Simple Manosphere Comic Generates SJW Hate Fest

My original plan was to do an article on the criminality of the Clinton family stretching back to the 1980s, but I’ll do that next week. I feel like I earned a mansophere badge of honor the past few days as I witnessed a full-fledged Social Justice Warrior swarming descend onto my blog and Twitter page over a simple comic entitled Take This Job and Shove It, depicting an American guy getting frustrated with HR tyranny at his dead-end job and taking a trip to one of the most beautiful parts of the world only to find love and share an innocent kiss. That simple narrative was enough to make certain corners of the internet descend to DEFCON 3. It was one of the most swift and stunning displays of feminist intolerance I’ve ever seen.

The Thought Crime Incident


I would like to begin by thanking some guy named Josh Fruhlinger (Alexa rank 156,992—heh) for driving a spike in traffic my way with his very literate critical analysis of my comics series. It is a personal badge of honor to have this manlet call my series the “worst comic ever” in true Simpsons Comic Book Guy fashion. This was his exact Tweet:

oh god i found the worst cartoon ever, literally, in the world.

Josh and his cat

Josh and his cat

Before I could click onto his Twitter page and use some of the ensuing comments and SJW hate fest to further promote my comic book by showing people exactly what miserable “comic curmudgeons” Josh’s followers are by airing out their vitriolic comments, he preemptively blocked me from accessing his page. Josh, my Twitter page is still open to you because I’m not nearly as thin-skinned as you are. Bring on the fire and brimstone.

Josh and the gaggle of people who follow this Twitter page seem to me like the type of douchey Left Coast liberals that made me flee America in the first place. Apparently, comic aficionados (who also have a thing for cats) aren’t keen on comics that challenge established Hivemind, Culturally Marxist narratives and were designed only to piss people like him off.

Apparently, I succeeded on that front considering the rage that ensued. So, mission accomplished. The incident drove thousands of rabid SJWs my way, all of them vivisecting my comics and hurling spittle-addled insults my way. Thanks for the traffic, assholes. Perhaps even more enjoyably, some comments actually defended my series pointing out Josh and his ilk hate it only because they doesn’t agree with its politics.

Gentlemen, we in the manosphere are the new counterculture. This incident confirms that.

The Swarming

The innocent kiss from my Be Like Dirk and Other Politically Incorrect Comics that sparked a firestorm

The innocent kiss from my Be Like Dirk and Other Politically Incorrect Comics that sparked a firestorm; also, gently poking fun at the masculinity of feminists “triggered” even more of their ire

Only hours after Josh shared the comic, it happened. A full-blown Social Justice Warrior swarming. They were seething with white hot rage. On a Friday night no less, a bunch of losers with nothing better to do started in right around sunset and continued masturbating each others’ egos all weekend long, taking some of the cheapest shots imaginable to mankind. Over a fucking comic, no less!

It was simply a sight to behold for about 30 minutes until I saw they weren’t going to stop and had no lives. After responding to a few of the initial (and very racist) Tweets, I ducked out and went down to the beach to talk with a few ladies and ended up getting high and banging two of them in probably the best menage a trois I’ve ever had. When I came back the next morning, the losers were still posting hate on Twitter.

Gentlemen, no fighting, please for the honor of dating this SJW prize

Gentlemen, no fighting, please for the honor of dating this SJW prize, one of my Twitter haters

It was their typical, boilerplate, character assassinating, self-flagellating playbook. I was a virgin. I was a loser. Then someone made the baseless claim that I sexually harassed someone. Worse, Social Justice Warriors apparently think all Asian women come from Thailand, as the comic that sparked the outrage is set in Phnom Penh, and Angkor Wat (clearly depicted) is in Cambodia. But they relentlessly attacked Thai women.

Their stereotyping of all Asian women as coming from Thailand only proves how incredibly myopic and ignorant SJWs are. Then there was the racism, to use their collective favorite term. Many of them then went on to imply the only reason an attractive, feminine Asian girl would want an American guy is “to escape her third world cesspool” implying all Asians are destitute and all Asian women are nothing but green card seekers.

what happens when the lady degrading herself to escape a third world existence finds out Dirk is broke?

This was my reply before I got bored and left to enjoy my Friday night:

You people have some serious issues. An Asian girl acts sweet in a comic and you people have a meltdown? Holy shit.

Then, another Twitterer brought up going to Mexico and having organs harvested, in such a way that implies all Mexicans harvest organs. In essence, SJWs become everything they claim to hate when conducting a swarming. These people hold themselves up as warriors against injustice then go on to lump not one but two races into stereotypical groups while simultaneously denigrating both groups! So, apparently Josh Fruhlinger (isn’t that name German?) has some Nazi Twitter followers who do not like Asians (particularly Asian women) and Mexicans, based on the hate posted to my Twitter account after he threw up the link. Other comics they roundly hated, much to my delight were Be Like Dirk, Episode 5, Beat It, Loser and The Vortex of Hell.

Just a few more biscuits and Josh can turn that half-assed belly into full Comic Book Guy girth - the resemblance is uncanny!

Just a few more biscuits and Josh can turn that half-assed belly into full Comic Book Guy girth – the resemblance is uncanny!

The vitriol continues this week, as a tatted up columnist named Robyn something or other on Wonkette continues bashing the comic. Feminists are apparently terrified of women from traditional cultures and an innocent kiss shared between a man trying to escape the toxic culture they’ve created, and a traditional woman. Her tone in the article is one of if you men want to go get those dirty foreign bitches, then go them! It’s very offensive, to use one of the leftists’ favorite terms. The Wonkette columnist was also incensed over my illustration of Big Daddy Government and women figuratively marrying him instead of a Beta male in the comic Infinite Resources.

What to do in a swarming

So, What have I learned from this? As Vox Day points out, if you are ever the target of a SJW swarming, realize nobody gives a damn about what they’re saying except them. In a very useful useful article he created about how to defend yourself against a SJW swarming, the best advice is to rely on the three R’s.

Rely on the Three Rs: RECOGNIZE it is happening. REMAIN calm. REALIZE no one cares.

Just let it go, and let themselves work themselves into a frenzy over the violation of narrative thought crime.

Turnabout is fair play, and even though Fruhlinger blocked me I was still able find some real gems among his great works of art and offer up my own criticism. Listening to his effeminate voice read his own book is enough to put me in stitches laughing. If this doesn’t make you want to buy his novel, nothing will. Josh says: “The Enthusiast is my first novel. It’s about trains, comics, stealth marketing, capitalism, and joy.”

Look for this novel to go right to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. It’s a sure thing. Apparently, it took him four years to write and a chapter from the book has yielded three “hearts” on Medium. You can purchase it from such well-known vendors as TopatoCo. Additionally, if you are interested in reading more dreck, Josh’s reviews on The Comics Curmudgeon are typical of snarky, nihilistic, navel-watching weak Beta male genetic dead ends that have infested and are killing the United States. In other words, nothing new from the typical, culturally suicidal cesspool found in the lamestream media in America.

By the way, if you want to buy the Politically Incorrect Comic Book that generated bellyaches, explosive shits, and foaming at the mouth among Social Justice Warriors, I’ve cut the price on it by 40% in honor of the occasion. I so enjoyed seeing these losers get mad I may even have to work this incident into Season Two of the series. It’s really a good time pushing liberal fascist buttons. Publish a comic about a man taking an innocent trip then finding love overseas, and watch them turn into rabid, racist hate mongers. Who ever knew it was so easy to trigger them?

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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225 thoughts on “Simple Manosphere Comic Generates SJW Hate Fest”

  1. …what the hell are those comics? I’m sorry but those look like the childish fantasies of an adolescent teen who dreams about dominating every single girl he sees after being unpopular in college or high school.

    1. I also find it hard to believe he went down to the beach got high and banged two birds in a threesome.

      1. Not just a threesome, but the BEST threesome he’s ever had, clearly implying he has had several. Not impossible, but not really believable. The comic is pretty shitty too, but the fact that people flipped out over it is humorous, I suppose.

        1. In fairness, threesomes are much easier to come by these days than they used to be. This is an extremely libertine era, and this great fantasy is much easier to achieve–and not just for assholes like dirk and me. Three chick Foursomes are the new threesomes. Al-most had one recently.

        2. Last time you were around these parts you had a girlfriend. Guess the girlfriend is no match for a Chicago summer.
          Have never had a foursome although, that would be a story to tell to be sure. Another thing is a birthday bang with a bunch of girls for an hour or two. Imagine that. More asses to fuck in one day than you can spend gaming all day. Unless if banging 40 to 50 girls a year’s is lite for you.
          Don’t forget, where the writer is at, sexuality caters toward strong men. Threesomes can get thrown around like spit balls in grade schools.

        3. “Don’t forget, where the writer is at, sexuality caters toward strong men. Threesomes can get thrown around like spit balls in grade schools.”
          This. I’ve had 2 threesomes in the last week to be honest. And I’m fucking about 7 different women in my rotation, of which I get high with 3. This ain’t America, folks. Wild shit goes on every fucking day.

        4. I am Caribbean by descent, and whenever I went back, all I needed to do was separate myself from family for 4-5 hours to get the chance to fuck a girl. When I was 16, I had the chance to have 2 threesomes, and 8 girls total in a 4 day spread. Both threesomes were with sisters, twins on one end, adult and minor on the other. If you are a masculine guy you will not have half of the issues as typical as Americans do.
          As a comic writer, I never got the three panel strip. I prefer American Comic book format but that’s a personal proclivity. It is funny hearing how wild they went.

        5. So you know what I’m talking about. A strong, asshole type will be drowning in ass here. And drugs are dirt cheap and available damn near everywhere. A white boy that speaks fluent Spanish and with some street sense can clean up here. I know because I’ve been doing it.
          By the way, those 3 panels are just a snip from a much larger 12 or 15 panel comic. Maybe that’s why they’re getting trashed? Who knows…

        6. What I disliked about the comic was how the ‘total loser’ character suddenly got a girl who was into him simply by going into another country. I can’t imagine it’s THAT simple.

        7. It really is. Like throwing a person into shallow water. It is either you swim or you swim. Foreign countries have a way of reminding a man that he has balls.

        8. May be true if you’re a confident man, but as I understand this comic, he is not. (While the implication seems to be that he should be respected for being a hard working manager)

        9. This guy understands. I feel like more of a man than I ever have after spending a year on this island. To be honest I’m doing blow with a female friend right now. I don’t know why I’m even writing on this board. Before I go play with the sexy brown girl, what island are you from?

        10. At the risk of revealing too much, Guyana. So I have the dual aspect of saying I am part of a country. Amazon rainforest. Huge gold reservoir. Tons of good looking women to choose from. Only downside would be Jim Jones jokes!

        11. I know twice divorced guy who recently moved to venezuala from the states. He tells people it was for business but its for the women.

        12. Badass. I’ve already revealed on my blog I’m in the Dominican Republic. I also spent several years in and out of another Latin country. It’s as close to heaven on earth as you can get in my opinion, a Libertarian’s dream. Learning Spanish was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s literally gave me the life of an international playboy. For that I’ll always love this part of the world.

        13. The easiest way to get laid is to have an accent. 2 white guys from the Bahamas go to school in Canada. The rich asshole jock speaks like his American father. The pencil necked geek speaks like an island boy. The geek was drowning in p*ssy just from his accent.

        14. To think that, had President Grant had his way, the Dominican Republic would be an extension of Haiti and the USA would be free of many of its current problems.
          It’s only fair then that it provides a helluva time for American expats.

        15. Dude, the blonde guy Jackson is the Beta male. You have to see the series to understand it. I was giving him some love (finally) after he repeatedly got screwed over for being so Beta. Dirk is the ZFG asshole that always ends up with the girls.

        16. Where are you living Furioso? Asian, south America?
          I find that your experiences seem to mesh with mine and come off as not just likely, but pretty much a common experience under particular conditions.

        17. I love the Caribbean. Years ago I swore off ever vacationing anywhere else. I will never see Europe again, never go to asia. I am just fine with the Carib.

        18. idk. the same reason you don’t?
          I’ll clarify my reply to your statement. going to another country won’t get pussy thrown at you. Being your normal nice self, having that “travelers aura” of smiling being happy and enjoying your time in another country will met you a decent chick at some reasonable point in time.

      2. Man, sucks getting flack from people I considered my bros. Believe it, because it happened. I’m an attractive guy with a wild side, you get to know a lot of girls on a small island and in a small town that way. Especially when you have scarcity value as one of the youngest white men around. I’m pushing 40 but bitches think I’m 28 because I take care of myself. I’m waiting on another good time girl to swing by my place and get high with me now, while my main girl is at her mom’s place. So, you guys don’t like the comic, fine. But I get more ass than a toilet seat. I have no reason to lie about petty shit like that.

        1. Do women ever ask your age when you are running game on them? Do you say you are younger to not risk losing the bang?

        2. I get that too. The fountain of youth ain’t in Florida it’s in the gym.

        3. I don’t know what the hell is in Florida, because they have the strangest news reports imaginable. Just recently someone was found eating a person they murdered. Sinkholes. Gators eating babies. It just ain’t right.

        4. It’s Florida. Criminal? Move to Florida. Crazy? Move to Florida. Venezuelan drug lord? Move to Florida. Haitian taking care of old Jews from NYC? Florida.
          You get it.

        5. Since I’ve been red pilled, my sexual life has changed dramatically. I’ve lost 20lbs of fat and gained close to that in muscle. I’m also pushing 40, but no one would know, because I take really good care of myself.
          The most dramatic change is how other men view me now. Once I was the chubby shy guy who dated worthless girls who treated me very poorly. I was the guy who wasn’t married, had a low paying job, while everyone else made lots of money and were supposedly happily married; they all looked down on me in a way, like “when are you going to get married and settle down like an adult?” Every one of those men wish they were me now.
          I’m doing much better financially and am starting to put together my own rotation of women, and I make sure I take lots of pictures so my friends can see. The choice to not get married ended up giving me a freedom that all of my circle of male friends now envy. And I live in America. Looks like I may need to learn another language and maybe teach English abroad….

        6. Bang their brains out. They wouldn’t give a shit how old you are. They’ll be back for more.

        7. This is essentially my experience everytime I am in florida.
          There is basically no law. It is just fucking insane there.

        8. Never read the comic. Look you have as much reason to lie as anyone that claims these stories online and especially when it emphasizes the contrast between the SJW’s and your friday night.
          If you did fairplay but life has thought me to be suspicious about stories that are convenient (not saying it never happens) so don’t take it personally.
          That being said I had forgot about the context S.E asia,scarcity value etc and you kind of imply you all ready knew these girls which is more believable than banging two girls you met for the first time.
          Anyway I enjoy your articles and I’m on the same side regardless of how much pussy you get.

      3. My almost elderly uncle is a half white Caribbean guy who regularly has threesomes with white and black American women on vacation.
        If the author comes off as a seasoned local he’s getting American tourist hookups. If he comes of as a not-totally-ugly white American he’s getting lots of local hookups.

  2. Hold true to course and ignore the haters. Those who can’t do, judge. But you know, it would really suck if Dirk got accosted by rabid feminists and bought a condo with the cash they paid him for sex…I would probably throw a SJW shit-fit myself and dye my hair pink and start holding protest signs and generally go bat-shit fucking crazy.

    1. Maybe, but who cares? They are getting the lunatic degenerates worked up into a frenzy! This deserves support and encouragement.

    2. I presume you have a body of work that you can show us, to demonstrate what you consider high quality?

        1. The model posed for that, just like women did for heffner to get in playboy. Attention whoring isn’t limited to pop culture. Not sure what your point is.

  3. Why do they really almost always look like that “SJW prize” in the photo? 2/10 face, pudgy and shapeless body, forehead lines when agitated, black-rim glasses; no-style hair, dyed blue/turquoise/orange; sweatwear, and the inevitable backpack with thick, wide straps. Is there a special store they go to?

    1. The ironic thing is, most of that money will go straight into the pockets of well-connected elitists at the top of the non-profit charities. Maybe 10% will reach the needy beneficiaries. Proving once again, that women will do anything for guys with money – even if they don’t know that they are doing it for them.

    2. (((They))) had to tase her ass lmao… pity (((they))) dont stun gun newborn babies before (((circumcising))) mutilating them in the name of their (((religion)))
      Who knew (((Jehovah))) was a kinky baby sucking through a straw dude …
      The goyyim will never know the joy of kinky baby sucking through a straw … poor goy …

    3. Objectification of women! OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN!!!!….oh wait. Ah, she’s doing it for charity. My apologies. As you were.

    4. Want to make some easy money?
      Set up a dunking booth in a blue state with a sign “Dunk the Trumper” or similar.
      Have a red pill guy in the tank saying anything and everything that will trigger leftoids.
      “Ha, ha, you throw like a girl.”
      “Where’s your green card?”
      “Looks like Mexico isn’t sending their most accurate throwers. Or is that the norm for Mexicans?”
      “Show me a Democrat that can throw and I’ll show you a lesbian that isn’t fat.”
      You get the picture.
      Or go to a red state with the same thing except have an SJW in the tank calling everybody a racist, homophobe, etc.

      1. now you are talking my language. You believe what strongly? Hold on, let me make a buck off of you. Well done.

  4. Yeah, not impressed by the comic. But funny that they make such a big deal out of it.
    Just wondering why they left no comments on your post.

        1. Check out my Twitter page. I replied for about a half hour before I had other shit to do. I am going to post some of their hate soon. Just because I didn’t approve the comments doesn’t mean they’re not there.

  5. Josh Fruhlinger looks like the kind of spineless, mirthless, satire-challenged leftist who thinks the Charlie Hebdo shooting was ok because they “insulted Islam” with their comics. Fucking cuck.

  6. I’ve said it before, but I have had considerable trouble getting slim, foreign feminine women to come back with me to America *when I offer to completely pay their way*. In my experience, they can recognize it for what it is, a corrupt cesspool of immorality but a good place to earn money and buy technology. It has taken me many years to come to the same conclusion. I think the constant dictating by Washington of how they should behave and who their leaders should be gives them a clue.

    1. It has more to do with leaving their family and entire way of life behind. While europeans tend to be pretentious arses, a good bet of the rest of the world thinks America is the greatest thing since sliced cheese.

    2. The first 6 months, my wife went through a tough culture shock. It was the first time she was away from her family… and she was far… far away. Back in Thailand she owned her own home, had a decent (for there) paying job, and had her whole family within Bangkok or another city a few hours drive away. Marrying me and leaving was a really big deal.. I don’t think the ‘promise of America’ really came into her formulation for deciding to marry me and come to the USA.
      A dozen years later, she constantly repeats that she wishes she was born in the USA. Or that her Dad was more ambitious about his navy career and he would have managed to have gotten sent to the USA (to attend the School of Americas or something similar). She likes it here and says that the United States offers someone a lot more opportunity in culture, business, hobbies, and education than she had back in her home country.
      Frankly, I think the decline we have gone through the past eight plus years as a nation has alarmed her more than me.. and I myself am pretty alarmed.
      My wife’s sister was a bit different. She visited us about two years into our marriage. She ended up liking the NYC metro area a lot. So she set out to find and marry an American. She is quite happy now living with her husband in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She is an RN and had no problem finding work (once she got her license) as there is a strong demand for nursing.

  7. We all need to chip in and get a billboard & put the most triggering thing we can think of. Put it right in the heart of sf a visual dagger.

    1. Picture of Harambe the gorilla with the caption “BLACK LIVES MATTER”

      1. Pretty sure that would start a civil war between the enviros and blm. Love it

  8. The comic was, meh. But it’s amazing how it shows how people have nothing better to do than to bash a comic. And I should know, because I have nothing better to do than wondering why these people have no lives.
    And on the subject, one of the few Facebook pages I follow is the Back to the 90s page. And recently they added this gem:
    Some of the audience did quite flip out over it. Apparently the page lost a few followers over it. Even the admin got upset at the sensitivity of those morons by telling them not to like the page if they get offended.

    1. I have never laughed while being disgusted at the same time in quite this way. I am well and properly triggered.

  9. The omega’s are tired of being the dredge of society, looks like they came out of hiding in droves.

  10. You know something really funny to watch? Lots of western women decide to live in east Asia for a while. A few have the yellow fever but most abhorre Asian men and expect to exclusively date fellow expats while they are there.
    The fun begins when, after a few weeks, they begin to realize their miscalculation: there are very few foreigners to choose from and the small number there are rather popular with the locals. The thing they find most maddening (as in this article) is seeing men they wouldn’t touch with a barge pole strutting around with a nice looking girl. The thinking is, ‘If I don’t want him, no one can have him!’
    The game usually ends with them leaving at the end of their contract, never to return.

    1. That reminds me of a Japanophile chick I met at a dinner party. She’d returned from Japan “teaching English” and was bitter as fuck. Why? She was angry because the male “teachers” had Japanese girls swarming them whereas the male students were generally tired men (they worked long hours) and she had to put in real effort to get laid. I laughed so hard in her face.
      I met her a few years later under similar circumstances. She teaches Japanese to high school students. She’s still single and can’t get a man. Perhaps if she STFU for more than 30 seconds a guy could make a move on her if they were thirsty enough (she was a 5 at best not overweight but fat arse no tits). She was also self absorbed but then what western girl isn’t?

      1. She wasn’t doing one of those “teach English in a school” programs?
        Reminds me that, ages ago, I coincidentially caught an episode of the TV show Pawn Stars where a “Japanophile” American redhead with above average assets (IIRC) was selling her stuff to emigrate to Japan. I wonder if she had the same issues as the woman you describe.

        1. Heh. This one really went to Japan to teach English. Outside of shagging other western men doing the same gig she came back 2 years later and imploded. She found out later her students used to refer her as “the fat one.”

      2. Fucking weirdest people ever; they get a boner over anything and everything simply because it’s “from Japan”?!? You know if these materials were pound for pound the exact same thing except from, say, Poland, they wouldn’t even think twice about them! Doesn’t get any more shallow and petty than that!

    2. A thought that brings me more glee. Stupid cunts, Asian men have more value than them, they should be honored if they were given a second of their attention not the other way around.

        1. I have to agree. But I’m more aiming toward the displeasure of the western sluts

    3. They realize it after the first week. They behave differently very quickly. Suddenly they’re a lot more self conscious in the good way rather than the “Im getting fat, omg Im so fat” while stuffing their face with doritos and cola. That snide american girl attitude largely disappears and they know their place.

        1. With shame mostly. I was at an amusement park recently, and switched lines when I saw a whale, loudly commenting that I don’t ride with fat chicks. The look on her face was priceless.

    4. Asia is really eye-opening for many western men. First I saw this was during my many vacations in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. I often saw western ladies strutting (or whaling) over the beach in the early morning. Their dream vacation, fully paid by their husband or boyfriend turned out to become a seperation after they started bitching about him looking at the bikini clad Asian beauties everywhere. The second version of this was when I witnessed how many of my fellow expats, who were on a 3 year secondment in Asia, dumped their wifes after a year and got a greatful local replacement. And it’s really easy to replace the replacement too, after she starts bitching.

      1. Anglo females lose a full five SMV points with just an 8-15 hour plane flight. Anglo men gain five. One of the most satisfying moments of my life was witnessing the most cringe-worthy tantrum by an Anglo-American girl in Rio. Her ‘just friends’ beta orbiters (it was some kind of group travel thing, maybe university) were all of a sudden WAY out of reach to her. She was thin, you see, so she thought she was a goddess. Not in Rio. She had the bony Gwyneth Paltrow Anglo thing going on. Sorry, not good enough for Rio, keep your pants on. The local beauties had her massively outclassed were really into the tall, athletic, clean cut beta-style American ‘nice’ boys. The bony white girl threw the most awkward tantrum I’ve ever seen when the reality of that ten point SMV reversal hit her.

        1. “Just because they look good in bikinis doesn’t mean they’re attractive! (screamed)” was one of the highlights. There was literal foot-stamping. The guys weren’t even her boyfriends but her loss of them as beta-orbiters was so obvious. This was long before people even really knew about these dynamics. It was the kind of meltdown where her whole crew just looked to the ground out of vicarious shame and just waited it out. It was out of the blue also after the guys were just talking about how cool it was to be flirted with by the locals.
          Sorry. Typed out like that is not some kind of awesome story. You had to see it live.

        2. Brazilian chicks have got sex in their genes man. I remember going out with some friends to a nightclub in the uk, and there was a brazilian chick there. Fair- brown skinned, She probably wasn’t more than a 6.5-7 but byGoddd she ooozed sex. I had a girl in our group that i liked a bit but she knew i did and so nothing was happening. but when i saw this chica, and the way she danced i mean i was enthralled and hooked.
          Girl I liked noticed she was not getting the attention [i was recovering beta at this time] and as such gave me a ridiculous amount of overattention for the rest of the night.
          Brazilian chicks man, they live, breathe and are pure seduction.

        3. Even a 6.5 in Brazil is capable of opening up your hormonal floodgates. There is no negativity with them at all. They just really, really like men down there.

        4. They don’t have flood gates, just like they don’t have sewage treatment plants in diar-Rio as the Olympics demonstrated. Just something really unsexy to me about everything being coated in microscopic bacteria from feces and flesh eating disease.
          I would have enjoyed the comic strip more if the protagonist travelled someplace outside the states where he didn’t have to engage in miscegenation to get his first whiff of poontang

        5. Keep letting the media tell you how to feel about the world instead of going out in it. That’s courageous. Keep on with your magical mouse pad ride around the world.

      2. Have Indonesian beaches mandated the “Burkini” yet?
        I don’t know where fact ends and the fearmongering begins but AFAIK you’ll meet more men dressed as women in Thailand than actual women.
        Given the natural androgyny of asians, that sounds like a serious gamble.

        1. You need to visit Asia before you make all those conclusions.
          “More men dressed as women than actual women”

        2. There were no conclusions made in my post.
          I simply don’t hear good things about Thailand, or any East Asian country besides Japan and RoK recently reran an article explaining that Japan ain’t the promised land nowadays.
          I’m not ready to throw in the towel on the USA and I don’t have “Yellow Fever” at this time…maybe I would if “Asian women” and “curvaceous” regularly went together.

        3. I’d recommend to step away from the computer and get out of the house a bit more. Book a two week trip to each of the countries you heard “so many bad things” about. Then come back and write a report for ROK. If it starts with “So there I was, pants around my ankle’s surrounded by bakla’s….”, it’s gonna be really funny. 🙂

        4. Only when women use it on their dating profiles.
          To me a curvaceous women is kind of like Kate Upton

        5. Keep ‘hearing things’ from the media instead of living life directly…good plan. Let the MSM guide you. Good one, man. Smart move. Just tune into the MSM….attaboy.

        6. Dont fall for the bullshit. The first thing western women do when they know they are outclassed is lie and try to get men to repeat the lie. The reason women throw tantrums in other countries is because their lies no longer work when evidence to the contrary is all around them.

        7. Why are you digging in so hard to defend your opinion of a place you’ve never been to? Why don’t you just listen to someone who’s lived there (me)? You think I’m misleading you for some gain? The general hivemind take on Asian women is that they are ‘built like ten year old boys’ and that anyone who is attracted to them is a pedophile. I tried to disspell you of that shit. I thought you’d be glad to hear it but you’re digging in to defend what the hivemind told you. I suggest you go there but you seem so content with ‘seeing the world’ through the net, I guess. Good luck with your magic mousepad ride around the world.

        8. Stormfront trolls lurk ROK now and get (((triggered))) if anybody suggests white women aren’t the most desirable in the world. It flips their shit. They are actually pushing Taylor Swift at their aryan goddess. Don’t waste your mental energy.

        9. Yes. Thanks. The white girl as goddess for ‘Master Race’ maintenance is just an edgy, souped-up way to go back to what they do best–pedestalize. Now it’s edgy though, with all kinds of historical cachet, symbols, logos, ancient rites and rituals and what-not. They don’t have to admit to themselves that it’s just classic beta-pedestalization. It is a waste of time to interact with them.

    5. “The game usually ends with them leaving at the end of their contract, never to return.”
      I know one of these broads. 35, overweight, single and slowly unraveling that a line of George Clooneys are not banging down her door. The Asia teaching thing came to an end without a Chinese husband (which she never wanted, nor did they).
      Now it’s panic mode to find a sucker to cosign a McMansion in suburbia. Her continuing difficulty in latching a sucker (three years or so and running) fills me with joy.
      Sometimes, the decline is enjoyable to watch.

    6. I’m a long-term Asia expat and have noticed far more white girls trying to find ‘love’ with Asian males. It makes me laugh. Typical, non-Westernized Asian males are exactly what Western women have been complaining about forever; abusiveness, dullness, charmlessness. They are the strawmen come to life. Western women’s complaints about Western men were contrived but in Asia, they have found the real thing. The men are not only chauvinistic but also effeminate with usually far less size and musculature than the Western beasts that want to date them. The bizarre skin-picking, pinching and scraping rituals that Asian men inflict on them (It’s their version of ‘cooing’, and it’s completely hateful and abusive) drives the Western women insane. These are the most ridiculous mismatches I have ever seen.
      I am 100% convinced that Western women date Asian men ONLY because Western men are so into Asian women. This is pure jealousy and a “If they can do it, so can we!” move. The resulting disaster is hilarious. Anyway, Asian men (world’s least attractive) and Western women (world’s least attractive) are so deserving of each other.

      1. I’d argue that Asian men are fated to be the world’s least attractive due to their androgyny, which is innate and unfortunate.
        Western women are only unattractive due to their lifestyle choices, it’s not fate.
        I just can’t agree that Asian females are more attractive, physically speaking, than Western women. I saw the Olympics, teenage Chinese look like they should be in elementary school…

        1. Because they were likely only a year or two out of elementary school. Full grown Chinese women are often just as busty and full as you could ever ask for. Don’t get fooled by the SJW definition of Asian women as ‘ten year old boy’ bodies.

        2. You mean the Chinese and the IOC perpetrated a hoax when they listed those underdeveloped Chinese gymnasts as being 16-20? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you 😉
          More seriously, my own experience confirms that there’s a lot of “meh” looking asian women and the advice that “if you see a ‘looker’ in Asian, you’re lookin’ at a dude in drag” has me concerned.
          That tsunami, supposedly the cause of ladyboy problem, was how long ago and ladyboys are still a problem in Thailand and surrounding areas? 🙁

        3. There are millions of great looking young women in mainland China. The average ones are the skinny ‘mehs’. When skinny, long-haired girls are average, that turns the SMV market upside down. That’s why I like it. Touristy beach spots in South Asia have the ladyboys and it’s obvious who they are.

        4. Now cross reference that data with the obesity stats. (Wake up). Enjoy your double EE’s in America, below. I’ve lived in China, wiseguy. I’m not talking out of my ass. There are more than enough curvy women to go around. The women in the lower sixty percentile are skinny and indistinct. The upper twenty percentile are bikini models. That other twenty in the middle have nice bodies.

        5. You seem to be very attached to this idea that there are transsexuals living openly there and I’m not really sure what’s up with that.

        6. Dude…the Olympics? Seriously? In some sports red yellow black and white it doesn’t matter they all look like elementary schoolers.
          Tell my 36 D Chinese wife that all Asian women look androgynous or like little girls.

        7. Exactly. All gymnasts are teenage hardbodies who are in the gym ten hours a day. It’s a bit hard to imagine huge Kate Upton jugs flying around through the air as she does the uneven bars.

    7. The only reason why an Asian man would ever touch a broken westernised woman is to get a green card. Easterners think Western women are dysfunctional hence why they are dirty single sluts. I put a bar girl higher up on a pedestal than a western women. Both are hoes but at least one acts like a woman!

      1. I have a Russian girl (from Siberia) in current rotation. When she goes to the grocery store she dresses better than most of the women in my office. It amazes me the lengths they go to to make sure they always look their best.
        Last summer my import from Brazil said she was absolutely shocked and appalled and the clothing and shoes women will wear.
        The funny thing is that these third world birds dress like Hollywood starlets from the 50’s while the so called superior women dress like dumpster trash. I think, and I feel most guys here will agree with me, that American women have gone too long thinking that being the granter of pussy access is WAY more valuable than it is.

        1. The dressing-up-to-go-to-the-supermarket thing is great until you actually live with her. Then you wait around half the morning for her to get her makeup done and try on three or four different outfit before, well, going to the supermarket. Russian women are best for fun and/or mini-relationships anyway, not marriage.

        2. Live with her!!!!! Ha! I aim for 2-3 weeks for dating. If I ever move in with a girl I’ll never wait for anything. The bullet I eat will make sure of that

        3. Long ago I realized that the best part of the relationship was that first part where you were excited to see the person and everything felt new and awesome. Then I realize that there are 3 million single women between 18-30 that live less than a 10 mile radius from me and there is no reason I can’t just have that forever

        4. Dumpster trash… heads are exploding at feminist blog sites. She spent lots of hard earned money on that tat on her chest.

    8. addendum: “The game usually ends with them leaving at the end of their contract, never to return” AND coming home and telling all their girlfriends about how all the western men she met there were “Creepy pedophiles”

      1. Yep – brushstroke-blanket all non-millionaires under 6′ as “creepy”, the most tired clichè of our time!
        You know, because every Anglo woman is simply born entitled to the top 1% of all men under The Sun, duh!

    9. Asia is a bit of a paradise for western men, but i fucking hate weaboos that go over there. Because of their sickly personalities, terrible sweaty scent and general omega nice guy feminist . I’m talking about socially awkward types that have zero game and expect the women to be something out of the anime they jerk off too. Sure asian women in personality are better than degenerate western woman, but they’re still women. One cannot be a loser and go over there to get a decent girl out of it.

      1. Yeah but give them time. A lot of those kinds of guys will finally get a chance to flourish a bit once they have a few options. It is basically impossible for an Omega to just read his way to Alpha behavior without having options. The move overseas is necessary for even the slightest bit of momentum. Ask me how I know, ha ha

    10. This 2010 article went viral and gets comments to this day. This white woman in Japan was so desperate for male attention she actually strutted by construction areas hoping for wolf whistles or other forms of street harassment but to no avail. Notice how she berates those “nerdy” western men who are with beautiful Japanese women.

      1. lol… whenever american females strike out they blame it on men who can’t handle strong independent empowered women.

    11. What’s weird is how much is bugs them. You’d think they would be glad to just enjoy their time, but just knowing an average guy is banging a chick hotter than them really upsets them.
      It’s like you are slapping them and spitting in their mouth each time they see you.

      1. “What’s weird is how much is bugs them.”
        You’re seeing that male misery is more important to women than their own happiness. A happy man (who they’re not even interested in) just wrecks their day.

    12. Wow a coworker fits that description perfectly. She was in asia for a month. She came back and bitched about the internet, humidity, and said it was “ghetto.”

      1. Translation: when she’s in america she feels 30lbs overweight but when she was in asia she felt 60lbs overweight.

  11. “In essence, SJWs become everything they claim to hate when conducting a swarming.”
    Leftoids are the biggest racists.
    Much of their zeal at persecuting ‘racists’ is really projection.

  12. Gotta say that comic was great SJW bait!
    I am done listening to their drool and honestly they are not the wonderful people they try and make it out like they are.
    Any sect of society that can’t find anything better as an insult than “Hitler” “Racist” “Biggot” and our fav “______________phobic” (you fill in the blank as this is the adlibbed part of our program) is low energy and slow thought process.
    Shouldn’t we change the name of Social Media to “Hivemind Programming”?

    1. I agree with 99% of this but if you think “literally hitler” isn’t the king of insults than you, sir, are literally hitler.

      1. “literally Hitler” is now my favorite go-to for everything now. “Damn, this traffic is literally Hitler.”

        1. for you and @jammyjabird and @literallyhitler and anyone else who wants it, Heil Honey I’m Home

  13. That Josh guy with orange stripped sweater and cat is such a fag!
    No doubt he loves Twitter…

    1. The sad thing methinks is that your dad didn’t have the wherewithal to use a fucking condom, shitwad.

      1. and was literally hitler, don’t forget that he was literally hitler.

        1. I did Nazi that coming Anne Frankly I think it was hilarious.

    1. So many likes and so much voice-raising at the end of sentences spells out “faggot” to me, married and bearded or not.

      1. He also used “literally” in that Tweet in the article and starts off his set using the word “literally” almost immediately. This is bitch speak to me.
        Also, it’s physically impossible for PC losers to be funny. The best comedic bits are ones that shock you, make you think, and crap all over the established narrative in creative ways. But I know many PC liberal types, both male and female, who are so afraid to be offensive that they play it safe and are just cookie cutter as hell. This reminds me of a video Sam Hyde did where he infiltrated a hipster comedy show and just read facts about homosexuality and the degeneracy that comes along with it. He made everyone’s brains malfunction.

        1. Great video, thanks for the link! Liberal/left-wing comedy audiences are narrow-minded cowards, just like the majority of the comedians they love so much. They don’t seem to understand the extremely important role that humor plays in a mentally healthy society. Instead, all they want is for their pet beliefs to be confirmed, so they can go home again with that temporarily warm, cozy feeling in their cold hearts. You can’t challenge these people’s minds, because their tiny ideological worlds would disintegrate immediately.
          Recently, most, and I mean pretty much all, stand-up in the country in Europe I’m from has been: Trump, ohmygawd, hahaha, he’s, like, did you see his hair? Straight white men, they’re, like, totally dumb?, hahaha. The things women have to put up with, literally?, every day?, hahaha. The uneducated, like, a hundred years backward right-wing rubes?, hahaha. To them, all of the above is funny ‘coz it’s true.
          It’s never the inferior average IQs of blacks and moslem rapefugees they make fun of, or the chosen people, ugly immature women, the syphilitic homos in the capital, the angry, unhappy lesboids, the pedo-predator trannies that now go to women’s toilets, the narcisstic gender warriors and the like. That’s rayciss, sexist or one of the various -phobes they have now.

        2. A girl I went to high school shows does similar terrible comedy, and the one thing I’ve noticed is that many of the laughs are forced, either to pretend this girl is actually funny, or to virtue signal. So if she were to say something like “So, like, a woman has the right to choose, you know!”, there will be extremely exaggerated applause with forcible laughing, the loudest laughs usually being cucks trying to score brownie points.
          Meanwhile, male comedians like this usually have 2 bits:
          1) Harping on SJW talking points
          2) Complaining how they’re single/not getting laid
          Gee, I wonder why they’d ever have problems getting girls.

        3. “Chosen people” are known to perform and disseminate jokes about themselves. Most of them are not keen about ridicule coming from “Not-So-Very-Much-Chosen”, true.

    1. The cat actually looks embarrassed to be associated with Josh. Like, he feeds me but … uh, I’m not really His cat… kind of looking for like, an actual owner vice a meal ticket…

  14. I read the comic and all I saw was truth. Why would anyone not be happy for someone who’s found happiness? Imagine if the main character was a woman; she’d be getting applause.

  15. It’s a shame, really, that politically-incorrect comics get attacked even though not only do their authors have free speech and thus should produce them without ill will, but the comics are…not even harassing anyone.
    Yet, no one bats an eye when popular and mainstream comics explicitly ridicule traditionalist ideas and screw up characters in the name of social justice.
    The two biggest comic book vendors, Marvel and DC, are the biggest perpetrators when it comes to infecting comics with leftist propaganda.
    Marvel practically changed 90% of their Avengers line up with minority characters. The new Captain America became a black man, the new Ms Marvel (that correct?) became a Muslim chick, Hulk’s a Korean kid, and even THOR (a MALE dude) somehow transitioned into womanhood. Marvel also brought over a black Spider-man and recently made the new Iron MAN a 15-year-old black girl from MIT. No wonder these comics are fantasy.
    Marvel also made a superhero team called the “Ultimates,” consisting of black men, black women, and white females. Maybe some other “minorities” are included. Guess who’s not there? Yup – white males.
    In other instances, in an issue of the black Captain America, a group of white men guarding the Mexican-American border were labelled as “fascists” even though they claimed to be protecting the border from illegal aliens – who the black Captain America protected.
    Red Skull later commented in another comic how closing borders should be implemented, in an attempt by Marvel to associate protecting the border with Nazism.
    Finally, Marvel portrayed Donald Trump as a fat dude with stumpy limbs named MODOK or something who was whining about illegal aliens.
    DC isn’t as bad; the worst things they did to characters were make Batwoman a lesbian Jew (or was she always Jewish?) and a transgender street – you read that right – named Danny, who got killed off two issues into “Teen Titans” following the New 52. But I think there are some liberal views in DC comics; don’t take my word 100% though.
    As someone who loves drawing and sketched comics as a kid, I’m disappointed with how low the comic book industry has stooped. It’s either liberal shit or a comic full of boobs for Dorito-munching, Mountaindew-chugging nerds to jerk off to.

    1. True I’ve been losing interest in Marvel books for awhile now. Especially since they’re pushing the anti-white SJW narrative. DC books have been holding out and there are a lot of food indy titles books floating around too.

      1. I’ve lost interest in comics a while ago; the only ones produced nowadays are SJW propaganda and those Japanese comics that fail at anatomy. If I do open a comic book, it’s probably an old one for reference when I sketch for practice.
        “Watchmen” is a good series; someone did a review of the movie on ROK months ago. Probably one of the few decent portrayals of the harshness of reality using fantasy occurrences I’ve looked at.

  16. There needs to be a fourth R – Re-triggering. In response, issue more comics exactly like this. The more they scream and bitch, the dirtier and more personal the comics get. Fuck these people.
    For the next issue, I vote that Josh gets pegged by the blond chick in hopes that she will one day allow him to fuck her. She refuses and he realizes that the constant pegging is what is making him homosexual. Meanwhile, you’re getting a double BJ in a tiki hut.
    Remember the two most powerful weapons in your arsenal: 1) not giving a fuck and 2) ridicule.

  17. Great comics on your site! But why did you delete their comments or not open the comment section there? It would have been fun to see all their comments.

    1. It’s not just you. Although I would describe it more as embarrassed and looking for a place to hide (or a new owner…)

  18. We should exile western women in small groups to these countries. Get rid of their ego and watch them completely fall apart.

  19. I love how the SJWs describe Foreign women as “dirty bitches”:
    1) Racist much?
    2) They’re not dirty, I daresay their standard of personal hygiene far exceeds that of the average sweaty, hairy armpitted, overweight, pierced, tatted and dyed haired SJW.
    3) They are the furthest thing from what can be described as “bitches”, in other words the polar opposite of the average SJW.
    Having travelled abroad (or is it on broads?), I can attest to the quality of foreign women vs today’s SJW hellbeasts and at this point we’re not even talking the same species, seriously. Go to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America and you will be pleasantly floored.

  20. No doubt red pill is the “fringe” and band of outsiders in 2016. That point becomes clearer every day.

  21. Glad to hear you’re getting so much free publicity for you comics! Keep triggering the freaks.

  22. Ok, a few of us guys should grab some of his Twitter comments and forward to the author.
    The man looks just like his pussy.

  23. First off “AWALT”.
    Now that that has been said. People talk about a global economy all day. They talk about multiculturalism and being worldly. Except they suddenly act like it all stops regarding relationships.
    If you had to buy a car, do yo only go to the crap dealership around the corner?
    If you were looking for a home, do you look only on your current street?
    If you want a job, do you take the crap burger job down the street or do you look for one that fits your skill and pays well a bit further out?
    So why people only look in their state or country for a partner is insane to me. My fiancé is not American. I’m training her now (she’s kinda childish) but she adores me to death and all she wants to do is pamper me.
    I will not date an American (or western) female. With false rape claims, feminism and general nastiness of today’s women , I ha r no desire for western women. I rather find some Syrian hotty before dating an American. And as an American man, I am free to do so.
    So why not?

  24. You know that life is too easy when a bunch of degenerated faggets get upset all week-end on a comic. By the way, I thought it was funny and great. Keep going !

  25. Geography isn’t a real big subject in school and hasn’t been for awhile. Maybe Thailand is the only Asian country they are able to identify or even know the name of.

  26. Goddamn, how many of The Three Ds (drinks, drugs, and dicks) do you have to imbibe to have forehead folds like that at such a young age the way that blue-haired abomination does?

    1. Aaah…..and the mole! Don’t forget the proverbial witch’s mole…right next to the proud russet-potato nose…😀

  27. …weak Beta male genetic dead ends that have infested and are killing the United States does make one think.. lamestream there’s something topsy-turvy about the state of things these days. If evolution wanted survival of the fittest, a lot of philosophising and abstracting away from simple truths has certainly thwarted evolution’s plans. Maybe if you turn things too thoroughly upside-down for long enough everything goes sick and falls apart. Anyway, we all know this, I’m just emphasising a certain aspect of it. Great article and is always good to know there are red-pillers with comic-drawing ability conveying the message in that way..

  28. Before I say anything else: some context… 29, female, straight, Australian. Overweight, but working on it. Normal coloured hair.
    Do I agree with all your views? No. But I find your writing interesting, refreshing and generally witty. So I just wanted to comment in order to make some small attempt to stand against the nutters who recently attacked your site. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

  29. Manger is pissed cause female employee is exploring her sexuality with some else.
    Gets upset cause she reported him for using his position to force a date. Wasn’t doing his job as manger cause he was too busy trying to get in her pants.
    Can somehow afford a spontaneous trip to Thailand on a fast-food manager salary.
    Meets nice Asian women that befriends him
    Quits his job.
    Ends up homeless, jobless in a country where he doesn’t speak the language.

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