Why You Should Shun Girls Who Support Abortion

When it comes to the abortion issue, there’s enough squid ink being squirted in our faces on a daily basis to blind an elephant. I’m politically agnostic on abortion and always have been: if it were banned tomorrow, I wouldn’t lift a finger in either opposition or support. However, I’ve decided in the past year that I will not date any girl who supports abortion, whether she’s a wishy-washy “pro-choice” type or she actively brags about killing her own children.

My argument for shunning girls who are pro-abortion is based in self-preservation. Regardless of her other (apparent) qualities, if a girl is in favor of abortion, there is evil dwelling in her soul. If you let her into your life, she will do her best to ruin you and bring you down to her level. Here’s why…

Killing Yourself To Live


Despite what the leftist media tells us, moral beliefs and personality traits don’t exist in a vacuum: they bleed out into other aspects of your persona. There’s no such thing as a “hooker with a heart of gold”: a girl who behaves abhorrently in one portion of her life is likely to be an abhorrent person in general. I call this “Degeneracy Magnetism,” where people indulge in multiple, seemingly unrelated forms of deviance at the same time.

For example, overweight and obese girls have more sexual partners on average than girls who are in shape, because the same lack of impulse control that leads them to stuff their faces with food also leads them to hoover up cocks left and right. Similarly, homosexuals and bisexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to be mentally ill: their malfunctioning sexual impulses lead to their entire personalities being dysfunctional.


Along the same lines, girls who get tattoos, piercings or dye their hair unnatural colors are harming their own bodies, the very essence of their material existence. They’re on the same spectrum as emo kids who cut themselves. A girl who has such little regard for her body that she’ll stick painful metal objects in her most sensitive areas for fun will have an equal lack of regard for her boyfriend/husband, family or friends.

How does abortion fit into all this? Simple: aborting your own child is an act of self-mortification one step below suicide. A baby consists of half of its mother’s genetic material and is the result of sexual intercourse, an act whose very purpose is to create new life. If a girl is so revolted by a lifeform that is genetically 50 percent her that she’ll go to Planned Parenthood to get it flushed out, she will treat everyone else in her life with the same level of cruelty.

You don’t even have to take the view that life begins at conception to realize what’s wrong with girls who abort their own offspring. Sex’s central function is to propagate the human race: anything else good that results from it, from orgasms to marital bonding, is secondary. When you sleep with someone else, you are consenting to the creation of a new life, whether you realize it or not and whether conception actually occurs. If you’re repulsed by the natural byproduct of that union, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

The reason why female pro-life activists tend to be more attractive than pro-abortion ones is because a girl’s stance on the issue is one of the many things that reflects her soul and personality. Similarly, the reason why lesbians—who don’t have to worry about pregnancy by definition—are some of the loudest supporters of abortion is because they’re twisted human beings. I found all this out the hard way.

“Don’t Worry: If I Get Pregnant, I’ll Just Abort It!”


A long time ago, I was involved with a girl who was militantly opposed to having children. Our on-and-off relationship was anchored around her depressive episodes, where she would get drunk for days on end and talk suicide, hoping I’d drop everything to make sure she was okay. During the final bender I nursed her through, I had to recruit her sister to help me get into her apartment. After we talked her down from her despair and her sister left, she cajoled me into hooking up with her before we both passed out.

The next day, I was working on my computer and helping taper her off when she suddenly came to. She was still naked from last night and drunk beyond the point of sanity.

“I wanna have sex,” she whined. “That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it?”

“No, I’m here to make sure you get better,” I dismissed her.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” She sounded like a little kid begging her parents to buy her a toy. “Make yourself useful, dumbass!”

“Okay,” I slowly closed my laptop and glared at her as she convulsed on the bed. “Can’t you say something sexy? Be sexy. Motivate me.”

She gaped at me like I’d asked her to fellate a dog. She then rolled over; I could practically see the gears in her head sputtering and throwing off sparks and smoke.

“C’mon,” she repeated, “gimme some sex.”


I didn’t want to sleep with her, both because I’d become increasingly disgusted by her behavior over the past few months and because at that moment, she was as attractive as a sidewalk diarrhea dump in August. While she was skinny and cute enough, she hadn’t showered, shaved or eaten in days. She reeked of ketosis and cheap gin, and not only was her leg, armpit and pubic hair growing back in, hair was sprouting on her nipples and stomach.

“Fine,” I grumbled, hoping she would go back to sleep after I banged her.

“Yaaaaaay!” she cheered and clapped like a seal.

I pulled out my wallet and rummaged around for a spare Trojan. No dice.

“I don’t have a condom,” I remarked with barely-contained glee. “Oh well.”

“Wait! I have condoms!” she barked.

Of course you do, I thought.

Like she was being chased by a grizzly bear, she leaped off the bed and sped towards her dresser. She opened the topmost drawer, stared at it for five seconds, then slammed it shut.

“I can’t find the condoms,” she sighed. Then her face suddenly contorted into a freakish smile, like a snake preparing to scarf down a mouse.

“Oh well,” she exclaimed while shrugging her shoulders. “An abortion is only $600, and my period ended two days ago!”

Keep in mind that this was a girl who was so disgusted by the idea of giving birth that she insisted on condoms every time we had sex. During one of her previous drunken episodes, I was lubing her up and she freaked out because she mistook my middle and ring fingers for my dick. Another time, she had blurted out, “Don’t worry: if I get pregnant, I’ll just abort it!”

At that moment, I wanted to do nothing more than knock her up. Not because I wanted to have a baby with her—believe me, she’s doing America, the white race and existence itself a favor by not breeding—but because I wanted to make her suffer for a few weeks. She’d have tons of fun begging for the money to get an abortion and explaining to her friends why she was acting even weirder than usual. Fortunately, I stopped myself before I could actually carry out my plan.

Lest you think this was an isolated example, this girl had been riding the crazy train long before this point:

  • Her alcoholism was so severe that her ex-boyfriend’s parents had forced her to join Alcoholics Anonymous a few months before. Half-a-year and three benders later, she gave up on sobriety and started drinking again, even after she’d told me that “[she] could feel [her] brain isn’t working as well” and “[her] heart isn’t working as well” due to her nonstop boozing.
  • She had been in and out of mental institutions her whole life, most recently a few months before, when she had tried to commit suicide by walking into traffic after her previous boyfriend dumped her.
  • After promising to marry another man, she cheated on him repeatedly, first with me, then with her drug dealer, and then (possibly) with a black lesbian who followed her home from a bar. She justified it by saying “he doesn’t expect [her] to be a monk” while he figured his life out.
  • Despite claiming to be close to her sister, she repeatedly lied to her about the extent of her psychological and drug addiction problems. I had to explain to her sister that she’d been going on benders and threatening suicide for months.
  • Despite her supposed love of animals, she was neglectful of her pets, letting them go hungry while she wallowed in self-pity and drank herself stupid.
  • During a period where I was being stalked and needed support from my friends, she started fighting with me over something I’d already apologized for months before, all because she needed to redirect the spotlight back onto herself.

I’d stuck with her for so long because I genuinely liked her (we had similar personalities and interests) and she was my physical type. It took me a couple months of being away from her to realize that I’d dodged a huge bullet. Even as she claimed she wanted nothing more than to get married or told me how “sweet” and “handsome” I was, she proved she was a self-destructive, callous individual through her beliefs and actions.

Love Of Life


Children are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the human race, so what does it say about the character of those who abuse and kill them? Answer: they’re monsters who care only about their own gratification and place zero value on human life. For example, in one of his recent podcasts, Common Filth discusses a girl who whined on Reddit about her boyfriend leaving her over her decision to abort his baby.

Leftists have pushed the “pro-choice” narrative to obscure the reality of abortion and the girls who indulge in it. We’re lead to believe that girls only get abortions after being violently raped by their own fathers, when the reality is that the average Planned Parenthood client is a slut who gets baby after baby sucked out of her uterus because putting on a condom is just too much effort. For example, in his book Black Passenger Yellow Cabs, Stefhen Bryan discusses how Japanese girls use abortion as their primary method of contraception, because they’re afraid of losing “face” by buying condoms or birth control pills.

While girls are free to make their own decisions, I’m also free to avoid the ones who make decisions that are morally abhorrent. Regardless of whether I have children, I’m not going to shack up with a girl who treats her own flesh-and-blood like a tumor to be cut out. Girls who kill their own children despise life itself and will do their best to destroy yours. Don’t let them.

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  1. Damn straight, to the point without getting mushy. Pro- life is essentially pro – civilization. Some women are unable to have children for medical complications, those that freely abort their pregnancies should consider their genetic luck in the first place to even get pregnant. Ungrateful whores the lot of them.

  2. Good read…I did the alcoholic-slut relationship once. But she was a 9, easily. Guys got in car wrecks when we walked down the street together. One time, we were out at the pool in our apartment complex, and this landscaper was trimming hedges, and she was wearing this micro-bikini, and he was staring at her, and he walked directly into a fucking evergreen bush while carrying his hedge clippers and fell right into it – it was hilarious. That kind of shit happened all the time…
    It was hard to back away from the bang-it-all-day buffet, but eventually I managed it. One of her favorite tricks to recruit me to drink with her, was to say things like, “Let’s get drunk and stay in bed and fuck all day.” Another was to say, “Let’s get drunk and you can do anything you want to me.” (I think her uncle might have given her one too many hugs, not sure.) It was pretty much a nightmare all the way around, in retrospect, but hey, the educational experience can be invaluable (not to mention the sexual experience, so long as she doesn’t destroy you along the way – and that’s the part that should make any guy run before getting started with a substance-abuser…but sometimes it’s hard, especially if she’s hotter than hell and can orgasm when the wind blows).

    1. “(I think her uncle might have given her one too many hugs, not sure.)” Are you implying spoiled little princess syndrome or incest?

  3. Back when I was in high school, I was completely pro-abortion. I made abortion jokes etc.
    Now I see things differently:
    If an animal tried to kill its own young, we would recognize it as seriously ill, perhaps driven to madness from stress, starvation, etc.
    Can you imagine a female dog biting at its swollen belly to kill its developing young? No! it doesn’t happen. Only human females are so sick as to try to kill their own offspring!
    Every other organism on the planet does everything in its power to reproduce: from birds migrating halfway around the fucking planet to salmon swimming upstream against the current leaping into the air and trying to avoid getting caught by preying grizzly bears, to sea turtles laying eggs and painfully covering them with their clumsy flippers.
    Even insects don’t kill their own young.
    It’s insane when you really think about it.

    1. Here is the one area where I disagree with what you have said – mentally or physically deformed offspring. Animals will not “abort” these, but will abandon or kill them after birth. Humans will likely abort these types of infants, though not always, which when you think about it really showcases what is different about humanity and its capacity for compassion. Abortion proponents would argue that aborting such fetuses is a form of compassion, and I struggle with this because I can see both sides of it. For me, I don’t think I would want to abort in most cases – all but the absolute most severe. But, to accept an argument like yours based on natural tendencies would seem to lead to the conclusion that perhaps it is better to terminate the pregnancy early rather than engage in infanticide like the rest of nature would.
      That said, your point is still valid.

      1. Nothin wrong with taking your retarded offspring on a canoe trip through the alligator sanctuary and having an accident.

        1. My understanding is that most ancient cultures were okay with abortion. I think the difference is that in those days physically and mentally deformed children were pretty doomed to die within the first 5 years anyway, so what was the point in even trying.
          That doesn’t change the need for a cold heart to do it.

        2. It was an ancient form of eugenics to weed out the weak and sickly. We should revive it.

        3. Our ancestors had harder hearts. They lived tougher lives closer to the edge of survival. They didn’t have the resources to waste that we do.

        4. Today we can repair much of the damage that once rendered babies unfit. But feminists will kill even healthy ones anyhow…

      2. The Romans had some stones about all this. Their notion of abortion was to carry the baby to term, look the baby in the eye and say, “I just don’t want you,” and leave it on a hillside to die.
        Modern abortion just seems so cowardly.

        1. Looking a baby in the eye, speaking to it and leaving it on a hill to die still sounds cowardly. It’s not like that baby can give you the finger, tell you to fuck off or do anything at all to make you afraid to leave it to die.
          What’s not cowardly is to choose to put the effort in to raise your own offspring properly. Now if you produced a deformed or retarded baby, then maybe you should get clipped so you don’t produce any more of those, but it’s still cowardly to walk away from that child whom is already in the world.

        2. “The Romans had some stones about all this. Their notion of abortion was to carry the baby to term, look the baby in the eye and say, ‘I just don’t want you,’ and leave it on a hillside to die.”
          Many of those babies ended up being adopted by Christians, even if only to be raised to be used as slaves. Guess which religion inherited the Roman empire? History is cyclical and here we are, it’s the end of an empire, again.

        3. Wanna vomit after that statement. Liberals and Red Pills are evil incarnate- shame on you.

        4. Not like a baby could understand that. Spartans chucked off mountains. Modern abortion is less wasteful. Earlier destruction conserves resources.

      3. I found this kitten when I was a kid. The mother moved the litter from underneath our porch and left him behind. He was a great pet but he lacked that internal cat gyroscope and would randomly fall over when walking. My mother told us the mother cat left him for our family knowing we’d be able to take better care of him. Heh.
        I’m inclined to lean on the side of aborting the retards. It’s overwhelming to imagine x10 the amount of them running around. And I’ve met couples where the stress of the “special needs” child wrecked the marriage, they didn’t have money for more children, or chose not to have more because their older sibling would be a threat to them. In that case, it’s definitely a lesser of two evils scenario.

        1. If anything cannot survive in the wild it shouldn’t be supported, unless it offered a great bonus to the tribe, family group, nation. Not everyone deserves or should be saved. I’m a harsh bastard, maybe I’d think differently if it was my own kid, I’ll willing admit to hypocrisy if that happens.
          If someone is a dead weight to the tribe then no welfare should be given. I’m particularly thinking about drug addicts.

        2. Agreed. Or at the very least 1) Aid should consist of the bare minimum like a studio apartment with a tile floor and a sack of rice, beans, and peanut butter – no fun bucks. 2) Aid should be contingent on not producing children who will be dependent on handouts from my children.
          Compassion often makes things worse. The West gives free food to North Korea, which enables their government to stay in power and spend most of its money on the military. The population of many sub-Saharan African countries has quadrupled in the past two generations and it would be difficult for an entrepreneur to start a farm or textile mill because there’s no way they could compete with the free handouts.

        3. Real compassion would be to give the handicapped a job they are capable of doing and pay them for that. Or training for a job they are capable of doing. What do they say, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.
          If they can’t be trained to do anything, then free government welfare to survive does need to be tied to the agreement that they will not reproduce.
          If they do reproduce, they are cut off from government funding and if they want their baby to get government funding, they have to give the baby up. Otherwise, they’ll just take the kids funding and give it to themselves.
          Also, it actually shouldn’t be government welfare like I stated above. Churches and private organizations should give the welfare.

        4. Convents etc used to care for unwanted and problem children of the past. Many got pretty draconian of course, and people hate them for it now.

        5. The conditions for welfare for those who cannot support themselves is mandatory sterilization.

        6. Give a man a fire and he will be warm until the fuel is consumed. Light a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

        7. My husband and I are not having children because the likelihood that our child would be handicapped is very high. We escaped the bad genes that plague our families but we do not want to bring an eternal dependent into this world.
          I agree with aborting fetuses who test positive for any mental retardation. They cannot contribute to society.

        8. We’re humans. It’s impossible to predict who will be a dead weight to the tribe and who will become its champion. Like Stephen Hawking.

        9. There’s an effort there to contribute, he didn’t just give up and sponge off society. The same for disabled and abled people who go on and achieve something or do great work in the community on a small scale, there’s efforts there to give something to the community.

    2. You are wrong. Male lions, for instance, kill the young produced by other male lions.
      It is not a matter of illness or morals, just of evolutionary adaption.
      Some female insects eat their male counterparts after sex.
      Deep-sea male fish latch onto females and melt into them until they share one bloodstream.
      Some frog species males in the hundreds rape a single female until the female dies and they are able to extract and fertilize the eggs from her dead body.
      Wolves and apes both have cruel status behavior where those who do not “belong” will be excluded and denied belonging and basic needs.
      Nature is fucking freaky man.

        1. Yeah, oh well. It’s an unimportant detail in my eyes. I am sure there are some species somewhere where parents kill their young for some reason.

        2. That’s the most important detail in my mind.
          Anyone can theoretically kill someone else’s for gain but killing your own (assuming they are healthy) requires something extreme.

        3. Every other animal’s purpose is to procreate. The “stronger” (defined here as what it takes to survive and procreate) they are, the more they have access to better mates and it results in better/more offspring.
          But we terminate because it’s uncomfortable or inconvinient? What if she is hit by a car five years later, dies and thus never procreates. Then she literally killed her line unnecessarily.

        4. “Her line” is a construct of the mind. Nothing like that exists in reality. Imo, it is deluded pride meant to mask some form of regret about one’s own life.

        5. A part of her can live on after she dies. It will be smaller and smaller but also far more spread. Is that a construct of mind?
          But to weigh the pros and cons is truly human I guess. The others just do and sometimes that’s the better strategy.

        6. It depends on how you see it. I’ve inherited a lot of what I am, both good and bad from my parents, who got it from my grandparents who got it from my great-grandparents and so on.
          I’m not them, but I could never have existed without them. My destiny is like a continuation of theirs.

        7. Well, I don’t mean to disrespect your feelings regarding this, but I still think that it’s more of a conceptual idea you are attached to than something real.

        8. Very possible.
          We’re after all the only species that even contemplates the question.
          The others just do.

        9. What they don’t tell girls that get abortions is that it can often take a month or longer to fully recover from the abortion physically. Many of them never recover fully on the mental or emotional side of things, and some rare unlucky girls become infertile after some abortion procedures.

        10. DNA is not a construct of the mind. I should be specific. The name DNA is a construct of the human mind. What it represents is a real thing that is the basis for all human and animal life as well as all other life we know about. It persists on, not as a construct. In fact, thus far life is immortal, even if each individual life is not. The DNA mixes and keeps propagating.

        1. Yeah, especially in the States, Bob. In Arizona (where I am currently), it’s an epidemic. Tatted up chicks with biker dude boyfriends, nearly every single one of them has at least one pit or a pit mix. Only 27 Americans killed by those critters in 2015, however – which is one more person than was killed by lightning, and far more than were killed by mountain lions, bears, alligators, and poisonous snakes combined. I see photos of these idiot chicks on Facebook with their 2-year-olds riding around on the dogs’ backs. Or snuggling with them on the couch. Just last week where I live, another unsuspecting parent had its very young child’s face nearly ripped off. Hey, lowers the dimwit population, I guess…

        2. I distrust pit bulls…they seem to have a chip on their shoulder. One came into my yard, and I yelled at it to leave, it deliberately looked at me like it was considering attacking me, then it left…I was treed by a dozen dogs in a pack when I was a kid, so they know I am afraid of them even though I put on a brave front…even called the sherriff, my 6 year old was terrified.

      1. What the fuck does a male fish latching on to a much larger female permanently have to do with abortion?? “Just cuz” nature is cruel is no argument for it. We are above the rest of the animal kingdom, we can choose our path.

        1. Above the animal kingdom? Hardly. If the animal kingdom truly decided to work against us, we would be gone in a week.
          “we can choose our path”. The point is, this argument is often brought forward in a moralizing manner, e.g. “we can choose to be better than that”. But our very mind tricks us here. It makes us believe that what we are is not good enough, which is just an illusion.

    3. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was pro-abortion, but I didn’t speak out against it in highschool or college and I honestly thought to myself from time to time, “It is her body.”
      That was until I found myself outside an abortion clinic with a women whom at the time I didn’t want to have a child with. Needless to say, I didn’t let her go through with the abortion we were there for. it just hit me standing there that we were there to murder our child, no matter what the teachers and TV had been saying all those years.
      It was tough at first as we didn’t have the best relationship. Now we have four kids, she is a stay at home mom and we have a great relationship. She pretty much supports every decision I make, including to drop $500 on a copper still so I can use the Juniper berries growing on the tree out back to make gin. She doesn’t even question it. And she’s grown into a great mother as well.

      1. What a great story. You found a submissive woman and she has blossomed into a great mother. Blessings to you and your family.

    4. you are wrong. i’ve seen female cats kill all her just born kittens when she didn’t feel she could provide a safe environment for them

      1. Perhpahs you being there watching was what caised her to think it was an unsafe environment.

    5. Um. You may want to study up on your zoology. There are MANY species that not only kill but sometimes eat their young. And not, it’s not always the mothers…So, you might want to find a different justification to back up your argument…

    6. Disagree. Our Lab mix “Lady” ate two of her pups. My Ex- husband( MALE) insisted I abort our child because she WAS FEMALE. I live in the states.

    7. I have seen cats eat kittens, mice eat their litters. I have intervened to stop a donkey from killing a foal. And these were healthy offspring.
      I grew up on a farm and have handraised many animals abandoned by the mother.
      Obviously you have had little to do with animals

    8. This is all great (just kidding, it’s not) but humans are more complex than animals and have many different factors present that animals don’t have. Analogy doesn’t work.

  4. Reproduction is the only thing that can give life meaning. It is a form of immortality, of renewal, of legacy.
    The Old Order Amish have on average 8-10 children per woman.
    Can you imagine what life must be like in such a community? A new birth announced every couple of months? It must be very life-affirming compared to the battleship gray drab austere existence of mainstream Americans where they may have 1 child in their life. Fuck, one will see more total eclipses of the Sun.
    Look at this obituary for an Amish man:
    He had 100 grandchildren and 500 great-grandchildren at the time of his death. What a legacy! For him and his wife.

    1. To leave more than 600 descendants at the time of his death. Compared to the modern way of 2 sets of grandparents each having 1 child to yield 1 grandchild: so from 4 down to 2 down to 1. An expanding / growing population versus a contracting one. As different as night and day.

    2. On the other hand Immanuel Kant, Isaac Newton and Friedrich Nietzsche didn’t have kids.
      Arthur Schopenhauer had an illegitimate daughter but she died after a few month.
      J. W. von Goethe had five children but only his son August reached adulthood. August von Goethe had 3 kids (2 sons; 1 daughter) and even though both sons reached adulthood they died childless.
      Therefore the bloodline of Goethe vanished in the nineteenth century.
      Lesson learned: The magical masterminds are usually childless because women don’t want masterminds who behave like autists.
      They want big black coxxx, diet coke and big mac. And instagram of corz. For ze feelz.

      1. Women don’t understand intellectual genius; they only understand social dominance. Intellectual geniuses are never socially dominant.

        1. Perhaps that’s why The Donald has to periodically remind the masses that he’s actually an intellectual?

      2. It’s not just that women don’t want geniuses; geniuses often don’t have time for wives and families.

    3. Dude, raising ten kids isn’t satisfying. It’s like running a penal colony.
      The only reason to have ten children is if you need kids to work the farm and you know that half will die before the age of five.
      All stage-four societies feature lower birth rates. Higher quality of life for those who do exist.

      1. “Dude, raising ten kids isn’t satisfying. It’s like running a penal colony”
        I don’t know if the moment to moment act of raising them is satisfying but I’m pretty sure having done it is very satisfying. Perhaps like working out, learning game or whatever else that requires long term effort. It’s uncomfortable but it’s so worth it in the end.
        “All stage-four societies feature lower birth rates”
        It’s likely partly because we’ve built systems that make kids a liability instead of the asset it used to be. As you said, if you own a farm and there is no social welfare, retirement funds etc, you need kids and the more the better (as long as they are healthy). Also partly because people in advanced societies can’t handle much discomfort.
        “Higher quality of life for those who do exist”
        What they call “quality of life” is not always a good thing. It can also lead to tons of whiney weaklings because we never had to share (everything from attention to things) with anyone growing up. Many never had to work much either. In that farm, they’d put them to use as soon as possible and as they grow older, they’d gain more responsibility and skills.

      2. My great-grandmother is still alive because of her half-dozen children. The joy on her face when she sees her descendents is plain to see, as it was for my grandmother and her descendents.
        There must be something to this beyond “More units for labor BEEP BOOP redundant units produced BEEP BOOP.”

        1. The thing is that I think rationality and emotions exist in an interplay. For instance, she may sincerely feel joy at seeing them. But that joy may have developed evolutionarily out of pragmatical reasons. Say, the grandmas who despised their children were probably left alone and died.

    4. >Reproduction is the only thing that can give life meaning.
      Men who think this way never actually reproduced. They think they did but they were cucked and spent their resources protecting another man’s off spring.

  5. I think we can all agree on a single exception when it comes to not aborting fetuses – future politicians.

    1. why not including future sjw or feminists too ?
      ah.. yes, it would be a fucking slaughter !

    2. The one benefit of abortion is that people that hate me abort their children thereby having fewer offspring and inevitably killing off the bloodline all together. But no fear our brilliant leaders have come up with a solution. Flood Europe and North America with illiterate immigrants from the third world with no skills and backward cultures. They will jump on the welfare train and vote for the same idiots who hate me.
      Still I’m pro life I just care a lot less about the issue than I used to.

  6. She mistook your middle ring finger for your dick?
    Hahahaha Freudian slip that one.

  7. I am reluctantly pro-choice. I agree that it should be legal, but my personal view is that it should only be used extremely rarely, and not as a form of after the fact birth control for retards. If someone is gleefully pro-abortion, it is my view that there is something wrong with them, particularly if they are a woman. At the end of the day, you are claiming a right to kill so that you don’t have to think before spreading your legs. I had to give more thought to killing combatants in Iraq. If you think a lower standard – set at basically none – is fine, you are fucked up.

    1. While I hate abortion I do have to concede your point. I’d rather see voluntarily long-term sterilization take the place of abortion as a preferred mechanism for birth control. At the very least, it is the lesser of two evils.

      1. I’ll go further, I’d rather see mandatory long-term sterilization for large swaths of the populace. It’s one of the few areas where my generally libertarian leanings don’t square with what I think would actually be best for society.

        1. If we could get everyone who is either on welfare, or who has minor kids on welfare, sterilized as a condition for being on the dole, we’d be better off.

        2. How about a compromise: no one is forcibly sterilised, but any woman who wants an abortion for any reason other than extenuating circumstances (genuine rape/incest victims, genetic defects which will result in the baby dying painfully not long after birth, ectopic pregnancies etc) – in other words, women who spread their legs first and worry about the consequences later – can get a taxpayer-funded abortion BUT she HAS to get sterilised as soon as the abortion is done.

        3. I caught an article yesterday on Reuters showing Venezuelan honies doing this voluntarily.

        4. pro-sterilization? You mean for someone like that women who took a selfie at the abortion clinic? Everytime I think society cant stoop any lower…

  8. As long as my taxes and insurance are forced to pay for other people’s birth control and abortions I will be 100% opposed to it.

    1. Id love to see welfare axed and abortion banned, simply to watch people have to confront and live with their choices. Shit would get real, real quick.

      1. Things would quickly conform to 1950’s standards of behavior. Then again I could be wrong we are pretty far away from that level of morality.
        It would be interesting to see it happen though. Better get some popcorn.

  9. I’ve been pro life my entire life but I’ve come to the realization that the politicians in Washington have no interest in ending abortion. It can actually be ended through federal legislation and has nothing to do with the Supreme Court. Stacking the court with pro life judges has been the strategy since the 1970’s yet nothing has changed. The movements of Pro Choice or Pro Life generates votes and passionate voters, part of the big lie about the important issues. These are simple issues. The federal government passes a law that says abortion must be handled at the state level. Then the issue is resolved and we can deal with the real issues.

    1. Ron Paul would introduce anti-abortion legislation (called the “Sanctity of Life Act”) every year he was in Congress.
      And it never got more than a few co-sponsors and never got out of committee.

      1. That doesn’t surprise me. He made the best anti war argument ever when he said “to be anti war is to be pro life.” Take that neocons.

        1. That’s the weird paradox, it seems. We value young life, but we ascribe no value whatsoever to mature life. Forgetting that each mature person once was a kid looking forward to a life of love and joy as well.

        2. A man who highly values justice will see the death penalty as a social good and an abortion as an injustice against a living creature.

        3. We’ve been a constant state of war since 9/11 and I can honestly say it has made me extremely cynical. I realize our leaders have no respect for human life. We hear constantly about the atrocities committed by the Germans in WWII but how is bombing German and Japanese cities into rubble not an atrocity? These were civilians we were killing men, women, and children. It’s no different then lining them up against the wall and shooting. Killing is killing.
          Today we don’t target civilians intentionally but there is no way to fight a war without accidentally killing civilians so way bother. Let the Arabs fight over sand or is this about oil?

        4. Death penalty in the US is so rare that it hardly warrants a mention. Still the usual complainers without a hint of irony fight passionately against the death penalty but support a woman’s right to abortion.

        5. Sometimes, a war is better than no war and the sacrifice of life is totally worth it. However, there is absolutely no gain when aborting a healthy baby and it is most often done because the “mother” was a feminist slut who couldn’t take responsibility for her actions.

      2. Our Congress is bought and paid for….and they are afraid of controversy. The cucks.

      1. Even the pro life movement won’t do this. It’s why I left after going to a few rallies.

        1. Yes, ask any pro-lifer if a woman should be punished after abortion is made illegal. They will tell you that a woman who gets an abortion has suffered enough already.

        2. I’ve never tried that, since I am pro life it’s only logical for me to confront the women who are pro life and ask them should we prosecute the women. If she says yes she’s a keeper, if she says no she’s a selfish bitch.
          If it’s illegal and a crime then it’s murder. If’s it murder the doctor is the killer and the mother is the accessory to murder. Much like when someone contracts a hitman to commit a murder. Both are equally guilty sometimes the hitman gets less time than the person who contracted out the murder.

        3. Yes, when I told a woman- a captain of pro-life who travels the world to give speeches- that women who get illegal abortions should be punished, she said I am like on of those “Army Of God” people. I looked them up, Wikipedia calls them a Christian terrorist organization. Says they’ve bombed facilities.
          My wife is a keeper. When she heard what Trump said, she said that women over 18 should be punished for illegal abortions.

        4. I’d love to see a guy try to get out of paying child support by saying “I’ve suffered enough already” in court.
          The feminists and cucked pro-lifers would never accept that line of argument then.

        5. I remember one time when I asked a couple of kids in my college’s pro-life chapter if they saw abortion as bad as or worse than, the Holocaust.
          They all said yes, decried all forms of genocide/abortion, etc.
          I then asked them if they would be receptive to ending abortion the same way the holocaust was ended, i.e. the use of force against an unjust form of evil, and they immediately refused.
          I asked them how they could hold genocides and abortion to two different standards, and they responded with a stupid argument along the lines of “we can’t be like them, we have to be better”
          That response told me everything I needed to know about them. Heck, even the anti-slave activists in the 1850s were willing to go further to stop what they saw as evil.

        6. Right. Women are all about tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance of sin, in the case of many sins like homosexuality, divorce, single motherhood, even criminal behavior. But NEVER this for men and their mistresses!

        7. Ended up being Selective Service for equality. We could always hope the protection against unconstednto parenthood is extended to men.

      2. If anyone can recall earlier in the Republican primary Donald Trump was asked if abortion was illegal should the mother be prosecuted as well as the doctor. He answered yes. Everyone went nuts and he had to change his response a few days later. Trump is not well versed in Conservative dogma, but holding a woman responsible for killing her baby is a big no no. Only evil doctors should be held accountable.

        1. It was hilarious. Trump, new to the pro-life viewpoint, took pro-lifers at their word: that abortion is murder, abortion stops a beating heart.
          I guess pro-lifers are lying about how heinous abortion is. It is true that many captains of the pro-life movement are women who’ve had abortions in their past.
          Trumps wife and daughter seemed to be the ones to tell Trump to walk back his view that women who get illegal abortions should be punished.

        2. It’s obviously FI that has seeped into the pro-life movement. At least they have some/most of their priorities straight. Maybe they know there’ll be no success for their cause if they implicate aborters.

        3. Just like conservatives who are anti-porn blame the male producers. The same type who “rescue” women from working as strippers and blame their bad behavior on men.
          Feminism is why I left the church. The fucking ushers would pass out flowers to the mothers on Mothers Day, and fathers, if mentioned on Father’s Day, would essentially be told that they’re only good fathers because their wives are great mothers. So men are only successful at corrupting women, according to these folks, and are incapable of doing anything positive.

        4. Many of those who say Lord Lord on the last day will be cast into the outer darkness.
          If they will not repent then they have shown themselves not of God.

        5. ”Like a trampled spring and a polluted well Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. ”
          Proverbs 25:26

    2. I blame the pro life movement completely for this. If they realized that the root causes of abortion (the wheels that the hamster runs on) are feminism, lack of personal responsibility and government, and incorporated this into their approach… then maybe they’d do better.
      But no, they think prayers will make abortion go away. They also refuse to give 110% to their cause, because mentioning what that might entail causes them to go nuts.

      1. It’s about taking a stand without really doing anything about it. Much like most modern SJWs whose contributions include sucking up welfare and complaining about members of their own race, we see this same kind of behavior with much of the pro-life movement.
        Some even dubbed Ron Paul a “pro-choice” advocate. They’re nothing more than useless tools designed to get corrupt Republicans elected.

        1. Yes, even people not on the left can virtue signal. I mean the movement isn’t ideologically homogenous, so of course there will be some SJW penetration.
          Not sure we can throw Ron Paul in there, especially since he was never in a position to seriously challenge the status quo.

        2. I think the big difference is that he tried to end it legislatively.
          But because he wouldn’t make deals where the Constitution was concerned, he was ignored and marginalized. Thus, the Republican party has demonstrated that they are more concerned with having their wheels greased than stopping women from scrambling the brains of their own children.

    3. Congress doesn’t do it’s job on vote-losing legislation. That’s why they abort such legislation in the House and Senate, instead putting the onus on the SCOTUS, an unelected bunch of blank robed useful idiots who side ideologically with the president that appointed them and the Senate that confirmed them. In other words, Congress simply passes the buck by allowing the SCOTUS to legislate through decisions rather than taking a stand and writing the laws — their primary function.

      1. A total ban on abortion is politically non-viable (no pun intended). Most Americans are reluctantly pro-abortion under certain circumstances (rape, deformity) and see it as a last ditch escape hatch if a rubber breaks or a pill is missed. Most lawmakers know this.

        1. This may be true. It would take a theocratic patriarchal society to put women back in their place. Until that regime arises we’re headed for feral women spraying everywhere upon civilization until it is condemned for destruction.

        2. Look for the countries where abortion is still illegal. The women may be bad, but they’re not as bad as murican grrrrlz

        3. Ireland, but the soros, amnesty international and UN backed sjw death cult is trying to trample over the laws protecting the unborn. It’s disgusting to behold.
          Poland too, it seems.

      2. It’s a shame the way we sit and wait for the Supreme Court to decide if a law passed by a state is constitutional or not. Then when the Supreme Court uses non constitutional arguments to invent new laws everyone gets mad. SCOTUS is the ultimate progressive branch of government. The court is stacked against the American people. I can think of no one body of government that is a bigger threat to the Republic than SCOTUS, the country will break into pieces before the SCOTUS is ever reigned in. We are headed in two possible directions totalitarianism or Balkinization.

        1. It really makes no sense that SCOTUS is the sole arbiter of “Constitutionality”.
          Why then do all gov’t officials have to take an oath to uphold and abide by the Constitution?
          This has led to our current “Who cares if it is Constitutional? We’ll just do it and, if it isn’t, maybe SCOTUS will get around to raising a fuss about it” method of government.

    4. They have no interest in ending abortion. Our politicians and “leaders” are either
      A. Evil
      B. So fucking naive as to think they can actually win women over by giving them what they want. I swear these guys have never gotten laid.
      Anyone who has been inside a vagina (post birth) knows you don’t acquiesce to a bitches demands. Tell that to these cucked up politicians!
      “A woman’s right to choose”
      Whoever thought of that tagline is one sadistic motherfucker!

        1. “More Birth control will mean less abortions though..”
          Yes it does but feminist women want us to pay for it, there was that annoying bitch a few years ago who attended Georgetown Law who demanded that the school pay for the pill. The school was opposed because it’s a Catholic school and birth control for Catholics is considered a sin.
          It’s not my problem if a girl in college doesn’t have the money for the pill. She can keep her pants on until she graduates or she can get her boyfriend to pay for it, which he gladly will do.

    5. Congress has been in the practice of avoiding all responsibility by shunting all responsibility over to the SCOTUS for centuries now.
      Constitutionally, Congress is by far the strongest branch (with great power over SCOTUS and complete control of all lesser courts) and the Judicial the weakest.
      Even accepting the farce that SCOTUS gets to effectively make laws by making rulings on “constitutionality”, Congress and/or the States could still overturn them with constitutional amendments that, in effect, tell SCOTUS to suck it.

  10. What’s even worse is that the father of the unborn baby has no recourse if the mother wants to kill the baby. Though the fact that this hasn’t become a major issue in the debate just confirms my suspicions that fatherhood is a cultural phenomenon rather than an innate response in humans, and that the majority of fathers couldn’t care less about their offspring.

  11. Last night I was chatting up a young little bit of tight hotness that was into me. She tried to impress me with her college plans, talking about her future degree, and future job.
    I asked, “What about having a family and kids?”
    It was like I slapped her.
    We let women get broken. None of them realize it until they’re in their 50’s, then they cannot admit it, and will do nothing to save younger women from the same mistakes.

        1. You gotta set it up better: ‘yeah, I can really see you going for your PhD… (pause for her basking in her own glory)… morbidly obese and hobbling around on your diabetic knee, 35 and childlesss, grey haired and squinting from looking at computer screens all day every day, regretting thay abortion that left you barren, because it would interfere with your masters thesis, etc’

    1. Men just don’t care about women’s “accomplishments” along those lines. We’ll marry a 19 year old drugstore clerk with a high school diploma, like my father did, if we think we can start a family with her.

    2. “I asked, “What about having a family and kids?”
      It was like I slapped her.”
      I actually had a girl I was dating speak non-chalantly about how she cheated on her ex-husband. When I questioned her ethics/morals, she literally had a physical breakdown and was sick for three days.
      These women are used to a line of “yes, ma’am” beta shlubs who call their farts perfume. Start calling them on their shit and do it often. They will end up loving you for it.

    3. She was into you and trying to impress you that though she was then poor and dependent, she had plans to become a valued mate and not a parasite. Your “what about” query threw her possibly because she hadn’t thought past her current plans, or she was thrown because instead of receiving your praise for her plans, she perceived you belittled her.

  12. ” It took me a couple months of being away from her to realize that I’d dodged a huge bullet”. Really! It took you that long! Smh.

    1. Very good and important article.
      They are coming with robot car/trucks very soon :/

      1. yep- more jobs gone. who is going to have money to buy crap when everyone is unemployed/unemployable

        1. I think that at some point in the automatization race, one will have to reconsider the economical system as it is. Once most stuff can be automated and there’s little real practical jobs left, a pure capitalism/corporatism as we have it now would inevitably lead to a very unjust system, as people would be unable to offer anything of real value in exchange for basic goods like food.

        2. Communist system on the way…:(
          They wil give us just enough to survive and consume their sh*t.. til they get tired and begin mass extermination. 🙁

        3. The idea that all jobs are just gonna disappear is ridiculous and lacks any basic understanding of economics. Needing less people to do one task means you can focus more people on fewer tasks, give shorter hours, more compensation per hour, etc. People thought the industrial revolution would cause chronic unemployment, and guess what, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

        4. When you have a trillion dollars and competition is in the process of being banned through ever stupider regulations, customers don’t seem so important. Why do you think most Customer service is so bad these days…

        5. Inaplicable analogy. The industrial revolution 1.0 still needed a lot of brute force to come to fruition (mining, manufacturing etc), hence it was just a reassignment of labor from the fields and into the factories and mines, later on into services derived from an ever increasing complexity. This Industrial Revolution 2.0 is replacing human brute force and even many jobs that required a certain level of intelligence, with automated labor once the principles of these activities are simplified.
          Only space exploration (space colonization) or a similar endeavor could have provided millions with jobs but that’s not in the horizon. Anyways, extermination was always the thing, wasn’t it.

        6. I only see two roads, maybe three: Space colonization, massive welfare and slow decline and; extermination of the useless masses. The latter can happen, either by soft means (putting them to “sleep” with VR, realistic games and porn so they can disengage from reality and later be “disconnected”, some poison or stealthy sterilize them) or by hard means (war, engineered crisis…)

        7. Why always extremes? As I see it, this would be good option: Massive welfare, but only for basic material needs that can be automated, like food. Everything else stays capitalistic.

        8. Yes they do, costumers means sales. Costumers are the single most important part of keeping a business going.

        9. “Inaplicable analogy. The industrial revolution 1.0 still needed a lot of brute force to come to fruition (mining, manufacturing etc), hence it was just a reassignment of labor from the fields and into the factories and mines, later on into services derived from an ever increasing complexity.” Well that really isn’t anywhere in the near future, but if that actually happens we will do what Marx proposed, that the little work we still need to do will be voluntary and basically as a hobby.
          “Anyways, extermination was always the thing, wasn’t it.” Was always the thing? What are you talking about?

        10. Because it’s logic and barring unexpected events those scenarios are the most likely. Massive welfare when your elites show their disdain for their own countrymen daily? Highly unlikely.

        11. Fuck the “elites”. No need for them. The state is not the only entity that can provide “welfare”. Just needs a businessman who has the means and skills to pull it off. After all, what is “government” but a big coercive business?

        12. If that were the case they wouldn’t openly mock their customers and still have them (which is what happens today). As long as you get a better price (or better hype) your product will sell well, no matter how many times you call your customers stupid assholes.

        13. “If that were the case they wouldn’t openly mock their customers and still have them” When does this happen?
          “As long as you get a better price (or better hype) your product will sell well, no matter how many times you call your customers stupid assholes.” What does this have to do with what I am talking about?

        14. When does this happen

          Everyday? Just a few samples here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/10692423/Why-are-men-on-TV-always-such-fools.html
          Note that anti-man commercials are not just for fast food, but also for cars, a product normally bought and paid by men…
          I am not saying all the companies do it but many if not most don’t even pretend to care for their customers.
          One anecdote. I used to be an avid gamer and even though I rarely have time to play, I still aware of the gaming world realities, vía my younger brother. The companies have abused the Downloadable content offer to a point where features that just a few years ago were taken for granted in a game are now for sale, after the actual game has been shipped. Just for starters, the new Street Fighter puts for sale the new scenarios and players, the original game only has 12 or so players and the rest are for sale or you can get after long hours of playing. The characters on sale are not new characters but those that used to be included in the final game few years ago (Guile for goodness sake). Many games don’t even have a decent single-player story, in part because they want to encourage only multiplayer gaming and sell more DCs and other features. The customers are so dumbed down they don’t protest keep buying the same thing for equal or less value added…
          Moreover Microsoft will start to collect monthly fees for their shitty spying OS W10. The fee will be applicable only to businesses, at first, but it’s a question of time before anyone who wants to keep using the system will have to keep paying if they want to use features that just a few years ago, were taken for granted in an OS once you purchased it
          If those actions are not mocking their customers (and their customers being too dumb to know it and tell this corporations to fuck themselves) I don’t know what it is.

        15. “Note that anti-man commercials are not just for fast food, but also for cars, a product normally bought and paid by men…” Okay, well I would have understood what you mean if you weren’t so damn cryptic. Anyways, what you are saying is irrelevant. Men are pussies and don’t give a shit about man jokes. I mean, I certainly think those jokes are bad, but if men really gave a shit, these would have ended a long time ago.
          “The companies have abused the Downloadable content offer to a point where features that just a few years ago were taken for granted in a game are now for sale, after the actual game has been shipped.” Those are called shitty companies, don’t buy them.
          “Moreover Microsoft will start to collect monthly fees for their shitty spying OS W10. The fee will be applicable only to businesses, at first, but it’s a question of time before anyone who wants to keep using the system will have to keep paying if they want to use features that just a few years ago, were taken for granted in an OS once you purchased it” Well these are just shooting themselves in the foot. Apple will make a PC market comback and Linux will probably become the dominate OS if they do this.
          What you are saying is still completely irrelevant to the discussion. I was originally talking about the idea that there will be no jobs left over because of robots. If this is the actual case, then nobody will have money, and nobody will buy stuff and the economy will stop functioning.

        16. My post was in response to this:

          “If that were the case they wouldn’t openly mock their customers and still have them” When does this happen?

          In reference to the joblessness that will be caused by robots, I never said there wouldn’t be any jobs, just that most jobs today would be automated thus leaving hundreds of millions unemployed, a process in motion now as we speak since the process at work is a displacement not a reassignment of labor (the latter happened in industrial revolution 1.0. Moreover this would happen unless they can find a new great project to justify having that many humans around and employed doing something useful, something like space colonization, however since that’s not happening…all bets are off.

        17. I am talking about your first post, the one where you brought up “mocking costumers”
          “In reference to the joblessness that will be caused by robots, I never said there wouldn’t be any jobs” Yeah, because I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Tom Arrow.

        18. You must be a member of the Infinite Growth Paradigm- what are the monthly dues like?

        19. No, I don’t believe in infinite growth, however, it’s a pretty basic concept that if you have more people than you need to do work, you just have each person do less work.

    2. Either there’s gonna be an accident and everybody will scream “robots are evil”.
      Or there will be not a single accident and people will scream “human should not be allowed to drive anymore”

        1. Only that I doubt robots would “go before court” and play victim to get sympathy.
          They would simply calculate without emotion: Me without humans > Me with humans. Eliminate humans.

        2. I personally liked the first Matrix movie most. Animatrix bored me a little, as I felt it was more of a masturbation on the original theme.

  13. women are not capable of making good long term decisions. Giving them the power to do so is the equivalent of giving a precocious 6 year old a loaded shotgun.

  14. Back in the day your whore would have been cloistered it’s really a shame that society has evolved and become enlightened. Now everyone has to suffer through her and her ilks whoredom.

  15. Because, as mentioned below, abortion will likely remain legal for a very long time, I use it as a barometer.
    If she’s pro life or at least personally opposed to abortion, then I’ll see where things go.
    If she’s pro choice, or views abortion as something that goes along with a ton of ice cream, then I shun her forever.
    There’s something about a woman who’s willing to kill someone who can’t fight back that makes me cringe. Especially if that person has a pet that they treat like a kid.

    1. You can be pro choice and would not go through with the procedure personally. In fact, you could be against it for yourself which is fine. I don’t care what others do.
      For my family, abortion is not an option.

      1. The “I am personally against it but…” Argument is retarded.
        I am personally against slavery, but it shouldn’t be illegal.

        1. How is it retarded? I am personally against smoking, but should we ban smoking?
          Women think this way. If I don’t like it, then no one else should have it.

        2. Smoking isn’t harming other people. This just shows the lack of cognition among your group.

        3. My whole point is if they want to destroy themselves, have at it. I don’t need to care what they do to their unborn child.

  16. Any decent person who’s pro-choice, even just for rape or incest, isn’t proud of it. It’s a default position, nothing to be paraded around in the streets.

    1. I am proud of my pro choice stance and it isn’t just for rape or incest.

  17. Abortion is something you do with your eyes closed.There’s nothing to be proud of about it.

    1. The ones that shout the loudest against abortion shaming are the ones that know deep down that abortion is wrong and they try to absolve their guilt by saying it’s their right.

  18. Not sure what this has to do with “frame” or “game” or hooking up with LBFMs (Forney’s thing) but I’ll play along:
    What if the baby will be born with serious deformities like Downs, spina bifida or Zika pinhead? Is saying “no abortion” still proper? And don’t forget abortion demographics. The old “crimestoppers” joke is there for a reason.

    1. Zika isn’t proved to cause pinhead, and even if it is, it certainly isn’t the only cause.
      “And don’t forget abortion demographics. The old “crimestoppers” joke is there for a reason.” Are you talking about that freakanomics bullcrap? Sorry to tell you, but it is in fact, bullcrap.

      1. Well … White toddlers who grew up in urban areas of the US and foreign 1st world countries were also exposed to leaded gas. But Detroit’s crime rate has long been much higher than Toronto’s. Did anyone bother to look at the results for toddlers who grew up on one side of the Detroit/Grosse Point boundary than the other. Maybe unleaded gas had a benefit. But the biggest reason must be black teenage girls having access to abortion.

        1. Except there are major problems with this: Blacks aren’t declining as a percentage of the population, blacks have also been at replacement levels in fertility until just few years ago, and crime rates fell even in areas that didn’t have decreases in black population.

  19. Ever notice how pro-life girls don’t look like they have herpes, and are generally more pleasant people to be around?

  20. Decent article and mostly true about pro choice women, but would have been better without the irrelevant and lurid vignette about the ex girlfriend.

  21. I wish abortion were more rare. But it probably needs to be legal for the very example of the woman above. Some people should not have children and, if forced to, would likely raise warped little delinquents who, in turn, would spread like the crime virus. This very site has run several articles about bitter single moms abusing their children. We must ask the question, is the unwanted child better off because of the possibility that he/she becomes a productive member of society?
    The amusing thing will be if a genetic test for homosexuality or transgenderism is ever discovered. Assuming it is biological, as liberals have always said. How many religious conservatives will shift their stance? I’m sure one could find a religious justification somewhere. How many formerly pro-choice liberals will argue that abortion should NOT be allowed based on the sexual orientation/gender identity of the child?

    1. This is already here in some form. Doctors in some places are forbidden from telling the sex of the child until past the abortion phase because certain diversifications tend to flush their female fetus.

  22. Notice also how abortion conflicts with the other parts of the left’s ideology. White women can abort the fetuses fathered by nonwhite men all they want, and no one accuses them of racism or white privilege. And black women can have all the abortions they want as well, despite blacks’ own propaganda about how black lives matter so much.

    1. Not to mention EVERY single liberal I know is vehemently opposed to capital punishment but still pro-choice. I don’t know how you reconcile those 2.

      1. Well, It’s easy to reconcile. I think most people’s opposition or support of abortion comes down to a definition of when life begins. I believe it begins at birth. I understand others have different opinions, and that’s fine for them, as long as they don’t try to universally push their standard over mine.

        1. On a scientific level, I disagree with most abortion advocates because the fetus is a distinct organism with distinct genetic composition from the mother. On a philosophical level, I disagree with the notion that one can consent to the act of sex and not consent to a natural byproduct of not-using-contraception – it’s like consenting to work on electrical cables without turning off the power but not consenting to being shocked for being a dumbass.
          On a gut level, though, I disagree because it’s cowardice. If you are determined not to raise any of the fruits of your loins, let the child be born before you decide to kill it. At least then you cannot hide from your decisions.

        2. “it’s like consenting to work on electrical cables without turning off the power but not consenting to being shocked for being a dumbass”
          Invalid analogy. The better analogy would be: It’s like consenting to work on electrical cables after trusting your competent work partner when he says he turned off the current.
          “let the child be born before you decide to kill it. At least then you cannot hide from your decisions.”
          I don’t see how that is hiding. It is pragmatical to kill it quickly instead of wasting a lot of resources in the womb first.

        3. I don’t care about the philosophical hair-splitting about when life begins. I just want to restrict abortion as part of an overall strategy to pull women back into line and under patriarchal authority.

        4. It is hiding because it allows you to easily rationalize the act of preventing another distinct biological organism, blood of your blood and product of your intercourse, from living. When you say that it’s just a fetus, you provide yourself a layer to rationalize away natural biological and psychological responses that you should really address.
          I see it like the fat acceptance movement. At the end of the day, fat acceptance is about rationalizing away the biological and psychological issues that caused one to become obese. If addressed, those people would be healthier and happier, but instead they cover themselves in comforting illusions and group acceptance.
          If you don’t want to have a kid, then by all means do not have a kid. But if you internalize a lie you know to be a lie, you will suffer for it.

        5. Agreed on your basic tenet, but that still leaves the question what is a lie and what isn’t.
          Also, let’s not ignore that two different people may do the same thing for various reasons. One mother may abort whilst acknowledging the full impact it has on her, while another may be in denial about it.
          I’d say that for a place that is so much about rationality and “seeing uncomfortable truth”, a lot guys here are being naive about life and death.

        6. I can do nothing about parents who do not want to bear the children they conceive. They always have and always will exist. I find it distasteful, but I also find hypergamy distasteful and I have grown to accept that which I cannot change.
          But uncomfortable as the truth may be, in most women there is a lingering sensation that they have committed filicide. Denial of this consequence is dangerous to those women and those around them, and for that pragmatic reason I argue that the abortion range should be moved to the three months following birth.

        7. Okay, that makes a lot more sense now.
          I personally think every one should be able to choose by themselves. All society should ideally do is encourage full self-love. Now, you may think that full self-love may lead them to do even more atrocious acts. But I don’t mean that. I don’t mean the kind of “self-esteem” thing where you push someone up narcissistically. Rather, I mean a form of love where people dare to look at all aspects of themselves without shame or fear.
          Why do people deny something? Because it is “painful”? No. Because they are ashamed or afraid or think they should not be feeling that way. A direct result of lacking self-love.

        8. It has its dangers, true enough.
          Aristotle mused on the “slaves by nature” problem, in which he observed that a majority appeared to lack the ability to reason their way toward their own best interests and those of their countrymen. As such, society required wise men to lay down laws and moral systems in order to protect everyone from this dangerous and destructive mass.
          I fear that we are currently observing the consequences of allowing slaves by nature to set their own codes. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization that destroys all those things that allow its members to live the lives they enjoy. The feminist movement seeks to undermine all those things that have allowed them to live comfortable lives. The various environmentalist movements seek to destroy every developed nation’s economy and ability to produce those things that distinguish us from the nomads of Africa.

        9. Tom stop overanlyzing and over intellectualizing everything. Serious question, are you autistic?

        10. In my eyes, that’s not overanalysis, just logic.
          I don’t think I am full-blown autistic, but yes, I may be somewhere on the spectrum. Maybe a mild Aspergers or something.

        11. What would the result of this look like though? When most women have triple digit notch counts, every girl you met above the age of 15 would be a single mother. There would be millions more children whose teenage moms are unable to support them, who would go on welfare, and due to poor upbringing and no father figure, would be feminized men, or criminals. The sane working men left would face oppressive taxation to care for the byproducts of recreational sex of others.
          Or are you hoping that without abortion, women would stop having rampant casual sex?

        12. The adjustment period would suck a big one, but people would adapt as they always do.
          Now I do want to make it clear that I have absolutely no problems with contraceptions. If you want to have sex without risk of children, I am all in favor of condoms, spermicides, and the various other mechanisms by which one can render conception all but impossible. I don’t care for the pill, but that’s just because I worry about what that much concentrated hormone does to women and the water supply.
          A reduction in abortion (via psychology – few mothers are willing to kill the child once they hear that first cry) would necessarily drive up the rates of poorly-tended children for a time, as idiots always take a while to adjust to new environs. In order to maintain welfare, taxes would necessarily rise and prompt backlash. Following the backlash, which would likely result in reduction of welfare benefits to single mothers, it is likely women will take greater care to find providers before they become pregnant. At the same time, a market for father figures and masculine pass-times could make us RP fellows quite wealthy.
          It’s a theory, and it’s a bit optimistic, but it seems reasonable to assume that the childbirth market needs to sort itself out. This adjustment to abortion parameters seems to me a viable approach.

        13. My 2 issues with that is 1) It seems to rely on women using logic to make sound decisions and 2) I no longer care about the long term viability of society. Make it as comfortable and happy for me as possible, because they’ve fucked any long term societal good already.

        14. Without a safety net (or one so limited that it makes life extraordinarily difficult), I would hope female survival instincts would kick in. We know it is unreasonable to expect them to make reasoned decisions with long-term ramifications, but it seems possible they’ll look out for number 1 enough to at least keep condoms handy.
          I reckon I have a few generations of life left, so I want society to be viable at least that long. If I do have kids, then I will want society to be viable until their deaths. But I can appreciate the “enjoy the decline” mindset.

        15. I’m more of a “seek out that which is closer to ideal” rather than “enjoy the decline” or “fix the problem” kind of guy. The west is just so broken in so many ways. And yet I’m still living here now…
          I am with you, but I just can’t picture the tide being reversed in the way you describe. I mean even Trump would not roll anything back, perhaps would hold things at their 2016 levels for 4 years, but he himself is somewhat of a male feminist–his daughter went on and on during her speech about dad describing how progressive and pro-female in the workplace he was. And look how they despise him. I simply can’t fathom anything happening short of violent insurrection and the US is too large and militarized for that to be viable.

        16. You raise some interesting points about the unintended consequences of making abortion illegal…I think it should be up to the states. 10th amendment says this.

        17. >he himself is somewhat of a male feminist–his daughter went on and on during her speech about dad describing how progressive and pro-female in the workplace he was
          that isn’t feminism.

    2. Ah, but here is how their pretzel logic goes. In their minds, a fetus is not a human being, according to Hillary Clinton; therefore, it’s not a life so the black lives matter argument still holds.

        1. I would argue that it doesn’t become a “human being” until it does something of merit and, of course, is supporting itself. You want to abort your 15 year son who is a lazy fat fuck, does nothing, contributes nothing….I say go the fuck ahead.

        2. That’s the crux of the debate. I would say at conception.
          I would rather they not legislate the whole thing. If you don’t want to go through with an abortion, don’t. It’s your decision. I will shame those that go through it and will not build a family with that girl.

  23. its a bit black and white. well adjusted and intelligent and motivated people don’t get pregnant unless its planned, only idiots have an unplanned pregnancy. While myself and my wife would never have had an abortion if there had been an” accident” when we were dating we would have had one if there was a genetic problem like Downs or something worse.
    either way Im pro choice , if for no other reason that I as the taxpayer wont have to support another mong woman and her idiocy. also if we happened to be parents to some idiot teenage girl that ended up in this situation I’d be inclined to make the problem go away.

    1. Keep in mind too that even 60 years ago abortions–almost all illegal–ran well into the 6 figures per year, and that’s when the population was well under 200 million. It didn’t all start in 1973.

      1. That is most certainly bullshit. When abortion was legal nobody monitored how many abortions were happening.

        1. In the dedication of “The Abortionist” by Mario Jascalevich as told to Lucy Freeman. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1962.
          “To the 1,000,000 or more women [in the US] who each year submit to an abortion…”
          From the introduction:
          “A million abortions a year and the trail of miseries …”

        2. From “The abortionist” by Mario Jascalevich as told to Lucy Freeman. Garden City NY, Doubleday 1962. Quote from dedication:
          “To the 1,000,000 or more women each year [in the USA] who submit to am abortion”
          Excerpt from intro.
          “A million abortions each year ..”

        3. That is an estimate, and a left wing pro-abortion legalization estimate at that. Abortions were not counted until after the legalization in the 70’s.

    2. “Im pro choice , if for no other reason that I as the taxpayer wont have to support another mong woman and her idiocy.” You remind me of J Paul Getty, a man so fucking cheap he negotiated to get the randsom on his own grandson lowered so that he could get it reimbursed on his taxes…

      1. Many think spirituality is about “letting the light into your heart”. I consider spirituality to be the courageous and – as hard as it is – nonjudgmental stare into the abysses of our existence.

  24. I can’t even begin to imagine a world without abortion unless we reinstituted patriarchy and slut-shaming. Arguing against birth control while at the same time empowering women to be aggressive masculine sexpots is a recipe for ending your civilization in the next 2 generations.
    Perhaps I could believe abortion shouldn’t be allowed in *most* cases (but never all) if we had a culture that preserved virginity until marriage, didn’t financially reward single moms who spawn neglected children with felon fathers, and had a pro-family, pro-patriarchy legal system. But even considering the idea without those things is idiotic.

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine a world without abortion unless we reinstituted patriarchy and slut-shaming.

      I don’t see why we can’t do that. Don’t let the “It’s the Current Year!” fallacy get in the way of exploring practical alternatives to our current social dysfunctions.

        1. Ancient Greece, Rome, western Europe, the British Empire, America, every great civilization throughout history was the rule of a tiny minority over a much larger group of the dominated. In fact, many argue that it was precisely their small size that allowed them to be so powerful and elevated above the masses.

        2. You could argue that theirs was not really “quality”, but simply power through deceit and manipulation.
          Otherwise, you would also be implying that our current government is qualitatively “far above” the masses. A ridiculous statement in my eyes.

        3. It could also be said that it killed Sparta. They had strict limits on the number of Spartans, and as the size of their empire grew they were ultimately vastly overwhelmed.

        4. There were far more British young people (0-35 years) in UK in 1900 than today. The same applies to Germany, France and most of Europe and even maybe even in the U.S. (when it comes to white young people that is). Moreover the rest of the world had also much less inhabitants to fight against if you were in the empire building business. There is no comparison.
          I am sure the Germans thought the same thing…

  25. I have to wonder if our elites push abortion on women because they know that abortion corrodes women’s character and self-respect; this makes women more willing to go along with progressive victim ideology as a way of atoning for their assaults on the innocent and helpless in their own bodies.

  26. What a bunch of crap.
    “their malfunctioning sexual impulses lead to their entire personalities being dysfunctional.”
    “When you sleep with someone else, you are consenting to the creation of a new life, whether you realize it or not and whether conception actually occurs.”
    “If you’re repulsed by the natural byproduct of that union, there’s something seriously wrong with you.”
    W.what? Where is the logic here? I mean, if you want to bash some people, by all means, do it. But all this pseudo-scentific misguided-evolution-theory is-ought blah blah really means nothing outside of your head.
    Also, while I don’t mean to defend girls here or anything, one girl you had this experience with hardly is a statistically relevant sample. Even if it had been 10, I would still not rule out the possibility that there is some selection bias going on.
    “Girls who kill their own children despise life itself and will do their best to destroy yours. Don’t let them.”
    Do you eat meat? Not meaning to moralize here, but if you think a human baby has more consciousness and sentience than a pig, I must conclude you are deluded.

    1. “Do you eat meat? Not meaning to moralize here, but if you think a human baby has more consciousness and sentience than a pig, I must conclude you are deluded.”
      I would argue the consciousness/sentience is an irrelevant point. The common consensus among most people is that the human life is worth far more and thus the taking of such an innocent human life is abhorrent. I wouldn’t feel any emotional distress stepping on an ant, but would be emotionally fucked up for a long time if I killed someone.

      1. Well, an ant is a long way from being a pig. But the difference between pigs and humans is negligible.
        “The common consensus among most people is that the human life is worth far more”
        That is hardly an objective fact. If anything, it just means that we are programmed to value our own species above others. But I think one can question even that.
        Afaiac, this “is worth more” is just ego. In the end, you have a little bag of flesh whose “human unique features” are still only potential features, because they have not yet developed (like an advanced intellect, reasoning etc).
        It is difficult to argue that a human fetus is “worth more” than a pig fetus, unless you value in that “potential”. But I don’t think that the worth of life can be measured by usefulness.

        1. People are worth more than animals. Everybody knows that. What in the hell are you thinking!

    2. “Do you eat meat? Not meaning to moralize here, but if you think a human baby has more consciousness and sentience than a pig, I must conclude you are deluded.”
      It’s not about it being sentient or having consciousness or any of that. It’s about her killing her own future offspring. It’s inherently fucked up.

        1. Does the female wolf wonder if she wants offspring? Does the female bear?
          It’s the main purpose of every other species. I know we’re special and all that but that also means our ideas can really fuck us up, give us tunnel vision and make us forget why we’re really here.

        2. I never like these animal analogies for good or for ill. We are not animals. I hate when people want to make us out to be animals. The wolf doesn’t wonder if she wants her offspring because the wolf doesn’t wonder at all. The wolf is a product of its own abject particularity and doesn’t transcend to a higher telos. By trying to follow in the footsteps of animals we embrace our objectivity rather than our divinity. Our ability to chose to abort a child, like our ability to do philosophy, appreciate beauty or feel anxiety is part of our ability to become one with the universal instead of being mired in pure objectivity. Stop trying to make me less divine.

        3. That’s the point. A female wolf simply does not have kids if she does not “want” to. There is no distinction between action and “wanting”. The distinction is human-made.
          But let’s not forget a wolf has no way to even consider abortion, because he does not have the capability to understand such an option.

        4. It’s a belief thing then. I’d say we are animals, but with an extra layer or two compared to the wolf or bear.
          That’s my point. Sometimes it would perhaps end better if we did like the wolf.
          Take the whole hitting on women thing. The wolf knows what to do. It’s clear. But humans can fuck themselves up and sabotage ourselves in ways the wolf never would or even could.
          I’d say it’s more devine to birth children than to kill them before they’re born but that’s just me :p

        5. “I’d say we are animals, but with an extra layer or two compared to the wolf or bear.”
          I agree with that. I think it neither makes us “better” or “worse” though. Just different.

        6. Choice is what makes us divine though. The ability to consider a decision rationally and introspectively and then make a choice and follow a course of action is what separates us from objects and animals.
          I won’t advise one choice or the other. However, I would like to point out that animals are objects and as such cannot consider these issues. To say we should act in accordance with the animalistic part of our nature rather than engaging our ability to chose is, quite simply, the same as saying “just be a rotting pile of organic matter which is controlled entirely by the forces which impinge on it”
          If it is your choice to birth children or to find women who have a certain view point than I can’t possibly argue with that. But elevating that argument to a universal imperative and basing it on the fact that lesser subcreatures act that way is just never going to fly with me.

        7. Aristotle spoke of the various “souls” of the world. All living things possess the “soul” of life, which gives them the properties that allow them to live. All animals also possess the “soul” of the beast, which we call instincts, which allows them to adapt in order to secure their own survival and that of their offspring.
          Humans have the additional “soul” of reason, which we call the mind. This aspect is what allows us to learn, to build off the foundations of those who came before, to make long-term changes to our minds and states of action, and to derive ideas from observation and logic.
          We are both beast and angel, as some writer said. To deny one is to deny half of humanity, but to embrace both is to understand mankind.

        8. This, right here, is an interesting conversation. It is a shame that it is happening in such a, erm, suspicious locale. I am of a mind to agree with you but only in so far as we aggressively define the term better 🙂

        9. In the common parlance? Absolutely not.
          I like how Nietzsche puts it:
          The desire for “freedom of will” in the superlative, metaphysical sense, such as still holds sway, unfortunately, in the minds of the half-educated, the desire to bear the entire and ultimate responsibility for one’s actions oneself, and to absolve God, the world, ancestors, chance, and society therefrom, involves nothing less than to be precisely this causa sui, and, with… daring, to pull oneself up into existence by the hair, out of the swamps of nothingness.

        10. Indeed,
          And a wolf would probably not understand suicide due to depression either :p
          Humans really are great and supremely fucked up at the same time 😉

        11. Agreed. But just because it is an individual preference doesn’t make it not an objective fact. Let’s talk tomatoes here Tom (I just made that up): There is absolutely no way that you won’t convince me that my expression of individual preference “better” is not something that can be willed onto a universal plane so long as I am willing it there. It is a convoluted web, this thing our will, and the boundary between subjectivity and objectivity is something which has been too far poured over by hoi polloi. We need to borough down to it’s very roots.
          Are we better than animals? Objectively? Of course….because we will ourselves such. Is this a subjective distinction. Naturally 🙂

        12. Animal analogies, sociobiology, etc. are mostly rubbish. Human beings, unlike wolves and bears are not born with instictive “imperatives.” We are born as blank slates, with our natures, desires and personalities formed by upbringing and experience. Let’s not forget that.

        13. Well, but who is “we”?
          The irony in what you are saying is that while my will creates my reality, it doesn’t mean that this reality is shared by anyone.
          So when we say objective, I think we may mean that wpart of reality which we share. But even that may be invalid, as it would be entirely possible to will oneself to not share anything with the reality of others.

        14. We is me. Or you.
          As for the irony you mentioned, yes…but kind of. I think Kant does an ample job in pointing out certain self imposed subjective realities are that, by definition, shared with all thinking subjects. It is in this concept of the subjective universal that I think Kant does his finest work….right up and through the third critique.
          As for using objective to mean part of reality…..well you already know what I am going to say here I feel…..but fine, if objectivity is part of reality and reality is a subjective creation with certain particular universals based on the conditions of consciousness where does that leave our objectivity but as second order subjectivity reinforced by will with the exception of some certain subjective-universals?
          One of these days I am going to reconsider the good Bishop Berkeley and his brilliant ideas about god as underwriter of reality and just remove the god bit from it. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will turn out to be a reiteration of my Heraclitus-Kant-Nietzsche cycle that I have been insisting on for years. I call it “Transcendental Hedonism”

        15. Progressives may argue for nuture over nature but the enlightenment idea of the blank slate simply isn’t sustainable even if we do develop in interaction with our environment (as epigenetics acknowledges). Attempts to reprogramme people tend to fail violently and spectacularly

        16. Interesting view from someone calling himself “Elephant Man” 😉
          But the blank slate theory has been debunked repeatedly. We’re not born as blank slates that you can do anything with. We are born with a certain biological framework (body mechanics, instincts, how the brain works, biological needs etc) that decides a lot of things already.
          But within that framework there is a lot of room for variance through environmental learning (both from what people tell us and what we experience).
          (if we were computers I’d say that we come with hardware and the most basic version of Linux already installed, but which files, programs, settings etc is open for adjustment through learning and experience).

        17. They’ve failed because they were all attempted by godless, atheistic societies. Why do you think the USSR and its “empire” collapsed? God stacked the deck against it. Something we should keep in mind as well.

        18. I guess that’s up to God. But it’s usually human’s playing God who favour blank slate theory

        19. Locke and Rousseau were experts on nothing except making bullshit up that sounds intellectual.

        20. Spanish Empire? Kingdom of France? British Empire? Portuguese Empire? Eastern Roman Empire? Western Roman Empire? Russian Empire? Why did all those “godly” empire’s collapse? And why hasn’t this secular American Empire not collapsed?

        21. True that. One of the bad consequences of Darwinism, was to put us at the same level of all the other beasts of this Earth. We are Men, we are much more than that…

        22. Indeed, but unfortunately, even famous philosophers are sometimes proven wrong.
          You’re on this site. Don’t you believe in differences between men and women? If we were born Tabula rasa, there would be no differences (assuming environmental factors are equal).
          Personally I think it’s strange that people can see all the external differences (muscle mass, beard/no-beard, often eventually bald/very seldom bald, deeper voice/higher voice, adam’s apple/no adam’s apple, what’s below the waist etc and somehow think this doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on the internal qualities. That the chemicals that created it can somehow only manage outer transformations, nothing inside.

        23. Actually in times of hardship, female animals may very well kill their young or leave them to starve.

        24. The empires you mentioned lasted hundreds of years. Even the Portuguese empire lasted from the early 1500s-1975. Spain from early 1500s-1898. Rome lasted 2 millennia if you count the fall of the eastern empire (1453 AD). Those empires also left cultural and linguistic legacies lasting to this day. And there are well documented reasons for their collapse. The USSR only lasted 69 years. It slaughtered hundreds of thousands of clergy and millions of religious laity. God didn’t take kindly to that. And though the old Russian empire produced so much food that it was a net exporter, the USSR was plagued by bad harvest after bad harvest (cf 1 Kings 17) It had sky high infant mortality despite free and widely available pre and post natal care (cf Exodus 12:22-23). And there’s no cogent earthly reason for the sudden collapse of a mighty nation we were all terrified of. Thus, the answer lies with the Divine. And we are seeing God’s wrath here. Our secular, sodomite-loving culture offends him and we are seeing the results in everything from slow economic growth to natural disasters (fires in CA, 1/3 of Louisiana under water) and plagues (AIDS, Zika).

        25. You don’t think that USSR may have collapsed because Socialist economic models don’t work? Also, Zika and AIDS are not plagues, they are small outbreaks one of which is basically harmless.

  27. Good God man where do you find these women?
    Anyway I once knew a married woman who aborted her child, without telling her husband so that she could concentrate on her career. He divorced her. So she had no kid and no husband… but she had a career.
    I support a woman’s right to have an abortion the same way I support her right to be a prostitute. But I do feel a certain disgust towards a woman who would kill (and potentially by extension “my”) her baby.

    1. “Good God man where do you find these women?”
      When he described the desolate state she was in and that he banged her nonetheless…

      1. Or this little nugget:

        I’d stuck with her for so long because I genuinely liked her (we had similar personalities and interests)

        Wait… what?!

        1. Its like when you get kicked in the nuts: “Wait… did I just get…? Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

        2. Was going to comment exactly this.
          I really had a wtf second.

          Clearly damaged crazy broad. Yet….

    2. I absolutely hate it when the good looking girl I am with goes on a booze bender and grows hair on her nipples and then smells like ketosis and gin……gin, of course, being second only to kratom in ketosis inducing substances.

    3. Would you support the babies? You kill sperm you leave in a condom. Same shit. Fetuses are ant brains nothing of value lost.

  28. Free abortions for all!! Most of these mouthbreathers shouldn’t be breeding to start with. Why should I care if they stop their future shitty kids from being born?

  29. “I’d stuck with her for so long because I genuinely liked her (we had similar personalities and interests) and she was my physical type.”
    That sums this article up for me. Forney is interested in junkie alcoholics with hairy nipples who mistreat their pets apparently, by his own admission.
    This article is Literally Hitler!

  30. Go back to the argument a little further. Women that don’t want children are not marriageable. They will find a way to avoid children including not having sex and abortion.

  31. Totally unrelated but…what’s this?
    Fee-fee-fee, fo-fo-fo-fo.
    A black man’s phone number.

  32. From a purely Libertarian perspective, I just can’t get behind the idea of forcing someone to carry a pregnancy they don’t want. It’s a huge violation of bodily integrity and the foster system is already overrun with bastards. Nor is it practical to treat a first trimester fetus as fully human, legally(IE, should the police investigate miscarriages?).
    I’ve come to realize though that it’s morally wrong to abort a healthy fetus. And that goes double for top-shelf people (Scandinavians, Germans, Persians, Japanese, Koreans, et al) due to the impending demographic apocalypse.
    I can think of a handful of abortions in my wider social circle I approved of. If the kid’s retarded or horribly deformed, abort and try again. It will never pass on your genes, the resources it consumes could be used on healthy children instead, and the stress of raising it could wreck the marriage. I’m also going to reluctantly give a one-time pass to teenagers and people for whom the child would create a permanent bond to a psycho. That is provided they learn their lesson and it’s a one-time event.

    1. You are missing the point. If wymynz knew that when they fukced they had a decent chance of getting knocked up and had to deal with it, that cause them to reconsider the consequences of their actions.
      You know that wymynz are like chill-ren. They will take take take and push push push the boundaries until they have to confront reality.
      Contraceptives have been one of the major factors contributing to the hook up culture and it’s associated ills.

    2. Libertarianism = “do what thou wilt” shall be the whole of the law.
      You post (Comte) is precisely why no true conservative should associate himself with libertarians. You’re just another shade of progressive liberalism, pretending to be on the right when your core ethos comes from Anton “burning in hell” LaVey.

  33. Matt are you saying you don’t support a WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOO-CHOO-CHOOZ? Where’s my right to choose? You know, the right should get to strangle a bitch and leave her in the nearest ditch? What’s the difference?!
    Every cunt I’ve known who’s had an abortion (never from my sprog) has become a basket case. They cant reconcile their denying of their biological impulse to MOTHERHOOD (you know, the only FUCKING THING they are ACTUALLY meant for) with their desire for LOTSA COCKAS. They think they can have it both ways, but their current across the board state of misery and insanity tells us otherwise.
    People these days, especially the “fairer sex” love to think there are no consequences for their actions.
    Well listen up you fucking ho’s…you may have been able to get your way legally. You can murder your chill’renz…you can cuck every man in the country via the proverbial gun barrel pointed at all of us through the money-sucking apparatus that is known as the state, you can claim DV when you don’t get what you want, you can poison your kids against their father…..
    But you’ll never be happy. You’ll never get fulfillment out of life so long as you deny your BIOLOGICAL imperative. And there’s no coming back from that! I’ve seen it for myself many times, and there is nothing more unsightly than a woman who thought she could have it all…murdered kids, lotsa cockas, fr33 moneyz, alimony, child support, none of it matters….the betas and cucks have given them EVERYTHING they’ve ever axed for and it’s never enough. It never will be enough!

    1. Honestly women are never happy. My wife and I are kind of a rags to riches tale. Very religious and lots of happy happy kids. I still have to put my foot down on her complaining, anxiety, and woe-is-me ranting.

    2. I came. I read. I was going to comment, but Rhyme or Reason ganked all the thunder by saying all that needed to be said.
      Well done.

  34. Jesus, Matt, your ex reminds me of my first serious girlfriend. While my girl wasn’t an alcoholic, she would get into these long depressive episodes where she wanted me to take care of her. And like yours, when mine would finish a crying fit she’d immediately ask me to fuck the ever loving shit out of her, and usually she’d be better. Hatefucking is really intense, but I could’ve done without the drama and fits she’d throw almost every time I saw her.

  35. I respect Forney but this is wide of the mark.
    What she thinks she thinks about abortion is irrelevant until she is actually knocked up. What you think you think about abortion is irrelevant until she is actually knocked up. You do don’t have a real understanding until you’ve gone through it.
    The Sunday school teacher will decide to about. The pro-choice feminist will want to keep it but, she will have a medical condition that makes the pregnancy unviable and there will be no choice. Your girlfriend will have an IUD yet somehow gets pregnant in her fallopian tube.
    Don’t believe what women say about this. It doesn’t mean shit until the rubber hits the road.

    1. All women get pregnant in the Fallopian tube. That’s where conception starts. You are confusing this fact with an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus continues to develop in the tube. This is a very rare, very dangerous situation which can be deadly without medical termination.

  36. this article spilled way too much ink. Rule#1. Don’t waste another moment on a psycho/alcoholic/rage case/narcissist/sociopath/ unless you are writing a book on such and need subject material. Punch out and find someone who will be worthy of your time.

  37. One choice does not make a whole individual. The reasons for abortion vary depending on the circumstances but it definitely sounds a much better decision than bringing children into this modern (women) hellhole.
    You sound like the extremists you oppose. Get it together Matt.

  38. Have said before, unless for a medical emergency, any woman that will abort a living fetus is should only be used as a sex puppet and perhaps not even for that.

  39. SO true. I went to a Catholic school and saw a stark difference between the wholesome girls who were pro-life and the “rebellious” girls who were pro-choice.

  40. I think we can safely say that this article is proof that most men have lower standards than they say they do.

    1. Not true! Have you seen pictures of this guy? I imagine a mentally ill drug addict is about as good as it gets for him.

  41. As much as Matt makes some good points about abortion and the female psyche, he told us WAY too much information.
    Lesson learned: Even the manosphere thinks with its dick, which to quote Bill Burr “is like a 3rd base coach that just always waves people around”.

  42. Good Article. Matt, one question. If she was such a basket case why did you hook up with her in the first place?
    The pussy musta been crazy good. I know you said why you stayed with her, but there are so many red flags you yourself pointed out, i’m a bit confused why you’d hit that more than once

  43. I’m very pro-life. If you’re worried about a baby, wear condoms. Hormonal birth controls fucks women up mentally and messes with their mating choices, but there are non-chemical temporary contraceptive methods that work well.
    And if you’re good with your dick just pull out.
    What i don’t get is pro-life peeps who are anti-contraception [chemical i understand being opposed too but condoms and dams? fuck no]

      1. well basically everyone was pulling out way back in the day.
        only heathen pagans like the romans and greeks had their women drink abortifactants and that was usually just the whores.
        The issue we have now is that because of the prevalence of porn and masturbation tied into that, young guys can’t go for more than a few seconds before either instantly popping inside their girl or they have deathgrip and erectile dysfunction.
        I recently gave up porn and its probably one of the best things i’ve ever done

        1. No peer reviewed study has ever found that masturbation causes premature ejaculation is bull crap. It happens because there is no evolutionary downside to it (on the contrary, finishing early means you can devote more time to hunting).
          Also, the idea that masturbation is some sort of a recent phenomenon is ever less true.

        2. three things faggots defend nowadays: porn, wanking and weed
          You insult any of those three and watch em squirm out the woodwork and avoid looking at you in the eyes while they justify smoking a bowl while cumming in their tighty whities

        3. 1) I’ve never defended weed. 2) How am I faggot for supporting facts rather than emotions?

  44. There’s only one time I’d say we should be okay with a girl who supports abortion: If she’s doing it for the wrong reasons, such as supporting it for criminally-inclined minorities, or for liberals.

  45. Seems like I’m anti-mainstream here but I would rather have girls who abort than pro-life bitches.
    I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in getting a call, from a girl I had one night with, telling me she got pregant and wants to keep the baby no matter what. Paying 18+ years for that shit? No way.
    And even if your LTR Girlfriend aborts your baby without telling you, it’s still good. Because then you can easily dump her, move on. It is better than if she would get the child and treat it bad.

    1. I’m with you on this. While many of the manosphere traditionalists are anti-abortion and want as many white babies born as possible to boost the global caucasion count, even if they are coming from the lower socio economic class, I’m fine with legal abortion. It just doesn’t suit left voting women only. Like you, I don’t want to be tied to some woman I had nsa sex with that I have no intention of having a LTR let alone a family with. The author uses his gf as exhibit A for the typical pro abortion female. To me she is hardly the shining example for the pro life crowd. She is not fit to be a mother. Would the author be happier if he knocked her up and was tied to her for years or handing over a chunk of his pay each month to her. Society is better off not having women like that as single mothers living on govt support and raising potential future delinquent children that they never really wanted or are not fit to be good mothers to.

      1. No idea why we are a minority in the comments. All the butthurt guys complaining about girlfriends or wives aborting probably didn’t even test the corpse for DNA to ascertain it was theirs and not Tyrone’s.

    2. SOLUTION: Stop cumming inside of women who aren’t capable of making life-changing decisions or taking personal responsibility for their actions.

    3. “Seems like I’m anti-mainstream here but I would rather have girls who abort than pro-life bitches.”
      Then don’t have sex with her until you find out her stance on birth control/ abortions/ etc. …..Are you interested in dating pro-choice women or PRO-ABORTION women? ..because you know, some women who are pro-choice might CHOOSE to keep the baby….. Again, this whole website is filled with many male commenters who merely want to control women , use women in the ways YOU want, have women who think just like you all…We women all have brains and all can think for ourselves. If you don’t like pro-life women, don’t sleep with one!

      1. I have sex with any girl I want, as fast as I want. Sadly there is no sign on their forehead which says “Pro-Life”.
        I’m talking about the worst-case-scenario here, of course I always use a condom and make sure she takes the pill. If then an accident happens abortion is the best solution. For both of us.
        I don’t want to have a bond with that women for the rest of my life, I don’t want (and wouldn’t anyway) pay for that child over 18 years and I would not care about that child anyway. After she aborts, she can later have children with a guy she actually loves and who also wants to have kids with her. Win-Win.
        It’s easy to convince a pro-choice girl to abort because it is obvious the best option, but it is harder with a pro-life bitch. 😉

        1. You seemingly front that you care about women by being pro-choice, but your first sentence in this response shows otherwise. I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree with it one little bit. Thanks for the discussion. 🙂

  46. “Sex’s central function is to propagate the human race… When you sleep with someone else, you are consenting to the creation of a new life”
    Dafuq?? Sorry I didn’t realize I’d stepped into Vatican.com by mistake. I’m guessing the author is 100% against contraception as well, on the same grounds.
    Frankly, if the prospect of yet another welfare delinquent could be cured with a coat hanger, I can’t be opposed to that. Sure, maybe it is “murder”.. but considering 25% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions (aka miscarriage), it seems God is in the fetal murder business, so we’re in good company.
    But that bit on “Aposematism” was gold 😉
    Oh while we’re at it:

    6 Reasons Why We Should Support Abortion

  47. I don’t use condoms, but I put spermicide on my dick first.
    I’m beating the system as far as I’m concerned. I’m still rawdogging but the spermicide kills whatever sperm might get out
    I don’t understand why more people don’t use my method, it’s effective.

  48. All my children, all of them, were killed by women, regardless of my opinion. One made me pay for it even accusing me I will ruin her life by having a child.

  49. Looking a little chubby there yourself, Mister. How many cocks have you been hoovering? I hope you choke to death on the next.

  50. I’ve been saying this along time. It is even a common idea in the manosphere that women are only capable of loving themselves and their children. If a women can just discard of her own child like it was garbage, obviously she will discard of you – a man. Given the divorce laws, family court bias and a skewed domestic abuse system this can only lead to several uncomfortable outcomes.

  51. I don’t understand why we let women vote. If they are so careless and morally empty that they can choose to murder their own offspring for entirely selfish reasons, how are they able to choose who is going to run a country?

    1. You know that a lot of men encourage their wives, girlfriends, and partners to get abortions, right? So why do we let pro-choice men vote?? Men and women, regardless of beliefs, both should be allowed to vote because we’re all equal… And even though we might not like how they vote or believe on a particular issue, that is not a fair assessment or reason to NOT let someone vote. If we only let people vote who we agreed with, that wouldn’t be democratic or fair. This is America, and whether or not you like a certain opinion doesn’t mean you can tell someone they can’t vote because they hold a different opinion than you.. Who decides what is an okay belief to hold??
      — A pro-life female

      1. Men and women are not equal and will never be. That being said, we have to decide whether we would rather have a democracy of idiots or a brilliant tyrant/rulling class. There are ideas that are obviously flawed and destructive and I think it’s fair that people who hold them shouldn’t be able to take part in the democratic process. Why let a socialist vote when it has been proven by history that socialism is one of the most destructive form of governement? Similarly, why should we let a Muslim vote when his religion is incompatible with democracy and western civilisation itself? The tricky part is deciding what is and isn’t a bad idea and I’m not going to pretend that I have a perfect solution.

        1. We’re not the same, but we are inherently of equal VALUE. Yes.(: If you don’t like America’s being a democracy, I would suggest you move to a different country that adequately reflects your views, such as a dictatorship… You can live here, but the thing is we’re a democratic republic. And that means that people who we don’t agree with get to have opinions and a voice, too. There are women who agree with you, and women who don’t.. So the ones who agree with you get to vote but the others don’t? Or do you think women in general shouldn’t have a say because the majority of them are pro-choice? That’s the antithesis of freedom. It’s merely your opinion of people’s ideas that they are flawed; those people who disagree with you think your ideas are flawed. Should they ban you from voting? Socialists are still Americans, and there is no ideological test saying that people who believe X are not allowed to vote. Again, that goes against America’s ideals and founding– freedom. Same with not allowing Muslims to vote. That is requiring a religious test to determine whether someone should take part in our governmental and election process. If the people in charge disliked atheists or Christians and banned them from voting, would that bother you? We cannot take the right to vote away from someone just because we disagree with how they believe. If they are Americans and are at least 18, they are allowed to vote. The right to vote and the freedom associated with that trumps beliefs. America was founded with being accepting of all beliefs- even ones we don’t agree with. Exactly, which means we cannot bar anyone from voting unless we want that same injustice invoked on us some day! That’s why this line of thinking is a bit dangerous, imo.

  52. I see absolutely no problem with abortion. The vast majority of people who get them would make absolutely shitty mothers and most men who encourage the women they impregnate to get them would be deadbeats. Better an innocent child is spared that hell.

  53. Abortion is a necessary evil. The argument has been made that the end of the crack epidemic and the across the board drop in crime experienced in the early 90s were due to Roe v Wade eliminating a whole generation of unwanted children and thus a whole generation of criminals. Sure sometimes the wrong people have abortions because they’re not as willing to give it a go as others who probably should not be having children but it’s not flawless. Nothing is. No one enjoys killing fetuses but it must be done. It’s not a perfect world. Are any pro lifers here willing to adopt a litter of unwanted children? I didn’t think so.

    1. Your theory that Roe v. Wade caused the subsequent drop in crime has been debunked. From the research that has been done, we now know definitively that the actual cause in the drop in crime was phasing out leaded gasoline. This has been replicated in many countries throughout the globe – and because different countries phased out leaded gas at various times, researchers have outstanding data to look at it, and the results are a 100% perfect fit.

  54. My wife knows a Ukranian girl who moved to the USA, did not bother to learn English and had five abortions-while married-so she didn’t have to bother getting pregnant.

  55. I think ghetto rats should be allowed to abort up til the moment they expire. The sooner the better.

  56. Her pubes are an issue, but her being a drunken fruitcake that burns coal and fucks dealers…meh, no big deal, put it in.
    Need better standards than some abortion issue shit, that’s for goddamn sure.

  57. Whelp. hate to spoil your witch hunt..
    There is usually a weak man behind a vulnerable woman- a man who either was an accomplice or aided the death their own child.

  58. This meme should console any man who lost his child to a Evil Woman.

  59. So…..You freely admit you not only entered but facilitated a relationship with a mentally ill alcoholic and fucked her (one can assuredly assume on more than one occasion while she was intoxicated…you said she was a drunk, right? So basically you admit to what by law is RAPE at the worst and talking advantage of someone mentally incapable (you know, chronic depression which is mental illness according to the bible of psychiatry the DSM) which makes you a horrible person whose DNA should NEVER be allowed to propagate. You sir are an asshole, an asswipe, a misogynist and a complete tool of every order. Shame on you. God IS watching you make no mistake…

  60. Like anyone would want to have sex with you, LMAO!!!
    And aren’t you like ‘father of the year’ hahaha walked out on your own kids yet telling women what to do. PRICELESS.

  61. Human women are capable of abstract thinking- probably why comparing them to animals does not work, person below! 🙂

  62. >aborting your own child is an act of self-mortification one step below suicide.
    No. It is not the self.
    >A baby consists of half of its mother’s genetic material
    So is sperm and I toss it in the toilet and take a dump on it.
    >and is the result of sexual intercourse, an act whose very purpose is to create new life.
    We repurposed it. WGAF what something’s original purpose was? Are we not allowed to shoot guns for target practise, only attempts to kill?
    >If a girl is so revolted by a lifeform that is genetically 50 percent her that she’ll go to Planned Parenthood to get it flushed out, she will treat everyone else in her life with the same level of cruelty.
    Incorrect. There is no cruelty if done early enough. Cruelty is bringing an unloved kid you won’t care for forth. Cruelty extends suffering.
    >You don’t even have to take the view that life begins at conception to realize what’s wrong with girls who abort their own offspring. Sex’s central function is to propagate the human race: anything else good that results from it, from orgasms to marital bonding, is secondary.
    We are free to decide what functions are central to our efforts at doing something.
    The primary function of muscle is to move shit. That doesn’t make it unethical to deviate and build it to get chicks or burn fat.
    >When you sleep with someone else, you are consenting to the creation of a new life
    Bullshit. Why is ROK letting this prolife trolling waste space? This is basically anticondom.
    I can tolerate abortion bans because it will make for choosier men and more support for unwilling fathers so we can get rid of child support laws as they are unjust.
    Then once the government is footing the bill we will see the logic in sterilizing women if they procreate without enough money to provide.
    At that point we can bring back abortions. I would even state sponsor them. We should sterilize the women who opt not to getnthem when they should.
    Bearing the burden of others’ sex makes us all cucks.

  63. I’d actually support this article if the website wasn’t filled with other garbage and trash that tears down and vilifies women. I’m pro-life, but this whole website is so sexist and misogynistic, you’re losing any credibility and legs to stand on in convincing people (especially women) to change their point of view. In an attempt to build up men because you think feminists are attacking you and taking away your rights, you’ve gone to the opposite extreme and made women to be something they’re not and completely write off the ENTIRE gender as lunatics, whores, etc.– anything with a negative connotation. I’m not a feminist, mind you, but MEN ARE AMAZING. AND SO ARE WOMEN. And we do NOT need to tear down one side to build up the other. Many feminists get it wrong. I agree that we need to support the sanctity of life, but that also means supporting those lives which happen to be women who you think are ruining your life, men. Just because you’ve been hurt by women, think you’re going to be hurt by them, knew a male friend who was hurt by them, etc., DOES NOT MAKE ALL WOMEN BAD, does not make us sex objects, does not mean the male gender is any less if we acknowledge the fact that all females aren’t bad. And also, just because a woman might hurt you or did hurt you doesn’t even mean she’s bad. Her actions were the problem, like the message behind this entire website. Men are great. You don’t need to bash women to acknowledge that fact. Again, I’m pro-life, but your website is off-putting..

  64. The actual title of this “article” should be: Why I’m A Stupid Faggot Cunt That Can’t Get Off Their Fucking High Horse Because I Don’t Even Attempt To Understand Simple Concepts That A Four Year Old With Down’s Syndrome Can Easily Understand. Kinda lengthy, but pretty much sums up just how fucking stupid this bullshit is.

  65. kids are disgusting and annoying. i dont want to ruin my body by pushing one out. if i become pregnant, you can be sure i will get rid of that gross shrimp 🙂 let me hear you crybabies complain now 🙂

  66. Two of my girlfriends had my children aborted; they are both dead. A third aborted someone else’s; she is now a 60 yr old cat lady who works at a head shop and part times as a bitch. If I have the opportunity to speak with an advocate who is female I will tell her the future of her life in a second and then walk away. It is the least I can do. Besides that; ‘be vewy, vewy careful’.

  67. The article you linked about the LGBT community having more health issues says nothing about mental health issues, how shitty of a journalist do you have to be to totally warp what another article has said to back up your false claims rather than just find an article that actually supports what you’ve said? Jesus fucking Christ. The whole point you make in this article is that pro-choice women are sadistic and cruel, then you continue to say that you wanted to get that girl pregnant just to see her suffer for weeks, making you a hyprocitical and disgusting piece of shit. Also, I’ve read some other “articles” of yours, and you really enjoy recounting all your sexual experiences, then you shame women who “slut around”. I’m not even done reading all of your crap but I can see very plain and clear that you’re just a scumbag from the 2 shitty articles I have read.

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