Why Are Some Countries Rich While Others Are Poor?

ISBN: 0691141282

In A Farewell To Alms, economist Gregory Clark attempts to present the reasons for the industrial revolution taking place and why all of the world’s countries were not equally affected by it. Two hundred years after the industrial revolution, some countries see untold wealth while others are actually living worse off than before it took place. He looks into the economic answers to this problem.

The book starts off by examining how life was for the common man before the industrial revolution (the Malthusian era). During this time, any increase in population would mean a direct decrease in living standards. This check prevented runaway population growth.

Any increase in birth rates in the Malthusian world drives down real incomes. Conversely anything which limits birth rates drives up real income . Since life expectancy at birth in the Malthusian era was just the inverse of the birth rate, as long as birth rates remained high, life expectancy had to be low. Preindustrial society could thus raise both material living standards and life expectancy by limiting births.


This Malthusian world thus exhibits a counterintuitive logic. Anything that raised the death rate schedule— war, disorder, disease, poor sanitary practices, or abandoning breast feeding— increased material living standards. Anything that reduced the death rate schedule —advances in medical technology, better personal hygiene, improved public sanitation, public provision for harvest failures, peace and order— reduced material living standards.

Technological advancement during the Malthusian era would result in more people, but not necessarily higher income for those people.

In the preindustrial world sporadic technological advance produced people, not wealth.


Since preindustrial living standards were determined solely by fertility and mortality, the only way living standards could be higher in 1800 would be if either mortality rates were greater at a given real income or fertility was lower.

More people can live on lower incomes than in the past, especially thanks to medical advances, so population explosions can co-exist with abject poverty. The income needed to merely survive today is much lower than in the past, so there is no “punishment” for having a lot of children even if you can’t afford it (the likelihood is high that they will all survive). In the past, only the rich could have many children, but now we’re seeing an inverse situation where poor people pop them out while rich people delay birth.

If the great majority of income was spent on food then there was also little surplus for producing “culture” in terms of buildings, clothing, objects, entertainments, and spectacles. As long as the Malthusian Trap dominated, the great priority of all societies was food production.


…between 10,000 BC and AD 1800, real living conditions probably declined with the arrival of settled agriculture because of the longer work hours of these societies. The Neolithic Revolution did not bring more leisure, it brought more work for no greater material reward.

To keep birth rates low and living standards high, many cultures invented various social customs that limited births—a sort of societal birth control. Modern medicinal birth control simply duplicates what was already going on in the Malthusian era, so attributing low birth rates to birth control or feminism, for example, fails to look into the complete history. Birth rates already declined greatly before the pill was introduced. Modern life introduced by the industrial revolution is argued to be the biggest contributor to birth decline.

Could the rich of the preindustrial world actually have wanted fewer children, but been unable to achieve that desire because of a lack of effective contraception? No. Figure 14.6 shows that most of the decline toward levels of gross fertility characteristic of modern developed economies had been accomplished in England (and indeed elsewhere in Europe) by the 1920s, long before modern condoms, hormonal contraceptive pills, legalized abortion, or vasectomies.


In these societies violence was a way of gaining more resources and hence more reproductive success. Thus Napoleon Chagnon, in a famous study of the warlike Yanomamo society, found that a major predictor of reproductive success was having killed someone. Male Yanomamo sired more children at a given age if they had murdered someone than if they had not.


…in the preindustrial era cities such as London were deadly places in which the population could not reproduce itself and had to be constantly replenished by rural migrants. Nearly 60 percent of London testators left no son . Thus the craft, merchant, legal, and administrative classes of London were constantly restocked by socially mobile recruits from the countryside.


The New World after the Neolithic Revolution offered economic success to a different kind of agent than had been typical in hunter -gatherer society: Those with patience, who could wait to enjoy greater consumption in the future. Those who liked to work long hours. And those who could perform formal calculations in a world of many types of inputs and outputs— of what crop to profitably produce, how many inputs to devote to it, what land to profitably invest in.

The industrial revolution completely changed how human societies live, with aftershocks that are still taking place today. The author tries to explain why this happened.

Around 1800, in northwestern Europe and North America, man’s long sojourn in the Malthusian world ended. The iron link between population and living standards, through which any increase in population caused an immediate decline in wages, was decisively broken. Between 1770 and 1860, for example, English population tripled. Yet real incomes, instead of plummeting, rose . A new era dawned.


The model reveals that there is one simple and decisive factor driving modern growth. Growth is generated overwhelmingly by investments in expanding the stock of production knowledge in societies.


Thus, despite all the complexities of economies since the Industrial Revolution, the persistent growth we have witnessed since 1800 can be the result of only two changes: more capital per worker and greater efficiency of the production process. At the proximate level all modern growth in income per person is that simple!


Enhanced production of knowledge capital, seemingly starting around 1800, generated great external benefits throughout the economy. This increased the measured efficiency of the economy , and with it the stock of physical and human capital. Thus the path to explaining the vital event in the economic history of the world, the Industrial Revolution, is clear. All we need explain is why in the millennia before 1800 there was in all societies—warlike, peaceful, monotheist, polytheist— such limited investment in the expansion of useful knowledge, and why this circumstance changed for the first time in Britain some time around 1800. Then we will understand the history of mankind.

The British population tripled in 120 years but their farm output didn’t increase since land was limited, so they had to import food. To import food you need a product to export. In this case it was manufactured goods. Britain quickly became the workshop of the world.

The classic Industrial Revolution, with its reliance on coal and iron, was the first step toward an economy that relied less and less on current sustained production through plants and animals, and more on mining stores of energy and minerals.

In one word, the industrial revolution created massive wealth because of efficiency:

In a world where capital flowed easily between economies, capital itself responded to differences in country efficiency levels. Inefficient countries ended up with small capital stocks and efficient ones large amounts of capital . And efficiency differences explain almost all variations between countries in income levels.

Differences in efficiency could stem from discrepancies in access to the latest technologies, from economies of scale, or from failures to utilize imported technologies appropriately.


Poor economies since the Industrial Revolution have been characterized mainly by inefficiency in production. Their problem, however, was typically not in gaining access to new technologies. The problem, it turns out, was in using these new technologies effectively.

The book finally arrives to the money shot in answering why some countries are poor and some are rich: the rich countries have the greatest efficiency in maximizing output per worker based on the same inputs.

[Poor countries] were inefficient in the use of labor, not in the use of capital. Even though they were using the same machines as the high-wage economies, they employed many more workers per machine, without obtaining any additional output from the machines . Thus in ring spinning one worker in the northern United States tended 900 spindles, while one worker in China tended only 170. On plain looms a worker in the northern United States managed eight looms at a time, in China only one or two.


Poor countries used the same technology as rich ones. They achieved the same levels of output per unit of capital. But in doing so they employed so much more labor per machine that they lost most of the labor cost advantages with which they began.


Thus the crucial variable in explaining the success or failure of economies in the years 1800– 2000 is the efficiency of the production process within the economy. Inefficiencies in poor countries took a very specific form: the employment of extra production workers per machine without any corresponding gain in output per unit of capital.

So now you’re probably wondering why is the labor in Africa or Pakistan worse than the labor in Britain or America. In the past, “labor quality” was looked into as the reason, which to me seems like a politically correct euphemism for intelligence.

Although the disparities in performance across countries remained unchanged, the “labor quality” explanation disappeared from the economics literature after World War II. Most economists now attribute the poor performance of industry in underdeveloped economies not to labor problems but to a generalized failure by management to productively employ all the inputs in production— capital and raw materials as well as labor.

The nineteenth-century view blamed these on the quality of workers, whereas the twentieth-century view tried to say the problem lay in managerial failings. But since many western managers were exported to work in foreign countries, there is little evidence that the management theory explains the wide disparity in efficiency levels. So we have this amusing let down:

Regarding the underlying cause of the differences in labor quality, there is no satisfactory theory.

The difference in wealth between nations in due to efficiency, which the author gives compelling evidence for. The difference in efficiency can only be due to labor quality, but we have no academic answer as to why the labor is different.

Another interesting piece of knowledge you’ll learn here is that technological and knowledge decline has happened many times in human history where a society has simply lost a capability that the previous generations had. Don’t ever assume that progress happens on a straight upward line, and we can argue that today we’re seeing a cultural decline where collective progressive beliefs become further estranged from scientific reality.

One major complaint I have is that this book is dry and academic, meant for college students. It’s a good book to read before going to bed because it’ll put you to sleep, but at the same time it gives great information in explaining how the wealth of societies came about. The end was unsatisfying, as it will leave you with unanswered questions, but thankfully it answers a few along the way. If you were victim to an American public school education, you probably think that the industrial revolution happened solely because of the steam engine. This book will rid you of such a primitive notion.

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  1. “The difference in wealth between nations in due to efficiency, which the author gives compelling evidence for.”
    I think you have to look at geography as well. Europe is mostly protected by water and has the moderating climate effect of the gulf stream. England perhaps being the best example of this within Europe, and lo and behold England has a centuries-long empire. Then you have the USA, protected on both sides by water from foreign land invasion. And just south of the USA we have Mexico, a country rich in mineral wealth. While there are labor efficiency issues in Mexico, there’s also a clusterfuck of mountains whereever you go limiting the infrastructure.

    1. Same could be said of any empire though. It os definitely a factor but one often hears it as a way to not give Europeans any credit for what they accomplished

    2. I guess it’s dumb luck that Europeans ruled the world until they destroyed themselves in two stupid world wars. Now with their empires gone and nations ravaged by catastrophic wars they still maintain the highest standards of living.
      All is not well though, the US and the European countries unsatisfied with the state of affairs we have stopped having children of our own and began importing people from the poorest countries in the world so that they could complete what two world wars couldn’t do. In one more generation it will be difficult to tell if you are in Europe or the middle east. In the United States or South America.

  2. White & Asian brain chemistry differs from other races. There are exceptions on all accounts, but generally those two races build, the others destroy. I don’t know if every side evolved that way, it’s adopted via culture, or that’s just simply how it is. Even if I offend you, you can’t provide evidence of the contrary.

    1. 20th century music created by American Blacks – ragtime, jazz, gospel, soul, r&b, blues, etc formed the basis for rock & roll and modern pop music.
      That’s creation, and not destruction. And no not offended lolz.
      p.s. – never bait a contrarian 🙂

        1. It does help people acquire spiritual and cultural wealth. John Coltrane, for example is more than just mere entertainment. Stevie Wonder is another example.

        2. If you think this is mere “entertainment” then you’re on your own. Meditation is bunk too right? lollolz.

        3. but you can get those benefits in other ways, a bodybuilder won’t say he simply listened to jazz to get ripped

        4. The fact that you believe whites “create” and blacks destroy is ignorant. Don’t attempt to make your racism seem logical, its just stupidity.

        5. “That entertains some people, but it doesn’t help a city/people acquire wealth.”
          First off There would be no cities with skyscrapers because Alexander Mils, a black man, invented the elevator. They would have had to rely solely on stairs.
          There would be few if any cars because Richard Spikes, a black man, invented the automatic gear shift, Joseph Gammell, also black, invented the Super Charge System for Internal Combustion Engines, and Garrett A. Morgan invented the traffic signals.
          There would also be no rapid transit system because its precursor was the electric trolley, which was invented by another black man, Elbert R. Robinson.
          Streets would be cluttered if it were not for a black man who invented the street sweeper. his name is Charles Brooks.
          The world would not be able to transport letters, articles and books by mail because William Barry invented the Postmarking and Canceling Machine, William Purvis invented the Hand Stamp and Phillip Downing invented the Letter Drop.
          Your lawn would be brown and wilted because Joseph Smith invented the Lawn Sprinkler and John Burr, the Lawn Mower…. etc. etc.

        6. You are acting like blacks had no contribution and didn’t have anything to do with it but if you read the article link you would see that they improved/built upon the inventions. That is hardly being a useless race that “destroys” everything they come in contact with.
          I can give you more if you want:
          air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
          almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791
          auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839
          auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899
          baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899
          bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
          biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875
          blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945
          cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
          chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897
          clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
          curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889
          curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896
          door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
          door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
          dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897
          egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884
          electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
          eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880
          fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
          fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
          folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899
          folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889
          fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890
          furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878
          gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914
          golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
          guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
          hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18–
          hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883
          horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
          ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
          improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846
          insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899
          ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887
          key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894
          lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884
          lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
          lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
          lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893
          lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18–
          lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895
          lunch pail James Robinson 1887
          mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
          mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893
          motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
          peanut butter George Washington Carver 1896
          pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
          phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884
          record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
          refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
          riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895
          rolling pin John W. Reed 1864
          shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898
          spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839
          stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
          stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
          straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905
          street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890
          thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
          traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
          tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
          typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

        7. Also that isn’t even counting the contributions of Africans http://www.nairaland.com/981268/12-great-african-inventions-changed
          I will never understand racism. Although its mostly from internet trolls and bottom dwellers It is ridiculous how anyone can generalize a race when it has been disproven again and again. You will most likely not care about these inventions because it doesn’t fit your agenda nor does it confirm your negative beliefs of blacks. The confirmation bias for days haha.

        8. I can’t be bothered spending all day arguing with a lying racist black nationalist who enjoys trying to have the state of florida gas guys with jewish sounding last names (who aren’t jewish or even white) for defending themselves against one of his feral ‘brothas’, but even wikipedia does no agree w/you about air conditioning:
          All you blacks do when they make up this garbage is make people think even less of you when you make up these lies. It’s like listening to a four year old make up stories, except that four year old likes to rob, assault, rape, and kill with abandon.
          Why do you guys never mention Ben Carson?
          This is a black man who has not only accomplished much, but has probably come closer to anyone else in history to performing a biblical miracle by separating syamese twins joined at the head. A man with an amazing rare gift of having a beautiful mind with beautiful hands at the same time who has saved certainly dozens if not hundreds (thousands?) of lives.

        9. Africa is not a country its a continent. You are comparing 47 distinct countries to 1 therefore your question makes no sense, try again.
          I was hoping that the Aryan Master Race would be more intelligent than that 🙁

        10. How am I a black nationalist? I was defending my race against someone who thinks we are worthless and destroy things. I nowhere said blacks are superior nor did I say any race is superior to another.

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        12. I was hoping a racist black nationalist would be able to answer a simple question:
          “Would you rather live in Norway or Africa and why?”

        13. “would you rather live in Norway or Africa” You are comparing a country with a continent, that makes no sense.
          Would you rather live in Europe or Japan? would you rather live in Great Britain or Kansas? The comparison makes no sense.

        14. Read the list, do research. Don’t ignore facts because it doesn’t fit your agenda, you are acting like a feminist.

        15. You are an obvious troll. The question makes no sense, how am I supposed to answer it?
          Thats like asking would you rather live in the state of Texas or the city of Los Angeles.

        16. The elevator you say? A patent on a particular design isn’t the invention. Oh dear dear me. Either a moron or a troll, are you not?

        17. You are a typical Aftocentrist.
          Elisha Otis created the brake that made elevators safe. Elevators have a long history in Europe going back to Rome. The first mechanical elevators were steam powered and made in the UK by mining engineers.
          You are a fucking fool.

        18. You are confusing patent filings with the acknowledged history of the engineers and scientists who actually did the inventing. Sad sad stuff. There are 100,000s of patents that are not really inventions or real innovation. This is fucking sad to see debunked Afrocentrist revisionism, regurgitated. Urrggghhh.

        19. I checked your first guy, Alexander Miles, and he was awarded a patent for an automatically opening and closing elevator door, NOT the elevator. One thing I think black people might’ve actually invented is… exaggerating.
          Here’s a picture of the guy who is credited for inventing the elevator, Elisha Otis.

        20. You posted a thoroughly debunked list that misrepresents the history of those innovations and inventions. You are a peewit.

        21. Racism for its own sake isn’t good; however, it is utterly ridiculous to think that, despite vastly different appearances (hair color, skin color, eye color, average height, body composition, body proportions, … the list goes on and on), the races have EXACTLY the same average level of intelligence.
          The races do not have the same average level of intelligence and that is a self-evident fact. I’m sorry if the truth hurts, but it is the truth.

        22. Sadly, you’re the one who is ignoring facts because they don’t fit your agenda. I wish that the things that you say were true, but they aren’t. When you exaggerate the accomplishments of blacks by using “facts” that have been debunked, you only succeed in making blacks appear to be less competent.

        23. Some whites create and some destroy. Some blacks create and some destroy.
          That said, relative to whites, blacks do a lot more destroying and lot less creating.

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        25. Wow. I can picture people on here saying some stupid shit like “no that’s bullshit they never invented that!”
          Thanks to our biased school system. History class was mainly about white history.

        26. There wouldn’t even be steele without black people so no industrial revolution. get a brain.

        27. I’d have t accept that we whites have a lower iq than most other races because we are the only ones dumb enough to believe in widely disproven racial theories.

        28. You mean the same Rome wth all those black emperors and kings like alessandro di medici and the severan dynasty?

        29. Many of these so called negroes were actually more white than black. And ‘building’ on something is a lot easier than having the original idea.

        30. There were no negroes in the Kingdom of Rome, or the later 500 year Republic or the Empire and its Emperors. The people in Rome and in fact all of Europe were very similar and were made up of what is just called the Old European group that has been there since the beginning of the human race and a mixture of the Indo European Aryans a related group of Whites. The original homelands of Caucasians were Europe, W Asia and N Africa. 10k years ago at the beginning of modern human history there were 1m people on earth. All Whites with only a handful of negroes on the west coast of Africa and a handful of people in the Far East.
          And btw, the Roman writers were very accurate even in negative things just like those busts you see so you know what the people looked like.
          “In his book The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Suetonius describes Nero as “about the average height, his body marked with spots and malodorous,
          his hair light blond, his features regular rather than attractive, his
          eyes blue and somewhat weak, his neck over thick, his belly prominent,
          and his legs very slender
          So he had a pot belly, pimples and BO. He was a pale blonde with light blue eyes.
          Ancient Egyptians were Caucasians who built the Great Pyramid and if you look at the very old wall paintings that still survive you’ll see that the females were very white while the men are painted orange which depicts a suntan in primitive art.Egyptian artists weren’t too good at perspective either which gives the pictures an odd look.
          Negroes didn’t move across Africa to the East and then north into Egypt until after about 1-2k BC where they worked as field hands and servants.

        31. The history was Western Civilisation and included Egypt and Mesopotamia since these were all Caucasian areas originally.There were few negroes and Asians 10k years ago so of course they were irrelevant to White history. And btw, even if the first humans were in Africa it doesn’t mean they were negro because Africa is tremendous. The out of Africa theory of 100k years ago also tells nothing about race and may have just be Caucasians migrating north or south over thousands of years due to climate changes. The oldest human footprints on earth are 350k years old and are found in Europe in Roccamonfina, Italy.
          But there have been even older footprints found
          A lot of Europe has had climate changes and was covered by the last Ice Age with a mile thick ice so a lot of stuff was buried deep 13k years ago.

        32. Stevie sucked. He just got the sympathy vote because he was blind from when he was singing as a blind kid.Ray Charles sucked too.

        33. Steel was invented by Bessemer in the 19th century. The older steel that had been around for a few thousand years is different

        34. What is widely disproven? That there are racial differences in intelligence? That has not been disproven in the slightest. The only thing that the Cultural Marxist have done to “debunk” racial differences in intelligence is to attack the methods of the people who conducted the experiments. I have never seen any conclusive data showing that there is equality — the data points in the other direction. The Cultural Marxists are the ones who let their agenda get in the way of science. Indeed, when Stephen Gould wrote “Mismeasure of Man” to disprove the notion of racial differences in brain size, he falsified data and was later found out for doing so.
          There are racial differences in average levels of intelligence. That is an unpleasant reality, but it is a reality. The data is there, if you’re willing to be open-minded and look at it.
          To say that something is discredited solely because others (with an agenda) say so is a sign of weak mind.

        35. Nero means black, you are deluded. The American Association of Antropologist, says white skin is not even 10k years old.
          Also, europe, west asia, north africa, where all inhabited by people for tens of thousands of years before 8000 bc. Even if your claim is true, that whites were in greece and rome in starting in 8000 bc, ancient greece has been inhabited from as far back as 22,000 bc.

        36. Incorrect, steele was being manufactured more than 2000 years before christ in eastern africa. It is quiet typical of eurocentricks to pretend they invented everything and discovered things that were existed before they even had nations. Bessemer “inventing” steele” is like “colombus discovering america”. Both are trying to claim something that was already known to millions of people. Just because the inventors of steel and founders of america are not white, many of us whites have a problem accepting this. It doesn’t fit into our white supramacist upbringing that the white man is the centre of the universe.

        37. LOL, this is laughable given the smartest people in white countries are blacks.
          “Meet the “First Family of Education” in England. They are black.
          Peter and Paula Imafidon, 9-year-old twins from Waltham Forest in northeast London, are a part of the highest-achieving clan in the history of Great Britain education. The two youngest siblings are about to make British history as the youngest students to ever enter high school. They astounded veteran experts of academia when they became the youngest to ever pass the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics exam. That’s on top of the fact they have set world records when they passed the A/AS-level math papers.”
          Nigerian immigrants have the highest levels of education in this city and the nation, surpassing whites and Asians, according to Census data bolstered by an analysis of 13 annual Houston-area surveys conducted byRice University.
          The most educated and smartest people are Nigerians in white countries.
          “In the 2000 U.S. census it was revealed that African Immigrants were the most educated immigrant group in the United States even when compared to Asian immigrants.[61][62]Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college diploma”
          “In 1997, 19.4 percent of all adult African immigrants in the United States held a graduate degree, compared to 8.1 percent of adult white Americans”
          “According to the 2000 Census, the percentage of Africans with a graduate degree is highest among Nigerian Americans at 28.3%”
          “Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older, 87.9% reported having a high school degree or higher,[66] compared with 78.8% of Asian-born immigrantsand 76.8% of European-born immigrants, respectively”
          “In terms of education as a whole African immigrants and American born to African immigrants they slightly outperform Asian Americans, they outperform White Americans at double their rate”
          ” In terms, of education British Nigerians are one of the UK’s well known highly educated groups and in 2005 56% of British Nigerian pupils achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades A* to C compared to 55% of White British children.[92] An extremely notable example of the highly educated nature of British Nigerians is the case of Paula and Peter Imafidon, nine year-old twins who are the youngest students ever to be admitted to high school in England nicknamed the “Wonder Twins” them and other members of their family have accomplished incredible rare feats, passing advanced examinations and being accepted into institutions with students twice their age”
          wiki with sourced articles and studies in brackets.
          “African Immigrants and Americans born of African immigrants have been reported as having some of the lowest crime rates in the United States and being one of the unlikeliest groups to go into or commit crime. African immigrants have even been reported to have lowered crime rates in neighborhoods in which they have moved into”
          Immigration reduces crime rates
          ” Recent statistics indicate that Ugandans have become one of the country’s biggest contributors to the economy, their contribution, amounting to US$1 billion in annual remittances which are disproportionately large contributions despite a community and population of less than 13,000″
          That works out to about 80,000 per man woman and child. That is more than most upperclass white americans are earning. Yes the stupid inferior black is making more money than native white born Americans who are all more smarter…. sure, if anything the statistics show blacks are superior in intelligence and earnings than whites. As black immigrants who speak multiple languages come here and earn more degrees, more money and outcompete whites in every form of education imaginable. O and these are whites who have every advantage handed to them since birth.
          If there is a link between race and IQ, us whites have to be at the bottom, as we allow black, asian, indian etc. immigrants come into white majority countries, and they all outperform whites. Mass non-white immigration is just confirming that the non-whites are superior to whites and that without them coming here, we will lose the jobs and economy entirely to them in foreign nations.

        38. I’m at work now, so I don’t have time to read your full comment; however, you obviously need to get one of those smart blacks to teach guy about statistics, since I was talking about average levels of intelligence.
          You really are a piece of work (and not white, judging by your last name).

        39. If you think whites are the only ones who believe I various racial theories, it’s your I.Q. That is in question. The Nation of Islam teaches that whites were created by an ancient black mad scientist. If you’ve ever spent one week in ANY Asian country, you’d be shocked at the overt discussion of racial differences that takes place.
          Ethnic and racial tension( and theories that underlie that tension) are universal features.

        40. What they do is demand an utterly impossible standard be met for any study dealing with ethnicity ( and gender). If every scientific study had to meet those same standards, we wouldn’t be able to talk about the most basic concepts imaginable, such as gravity. When called on it, the Marxists justify this impossible standard with a ” because Hitler” defense.
          We need to find a way to bypass this lame, irrational attachment to Hitler that leftists have. I’m always looking for suggestions on how to do that.

        41. He’s one of the more determined racist trolls on here. His arguments tend to be absurd and totally refutable (e.g. The ” moors” were black), but it’s no use arguing with him because he’s too irrational to understand your rebuttals. You have to be in the mood to deal with his type.

        42. You deny stats, you are a liar. You pretend your beliefs was based on white statistical superiority to blacks, but the stats proved blacks were statistically superior to whites in america and britain and world wide.
          Accept the obvious that race has nothing to do with intelligence. And even if it did it had no objective measure. Smart people do not necessarily have smart kids and vice versa. Additionally, motivation and social factors plays a huge role. I knew people who were geniuses in my high school who were white, but they had no motivation and did no homework, so they got 60s in class, and I am talking advanced classes here but were often surpassed by others who were less intelligent but worked harder.
          Amd I am white. Your name is spanish too

        43. Moor comes from the greek word Mourous meaning black. You want to argue the black means green be my guess to make a fool of yourself. Go and look at il quatro mauri in italy and the flags of corsica and sardinia. It is quiet obvious these are black people being portrayed as conquerors of south europe.

        44. I don’t think he meant Africa was a country. I think he was actually giving you quite a bit of leeway- allowing you to pick any country on the continent.
          South Africa is the obvious choice for Africa, but modern South Africa is quickly becoming as ruined as the rest of the continent.

        45. I would rather live anywhere in Texas than in L.A. I would rather live in Norway than any country in Africa. My opinion.

        46. I’m at work (as I said earlier), so I have not had time to read your complete comment.
          A couple of things:
          Spanish is not white and my last name is NOT Spanish.

        47. Ugh. Even if the Severans were black, and not Syrian ( which they were in reality) that wouldn’t account for the overwhelming majority of non-black emperors.
          Caracalla MAY have had SOME sub-Saharan blood, but that doesn’t make him or any Roman Emperor black.
          But what’s most funny is that the Severans were absolutely horrible leaders responsible for much of the ” third century crisis.” Ironically that’s the strongest case for them being at least half-black, given other black leader’s record of wrecking empires, such as our own present-day example.

        48. 10,000 years old? Just in time for the Neolithic revolution, sedentary agriculture, and the rest of civilization. Pretty neat coincidence huh?

        49. Africa-center of World Steel production!
          The first steel was produced in Turkey.
          Founders of America not white? Lol. You are pushing it- some restraint is necessary to believably troll. 80 I.Q. Afrocentrists are not that stupid.

        50. Just because alot of people you met believe foolishness doesn’t make it true, the majority of the world accepts people who work hard will tend to outperform ones who don’t.
          You seem to be more interested in association yourself with fringe elements of society rather than the normative cultures. Outside of the anglosphere the race obsession is rare.

        51. work on a sunday evening? spanish comes from latin, so are all latin speakers now not-white?

        52. Yeah because there were no blacks in syria….LOL.
          We don’t know the race of all the emperors, there is no way to calculate if the majority of them were non-black, there are plenty of emperors who we have little data on to know their race.
          Ironically the biggest slavers in Rome where the white Romans like Julius Cesar who went out and sold and enslaved his own kind.

        53. No, the The American Association of Antropologist, says white skin is not even 10k years old. They say it is about 5000 years old. 5000 is not even 10,000. I was simply demonstrating that EVEN if his response was CORRECT (it isn’t) he’d still be stuck with a major problem of europe, west asia and north africa’s indigenous people being black.
          Whites did not exist until 3000 bce. And during this period they had no contributions to society until the end of the middle ages and start of industrial revolution.
          All they did was invade black etruria and black ancient greece and black ancient europe collapse them into dark ages.

        54. No, the first steel was produced in eastern africa.
          Yeah imagine that, the white man founded america when millions of native indians were already living there.

        55. Intelligence can also be wildly influenced by upbringing and access to public resources and enrichment, which in America blacks have historically been sorely lacking in access.
          It’s not fair to blame a historically subjugated class of people for the fact that they aren’t as genteel as those with privelege

        56. Genetics aren’t the sole factor, but it’s intellectually dishonest to deny that genetics plays a role.

        57. You’re certainly correct, and its not my intention to be intellectually dishonest. You can say the same thing about genetics and muscle building. Sure, some people have a small or even large genetic advantage, but being ripped is largely a matter of exercise and diet
          The equivalency being that a person with a genetic advantage placed in a shitty situation with bad schools and an unstable home-life will still likely not thrive, or apply his intellectual advantage to something that is not socially desirable like crime, while a person that is not predisposed to raw intelligence can still become a very smart and productive member of society with proper access to resources and mentorship
          That’s why I frequently argue against the refrain “x race are less intelligent across the board” because historically blacks in America at large have been blocked from benefitting from the same level and quality of public education that the more privileged parts of the population enjoy (whites and Asians)

        58. No wonder about black myth inventions when Jewliwood create film based on real story about man who invented prosthetic tail for dolphins which was white man Kevin Carroll, portrayed by token negro, Morgan Freeman.

        59. It’s not fair to blame a historically subjugated class of people for the fact that they aren’t as genteel as those with privelege

          White privilege, libtard code word for black failure.

        60. In the 2000 U.S. census it was revealed that African Immigrants were the most educated immigrant group in the United States even when compared to Asian immigrants.[61][62]Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college diploma

          In 1976 The College Board published an analysis of the racial differences in scores of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). At that time the average black score was about 240 points, or 20 percent, below the average white score. When The College Board next examined the racial scoring gap in the early 1980s, the gap had shrunk to 200 points. Black scores were then 17 percent lower than white scores. By 1988 the black-white SAT test scoring gap was down to 189 points. The trend was distinctly encouraging. Many specialists in the educational community predicted that in time the racial scoring gap would disappear altogether.
          But after 1989 progress in closing the SAT gap stopped abruptly and later it began to open up. For the five-year period between 2000 and 2005 the gap between black and white scores on the SAT test expanded.
          In 2005 the average black score on the combined math and verbal portions of the SAT test was 864. The mean white score on the combined math and verbal SAT was 1068, 17 percent higher.
          In 1988 the combined mean score for blacks on both the math and verbal portions of the SAT was 847. By 2005 the average black score had risen only 17 points, or about 1.4 percent, to 864.
          Despite the small overall improvement of black SAT scores over the past 17 years, the gap between black and white scores has actually increased. In 1988 the average combined score for whites of 1036 was 189 points higher than the average score for blacks. In 2005 the gap between the average white score and the average black score had grown to 204 points.
          Not only are African-American scores on the SAT far below the scores of whites and Asian Americans, but they also trail the scores of every other major ethnic group in the United States including students of Puerto Rican and Mexican backgrounds. In fact, American Indian and Alaska Native students on average score more than 104 points higher than the average score of black students. On average, Asian American students score 227 points, or 19 percent higher, higher than African Americans.
          Asian-American students who enrolled at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 2001 and 2002 scored 1457 out of 1600 on the math and reading portion of the SAT, compared to 1416 for whites, 1347 for Hispanics and 1275 for blacks, according to a 2011 study co-authored by Duke economist Peter Arcidiacono.
          A 2012 report by Bloomberg pointed out that studies have shown that Asian-American applicants have to outperform their counterparts from other backgrounds on the SAT to gain entry to elite universities.
          That report also informed that Asian-Americans admitted to the UW-M in 2008 had a median math and reading SAT score of 1370 out of 1600, compared to 1340 for whites, 1250 for Hispanics, and 1190 for blacks, citing a 2011 study by the Center for Equal Opportunity, a Falls Church, Virginia-based nonprofit group that opposes racial preferences in college admissions.
          “Clearly, both whites and Asian-Americans are discriminated against vis a vis African-Americans and Latinos,” Roger Clegg, the center’s president, was quoted as saying in that report. “At some of the more selective schools, Asians are also discriminated against vis a vis whites.”
          According to “No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal,” a 2009 book co-written by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade, Asian-Americans need to score 140 points more than whites, 270 points higher than Hispanics, and 450 points above African-Americans out of a maximum 1600 on the math and reading SAT to have the same chance of admission to a private college.

          Immigration reduces crime rates

          In some imaginary leftatd-libtard world. Non-white immigration in European and white countries is responsible for increased crime and rape rates.
          Rotherham child sexual exploitation speak for itself.

          Mass non-white immigration is just confirming that the non-whites are superior

          Than how come that their countries from which they came are shitholes?

        61. Moors were Arabs and Berbers, non-white Caucasians. If you want to know how Moors looked like, look up Moroccans

        62. You mean the same Rome wth all those black emperors

          Stop watching Jewliwood movies, it is doing you harm to your negro brain.
          Lancelot du Lac is not negro.
          Heimdall is Nordic god, “whitest of the gods”, not some African negro god, in film portrayed by Idris Elba.
          Oenomaus was a Gallic gladiator not Numidian (negro) portrayed by Peter Mensah.

          You mean the same Rome wth all those black emperors and kings like alessandro di medici and the severan dynasty?

          You are pathetic with this cherry picking.
          Though illegitimate, he was the last member of the “senior” branch of the Medici to rule Florence and the first to be a hereditary duke. He had been born to a servant of African descent who was working in the Medici household, identified in documents as Simonetta da ollevecchio

        63. He surely was not mentioning Africa in context of continent but rather in context of countries, society and culture.
          No country in Africa could compare with quality of life with Norway.

        64. You are an obvious troll. The question makes no sense, how am I supposed to answer it?
          Thats like asking would you rather live in the state of Texas or the city of Los Angeles.

          Let me rephrase it to you, because it is difficult for you to comprehend question.
          Would you rather live in Norway or Liberia?

        65. Africa has thousands of square miles of flat land, yet they never invented the wheel.
          Africa has many large rivers and lakes, and thousands of miles of coastline, and they never discovered the sail, even though middle easterners only a few miles away have used these inventions for centuries.
          This not anti black propaganda, just history.
          Africans and American indians were stone tribesmen who had made no progress for thousands of years , while Europe, Asia, and the middle east passed them by.
          They only way these primitives could create anything was to give them a European style education.
          Once freed from their stone age past, and tribal warfare mentality, these people are as smart and creative as any one else.
          Example, George Washington Carver or Eli Whitney, black men who were very smart and creative, but they had to be educated by the white European system before they could
          act upon it.
          Stone age people cannot build steam engines, automobiles, computers etc. because these things are impossible for them to understand. White people did build these things either when they were primitive tribesmen.
          As bad as slavery was for them, it did get them out of Africa and into N. America where they could be educated and begin to make for the time they lost in thousands of years of stagnation.
          All human DNA is the same, all humans are capable of being peaceful, smart and creative, if they are given the opportunity, and are WILLING to act upon it.

        66. No, he wasn’t. The university which houses the collection of skulls which were used as the data points in an older study on the subject claimed that Gould presumed inaccuracies in the way that original study was conducted. There were two reviews of this, one which found that Gould was right but off by magnitude and another which disputed that there were any inaccuracies in the original study. Anyone who understands how academia operates would know that there is just as much incentive to dispute Gould’s claims here as their is to support them. All other criticisms of the book (besides a valid one about the use of statistical analysis) come from those who have staked their careers on supporting the conclusions he was attempting to scrutinize. Since the man died, there has been a kind of unchecked free for all on Sthephen J Gould.

        67. Caucasian and White are used interchangeably. Whether they are from England or Asia Minor which is a part of Europe or Turkey they have more in common with each other genetically and culturally than do they have with the others groups like the Negro or Mongol.

        68. There has been a free-for-all because he was an agenda-based liar and his lies were not discovered until after his death.

        69. White guys probably would have invented these things, but there’s a good chance no white guy would have invented the awesome music the blacks did in the 20th century (which the whites were able to elaborate upon from the 1960’s onward)

        70. Here’s the rub though, and this is coming from a white guy – American Indians were no less happy than the Europeans who came over and subjugated them. They arguably had a superior way of life – hunting, fishing, fucking, smoking peace pipes, being one with the land. The only drawback was a lack of defense system, as the lack of gunpowder fucked them in the ass when the whites came over.
          But still, it’s not necessarily a sign of stupidity to live a simple life. There a spiritual element that’s not there when you’re too busy trying to fight wars and make money and obtain superior material goods.
          There are a fair amount of parallels between the africans and the american indians.

        71. You just did what you accused him of doing. There’s nothing Beta about pointing out truths – the trick is doing so intelligently.

        72. When you’re freezing your balls off in winter, Norway would suck. Nevermind though – if you’re Norwegian the femtards have already removed your balls.

        73. You know that ”one with the land” stuff is a bunch of bullshit right? The American Indians were plenty warlike and they even won a fair amount of battles against the white man, even with his guns. Their hunting techniques also included such things as stampeding entire herds of buffalo off of cliffs. This is before we even count the other native Americans such as the Aztecs, who would gleefully tear the beating hearts out of people’s chests and dance around in freshly flayed human skins as part of their religion.

        74. When you’re freezing your balls off in winter, Norway would suck

          Cold winter does not stop Third Worlders flooding into Norway.

        75. Just because we call one group of people “black” today doesn’t mean it had the same meaning in the middle ages. Most people rarely left their village, and there was no global media, photographs, etc. So you’re taking it out of context.
          Below is the average genetic makeup of the Spaniards, showing zero Sub-Saharan African DNA. Compare to the DNA profile of West Africans. Here’s your proof that the Moors were NOT black! They were Mediterranean and Arab (i.e. Southwest Asian). Had the West Africans invaded and enslaved the Spanish there would be traces of their genes in the modern population. There is NO Sub-Saharan African DNA. (Source)
          After doing a little research, it turns out Islam didn’t reach West Africa until the Moors had already started their conquest of Spain in 711 CE. Islam first reached West Africa sometime in the 8th century, but the adoption of Islam was slow. For the last time, STOP trying to steal credit!

        76. First, you provided no references for your statistics. It’s easy to “prove” nearly anything if you cherry pick your stats. For example, immigrants who come to the United States often do so because their family is wealthy, and they specifically come here for an education. Of course, if you’re coming here for an education then you’d probably have a higher college graduation rate, now wouldn’t you?

        77. Many black musicians from hip-hop electro era like Afrika Bambaataa were influenced and inspired by German band Krawtwerk.

        78. No, it actually is refutable. If the Moors were black (Sub-Saharan Africans), then they would’ve left a genetic footprint on the Spanish population. There’s no Sub-Saharan DNA in the indigenous Spanish population, but plenty of Mediterranean and some Arab DNA. See my other post.

        79. Go and look at il quatro mauri in italy

          So I did what you asked, and found close up shots of the sculpture “I Quattro Mori” in Italy, which was created 900 years after the Moors first invaded Spain. I’ll admit, one of the Moors looks black, but the other three clearly aren’t black. This just proves that “Moor” is not a racial designation meaning “Sub-Saharan Africans,” but a generic term for “Muslim.” That you for proving my point.

          the flags of corsica and sardinia

          Why is the corsica flag a black man? Because they used the color black? The colors of flags are usually meant to be as minimal as possible. The facial features look nothing like an Africans. In some Greek pottery the people were pictured with black skin as well, even though we know the Greeks weren’t black. It’s art.
          There are plenty of old depictions of the Moors with light skin. Such as the one below from Iberia in the 1200s. You’re cherry picking.

        80. Affirmative action. Only whites are racist, right?
          The most racist people I’ve ever met are black by a large margin.
          I’ve lived in white-topias, and I’ve lived around lots of blacks for a long time.
          The propaganda is just that.
          Tell me of One neighborhood where property values, quality of life, and crime got better when blacks moved in?
          Not a racist. Just a realist.
          What I’ve seen with my own eyes cannot be discredited with bullshit propaganda from Hollywood or Madison Ave.
          Django and 12 years a slave were blatant anti-white propaganda designed to engender guilt in whites and hatred and a need for revenge from black audiences.
          Most whites in the south could not afford slaves. A slave back then cost the equivalent of a loaded 540i Beamer today. How many can afford that?
          Those movies portrayed all southern whites as sadistic.
          Total bullshit.
          If you’re looking for any sort of truth from any screen you’re wasting your time.

        81. I’m assuming you’re also of the school of thought that “anti-racist is code for anti-white”?

        82. The Aztecs were psychos, buffalo herds needed population control and if you ever go camping or hiking, yes there is something to be said for being outdoors and closer to nature.
          I should have specified american indians, not mexican ones. Too much strange shit going on with the Aztecs and Mayans to be able to use them to make any kind of point.

        83. The etymology of the term is meaningless. When we talk about specific peoples the term itself is meaningless.
          Again with the vague references to scant imagery you identify as referencing negros.
          Sinhaja Berbers still exist. Syrians still exist. We know exactly what they look like- we don’t even have to rely on the extensive DNA evidence here.
          Abd-Ar Rahman, the greatest of the Umayyad Caliphs, had blonde hair. It’s a fact noted by historians at the time.
          If the ancient ”
          Moors” were negros, why aren’t modern Morrocans negros? Don’t say it’s because of European women- there were more than enough negro skaves to balance that out- in fact, the vast majority of sub- Saharan Genes entered morocco during the last five hundred years, just as in Egypt.
          I’m guessing that you didn’t look at the quotes by Ibn Battuta or Ibn Khaldun, which proved how North Africans really felt about those further south?
          A flag, a Shakespearean play, that’s real evidence there. Forget DNA. Forget the vast majority of artistic depictions. Forget the fact that related peoples still exist. Forget documentary evidence that expresses disdain for negros. There’s a flag with a black guy on it ( allegedly).
          I once had an argument with an idiotic afrocentrist who was certain that the existence of the ” black madonnas” meant that white men ” worshipped the black woman.”
          Nevermind the other 99.99 percent of images. Nevermind the fact that the black color is mere artistic convention ( in many images, everything, even the clothes, are pitch black) designed to peak interest. Same with early modern portrayals of exotic ” Moors.”
          Berbers and Syrian Arabs are not negros.
          The desperation to insert his ethnicity into every history. I’m sure he would make the claim that Chinese civilization was created by negros. They already do that with my own people ( American Indians).
          And no one has ever bought that you were white Hernan.

        84. How the hell, in your twisted mind are blacks ” superior to whites in America, in Britain, and worldwide.”
          I have some spare time. I want to see how the rationalization hamster works for the schizophrenic.

        85. So Japan, or the PRC is ” fringe culture.”
          The ” race obsession” is worldwide. Look at India – higher caste means lighter color. Of course, instead to bring up India as you will probably try to claim them as negros.

        86. My people ( the Kiowa) we’re often very vicious to their enemies ( and vice-versa). The North American natives were very brutal in the plains region. The sixties idealization of native societies is just more ” noble savage” ideas. If many Amerindian peoples had writing, we’d have plenty of knowledge about their military misdeeds. Archaeology has started to close the gap though; hence Crow Creek Massacre.

        87. I’m assuming you’re also of the school of thought that “anti-racist is code for anti-white”?

          It’s not true?
          Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google: Not A Diverse Club
          Yahoo joined LinkedIn and Google in releasing workplace diversity statistics. They tell the same tale: Silicon Valley is predominantly white and male.
          Study: NBA remains leader in diversity
          The league set records this season with assistant coaches of color at 46.7 percent and 48.4 percent of its referees.
          In the NBA league office, 35.1 percent of all professional employees are people of color and 40.9 percent are women. There were 42 women serving as vice presidents.
          According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2011 was composed of 78 percent black players, 17 percent whites, four percent Latinos, and one percent Asian. The league has the highest percentage of African American players of any major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.
          This is “true dieversity”, right?
          Not diverse enough is leftard/libtard code word for to white.
          Anti-rascist is code for anti-white.
          And you sir are an A-grade moron.

        88. with bad schools

          There are no “bad shools” there are bad students.

          The equivalency being that a person with a genetic advantage placed in a shitty situation with bad schools and an unstable home-life will still likely not thrive, or apply his intellectual advantage to something that is not socially desirable like crime

          Less baby daddies, less saggy pants, less flash mobs, less “gangsta cultcha”, talking proper English, not ebonics and blacks can achieve anything if they want. Nobody is “putting them downs” “cos dey black”.

          The equivalency being that a person with a genetic advantage placed in a shitty situation with bad schools… while a person that is not predisposed to raw raw intelligence can still become a very smart and productive member of society with proper access to resources and mentorship

          Society is racial construct. That’s why Japan is Japan and Liberia Liberia. Society is only as strong as its weakest link.

          because historically blacks in America at large have been blocked from benefitting from the same level and quality of public education that the more privileged parts of the population enjoy (whites and Asians)

          This is no longer the case, stop playing race and slavery card.
          You think that good education fall out of the skies to white people? Not by hard work and intelligence?
          Even in Africa, white missionaries educate black children because blacks are lacking good teachers.
          Do you think that Asians were privileged back in days? No, but they were not whining and played race card. Asian parents sacrify themselves for their children to give them good education, something what black parents rarely does.
          By the way, white “trailer trash” people are not “privileged”.

        89. All the oldest cities the world over are not in “white” lands… maya, egypt, sumeria, monomatapa all.have cities older and bigger than those present today… look if you wanna say one race is better than another at least talk sense…

        90. White people are unbelievable… lmao… you guys just stoop lower and lower it’s shocking but not surprising..

        91. Modern Morocco has been heavily colonized by europeans. Many of the moroccans of today are mixed, including the royals who are mixed race circassians. Also arabs are black as well as berbers. Caucasian is just a facial feature, has nothing to do with race. I’ve seen plenty of flat nosed whites.

        92. Mediterranean includes black, as the original meds were blacks. Blacks have never been limited to sub-saharan africa. They were first in all the world.

        93. Stop watching stormfront.com. Most of europe was ruled by blacks until the 1830s when all the race wars broke out. Even Benjamin franklin made it clear most of europe was not white controlled in his time.

        94. I did provide references but you don’t read my responses.
          You are just bitter and cannot accept the fact that whites are the lowest iq on the planet based of intelligence testing see b.i.t.c.h. test and objective numbers showing nigerians as the most educated and successful and intelligent group.

        95. My point is like most albinos you have vision issues because you cannot tell a black from a white.
          The Greek pottery shows black people because the ancient greeks were indeed factually black. The white greeks are slavic migrants who arrived around 7ad, and have little relation to ancient greeks except that the black greeks used them as sexual concubines, which is why 50% of greeks have e1 african male dna lineages.

        96. Firstly, all the white countries not poor or ghetto were built off non-white money. It is why europe is collapsing, no more asians and africans to prop up their failing states. One need look no further than portugal begging its colored former colonies less than 35 years after independence for money. Despite the white man’s efforts to hold back all the other races they surpass him in his own nation in every field. The most successful immigrants in america are nigerians and they are blacks. whites underperform on IQ test compared to blacks by 36 percentage points. Blacks are on average larger, with larger brains, longer penises and more intelligent. they also possess melanin and better eyesight than por vision albinos who tend to be cruel and brutish. The whites lack of melanin in their brain causes them to be less intelligent, less empathetic, less sympathetic and less human. Statisically whites are mixed with neanderthals, which means they are also not full humans.

        97. Japanese are not obsessed with race they are obsessed with nationalism. India has elected a man from the lowest caste. america doesn’t have a native indian president.

        98. Actually, it’s incredibly obvious that those other men aren’t black, and you’re blind if you think they are. They look Turkish to me, and the one looking up looks slightly Egyptian. The nose is pointy with small lips. You’re really
          Greek pottery art was largely monochromatic. We have lots of marble busts and sculptures produced by the Ancient Greeks, and in all cases they are ethnically white. On average, the Greeks have ZERO sub-Saharan African DNA. (Source) The Greeks were not black. You’re obviously a Black Nationalist who’s trying to pimp mythology.

        99. A yes run away from the etymology of why a word is called what it is called because it disproves your point. Your racial rationalization hamster is spinning off the chart.
          Firstly, you are a blind albino. You think Mariah carey who is darker than full black rihanna doesn’t look black.
          No, because the whites overran most of europe, asia and north africa during the colonial period changing the racial makeup of the place.
          Over 1 million whites were enslaved by turks in north africa which lead to the barbary wars where usa and france invaded algeria. A nation then less of 4 million people. 1 in 4 white slaves. That is not counting all the concubines and harem girls brought in by the turks who were more than half the population and thr turks and kalouhies and east euro slaves.
          Abd ar rahaman iii was blonde but he was a mixed race person just like this boy with a black-biracial mother and white father
          Clearly you are too stupid to understand that a mixed race person can be blonde.
          Modern Morocco, along with Algeria, Libya and tunisia was heavily colonized by non-blacks after the moorish period. You seem to forget that there are actually six enclaves of Spain, still attached to morocco today. HUndreds of years of colonialism will tend to change the makeup of a place. Your question is tantamount to saying, well if sitting bull was an indian, then why are most people out west white?
          Also it would depend how you define black here. By the same standards that blacks were historically defined which included men who looked like this
          Then yes they indeed would largely be considered black.
          This is Abd Dur Rahman the first on the horse, king of morocco
          He kept white wives who he mixed with. And his kids also married to white women. As such Abd Ramham the 3rd may have indeed been blonde or even look white, but so does robin thicke son who we know is factually mixed raced.
          Most moroccoans today have an african male lineage and a female europeans or non-african lineage. Its not usual.
          E1b1b1=93,8% Alvarez 2009 (originating in sub-saharan africa)
          Caucasoid mtDNA (maternal) sequences, were detected at frequencies of 96% in Moroccans Rando 1998
          So dummy, explain to me how moroccans get 93% black male lineage and a 96% white female lineage if the rulers were not black?
          Did the white female moors of morocco throw the white men into the sea and say we are only going to have sex with our black slaves?
          I really am curious?
          It would seem far more logical that black men ruled morocco, invaded spain and portugal and took back white women and breed with them to make the modern mxed race moroccans than anything else.
          “Until recently, some papers suggested that the distribution of the main L haplogroups in Morocco was mainly due to trans-Saharan slave trade.[79] However in September 2010, a thorough study about Berber mtDNA by Frigi et al. concluded that most of L haplogroups were much older and introduced by an ancient African gene flow around 20,000 years ago”
          Frigi et al. (August 2010). “Ancient Local Evolution of African mtDNA Haplogroups in Tunisian Berber Populations”. Human Biology 82 (4).doi:10.1353/hub.2010.0003.
          You are wrong that sub-saharan dna is recent.
          The only accurate depiction of shakespeare shows him as black. Shakespeare had a disdain for whites which is why he portrays blacks like macbeth and othello in a good light.
          Godfrey higgins confirms that the white man worships a black god in analcypses.
          All the civilizations were creted by blacks, it is just history, you hate history.
          Yes someone did question my whiteness.

        100. Nope, all the ancient greek art was blacks because they were black. ONly a fool could think a white people portray themselves consistently as blacks.
          The greeks were obviously black, you are obviously a white nationalist nazi trying to pimp propaganda
          30% of greece, and 50% of pelopenssia. Have a haplogroup originating in the horn of africa.
          You are too blind to see that they are blacks.
          As for egyptians
          Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, belonged to Haplogroup E1b1a (Y-DNA)
          Alexander, Mary (2007-04-24). “Are you related to Mandela?”. SouthAfrica.info. Retrieved 2012-02-08
          In December 2012, a genetic study conducted by the same researchers who decoded King Tutankhamun’s DNA found that Ramesses III, second Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty and considered to be the last great New Kingdom king to wield any substantial authority over Egypt belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1a
          Hawass, Z.; Ismail, S.; Selim, A.; Saleem, S. N.; Fathalla, D.; Wasef, S.; Gad, A. Z.; Saad, R.; Fares, S.; Amer, H.; Gostner, P.; Gad, Y. Z.; Pusch, C. M.; Zink, A. R. (17 December 2012). “Revisiting the harem conspiracy and death of Ramesses III: anthropological, forensic, radiological, and genetic study”. BMJ 345(dec14 14): e8268–e8268. doi:10.1136/bmj.e8268. Retrieved 6 July 201
          Sucks to be you.

        101. Wrong, West Africans have zero flags that indicate Mediterranean DNA. Look at the chart again.

        102. Ramesses III, may have had black DNA. The current Egyptians have some black DNA, no doubt due to their close proximity to Sub-Sahara. But that doesn’t make them black, that makes them mostly Mediterranean with a small amount of black genes mixed in. Tutankhamun’s DNA was found to be European. Do you think maybe either of the results might have been corrupted? It’s not like DNA samples don’t get corrupted all the time.

        103. Just because someone uses a term wrong doesn’t make it correct. The inventor of the term, christoph meiner, didn’t even consider most europeans of today to be white. To him white was just the nordics + england and northern france. “olive skin” whites he coined dirty whites admixed with blacks and mongols. He termed the “Caucasian” race that name because he viewed men from the Caucaus to be the most beautiful of men. Which is grossly ironic given that the caucauses are not even in europe for the most part.
          And how do turks, from turkey have more in common with europeans, when the the word turk comes from the chinese word go-turk, a group from western china expelled by the chinese emperor who moved west into europe? That is a pretty foolish claim as most turks aren’t even in the same dna strands as most whites.

        104. Foolishness, those images are not white but rather yellowish brown, a very common skin tone amongst african blacks. Further the images all have afro hair that stands up on their heads not lying down like most modern greeks. Its quiet ridiculous that you would even fantasize that they are not black.
          All the ancient greeks show in their art is black hercules, killing white enemies of greece from central asia
          like so
          Funny how hercules is black, but the people he is killing are always white.

        105. Mediterranean is not a race, they are all mixed raced peoples, from Greece to Italy, to Corsica to Spain and the whole african and asian side. None of those groups are pure today.
          Further the “white” (looking) mediterraneans like the macedonians and many of the roman slav soldiers and turks invaded and mixed up the modern egyptians. Egypt was not invaded by non-blacks until the Assyrians, persians and macedonians and romans. Which is around 600 bc and after.
          King tut’s dna was never released publicly according to the professors who ran the project. Not sure why you still believe that when the professors who ran the project ssaid so in livejournal.
          All the mummies tested have come back with african dna. Not a single euro-white one yet.

        106. Not all black are included in mediterranean. Certainly the angolan’s in the south atlantic would not count.
          Mediterranean includes the original black mediterraneans of ancient greece and rome and spain and portugal right back around through africa.

        107. Foolishness, those images are not white but rather yellowish browna very common skin tone amongst african blacks.

          Yes, yellowish brown, the natural color of the clay being painted. It has nothing to do with race. It’s monochromatic art.

          All the ancient greeks show in their art is black hercules

          No they don’t. Here’s many where he’s not black at all. You’re so full of shit.

          the people he is killing are always white.

          Actually they’re not, if you look at that last picture I included. There are definitely whites who are lighter skinned than the Greeks though, and they probably fought at one time or another. It doesn’t make the Greeks black.

        108. According to National Geographic’s Genographic project, “Mediterranean” is one of nine regional ancestries that can be traced genetically. While no one around the Mediterranean is 100% genetically Mediterranean due to a long history of trade and migration in that area, there are in fact genetic markers that can be traced that are unique to people from that region. It is a thing.
          “Mediterranean: This component is found at highest frequencies in southern Europe and the Levant—people from Sardinia, Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia in our reference populations. While not limited to these groups, it is found at lower frequencies throughout the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, due to these populations traveling through this region on their journeys and retaining that in their DNA. This component is likely the signal of the Neolithic population expansion from the Middle East, beginning around 8,000 years ago, likely from the western part of the Fertile Crescent.”

        109. Strangely the only paintings in white are the people who hercules is killing and who are foreigners. Ancient greeks hated whites if anything. By your logic martin luther king was white because his monument is carved from white stone. Given that there is not alot of black stone that is durable, it is almost always done from white stone because that what was available.
          Nope, hercules is still be portrayed as black there as his skin is yellowish brown.
          That man holding the stick is not necessarily killing, in fact he might simply be threatening or arguing, notice how the stick is being held by the other end.
          Yeah probably fought, more like certainly fought the slavic invaders and germanic and turko central asian dark whites bestial hordes. The Greeks were undoubtedly black.
          Lol, no white man looks like this, this is socrates the black greek
          Socrates uses the following words to describe himself: He says his nose bridge isn’t high and nose not straight [e.g. 6, 9, 10] as Critobulus’ but “spread out wide and flat,” [5, 13, 14]. And both Critobulus and Socrates also speak of his “snub nose.” [see: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 11 – 19]. Socrates specifically states that unlike Critobulus, he has “thick lips.” [see especially: 5, 11, 13, 14]. Equally convincing is that he describes himself as looking like the most handsome god “Selinus,” [11 – 16]
          These are the very definition of an africoid person.
          Socrates, an ancient greek makes it quiet clear he is black, and the new colonist was white and central asian immigrant descendant like all white greeks.
          The ancient greeks were clearly blacks
          Notice how he could make his hair white to reflect his old age but not his skin? How do you explain tht. Why not have white skin and black hair like most modern greeks? The ancient greeks were blacks.
          And it is quiet obvious to anyone willing to take the red pill on racial truth.

        110. Neil de Gryse Tyson? Yes? A hes a bad scientist, who likes to to wrestle you forgot….

        111. Its painfully obvious your not white. But Im black. Or so Il say. And il my black people live in crack houses. Now you see how you look when you post this shit? Why do you have to attack when you know how its gonna end? Fucking idiots

        112. Haha no it was my Morrocan friends who used black women as concubines and then killed them, cause you know nobody wants a mulato. We call them khalouche, in Agadir. Go ask your arab friends what that means.

        113. The obvious explanation would be the mediterranean gene is a black gene from the original black inhabitants of the mediterranean that was passed on to today’s local who came in and mixed with them. As the white immigrants had no land, money or power, the black natives likely took on their women and procreated passing on the mediterrean gene. The white man doesn’t even come from the med, he comes from central asia and showed up there through slavic and germanic migrations in the ad period.
          Also notice how the mediterranean gene has nothing to do with the slavic and germanic peoples whof orm 99.5% of all modern white peoples today. The Romans and Greeks were not only racially different than germanic and slavic and baltic white people they hated them and enslaved and beat them mercilessly. This is obvious because as these white immigrants invaded europe, they ethnically cleansed out the blacks along the way, with rome and greece being the last bastion of peace and civilization of the black indigenous europeanoids and west asianoids where able to develop great cultures that collapsed when the hungry white immigrants came in and collapsed the place with a welfare state and gimme culture. You know, kind of like modern america.
          Also note that the Greek and italians and sardinians are amongst th eleast white in all of europe. Its no surprise that the whites with the most admixture of black have the most mediterrane genes.
          I also might add there is no mediterranean gene. It doesn’t exist.
          72.88% of the tunisian male chromosome is group E, african in origin.
          19,47% is J1 or J2, originating in Eastern Turkey (the caucauses). These are the two largest haplogroups in tunisia, comprising 92.35% of all Tunisians male lineages. I cannot find anything on mtdna right now, but like moroccans it is probably 90% + european.
          Bekada A, Fregel R, Cabrera VM, Larruga JM, Pestano J, et al. (2013) Introducing the Algerian Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome Profiles into the North African Landscape. PLoS ONE 8(2): e56775. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0056775
          The only logical explanation would be that natgeo is claiming that people who have this type of admixture of african fathers and white mothers are mediterranean, in which case they are really just describing multiracial people, which is what I have said all along. the mediterraneans are mixed raced.
          Egypt also showed similar numbers but a little more J and european as in a few percent points.
          also the idea that there where white people in the fertile crescent 8000 years ago is preposterous for 2 reasons
          1 we know that they were black in this period
          2. The whites would have all burned to death and dropped dead from skin cancer.
          3 all credible anthropologist now agree white skin is only 5,500 years old at most
          “White Europeans ‘only evolved 5,500 years ago after food habits changed’
          Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1210056/White-Europeans-evolved-5-500-years-ago-food-habits-changed.html#ixzz3IBR2Dxex
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          This pretty much destroys the white ancient egypt theory, as by 3500 bc it would leave no time for the whites to get to egypt from europe to go back in time in large numbers and settle egypt. And they would have all died from sunburn anyways.

        114. This is not supported by the dna evidence which demonstrates most moroccans have an E african male haplogroup and a female european haplogroup. No matter how much you lie, the dna won’t change. If the white moroccans were ruling,then you’d expect most moroccans to have a white male lineage and a black female lineage (assuming they kept large amounts of concubines.)
          Actually it is the descendants of white female slaves and turkish slave masters who are called khaloughis

        115. Wait so heavily colonized? What the frenchmen just started fucking morrocan women all of a sudden? Are you crazy, do you think any morrocan would have let this happen?

        116. “Wishful thinking. Look up racial makeup of top IT companies in the world, more than 70% are whites and Asians. Blacks and mestizos comprise smallest percentage.” Top IT companies are not related to top intelligence. In countries like America and most of the world, getting IT contracts and making big money in this field is mostly about who you know not what you know. Business is all about relationships and contacts, has little to do with intelligence. Steve Jobs couldn’t eveng et apple off the ground until he hired someone with the right contacts. I need not delve further into the white self ghettoization cultures to explain here, but the answer is obvious. “Token negro, cherry picking. Educated by white people in white country by white education program. They would never achieve this level of education and excelence in their homeland, Nigeria.” What proof do you have the teachers are white? England was first inhabited by blacks so it is a black country. except that nigerian immigrants are more educated and outearn their british white counterparts. You fail to account for the BITCH test which demonstrates whites hae 70% lower iqs than blacks.

        117. If Django and 12 years, which showed whites as they historically behaved foaming at the mout race baiters and race haters is propaganda then there is no history of america just propaganda. You leave out that in queens

          Black Incomes Surpass Whites in Queens”
          Queens new york nytimes;
          when whites move in there goes the neighbourhood.
          There are black topias, but they probably stay functional by being well hidden from white people like you, who’d seek to destroy it and move in and take welfare or bomb or burn it down like black wall street or central la.
          When LA was founded by black people it was a nice clean town. After 100 years of immigration from whites it become the hell hole of america. Anywhere the blacks set up good and decent cities like atlanta, the whites rush in to get welfare and kill the golden egg.
          Most whites who couldn’t afford slaves were there whiping them and beating them and being a plantation oversear, and cutting off their balls and raping male and female blacks. Just b/c most whites didn’t own slaves, didn’t mean most white men back then were not raping and beating and attacking and harassing and torturing them.
          Back then all southern whites were sadist, they were sick and twisted people, its just the truth. They make hitler look moderate.

        118. Based on dna modern moroccans almost all (upwards of 92%) have african male dna lineages. The remainder is mostly turkish/caucaus/circassian J.
          The typical moroccan is basically a mulatto. black father, white mother.

        119. Wow, swallow the propaganda much?
          Most southern whites were poor farmers, self sufficient and couldn’t afford slaves.
          Back then the population of the US was no more than 10% black.
          So how many of the 90% white population were actually needed as overseers?
          My friend, with all due respect, you are full of shit.
          Your information is regurgitated agit prop. Any real research into the topic (outside of La Raza websites) would debunk all of what you posted.
          But don’t let that get in the way of your racism:
          “Back then all southern whites were sadist, they were sick and twisted
          people, its just the truth. They make hitler look moderate.”
          If I said “all blacks are racist white hating violent criminals” wouldn’t that be considered racist?
          Only whites are racist though, I forget my PC public school history.
          Explain how “La Raza” is not racist or STFU.

        120. Top IT companies are not related to top intelligence

          Right, computer programmers and engineers which are backbone of IT companies are low IQ morons.

          getting IT contracts and making big money in this field is mostly about who you know not what you know

          Business contracts is something else than engineering.

          Steve Jobs couldn’t eveng et apple off the ground until he hired someone with the right contacts

          Apple was created by Jobs and Wozniak in the garage for 500$. He was not technically inclined like computer wizard Wozniak but he had leadership skills and nose for business and knew what people need.
          Without good product you can’t make business no matter how good connections you have.

          I need not delve further into the white self ghettoization cultures to explain here, but the answer is obvious

          What the hell are you talking about? What ghettoization? IT companies are comprised of whites and Asians mostly, there is no “ghettoization” and even if it is, it is because whites and mongoloids are interested in this kind of stuff, just like negroes are interested in basketball and hip-hop.

          What proof do you have the teachers are white?

          Well, we talk about Great Britain not Africa.

          England was first inhabited by blacks so it is a black country

          Not sure if troll or just incredibly stupid or both. Probably both.

        121. “Wow, swallow the propaganda much?
          Most southern whites were poor farmers, self sufficient and couldn’t afford slaves.”
          Wow, doo doo dash.
          Most Southern white men were slave masters or slavers or otherwised involved in selling buying or slaving. Most whites were oversearers on plantations, followed by plantations owners or slave breakers and slave makers. 1 in 3 texans held slaves during the time of slavery. When you take out the women and the children, that is virtually every white male.
          Slavery was such a part of white southern life that millions of whites lined up to put their lives on the line just to keep the blacks enslaved.
          “Back then the population of the US was no more than 10% black.So how many of the 90% white population were actually needed as overseers?”
          False, the US black population has fallen since the days of slavery as the white population has been engaging in a slow genocide to wipe out all blacks in america. In 1776, blacks were 22% of the entire US population with places like New York City being 50% black or Virginia the same number or more. Back then, basically the north eastern states like Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mass were pretty much almost all entirely white.
          The southern states often had more blacks than whites. By 1870 Georgia had 48% blacks, Florida about 50% black, Louisana 59% black, Mississippi 59% black, South carolina 61% black
          This is the problem with political correctness
          “If I said “all blacks are racist white hating violent criminals” wouldn’t that be considered racist?”
          You can never talk about the crimes white people did in the past, without whites getting all offended about what they did and trying to change the history to not hurt their feelings. This is silly because we white people celebrate all these types of events all the time.
          If the roles were reversed, and blacks went into Europe and kidnapped out all the whites and brought them as slaves into america and called them guineas and krauts and polocks and limeys and robbed them of their language, history, culture, religion and committed mass genocide against them and put them on multi-generational holocaust torture camps for 600 years. you know, like whites did to blacks, and the roles were completely reversed and black military members put lynched white castered effigies with little white children hanging off from a tree; and had the whole white jim crow and black klu klux klan. In such an alternate universe, you’d probably be accurate to make such a statement.
          Of course anyone not steeped into white supremacy can see zich an argument is facetious given the history of the world.
          The real problem is we white people are the ones who best fit the description you gave as black/non-white hating violent criminals. This is what history shows, from Asia to africa to the americas and australia, we white people have shown ourselves to be land thieves who have wide disregard for any standing law of the lands we enter and the people who live there.
          “If I said “all blacks are racist white hating violent criminals” wouldn’t that be considered racist?”
          “Only whites are racist though, I forget my PC public school history.
          Explain how “La Raza” is not racist or STFU.”
          Yes, racism refers to a system of ingrained policies in our nations institutions that discriminate based on race. A black man or hispanic man can beat you, he can call you a white dog, spit in your face, stomp on your children’s neck. It might well be discriminatory, but it is not racist.
          You go to the white police, he gets arrested, prosecuted by a white prosecutor, white judge at sentencing, white jury at trial, white court of appeals and a system that will infer his guilt or innocence based off of white cultural norms and views.
          It is simply impossible for blacks and hispanics and asians in america to be racist towards a people who control almost all of the fortune 500, government, judiciary and so on and so forth.
          When a white man is put on trial but a black judge, all black jury,, with all black lawyers and appeals courts without white man interference and throw on a few hundred years of blacks or hispanics enslaving whites then perhaps we can talk about racism against whites.
          La Raza is made up mostly of hispanics. More than 65-70% of hispanics define themselves and are defined by the us government as whites. thus even if La Raza is racist, you are just getting angry at another set of white people being racist. In otherwords, in attempting to prove how racist non-whites are you just admitted that whites are indeed the real racist.
          Now that you have finally swallowed the red pill on race, we can at least begin to take the first step to fixing race problems. When we white recognize we are the sole authors of the racial disfunction of the nation, we can begin to fix it by permitting the non-whites to fix the mess we created

        122. Look at this hamster.
          Blonde hair isn’t ” white” according to his reasoning.
          And he actually thinks that Europeans “overran” birth Africa and Asia, as if there was thus unlimited supply of them.
          The Greek term is simply not relevant, neither Is Mariah Carey lol.
          And most North Africans absolutely do NOT have a sub-Saharan parental lineage period.
          Look- I know you afrocentrists love to point our the ” modern Americans don’t look like ancient Americans” canard, but it’s silly and irrelevant here; prior to the shelf transoceanic travel, mass population shifts did not occur frequently. There was no large number of Europeans ” whitening up” the population. Even the areas like Ceuta, taken by Spain, did not see the large-scale importation of Spanish genetics in the area.
          And Robin Thicke is black? Lol ok. He also has nothing to do with the ancient ” Moors.” ( why do people keeping saying that term- it’s not very explanatory).
          Nope, the Andalusi were a mixture of Sinhaja Berbers, Syrian aristocrats at the top, and Visigothic ” Mozarabs.” They were not black and the Berbers and Arabs are not black today. Any black DNA is from the slave trade over the last 500 years.
          Lol Robin Thicke. These afrocentrists are just like women, illogical as a mug.
          And I’m not an Albino- I’m light caramel-colored- I.e. American Indian, and like a lot of non-black minorities, I laugh at 80 I.Q. Afrocentrists inserting themselves into our histories.

        123. ” japanese are not obsessed with race.”
          I can’t bother with you anymore, if you are that stupid.
          For Japanese, the race is the nation. They are a homogenous nation lol.
          And trust me-head out there. See how much they tour their own biological, racial superiority. There were people scared of me and I’m American Indian lol.

        124. Hahaha!
          Lmao. This dude just gets better and better as time goes on.
          Basically take reality, then blindly state it’s opposite, and you have the perfect “Hernan Cortes” impression.
          Dude give it up- you ain’t fooling nobody- you are less white than I am lol, and I’m half.
          Melanin in the brain lmao.
          Ok I’m done playing with the psycho. Fun for a few minutes only.

        125. And is it that hard to understand that evidence has to be CONTEMPORARY? Lol. 19th century paintings pushing exoticism are about as accurate as the weekly world news.
          And where the hell are you getting these numbers? I mean, I know you are inventing them, but I want to know the process lmao.
          Basically to this guy ” not black” equal ” black.” Lol.
          But let’s give your fragile, false self-esteem a little push-what if they were black? If that’s the case, then why do we see near-universal black dysfunction virtually everywhere today? Don’t state ” white supremacy.” Blacks do
          better the more whites they live around. And plus, if whites were these biological inferiors, how could they so utterly dominate and psychologically damage their betters?
          Your worldview is amusing but a little disturbing at the same time.

        126. Last reply. Yo Cortez, you do realize that your namesake invaded and exterminated (practically) all Aztecs, right? That he was a white guy, just like me, right? That 500 Spaniards basically destroyed an empire of millions of Aztecs? Make that fit into your bullshit racist narrative about La Raza. I’m waiting…
          All I have to say to you is “BRING IT”. I’m surprised the mods here let your blatant lies remain without deletion.
          Perhaps political correctness has invaded even this sanctum of truth?
          “Most Southern white men were slave masters or slavers or otherwised involved in selling buying or slaving. ”
          Otherwised? What the actual fuck? English motherfucker, do you speak it?
          If the race war you crave starts, you’ll quickly realize that whites have the military power in this country (that is more fighting aged men with rifles than any other ethnic group).
          Organization, high intelligence, creativity, and brutality when needed are characteristics of my ancestors. They basically conquered anybody they perceived as a threat. History of native Americans is very instructive as to what could happen.
          Who are you descended from? Indigenous natives who were crushed by European technology and tactics, or whites from Spain?
          Whites have been playing nice for a while in this country. That condition is guaranteed to end as long as the institutionalized racism present in the government and media continues and grows more obvious every day.
          I’m not impressed with your agit prop lies. Clearly you are a troll with no knowledge of real history.
          The kind of stupidity you espouse cannot be overcome with words.
          I submit the following poem for your review and analysis. Think about what is said here and see if your pea brain can connect the dots.
          The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon, by Rudyard Kipling:
          It was not part of their blood,
          It came to them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to wait
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the Saxon began to hate.
          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and straight.
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the state.
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was not suddenly bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years ahead,
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the Saxon began to hate.

        127. Flat nose white
          thin nosed black
          It is difficult for a logic person to accept classification based on facial features and race, unless you want to start making bizarre racial categories like white blacks and black whites.
          Also I see no difference between the two albinos except nose size. And plenty of central asian or “White/european” albinos have broad noses like the finn above.
          I was going to ask you if race isn’t skin color what is it, but we all know you will come up with some bizarro racial theory because there isn’t much other ways to classify it. Race doesn’t truly exist. Whites are simply leucistic and albino black people.

        128. Yes, Europeans were long known breeders who breed up the entire planet.
          The Greek etymology is relevent because it proves the origin.
          Robin thicke is white, his wife is biracial. His son is blonde and a quadroon. Just like Abd rahman iii.
          You cannot accept facts, so there is no point in me reading further. I already listed peer reviewed studies demonstrating that most North Africans have black or “sub-saharan” parental lineages and you continue to deny clear facts. You have a racial hamster that spins at the speed of lighting and no facts can penetrate it. There is no point in having further discussions with you until you get your head examined. Do not respond because I won’t be reading it.

        129. No it is not. The Japanese are not a race, its a nationality. They come from han chinese. And all nations think they are superior fool. You aren’t an american indian, you are a faker.

        130. You are not half white, there is no such thing, you are either ful white or not white.

        131. You are too stupid to read peer reviewed studies, so the knowleged goes over your head. Face it, your low iq doesn’t allow you to debate the topic in an informed manner.
          Universal black dysfunction…. as if the white world was functioning well despite raping the planet world wide, the majority of white countries look like belarus, ukraine, russia and romania. Now and then the robber colonialist look like italy or portugal or spain where they are completely broke and corrupt and are fighting over the little colonial wealth left over. In all of Europe, I don’t think there is two or three major functioning countries. Germany built off of black american money. Maybe switzerland, the rest are all collapsing.
          If blacks do better the more whites they live around then explain:
          View Park−Windsor Hills
          -85% black
          ” is an affluent Black community with an average family income of $159,168.”
          -number 2 richest area after dover mass.
          -there exist no rich white area where blacks are a minority and doing well in general.
          -Blacks do best away from whites because whites oppress non-whites through jealousy and hatred.
          -Just like women are biologically inferior and have taken over America because of their numbers so have whites. America is a numbers game largely. Sometimes money beats numbers but numbers usually wins. This is why america is failing the lazy large numbers of whites and feminist are drowning this country and it will fail. Whites destroy the golden goose and murder the holy cow. Its their nature to destroy their superiors due to their savagery.

        132. Yeah, whites like me and you murdered millions of blacks and indians and jews and slavs, and it is important to never forget the brutal history we have inflicted upon the world.
          Yes you want the mods to come save you because you are getting intellectually owned. Luckily for me, the mods are not communist like you and don’t seek to censor or shut out real red pill opinions just because it makes YOU butt hurt. Frankly you argue like a bitch, and by bitch I mean a female. You are losing the argument and now you want some other man to solve your problems.
          You are the PC one here, you cannot take the truth I am unleashing on your ass boy.
          Race war will just lead in complete destruction of America, there will be no winners. Just divide the country in two and let the races go their own seperate ways so there doesn’t need to be a mass race war with violence. I don’t see why the races should pretend that somehow we are all compatible and are going to sing cumbaya under an oak tree when the truth is we can hardly stand people who aren’t of our own race.
          Instead the civil thing to do, would be to draw a line down the middle split it in two and the races have their own countries. You know like Scotland and England.
          Whites have never played nice they always played dirty and they tried white only, and it fails every time. Its why West Virignia is the poor hell hole it is.
          You are extremely ignorant and foolish. Whites don’t even run america it is all jew controlled like most white countries.

        133. HAHA there are no bad schools? Are you kidding me?
          Look at some of the schools in inner cities that can’t even afford to buy pencils and textbooks more recent than the 1980’s, much less provide a safe and stable environment for their kids to learn in. When public school funding is tied to property values and incomes in the district, the rich neighborhoods have well-funded schools while the poor neighborhoods have close to zero funding.
          There ARE bad schools, you are wrong. And sticking a smart, white-bread prep school kid in the middle of a poor district will tank his achievement. Why would that same not apply to the children that have the misfortune to actually live there?

        134. The definitive answer to this black nationalist rubbish is IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Vanhanen and Lynn and their subsequent book. SubSaharan blacks lack the intellectual capacity, as a nation, to achieve or maintain an advanced nation state. They are only ever successful in minor capacities when allowed advantages created and maintained by whites. Even then achievements are generally minor and their main living spaces deteriorate.
          Watch as Zimbabwe and South Africa decline in proportion to the number of whites who leave. Is it any wonder blacks insist on scrambling, by any means possible into whie nations. They know where to get help.

        135. So when white people have patents its an invention. When black people have patents its “Afrocentrism”? Lol fucking insecure clown

        136. LOL NIGGER TRIGGERED! If we had not invaded and enslaved you, you would have no civilization at all.

      1. Although pop music is built on an Irish base, and gospel on a Scottish. American Blacks leveraged American culture. In other words, black music required being kick started by white music.
        The Black African contribution to world music was principally in, wait for it, wait for it . . . rhythm. Africans weren’t much for inventing melody, but they took group drumming and chants well beyond the simple military march model of the Europeans.

        1. Interesting how in a Mestizo country like Mexico, most of their music come from more pure European forms, Mexican popular music have almost zero African influence but neither much Mestizo, they borrowed their genres from Whites, and while American pop is very popular, they still prefer the local genres

        2. Yes, but Velcro is Swiss.
          I didn’t say anything about instruments, only musical forms. Impedance mismatch.
          The banjo is considered an American instrument invention. It is a hybrid of the African stick and gourd, which was a single string rhythm instrument, a plucked bow, and the Scottish-American dulcimer, which was a melodic with drones (in imitation of the bagpipes) stringed instrument. Originally fretless, like a bow, eventually it became fretted like a guitar.

        3. “You know who Duke Ellington is, right?”
          Yeah, one of my mom’s old friends.
          Jazz and Duke are American. Nothing like jazz came out of Africa. Nothing like jazz could have, and it was throwing Klezmer into jazz in NYC that pushed jazz to be something other than Dixieland, making Duke’s music possible.
          “Melody isn’t some kind of great scientific discovery. ”
          Well you go ‘splain that to Pythagoras.
          “It’s something you invent each time you sit down to write music.”
          The invention of musical notation was itself the invention of melody. You could invent melody on a monochord or violin.
          You couldn’t on a piano or guitar, since those instruments presuppose the invention of melody in their design.

        4. I’m one of you’re mom’s old friends.
          Nothing like jazz or blues or soul came out of Africa because they weren’t subjected to the same treatment as the slaves.
          The invention of musical notation was no more the invention of melody as the systemic classification of vibrational tones that comprises western music was. People didn’t start inventing melodies the second staff music was invented. You think no one hummed a fucking melody prior to the use of sheet music? You think no one though to IMITATE A FUCKING BIRDSONG prior to the use of sheet music or “the invention of musical notation”?Lololz.
          JOHN LENNON OR JIMI HENDRIX COULD NEVER READ STAFF MUSIC. And they wrote great songs (and Lennon great melodies).
          You, sir, are not a bitch. You’re a dumbshit before anything else.

        5. ” . . .bird whistles. SO SIMPLE A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT.”
          As, indeed, cavemen did:
          Ethiopia, the probable homeland of humanity, is not well known for its caves.
          “You think no one though to IMITATE A FUCKING BIRDSONG . . .”
          Imitating birdsong is the source of music. Imitation is not invention, nor is birdsong true melody. It is language.
          “Nothing like jazz or blues or soul came out of Africa because they weren’t subjected to the same treatment as the slaves.”
          Thank you for conceding my point.
          “You’re a dumbshit before anything else.”
          And intelligent discourse has now ended.

        6. Celtic Influence is probably the GREATEST influence on modern rock (as in the musical type, not today’s pop rock). Celtic styles, octival framework and the call and chant from the Reformed Protestant movement, created what is today basically 1950s and 60s music, which is EXACTLY WHY the Beatles and other Brits so quickly co-opted it back!

        7. Yes, Cumbia is for example, like Tejano, full of German influence. In fact, much of Mexican Tejano sounds like Polka.

        8. The verse, chorus, verse, chorus structure of popular song is an Irish innovation.
          You’ll also find Irish rhythms in use. Follow the Yellow Brick Road is a slide.

        9. lIES, White people weren’t even in rock until elvis, next whites will claim they invented pop and rap too.

      2. The most popular music in Brazil is not Samba, is Sertanejo and have almost zero African influence

      3. Yes and let’s not forget that Africa was definitely not poor prior to colonization. Before the Berlin conference there were many great kingdoms: the Axum Empire, the Kingdom of Ghana, the Mali Empire, the Songhai Empire, the Ethiopian Empire, the Mossi Kingdoms, the Benin Empire…I could go on for hours.
        Sorry @HawkManDC:disqus but you’re way off on this one.

        1. Oh my god, here we go again…FYI, The Mossi kingdom still exists today with it Moro Naba (king). Most of its million subjects still don’t have running water, electricity and they still shit around the huts. Africa not poor before colonization HAHAHA WTF

        2. Here we go again is right, you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.
          Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world, in terms of natural resources. In fact, the world depends on its natural resources to this day. I bet you thought China was pouring billions of dollars into Africa, running oil and mining firms all over the continent, for absolutely no reason? Ghanaians are busy learning Chinese as we speak.
          The Mossi kingdoms absolutely had economic wealth and military power until the French took over, this is also common knowledge. Further, you’re mistaking technology with wealth; It is possible to have one without the other. The ‘they don’t have iPods’ argument, though amusing, is fallacious.
          Sorry, you’re way off on this one as well.

        3. Here we go again is right, you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.
          Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world, in terms of natural resources. In fact, the world depends on its natural resources to this day. I bet you thought China was pouring billions of dollars into Africa, running oil and mining firms all over the continent, for absolutely no reason? Ghanaians are busy learning Chinese as we speak.
          The Mossi kingdoms absolutely had economic wealth and military power until the French took over, this is also common knowledge. Further, you’re mistaking technology with wealth; It is possible to have one without the other. The ‘they don’t have iPods’ argument, though amusing, is fallacious.
          Sorry, you’re way off on this one as well.

        4. Correct, they’re the inhabitants of Africa.
          e.g. Mansa Musa I of Mali was African.

        5. Blacks lost almost every single engagement, militarily, with whites that ever occurred in the history of the world, Haiti being a notable exception (but certainly not surprising giving the population imbalance and overstretched French armies at the time).
          A near literal HANDFUL of Dutch defeated and humiliated 5,000 Zulus without a single loss of life. Blacks have been defeated and dominated by every single “other” group that ever encountered them, including East Indians.

        6. Forget the moors do we. Is it any surprise people with machine guns are beating people with medieval weapons? There are plenty examples in history when small armies beat way larger ones not related to race. But strangely you leave out how Britain lost all its battles in Jamaica to nanny and gave them 5 independent maroon states. A yes, the powerful british, most powerful army in the world, brought to its knees by a few slaves. Then you have colonialism, where the major white european countries were all smashed in war by almost every african state.

        7. You are stupid, you say that Africans are rich because, without electricity, running water and modern hygiene and technology on most of the continent, they sit on a lot of raw material that white technology can use.Ok, so Africans are rich… lol

        8. You should bone up on the history of the Trans-Saharan Gold Trade troglodyte. You Eurocentric and Afrocentric types are really just two sides of the same coin: The former thinks Africans have never accomplished anything or merit, while the later believes insane shit like the Egyptians were Black just because they were Africans.
          There’s usually a dearth of education on both sides and the confirmation bias is too strong to break through the “My color makes me special façade” which is the notably male form of “My genitalia makes me special” ideology real men have to deal with from brainwashed females these days.
          You’re clearly unknowledgeable so I won’t dignify another one of your uneducated comments with a response.

        9. These empires only possessed ” wealth” due to sitting on mounds of resources. The fact that these empires possessed such raw materials, yet had to focus on exporting slave labor for centuries, is a testament to their lack of productivity and human capital.
          Many of these ” empires” were glorified chiefdoms. Some of them were mere North African and Ottoman ” projects” artificially propped up to secure the slave markets.

        10. Technology is absolutely important. Aside from being a sign of intelligence, it’s necessary for production. Since our society depends on it for basic existence, we naturally value it.
          It’s like saying intelligence is no more important than athleticism or appearance. It’s a pretty lie-intelligence is what defines us as humans, if we’re honest.

        11. The “Moors” we’re not black. Berbers plus Syrian leadership. The greatest Umayyad Caliph, Abd-Ar-Rahman III, actually had blonde hair.
          Don’t bother cherry-picking random picture of North Africans with some small, slightly negro-like facial feature either. DNA analysis has proven that the great majority of Sub-Saharan DNA emerged post 1500, and is due to the slave trade.
          That had to shock aftocentrists-the fact that the small amount of sub-Saharan genes in Egypt came from the post 1500 slave trade.
          Google “Matilda’s anthropology blog.”

        12. You didn’t do anything but insult him.
          How much coastline is there in sub-Saharan Africa? Can you show me one of these empires with a substantial navy? Or even one ocean-going vessel for that matter?
          And don’t say ,” they didn’t build them because they didn’t need them.” Both the west and east African coastlines are perfect for maritime commerce.

        13. Firstly, the largest confederation of berbers are tauregs who are mostly black but have adopted someeast european domestic workers when the turks abandoned their harems on french and us invasions.
          Abd-Ar Rahman the 3rd. LOL, ABD means slave. He was a descendant of white chritstian iberian SLAVES fool. His mother was a white christian concubine and his father mother was also a white concubine. He was born in Spain and was at best a quadroon, assuming his father was 100% black. Do you want me to show you robin thicke son, a quadroon with blonde hair and blue eyes.
          You cannot be that stupid. You also ignored that Abd Ar Rahman iii died his hair black to cover his blonde hair as the arabs looked down on blonde hair people as dumb.
          They dna tested pharaoahs of egypt and they all came back as subsaharan africans. Sorry, wrong again.
          Matilda is widely discredited as eurocentrick.

        14. I think you’ve missed the point. If the criteria for ‘technology’ is electricity and running water then 90% of ancient civilizations didn’t amount to anything.

        15. I would think the criteria would change given what was available. And it requires a very, very broad view.
          When I was in Malawi, most farmers would, after experiencing a bumper crop, would essentially take the next year off, living off the previous year’s produce. Getting them to invest and plant the next year was extremely futile, thus no wealth was built.
          The social arrangements in ancient Eurasia, N. Africa, and the Americas seem to be absent.

        16. For the presence of the Ottomans? Look at Kanem Bornu (I’m sure you have already- but I’m emphasizing it as a good example). That entire empire was dependent on Ottoman military aid, and adopted an pseudo-Ottoman- style government, due to its export of slaves to the empire, in exchange for firearms and military advisors.

        17. Everything below the Sahara, with the exception of the Sudan and possibly a second country is Sub-Saharan; Look at a map.
          I’ve already addressed why a Navy would be unnecessary (i.e. military operations at sea) but you can start with the empires I’ve listed above. e.g. The Axum Empire developed by controlling the Red Sea trade routes.
          Do your own research, preferably without a personal bias.

        18. I’m aware of Kanem Bornu, I meant for this:

          These empires only possessed ” wealth” due to sitting on mounds of resources. The fact that these empires possessed such raw materials, yet had to focus on exporting slave labor for centuries, is a testament to their lack of productivity and human capital.

          The Mali Empire’s currency was gold. This is true of several other empires as well. I’d like to know where you read that these African Empires were sitting on gold but were too stupid to know how to extract it?

        19. Yes, that was my point. Of course the criteria changes. Though, compensating for these changes doesn’t require “a very, very broad view,” it just means we avoid presentism.

        20. I don’t think they were too stupid to know how to extract it. They didn’t develop complex economies is my point. There were firms of banking in Europe, S.W. Asia, and East Asia. Why not there? ( banking is a bad example but you get my point).

        21. That’s not true. Research the Empires/Kingdoms I referenced but here’s another example:

          As early as 1000 CE evidence emerges of the development of complex societies from Mapungubwe, just south of the Limpopo River, marked by a complex economy, large expansions in livestock ownership, and a high degree of social stratification.
          source: http://www.learn.columbia.edu/thulamela/pdf_2004/hall_trans.pdf

        22. Are you talking about Rorke’s Drift? 100 redcoats (Welshmen) successfully repulsed an attack by 5000 Zulus.
          Man, if only to be alive when England was a feared superpower!

        23. Well that does refute some of what I’ve been arguing.
          At the same time even those kinds of institutions ( admittedly new to me) pale in comparison to those of Eurasia or the Americas. For example, are there many indigenous alphabets/writing systems in West Africa that are indigenous ( not based on contact with Islam, for example). Is there a body of law similar to that of the Code of Justinian for example? Any religious teachings complied on the same complex manner as Vedic works?
          I’m not saying you’re totally wrong; it is subjective what we consider ” civilized.”

        24. East Africa is a different story. I’m confining my discussion solely to West Africa, as the evidence seems to show that genetically, Bantus are more distinct from East Africans than East Africans are to Eurasians.
          It has never been in question that Ethiopians and other East Africans have established successful empires. Ethiopia alone is proof that East Africans can construct civilization. They look ( and are genetically) very different from the subjects in question.

        25. Moron^^ LOL he is Not White he is a Native Kiowa mixed with white which makes him NOT WHITE by the very white people he “Admires” I see he is also being beaten here hahaha I went back to read this guys history of posts and its entertainment at its finest

        26. Again you say nothing of substance – just an obsessive fixation on the man instead of the argument , and a complete denial of just what has transpired here ( me offering up a solid argument. You dancing around it sloppily ).
          I don’t care about whites. Speaking the truth about blacks is not unique to whites. These ” red, black, and green” Blacks are so damn stupid they will bring up someone else’s ethnic history- some massacre from 1870, that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue, all while completely ignoring the fact that other group ‘s experiences might be interpreted differently.
          I won’t say you ”
          Got schooled,” because I question your capacity to learn. But certainly this argument has exposed your tendency to flee from logic.
          Show me that ocean-going vessel. Or that 3 storied truly magnificent piece of monumental architecture. Or that extensive body of profound literature.
          Folk tales, mud huts , flimsy semi-canoes is all you can muster. I can see why you desperately summon up events from 200 years ago or try to foolishly attack other’s identity.
          You keep saying, ” I’m done.” I’m waiting for that moment lmao.

        27. Sigh. The. “One drop rule” is a retarded black idea.
          I’m dropping so much truth they you can’t help but do the entire name call / disqualification fallacy mess most blacks do when they encounter painful truth.
          And you are compelled to reply- you know I’m right deep down, and no amount of black denial can change that.

        28. LOL Im through debating with you on this topic….you believe what you want to believe..I choose to see you as a moron. So let it go.

        29. Jesus Christ you must be a gigantic Moron….A nice little injun who kisses white man’s ASS lol. Actually you ARE COMPLETELY WRONG.
          The “One Drop Rule” was a White Man’s idea…to separate himself from Non-Black People just as the racial Hierarchy was created by Europeans to Justify Slavery and them denigrating and ridiculing and MASSACRING your people.
          “In the U.S., the concept of the one-drop rule has been chiefly applied by White Americans to those of sub-Saharan black African ancestry in the 20th century, when they were trying to maintain white supremacy.”
          “The one-drop rule is a sociological and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States asserting that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry (“one drop” of African blood) is considered to be black (Negro in historical terms). This concept evolved over the course of the 19th century and became codified into law in the 20th century. It was associated with the principle of “invisible blackness” and is an example of hypo-descent, the automatic assignment of children of a mixed union between different socioeconomic or ethnic groups to the group with the lower status”
          “The one-drop rule was not adopted as law until the 20th century: first in Tennessee in 1910 and in Virginia under the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 (following the passage of similar laws in several other states).”

        30. The one drop rule never had anything to do with us. It certainly doesn’t factor in to how I think.
          What could produce so much bitterness and irrationality? Is it separation from
          We believe that the land and blood and inextricably linked. Maybe it is the soil of Africa that is needed?
          That’s an admittedly irrational idea. I do not completely adopt the white men’s rationality.

        31. Well thanks at least you make some sense….that was white racist rule made into Law….and the basis of Systematic Racism!

      4. No one said blacks couldn’t be entertainers. I think that’s well established. I just wouldn’t ask them to build a rocket to Mars.

      5. Actually Ruckus, as a student of music and musician, it’s been well established that not only did Europeans create the basis for every type of music since (from Mozart onward), the “call and chant” that you hear in songs like Twist and Shout, is a derivative of the Protestant Church chants of the Reformation.
        Almost ALL “rock” comes from earlier country and Celtic influences. Even Joplin’s syncopation comes from the Mach style of earlier times (D’Souza et al). Not to mention nearly every music instrument has been created by whites. Jazz is an outgrowth of classical music, and R&B from earlier 12 bar country, including the instrumentation, and percussion attributes.
        Blacks in Africa are the best example of what blacks can/cannot do, and even THEN the few areas of “civilization” we see are almost ALWAYS remnants of “colonialism”. Even in one of the few battles/wars blacks one (against the French in Haiti), blacks there, having been the ONLY race essentially, have completely destroyed their half of the island the last 100 years. They have created NOTHING of value.

        1. Okay, but classical music is boring. No beat and the lyrics suck balls. Modern music wouldn’t be what it is today (a genuine uniting and galvanizing force) without the contributions of the blacks. There would be less of a visceral element and the lyrics wouldn’t be as deep (blues and gospel lyrics being reflective of the blacks’ deep existential struggle, a struggle the white europeans didn’t have).
          Elvis Presley had the impact he did (of exciting an entire generation of youth) because he incorporated a black feel and black influences into his singing. Without black influence, he’d have been recording lame folk songs. There would have been no rockabilly, and no rock and roll without the black influence.
          White influence only – lame music based on over elaborate compositions.
          Black influence only – lame music based on rhythm.
          Black and white influence combined – ROCK AND ROLL,
          Like peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, rum and coke, and pussy and dick. Some things just go better together.

        1. And a little ditty called “pants on the ground”, now cleverly commandeered by opponents to the ferguson rioters (“pants up don’t loot”)

      6. Great music in and of itself doesn’t serve as a foundation for ” civilization.”
        How many centuries were Celts producing great folk music yet living with illiteracy?
        Music is valuable, and American blacks have contributed more than any other single population, but it’s not enough to disprove the argument in question.

        1. Another subjective opinion is that Miley Cyrus is better than the Rolling Stones. See what I did there?

        2. And here’s another subjective opinion: Miley Cyrus is better than the Rolling Stones. See what I did there?

      7. If a Black is isolated among whites, he will adapt to the prevalent collective dynamics. This is also the case when there are small numbers of blacks in a large White majority.
        Some Black individuals can function very well in a White environment and be very productive, but when the social proportion changes and Black become a significant factor, their innate aggregative properties take over, They tend to create the collective dynamics correspondig to their own biological collective language, creating a different collective dynamics.
        Unfortunately, that dynamics soon interferes whith the dinamics embedded in the White biology.
        This evolution can be seen in Music for example. When Black culture was still framed by the White culture, it produced forms like Jazz, but as the Black collective emancipates itself more and more, it returns to more primitive basic forms like Rap.
        This is just a symptom, but it illustrates how, when the collective dynamics of Blacks takes over, they fall on their natural level, a more primitive collective level.

        1. Spin, hamster, spin. The bottom line is that without the blacks’ input, modern music would suck. Spin, hamster, spin.

        2. It depends what you mean by modern music. If by modern music you mean (c)rap than I feel sorry for you.
          Anyway, without white man made musical instruments, blacks would know only how to play with sticks and bones.
          Synthesizers, samplers, drum machines are invented by white man.

        3. Spin, hamster, spin. The bottom line is that without the blacks’ input, modern music would suck. Spin, hamster, spin. You don’t have jazz without the rhythmic emphasis and freedom introduced by the blacks.
          And gangsta rap is a fave societal deconstructing tool of the Jews.

        4. The bottom line is that without the blacks’ input, modern music would suck

          Define modern music. This is just your narrow opinion.

          You don’t have jazz without the rhythmic emphasis and freedom introduced by the blacks

          You don’t have jazz without influence of white culture.

          And gangsta rap is a fave societal deconstructing tool of the Jews.

          Don’t blame Jews for black culture.
          Spin, negro, spin.

        5. I’m white dude. Jews had a huge hand in promoting Gangsta rap and the CIA had a huge rule in the 1980’s crack epidemic (Roosh even reviewed the book on Gary Webb, the journalist who found the cia-coke connections and was murdered for it).
          By Modern Music, I mean pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, folk, blues, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk, r&b, reggae, etc. Lolz the usual definitions.
          Everything this century generally sucks. As does most rap and electronic music. And to repeat just for you Wayne, since I think we’ve hit on a sore spot here, but electronica, trance, all the computer generated shit that falls under that umbrella, sucks Wayne. It sucks. Sorry.

        6. I’m white dude. Jews had a huge hand in promoting Gangsta rap and the CIA had a huge rule in the 1980’s crack epidemic (Roosh even reviewed the book on Gary Webb, the journalist who found the cia-coke connections and was murdered for it).
          By Modern Music, I mean pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, country, soul, folk, blues, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk, r&b, reggae, etc. Lolz the usual definitions.
          Everything made this century generally sucks. As does most rap and electronic music. And to repeat just for you Wayne, since I think we’ve hit on a sore spot here, but electronica, techno, trance, all the computer generated shit that falls under that umbrella, sucks Wayne. It sucks – no soul, no melody, no beat, no meaningful lyrics. Sorry.

        7. Jews had a huge hand in promoting Gangsta rap and the CIA had a huge rule in the 1980’s crack epidemic (Roosh even reviewed the book on Gary Webb, the journalist who found the cia-coke connections and was murdered for it).

          But Jews are not forcing blacks to (c)rap gangsta crap. It is blacks choice.

          By Modern Music, I mean pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, country, soul, folk, blues, heavy metal, alternative rock, punk, r&b, reggae, etc. Lolz the usual definitions.

          Many of this genres are exclusively made by white people and some of this genres were not inspired by black music.
          I give credit to blacks for Soul, Blues, R&B, Reggae.

          Everything made this century generally sucks. As does most rap and electronic music. And to repeat just for you Wayne, since I think we’ve hit on a sore spot here, but electronica, techno, trance, all the computer generated shit that falls under that umbrella, sucks Wayne. It sucks – no soul, no melody, no beat, no meaningful lyrics. Sorry..

          I could agree to some extent. But there are some good songs made in this genres. Problem is that today music production tools are cheap, every moron could make a song and this clearly shows when you watch TV. Talentless people for which 90% work is made by computers and technology with factory presets. No talent and imagination.

        8. Why do you need to repeat the fact your a “white dude”? cause your obviously not

        9. I did not “repeat” it, genius, I stated it once. And you’re right I’m a fucking Martian

      8. Black American music was stolen from the Appalachian people who are descendent from the Scottish, primarily.

    2. How about Egyptians (ancient), Indians, and Persians? Or the Arabs who had their golden age until the mongols destroyed it.

      1. Yes and no. Middle eastern peoples have had great empires. This cannot be disputed.
        Persia, egypt etc.
        In fact the most recent winner of the Fields Medal for Mathematics was a Persian woman.
        However the Arab empire (Muslim Empire), it’s golden age came entirely from conquering these advanced countries.
        This is because Islam preached (and still preaches in many places) a doctrine of no causality, which is antithetical to scientific thinking and that all learning should be of the Koran.
        Which is why the majority of great scholars from the Muslim World were usually Jews, Yazidis, or Christians.
        And those groups did a good job preserving Greece and Rome’s learning, which benefitted the Muslim world.
        However, the proof is in the pudding. Once Europe regained access to that classical knowledge, they went crazy with it and created the greatest advancement in human knowledge to this day

        1. Actually classical knowledge had to be left behind for the Renaissance to flourish. Aristotle and Plato held back the experimental method by their reputation alone.

      2. The Golden Age is a Myth. The Arabs canibalized Roman and Greek civilization and wrecked what they found.

    3. Racial hereditarianism plays a role. Also k type family and social structures, as well as relatively laissez faire capitalism and largely free trade.
      Funny how the left attacks all 3 of those areas through its ideology.

    4. All people’s are equal, regardless of “brain chemistry” (you sound like Hitler). The success of white patriarchal societies is due to exploitation, innate evil, and luck. The evil white patriarchy controls the world and must be deconstructed.
      Grow the fuck up. I don’t have evidence, I have a degree!

      1. Although you are being satirical he has no evidence other than :”white power, ya’ll niggers is dumb, I can’t stand me some monkey niggers”
        Also WTF is “Brain chemistry”, haha he needs to stop attempting to sound educated and get that pseudoscience bullshit out of here.
        I’ll bet my life he’s basing his “scientific findings” on disproven Nazi Eugenics LOLZ I hate feminists but you guys are equally retarded. But I’m just a “nigger” right?
        HAHA have a nice day.

        1. I don’t hold animosity towards blacks, but when you act like there are no objective race differences, you reveal yourself to be intellectually dishonest.
          I’m not Jewish, but I acknowledge that Ashkenazis are the most intelligent people on the planet in terms of IQ and other evaluations.
          I’m not Asian, but I see from my own experience how excellent they are in math and science in my own place of work compared to whites.
          Does that make me a white supremacist?

        2. IQ isn’t an accurate measure of intelligence. If it were then we would be ruled under an oligarchy or some other form of government where the most intelligent and superior rule over the rest of us. IQ is a massive oversimplification of the spectrum of human cognitive ability. Psychologists have pretty much thrown out IQ test as a measure of intelligence.
          Also the reason Asians are excellent in really any academic field they choose is because of their WORK ETHIC.
          At my University the asian students are the hugest grinds who spend a majority of their time in the library. During Mid term exam week they were sleeping in the fucking library with their pyjamas. Attributing their success simply to genetics is an insult to their incredible, sickening, disgusting, work ethic.

        3. How else are we supposed to measure intelligence? That’s why we have exams for Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers so that morons who go to some crap college diploma mill doesn’t go around running our country into the ground like what happens in the third world. If someone aces an exam, for example the SAT most of us agree that person is more intelligent than someone who scores poorly on that exam. When Blacks and Hispanics take the SAT they score lower on average than when Whites and Asians do. You can take a sample of this group send them to the same school, same nuclear family, same income and the results will still tilt towards the whites and the Asians. This information should not come as surprise. This is why we have affirmative action so that minorities who could not score high enough on a police exam or a fire fighter’s exam can get the job.

        4. “You can take a sample of this group send them to the same school, same nuclear family, same income and the results will still tilt towards the whites and the Asians.”
          The reason for fluctuating test scores is not some race-specific genetic predisposition. Our country was literally built on racism, and although these attitudes have declined, to believe that the color of one’s skin does not impact his life on a profound social, and thus mental level, is unbelievably ignorant. Asians don’t have a math gene and neither do white people. When people tell you and expect you to be good at certain things, it is not unusual for a self-fulfilling prophecy to take its toll. Look at Asian parents – they aren’t fucking around, and as a result, neither are their kids.

        5. I think you are living in denial of scientific facts, but I’m not going to counter you with data, as I’m sure you will claim it is biased or a white construct.
          So, I ask, are blacks especially gifted, more than any other race, at sprinting, basketball, and football because of “work ethic”?
          No, it’s genetic (specifically how their muscle grows relative to other races) and everyone knows it.

        6. Yes, Asians do have a “math gene” so to speak… their average IQ is 6 to 8 points higher than whites. Asians have terrific visual orientation of three D objects in space, better memory, and better math scores than whites… I could site hundreds of genetic and control analysis experiments on this subject of race differences.
          Keep lying to yourself about “equality” and “anyone can do it” with “work ethic”. That’s blue pill American dream bullshit. Races are unequal and excel in different categories.

        7. Ha I’m in “denial of scientific facts” when Psychologists, the people who’s jobs are to study mental processes, have come to the general conclusion that IQ is not an accurate measure of intelligence.
          Research it for yourself. Don’t just say something is a truth simply because you said so and ignore the facts presented to you. you resemble a feminist.

        8. Also please site the “hundreds of genetic and control analysis experiments on this subject of race differences.” you speak of.

        9. “Contrary to the beliefs of many Americans, the East Asian advantage in mathematics is probably not due to a genetically-based advantage in mathematics.”
          “Asians strongly believe that effort plays a key role in determining a child’s level of achievement, whereas Americans believe that innate ability is most important.”
          “In addition, despite the relatively poor performance of their children, American parents are substantially more satisfied with their children’s performance than Asian parents.”

        10. You need to take a psychology class or read a psychology book or something to actually understand what your talking about, (Nature vs Nurture and Heritability vs Environment)
          1) Blacks and Hispanics generally live in lower income areas, have single mother or single parents, stress the importance of education less, therefore they receive less quality education making them score poorly on those exams.
          2) Whites and Asians generally live in higher income areas, the parents are usually not single parents, they generally stress the importance of education (more so with asians than whites) making them receive higher quality education and getting higher exam marks.
          So you are saying that whites and asians are genetically predisposed to have higher intelligence while blacks and hispanics are predisposed to have lower intelligence based on comparison between groups that live in completely different environments…? Do you know how stupid that sounds?
          If you are not retarded you will be able to see environment affects the results therefore showing that heritability does not play a factor. Theres already been studies on this.

        11. A great analogy would be comparing a plant grown in nutrient rich soil to a plant grown in nutrient deficient soil.
          The plant in the nutrient rich soil will grow to normal height while the plant in the nutrient deficient soil will be wilted and stunted, the difference in the groups is entirely environmentally caused would you not agree?
          The stunted plant could have even been genetically taller but the genetic advantage was outweighed by the environmental deprivation.

        12. By your standard, Albert Einstein is an idiot.
          He dropped out of high school and hated the school system with its rigid standards of memorization. He was a poor student and was classified as a dunce by his elementary school principle. Memorization is not intelligence or ability.
          I don’t care if a doctor can instantly recall the names of all 208 bones in the body in 5 minutes. I care more that he has the skills to diagnose and set my broken bones.

        13. Albert Einstein is the biggest thief of history. The Theory of relativity was developed by Poincarré. Google it…

        14. This devotion to work is probably rooted in the genetic make up of the library bound student. Dogs can be trained to do certain things, sure, but the trainer can only prod the dog by manipulating natural instincts and the bred in traits of the dog.
          The idea that a student can simply change a few habits and turn into a great intellect or whatnot is a dangerous illusion. Teachers simply spot talent and spot passion, and try to guide in the kid to an overlap between the two.

        15. This is stupid. The University system in the west exists to train Engineers, Chemists, Physicists, Architects etc these professions require IQ’s over 120. People with IQ under 115 struggle with complex college level work. IQ tests the suitability of the individual to study such subjects.

        16. Don’t be silly. Are you seriously suggesting that special Ed kids are secret Einsteins?
          Improbably unreasonable.

        17. The children of high income blacks $200 K and over, score about as well as whites on 30K household incomes on SAT tests. This means that whites with single moms, grinding poverty, exclusion etc perform about as well as the elite children of the African American population (on average).
          If that’s not genetic I do not know what else it could be.

        18. Would you like to see a doctor who barely passed his medical exams and graduated from a forth teer medical school. There’s plenty of them out there but I’m willing to bet not knowing anything about the Dr., you would rather visit the Dr. with the highest test scores.
          Memorization is key to learning they don’t teach it enough in school. You learn a task through repetition but it really really helps if you bothered to read the manual or guidebook and commit it to memory.
          Einstein was overrated and when asked what’s it like to be the smartest man in the world he said “I don’t know ask Nikola Tesla.”

        19. Yes, I believe that Whites, Asians, and I grudgingly accept that Ashkenazi Jews are all three predisposed to academic success which leads to financial success. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin. It has everything to do with the cultural and biological differences that these races have that make them successful.
          You take great offense to what I am saying, I know that. Realize that many of your counterparts of your race are right now leading very unproductive lives all over the world. Not engaging in intellectual debate but rather seeking out ways to carry out the least amount of effort to get by. Then complaining about racism or some other injustice in the world rather than going out and producing.
          I saw in another posting that you are Ethiopian. The Ethiopian’s have a long proud history. I don’t see how you would see yourself as an equal to the west Africans who populate the majority of Blacks in America.
          Environment plays a role in the final outcome of a person’s future but genetics play a greater role. Smart parents have smart children. Good looking parents have good looking kids. Tall parents have tall children. Basic biology 101.

        20. This deserves a more nuanced explanation but I agree. I assume the part of @HawkManDC:disqus’s comment that got everyone’s panties in a bunch was:

          There are exceptions on all accounts, but generally those two races build, the others destroy.

          It makes sense on the surface but when one considers how European colonialism has massacred the aboriginal people of every content it’s reached, replacing the indigenous culture with their own, you could easily argue the opposite point of view.

        21. European cultures that colonized America and Australasia were always going obliterate the Neolithic populations they encountered.
          If Aliens landed here today the same thing would probably occur.

        22. True, though European cultures are the only cultures on this planet that have fully and voraciously embraced the concept of Colonialism. Everyone else has been content with living and let live.
          e.g. The Japanese were compelled (read: gunboat diplomacy) to end their isolation when Commodore Perry arrived with a fleet.
          The Anglo-Chinese Opium Wars are another great example.

        23. There is alot wrong with this. If the blacks or Hispanics were writing SAT or standardized test the results would be different and we know this because whites underperform in acountries that are black and they have to write such standardized test. There were several such test carried out n american universities as well where whites underperformed than blacks on iq test, created by blacks.
          In otherwords, people score better on test written by their own cultural group. The French IQ test say the french are the smartest, the british iq test say the british are the smartest and so on.

        24. Racism, o wait, whites like you and me benefit from racist policies which favour us, so it is easier to pretend like we are superior than to accept the obvious fact that we are beneficiaries of a white supramacist racist system that gives advantages to whites by assuming they are the norm and all others are different. why do Nigerians perform highest on standardized test of any group if blacks are inferior?

        25. So why do Chinese Americans, you know the multigeneration san fran ones, perform, worse than most groups in school?

        26. You are a mental retard and an open racist. yeah blacks are not hard working they are just better in sports because they have super magical muscles that make them jump higher and run faster than the white man.
          None of this is genetic, this is all cultural. People have reconfirmation biases. If you tell a bunch of people they are no good in something they tend to underperform in it. And the opposite is true as well.

        27. IQ test can be learned. You can be taught to improve an iq score. Therefore it is not an objective measure of intelligence. I was able to increase Iq score to 110-140 through less than a month of practice. They ask very specific questions about geometry and other problem solving techniques. Has nothing to do with intelligence.

        28. What if the genes are actually responsible for creating that environment, not the other way around?
          Blacks mature physically MUCH faster than children of other races. While in nature time to maturation is inversely proportional to intelligence generally speaking, it’s not even necessary to go there, as it’s common sense why extremely early puberty is bad for cognitive development.

        29. Untrue. A ” black-friendly” I.q. Test was invented in the 80s. The gap remained.
          If I.Q. Results are due to cultural bias, then the foreign-born children of Kurdish refugees shouldn’t be able to score better on American standardized tests than American black kids.

        30. Read ” the Sports Gene” and get back to us on who is a retard.
          Fast-twitch muscles are real, and blacks are better-endowed there. It’s fact.

        31. What he means by destruction is different from that type of destruction.
          For him, destruction means ” being unable to maintain a civilized way of life,” not the conquest of empires or victory in warfare. No one is concerned about a black African military ever rising up.

        32. The Hawaiian natives encountered by Europeans had previously conquered and displaced the original indigenous inhabitants. The largest contiguous empire in history was created by the Mongols, who eradicated millions and settled in many different regions. During the Bantu migration, thousands of west Africans overcame and displaced the relatives of the Khoisan throughout Southern Africa.
          The Europeans were simply the best at it. To top it off, there were the most humane, too (Belgian Congo notwithstanding). Look at the population growth in Africa post 1800 and compare it to the pre-colonial era. In some areas of Central African Republic you still have Europeans trying to teach Bantus to plant their crops in rows.

        33. Untrue, the IQ test created by blacks demonstrates that blacks have higher IQ’s:
          “The Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity, or BITCH-100, is an intelligence test created by Robert Williams in 1972 oriented toward the language, attitudes, and life-styles of African Americans.
          The original sample used in the experiment consisted of 100 white and 100 black St. Louis high school students, aged 16-18 years old – half of them being from low socioeconomic levels and the other half from middle income levels.
          Williams also had data from two other samples of blacks and whites. These samples included 25 black and 13 white college students from Mississippi and 19 white graduate students from Boston University. Out of the 200 students who participated in the original sample the 100 black students answered 87/100 answers correctly and the whites answered 51/100 questions correctly.
          In the other samples the results were similar with the black students’ scores being drastically different from those of the whites.[1] [2] The results of the test showed that the black group performed much better than the white group.”
          Journal of Applied Psychology, 62(1), 57-63.
          Williams, Robert L (September 1972). “The BITCH-100: A Culture-Specific Test”. American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Honolulu, Hawaii.
          Therefore blacks are substantial more intelligent than whites according to the IQ testing you so heavily rely on.
          I am tired of your political correctness where you cannot accept the obvious fact that the objective test from psychologist show whites are less intelligent than blacks and asians. Accept it, whites are dead last in IQ.
          Blacks score 87/100, whites 51/100. Whites have very low comparative IQ’s. I don’t want ths to be held against whites just because we are lower intelligence.

        34. Liar
          “The Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity, or BITCH-100, is an intelligence test created by Robert Williams in 1972 oriented toward the language, attitudes, and life-styles of African Americans. The original sample used in the experiment consisted of 100 white and 100 black St. Louis high school students, aged 16-18 years old – half of them being from low socioeconomic levels and the other half from middle income levels. Williams also had data from two other samples of blacks and whites. These samples included 25 black and 13 white college students from Mississippi and 19 white graduate students from Boston University. Out of the 200 students who participated in the original sample the 100 black students answered 87/100 answers correctly and the whites answered 51/100 questions correctly. In the other samples the results were similar with the black students’ scores being drastically different from those of the whites.[1] [2] The results of the test showed that the black group performed much better than the white group.White students performed more poorly on this test than blacks”
          Matarazzo, J. D., & Wiens, A. N. (1977). Black intelligence test of cultural homogeneity and wechsler adult intelligence scale scores of black and white police applicants. Journal of Applied Psychology, 62(1), 57-63
          Williams, Robert L (September 1972). “The BITCH-100: A Culture-Specific Test”. American Psychological Association Annual Convention

        35. You are still a retard. This fibre has to do with muscle training. You have to have the right fibre AND do the right training. Whites are told from an early age blacks are better at runnign and jumping so avoid alot of those sports hence are denied many of those opportunities.
          Many whites have fast twitch muscle fibres, like in hockey and baseball pitchers. You can’t throw a 100 mile an hour fast ball with slow twitch fibres.

        36. Are you kidding? Are you seriously attempt to compare Global Imperialism and continued global hegemony with tribal skirmishes? The Mongols rarely used naval power and last time I checked the Khoisans weren’t a seafaring tribe. You should be embarrassed.

        37. I don’t think I referenced any ” tribal warfare.” If I did, ” tribal warfare” is a mere difference of scale.
          The conquest of Hawaii was a brutal extermination. The Bantu migration was one of the greatest demographic changes in history, with the extermination of entire peoples. These are far from ” tribal skirmishes.” The Berbers and Al-Andalus, or the Sinhalese and their extermination of Ceylon’s aboriginal inhabitants are sufficient to prove my point, if you are somehow hung up on ” tribal skirmishes.”
          I don’t know what naval power has to do with anything. ” colonial conquest” doesn’t require a large scale nor naval warfare. The domination of one group by another is.
          Somehow, I’m not embarrassed in the slightest. I think it’s because I proved my point-that imperial conquest is not uniquely European- European societies simply won the game that must people around the world were playing.

        38. Your argument was that non- Europeans were content to ” live and met live.” The Aztecs, Incans, Turks, Mongols, etc. are all proof contrary to that point.
          You used the example of the Japanese. The japanese actually waged a brutal war against Korea and China well before Perry.

        39. Lol. Sure culture plays a role. Doesn’t change the fact that research has been done demonstrating a difference in performance between populations. Check out the ” Sports Gene.” It’s a boring book but it is relevant for this area.

        40. don’t know what naval power has to do with anything. ” colonial conquest” doesn’t require a large scale nor naval warfare. The domination of one group by another is.

          You should be embarrassed because you’re arguing a different point. I never insisted that European cultures had a monopoly on military force or “domination of one group by another”
          My initial reply was premised the idea that European cultures have absolutely gone out of their way to build enormous military powers for the sole purpose of dominating the globe, forcefully opening markets of trade previously unavailable and leaving destruction in their wake. I gave two (of many) relatively modern examples above. I’m not sure how your examples are related?

        41. Because the Mongols, the Guptas, etc. strive to do the same within the confines of their own circumstances.
          The Han and Tang waged vast campaigns of expansion in order yo secure trade along the Silk Road. Before the among closed their ports the Ming court was sponsoring voyages of discovery. They yielded little profit going east to west and were discontinued.
          I think that Europeans have only ” gone out of their way” because they could make it work. Hideyoshi would have undoubtedly dominated China had he been successful in Korea, well before the Japanese felt pressure by the West.

      2. Speaking of evidence, let’s examine the statement “intelligence is determined primarily by race”. If this is true, then the corollary statement must also be true – “places with similar racial profiles will have similar levels of cognitive performance and/or attainment”.
        As it turns out this isn’t always true. Sometimes it is, as in rural Mississippi vs. rural Alabama, both with higher than average AA populations. But if race explains 100% of the disparity in intelligence scores, explain the vast differences between Appalachia (Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia) and northern New England and the upper Midwest, all of which have similar Caucasian populations.
        Also, if race alone determines academic attainment, then West Virginia should be one of the “smartest” states in the Union. As it turns out, it has the single lowest prevalence of Bachelors degrees in the nation, ranking below even the black belt states of MS and AL.
        What does this show? It shows that there are, in fact, other factors that play a role in determining the traditional measures of intelligence.

        1. West Virginia is something of an outlier. If you think about it they are not representative of what you find elsewhere in the white world. Racialists are not claiming that whites are evenly spread with equal gifts when they point out the obvious differences between Africans and Europeans.
          Btw West Virginia had a low crime rate. Same deprivations as African Americans yet it is peaceful and tolerable. Clever individuals also tend to migrate away.

        2. Yeah, yo will discunt all the low iq whites from appalchia, even though they are probably the majority of whites living in trailers with low iqs right into idaho

    5. The Arabs were far more advanced then us at some point, and we basicly exterminated the America’s with our flu virus, so that is not really fair.

        1. You also don’t buy gravity? And to think ahead of you, aliens probably built the pyramids right?

        1. I would be killed in 5 days. Blacks are extremely racist people contrary to media depiction.

        2. Yeah, because ghetto hood rats are a depiction of every black person in existence yet if I judged all white people by the actions of inbreeding redneck hicks in the south you’d call me a racist.

        3. Almost every black population at large in the Western World generates an unattractive looking civilization.

        4. The problem is that blacks glorify the worst among themselves.
          Take the push to let convicted Felons vote. Lots of white felons. Not too many white people wanting to lift the ban on felons voting. What about black pundits and politicians?
          The Michael Brown issue is enough proof there. Most white people wouldn’t give two flips about his white equivalent, as it’s clear he was not an upstanding citizen. But how
          Many black people view him as a veritable saint?

        5. There’s a lot of them in the South, like around Louisiana, Georgia or the DC area. For example ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ are black middle class suburban housewives (though the portrayal is stereotypical).
          Black suburbanites tend to live like white suburbanites, and many of them live in predominantly black areas.

        6. Oh ok. Didn’t know that. I am a transplant from OK ( Kiowa nation) to the Midwest.
          Interesting that more prosperous black communities are in the south. Definitely not something pushed by the media.

        7. Especially Atlanta GA which is full of minority suburbs afaik. at least that’s what people say about where they grew up.

    6. But the article itself says that China is an example of an inefficient country at least historically, and Nigeria and Senegal were able to contain ebola better than we have.
      And I would rather live in Nigeria than Norway because Nigeria has a more favorable tax / business environment than Norway. Actually, many Westerners expat to countries in Latin America, or even to Africa.
      I think a simpler and non racially based explanation for why some countries are more developed is that Western Europe is one of the few places in the world outside the Americas where there is 1. no monsoon climate pattern 2. enough grazing land to raise protein rich foods 3. has a frost pattern that prevents tropical diseases like ebola from persisting year after year.
      Africa and the Middle East are the cradle of civilization, but they don’t have killing frosts and therefore are major reservoirs for infectious disease. South and East Asia are affected by the monsoon continental pattern that causes severe flooding and uneven water patterns, which means 90% of your energy is focused on agriculture.
      Eastern Europe and Central Asia are subject to extreme frost that is like the ‘flip side’ of the Asian monsoon pattern so 90% of their energy is focused on agriculture as well. When all your energy is spent trying to either stay alive or get food, your development of higher and industrialized cultural patterns begins to stagnate or is not encouraged as much.

      1. The cradle of civilization is Sumer (Irak), not Africa. That African bulshit theory has been debunked by many new archeological findings
        “it appears the same hominid who is most closely linked to the Original genes of Australia was wandering around the Spanish countryside some 400,000 years ago, well before any African Homo sapien could be claimed to have stepped in, on or outside African soil”
        New York Times, 12.4.2013

        1. Lol! ” black haired” doesn’t equal black, doofus ( I know your type ha). We have actual painted imagery of ancient Sumerians. They largely resembled modern Iraqis, just as most modern peoples resemble their ancient equivalents, save those whose migrations post-date the era of trams-oceanic travel.

        2. Sumerians didn’t call themselves Sumerians. -ia is a latin suffix anyhow. They did call themselves ung sang gi sa, meaning land of the black lead people.
          Yes we do, and guess what, they are black than most black people today
          Only a white supramcsit could look at obvious black skinned images with flat noses and thick lips and conclude they were white
          The Sumerians, Tamil and Mande speakers formerly lived in the Sahara. In ancient times these people were called Kushites, and were related to the C-Group people.
          When we compare lexical items from these languages we can see the similarities. These languages also share many cognate terms.
          chief kal,kala kele
          dr. winters

        3. Lol! First of all, even your cherry picked images have Caucasian facial features. And I never said they called themselves ” Sumerians.” My point was that the referred to the color of their hair.
          A few cherry picked images is all deluded afrocentrists have to show for years of wishful thinking.
          DNA analysis is similar to Egypt- modern Iraqis are solar genetically to ancient Iraqis, with sub-Saharan intrusion occurring over the last five hundred years.
          But the entire perspective is so hilarious I can’t worry too much about it. Think about it- if there was a great empire of Bantu-style negroes-anywhere ever

        4. Lol. Even your cherry-picked dark complected images have Caucasian facial features.
          Really funny how there are all these ambiguous ” could be somewhat black looking” supermen running around in antiquity, yet every single predominately black society is on bottom today. It’s just amazing- how effective those evil white devils were at stealing the superior culture of these brilliant blacks, and deceiving them so much!
          Ancient Iraqi genetics resemble modern Iraqi genetics- migrations and conquests in antiquity did not result in large numbers of new comers. Even the Arab conquest brought only a small number of conquerors. Sub-Saharan Iraqi genes are from the shave trade, in the last 500 years.
          Of course, if you looked at a broad cross- section of Sumerian ( and Egyptian) imagery you’d see that.

      2. In Turkey there are monoliths and settlements that predate anything anywhere else. Wheat comes from the highlands of Turkey.
        I’d guess these people were whiter too than they are today.

        1. You sound like Afrocentric guys who think the ancient Egyptians were all black. Chances are that the ancient Turks looked pretty much like today’s Turks.

        2. Not saying the first farmers were blond beasts, but all the evidence suggests that stone masonry and agriculture started in what are now the Turkish Highlands. Genetic surveys Strongly indicate that the first farmers outbred their hunter gatherer competitors and fanned out from that heartland.
          I never suggested that agricultural production of crops was European (North Western) in origin.

        1. I’d like to visit there for sure, it seems like any other emerging markets country like the ones in Latin America and Asia.

        2. It would innoculate you to go.
          Used to work rsk assessment for Shell Oil. Locals ought to be culled.

    7. What offends me is the stupid logic that if i can’t prove you wrong, then you must be right. I’m more interested in how you came to this conclusion so if you care to explain?

    8. I think a common confusion people have with this subject is assuming a great empire automatically denotes a high IQ. Higher IQ peoples usually have greater empires than low IQs (IQ is just the proxy btw, not the final word) but there are more variables.
      The Japanese are a great example. Feudal for a long time and less advanced than even Europe during the dark ages in a lot of ways. But that was largely from isolation which put them at a disadvantage to everyone else.
      But are still a high IQ people.

    9. That’s false. What about the Moors of Spain? Or the Egyptians? Or the Sumerians? You can’t just cite recent history as the end all be all to try to promote your supremacist agenda.

        1. If what you say is true, then why did Shakespeare use the term Moor and African interchangeably You genuinely believe that ancient Sumerians and Egyptians were white? I think white supremacists lied to you.

        2. If what you say is true, then why did Shakespeare use the term Moor and African interchangeably? Alexis de Tocqueville referenced the Moors when discussing empires of black people in his famous work “Democracy in America”
          You really believe that the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians were Caucasian? I think it’s more likely that white supremacists lied to you.

        3. Shakespeare is not a reliable source on the ” moors.” The chroniclers of Al-Andalus were, and they make a huge distinction between themselves and sub-saharans to the south. Google ” Ibn Battuta and blacks,” or ” Ibn Khaldun and blacks” for an accurate picture of how Muslim North Africans viewed ( and still view) Bantus.
          Shakespeare made Othello a negro for dramatic effect. Still, he wasn’t totally off-after the Almoravids conquered Senegal they imported negro slave soldiers and harem guards for menial work. The Andalusi nobility mocked the Almoravids for their inclusion of ” Kaffirs blacker than Satan” in their ranks. Christian Iberians picked that up and would sometimes slander their Muslim opponents as “Moors blacker than Satan.”
          The first hint that someone doesn’t really know anything about Al-Andalus is when he starts talking about ” Moors.” The ” Moors” were by no means one group- but no ” moors” other than menials and slaves, consisted of large numbers of blacks.
          You can cry about I.Q. All you want, but math is universal, and Bantus average score there is 67.
          They are by and large not thoughtful people-and though there are many exceptions this fact is readily on display all over the world.
          I don’t advocate any discrimination or hate. I oppose your silly black supremacist ideology that inserts Bantus into every single ancient civilization based on one or two vague images-this in spite of DNA evidence ( as well as a wide analysis of art, literature, etc.) proving that preposterous.
          It’s about like your own claims to be white. I love trolling as much as anyone else though. I wish I had more time to play. I’m not going to be able to reply for a while.
          I don’t get the need for aftocentrists. I’m Kiowan- it’s clear that most Kiowans have lower I.Q.s than most Chinese. It doesn’t make me feel inferior, especially since it’s obviously not the case for me. I don’t get the need for fake, narcissist, false pride. Plus narcissist false pride hinders real progress. It’s like those Kiowans who think traditional medicine greater than Western Science. They are lying to themselves. Fortunately they divest themselves of that opinion when they have a serious medical problem. Rattlesnake venom can’t cure cancer.

        4. Shakespear isn’t a reliable source, but you are? My statement was in response to the claim that “Whites and Asians” are different, both of which are broad categories encompassing several different races of people that you have no problem including to advance your agenda. Irish were once not considered, white, same with Italians, and Jews (who likely the author of the comment feels comfortable taking credit for the achievements of). My point was that “Moor” was often seen as a distinction of color, not specifically tribe and lineage like you seem to be trying to paint it as. Also,
          Alexis de Tocqueville is another one who specifically cited the Moors as an example of a successful black empire.
          My ideology is anything but black supremacist, but tell the truth. Don’t be intellectually dishonest in an attempt to promote your agenda.

        5. De Tocqueville lived in the 19 century. He was wrong.
          The ” Moors”- mostly Sinhaja Berbers and with Syrian leadership, still exist today. They are not black.
          The Irish and all of that are irrelevant.
          Two items that every single ” Moors” were black types ignore every time-
          1. Abd- Ar Rahman III , the greatest of the Iberian Umayyad caliphs, had blond hair.
          2. Look at what Ibn Battuta and Ibn Khaldun had to say about blacks. Don’t you think that’d be a little odd if they were black?
          Those two questions will need to be dealt with. Vague imagery that could go either way, cherry-picked alongside quotes from people living well after the Middle Ages won’t cut it. That’s simple logic.

    10. Explain why white countries were complete hell holes until they started invading and stealing from all the non-white ones a few hundred years ago. In fact, most of the white countries were still dirt poor and stuck in cannibalism as late as world war 2 where cannibalism is heavily documented all oveer the former soviet union?
      As for Asian culture, why was all of Asia except Japan 3rd world and poor until post ww2? Why does India have mmore pour people and aids than any other country if they have superior genetics. Why is portugal poorer than angola, a cocuntry it spent 500 years pillaging and stealing all of its resources.
      When whites came into mexico, did they build it, no, they destroyed the great aztec civilzations that were already there. The truth is that this is all colonial related, countries like Belarus or Maldova who were white and colonized more or less by other whites are just as poor if not poorer than there non-white counterparts.

      1. This is just too much lol!
        These places were not hellholes lol. Not relative to Sub-Saharan Africa at any point that is.

        1. Yes they are. Sub-danubic europe is a hell hole compared to sub-saharan african for almost all of history. If not for black americans slavery money being sent as aid to these places they’d all look like maldova.

        2. This exactly why you are the most entertaining troll of all time. Zero evidence of the profits of American slavery funding anything in Southern Europe.
          And medieval Italy/Greece Balkans – far from a sub-Saharan style hellhole.Large scale metalworking, cereal agriculture,hell even the wheel, elevates that region over huge chunks of Africa.
          This ranks up there with your ” Black Americans pay most of the taxes” argument lol.

    11. white man has killed and destroyed a lot of brown and black folks to get their resources and got rich doing it here ,hawaii and africa and is pissed off the muslims did not let him run wild in the middle east raping and robbing.why you think we still in afghanistan those mountains are full of strategic minerals and the taliban is in the way of getting them

    12. “White & Asian brain chemistry differs from other races. There are exceptions on all accounts, but generally those two races build, the others destroy.”

    13. Utter funking rubbish… Asians I can understand, but how you can put white people there shows ignorance of white history. no race has single handedly brought upon such destruction to every nation and land it’s come to contact with like white people. The only good thing white people have blessed the world with is the assembly line. Everything else white people have done is dipped in blood, backstabbing, lies, forgery, murder, rape, oppression. Even to their own people white people have done such just to show that this race knows no restraint what so ever

    14. Hah you wouldn’t be able to provide evidence for your argument either! Please do expand upon the ‘brain chemistry’ you speak of…
      Also Roosh, I would recommend Guns, Germs and Steel for another comprehensive look at development disparity. From your review here it seems that book covers more ground.

        1. …and towns and cities, just like White people live in towns and cities…and trailer parks, cardboard boxes, etc.

        1. If you’re not smart enough to figure out what I’m asking, I have a feeling a conversation with you would be a waste of time.

        2. You asked a broad question. If you mean when were europeans war mongers? That’s literally their entire history. From Greece to Rome to 1492 to 1884 to WW1&2, soviet russia all the way up to right now in the middle east. Y’all can’t help yourselves, just savage cave mutants obsessed with war and destroying civilizations that you’re not native to smh.

  3. Great review, interesting analysis, and props on revealing your full name, Roosh. If I may ask, what was the catalyst for that decision?

      1. Maybe somebody can explain what is up with the persian bitches. Why do they always want to “negotiate” everything? Like an old woman haggling over a dead chicken in the street market until sundown. Just shut up bitch, I’m buying your lunch so I get to pick the restaurant.

        1. LOL their mother’s raise them that way,and to only marry a doctor/dentist/lawyer/engineer. Textbook money whores!

        2. Half of beverly hills is now fast money persian bitches, you can’t have too much bling, and forget those traditional values, plastic surgery at age 16. Why do persian men put up with that, they’re paying the bills?

  4. The rich countries are usually the old (or current) colonial powers i.e. they stole from other countries and thus accumulated their capital. With substantial capital they managed to create various industries and improve efficiency. The only exception is Germany to a certain extend.
    Without the gold they stole from India the British industrial revolution would not have happened.

    1. They conquered because of the revolution. Lots of European nations had no or small colonial empires and are still way above everyone else

    2. Sorry, but no. White people are just better at inventing things (and if we don’t invent it we adopt it quickly and improve it) and conquering non-white nations.

      1. HA what have you personally contributed to society? I love how you seem to take personal credit and act like you’ve done something to further the human race.
        If you can take credit for the creation of things by some white people who have no relation to you and lived hundreds of years ago then you also must take responsibility for the atrocities your race has committed: WW I, WW II, the Holocaust, Srebrenica Forest Massacre, all the Disease your Ancestors spread, Opium Wars, etc. etc.

        1. Actually, I have. Maybe you can kill more of my friends to make up for your perceived slights. Or maybe you can just give the rest of us Ebola with your idiotic behavior and “culture”.

  5. I’ve always wondered this myself. Go watch the documentary ‘Guns, germs and Steel’. It explains it in great detail.

  6. Sounds like Buckminster Fuller’s concept of “ephemeralization,” or doing more with less. Fuller in his often repetitive books argued that at the beginning of the 20th Century, only one percent of humanity could live as material successes because of Malthusian constraints. Ephemeralization kicked in after the First World War, largely as a spillover into the civilian goods market of innovations for getting more efficiency in producing war materiel, so that by the 1960’s, according to Fuller’s calculation, about 40 percent of humanity lived as material successes. The quest to squeeze ever higher performances out of a unit of any given resource would in the limit turn the goods we use into things almost ghostlike.

  7. Ugly truth: The success of a nation correlates directly with how greedy and materialistic its populace is.

  8. This is reductionist. Too much emphasis on labor. That’s important. But there are so many other variable in the equation. Corruption is huge in lesser developed economies. One thing the US got from Britain was contract law. This just doesn’t exist in half the world, the poorer half. In the basket case economies, contracts aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Corruptions is very “cultural”.

  9. There is no answer to this question that is universally satisfying. Read up on it and all the different answers, then form your own opinion. There are too many variables and personal biases in answering this question to reach consensus.

    1. Yup. And to make matters worse there’s a certain amount of chicken and egg in many of these questions, too.

  10. “Don’t ever assume that progress happens on a straight upward line, and we can argue that today we’re seeing a cultural decline where collective progressive beliefs become further estranged from scientific reality.”
    Yes, absolutely.

  11. In Britain, the industrial revolution was largely created by religious “descenters”, various sects who believed that “god helps those who help themselves. They were not the political and social elite, they were not the land owners. They started many of the great banks that still exist (Lloyds and Barcley’s). They studied science, engineering, business, and set up their own schools to train their children in these subjects. Trade and commerce was considered beneath the dignity of the land owning class, so they refused to become involved in trade and as the industrial revolution went on they stopped being the elite as the industrialists became wealthier and wealthier. It was because they were outside the main stream that they had to work hard at different things to make it, and it worked.
    This is the thesis of James Burke (among others) If you are interested go to youtube and watch the very interesting documenary series “Connection”, and “The Day the Universe Changed” to learn more

  12. There was never an era in human history where war and disorder increased living standards.

      1. And the Atomic Pile was designed basically as a proof-of-concept for the atomic bomb, said atomic pile now supplying huge quantities of electricity without having to burn a single piece of coal.
        And the said atomic bomb having more or less guaranteed a standing peace between the major world powers for the best part of a century now.

        1. Yes, and just imagine how much better off we would be if we had all the labour and resources that were consumed fighting the war.

        2. I’m not going to get into historical revisionism here. Suffice it to say that the approach of Neville Chamberlain, which was appeasement, which morons like Virginia Woolf supported, failed. Britain and its allies did not start the fight. There was literally no other choice. War is always regrettable, but it’s not correct to say that it never advances living standards.
          As it is, we were better off to the tune of 500,000 people or more: that’s the estimate of US casualties projected had the US been required to take Japan by force. Japan surrendered on getting two atomic bombs dropped on them (and Russia’s entry into the war.) And one might just as easily wonder how much worse off we would have been had Russia and the (former) Allies gone to all-out conventional war a decade or so later without a nuclear deterrent to keep all parties away from the confrontation.
          However, the point is that there was no real impetus for the Atomic Pile without World War 2 to push it.

        3. Great, but every word you just wrote is completely irrelevant. I’m not arguing over whether any individual war should or should not have been fought, I am pointing out that war, as a practise, devours wealth like no other human endeavour. Colossal, staggering quantities of manpower, capital, labour, and resources are unproductively consumed in the prosecution of even a minor war. Wars are enormously costly before you even take into account all the damage done in the fighting. Employing resources and labour to make a bomb rather than a fridge makes the world poorer before you even factor in the house that gets destroyed by that bomb.

        4. For sure. Staggering loss of resources. The Soviet v Nazi German east european conflict in WWII proves your point beyond measure.
          What a waste.

      2. Indeed, and the reason you were able to buy it is because someone, somewhere was confident enough that a horde of Mongols was not going to ride through and destroy everything that investing in a productive enterprise seemed like a good idea, as opposed to a total waste of time.

        1. The pilots of Fokker Triplanes were referred to by the opposing side as the Hun.* An invading horde.
          The history of steel is the history of war.
          ” . . . war, as a practise, devours wealth like no other human endeavour.
          Colossal, staggering quantities of manpower, capital, labour, and
          resources . . .”
          WW1 bankrupted Europe and America. Consequences have never been the same.
          *After the war, as a guest in Goering’s house, Billy Bishop told Goering this and explained it was because they couldn’t think of anything worse to call them. He then asked what the Germans called his side.
          Goering responded, “We called you Britishers, for the same reason.”

        2. You’re right, consequences have never been the same. I’m British, we started WW1 as the premier nation of the world with a globe spanning empire. We tossed all of it into the furnace of the war effort and are now a diminished former superpower.
          As to the rest, who knows where we would be by now if all the resources wasted had been put to productive use, and all the destruction had not happened. We’re more advanced now than we were before Alexandria fell, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be further advanced still had the library not been destroyed.

        3. Britain became a globe spanning empire by winning the first global war.
          ” . . . Alexandria . . .”
          Was founded by and named after who?

        4. It’s ‘whom’ by the way.
          Yes Britain became a globe spanning Empire by defeating the other challengers. Imagine how much easier it would have been had there been no other candidates and all the blood and treasure poured into the Napoleonic and Colonial wars could have been put to use productively developing the colonies.
          That Alexandria was founded by Alexander is irrelevant, he neither built the library nor amassed all the knowledge. Ptolemy built the library and the knowledge therein was carefully amassed over centuries. How many more scholars may have contributed to it who died in the wars of the diadochi? How far ahead might we be if Alexandria had never burned?

        5. That’s a separate question. The Empire was merely constructed to allow flowing commerce. The US does that just as well as the Royal Navy did back in the day. The money men behind the Empire merely shifted their assets to NYC. Technological progress actually seems to have been spurred on by wars.

        6. What tribe do those money men belong to that moved from the City of London to Wall Street? I wonder what they plan to do to the US.

        7. I didn’t say anything about what the Kaiser said. I referred to Billy Bishop and Hermann Goering. My source is Bishop’s autobiography.

        8. “Should you encounter the enemy, he will be
          defeated! No quarter will be given! Prisoners will not be taken! Whoever
          falls into your hands is forfeited. Just as a thousand years ago the
          Huns under their King Attila made a name for themselves, one that even
          today makes them seem mighty in history and legend, may the name German
          be affirmed by you in such a way in China that no Chinese will ever
          again dare to look cross-eyed at a German.”

        9. I agree that is a separate question, quite apart from my original point and it was a mistake to answer it. And sure, there are indeed cases where war has provided the impetus for this technological breakthrough or that. However, my original point is unassailable, war does not raise living standards. War takes mountains of valuable assets and expends them in non-productive ways. There is a reason wars have to be recovered from, all the wealth that was consumed needs to be rebuilt.

    1. The world we live in today is the ongoing result of advances and changes made during and after World War 1 and 2. In fact if it wasn’t for those events we would still be living in an age comparable to the late 1800’s instead of living in a world where more people than ever live in relative comfort. Maybe the historians are joking when they say that “WW2 changed the course of history”.

      1. Of course the war changed the course of history, but what makes you think it was for the better?
        Personally I tend to think that if the incalculable sums of money, the heart-breaking legions of lives, and the mind-boggling levels of industrial output and resources that were squandered by both sides prosecuting this unprecedentedly destructive war, that we would be better off now than we are. Try it yourself, gather up all your belongings, set fire to them, and then see if your standard of living rises or falls.

  13. It sounds like the author is making the mistake Marxists always make in reducing people into measurable unit of economic productivity while ignoring the effect of culture. Third world cultures always seem to simply accept corruption as inevitable and the people go about their business expecting it, while the government and civil service is stocked with strongmen and cronies that steadily drain what little resources are produced. First world countries still have corrupt government agents, but there’s a strong negative public reaction to it. Frankly the fact that Nixon got forced to resign over Watergate while subsequent presidents have done far worse things without much pulic furor is telling as to the fate of our society…

    1. I wonder whether corruption is rather a symptom of a culture’s poor economic system rather than a feature of it. Yes, third world cultures accept corruption as inevitable, but coupled with that acceptance is invariably a weak concept of the rule of law; their court systems are generally far from independent and often granted very little power. Indeed I’d argue the one feature that allows you to assess whether you are living in a democracy versus an oligarchy or outright dictatorship is whether an individual in that society has the possibility of challenging the government on the level playing field of an independent court.
      Geoffrey Robertson makes an interesting survey of corrupt nations with little regard for the rule of law in his book ‘The Justice Game’. When skewering the corrupt, tinpot dictatorship of Malawi, he makes the comment that “Anyone who dreams of a land without lawyers ought to go to Malawi, where there are a tiny number of them per 100,000 people. It showed – in the hopelessness of people who knew they had no chance of successfully challenging the government on any measure that government sought to impose against an individual.”
      It’s also important to note that corruption arises at both ends of the spectrum. Cronies become viable only where the government exerts too much control over its populace; strongmen are only viable where it exerts too little. The Mafia, for example, are said to be a longstanding part of Italy/Sicily’s culture, but their origin was in the vacuum of no central or credible government to protect the people of the myriad small regions that comprised what later became Italy. In those conditions, people of course gravitated to strongmen because it was the only real protection they had.
      The lack of a strong, independent judicial system all but guarantees cronies or strongmen depending on how strong or weak your government is. It also feeds into poor economic performance because business cannot invest reliably for the future if it has the prospect of those investments going tits-up when your favourite strongman dies of a heart attack and is replaced by his moron son. Independent judiciaries are a fundamental building block of a strong economy, but governments and strongmen alike fear them for the reasons described: they are a potential block on their ambitions.

    2. This is so true. My parents are from Ethiopia where the government is corrupt as hell and people seem to have just accepted it. While my father was in University he attended a peaceful student protest against the government, the military police showed up and just opened fire on them killing I believe around 80 students.
      My mother, who comes from a relatively wealthy family by african standards (which is comparable to a middle class American type house, 2 cars, etc.) brother was kidnapped by the “police” (more like Gestapo) tortured, and just killed for nothing.
      The Ethiopian government sucks but they are in bed with the American government so the U.S will turn a blind eye. There was the video I saw on youtube a while back of Obama having a public tour type thing of Ethiopia and a reporter begging for freedom and asking him to help.
      Obama didn’t do shit, just smiled his fake ass smile and moved along. the reporter most likely suffered a gruesome tortured death.

  14. Warren Buffet says when he looks for managers he looks for 1 Honesty 2 Intelligence and 3 Fanaticism/Energy. And if you are missing honesty you are going to wish the person was dumb and lazy because otherwise he will steal from you more. I realized you can apply this to countries as well..you’ll notice that almost all the richest countries have those three aspects particularly the first.

    1. Exactly! Honesty/trust is the most important factor for development. One notices that in Germany and Japan, honesty and trust are at extremely high levels (as well as within Jewish or Chinese immigrants communities). There should be more economic studies on this…

  15. I can tell you the reason, basically it is corruption. In the countries with an influence by the British there is largely a fair system of private ownership and banking. There is also a real legal system. One can own property and it is theirs. They can use it as collateral for a loan. With that loan they can start a business. When they are done wrong, they have a remedy in the courts. In the most backward countries, real ownership is impossible unless you are “connected” with the power structure. The banks are controlled by the power structure OR a lack of allowing the payment of interest results in no economic incentive to lend. And the legal systems are shams with the judges simply cronies of those in power. We are headed in that direction but we aren’t there yet.
    ANY country can be as prosperous as we are as Zimbabwe showed before Mugabe came to power. They were one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. Now their legal system is a joke, their banking system is the punch line, and land ownership is at the will of Mugabe and his thugs.

  16. The mistake is confusing life expectancy with longevity. The first year of life is a bitch. Survive it and you are on the fast track to 60, even 500 years ago.

    1. Biblical life expectancy is 70. Having made it to your teens was taken as a presupposition, as child mortality was so high that life was not considered to have begun in any cultural sense until then.

  17. You want a thesis for rich vs. poor nations? Go and read “Guns, Germs & Steel”. It was a great book and pretty much nailed it. Not much to discuss after that.
    But socialism eventually kills even rich industrial nations, and in today’s world, women are the primary catalyst in shifting capitalist societies to socialism.

      1. A “rebuttal” that, like pretty much every “rebuttal” of Guns, Germs and Steel, is based on a straw man about the book being some kind of universal theory of everything on the development of civilizations. It isn’t, and it never pretends to.
        It explains why the Eurasian continent developed faster than any other continent over a timespan of thousands of years. It explains why the natives of Australia were still living in straw huts when the British invaders arrived, but it doesn’t explain why Cortez’s conquest played out *exactly* in the way it did, or why the industrial revolution began in England rather than Poland.

    1. Agreed. I’d argue that women (feminism) are among several catalysts that work towards the inevitable perils of extreme socialism.

  18. :
    “Regarding the underlying cause of the differences in labor quality, there is no satisfactory theory.”
    If Clark had brought that thought to it’s politically incorrect logical conclusion, he’d have ended as a jobless economist.
    All peoples hade and have more or less the same opportunities from the outset, but few have made something of them, these being whites and chinese and Japanese. Everywhere else one can one can observe the work of superstition/religion, or plain laziness about doing anything that goes beyond covering the most basic needs.
    Looking especially at blacks, also to respond to “Kobe”, they have done nothing to deserve admiration. This goes so far that one can find giant prehistoric buildings all over the planet except subsaharan Africa. Also, blacks are being supported with an inordinate amount of resources, be it with development money to African countries or “affirmative action” for blacks who live in primary white countries. Anyone can see what are the results of the decades of throwing good money after bad …
    Another case of more pride than achievement is islam, where nothing of significance has been created in 1400+ years. Interestingly, what is being touted as examples of “islamic” culture comes from areas where islam came in contact with white peoples: the aryans in Persia and Baghdad, which origibated the idea of era of islamic cultural Renaissance, and the white Europeans in Spain/al-Andaluz, from where beautiful architecture stems which has been copied throughout the islamic world.
    The conclusion is that “labor quality” equals intelligence and creative disposition, which appears to be given to only few people, among whom blacks certainly do not figure as a group.

  19. “Another interesting piece of knowledge you’ll learn here is that
    technological and knowledge decline has happened many times in human
    history where a society has simply lost a capability that the previous
    generations had.”
    Western civilisation will never again put men on the moon.

  20. The quality of labor (intelligence, skills, discipline) is an important factor but something equally or more important to do any kind of business is: TRUST. Without high levels of trust within a community or country, development cannot happen.

    1. that’s the (conservative) social capital argument
      but sometimes trust has to be withdrawn before it can be re-built on a solid foundation

    2. Trust could very well be a function of intelligence, skills and discipline of the owners and managing agents.

  21. Some countries are poor because:
    1.they get robbed by other countries (sometimes through their own leaders)
    3.almost everything the inhabitants have is homemade.
    The money we use today was invented by and for the lazy guy.

    1. It’s amazing how you manage to summarise it in three simple sentences whereas others write a whole book and still don’t manage to grasp it.

    2. robbed. haha. most if not all of Europe was looted during the WW2 by Goering and they recovered quite quickly.

  22. Europe had a good start with lots of water and rivers, which made it easier to develop larger civilizations and trade. Africa for example has only one big river, the nile, the rest of africa is djungles with malaria, deserts and not so fertile soil. It is hard to develop a strong civilization that could withstand colonization and slavery.
    WHy some countries are richer than others are simple geographical logic and luck.

    1. Not so. The soil in France and the UK is actually quite poor.
      Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt and others are much more fertile. By huge margins.
      Water pffffttt!

  23. As a black male, I find it disheartening when my fellow black people start writing out laundry lists of irrelevant black inventions like peanut butter whenever a white person says blacks didn’t contribute anything to civilization or society. Both sides need to do their research. First and foremost we must remember that “the white race” is still in its infancy. Black and brown people were the mothers and fathers of civilization from the Americas to Africa to the Middle East to Asia. While it is true that the European “races” have been at the forefront of scientific advancement for the last 500 years or so, remember that before that, much of Europe was just as much of a “cesspool” as many of the disease and poverty inflicted nations in Africa today. Bubonic plague, mass illiteracy, barbaric living conditions, etc. These things are cyclical. Europe and America are slowly losing their power while nations like China and India are becoming more prosperous and advanced. They still have a ways to go, but the point is that they will eventually become bastions of dominance as Europe once was. Every civilization is influenced, for better and for worse, by some invading power. Do not make the mistake of thinking that Europeans are inherently superior to others based on a very small historical timeframe. For tens of thousands of years before Europe rose to power, civilizations full of non-whites dominated the world.

      1. Please be more specific. What do you mean by “anything like they were doing in Greece and Rome?” Do you mean philosophical advancement? Militaristic expansion? Cultural richness? All of those things were present in Africa, especially West, North, and East Africa. Study the history of the libraries of Timbuktu, or the wealth of the Mali Empire, or the complex philosophical systems of the Yoruba and Dogon tribes, or the unique west African Islamic philosophical ideologies. Hell, study the north and west African Moorish expansion into Europe, which effectively brought the Europeans back to enlightenment when they were shitting in the street like the Indians you mentioned.

        1. None of those things you mentioned about West Africa compared to the brilliance of Greece or Rome. Here’s the library of Timbuktu, you mentioned. It’s made out of mud.
          The Parthenon was carved out of Pentelic marble, and doesn’t have a single straight line. Why? It’s curved to make it look perfectly symmetrical when you look at it. The Greeks knew large objects with long lines looked distorted at a distance, even if they were perfectly straight, so they built the Parthenon to compensate for this optical illusion. There’s nothing in West Africa to compare. Look at the Roman engineering of aqueducts, domed buildings, bridges, dams, paved highways, and mining. The Romans had running water and public water fountains. Nothing comparable in West Africa. The Dark Ages were “dark” only by European standards, but were still light years away from West Africa. Paris still uses much of their medieval sewage system because it was so well designed. Here’s an example of “Dark Age” architecture, which was finished in 1248.

          study the north and west African Moorish expansion into Europe, which effectively brought the Europeans back to enlightenment when they were shitting in the street like the Indians you mentioned.

          The Moors were came from the Mediterranean region. Don’t confuse people from the Mediterranean with people from Sub-Saharan Africa. Genetically, they’re completely different. Blacks like to take credit for the achievements of others, just because they share a continent with them. Wrong. There’s a giant fucking desert isolated the two from each other.
          The Europeans did have the Enlightenment, which was the return to ancient European traditions. Much of the techniques that kicked off the Enlightenment were reinvented by Europeans, they were copied from ancient Middle East manuscripts. Examples include Brunelleschi’s dome, and the art of marble sculpture. There were no “how to” guides that the Middle East gave the Europeans. They reinvented the techniques. Europeans in debt for details of Ancient history that were lost, including works by Aristotle. Once the Middle Age economy improved, Europe took off again and left the rest of the world in the dust.

        2. “Brilliance” according to whom? I find it quite an achievement to build huge structures out of nothing but mud and wood in a climate and location as unforgiving as the Sahara desert. And I wasn’t speaking of the aesthetic value of the library, but its intellectual, cultural, and historical value. Just because you never learned about it in Greco-Roman-Anglo-European schools systems does not mean that there was not a wealth of knowledge to be found in West Africa.
          Then there is the question of Egypt. I shan’t touch this subject because based on your reply I already know what your response will be. But I will say this: Egypt was an African civilization whose architecture was equally as awesome as that of the Greeks and Romans, if not more awesome. I’d venture to say more awesome, given the immense amount of love the Greeks had for all things Egyptian.
          Now, on to the Moors. The Moors were not a singular race. Nor are Berbers or Arabs a singular race. Berber can mean anything from the fair-skinned Kabyle to the dark-skinned Tuareg. The “Arabs” of the Gulf are not the same as the “Arabs” of modern Egypt. My point being, the Moors were native Africans regardless of race. There were black Moors as well as “white” Moors, “brown” Moors as well as olive-skinned Moors.
          “Blacks like to take credit for the achievements of others, just because they share a continent with them.”
          You mean the same way whites who aren’t Greek or Italian take credit for the achievements of Greeks and Romans? What’s the difference between you espousing the wonderful achievements of these people and me espousing the achievements of the Moors? I’m guessing you’re of Irish, German, English, French, etc. descent, not Greek or Roman.
          And again. Remember that there were great civilizations in existence long before Europe came to its modern prominence. That’s my whole point. It’s a cycle. Europe and America will fall, another part of the world will rise, then fall, then another will rise, then fall, etc. It has nothing to do with “race.”

        3. As I already noted, most of the writings in the library were imported from the Middle East, as evidenced that most are written in Arabic. The library may very well be important in West African culture. So what? It does not compare to the intellectual ingenuity of the Europeans, and their descendants, not just in the ancient world, but the modern world as well.
          Yes, the people of Timbuktu lived in mud huts. Good job. Unfortunately, your argument falls apart because the rest of West Africa isn’t a barren desert. In fact, they have plenty of resources, including white marble from the Togo mines. Too bad they never thought to do anything with it. They preferred grass huts.
          The Moors were Mediterranean. They were not West African. Get over it. I know a North African guy from Morocco, and while he’s naturally tanner than Europeans, he also has blue eyes. He’s of Berber descent, someone who can actually claim to be a Moor. North Africans are NOT black. Stop trying to steal credit from others!

          But I will say this: Egypt was an African civilization whose architecture was equally as awesome as that of the Greeks and Romans

          If I had a dollar for every time a black guy tried to take credit for the Egyptians. Thanks to the human genome project we can sort this bullshit out in short order. Let’s look at the genetic makeup of the Greeks, Egyptians, and West Africans and see if the Egyptians were closer, genetically, to the West Africans or to the Greeks. My source is National Geographic. As we can see, the Egyptians contain very little Sub-Saharan African DNA, and have far more in common with the Greeks. The Egyptians were not black, they were Mediterranean! So stop, just stop. To answer your question, my genes come from all over Europe, but mostly Germany. I’ll include the German genetics so you can compare those with the Greek genetics. They’re the same genes, just in different proportions. But the Germans don’t need to ride the coattails of the Greeks and Romans, German engineering is renowned around the world. Ever heard of Audi? BMW? German engineering is arguably the best in the world. Ever heard of West African engineering? Not so much.

        4. Additionally, here’s the average genetic makeup of a Spaniard, showing NO WEST AFRICAN DNA. This is undeniable proof, the Moors were NOT black! They were Mediterranean and Arab (Southwest Asian)! Had the West Africans invaded and enslaved the Europeans in Spain there would be traces of the genes. (Source)

        5. Blacks left Egypt when the desert spread too far in, and also because of invaders coming from the East (Second Intermediate Period).

        6. Oh, right. Back when Egypt wasn’t a desert (WTF?), and contained no Mediterranean people, the Sub-Saharan Africans moved across hundreds of miles of desert and built all the Egyptian wonders. Then they moved back across hundreds of miles of desert because the desert “spread too far in,” whatever that means. And where’s your evidence for this? Or is this just something that sounds plausible to you, so you pulled it out of your ass? I think if the Sub-Saharan Africans built all of those wonders they would’ve accomplished something on a similar scale after returning back home. And where is this? The “invaders” from the east only make up 18% of the modern Egyptian’s DNA. They’re still ethnically Mediterranean.
          Or maybe it’s option #2, they were genetic Mediterraneans similar to the Greeks and Italians, who had a love of building big things like the Greeks and Italians, and due to their connection to the south via the Nile they always had a small Sub-Saharan population.

        7. I’m done. I don’t feel like going back and forth. You should go back to Stormfront.

        8. Sorry man: you got schooled pretty hard.
          And to tie in the OP: The USSR, a freezing tundra with a huge diversity of ethnicities and languages, and a vast geography- built all kinds of shit. First sucesses in space, high utility railroad systems and the Tsar mother f’n bomba (largest atomic explosion).
          Tell me more about the West African mud hut space program…

    1. Thomas Sowell writes alot about the success of countries, peoples and regions. Genetic superiority of races ? Very controversial. As Sowell and others claim success of nations has to do with many things. Examples…Africa has the Sahara that cuts it in half nearly prohibiting trade and travel between the north and south of Africa. Africa has nearly no navigable rivers and waterways like the Mississippi , Rhine, Missouri rivers so travel/trade occurred less in Africa than say Europe and USA. Africa is MULTiLingual /Multicultural and TRIBAL . You can’t exchange new ideas if you can’t communicate with each other. Africa has Islam. Islam as it currently practiced is ANTI everything. Islam + Tribalism further= bad….

    2. …of course china and India aren’t hamstrung from birth by Jewish propaganda that pits them against their own race with a fabricated guilt complex.

    3. The cradle of civilization. Unfortunately they haven’t made much progress since but it is written – The meek shall inherit the earth.
      Easy come, easy go.

  24. Blacks as a group may be somewhat primitive but the human brain is like a muscle. The more you work it, the more strength it has. The average black could make themselves significantly intelligent provided they put in the work and make the effort to break away from the destructive elements of their culture. If someone like Ben Carson ran for president, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    1. I think Carson is impossible because he has no public sector experience. Politics, especially being the leader of the free world, is way different than being a dentist or whatever he is.

      1. Is it any different from being a community organizer? lolz. I think Carson was more than a dentist – he is a retired neurosurgeon who is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins at the head.
        He’d be more qualified than anyone since Reagan for what it’s worth.
        disclaimer – not trying to be the NABALT guy. I realize they’re generally problematic and getting worse. More and more I’m getting flicked off by these guys in traffic for daring to give them WTF? gestures when they drive like assholes.

        1. I wasn’t disparaging his contributions in the private medical sector, but he has literally zero experience dealing with foreign dictators, passing laws, etc. It’s a anarcho-capitalist pipe dream to pluck an accomplished man from the private sector and make him lead the entire US government.

  25. I thought Return Of Kings was a site to promote solidarity amongst men. With race wars that I read in the comments below, it gets me to think otherwise.

  26. Nations prosper when they have control systems that focus the good of people to the benefit of society. Marriage 1.0 where men got young fertile women in exchange for the labor and provisioning is an example. Society also used to give men preference in jobs. . Religion helped stop women from whoring it up with alpha thugs and encouraged large families which focused men to work hard and this grew the population. Beta men invent new things when the incentive of a pretty young wife and family that can’t be taken from him is dangled in front of him. Feminists have completly destroyed this incentive structure and actually Made it a bad choice to do what’s good for a rich and healthy society. You get the same payout for manning up as you do for not Manning up. Hey at least not Manning up saves you alimony and child support. So rich societies harness beta male potential and poor societies shit on beta males and are matriarchal. .

  27. I, for one, am glad for the difference in wealth and productivity of countries.
    If it were not for this difference, all American men would be stuck with feminist cunts as their only options for sex.
    Get out of the US and hit a country with 50% or lower per capita income and you will find a wide array of attractive women with healthy attitudes. In fact, these women are better for sex, because one of the few activities they can actually afford is fucking. So, the put passion into it and thoroughly enjoy it.

    1. Somewhat related; this is one of the problems with San Diego. Too many nice things for women to do that don’t involve sex. Hiking, the beach, paddle boarding, balboa park, etc. And the ratio sucks here too thanks to the Military.

  28. I stopped reading at “In one word, the industrial revolution created massive wealth because of efficiency”
    The industrial world did not create massive wealth. It simply helped to re-distribute the massive wealth that was concentrated in the hands of a few that went marauding around the globe, looting everything in site and enslaving entire populations over the centuries prior.
    Moreover, if you look at any civilization, past and present, you would notice the intrinsic “wealth” of the civilization depends on one thing and one thing only – the ability to mine and control the flow metals in and around the region.
    Europe was able to achieve “industrialization” because it essentially had a bottomless pit of free minerals from the lands it conquered, and also through the bottomless pit of slaves that worked, toiled and died to get the metal from dirt and soil to its usable forms.

    1. You seem to have the impression that Europeans are the only people to have utilized colonization and enslavement.
      All civilizations have engaged in these practices to varying degrees throughout history, isn’t it worth exploring why Europe was so much better at them?

        1. Try again.
          Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century, adopted by Arabs years later, then finally the Europeans caught wind of it in the 13th century.

        2. And hence the Europeans were able to use it on a scale the Chinese and Arabs did not.
          Do you really think Europe would have amassed all that wealth around the world without gunpowder?

        3. Their Chinese and Arab contemporaries had equal access to the knowledge of gunpowder production
          Your reasoning is like attributing modern China’s rise to their access to electricity.
          Sure, it’s a contributing factor but it’s hardly unique.

  29. The book’s purely socio-economic explanation for the rise of industrialism in certain countries over others seems naive at best, if not outright racist, especially when coupled with your interpretation that non-whites weren’t as efficient because of a supposed lack of intelligence… The gorilla in the room, which the author seems to have ignored based on your review, is the other main feature of the 19th century besides the industrial revolution: colonialism. The premise of colonialism was simple: take over countries that can provide you with natural resources, and dump your industrial products in them. All colonial powers had very strict laws against allowing any advanced industrial activity in their colonies.

  30. Roosh, good to see that your independence has given you the freedom to broaden your horizons. Excellent review, and excellent that you find it a worthwhile use of your time.

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