What Lack Of Testosterone Does To The Male Brain, And How To Fix It

Have you seen the movie Limitless (2011)? In it, a failed writer takes a dose of an illegal drug that enhances brain function. The rollercoaster plot takes him into a lot of trouble, but he simply pops another NZT pill and comes out on top every time. I won’t spoil anything for you, but let’s just say that the climax of the movie involves chainsaws. So yeah, go watch Limitless.

A more recent example of the same trope is Lucy (2014). Again, the movie revolves around a magic pill that enables Scarlett Johansson to kick ass with over 9000% brain capacity. This time around, the pill is supposedly made from baby placentas or some such nonsense.

Though critics ripped Lucy apart, there are some good scenes in the movie. But for me the most fascinating was the idea that this awesome chemical that gives godlike powers occurs naturally within the body.

*gulp* I am become God

Even The Matrix had the turning point that involved swallowing a pill. Morpheus offers Neo a choice between two pills – blue and red. Neo takes the red pill and wakes up in the real world. Still, we have no idea what the red pill contained, but if I had to choose one naturally occurring substance, it would be the ballsack juice—AKA testosterone.

testosteron model

This humble molecule defines men

Testosteron is the alpha male among all male hormones. It gives unflinching confidence, the desire to dominate, aggressiveness, and the feeling of invincibility. Testosterone sharpens the mind and gives it focus. The goal is only one—be better than any other man. It’s not necessarily the desire to be the best, but rather the urge to not be the worst.

The awesome juice

When found in the bloodstream, testosterone helps sweat glands produce androstenedione, which signals masculinity to females. Think about what deodorant brands are trying to do: advertise the smell of an alpha male to all females, at which point they should form a line to wax the guy’s pole.


Best deodorant ever, 10/10

But testosterone isn’t just about the superficial. It enhances the man and prepares him for fighting. Testosterone burns body fat, keeps the weight down, builds muscle mass, strengthens the bones, promotes hair growth, and gives abundant energy. You become a lean, mean, fighting machine once you have enough testosterone coursing through your veins.

Womb is the first battlefield

Not even the most hardcore feminist neuropsychiatrist (it’s a real thing) can deny that testosterone shapes the man’s brain to be fundamentally different than a woman’s brain. While in the womb, baby boys grows tiny nuts that make daddy proud and which immediately start pumping testosterone into the boy’s brain. This makes the boy enter the world kicking and screaming and keeps him going through it in the same manner.

Until he eventually gets to kick his boss like this

Until he eventually gets to kick his boss like this

Testosterone will slowly increase until the age of nine, at which point it will skyrocket to about 20 times its previous level. It peaks somewhere around 30 and then begins a graceful descent into the ripe old age. No amount of sensitivity training or nagging can change this trajectory or the man’s brain to the point of being identical to female brain.

Crash landing into depression

With the decline of testosterone in the bloodstream comes the weight gain and increase in body fat, brittle bones, loss of hair, and a general sensation of fatigue. In short, you stop being awesome and start to suck.

These symptoms are usually taken as normal signs of aging. But what if they aren’t? What if these are just symptoms of low testosterone production? Let’s look at the options for increasing the testosterone levels.


Nah, I don’t feel like going out tonight

Normal levels of testosterone in the bloodstream are considered anywhere between 270 to 1070 ng/dL. Nowhere else is there such an absurd range of values that defines “normal levels.” This is another way that the establishment wants to dilute what being a man means.

Also, because of this range, doctors will generally refuse to prescribe testosterone to you. Testosterone and its derivatives are considered a controlled substance and placed in the same class of drugs as heroin, so good luck in trying to acquire them legally.

Hacking the matrix

One simple thing you can do to increase your testosterone levels is lifting weights. As it turns out, the body has built-in feedback mechanisms. Since testosterone increases muscle mass, muscle mass also increases testosterone. By doing simple resistance training, you become much more awesome with each new set of repetitions.


Who needs these when you’ve got IRON?

You will feel the effects of this almost instantly. The body and the mind become one when you lift weights. It sounds poetic, but I’m completely serious. Weightlifting should be a standard practice in all elementary schools, but it isn’t and it’s never going to be since physically weak boys are more easily controlled by females in authority positions with superiority complexes.

Power posing

Besides lifting weights, there is also another way which sounds completely ridiculous but is actually backed by science. Remember when I mentioned the feedback mechanism? It turns out that, since testosterone gives the feeling of domination, if you can produce that same feeling through some other means, you get a small testosterone boost.

How do you appear dominating? By taking up as much space as possible.


Until now I’ve only seen Dexter smile like that

This means spreading out your arms and legs. Basically you extend your personal bubble of private space as far as you can. Though this would probably make for some really awkward subway experiences, the science behind this is solid and has been proven over and over again.

Once you get used to taking up as much space as you can, you will start liking it and people will positively respond to your confidence. At this point, direct them to the Return of Kings website, where men learn to develop their hidden potential. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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189 thoughts on “What Lack Of Testosterone Does To The Male Brain, And How To Fix It”

  1. Good article. I wish there was a little more but there is certianly important things to remember here.

  2. Testosterone is the juice of inspiration.
    I’m convinced the increase in male deppression is due to its decline

    1. So is the decline in cholesterol, a substance required to produce hormones. It’s the master steroid. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the drive to reduce cholesterol were the primary cause of decreasing testosterone.
      And it is the factor that has been directly connected with male depression.

      1. Good you brought that up because we are between a rock and a hard place.
        If your hormones are messed up and you have a lot of DHT from stress you won’t process cholesterol very good and that’s how it ends up clogging your arteries.
        One thing that messes up the hormones is that there is a lot of it in the meat and eggs. And those are supposed to be the things high in cholesterol. Catch 22.
        Eat only organic produce to avoid this problem, and watch your stress levels – because bad testosterone and cholesterol do not mix.
        Notice how “they” are saying that more women are having heart disease now? Could it be…. stress? If they were to measure the jawbones, waist to hip ratio, and neck of women who had heart disease I’d bet there would be a pattern.

        1. First, stay away from organic animal products. They are a con.
          Second, what is this “it” that you are saying is in meat? DHT?
          Last what is “bad” test? As opposed to “good” test? Confused.

    2. True. In fact I think the first step is to stop doing all those things that are suppressing your test!
      See where you are then and then you can explore doing thing to raise your test.

  3. Be advised that there was a huge push years ago for women to take estrogen to “fight aging” and cancer shot up. Now I see a push to do this with T.
    The endocrine system is not to be trifled with. From bodybuilders to trannies, the risks are almost the same. No matter which direction you go.
    I know a fellow who used to take HGH and he was lambasting me for “looking like crap”. I’m almost a decade older.
    Yet I’m the one with all my hair.
    Yet I’m the one who is still fit and when he is not on some kind of diet, he balloons like a life raft.
    So don’t go messing with your endocrine system.
    If your T is low, and you go using supplements to boost that, especially that free testosterone crap, you still screw it up. I’m seeing guys my age looking down at their sixpacks they get and I’m getting blinded by the reflection off the bald spots on their heads that they don’t notice. Unless you are trying to look like Jason Statham and you are fit enough that MPB is not going to have you looking more like George Costanza I’d recommend you not mess with your system.
    Also grossly overlooked in these discussions is the fact that low T comes not from your balls deciding to make less T, but from OVERALL hormone production going down and in fact we product estrogen too, even more than women, but convert that to T (this process is done in the part of the balls that surrounds them, the little sacks within sacks). So if your overall hormones are low, and you go boosting the T, you are top loading and risk a good deal of that T becoming DHT and that’s when the hair on your head packs up and moves to your back and shoulders.
    Eat a diet that’s healthy and promotes overall hormone production and your ratio will remain solid and you will retain youthful vigor without becoming dependent on it. How many guys taking T to fight age now are going to end up like Bob from Fight Club?

    1. The same goes for liver functions. Don’t take statins (which decrease heart attacks, to the very small extent that they do, by increasing strokes and suicides at a younger age), fix your diet.

    2. “Eat a diet that’s healthy”
      Yes! Its amazing that so many men don’t do this, especially considering its not that hard.
      “that’s when the hair on your head packs up and moves to your back and shoulders.”
      Ha! Mine’s been doing that naturally for several years now, no chemicals necessary!

      1. Cite please.
        You can even tell if a woman has had a lot of T inducing stress by her hairline. If she is missing or thinning out above the temples, that triangle-shaped area, that’s the sign. A manjaw and thick neck would follow. Most men have that already. Fact is that T or the wrong derivative of it, DHT, will cause it. Stress is a catalyst. I have seen bald guys regrow hair just by getting the cunts out of their lives.

        1. So there is actually a lot of debate in the literature. While the mainstream hypothesis is that DHT causes male-pattern hair loss, the picture is far from complete. Check out “Hair like a Fox” – it’s a free book with some good research on a “bioenergetic” approach. I definitely wouldn’t fuck with HGH though…

        2. Male pattern baldness is purely genetic. You know what it looks like and where the hair follicles on the top of the head will just stop growing even though they are still alive. While it may be true that these particular follicles may not behave this way in the absence of certain hormones it’s not really the hormones that are causing the baldness because men who are not genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness do not lose their hair when exposed to the same hormones. In both men and women the hair will thin with age, just more uniformly and not of the male pattern.
          The only way to regain hair is by a hair transplant, and that’s assuming that you have enough donor hair relative to the bald areas. Many men do not.
          When you hear about a totally bald man regrowing all of his hair he did not have male pattern baldness(alopecia androgenetica) but just another type of alopecia that was not genetic in nature.

    3. There is a right way and a wrong way to supplement with a testosterone… being one of those formerly young dumb bodybuilders, I managed to do it the wrong way, with no liver protection, no post cycle therapy, nothing. I now have to combat bitch tits, balding, etc.
      Now, I research what I’m putting into my body, and it is all for the better. Granted, I still supplement with a form of legal enhancement, but I don’t overdose nor let my body deal with the excess without taking effort to restrict risk and side effects.
      I would however, never recommend doing what I do to just anyone. You start this path, and you have to walk it. I am in effect, a slave to my own vanity.

      1. This is key though. If one wants to inject test, you should be fine if you follow all of the proscribed therapies. Actually I believe with injectables you don’t need liver protection?
        Last, I take your point. No young man should be injecting test.

        1. True, there is plenty of good info or T-therapy out on the net and most Endo’s don’t know shit about it. Educate yourself and do not be afraid to ‘bio-hack’ your body, it si YOUR body so it is your right should you choose to.
          I recommend waiting until you hit your genetic potential [usually around 28ish] before considering any type of TRT.
          Just my 2c as someone on TRT for quite a while now with no ZERO negative side effects from it as I use it responsibly with a shit ton of research behind me. YMMV

    4. Healthy diet should include lots of fats. Particularly grass fed butter, grass fed beef, free range eggs ( no soy grain), coconut oil, avocados etc.

    5. “Don’t go messing with your endocrine system”
      Bingo. Life saving advice. Almost any time you introduce any kind of agent into your body that takes away the responsibility of your body to do its job then you are really playing with fire. How a guy could be curious about steroid usage when he knows it shrinks his balls is a real mind-boggler. Hormonal supplements are the EBT card of the human body. They create dependence, induce a general breakdown over time and kill the body’s initiative to do what is supposed to do on its own.

    6. The endocrine system is notoriously complicated..take one hormone and your body brings it back down and lowers something else. This is why body builders are infertile while taking Test..their bodies are trying to bring down T levels and lowering other fertility hormones at the same time(FSH LH)

    7. Keep in mind there is a big difference between injecting synthetic test and consuming foods and supplements that support your body’s natural production of test!

    8. Listen to the man above me, please dont be stupid and take testosterone.
      Aromatase will convert it to estriadiol, giving you a female body habitus, including the dreaded “bitch tits”
      5-a-reductase will convert it to DHT, making you go bald.
      FSH and LH downregulation will make you infertile and will shrink your nuts.
      Mess with your endocrine system at your own risk.

      1. yes the bodybuilders who do their homework would seek out aromatase inhibitors before taking T supplements, it’s merely a way of influencing what already goes on in the body rather than add a chemical or element.

  4. Resistance training, in and of itself, only temporarily increases testosterone levels. Excess fat (especially abdominal fat) increases estrogens, which suppress testosterone. As you age, stay as lean and muscular as you can. But, past a certain age you will have to supplement with injections, creams or implants. It does work

  5. Weightlifting should be a standard practice in all elementary schools, but it isn’t and it’s never going to be since physically weak boys are more easily controlled by females in authority positions with superiority complexes.

    1. I disagree. Costless body-weight training should be standard practice. Learning to move your body through space. Weightlifting has its benefits but it should be an elective.

  6. You have probably seen commercials about it – low T is a real thing and it effects more men then experts think. If you have been feeling lethargic, tired, depressed, even cranky for no apparent reason you might want to see your doctor and take the simple blood test necessary to check your testosterone levels. Even if you are a healthy man who regularly exercises it can hit you. It could be something as simple as a change in your diet, another year old, environmental factors, etc. causing it.
    There are natural fixes like weight bearing exercise and diet modifications that can assist. But, if you are low enough you might want to consider one of the many prescriptions treatments out there. Most have shown to be very effective in the short term.

  7. Good article – especially the huge ‘normal’ T range.
    Every man has a level at which the deleterious effects of low T manifest themselves – and often, rather than physical, these can be brain-fog, low energy levels, insomnia etc.
    The trouble is that if you never had your T levels tested as a young man, you won’t know what your baseline was. So if you were born a high-T man you may still present an ‘average’ T level when tested, that is, in reality way below what you, specifically, need in order to feel well.
    A rather blunt way to check – the index to ring finger length ratio. The greater the length of the ring finger to the index finger, the more T you were exposed to in the womb and the greater chance that you were born a high T man.
    And a blunt way to check if you are low on T (as the symptoms can be vague as I mention above) – are you waking with morning wood most days? I don’t mean the sort where you have to walk around like a tripod for the first 10 mins of every day, just a chunky chubby. If not, low T could be the cause.

    1. The morning boner is often body’s way of stopping from peeing yourself. It’s little to do with T.

      1. Yeah the morning wood was never as sensitive as “exciting wood”. Had a girlfriend once who was always trying to ride the morning wood because it lasted longer. Woke up to that many times.

      2. Couldn’t disagree more. I suffered with low T for years, being diagnosed with depression, insomnia, everything except the true cause – low T. I have years of correlating my morning wood with my mood, energy levels etc.
        Mine is not an opinion, it is hard, (heh), verifiable, real world, lived experience.

        1. My experience says the same. There’s definitely a direct link between T level and regularity & intensity of morning wood. Your dick is your body’s natural T-level dipstick .. lol

  8. Weightlifting and semen retention are perhaps the most effective ones but I fear the latter is lost on most of the audience here. Still it’s worth reading about the Oneida community. Intercourse without ejaculation was a cornerstone of the Oneida Community.

    1. I can’t believe it’s 2015 and semen retention is not as widely discussed as it is. I’ve gone 200 days without sexual release before and the results were unbelievable. Of course, most modern men are too pathetic (“ewwww, you’re so weird!”) to control their impulses to go even a week without their pornography.

      1. Good for you man. 200 days is a remarkable feat. Can i ask what specific results did you notice? Does it get easier with time?

    2. I had a vasectomy a while back, and one thing I noticed was an increase in sex drive. It was very high, despite having regular ejaculations. Almost too high, bothersome even. I thought maybe because I’m holding on to testosterone, and not eliminating it. Not sure if there’s any science supporting that. Either way it leveled off after a few months to more normal levels.

      1. To get boobs from real soy you’d have to eat a lot of it, but before you got the moobies typical GMO soy will kill you seven ways to Sunday through other health problems.
        People will say that Asians live on it and hence the lack of say body hair and strong features on Asian men but in fact at best the Asian diet has only a couple of tablespoons of soy per day. So they are not using that stuff by the truckload either.
        The real trouble is this: not only is most soy “as an additive” a GMO soy, it’s in everything too. Look at most “mainstream” foods in the USA and you’ll see there is soy in them, either as a flavor or a filler, I don’t know. But I always avoid that and do fairly well.

        1. “Foods” should have been in quotations instead of “mainstream.” It is a stretch to call mainstream USA diet food.

        2. Indeed. I have no qualms about throwing “food” away. The typical stuff on the shelves is dead to me.

        3. Why do people keep buying frozen dinners and prepackaged food? Are they really that lazy? Between my girlfriend and myself, we can cook three-four healthy dinners a week using all fresh ingredients in less than an hour unless I am being super fancy and feed ourselves for multiple meals on the leftovers. A raw salad is even faster! Fuck, you can cook even while watching television. Why continue to poison yourself with that garbage? It makes no sense.

    1. What do the dieticians, who are 90% women tell you?
      To eat your wheatgrass and watercress.
      They tell you to eat your vegetables for vitamins and minerals.
      They also tell you to reduce your cholesterol.
      What else do women say?
      That men, poisoned with testosterone, are the problem. It makes men angry and violent. Don’t get angry, don’t be violent.
      Make the connection, they are telling you eat to make your balls drop off, if not literally, than at least in functionality.
      Eat your steak. Not lean, full fat. Rare.
      Eat your liver. It takes a whole mountain of vegetables to equal the vitamins and minerals in a few ounces of liver.
      Get a heavy bag. Don’t just “work out” with it, get mad at it. Get fucking furious and whale into it. Scream if you feel like it.
      Then go out in the field and get violent. Kill something, eat its liver right there in the field, then eat its heart. If it was a predator, wear its skin, and if any girl or mangina gives you shit over it, tell them, “If he didn’t want me to have it off of him, he should have been strong enough to keep it. You go wrassle one and see how well you come out of the deal.”
      I guarandamntee your test levels will go up.

      1. I like the sentiment, but watch out for trichinosis. Maybe just sip some blood and take the liver back to cook up with some onions.

      2. Heck don’t even use a gun or a bow. Rawr!
        Funny thing is, we are NOT being told enough that we convert estrogen into T. When the little freakies want to become female, they get hormone “replacement”, meaning their endocrine setup is being replaced entirely. They are not being given simply “more estrogen”.
        Think about that. This is why I cringe whenever I see people go with the “add more T” doctrine. It sells supplements alright, but our bodies make that stuff. The bawls do it. It’s the overall baseline hormone production that drops. So foods that might be considered estrogenic, unless it’s some strange xeno food from a cave or something (you know, poison) are actually good for men because if he’s not eating shit or on some medications those hormonal building blocks are going to be converted to a ratio of T that suit his physical needs. When people say that resistance training boosts T, it’s because T is needed to heal damaged muscle cells but even without aids or supplements, this is what will happen – even to women who lift.
        Make sure the steak, if you but is, is grass fed beef, fully organic. Makes great caveman jerky too.

        1. “Heck don’t even use a gun or a bow. Rawr!”
          Spear hunting for game is illegal most places these days, or I would have specified it.

        2. I used to teach hunter ed.
          Go to Florida. You can still take wild boar with a spear. They get plenty pissed off though. One hit on your femoral with a tusk and you bleed to death in a minute.

        3. I won’t call any man facing a pig on foot with a pointy stick a pussy if he chooses to wear greaves. Nasty damn fuckers.

        4. This “grass fed, organic” shit is going too far. There is hardly any substantive reason to spend 3x the amount on supermarket beef that only differentiates in the finishing process. Know what that means? Grass fed is less marbled. It has less cholesterol and saturated fat. It has a slightly (ever so slightly) better omega 3:6 balance, but that’s not worth being one of those new seasons/whole foods stuck up hippy twats paying 3x normal market value for their two ounces a day of “natural” beef.

        5. The lowest quality factory farmed beef is still better food than the world’s finest carrot.
          I eat what’s reasonably priced, at a butcher shop rather than a supermarket, well marbled, and don’t worry about it.
          When I want grass fed I can always go out into the fields and pop off a woodchuck, although they’re something of an acquired taste, and if you think they smell bad on the outside . . .

        6. I don’t have the storage space required to make purchasing large quantities from a butcher, and I’d rather spend that 28 bucks a pound they want for rib eye on a 9 pound brisket.
          And yes, I concur, even the cheap crappy ground beef is better than eating soy and tofu.

        7. Naturally, cattle like horses will just graze on grass all day.I’m not sure if giving them feed or in the case of a horse, oats, is good for them or the meat from them.

        8. If they want to be left alone, they shouldn’t be made out of trout fly.
          Although to be perfectly honest, I usually don’t bother them unless they are competing for food that human vegetarians are relying on, so animals don’t have to be harmed for their food; ironic, innit?

        9. They pump dairy cows with hormones to milk them 3 or more times a day and when the poor thing looks like it’s on its last legs, they slaughter it (there’s a rule that the cow must be able to walk up the chute).
          Tell me how that meat is OK to eat.

        10. Obviously you’ve not a single clue how the industry actually works.
          again, the only difference in grass fed and grain fed is actually in the finish. It’s not truly about grass fed or not, it’s grass finished vs grain finished. The rest of their lives are the exact same, and I give not one fuck about how they’re treated. Blue pill faggot.

      3. Lately I have tried to cut sugar from my diet, and I am getting great results. I think processed sugar more than anything is ruining our bodies. And the preservatives and chemicals like flouride in the water, not to be a tin foil hatter.

        1. Starch is sugar as well. It’s free glucose in the bloodstream that is the major problem. Nasty, corrosive stuff. Although the fructose component of sucrose don’t exactly do great things for your liver if the load is too high.
          I won’t go so far as to actually recommend going full Owsley, but I would suggest that it’s worth looking into and thinking about.

        2. sugar is what causes cholesterol spikes, correct? You body produces more chol to cool off the inflammation caused by too much sugar in the diet

        3. It spikes the Small Dense, which is the sort that can enter the microtears in a hardened artery (although the major component of a plaque is calcium). The hardening of the arteries is caused by chronic elevated blood glucose levels. Yes, it’s a balanced system. Go figure.
          Whatever chemical state your body is in, it is that way because it needs to be to maintain the balance, and thus life. Using a drug intervention to force one component of the system up or down causes a cascade throughout the entire system to maintain a balance, resulting in scores of unintended consequences, some of which can be more damaging than the original state.
          It has long been understood that chronically elevated blood sugar levels are a major factor in the Diseases of Civilization, which you can deal with by drug interventions that upset the entire system, or . . .
          you could just not eat so damned much glucose.
          But it has been decided that people “deserve” to eat their bread and bon bons, so the drug intervention method has become the standard, and it’s only a pure coincidence that the people who made that decision are the same people who sell the drugs.

    2. Protein increases T levels greatly. Buy Whey Protein powder because it digests easily.
      This Indian herbs ashwaghanda and astralagus are great for balancing hormones.

  9. Lack of Ts lead to one thing : end of civilization. At this rate we’re fucked. All that PVC, BPA and whatever chemical of the day, basically thrashes our glands. Even salmons are turning into females.

    1. It took that writer/producer/director of Lucy 9 years to write the script, and Eddie Mora still comes out the more interesting protagonist. It probably took him longer than writing both The Dark Fields and filming Limitless

      1. Yeah, women don’t really work as transhuman characters. When you enhance a man, you strengthen the things men already do better than women any way. Enhancing a woman just strengthens her disadvantages, like her “empathy” or some such nonsense. Just look at that ridiculous and useless Counselor Troi on The Next Generation.

      2. Limitless is one of the best movies i’ve seen in quite some time.
        It takes the idea of overnight genius and presents it in a plausible, intellectual way.
        Lucy on the other hand was thrown together on screen to satisfy the 10 second attention span crowd that needs an explosion every 5 seconds in order to stay interested in a movie.
        Not only that, but it’s “10% brainpower” theory is so farcical and well debunked it’s incredible how mass marrier luc besson didn’t take this into consideration when filming this feminist dreck.

  10. A major and often overlooked testosterone and hormone disrupter is wireless and electromagnetic radiation. This comes from cell-phones, wireless routers, microwaves, etc. Apartment and condos are saturated with wireless radiation because just about everyone in the complex has a wireless router (take a look at how many signals your laptop picks up). The result is an inability to get a good nights sleep, fatigue, depression, confusion, poor memory, immune system disorders, etc. I’ve literally done testing with meters in my last apartment, and it was at levels that cause health impairment, and i can guarantee you this was not an isolated incident. Hence why I moved. This is not quack conspiracy nonsense, there are countless studies proving adverse health effects at levels that we are all exposed to on a daily basis.

      1. Here are some studies on the topic. The reason i know this is because at one time i used to keep my WiFi router near my bed, needless to say, did not sleep well at all, had chronic headaches and memory problems for months before i figured out what was causing it. Granted some will be more sensitive to the effects than others, but something to be aware of. Interesting body of research on the topic. Some say its like the second hand smoke of our generation. At one point people thought it was harmless… now? Well, we all know smoking kills. Not trying to fear monger, just spread some knowledge.


        1. thanks for posting.
          I think you need to live at least 100 yards from a cell tower; those things are much worse than your wifi router.

        2. I recently heard a scientist/lobbyist exclaime that electromagnetic radiation doesnt pass the blood brain barrier, so it moves freely through steel and concrete but not flesh and bone, yeah right.

        3. indeed, and they’re everywhere. The office building where I work is pretty bad as well. Its hard to get away from it these days. Being out in nature away from cities is your best bet. If one is curious about their exposure levels, there are relatively inexpensive meters available that can detect EMF levels. This is the one i purchased. Its fairly accurate and detects wireless signals from computers, cellphones, WiFi routers, etc…

        4. Make your bedroom a bedroom with no electronics at all in it. Perhaps not even a light. If you design your own house, make a faraday cage to disrupt and shield all radiation. Ive always wanted to try this.

        5. I personally know well-respected neuroscience PhDs that have told me putting my smart-phone in my pocket is horrible for my nutsack.
          The frustrating thing is I believe them… But I need this little fucker for life and work.

        6. Yes it can be quite a dillema sometimes, i have made a habit of keeping it away from my person when ever i can.
          Nice to hear about your neuroscience friend. There is quite a tug of war right now between those scientists with integrity and those bought by the industry lobbyists.
          I personally met an individual who had worked in the wifi industry, he told me that when he really understood the degree of the problem he took his family and moved away from the big city, so that caught my attention seeing the level of seriousness from an insider of the industry.

        7. i made a faraday cage out of aluminum window screen and PVC pipe and slept in it until i found a new place to live. Reduced EMF levels by 70-80%. Now, i don’t even own a personal computer anymore (typing this at work).

        8. What you can do is put your phone in airplane mode most of the time, unless you are expecting calls or need to use it.

        9. I stumbled across an old posting on this site, the guy claimed to work in the cell phone biz, once the truth came out about the dangers, all the top execs carried their phones around in LEAD LINED CASES.

        10. Thanks, Doc! And i suppose you think the world would be a wonderful place if we were all on Prozac and Valium. I hear doctors used to hand that shit out like candy too in the 70’s.

        11. Smart. Some people laugh at such ideas, but there is a reason, I believe, that the media has put “tin foil hat” as an insult in our movies. It causes people to not think that maybe we do need to be shielded from such radiation.

      1. So you know for a fact, since you have MD in your name, that microwave radiation does not affect the hydrogen bonding in DNA’s base pairs, thus, not affecting the link of one complimentary strand to another, and therefore, not harming its replication? Let me also ask you, what type of bond is a hydrogen bond, is it a weak bond or a strong bond? How does HEAT affect hydrogen bonds? How do MICROWAVES heat things..from the INSIDE OUT, or from the outside in? Please Doctor, do you sleep with your phone on next to your head or balls? Would you recommend this to your child?

    1. yeah my grand ma looks good too when flexing. Those mags need to sell and they’re full of crap most of the time.

  11. Currently blasting test right now, I feel amazing. Test is and always will be the elixir of the gods.

  12. I’ve got one large bone to pick with this article, having studied T for 15 years. HEAVY weightlifting increases T, not regular or moderate weight lifting. HEAVY, as in 1-3 rep range where you need to push so much weight as if your body feels like it may break. The mechanics behind this is that after the heavy workout, really heavy I might add, one of the emergency/healing responses of the body is to pump out T, because it helps increase bone density and pain tolerance.

        1. Agreed. When it comes to Mr T, dead lifts and squats use the largest muscle groups and therefore trigger T production on a larger scale.

        2. Full, slow pullups too. That’s a very coordinated, compound movement. If you can rip off 20 then add weight to yourself. Stay in the low ranges. I read once that a pullup causes an explosion of energy of some sort throughout the body.

    1. Yes, all the way. One thing I used to do but stopped was shuttle sprints. Like running lines in basketball. I got away from them due to an anti-cardio, powerlifting focus but I think I made a mistake. I am starting again in a few weeks once the freeze is over.

    2. It’s actually a function of the HPA axis called a neuro endocrine response. It’s not so much HEAVY weights as you put it as much as it is as difficult workout as you can stand to do. Most people lift “moderate or regular” as you’ve put it. Mostly for the mental fell good that they’ve “worked out”. But workouts are supposed to push you to what would feel like death. Simulating a hunt or being hunted that is life threatening. This with consistency yields the most natural testosterone production.

  13. Many things in our lives kill testosterone. Soy, alcohol, stress and marijuana are the biggest. Marijuana causes the body to produce excess estrogen, which is why potheads are so passive and lazy. Soy causes th delopment of breast tissue and fat in general. If you want man boobs, drink soy milk daily.
    Luckily, men’s bodies are designed to turn estrogen into testosterone and it can be done pretty quickly. Whey protein powder is thr best option. Indian herbs like ashwagandha and astralagus are really good. Visit a TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, doctor and tell them your testosterone is low. They will give you acupuncture and a liquid to drink that will give you your vitality back.
    This website has alot of great supplements to balance hormones in the body:

    1. I was with you up until “traditional Chinese medicine.” This might be anecdotal evidence, but for what it’s worth, I live in China and I’ve used traditional Chinese medicine and found it to be useless. I’ve also researched online and found limited efficacy for it. It’s simply based on pseudoscience. The Chinese have a very crude idea of how anything medical works. I got a flu shot and my friend told me that I couldn’t eat spicy food for two weeks. Another colleague got a cold and decided to take antibiotics, not realizing the common cold is caused by a virus.
      I think what you’re trying to say overall is that the best way to be healthy is by eating healthy and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

      1. Physicians in China practise medicine the same as in the West.This ‘traditional’ stuff is based on a lot of old wives tales and superstitions sold in herb stores much like the crap you’d buy in the US in ‘health food and vitamin’ places.

      2. Ive been going to a TCM doctor for about 10 years now and she has cured me 100% of the time. Low libido, liver issues, pain from shoulder surgery, digestive issues, etc. Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years, they know what theyre talking about. Acupuncture is extremely effective for just about anything that ails you.
        If your TCM doctor doesnt tell you to alter your diet, they arent really trying to help you. One time I had liver issues and I was advised to eat nothing but rice and mung beans for a week while being treated. Two weeks later I was back to normal.

    2. There is a scientific paper that states opposite of what soy does to testosterone. I have yet to see any peer viewed scientific paper on soy lowering T except for broscience myths.
      I can agree on alcohol, weed, stress and low self esteem killing T though.

    3. “Luckily, men’s bodies are designed to turn estrogen into testosterone and it can be done pretty quickly.” What are you talking about man?

  14. The author is wrong about doctors rarely prescribing it. Sure, if you go to a family practice doctor, he won’t prescribe anything even if you are in the “normal” range. You should be able to find a testosterone center (in Texas we have “low t centers” everywhere). They will give you a shot 3 times a month. It is worth it. The patches and creams don’t work. Exercise and better diet can only do so much for you. Also, the “free t” level is far more important than the overall. The only disadvantage is that it will lower your sperm count due to the body not producing enough naturally. For me, however, this is a great advantage since I don’t want any more kids.

    1. Depends how old you are and yes the free T is the most important. The boy who wrote this article does not know that T is legally available. The only drugs prohibited for use in medicine and otherwise are CI which are drugs like XTC,LSD and for some reason heroin and cannabis etc etc
      Cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine etc are all CII and can be used by doctors.

  15. I’ve heard older men getting testosterone therapy, under doctor supervision, and they feel great for few years. Like they’re 25 again. Then they get cancer, or heart attack. Some do, some don’t. The science isn’t well understood. But there are class action lawsuits pending now against testosterone therapy. Just get lean, do cardio, shed the weight. Then start lifting weights, building muscle mass. Whey protein powder is safe (its milk protein). There’s also viagra.
    Here’s the thing, even if testorone therapy is safe for you, when you stop using it, you revert back to your previous condition, or weaker, because your body becomes dependent on it and stops producing testosterone naturally. Also keep in mind, if you’re getting a raging hard on from porn, but not for your wife, the problem isn’t your T levels. You’re just bored with your relationship.

    1. I dunno man, I read an interesting article on this regarding 70s bodybuilders(you know, the guys who were big but not freakish). Apparently, steroids were legal in the 70s(just had to go through your doctor). These guys didnt overuse them, unlike today’s freakshows. They would get checked out regularly by their doctors too. The writer also claimed the roids then were high quality, until most you can get today…

      1. Just google testosterone therapy class action lawsuit. Lawyers are getting rich off this. There’s now an entire generation of males who used for high school or college sports, just to make the team, because that makes them “alpha” for a few years and the chance at better quality pussy. Do what you want, I’m not moralizing. I think its a calculated risk you take, like riding a motorcycle. I’d rather drive a convertible.

        1. no worries I know youre not moralizing- these creams and patches dont work. My point was the quality was better back in the 70s; look at that pic of Vince below, you think he is taking a patch? Hes taking the high quality stuff under the supervision of a doctor (and you and I cant afford it).

    2. You know old men die from heart attacks and cancer all the time, even when not on TRT?
      Lawyers always love a good class action lawsuit. The problem is there is no definitive studies showing high levels of testosterone are the cause of any of it – as opposed to it being old age.
      Men with bad tickers getting a boost in life from testosterone might die earlier because they suddenly have energy and zest for life, but make no mistake the man was going to drop dead anyway. We all do.

  16. I disagree on testosterone sharpening the mind and giving focus. It actually clogs it because with high T-levels, all you can think about is sex.

  17. Just wait 20 years or so, we’re entering an age where our time is becoming much more valuable than materials in the culture and it is going to give birth to a GIANT rejuvenation biotechnology industry. We will probably have access to safe testosterone by testing our genetics and seeing which one won’t cause side effects similar to star trek, and also by creating new enzymes which deal with the sides
    Basically, in the future we’re all going to be jacked
    the only good thing about this pathological narcissism is that it may lead to increased investment in youth therapies which will benefit us all
    Yes, lift and run each day starting from a young age and a man can make it past 90
    (don’t over-do the cardio)
    we have computers doing research 10,000 times the speed of a normal brilliant scientist and massive investments in genetics, so the future looks very good
    at this rate we are adding 6 hours a day to our life-spans 3 months a year, in 20 years that may increase to 8 hours a day, than in another 20 being it is exponential it could increase to 16 hours, basically, there will come a point in history where we add more time to our life spans than we lose and at this point we will be immortal
    the future will be one of genetic upgrades, artificial organs that are 100 times better than biological, space travel, virtual realities that can do ANYTHING, ETC
    the point is, TIME makes us all bitter, like a whip beating us, and soon we will have unlimited time and we will look back at the year 2015 as some barbaric time where people’s genetics made their fate and disease was rampant

    1. We were supposed to have flying cars by now, remember?
      There may be some gains in the future but I doubt anything as you describe.

    2. Not going to happen, although we Boomer scientists will be using younger organs as replacements. Why do you think we even keep millenials around? Also to use as soylent green if there’s a food shortage :o)

  18. This post started great then did a sudden nose dive and ended. Did the author run out of testosterone?

    1. Right, I’d appreciate some citations rather than some amateur explanation of testosterone I could find posted by a twelve year old at Bodybuilding.com or something. The guy is not a medical doctor/researcher, so who cares what he thinks he knows about testosterone.

  19. Correlation between testosterone and facial/body hair? This must explain why there are so many hairy black males, right? Ask a medical professional, and they will tell you there is no correlation and it’s simply genetics, which is why the man with the biggest penis in the world is only 5’9″ and fat. And, of course, there are all those hairy, bearded, and manly hipsters walking around with flab arm-bearing tank tops during the summer.
    I also wanted to know why when I shaved my legs, the hair grows back thicker and more dense? Does the Gillette razor or the act of shaving increase my testosterone levels? Oh, and that Bruce Lee, he must had absolutely no T.

  20. Preservatives and plasticisers found in soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, storage containers, shaving cream, etc (the list goes on) act as xeno-estrogens in you body. In other words, the compounds are not actual estrogen but you body believes otherwise.
    Read up on xeno-estrogens, you will be shocked.
    The article did not mention sleep. Sleep is very important in raising Mr T.
    Here’s a good article that cover a lot of ground.

    1. This is true. It’s called bisphenol A. it’s in Recycle 7 plastics. Look at the bottom of plastic containers and you can help avoid ingesting them.

  21. I’m over 30 and i find what helps is the nerb ‘Tribulus.’ i find it makes me more aggressive and i end up giving off more B.O. It helps a little in the gym!
    If your below 30, i doubt u will find any difference cause your Testosterone is already peaking!

  22. Testosterone is part behavioral, thats why it only has a 6 hour half life in the bloodstream (compared say to estrogen with 24 hour half life). Surprisingly our T levels are about half of what our grandfathers. Like diabetes, doctors have no good answers to this, only half ass speculation.

    1. There’s a doctor I recommend who does this all very quickly and cheaply. Her name is Dr. Bobbitt and she’s done at least 1 of these procedures successfully.

    2. You’re aware that transgender suicide rates actually rise after gender reassignment surgery, right?

    1. I’m torn on that topic. I’ve heard it’s healthy to do it, maybe even as much as possible, & I’ve read several benefits to stopping or, at least, cutting down on it.

  23. With the decline of testosterone in the bloodstream comes the weight gain

    This is illogical. If low test means less muscle mass then ceteris paribus, the decline in test means weight loss!

    1. Badly explained in the article, but the effect is true. Instead of weight gain as such he should have specified ‘fat gain’. Higher T tends to make you more muscular and leaner, while lower T means less muscle and more fat.
      Like many things in the body and as mentioned in the article, there also is a feedback system. If you get fatter, your levels of aromatase increase, a hormone which converts some of your testosterone into estrogen. So getting fatter decreases T, which makes it even easier to become even fatter. Conversely, losing body fat will help bring T levels back up.

      1. Based on your logic, getting fat causes weight gain not reduced T: Fat UP, T DOWN, Muscle Down.
        Regardless, the normal state of affairs as you age, if you are not stuffing your face with cream cakes, is weight loss as you age and as your T decreases.
        In this case, reduced T is age related and not fat related. It is also possible that your fat levels will stay the same as your muscles reduce.

        1. What I meant is that when most people speak of weight gain/loss, they usually mean fat gain/loss. In many cases they are largely correct, since the body has way more leeway where to gain or lose fat weight than muscle weight. Many people have put on hundreds of pounds of fat. Try to do that with muscle (a gain of 20-25% in lean muscle mass is about the natural limit, without steroids). So yeah, in many cases fat is what dominates the weight equation.
          There is still however a circular relation between body composition and hormones. Hormones affect body composition, which in turn also affects hormone balance. This video sheds some light on what happens hormonally when someone gets fat (from the point of view of ‘bulking / cutting down’ for people who train):

        2. I understand but I maintain that precision with language is crucial if we are too be properly understood. If we are going to talk about hormones and their effect on the body we should be clear.
          By the way, most people are usually wrong in most things they believe and say. So I pay little attention to what most people do and say. After all, most people are fat.
          And when it comes to fat, insulin is the hormone we want to concern ourselves with not testosterone. Over production of this hormone will ultimately lead to “weight” gain and low T. And thus we see it is not low T that leads to “weight” gain.

      2. Huge difference between weight and fat gains. Huge.
        Comparing lean mass to fat mass I am told is like comparing a brick to an equal weight of feathers.

  24. The amount of T you have is an indicator (!) of your bodies power level.
    As you age, your energy goes down and so does your T level to reflect your weaker self.
    You wouldnt want a hyper-aggressive 50yo to challenge a 20yo bull over this female in nature. Why? Because the 20yo bull will kill him. So nature made it so you act in line with your current state.
    If you boost T-levels, you will *FEEL* better, stronger, maybe even younger.
    But you are not. Just like make-up wont make a woman younger.
    It is a cover-up, a mask.
    Still there is a use for T in older men. If you take T you can boost at lot of things and you will feel better. The body does not have more energy but he will stop producing sperm (sperm production is a major energy waste) and enable you to spend this energy elsewhere – like in more frequent, sperm-less sex.
    In the eyes of nature, sperm-less sex is pointless. In our time it is not only nice but will also save you from using a condom. So once you no longer want to produce children, T-supplementation may be your thing.

  25. Note that taking testosterone via pill rapidly increases your risk of liver disease. Just look at rates of liver disease among trans men and cis men who supplement with testosterone.
    So maybe you can inject it. But unless you are trans or you have a medical condition or you are really suffering from low T, I advise against it.

  26. What about getting more sleep? Your body makes hormones while you are sleeping and getting proper sleep could be the answer to normalizing your hormones…

  27. I’ve been on TRT, small shots of T every couple of days. I’ve also cycled and increased my strength tenfold in a matter of weeks. In both instances I felt like a God amongst men. No side effects whatsoever, my hair is full, my muscles are strong, you can hang a flag from my dick. But everyone’s different.

  28. Check out “ergo-log”. Simple things like; Boron, Vitamin D, Saturated Fat, etc, seem to all help. And probably, I suspect, these very simple things (like exercise) will cause a more stable increase than the more popular enhancers (D-aspartic acid, etc).
    I certainly notice subjective effects from D-vitamin at 2-5k IU, and 9-12mg boron, but who knows these doctors I have are complete assholes as far as blood tests.

  29. This is one of the most sexist articles I’ve ever fucking read… I hate feminists, but I also hate misogynists as well… I also hate transgenders… there’s a trend here… I hate people who think their gender means a damn fucking thing to who they are as a person. Now true it’s not entirely their fault, the way society is so fucked up it’s no wonder that…
    *Get Paid Less
    *Are treated like sex objects
    *Are seen as weaker
    *Have to be successful
    *Are allowed to treat women like crap
    *Are seen as morons
    *Dislike whatever gender they’re born into and decide that they can’t have self-esteem because it’s easier to just morph themselves into what society expects they are
    Point is… you can be a guy and like other guys, a girl can like girls. Girls can like guys, guys can like girls, guys can like ‘guyish’ things, girls can like ‘girlish things’ guys can like ‘girlish’ things and girls can like ‘guyish’ things… Get your fucking head out of your ass people. Your gender does not, will not, and CAN NOT DEFINE YOU! YOU HAVE TO DO THAT YOURSELF!
    It fucking sickens me that there are no longer guys getting in touch with their feminine side without having to go all ‘Oh I’m just not a guy anymore’
    Or that girls can no longer be ‘boyish’ without having to go to the same extremes.
    So message to guys: Quit having ‘my-penis-is-bigger-than-yours’ issues… seriously if you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t matter anyway.
    And message to girls: Quit having ‘my-vagina-makes-me-lesser/greater’ issues…
    And a message to both: Unless you are in a relationship with someone of your preferred gender or fucking someone of your preferred gender…. quit fucking judging people on gender. Gender Identity is BULLSHIT. Human beings are too diverse as a species for this shit to continue.
    TL;DR: <— Whoever invented this needs to be shot in the head… just saying…

  30. College tried to brainwash me and many with all their studies on how too much testesterone was bad for men.
    Fuck that shit!!!!

  31. As a depo testosterone user for 6 years, I can say those bashing it are truly ignorant. I have had very minor side effects and very positive gains in my physique and emotional well being. As long as you take time off to let your balls get going again, life goes on quite nicely. I now have plenty of options with women and I am now veiwed as alpha everywhere I go without opening my mouth or playing stupid games. If it’s not for you, great, less competition for me. It is far safer than drinking booze to get an ego boost or eating shit food, which all drain you of test. Also heavy weight lifting can lower your test levels contrary to this article, in other articles I have read.

  32. test is best. Low t? get that shit taken care of ASAP. its realy not that hard to get from a oc or just talk to the biggest guy at your gym and he will get you that good shit

  33. We should have have a class action suit. And sue RooshV for the trauma inflicted on feminists for manspreading.

  34. Low testosterone can negatively impact the brain by lowering self exteem, triggering mental foginess and severely hindering a person’s motivation.
    From experience I urge you guys to avoid TRT under all circumstances because the side effects far outweigh any potential benefits.
    I urge you guys to try out natural testosterone boosters because they provide a whole array of benefits. There are many top rated testosterone booster to choose from.

  35. Guys. You do not have to shoot up testosterone to get the benefits, one should look for ways to naturally increase it. This does mean getting to work, exercise, and eating the right foods, basically it is a change of life style.

    1. Lift, eat right foods (fat and protein), get some sleep, and conquer your goals. And yes, have sex with good looking 20yo girls. Guys who did this keep their T in check way into their FIFTIES.

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