2017 Is The Beginning Of A New Cycle In Western Civilization

Last year has ended and a new year has begun. To the liberals, 2016 turned to be an annus horribilis, full of politically incorrect triumphs and events one could not have hoped even two years ego. To us, it was at least one of the most interesting and stimulating years we went through—and 2017 seems replete of potentialities still hard to gauge precisely.

If you add up each digit of the number 2016, you get a 9. If you do the same with the number 2017, what you get is a 1. 2016 was the end of a cycle, the ultimate accumulation of the exhausted potentialities of a now-past time, whereas 2017 starts something afresh.

Even if you believe numerology is little more than superstition, no one will wish that things just keep going as they did. Any continuity with the Bush-Obama eras seems debarred from our minds and day-to-day vocabulary.

In many aspects last year has been a prodigious, prophetic one. We’ve seen the British successfully vote their country out of the bureaucratic monster called EU, the Italians drive out a Prime Minister who owed his place to globalist elites, and more importantly the Americans elect a yellow-haired desperado, the real estate mogul Donald Trump.

The past two months have been especially action-packed. Trump’s election was deemed impossible, disregarded before it didn’t happen—and it happened in a thunderclap. The mainstream media has been melting down ever more noticeably, ruining the illusion it is fatly paid to maintain at all times. Salafi terrorists, though supported by the globalist elites, have been driven out of Aleppo in Syria, and said country managed to get a ceasefire without the usual Uncle Sam’s intervention. All these show substantial parts of the geopolitical equilibrium shifting swiftly and dramatically.

The end of the Cold War saw the apparently universal triumph of liberal democracy. One world, one crowd, one only possible future and one debilitating consumerist culture supposed to fit all—embrace the global melting-pot. For sure, September 11 attacks dealt a powerful blow to the US’ supposed invulnerability as the spearhead of the globalist New World Order. Some confusedly sensed that the World Trade Center collapse marked the end of an era, but since that, most political events happened through a tedious rhythm similar to the SJW’s “long walk through the institutions.” Well, this isn’t the case anymore, and the rapid pace of last year events makes it harder to deny that the emperor’s naked.

In politics, the Leftist establishment kept using essentially conservative arguments, such as calling Trump and the Alt-Right “un-American,” arguing that those who already hold the institutions are “educated” or that we are causing ideological war and so on. In the administrations, whether in the US, among the EU unelected technocrat or in Swiss banks, in the NGOs, media groups and academia, thousands of globocrats and social engineers are feeling like they’re going for a wild ride. They want the world to remain as it was during the Bush-Obama eras. They are the only ones who want it.


Of course, and as if they were no more than the embodiment of exhausted potentialities, their only answer to more and more evident problems consists in doing the same things than before. EU shows unable to protect its member countries against swarms of invasive immigrants? Less sovereignty, less room for decision, more EU! Crime spreads in unprotected zones just as the US deep State strengthens its spying grip on civilians? There must still be too many boundaries and protections. Wind them down! Replace the walls of your house—if you can still afford one—with pane glasses, give up all cash and pay everything with a traceable credit card. If you’ve got a problem with the lenient treatment liberal-cherished groups get and with the harsh ways the establishment deals with you, the problem must be yours.

These complacent apparatchiks, who always lauded themselves as “progressive” pioneers, are now nervously roaming on an empty platform, hiding their eyes from how the twenty-first century train ran away without them. Less than a decade ago, they enjoyed despising openly what they deemed conservative or reactionary, and now, they keep negating reality and trying to force-apply erroneous solutions. History is disproving their doctrine—and, to me at least, this feels immensely satisfying.

Tangentially related to the globalist establishment’s lack of smartness are the widely broadcast events of Syria. This Middle Eastern country was showered with global attention and will remain a symbol, but not because of the reasons the elite would like. Instead, the victory of Bashar Al-Assad’s legitimate government shows the failure of a behind-the-scenes scheme connecting the US Deep State with the worst kinds of Islam through the House of Saud. Parts of the scheme have been appearing on various operational theatres during the last thirty years. The liberation of East Aleppo, though, suddenly unearthed a wider picture, full of CIA and MI6 officers, of NATO military advisers, of weaponry from Western countries, and covered by the thick propaganda system of mainstream media.

The Islamist regression strategy was greatly helped by US intelligence for various reasons, including driving the USSR off Afghanistan. By an ironic and perhaps fair historical twist, Russia is the first one contributing today to rout said strategy off the Middle East. Between those two points in time, Islamist extremism contributed to destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan for the second time, Libya, Syria, Tunisia… as well as turning, in less than a generation, the peaceful Schengen area in a zone of fear and intrusive policing.


Also ironically, the European countries who led themselves entering this dirty game out of unwillingness to stand independently will likely be the most affected. Invaded by millions of fresh immigrants to top other millions of older, but barely more civilized ones, Europe seems now far from peace, stability and economic prosperity for generations.

The red pill has been swallowed by millions, doubtlessly a bit thanks to our own efforts, but mostly because of how harsh and bitter the West has become. Time has come to struggle openly and take the reins of these societies we’ve been stolen from.

We live in a rather strange world where entering into a political, media or academic career implies a daily self-censorship about important parts of reality and hoping we won’t get attacked from above—the institutionally entrenched SJWs—or below—the violent BLM-type crowds. The topics that matter, what really tugs front and back of our consciousness, can only be discussed on the outskirts of society.

What can we do with our current elites? Why these professorships, these “researchers” and other “-watchers” who keep flooding the mainstream outlets with a mixture of hysteria, pompousness and more or less real whistle-blowing about stuff that doesn’t really matter to us? Why journalists when they do better know how to judge than how to make research? Why college where tuition are higher than a life’s wage and where SJW madness reigns supreme?

A potential “Trumpist” deep State notwithstanding, it will be hard to starve HR-like bureaucracies and repel the bad laws and jurisprudence that still hand over our heads. As long as they hold on their institutional positions and maintain their influence networks, mostly through revolving doors, they can maintain their bubble and scold the now not-so-silent majority. Indeed, as long as reality does not take the form of flesh and blood barbarians at the gate, it is much easier to discuss about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin than to put forth “offensive” issues.


2017 is the beginning of a cycle of awareness, if only because pretending not to see has become quite hard. The new cycle we’re entering into seems dangerous, loaded with more instability than the Bush-Obama eras, but also highly interesting, full of yet untapped potentialities, and—at last!—hopeful.

The elite’s “fake news” narrative and the subsequent cracking down they are planning proves how desperate they are to maintain their grip. Their open repression allows for much less pseudo-blissfulness than the usual left-drifting they did under the name of a “progress” that was anything but spontaneous. But they won’t hold, and, just like Hillary, they will likely fall ignominiously.

The earthquake has been deep—deep enough to be providential. Many of us were born and raised losers, dragged through an effeminizing, debilitating education, unarmed to fight the intense competitions of a globalized world, the unrestrained hypergamy of women and the outright violence of so-called minorities. Had the world kept on its course without a tremor, most of us would still be isolated and deprived of a meaningful existence. The cracks in the elite were where we started to rise.

We don’t have much pre-established doctrines. We don’t need them—we’ve got the concepts, the outlooks, and fights to do. Personal improvement is a road all of us take or have taken, and this alone makes us abler than those who, caught off-guard, keep burying their heads in the mainstream media sand.

The US conglomerate of Big Corp and Nanny State, as well as its EU bureaucratic equivalent, realized the sinister prophecy C. S. Lewis penned in his Abolition of Man: the reign of heartless and spineless men, moved by fear and petty political calculations. Under that reign, the showdowns that will come this year and beyond will serve as a rejuvenating bath. The cucks and other traitors will fall, even if they still hold pretty much everything mainstream. We’ve soaked up knowledge and can push our abilities far enough to get a grip.

As neomasculinity wins, as the alternative media become the new mainstream, and as everything that opposed us will melt down, our mission lies in becoming again what we are.

Best wishes for the year to come.

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137 thoughts on “2017 Is The Beginning Of A New Cycle In Western Civilization”

  1. You should add the next step to that picture: “good times create weak men”. Then the cycle begins anew.

    1. I thought the same thing. We are entering “hard times create strong men” and then “strong men create good times.” We have to teach people that we’ll end up right back where we were f we are not careful.

  2. Well we just have a few cancerous faggot ideologies to deal with, like feminism, Islam and communism. That’s not much, we’re just gonna need more ovens. See y’all in paradise

  3. It’s our job to be the strong men to begin this new order. But as R.G. Lee famously said: “When women sag morally, men sag morally”. Women need to stop being the consumerist vapid airheads they are and actually devote themselves to family and glory.

    1. Women follow men, not the other way around.

        1. I am convinced that the convention of opening a door for a woman was created so we can smell their perfume and check out their ass…in a polite way….the same way that a martini is just a fancy way of ordering 3 shots of straight booze without seeming like an alky

        2. I cannot believe I never thought of that!
          Of course, we know that the romantic idea of chivalry derives from similarly masculine roots. I may have to take some time this year to contemplate how many other of our inherited traditions have rational and beneficial origins.

        3. the best : letting a woman going upstairs before you. most of them who accept to go do know why men do that.

        4. You should see how perfectly I have mastered opening a door for a woman and putting my hand suggestively on the small of her back. I might as well open her mouth and check her teeth. If it doesn’t make her smile I know I am not getting laid and basically just write the date off. But for the most part they fucking love it.

        5. The original idea of Chivalry was a worldview that promoted separate roles for men and women.
          Over time, it was corrupted into a discreet way for noble-born women to commit adultery, and now is a concept that puts all duty on the man, and all rights on the woman.

        6. I volunteer to wash the dishes as long as my wife puts away the knives and cups. She has to brush by me with her boobs. (usually ends with a little grinding) It’s became a running joke that my kids just don’t get (nor should they).

        7. I find myself doing that absent-minded. I think it came about as a ‘hurry the eff up” thing.

        8. Women love to be treated like objects, what they resent is other women being treated like objects.

        9. agreed, but I think they are talking about the Disneyfied fairy tales.
          Trivia tid bit…..The original story of Cinderella had the evil step sisters whittle off their chunks of their feet and then the prince noticing blood in the slippers.

        10. Yeah. What became the romantic notion of the code of chivalry was essentially a real-life “bro code.”
          Sure, it only barely resembled what we usually think of as “chivalry”, but walk back far enough and you find some sensible things for a savage age and a savage people.

        11. Can you elaborate a bit on that “noble-born women to commit adultery”.. Have sort of picked this up in period films but never quite got it

        12. Yea sensible things as in use women as tools to better your position in the world and dont let them use you. If she wants to be treated as a princess marry her off to loaded family to secure wealth

      1. For good they do. At church or charitable functions, I see lots of married women go by themselves, rarely do I see married men go to church when their wife doesn’t follow. If the guy goes, the women will follow.
        Adventures are the same, guys will take their wives out hunting or hiking trips. Rarely will a man go with his wife to a quilting bee or something else the woman wants.
        Where it is either way is when going to do something bad. Both married men and women will hook up on tinder.

      2. You got it. Men need to stop waiting for women to be any better when they don’t have to.

    2. We men must lead them. If we make it hard to be this way (stop subsidizing stupidity), they will follow and weak men will follow after them.

    1. Even ugly women do in some cases. I think Whopee Goldberg has a long time man….poor bastard.

      1. It is possible that her long time man is actually also whoopee Goldberg. Not only is it plausible judging by looks but it also seems like the kind of nutty comedy she would be involved in

  4. GOY (Game of Year) in 2017 goes to the Alt-Right hit piece ‘Angy Goy’.
    Wow, that was an early awarding. 2017 really starts great.
    You can watch a full walkthrough right here or you can download it from the link in the video description and play it yourself:

  5. The cycle is endless and only addressed by vigilance.
    In the early 20th century, weak men gave us a slough of legislative changes that would bring about, among other things, the feminist movement (and the “right” of universal suffrage) and the Great Depression.
    Out of the Great Depression and the World Wars came strong men. These strong men gave us Integrated Circuits, National Highways, Space Travel, Computers, etc.
    These things given to us by the strong men made good times, as we had new ways to communicate, glorious new technologies to make our lives easier (including, but not limited to, calculators, refrigerators, microwaves).
    The good things the strong men gave us made a generation of weak men who would cause all the problems we have addressed over the past few years and more. We have men who think they’re too good to do good work for honest pay, women who are confused and miserable about everything, and a nation that seems to think that it’s better to go to war with a fellow superpower than make friends.
    These weak men gave us bad times, and strong men are being born every day. Only strong men born in hard times, learning from the failures of the aging and impotent weak men, will be able to “Make America Great Again.”

    1. Do read the original work, Maqadama (Introduction to History) by Ibn Khaldun, and it has the keys to make America and the West Great Again – it is the cycle of history, alphas, to betas, to Omega cucks, to barbarian invasions

  6. Trumpism is not a reset to the 1900s, or even the 1950s, but the liberalism of the 1990s.
    The only thing that will redeem the West is spiritual awakening. Trump (by himself) will not do that; he is not Franco or Putin.
    At best Trump is probably an inflection point; the beast continues to slouch toward Bethlehem.

    1. I am holding out hope that you are wrong– I get the feeling that, just maybe, something truly unexpected could happen.

      1. No, I believe that Vox is probably correct. He will give us some breather room and do a little draining of the swamp but if the USA doesn’t have a spiritual awakening, we will quickly revert back. Trump is not that person but he might pave the way for one.

        1. It isn’t a leader that I am looking for. It is a cultural shift.
          People know something is wrong. They can’t put their finger on it, or express it, but they know. My hope is that Trump will give people social permission to call bullshit, wherever and whenever they get that bullshit force fed to them.
          That having been said, Trump seems to have protected more American jobs as President Elect than what were protected in 16 years of Bush and Obama. Economic confidence is up, the dollar is at a nearly-15-year high in anticipation of his policies. Why are people protesting this guy, again?

  7. If Hillary was elected, I bet, you would have been predicting an Armageddon while totally disregarding the other two events you mention (the Brexit and the Italian referendum). The election result was pretty close so the possibility for Hilary win was very high.
    This Trump personality cult is in fact a sign of desperation rather than anything else. The decline f the West started with the Age of Enlightenment and as far as the real history is concerned the trend hasn’t changed since then.

    1. Folks are hoping that Trump is the first step on the road to a better America. When a child performs its first steps it falls down, but what matters is that it gets back up and keeps trying.

      1. Trump is for the conservatives what Obama was for the liberals – hope.
        We’ve been Obamed … yet … again.

      1. Thats roosh, quintus, corey savage and the author > pi.
        Taqiyya game in action, more like loser game. Check out your sad history and make a better decision

  8. Irish youtube commenter seems to think europe is waking up and will be taking action, anybody agree with his assertions?

    1. He hopes that through democracy we can overthrow the rule of the banking elite. What a fool! How many time do these people have to play the election game to finally figure it out that it’s rigged against them?
      Do you think it will work?
      p.s. He sounds English not Irish.

      1. You can get arrested for that kind of thing in the fascist UK at the moment. So either he’s British and not living in the UK or is somehow shielded from the insane UK laws. He has guts for putting his face up there. Or he’s really stupid for doing it. 😉

        1. He fully supports Zionist Israel, multiculturalism and globalist policy.
          Only criticizes Muslims which is approved as long as it doesn’t negate the above.
          Its the same as puppets like Geert wilders that represent a new controlled ‘right’

        2. I don’t care about Israel. Supporting multiculturalism would seem at odds with the statements I heard him say. Similarly with the globalist stuff.
          But then, I didn’t listen to his whole spiel so you may be right and he’s just another British sounding nutter. 😉

        3. Ah born in Dublin. Looks like I was getting thrown off the Irish scent by that crazy Dublin accent again. (This happens all the time. It is fun to see the Irish get upset over somebody thinking they’re Brits though. :-D)
          If he’s in Ireland anyway than he’s still OK. For now…

        4. “If he’s in Ireland anyway than he’s still OK. For now…”
          I hear ya but I would assume that Youtube does not care if he’s from the UK or Ireland. The fact that his youtube channel has not been shut down is a mystery to me.

        5. Oh that’s a good point. Maybe he somehow has managed to stay under the radar so far. Weird.

        6. The day he criticizes Israel or the Jew he will be pounced on and condemned for Anti Semitic hate speech. Even though ironically Arabs are the real Semites.

      2. “p.s. He sounds English not Irish”
        Actually you are correct. I read that he was born in Ireland, but raised in England.
        I agree with you regarding the bigger picture of things – and democracy is almost laughable when one knows how things actually go on in the World. But for right now, first thing is getting rid of the lower primate insurgents that were brought in as a Trojan horse.

    2. They probably will, just like Europe finally stood up to the Nazis after Poland was invaded and carved up. . However, expulsion of the Muslims will not be an easy task.

      1. ” However, expulsion of the Muslims will not be an easy task”
        Not sure – I’ve actually seen youtube videos of some europeans fighting back and many migrants do run away when aggression is directed back at them. I think what might be happening is the reputation that the europeans are uber-cucked can give migrants a false sense of over confidence. As the number of europeans get fed up increases, one of the migrants is bound to piss off the wrong european – and bam! the long awaited killing spree could get set off. This is similar to how the french revolution started.

        1. You know, that reminds of something I saw even before all this mess started. A German guy was in Venice and one of those moronic Pakistani idiots shot off one of those … Chinese things that flies in the air and glows. Well it happened to hit the woman the German guy was with in the head. The German guy grabbed it, stomped the hell out of it and I think said in German for the idiot to go to… hell. (Could have been more colorful, I’m not good with German.) Not just the one, but every single Pakistani “vendor” ran as if their lives were about over. Cleared out the whole campo in seconds. It was incredible. I almost wanted to go over and shake the guys hand, it was that beautiful. 🙂
          So I don’t know, it was only one German but maybe there is some hope to turn this around. Got to think positive sometimes at least! 🙂

    3. I was rooting for Trump for this very reason and I hope it’s true.
      Matteo Renzi resigned as Prime Minister of Italy a month back after his referendum showed that the Italian population did not support his proposed new government. Renzi proposed that he would appoint his own cabinet to form a more efficient government but the people voted against it. It was speculated that the reason the Italians rejected his proposal was because they no longer trust the EU (i.e., top-down liberal control) and do not want any representatives they do not elect themselves.
      I came across this Youtube video yesterday about how the Italian police chief Franco Gabrielli is cracking down on illegal immigration and enacting a zero tolerance policy. I’m not convinced yet that the Italians are finally grabbing their balls and protecting Rome, but it’s refreshing to see some good signs.

      1. “. I’m not convinced yet that the Italians are finally grabbing their balls and protecting Rome, but it’s refreshing to see some good signs”
        I hear ya Clark. Although it may not seem like much, it does appear that the italians are the first eu nation to actually take logistic actions to stop the migration spread.
        ps.: the pisanos would do good to get rid of that heretic of a pope they currently have.

    4. Anecdotal, but… I’m not hearing a damn thing positive about migrants. As I’ve been settling into the current town I’m staying at the comments are getting worse.. and worse. (Meaning, more and more sane! :-D) I think it just takes a bit for people to open up. But when they do… WOW. Hell, I just wanted them shipped out. There are some -other- solutions that are a lot … harsher being suggested. Makes me wonder if Europe does wake up fully that it might be a bloodbath. :-S

      1. There will be an event, a behaviour, which marks a tipping point, where basically what everybody is thinking suddenly turns to action. Think of how a small opening of the Berlin wall through a miscommunication rapidly spread to all the checkpoints opening up as no-one really believed in it anymore. Won’t be quite as dramatic as that but might start as some border control people finally have had enough and deviate from the command that comes from above like the wall example. A Spanish policeman recently lost an eye controlling the border http://www.euronews.com/2017/01/02/migrants-storm-border-fence-into-spain-s-ceuta-enclave how much more of this are they going to take..

    5. When minorities revolt, neighborhoods burn. When the white man revolts, continents burn.

  9. Two very worrying trends to look out for in the new 2017:
    1. Universal Basic Income. The pilot scheme has kicked off in Finland where all unemployed people will get $560 a month regardless of whether they work or not.
    2. The continuous push to completely abolish cash. Again it is the Scandinavian countries lead by Sweden where this Orwellian experiment will take place – retailers already are legally entitled to refuse coins and notes. It is expected that by 2020 Swedish economy will be totally cashless.
    Fabian style socialism is what awaits the West, not a revival of traditionalism.

    1. The way Sweden is going, there won’t be a Sweden in 2020. 😉
      But yes, the cashless push is quite troubling. I always chuckle when Tim (I’m-So-Brave-Because-I’m-Gay) Cook says he wants to kill cash. I’m in a country right now where that’s just not happening. THANK GOD! 🙂

    2. I hate the idea of a UBI, but within 10 years the unemployment rate in the US is going to be running at between 40% and 80%. Conservatives are realists. Realistically, when you have that many people chronically unemployed, either you provide some means of support or you prepare for rioting on a massive scale. Leftists want to roll out a UBI and pay for it by taxing those of us who are still gainfully employed. But we can eliminate all federal taxes by converting from our current debt-based currency to a government-backed currency (which makes at least as much sense–or as little–as BitCoin), which also would allow us to eliminate all federal taxes. In his first novel, published posthumously, Robert Heinlein proved that, mathematically, this can work. Heinlein’s model was to index the Treasury’s annual issuance of currency to the population. Martin Armstrong’s model is to limit it to a percent of GDP. What about inflation? As long as the supply of currency is balanced against demand, there will be no inflation. I was taught the Chicago School version of inflation, which, ironically, a lot of people today who claim to be Austrians (Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux among them) confuse with the Austrian definition, and by that Monetarist view, this would cause inflation. But when I posted a video on the subject one person posted a link to an Austrian article that did allow for supply and demand, and as long as confidence in the currency does not falter (drop in demand), price inflation will not be a problem. Hence, absent anything else that would cause a crisis in confidence, balancing supply with demand will mitigate against inflation even in a government-backed currency economy, and use this as the means to fund a UBI. Yes, but the moral hazards of a UBI… Yes, moral hazard is absolutely a problem and in an age when most of what we currently call work is done by automation millions of people will choose to live the life of a parasite. It’s awful to contemplate but less odious than the far more violent “zombie apocalypse” alternative.

      1. When internet became popular I was optimistic about knowledge being spread easily and reaching people it did not reach previously.
        However, with the spread of social media, seeing mediocre characters like Stefan Molyneux (a “historian”) spreading his “thoughts” makes me cringe.

        1. Don’t get why people don’t like Stefan, he puts out a lot of solid stuff and manages to circumvent lefty questioning.

        2. BetterDeadThanRed is just jealous of Molyneux, that is why he doesn’t back up his reasoning with an actual reason. He, like the bitch he is, operates on emotions (“cringe”) not logic.

        3. Stefan’s conversations with random callers crack me up so much. The last one was gold but I was hoping for a water buffalo to be mentioned at some point.
          BetterRed is not a bad dude and I agree with him on a number of issues and never really seen him crying. Maybe a bit heavy handed at times.

        4. Knowledge only spreads to those who want it. Most of us choose to only seek what we want to confirm. No matter how wide the internet is, there will always be a majority of people who refuse to learn answers that contradict their feelings, world view or previously held beliefs.

        5. Don’t pay too much attention to user “De Ge”.
          Circumventing lefty questioning is not that complicated. Actually, circumventing any questioning is very easy through facts and internet. Also, sharing enemies does not make me like someone. That’s why I am also critic with Milo.
          BTW, Molyneux (and his wife) had strong mommy-daddy issues. We know how fucked up people become when they have troubles when growing up. Take a look on his resentful thoughts on family.
          I am not saying he is a bad guy, just that he does not hold enough authority for me to have a consideration of him. IMO, he is just a pushy guy who made it on the internet, thanks its lack of social filters, like many others.

        6. I agree. Internet is exposing people, we included, to constant self-validation.

        7. Being relevant on the internet it is much easier and with potential broader scope than being relevant by conventional means. It just takes a pair of balls, some savings and time. Making it in a “presential” field, like academics, business or government requires face-to-face interaction which filters people, by making things much slower and leading to narrower scope. If you make it in academia, business or government, is because in some form or another, you’ve been validated by people over the years. On the internet, things are much more unidirectional: a person reaches a mass of followers, and that person does not require tight validation from followers to be successful. See self-publishing or revenue through internet ads.

      2. I don’t agree with the moral hazard theory. There will be plenty of scope and new avenues for driven intelligent people to apply themselves. Sure the bottom rung of the employment market will not exist. And will be replaced by UBI. But you could say it is something like vaccination. Initially it might have been expensive. But slowly it becomes so cheap that it can be made universal. At any rate UBI is nothing more than glorified social security.

    3. 1. Communist scum pushed for UBI back during the industrial revolution because sane unbrainwashed people never willingly supported their cause. Innovation doesn’t destroy jobs; it displaces them. There will always be jobs after robots. Don’t for once fall for a communist punk (who can’t provide you with one example of successful Communism/Socialism) ever convince you of UBI.
      2. Once your speech (internet), freedom of movement(self driving cars), and currency (digital commerce) is controlled…you are controlled.
      Have comfort in the American way and the fact that their European cousins will continue to fuck up their idiotic social experiments as a warning to all. Europe has much bigger things brewing than UBI and digi currencey. They won’t ever reach that point of worry. Its time to rip off the band aid in 2017.

      1. I agree with a lot of what you writing here but the notion: “Innovation doesn’t destroy jobs; it displaces them. There will always be jobs after robots” is really debatable to say the least… High unemployment in all developed countries is not a problem of lack of unskilled or untrained or unwilling people to work but rather of shortage of actual jobs for people to work and earn their living…Automation has made physical labor almost obsolete and this why all developed counties have economies based on services and not on actual production of goods. All countries need to manufacture white or blue collar “jobs” (which in essence are not producing anything with actual value) in order to have at least an amount of people working to keep the consumerist machine working…
        For more information, you should watch this interesting clip : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU&t=6s

        1. Have you heard of Buckminster Fuller, the famous design engineer? He has a book on automation called Education Automation (1969), it is a great read.

      2. There have been displaced jobs, but this past election has shown us that this doesn’t matter to most people. When manufacturing jobs are no longer necessary within the confines of our borders, do you think those people just decide to get new jobs? Or do they protest, revolt, and make us keep jobs for them?
        Innovation displaces jobs, and some people will not be able to get the kind of jobs innovation brings.
        [Not that I’m arguing against innovation or am scared of robots taking my job. Just that I understand a person who can’t do more than push a button will be upset if we outsource his button pushing or create a button pushing bot.]

    4. 2 is especially worrisome. As far as 1 I myself prefer free income to a dead end job. Nothing prevents me from having more ambition as an extra option. I doubt UBI is economically feasible though.

    5. Why is taking piece of paper whose value exists in our minds inherently better than other alternatives?

      1. Let’s say the government wrongly accuses you of being a terrorist and blocks your bank account.

        1. Then I wouldn’t be able to get any piece of paper. That seems like a con to using paper. I’d still be able to use Bitcoin, gold, or bartering my chicken eggs. Why is paper better?

  10. Ah…the pride cycle. You see it everywhere. Women are adored in their youth, get prideful and slut around, they then live their adulthood alone with cats.

    1. I like the ones that seem proud of it somehow. “Yay me! I live alone with cats.” Amusing to no end. 🙂

  11. Many of us were born and raised losers, dragged through an effeminizing, debilitating education, unarmed to fight the intense competitions of a globalized world, the unrestrained hypergamy of women and the outright violence of so-called minorities. Had the world kept on its course without a tremor, most of us would still be isolated and deprived of a meaningful existence
    Very poignant paragraph. Stay woke, and wake others, it’s our duty.

    1. I don’t know, I am pretty strong and I plan to have a nice petite young spinner ride me until my toes curl this weekend.

  12. That illustration up top is GREAT. I’m stealing it.
    However, I think it ought to be 4 panels. The cycle should either start, or end, with Good times create weak men.
    Either way, tits out to here bruh

  13. Numerology is fascinating…anybody notice how a lot of people have been cranky lately – short with one another, snapping at everybody around them. It’s another crazy angle to some, but Mercury is in retrograde, until January 9th (another five days). I used to think all of that stuff was nuts. Not so much these days. Ronnie Reagan was big into astrology; so were kings and warlords of days gone by. The old ways are sneered at now, by the scientifically inclined – but scientists are point men who protect the interests of rich bastards. So there you go…nice article, AD.

    1. Or….
      This is the EXACT time of year that everybody goes on their “New Year’s Resolution Diet” which fucks with their metabolism and blood sugars such that they’re cranky.

      1. Only problem is, I’ve been seeing it for a couple of weeks before January 1st. But there must be a scientific explanation. Whether or not that explanation resides within the realm of modern-day science, or old-school science (back when astrology and numerology were parts of that venue), remains to be seen.

  14. Islam supports the aims of “Return of Kings”, they have their women under control, their women are faithful and their men are manly. Islam should be welcomed and praised not opposed and feared.

    1. No, fuck that. They are not our people, they are not our tribe. I do not buy into your Globalist approach towards Islam.

      1. You seem to accept Latinos, Jews and Asians, so why not Muslims? More non-whites are born in the USA than whites now, why the problem. Who exactly do you think is your tribe?

        1. Who said I accept the Jews? They are the main enemy, more so than Islam will ever be!
          On the other hand, I am not an American, so I can not speak in their name (I assume that you assumed that I am an American).
          My tribe is my nation (Hungarian) and my greater tribe is white, Christian, European people (or European origin). The rest are OTHERS for me, Juden included.

    2. I wasn’t aware that our aims consisted of beheading people in the public square and having morality police out issuing lashes to anybody they see who doesn’t meet up to whatever religious code that they have in place.
      If you’re going to try to smear then at least try to put more effort into it.

    3. Muslim men are the opposite of manly. Their religion practises polygamy, meaning there is an underclass of men, often 90% of a town mens in certain areas, who are without a wife, as some rich fuck takes them all for himself. Those men then go out looking for children to fuck, especially young boys, as it isn’t classed as homosexuality until the boy is 13. How are they manly when they would rape a woman given the chance, and, like niggers, pack hunt women to gang rape. How is that manly? Muslim countries, according to Google, have the highest rates of porn usership, due the the former issue of polygamy. They have to expand/ conquer to get wives, or die with the illusion that they will get wives. They are, essentially, the ultimate cucks as they have let a few wealthy men fuck every woman and leave them nothing but a shitty book which tells them its okay, you’ll get pussy in the afterlife. Also, because they pracist circumcision, their ability to absord pain is really low (hence Amir Khan gets KTFO so easily). In street fights Muslims always lose, always. BTW it is an illusion to say they control their women, as polygamy is inherently based on the nature of females. Believe it or not, Muslim women don’t mind wearing all of that shit on their head and sharing the same husband. Most of those women are lazy and can’t be bothered to (try) look attractive, so hiding behind a veil is a releif for them. Look at how fat they get, fat ugly mussie bitches hiding their gross features behind a hijab.

    1. I hope Trump doesn’t get a Nobel Prize during his second week like other presidents.

      1. “I hope Trump doesn’t get a Nobel Prize during his second week like other presidents”
        He won’t – the Nobel organization is all too leftie and they are focused on giving out prizes to non whites e.g. Obama getting the peace prize for not doing anything, but merely for being the first president to have black skin.

    2. “Wait, the ‘bad times’ are over already? I don’t think so.”
      Indeed… the bad times are just getting started.

  15. Thank you for the meme from Ibn Khaldun’s Maqadama. I think it would be good for someone to do an article summary on it. It’s an introduction to history written in 1300 in Ummayid Caliphate of Spain. Ibn Khaldun asserts that civilization is cyclical and starts by masculine men and defines masculinity in a way similar to what ROK does and a bit more hard core. They conquer other weakened tribes. Then they develop military superiority and trade. Having developed physical security, trade prospers and they become wealthy. After they become wealthy, they abandon their Gods and their strict asetic barbarian life and masculinity and become weak and effeminate and decadent, then are conquered by barbarians.
    Ibn Khaldun asserts that History is not linear, but cyclical. Masculine alpha males create civilization – alphas prosper, their children become beta, their grandsons rebel and become weak Omega simp cucks, and then they have barbarian invasions.

  16. Control of the message is key really.
    The elites must lose control over what people see and hear.
    It’s actually more important than everything else including the wall.

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