Will Swedish Men Rediscover Their Balls Before Sweden Becomes A Matriarchal Hellhole?

There are large warning signs indicating that Sweden is heading for a matriarchy—a society ruled by women with the intent to hurt men and further their own interests. Both in business and in politics, women are grabbing power. They are aided by their loyal manginas, who actively take steps to bring their fellow men down. There are no indications that Sweden’s horrifying descent into matriarchy will be stopped.

“Women are taking over”


Swedish businessman Jan Carlzon said in a recent interview that “women are taking over, we are entering a matriarchy.” In the world of business, women are elbowing their way into “position after position.”

Jan Carlzon sees both positive and negative aspects of this development. On the one hand, a new generation with hunger and ambition is taking the place of the old one. On the other hand, he fears that men will have a tough time competing in this new situation.

I think we need a law that says that there must be fifty-fifty in boards, because if we don’t do that there will soon be 70 percent women and 30 percent men, he told the astounded interviewer.

So is he right? Is matriarchy upon us? Will men soon need affirmative action to not be relegated to the margins of society, subordinated by female overlords? Looking at the facts of the matter, it does seem a bit exaggerated.

94 percent of CEOs of listed companies in Sweden are men. Directorial boards consist of 71 percent men, and 95 percent of the chairmen on these boards are men. In the private sector, 69.6 percent of companies are led by men. Only in companies involved in health care are female bosses in the majority, with 64.5 percent.

In the national parliament, 56 percent of the members are men. Furthermore, men are more active than women in political parties and union organizations, and 76 percent of professors are men. (All statistics can be found here.)

They are gaining power in politics


The Swedish parliament, the Riksdag.

Now, it’s safe to say that men still hold more formal power in society than women. This is the case even after decades of women being active in the workforce with no laws to keep them from reaching the top. But Jan Carlzon’s point is that things are changing, and soon women might surpass men in leading positions.

While women have a long way to go before they become dominant in the private sector, they will soon become equal in the political sphere. The government administration is already divided equally, with 12 out of 24 ministers being women, and one of them in charge of finance. Just 30 years ago, 75 percent of ministers were male. Sweden’s mandates in the European Parliament are also divided fifty-fifty.

Women today hold 44 percent of seats in the parliament, while 30 years ago they held 31 percent. Female representation also looks roughly the same on the municipal level. In one instance they have a majority: Women vote to a slightly higher degree than men.

So women are quickly catching up and gaining political power with every election. It probably won’t be long before Sweden becomes a matriarchy in its literal sense, where the executive and the legislative powers are in the hands of women. Whether they will use this power to hurt men—maybe as a revenge for past injustices they think they’ve suffered—will certainly depend on what kind of women will rule.

The feminist government leads the way toward matriarchy


The current self-proclaimed feminist government proves that women don’t have to have a numerical advantage to get their way. They only need to bring a number of political manginas to their side and these gender traitors will do the job for them. Of course, there is an obvious advantage for any politician to pander to the larger female demographic.

Prime Minister and mangina-in-chief Stefan Löfven’s administration has four stated goals: men and women shall have equal power and influence, equal financial opportunities, do an equal amount of unpaid household work, and “men’s violence against women” shall end. 239 million SEK will be spent in 2016 on particular policies aimed at gender equality.

One way in which the government enforces their brand of feminist equality is to determine that a certain percentage of professors at universities must be female, even though 60 percent of students are women. Another example is that the government is pushing for affirmative action for CEOs of listed companies. Only six percent of them are women, and if the number hasn’t skyrocketed to 40 percent at the end of 2016, legislation will be used to even out the difference.

In the spirit of socialism they aim to push down one group of people to elevate another. Rather than stepping back and giving everyone a fair chance of succeeding—which would be the proper role of government—they will socially engineer society to meet their politically correct standards. All without shedding a drop of blood. It’s Marxism with a smiley face, and its purpose is to bring men down.

The MSM pushes for matriarchy

Actual matriarchy is thus not a prerequisite for men to be burdened by matriarchal (i.e. feminist) policies, since we already see it happening. And while women seem to be slow at reaching the heights of men in the business world, affirmative action will fix that perceived inequity soon enough.

Finally, an article on this topic mustn’t neglect the influence of the media. What the mainstream media tell people guides them in their decision-making, like when they put a ballot in a box every four years. A great range of voices can find an outlet on the internet, but TV channels and newspapers are filled with leftist, anti-masculine messaging. Studies also confirm that a clear majority of Swedish journalists are left-leaning.

While men are still dominant in many fields, women are slowly building up their power and do not hesitate to use government force for their own interests. Men must be aware of this and act upon it, if the dystopian future of matriarchy is to be avoided.

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169 thoughts on “Will Swedish Men Rediscover Their Balls Before Sweden Becomes A Matriarchal Hellhole?”

  1. Yeah, and when he mass rapes get progressively worse because they are being conquered by Muslims we can see clearly the result of those policies.

  2. What is this “when” stuff??
    Swedish dudes with dicks open your fuckin eyes. I guess you’d rather live on your knees than die on your feet.
    So be it.
    Now deepthroat that swarthy cock you fuckin faggots.

      1. What any man would naturally do when he is under attack. Fight or flight.
        But you’re right most here aren’t doing shit and I think that’s human nature. People are complacent unless their lives are on the line.
        I know Sweden is way worse than the states but men in both places need to realize you’re fucking lives ARE on the line. What kind of life is that worth saving if you are a white male in Sweden? Once the men realize they have nothing more to lose and everything has been taken from them, then shit will get real.

        1. I doubt it. They have been groomed to be peaceful. Never been allowed to “roughouse” in kindergarten or school, never been allowed to play with typical male toys like guns, never been allowed to be boys. Out of shape, never done any combat training, addicted to internet porn, obsessed with being political correct.
          At this point they are like trained puppies, no match for the super violent immigrants.
          Then there are the “nazis” in Sweden, but they are overdoing it and thereby doing it wrong. What is needed is healthy MASCULINITY, not manginas or psychos.

        2. “Once the men realize they have nothing more to lose and everything has been taken from them, then shit will get real.”
          That’s probably what needs to happen. And it does..

        3. If they won’t fight they deserve to die. If anything I’ve learned in my 35 years on this earth as a man is that no one cares and no one is going to save you.
          You are an expendable economic unit easily disposed of when you are of no use or too dangerous.
          It is up to you(me) to save yourself from this hell. To rise above this putrid pile of feces and make them respect and fear you.
          If you don’t have the will to live and to fight then just fucking die already because you are pathetic.

    1. With a brotherly sad feeling, I give this comment an upvote. I hope swedes do come back their sences, this invasion is costing them dearly in the long run.

    2. It’s a disgrace, pal, a real motherfucking disgrace. The Scottish Highlands is about the *only* place in Europe where men are still men. The French have always been first-rate cowards and pussies, along with Italians and their fellow lover boys from Spain, Portugal, etc. The Germans, who produced the toughest and most badass ball-busting warriors in history, well … well these first-class men were virtually all wiped out during WWII, leaving behind nothing but degenerates and pussies in the gene pool, who make up German “men” today. The Nordic countries have a similar story as Germany, though their men were not so much killed off, but slowly castrated, leaving behind today’s generation of the most loathsome cowards in history. The Viking ancestors of Nordic countries are turning, tossing, and going balls-out insane in their graves.

  3. All western societies are only interested in selective equality…..not real equality. You only need to look in the right places: one example – to see how women are wanting equal pay for equal work but they only want to do some of the jobs. I say let women share equally in the load of all of the ‘dirty jobs’ that keep our society flowing along on a daily basis.
    Our court systems are another obvious example of ‘selective equality’. I know in the U.S. that women usually initiate the divorce, get alimony, the children (with child support), etc, etc…so no equality in the courts.
    Any time you run up against a feminist arguing for equality, you only need to look in a few areas to find how unequal things really are – for men.

    1. I am on holidays at the moment (first time in 11 years) and I was in Iceland a few days ago. One of our guides was boasting that Iceland is first in the world in equality. How many women were in parliament etc. When talking about the Icelandic night life, he said that sometimes women buy men drinks. That they aren’t frowned on for pursuing romantically. I asked if this ever happened to him. He said no (he’s a funny good looking guy no homo). I said “typical, when women say they want equality, that just means they want all the perceived privileges but none of the inherent responsibilities”. He actually stopped for a moment and started to think. I may be too optimistic here, but I might have planted a seed of doubt in his perfect equality world view.

      1. “hat just means they want all the perceived privileges but none of the inherent responsibilities”… Yes because women, white especially, never grow up further than teenage.

    2. I’m a woman but deeply anti feminist…..they don’t want equality, never did! It’s a hateful ideology. I have never seen a woman in the rain on a building site, digging up a road, or frankly doing any really hard graft. I’m not sure how women think they are oppressed! Men have always done that hard graft in the west, so woman did not have to. Are they grateful or do they even acknowledge it? Feminists will never be happy, no matter how much you give them, how much they get it will never be enough. Women are better off now in terms of opportunity and freedom than ever before and more miserable than ever…they have been literally brainwashed. I don’t know how Swedish men stand it.

      1. Women want all of the upside (benefits) that men receive but they never want to do the dangerous (or dirty) work. Sure, we’ll see a few exceptions here and there but that number is very small compared to the number of women are out there demanding “equality”. Women have all rights and freedoms of men (but how many have died in combat serving this country)? I laugh whenever I hear a woman try to debate the issue.

        1. I agree. Men don’t even really receive any upsides ( benefits) anymore, can you think of any.? I can’t except for some biological ones like greater physical strength for instance, which can’t be taken away. But in western society can you think of any benefits men enjoy that women do not?

  4. I knew a few Swedes growing up in Northern Ontario. One of my aunts was a Swede. I do know that if you push the Swedish men a bit TOO far and they get mad enough and (of course) drunk enough…. well – look out!.
    The times dictate the role of women. When women emerge, the time are benign and everyone is flying fat, dumb and happy. When the bad times come – and they always do – the power and initiative will revert to the males.

        1. Unless this time they think that Islam can bring them more than the Western World. After all why clean the mess or die for the women that treated men like crap?

      1. Sweden has the third highest rapes per capita in the world. Don’t have to live there to draw some inferences.

        1. That’s fair enough but you’re going by statistics only which can be exaggerated and spun for more diabolical purposes. I wan’t to know more why we should believe 1 in 5 Swedish women will be raped by a Muslim immigrant and what constitutes rape. Are they including unproven accusations and minor offenses like verbal abuse or are these convicted rapists who were tried in a Swedish court?
          Sweden might very well be turning into a hell hole and I wouldnt doubt crimes are being committed by immigrants but don’t blame it on an entire religion.

        2. ” Are they including unproven accusations and minor offenses like verbal abuse or are these convicted rapists who were tried in a Swedish court?”
          Those standards are only for real Swedes.
          ” I wan’t to know more why we should believe 1 in 5 Swedish women ”
          Because: Islam.
          If a Muslim rapes a infidel woman, then according to various interpretations of Islamic law, she’s now Muslim and belongs to her rapist.
          Keeping that in mind gives one a new appreciation for Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses and how they merely annoy people by going door to door.
          “Sweden might very well be turning into a hell hole and I wouldnt doubt crimes are being committed by immigrants but don’t blame it on an entire religion.”
          Life in every Communist country may have been miserable, but don’t blame it on an entire ideology.

        3. No Sarcasm. I don’t know what is going on in Sweden, but I think taking a calm and measured approach to investigating rape claims is necessary. I really mistrust rape claims. If these animals are tossing unsuspecting women to the ground, beating them and forcing themselves on them that is one thing. If some sweedish whore is bored of her cucked out blonde boyfriend and bangs a dozen swarthy arabs and then wakes up in the morning and wants to deny it…..well, let’s say there is precedent for that.
          I am not saying it isn’t true…I am saying that a) I don’t know the truthfulness and veracity of the claims b) I do know that women lie about rape more often than men rape women.

  5. Is anyone else getting sick of all these articles about how shitty Sweden on this site yet? If John Hydenius had any balls or real talent he would of left big bad Islamic Sweden by now.

  6. I’d say Swedish men will eventually recover their manhood. Unfortunately, they will likely only do so after the population has been either almost completely purged or forcibly converted to Islam.

    1. If they don’t rise up. Scandinavian DNA will never ever be the same again. With many middle eastern looking Swedes in the future as a result of mass rape.

      1. You are ignoring one fact on why Europe can and will be salvageable for a long time. Muslims DO NOT assimilate they don’t and will not marry non-Muslim women or temporarily adjust to western culture.When they show video’s of “little Pakistan” Inside of cities such as London, you have to remember that it’s just really that ghetto. The country in Europe with the highest Muslim population (outside of the Balkans) is Russia at 11%.

        1. Lack of assimilation does not prevent Muslim conqueror from sexually enslaving women of enemies.
          Plus there are plenty of descendants nowadays as a result of such unions.

        2. 2% of the population (approx. the male Islamic population) is not going to take over Europe. 5% hasn’t taken over Russia. In fact 10% (assuming half of Muslims are male) in Montenegro or Cypress (even with Turkey’s help) can’t. It will take a significantly large percent of the population to be both male Muslim to conspire to take do some sort of national take over and slaughter all non Muslims. And actually historically, Muslims have never done this tactic. It took them over 500 years just to get a majority Muslim population in Egypt. “Plus there are plenty of descendants nowadays as a result of such unions.” Like I said, on average Muslims make up 5% of the populations in most European countries. They haven’t done that or else it would be much much higher.

        3. High-birth rates and immigration as well as sub-replacement fertility of natives will solve their numerical inferiority problem.

        4. 500 years to take over Egypt, right..but these are the days of fast travels, airplanes, trains..extremely effective communication. Things move a lot faster now and 500 years then is 25 years now.

        5. “5% hasn’t taken over Russia.”
          Russia is Russia. Nobody else is Russia, but it still took Russia waging two Chechen wars to get their Muslim situation under control (for now).
          For Swedes, who aren’t even Orthodox much less Russian, 2% is an occupying army.
          “In fact 10% (assuming half of Muslims are male) in Montenegro or Cypress (even with Turkey’s help) can’t.”
          That’s not the lesson I’d take from the Turkish invasion and continued occupation of the northern part of Cyprus, and the Yugoslavian breakup and then the further splitting off of Montenegro (20% Muslim) from Serbia.
          “It took them over 500 years just to get a majority Muslim population in Egypt.”
          Yet they ruled it with such an iron fist that they could remain in power those 500 years until they were the majority.

        6. “That’s not the lesson I’d take from the Turkish invasion and continued occupation of the northern part of Cyprus,” Let me restate that. Turkey really wants to take over all of cypress for Muslim control. Turkey has a population of 77 million people. They haven’t been able to fully take over a country of 1.7 million people.
          “Yet they ruled it with such an iron fist that they could remain in power those 500 years until they were the majority.” That is the point though. They aren’t the voting majority in any European country. (Balkans not counted) At any point in the next 50 years the people of Europe can wake up and take control of their nations.

        7. Muslims DO NOT assimilate they don’t and will not marry non-Muslim women or temporarily adjust to western culture.

          Why would these savages marry when they can just rape their way into procreation instead?

        8. Most European women are on birth control. Look, the fact is, only 5% of the population is Muslim. Only 2.5% is male Muslim, their isn’t suddenly going to be a massive increase is population where they jump up to 95%. And like I said, that isn’t the traditional Muslim tactic to take over countries anyways.

        9. muslims have not taken Russia because Russian men are still men and their women have not castrated them
          unlike sweden…

        10. Good. The Islamic invaders are a blessing in another case their lack of self control forced people to wake up. If they bided their time scandinavia will have no chance.

  7. The problem is that white people want to show how ‘civilized’ and ‘superior’ they are. In their mind civilized means treating everybody equal. Most non-white people just do what they want to do and don’t give a fuck about what other people think. Whitey on the other hand wants to show the world how great and civilized he is.
    Why are Swedish people not proud of their Viking heritage? Because the Vikings were barbarians and uncivilized and Swedish whitey wants to show how civilized he is.

    1. Ironically egalitarianism is the most primitive form of social structuring possible
      The western concept of “civilized” seems to be little more than the luxury of expressing their “love” without forethought

  8. “Sweden’s mandates in the European Parliament are also divided fifty-fifty.”
    So that explains why Europe, at least the Western half, is falling apart and allowing this migrant invasion. Women. Women either expressing their motherly attitudes or expressing sexual frustration with the cucked liberals that make the modern western Euro man. This is precisely why women shouldn’t be allowed to hold positions of power.
    They will fucking destroy thousands of years of Western civilization.

    1. “Women either expressing their motherly attitudes or expressing sexual frustration”
      Probably both, since everything is so mixed together inside the female brain.

    2. “They will fucking destroy thousands of years of Western civilization.”
      That has always been the goal of the female rebellion we call feminism.

    3. …maybe there is a tipping point where lots of men convert to get the same protections and privileges of islam and then the whole feminist movement collapses once there are no western men to protect it…

      1. With the demographic balance tipping, and most Euro men de-Christianized, there is actually little impediment to that.

        1. Christianity is the biggest blue pill faggotry on the planet.
          Do for the lest of your brother
          Turn the other cheek
          Love thy neighbor
          Suffer the little children

          Your faggot Christ would gladly open his country to every worthless 3rd world piece of sub-human shit.

        2. Actually, you’re misinterpreting the Gospels and taking them out of context to turn Christ into some kind of namby-pamby softie. JUST like a left-winger.
          Can’t decide whether you’re truly angry about your misinterpretation, or you’re just a concerm troll. Your hate is onviously real, though.

        3. So Jesus would tell Syrian refugees to fuck themselves and spend his money on a new car? What does love the neighbor as thy self mean?
          Lefties are right about something, Jesus is the biggest nnamby pammby pussy.

        4. You ‘ve got it all wrong, pal. Christ sets the example of perfection for how men, real men, ought to behave; the path of virtue and a noble character. But his message is only half of the equation. You see, a man with a first-rate character lives the example of Christ, the right hand path … but when trouble comes knocking, knowing that evil knows no decency, he meets the challenge with double-fisted skull crushing badassery. The key is to establish that perfect balance: Christ’s message on the one hand, and a no-holds-bar, ball-busting, head smashing, ninja master on the other when evil knocks.

        5. I remember now. The parable of the Good Sumerian where the Sumerian says “fuck you, jew” and leave the wounded man to die.
          I think Xainity is a bunch of faggoty non-sense which is why I don’t practice it. You don’t abide by the teachings of the jew either. Why not give it up?
          What did the pope say about helping those filthy muslims? Something about it be your christian duty.

        6. “Pope” Frankie is SJW, not really Catholic. In fact, he hates Catholicism and constantly tries to SJWize it any chance he gets. (I suppose you think Obama loves America too.)
          And cuckservative Churchianism is not real Christianity. Tell the Spanish conquistadors that Jesus was a pacifistic hippy, and they’d laugh and then stab you through your guts.

  9. *unrelated.
    A-list features on dating site okcupid are now being priced 50% cheaper for younger females. No surprise there. Beta males are paying the extra freight to be rejected.

  10. Philosophically, we need to ask: With white male oligarchs having already sold us out, how can the women be worse? In some ways, perhaps it is good to put them there since those in power tend to be amoral scumbags, why not have women stab each other in the back?
    As most men experienced with women know, they’re not the happy sisterhood that feminism promises. Women CEO’s tend to simply do things the Good Ol’ Boy way and worse at that (such as Carly FIorina) or the CEO of Yahoo (which is a dying company.) Why not let career women have the same privilege us men have had and see for themselves that just because someone has similar genitals as you doesn’t mean they sympathize with you as a human being.
    In addition, one reason why male CEO’s and oligarchs didn’t care about men was they felt safe and insulated by power. As long as they were in power, they couldn’t care less about the well being of their underlings. Now, when they face the feminists coming for their hides for real, maybe they’ll have a dog in the hunt.
    In addition, just as the left views the USA as a great Satan (similar to Iran’s leadership’s rhetoric), to be taken down at all costs, Sweden also is the symbol for leftist progressivism. Let non-western, Patriarchal immigrants make their streets unsafe AND feminists lose their economy through incompetence. Take ’em down. Then when an American leftist says: “Well, ok if USA gets destroyed because then the world can be more like Sweden… oh, wait a second.” It’s their shining city on a hill. Make it into Detroit!

  11. I can’t wait to see what the feminists will say when Muslims get enough political power to stop the feminist bullshit in Sweden.

  12. “Only six percent of them are women, and if the number hasn’t skyrocketed to 40 percent at the end of 2016, legislation will be used to even out the difference.”
    I just don’t see corporations just lying down and hiring female CEO’s that are historically known to always run companies into the ground. At best, women CEO’s can MAINTAIN an already successful company without any noteworthy gains (eBay a good example of this).
    I say let them mandate affirmative action hires for female CEO’s. When they run their companies into the ground with their ineptitude it’ll be hilarious. It’ll be even more entertaining when they double down on policy and increase AA hires to 50% the next year. Sweden is conducting expensive social experiments that will conclusively show the rest of the world that women are not capable of leading.

    1. Socialists and feminists want this to happen, because it gives the state the opportunity to buy up corporate assets for cents in the dollar. I would expect nothing less than the state buying huge percentages of these companies when faced with a run by private investors, especially if it keeps up the ‘utopian image’.
      They can’t quite grasp that the globalisation factor requires both corporate and state to be internationally competitive. This little inconvenient fact makes concepts like AA totally unworkable, the foreign companies who are playing by a different set of rules entirely will just eat these other companies alive.

  13. this is only temporary. it will collapse and either muslims or white men will take it back. right now I’d say the muzzies have the edge

  14. Awesome protests-too-much confession from Lena Dunham about Hillary:
    “Nothing gets me angrier than when someone implies that I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because, frankly, because she’s a woman. Thank you. It’s not like we have some feminist version of beer goggles called ‘estrogen blind,’ which causes us to go walking towards the nearest vagina and vote for them.”

  15. Pay attention at the kind of males that are now ruling us.
    The man, let the inferior male of our species lead society, a reversal:
    What happens when you give power to weak males, they will castrate you, they will control you through the system, they will support equality while being against merit, they will accuse men of being evil, to make themselves look better than you.
    They will act as if they were moral, dominant, wise, fair, empathetic, That is what the inferior does, they pretend, they manipulate, they censure, they stab you in the back like cowards, they live like parasites. They usually die due to their own weakness or they are eliminated by others, by instinct, but we “humans” have welcomed them as equals, and gave them power, wealth, and fame.
    I see the inferior becoming psychopathic as an adaptation.
    It is the same psychological traits everywhere:strong vs weak people.They are the real problem. ROK should focus on them, and help readers recognize how “equal” they really are psychologically. Not a matriarchy, that is biologically impossible, what we see is the result of the inferior male having power.
    If you see other species, leaders stabilize, pariahs destabilize ,therefore they require resources, technology, workers, lies, etc. That is our current situation.

      1. I’ve noticed! A lot of this “equality” being pushed for these days is simply groups with inferiority complexes, wanting everyone to kiss their asses!

    1. Under three things the earth trembles;
      under four it cannot bear up:
      a slave when he becomes king,
      and a fool when he is filled with food;
      an unloved woman when she gets a husband,
      and a maidservant when she displaces her mistress.

  16. “On the one hand, a new generation with hunger and ambition is taking the place of the old one.” That’s where Carlson is wrong. Women don’t keep steaming along with ‘hunger and ambition’. Their ‘hunger and ambition’ is on display at the university level (where everything caters to them) then they get hired….and works sucks and they peter out. This explains their 2% annual patents granted no-show.

    1. Women are never really hungry with ambition. A few are, if they are truly gifted in science or similar. But the average woman working in a HR department has no reason..men has build in ambitions, because without amounting to something, no woman wants us and we will not reproduce. Obviously, women don’t have that problem and thus, there is no need for major achievements outside childbearing and family life.

  17. Matriarchs are by nature made up of strong willed women who take no nonsense and will slap the shit out of you if you bring back bad grades, rip your clothes playing, or knock a chick up. I’m sorry, but this women aren’t matriarch material. They probably can’t be counted on even bringing their own feminine hygiene products without a man buying it from them.

  18. A country led by women will fail. It simply can’t survive. Decicions will be based on feelings rather that facts. Logic will be disregarded. This is why European women-led countries are the most pro-immigration.

    1. Because women have a different agenda, by instinct. Men want to protect their women and their turf, building a strong fortress to keep other tribes at bay. Women want access to the best men they can find and couldn’t care less about the men they have. Thus..mass immigration from middle east. Their inner slut wants to turn Sweden into a Turkish vacation spot so they can ravel in cheap attention.

      1. The “only” error in their judgement is… they expect immigrants from very different backgrounds and culture to behave like their native men.
        There are something like 150 girls in Cologne that can tell them it’s not how it’ll work.

    2. Every matriarchy in history has failed (except one in an isolated area of China). They never advance in technology or infrastructure or socially and because of this are eventually taken over by surrounding patriarchal tribes.
      But what happens when and if there are no patriarchial tribes left? No patriarchial governments left?
      Because this is becoming a possibility in the western world.
      Note: ill be long gone from my native country before it comes to this.

      1. Not true, the mosuo are one of the most backwards tribes in China
        Like all matriarchies, they would be living in fetid squalor were it not for the benevolence of Han patriarchy

      2. Even Camille Paglia , an early feminist says without men there would be no civilisation, we would still be living in grass huts.

    3. Sadly you are right. Sweden officially has a feminist foreign policy, whatever that is you can be sure there is no defence or security component to spoil the virtue signalling and empty moralising. ( crochet with Putin? )

  19. Male Swedish DNA is doomed to die out in Sweden that is for sure.
    Its survival of those who actually want to survive, and Swedish men do not want to survive. Instead they seek attention and approval from their women, who treat them with disdain and kick them around.
    The only way that Male Swedish DNA will survive is in those who have left the country, and formed enclaves elsewhere in the world.

    1. The Swedes have always migrated out. The Rus were of Swedish origin and now constitute the largest country in the world Russia. They settled in Ireland and built Dublin. They settled in northern France and became the Normans who then conquered England. I live in an area in the US that has the highest proportion of people of Swedish descent of any area outside Sweden itself.

      1. Swedes with guts have left the homeland. The men who have stayed behind are not of the strongest variety. I think that is true.

  20. No mention of the Sweden Democrats? Their recent rise is a promising sign. Don’t buy the mainstream media telling you its racist and far right. Its all relative. They seem very much like the moderate wing of the GOP but by Swedish standards, they are fascist.
    I even have some Chinese relatives in Sweden supporting them. They have had enough of this feminist BS and Sweden turning into a Muslim slum with a real “rape culture”.

    1. Don’t buy the mainstream media telling you its racist and far right.

      Coming from the MSM I see that more as an endorsement than anything else.

  21. Sweden sounds pretty bad. However, in the documentary divorce corp the film shows the difference between Sweden’s family courts and ours. They make us look like the culture that really fucks men. Divorce and custody seem a lot less soul-sucking there. I wouldn’t look at them as being so much worse than us. Just as bad in a different way

  22. So where is the evidence that Swedish men are supposedly reclaiming their balls, as the author stated in the bi-line?

  23. It’s painful to watch western civilisation slowly die! The traitors behind this should be taken out the back and shot!

  24. The difference between women’s representation in politics and business is instructive. In business, you have to show results (profitability) or you go out of business. Men grasp this better than women. In politics, failure is, bizarrely, often rewarded. No wonder women are more successful.

  25. Political representatives are one thing, but 50/50 gender quotas on CEOs is entirely another. If that happens, I foresee Sweden plunging from a cultural communist state into an actual communist state. I mean, how many men are gonna bust their butts and risk their entire fortunes building a successful company, only to have his fruits taken away and handed of some whiny Chairman Pao, all in the name of “equality”? Not many. These entrepreneurs will simply take their business sense and ideas offshore, leaving the Swedish economy to rot into a 100% State owned planned economy. In fact, like their medieval forebears, I wouldn’t be surprised if most Swedish men still in possession of their testicles end up emigrating to greener pastures.

    1. in a democracy representation is based on ideas and policies, not gender or race…
      Sweden claiming it is a democracy is just like China saying they have a democracy ( 66% reserved seats for the communist party…)
      no entrepreuners are feminists…
      which companies are leading the feminist campaign in the US?
      Facebook, Google- Zuckerberg took paternity leave ( sweden mandates it so men are not allowed to work and get ahead at work…) to show how much of a woman he was…
      not to mention Sandberg…
      if anything the feminist entrepreuners will love Sweden and make it grow…

  26. “taking” over? “gaining” power? No, women have what they’re given by men. It isn’t within their abilities mentally or physically to have power other than that allowed to them by men.

  27. Women can take over Sweden but the first thing they will do is bring in “real” men like Merkel in Germany to get that gina tingle and Those guys are going to beat asses when they are done knocking them up for Allahu

  28. Women (like the Jews) are just the front and the shield for the ruling elite of Satanic men to hide behind. So no real matriarchy will be imposed but nevertheless women (like the Jews) will continue to play the victims card and continue to occupy more and more important positions in society.
    Feminism is just a symptom of the disease. We need to fight the real cause for it.

  29. “because if we don’t do that there will soon be 70 percent women and 30 percent men”
    but..but..evil patriarchy holds women back!! Wait.

  30. Would you please be so kind as to convert currencies 99,9% of the world’s population have no idea about to another currency for reference? “239 million SEK” may be the price of a bacon sandwich, or the market valuation of the Coca-Cola Corporation, for all we know.

    1. I think I’d rather live in a shithole than a hellhole if I absolutely could not create a better choice for myself.

  31. “It’s Marxism with a smiley face, and its purpose is to bring men down.”
    And men will vote with their feet and go their own way.

  32. When you look at senior executives and directors at large companies, you are looking at people that have been in their field for 30+ years. The composition of a senior board in 2016 reflects the composition of professionals that started working in the 80s. In order to achieve sexual balance, women would have to have been prepared starting 30 or more years ago. That didn’t happen. Pushing for immediate sexual balance simply leads to unqualified women taking those positions.
    And if you look at what is happening among young professionals today, women are doing much better than men. 30 years from now, we’ll see what that leads to.

  33. Is this a reality?
    Enter a female dominated workplace sometime. Get women into HR and within five years you’ll be staffed with women almost entirely except for the few places where real work needs to be done (technical, computer, engineering, etc). They will take every management position in short order and then hire and promote only women like themselves. This isn’t called a Hivemind for no reason.
    The last office environment I worked in had 90% of its management underneath the CEO and a very small handful of men VP’s morph into women in a few short years. Made a woman Director of HR and badda bing, suddenly all the middle, upper middle and lower level managers became women. Stocky, masculine, beady eyed women. Five years earlier it was mostly men. And the new management were awfully incompetent and had meeting after meeting after meeting about nothing but “perception” as opposed to real work.

    1. Had it happen in three years in a mid-west engineering firm. Now the fellows who stayed to retain a salary are asking those of us who left (WITH OUR BALLS), “What do I do”?
      “Collect your salary and retain your tenure that was more precious OR fight back.”
      “I can’t do that, I have a mortgage and kids in school.”
      “Enjoy your empty sack.”

    2. You even see this sometimes in blue collar work. When I was a teen back in the late 90’s I got a job as a clerk working the night shift at a convenience store. The night manager told me shortly after words that the store manager, we’ll call her Tina, was a man-hater. The night manager, a conservative woman, BTW, I thought was just talking shit. Then I noticed something. Out of the 25 or so employees at the store, I was the ONLY man.
      So time goes on and the company wanted all the new employees to get some food sanitation training to protect against food borne illness. Tina tells me and the other new hire that if we pass the class we’ll get a raise. The class consisted of about 30 new hires who all worked in different stores. I not only passed, but scored the top of the class. Tina told me she had changed her mind about giving me a raise.
      Time goes on, and some big wigs started coming in and giving the employees a bunch of shit about the store coming up short thousands of dollars. Everyone was fucking bewildered by this. We’d have closed door meetings where big wigs would want us to point fingers at other employees to say who we thought it was who was stealing all this money.
      A few weeks later, I’m getting ready to finish my shift at 7 am, go home and go to bed, when Tina comes in and tells me I have to work the morning shift too, which was when I’d normally be sleeping. So half asleep on my feet, I screw up a sale, and a few days later, Tina brings me into the office and tries to force me to confess that I’m the one stealing all the money. I refuse. She tells me I have to sign a resignation or she’s calling the police on me. I happily quit.
      A few years later I walk into a different 7-11 and I run into my old night manager. The one who told me that Tina was a man-hater. It turns out that Tina was the one who was stealing all that money.

  34. OMG, all this bullshit against us Swedes, though I realize that feminism is horrible in Sweden, Norway and Iceland especially.
    Is any other Germanic White country in a better shape though? Where are your balls?
    Britain, United States and France has more non-whites than Sweden do. Or does these standards only apply to swedes?

    1. I agree with you. I for one am tired as a white male of getting shit on and realizing we make up more then half the country. Why do we put up with it?

  35. This is only feasible financially even in the short term because Swedish interest rates are near zero. That won’t last forever. Sweden is running out of white males crazy enough to cough up half their pay just in income tax so the girls can pretend to run the place. Where most of their replacements come from, only fools pay taxes. There’s a reason nobody will lend his own money to Muslim countries, unless the countries are sitting on a sea of oil.
    Feminism is much like socialism that way. Eventually you run out of daddy’s money.

    1. “Feminism is much like socialism that way. Eventually you run out of daddy’s money.”
      Succinct observation. However in the meatime, the “Beast” will eat and won’t change it’s dietary habits as long it can steal from others.

  36. Answer: No!
    They are cooked and cucked for good. Lost to the world of manhood, write them off.
    The ones with any sense went and procured Thai brides then made the mistake of bringing them back to Sweden where they are now being assaulted by their feminists state.
    There is some indication that the few left with gonads are simply leaving for less feminist climes. An exodus that can only accelerate the decline.
    The interesting thing about matriarchies is to view it from a a naturalistic viewpoint. They are not possible, and so, not real. There is not a single thing a woman can compel a man to do, or that any number of women can compel even a much smaller group of men to do.
    If women desire to exercise power, they must always rely on men to exercise that power on their behalf. Men, traditionally were happy to do so within strict limits imposed by the men themselves. Since matriarchy, by definition, removes the ability of men to exercise that control, one must then ask, who are the men exercising the power behind the matriarchy.
    The feminists are aware that in grasping power, they have simply transferred power from their own men, through them, into the hands of some small group of men, who share a common hatred of the disenfranchised manhood of a nation.
    The bargain is that as long as the new male rulers allow women to keep their own men in chains, then those men can do as they please with society. I see it as a prescription for allowing those men to establish harams.
    Over at CH, there was a commentary that the enfranchised men were the effeminates. there is a good case for this, as effeminate men are both incapable of gaining power on their own, and present the least threat to women.
    However, it is a fragile structure if true. More likely, the effeminate men are simply part of the female horde (having changed sides so to speak) and jointly have transferred power to another group of men.
    Time will show who the new male rulers and haram masters are. One cannot discount the psycho-sexual nature of the forces which seek to destroy western civilization. As the mass state sponsored rapes and humiliations of women during the Bolshevik period displayed.
    In all conquests, men are the targets and women among the spoils. Western women, in creating their alliance, have forgotten that lesson. Believing instead that they have some ability to exercise power themselves. They do not.

  37. “Another example is that the government is pushing for affirmative action for CEOs of listed companies. Only six percent of them are women, and if the number hasn’t skyrocketed to 40 percent at the end of 2016, legislation will be used to even out the difference.”
    Is this serious? Lol? Shorting Swedish companies (well those who get the female ceos) will be a great market strategy soon if so.

    1. Many Scandinavian countries are pushing this agenda. The result in Norway was that the businesses are fleeing the country. They are shifting their country of incorporation out of Norway to avoid their own destruction via government
      interference. Like the rich, corporations are now free to “live” in the country that gives them the biggest breaks.

  38. This is just always so strange to me.
    One of the great flaws of America is that we have a lack of exposure to other countries and cultures when we are young unless we are very wealthy.
    So growing up, cultural sterotype is all most people here really have to go on.
    I had always thought of sweeden as Moose Eating, Bikini Team prancing, long legging, full lipping, tough vikinging, pudding eating bad asses.
    As I traveled a bit, to France and to Germany and to England, my cultural sterotypes helped quite a bit. Of course they were a cartoonish narrative, but for the most part were based in reality.
    The idea that this is what Sweden is like is so mind boggling to me.

  39. it’s so sad. all these muslims had to do is buy off a few Euroleaders. The Eurotrash commies were ready for an anyone but us mentality.

  40. Sweden is the exception to the other Nordic countries, especially Finland to the east. If it’s an example of a matriarchy will it’s not working particularly well with regard to their open door immigration policy which has seen for the first time in over 50 years strict border controls between it and Denmark from 02 January. It now takes over 3 hours (used to be 35 minutes) for people to commute between Malmo and Copenhagen because of the insane open door immigration policy of Sweden. Apparently, it only dawned on them very recently that their services couldn’t cope with the numbers arriving. This is an example of where feminine emotional reactions in politics are inferior to the rational and measured approach that men usually apply.

  41. German couple Sarah, Stevi and their children Fjodor Isai, 3, and Pekka-Lu, 6, welcomed a family of Afghan asylum-seekers into their village of Röhrsdorf near Dresden. Mecid, 37, and his wife Rehime, 34, have six daughters, Nazle, 12, Zahra, 11, Sahra, 9, Perisa, 10, Mubina, 5, Behare, 4, and a son, Mensur, 2. Their eighth child is on the way.

  42. I’m here yet again to say that I don’t give a fliying fuck. Seed wind, harvest storm. Sweden is on its own now.

    1. I don’t get all the dread over this situation. grab beer, popcorn, and watch and laugh at the liberals get destroyed. it’s clearly what they wanted. they repeatedly voted for this shit how can you feel sorry for them

  43. All western countries are turning this way… even the western religions are nowhere near what they were, hence the change
    I mean the bible is Patriarchal- yet the head of the swedish church is a lesbian.
    the men allowed themselves to get banned from parliament and promotions ( a quota for one group is a ban on another group…)
    the swedish men deserve it…
    vote for nonsense like this, pay the consequence
    now all that is left is for swedish women to permanently imprison all men and just milk them occasionally for semen!…

  44. Dude , calm down , would it be that bad to have a matriacarl society ???? Stop being a machist and think more about the greater good of society. By the way I’m a man , comfortable in my masculinity , it’s probably why I don’t need to bash women to feel good about myself… I don’t know why I keep receiving your hate propaganda…

    1. Sooo… You created that account just to comme here and write that? Interesting. Jezebel. com is that way.

    2. Quote: “… I’m a man, …” Ah, no you’re not. You’re one of those scumbag manginas. Firstly, no one is bashing women. There are smashing decent women with integrity out there. However, there is a sizeable number of the fair sex who are first-cunts, or cunts of the highest order … and these cunts are at the forefront of the cuntification of society leading to a degenerate and depraved cuntocracy. Unless these douches are called out, they will burn all that is good and holy to the ground. Also, women, not the cunts, are generally caring and sympathetic creatures. But where they have an abundance of kindness and empathy, they sorely lack intelligence, reason, rationality, and common-sense … as a statistical whole and on average, not **every** case, so hold on to your “male” panties. Thus, any society dominated by women in charge is bound to end in catastrophe. So a matriarchy is a no-go from the get-go.

      1. I started to read your comments with an open heart , genuinely thinking to myself , I might learn something from the guy and when I read the word “scumbag”, I stopped , i stopped because I said to myself : what can I learn from someone who does not have basic respect for other human beings ?Why calling someone scumbags just because he has a different opinion from you? You’re probably going to comment on this but I’m telling you sir I won’t read it and one free advice : be nicer to the next person , we would have a way better word if we were a bit nicer. I wish you a wonderful day!

        1. You’ve proven that you’re not only a scumbag, but a total douche … nay, worse, a first-rate mangina and pussy. “be nicer to the next person …” What are you, a fucking homo? Sure, be nice to those deserving, but call out the morons and fucktards. You made a retarded comment initially, and had to be called out on it. If you can’t handle it like a man, there are plenty of faggoty sissy homo sites out there where you can take your pussy attitude and feelings. Men, real men, say it like it is … none of this “ooo, you have to respect me” even when it’s not merited. Respect is something one earns; it’s not automatically afforded.

  45. Sweden is already a matriarchy, since women tell the rules and the manginas obey. The real question is if Sweden will become a muslim shithole in a few decades, considering how many (brown only) muslims the politicians are importing each year to replace the population and parasite it through the welfare State. It’s pretty ironic that the most feminist country in the world will most likely become a Sharia law enforcing dictatorship.

  46. Europe is almost gone anyway. Even Merkel acknowledges the “refugee” influx is just beginning. Wonder how they’re going to like Islam’s treatment of women?

  47. Speaking of the far north, you guys heard about this?

    It’s pretty sick. Sharing it with you guys because I think you’d want to comment on it, at the least. Took a break from reading ROK.
    At least it seems that a lot of people think the video is sick and one-sided. Here’s a response someone made that is just spot-on.

    1. “while I’m so drunk I can’t even stand”
      And who’s fault is that? Oh, that’s right… Women aren’t responsible for their actions.

  48. We got a new female CIO last year. She immediately restructured the organization, forcing out or demoting male managers while at the same time bringing in loyal females from her last company to replace them. Lets just say that any man who isn’t with the program will get fuc*ed over bad.

  49. i’ve stopped cowering in front of feminists. i’ll tell a woman to get fucked now as soon as i would say it to a man. we have to stop feeling guilty about being men and about being male.

  50. The Swedes are ALL women. How does it feel to be in a country peopled by nothing but women? The feminists have been extremely successful at castrating 1/2 of their population. Now the muslims have come and who will protect you. Bend over.

  51. People are saying cucked like it’s the worst thing possible. But how does a harem work? How many cocks in the henhouse? Lots of females and cucked/castrated males, and then one lucky male at the top. And that’s how Scandinavia works too. If you’re on top, it’s one of the best places ever to be a man. Life expectancy, health, income, security, clean environment, access to quality women etc.
    Even if you’re an old loser at the bottom of the social hierarchy, you can still get an Asian bride, just not usually a young, good looking, educated one. But a nice looking one right from the rice fields. And if you’re not a loser, you can get a nice looking, educated wife from an Eastern European country. And if men are too stupid or ugly to get a foreign bride, great, that’s just the kinds of men I don’t want to procreate, just like lesbians and feminists.
    …who are also being bred out of existence in Nordic countries, because they hardly get kids anymore. But guess who is? That’s right, good old alpha male™ in Nordic countries is having 2-3 sets of kids with the most attractive women now, compared to just a single set when divorce and getting a younger, hotter, tighter wife was frowned upon.

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