The Easiest Way To Seal The Deal

So you’ve gone on a date or two with a girl and you’ve been unable to bang her. Maybe one of you is underage or doesn’t have an ID so you couldn’t take her out for drinks, or you just have bad logistics so you couldn’t take her back to your place afterwards. Or she simply just wasn’t DTF. You’re frustrated by your lack of progress and need a sure fire way to cut to the chase and isolate your girl in a sex location. What do you do?

Guys in their late 20’s or above will often use the classic “wine and a movie” at their place on the 2nd or 3rd date to seal the deal, but this is simply too mature a date for a young girl. After all, the wine that young people drink these days usually comes straight out of a goon bag. Instead, I have always told my peers to bring girls over to their place to “hang out” and smoke weed. It’s that easy. It never ceases to amaze me how few young men actually think to use smokeups as a swoop move.

If your place isn’t available due to strict parents, ask your friends if you can use theirs. If you have a dormmate, ask nicely if he can disappear for the night. If a girl smokes often (unlikely),  tell her to come over for a “compression session,” which is smoking up in an enclosed space where none of the smoke can escape. This only elevates the high further, and can also be done in the backseat of a car (great isolation move at house parties) or in a tent in your backyard. Do whatever you need to do to get her to a place where you can bang while she’s fried and in the mood.

Smokeups can even be used to easily isolate girls that you know well from school or college without having to do any official dates. This is because meeting up to smoke weed can be rationalized as just friends hanging out and does not have the romantic connotations that coming over for “wine and a movie” does. But of course after some flirting, weed, and touchking, one thing leads to another and your belt is notched. What better way is there to get the hottie from across your dorm hall over for some floorcest?

Lastly, the way to frame a smokeup date is to pair it off with another activity. For example, “Let’s smoke weed and watch a movie”. After it finishes put on some chill, relaxed music like The xx, The Weenkd or Erotic Lounge as you ramp up the escalation and seal the deal.

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33 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Seal The Deal”

  1. I’ve seen this work a few times. However, you’ve got to vet your target ahead of time to find out how often she smokes. Personally, I’ve lost out on a bang or two because marijuana was introduced into the dynamic. Sometimes it kills the sexual tension, the girl loses interest in sex or starts overthinking things. And beyond all of that, many quality women don’t like to smoke weed, and especially with a guy she hasn’t banged yet.

  2. It works but I find that smoking weed makes girls boring as hell.
    Crystal meth all the way

  3. Invest in a camera system if you do this! False ” he drugged and raped me” reports are almost guaranteed with this setup.

      1. Oh gee, what a surprise. Some fat fuck feminist chomping at the bit to imply someone is a rapist.
        Why don’t you just admit that what pisses you off about men learning game is that you know deep down they won’t be using any of it on you.
        Go back to burying you sadness in Haagen Daz, because there is nothing here for you.

    1. Wtf? I said FALSE rape claims… Read rooshv forum to see how guys get screwed by girls who cry rape due to regretting consensual intercourse. I do speak from experience… I was the accused and my cam setup saved my bacon!

      1. Sincerely sorry that happened to you. I was put off by the insistence of false reports and filming someone without his/her knowledge. To me the situation requires deftness, it could lead to false charges or it could lead to something more positive for both parties. There’s smoking and there’s trying to really [email protected] her up and there is a difference, just like there is for example w/booze. The idea that a woman would for sure press charges for being drugged/raped just seemed a bit hardcore. And do women regret “consensual sex” more with pick up artists or guys who are less vocal about wanting only sex from a woman?

  4. Personally, with the older women (40ish) I see, its bang first, then share the smoke. Banging is the gateway drug to the real stuff.
    Do love sex under the influence of ganga – so tactile!

  5. In the UK we call it ‘hot boxing’. never really been a fan of weed though. i hate the smell, but useful advice nonetheless

  6. Regardless of what your opinion is on whether or not weed should be legal, inviting her over for a criminal offense is typically bad advice in the US.

    1. It’s legal here on the west coast, and certainly any jury isn’t going to convict for less than 10 plants or a quarter pound in Cali. Guaranteed. I certainly love the grasping at ‘illegal drugs’ line of illogic even in the face of it now being legal. Desperation.

  7. Your dad also didn’t have the Thought Police to deal with. Maybe you should just start writing under the pen-name “Inmate Number XXX”. Picture yourself having this conversation: “Yes your honor, I had sex with the ‘victim’ after I invited her to my home and plied her with illegal drugs, but its not like you think…”
    Next time you feel like this is a good idea, bang your head against a wall until that feeling goes away.

      1. Dude, I live right in SoCal, and for however accommodating the weed laws are, the pro-feminist laws more than make up for it. It won’t matter that weed is only “technically” illegal and you’ll get a pass when you’re on your own or at home, if some chick regrets letting you go balls deep, the drug-factor is gonna have your ass in a sling.

      2. When I start hearing of pot used as a date rape drug, then i’ll agree with you. But not until then.

    1. “It’s not like I think? I think a man who invites a woman to his place to smoke weed only has one thing on his mind, and if the woman accepts then she has that on her mind, too. Case dismissed!”

      1. knuckledragger girls are much more intoxicated by a typical nights worth of alcohol then getting high. Like anonymous touched on, unlike alcohol, pot is not a date rape drug. Just like the “wine and a movie” move, doing a smokeup is just an excuse to get her over to your place to fuck while leaving her with something to rationalize fucking you if she needs it.
        You guys must be a paranoid as fuck if you’re afraid of false rape allegations from girls you’ve already been on a couple dates with. Does this mean you guys don’t go for same night lays?

  8. It Asia is you get caught with a certain amount of weed you get jail or worse death by hanging
    NOT KOOL, not recommended

  9. I’ve used the movie line before and girls have even brought me back to there’s under the guise of a movie.. I’ve never actually played the movie once back in the house, wouldn’t that kill the sexual tension?? a movie is a long time… do others actually play the movie?

  10. This is definitely an idea. However, bear in mind that in modern Amerika, many people don’t smoke weed because their jobs randomly drug test. Pretty much any girl that works in a hospital is likely to be forced to say no because of this. I know a girl who was a cool weed smoker in her teens, but is now an alcoholic binge drinker because her employer (a vet clinic) fires immediately at one failed drug test.

  11. Reminds me of “The Rules of Attraction,” both the book and the movie. Every character in it uses the line “I got pot in my room,” to lure someone to have sex.

  12. This can work like a charm a lot of the time… Especially in SoCal. It seems weird to read this in a post on a site whos articles often discuss the pitfalls of first time bang with an intoxicated girl. I wouldn’t disagree with the poster that recommended taping it…

  13. Not much warms the frosty Toronto girls … but weed is one of those things.
    One caveat: I once had girl be so weirdly down to smoke (“Oh fuck yes! I love getting baked!! Let’s go!”) only to have it turn out to be the booze talking. Too drunk + light-weight smoker = puke city. I’ve had friends claim similar experiences.

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  15. i pull this stunt all the time, but with cocaine. weed raises self awareness but cocaine drastically destroys inhibitions. it even works on girls who arent cokeheads.
    i once fucked 2 blond babes in an elementary school parking lot while ones boyfriend played drums across the street at a house party because of cocaine. and then shook his hand when she introduced us.
    just dont do cocaine by yourself or with dudes. or with the same girl twice. thats a ticket to addiction.

  16. I think this depends strongly on your age and location. For example, west coast, probably easy no matter what age. Midwest, good for highschool, occassionaly works in college. The main women i’ve seen it work on post college near me would have been closed regardless.

  17. Girls like to be corrupted. No. Girls LOVE to be corrupted. This is seriously my favourite move. Works with ecstacy, speed and coke as well (though I’m not a fan of chems). Downside: have scared a couple of prospects off with the harder drugs. P.S. best sex ever is fucking the next morning when you’re both coming down from a pill after a night of clubbing.

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