Why The Fake News Media Is Promoting Russian Hacking Hysteria

The current year was the gift that kept on giving when it comes to pulling back the curtain on the powers that be. What we’ve seen since Donald Trump’s win has basically been the five stages of grief. The denial phase came with the “not my president!” shrieks. Denial became anger when “not my president!” led to large protests. Then came the bargaining phase. The first act of this was the “recount 2016” extravaganza that was little more than a fundraising scam by Jill Stein. When that effort collapsed, the second attempt at bargaining came with what is quite possibly the most visceral episode of mass hysteria I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot): the moral panic over “muh Russian hackers.”

The tales goes that “the Russians” were responsible for the releases of DNC and John Podesta’s emails. While “muh Russia” was used as a rhetorical device by the failed Hillary Clinton campaign for months prior to the election, the story picked up hysterical steam afterward. First came the Jeff Bezos’ blog’s (formerly the Washington Post) inflammatory post linking an aggregate of “fake news” sites to Russian propaganda… which was itself fake news.

When that effort flopped around the end of November, the next outrage came in the form of a story, again from Jeff Bezos’ blog, centering on reports that a “secret CIA assessment” had concluded that Russia had indeed interfered in the election in favor of Trump. This unleashed a firestorm that has essentially become a meme with a sort of reactive evolution.


What We Know

First, there is no conclusive evidence (that we know of) that any agent of Russia “hacked” anything. All the buzz is based on hearsay and second-hand sources from entities that have routinely made mistakes, lie, and invented methods of propaganda to undermine the sovereignty of other nations.

In other words, we hear from anonymous “sources” that say such reports exist, but we don’t know who these people are or what the reports are, and these “sources” are from entities that have a checkered history. We in point of fact don’t even know for certain that these “sources” exist.

Wikileaks, which has never been found to release a false document, denies that they received any of the emails they released from Russia or any agent of the Russian government. Instead, it was purported to be a Democratic insider that was disgusted with what he saw. Such a scenario is typical in cases such as this.

We also know that John Podesta had his emails compromised because of a phishing link. This was not an incredibly sophisticated operation that would require the efforts of the Russian equivalent of the NSA to pull off. To his credit, President Obama admitted this. It could well have been that infamous “400 pound guy in the basement” that Donald Trump so memorably spoke about, given what we currently know.

Then things get stranger still. For instance, the FBI disagreed with the CIA’s as yet unseen “assessment,” the Office of the Director of National Intelligence did too, and then after the controversy went on for a few more days, suddenly the FBI and ODNI, according to Jeff Bezos’ blog, “agreed with the CIA’s assessment.”

Did I mention that Jeff Bezos’ blog is on record as having signed a $600 million contract with the CIA? Meanwhile, the CIA refuses to brief Congress with its purported assessment or any evidence of it, which even security hawks like Peter King find troubling.

And then there’s this one – according to Wikileaks, the “journalist” that channeled NBC’s claims about Putin’s personal involvement in the “hack” is none other than Ken Dilanian, who has an extensive relationship with the CIA and sent stories their way prior to publication (you’ll also note that various Jeff Bezos bloggers are also fingered).

None of these uncertainties stopped the fake news media from parroting the tenuous claim that Russia was behind the leaks. Notice also that the claims continue to get more hysterical. First the fake news media talked about Russia hacking the emails, but in recent days “hacked emails” quietly became “hacked the election.” This despite the fact that a federal judge in Pennsylvania threw out Jill Stein’s recount scam, stating at the very beginning of the opinion that there was no evidence of any breach of the integrity of the vote. President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are also on record as saying no evidence of any interference was found.

Consequently, when “hacked the election” began to lose some steam, Vladimir Putin suddenly became personally involved in the “hack.” This drove the hysteria even wilder. This is akin to what Thomas Sowell describes as being “verbal inflation.”

Ironically, there’s currently more evidence to support the assertion that Donald Trump was a DNC conspiracy rather than a Russian one, for a few reasons:

  1. The Wikileaks emails showing that officials within the DNC attempted to secretly promote what they called “pied piper candidates,” which included Donald Trump, because they thought they’d be easier for Hillary Clinton to defeat.
  2. The fake news media, which we know from other leaked emails, had close ties to the DNC and the Clinton campaign, gave Donald Trump at least $1 billion in free coverage during the primaries. While this was partly due to his own savvy of playing them like a fiddle, we do have suggestions (that go beyond empty speculation) that it may not have been entirely so.

Of course, the “muh Russian hackers” serve as a convenient scapegoat for Hillary Clinton and her gang of losers to assuage their cognitive dissonance and explain their loss (“fake news” and FBI Director Comey are other popular vehicles), retaining the sacred mantra that “nothing is ever Hillary’s fault” and that there was no possible way she just could have been an incredibly terrible candidate, but that doesn’t excuse the irresponsibility of making these incendiary claims against a nuclear power without good evidence. Nor does that explain the deeper motivations potentially behind this hysteria.

Live footage of the Russian hackers in action.

Live footage of the Russian hackers in action.

What’s Really Going On?

When I see useless appendages like Mitch McConnell insisting that “Russia is not our friend,” I ask myself: “Why do these people want Russia to be our enemy so badly?” The United States and Russia, despite the pretensions of a foreign policy establishment that has led the American people into one boondoggle after another, do share some common interests. Among these are destroying ISIS, combating Islamist terrorism generally, preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and containing a China that has been behaving increasingly badly on the world stage. It’s also just a good idea in general to have, if not friendly, cordial relations with a nuclear power if possible.

So what really is the purpose of all this hysteria?

For some with a mind for fantasy, this “invalidates the result” and the Electoral College should prevent Donald Trump from taking power. By the time this post is released, this hallucination will have evaporated.

There are other, more realistic ways to use this hysteria, however. First, it’s an obvious attempt to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s presidency. This will make his efforts at unifying the country and getting his agenda passed more difficult.

The second purpose is a bit less general but arguably more potent. A cloud will hang over anything Donald Trump’s administration does in relation to Russia, at least at first. This is happening right now with Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. We’re witnessing something that can only be described as mass onset paranoia as Tillerson’s detractors in both parties and in the fake news media are fixating on that one time he drank champagne with Vladimir Putin, ignoring all the other deals he made with other leaders and the context of the deal with Russia.

The Russia hysteria seems likely to be an advanced persuasion tactic at this point, one which originated from people who know what they’re doing. It has a ring of familiarity since it’s a tactic Trump uses often – that of setting anchors. I call this part of the domination of space strategy.


In essence you set the terms of the discussion so broad and so outrageous that you first, draw all attention, and second, have a wide leeway for maneuvering and negotiating to get what you want. You’ll note this pattern when the media wants you to be increasingly outraged by using the inflation method I described above.

By being so outrageous, the media and its handlers from more shadowy elements in the government have dominated space on the Russian issue. By setting the bar so high and so outrageous, they’ve pretty much become the only game in town on it, sucking all the oxygen out of the room. As such, it threatens to cast anything Donald Trump does in relation to Russia with a cloud of suspicion unless his actions perfectly tow the foreign policy establishment’s line, which may be what they were after all along.


The “muh Russia” episode, aside from being a delusional fantasy of social justice warriors and an outlet for their cognitive dissonance, may be telling us that Donald Trump’s promise of an “America first” foreign policy has seriously ruffled feathers in the swamp that is Washington, arguably even more than his positions on trade and immigration. We can only hope that this part of the swamp gets drained with heightened energy and vigilance. Because Donald Trump is himself a “master persuader,” it will be interesting to see how he counters this domination of space tactic.

Now, none of this means that the Russians didn’t engage in any hacking, and for insurance purposes in the age of online mobs, I now say that I don’t think Putin is necessarily a “good guy.” It is possible that all of the claims about Russian hacking are true – but the key point is that we need to see better evidence than what has been presented.

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180 thoughts on “Why The Fake News Media Is Promoting Russian Hacking Hysteria”

  1. Pizzagate – “Fake News”, according to the MSM. Despite a mountain of evidence.
    Russian Voter Hack – “Real News”, according to the MSM. Despite basically no evidence.
    Hillary has a 93% chance of winning, according to the MSM…

    1. which of the following is more likely to be true:
      a) Vladimir Putin interfered with american votes
      b) John Podesta interfered with american kids
      Can you finger the right answer?

        1. Unfortunately the answer is probably: John Podesta. Stinky stinky finger time, if you get it right

    2. I would love for the pizzagate “mountain of evidence” to find its way to DCPD. Unless the argument is (logically) that they are “in on it” as are the parents of said kids who are allowing their children to be assaulted.
      Because that sounds plausible.

      1. I worked last night. After viewing that I can not sleep now. Holy fuck!!! Rich pervos. That Epstein guy should have done life in prison but instead got 18 months in Camp Fed.

        1. Life in prison ?? Nahh.. The old medieval punishment ! Four horse tied to his arms & legs & whipped to depart fast in four different directions ??

        2. Epstein transported underage girls for sexual purposes across state lines (in his jet). His jet was full of important politcos who, when Epstein was caught, provided glowing letters of reference to reduce his sentence. Understand that in the State of Florida, where the private jet left from, the MINIMUM sentence for interstate transport of minors for sexual purposes is 20 YEARS. Again, that is the MINIMUM. So if it had been me or you Mr. Reynard, we would be sitting in breezy pines prison enjoying 5 channel TV and really bad meals.
          I agree with punishment you described above, but I am against whipping innocent animals.

        3. Didn’t mean whipping the horses, only a strong pat on their behind with a riding crop ! It’s all done with good intentions ??

      2. It sound like something that Marquis de Sade would write. a bunch of wealthy libertines fucking everything with a hole.
        In 120 days of Sodome four wealthy corrupts aristocrats rent a castle to rape a selection of young boy and girls. This libertines get they fortune killing, scamming they get rich being corrupt as hell and for the eyes of the public they were seen as normal, I don´t see a difference with this Clinton libertines. Instead of a castle they rent a pizza place. Wait no, they rent an island.
        I heard that hedonistic people with a lot of money burns all of their dopamine receptors because they have everything they want and can buy everything and everyone so they start to need for weird shit to feel something again. Fucking young 21 super model gets old. What about a 16 old model? what about more younger? what about boys? Fuck it that gets old too. Let´s start being medieval in 4 years old children

    3. “Despite a mountain of evidence.”
      Where is the evidence for pizzagate?

  2. Hacked what? Our minds? Are they the body snatchers now?
    Trump won. For better or worse, it’s over.

  3. So the same CIA that thought Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction thinks that Russia is hacking the Democratic party. Hmm…

    1. Wasn’t it established that Saddam did have WMDs?
      The “quibble” was just that they weren’t really poised to harm us; 0bama importing all those ebola victims was more of a biological agent risk to the USA than Saddam’s arsenal.
      Saddam’s legendary WMDs could barely get him a stalemate with Iran. Why/how was he sold to us during Clinton-Dubya as a military threat to the USA?

      1. No, the “coalition of the willing” destroyed Iraq on the basis that Saddam was actively producing nuclear weapons that could reach the US. The CIA reports that im aware of were indicating that Iraq definitely did not have those capabilities.
        It was completely false, there was no legitimacy to it at all, and hundreds of thousands of people died because of this complete bunk.
        The world according to Bush explains what they did better than i can.
        The real issue is how these people are not in prison, how they managed to find saddam in a fucking hole in the middle of the desert, why it took so long to find Osama Bin Laden and why he was murdered instead of captured and put to trail, & why the fuck did Building 7 collapsed.

        1. For some unknown reason Qaddaffi gave up on them … Little did he know he’d have to deal with a Nobel Peace prize winner next.

        2. Iraq’s ‘Nuclear Weapons’ were a coordinated bluff by Saddam that backfired spectacularly on him. He didn’t have nuclear weapons, but he did have chemical weapons. Both qualify as “WMD’s” but his chemical weapons were in no position to harm the US.

        3. I’d be surprised if they launched them, and they didn’t fall back down on North Korean cities.

        4. Lets be real here. Saddam’s ‘WMD’ was attempting to switch his nations oil trade away from the U.S petro dollar.

        5. Yea I just watched W. on Netflix, it softened me slightly towards bush. And what you have mentioned here was one of the reasons.
          But just too many people dying for oil at the end of the day. They ruined the world, I was pretty relaxed as a person before all this. 👎🏼

      2. Mustard gas is a wmd (chemical). It’s main ingredients are bleach and ammonia. Therefore anyone who regularly cleans their bathroom and later takes a piss in the toilet is technically guilty of having wmds.

      3. I used to sit up nights, watching the cable news reports of the ground invasion during 2002, waiting for the dreaded word that our guys had been hit with a bio/chem weapon. After all, Saddam knew we were coming for him– this time for keeps. Anything he had to stop us, he had to use, becasue he would never get another chance.
        Of course, that word never came. Becasue those weapons were a complete fiction.
        One morning, I woke up with the TV playing images of US forces pulling down Saddam’s statue in central Baghdad– barely a scratch on any of them. I actually shouted out loud, “They lied!”

    2. They are sure this time. I understand a pinky swear is involved, so its a double no take backie.

  4. Amazing – this is a sign that alternative news sources are making an impact. “Fake News” the mainstream says, eh? What an oxymoron that is.
    That said, one can be certain that site blocking and youtubr channel closings are on the way.
    ROK writer Thomas More from 2013:

    The Manosphere Needs A Communication Alternative

    Meantime lets think about establishing alternative communication channels. One channel for private communication and the other channel to reach the public. Maybe it’s time to dust off the good ‘ol fashioned offset printers.

  5. This is the last time that the liberal establishment has the ability to destroy the only country that it has lost control of. They also need to wreck the relationships with Russia to such an extent that Trump might be forced to enact anti-Russian policies. Last but not least, and the most probable: they need to create a fake scandal to cover their tracts while they hide or escape.

    1. Putin certainly is not a puppet of the Elites, but he is not attacking them openly neither. He’s a pragmatic and has his own agenda, and his policies are national-populist in the good sense of the term. The Elites hate him because they think he eventually will realise who the real enemy is. He’s not an enemy of the Elites right now but might be in the future so they are agitating for a preemptive strike.
      A lot of people in Russia and eastern europe are aware of the Jewish Question, they lived under communisn and know who the real enemies are. The Elites are afraid that one day Putin (or Orban, or other) are going to say “to the hell with this, let’s attack the man behind the curtain instead of his manifestations” and become literally Hitler.
      I dream about such day.

      1. Putin for me is an average 19th century governor, with many problems, but he is independent and cares for the wellbeing of his people, even remotely. If the Globalist elite does not control someone it wants him gone. The reason it concerns (((them))) is that if a leader follows his own agenda and looks after the wellbeing of his people even remotely he is bound to come against them at some point. Hence their dislike about Trump (who is friendly to skypes) or Orban or the PiS party of Poland. As long as you are not with them you are against them, so they try to kill you that is also the reason why the dystopia is the regime that they so maniacally try to mimic. For me the known-unknowns will start to fall the moment the nazi and holocaust hysterias pass, I take the idea that the younger generation because more so uncaring to it… and life in general. Wait ’till the boomers become irrelevant and then we may start to see changes. Again I must say that I am highly optimistic for the future of European-dissented peoples (although some of them will perish sadly) even if I retain being a pessimistic person.

        1. ,,Putin for me is an average 19th century governor, with many problems, but he is independent and cares for the wellbeing of his people, even remotely. ”
          Where do you guys get your information ????
          Poverty is at an all time high in Russia…
          the secret service murders anyone with a camera…
          Where do you guys get your information from ?

        1. Nationalist socialism actually brought economic prosperity and quality of life to Germans from an oppressive degenerate Weimar (((despotism))).
          Currency backed by production and not based on debt and speculation. As communist tyranny spread across eastern Europe Germany’s success was viewed as a threat that could resist or be an example for change.
          If others adopted such policy, it could have potentially killed the banking cabals stranglehold.

        2. I can write thousands of facts (not arguments) showing to you that Nationalsocialism is not socialism, that Nationalsocialism has nothing to do with Marx, Engels, socialized economy, etc., etc, etc., but you are not going to accept those facts.

        3. Socialism and communism always do well for a few decades while it spends the wealth accumulated by previous generations. When that runs out, you get venezuela. It’s like the all the l college kids in worthless degrees (English, arts, anything with studies in the name). They live the high life off their parents until they graduate and are faced with poor job prospects and 100k in debt.

        4. But this wasn’t like that at all. Wealth was created the previous generations were robbed blind.

    2. One of my friends posted something that I thought was a great point in it’s simplicity. “So what if Russia hacked Hillary? If that is what happened, all they did was show you the truth about her, shouldn’t you be angry at her?”
      It just reinforces the left do not care about the truth and integrity of the person responsible it always has to be someone else’s fault. No accountability.

        1. do you like gunther? His quite funny:

          He is most known for the Ding Dong song (you probably found in on some crack videos)

          Anyway… I got some love for Eurodance, even If I am quite young (on my early 20s) the song you commented on means just like putin. It was his successful tryout to take the woman vote. Personally I would like more rightist eurodance… MUCH MORE!!!

  6. Overseas Israelis have massively intervened into American elections for decades. Why can’t we talk about this sort of meddling?

      1. I believe that to be Putin…as you russophiliacs instantly start to ask me about evidence to things that are crystal clear to anyone with basic recent history knowledge.

        1. What are you talking about, Putin is openly attacked constantly by western media.
          If a celebrity/social commentator were to say Putin is (insert insult) he/she would be applauded or indifference shown to the comment but if the same celebrity said Jews control Hollywood they would be crucified Mel Gibson style.

        2. 50 standing ovations by congress but the media and internet shills went into overtime to attack Rand Paul for not applauding the Foreign leader of Israel enough.

    1. There is something hidden here. If indeed evidence exists of a foreign country tampering with the democratic institutions of another country it is called an act of war. And it is classified. No mainstream media is allowed to say anything true….close to reality…sure…but not specifics.
      Russia did hack the USA. It’s been fucking with Europe for over 27 years and most morons don’t even know or see it.
      But it’s not doing it alone…it’s doing with the help of………
      Shalom !

  7. I think you are missing the obvious answer to “why Russia?” In a word, Neocons. The Right has finally purged this ilk from our party with the election of Trump (we hope). They have nowhere else to go but the Left. The Neocons want the enemies of Isreal, meaning Iran and Syria gone and Russia is the political, monetary and military force that keeps air in the lungs of these countries. Add in that Russia is that last great White country the Neocons get a two for one by taking down Putin. The Russians hacked the emails because Hillary was the Neocon “man” on the hill and Russia wanted her out. They have absolutely nowhere to run but the Left to gin up support for their next war.

    1. At the end of the day I believe these countries are loose ends for complete globalist control. Iran and North Korea I presume will also be added to this puzzle
      Russia’s vast wealth of commodities and rumors of forming trading partners and possibly currencies outside of the internationalist banking cabal is a big no no.
      The last Russians to try that on were the Tsar and the Rothschild threat of destroying the Tsar dynasty was fulfilled.
      Iraq and Libya were flirting with similar ideas I believe.
      Assad didn’t want to play ball so now he is deemed (literally) Hitler. He will probably wind up executed in undignified fashion like Gaddafi and Saddam.

      1. Basically any leader who wants to maintain sovereignty in the face of Global Investment/Corporatism will find himself branded Hitler (literally)!

  8. Agree with most of this, but Russia is on Assad’s side and the US on ISIS via arming rebels and having a war by proxy.

    1. An inept war by proxy, as it was reported that the proxy “moderate islamics” of the CIA and those of the Pentagon were now fighting each other.

      1. Once again it is the ineptness that I find most objectionable. No one respects America any more because the past few administrations have been so inept. God I wish Nixon could take the presidency again. With him our friends knew we would stab anyone in the back to get what we wanted jointly and our enemies knew they were the ones that would get the shiv. Better to be feared than loved.

  9. The media is promoting the “Russian hacking hysteria” because we do their job better than they do.

    1. Russian hacking hysteria ????
      Funny guy.
      You get paid in rubles for the propaganda you spout around here ?

  10. They’re not letting go of this are they?!
    Personally I want them to deny Trump taking the Presidency somehow, because this will force a short and dirty war that will purge these bastards forever

    1. I’d love to have President Trump but if they want a dirty war it will be so insanely one-sided it will make Genghis Khan look saintly by comparison; they don’t have a prayer.

  11. The Mainstream Media is fake news. Sadaam Hussien has weapons of mass destruction- remember that one? Mathew Sheppard was killed for being a sodomite, hands up don’t shoot, 10000 died in New Orleans from Katrina, global warming is killing the polar bears- remember those?

    1. I was compiling a list to add to yours but there is just so many it becomes redundant.
      Mainstream media are simply servants of deception.

        1. I watch here and there for purely entertainment value and then scold myself for dignifying them with my time. It’s a perverse pleasure of mine seeing these insufferable, lying hyenas make fools of themselves.

  12. Has anyone else seen this commercial?I don’t even know what to say on this other than if this movement is successful it would set off a shit storm on never before seen levels.
    What happened to ” Trump not accepting the election results is a danger to our democracy”? In general I dismiss the calls for or expectation of civil war however, this could set one off.

        1. Too much botox and hair dye. Dig the guy with the hairy arms and bare hands. What a hoot!!!

    1. Actually the electoral college saved the USA this time.
      Funny thing is that they are doing what they accussed Trump of doing: Refusing to accept the result of the elections.

      1. They haven’t saved it yet. If the electorate were to put in another candidate, it wouldn’t end well.

        1. That might bring America to the precipice of a new Civil War. I don’t think the Elite are that stupid.
          They’re simply provoking and riling up their own idiot-base through these actions.

    2. When Obama was re-elected we accepted it (granted, I don’t think many conservatives actually thought Mitt Romney would win). What we are seeing here is liberal hypocrisy, and the fact that the comments are disabled tells me the tide is turning for the western half of the world. When the narrative is being called out, the left’s only strategy is to silence, hence what we are seeing here.
      This doesn’t mean we can now get complacent. We have to be Trump’s biggest critics, because otherwise it’s the status quo for the next four years. Look at Obama’s last term. Liberals never criticized him, and nothing got done (legalization of gay marriage doesn’t count, as that was a judicial decision, not a legislative one).

      1. I agree, we should watch him carefully along with all the rest of the politicians.

      2. The battle was won but the war continues. We struck a deadly blow to the serpent but it coils about striking and we must be prepared to put our jackboot on it and cut off its head.

      1. I noticed that. A little nip tuck that turned into a sad nightmare of what might have been. There is plenty to be said for just trying to age gracefully.

  13. the moment Bezos signed that contract with the CIA they owned him. Did he think there wouldn’t be favours to ask

  14. I’ve learned that reality is defined by authority and they don’t need things like evidence. Seen it over and over and over again. The “kooks” and “conspiracy theorists” can have a mountain of evidence and it doesn’t mean jack shit because authority says something else.
    Much of the standard accepted narrative that comes from authority would be called “conspiracy theory” if came from anyone else.

    1. It’s the horrible truth of it, and you are right– “authority” is the power to define the public’s perception of reality.

  15. This article is complete horseshit. The truth: Putin has weaponized the electoral processes of several European countries … and he’s done it using propaganda.
    1. The Lisa Affair in Germany. Merkel united the European countries in the sanctions against Russia. Putin responded by making up a bullshit story about an immigrant rape. Think of Putin playing the role of Jackie Oakley.
    2. Russian funding of Marie Le Pen’s campaign in France. She’s his only ally on the continent.
    3. The “Internet Research Agency”, based in St Petersburg, spread bullshit stories about chemical factories being blown up in Louisiana. There are hundreds of other front organizations like this one all over the former Soviet world.
    4. RT, a global Russian cable channel
    5. Sputnik, the official propaganda arm of the Putin admin
    Through digital propaganda, Putin is dividing the West to make us weaker. Putin’s Russia is NOT our friend. Please see this clearly.

      1. I’m not sure what his “assertions” have to do with this article anyway, which is that the “Russia hacked the election” story has some serious holes in it that need to be filled and currently appears more like a persuasion tactic than journalism.
        Though it sounds suspiciously like the whole “ProporNot” fake news story from Jeff Bezos’ blog a few weeks ago.

        1. Putin is trying to create a Moscow-Berlin-Paris alliance to weaken NATO and the U.S.
          Please do not underestimate this bastard. He created a whole new class of Russian oligarchs by hacking up government services and selling off pieces to his friends for pennies on the dollar. Or pennies on the ruble, or however they say it there.

        2. one of the biggest pieces of evidence that Russia is not the enemy that it is made up to be is that the entire democratic left is pushing the story that Russia is a foe. so these guys (dems) have any shred of credibility left. what has Obamas admin done for the USA? or Bill Clinton’s for that matter? the usa has already lost WWIII with Obama and the Clinton gang at the helm, working for the global elite.

        3. ,,one of the biggest pieces of evidence that Russia is not the enemy that it is made up to me is that the entire democratic left is pushing the story that Russia is a foe.”
          Just because you won’t believe anything from the news does not mean you should not do your investigation.
          I won’t take up too much time.
          Be a citizen.

        4. i do plenty but that is quite beside the point. we need to hold those accountable for destroying our country. those same people are doubling down and calling on liberal retards to be the judge of whether news is fake or not. that is just plain tyrannical and it is not going to end well for these folks. i suggest you get on the right side of history before it is too late.

        5. From how I see it:
          If I take a side with the truth, to you it means I’m against Russia.
          Well then…
          ,,before it is too late” ?!
          Funny guys.

        1. Vice, really? Lol. I shouldn’t expect anything different I guess. As for the rest of your “evidence,” it’s just as suspect as the rest of the mouth diarrhea that you’ve spewed all over this forum.

      2. It’s difficult to present evidence that for Europeans is obvious day-to-day propaganda called ,,news”.
        Russia is gearing up to fuck the EU and the US with Turkey’s help.

    1. What you have failed to point out is that the USA puts out far more propaganda than does Russia. As small examples, have you forgotten Nuland’s phone calls, or her delivering cookies to the protesters in the early days in Kiev? Keep in mind that Russia is 1/8 the size of the US (easiest comparison is looking at GDP). They couldn’t keep up with our bullshit even if they tried.
      The MIC needs a big bad enemy to justify our huge defense budget. Russia isn’t our enemy.

        1. Cute, but not very useful. How would you propose to quantify the amount of propaganda that each side puts out? Or is your premise that Putin is the only leader on the planet using propaganda?

      1. I believe there is ample evidence that she was Stasi, but I have not heard that she was KGB. Of course, this is a subtle nuance.

    2. You can take off part of your tin foil hat. I happened to be nearby when one of those Louisiana chemical plants blew up. This is a real event because I was there and saw it, smelled it, and felt the shock and heat wave. Now the fact that the plant blew up does not mean there was any out side agent involved. Louisiana has very lax safety oversight (and tons of corruption), I know because I worked there for a time in the 90s.

      1. Everyone of you morons propagating this war monger as a slick or intelligent man, are an accomplice to the media brainwashing.
        You guys are being manipulated at a very, very discreet level.
        Wake the fuck up and start investigating things.
        WHAT THE FUCK, MAN ???

        1. “..this war monger as a slick or intelligent man, are an accomplice to the media brainwashing.”
          Same could be said of Obama and his adoing fanboys. An empty suit red diaper baby if there ever was one.
          Maybe I know more about Putin than you, but I understand after consuming the western packaged propaganda for your consumption that he is registers as a “bad man.” I speak with Russians about Putin quite alot- he has alot of negative faults, but he also puts the nations interests first where he can. It would be nice to have leader who puts his nations inteterts first over the Davos globalists, n’est pas?

        2. Which country are you from man?
          What ethnicity are you ?
          I have absolutely nothing against ethnic russians. They are normal people some better than me or you.
          My problem is with the ruling powers of Russia since 100 years ago.
          Communism was created as a front to eliminate Christ from the countries it then engulfed.
          My countries elite men and women were tortured, murdered & imprisoned the minute it was over-run by communists.
          The true purpose was to eliminate Christ.
          They made the priests eat shit and made them make the cross sign at gun point all the while making them say ,,Eat the body of Christ you, bandit !”.
          These are the same powers that govern Putin today.
          And you come here to say he has his nation’s interests ?
          You think he does ?
          OK !
          Tell me why poverty is at an all time high there ? Even if they own half the fucking globe.
          Tell me why every time I even question Russia’s leadership 10 morons come to say I’m spouting conspiracies.
          These are evident truths, not propaganda.
          Nation interests my ass…
          BOLSHEVISM carefully cosmetized to appeal to Freedom lovers and freedome thinkers into a Man that behaves like a fucking actor.
          He’s not some former Doctor, nor Engineer, nor lawyer….he is just an image that morons mindlessly admire.
          Be aware he was a spy.
          There’s no such thing as leaving the KGB.
          Guess who owns the actor ?

        3. Oh…and by the way….about Obama…I don’t know much about the guy………
          Except he had muslims on his team at the white house.
          Tells you enough.

    1. to all of you Russophiliacs out there…
      You are should pick up an unaltered and un-tampered history book.
      These are the same guys who fund the Frankfurt Schools !
      Whaaaat the fuuuuck, man ??!

  16. If the emails were hacked, wouldn’t the most likely source have been Hillary’s notoriously unsecure server?

  17. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that an “Anonymous Source” gets you laughed out of court.
    It was the first red flag.

    1. An anonymous source called Deep Throat (i.e. Mark Felt) helped Woodward and Bernstein bring down an entire presidency in the 1970s.

      1. True. Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning also tried to remain anonymous. Thier stories would have still been historic if their identities remained concealed.
        However, I don’t believe for a second that the Russinas were using weponized propaganda in our electoral process. And if they were, almost all the major news product was already propaganda, anyway. The Russinas would have just been pissing into a media toilet already overflowing with corn-infused diarrhea.

        1. It didn’t take much to push us over the edge.
          Barry Eisler said it best:

      2. The media also helped bring down that entire presidency, all for a sixteenth of the crimes committed by the 2016 candidate that the same media desperately tried to get elected.

    1. we never interfered with a Chile election. We merely greatly assisted in a military coup. That is something entirely different.

      1. LOL! Kissinger’s word’s…”I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves”.

  18. Russia did not “hack our election.”
    And if they did hack the DNC (they didn’t), all it means is that they released true information about the collusion of major journalistic outlets with the Democrats and the Clinton campaign, including the railroading of Sanders. So the whining of Dems here is what? They object to the public knowing the truth about their genuine misdeeds? Too goddam bad.

    1. exactly. if they hacked our election and exposed just how evil Hillary is, then good on them. that means that they want to rid the world of evil and they see trump as a player in the game for the good guys

    2. ‘Watch the birdie’ politics as I like to call it; everything they accused President Elect Trump (I still cannot wipe the smile off my face I type that) of they have committed 1,000,000 fold and it is a cynical ploy to distract from their egregious and outrageous conduct. Leftists eat that shit up being they’re so insufferably moronic and pompous.

  19. It also looks like DNC is willing to sell Obama “down the river” on this. He is of no use to the DNC, so it is not a problem tarnishing his reputation in order to advance the party: a perfect example of how radical left-wingers devour their own.

    1. I call them Ouroboros given they resemble the snake that is devouring itself and all. Very fitting in my estimation.

      1. Please, Ouroboros represents the cyclic nature of all things, that the end is also the beginning of something new. It has nothing to do with being self-destructive.

        1. Yes-I am aware of that but the image of it devouring itself is intriguing and apropos in the sense that they will devour themselves to emerge anew in a new but similar guise. They are adaptable and crafty bastards.

  20. Fake news is nothing more than a push by the left to censor and control. Watch this space in Europe, ‘fake news’ will be used as justification to shut down the rise of alt right from within the EU.

  21. We kept sending isis weapons and they kept telling us what targets they wanted us to airstrike…we even paid them to chop off heads…..perhaps our idea of defeating them was a bit off. Nah after they blow up the entire country a few times to get that asshole that gassed his own people they will honor kill themselves…….yeah that’s what we’re doing. If getting that evil man means little war with Russia, small price to pay in displaying our exceptional altruistic nature too the world.

    1. Pretty much. People are much easier to control when they have a common, specific enemy to unite against.

  22. Remember their ability to coopt too, VICE news was independent, and they couldnt buy it fast enough..So VICE is compromised.

  23. From a president that let NSA spy on his allies (Maerkel, Hollande etc), that’s ballsy…

    1. And don’t forget, and get caught at it. It isn’t the spying I object to, it is expected after all, it is the incompetence.

  24. There’s too much confusion.
    Just three pointers for you boys, straight from Intell’s mouth and I’ll leave it at that:
    1. RussiaToday is not a Russian operation
    2. The elections were indeed manipulated – Chabad Lubavitch.
    3. Putin’s handler – Berel Lazar who represent Chabad Lubavitch in Russia.
    Take this information as you wish or keep believing in fairy tales it’s the season for it after all.

    1. RussiaToday is not a Russian Operation ???
      Yeah that’s intell alright but – Soviet Counter Intel based on deep dissinformation.

  25. commies, sjws, women -> 100% pure projection.
    100 years of Orwellian fear mongering from Russia.
    Last time we went to war with Russia – Florence Nightingale was sucking this Scotsman’s Willie…

    1. Florence Nightingale wouldn’t have been sucking any man’s willie. She was a dedicated actual lesbian. Actual lesbians have no history of sex with men, don’t hate men, relate to men better than to women, and don’t present multitudes of mental illnesses. If you want to read some scathing opinions of women, look up some quotes from Florence Nightingale.

      1. so she didn’t have Florence nightingale syndrome.
        Lesbo -> perhaps, why she is so revered today…
        In any case — no war with Russian – -we(they) are allies – me thinks

  26. “First, there is no conclusive evidence (that we know of) that any agent of Russia “hacked” anything.”
    All the hacking comes down to one person. The extreme negligence, incompetence and corruption of Hillary Clinton and the choices of her staff.
    From extracting her own personal email server with no cyber-security, to John Podesta failing to change his default email password.
    I am led to presume that Clinton wanted her own server so as she could pass on sensitive information to, among others Sidney Blumenthal so as to provide him commercial advantage, with out the State department knowledge.
    Why look for Russian agents when there is a perfectly good explanation of Clinton’s incompetence.
    Unless, you’re looking for a scapegoat.
    NB. Having said that, if the Russian’s security services weren’t on that server like a rash, they should all be fired.

  27. “There is no serious person out there who would suggest that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they are so decentralized. There is no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that there are instances that that could happen this time.”
    Barack 0bama, 10/18/2016

  28. There’s more evidence that John Podesta is a child molester than there is that Russia hacked the elections.

  29. Oh it was the Russians that got disgusting Hillary to lose?
    Спасибо России!

  30. >Wikileaks, which has never been found to release a false document
    Prior to Assange’s murder and the account being taken over by the CIA, of course.

    1. Assange appeared live many times from that alleged happening. Lets be onest that is 4chan bullshit.

  31. Just saying off the bat here.
    The elites are subject OK.
    They are trying to find a scapegoat for Hillary*s failure in the elections.
    I can understand the blame tactic BUT
    PLEASE do not transform ROK into Russia*s washing machine.
    Beats the purpose.

      1. Hallucination ?
        In from Texas, Nation of USA.
        You think Putin’s portrayal of the alpha man is something more than just a good faker ?
        Dude, please.

      1. If you study history, especially recent history, it would be self-explanatory.
        If you didn’t…
        I never thought I would ever say this but it’s too much to explain.
        You need to read European-Soviet history 1900-2000.
        You need to understand how national securities worked back then.
        You need to understand what bolshevism really is – not was- because it still is.
        You need to understand who had the balls to stand in it’s way.
        After completing the above…come back and ask questions.

        1. If you don’t know…then you don’t know.
          no use for me to write essays on a subject that is fucking obvious but nobody pays attention.

  32. They just need to hammer it every day, every hour until it becomes true. You gotta keep the people busy with “stories”.

  33. Nailed it. Great article.
    On a side note, maybe there was more than one disgusted Democratic insider involved in the hack and one of them was Democratic staffer Seth Rich? Podesta was hacked in March 2016, Rich was shot in the back and killed in June 2016. His murder remains unsolved. Just some speculation.

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