144 thoughts on “Men Who Cold Approach Women Should Be Proud Of Themselves”

  1. This video hits me hard today because I did 3 cold approaches this weekend. Two out at bars and one in class. The two out at bars were nice but flat our rejections, which is fine not pissed or anything. But the one from class is the most messed up because she agreed to go out and already auto-rejected and has not even contacted me back. I’ll get over it soon, but like Roosh says its pretty BS that these girls really don’t even know the real us when they flat our reject us.
    I present myself as someone very laid back, cool and has a pretty involved life (weight lifting, focusing on my career etc) and just someone who really isn’t concerned about who she is except for wanting to bang her. So when I get someone who says we should make plans and I get her contact info and nothing comes from it, it sucks quite honestly. So thanks for the video, I’ll keep asking (and getting rejected I’m sure ha) but its nice to know there are people who respect guys who get shit on non stop even in the right frame of mind and decent game.

    1. You have the same problem I had when I started out. When I approached girls to “make plans” or “hang out”, I would get fake numbers and flakes. When I started telling girls straight up that I wanted sex, the ones who were interested would give me their number and sleep with me. The ones who weren’t would say “No, but thank you for being straight up with me.”
      I know Roosh recommends indirect game. Although that works for him, it’s extremely time consuming. The quickest way to get sex from cute girls is to simply just bring it up in a confident manner.

      1. I think you’re right about that, but I’m afraid of doing that at school and getting fucked by liberal administration here ha.
        But that was my intention if I could get her out was to amplify and play up the seduction so she knew exactly what I wanted. and then move fast to get to sex. I think one of my primary mistakes was that I didn’t do a good enough job of amplifying in our conversations in class, but again the environment is pretty difficult to do all that in.

        1. When women flake, its because of what I call the status gap.
          If she perceives you as too low status, you’re highly likely to get flaked.
          You have to make sure, she’s not wasting her time, by making sure she knows your status is of a far higher status then her
          Basically making sure she knows she’s getting a high status man with high value, & bang for her buck …
          This isnt that easy because of feminism, but it is good practise projecting a high status persona, especially if you’re still in school
          Basically your not projecting enough status, for her not to flake on you …

        2. Oh bullshit. Women who do that crap are looking for below-beta-losers because they love being victims.

        3. Can you expand on that? I’m curious to know the thought process behind your comment.

        4. Kino + body language. Talking is half the job. Even when you are rejected, there may be other prospects watching from a distance.
          Remember, the man is the prize.

    2. “really don’t even know the real us when they flat our reject us”
      In the very early stages who you really are is way down their list. All that counts is how you make them feel that very moment. And I’m not sure if there is anything a man can do to ring their bell. It is pretty much a hit or miss with not much explanation behind it.

      1. yeah I guess I try to first get to know them, project as much of a sexual vibe as I can (if that even works for me, who knows) and then get into questions that most men won’t ask women for fear of getting to personal or being weird. I guess I’d say it’s a way of deep diving, which was my intention to get her to meet up with me for coffee or drinks or whatever and make that happen.

    3. Women are socialized to be indirect and polite, in which that means her “yes” was a soft “no”. It’s difficult to grasp, but the world of sex and dating is so different between men and women that we literally cannot understand what it is like for one another.
      Here is the thing that is hardest to swallow. Women not only do not understand how difficult dating is for men; they also don’t care. She doesn’t give a shit if you got your hopes up for a potential relationship, she only knows that it is easier to say “yes” and block your number afterwards, rather than give a “no” and deal with the awkwardness afterwards. Your need to get laid is not her concern, and getting out of the fire is her biggest priority. And we as men, should steal that trick.
      She’s wearing headphones? Fuck it, approach anyway. She’s out shopping for groceries, I should respect that and not approach until she gives me signals to do so. Screw that, she’s hot and I want to fuck her. When it comes to your sex life, you have to be selfish, because women will not fix it for you. Heck, when you fully establish this mindset, it seems women come to you faster than you can approach them.

      1. Something else I have noticed is if you obviously ignore a woman they go out of their way trying to get your attention. They are also suckers for compliments. Try just giving a random woman a platonic compliment and watch them go weird.

      2. “Women not only do not understand how difficult dating is for men; they also don’t care.”
        You’re on point there.
        Talk to them anyway.

      3. Every time I’ve had a great bang, I can trace it back to good pickup performance. The common thread is always self-serving behaviour. Remember, deep down she wants you to go after what you want first. Be the warrior.
        Don’t ever get down about not slaying a few here and there. The battlefield is 3.5 billion deep!

        1. Thats the counter intuitive part of game. We think helping them is what they want. Be selfish. Be loud. Demand attention. Interrupt her when she talks. We’re off work and we dont need to be polite to nobody. She’ ll love it!

      4. So in your estimation, without really knowing the intricacies of my interactions with this woman, do you think there is any way to turn the tides in my favor? I’m all up for trying new things. Mostly I have the mentality that I have already nexted her and am actively looking for other options. But to me she’s around an 8 and I would definitely like to try to bang her before I leave school. Any advice?

        1. It’s hard for me to give advice on this, because I’ve trained myself to move on to the next woman if I’m not getting enthusiasm and positive vibes from the current target. Her phone is always on her and certainly is being looked at three times an hour, at least. If she isn’t responding, then she’s purposely not talking to you.
          My suggestion would be to go direct. Ask her on a date, let her know you think she’s attractive, and what your intent is. And like you and me said earlier, the outcome doesn’t matter, because we are already looking for the next woman who can be blessed by our presence.

        2. Good advice. We start spring break this week so I won’t see her for a week. Mulling whether I should ask her after class the following Monday or try through email again as that is all she gave me.

        3. As Bem said below, it’s all about Vibe, and the girls can smell it. It’s extremely difficult to project that over text or email. You said she agreed to a date but auto rejected, so I’m kind of confused on the situation, but any advance on her needs to be done in person. Until then, it’s Spring Break, and the girlies will be out looking for some vacation love. Go forth and slay!

        4. I haven’t really even thought about her that much in the past couple of days. Actually cold approached a girl at my work over the weekend, who seemed receptive to my flirting initially. But then she gave me the run around and asked me to add her on facebook, which I deemed was essentially a form of rejection since she has yet to accept haha.
          But anyway Im just going to go about things as if its business as usual in class. I dont intend on completely giving up on that one, but I dont want to chase or give the impression that I’m desperate.

        5. Going after women at work is mostly a losing proposition, for reasons I’m sure you’ve already heard, but I won’t outright say it’s always a total loss. I’ve been given the social media invite before, but that is usually a path right into the friendzone since that is a woman’s path to endless validation from countless likes from her beta orbiters. Best thing is to reject it, and tell her “No, I would like your number instead”. Doesn’t always work, but at least I typically get a definite answer.
          You’re learning via the same path many others here have, so definitely on the right track. Don’t chase, attract. Remember, it’s not you who is desperate for her, but rather it’s on her not to turn down your awesomeness. If she does, her loss.

        6. You’re definitely right about work. It worked out for me once and I dated a girl for basically 3 years. This girl was a temp and wont be working at my place of employment ever again, so I took a shot. It didnt work, but I have been making it my policy to approach any girl I think is attractive and strike up a conversation.
          I dont intend on chasing this girl at school, because she now knows I’m interested. Its just a matter of her reciprocating. If she does, great, if not, on to the next. We’ll see what the next 8 weeks yield!

        7. Hope I get to hear how this one turns out, just for my own curiosity. Sounds like you got all the fundamentals down, my friend. You’re in there, and hopefully soon, literally.

        8. Haha thanks man. I think sometimes I get too worked up and immediately think because a girl won’t go out with me on first ask that it’s a lost cause. Just gonna be patient and be cool about it. Thanks for the advice! This site has been a life saver in many aspects!

        9. Update: she replied to my email yesterday apologizing for the late response and suggested we go out once school is over. Which is fine by me since I’m busy and so is she. There was a smiley emoji at the end of her email so you know what that means lol

        10. Didn’t see this until now since you replied to yourself, but the fact that I went looking for it tells you how intrigued I am, haha.
          I’ve found that emojis usually depict their current feelz, so I think it’s a good sign. I’m hitting on this girl in community college now and am seeing a lot of the same signs. Trying to play my cards right using my own advice. This stuff rarely gets easier.
          Btw, I change my display name and avatar at random frequency, so I get it if confusion is in play. I like to change things up now and then.

        11. No big deal! I’m digging the level of interest lol. I’ve noticed in recent class periods (we only see each other once a week which sucks) that she’s been coming to class about 15 minutes early when she used to only show up right at class time. I have a class that is really close beforehand, so I am usually there 20 minutes early. The next couple of weeks are going to be important if I want to go forth and conquer lol. Without running the risk of putting her on a pedestal, I’d definitely say she’s wife material.
          But good luck with this girl you’re hitting on. I think now they are ramping up the screening/vetting process and making it really difficult, so as to rule out the weasels and weaklings haha. Gotta stay strong and as many people say here, never lose frame!
          Haha that is funny I replied to myself, should show you how things can easily get messed up on disqus. I wish there was a way to private message or community easier than just on here.

        12. update again! Got her number today. Things have been progressing along nicely conversation wise and she’s showing more signs of interest!. Its all coming together!

        13. Good on you bro! Keep it up and don’t settle for just texting all day. That’s what her girlfriends are for. It’s best not to go full bore if she has wife potential, but remember, they rarely punish us for being aggressive.
          I kind of wish Disqus had a direct message system in play too. While I enjoy the wisdom in GoJ and Lolknee’s back and forths all day because they work from home, the newer guys to the game tend to get silenced when they dominate the comments.

        14. Yeah I don’t plan on texting much. We see each other once more next week and that’s it for the semester. So I’ll know for sure in a few weeks if she indeed does want to go out with me!

        15. Final update: Unfortunately it looks like this one isn’t going to work out lol. I texted her this morning since our semester is basically over and said I wanted to take her out and she gave met he run around about how she’s SOOOO busy with summer school and working every day. So i’m walking away from this one. Just how it goes sometimes.

        16. The soft “no” sucks, but recognizing it rather than being naive is what swallowing the red pill is all about. Though if you are silent to her from now on, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she reaches out again first!
          This girl in I share classes has been studying with me in the time between work and class at the campus library. I’m seeing good signs, lots of laughing and much conversation that has nothing to do with class, her sitting closer to me at the table, our faces only a few inches apart, etc. Class ends, and she texts me later asking if I would like to go to ComicCon with her in 10 days. I say yes, and am definitely going to escalate as appropriate of course (i.e. not in front of her friends).
          Situation here is this: What do I do with the 10 days until then? I’m trying to think of conversation that is appropriate for something that isn’t romantic yet, but has everything suggesting it could be. I definitely don’t want to remain silent until then. What would you do?

        17. I ended up talking to her more and I decided to spill the beans and tell her I wanted to take her out on a date and not just some casual thing. I wanted her to know. Turns out the reason she doesn’t want to seriously date is because she’s going to be “moving away” and studying abroad. I dont know for how long, but its med school so it could be a couple years if not more. Or it could just be a semester.
          So I told her that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for us to hang out “as friends” as it would obviously leave me with blue balls and just fill her attention tank to the top before she leaves and leaves me with nothing. So I suggested she keep my number and maybe our paths will cross again if she comes back from school or if she decides to not go overseas. So im letting that one sit for now as sad as it is lol.
          I know the feeling about seeing change in the conversations. at the beginning of the semester, this girl was really open to talking to me right away, but still kind of quiet and reserved. it wasn’t until about week 7-8, just before spring break, that we really started hitting it off. So its obviously pretty disappointing that it is most likely the case that nothing will come of this, since she’s going away for school. Im resisting the urge to add her on facebook, because I dont really want to see who she ends up dating in the long run if its not me lol.
          Anyway I know the position you’re in, because I was just in it with finals week. When I got her number, I didnt want to text a lot because remember the rule about texting. it should only be used as means of meeting up.
          Remember you’ve already had her ask YOU out, there’s nothing more for you to do. I wouldn’t get caught up on the text game, do all the romantic leg work in person. As you have said it yourself, texting is impersonal and should really only be used as a last resort like when I was basically forced to tell this girl how I felt since she was brushing me off due to moving away. good luck, let me know how it goes!

        18. Being heavily immersed in nerd culture only four years ago, I felt I could easily relate to the crowd at Comic Con. Unfortunately, the territory has morphed so dramatically in that short period of time that I could not relate to it anymore. There were a lot of great costumes, but the majority of them I could not recognize. The lingo and conversations with the group I attended with made me the 5th wheel. It’s inevitable that we all change over time, and that is not a bad thing at the end of the day.
          But I’m sure you’re asking about the girl and me. She also brings along a guy friend she works with, which he really went out of his way to talk and include me in with the crowd he met at the con. So me and her had the most one on one convos out of any of them. We separate from the group for a while, and the touching increases along the way (i.e. she finds out I’m ticklish, and proceeds to take advantage of that, also grabbing me by the hand and leading me to a booth that catches her eye).
          In probably the highest point of intimacy that day, we were sitting on the floor in the hallway beside each other. Keep in mind this place was packed (there was a sea of people at this convention). While looking through the con catalog, she rests her head on my shoulder while clutching my arm.
          We rejoin the group later, meet in their hotel room while they played video games and drank beer, then the three of us leave the same way we came. He drops us off at her house, she hugs me at my car, and smiles when I suggest this again some other time.
          My takeaway: there is still potential here I think, though I don’t want to jump too far. Despite the touching, the flirting only went as far as her making fun of my attempts at speaking Russian, and me poking at her lack of nerd knowledge (hypocrite, I know). I’ll stay quiet for a few days since it’s a holiday weekend and certainly she will want to spend it with family.
          I’ll text next week and see how enthusiastic her response will be. Kind of like the response the girl gave you, I need to be aware of being given the run around. And being direct like you did will get me an answer sooner so I can keep going on with my life.

        19. Very nice, sounds like a good start. Just gotta protect yourself from the chance that she views you as needy. But from what I can tell its highly unlikely that will happen. The only issue I can see is her changing her attitude towards you, but that is nothing you can control. Just like with the girl I was seeing over the semester. It was fine for her to flirt with me and show me interest in a controlled environment. But once that went away, so did her overall interest and eventual (and my hopeful) investment in me and for me with her. And then gave me the run around. Which obviously pissed me off and I felt it was really disrespectful considering everything that happened and that I played my game pretty tight on this one. But they dont care about any of that. Good luck!

        20. Update: So during the week after ComicCon she texts me asking if I wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with her this weekend (I had mentioned that I wanted to see it but had no one to go with). I accept, and we watched the movie tonight.
          As an aside to anyone else reading this, get over your obsession of having everything be ”Red Pill” and go see it, it’s a good movie.
          We have a fun chit chat beforehand in the theater before the movie began about fuck all (work, social media, apartment life). After the movie and some banter during, we leave and I go for the kiss in the parking lot. She reciprocates, but neglects to go anywhere further that night because of her pets being home alone. I’m weary of the soft “no” obviously, but she makes it a point to kiss me before leaving with a lot of tongue added. She seemed enthusiastic about another movie night next week for “The Mummy” and an invite to a weekend at my complex’s pool.
          So many what ifs, but I’ll know soon when I text her in a couple days. Regardless, this site has taught me not to get caught up in one girl. If she does, awesome, if not, then it’s on to the other girls who do want my attention. Remember, we are the prize.

        21. Cool buddy sounds like its still trending in the right direction. You’ve done all the right work in the escalation department and are giving her a base level of respect for her comfort level. Its obviously always in the back of our heads, I actually call it dating ptsd. Because it seems like there is always something that comes up in our heads that makes us think something will go wrong. Just keep being confident and if this girl really likes you, it will all work out.

        22. Haha silence usually means nothing to talk about, and unfortunately this is not an exception. We did see each other again this past weekend for The Mummy, but I didn’t get the romantic vibe from here, only a reservation in the Friend Zone. Minimalist touching, not flirty convo, and her rambling on about some injury she is nursing (nothing serious). She did offer several other things next month she said I’m invited to with her other friends.
          Not what I wanted, but in a time where making friends is hard enough, I still felt much happier on a Friday night watching a movie with someone else rather than another night at the bar or club.
          I’m still working other numbers I’ve collected since then, so the game still goes on. As an aside, if you possess the ability to completely shut off the logic switch in your brain, then “The Mummy” is worth your time.

        23. Yeah that sucks man. Sometimes its just a lost cause all around even if you do everything right. They dont seem to have the ability to discern how cool a guy really is or what value he really brings to the table if they dont immediately feel it. which is dumb. Before I dated my ex, I actually didnt really think much of her. It wasn’t until I got to know her and really talk to her that I saw the real her (she was cute, just not my type initially).

        24. It’s totally why I can’t deal with the fallacy that is online dating. I may be a woman’s dream she’s been looking for, but they will never know that because the first thing her filter tells her is my height doesn’t begin with a 6. And like you said of your ex, men are guilty of this too. I know I am. To be honest I think our latest examples of classroom game just shows how much better the ROI is in real life. Can’t wait for the next semester!

        25. Yeah I’m still kinda bumming out about that Russian cuz she was really sweet. just sucks it seems one has to be in the perfect situation just for a chance at a date. So best of luck to you in the new semester, you’ll have plenty of opportunities I’m sure!
          Anyway real quick i wanted to pick your brain on a situation I’ve been in recently. I think its a dud, but I just got my hair cut with a new stylist who i’ve always thought was hot. I know, it sounds bad already. But I used to get my haircut with this girl that I’m acquaintances with (I despise her, shes fat, really pale and has an abhorrent personality, but cuts my hair well). Anyway she used to get REALLY jealous about any time I would slightly glance at any of her coworkers.
          One of the coworkers who has recently became her best friend is the one I think is the cutest and I recently got my haircut with her. It was a great time and laughed a lot and what not but my old stylist (the fat one, also friends with my sister) kept telling me not to ask her out and all this stuff and how shes allegedly in a relationship of over 7 years (guy still hasn’t proposed).
          I found her on facebook and see no evidence of a boyfriend and I think my old stylist is lying out of jealousy. What do you think? I added her, but she confirmed me though her professional page instead of her personal page (which I think is kind of a cock block).
          But anyway, would you think this would be worth pursuing, or should I brush it off and act like it just a dud? I think shes hot and honestly genuinely nice, but it seems like the fat one will do whatever it takes to sabotage it because she’s always wanted me and is jealous.

        26. Fat girls are jealous of what they can’t have! Remember, you are the prize. Women are strange friends to each other a lot. You said the cute girl is her best friend, yet she is trying to deprive this girl of your awesomeness. WTF?!
          While she is required to be nice because it is literally her job to do so, I have found that there are cases where a girl at work will legitimately flirt with a customer she likes. So what do you do? I would suggest asking her out to a very casual setting, such as coffee after work or maybe just Happy Hour. But do it when no one else can see, it will just put her on the spot while she is working which no one needs.
          Once out of her work setting, them you can become more flirtatious yourself without her workplace inhibiting her. Then her true interest or disinterest will be more clear. Even if she declines your offer, so what? As long as you don’t make a big deal about it, she really shouldn’t either. At worst, you find another place to get your hair cut.
          And we’ve been discussing long enough to know about a target worth pursuing. If you are attracted to her, then it’s worth it. 90% of guys get nowhere because they talk themselves out of approaching. I hope to hear a field report soon haha!

        27. Yeah exactly. I won’t see her again until August but the funny thing is I know the girls at that place talk about me as they all know me by name at this point
          Our state fair is around that time and she really likes going to that so I’ll most likely pitch that
          If not I’ve been talking to this 20 yo at my work who is really cute plus I’ve been going out more. Just gotta create opportunities.

        28. Not yet. I will either see her next week or the week after. Might still pursue it, but its not even anything on my radar. Recently was up in minnesota to see my cousin and met a girl who was pretty in to me, but then things got really complicated.
          She invited me over but fell asleep before I got there (I had to walk since I was pretty intoxicated at 3:30 in the morning lol. So that didnt happen but the entire time we were planning to see each other when she came back to visit friends near my hometown this past weekend and that ended up being screwed up. So im going to try one more time as I’m most likely seeing my cuz again towards the end of this month for one last time and if that doesn’t work im just going to delete her and look for other prospects closer to home.
          Otherwise things have been pretty calm on the dating front. Nothing to cry about but nothing really happening at the moment. How about you?

        29. Too bad about the distance. In my experience it usually means it’s a one and done. Hopefully you get your one and done =}
          As for me, Comic Con girl is still a hit and miss. Still texting, but nothing major. We are texting for future plans to go salt water tubing. As for everything else, I met this girl (definitely a high 7) at the gym last Saturday and had a flirty convo at Starbucks as an unofficial first date one day later. We are going on a second date tonight in a few hours to do some barhopping and country dancing (or at least my attempt at doing so). Wish me luck!

        30. Yeah exactly im going up there august 25th and 26th so Im going to hit her up and see about a bang. Cool man I like to hear about new opportunities. I met a girl at my work who is really outgoing and pretty flirty so Im going to keep talking to her and let it naturally flow (same thing, mid to high 7, fit and nice body plus she doesn’t have a personality of a rock so that helps immensely!). I know what you mean about dancing, all you have to do is move your feet and shoulders and you should be golden!

        31. Had an interesting development. Banged the girl from my work Friday night who just got hired about a week ago. High 7 and told me she loved my personality and basically was my yes girl ha. Was nice to have someone to sleep with and snapped a 2.5 year dry spell. We’ll see what happens but I can definitely say taking the red pill was the only reason this girl was attracted to me!

        32. Way to go my dude! Though I have to caution against banging girls you work with. Is you work your career, or just a place to make money for the time being? I work in high tech (80% in the field, 20% at a desk) and have to deal with the stream of unflinching hotness being pushed into STEM by the diversity initiative. If one wants to sabotage my career because of a bad breakup, well she has 40 hours a week to do so.
          Regardless, good on you for breaking the dry spell and going against what the narrative has been telling men. I swear, I use to think women meant what they said! Being red pill aware is like having x-ray vision sometimes.

        33. nah this job is just to get cash while I was in college. I definitely wouldn’t risk a real career for some ass lol

    4. “Hi, how much is your bar fine?” works pretty well for me.
      Lines they use on me ………
      In the Philippines 3 months back …… “Hi, I’m a 3 holer”
      In Thailand last Friday night …… “I don’t have any underwear on under my dress”

  2. Hunt and lift and approach women, hell yeah.

    1. hey GOJ, a little of topic, can you, and by you i mean Americans, go hunting wild animals in the bush/wilderness with M4 Carbines and M16 Rifles in the US??
      always wanted to know.

      1. They’re not M4s or M16s, but civilian models. It depends, where you’re hunting and what you’re hunting tend to be big factors. But some places, like Texas, you can hunt wild hogs with whatever firearms you choose.

        1. i sort of thought either you or cheeseburger would say something along the lines of “only green haired, graffiti covered, shrapnel ridden warthogs should get to see the angry end of an M4 Carbine”
          or something along those lines… ya know…

      2. With semi-autos, yes, in some states. I don’t know the round capacity limit in those states though, some states plug you up with 3 rounds max, others don’t. I think (could be wrong) that rifle hunting is the norm in Pennsylvania, or used to be at one time (bem can probably confirm this or deny it). In Ohio you can rifle hunt but it has to be with straight walled cartridges.
        As to full auto/select fire (M4/M16) I really don’t know. I know a guy who said that he hunted feral hogs with an AK-47 once, but I really don’t know if he was lying or not. He was really weird, like Gary Busey weird, so he may well have been telling the truth.

        1. thanks for the answers fellas, always wondered about how that whole situation plays out in the US

  3. Hey, did it ever happen to you the reverse? Be cold approached by women in broad day light on the street. Not whores, just plain regular women…. Then get the number and all that stuff? Happened to me several times. I am not 6 ft, and I don’t stand out in any way. No idea how that happened. I know I was in a good mood in those instances… probably the vibe, idk.

    1. I have. You get the number automatically. If a girl is brave enough to enter the man’s realm and approach first, she’s yours. Don’t even hesitate to get name and number.

      1. Right. I never hesitated. I believe it’s more common than people think because we’ve been so conditioned. I might add they approached in a very non aggressive way, just as a matter of fact kind of thing…

        1. This has happen to me twice. The first back in college and then a couple of years ago at my gym. I had a fitness competitor stop me on my way out to chat. It was a bit hard to concentrate as she had barely had on any clothes.

        2. You’re either in ‘chasing’ or ‘responding’ mode. If you’re hitting on girls and then one taps you on the shoulder, you might go “eeh, yeah, haha” and then continue hitting on other harder girls. It’s the ‘shifting of modes’ that stopped you from quickly getting into her. You assume she’s predatory like you but likely not. You have to integrate the two modes. With maturity I think the brain integrates a lot more facets and becomes a better and smoother working machine overall than when you’re 20-21. Still you have to solidify your RQ (righteous IQ) to overpreach her garble of toxic conditioning. Western women or world women less a few haven’t a clue what’s coming down the pike in regards to patriarchy. You can solidify a secured family with your own preaching but avoidance of any contracts with the state. You lay the ground rules for marriage, not the state.

        3. Gotta agree there. Especially when you’re younger. I look back and want to smack my dumb young ass in the head for missing obvious opportunities…

      2. Men have known this was true for a hundred years, and I mean that in no way insulting. Victor Hugo wrote: “The first symptom of love in a young man is timidity; in a girl boldness.” As in, yeah, if she approaches you, there’s gold in them there hills!

        1. What’s bizarre to me is that I’ve seen it happen to other guys, and they blow it 9 times out of 10. I always fight the strong urge to smack them on the back of the head when I see that happen.

        2. I hate it when guys blow it when a girl approaches them. It’s been a long time since a woman has approached me and shown genuine interest and if they did, I would have their number in due time. I have to get off the college campus haha

        3. This happened to me. Im 6ft fit blond european guy. I will never forget that latino girl giving me all signals to strike. It was in Ottawa when I had to go to get US visa and i met her like 3 times there. Made pictures with her iphone coz she had no one. I fucked up big time there and sometimes hit myself because of that. Anyway it was a good lesson and I practice cold approach with success and fails ever since.

    2. Happens a lot in ny. Women are bold. First tenet of this shit is to always be at your best. Its all about the feel good frame. Being open in your body language and mannerisms. Those two things are worth the 5 mins it takes to look them up on YouTube. They help display who you are to the world without saying a word

      1. Yeah, looking back that’s absolutely what happened. It’s how you walk the earth, and it’s very hard to fake it because it’s all in the subconscious. It must be real otherwise it won’t work.

    3. Yes, but they usually mask it with some other topic. If you see it for what it is, an excuse to talk to you, it’s a free lay.

  4. I think the easiest way to approach is when you already (somehow) established higher value. In other words she knows you are higher value before the interaction starts. This is very situational and an entire discussion can be carried from here.
    In this instances, it is yours to screw up.

  5. So this is completely off topic but I wanted to put it in the most recent article so yall would see it. Yall wanna red pill film? Time Lapse. Watch it.

  6. Cold approaching is necessary, as sex outside of marriage, delegitimises sex inside of marriage
    Sex inside of a marriage is invalid & of no value, as sex outside of marriage dramatically invalidates the entire concept of marriage.
    Marriage is essentially a social contract, with sex & progeny in exchange for a mans time & resources.
    Sex outside of marriage essentially makes the social contract worthless, as there is no premium for sex, plus you cant charge a premium on worthless whores …
    With no premium for sex or guaranteed fitness for a family, there is no real social contract, as society has no longer any ability to leverage the liability of a woman, into an asset for men through her fitness & exclusivity.
    This lack of biological leverage turns all women into untradable commodities, & thus deligitimises the entire benefits of sex inside of marriage.
    What is the worth of a daughter, if all her biological assets are free?

    1. “Marriage is essentially a social contract, with sex & progeny in exchange for a mans time & resources.”
      There is no requirement for her to have sex within a western marriage.
      Getting married to have sex is like buying a Jumbo Jet to eat peanuts.

      1. Biblically supposed to be, but do you ever hear that sermon on a Sunday?
        I’d let the women sit front row.

  7. Cool Video, Roosh. You’re not alone in respecting those guys. I laugh when I meet them. They’re natural, real, do what they were made for. It’s fun to watch and learn from.
    I’ve approached a few strangers here and there, mostly in T-shirt weather. It’s more fun to shark with a friend who can call you out if you’re being yellow. The worst is when you go talk to the girl and he follows you over to her and tries to cherry pick her away from you. He has worked out longer than me, too, so he has the appeal. Men, if you’re reading this, LIFT. It’s never too late. Lift a milk jug with sand in it if you have to.
    The parks here and the city center are good places to meet girls, or the mall. They just show up and wait for guys to man up and say something in a lot of cases. Even girls with boyfriends, maybe especially. Then they invite you to parties, go for a walk with you, or tell you they’re seventeen (and you blow out of there). I never get to cold-approach much anymore, because I have two kids full time. I think I let women get into my head about the “don’t date around your kids;” conversely, I want them to see me succeed. Ever cold approach a girl with two kids in tow? It’s gonna be an educational summer.

    1. Milk jugs would be good in the house but look awkward carrying around in the park. I’ve walked parks with a basketball filled with water. I poured a measuring cup into the top of a bike pump with basketball needle and filled it up 100% with water, no air bubbles. It’s almost 2x heavier than a bowling ball. While walking, I pass it behind my back side to side, lift and roll it around my neck and down my back catching it and it looks like I’m just playing with the ball. When I ask someone to hold it for a sec, boy do they shit when it weighs a ton. I never spin it on my finger, impossible and if you try to dribble or drop it, sometimes they split and explode. It’s a super convo starter with any girl. Just hand it out to her like “here, hold my ball?”. – – “WHOOMP” – – followed by a very good convo & laughs 80% of the time. Sometimes girls call over and introduce you to their friend so you can do it to them too.
      The upside is it’s a really good workout that you comfortably build up strength for. A big difference between handling the waterball for the first time and after you work out to look like you’re handling a feather. Kind of like leg weights.

  8. Lines I use on them ….
    “Hi, how much is your bar fine?” usually works pretty well.
    Lines they use on me ………
    In the Philippines 3 months back …… “Hi, I’m a 3 holer”
    In the Philippines last month …….. “Take me home and fuck me right now”
    In Thailand last Friday night …… “I don’t have any underwear on under my dress”
    At breakfast Tuesday …… “I’ve just had a tattoo done on my bum, do you want to see”

    1. My friend’s only ever had one girl. Three holer. He says it’s exhausting.

  9. Heres my concern:
    Im meeting more and more men in their 60s chasing pussy in my bars. I always try to learn from older guys about what life is like. Last night this 62 year old doctor kept bragging about his 22 year old ex girlfriend of 2 months. I said ” thats great man, but am I gonna be doing this same thing 30 years from now? Chasing younger girls?”
    He said ” well you can get divorced twice first like I did. ”

    1. Most likely a man without a plan bro. You sound like you are trying to soak up wisdom where you can get it and have some sort of vision for your future. Its a simple plan though. Think about what you want and then about the logistics of getting it. Then finally execute the plan until you get it. Lets pick something extreme. Lets say president. Lets say astronaut. There are avenues to get you to those places if you have those goals. Presidents are usually lawyers first….or you could be a reality tv star…astronauts are usually scientists first…or you could be a pop star and pay a million plus to fly up there with richard branson. Be audacious. Do what you want. Find out how to do it first. Then do it

      1. Thanks man. My point was, I bet this doctor had a plan. But now he’s 62 chasing young girls again. Right back where he started. Is it always going to be like that?
        If that’s the case, I should brace myself for a lifetime of gaming women, and never slowing down. Especially if the alternative is to have 2 very expensive divorces.
        I also notice something different about divorced men and women. Divorced women seem like their holding this huge, guilty failure over their heads. Divorced men are always like “yes, i’m free!” and at the same time they are glad they tried marriage for a while, maybe had a kid, etc. If you want kids, the alternative is you knock up one of the fuck buddies? Hmmm.

        1. My thought is to get married if you like but don’t sign papers with the state. Find someone you vetted heavily and has proven to be thorough to have your children with. Keeping in mind that women are like cars. That you are definitely going to need more than one over your lifetime. We are sold the whole death do us part bit but the reality is we are good for a lifetime like a house. We can have kids until we die. Women are still useful after they can’t have kids. Just not as useful. We have to forge new paths not popularized by society but very logical to us.

        1. Because in thirty years girls my age’ll be tucking their tits in their trousers! Not to mention they’ll be a product of a lifetime supended in this stagnatung femenism like those spicy sausages at the bar. Pickled by age and absent reason. Thirsty grannies.

  10. Be proud!!! You just spoke to someone! Yay! Damn….this can’t be a reality… I haven’t looked through the comments yet….fellas, get over it. Rejection? It hurts that bad? My god. This sounds like the type of trophy for participating bull shit… You want a pat on the back for talking to a little old girl. She could hurt your fweewings if she says no? Sheeeesh. Yay I got a hi back! I get a trophy for living life…

      1. There are certain times in a man’s life where he needs to disregard fear and be brave. This is a lesson learned early in life when the hormones kick in and girls go from being friends to girlfriends. These are small fears for children. Earlier I stated how we should all strive to have children and how they complete our lives as men. If as a man you are still afraid of the fairer sex to the point that you can’t muster words you don’t deserve children. Its really simple. Once you conquer the fear you should’ve beaten when you were 12 you don’t deserve a pat on the back or attaboy from your friends. You are making it deeper than it should be. It’s natural. Its being made unnatural. Like having sex is special.

        1. Right Sir, I agree with what you say, because everything is so.
          Let me tell you about one observation I have recently made. Our lives are saturated with the Media. And the media is indeed pushing a feminist picture of women, and this picture is indeed aiming at raising doubts, self-doubts, and fear of women in the impressionable minds of young males.
          Yes it is best to get over your fears in your teens. It is natural, and overcoming those fears is part of becoming a man. I know it now – thanks to Red Pill and the Manosphere.
          But let me tell you one thing, Sir, and you may laugh your dick off if you want, but that unnatural fear kept me from even trying to approach women long into my 30s! And say what you want, but that state I was in is not natural, and deep down I knew it is not natural, but until the Manosphere/Red Pill came along, I had no help, I could not even talk about my problem to anybody. I hated the world, I hated women, I hated myself so much that I turned to hard drugs to drown my suffering.
          There are (((forces))) in this world who want the white males to disappear from the face of the Earth, and how better to kill us off if we do not even procreate because we do not even dare to approach women with a sexual intention?
          This is by design. In a normal world, the message of the video would be ridiculous, would deserve your scorn. But here and now, anything that is positive to the self improvement of men is welcome,
          Game saves lives. It saved mine, for sure. Any message that is encouraging males to approach, to apply Game, should be welcome. IMO.

        2. I hear what you are saying and agree that those parenthesised forces are there but I think articles titled like this are wrong. This is the antithesis of what we want. It sounds like cosmo for men. If we say, hey you deserve to be proud for accomplishing this you are definitely putting it on a physical pedestal. What we should be proud to accomplish is those dealing with anxiety of social situations conquering what’s hindering them. That’s a true accomplishment. This, talking to a woman, is really a baby step in that direction. Kudos to you for recognizing what caused your situation within you and taking measures to beat it. That’s a grand accomplishment.

        3. I think I am starting to get what you are on about, and I have to agree with all that you say.
          All the validation we need for approaching a girl, is in her smile and positive reaction, is in the fact that she was open for our approach.
          We do not need a special participation medal being given for doing something that, in fact, should come naturally, or a pat on the back for doing something which in fact should be as normal a daily occurrence as our breathing.
          I do have a theory, though, that the basic cause of approaching anxiety is that historically speaking, when men approached women they took a real risk of life and limb in past societies, where women were much more guarded. And your sub-conscius recognises it as a fight-or-flight situation, because your sub-conscious does not know, that you are living in modern times, when the girl’s 12 brothers will not come and cut your head off just because you said two words to sis.
          And the Feminist indoctrination and the (((Media))) build their mindfuck on this normal albeit totally conquerable feeling, and they push it to the extreme, in order to fuck you up! And on the long run, this is a clear-cut recipe for unhappiness, both for men and women.

        4. Yes yes yes. If I were to retitled the article it would be along the lines of “never be afraid: approaching a woman you don’t know because you find her attractive is natural”. We can’t give them that power. The only power they have is like the stock market or commodities. The power we perceive. The power we give. Words like pride have certain connotations. I know the fear of humiliation. Its deep. Learning something like swimming in the ocean is a deep fear too. Conquered by practice. I think all help is good help too but the people giving it have to be careful how they give it. You could trade one set of problems for another.

        5. Right on, brother!
          I have a theory that all those women we come across who we find sexy, who we find VERY, irresistibly sexy and hot, are there for a reason: God is sending them across our way.
          Because we can only be passionate with women who we find extremely hot, and that is the attitude all women enjoy from their men.
          No point in trying to pick up those women who we do not find that hot, because they will feel it, and as the Romans say: it is pointless to debate taste, so another man will find them much hotter for their taste, and only that man can give them what they crave.
          But approaching those who you find very hot and sexy is a MUST, because only you can give them what they need!
          What do you think?
          This is what I like the most in the Manosphere, coming across thinking people, and having a productive discussion, sharing our views and the conclusions we draw from our experiences of the world, in a positive way! I am enjoying our correspondence, Sir, and I wish you have happy huntings of our favourite game, by applying game!

        6. Indeed. The discussions are priceless bro. The competition between men will always be there but it’s always better when we can treat it as a gentleman’s sport. I was saying before how women would approach me. Being in ny it happens if you are out a lot just in general, not bar hopping. Before I’d pretty much get their numbers and try to fuck them when I felt like it without the usual movie date etc. With the emergence of apps and sites being approached online is a regular occurrence too. About as regular as in real life. I’m not talking daily, maybe a few monthly. What is different though is I care not to fuck them. I realized one day that there were dozens of numbers in my phone of girls I hadn’t screwed and really didn’t have the impetus to. That’s when I developed the sniper mentality. One shot. Instead of a howitzer. Spread shot. I’m getting older. I really gotta have that spark in my balls for a chick to give her my A game. Your theory is right on the money bro

        7. So you are an American, living in New York City? May I ask how old are you?
          I am Hungarian, living in Budapest, and I am 38 years old.
          Competition exists, but it is not as if we have to go up against hordes of millionaires with big dicks and six-pack abs, unless we specifically move in those circles – and even then it would not be a worry, because we would be one of them.
          Our competition is normal, average guys like us, most of them suffering from approach anxiety, like I did before. Most of them will claim you must have the money and/or the looks to be succesful with women, but I often feel they are just trying to cover up their anxieties and trying to rationalise not approaching.
          Another theory of mine: because approaching was risky business for men in past societies, the sub-conscious of women “remembers” that, too. So when a man approaches them, sub-consciously women will think he must be brave to risk his life, and will think of him as a worthy suitor.
          I have never, ever got a more negative feedback than: “you are a cool guy but not my type”, and even those girls liked the fact that a guy was interested in them. The best feeling after you conquered your anxiety and approached, is the warm welcome with which they receive it!
          Most women are much more normal and nicer than I have ever thought. Now, thinking back, I do not even know what I was afraid of. They do not bite, and if they do, that is pretty pleasurable! That is why I think that conquering approaching anxiety is a MUST in this day and age, for every male! Because the other route is incell hell, and I do not wish that one on my enemies…
          We approach, they don’t, we won!

        8. You’re theory about the way women see the approach is true in my mind also. They see it as brave because they are afraid to put themselves in that aggressor position. Lest the be seen as low value women. A man who can approach and not lower his value is a winner. Her situation may not be logistically ideal at that time but she is attracted by the bravado and if you have a way to add her to your social circle without actually getting her personal info ie telling her to follow your twitter, instagram etc you probably would be able to date multiple friends of hers if you couldn’t date her because of her availability. I’m also 38 brother. 39 this September. Damien, pleasure to meet you. If ever you make your way here, be sure to tell me and I’ll make sure you have a ball bro

        9. Well met, Damien!
          If you ever visit Budapest, Hungary, just notify me here! I will buy the first round of beers, and we will party till the cows come home. Trust me when I say this: Hungarian girls are famous for their feminine beauty! You would have a good time here. Especially as an American, you will need only very basic game to score with local girls.
          It looks like today is Official Theory Day for me… Remember my theory, that mainstream culture and Media is pushing a Feminist narrative that is intent on discouraging men from approaching women? Lo and behold, there is new article here on ROK, titled ” BBW Meghan Trainor’s New Song “No” Shames Men For Talking To Women” which is one of the many proofs of that!

        10. My dude there is a politician in texas that wants to introduce a bill that fines men 100 dollars for masturbating…..feminazi bull shit. I’ll look up the feasibility of a trip out there bro. I am most definitely a traveler

        11. WHAT THE F…? Is that USD 100 the fine for public masturbation, like on the streets or in the shopping malls or something?

        12. It’s symbolic. She was trying to equate us wasting sperm with a woman aborting a fetus…..just ridiculous shit…quid pro quo for their movement.

    1. Its easy being keyboard alpha, I doubt you’ve ever been in the trenches of cold approaching

      1. You can’t be serious. I was just stating how I thought it was important to have kids. I have 4 sons. 3 mothers. I fucked 100s of girls before my sister brought me the game bible she found at barnes and noble. I don’t need a title like alpha. I was doing what I wanted without the knowledge bro. Women approach me. If you aren’t winning keep studying. I feel like I can get what I want. Me saying we shouldn’t make a prize out of talking to a woman isn’t me amoging. It’s me being logical. You are perceiving me as alpha. You aren’t wrong there though square

      1. Wasn’t being smug bem…more incredulous. Like I first wrote, I went straight to the comments to write my own after reading the title. My problem was the wording of the title. I stand by what I said. If a guy from cameroon, who never rode a bike, never saw a bike becomes a competitive bicyclist that’s something he should be proud of. If you are joe blow from boston and never learned to ride and just learned to ride at 20 good for you but how much pride should you feel learning something an adolescent should know. We make a prize of the women when a major tenet of the frame game is that you are the prize. They are all the same and you are the unique one. Can’t start off on the wrong foot bro. Bad title

    1. Women who approach men are usually the bottom of the barrel.

  11. Here’s an experience I had the pleasure to witness that confirmed red pill truths beautifully. Can’t really decide if it is alpha or omega behaviour but it was definitely not beta that is for sure.
    I got chatting to a young guy at a bar. He was good-looking and well-dressed. The place was empty apart from two attractive young women at a table in their mid-20s looking very bored playing with their phones and writing stuff down on paper. My friend said that he fancied one of them. I suggested he go over and do something but he was too timid.
    Anyways, two guys walk in-lookswise, your regular, average Joe types aged about 35.
    After a while, one of the guys walks over to the girl asks for her pen and proceeds to draw something on her pad of paper. The girl bursts out laughing and the guy just casually strolls back to the bar as if nothing had happened. Me and my new pal wonder what the guy did -turns out he had drawn a huge pair of breasts on her pad.
    After that what had been a fairly humdrum atmosphere changed. The move broke the ice and soon everybody was merrily talking away. More importantly, when I left the girl was displaying a ton of IOIs in the boob guy.
    I thought about it later and realised that although the guy was just average he had a ZFG attitude because, after all, the girl could have reacted negatively. He may just been out to have a laugh and nothing more-but he sparked her interest no doubt while my better looking-friend got nowhere.

    1. You are right. I can tell you from experience if you’re going to go in Full Clown you must have Zero Fuks to Give.

      1. Here’s the thing I am not sure this was contrived ‘game’ or just his natural behaviour. Anyway, you are right-there must be zf to give. On a separate note, maybe this is one of the reasons men get more attractive to women with experience/age. Maybe having been round the block a few times and the emotional shit kicked out of him by females this guy genuinely no longer cared about (at least random) women’s reaction to him which contrary to popular opinion which says that caring is everything made him more attractive to them.

  12. Cold approach day game is useful long beyond your PUA years. You take the skills you learn and reapply them into sales, job hunting, networking, even missionary service if you desire.

  13. Its like the Emperors New Clothes – once you do it a few times and realize that girls have NO power; no matter how bitchy, confident or attractive they act you can talk to any of them anywhere.

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  14. On a side note, I just find it quite offensive that some women ridicule or make fun of the men cold approaching them, calling them wierdos, freaks, idiots and such. They don’t have to through the embarrassments of being rejected or ridiculed because they have pussies and looks. That’s why I call it bad karma when some women in their 40s complain that no men look at them.

    1. Correct. Dave Barry, noted humorist, even wrote a piece about that, way back when. Men are the ones who take the chances and have to deal with outright humiliating rejection, to the point that it puts callouses on our souls after a while. Which is fine. But let a decent looking woman be rejected and you’d think that the world was ending by her hysterics, because she has no experience dealing with any kind of rejection that matters.

      1. And when they are rejected.
        Crazyness and violence and stalking ensue. For real.
        They have troubles

      2. If they get rejected for whatever thing they done, they are going to rant on facebook or instagram and get a bunch of encouragements.

    2. Women are actually most snide about men who stare at them a lot like Spookyfish from “South Park” without trying to chat them up. If you do approach them they’re usually more forgiving. Even if they’re bitchy and you’re below their standards, they’ll be courteous and hope their signs of disinterest will get you to bow out. They’re also mean to men who don’t know how to take a hint and go away, so learning body language is always helpful too.
      Nasty blowouts are very rare, and ironically enough, most often done by subpar women who are older, fatter, uglier, and more hardcore feminist.

    3. This is one of the things that has bothered me for quite some time. It is them not having any empathy for other human beings that stick their necks out for them. I think a lot of has to do with the fact that they’ve been sold this lie that they can get this super man that quite frankly doesn’t exist. And when a guy has the balls to approach them, but might be a little clunky and not sweep them off their feet like in their fantasyland fairy tale, they immediately go completely cold and call them weirdos, freaks and what not. It’s sad really.

      1. Disney promotes the Cinderella complex to disrupt natural mating patterns. It’s sci fi in cartoon form. Cinderella never existed. Santa Claus with red costume, Easter bunny, Uncle Sam, Bugs bunny, Cinderella and many more never existed in all of history. They were all invented in the early 20th century. It was all psychologic false misidentity images and misidentity politics for the busy working stiffs. Most MSM hogwash is designed to put you to sleep on the couch after work with flash programming and idiotic brainwave reduction matter.

    4. Great response, Cyberena. I was thinking the same thing.
      To all the guys who are respectfully approaching women: good on you, I hope you keep up the good work. Even if we’re not available or interested, it makes us feel “desired” and therefore better romantic partners in the long run. Confident women (not arrogant/conceited/self-righteous) make for creative lovers, committed wives, and nurturing mothers.
      Ladies: Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Also, just be decent human beings for crying out loud.

  15. ‘I don’t want to say jerk off…’
    I lol’ed.

  16. i used to cold approach from 2013 – 2016. i stopped and am now solely using dating apps. why? bc its 2017. whether u like it or not, the mode of meeting and socializing has changed. thats like walking or riding a horse in favor of driving or flying by plane.
    yes i respect the balls on a guy that cold approaches. i also respect the guy that shovels 1000 pounds of snow to the side. but i also respect the guy that just says fuck it, im using a snow plow. its the difference between working hard vs. smart.

    1. Yes, indeed death to all (((Cultural Marxists)))!
      It is not simply loony girls talking stupid, it is a subversive, destructive agenda. One that was devised by the think-tank of the (((Frankfurt School))) to eliminate the White, Christian, European man from the face of the Earth!
      Marxists are already responsible for the death of more than 100 million people and countless destroyed lives, and they are clearly intent on killing and destroying many, many more!
      We must draw the line in the stand, we must stop them, we must get the power to use the monopoly of violence of the state against them if necessary!

  17. I usually warm approach. But I can most readily do cold approaches if I’ve seen the girl around before, because it gives me a conversation-starter. Women expect the man to make the first move anyway, so there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

  18. Just have to have the I don’t care attitude. Once you develope that, talking to women isn’t a big deal.

  19. With no shame, you pretty quickly discover that a girls’ attractiveness is no indicator as to how she will respond to you:
    I’ve met 5’s that were stuck-up bitches, and then gone up and chatted to 9’s (because I knew that if I didn’t, I’d kick myself) who were much more open and happy to chat/ give me their digits.
    The bigger challenge becomes knowing if I REALLY am interested in a girl, or just approaching her because I think I ‘have’ to do it. That and working out whether a girl has a bog average personality or if it’s my fault that she’s not more interesting to talk to. Because if she’s monotone or has that fucking ANNOYING Millennial habit of inflecting every sentence upwards? As if she’s asking a question instead of making a statement?
    I quickly lose any attraction or interest, to the point I can’t even be bothered trying to see if I can make her act all giggly and cute, which is a big turn-on for me. I’m not usually attracted to Asians (for instance) but there’s this Japanese girl I met a couple of months back. She’s cute as is (nice legs, too) and on top of that she acts like Fuk Mi and Fuk Yu in ‘Austin Powers’- all cutesy and giggly when she talks to me. As a result, even though English isn’t her first language, she scores way more points with me than a 6ft blonde who talks like a clone of a million other girls you’ve met? You know, who, like, talk like that?

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