Millennials Exemplify The Age Of All Equal, All Useless

It is great that most millennials are such pussies. It offers many opportunities to the rest of us, including the well-paying jobs and getting with the most attractive women with little to no effort. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, except the fish are already dead.

Some competition from time to time keeps us on our toes. However, competition is just non-existence in our post-modern ironic western society because it has been eliminated in favor of apathetic equality. It is a race to the bottom. Deconstruction, irony, and post-modernism is to thank for this. The evolution of winners over losers is pure nonsense to millennials. The “enlightened” mass has figured everything out by marginalizing all that was once great, as if thousands and thousands of years of evolution are reversed with their college degrees in sociology and their mind-blowing master’s thesis on why Star Trek is overtly homophobic.

Do these dumb kids realize the debt of this country is $18 trillion dollars and growing? Does anyone care?

This post-modern deconstruction mentality leads us to our current age of “all equal and all useless,” with no one rising above the herd and reaching the status of “Ubermensch.” Struggle and competition is viewed as arrogant and downright wrong. The truth is that competition and struggle builds character, individuality, and personality. The millennials’ final solution is to deconstruct everything to the point of pointless ridicule in an orgy of failure and lazy self-pity.

Competition hurts feelings, so it must be destroyed. It is frivolous mass thinking. Kant observed this mass thinking years ago in “What is enlightenment?” and made excellent remarks on individualism. Most still don’t get the idea. Emotions are shared by all as one homogenized docile culture without individuality, edge, aggression, or risk; all things that made the U.S great. We live in a castrated culture, and nothing good can come of this.

As David Foster Wallace observed years ago:

Irony’s useful for debunking illusions, but most of the illusion-debunking in the U.S. has now been done and redone…Postmodern irony and cynicism’s become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. Few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what’s wrong, because they’ll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. Irony’s gone from liberating to enslaving. There’s some great essay somewhere that has a line about irony being the song of the prisoner who’s come to love his cage.

The problem is that, however misprised it’s been, what’s been passed down from the postmodern heyday is sarcasm, cynicism, a manic ennui, suspicion of all authority, suspicion of all constraints on conduct, and a terrible penchant for ironic diagnosis of unpleasantness instead of an ambition not just to diagnose and ridicule but to redeem. You’ve got to understand that this stuff has permeated the culture. It’s become our language; we’re so in it we don’t even see that it’s one perspective, one among many possible ways of seeing. Postmodern irony’s become our environment.

All U.S. irony is based on an implicit “I don’t really mean what I say.” So what does irony as a cultural norm mean to say? That it’s impossible to mean what you say? That maybe it’s too bad it’s impossible, but wake up and smell the coffee already? Most likely, I think, today’s irony ends up saying: “How very banal to ask what I mean.” Anyone with the heretical gall to ask an ironist what he actually stands for ends up looking like a hysteric or a prig. And herein lies the oppressiveness of institutionalized irony, the too-successful rebel: the ability to interdict the question without attending to its content is tyranny. It is the new junta, using the very tool that exposed its enemy to insulate itself.

Real rebels, as far as I can see, risk disapproval. The old postmodern insurgents risked the gasp and squeal: shock, disgust, outrage, censorship, accusations of socialism, anarchism, nihilism.  Today’s risks are different.

What we have left with this ironic deconstruction is emasculated juvenile 30-something millennials busy fingerpainting and drawing pictures as if they were five years old and pursuing their careers in “music” and video games. As Wallace observed several years ago, this all has been “done and redone” ad nauseam. These are childish behaviors that should have been abandoned years ago.

Millennials inherit this from the painfully tolerant hippie generation (their arrested development parents) while dodging any real adult responsibility.    Millennials and the conformist hippies of yesteryear both believe in impulsive hedonistic nihilism and “living for the moment” with little understanding of struggle, morals, and self-responsibility.

The millennials have little ability to compete and strive to do their best. They don’t want to experience the downs, they only want to experience the ups; the highs. Working towards goals can take years and years of self-discipline and sacrifice, going through a vicious cycle of sadness, happiness, failure, and finally victory. To put it simply, it can be tough work, and they don’t want it.

Millennials want immediate gratification, and they seek impulsive behavior. They even feel entitled to such things. If they do not get what they seek, they see no point in trying. Most represent a lost tribe of self-righteous, ill-mannered pricks. They respect nothing but their own delusional belief of “progress.” Anything seen as constructive, polite, traditional, or sincere in their eyes is immediately ridiculed and attacked.

The Rude Awakening

With the failure of their messiah, Obama, and his faux utopia along with the rude awakening from crushing student debt, perhaps this generation will reverse their thinking. Perhaps the recent election of conservatives sweeping the political realm is symbolic start of this? I remain skeptical, but who knows. I guess it’s possible that this generation could start to view their outdated post-modern beliefs and change the course of this generation.

Ironically, this generation is in the perfect position to do so. They have been through the necessary (yet outdated) deconstruction, ironic post-modernism, and have seen everything both positive and negative. With a knowledge of history’s mistakes, they could make the “greatest generation” look like child’s play.

However, I am highly skeptical much will change with this docile generation. One just has to look at the bright side of this—for the rest of us mature male adults, everything is for the taking. Opportunity is endless to those willing to step up to the plate and take what is rightfully theirs. The competition has never been so dead-minded.

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313 thoughts on “Millennials Exemplify The Age Of All Equal, All Useless”

  1. Millennials are the result of decades of demoralization. From the moment they were born, they’ve been subjected to propaganda to make them think that dispossessing them of everything they have, and becoming equally poor and miserable, is morally justified. It’s utterly disgusting.

      1. Just remember, “all men are created equal.” Thomas Jefferson wrote it, so it must be true. I wonder if one of his slaves fetched him the ink he used to write that. The same slaves he didn’t free in his will after he died.

        1. Agreed. I think many people confuse equality of outcome with equality of opportunity. The former is plain silly while the latter is necessary for a free and meritocratic society to survive and flourish.

        2. If you watch conservative media they push this innocent view of our founding fathers like Jefferson, however we are raised understanding this is all bull feces no surprise here.

        3. People fail to see the difference between “all men are created equal” and “all men are equal.” Jefferson’s message has been perverted as a slogan for absolute equality when it should be a message of equality of opportunity. Today we need to clarify with an addendum that such equality does not and should not last indefinitely. We should all have the same opportunity. We should not all enjoy the rewards of those opportunities regardless of our choice to seize them or not.

        4. Jefferson meant all should be equal in front of the law and have equal right to fair trial and their inalienable rights enshrined in the constitution/bill of rights. Not equally rich, or equally respected/ well treated beyond what is in those documents. Enforced equality as we know it today is in direct contradiction to all that he believed in. Right to free speech, free association, right to product of labour and all kinds of other things.

        5. I agree and equality of opportunity is not a reality for everyone as well. Some of us have questioned everything to do historically in this country…and question our Founding Father’s and see the world more critically…ironically its not progressives who idealize the founding fathers as people its the conservatives who do. If you look at Fox News for example they idealize the founding fathers while progressives actually question them more. I understand many here link Feminism with progressives and all these movements but there is also another side to this conversation.

        6. Careful with the word “all,” that’s the kind of historical revisionism I’m talking about. Jefferson owned slaves and clearly wrote that he thought blacks were inferior. He called them “as incapable as children,” and wanted to send them back to Africa if they were freed. For decades, in the USA you even had to own land just to vote, not to mention be male and white. How is that equality for “all”?
          “I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications.”
          -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia (1781)
          ^Jefferson talking about how he thought blacks were probably a different species. This is the shit they don’t teach you in history class.

        7. Yes I knew that and I think it makes him a better man. USA was founded by white anglo men as a free nation for free white men. I mentioned the bill of rights and constitution buddy, not much was originally in their about the vote, so you are not even contradicting me on that point. Neither am I being revisionist. The revisionists are the ones who changed that and gave the blacks their rights etc not me my friend.
          If you understand why the revolutionary war was fought and by who then you understand why he thought only land owners should vote, as well the mass influx of immigrants at the time, many who could not read or right and were not educated, and didn’t have a real stake in the society or its customs yet….it seems that it is you who is trying to justify the Marxist overlay that has been applied to the US system. That is the real revisionism going on.

        8. gosh …you quys need to learn that there’s a difference between abstract equality (as in “equality in front of the law”) and concrete equality (as in “everybody is exactly the same”). Read some basic Hegel.

        9. The Central Bank was put into place several times as well as removed several times long before different races and women were allowed to vote.

        10. “…America is a business.” Uh….hell yeah. It was founded as a busıness venture, and ıt’s STILL a busıness venture.

        11. yes because most people can’t accept that things aren’t all black and white. People want heroes and villains.
          With that being said Jefferson does deserve some homage. If we would have went with his vision rather than fat cat Hamilton’s, we’d be far better off as a nation today

        12. Another thing is people can’t seem to grasp the concept of multi-tasking or having two or three concepts in your mind that you are actively working towards at the same time.

        13. Both parties are bought off by Big Money and Corporations, only a few candidates have not been influenced. Currently the Republicans tend to be slightly more influenced by Big Money and OPENLY support Big Business.

        14. Nope, the media likes you to believe that.
          Check the donor lists. In fact democrats even get a bonus of big unions

        15. What “Media” ? What I mentioned the Media DOES NOT want me to know about. I’m talking about Big money infiltrating politics, the Republicans are most guilty of this and even support this practice Publicly, and the Democrats to a lesser extent are guilty of this as well. Sanders is one of the rare few who speaks out against this, and the “Media” tries to block him out. Stop with the “media” is trying to tell me crap, I know that the “media” tells half truths. This is beyond the two party dichotomy.

        16. No dude a majority of corporate donations(and union donations who are actually the biggest lobbyist) are to Democrats.

        17. LOL Sanders? You do know it was a Democratic group that gave Corporate personhood right?(The whole donation thing)

        18. Corporate Money, FAVORS Republicans, that is no secret. Obviously when an election is coming up they bank on the Republican but will also give some to the Democratic Candidate in order to buy influence. The Republicans OPENLY SUPPORT Big Business and Corporate Interests. When the Democrats are in power then they will support the party they tend to favor the least to continue to buy influence.
          As for Labor Unions OF COURSE they would give to the Democrats as they OPENLY support Unions, there is no argument there.
          Now moving to Bernie Sanders he is the only candidate that Openly speaks against this and is the purest progressive candidate running. Donald Trump speaks openly about money influence in politics as well, as an ACTIVE PLAYER as a Corporate doner himself in the past. However Sanders appeal surpasses that of Trump and Trump has an element of racists and ignorant people who support him and that wont carry him in a national election. However Donald Trump even while leading the rest of the Republicans is still losing currently to all Democratic Candidates.

        19. You’re just giving me emotional responses instead of actually providing proof. If you look at contributions page, Democrats get more corporate donations and a bonus of union donations. Why you ignore this is beyond me.
          Classic race card thrown in for no reason. Essentially Trump is racist for having a different opinion than you, to put it simply.

        20. Read this first then read my latest two responses…it might help you out a bit…

          Its not “emotional” responses, its cold hard facts. Stop “feminizing” my Factual responses because you “disagree with them.” Like I stated before I AGREE that Labor Unions obviously give more to Democrats especially when Democrats OPENLY support Labor Unions…I also AGREED that the Democratic Establishment is also flawed because they are corrupted by Big Corporate Campaign contributions which CONTINUE when a Democrat holds office. This is what Bernie Sanders is Speaking against, and this is why he is gaining momentum with grassroots, getting more people than Donald Trump at his rallies.
          What I wanted to make clear is that on average Big Money and Wall Street interests, support Republicans more than Democrats, and that Republicans OPENLY SUPPORT Big Business and Corporation. This is simply the truth, not “emotion” or whatever that means.
          I stated that there is an element of racists and ignorant people, who support Donald Trump as evidenced by his rallies. Classic “race card” response by you when confronted with certain realities. Obviously its just not race there are various other factors in motion. However I am not concerned because even Biden who is not officially in the race is currently polling higher than Trump who is the Republican front-runner anyway.

        21. Let me make this very simple for you,
          1. You are looking at THIS CYCLE where the Democrats are in power Big Money will influence the Party already in power, however this DOES NOT negate the fact that on average most BIG MONEY Contributors prefer Republicans, especially in the last several decades where the Republicans have essentially become “The Party for the Rich.
          2. Like I stated before The Labor Union donations to the Democratic Party I’m NOT disputing, I agree they contribute to the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party OPENLY supports Labor Unions so Im not sure why you are debating this with me.
          3. Many of the donors on the 2014 list are NOT IDENTIFIED so it does not show a complete picture.
          4. I AGREE BOTH parties have a problem with Big Money Corruption I have stated this already and this is the third time I state this…what I said is that the Republican Party OPENLY supports Wall Street and Corporations. And in GENERAL and when both Parties are competing for the Presidency Big Money will usually put more money towards the Republican Candidate because they openly support Wall Street! However obviously they will not put their money “On ONE HORSE” as they have to make sure they are covered no matter who wins the White House.
          5. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate currently who speaks against Big Money corruption in the Republican Party, which Donald Trump also mentioned when he stated he has BOUGHT HALF of his REPUBLICAN counterparts including Hillary Clinton on the Democratic Side. However Sanders and ALL OTHER DEMOCRATS are BEATING Donald Trump at the polls anyhow.

        22. Prefer? LOL Dude look at the contribution page, holy crap funny seeing you ignore evidence right in your face.
          Also how do you explain the amnesty(cheap money) Politicians? Or operation choke point? lol
          I could mention that a corporation is a legal fiction created by the Government. Or that “socialist policies” benefit the Mega corporations since it provides a protection net against smaller competition.
          I’m talking the receiving end. who got more donations Bush or Obama?
          Nope Bernie Sanders participated into the system, for all we know he’s just another limousine liberal.
          And stop using the term wallstreet which is just the financial district(a majority of the entities they’re are broke and shutting down in masses.)
          Have you even seen his bank account or what? And also look up the definition of corruption, if it’s legal than you can’t call it that?
          So now you’re giving me the popularity argument instead of addressing why you think Trump is racist. *Sighs*
          Interesting to hear your reply.

        23. Read what you posted to me
          “We cross-checked the Open Secrets list of the top 100 individuals donating to outside spending groups in the current election against the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires and found that, as of June 19, there were 22 individuals on the Open Secrets list who were billionaires. Of those 22 billionaires, 13 — or more than half — gave predominantly to liberal groups or groups affiliated with the Democratic Party. The other nine gave predominantly to conservative groups. (A list of billionaires and how much they donated can be found here.)
          Among the liberal-leaning donors are former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and business magnate George Soros. On the conservative side are S. Daniel Abraham, who founded SlimFast, and Vincent McMahon, who owns World Wrestling Entertainment.” LMAOOOOOO
          Classic I point out the emotional attributes to your comment, now it’s “cold hard facts that I can’t deny.”
          Yet the evidence you gave me says otherwise LOL
          Never even explained why he’s racist or why any of his supporters are. You just said it based soley on the fact that they have a different opinion than you. THAT’S an emotional response.
          Cool so a man who’s never had a real job in his life and depended on other people’s generosity(Biden) is more popular than Donald Trump a renowned businessman. LOL

        24. I already saw the page, I mentioned that at I recognized it. I also stated that there are hidden contributions not shown on that page. All in All this is just ONE cycle, the trend has been big money favoring the Republican Party that is why i posted the Fact Check article.
          I have not seen his bank account however Sanders is the candidate who mostly speaks against this corrupt system, whatever your opinion of “socialism” is…which is a negative one based on your previous opinions. Sanders on the other hand does not fall neatly under traditional socialism although there are many similarities. However I can see the confusion from a Republican Party which falsely labels Obama as a socialist or “Communist” when Obama is far from it. Or from a Party where their front runner Trump spewed “birther” rhetoric to appeal to the Tea Party. Or from a party who falsely compares the Democratic Party of today to the Democratic party before the 1960’s, while not also noting that the Republican Party of Lincoln, or Teddy or even Eisenhower is CLEARLY not the Neo-Con Republican Party of today.
          On the Trump issue I never stated that I think he is “racist” while he might or might be is of no consequence. What I did mention was that he has a certain section of supporters who are racists. However it does not matter much because currently Trump polls behind the Democratic Candidates including Biden who is not even officially in the race. He is not a good candidate for the main Presidential Election although he is polling good on the Republican side.

        25. I saw the page and I acknowledged those facts. Yes they contributed more at least from the revealed contributors. Now if you read what I wrote in its entirety i stated that this was ONE Cycle. And that big money will spread the wealth to guarantee their corruption or influence continues. However when there is a major election they have traditionally favored the Republican Candidate, because they openly support Big Business. Is that hard for you to understand?
          Basically even in this cycle you pointed out the Democrats are just “catching up” in the overall race of Big Campaign contributions.
          You are the one who sounds “emotional” because you point to one election cycle, which I have already acknowledged. I am stating OVERALL.
          Donald Trump has made many mistakes in the past appealing to the Tea Party movement and their “Birther statements” as well as other moronic statements by Tea Party nuts. The fact still remains Donald Trump as a Republican Candidate has a low possibility of winning a National Election when he makes polarizing statements especially with todays changing demographic. The Republican Establishment knows this.

        26. This is based on FactCheck for you so you can begin to understand what I’m trying to say since you seem to be having a hard time.
          Also before we begin notice I never denied that Democrats are not corrupted by Big Money since Big Money needs to have multiple “horses in the race.” However on average the Republicans have been the “favorite horse,” do you understand that?
          Anyway I agree BOTH parties are corrupted and this is what Bernie Sanders speaks about and that is why he is generating larger crowds than everyone else including Donald Trump who is polling behind the Democratic Candidates including Biden who is not even officially in the race yet and is currently in third place among the Democratic Candidates. Now moving along.
          1. On the hidden money “These lists aren’t complete due to the disclosure rules protecting donors’ identities. Both sides are spending more of this “dark money” than ever before, said Robert Maguire, a political nonprofit investigator at the Center for Responsive Politics.”
          2. I do acknowledge that THIS cycle on the REVEALED list favors Democrats as I have stated before…”Still, from what we know about this cycle, the Democrats do have significant billionaire backing. The top donor from either party so far this cycle is pro-Democratic — California billionaire Tom Steyer, who has given more than $11 million and has pledged to spend at last $50 million. His group, NextGen Climate, plans to attack Republican candidates in several competitive races on climate change. Some have called Steyer’s initiative a liberal answer to the Koch brothers.”
          3. This is what I mean about CYCLES…Im talking about the overall General Donations…”In other recent election cycles, though, Republicans have had the upper hand.”
          4. Now look at the 2012 Election Cycle and the Republicans have the clear majority..see its more than 1 Cycle. “According to Open Secrets, Republicans had a larger share of the billionaires — and their contributions to outside spending groups — in the 2012 election cycle. Among the top 100 donors in the Open Secrets list, 33 were billionaires, and of those, 14 gave primarily to liberal groups while 19 gave to conservative groups.”
          More info “In addition, the top 100 donors of 2012 gave 41 percent of all the money collected by outside spending groups, and of their donations, 71 percent went to conservative groups.” Here is the same site supporting my info “”
          5. Further information about how in GENERAL Republicans get more BIG MONEY support…”The Republican advantage in 2012 is even more visible in a Forbes list of the top 40 billionaire backers on each side — including more than just those who donated to outside spending groups, such as direct campaign donations or those who fundraise for a candidate. Of those 40, 29 supported conservative groups and candidates, and just 11 supported liberals.”
          6. Further information on how REPUBLICANS GIVE MORE TO NON DISCLOSING GROUPS. Republicans tend to donate to and use non-disclosing groups more than Democrats do, said Center for Responsive Politics spokeswoman Viveca Novak. Conservative political nonprofits spent almost five times as much as liberal ones in 2012, according to Open Secrets data. So far in 2014, they have spent almost twice as much.” Website:
          7. All in All in General the Republican Party supports Big Money however Big Money interests would be wise to also give to the Democrats to push their agenda. I never denied this fact. Bernie is the only candidate to really speak out against this out of the current pool of Candidates.

        27. Bernie is a career politician what makes him any different? Remember Trump said the same thing even pointing to how much he exploited the system.

        28. Its different because Bernie has not taken any Corporate Money to anywhere the levels of the other candidates. Also because he has stayed consistent in his view for decades with a great Voting Record. Meanwhile Donald Trump also speaks about the same Corporate Corruption of our Government that he actually PARTICIPATED in. Bernie has the unique position of being anti-establishment while at the same time having long-term experience while also being more knowledgeable of how the system works and how foreign policy and Geo-politics works.
          I can’t take a man like Trump serious no matter what he says. A man who appealed to the Birther’s by claiming Obama was probably born elsewhere and asking him to produce his Birth Certificate and creating a kindergarten style environment in the Republican Party. Donald Trump doesn’t know the players in the World Stage you ask him a simple question and he calls it a “Gotcha” question because he is ignorant. A man who flip flops his entire life and has a section of White racists supporting him and Conservative Blowhards like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh supporting him.

        29. Dude he’s not worked a real job in his whole life. He’s been into politics = he’ll say anything to get re-elected. Now what does that tell you about his personality?
          Yes Trump is at least honest about his intentions while Bernie is telling you what you want to hear so he can stay in his ivory tower.
          Now you’re using ad hominems if you want to use someone’s pasttalk about Bernie not having a job outside of politics and relying on getting elected to even survive = Career Politicians, the type Trump bought out.
          “Donald Trump doesn’t know the players in the World Stage” the fact that he has a foot hold in New York real estate means he already has enough connections to negotiate global political deals. Nor the fact he already has businesses in said countries. Could you say the same with Bernie(PLEASE ELECT ME OR I’LL DIE) Sanders?
          What “gotcha” questions? You mean the stupid reality show bullshit Megan Kelly asked? People changed their beliefs(I use to be a Communist and a Socialist when I was a little kid), and you’re calling his supporters racist without proof? So me being born to immigrant parents and supporting him is now a racist?(I have an Nigerian name if you haven’t noticed.)
          You’re opinion on Ann Coulter or Limbaugh is not relevant?

        30. You just missed the entire point man..Bernie Sanders has been the rare consistent Politician the last few decades. Yes he has stayed in but he has not flip flopped like Donald Trump on many issues, that’s what makes him rare and authentic…at the same time he does not take Corporate money making him very rare. MOST politicians say what you want to hear to stay in yes you are right, but Bernie has not he has been solid on the issues for decades. Dude you seriously need to read and research much more. That is why he is getting the large 20,000 and 30,000 people crowds. Bernie has said what he has BELIEVED and people are resonating with that and that’s the difference.
          The gotcha questions were simple foreign affairs questioned asked by Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, questions that anyone running for President should brush up on. Again READ carefully, I said a segment of his supporters are racist and if you don’t see that you are blind, and you SHOULD see that. And yes I knew you had a Nigerian name by the way, it doesn’t matter however because what I am stating is the truth. By the way how does it feel knowing that Donald Trump is a “birther” who questioned Obama’s birthplace, don’t you find that odd? If your appearance is full Black Nigerian and you were President the same thing would’ve happened to you by segments of the same voters you are allying yourself with. That’s something for you to ponder over.

        31. Also yes “Career Politicians” the same that Donald bought out…with the EXCEPTION of Bernie Sanders. Think carefully ok let me make it very easy again for you.
          1. Yes MOST Career Politicians say what they want to stay to get elected…and have been bought off by big Corporations.
          2. Bernie Sanders is the RARE Career Politicians who HAS NOT been bought out by big Corporations as an INDEPENDENT Politician with specific views.
          3. That is what makes Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump similar but yet very different BOTH are Anti Establishment and BOTH cant be bought by Corporations. The DIFFERENCE is that Bernie Can’t be bought and not taken any Corporate money. Bernie Sanders has been consistent and is one of the RARE politicians to NOT Flip Flop or say whatever he needs to just to stay elected. Check is voting record. Trump on the other hand cant be bought simply because hes Rich. However he HAS PARTICIPATED in the Corrupt system Bernie Speaks against, doesn’t matter if he is honest doesn’t mean he is right! Also his behavior and tactics is not reflective of what a President should be and he appeals to SEGMENTS of America’s racist population who wouldn’t like YOU because of your Nigerian name…
          I think that is the easiest way I can break it down for you!
          Easy enough for you?

        32. You create a lot of accusations without proof.
          If Bernie doesn’t get elected he will be near poverty, what does that tell you about what he says and not say?
          “President should be and he appeals to SEGMENTS of America’s racist population who wouldn’t like YOU because of your Nigerian name”
          There you go again accusing people of racism without any proof. Because he wants people coming here legally he is now and everyone who supports him is now racist? First the Nobody is entitled to be “nice” to you or nothing would change and we’d still be living in Caves.(Henry Ford said if he listened to his customers we would just have made faster horses)
          Also to note most of the Racism happens in big cities where Democrats voting block comes from FYI. Look at the concentration of hate crimes.
          And I have yet to meet any Trump supporter who even brings up race much yet my name unless calling me.
          Well no, basically because Trump disagrees with you, he’s wrong. That’s what I got from the conversation.

        33. Wow man you are truly lost…obviously its very easy for his policies to be swallowed up by segments of white racists in this country, what part of that don’t you understand? Trump himself is a Birther, he was trying to say Obama WAS BORN SOMEWHERE ELSE. What more do you need man?! You don’t get it do you? These are some of the same people that believe Obama is a Muslim, who is Born in another country, and who is a communist! I’m not talking about ILLEGAL and LEGAL Immigration it is his commentary on groups of people that are inflammatory and incorrect! Trump also appeals to that ignorant and racist segment of the population, you can bury your head in the sand and say the sky is not blue..doesn’t mean you are right!
          I can disagree with someone and respect them, but not Trump.

        34. Donald Trump is attracting White Supremacist, White Nationalists, Ultra Right Wing Conservative Groups. Look at his rally in ALABAMA!! Go there and support in Alabama with white ignorant people as a Nigerian with a Nigerian name…wow you are very lost man.
          Check out this article, these are just some of the MANY Right Wing White Racist Nationalist people in this country who also support Trump alongside you, I wonder what they would think about you Mr Nigeria?

        35. So many strawmans, first he’s against ILLEGAL immigrants, you give me a biased source, and you keep making this a racial issue.
          You’re the lost one here

        36. Its not even about sources man, move around the country and see for yourself. You are a blind man that chooses to see what he sees. Continue with your “strawmans” comments and the such.

        37. No…it doesn’t take much to understand that Donald Trump would attract a segment of Ultra Conservatives to his cause no matter how absurd. The thing is that its not so much a disagreement is that he is all fluff and no substance. Name one detailed plan he has outlined out of his many off the cuff statements. The guy acts like a man child today he insulted other Republicans like a child, and out of all the debates so far I haven’t heard any details. Also the man simply does not know foreign policy and the specifics. It doesn’t take much to realize this, unless you are one of his blind supporters.

        38. Guilt by association.
          Haven’t you heard any of his speeches? Because by asking that one can assume you don’t know anything about it. You’re simply demonizing him because he disagrees with you.
          He outlined foreign policy in his past speeches wtf?

        39. Yes I heard his speeches they lack substance I also watched both Republican Debates last night. He also lacked substance and came off looking like a juvenile brat insulting people on their appearances, while not detailing any of his plans.
          I disagree with other Republican Candidates but they argued their points better and at least laid out some type of plan. Just because you refuse to open your eyes and realize the truth is not my problem lol.

        40. First of all, if you go to many Conservative and Fox News Websites you see a lot of this ignorance displayed don’t just take my word for it…since you choose to look the other way. AND This just in just for you!! At around 7pm TODAY September 17, 2015…at a Trump Rally, (I knew it was just a matter of time) Someone accused Obama as being a foreigner and a Muslim…and Trump did not correct the man! Trump is also a Birther himself. John McCain had the same situation happen to him back in 2008 when a Woman accused Obama of being an Arab and at least John McCain had the sense of correcting him. If you were running for president and you were born here with YOUR Nigerian Name you would face the same criticism…but keep sticking your head in the sand, its not my fault.

        41. lol yet you can’t refute my “opinion”, unless you were blind you would have easily seen this at the debates (making faces, calling people names, and not offering detailed explanations on his plans…sounds pretty juvenile/brat to me and most of the world) Also Trump is a “Birther” as well as the majority of his supporters (based on the latest poll), that alone is enough to end of the conversation.

        42. LMAO!!! It’s called a poll, legitimized by Fox News Forums and that ignorant question at his last rally. Good Job! I’m done here.

        43. Fox news isn’t even conservative considering that they use the same tactis as CNN. But yes enjoy your defeatism

        44. An opinion is an opinion.
          Why do you even care about his beliefs on Obama’s birth certificate? WTF?

    1. Not just morally justified. Equality is far more than morally justified according to current discourse in the western world. It’s not justified, it’s obligatory.
      I have likened progressivism to a religion rather than an ideology before, and will continue to do so. You see, for a culturally relativist set of beliefs it is very much morally absolute. It believes that there is an ‘objective moral good’ in equality of outcome and ‘helping’ those who refuse to help themselves. Unfortunately, this moral absolutism brings with it the same hatred and intolerance of differing world views that you find among religious fanatics. After all, those who oppose this ‘objective absolute good’ of equality and social justice are objective obstacles to progress and need to be dealt with by any means necessary.
      We don’t just live in a world of inane ideologues. We live in a world of dangerous cultists.

      1. I agree. I believe the reason Leftists are generally hostile towards religions is because, well, aren’t most religions hostile towards their competitors?

        1. Exactly. That’s why you see these religions battle about issues like gay marriage, drug use and abortion. They have opposite views on these issues, and they both believe that only they know the objective path to salvation (and by now, the progressive path to salvation is as abstract as the religious path to salvation).

        2. I read a very interesting Psychology article awhile back, which basically talked about how those things really boil down to two opposed mating strategies–monogamy and promiscuity. Gay marriage, drug use, and abortion are all just symbols of promiscuity. Hence why some oppose while others support. I think for social liberals and conservatives, there’s probably some truth in that.

      2. The irony here is that I’m sure if you asked the average progressive he would tell you that truth is subjective.
        Now if you are arguing that it is indeed subjective then nothing you or I say matters because what’s true for you may not be for me.
        If however there is objective truth then logically no two differing assertions can both be correct.
        You seem averse to the fact that someone or some group/religion etc dares tell you that there is an objective truth.

        1. “The irony here is that I’m sure if you asked the average progressive he would tell you that truth is subjective.”
          Certainly not. As I tried to make clear in my original post, mainstream progressivism holds that there is an objective end (a utopia, a place where people of all races and creeds live together in equality and prosperity). To that end, there are certain and specific means (political means, but also cultural means). Those means are also objective, because they are believed to be the only road to the utopia that progressivism believes in. They might state, from a philosophical point of view, that ‘truth is subjective’, but their ideas on philosophical issues are beside the point. The point is that these people have a practical moral framework (‘how to get to the ultimate society’) which resembles a religion.
          “You seem averse to the fact that someone or some group/religion etc dares tell you that there is an objective truth.”
          Certainly not. But I am averse to progressivism because of its moral absolutism, by which I mean its belief that there is supposedly only one road to salvation and whoever stands in the way of the political policies needed for that needs to be dealt with by any means necessary.

        2. I’m sure that most of us here know that their utopian idealism and material salvation is nothing more than feel good pablum for useful idiots.
          This “utopia” would be nothing less than complete hell on earth. Anyone with functioning brain cells can see that. But you cannot tell that to them or reason with them in any way. It is a fool’s errand. Which is why I suppose they make such easy pawns for an elite agenda which is completely beyond their grasp to fathom.
          I have no desire to change or convert their idealism. They are creatures I do not find any similarity or common ground with….just hivemind insects that deserve the hell they clamor for.
          This gay earth is fucked and I want to make sure these brain dead materialists taste every bit of the shit storm that is coming. I take heart in knowing even then it will be the best they ever experience. In fact I hope they live long lives of total suffering and human indignation under that total oppression.
          I know I won’t be here for it and I’m smart enough not to waste my seed bringing children into this faggot fest.

        3. “I’m sure that most of us here know that their utopian idealism and material salvation is nothing more than feel good pablum for useful idiots.”
          We do, but the general public does not. The general public is swayed mainly by social events – important community leaders taking sides, or people around them embracing a new value or general discourse. Maybe our ultimate problem was that we tried to ‘democratize’ our societies and therefore gave power to whoever appealed to the lowest common denominator. We really are, nowadays, a society standing in a bucket and trying to lift itself up by the bucket’s handle.

        4. I agree about democracy really being an idiocracy. Perhaps in a homogenous society it would work better. Like if we were all Spartans or all Athenians then maybe. In our current times however it’s just a buzzword for Marxism.

    2. The think tanks really earned their pay on making sure the generation that had the most stacked against it was too wrecked to do anything about it.
      While there is much I can say about millenials, I cannot speak much for Generation X, the generation that never had the power to stop this, but was too busy chasing dollars and dumb ideas to notice the enemy working in the background.
      Millenials are a mixed bag IMO. I’ve seen the best and worst of them.

    3. All the old people, especially babyboomers holding onto the money and power and the old 20th Century ways….
      There was a great chance in the late 90s to curtail the 20th Century bureaucracies, but hey… you give a select few a bit of power and it just goes to their heads…. now we are into Big Brother style socialism as they cling to power…
      The good news is that the collapse of socialism has started… give it another few years… the welfare state and the sprawling mess of Govt. will collapse….

    4. Millenials? Yesterday’s news. We need a article on generation T(oast). Gen T is anyone born after the 08 meltdown…

    1. Let’s take advantage of young men instead of being the role models who make this country better. Fuck you old man. I come here to learn from you guys not to hear this bullshit. Great job.

        1. Na I was just surprised. Pardon my emotional outburst. If older men want to compete rather than work together then I will make it my mission to do so as well.

        2. I don’t think competition and teamwork are mutually exclusive. They actually supplement each other rather well. But one does need to listen to other team members. This is the biggest part of the learning process and it’s a issue that the Millienials (I’m one of em) seem to completely fail with. It’s authority. We don’t listen enough. Men of era’s past, until they reached old age themselves were constantly being berated by Priests, Officer’s, Generals, Business Owners, Professors, foremen. We were happy to be assistants to men who were good at what they did. Ever if they were the biggest assholes on Earth. I’m sure if one looked hard enough, you would find that every great Soldier, Engineer, Artist, Sculptor, Entrepreneur etc had a mentor. In the majority of those cases, I doubt the mentor was a soft spoken, do your best, pat on your back kind of guy.

        3. Well this jon is no mentor. He is a self righteous vulture. This was my point… when there are mentors on here like quintus and jefferson’s ghost this guy brings me great disappointment.

        4. I don’t think older gents – want – to be competitive. I find the ones that aren’t forced to be competitive are more than willing to help out. It’s finding a good mentor that’s the trick.

        5. The fact that your here posting, at this site, and read guys like Quintus and Jeffs automatically eliminates you from the people I believe that Jon is poking fun at. But keep reading and listening, I know I am.

        6. I’m a GenXer and I can tell you that every boss or authority figure I had basically blurted out commands like an asshole, in an aggressive, mean tone of voice, but I had thick enough skin to not talk back, and do what they suggested, whether I agreed, or liked it or not. It was not open for debate, it was a fuckin command, period.
          Bosses aren’t even permitted to do that now, so thus, the breach in direct, informative communication has created massive inefficiencies that are offsetting the value of technology somewhat in daily living, technologies we never had. Emotions are pandered to, and shit like “sensitivity” training and “sexual harassment” training have been indoctrinated to supplicate to emotions, not logic. In fact, if you’re too practical in today’s workplace, or social sphere, you will be shunned and fired, an exact flip flop of just 20-30 years ago.
          I think the “team member” mentality, which has been stuffed down kids throats in college, etc, has been contorted into less of a democratic ruling for resolving problems, and more of a crutch for everyone to have a voice, when there is no time for each voice to be heard. It’s like the kids who lose a ball game and the losers get trophies and awards. If no one’s a loser, then where’s the incentive to try harder? There isn’t one.

        7. Emotions are pandered to, and shit like “sensitivity” training and “sexual harassment” training have been indoctrinated to supplicate to emotions, not logic.

          Yep. Thank women for that shit. Didn’t exist until they came into the workforce and demanded that it be feminized.

        8. Let’s be honest, you’re a millennial and you’re a bit butthurt, right? Don’t take it so personal. The truth is, the overwhelming majority of millennials are subservient pussies. They’re having their children’s future labor sold to the Chinese and Russians so boomers and ghetto whores can have an easy lifestyle. All in the name of “progress,” and millennials aren’t fighting mad about it. Why? It’s your future, and it’s utterly doomed. Progress…. hmm…. where have I heard that before?

        9. As a millennial I definitely have some of these negative traits (although I’m quite certain I am not the worst of them).
          A big problem for me is not that I am not hard-working but rather that I don’t know what is worth working for. I don’t know what is worth my full investment.
          Every institution appears corrupt. So much of the citizenry are touchy-feely-sensitive and moronic. The women are depressing if you deal with them in any depth other than sex.
          What am I missing?
          My current plan is to leave the west for a while and live for myself… Work abroad, save money, and continue to educate myself… I just don’t see the point in investing in my city, setting up shop, and getting legally bound up in things (i.e., real-estate, family, etc.).

        10. And there you go. You see I cannot find myself able to fully fault millenials.
          I come from an old family. I’m young enough not to be a baby boomer, but I had uncles who were in WWII.
          And I can say I have seen a very wide spectrum.
          And what I have seen is this: I see older people work themselves to death for nothing – making someone else rich and proud to call that a work ethic. Wrecking their own lives and dreams for “a steady paycheck”.
          And I see young people not wanting to work for anything, wanting everything to be pointy clicky mouse/touchpad all done and onto the next gratification with all the trimmings of entitlement.
          What a mess.
          In between, my generation. And mine is the generation that got to watch the older people put on a nametag or uniform and act the “role” and ask “what the fuck you are just a worker like everybody else?”. We get to watch the younger people look at growing tyranny as the west goes down the tube and wonder “What the fuck don’t you know this shit ends in camps and gulags?”
          The baby boomers sold out early. The hippies became the cops and most of the guys at the anti-war rallies were there because they wanted to get laid. Everything they stood for amounted to nothing but shit. Proof? Look at the west now.
          The millenials have nothing to sell. Ohhh they got hashtags! Look out everybody! The millenials got their hashtag campaigns as giving a fuck comes and goes as easily with them as the next image to look at on Tinder or what the fuck ever.
          I get the same results arguing with baby boomers and millenials: an urge to steal a lifeboat and leave all you motherfuckers behind for the sharks.
          But your comment is indeed valid. And I cannot fault the “kids”. We’ve made everything a kid can do these days illegal. When I was 12 I had my first boat and used to go out alone on the harbor with it. Try that now. That’s just one example. I can list shit all day. So everything a young man would want to do is illegal, and everything that is not illegal has a high liability. A family? Hah! That rug can get pulled from under you, no fault divorce, the works. Career? Hello outsourcing have you met unemployment yet?
          The millenials are bearing the brunt of everything that Gen Xers were starting to warn about in the late 1990s. Nobody listened. The baby boomers were too busy having fun and there were not enough Gen Xers in the first place to keep from getting outvoted on everything. You see Gen X had to deal with their boomer gatekeepers, meaning if you didn’t tow their left-leaning kumbaya line, you didn’t do well in college. My first real taste of misandry in the workplace came from a woman who was a baby boomer – they watched their Oprah and the Donahue and O’Reilly and took it all as marching orders. A Gen Xer either stood up and got steamrolled or he towed the line and got.. somewhere…
          I remember in the late 90s there was some reality TV shit on MTV – this was back when they occasionally had videos – but anyway, there was some reunion of the cast of these previous shows (Real World was it? I was overseas when it was in its heyday) and they were all getting on some dude’s case because he was not being sad enough over some gay guy who was sick or something and he basically just ended up telling everybody to fuck off and stormed out. And the women in the place were all like how it’s so wrong not to be sad with everybody else. I remark this because that’s what Generation X was like. Yeah the women went to shit first. The late 90s was women watching Oprah and going to Titanic “Cry Parties” (over the movie, not the actual ship), getting married and getting fat and expecting to be “accepted the way they were” while taking life lessons from Oprah who got rich on making women comfortable with their fear of men.
          And if a fellow started to notice this “system” of thought control being put in place, he was an outcast. A conspiracy theorist. A kook. “The Matrix” was in theaters in 1999 and it hit a nerve, and that had come out after “Office Space” which was also, per the wisdom of Mike Judge, very indicative. The Matrix was so toxic to the system they tried to blame it for Columbine.
          I don’t know what the end game is for millenials. Based on what I have seen from some of the socialists I like to argue with (and have an easy time at) I think the long term plan is for that entire generation of kids raised to think they were entitled to things and complaining about everything to finally have the outlet for their rage: to don a red uniform and “save” themselves from evil. Note in the SJWs how susceptible they are to the rhetoric and from what I have thrust before me by actual party member socialists, they do have it in their plans to woo the millenials by playing to their discontent.

        11. That’s understandable for sure. Believe me as a GenXer I got burnt bad during the “full investment” stage while in “the trades.” Many post here about the stability of tradesmanship, and while it kept me from starving, the feeling of gaining traction finally then having it yanked away was traumatizing as fuck post 9/11. 8 years later the recession and bubble economics took another swing that bit me pretty hard as well. I thought I’d be insulating my life going back to school only to graduate with early milennials and compete for the same shit they’re dealing with. Timing is everything I’ve learned, so whatever you find worth investing in, when and if you do, time it well, with a strong eye on the future developments of the world. That’s my best advice.

        12. But..what about the stwong & indeependent wimminz? Look how these stwong, indeependent wimmin’ are able to to hold their own with vulgar masculine men.. *cough cough*

        13. I share a lot of your experiences and insights. I too feel sort of between boomers and Gen-X. I was born just before Armstrong landed on the moon. Today I see the helicopter parent, fear victim culture and how it cocoons kids and I feel bad for them. I make a point of creating “controlled risk” situations for my own kids and their friends to experience, because kids are essentially not allowed to do it on their own anymore.
          Like you, as a youngster I would have been off sailing across the harbour at 10 years old with some friends. Trusted by adults to fuck off for a few hours and leave them to their own activities. If I did that now some juiced up cop would “rescue” my child for me, report me to child services, charge me with neglect and then hand me what was left of my kids boat after he fucked it all up “rescuing” it.

        14. Only the strongest roots of the tree grow through the concrete. Your only saving grace growing up in these recent generations is your ability to zoom out and evaluate the big picture. Realize that it’s quite literally all bull shit around you. Don’t believe everything you hear. Especially the hype. I like to run little experiments in everything I do. These little social experiments have taught me so much about how people are. its all about trying shut out to see if it’s acutally true or just one or two anomalies

      1. Virtus, I am going to take you at your word here that you aren’t a troll or “feminist in sheep skin” as uncledick said (though I totally understand why he did) and take this time to try to be, as you said you hoped people would, a role model.
        Let me start by saying that if you are here (or really anywhere) to learn, and I mean really learn (and digest and decide for yourself what is worth retaining) than good for you on having a head start.
        Next, don’t be so quick to dismiss someone saying “get off my lawn.” Think about what this is. To grown men, to obtain a “lawn” or a domain, whether it be property, sense of self or whatever it is, one more than has a right, but a duty to protect it. I will not feel old or dated in the slightest when someone with no concept of selfhood, manhood, property or dignity tries to come onto my “lawn” and I tell them to get off. I’ve worked hard and sacrificed much for what is mine (my pride, my property, my career, my physique) and if I tell you to get off my lawn then you better get moving because the second time I won’t tell you, I will physically remove you.
        Finally, I want to point out where you went wrong in your emotional outburst (I only say emotional because, below, you called it that way as well). 1) Reacting with immediate emotion and not just with a quick thought but making the effort, no matter how slight, to lash out before thinking is an incredibly female (not feminine) quality. It is the reason that a woman’s words have no meaning, no gravity.
        What they say isn’t rooted in logic and reason, it is just an emotional outburst like crying children, like what you said.”this reads get off my lawn” without considering whether you were right or not…just based on emotion.
        Lastly 2) Reading an article about the millennials, about the zeitgeist of a generation, and instantly taking it as a personal attack shows a lack of ability to think in broad strokes, to understand the fundamental concept of large scale social thought. The article you have commented on wasn’t called “Virtus Veritas exemplifies the age of all equal, all useless”
        Again, this is the female mindset which, if you were born anywhere in the west and are under 70 was probably fed to you. This idea that it is always about you. The article was an accurate and intelligent comment about people who, ostensibly, are part of your generation and like a woman you thought “This is about me. It is always about me. Me Me Me…I am Me!”
        You actually prove the point of the article. If it is about your generation en masse it is about you as an individual is what your response screams. All Equal. All Useless. The author makes a scathing critique about the herd and you instantly internalize it. Not “I see what you are saying I am striving to rise above” but rather “An attack on them is an attack on me” which is the very point of the article and the very problem with men and masculinity in your generation.
        You have, with your comments, put a flag in the ground and said “I am not a man, I am not an individual, I am a tautologically conscious member of a herd who can’t possibly understand what it means to be greater or less than other people because there is no such thing as individuality” while at the same time saying “i refuse to make a coherent and respectful argument for what i believe in when i disagree with something, i am just going to cry and pout like an infant.”
        I say all of this because you explicitly claimed you were looking for role models. As many men here will tell you, role models have a way of pointing out your flaws so you can correct them, not telling you how great you are so you feel fuzzy and warm.

        1. Kinda off topic but where did the “get off my lawn” phrase even come from? That’s a pretty terrible example of an older person getting pissed off over nothing.
          If anybody were to look out at their lawn and see a bunch of random, douche children running around on their property like chickens with their heads cut off, I would think being pissed off would be a normal response.

        2. Everyone has much to learn, young and old. Sometimes learning means swallowing hard truths about ourselves. If we don’t see our flaws. It kind of sucks and at one point or another in my life, at least briefly, I’ve hated all my mentors.

        3. And yet here you oldfags are, judging collectively, and absolutely refusing to take the blame for you policies and legislation. The economy you fucks wrecked. Of course it’s all the millennials, you know, the most paleoconservative and libertarian generation to fucking date. But you know, millennials are just lazy and entitled. That’s why so many are involved in start ups and running their own businesses instead of working an easy 9-5 that really only takes about two hours of real work. That’s why a millennial will invest their entire being into their passion or idea, 24/7, right? Because millennials are lazy and entitled. Fuck you, oldfag. When you old fucks speak of an entire generation, the greatest generation, in broad, demeaning strokes, of course some are going to get angry. If the old fuck who wrote this bullshit spewed it to my face I would’ve broken his jaw to teach that faggot a lesson. Fucking faggot.

    2. it does, but it’s still right about most young people in america
      poor childhood discipline and lack of emotion control leads to liberal failures as adults

  2. Agree. Also it’s great to see a David Foster Wallace quote here. He and Patrice O’Neal are the two people I’m saddest that we’ve lost in the past few years.

  3. i’m in my mid 20s, is that millennial in america?
    I’ll tell you what the problem is: shitty education and social systems pump kids full of self-esteem and very little else, thats why you got a population full of idiots who care more about feeling or believing in the “right things”
    insecurity fuels competition and competition bears success. Anybody who starts pitying victims or complaining about inequality is a faggot and should be disregarded as such

    1. K-12: Self-esteem workshop and little else. You’re right. I actually like your post even though you’re a millenial. Heh.

  4. I cringe when I read this. I was definitely one of the “self-rightous, ill-mannered pricks.” I nasty alcohol and drug addiction brought me to my knees and forced me to get real. I’ve been slowly shedding the skin of my former self with each passing day but it isn’t always easy.
    With the help of 12 step programs where there is lots of positive male influence and the manosphere I have been able to see the light and drive towards it.

    1. keep at it bud, if you’re not lifting weights or having a physical hobby find one and it’ll help

      1. Yeah Mr. Biggs. Learn fundamental barbell training from Rippetoe. IF you’re not working out, you need to.

  5. Speaking of ironic, in college a lot of professors complain about how lazy their students are. I had to really bite my tongue and not say something like “I thought you wanted that since, you know they will be the future democrats.”
    and oh yes these hipsters are everywhere, even in once traditionally conservative christian clubs.

  6. It was all planned before we (millennial’s) were even born. We are a grand social experiment never before seen in history which has turned out far better than our masters ever could have dreamed. But a nightmare for us as the guinea pigs in this melting pot we call “Western Society”.

  7. I have seen this in British millennials also, especially whilst at university. Our higher education systems are vile hives of leftist group think, but I am still thankful they aren’t as bad as the horror stories I read from the US.
    The attitude is a very odd mixture of all are equal and special yet everything is up for being torn down (so long as it is politically correct to do so). What is most important to them is ‘intentions’, even if they are full of crap.

  8. I’m no futurist but I do think the next generation has something to offer. In Europe. Millenials do rally to nationalist causes, and after amnesty Obama’s support from them has shown to wane. Even so, I do think the next batch of kids ( with the presence of the alt right and manosphere in particular) can be used to turn the tide.
    Since I can only imagine that the docile and irony loving elders would only embitter the young ones against marxism.
    While I am a millenial, it did with me after reading the manosphere.

  9. Incompetence in the service sector has notably increased. Company owners and managers I’ve spoken to confirm my observations. Call offs, constant mistakes, pissing, moaning, employee turnover, cognitive failure, undriven to succeed at menial positions..etc, have become the norm. And don’t get me started on millennials in healthcare… well at least they’re in a position to literally kill the boomers that created them. It also adversely effects those willing to exceed expectations at work because they often get lumped in with the shitty millennials and overlooked for promotions from management’s perspective. It’s cancerous.
    Naturally there’s good and bad, but the bad is winning in their generation, while society pays the toll. The squandering of technology to mold to them as a market, because they can still consume in mass, has also set back the nation. How many apps are really used to make living better rather than detract from focus on important life goals? Most I’d say, and they’re addicted. How many generations of parents think they can “attempt” to raise kids in divided families and non-traditional households and just check out of life for retirement? Think again.
    Adults that raised these kids, and the institutions that bred them tried the quantity-over-quality-of-life plan, and it’s failing miserably. Now idle minds with no jobs and student debt turn to outlets like feminism and SJWism to place the blame of the misunderstandings of their parents on everyone, combined with the selfishness of the Boomer generation projected upon them. Of course they were raised to believe these concepts, so in that respect, I can’t place blame individually on them entirely, as they actually don’t know any better. Yet, I don’t see and undoing down the road. Each generation has the puzzle of life to figure out, and hindsight’s 20/20, but there has never been more at stake than there is with Milennials, I hope to God they figure it out as it will have a permanent influence on everyone alive if society goes on not applying the laws of attrition to them before they enter middle-aged adulthood.

    1. “Call offs, constant mistakes, pissing, moaning, employee turnover, cognitive failure, undriven to succeed at menial positions”
      You get what you pay for.

      1. Inflation adjusted, bottom pay entry level work is equivalent to what it was 20 years ago, maybe better. Cost of living wise, it might be a bit more expensive now however. But attitude wise, the change is unmistakable.

  10. I like millennials but they need to stop blaming the old folks for all their troubles. It ain’t all the boomer’s fault. Adversity strikes most people. You must stop all the whining.

    1. By far the most useful thing, at least amongst the simple stuff, millennials can do; is to, with a fairly unified voice, tell the boomers that the national debt those guys left them with, is something they have absolutely no responsibility for paying on whatsoever.
      That they will always and forever, until the day they die, vote for the guy that champions default over the guy that champions repayment austerity or printing, regardless of other differences between the candidates.
      That if the boomers didn’t save up for their retirement, instead expecting millennials to pay for them, millennials will literally walk over their hollow eyed starving corpses before working one extra minute to pay for them.
      That’s 101, and a good start. If the millennials are so indoctrinated and pathetic they can’t even do that, thank goodness they’re outbred 6 to 1 by Muslims. The sooner this shithole gets sacked and overrun by better people, the better.

      1. First, tax rates are considerably lower now than when the boomers were your age, so if you actually have a job then you pay less than they did. In 1970, the top tax rate was 75%. Now it’s about 40. Second, no candidate who isn’t residing in a mental institution will favor default. It’s not going to happen. Third, all the boomers will be dead about 2040 (that should make you happy) and the social security system will be fine until then and probably longer.
        The national debt is not why millinneals have so much trouble. 1) Ross Perot was right about Free Trade; it only makes the owners rich, not the people. Look at the huge transfer of wealth since 1990 to China and the loss of our manufacturing base. 2) The great recession, caused by Bush’s lax credit policies and maybe because of all the focus on Iraq.
        I suppose if you must avoid paying into the Social Security system, you could work under the table, which would really be not too smart.

        1. “First, tax rates are considerably lower now than when the boomers were your age”
          And still, the idiots couldn’t figure a way to save the money!
          The legacy the boomers left, includes BOTH a massive “public” debt, AND a gigantic, oppressive government. Just so that a ( unusually large, hence powerful in lynchmobocracies) bunch of educated waaaay beyond their meager brains ability to keep up self promoters, could preen around playing fashionably socialist while living like landed gentry. On their children’s and grandchildren s tab.
          But, the upside is, since there is no positive value to any of it, there is conversely no harm in simply dynamiting it all. Which is what the Millennials ought to be doing.
          Default outright and hard and without even bothering to, boomer style, ask a hundred lawyers and “experts” to babble on about “both sides” on TV first. Just do it. Then, noone will ever lend governments money again. Problem of indebtedness solved.
          Cut taxes to nothing. Government has no business spying on you. Hence no business knowing how much you make nor spend. hence no way of taxing activity. Tax land ownership, which ain’t moving anywhere, if they must. Tarrifs is another way, which should make you happy wrt fear of cheap Ipods. Since about the only half justifiable activity of the Federal Government involves controlling borders and what/who crosses it, adding a few percent markup to fund general activity doesn’t really introduce any new distortions. At least not even close to what’s brought about by reporting every move you make and everything you own to Leviathan, so that he can decide how much of it he takes, and how much he’ll let you keep for another year.
          As debts go, if your personal signature is on the bottom of the loan document, you MAY just have some sort of responsibility for making at least a half assed effort to pay on it. But if your signature is NOT? Gimme a effing break?!

        2. And, social security was a Ponzi as conceived. From the get-go. You pay money now. Someone else pay for you later. BUT, when you paid money “in”, you didn’t pay the guy who later was supposed to pay for you. You just handed your money to the slickest talker on TV/Radio. So that he could either fly to Europe and bang french Whores, or pay someone else to fly to Europe and bomb German ones. That’s it. All of it. There is nothing more. You got suckered by a sleazebag. And now you want to use that as an excuse to sacrifice your kids to the sleazeball as well. None of whet you ever “Paid In” ever went to the guys you expect to now pay for you in retirement. Not one bloody penny.
          Now, the hucksters with the whores and bombs, wants to sucker another generation into the same trap. They pay “in” (really paying for you. At gunpoint), so they will beg the hucksters to point their guns at their children later on down the line. Since they were good slaves and “paid in”, so the next generation should blooody well be a slave too…..
          In the end, the only people benefiting from the idiocy, are the sleazeballs with the guns, who gets to skim off the top while pitting one generation against another. Just like they pit men against women, “White Trash” against “Niggers,” and both against “Gooks” for “taking their jobs.” And the well indoctrinated dimbulbs fall for it every time…. Like ever predictable, worthless sheeple.
          What the millennials should do, as I said above, is simply dynamite all of it. None of it has any value. None of it is worth saving even tiny pieces of. It’s all just shit anyway, so just blow it the heck up and mover on to something better. Do sometime useful for a change. Instead of playing video games and pretending any part of the world they are left with is somehow worth preserving. Or, even possible to preserve, in the face of an ever more potent onslaught, from infinitely more well adapted cultures of better men, beating down their feeble doors.

        3. if the tax rate is so relevant why is inequality the worst in history and there is no more middle class compared to your fabled 1970

        4. I hate arguments from supposed authority, or lack thereof, as much as the next sane guy… But posting articles from a gender studies professor, on ROK, as either authoritative or enlightening information, is hardly likely to lend you much credibility….
          “Susan Feiner is a professor of economics and women and gender studies at the University of Southern Maine.”
          But more topically: She regurgitates the oft repeated (by Kugman and acolytes) notion that because the Government can roll over debt, carrying it is harmless. But the problem is the debt was used for something. And that somethig was to allow government to grow faster than it otherwise could. If you make $10 and borrow $10, you can spend $20, not $10. Next year, you may be able to make $10, borrow another $10 to keep the cardhouse going, which by now requires $20in spending. Then you’ll owe $20. Te year after $30, then $40…….
          At some point, all you’ll be able to do is roll the debt over, not grow it anymore. At which point, you’ll be stuck spending only $10. While the govermet you’ve built requires $20 to run. So then comes the inevitable calls to raise taxes. On Milennials and those after them. It’s inevitable. If boomers spend more than they make, someone, at some point, will have to spend less than they make. There are no free lunches.
          The Fed is trying to extend the growth phase, by making it ever cheaper to roll over existing debt, but when that hits 0 (About now), or goes negative (Japan anno now), money WILL be squeezed out of those still around with something left for the squeezing. Just like in Japan today, where people have had their dollar denominated wealth cut in half in a year or less. Just to pay back debt taken on to build bridges to nowhere because some Krugmanite idiot thought spending a trillion on hiring a million people to build bridges to nowhere, was somehow superior to let them find their own jobs; or not.
          The only way to avoid this “financial repression”, is to simply say clearly that you will not pay any of it back. Done. Those stupid enough to arrange their lives to be dependent on unsustaibnable government, ends up paying for their folly. Those not, simply notice that the prices of virtually everything drops by an order of magnitude (as it’s being dumped on the market by the above who cannot afford it anymore), so they can upgrade their lifestyle quite handsomely, even with no change in nominal income.
          The only time taking on government debt can resemble a “free lunch”, is when that which the debt is taken on for, to such an extent increases the country’s economic output, that the added size of the economy can more than pay down the debt. That just may have been the case with some of the New Deal programs, as they were done with unusually cheap and abundant labor. And it may have been the case with the Highway system. But keynesian prop-up-the-banksters-and-real-estate-in-political-class-neighborhoods nonsense as practiced today? It’s not even in the general ballpark

        5. Sorry about the source, But she is in the majority opinion about this. Government isn’t a business or an individual. It must finance huge projects. I agree in paying it down but 3% of GDP isn’t affecting much, the economy is strong. Only banana republics don’t finance projects. No point arguing. I believe economists actually know what they are talking about, generally. Keynesian economics makes a lot of sense. Saved the country from the Great Depression and the great Recession. You want to go back to the 19th Century. Good thing nobody in DC is listening.

        6. The top tax rate/low tax rate thing is completely meaningless. You completely ignore thresholds, exemptions, countless other things in the tax code. As far as tax goes, the only thing that matters is your effective tax rate, which hasn’t dramatically changed since the 70s.

    2. I agree. I had one tell me that I was the reason he could never retire. Me. Never mind that he wouldn’t go to college, get a job, only play video games all day. I think his problem was that some day I’ll get my SS that I’ve been paying into forever. Compounding interest would make him a millionaire if he would start saving now.

  11. While I sympathise with the millenials on how the baby boomers wrecked and destroyed their future, I still detest and hate millenials just as much as the baby boomers.
    Why? Well simply put, their liberal bigotry along with their low standard, lack in morals and degenerate lifestyle, makes me sick.
    The sight of seeing hipsters with their skinny jeans, tattoos, beards, eyes always on smartphones and their bizarre obsession of loving zombies and listening non-stop to edm, makes make want to vomit.
    They are the most lost generation I have ever come across and just like the feminists, I choose to stay away from the millenials and their daily activity such as Facebook and Twitter, pointless political protests and other bullshit they create.
    Not all millenials are bad, some of the wisest people I have ever met, are millenials. But nonetheless, I am disgusted by today’s generation of kids.

    1. They are the most pc generation ever, and so they vote for the policies that have created the country they live in. They have what they voted for.

    2. So glad I’m not the only one to spot the zombie obsession. That and dinosaurs.
      Not proper palaeontologist type obsession, just drawings and cartoons, obviously.

    3. The wisest ones are far few. Hiding away and pretending to fit in or just hanging out by themselves.

  12. I thank the stupidity of my generation to warming me up to the red pill. The trouble is finding like minded friends.

  13. Dismissing millenials as useless is just as dangerous as dismissing women as dimwits; neither assertion is true. Older generations really tend to over-value skills that were of use in their era while underestimating the value of new types of skills that are useful today.
    I see this where I work all the time: The old farts are busy asking their secretaries to print their emails while the millennials have 100x the productivity because their email is synched across 10 devices and they’ve got response macros, form letters, automatic folder classification, etc. Yet the old farts think they’re the cream of the crop because they can work a rotary dial phone.
    Obviously it’s quite useful in today’s day and age to be able to do something like work on a car, but in all honesty, unless we’re heading to a Mad Max future (I don’t think we are), it’s not that useful as cars are, adjusted for inflation, really cheap and commoditized, as compared to the 1950s. Why bother learning to fix a car when learning how to program and self-promote on the Web is just as good? One saves you money, the other earns you money. How many non-millennials understand how people are making bank on Youtube with prank videos or Instagram with slutty pics ? None.
    Everything gets commoditized over time. Why isn’t anyone lamenting the lack of cobblers or leather tanners today? Because it’s just damn easier to go to Target and buy a decent pair of shoes for $50 and a belt for $20. But if you went back to the medieval ages, found a tanner and a cobbler, and brought those guys into 2014, they’d be saying how “kids are useless” because they can’t make belts and shoes.
    As the new generation can learn from the old, the old can learn from the new. An older person who eschews a fax machine because he finally learned how to use a computer from his millennial son is made a better man. The “Get off my lawn” crowd really needs to relax with the millennial hate, because the cream of the crop of any generation will rise to the top regardless of how much the deck is stacked against them, and those kids will solve most if not all of the problems the boomers have left them to inherit.
    FYI I’m not a millenial.

      1. Fucking exactly. All my cheap from-China leather goods suck ass. I’d gladly pay twice as much to a guy I know for a product that isn’t shit.
        Convenience isn’t convenience when your cheap shit isn’t reliable. A tool that breaks is no tool at all.

        1. Yup. I’ll take my British made Brooks trail shoes over no name mass produced Chinese brand any day. Craftsmanship & toolmanship is vastly underrated.

        2. Unless you become a world class cobbler, it’s a waste of time.
          And you can buy a $500 pair of shoes that lasts 10 years if you like.
          Either way, you’ll probably be better off buying shoes than going to school, taking an apprenticeship for a year or so, and then developing your own practice to make shoes for yourself. Unless making shoes is actually going to be your profession, you’re better off putting your time into your profession.

        3. The internet is a wonderful antidote to the domination of cheap crap sold at brick and mortar, big box retail stores. It takes a lot of time to investigate and find quality products. Plus they usually cost more. I would rather pay $115 for a pair of pants that will last 10 years than Dockers that will waste away before your eyes.
          There seem to be more and more websites that help in finding quality, locally produced goods.
          For years I had to keep replacing my toilet seat at least once a year. Cracking, breaking, splitting….. so I went to a big box and bought the most expensive wood one they had. Turned out to be particle board (glued sawdust) and it fell apart.
          Finally found a solid bamboo one that has lasted three years, needs to be oiled though.
          Man can’t live without a good toiled seat, ya know!!!

        4. I don’t know what toilet seats you are buying, but you must be killing that bowl everytime to crack a seat once a year.

        5. Huh? There are plenty of non-Chinese options. If you want leather products made in the USA, go for Allen Edmonds. They’re top quality. They occasionally have sales that brings their items down into the lower $300s to $200s range. Woolrich has lots of products that are Made in the USA, even J.Crew does. Jack Erwin is also nice, in the $200 range and made in Spain. There are lots of options for items not made in China, you just have to know where to look.

        6. I’ll second Allen Edmonds. I own about 12-14 pairs. I wear them every day and they are great. And when they need soles and heels, you send them back to AE and for 125 they resole, heel, and strip and polish them. When you get them back they look brand new again. Also if you want quality leather goods try Saddleback Leather for bags and travel items.
          Many people can’t fathom paying 300 for shoes or 400 for a leather bag. I understand that idea. I was like that for a long time too. For the most part, I have found that buying quality does cost more on the front end. However the duration of the item is usually 2 or 3 times the lifespan of a cheaper option. Most people I have known with real money, have often said something along the lines of “Rich people buy high quality things, but only once” or my Dad’s phrasing “I am too poor to shop at walmart, because I can’t afford to buy it twice.”

    1. Somehow I seriously doubt millenials are 100x more productive, I think you just pulled that figure out of thin air. It’s your mind that’s stuck in the 1950s if you think repairing a modern day BMW or Jaguar is the same as in the 1950s, the skills needed have evolved and a modern day apprenticeship with such companies is highly sought after and equally as good as web programming. Likewise, in England the few remaining shoe manufacturers are booming, Church’s shoes is building a new factory so guess what, cobblers are not as mediaeval as you think. You’re comment is inadvertently very revealing, as you say “its just damn easier to go to target” well indeed, let’s all just do what’s easiest or perhaps let’s all just make bank from youtube and Instagram.

      1. You need to learn what hyperbole is.
        Sometimes, the best thing to do is actually, to take the path of least resistance.
        We live in a world of specialization and comparative advantage. Being a handy man and jack of all trades is nice, but if you can make more money being world class at one thing, you’re better off putting all your time into that thing and buying / paying others to do the rest.
        That’s actually why we came up with currency, by the way.
        Caveat: Be ready with a plan B in case your specialization falls out of use.

        1. “jack of all trades” is the stupidest saying of all time. Very limiting. Super specialization is partly what is wrong with the world today.

      1. I have changed my own oil, brakes, brake fluid, transmission fluid, sparkplugs, oil pan, every filter imaginable (fuel filter included), I actually used to work on my (since been sold) Mustang quite often.
        Then my dealer came out with $19.99 oil changes. So I thought about it. I can do it, get dirty, get on the ground, take 45 minutes or just pay a guy to do it in 15 minutes with an appointment and use the other 30 to improve lot in life in other ways.
        Needless to say, I don’t do my own oil changes anymore.
        I get that it’s cool to be able to do a lot of manly things, but we have to stop blindly equating a traditional manly task with utility. If a youtube guru spent 30 more minutes making a youtube video that got 10 million hits he’d be better off doing that than changing brakes. Even if his pre-millennial grandfather thought it was a “pussy thing to do”.
        Nowadays the only reason I’d work on my car is to practice Zen.
        Look at opportunity cost of anything at all times. Spend your time rationally.

        1. I’m not saying you should be a parts changer, but able to diagnose. Like, say your car just shits the bed a way from home. It is very Zen like as well, but not for everyone. If you can get that out of it, I’d say it’s worth it. I’m not equating it to being masculine or saying you’re less of a man, at all. My apologies if that is how I came off.

        2. Get a fluid extractor and your problems are solved. You put it down the dipstick. No need to get dirty at all!

        3. There’s no way that’s as clean as bleeding the engine the traditional way, but I suppose it’s not that big a deal if the old oil that’s left behind is sufficiently diluted.

    2. Tail end of Gen-X here. The millennials are too busy buried in phones checking facebook and all the other USELESS time wasters. More time is lost from technology then gained with the millennial group.
      Not all millennials know how to program, very very few do actually. People are not being more productive, the technology is. The problem is that the majority of them are snide little bastards who think they are more productive because they are special, just because they can press buttons in the right order. In reality it was someone elses hard work and dedication.
      “How many non-millennials understand how people are making bank on Youtube with prank videos or Instagram with slutty pics ? None.”
      Not as many and not nearly as much bank as you would like to think. You like to make examples of deviations from the norm. That’s a bad argument talking about a collective group BTW.
      If you have a passion for programming. Skip school, program all night / day. If you have no passion for it, then find something else to do as you will be wasting your time.
      Manly do-it-yourself skills improve you in many ways beyond the task at hand. Builds character, dexterity, strength, and on and on. If you cannot do simple mechanical maintenance you are a de facto mangina.
      The main issue with the millennial group is they want it all but are not willing to do the work necessary. Plain and simple.

      1. This. I worked with a bunch of millenials for a year. I’m not into tech at all. Have a flip phone. Can do rudimentary things on MS office etc. I thought the millenials were supposed to blow me away for info. gathering, awareness etc. I lost count of how many times one of them would sit there lamenting some question and I would think to myself “Duh. Google it.” And I’m an admitted Luddite.

        1. I would say the best of the bunch are incredibly resourceful, moreso than previous generations even, but on the whole, yes, they are quite lazy and unimaginative.
          I can’t see the millenials being a particularly innovative generation because they lack imagination, and therefore vision.
          It will be interesting to see whether the generation under them is any better.

        2. As a Millennial myself, I agree with you wholeheartedly. My generation’s average intelligence and imagination only rank slightly above that of a nematode’s, which isn’t saying much.

      2. You are too black and white in your thinking. The point isn’t that Youtube is necessarily a road to riches. The point is every activity must be evaluated in context – for some millenials focusing on “digital” skills (of all kinds) is a better strategy than focus on “manual” skills.

        1. I am in the IT field and often work across the generations given my particular line of work. I can honestly say that the Millennials do excel at the *USE* of technology. They are early adopters and have little aversion to tech. However they lack the fundamentals of *why* they do something. The critical thinking skills that manual skill acquisition often imparts during the learning stages is absent in the more stimulus/response driven Millennials.
          I also agree with Dexter and Melmoth that most of the supposed tech savvy Millennials are simply advanced users of technology, not broad innovators, programmers or designers. And most of the *use* the millennials get out of technology seems to be shallow social networking and games, which is the meth of the IT world.

    3. The notion that old people , who have been around the entire time , are somehow unable to use technology is just some moronic notion from millennial nitwits.

  14. I don’t agree with one iota of this and frankly I’m sick of hearing about it. Are there countless millenials who are lazy? Yeah. Are there countless millenials who want to make a difference but aren’t given the opportunity our predecessors were? Yeah! Same as any other generation. The fact of the matter is, most of our markets are flooded, corporations rule and can gut you in any number of ways. Money talks, bullshit walks. I’ve worked countless jobs in pursuit of a career and we also had that lovely Great Recession where our predecessors decided to take a dump on the country. The middle class doesn’t exist as it did in the past (good luck with one salary being enough, or any sort of employer loyalty). These days you’re ONE wrong decision from being in the poor house. With so many people competing for the same jobs, you may not find another good match for years. Goodbye lifestyle! And if you have a family, the results can be devastating. I’m lucky that I finally found a company I can actually grow with. After putting in my due diligence with four companies that outright lied to me about future growth, I finally found a gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, average salary job, but one that already has and will continue to reward me if I put the effort in. I’ve already managed to impress my peers and some of my superiors, and I will continue to do so, because where I am now, they see the potential and continue to alter my responsibilities. They may not reward me with what I seek financially, but they trust me and are guiding me, and the experience and confidence I’m gaining will look amazing just about anywhere. When I can finally do this in my sleep, I will launch to a new level and life will be good. Not easy, mind you, but fruitful towards my efforts. The sad part is what I mentioned. Corporate rule and the recession. Now add feminism and by extension, a lack of good women in female support that my father and his father had, and tons of competition in the marketplace (plus cronyism and unjust laws and all sorts of other crap) and you get what you got with millenials. We’ve been on the receiving end of the collapse of everything we learned when we were young. We were told one thing and got something completely different. Forgive us if we don’t take our predecessors seriously for a while. For the most part it was all a load of crap.
    “You’re a perfect match and will have endless opportunity! Now take this mop, here’s $5 and shut up and get to work. Oh, and you’re fired in a month. We’ll pretend it’s about your lack of effort but really we don’t need too long. We want you to get some work done but then its time to downsize. Sorry!”

    1. But millenials are usually politically correct and supporters of mass immigration from thrid world countries. They support the pc policies that are driving down wages and driving up the cost of housing. They receive what they deserve.

      1. Millenials or the extreme left? To me the extreme left is just as bad as the extreme right. They’re so close in a few ways, that it’s almost like Batman and Joker, quite honestly.
        I hope you realize that we don’t neatly fall into any segment. We have our own extreme right, extreme left, and everything in between just as the previous generations did.
        My peers HATE both extremes and none of us like the politically correct stuff. It’s just that we can’t fix the mainstream media.
        I grew up on manly action films and such. Stuff that wouldn’t fly today. We all did.

        1. The vast majority of millenials have been stripped of the ability to question the pc thinking they have been brainwashed into believing.
          Most millenials respond in exactly the same way, parroting the same pc lines and platitudes whenever you have any discussion regarding race, discrimination, crime by different groups of society, immigration etc
          The vast majority only think within the bounds of what they have been trained to think, with a few that may think privately the unallowable although they too still won’t vocalise it.
          The vast majority of people dont think an original thought in their lives. They live in the age of the religion of pc and theyll follow the line just as they would have followed the line if they had lived in ancient egypt or the middle ages.

        2. You’re talking about the internet, not real life. On the internet, sure you have plenty of keyboard warriors. However, in real life we’re all sick and tired of hearing how lazy we are when we’re killing ourselves for part time or temporary jobs with few benefits and not enough to live off of. We typically work harder than the older guys at the office. Heck, even on the internet look at Gamergate. My guess is the demographic is full of mostly millennials with full time jobs surrounded by fat feminists. We have plenty of free time since the women aren’t exactly ring material. And we’re one of the first groups to tell them to shove it.. and we’re not losing either.
          And none of my peers like immigration either. Not even the minorities. The only ones getting a good deal out of that are the corporations, restaurants, and manual labor companies.
          I admit our generation has THE most extreme left ever. I won’t even try to deny that. But don’t paint us all with that brush, frankly it’s insulting, and for the record, some of us have taken it as a challenge to outdo anyone older than us. You can keep kicking us, but some of us do fight back.
          I like this site a lot, but a real disservice is being done by saying an entire generation is crap. “Get off my lawn” indeed.

        3. Regardless of generation, many who think with their blinders on are rewarded handsomely by the system we have. It’s the real risk takers that get fucked. I think we’ve entered an age where – regardless of your generation – if you’re an activist of some sort, you’re rewarded in some way and that is now considered taking risks. It’s not. It’s sub-culture conformism. That’s all. What milennials are implying now echos what some of the GenXers were while Clinton was in office. You know who got fucked the worst? Those of us who stepped back, scratching our heads in the preponderance of what society was becoming before our eyes. If you didn’t make a move you got stuck in a syntax-error cycle going “WTF?” indefinitely.
          Choose a side or join the risk tank. It’s really the same as it is now, what’s different is an even larger percentage of youth are flirting with joining a side (or subculture) for security because there’s even more uncertainty than before, during times that require 2x the confidence to advance society and resolve problems. Milennials were taught that equality and tolerance were how to live and address issues, which bleeds into their career and social choices. Limbo-Land is the result.

        4. The vast majority of millenials have been stripped of the ability to question the pc thinking they have been brainwashed into believing.

          I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. You disagree with a millennial and you’re automatically some barbaric troglodyte, even if your objections are rational and reasonable.
          The thing that scares me the most about millennials, and we’ll see this in the next few decades, is how government is their god. They think absolutely nothing of having the government forcefully impose their view of thinking upon people who disagree.

        5. I am talking about the millenials I have met face to face and discussed any issue that falls under the taboo topics

        6. That’s why millennials have the lowest participation in the Republican and Democrat parties, right?

    2. “Forgive us if we don’t take our predecessors seriously for a while.”
      I was waiting for it. The arrogance. You’re not like any other generation because your collective arrogance is appalling.

      1. Why didn’t you stop feminism? Why didn’t you stop Reagan from selling the country to corporate interests? Rightfully I expected my elders to be taking care of the country. Older men are blaming us for this. LOL, we didn’t know better. Where are the jobs? Where’s my pension? What’s going to happen to my social security? You guys can’t even find jobs. YOU allowed this, and don’t you forget it because we certainly won’t. Especially when you guys get old. Enjoy the nursing homes bud.

        1. Increasingly you are being forced to subject yourself and subordinate to hostile tribes. Instead of just killing them and taking their possessions. Just as your ancestors did.

        2. Exactly. Basically the previous generations are expecting us to bend over backwards without even giving us a chance.
          This stuff started while we were infants and even decades before that. Hey sorry dudes I’m sorry I couldn’t fight feminists and politicians in my diapers, so I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on you. What about Enron and the housing bust? Why didn’t you make heads roll. Come on out with it, if you’re gonna sit here and point fingers at me, look at yourself first. I’m sorry you lacked the balls to do anything about it, maybe you should look at your own lack of balls first before you blame us, those who were infants and kids at the time. Disgusting old people mentality. YOU messed up. You guys collectively. Thank god for Roosh. Otherwise I’d have NO leaders. Men are dead because previous generations stopped teaching their sons, instead profiting off them and shaming them.
          What the hell were the previous generations doing while the entire country was bought and sold to the highest bidder?

        3. Did I strike a nerve? There there old man. It’ll be okay. I mean, your generation let the uber rich corporates and politicians and feminists walk all over you and created this mess but my generation is chipping away at it just fine. You can thank us when things get back to equilibrium, but you won’t because you just like to complain instead of doing something.

        4. All I was doing earlier was pointing out your arrogance. Now I realize I hardly should have bothered. It’s so glaring.

        5. arrogance…check
          no originality, humor or wit…check
          self-esteem that is clearly way out of sync with low intelligence level…check
          buying into the most massive, blatant and obvious media cliches…check
          delusions of grandeur…check
          used like a tool by the media…check
          programmed like an android..check
          supremacy complex…check
          You’re a millenial alright.

        6. The whole point of life for men is to experience learn gain confidence and use it to reach the next level. The difference between me and you is you’re going to stay lost in time and bitch like a woman.. while I’m already beating you. I’m aware young capable and conquering my fears and reaching my goals. Thanks to guys like Roosh. I appreciate admire and promote leaders like him. Guys like you and the author? Well I really enjoy bitter old man tears.

        7. Pseudo-heroic, cliched, arrogant, surplus of self-satisfaction….Every post you make just proves my points. We’re actually agreeing with each other in a roundabout way.

  15. I believe that millenials did not automatically become the way they are today. It took decades of brainwashing and feminist propoganda to corrupt their mindset. When I look back now, I truly believe that public education was the equivalent of prison- a fucking prison.
    Tortured to follow pointless and irrelevant nonsense that had no real legitimacy in regards to the real world.Which is why I believe public education should be abolished. The boomers infused the idea that education would lead them to good white collar jobs. So when you see the “I’m too good for this” self entitled mentality of the millenials, you can’t but blame the boomers for what they did.
    But nonetheless, regardless of the destruction committed by the boomers, as a millenial, you must choose to take responsibility as an adult, to truly live your life in a positive way. Yes it is tough to survive in this world, but nonetheless, create a goal and follow it through. This is something better to do, rather than become part of the lost millenials who contribute greatly towards the cultural decline of our society.

    1. The younger generation are increasingly Black or Brown. This is the decline. Abstracting out to generations is just more smokescreen.

      1. I glad somebody finally cut through the bullshit. As America gets browner, the decline will accelerate.

      2. Last time I checked, the vast majority of hipsters in NY and LA were white. Believe me, whites are just as contributive towards the decline of society, as are blacks and browns.

    2. As a Millennial and looking back on my youth (now 30 years old), I came to that conclusion a couple of years ago, as well. It completely explains why my generation is in its current predicament. My regret so far is not having foreseen this much, much sooner in life.

  16. Most of today’s millennials are yet another example of why no one under the age of thirty should have any decision-making power whatsoever. This includes voting. How did Comrade Barry get elected? By running a campaign that appealed almost exclusively to young people, especially women. They say women mature faster than men. Yeah, until they hit sixteen and then they stop, which is why they should have no power to make decisions that affect an entire nation.
    Allowing females, whose every decision is ruled by emotion, to decide world-changing events is a recipe for disaster and primarily why we’re in this predicament. Women and young people don’t vote for who’s best for the country, they vote for whoever promises them the most entitlements and free shit.
    Like every human being, when I was twenty-one I didn’t know my asshole from a hole in the ground, yet I thought I knew everything, had it all figured out and that older people were lames who needed to get with the times. I was a little whiny, punk-ass liberal Communist who thought that I was entitled to rich people’s money because, “Come on maaan you’re soooo greedy. I mean, how much money do you possibly need?! Spread the wealth, bro!”
    My only concerns were getting fucked up and getting laid, with no understanding whatsoever as to the true nature of the world, yet somehow I was supposed to be qualified to determine who was in charge. If time travel was possible, the first thing I’d do is go back and lay a vicious beating on that immature kid and tell him to grow up.
    Young people need to experience life and make some mistakes in order to learn from them before they’re allowed to make important decisions. It’s called experience, which leads to wisdom, one of the cornerstones of true leadership. By exploiting the ignorance of youth and the feeeeels of women, Barry O was able to secure a solid 8 years of fucking this country up beyond repair.
    Young men, take it from a man who’s been in your shoes already: Sit back, close your mouth, open your eyes and ears, and learn a thing or two from guys who’ve been where you are. You can avoid a lot of the setbacks and pitfalls of life if you’re willing to have a little humility and accept the fact that, as in any rite of passage, you need to earn your stripes before you can wear stars and bars.

    1. Most of today’s millennials are yet another example of why no one under the age of thirty should have any decision-making power whatsoever.
      It’s interesting to see how that number changes.
      2000 years ago Alexander the Great ruled half the known world at age 30 and was undefeated in battle against any and all opposition.
      60 years ago men and women were actual adults long before 30. Jobs, families, they were responsible, aware, and could contribute.
      Now 30 year olds are none of those things by and large (yes I know there are exceptions). Many live with their parents and can’t even feed themselves.
      The more we learn, the smarter we get, and the more information we have available to us, the more stunted our children become and the longer it takes for them to develop.

    2. And yet everyone I associate with, rich or poor, all under 25, are either lifelong conservatives or libertarians, contrary to the liberal as all fuck gen x and boomers. And all of us have been that way from an early age. Boomers and gen x are the occupy crowd.

  17. Perhaps the recent election of conservatives sweeping the political realm is symbolic start of this? I remain skeptical, but who knows.

    As happy as I was with the 2014 midterms, they only happened because most people in the country didn’t know that there are elections every 2 years, not every 4.

      1. Technically they were German Jagers. Hessians in American parlance. No Brits in Trenton at the time.

  18. Hahaha. I remember the first time I walked into a college bar just after the school year started. Beautiful young women everywhere and who was the.competition? A bunch spindly drooling nerds, unbelievably smelly Desis and a few confident players.. like 3.
    I have.never seen better ratios.

  19. That was a harsh read but real. I agree that boomer parents fucked up millennials. But growing up on the internet has re-wired their brains too. Everything is just a collage of surfaces, just a click away. Ideas aren’t real, just copy / pasted. Millennial chicks don’t want originality, they wouldn’t know it if they say it. They just want social validation.

    1. Yes. The internet-brain is such a serious problem. They never had to confront boredom, ever. They never had to just run through the woods, imagining stuff. For every other generation, if you wanted a laugh, you made your own jokes with your buddies. Okay, a movie came along now and then but mostly your life was your own doing. The internet kids have it all fed to them; humor, excitement, mystique, thought etc. It’s all passive, one-way stuff and their dullness is a very serious result.

  20. I love this article and I really want more people to think critically about this topic. Remember the millenial generation did not happen overnight, it took boomers amd gen x first. However with some training and discipline I think many millenials can fix parts of their lives including social as well as financial. If you’re a millenial you must listen to me, you must fight against the social programming. It’s not easy and it’s not popular, but it is what will make you successful in the long run. I know this as an older millenial that turned my life around, you must fight and hate laziness, progressiveness, excessive hedonism, and poor habits. If you’re friends cannot change then leave them, they’ll only hold you back.
    But as someone who predicts the future I can see the writing on the wall. This civilization in America is so fucked beyond repair. The natural response rather the fove stages of grief in my mind was to see what I could do to “fix” it. Ultimately that was time consuming and futile but it taught me a valuable lesson, that in this life you can live for yourself. But looking at any other indicator the future is also bleak, whether it’s resource use, debt, cultural breakdown, and apathy are all intertwined in my mind and going to meet up as destructive singularity one day. I just hope whn that day comes you’ll have shaken off those poor traits or else you might be counted among the dead.

  21. No generation in history has had their minds fucked up by feminism as the millennials. They are the most pussy whipped generation in american history. They will elect a transgender freak as their high school homecoming queen to show how ‘evolved’ they are. Its a lost generation.

    1. Wait until you see the kids just entering middle school when they are leaving high school. They’re going to make the Millennials look like high functioning geniuses.
      The SJWs have had a couple of decades to push their agenda in the schools well beyond what the Millinnials went through.

      1. This is why anyone here who has kids has to do everything possible to keep them out of the public k12 school system.
        A lot of people forget that as long as the feminists control the public k12 school system, any of the gains we make against them will be undone by the next class of indoctrinated children that graduates high school.

        1. Thus I spend a small fortune on private school for my boy so as to avoid the feminist programming and I essentially home school for science, math and shop class. It make me proud when my daughter approaches me on the weekend to say, “Daddy, I want to build something in the shop with you today”, and she happily approaches the band saw, the knife set, the chisels and so on without hesitation. she gets some hot glue on her fingers and instead of crying she laughs and just yells, “That flippin hot” shakes her hand and keeps working on her project.

  22. Jon Stewart pretty much embodies the millenia state of mind. If you ever watch his show you will notice that everyone who isn’t in the arts or entertainment sucks. People who have real jobs that drive the economy are backwards and are killing the planet. Their whole “I might be joking but I might be making serious commentary” routine is trite and cowardly. They take no risks because they know they would lose in a real argument.

    1. And don’t forget arrogant, without ever showing any sign of learning from those who came before him. He’s older than millenials but, yeah, he is one. Except he actually can be funny and has a brain (though misguided). Other than that, he’s millenial.

      1. Jon Stewart is only “funny” because he reads things that someone else wrote that were funny.

  23. At 29 I am considered a Millennial, but I am old enough and have lived enough life to see both sides to this debate.
    I have a built a business in three years from the ground up, all the while going to school and working another job so that I can keep my income going while building the business. I’ve kept it relatively small because I want it to become a family business, at this point it runs itself, but it is a great teaching tool (especially for my male cousins) for two primary reasons: First, it will help them to understand how deep the government’s hands are in their pockets, it is almost crippling the amount of taxes one pays in federal and state, the unemployment rate is directly a function of your payroll and can be enormous if not managed correctly, etc… Money management is key, understanding how the government can really screw with your income is also key. Which in turn allows them a deeper perspective into politics and how voting certain policies can work for them or against them.
    Second – people management. The business will teach them about human nature, like nothing else will. Our primary employee pools are Millennials and a small percentage of Gen X’ers (Hit or miss employees really). They will learn, as I have, that there is no such thing as a grateful employee, no pay rate is enough (I pay up to double the industry standard in our city), no number of days off is enough, no schedule is satisfying enough, nothing is really enough. I have gone out of my way to help individuals get back on their feet only for them to decide that the job isn’t worth working and collecting unemployment off of us is a better deal. I promise that nothing causes you to lose faith in humanity quicker than running a small business hiring these folks. It has taken a very rigorous set of boundaries to get the business running smoothly, primarily saying no more often. “No you can’t have every weekend and every evening off.” “No you may not have a whole week off for your birthday, to celebrate” “No, you’re 18 with no experience in the industry, we will not start you at $15 an hour.” “No you may not call in an hour before your shift starts because you’re ‘sooo tiiirrrreeedddd from last night partying’” The list really is endless.
    That is not to say that there is not the occasional gem, that one person who is grateful for full time work at an excellent pay-rate, nights off with the fam, but is okay working every weekend for the privilege. Conscientious wonderful employees. We cherish these people, reward them as best as we are able, sadly they are as rare as hen-teeth.
    But you know what? Those complainers that stick with us, they learn what they are supposed to, they learn and they adapt or they leave. They grow in our company, they grow in personal standards, they become excellent motivated individuals and though they may leave for other career opportunities, they leave thankful and ready to tackle the world. I have come to the
    conclusion that a Millennial is simply someone that needs to have
    boundaries, that needs to be mentored and taught. Therefore, the burden rests entirely on those able to teach them. That means me… that means just about anyone 30+… that means Gen X’ers and Baby boomers. Stop passing the buck, stop complaining, and start doing something about it.

    1. Freedom without agency sums up millenials really well, they need guidance and a good beating every now and then(metaphorically and/or literally).

  24. I think the author is giving millenials way too much credit, honestly. DF Wallace’s take on ‘irony’ was addressing Gen X’ers, who at least had brains and personalities even if their motivational carrots were in some disarray. Millenials usually don’t even have the actual brain matter for a lot of the traits they’re being given credit for here, even though those traits are negative. They spent their developmental years clicking on immediately gratifying images or other forms of passive entertainment and the actual neurological wiring just didn’t happen. Throw in the fact that they were given the message at age 3 that they’re Gods on Earth from their ludicrous boomer parents and their cerebral apathy is even more pronounced. There are just hardly any actual brains involved here at all. All I can say in their defense is that the hollowness and arrogance is so pervasive and so exteme that they are really off the hook on a personal level. You can’t blame them one by one. This was a cultural failure mostly attributable their POS boomer parents, the media, and the schools. If they were just witless and dim media heads they could at least have some likability if they had some humility. But no, then their arrogance kicks in right on top of their witlessness. What a charmless bunch of androids.
    The first gambit of millenials upon entering adult life and being introduced to their elders is this;
    “We’re better than you, (”
    Not exactly endearing.
    You think I’m an asshole for saying this? Then go look at;
    1. Slam poetry (Dumbest iteration of ‘art’ in world history. Empty, arrogant, faux righteous, DULL, brainless…yup, millenial.)
    2. Twerking (Whoever would have thought that young women’s hips could be made to be disgusting?)
    3. “Girls” (Is this a comedy? Drama? Parody? Satire? Tragedy? WTF is it? I watched one episode and have no idea wtf they were trying to do, but not in any kind of mysterious, enigmatic way either, of course. It was the millenial brain on perfect display and there was NOTHING there at all.)
    This is a seriously unlikable generation. I don’t really want to be around for whatever ‘culture’ they will be bringing to the table when the bulk of adult population is made up of these twits.

    1. Absolutely true!
      The PC/Blue Pill/SJW/Libtarded/Feminazi brigade that comprises alot of Gen-X/Y’ers and most(almost all by my personal experience) millennials is an absolute juggernaut, courtesy of government mandated policies that support (for lack of better words) the worst that america and the rest of the western world has to offer.
      I don’t think this trend will be reversed before we have an Authoritarian/Totalitarian regime on our doorsteps, voted in and given the green light by the very idiots that such a regime would affect the most, and by then it will be too late. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  25. “Millennials want immediate gratification, and they seek impulsive
    behavior. They even feel entitled to such things. If they do not get
    what they seek, they see no point in trying. Most represent a lost tribe
    of self-righteous, ill-mannered pricks. They respect nothing but their
    own delusional belief of “progress.” — I have a feeling this is towards the millennials who are going their own way and playing video games? Lol.

  26. This is just pathetic, the article barely conceals the seething narcissism of the author. It used to be that old men mentored younger ones but now it seems that they are determined to hold them down at any price. This is not what a healthy society looks like. The irony of children of the 60s and 70s calling their millennial children lazy is funny though. Eastern religious cults, drugs, ashrams and swami child molesting cult leaders those things just never happened right? Limp wrist pot-head flower children? No idea what you are talking about… The millennials are exactly like their parents, and thats what burns so much. It’s those that share your faults that you hate, because they remind you of your own flaws. Millennials are pathetic but so are their parents.

    1. Yep, we need not to look further back than the USSR to see where government mandated “equality” leads the population to.

  27. I heard about this book on equality – forgotten the name. No one in the dystopia was better than anyone. Anyone more attractive had to wear a mask. Anyone faster had to wear chains to slow them down. Anyone more intelligent wore devices in their ears to scream out a high frequency harsh ringing noise. Anyone with better eye sight wore glasses to distort everything. In short everyone was as equal as it was possible to control. Then the two protagonists realised that not everyone was equal. They appeared on national television without any of their handicaps and end up being killed for being different.
    Great insight into what is wrong with all marxist ideologies.

        1. And it’s actually one of the short stories from the book, Welcome to the Monkey House, by Kurt Vonnegut.

  28. Look at the world that was left to them. I see many millenials with positive can do attributes. In fact I see far more fat pathetic slobs from gen x.
    One could argue this myth is perpetuated to keep millenials out of the competitive pool. If some fat loser with three kids and an obese wife has to compete with a 20 year old whose only loves are porn and video games who is gonna offer more to a company? Who is gonna work 80 hours a week?

  29. I agree with this article in its entirety. There is no competition. Massive opportunity awaits the bold.

  30. I’m reminded of the Millennial nob-head we hired in our IT dept. The most useless IT worker I have ever encountered. Completely incapable and yet thought he knew it all over some of us who have been doing IT for 15+ years. Pathetic. The little fucker quit after 4 months because he couldn’t handle that there were people senior to him. We’re still following the trail of breadcrumbs of his myriad mistakes. But he wouldn’t listen to anyone.

  31. Irony is a defense of a weak self. Adopting a position of irony allows one to avoid committing to any position and therefore protecting the ego from being wrong or ridiculed for holding a certain position. Said person can always default back to “I was being ironic” when challenged. One must develop true sincerity. This is “frame control” in other words.

    1. Actual irony is quite specific in meaning. It often nails down a position more clearly than waffling.
      This isn’t about Irony but ambiguity.

  32. Read through the article and overall, Jon has some valid points. Competition is dead in the Millennial Generation. But how did that come to be? Most Millennials were birthed by the Boomer Generation, a collection of the biggest hedonist and mindless, self servicers to ever be born. You are running the world and mock the generation slated to fix it while feeding said generation the program it operates with. How backwards is that? That’s equivalent to a PC builder comparing his creation for not comparing to an Apple while avoiding his responsibility in building the OS? Was the computer supposed to build itself?
    While the Boomers got the masculinity needed to be independent the majority of them left their children, crying ‘Mah Dick’. Splitting families up, bankrupting millions, cheapening the labor force and crushing Social Security. Great job Guys.
    The funny thing, while railing about Millennials, you are posting on a site created by a Millennial. Millennials are the generation birthed between ’77 and ’94 roughly. That makes me a Millennial too. We are in no way backwards to you all. Where we missed the boat, a true path for progression, we have the reigns on the biggest gathering force currently, the internet. We have collectively failed as we knew not where to go but enough of us are talking and we will piece the missing bits of progression needed to thrive and rebuild.
    Here is the truest horror show of all, where painstaking manipulation was done to ensure Millennials were too slovenly to do anything but support your attempts at shaping society, we have taken a look, a stern, deep, look, at everything created by your Generation. I imagine I’m not alone in my heartfelt rage at what ‘The American Dream’ has become. On the plus, I think the rage for myself and many other Millennials, is at the tipping point. It will be rather interesting to see what will come next and by whom.
    Side note, only two things Boomers compete for, pussy and money. Both are creeping ever steadily in the toilet so grab fast.

  33. As a millennial myself, I don’t believe our generation is actually lazy. Sure a large portion of my generation is liberal but even then I don’t think they can deny the bad financial situation we face. Even with simple cost benefit analysis, of factoring in 18 trillion dollars in USA debt along with projected spending of 125 trillion dollars in regards to unfunded liabilities, it paints a terrible picture with worse job prospects by the day.
    With the unfunded liabilities factored in, just one person of my generation would owe a portion of the debt figured at somewhere between 200,000-400,000 dollars. Why would we be motivated to pay off this large sum of this money? While also factoring in that we never even benefited from most of these debt programs in the first place. These programs were put in place by boomers who benefited off of it while giving us the debt.
    I can’t speak on behalf of all millennials. But I think as the day goes by more and more people of my generation adopt the notion of “Losing all hope was freedom.” I believe we are the “beautiful ones” in Calhoun’s mouse experiment project. But I could be wrong so who knows.
    I don’t worry about my generation in particular. I worry about the children growing up who are going to live in a world far worse than what millennials experience now. I think the kind of problem we face will take multiple generations to fix in the end.

    1. but when you ask millenials how they would balance the budget so no more debt is built up theyre just as pc and liberal and those generations in the past.

      1. You know what infuriates me is that when I’ve spoken to my elders about budgeting and staying out of debt (in my case, by working during school years, living at home, keeping my expenses low) I have been literally mocked. My boss told me last year that I’m acting like “a little miser”.
        Being told this by a liberal-minded-boss who’s entire paycheque comes from tax dollars was enough to almost make me crack…. “Miser”??? I’m a Miser??? If I wasn’t a “miser” I’d be in mountains of debt right now… I basically would have screwed myself and the people I am responsible for over…
        I wanted to spit in this guy’s face… Where is everybody getting all this money from that they can afford to buy new cars every couple years? Go on expensive vacations? What am I missing??? I’m happy just to be debt free and everyone else is partying??? The fuck is going on???

        1. Government employees are profoundly disconnected from economic realities, especially in academia. They are the ones indoctrinating the youth with this bullshit

        2. Its unbelievable, they’re completely out of touch with reality.
          Leftists claim to care about everybody… that everybody should be treated equally… but I’ve seen so much bigotry from leftists that I just can’t give them any credit anymore.
          For example, I overheard my prof belittling this one guy who (was a blue-collar in his mid-30s) decided to get a university education and joined our lab to complete his honours. My professor nick-named him “Boris” because it sounded like a funny blue-collar name..
          Their ideology makes ZERO sense… here is a guy who decided to invest in his education (a little late but he made the choice to try and improve himself) and here he is at the tail-end of it getting mocked for having a blue-collar background…
          I had to leave academia.. It makes me sick… I can’t play along with that shit… It. just. makes. no. sense.

  34. As a millennial I want to thank you the older generations that they have fucked up the world before we even had a chance.
    This was a public announcement.

      1. I am sick of millennials blaming the previous generations.
        Millennials were born into a period of unprecedented economic wealth. None of them were conscripted to fight in any wars. They have the whole world as their oyster.
        Contrast to the generation that grew up during Great Depression and then got shipped off to fight World War 2. These are the same people who had actual adult responsibilities before they were even 20 years old.
        Now we have millennials whining about toilet paper being too rough. Give me a fucking break.

        1. They suffer from the same “Problem with no Name” that sparked Feminism 2.0.
          The problem had actually been named and discussed more than a century before, Friedan just made it all about her, thus all about all women, as women are wont to do.
          The name of the problem is “Existential Angst,” a feeling that one’s life has no purpose.
          At Belleau Wood, Omaha Beach or Hamburger Hill there was no room for existential angst; life had a clear purpose – staying alive for the next ten minutes. Just ten fucking minutes, God, that’s all I ask.

  35. Listen once baby boomers die out, we’ll have nuclear power plants, maglev trains, private social security, and light rail in US cities

    1. I very much doubt it. I think we’ll have more branches of Starbucks, and perhaps more stores that sell skinny jeans, and a bigger market for hooking-up apps, and an even bigger market for websites (like Tumblr) where millennials can moan and bitch about being ‘discriminated against’ for all sorts of ridiculous social justice stuff (I recently heard the phrase ‘Afrophobia’ used un-ironically in Europe).

  36. Broadly speaking I think it’s easy to bash any generation that follows in your wake. I took pride in poking the generation before me to get a rise out of them, hell, my motto in early adulthood was “subvert from within” and it was my mindset. So while it is easy to bash people in broad terms, I would look at least close to home, the people I know in that age group who are part of my community and say, “Their failure is our failure”. If they don’t have that appreciation of things be it appreciating hard work or moral grounding or even traditional skill sets, it’s because we failed to teach them.
    I am not saying they are victims, but I am saying that we bemoan the deconstruction of family etc here, well by extension the intimate local community has also been deconstructed and with it have gone lots of subtle relationships such as with friendly neighbors who might have taught a youngster a thing or two about life that the kid might not learn at home.
    To that extent I try to not write off youngsters in my “community” as simply “being engrossed in texting and gaming”. I encourage them to participate in things that might be of a different era, like how to use a block plane on a piece of wood, and why it’s not a bad thing to know, E.g. with a block plane you could fix a sticky door in 5 minutes instead of having to go to home depot to buy a whole new door. If one takes a slightly paternalistic and patient view of youngsters, you end up earning their respect. Once you earn their respect, you can fill them with all manner of interesting ideas, ideas like the RP for example. Once you have them on the hook, they are very willing learners. It takes patience, but this is the investment that youth require if you don’t want them to be a bunch of mindless twits later in life.

  37. Plenty of blame to go around, from the Boomers all the way through to the Millenials.
    People will deliver what is expected of them. With each generation we keep expecting less and less, so unsurprisingly we keep receiving less and less.

  38. Can somebody please define “Millenial”? What the hell is the difference between millenials and generation X?
    I´m 33…..WHAT AM I? I´m so confused. Why is everything so complicated all the time? You guys think I am hawt?…here´s a picture of me:

  39. I am embarrassed to be associated with this generation. I was born too late I guess. I think a huge problem is No Child Left Behind. Basically, now a kid can go through school and act like an entitled asshole and show no respect, not give a fuck about learning or advancing, and still pass high school. That is a terrible precedent to set before going into the real world. Here is some asshole kid who has been handed everything without working for it, and now they have to find a job that will let them advance without working for it too. Well, unicorns don’t exist. I joined the workforce at 15 and never looked back. It may not have been the smartest move, but, 15 years later, I’m debt free and I’m making good money. And I’m saving as much as I can because the future is uncertain. I guess that is what separates me from my counterparts. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and work for what I need and what I will need in future emergencies that may happen. I can only praise myself for my successes and blame myself for being unprepared in the future. I don’t blame anyone else for my misfortunes.

  40. No need to be concerned about the “isms’” (feminism, equalism, racism, blah blah). All will be forgotten during the coming economic Armageddon. As early as 2016, there will be a historical meltdown unlike any ever seen. Europe, China and the USA will see an unraveling. There will be a burst of asset, real estate and debt bubbles. There will be massive deflation and loss of fortune in all markets and sectors of society. Government intervention will be futile. If Western governments survive intact (without rebellion or war), the old paradigms will be gone. Extremely tough changes will be made in government, industry and society at large. Massive government and private debt will be written down. Entitlements may diminish or disappear. People will suffer on a mass scale. Your primary concerns will be safety, food and shelter. The US dollar will survive. Cash will be king. Once the storm passes (in 5 to 7 years), incredible opportunities abound. Prices for everything will be lower.

  41. As a millennial I blame YOUR generation for the blatant destruction and indoctrination of our ability to succeed via forced mandatory and compulsory attendance in the public school system.
    Schools that
    – ban things like tag
    – tell us that “everyone wins,”
    – that being competitive is “dangerous” behavior
    – that classifies any kind of physical activity as “aggressive”
    Should I go on?
    You raised us in this socio-progressive statist hell and then blame us when we come out as dependents on the state who shun the idea of individual responsibility?
    Deprogramming takes time.

    1. Good comment…bottom-line: its tough, in fact, it just sucks. I don’t want to blame you and per your comment you’re not to be blamed. But action must be taken so that we don’t have to endure this going forward.

  42. Post Modernist Millennial= Someone who want to skip adulthood altogether and remain a child forever. The millennial generation are
    an epic failure not only to society but the masculine and feminine
    virtues we have discarded to replace it with rampant narcissism,
    cultural Marxism/feminism and soulless consumerism.The millennial man lacks honor and loyalty and let me not get started on the women. 90%
    is an understatement, as a red pill millennial myself, I would say a
    good 95% of us are socially conditioned blue pill beta fags.
    Millennials are a byproduct of modern artificial environments(sheltering)that detach the mind from reality. Since modern shelter minds never have to
    deal with the hardships of an harsh, cold, cruel, uncaring, indifferent
    reality that an natural environment would impose upon them the thus the
    mind never matures, never grow, it is stunted or retarded in other
    words.They lack a greater purpose in life to test themselves and overcome and therefore resort to childish nihilism.
    In short, Millennials are empty because they live an easy life. Nihilism is easy to start, but hard to finish.

  43. This slide isn’t going to stop. With the collapse of oil prices it looks like the world is on the way to another economic crisis. Going to be fun to see.

  44. Idk, it seems like what you are saying applies more to millenial hipsters than millenials in general. Though I do agree that many have simply withdrawn and given up on life. Its easy to draw those conclusions when you compare millenials to boomers but whay boomers never admit is that they had their coming of age in one of the greatest economies in human history, even with that many squandered all their resources on mcmansions and have nothing saved for retirement. Who invented outsourcing? Boomers. Who allowed college tuition to rise to astronomically heights while encouraging everyone to go to college? Boomers. I know booms who only finished jr college and employers were literally calling them offering them jobs, those days are long gone however. Any boom will be quick to put millenials down and say they are lazy but will talk themselves up by saying they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps while similtaneously denying the tremendous cultural and economic advantages they had.

    1. ” boomers never admit is that they had their coming of age in one of the greatest economies in human history”
      I have to laugh…
      the 1970’s were terrible. Incredible inflation, oil crisis, stock market was shit
      The early 80’s we saw interest rates of up to 21% and a major recession. The economy was SHIT back then
      THE BOOMERS brought us the great economy in human history.
      Boomers brought us: PC’s, The Internet, Wireless communications, incredible advances in manufacturing technologies, much better food (excluding junk food…sorry about that) and the best Rock n Roll
      If you are gonna diss the boomers, you must realize that we brought incredible wealth to the country and most of us worked our asses off. I personally dont know anyone who lived at home with momma past the age of 18.

      1. Yes but despite all those events jobs were more readily available than they are now, the purchasing power of the american dollar was stronger, and the middle class was bigger.
        “Advances in manufacturing jobs” ie mechanization of labor and outsourcing. Lol at better food, you probably think gmo and hfcs everything is harmless right?
        Plus its easy to work your ass off when your job actually paid decent and things were relatively affordable. Wages have not kept up with the pace of inflation. You probably dont know anyone that had to work an unpaid internship either.

        1. Typical Boomer:
          Herp Derp, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. herp I can’t afford to retire, derp!

        2. Purchasing power was better? Try dealing with 21% inflation
          Manufacturing was abysmal back in the 60’s and 70’s. Quality in manufacturing is one of the great legacies of this era.
          Grocery stores were small and limited. The American diet was bland as hell, basically meat and potatoes. Americans now have incredible choice. As far as GMO, you shouldn’t be eating grains anyway. They are bad for you. High fat and protein is the way to go.

  45. Author Jon –
    I’m a millennial, but I’m not quite the strawman you painted a portrait of. I abhor the anti-intellectualism of many hipsters my age, and I’m not accountable for it. You claim to be an elitist, but you don’t seem intelligent enough to recognize that “millennials” aren’t a monolithic, homogeneous group. You’re an intellectual lightweight, because you think in absolute black/white terms with no subtlety. That’s not elite. Where are your sources? If you post your opinion without backing it up with facts, you’re halfway to postmodernism.

  46. Great article. I look around me at the limp wrested pansies and laugh. At 40 the shit Ive gone through has made me incredibly tough. In any form of competition its easy to dominate when the competition is a bunch of whiny sellouts.

  47. I am also a reformed millennial. The main thing most millennials need is a mentor. Without that, it’s almost hopeless. I was lucky as **** that I found an older, red pilled, student in college who helped reshape the way I thought about everything. He’s even the one who showed me this site. I was surrounded by a bunch of lazy, hedonistic, kids and I would’ve never changed had that guy not showed up.
    Not surprisingly, he was a loner but he eventually became the only guy I would even talk to (the typical “are you guys gay lovers????” comments from the sheeple started inevitably coming). After all that, I stopped going to stupid college football games, stopped the partying, and started making the highest grades in all of my classes. I couldn’t believe how dumb I was for so long. But it wouldn’t have been possible without somebody who had been there before, to humble you and show you the ropes.

  48. What did you expect? . This is what happens when an entire generation is raised by single mom’s and told everyone gets a medal

  49. I`m also one of the millenials. You got some points spot on, i have to admit that. I like EDM, im inked, i dont care what happens with our country (germany) and i also have no real morals. I care mostly about pleasure, then power. I dont wanna get into the working world here as well, i`ve also never paid taxes. My education is middle-low class, with that you wont even have an “okay” future here. I don`t care about equalism. I dont care about feminism, except that it successfully poisened girls in my age. perspective? A family maybe, but with feminised woman, no thanks. A nice job, which would make it even possible to support a small family? good joke. A place where you are needed? The world runs without you, it only wants to get the best qualities you have for itself. Thats how alot millenials feel about the future. You witness how the country gets ruined, it doesnt matter which party you vote for. They do basically all the same. And then, of course, there are the older ones complaining about how useless we are. Perspective? Hopelessness, a black hole. Some random facts:
    -high jobless rate
    -cocaine found in the groundwater
    -very high suicide rate highest among teenagers and young adults compared to other reference groups
    So, why exactly should we make effort into something other then our own pleasure? You left us a shithole. You let feminism happen. You expect us to work so you can get you pensions. You know what? Fuck off. If you only hit someone and dont do anything nice to him, then you are in no position to complain when he despises you, does not show you respect, or doesnt want to do anything for you. Luckily, i found a way out. I can make a living with music (spare me your rants about this please), and im moving away from here next summer to a non-westernized country. While i will meet traditional woman again and live like a king (white male in africa), i`ll have great pleasure watching the western nations going down the river. But before i leave, i`ll make sure to slay cunts wherever i can. Nothing more enjoyable to watch then a shattered “self entitled princess”, which are 90% of woman my age. thanks again @ the old farts for letting this even happen

  50. Dude, it’s the Boomers. Millennials were raised by compliant, anti-intellectual, spoiled Baby Boomers. X-ers were the ones who were raised by fucked-up hippies.

    1. Not me. My old man was depression era. When I was born in the early 70s, he was in his mid 40s.

  51. Let the chaff fester in their ‘enlightened’ Nihilist filth. It is wiser to see the world for how it is and embrace its faults, rather than fantasize about a world that’s fair to everybody.

  52. Although you took a shot at Obama , at least you didn’t mention Marxism ( ROK’s favorite slur) for once.
    There are just as many conservative idiots as there are liberal idiots.

  53. This should have been titled, “Why I hate hipsters”. Irony + art = hipster, not Millennial.
    Millennials fought the longest war in American history, and had to start professional carriers in the worst economy since the great depression.
    Obama was elected because Bush sucked soooooo bad that a black guy with an Islamic name could get into the previously all white Christian club. Put it in perspective.
    Getting tattoos on your wrist, wearing v neck sweeters with skinny jeans and fake glasses will no longer be ironic in 10 years.

  54. Sounds like one of those conservative baby boomer chest thumping articles. The big problem is that ‘millenials’ believed the utter nonsense that the baby boomers kicked to them… “Go to college no matter what! Here, take on tends of thousands of dollars in debt that you can’t discharge in bankruptcy. Here, take on a job with little to no benefits and a stagnant salary if you can even get the job in the first place. Get your degree and everything will take care of yourself! We’re shipping off the manufacturing jobs, but we’ll have a lot of knowledge jobs for you! Oh yeah, hey, we’re going to need you to train your replacement while we ship off the knowledge jobs too!”
    Competition is as fierce as ever. The same jobs you could get coming out of highschool ‘back in the day’, now requires a 4 year degree and 5 years of experience. Competing more won’t magically make jobs come back that were shipped to a 3rd world country where workers will work for much cheaper. It’s far from a problem of ‘competition’, but rather a problem of systematic destruction where those in power are dismantling the nation for their own profit.
    If anything, what these millenials need to learn is some sort of entrepreneurship and how to be a man that is independent of depending on some corporation to hand you a job.

    1. The thing about school might have been true a few years back but in this day and age it is trivially easy to find out which majors can translate into the biggest bucks, or barring college, which skilled trades can do the same.
      In this regard, millennials have it far easier than those of us in Gen X and before who did not have pervasive and near-universal information access.
      But if they don’t want to look, and insist on pursuing the wrong path in life, whose fault is that?

      1. The problem with everyone rushing into the same ‘lucrative’ fields comes down to a few crucial points.
        Not everyone has the same skills or inclinations. Not everyone is built to be in STEM, and therefore they would only be mediocre, if that, and therefore wouldn’t make the big bucks if they could even get hired in the first place
        The second issue is a matter of simple economics. If there is a huge supply of labor competing for the same, few sparse jobs, then wages will plummet. Those jobs that were once ‘lucrative’ will no longer be quit so lucrative once employers start slashing wages and benefits because they know that their current employees are essentially expendable due to the huge glut of people clamoring for those jobs.
        Many of these ‘high-paying’ jobs are going away due to outsourcing and also companies attempting to import labor via things such as the H1B1 visa. Sad to say, but the younger generation was thrown in the ocean. They better add some entrepreneurial skills and learn to swim.

  55. This is a painting that did, it is a copy of a bouguereau and it’s true what you say.people are so used to seeing shit, it makes whatever I do look better.

  56. Excellent article.
    Millenneals are a lost cause. But I have hope for their kids, Gen Z. They may rebel against their millineal parents and hippie grandparents by returning to tradition.

  57. Millennial men seem lost as fuck, but the women are very confident and assertive. That’s the result of decades of pro-feminist, anti-male bashing. I really do fear for the future when women will rise to power in companies and government and start making all the important decisions.
    I’m sure those bitches will fine all sorts of ways to criminalize masculinity even further and redistribute the wealth of men to benefit women. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that involved seizing property, freezing bank accounts of non-compliant men etc.

    1. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that involved seizing property, freezing bank accounts of non-compliant men etc.

      This happens already. Just ask anyone who through no fault of his own (job loss mainly) cannot pay his alimony or child support. Don’t forget about how stacked the court system already is against men when it comes to divorce settlements and child custody regimes.
      These actions impact men predominantly. There are plenty of “deadbeat moms” too but you never hear of any crackdowns of them like you do with “deadbeat dads.”

    2. Women will never truly rise to power simply because they can’t handle it.
      Think about Hollywood and their liberal bullshit, there’s still hardly any female directors simply because women-directed movies generally lose money. You are right though, they keep gradually putting on more shackles on men. Leaving USA is really the only option

    3. women are very confident and assertive.
      It’s false confidence and not so much assertive as it is brassy behavior.
      It’s why women vacillate when a decision needs to be made, and why they get loud and obnoxious when confronted with resistance.

  58. I would not equate the Republican take over of the Congress meaning they will stop Obama. The Establishment versus Conservative are two different beasts. Compare Rep. Issa versus Rep. Graham and you have two different Republicans. The Establishment Repubs want to accommodate Obama but the Conservatives want to stop him. Conservative branch needs to take on and express there displeasure so the Repubs do not become Democrat Light.
    I doubt much will change till the student debt bubble bursts. I can only imagine how many women’s studies go belly up then and the ratio of men and women going to college and getting degrees more then men changes at this point. The future will come back to haunt us for the next two to three generations until real men show and display real leadership. Reminds me of an old Ronald Reagan speech when he was running for governor that was applicable back then as it is today.

  59. I love how the guy who wrote this seems convinced that conservatives are any better than the lot currently in power.
    There was only one chance to save the world and Britain blew it by imprisoning Mosley.

  60. Some people (the liberals in particular) are forgetting that opinions can be changed throughout life. Just because a lot of children are totally indoctrinated with cultural marxist propaganda, these liberals are bragging about how in the near future the cultural marxists will rule everything. But I guarantee you that a lot of these young adults are going to change their views when they have more experience and life experiences and will be more able to make their own choices. Indoctrinating children with this propaganda is more a desperate move than anything.

  61. The Millennial generation is the product of the the baby-boomer generation…the hippies, the radicals, the “me” generation.
    No wonder we are awakening to the reality that we have been marooned, on the land of misfit toys. Led by a government that represents nothing other than itself, in a country that would rather take selfies at the Liberty Bell than read what the bell represents, in a world that is licking its chops from the outside looking in…waiting for the West and the Millennials to finally drop the ball.
    Back to start, back to the front. The world is pre-WWI and the cycle begins again.
    History may change but people don’t. We are all equal, equally worthless. Too true.
    The author makes a good point though; for the real men left in a world bereft of men; the world is there for the taking. A tempting proposition, but honestly who wants to rule over a pile of ashes?
    The West, and more importantly America, needs a great awakening . It’s going to take something 6.0 on the richter scale to put things in motion but God help us if it doesn’t come. If we drift further down the spiral, history will remember the Millennial generation as the one that enjoyed what remained of the once great American republic and yet did not a damn thing to save it.

  62. Late to this thread…at first I wanted to jump on the M’s for all the obvious reasons. But, I’m glad to see so many M’s who reacted to this article. Regardless if they were reacting defensively, and many were, what matters is there are a lot of M’s here on ROK. To the M’s. Sorry fellas, your generation is fucking pathetic and, well, just plain sad. But, there is truth that much of this is not your fault. And if you’re here you represent the good M’s. I’ve posted before and do believe that the M’s could turn radically against progressivism or at least be a key fulcrum point for turning this whole fucked system and culture around. Why do I say that being well aware for the pervasive indoctrination they’ve been under etc? Well, progressive over promised and vastly…I mean vastly under delivered. Snow flakes are melting en mass as I write and will continue too. This generation of proverbial over “educated” bartistas and basement dwellers are all enduring the horror of life crawling up their ass and looking through their eyes. Are they “self actualized”, has the disney ending come true? No, they’re the first generation to regress in standard of living in the history of america. They’re indentured servants via huge debt burdens that have generated very little positive ROI.
    This begs and important question apropos to why I think they’re ripe to be a significant change agent – who’s to blame?
    Is it God, Jesus…Christians? Ah, no, we’re realizing that those compassionate, opened minded and equality focused progressives are opening terrorizing, oppressing and persecuting Christians, right here and now in the U.S. So, it can’t be them.
    Is it the Koch Brothers, Conservatives, Republicans or George Bush? How could it be those backwards knuckledraggers were defeated long ago and try as they may bush I and II are a long time ago.
    On and on and on (just enter a typical prog scapegoat (bogeyman).
    Its because the left was so successful at taking over all the key institutions that they can’t hide from both their failures and from the rightful blame that they deserve. Particularly from the males.
    Last point to the M’s. Please, tell your the change you want to be. If you’re here you KNOW that feminism and by extension progressivism is against you…they commit in open all the cardinal “sins” you were brainwashed about – discrimination, supremacy, prejudice, sexism…ism’s and phobes of all shades.

  63. “Millennials want immediate gratification”
    Isn’t that what their parents and grandparents had and still have? They went from high-paying middle class jobs with benefits, many not even requiring a college education, to collecting Social Security – including benefits they didn’t pay for, such as prescription drugs – and leaving the bill to their “lazy, docile” millennial children and their children’s children. As a late Gen X-er, I don’t agree that the millennials’ problem is that they are lazy, but rather, the reward no longer outweighs the sacrifice as it did with their parents. It wiser from their point of view, to live off their parents as long as they can and play video games and party than it is to work 2 or even 3 jobs and still barely get by, because their parents let the country go to sht.

    1. Fair point. Where they lose me is their need for safe spaces and trigger warnings. Plus, the totalitarian tendencies of trying to control everyone else’s speech, habits, etc.

      1. All taught to them by their parents and grandparents! At some point the older generations must take the blame for allowing the country to go down this road.

  64. If you wore a bike helmet as a kid, you’re a millennial. I’m gen Y, we remember the eighties, and if you volunteered right out of high school for the military when we graduated, you had just finished basic, when 9/11 went down. Statistically, we have had it worse than any generation since the depression. Probably 90% of all people within any generation, straight suck, so I don’t get the hate for the millennials. They’re just really cute, friendly, and grew up with Barney, Pokemon, and N’Sync….. Wait….. Actually, they are major pussies

  65. HAH fuck off, guy, millenials are going to save this fucking country from asshats like yourself

  66. Millennials were handed a shit pie, you can paint and sell your finger paintings out your garage for a few hundred bucks, or go work 15 hours a week at burger king with you college degree in an industry the boomers destroyed. Given those choses finger painting doesn’t look all that bad.

  67. Inclusion, has ruined much. ( ” Triumph of the Airheads”, Shelley Long, ” The End of Art ” – also. John Ralston Saul has many fine things to add, on Democracy. ( High recommend to look up.)

  68. Best summary of the Millennials that practice deconstructionist thinking that I’ve ever seen. I know a few of them and they are clueless and their is competition from them!

  69. Ever notice that millenials LOVE infographic talking points (as seen at the top of the page) instead of real reading.

  70. Irony is good, and being sincere and believing in shit is for gay faggots.

  71. There is nothing more painful than hearing a millennial male speak. Literally, surreal, and the way they lisp in a feminine tone makes me queasy. Zero bass in their voice, zero conviction, OMG lollipops for everybody!

  72. Dumb millennials are going to destroy America. The ETS (Educational Testing Service) has produced a skills assessment and American millennials come in near or at the bottom in skills in comparison to their foreign counterparts,. “America’s Skills Challenge: Millennials and the Future,”
    Considering ETS is the company who produces the GRE and TOEFL tests, I’d say this is bad news. But it explains why millennials are so lame. They just aren’t that bright.

    1. The ACT scores were dumbed down years ago. A 29 in the late 80s is converted to a 32 or so now.

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