be spiteful, but I sincerely hope you’re at a good place in your life, and I hope that you love yourself. Thanks

        3. The reason you’re saying “Whatever, it doesn’t matter” is because you don’t think of me as a real person with real desires or real points of view. You just see me as a set of characters on a screen, a troll and a tertiary actor of the play in which you are the protagonist.
          That is the defining trait of a narcissist.

    2. Quit White Knighting and GTFO. Biologically, yes women want to attract men and they will dress to impress men, even if they don’t realize it and it’s subconscious… despite them often trying to deny it consciously.
      Otherwise, things like cleavage-revealing shirts for women would not exist.

  43. What kills me about the women’s magazines is the stupity and vapidness of the supposed advice they give. Just watch the headlines on the covers. Every month new articles claiming “The Best Workout” and the best diet, and shit. How could they have a new program every single month about the same thing and saying it’s the best? And those magazines sell! Just shows the short female attention span and gullibility in accepting any easy solution.

  44. 9 Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive:
    1. Stop Cursing
    2. Hit the gym
    3. Quit eating out and hit the cookbooks
    4. Learn a hobby
    5. Cut your hair
    6. Smile
    7. Think before speaking
    8. Dress like an elf
    9. Don’t post sexist misogynistic crap online.
    See how easy it is to be a dick, you adorable little “philosopher king”?

  45. I’m expected to work out, but I can’t wear anything a man can wear, so what do I work out in? Sweats and leggings are out, since men do wear those. Tennis shoes make up a majority of men’s footwear, so that’s also a no go.. I can’t go naked, or else I would be asking to be raped, and also that’s not very modest.. Can someone mansplain this to me please?

  46. This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. I am a 20 year old girl who is an athlete, dresses in clothes mostly made for men (besides leggings of course), has more than one tattoo and has ZERO problem finding guys who like me and would like to pursue something more than just friendship. The fact that it is “expected” for women to smile at you, and to “dress like a girl” and especially learn a hobby and know how to cook? You all need to reevaluate your lives. You’re all disgusting for agreeing with this article at all.

    1. Right? They agree women should dress to attract men, but they can’t even agree on what that is lol. If you do what you love, you attract people who are on the same page. It’s just not that hard to lock down a great guy… I think it’s just a super struggle for them because they have a narrow target that is also disappearing. I’ve been half-enjoying this site because everything is just SO DIFFICULT for them.

    2. That men want to fuck you establishes only that desperate men will lower their standards. Doesn’t make you special or the article any less true.

      1. I’m glad I found this again. It’s funny that you are able to make such assumptions about me while literally knowing NOTHING about me. It does make me wonder, however, what exactly you look like. Also, I’m a little curious, have you been successful in dating? Or are you a lonely misogynistic pig?

  47. Well I guess it’s time for some honesty. Haa. If it weren’t so sad, it would be kind of cute or funny, how you crank out all these rules and lists of things you want or think you deserve. Like anyone outside of your own group cares what you want…
    I dress and act to attract people I actually want to be friends with, date or have sex with. That’s pretty common. If so many women are dressing/acting in ways that don’t attract you, take the hint. That’s biology and brains coming together to edge you out. Every tattoo or short haircut is a pretty clear message: “I don’t want you.” It’s not that they don’t know you don’t like it. Just: lol, you guys. We’re not having it. And who in their right mind would? I’ve seen comments/articles on here talking about how women are stupid and pick the “bad guys”, and it’s like you don’t know you are the obviously bad choice… (angry, unsupportive, abusive)
    Why do you think you have to work so hard at that “game”? When a guy’s smart and fun and sexy — and not covering up a mountain of unattractive philosophies and attitudes — it just isn’t that hard to want to be with him. You’re too out of touch and decent dick is just too abundant, for the most part we can’t be bothered.
    Basically: If a girl’s unattractive to you, you should leave her alone because that’s probably the point.

  48. Opinions are just perspective.. except these are all extremely selfish and hypocritical opinions? I have gauges, additional ear piercings, two nose piercings (each side), very subtle purple hair, and a growing collection of tattoos. I swear, I smoke (definitely not cigarettes however), usually wear little to no makeup, have NO idea how to walk in heels, and practice various mediums for my art. I’m almost always freezing so dresses/skirts are difficult to wear, all my meals are home cooked by myself, and my diet is probably 99% plants – I’m healthy as fuck and my skin is kind of awesome as a result. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, and my long term boyfriend is most attracted to me when I am clearly comfortable and content with myself and decisions. Instead of telling your lady how to live her life, why not allow her to do what fufills her and see how much joy genuine happiness and acceptance can bring. There’s a difference between physical standards/preferences and encouraging someone to change themselves for your benefit.

  49. You guys really hate women, don’t you? Are you all just closeted gays who can’t admit that your issues stem from denying your homosexuality? I have no issues with you being gay, but at least admit what you are instead of bashing women all the time.

    1. Woman hate on men all the time as well. I see no difference between some articles that RoK posts compared to social media trends like #wastehistime.
      Men and women tear each other apart these days, hookup culture makes marriage and even honest attempts at serial monogamy impossible, and both genders end up hurt and depressed/angry.
      Then both sides try solving it by either abstaining from our society altogether or doing to another what was done to them.
      I don’t think homosexuals hate woman. They tend to have many female friends.

    2. Actually, you do have an issue with homosexuals, seeing as you’re using it as a term of insult. Like a lot of women, you’re a homophobe.

  50. Dont tell women to shame masculine women, bc i can tell you any woman who gender policed me will not be pretty for long. I will bust open any feminine womans face who criticises me for my masculine womanhood.

    1. Why the usual straw man argument, but with a new sock puppet?
      No one says that women *HAVE* to live *ONLY* to please men. You can do as you please. Like anything else, there are benefits and costs to any action you take. It’s entitled Western women that think *NOTHING* should have a consequence if your a woman. You can “do as you please” and everyone must bow before you and say you are a perfect being. This is *NOT* and exaggeration. This is exactly how you feminists trolls act. You delude yourself to believe that no one counts but yourself. When reality shows you otherwise you demand “safe spaces”. Grow up, kid. Like it or not, you all depend on *MEN* to keep your environment safe. You really should start respecting that other people count… yes… even *MEN*.

  51. Very useful. Are there more articles like this? I need them to be honest and I am scared of asking for advice anywhere else. Thank you beforehand. Also, pardon if my English is bad. It is not my first language.

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