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Firestone’s Newest Commercial Continues The Anti-Male Media Narrative

I was sitting at home watching the Cavs against the Celts when I saw something during the commercial break that was so inappropriate I did a double take in disbelief. The video is linked here.

The short of it is this: every single thing with this commercial is utterly evil and wrong.


For those of you who are not yet well versed in the act of male bashing, let me enlighten you as to what is going on in this commercial.

Presumably it is a Sunday afternoon and this man has decided to take it easy, have a nap, play some video games and enjoy his fucking Sunday as his God-given right. The wife comes home with groceries and decides that this simply will not do. Her man-hating instinct overwhelms her and she decides that it is time to mete out feminist justice in all its glory.

And so the miserable cunt decides to toy with him as a cat does with a mouse and actually destroys his console that is potentially worth 400 dollars, then has the gall and audacity to kiss him on the neck and brush him off.

Incidentally, having a cunty controlling bitch of a wife is PRECISELY what might encourage a guy to indulge in escapism through video games. What do we see in this video?

  • Zero respect for the man’s personal boundaries
  • Abuse and torture as fun and games because the target is a man and the perpetrator is a woman
  • Narcissism and sociopathy as good things

You might be inclined to think to yourself that this commercial is relatively harmless, but I can tell you with certainty that this woman’s behavior is exhibiting a controlling personality disorder, and possibly more. The director told her to wag her tongue out of her mouth as she runs over his beloved gaming console.

What would a normal, nurturing wife do? She would nudge him awake and ask him to help her with the groceries, which he would be more than happy to do because he has been enjoying his day off like a normal person. Normalcy it would seem, is no longer enough to sell a bunch of tires.

Beware the message

A man crouches in front of television sets broadcasting recorded footage of 2014 Brazil World Cup group match between England and Uruguay, at a home appliances store in Wuhan


Cultural engineering is no new topic, but the speed at which it is being applied has accelerated. I myself don’t watch TV that often so I don’t usually expose myself to this sort of drivel, but after watching this commercial, I noticed with regularity that each subsequent commercial presented men in the same manner.

Doughy eyed, weak willed pussies with no frame control, no integrity. Basically, a bunch of simps.

Our youth is too stupid to understand that television is cancer. They watch this and develop self-esteem problems and pedestalize the pussy, while women become ever increasingly entitled and narcissistic because society is literally instructing them to behave this way.

Those SJW who want to squelch free speech probably watch commercials like this gleefully. I bet they think to themselves “Good for her for getting her lazy, worthless husband off the couch and showing him who’s the boss, and who really makes the rules.”

There must be repercussions for bashing men in this manner.

I don’t do social media, but perhaps a Twitter campaign crushing Firestone’s image is in order. Companies need to know that men will not tolerate this sort of character assassination over and over.

Firestone needs to be hit where it hurts—their wallets. So I challenge all of you to come up with an appropriate hashtag that will make the marketing department at Firestone cower in fear. I want their stomachs to turn, I want the blood to drain from their face.

Or at the very least go out and buy some Goodyears.

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