Motherhood Is Essential To Making Women Happy

Only in The Current Year is it necessary for me to pen an article explaining that women are happiest when they engage in the natural, feminine, nurturing act of motherhood.

Recent data in the UK and US shows that stay at home mothers have the highest happiness and satisfaction ratings of any other career choice.

Working Is Fine, It Just Doesn’t Impress Us


I think I like you, but I’m not sure. Please tell me more about your job. Said no Bond ever.

Contrary to what angry feminists will say, I have no personal beef against a woman wanting to work; indeed throughout modern history most women have worked at some point in their lives.  But if she makes her job her #1 priority, I know she is not going to value my needs or the needs of her family.

Furthermore, I do not care one iota about what a woman’s job or career is, short of her suppressing her unicorn horn and curing cancer.  Men are not impressed, attracted by, or interested in a woman’s work.  Indeed the only time I’ve ever paid attention to a woman’s career is when putting her on a relative comparison chart with other working girls:  an HR girl who stares at a computer screen all day, sitting in a lonely cubicle, and issuing mandates about the next transdoodle appreciation day picnic is going to have a different demeanor than, say, a kindergarten teacher, who is nurturing her feminine side by caring for and playing with children.

The Data


Several surveys back up the obvious conclusion that women enjoy being feminine, nurturing mothers, and not corporate drones.  A 2007 Pew Research survey shows that 48% of women consider being a full time stay at home mom the ideal situation versus only 39% 10 years ago.  (The number saying working full time is ideal declined from 32% to 21%).  Considering all the propaganda encouraging women to become career slaves, this data is quite impressive.


Less than 10% say career women are best

When polled about the ideal role of mothers, less than 10% of respondents believed a full time working mom was best for the family.  The number of working mothers is far above 10%.  Which makes us ask, why do these mothers not value their families enough?  Do they crave the consumer goods that badly that they must sacrifice their family’s happiness in order to bring in more income for smartphones, Chinese trinkets, and overpriced sugary coffee drinks?


Redbook magazine’s survey of stay at home mothers

Redbook magazine recently polled their readers and found that stay at home mothers with 4 children were the happiest, and that 56% of stay at home mothers consider themselves “very or extremely happy,” with only 10% reporting “slightly or not happy.”   Considering that at least 25% of all women are mentally ill, these numbers are huge.

Stay At Home Jobs

There are a large number of part-time, stay at home jobs that women can do from the home.  Indeed, they are able to get the best of both worlds: small businesses are the major source of income growth in the US, and many of these ideas are far more fun than writing TPS reports.  Blogging, making arts and crafts, making jewelry, painting, drawing, photography, tutoring, and many of the self-sufficient jobs that many ROK readers are searching for to get us out of the rat race, are far more rewarding and interesting than having a corporate job where she wears a masculine pantsuit and works in a mentally debilitating office environment, full of restrictions, codes, office politics, infighting, scheduled meals and breaks, and political correctness.


I met a friend the other day who just expanded his basement for his wife’s embroidery business.  She is a stay at home mother of three, and started out with a sewing machine in a small den.  She now has several thousands of dollars of screen printing equipment, and has partnered with a couple of other moms in the neighborhood to create t-shirts, and whatever else women can sew or embroider.  They are happy working on these projects, most of which involve their children, and they are able to make money at the same time, selling to the parents of other children.  Best of all, she can work as much or as little as she wants, and is always home to look after the home and family.

While men do not care about women’s careers, I think a woman with a hobby or part time job that she is passionate about could be a source of great pride for her husband.  Many stay at home mothers are artists, authors, public speakers, or make other creative and valuable contributions to society, and I would be proud of a wife’s accomplishments in these venues, far more than if she just got a promotion to Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Staying Home Prevents Feelings Of Boredom And Worthlessness

Further surveys from the British Office for National Statistics, British insurance conglomerate Liverpool Victoria, and others show that the “well-being” index is highest for mothers who stay at home to care for children instead of working, and have the strongest belief that their life is “worthwhile.”  These stay at home moms have less anxiety, more satisfaction and happiness, and higher optimism even when they are doing poorly.

Indeed, raising children is a laudable goal, and certainly more rewarding than earning another paycheck this week at Megacorp, Inc.  Laura Perrin of Mothers At Home Matter, reflected on the ONS survey stating stay at home moms “are not only making their own family happy but also making a contribution to society as a whole.”

We Are Winning


Sorry Big Red, you didn’t make the cut this week.

Despite the increasing insanity on the social justice front, more mothers than ever are choosing to stay at home to raise their children.  More women are realizing they are happier when they do things which align with their natural nurturing motherly instincts, and not when they try to be loud, aggressive, brash, short haired, men.  Women, you are happiest when you find a good man, and become a devoted mother and wife.

As there is no budget for national men’s research, I will only hypothesize that men are also happiest when we have challenges, struggles, and purpose, which is often found in a job, versus staying at home and raising a family.  Since society doesn’t care about the relative happiness of men, we do not yet have the data to back this up.

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        1. And…according to her original account of events she WNB (was never banged) either before popping out big J.

        2. didn’t we just rehash the article about shit bitches lie about….notch count….never fucking honest….never

        3. Some dude must have got sick & tired trying to inscribe that Biblical data sheet on a couple of stone tablets with the Romans snooping around.

  1. Since they complain constantly about everything anyhow they might as well be complaining about the life that makes most of them feel fulfilled and happy.

    1. Agreed motherhood is the best. But also lets not say its only a dance on roses, it can be hard, the best yes but hard at times.

      1. Blah, blah. Men working full-time at a job they have no real interest in (95% of the time) for 45 years is also ‘hard at times.’

        1. Because I’m sick of women who chose to be mothers and then expect people to give a shit that it’s not perfectly easy. How is it my business that their mediocre, fat-ass three year old shit his pants and they have to clean it up?

        2. she just said it can be hard at times, in response to the comment to the effect that “they complain constantly about everything anyhow.” You
          sound like you’re on the rag

        3. bet money that would be coming.
          The point is you’re lashing out pointlessly, and in a way that is destructive of the point of the article

        4. more to do with me seeing someone with a newborn disqus account and curious slant on the article

        5. No curious slant. I just didn’t need to hear the “It’s not always 100% easy” shit when it is something that has nothing to do with anyone else.

        6. as neptus said “they complain constantly about everything anyhow”. It’s just how it is

        7. I kind of agree with you Mobius….TO A DEGREE. That is, I care about a woman who says she is having a rough time, tired, raising kids is hard work as much as I care about a friend who is telling me he had a rough time at his job.
          My patience is not infinite and is on a sliding scale depending on how much I like the person. So a woman I can’t stand talking about her problems I am going to immediately not give a fuck….just like a guy I can’t stand telling me about his problems the same.
          Now if the woman in question is your wife and the family in question is yours you have a bit of a responsibility so long as it isn’t absurd spoiled brat complaining. But that said, not being married and not having kids, this better be one fucking charming woman if she is telling me how hard it is — not because she is a woman but because I have no skin in the game and I really don’t want to deal.
          This fat disgusting loud Spanish girl who works here and has 3 kids with 3 guys peddles her sob story around the office and then asks for money. She knows better not to come to my office. But if the girl who has worked for me for years and has a nice family mentioned that her kids are a real pain in the ass sometimes I could accept that.

        8. true, and a fair share of them will do a fine share of bitching and moaning. To be honest, and I am about as selfish and egotistical, hedonistic nihilist douchebag out there I really don’t see anything wrong with that lelalela said.

        9. If she’s filling her traditional role correctly then it won’t be an easy row to hoe. She’s not wrong. This isn’t to say that she’s exposed to danger like steel workers or soldiers, but then women are not cut out for that anyway. Motherhood uses women’s natural strengths to their full advantage, but it can be difficult for even the best mother at times. Again, if she’s filling her traditional role correctly and not just sitting on the couch like Peg Bundy eating bon bons, there’s a bit of a challenge to the whole thing.

        10. I dont say men have it easy? I dont say it so anybody feel sorry for anybody. Anything can be hard at times. What about you, relax little.

        11. No. Michaelmobius was addressing the content merits of your comment alone. This isn’t white knighting.
          I’m inclined to agree with lela squared’s comment. Looked reasonable enough.

        12. I kind of recognise Fat Spanish girl but asking for money is out of order. Her manager or HR needs to sort that out. The worst kind are those who complain for sympathy, cry and then get aggressive if they don’t get the response they wanted. It’s a very effective mode of exercising power and influence, and of getting what they want, and it’s worked for thousands of years, and – short of a miracle – it will work for a thousand years more.

        13. I think many men have just lost patience for any complaining from a woman at all. The reason is because women in the west are the most privileged group of people in world history and yet we hear them endlessly complain. So some men just don’t want to hear it anymore. Period.
          But I don’t disagree with anything in your post.

        14. But isn’t that what this article is advocating? If the mother stays at home and works some part time fluff job for extra change (or doesn’t have an income at all) then it’s the husband who is responsible for the full time job they have no real interest in 95% of the time right? I mean aside from women with issues, the average woman who is wife and mother material isn’t going to choose to have children and be a stay at home mom with a man who isn’t going to provide for the family right? And raising children is hard work. Just like being a slave to a crappy job is hard work. Adulthood kind of sucks in that way.

        15. That’s true. I straddle two worlds when I consider things.

        16. It certainly is a challenge. Neither of you is wrong, but it is her personal challenge for the betterment of her own life. My deadlift day is also not a dance on roses, but I don’t expect to be lauded for it. The ‘Mothers are heroes’ canard is vastly overplayed. Their choice, their life, their challenge, their reward. That’s all I mean.

        17. “Adulthood kind of sucks that way”
          Right. Yet women are revered for being mothers. Men are shit on for their 45 years of work.

        18. Yeah anything can be hard but we never hear a peep from the culture when it comes to appreciating male sacrifice. We’re tired of it.

        19. It doesnt matter what you say and how nice you say it, you are going to get blamed or bad mouthed somehow. Some of these men have victim mentality.

        20. Beg to differ. Women are rarely revered for being mothers in feminist society. Seems no matter what any human does in this life by choice there will be those who appreciate it and those who dont. No matter if you’re a man or a woman or what life purpose you choose. That seems to just be part of life.
          The key Is to not look outside of yourself for validation and appreciation. Are you fulfilling what you believe to be your life purpose? Then be proud of and appreciAte yourself. Accept the rewards and challenges and take pride at the end of the day that you did something for yourself and humanity and that you met the challenges head on and overcame them. That’s true for anyone man or woman no matter what work or life pursuit they chose.

        21. True.
          I don’t mind lauding women for acting correctly. So few do it these days that I feel encouragement in the form of positive feedback is warranted. Is this were 1932, then no, basically “Good, you’re doing that you should”. If you get my meaning.

        22. I hardly give a shit either way. I’m mostly suggesting that this society thank white males DAILY for being the only demographic that is not deep in the red as a whole. We pay for it all. THANK US. Thank a white man today. No, I’m not trolling.

        23. Not really. She wrote a fairly unbiased response and received an agressive one in return. A lot of guys here are bitter and blame women for the worlds problems when men run things. I lol to that.

        24. In your first sentence, you paint yourself as a victim. In your second, you accuse others of it. People would say this is projection, but what is really going on is that you view yourself that way and just assumed that the men here do too. Men here are simply voicing complaints. That is pure solipsism, only compounded by the fact that you are so solipsistic that you are trying to police what men can say on a website made by men, for men.

        25. Negative. I am not trying to police what men are going to say. Voicing complaints is one thing, but when someone writes a fairly reasonable response and gets a bitter one in return is annoying. However, its good to see some others caught on that too. Now you can of course voice complaints, but I also can give responses to some of the ridiculous claims that women have caused all the problems of this world. I understand some of these complaints about immorality, but it is not a one way street. And just because women in the west have turned materialistic, whorish, or whatever doesnt mean an attack on all women and how illogical and stupid they are is also warranted.

      2. Well, they’re brought up as little princesses who deserve everything. That makes it more difficult.
        But, yes, you have to make it clear that it’s not always fun.

      3. Agree. The best and most fulfilling pursuit. Also has challenges as every pursuit in life for any human being does.

    2. Not to mention a relatively easy life AND a life they chose to live AND a life of purely personal emotion, as opposed to work AND a life that will provide them with the protection of children and grandchildren who will look out for them when they are old AND a life that guarantees them income either from a beta-hubby or the gov’t.

      1. I should hope they’d learn to save a bit of money, but how many of today’s females realize the world isn’t concerned with their wishes….

      2. As things are right now, women have choices men have responsibilities. What’s worse is many of these women have the nerve to pretend that they’re persecuted. That’s just bizarre. In the west they’re the most privileged class of people in world history.

    3. What you see as complaining is in most cases just a woman verbalizing her challenges and seeking support. Same as any human would. Men for the most part don’t have a tolerance for this in women which is understandable since men and women are different and most men dont have the need to verbalize emotion since they tend to compartmentalize emotion and get quieter when processing emotional challenges. Many studies of the human brain prove these differences on a genetic level. It’s wise advice I give women to find a female friend to use her 10,000 words a day with instead of men unless the man is her husband and provided she is not going over board which admittedly some women do. Roosh V had it correct when he said women would relate to men easier if they talked 80% less in their presence. If a man would like to have knowledge in relating to women the woman’s need for verbal support might be good information to have and a compromise could be reached with communication style in an intimate relationship. I’m not trying to belittle your viewpoint, just offering some knowledge and inviting you to consider it.

      1. That does sound right, but they need to know how annoying it is. It sounds like they want help but they reject any solutions and keep complaining. It also sounds like criticism perpetually repeated. The natural reaction is if you don’t want help, shut up and if you don’t like it here, get out.
        Maybe women, or girls need some kind of instruction in the differences — except that stating there are differences will throw the feminists in charge of things into a frothing screaming rage because they’ll interpret it as saying women are inferior, not to say deprive them of prime manipulative tools.
        One of the reasons female robots are attractive partners to many men is they they won’t complain, nag, criticize, and have crying jags.
        That might help motivate self-improvement in this area. Men have done enough soul searching and “improving” — to no avail.

  2. I wrote a thoughtful essay on this topic last year and have received a lot of hits on it. Continues to be my most popular post.
    Girls! The Work-Life Balance Plan the Feminists Don’t Want You to Know
    excerpt :
    Many of today’s young women are starting careers instead of having
    babies only to discover later in life they have missed the boat on family life. This essay provides an alternative life roadmap you should know about when deciding your career goals.
    For decades now Western women have been pressured to get college degrees and embark on careers at the expense of marriage and children. Before that time women went to school seeking husbands, with a secondary goal of getting an education as a backup plan. The results of this social shift have been devastating to women, for as their childbearing fertility plummets with age they have a shrinking cohort of men suitablefor marriage.
    You don’t have to follow the feminist’s flawed plan for your life. You can have children early during your peak fertility, enjoy the happiness they provide, and enter the workforce after they have grown.
    Now more than ever there are opportunities and resources available
    for anyone to gain skills to sell in the labor market. For no job
    assignment or accomplishment compares to the unconditional love and acceptance that children will give you. You can always get a job, but once your window for having children has passed there is no turning back.

  3. I agree. Sometimes it is just not possible to stay at home. I got my child young with my husband before i could finish school.
    I think its fine to be at least educated, the mothers without education or low often are the ones with many social problems.
    But i was lucky to be able to stay home 13 months after giving birth and school is just 17 hours and i still feel little guilty. I deffintly agree its good to be a stay at home mom, its the best option if possible, at age 3 though it might be good for them to be with more children.

    1. Yeah, its just not possible for most folks to have this arrangement anymore- you need two paychecks just to get by- apparently 70% of people in this country have $1,000 or less in their bank accounts…old way of doing things isnt coming back

      1. Which is all by choice. Nobody “needs” 3/4 of the shit that they feel that they “need”. I’m all about living a nice lifestyle (the anti-Nomad, or better put, the Yesmad lifestyle for me), but that never came at the cost of the children or my finances. Stay as debt free as possible (and it’s not hard to do), save for what you want instead of borrowing, and suddenly two paycheques really seem redundant.

        1. You really are trying to make “Yesmad” work and I for one and behind you.

        2. No doubt. But this is the internet age and never before in human history have so many tools been available to assist a person in basically everything in life. If fools choose to remain ignorant or stupid, and that too is a choice, then I have zero sympathy for them and further, hope that they get taken to the cleaners financially just because I’m that heartless of a human being.

        3. I lived in a nice home, went to private school, traveled occasionally (by car – there were three kids), and ate my fill of good food on just my dad’s (government engineering) salary between the ages of 5 and 15.
          We got a new tv every five or ten years, rarely replaced either of my folks’ cars, used cheap computers, never had cable, rarely ate out (except at this one ridiculously cheap hole in the wall), and found ways to reuse pretty much everything.
          It can absolutely be done.

        4. With the access of the Internet today, you be able to squeeze more out of paycheck in today’s environment. For example, ebay is great place to get high quality items at reasonable price and relative good condition. The question is, do most Millennials have seen people living within there means and being taught to do so by experience or other people?

        5. It would help a lot of them to have to struggle with finances every now and then. Being without a line of credit helps this process immensely.

        6. And in their defense, government has really damaged much of the basic rules of finance. For example, saving and investing your money has very little payoff today–it can actually be a net loser unless you gamble with the stock market. Bank accounts used to pay a real interest rate that reflected the risk of lending out your funds. But banks no longer need your funds to make loans.

        7. Yes. And I’m buying my next house basically cash, a $300k pad on 40 acres (soon to be 80). Set a goal, plan and move forward. Something sets you back, get back up, rub dirt on the wound, find a way around it. There is no substitute for drive.
          I started out blue collar and poor. Fuck giving up, fuck defeatism.
          You can buy a new, habitable and decent house in central Ohio farm area for $27k. There is no excuse.

        8. You can invest in other things.
          I think the main issue is saving is not taught at school or home in most famillies in the West…
          I am now saving %25 of my income and still live a good life…
          All about priorites rather than quick gratification..though I’m preaching to the choir here..

        9. I save probably 50% of my income, invest in a variety of mutual funds and real estate. Some do ok, some say they lost 10% this year. It’s really frustrating, when in the past, you could count on a 5% annual return in the bank at a bare minimum. Interest rates are supposed to reflect the cost of borrowing, and they absolutely do not (would you loan someone $1,000, foregoing your money for a year, with the risks involved in getting your funds back, for less than $50?)

        10. Yep exactly!
          My grandmother made huge returns up to %20 some years on Canadian savings bonds in the 70’s when we had an nflation and government spending problem…
          She died worth about 500K and never had a job in her life outside of running a small convenience store in the 60’s and 70’s.
          She was so frugal she was endearing known as the old “Old Jew.”
          Now you have to gamble on the stock market or get into real estate and deal with tennats etc..
          That market is looking like a bubble aorund here. Lot’s of storm clouds on the economic horizon thus I save..

        11. Yeah I lost money in the market when I pulled it out to buy a rental a while back. At least the rental cash flows a good sum every month..
          Interest rates are shit so we must take risks…

        12. I took a massive, massive hit on a big real estate purchase, but yes, at least you have cash flow, and the tax laws are set up to really favor landlords. If you have a crappy property like mine, you can offset all your income from taxation through the interest and depreciation “expenses” that the government allows you to deduct from your rental income.

        13. My properties usually start out crappy and then end up cash flow machines.
          I look for serious defects that I know what it costs to fix that might scare off other buyers. Like electric heat which is terrible for tenant retention.
          I do however have one property I bought mostly for the land it’s a big old derelict thing where I will do the absolute minimum with the aim of tearing it down and building somehting much better…
          The write offs are good up here too but the landlord tenant laws are not. So you really have to sceen carefully and know how to handle the tenants..

        14. Yeah, and it goes without saying, never rent to friends. I leased to a guy I went to High School with–not a friend, but I’ve known him for many years and he had a nice looking wife and no kids. Currently evicting him now, owes me a couple grand and the lawyers will take another $1k. Believe it or not I’ve had my best success with Section 8 vouchers. The government pays me 50% higher rents and the check is direct deposited on the 1st every month. Dealing with them is an absolute nightmare, but you just remember the benefits you get, and the quality of the tenants can actually be better, believe it or not.
          I got greedy and purchased something way too big–my smaller investments are fine.

        15. Hmmm.. I try to avoid welfare people, they can’t be collected against in small claims. I find it amazing that they, the State, pay “more” rent though.
          Here, there’s been a spike in real estate prices and rents have gone up as well.
          I’d like to dress up like Leather face and chase my tenants out so I can jack the rent %10 or more..
          Renting to friends and familly is a no no. Have my brother in law in one unit but rent is about %20 below market. I can only raise it so much.
          Great tenant but cutting into my bottom line.
          Are evictions fast there?
          Here they aren’t intentionally..

        16. No. I’ll be lucky if they’re out before Christmas. I was told since it’s an election year, the government is purposely slowing down evictions, at least until after election day, so as not to piss off the takers.

        17. Probably just going to cut my losses and buy something smaller. I’ve owned it several years. The credit bubble tempted me. I could have bought a small property with cash for the same price that I bought this huge one with credit, thinking I could make 5x the profits but it is just too big to run itself. If I was there running it, it would be fine, but I can’t find decent management. If you buy with cash, it’s hard to lose money unless you’re really stupid.

        18. Yeah I know of small LL that bought this mostly empty18 plex here cheap but it got occupied by crackheads and they couldn’t hold on. Lost to the bank from what I could tell.
          A property managment company took over and had security there 24/7 for like 6 months that seemed to do it, then sold it for hefty mark up after renos..
          Not sure the metrics but in your locale but hopefully appreciation will help you out upon sale..
          Like anywhere cash is king but I’ve seen people lose a ton of cash in the LL biz mostly when they bought the wrong property and or didn’t know how to manage them.
          I think everyoneone has to make mistakes in the beginning, survive them, learn and then get better at it.
          Otherwise you become like the couples getting divorced I bought my last two properties off for a good deal…

        19. ‘Living within means’ and any of the past 3 generations do not belong in the same sentence together. They all live so beyond their means they are on the verge of sinking one of the greatest collections of wealth in history.

        20. It’s stupid watching other people. I paid off my house, basement, three bedrooms two bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen in three years. It’s like I’m speaking greek when I try to explain that driving principle down to lower the total amount you pay to interest is more important than a useless new car.
          I have sat people down and mathematically proven that due to compounding through bonds, putting 20 dollars aside a week from the age of 16 makes you a millionaire by the age of 60. In one ear and out the other.

        21. You’re not heartless. Privileged people who squander everything and then play victim are repulsive.

      2. Bullshit. I cut fast food and all the other needless crap from my life when I was 23, made 3000 a month after bills and expenses, on 15 dollars an hour. This was 6 years ago.

    2. If you’re constructing a bridge, why would you outsource it to the lowest bidder? That’s basically what daycare is to parenting no matter the age.

  4. Mothers today are grossly overrated. Look around you, western women are spoiled assholes who make rotten mothers.
    “Happy Father’s Day, Mom!” Fuck them. If you must have children find a farm girl raised with family values from a foreign country.

    1. I agree. They should hardly be ‘rated’ at all since they are just bringing someone into the world that has no value for anyone but themselves. We have to pay for their child’s schooling, roads, etc but it is the mother who is supposed to be revered when, in reality, mothers should be thankful to male taxpayers for giving them the privilege to experience the personal joy of having a child.

      1. Women have always lived off of our backs, either through our paychecks or the government. These days it’s often both! A little gratitude now and then would be nice.

    2. The baby boomers are to blame for everyone being assholes. These people literally destroyed everything. To blame an 18 year old female or male for the bullshit these people forced down their throats is pathetic. YOU are the direct cause.

      1. No one is stopping you from marrying an 18 year old western woman if that’s what you want. You can blame boomers, feminists, cultural marxism, jews, or anyone else to justify your own inadequacies or you can get your balls out of hock and do something about your situation and yes, I’m talking from experience.

        1. Old men cheered on feminism because they wanted easy sex/sodomy and abortion…not all, but as a whole they destroyed society. Millennials are left to go down with the ship, of course most are spoiled and lack wisdom, the generations before had none to share. Most if not all old folks I come across are miserable despite their boats, cars, “foreign women” they claim they have. A man is supposed to guide a young woman, luckily there are some younger people who want nothing to do with the boomer lifestyle.

        2. Experience is anecdotal, and insignificant compared to the whole collective of data. Boomers would have realized this, and learned from it. If they had ever been required to be humble for one moment of their life instead of having their assholes wiped by the taxpayer due to them being the largest voting bloc.
          Your generation destroyed everything about american culture that made america great. Just as I don’t pity myself for my situation, you should own up to it instead of being incredibly defensive. How did anyone learn anything from life being so preoccupied with being ‘right’ all the time?

        3. ” Just as I don’t pity myself for my situation, you should own up to it instead of being incredibly defensive.”
          Where the hell do you get off putting words in my mouth and assuming you know I didn’t spend my entire life fighting like hell and warning others about the “hippies” that I was way too young to be part of but smart enough to see their bullshit? The “greatest generation” created and spoiled the boomers rotten and they are still alive and running the show- George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and David Rockefeller who is 101 fucking years old. I am not alone anymore than you are alone being disgusted with your SJW generation that came from generation X that came from the boomers that came from the “greatest generation” still around that came from the World War I generation that gave women the right to vote that came from the 1890’s generation. The destruction of a civilization takes a few generations for the elites to accomplish. I’ve no doubt your grandchildren will blame you for the mess they are left to clean up while you try to explain to them that it’s pretty hard to move a mountain or stop a stampede. But I completely understand what you mean. Hell, I like you, you remind me of me. We can only give it our best, to this day I tutor young men for careers in the medical field and not just in my field of radiology. Like many of you I had to work my way through college, never getting or asking for a nickle from my tight assed conservative parents I was fortunate to have. I hope you stay in touch and let me know if I can be of any help as I acquired a wealth of information and resilience over the years that I’m happy to share.

        4. This is what I am talking about. Boomers absolutely refuse to be humbled, so they make stubborn mistakes over and over again. I don’t need your help; even with the odds against me, I accomplished more in 28 years than 99% of boomers did in their entire lives. All without raiding the treasury and engaging in arrogant pet projects where I try to tell every person on the planet how to live their lives from behind the walls of a gated community.

        5. This is what I am talking about. Millineals absolutely refuse to be humbled, so they make stubborn mistakes over and over again.
          Now you can take your argument to your grandparents since I told them that they and their children’s children are the reason my wife and I decided not to have any. Well don’t just sit there on your ass doing nothing but pointing at strangers on the internet, go kick the shit out of them!

        6. My grandparents already know they failed everytime they look at their divorced children and their resultant confused, scared and purposeless children. I gain nothing from beating a dead animal.

        7. The extreme narcissism and belief that growing up in the greatest economic boom (manufactured) in history means he knows everything about everyone. Boomers are very easy to pick out due to this unique blend of arrogance and ignorance. How can you know the world if you have always been protected by the government? 1/3 of your taxdollars go towards paying for their pills (medicare) and bad/dependent financial planning (social security). Another 1/3 go towards vagrant foriegn culture groups they voted to give special privileges so they could feel good about themselves. The last 1/3 go to the military industrial complex, which they bloated in old age and allowed to commit to military adventurism. People from the silent generation I encounter are completely different, and lack this supreme sense of entitlement.

      1. Then you must be rotten as well too since you live in American or western society
        Actually, judging by the way a lot of posters talk here, they are messed up themselves, and dont even know it

        1. Intelligence is rare. Thank you for proving that with your comment which has no depth at all. Glad this USA where you have a right to your opinion. Even if it’s ridiculous emotional statement and no logic what so ever.

        2. Thank you for proving how rare intelligence is. Of course in the USA you have a right to express your opinion. However much it lacks depth and logic. Emotional vomiting of words is all it is.

        3. I dont know if that was sincere or sarcasm. Im just sick of reading people who are immersed in this society act like only women are affected by it.

        4. Okay I understand what you are saying. Yes it’s true a lot of people are corrupted or affected adversely by USA Hedonistic culture. And not only one group but many. Some join the culture willingly which they have a right to. Not all are corrupt by the culture however. Perhaps I was defensive against your comment. I apologize if I misread what you said. I assumed it was feminist troll. But could be wrong. Forgive me if my English is off a bit as well.

        5. No doubt the society affects everyone. I read the original comment as a bit of sarcasm myself but could be wrong. I assumed it was someone accusing commenters on this thread for being corrupt because of holding certain values. I apologize if I misread. I thought it what is called militant feminist telling commentors they were wrong for holding certain values. Again I’m sorry if I was wrong and reacted too quickly or offended.

        6. You know, ‘men’ are driven by their internal convictions, where as women are driven by what society allows and accepts. However, there are men who are affected by the changes in society , are what we call in the manosphere, simps, manginas, bluepillers who by supplicating to women are affected by what is happening in the society.

        7. That is ridiculous. Both men and women are influenced by their societies and both have internal convictions to not follow everything out there. You contradicted yourself. So there are more simps out there by your logic, making men who are influenced by their society larger in number. What you dont realize is all humans follow what they see as or by what feeds their internal person. In this case, you think you are enlightened with your red pill knowledge, but to me, you are nothing but a follower of something else. Im going to reference a biblical story of Noah, who in his time, was literally the only one who did not emulate the society around him because he was God-fearing. And by referencing the bible, I am saying that only God keeps people from becoming their “born into society” because they are fed by Gods knowledge. So not being a simp in your words, doesnt make you a man not influenced by his time and society.

        8. I guess i should qualify the first ‘men’ making it ‘real men’ or better still ‘truly masculine men’. I must agree that “God keeps people from becoming their ‘born into society’.

        9. True Napo,we are all becoming rotten living in this social cesspool called the west,in fact most of us want to GTFO or have gotten the fuck out, however messed up we are not. You think we are messed up because you either are a White Knight, you have never experienced the nature of western broads,your a woman, you are not from the anglosphere or you are just trying to Troll. Let me tell you something napo there is a reason why in MSM films always have good winning over evil it is because Evil almost always wins in reality.

        10. I like how you capitalized troll. The grass seems greener on the other side usually, but everywhere is the same crap. Humans are humans. Im a woman and I have seen “western broads” and I have seen how western men and non western men love their slutty ways. Whats new? You roll in the dirt, but you want to stay clean? It doesnt work that way. I dont post here to defend western society or another, I post for people to see their hypocrisy in wanting virtuous women,etc. In the society that you all here are enabling, that is not what you will be seeing. Obviously. You are enabling the women and type of society you are hating.. sounds funny to me. Wake up and smell the coffee. Everybody here is a reflection of their society. In other words, you guys are active bodies, enablers, participants, yet someone told you that you are going to get screwed here and you are trying to stand up for yourself? Along the way, you have unconsciously screwed over hundreds of people’s lives and added to the degeneracy. And the support here is to add to the degeneracy with degenerates, but look for the non degenerate females while you can.
          Evil is not winning in my life and it doesnt matter where I live.

        11. Your post just proved the point why most men here are sick and tired of your ilk. You automatically assume “I am one of those guys(a player)” and I actually agreed with some of the points you made. To be honest you probably have more notch counts then I and some of the posters here are not even Players, but people’s whose lives were ruined by a loose woman or a corupted broad and it is not Strictly the females’ fault why the male/female relationship Dynamic is so fucked up. It takes two to tango.Also I have traveled very much outside of the anglosphere and I can say women and even some men are much more personable outside of the USA.If you have traveled and interacted with the amount of people I have than we can have a discussion.

        12. While my post was aimed at the general conception here, you readily made for an attack on me. Actually I am not of the ilk you refer to and I am definitely would fall in your unicorn standards and surpass them, but I would never want anything to do any of your the types found here. I know other people are more personable, but its cultural differences dont take away the nature of humans and their desires.

        13. Again you are making assumptions you have no idea what I or others want in a woman , do you think you are some some sort of a special fucking little snowflake? the fact that you are the one arguing with me and others on a rather obscure blog dedicated to men, and I will emphasize again, I agree with some of your points, it is you who wants an argument making you way below my Standards. Go find your emotional tampon/validation or whatever elsewhere instead with strangers on the internet.

        14. You have issues. You never needed to reply to my comment. This whole blog is an emotional rant for men and you have the nerve to say tampon? People have a right to post, and you dont like it move on. No need for personal attacks. It could have been a normal conversation but it seems you got a little offended. I have an idea of what the men here want by reading the posts , so it isnt a little secret. Lol
          P.s. i am a special snowflake. You could be one too, if you want.
          Adios. Let the light be with you dark acolyte.

        15. What you appear to be doing on this site is equivalent to me or some of the others on this site going to jezebal and posting about some of the rather outlandish/satirical opinions that are found on this site,and again, I emphasize, YOU ARE RIGHT, I do have issues; I am sick and tired of being used, discarded, and treated as commodity, like many others in today’s world by BOTH GENDERS, and it is you who is offended not I. I am merely using you as an example to others why men should avoid your type and for the very few women whom read this Blog, an example of the detoriation and difference between male/female relationships and interactions, Thank you for your Participation and only Darkness remains.
          p.s. we are all entitled to our opinions.

      1. It already has. Western popular culture through its clothes, music, and shows is beginning to influence other cultures as well and what you are not aware of is that is it causing clashes within traditional families and parents who arent up to date with all of this, dont even see what their kids are becoming.

    3. It took me nearly 200 first dates worth of carefully evaluating women’s character with respect to being a good mother and wife to find one worthy of the task.
      I found what I was looking for in my current wife. I proposed on the third date.
      Men should evaluate prospective wives in a very deliberate manner. If a man wants children, he should take a wife who shares his idea of what a good mother ought to be.
      My first marriage was too colored by the ideas of romantic love and intense physical pleasure. I didn’t even consider how lousy of a mother that woman would have been.

      1. Before I met my wife, condoms were more important to me for self defense, than any firearm. The protection from STDs was secondary to the protection against impregnating a very attractive, but completely non-wife/non-mother worthy young woman. I kept running into the same problem over and over. Most attractive women have gone through life getting by on their looks. Which makes them very vain and narcissistic. “Life” to them was just endless partying, vacations and fun. Quite a few of them wanted to get pregnant to hook a lifetime financial supporter, and not because they wanted to be a good mother. I thought I was going to be a lifelong “catch and release” dater.

  5. What if it’s just the amount of unemployed single welfare moms with worthless degrees causing the rising number of stay-at-home moms? What if they’re not choosing, but they just can’t get jobs?

    1. their happiness depends on the level of their welfare presumably, not just the fact that they’re at home

  6. “Despite the increasing insanity on the social justice front, more mothers than ever are choosing to stay at home to raise their children”
    huh? where did you get this from?

    1. 1999 23%, 2016 29%. That’s not earth shattering, but it is a significant increase.

  7. Single, childless women past the age of 25 or so who still “date” clearly have something wrong with them.
    Despite all the propaganda from the left about the importance of living in harmony with nature – for example, eating organic foods, protecting the environment and fighting “climate change” – when it comes to sex, progressives push a radically unnatural agenda. They encourage women to ingest artificial hormones to sabotage their natural fertility cycle so that these women can have sterile, alienating sexual encounters with men who don’t want to marry them.
    Women’s bodies and minds didn’t evolve to handle this kind of abuse. No wonder so many women these days suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, gynecological problems, early menopause and difficulty in conceiving when they do want to have children, but they waited too long and their remaining eggs went bad.
    Traditional, fertile married women can lose their way as well, of course; but their children give them something to focus their attention on so that they don’t dwell on their own misery.

    1. Waiting for the definitive study of the causes of the possible increase in female mental illness…

      1. my mother was 16 when she married my father (19 at the time) and they had their first kid shortly after (who died because of complications but that doesn’t really matter)

        1. ?? That doesnt matter? Of course it does. A lot of women historically had many children that died at birth or very young due to several complications. My own grandma had 10 kids, but only 8 survived. The woman died as well. But I guess that doesn’t matter too? Lol nonethless, I dont know know what you are trying to say or just trolling.

        2. it doesn’t matter from the perspective of her age when she married and had her first birth. if you wanna know, she gave birth to 6 but only 3 of us survived, me being the last born when she was already 30 (now she’s 55)

        3. Who knows, she may have been too young. My grandmas first two didnt survive and she was 15 when she was married. Womens bodies fully develop at different times as well. We cant assume they all can give birth at the same age. Probably give or take a few years. Of course now things have changed.

        4. since all of us have some birth defects (I have hiatal hernia for example) I don’t think it’s the age, I think it’s shitty genetics, her smoking or sg else

        5. Was she smoking when she was pregnant? There are lots of reasons. Shitty genetics could be one factor.

        1. Biologically you can have kids, but realistically with the structure of todays society, it wouldnt be the smartest thing to do, at least not 8 kids. Two or three is more realistic, maybe even four.

        2. And you think that isn’t by design? This idea that economics is more important than the rules of nature is going to lead the native peoples of the west right into genetic extinction.

    2. Been saying this as a biochemist for years. Just like everything else, liberals only believe in evolution when it’s convenient in an argument.

  8. If you want your wife to work then you are doing it wrong.
    Men should make 100x more money than the average man make so that he doesn’t have to get his wife to work in soul draining corporate hell job doing menial task like pushing papers in.
    Have the wife at home, and give her basic flip flop phone for emergency case and limit the minutes.
    It’s better if Men make a lot of money, retire on the farm and live old and traditional way.
    Good example: Brock Lesnar. Although he married a leftover Sable, he has the money and prefers to live in countryside and raise his family that way.

    1. Paradox. Knowing that the pussy is irresistible but also knowing that she is probably some bat shit crazy chick.

      1. Bingo. Supposedly this photo was taken shortly after a real chick’s wedding…by the wedding photographer.

        1. 10 to 1 she banged him a day after the honeymoon.
          That poor bastard that she married is likely already divorce raped, or cucked entirely.

        2. I know people here aren’t really fond of Bourdain the way I am, but in his first book, Kitchen Confidential, he is talking about what made him want to be a chef. He was working in a kitchen in some New England place for a wedding reception basically at the lowest level when there was a wedding party. The head chef told him to take the grill (which he says was a big thing because of kitchen hierarchy) and he peeked outside the window and he saw the chef bending the bride over a garbage dumpster and fucking her and he thought “i want to be a chef”

        3. Yep. But she enjoyed staying at home for the six months she was married to her starter husband, while she hustled her ass on Tinder and found her next victim for cuckoldry and divorce rape…

        4. Jesus, why am I not surprised. Knew this slut-bag in high school. She married a guy I know. She fucked another man on the day of her wedding. Everybody knew about it but him. You need to consult a P.I. and a psychiatric evaluator before you can even think about dating one of these sluts these days…can’t imagine what battery of investigators you would need to employ, if you were considering marrying one of ’em…

        5. to the hotel, the motel the holiday inn and if that bitch starts fuckin’ up ill just fuck her friend

        6. I feel sorry for the guy who is married to her. The photographer probably banged her couple of times before.

        7. The sad thing is, these days, a guy who married a whore like that, would probably watch her bang other guys and he would most likely enjoy it…

        8. don’t feel bad for him. If she is this much of a whore and he missed red flags all the way down the isle then he was asking for it.

        9. Not much surprises me, but a girl who can’t set her selfishness and depravity aside long enough to even enjoy her own wedding without fucking another man? That’s hard to imagine.
          I mean, one must imagine she sees *something* in the guy shes marrying. She will have to share a bed and most of her free time with him. The entire wedding is mostly all about her anyway.
          She could be a basic bitch, sit back and enjoy it, then proceed with cheating say a month later, but to do it same day is really a level of sluttery I find hard to imagine. I would think many porn stars would consider that a little gross.

        10. Not just same day….DURING reception. It was 70’s and acid was involved and probably a shit ton of blow but yeah…fucking yeah. And I will tell you this……I believe every word of it

        1. I don’t see it that way. “Enjoy the demise” is what people who don’t like what I am doing call it.
          I create myself, I create my values and I enjoy my life. I do things that make me happy. You call it the demise…I say the world is great.

        2. You know, it’s different when you analyze a potential LTR, but for straight-up fuckery, a woman who revels in her sluttiness (like the bride in the photo), is just perfect for no-holds-barred banging…god bless ’em.

        3. That is one of the 4 categories of women I general like to fuck
          1) Outright Crazy Slut Bah
          2) Young and experimental in early stage of high pressure careers
          3) Fitness Girls
          4) Fashion Girls.

        4. Some good choices. Here are mine –
          1) A nymphomaniac with double-indemnity life insurance
          2) Any gorgeous slut with Dissociative Identity Disorder
          3) A former cheerleader with daddy issues
          4) Any hottie who has seizures (the fact she jerks around and writhes really helps bust a nut)
          (In all seriousness though, my top picks are identical to yours, minus No. 3, for which I would select a hot female bartender or a stripper…and I might swap out a woman who is on vacation for the fashion girls, but that’s a tossup.)

        5. all 4 of those is covered in my #1. I also put hot female bartender and stripper (in all varieties) in my number 1 category.

        6. If I have time I will draw up the Penile Code. You know, the official list of all types and suptypes of women I will violate.

        7. That would be helpful to all current and future man-whores. I eagerly await your outline.

        8. I should sit in a tent like Moses when he wrote the Pentateuch. I could write away all about the types of bitches you can pick up at your local tabernacle. When I am finished I will give my book to the people and my law will stand for many centuries. I will be known as Hoeses.

        9. Well if you can part the Red Sea, my friend, please get rid of the Marxists after you finish the book…

        10. I saw her/it/him by accident yesterday on Bing. “Triggered” doesn’t cover my initial response to the experience. Don’t look at it. Just a word to the wise there…

        11. Unfortunately, such men do no exist at the present. That should make the clean up easier.

        12. Same. How in the fuck is it possible we agree on so much, like basically everything except preferences on chicks? There has to be a reason for this. Actually I’m actually kind of curious.

        13. Because, GOJ, if we agreed on women there would be problems….problems only chuck Norris could solve

        14. Cosmetic industry is a different beast from mainline fashion world. Classic beauty is still valued to some degree in fashion.
          Cover boy looks like he had practice at the truck stop glory hole for too long

        15. It only lasted a few seasons, so….yeah.
          And Elly Mae….oh sweet Elly Mae….

        16. Yeah, I know. I was giving SJW’s a way to dox you. Because I’m cruel and mean.

        1. Ford or GM bought em years ago, fucked em up, and now they no longer exist

      1. Favorite old SAAB joke
        Q: How do you make a Saab go faster downhill?
        A: Turn off the engine.

      1. I like his attitude…”It’s time to hit that ass…in front of the fireplace.” Nice.

        1. “..victim of the one they call the Fuck’n Stein” my favourite verse. Gangsta rap is very red pill

    2. Wow. just. wow. Reminds me of this:
      Love the look of the dad at 0:22. This guy had all the warning signs; I would feel no sympathy for anything that happens to him in this marriage.

      1. Like at the groom and groomsmen here. Who is minding the methlab?

      2. Is this a joke video?
        …I guess this is one way to compensate for not having anyone to walk you down the aisle.
        I don’t understand while a woman is singing that song in the first place, but I really don’t understand why she’s singing in public when her singing “skills” are like those of Mitt Romney.
        I feel kinda sorry for the kid who is getting shaken in rhythm to the song at ~1:11.

    3. These were fun to drive in standard. Built like a tank but cornered rather well….thinking that was a 1990 I drove in 1998, while a croation mechanic was working on my 87 Fox, my 1st vehicle..
      He threw the keys at me and said here “drive this…”

  9. My wife is a childminder and over the years has minded for over 50 families – most living the equality, feminist dream with the mother on the career track along with the father. In that time one – just one – women has stayed the course career wise once children came along. All the others – EVERY ONE – went part time, took a big step down career wise or stopped working entirely once they had children (not always immediately but eventually). And not because the fathers demanded it, or weren’t helping out at home. But because 1) they simply wanted to and 2) the fathers were happy to pick up the provisioning burden.
    It is clear that when left to sort out their own affairs, men and women naturally sort themselves into traditional sex roles.
    I wasn’t aware that the swing back to the SAHM model was already showing up in the data. I think this is the closest women get to WGTOW and it’s devastating to the feminist narrative.

    1. My personal experience supports your comment. Without any coaxing (or even suggesting) on my part, my wife instantly wanted to become a SAHM once we began having kids. Sending them to a daycare wasn’t even an option she wanted to consider (which I was totally ok with). While she’s not a SAHM yet, that’s the end goal with her homeschooling them.

    2. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who was a childminder…but I’ve known lots of women who were childminded.

      1. That’s fairly impressive, seeing as how supposedly a pound of muscle naturally consumes 33 cal/day.

  10. This makes sense. I’ve heard so many unsettling stories about the red pill movement, but, no, skimming through a few pages worth of posts, most of what I’m reading makes sense. At the very least your valid frustrations arouse sympathy. I suppose the notion that you’re forming some sort of mass cultural rebellion is too much to hope for? Maybe there’s no other way but that women somehow figure this all out for themselves. In the meantime, I’m happy to know there are still men being men (I’ve met so few of them) and they’ve found a place to congregate.

      1. Sir, while your offer is much appreciated I find myself overwhelmingly suspicious of any and all ivillage links. I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.

  11. “I think I like you, but I’m not sure. Please tell me more about your job. Said no Bond ever.”
    Hahaha 😉 So true. In fact, it’s the opposite. They probably don’t know how many men they’ve unwillingly chased away by going on and on about their job.

    1. Hehehe indeed. When I met my wife she was doing some job part time online while living with her parents, not even sure what it was, proof reading something I think.
      After we got married I told her if she really wants to, she can do something online part time if she can do it without it interfering with her other duties which now are taking care of the home and children.
      Well, she still sometimes talks briefly about it but hasn’t done anything about it, and I usually listen with half attention if that.
      To me it’s the same as her having a hobby.

      1. I think the problem is that you married someone that doesnt challenge you intellectually. It sounds like you want a house maid, not a partner for life. Maybe marrying someone that doesnt challenge you intellectually or that you have to listen to with half attention speaks just as much about you.

        1. I don’t see a “problem” anywhere, but your comments tell me that you don’t know shit about women, and even less about relationships.
          What it says about me is that I don’t care about her job ideas, because I want my children to be taken care of by their mother, not some random idiot in daycare. And that I want a wife, not a sparring partner for debates.
          I prefer peace at home and a stable marriage.
          And further, I’ve never met a woman who challenged me intellectually, and very very few men who have.
          But good luck with your bitchy wannabe smart chicks, I guess they need someone too.

        2. “but your comments tell me that you don’t know shit about women, and even less about relationships.”
          Welll, I’ve been married to the same woman for 16 years with a pair of gorgeous twins, Ana and Alex. I think I know more about relationships than you think. Weve had our ups and downs but still going strong. I think the secret is that I care about her likes, needs, wishes, dreams, jobs ideas etc and she cares about mine. Because I want a partner in life and someone I can debate with, not a maid that raises my kids, cleans the house and keeps shut, like a woman from the Bible. I am not that emotionally and intellectually weak. I met her when she was working in Marketing for National Geographic. How the hell was I not going to be interested in that job?! Thanks to that job we both met Annie Leibowitz, Bob Dylan, Warren Buffet and the likes. And we were smart enough to have kids, keep a PEACEFUL household (with the help of my parents and in laws) and enjoy each other’s company. No idiot in day care for us.
          “What it says about me is that I don’t care about her job ideas, because I want my children to be taken care of by their mother, not some random idiot in daycare. And I want a wife, not a sparring partner for debates.”
          Oh God…

        3. I care about what my wife wants, and a job isn’t part of that, other than she would want to be able to pay for her own stuff rather than me having to, and for us to have more money in general.
          Good for you that you can rely on inlaws to help out, but you should realize not everyone is that lucky. We have no one we can rely on other than eachother.
          As for your wife’s job, for me it would have been a nuclear level red flag, but then again it hardly seems strange since I am much more conservative than you clearly, and so is my wife. We both like to keep things at home simple, I rarely talk about my work, and the few times I do, she isn’t really interested since she doesn’t understand much of it, which is fine with me.
          Neither of us see that as a problem in any way.
          My response was because by far most people who have said similar things to me have been heavily left leaning women, and the few guys have been what I’d call unsuccessful in regard to women.
          Regarding your celeb comment, I only have 2 kinds of responses toward that category of people, total disinterest or abject disgust and hatred.

        4. “Because I want a partner in life and someone I can debate with”
          You want your wife to be someone to debate with? Dude, you are damaged.

        5. I don’t see how, “dude”. Never thought I’d be called “damaged” for wanting my wife to have a point of view…
          Yeah, I want someone to talk to, analyze current events or trends, what do you think about this, about that…Have my own POV challenged as well…She is a history and art buff and so am I so we discuss a lot about that…That I think has kept us together for a long time. Same with our kids. We have raised them so they have a point of view, an opinion, a wordly take on things. I dont know where you get your defintion of the word “debate”, or “damaged” for that matter. But by your “dude” I assume you are on your 20s or around, so I guess I understand where you are coming from…Let me tell you dude, having smart people around you to talk to and debate with and challenge your own views expands your mind like no drug ever could.

        6. Do you get off by coming on here to demonstrate what a little beta boy you are?
          All you are doing is making yourself an object of pity. Go have a debate with your wife…maybe afterwards she’ll reach into her purse and give you your balls back, lol

        7. Oh, you are one of those “alpha” and “beta” people…Yeah, I definitely know where you are coming from. The guy that cleans the gym I go to has a “I am an alpha male” t-shirt. But I won’t make fun of your income…

        8. Reading the whole conversation is actually you who I feel pity for no comment. Calling someone damaged for wanting to have a conversation? People have it backwards nowadays, confusing respect for submission. I’d love to see where you live and take some pictures for Science magazine.
          Trump 2016

        9. Your kids are “gorgeous” huh? Are they also “amazing”?
          Lol, you even talk like a wussy blue piller and/or feminist. I think you have stumbled onto the wrong site here, Sally.
          But thanks for the laugh!

  12. There is a dark side to this: she stops being the person she was and becomes “child’s-name’s mother”. She becomes so immersed in her children’s lives that her personality completely disappears. All she talks about are her kids, all she wants to do revolves around kids. It may even seem emotionally incestuous at its worst. Your needs got right out the window, because it’s “all for you Damien! All for you”.
    It happened to me.

    1. Because you let it. Any person raising their children can do it without losing themself. I say with peace and love because I care.

  13. KJV Proverbs 31:10-31,
    10¶ Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
    The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no
    need of spoil.
    She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
    She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.
    She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.
    She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a
    portion to her maidens.
    She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she
    planteth a vineyard.
    She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.
    She perceiveth that her merchandise is
    good: her candle goeth not out by night.
    She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.
    She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to
    the needy.
    She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
    She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.
    Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the
    She maketh fine linen, and selleth it;
    and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.
    Strength and honour are her clothing;
    and she shall rejoice in time to come.
    She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
    She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of
    Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
    Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
    Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth
    the LORD, she shall be praised.
    31 Give
    her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

    1. Very first line, he’s not saying this woman is valuable, he’s implying this woman is a unicorn and has a 1% chance of existing. “For her price is far above rubies.” He goes onto detail the ‘perfect woman’ not out of fact but out of wishful thinking.

      1. It’s not “wishful thinking”, Mav, it’s out of FAITH in recognition of a “godly woman” according to the Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]).
        You a fellow Christian; a fellow brother in Christ?
        Cuz if you are, you should discern this passage of Scripture in entirety. Amen.
        ~ Bro. Jed

        1. No, Mav… The Word of God (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]) is describing an obedient, godly Christian woman by God’s Standards.
          There are some women who have closely fit into the description of KJV Proverbs 31 as it’s the “ideal” to strive for.
          Not many Christian woman achieve this kind of level of godliness like many Christian men don’t become all that God wants us to be. But the main thing is to keep doing our best to be the best person God wants us to be ultimately.
          However, the importance of the Scripture of KJV Proverbs 31 is to “mark” the Standard God hopes Christian women aim to go for (Not to point out how many fail to meet this Standard.). We are all “works in progress”.
          That’s what really matters. Amen.
          ~ Bro. Jed

  14. Second the farm girl, or simple girl sentiment. Someone who isn’t infected with the western-feminist vitriol will make a good mother, if you put up the masculine presence. Step up to the plate and be a man, and you will find that many women submit to your rugged persona.

    1. Question: How to then deal with the ball-bustin’ persona of the perpetually-unhappy harridan (think: Rosie O’Donnell) with Daddy issues who due to PC “equity” entitlements is your boss? Easy to avoid them in your persona life, not so easy to avoid these sick clones at work…

      1. Know what kind of predators exist in which jungle before you choose your trek. These unhappy creations of frankenstein have no limit to their black hole of misery. Be a tradesmen, learn how to run your own business, or do something related to engineering. Find the career fields where there are the least amount of women and prosper there.
        If you are stuck somewhere with one of these useless idiots as your boss, emulate as little red pill as possible, be completely neutral in everything, and plan your escape – because that kind of existence is unbearable to a man like me.

  15. Mothers have traditionally worked, but in homebased cottage industry – not in the “real world”. They can contribute their free time at home while the child is sleeping, or studying his homeschool homework, to their cottage industry “hobby” to help the family income.
    This also serves to keep the woman from being bored, and otherwise becoming a problem for the husband. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” especially applies to women.

    1. I kinda thought that was the message of Marry Poppins, as the silver spoon wife abandoned her kids to fight for suffrage, which she didn’t really want or need, while MP did the job that the absentee mother ought to have been doing.

  16. Having kids destroys a girls body. DESTROYS it.
    Anyone who has banged a girl before and after,especially with a few years in between, knows this is true.

    1. You’ve not actually fathered children have you?
      Women can easily stay in shape. It’s called, get this, “exercise”.

      1. Absolutely not thank God!
        I am not a child oriented person. Or to put it bluntly, I simply do not like kids. Also, being an omega/outcast/reject/defect, it’s not like that’s been much of an option, but still I wouldn’t want them even if that were not the case.
        I am speaking from experience.
        Escorts that I have banged before and then after they had kids.
        One in particular was an extremely hot young 22 year old who could have passed for 17. Then she disappeared for 4 years. When she was back on the scene she still looked good with her clothes on. But her body, specifically that tight, young, p*ssy, was ruined for good. A real shame. The difference? She had a kid. I’ve seen others like this as well. The worst is that “stomach butt” they get after a caesarean.

        1. You’ll forgive me then if I don’t take your opinion seriously. Omega/outcast/reject doesn’t have any real experience in a tight wet warm hole. No offense.

        2. Plenty of experience, but none for free.
          Seems as though you equate free = “real”.
          You’re entitled to your opinion.

    2. Not so, I see counterexamples of your assertion all the time.
      Some are earnest wives who’ve kept themselves in better condition than markedly younger women, while others have been “carousel riding” single moms who are pragmatic enough to know that they only get to ride if they aren’t porkers.

    1. Ironically, I have seen mens stomach grow after getting married. Looks like you guys emulate your wife’s pregnant belly…

      1. Hi,
        I’m 50. 6’1″ 170lbs. Exercise regularly.
        No kids. Never been married.
        Most likely will never have either. Especially the kids part. I don’t care for them much.

  17. Thank you! I read often but don’t often comment Since this is a safe space for men. However, being wife and mother in a Greek family, and being very surprised by the hostility in American society by women to other women who are homemakers… Thank you for appreciating the valuable contribution made to society by women who are home and sometimes find creative work from home to do. The reason a quarter of women are mentally
    dis-eased is because they are blatantly and rebelliously or blindly living against nature and selfish.
    -a wife of noble character who can find? Her worth is far above rubies. She brings her husband good not harm all the days of her life.
    Proverbs 31:1

  18. Efcharist`o! (Thank you!) As one who reads often buts seldom comments as this seems like a men’s space. I am mother and wife in Greek family in USA America and very surprised by hostilities of American women to women who are homemakers. Thank you for noting and appreciating women’s contributions to society from the home. I believe most mental
    dis-ease in west women are due to them living rebelliously and selfishly and blindly against nature.
    Thank you to my husband Jeremiah and men who make civil society possible. Men truly do the thankless job.
    -a wife of noble character who can find? Her worth is far above rubies.
    -proverbs 31:1

  19. I would expand the thesis and say that caring for a child is fundamental to a woman’s happiness. I’ve known women who physically can’t have children or it was so hard they did not want to attempt medical intervention who found solace in caring for nieces and nephews. There is also the authoritarian old woman in education who has never had a child because “all of her students are her children” who appear unhappy on their face but love the fact being a hard ass saves children from a life of crime and poverty.

  20. I am a stay at home mother of 4 young children. My husband financially provides for us more than we need. Still I feel strong pressure from the rest of society that I SHOULD be doing paid work outside of the home. I feel that society says that I have little value because I do not earn an income.

    1. Well, why would you care what society says? My wife is a homemaker and almost only has other homemakers as friends, I don’t think what society says is much of an issue for her.
      Society in the west is toxic and quite Literally Hitler anyway so give it the finger and keep doing what you do.

  21. Yes You are right! That is way the song “The Happiest Girl in The Whole USA” is about a housewife

  22. Can’t believe this article even had to be written. No one’s noticed the correlation between infertility and depression?

  23. Women in at home careers in “art”, “photography” or “painting” put them instantly and automatically in the same category of a “HR girl”. Equally useless. Before the digital age, you could not do anything but have a little more respect for female photographers or artists. Now DSLR cameras and MacBooks do 95% of the work and any dimwit with little talent in possession of these can now produce “art”.

  24. “While men do not care about women’s careers.”
    Speak for yourself. I hate aggressive and unreasonable feminism, but I hated this article even more. For the author, women’s jobs should be classified between mind numbingly tedious and demoralizing corporate jobs or crafty little jobs in the basement.
    “While men do not care about women’s careers, I think a woman with a hobby or part time job that she is passionate about could be a source of great pride for her husband.”
    Now this just seems right out of the letters from Paul to the Corinthians.

  25. I disagree with your assertion that motherhood is essential
    to making women happy. You will find that as a rule
    children are a bitter disappointment – their greatest object being to do
    precisely what their parents do not wish and have anxiously tried to prevent.

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