A Summer Beach Trip Shows How Badly America Has Declined

This past week I took my children on vacation to the beach. While we had a great time, it also exposed me to an aspect of the United States I usually don’t see—the decay that is eating away at the country.

I live a large city. All of my neighbors and co-workers are college educated. In my demographic, everybody is doing pretty well financially. The worst thing that I’ve seen is that when people are laid off, it is now much harder to find a job again. People wait months rather than weeks to get re-employed. But overall, my neighbors and co-workers are insulated from what is happening in the rest of the country.

My beach vacation exposed me to that portion of the country. Typically, when we visit the beach we drive a bit further and rent a beach house far away from the boardwalk. Because my youngest son is nine months old and travels poorly, we opted for a nearby beach that I had visited once before as a teenager and stayed in a hotel along the main strip. This gave me the opportunity to witness first-hand what is happening to lower middle class and the poor in this country.



The most obvious change is that there has been a dramatic change in the level of diversity. When I was a teenager, the beach was nearly 100% white. The diversity, such as it was, consisted of a handful of blacks. Whites still comprised about two-thirds of the beach goers, but now there were also lots of Hispanics along with smaller numbers of Muslims, Asians, and Indians. Of course, there continued to be a small number of black families.

The Hispanics were notable because it was very apparent that they were poor. Many of the families did not have bathing suits—they were in the ocean in their street clothes. It was especially awkward for the women as a blouse and long skirt are less than ideal beachwear. While I am certain there were poor families in the beach in my youth, I don’t recall anyone so poor that they could not purchase a bathing suit.

The Muslims were also an interesting addition. I noticed several women walking along the beach covered head to ankle in dark clothing walking on the beach in 95-degree heat. If they were wearing burkinis that allowed them to go in the water, I would understand but I can’t understand how a beach vacation was pleasant for these ladies.

Body Transformations


It is no secret that Americans are getting fatter—the average woman today now weighs as much as an average man in 1965. But that change is as evident in the city as it was in the beach. What is more apparent at the beach is how tattooed Americans have become.

Gone are the days when women got small, unobtrusive tattoos on their ankles or on their butt. Virtually every woman is now heavily tatted. Tramp stamps are the norm and lots of women now have elaborate tattoos that run around their legs or abdomens. I saw at least two women who had serpent tattoos that snaked the entire length of their bodies. The sad part is that these women were otherwise attractive.

Drug abuse


Extreme diversity and abundant tattoos are one thing, but there is nothing that indicates spiritual bankruptcy like drug abuse. The most disturbing thing that I witnessed was the high number of people who were strung out on something. Everyone that I saw looked like they were intoxicated by something other than alcohol or pot. All of them were young. All of them were white.

I saw one young woman slowly rotating in circles with her hands on her temples in the middle of the day. There were small groups of people who seemed to have no awareness of their surroundings. I am not a drug expert so I have no clue what these young people were taking but my guess would be meth.

The fact that so many young people have lost hope and turned to drugs as an escape is an alarming phenomenon. It is an indication that nihilistic consumerism, the prevailing “philosophy” of our day, is unable to fulfill the deepest needs to people. As the family continues to be attacked and the last vestiges of the patriarchy stamped out, the number of people who take drugs to escape will only increase.



A final observation is how careless people have become. Every evening my wife and I took our children for a walk along the boardwalk. The boardwalk has a separate path on side for bicycles and skateboards. The idea being that the boardwalk would be used by pedestrians and the bike path would be used by vehicles with wheels for safety purposes. Some people choose to ignore this obvious rule, but they drove their bicycles slowly so they were not a safety hazard. But there were lots of exceptions. Lots of cyclists and skateboarders rode very quickly on the boardwalk.

Most of these were teens so they could be excused for their reckless behavior. After all, I did my share of stupid things as a teen. But there were also adults who should know better. One man in his late 20s decked out his bike with lights and drove quickly on the boardwalk weaving dangerously in between pedestrians. He was not collecting money or performing. Here a grown man was jeopardizing his safety and the safety of others merely to attract attention.

In another incident, we had to pass through a two lane tunnel on the way to the beach. I was in the left lane when a car in the right lane suddenly swerved into my lane almost crashing into our car. My wife glanced over to find out what was happening with the driver. It turned out that it was a middle aged woman who was snapping a selfie as she was going through the tunnel—no doubt to post on Facebook. Again, one could barely excuse a teen for endangering lives to take a selfie, but there is no excuse for a grown woman to do the same.


With the exception of diversity, which is a weapon used by the elite to divide, conquer, and rule the population, each of the things I saw on my beach vacation indicated that the foundation of America is rotting. Ancient Rome became great because of the vigor and austerity of its people. Once Romans lost their founding virtue, the Empire collapsed.

Similarly, the United States became great due to the unstoppable confidence, work ethic, and deep faith of Americans. However, after years of neglect, the rank and file of America has lost its way. Can the spirit of a people be restored once it is lost? I don’t think so. Barring some sort of great upheaval, it is likely that the US is headed for the same fate that befell Rome.

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475 thoughts on “A Summer Beach Trip Shows How Badly America Has Declined”

  1. Your country is getting flushed down the toilet. And you, American men, let this happen. America did not win the cold war against communism. Communism subverted America, taking advantage of the black question, the American greed and your lack of absolute values. Now you enjoy the results. Unfortunately, Old Europe is following at a close distance. But what else we could do? We are no more than US satellite states.

    1. I’m also not sure Russia the salvation the alt-right likes to hope it is. True they don’t permit the subversion of their youth or the distribution of gay propaganda, but keep in mind that what the Muslims did in Cologne is laughably tame compared to what the Russians did to German women at the end of WW2. Look up the Nemmersdorf Massacre, the Rape of Berlin, etc. Women were literally nailed to barn doors while alive. Something like 100,000 women were raped in Berlin alone.

      1. History is written by the winners. And yes, Russia is not any salvation at all. Russia is a decadent country with the highest percentage of muslims in any white nation, very high divorce rate, high male mortality rate due to alcoholism, low fertility rate, debt, etc.

        1. True. I do not understand why people in the west even think Russia is the “great white hope” as some proclaim it to be. They have their own problems.

        2. I don’t really hear that. I hear that there are aspects of Russian character hat are worthy of admiration and envy of having a man lead their nation. The corruption etc is a problem and a hazard of any masculine society.

        3. There are better ways to be manly and proud than to put a country on a pedestal that needs Muslims to show growth and punches women in the face for not bringing back a gold medal.

        4. I’ve said it many times before, I’ll say it again. Eastern Europe will not save western civilization. Eastern Europe cannot create western civilization. If the west falls, western civ is gone forever. No one will carry the torch if it is destroyed.

        5. I would like to read more about the Byzantine Empire and find similarities and differences of what we are suffering right now.

        6. Russia is a civilization if its own. The West has always tried to disintegrate and conquer Russia. The West is decadent and rotten to the core. Its not worth saving, especially by Russia

        7. Corruption exists and will always exist in every country to some level. In the West its not as obvious – like you get $1000,000.00 for a lecture at some University – very subtle way to get bribed

        8. Yes, there’s a long way to go to full souverenity. Putin has been quite consistent, he recently banned Soros fund and some other insidious NGOs. Russia has tons of problems to sort through. It is not a saviour of the conservstive West, ally yes, but not a savior

        9. Small point but people say that and I don’t really buy it. The losers are frequently the ones with an axe to grind. That’s why ex confederate soldiers make out like bandits in literature and movies (Outlaw Josey Whales, Gone with the Wind, Joss Whedons Firefly no less). It’s also why most people at least know of Gulag Archipelago but are hard pressed to name one Soviet communist author.

        10. I agree. Being labelled infamous makes part of history, but it is not written for those who are labelled as such, or at least, written as they would have liked to.

        11. I think some people hope that the Russians will destroy our enemies for us. Remember in the “Terminator” movies when SkyNet launched its missiles at the USSR in order to provoke them into retaliating and thereby destroying SkyNet’s enemies? Kind of like that.

        12. Ok. i can help you a little:
          First of all, there was never any “Byzantine Empire” in history. This was a later (after the Empire collapsed) coined term. It was plainly the Roman Empire or Romania or Βασιλεία Ρωμαίων (Which is the Greek term for Roman Empire).
          Roman Empire did not fell in 476 C.E as it is stated in the official history. Roman Empire changed its capital from Rome to New Rome aka Constantinople in 330 C.E. and became the first christian empire. Later on it was administrated by two emperors, one on the east and one on the west (but it was never divided in western and eastern parts as many historians claim). Then the western part of the empire gradually fell to the Goth, Celtic, Anglosaxon and Vandal barbarians but the eastern part (the later falsely coined “Byzantine Empire”) remained for over 1.000 years before it finally fell to the Ottomans. These 1.000 years it was the most powerful, advanced, prosperous and sophisticated empire of its time, up until the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204.
          There is a lot of bias in history in relation to the Roman Empire of the middle ages. There is a sense that it was a decadence bureaucratic empire but this is far from the truth. “Byzantine Empire” was the strongest and advanced empire of its time (until the sack of contantinople by the crusaders) and it is not coincidence that managed to survive against all odds (There were numerous tribes and empires that tried over and over to conquer it) over 1.000 years. This is because the westerners that wrote history want to think that they are descendants of the (western) Roman Empire and the Roman Empire of the middle ages is something different (aka “Byzantine Empire”), which of course is absolutely false. This falsification of history stared in the year 800 C.E when Charlemagne, a frank illiterate ruler united most of western Europe (France, Germany and Northen italy) and was Crowned illegaly the king of the Romans by the Pope.
          Christianity was a religion that in spite of its shortcomings, with its high morals and ethics eventually helped Roman Empire to survive from the decline and decadence that started in the 2nd and continued to the 3rd and to the 4rth Century A.D. Off course, there were a lot of crimes committed (burning of Greek “pagan” books, destruction of Greek “pagan” Temples, persecution of people that believed in the old Greek religion etc) in order to make this religion the “official” Roman religion but all in all it was a tool that contributed to the continuation of the empire.

        13. Thank you. I was aware of the change in denomination. History is written by the winners, or at least, written by the last survivors. Do you have any recommendations about European history from IV century until Xth, also known as “dark ages”?

        14. The reason is simple: It was a time when Europe was just Europe, meaning there were no blacks or hindus in it, its civilization was just European. The light of the middle ages, the base for all else European achievements in anything, shown as bright as it could and the ones who would spoil it were dealt with swiftly. Being an SJW back then ment death in many cases.
          For these previous two reasons the age had to be characterised as dark and evil and with the European man. Also to them we attribute the genocidal qualities of the 20th century also with its disgust for civilization, so that the left can hide its true intentions.

        15. Yes off course. You should read the following:
          1)The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (All 6 Volumes) by Edward Gibbon
          This is a Classic book about the fall of the (Western) Roman Empire. It is an essential read but there is a lot of bias especially in relation to the Byzantine Empire.
          2)The Evolution of the Medieval World: Society, Government & Thought in Europe 312-1500 by David M Nicholas
          This book covers the history of the “Dark Ages” and it is focusing on western europe and how the German, Celtic and Aglosaxon envolved after the collapse of the western part of the Roman Empire.
          3) History of the Byzantine Empire Vol1 & Vol2 by Alexander A. Vasiliev
          One of the best concise histories of “Byzantine Empire”. It can give you an idea about the later Roman Empire and how it progressed throught the “dark ages”
          4)God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark
          This book is fairly new but it is really good. It covers the history of the crusades (that pretty much sealed the fate of the Byzantine Empire and of modern Europe)
          5)Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization by Lars Brownworth
          A book not written by a historian but nevertheless it is really good especially for those from western europe and America that really dont know much about the Byzantine Empire.
          You can easily find them on Amazon in digital form. Have fun reading my friend. I hope i covered you!

        16. You by any chance have a name that rhymes with a kind of truck? I have a sneaking feeling we know each other offline.

        17. This is because the westerners that wrote history want to think that they are descendants of the (western) Roman Empire and the Roman Empire of the middle ages is something different (aka “Byzantine Empire”), which of course is absolutely false.

          Well, to be fair, the empire was a different beast. For one, it’s language was Greek, not Latin and its emperor and its people were Greeks and other ethnicities, not Romans. At least Cato or Scipio wouldn’t have deemed it Roman…all in all interesting comments, I will check that book about the history of Byzantine Empire.

        18. The official language of Byzantine Empire was Latin until the reign of Heraclius (610- 640 A.D) which made Greek the official language. Either way, the lingua franca of the time was Greek and the administation language was Latin. Even during the early years of the Roman Empire, Greek was the prevailing language spoken by the majority of the Roman Citizens, especially in the east (which were the most populated and prosperous thus that is why the center moved from the west to the east). Most Romans knew Greek very well and admired the Greek culture. For example, Marcus Aurelious, the Great Roman Emperor that reigned between 161-180 A.D, wrote his book meditations not in Roman but in Greek. That is really surprising if you think about it. So in essence, Greek was the prevailing element of the Empire even from the early years.
          Also,At first Roman was a citizen of the city of Rome. However, by 202 A.D emperor Caracalla issued an edict that granted full Roman citizenship to all free men of the Roman Empire. That meant that every free citizen of the Roman Empire from then on, was essentially also “Roman”. Gradually, the city of Rome lost it’s glory and power but the empire still remained strong and united under a new Capital, the Nova Roma or Contantinople. The Greeks of that time called themselves Roman to distinguish themselves from the “Pagan Greeks” that worshiped the old religion and not Christianity but they where indeed Romans because the were citizens of the Roman Empire as well.
          Yes i would agree that by losing the western parts, the empire essentially became more Greek than Roman and i also think that after the reinstatement of the empire in 1261, the empire was totally a Greek Empire. However, this does not mean that it was not “Roman”. It was simply an empire that gradually evolved over the years, but it was always Roman Empire. Not Byzantine Empire or something else. That was the name they called themselves and their most enemies except the western frankish empires (after 800 AD) that always envied the empire and wanted the prestigious title of Roman for themselves. It was Roman Empire period.

        19. Well, maybe. There’s only so many Redpill guys obsessed with Roman history out there.
          Place I’m thinking of is in the Atlanta area. I spent a few years there way back when.

        20. I am from Greece and i have never been to America. Yes i am pretty much obsessed with history, especially with Roman. empire period. I also like to research on specific historical topics that deliberately were falsified because of politics either of the past or the present. As the saying goes: “if you do know your history, you are deemed to repeat it”

        21. Yes, what we call the Byzantine Empire simply called itself Roman. The term prevents confusion. So?
          Many of us are aware of this.

        22. The term “Romania” was originally used by the “Byzantines” and it means “The land of the Romans”. The modern day Romania was the moldo-Wallahia of the 18th-19th Century. The modern day Romanians where originally called Wallahians or Vlahs. They changed the name of the country to Romania (Land of the Romans) to indicate that they where descendants of the Romans because Romanian Language had many similarities with Latin.
          The same happened with modern Greece after the revolt againts the turks. Originally, The land we now call Greece was called Roumelia (little Rome) by the turks and Romania (Land of the Romans) by the Greeks. They also called themselves Ρωμαίοι or Ρωμιοί In order to gain support of the western powers, they gradually changed it back to the original Hellen (Έλληνας) or Greek

        23. I would say the opposite…The term creates confusion.
          Most people think of Byzantine Empire as being something completely different (because it has a different name) from the Roman Empire and actually this is how it is treated in history. I insist on this issue because the names by which things are called are important in shaping our interpretation of reality. The achievements of Byzantine civilization have often been given short shrift and denigrated: the very name “Byzantine Empire” is, in fact, an insult.

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        25. It did carry the historical momentum of Rome after the western half went to pieces for a couple of centuries.
          However, its major language was Greek and its church Orthodox instead of Catholic, so there were noticeable differences. Just why it managed to last as long as it did is another interesting subject — or is the failure of the western half the real question?

        26. So you are reduced to ethnic slurs?
          You are in the same class as mexicans waving their sorry ass flag in Chicago. Everyone knows you will never go back to your 3rd world hole no matter how much “pride” you sadly display. You both come from failed cultures.

        27. No this is totally wrong…The church was united up until the schism of 1054 A.D. The Catholic church and it’s dogma was gradually created by the Franks to distinguish from the original Christianity of the Roman Empire (they wanted to control the faith of their subjects. Gradually and especially after the schism, the elected popes were Franks and not Romans) that later was called “Orthodox-The right faith”. There was not any “Catholic” or “Orthodox” Churches back then. The division of Latin west and Greek east is something completely fabricated, a neologism of modern times. In the Roman Empire they were Romans that spoke Latin, Romans that spoke Greek or other languages…But they were all Romans to begin with. Of course, the western part was more Latin than Greek. This is why i insist on the name. It creates confusion and misundestandings.
          Yes, i doubt you can find an other example of an empire lasting for so long. There are many reasons for that. Let’s just agree on one thing though. It does not make any sense to say that Byzantine Empire was a decadent and declining empire, when it actually lasted over 1.000 years, more than double the years of the “Original Roman Empire”. But many western historians (For example Gibbon) actually propagate that.

        28. The churches did split. Cultural and political reasons, no doubt, but millions followed it religiously.
          I never said it was decadent and declining.
          Experts at one culture/era tend to treat other times and places superficially.
          I once looked at an alternate history site; only alternate scenarios for the West were actually allowed. Speculation about other cultures met with angry denunciations that actually meant everyone else followed an inevitable path.

        29. Yes but the split gradually occured 400 or 500 years after the collapse of the western part of the empire. So, you cannot say that the church was different back then for the western and the eastern part of the empire, because it was not.The church Catholic and Ortodox was different for the Byzantine Empire in relation to the empires that had evolved after the collapse of the west. Yes of course, you did not said that but it is a firm belief for most of the historians especially for the westerners.

        30. Calling a Russian “Ivan” is an ethnic slur as well. So according to you it is mandatory for an immigrant such as myself to hate his country of origin if he lives in the West?

        31. No need to go even that far. Read The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire. It could pass for freaking current events

        32. Skinny girls who dress like they are going to a fashion shoot who are incredibly hungry for American citizenship make Americans think Russia is some haven of ultra hot and feminine women

        33. Thanks again, man. I always had the sensation that something was missing during these five centuries about which we are barely never explained anything.

        34. They were the same at first but became different for various reasons. I don’t understand the problem with that. It happened.
          Most people don’t know any of that, not least because liberals don’t want it taught and will claim that anyone who mentions it is a “racist” or, if they’re smarter, some kind of religious bigot.

        35. There is not any problem. Though, it is critical information in order to understand that the west and east of the Roman Empire where the same entity (same religion and same political structure, same army etc) not different. They were administrated by two co-emperors after Theodosius. Therefore the eastern part (aka Byzantine Empire) was actually the (eastern) Roman Empire not something different from the western part or the “original Roman Empire”. It just evolved in an empire more Greek than Roman because the majority of the remaining land was in the east after the collapse of the west. The official history uses the term “Byzantine Empire” to differentiate from the Roman Empire which is absolutely false. That is all.
          It is really refreshing that there are people like you that are well aware of history. I just pinpoint things that are really misunderstood by the majority of people, especially from the west.

        36. My friend I believe you are mistaken. ” Byzantine Empire was already declining when ” The Great Charlemage” united Western Europe. Was he a product of the environment? sure, to say he was an illiterate ruler illegally crowned is absurdly false. The Roman Empire ” Byzantine” in the 9th century was declining whilst the Turks were rising. Now was the Byzantine Empire as a whole still a bastion of Good and God on this earth in the 9th century? Of course. And while I deeply respect your admiration( and rightly so) We must not forget that yes in the 9th century Constantinople was the shining city on the hill, buta fading city still at that. Now Charlemagne and his father defended the papacy against both European barbarians and Muslims for Decades. And only after the aforementioned and after he consolidated the Frank’s into their own kingdom adopting Chistianity as the absolute, did the pope crown Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans which is were the Almighty Holy Roman Empire came and whence the great kings and emperors of the House of Habsburg ruled justly and under God and Jesus for four hundred years
          Holy Roman Empire=the revised Roman Empire my Friend.

        37. Agreed, but considing the obstacles Russia has faced and and the fact they broke away from Communism only 35 years ago and paid off all the Soviet Union’s debt.
          The Russia has improved a lot without sacrificing too much of it’s soul.

        38. I must call you out again, which is unfortunate because your mind seems very Sharp. Catholicism got its rise through God because the Byzantine and Christianity in their empire started to become corrupted. Now the unification of the Catholic Church with the Holy Roman Empire was in Reality the realignment of the ancient Aryan Caste System, Gods Civilization ( i.e. Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishya, Shudra which is Completely indentical to Priests(pope at top) Kings( Princes dukes barons) Freemen and Peasants. Now the only difference between the ancient Aryan caste system and the Holy Roman Empire was the central authority of the empire with God at the top thru Christ,then the pope, and finally the emperor.
          Also remember that although The Empire was centralized as such, it resembled The Articles of Confederation more so than any other Empire ( a bunch of private distinct independent kingdoms united under One God, One Church and One Emperor. All ultimately to defend, promote, and flourish the Righteuos life.

        39. Like I said you are very wise, Catholicism and orthodox split almost entirelty after Charlemagne was crowned Romanorum Imperator. Now one of the main reasons the Pope pledged his allegiance to Charlemagne and crowned him Romanorum Imperator was the True and Historically correct fact of the Byzantine Empires in ability to defend to Papacy against Any enemies. Now you cannot call yourself the Roman Empire defender of God and yet not be able to defend the Papal States.
          Don’t take any of this as trolling I would be more than happy to debate or converse anytime.
          But like you say O follower of great Christian European history, the winners right history so just how you say a lot of stuff about Romanity is false so is Romanitys virgin birth Sacrum Romanum Imperium!

        40. There’s an overlooked problem in American history with no attempt at a definitive answer that I know of — but it seems important to me. US histories always begin with “the Thirteen Colonies” but there were something like 20 British colonies here. This question, demanding several answers, is why the other colonies did not join the revolution.
          I only found one, and that was in a book about the history of rum. The Caribbean Island colonies didn’t join because they needed a powerful navy to constantly patrol for pirates, which only England could then supply.

        41. First of all, you should prove my statements wrong in order to claim that i am mistaken. Everything i write here can be easily be proven.
          ” The Great Charlemagne” united Western Europe. Was he a product of the environment? sure, to say he was an illiterate ruler illegally crowned is absurdly false ”
          Charlemagne was indeed an illiterate ruler, he did not knew how to write and read. This is a fact, you should look it up. And yes hes was crowned king of the Romans illegally because that title rightfully belonged to the Roman Empire that still existed in the east and it’s ruler. He was a Frank not a Roman (or even a Gaul) ruler that tried to associate himself and his empire with the Roman Empire and the Christian Church (he was behind the addition of the filioque that paved the way to the eventual Schism of the churches) and he was the first that started to call the Roman Empire as Greek Empire (in order to claim the Roman title for himself)
          ” The Roman Empire ” Byzantine” in the 9th century was declining whilst the Turks were rising. ”
          What are you talking about? The Byzantine Empire actually revived in the 9th and 10th Century and was at its peak of power and glory when Basileus II was emperor. At the same time period , turks were actually non existent…They became a considerable threat at the end of the 11th Century after the battle of mantzikert.
          “Now Charlemagne and his father defended the papacy against both European barbarians and Muslims for Decades. And only after the aforementioned and after he consolidated the Frank’s into their own kingdom adopting Chistianity as the absolute, did the pope crown Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans”
          Not it was the other way around. Charlemagne arranged to get the title ‘Emperor’ in exchange for Pope Leo’s exoneration (he was accused of immoral conduct). Franks had converted to christianity over 300 years before, so your statement is absolutely false.
          Holy Roman Empire=the revised Roman Empire my Friend
          How ironic…We have a German Empire that has nothing to do with the Roman Empire that uses the name Roman Empire and history refer to it with that name while we have the actual Roman Empire of the middle ages that is no longer refered with its proper name but is now called “Byzantine” by historians which makes no sense whatsoever… History is indeed written by the victors,

        42. You got a good point here and i agree with you. Pope Leo was forced to crown Charlemagne because he needed protection that could not be provided by the Roman Empire at the time. The empire was at a tremendus decline and a woman was actually Empress, which was something that gave a perfect excuse to Leo in order to crown Charlemagne as an emperor of the Romans

        43. The illiterate thing you have me on. Not that I view the man any different. Now to say that Charlemagne and his father did not fight for and defend the papacy is false. Charlemagne was defending the Papacy when Adrian 1 was pope. Also what about Peppin the Short’s campaigns against the Lombards ( where he also recovered lost papal land). Now on the Turks I will admit it was an amateur mistake, what I meant was the Umayyids and the Muslim expansion into Europe through a North Africa.
          Now the Pope Leo exoneration you are correct, but one thing I want to add is Charlemagme was a devout Catholic his whole life and even when crowned emperor he put very strict pressure on the papacy to stay Holy and uninvolved in worldy affairs.
          When I say declining please see that I mean a spiritual and metaphysical decline. The US is the most prosperous nation ever materially, that we know of but, you and I will both agree it is declining.
          “How ironic…We have a German Empire that has nothing to do with the Roman Empire that uses the name Roman Empire and history refer to it with that name while we have the actual Roman Empire of the middle ages that is no longer refered with its proper name but is now called “Byzantine” by historians which……”
          I think your concept on Imperium needs to deepen. Did the Romans have their own unique culture? Yes but, Imperium has always been and will always rise and fall. Ancient Egypt, ancient aryan India. All of these share the sacredness of the Imperium. Everyone started ought as a hierarchy from God to the emperor to the lowest man.
          I am convinced that Holy Roman Empire was the next evolution of Imperium after the fall of the Roman Empire. Yes it came before the complete fall but that does not mean it was not Imperium in the true sense, same as the Roman Empire. With that being said the almost 1000 years of the Holy Roman Empire was the most righteous time Central Europe has ever seen . But that is just my belief.

        44. I like your views and your writing style.
          Yes, the Franks protected the papacy and western Christianity from Islam there is not any doubt about that. However, they done it because they wanted to control the church for their benefit. They wanted a new version of Christianity that would strengthen their rule in the western part of the Roman Empire and make them legitimate de-facto rulers there. As long a true Roman Empire (the so called Byzantine Empire) with a united church existed, it was impossible for them to accomplish that. So this is the reason why they gradually created the “Catholic” church which ultimate is (not to be blasphemous just stating the facts) a herecy of Christianity just like protestantism, Arianism etc.
          Also, note that it was no the Turks that destroyed the Byzantine Empire. It was the Franks thought the Crusades. After the capture of Constantinople in 1204, the empire never revived again. It was in a steep decline, The Turks just putted the final nail in the coffin.
          Also, do not forget that the Franks where the descedants of the Goths that plundered the Roman Empire and ultimately subjugated the western part of the empire. So, it is really hypocritic to claim that you are the continouator of an empire that you destroyed to start with.
          To close, i will write you about something you might not know. Theophanu was the niece of the Byzantine Emperor John I Tzimiskes that married Otto II of the Holy Roman Empire (Otto III was one of their children). Theophanu was criticized for her decadence, which manifested in her bathing once a day and introducing luxurious garments and jewelry into Germany. She is credited with introducing the fork to Western Europe – chronographers mention the astonishment she caused when she “used a golden double prong to bring food to her mouth” instead of using her hands as was the norm.” Taken from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theophanu

        45. Thank you I too appreciate your style and thoughts.
          I did know about the marriage but, no where near as much as you. Also just so your aware I too view the Roman Empire in its totality as the greatest empire in recorded history. So I deeply admire both your admiriation and the extent of your knowledge. ( which I am positive goes much further then the collapse of Rome!)
          Maybe I am just a little partial to my Germainic blood.

        46. Good for you. I deeply respect people that love their heritage. Either way, Germans have a long history and are part of our european heritage.
          I am an admirer of Roman history especially in relation to Greek history (which sometimes cannot be seperated!) which is my heritage (I am Greek). Nice talking with you!

        47. Ah! I should have known you were Greek. Great people great history.
          The majority of my ancestors never stayed in Germany. Through my dad they migrated to the lowlands roughly 1500 years ago and settled in Leicestershire, England around the 12 century. Hence the name my great great…..grandfather Barnabas Horton actually left Leicestershire and settled in New York in 1632. Through my mom her father is 100 percent Sicilian, probably looks awfully similar to your people. I am fairly knowledgable of Sicilian history through which I have learned and aprreciate Roman Empire history post fall of Rome. Not as much as you of course, Now my mom’s mom half of her ancestors stayed in Germany and half migrated to Romania.
          Anyway like you said we are all European sharing in the remnants of the great Roman, Hellenic, Germainic, and Chrisitian traditions.
          I appreciate the extent to which you have engaged me. Look forward to future discussions.

        48. It is incredible that you have traced you ancestry so many years back. I guess you have research it! Great!
          Yes, with Sicilians and southern Italians we look alike…In some villages they spoke a language similar to Greek (Gricko) especially in Calabria region, a remnant of their Greek ancestry but now i think they have been completely Latinized.
          Yes, we share our European traditions and we must retain them at all costs. So we must fight against globalism and the elites who do not want nationalist identities especially for the european people. Greetings and i hope we make another discussion in the future!

        49. As much as I would like to take credit I cannot. My grandmother through my father actually did the whole family tree thing officially through archives before the internet lol.
          We both agree on the perils of globalism.
          I would like to add and I will be brief, that Pan Europeanism under God, Christ, The Church, and The Emperor is still a lofty ideal. One which I truly believe the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire of the Gremainic people shared as their absolute goal and mission on Earth before and above all the petty human ambitions of individuals in both Empires. Ultimately my new Greek friend, this last paragraph is why I jumped into what I felt was a great dissertation of yours. Just thought you could take a different approach to the Holy Roman was all.

        50. hilarious and pompous history lesson : qualifying Celts (Gauls for the Romans) as invaders of roman empire is a very acrobatic history’s revisitation
          claiming that Pope crowned “illegaly” Charlemagne (breaking wich law?) was also funny,

        51. Sir you are confused. Franks were not Celts or Gauls. They were a Germanic tribe not a Celtic one. Franks created an empire by subjugating the existed Celtic tribes that was previously under Roman control.
          Funny to you maybe but also true because the Roman Empire still existed and there was already an emperor of the Romans (At the time Charlemagne crowned, it was a woman Empress Erene: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irene_of_Athens)

        52. “Then the western part of the empire gradually fell to the Goth, CELTIC, Anglosaxon and Vandal barbarians”
          It would be useful to learn to read what you write before posing as scholar.
          BTW, you didn’t answer how did the Pope Léon III “illegaly” crowned the French/Frankish king as Emperor ?
          Thanks to this good try to teach French history to a French.

        53. First of all, I am not a scholar neither i pose to be one.
          Yeah you are right. i didn’t understand what you meant at first. So generally speaking after the fall of the western part of the Roman empire the barbaric kingdoms that ruled (they were not necessarily invaders) the several parts were mainly the Ostrogoths, the Visigoths, the Vandals, the Suebi, the Vurgundi, the Franks and the Anglosaxons. There was also a Gallic (Celtic)-Roman Kingdom of Soissons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Soissons) and was later on conquered by the Franks. So technically i am correct even if this kingdom did not survive many years.
          To answer on what? If there was a law that prevented the coronation?
          The coronation of Charlemagne was an extralegal, an illegal and revolutionary, proceeding. The pope had no right to make him emperor of the Romans. Nor did the coronation create a new western by the side of the existing Roman Empire. He was technically an usurper. The only imperial territories on which he laid hands were the duchy of Rome and the former exarchate. Otherwise he remained, as before, king of the Franks and of the Lombards. So it is simple logic. You cannot crown someone as King of the Romans (not simple king) when the Romans already had an Emperor.
          I am not trying to teach something here. I just emphasize on historical facts that most of western europeans do not know because of bias and disinformation.

        54. so you’re right even when you say bullshits : Celts (Gauls) coudln’t be “barbarians” as you said neither as “invaders” because they were the native people of Gaul and because their language was latin for nearly four centuries when Western empire collapsed, event if they maintain the consciousness of being Gauls, and not Romans (many revolts against roman power centuries after roman invasion : Sacrovir, Bagaudes etc.)
          and of course there is no such thing as “illegal coronation” of the “illterate Charlemagne”,(who founded a network of schools in all Frankish-French empire) :

        55. I do not understand your attitude. I hope you know that the word ‘barbarian’ is a Greek word and it meant initially to be stranger of different culture (than Greek). I did not use it as negative word at all here. I just used it to note that they were tribes with different cultures than the Greco-Roman of the empire. And you might be right on the Romans-Gauls (or Celts). Technically, they were not barbarians because they had been Roman citizens for 300 years or so. But Goths and Vandals certainly were.
          Yes, Charlemagne founded schools and promoted education. He was the first of the Frankish kings that systematically tried to bring education back to his empire and latinize yet again his western empire in order to gain the support of the native population and the Church (that eventually became “Roman Catholic”) which were more Roman than German especially in Gaul. But he was still illiterate…he did not knew how to write or read and that is a fact. You can easily check this out for yourself.
          So can you disprove my claims with facts (which are all true and well researched) or not?

        56. and you dare talking about “facts” ?
          Like the “law that Pope broke” when he decided to crown Charlemagne ?
          like the “barbarians “Gallo-Romans (oh, wait, “I might be right on this” )
          like Charlemagne who didn’t know hot to write ? Sure, he didn’t know how to read, but we have dozens of acts which are signed by his hand.
          like your stupid assertions about Byzantine empire which would be ignored “by most of Western Europe population” (because you must have made a very documented study on the subject…)
          Btw, the byzantine empire, its history and civilisation is part of the history’s classes in both “collèges” and “lycées” in France. And i assume it’s the same in western european countries, and of course even more in eastern ones.
          oh, wait, I “might be right” too,

        57. What is your problem? You are being rude and their is no reason for that. Either you debank what i write with facts or agree with me…Have a little decency….
          So…Did i ever wrote about a law that Pope broke? Nope, i wrote that it was illegal by any means and that is a fact. I explained you why…
          I state that Charlemagne was illiterate, well he was, so this is a fact too. I stated about barbarians that took over the western part of the empire, well they were if you compare them with the Romans. I do not understand why you are offended about Charlemagne? Either way he was a Frank ruler not a Celtic or Gaul
          Did you really read about what i wrote? Simple historic facts nothing more nothing less. “Byzantine Empire” is a neologism. We all tough in school about the “Byzantine Empire”. Well this empire never existed. It was simply Roman Empire period. That is all. Have a nice day and try to be cool

      2. “Women were literally nailed to barn doors”, why not say “Soviet soldiers were literally eating the German babies, some used to make borscht”. Do you know what Germans did to Russian women? What they did to Russian people in general?

        1. And do you know what american men did to german women? No, of course you dont know. Like BetterDeadThanRed said history is written by the winners.

        2. Germans didn’t rape the same number of women and many civilians killed on Russian soil died mostly because Soviet Cruelty and incompetence, same as most Russian soldiers on that war.

        3. As a teen I met an old man, a veteran of WWII. He drove an M8 scout car all over Europe and had many interesting and exciting stories of his recon experiences (encountering Tiger tanks on a road, SS armored unit in half-tracks etc).
          Of all of his stories that caught my attention as a young man were the stories of the German women he bedded. His words:
          “they’d gladly fuck any of us for a chocolate bar of a pack of smokes”.
          I think the article on Rational Male called War Brides sums it up beautifully.
          WRT to this article — spot on. I saw in in New England. I see it here. Up there it was mostly White but tatted and fat as noted.
          Down here it’s browning and becoming damn near a foreign country, in addition to the fatness and endless tattoos. It is very rare to see an attractive young women without ink.
          It’s heartbreaking. And it’s fueling the awakening of Whites.
          We are now accepting the reality that the US is not a White country any more. And that every other ethnic group agitates and promotes its own members.
          Trump represents, to a limited extent, the awakening of White racial consciousness; and that if we want to survive in the multi-ethnic empire, we have to start playing by the same rules as the other tribes.
          Of course they cry racism. Only because they’re scared shitless of united White people. Especially (((them))).
          (((They))) are the ones squawking the loudest about it.
          To (((them))) I say simply: PEPE!!!
          And to the illegal immigrants: You have to go back.

        4. Yes, but faced with the likes of Stalingrad Commisars screaming “Not One Step Back” and executing noncompliants, it paints quite the picture of the futility of such a surrender lol

        5. The question is what Anglos have been doing to themselves in the last few decades. I hope you choke on your Russophobia

        6. I know what Americans did to Serbs, Afghanis, Lybians, Iraqis, Iranies, Africans and so on. I know what they did to the Russians. Karma is a bitch indeed, today Anglos are erasing themselves off voluntarily. You know when I see the Third World conquest of the West, I see many negstives, but one thing I dont see among them is Russophobia

        7. I didn’t need to… there were many others documenting the infamy including famous countrymen of yours like Ilya Ehrenburg who presided over one of the real rape campaigns and left this to posterity:

          “Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, KILL, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army!”

          And yes, many civilians died because the refusal of the Soviets to believe they were being invaded and in the initial moments, losing badly, coupled with their terrible infrastructure, imagined highways and the refusal of comrade Stalin to change his tactics in the face of an overwhelming invasion.
          The nazis were bastards, but any Russian who praises Stalin despite his role in the great catastrophe of the WWII where countless men were killed because of his regime’s incompetence, is as stupid as a Cambodian praising Pol Pot after he killed 1/3 of his country and ruined his country.

        8. (((Ilya Ehrenburg))) say no more…just like (((Trotsky))) was Russian like me. Early Bolsheviks were as Russian as Obama is white. Stalin dealt with all of them later on. He was a great leader and true patriot. What you know about Russia is written by Western (((Ehrenburgs))) or should I say “imagined” in their demented minds. And you swallowed it

        9. It’s true, those you mentioned were not ethnic Russians, but Ehrenburg died natural death and no he wasn’t persecuted (he even received the “Stalin’s prize for God’s sake). Even when Stalin cleansed the Soviet machine of most of these people, no one can deny how incompetent he was when it comes to the WWII campaigns on Russian soil (his refusal to engage in defensive tactics when needed, his negligence on the evacuation, the information blackout imposed on the civilians preventing them from taking the minimal safety measures…). His failures are well documented by Western and Russian sources alike. Maybe his greatest “virtues” were his, ironwill, cunning and his heartlessness.

        10. Phobia?
          I have been to Moscow several times on business and on others to visit the wifes relatives.
          You should make the trip sometime yourself. Canada is killing you.

        11. Im surprised your wife hasnt dumped your sorry ass yet, you should’ve married someone from Lvov or the Baltics, they tend too be as paranoid as you are about Russians. Canada is not killing me, most of the people I see around me are not WASPs like yourself. Your ilk is decreasing my the day.

        12. I am not paranoid about russians. I sleep next to one every night.
          My “ilk” is procreating. PS- I’m not a WASP.

        13. The horrible way the germans treated prisoners is not even remotely close to the way soviets treated other people. Scratch that, to they way they treated their own people, starving them and not only.

        14. Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili was from Georgia, was he not?
          “He was a great leader and true Patriot.”
          No. He was a thug, a fomer bank robber, who exterminated his internal enemies to become supreme leader of a morally and intellectually bankrupt cult.
          So why did your family emmigrate?

        15. Most of his internal enemies were the “chosen people” who killed Slavs by the millions. Stalin put stop to it. And my family did not emigrate anywhere. Why you choose to live in Europe is another question.

        16. Not to mention what Russia did In Ukraine also it’s my understading many Ukrainians initially welcomed the German Army but the SS ruined it.

      3. Russia and America are very similar in their ethnic and geographical roles. They are both pseudo-European countries of whites that are inevitably becoming mixed. It only makes sense that whites can’t occupy that much land in the long term when there’s only about a billion of them compared with 4 billion Indians and East Asians of all stripes confined on a much smaller area.

        1. Whenever Putin sees that he has no money left and says “all right Xi, you can develop all the mineral deposits and move your companies into my country to create jobs.”
          If China attacked Russia, you’d have nuclear war. But America and the Eurofags have thrown Russia under the bus. In a generation the Slavs will have to search for prosperity in the east.

        2. In any case, I see Russia as a friend nation against cultural marxism. Not all Europeans are Eurofags, yet.

        3. Russia and China will never have war against each other with America watching with owl eyes. Both Russia and China knows this. They have more to lose if they started war against each other.
          Russia and China are temporary allies because of America’s geo-politic influence in Asia.

        4. The problem is that European conservatism is still infected with too much classical liberalism and petty nationalism. How can you expect to maintain a solid civilization when even the Czechs and Slovaks, who speak dialects of the same basic languages, can’t stand to be in the same country together?
          Hitler tried to unite Europe under a true empire, and he failed. Towards the end of WWII he praised the Chinese and Japanese for their ethnic unity and said that as long as they maintained this virtue it would be easy to get along with them. I cannot help but see the envy Hitler had, on the eve of his defeat.

        5. Whats the biggest problem between the the Americans and Russians?
          They are too much alike.
          I heard that one about 25 years ago from an old German.

        6. I have mixed feelings about this: one of the reasons Europe managed to dominate the World for 500 years is that there was never a nation strong enough to dominate the rest, so they had to keep always competing/allying/fighting.

        7. This is only a matter of time. They will fight and China will win. However, Russia will escape destruction due to trickery.

        8. That is true, but the fun and games stopped in 1945. By 1990 the west was really just a US-dominated affair, with Russia reduced to more of a peripheral annoyance.

    2. This is why I almost hope Trump loses this November: if he wins, those on the Right will grow complacent again. Even if Hillary is defeated, the Left controls the entire educational system, the entertainment industry, the mainstream news, Hollywood etc

      1. There needs to be a purge of the whole system: from public school kindergartens all the way to graduate programs at Ivy League Schools

        1. Yep. And educated men were painted as lacking masculinity, intelligence was derided in the West while being celebrated in the East. I’ve spent considerable time and energy trying to improve education in this country, writing teaching articles etc. In the end, I have to admit that no one cares. This isn’t South Korea or Taiwan. Female teachers are too busy fucking their students to care. School is basically state-mandated babysitting.

        2. Teaching in the West, is dead. Massification of universities, plus feminization, plus the loss of authority (male value) of the teacher.

        3. I think school is an anachronism anyway. It didn’t change much since Charles The Great invented it. The future is something like Khan Academy and people should learn à la carte at the speed that is most convenient to their abilities rather than be forced into a group of pupils whose only thing they share with is their age.

        4. I agree. You are thinking more on economic efficiency. We were talking about cultural change, on how to use the schooling system to revert cultural marxism.

        5. Nothing would prevent the suppliers of such learning systems to add an anti-establishment, anti-cultural marxism tint to those subjects that are more political in nature such as History. Maths and Physics otoh are purely objective.

        6. I agree. The future is distance education with minimal human interatction at the local level. It will save communting time and the need for brick-and-mortar Institutions saving taxpayers money. Look for the public unions to fight all that, but their days are numbered.

        7. We men didn’t “stop participating in education”, we were driven out with false accusations of ‘harassment’, ‘pedophilia’, ‘rape’, etc.

        8. The public school system in the US has become little more than state-supported centers of child care and political indoctrination.

        9. True; (speaking from experience) there is nothing more awful than being a student with above-average intelligence, being chained to the learning level of the class’s sub-mental moron who cannot tie their shoes.

      2. Trump will not solve absolutely anything. This needs to collapse, go much, much worse for people to wake up and go in arms. Small right-wing changes are not useful because the left will revert them without any difficulty at all.

        1. I agree: Like a gas being compressed, resistance will be felt only when the pressure reaches a certain critical point.

    3. I think America’s fate was sealed during the Civil War when Whites were pitted against each other and told to kill one another over the liberation of a different race. That was actually more extreme than today’s Social Justice mentality of Whites needing to take a back seat, talk less, advance the interests of others before their own etc

      1. It is difficult to find a starting point on the moral decadence of the US, but it is either the Civil War or 1913 with the income tax act and the federal reserve act.

        1. It definitely accelerated after WWII with Eisenhower (a hero of WW2 btw) used the National Guard to forcibly integrate schools. Even among so called conservatives, Martin Luther King is held as a hero when he threatened white america with unrest until black demands were met.

        2. You may want to read McCarthy’s book: McCarthy, Joseph (1951). America’s Retreat from Victory, the Story of George Catlett Marshall. Devin-Adair. ISBN 0-8159-5004-7.

        3. History is not like science; when speaking of humanity and history, there is no single action which firmly begins a movement, but a broad period of actions, and indeed a period during which one could step backward and reverse these trends.
          The beginning of the end of western civilization is definitely around the turn of the century (1900), as the events which would break apart our society were too great: Napoleonic Wars, overthrow or great diminishment of the powers of several monarchs in Europe, American Civil War, European Great War (WWI), Women’s Suffrage, Federal Reserve Act, Russian Revolution, etc.
          This is a pretty good summary of the effects of WWI alone on various European monarchies (the patriarchy, institutionalized):

        4. world war I – Where millions of mostly white peasants slaughtered each other…
          “A bayonet is tool with a white man on each end”
          (adjusting a Marxist axiom to modern day anti-white-man rhetoric)
          100 years ago during the Somme offensive (1.5 million causalities) tanks were introduced…
          now white western countries have them triggly-puffing down every street…

      2. Eeeh, not really. That war was about men holding to the principles of teh guberment they contracted, not to be bullied by an enslaved by a bigger Federal guberment. The southern states were protecting what their perceived rights of self governance, just like the founders before them. It was NOT fought by the south to preserve slavery or the north to emancipate black slaves.
        Emancipation was Lincoln’s desperate attempt to save a failing war and certain loss at reelection by reframing the conflict through social idealism as a some great crusade to free the black slaves. Lincoln’s only goal was to preserve the union. He said himself if keeping slavery would preserve the union, he would do it as much as he would abolish it.
        However, to his discredit, after the union was preserved and slavery abolished, Lincoln failed to return slaves back to Africa. Subsequent congresses and presidents didn’t deal with the problem either. We’ve dealt with the fallout ever since, with the real decline removing the social norms of accepted American behavior and replacing it with silly idealistic, drug fueled counterculture liberalism in the 60’s. Before then, blacks and minorities in general strove to be like the successful white majority.
        After the tolerance of fanatical liberalism and the rationalization of anti social behavior and destruction of the traditional family and traditional American ideals in the rationale of class and race warfare, they decline began. Now we are where we are. There is no turning back.

        1. The Union painted it as a moral crusade. I highly doubt hundreds of thousands of men would have sacrificed their lives for some notion of “preserving the Union.” And the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to states in revolt (there were slave holding states on the Union side). It was designed to spark a slave insurrection.

        2. The painting as a moral crusade was mostly done after the fact. Unless you are speaking of the “we must preserve the Union at all costs!” BS. This was a war of independence vs a war of control.

        3. If the USA stays on the route it’s going on now, both the left and right sides will be practically begging to split apart.
          The right doesn’t want to be under the thumb of an omnipotent central government and the left is slowly regressing back to segregation.

        4. “Lincoln failed to return slaves back to Africa.”
          Why whould you send many people back to a place they were neither and tentatively had any ties to?
          “Subsequent congresses and presidents didn’t deal with the problem either.”
          It took a while,
          and ‘the problem’ is far more complex you make it out out to be.
          “We’ve dealt with the fallout ever since”
          The fallout of treating people like human beings?

        5. I’ve said that if the US breaks apart, it will most likely separate along regional lines (the northeast becomes its own country, the deep south, the Midwest, etc.).

        6. Only California is a huge economic base. Between the porn, the Hollywood propaganda, the tech, and the agriculture, California has a GDP that would make it the 6th most productive nation in the world, not to mention some of the brightest minds and most valuable technology. I’ve been there, yeah gay stuff is everywhere in SF, but I’m not sure California values are all that different than the rest of the nation. I think they’re just maybe 30 years ahead is all. The truth is the US is so broke, it cannot afford to lose a contributor like California.
          That said, fuck em, they can leave and take all their degeneracy with them.

        7. Yes. Exactly. And, no, it’s not as “complex” as I make it out to be. So if not back to Africa where they could have taken western agriculture methods back with them, black slaves were segregated into small racial communities in the least desirable parts of metro areas where they were oppressed for over a century, and some still say they are today.

        8. “And, no, it’s not as “complex” as I make it out to be.”
          Except It is. And by being more complex I’m referring especially to your so called “fallout” and what you perceive as a ‘problem’ in the first place, you know all that history dealing with what happened after the slaves were free, including things like Jim Crow and leading up to Civil Rights movement/act, that you gloss over. As well as presenting as a solution to send back to Africa, numerous people who had already been born in America, saw it as their home, arguably had every right to be there and had even created lives there. Even when such a thing was tried with Liberia, there were people who didn’t want to go. It wouldn’t fix anything or work back then either.

        9. The thing is you wont be better off if CA split off from the US and became a separate country. You would miss the tax income boost, but as you say the country would adapt. As for its degeneracy, so say they had lots of LGBT culture and same sex marriage there I dont think isolating that from the rest of the US is really going to turn around the decline in leadership or fortunes or the attitude of the average citizen in the other 49 states. CA will still be beaming its tv shows, movies and porn across the border.

        10. Agreed, After General Lee’s greatest blunder ie. Gettysburg, President Lincoln freed the slaves.
          Before the war for Southern Liberation President Lincoln was more then willing to allow slavery to remain where it was already established.

    4. haha europe is far ahead of america on the decline. The entire rust belt and rural areas in even the most liberal of states are untouched demographically since the post war boom. The united states has roughly 100 million patriots, men, women, and children brought up with traditional values and educated in the widespread evil propagated by washington and hollywood. The standard pro 2A citizen in texas, oklahoma, nebraska, etc would be quickly locked up in europe just because of their viewpoints.

        1. The US has a longer history of rapefugees than Europe. A silent one, since your country is larger than Europe’s. Just travel to Minnesota to see an example.

        2. Lol alright pal, if you want to go ahead and say the nearly 100% cucked german, british, and swedish populations are behind states like texas and oklahoma when it comes to decline, I think we are done talking, have a great day sir.

        3. Do you know about the infamous “clock boy” from Texas? Do you know about his rapefugee family? That piece of shit got thousand of dollars in compensations and he was received in the white house by the president. The level of hipocresy of that story would have never happened in Europe, you can be sure of that. The US is flooded by “refugees” from everywhere in the World since decades, you simply ignore it. BTW, is there more decline than the black crime in the US?

    5. So sad, so true, so bad…
      In here (Greece) you start seeing even beautyfull girls go with muslim men and are so nice to them that for a Greek it would be like a dream.
      Though there was two days ago an incident that happened in a school: the parents did not want “refugee” kids to go to the same school with their own, due to fears of contagious diseases and academic reasons. The alarming thing is not that the media spoke ill of those parents, chastising them as [email protected] but the fact that in youtube the video in which this was shown has generated nearly only negative feedback about them!
      Here we can see no difference between us and muslims and this happens due to the complete domination of the left in every aspect of Greek life. These includes even the alternative media. In general you do not have any choice either shut up and hide or risk being ostracized (in Greece repercushions remain mainly social as the left used to namecall everyone extensively for the past 40 years).

      1. Thanks for sharing this. I did not know Greece was in such a bad moral stance. Could you write an article and send it to ROK? I do not recall having read anything about modern Greece, here.

        1. that is because by terms of game Greece is not to this picture, I can gladly write an article and send it here about the general situation but not on game. In Greece game is nearly non existent because most relationships get kickstarted by relatives or acquitances, in this way women blame their friends for problematic relationships. Game occurs by more westernised girls, specific if she has been part of an Erasmus program (studying or working touring Europe) she games but is a complete slut.
          Also in Greece while the family unit has not changed much is made to produce hardline leftsts, while the culture can make only omega-males (tottally worthless) not even betas (they can make money) and girls want a combination of a provider with an alpha, and an acquitance.
          Generally there are reasons why all these happens but I need to put it in article, to know though the game section would be small. It will be more on how the left configures tradition to work for itself.

        2. To what i wrote previous I should add that on top of that Greek culture is very effeminate and elderly. For example there is nearly no outdoorsman, hunter or gun culture here. Many men react like women, this means very emotionally while reason is not included. I should also add as a sneak peek that the only thing that can motivate any change in Greece is our pockets.
          In the island of Chios anti-immigrant fervor started to appear only after the illegals started to impact, negatively, the economy, specifically tourism. Before that the islanders were indiffirent, if not supportive. This phenomenon again has its root 30 years ago.

        3. You are describing Spain very well. And you don’t need to write about game, I was aiming more politics. I am waiting for such article!

        4. I will be happy to oblige!
          For the thing about Spain we both have a thing with Anarchism, although here Anarchists, and Libertarians!, are statist!
          It was said at the eve of the 20th century by the founder or surrealism that Greece is the most surreal country in the world.
          Also, I would want to say that when I give you the article I will also publish it on my blog, would be there a problem? If it is I will send it only to RoK.

        5. Oh, you need to contact Roosh for this. I am just a curious commenter. I think there is a form in the website to submit articles.

        6. Sad but all true my fellow Greek… The problem lies in the cultivation of individuality, consumerism, narcissism (especially in Women) and hedonism in all aspects of modern society. Essentially, a life without God (faith) and higher purpose and meaning… So, everyone cares only for his self-interest and not for the interest of all (which is the key for a prospering and growing society) The Greek people have been subverted a long time ago (After the fall of Junta and especially when PASOK took over) just like all the other Europeans. We are now reaping the seeds of “modernity”…low birth rates, broken families, no morals, sexual pervertion of all kinds, leftism, feminism. And now they are sending the “refugees” to slowly replace us…

        7. Hello too co-Greek!
          What really allarms me in Greece is the fact there is no reaction at all to this. Thingk Germany which is no better than us in these problems, but has more active persecutions, it has made reaction groups like Pegida and Germans burn asylum centers before they insert the “refugees”, at least you see something steering. I fear that here subversion is even worse as to this there is no understanding of the troubles that the foreigners are bringing.
          I agree PASOK was a cancer and its ghost still rules Greece, I mean Tsipras and Geoffrey Papandreou were elected by using the same exact rhetoric that Andreas has employed! If that Ghost dies then there can be future for Greece.

        8. This is my concern too… Nobody seems to care. As long as you give them unlimited entertainment, women, alcohol, drugs and bars-clubs to hang out, everything is fine…Unfortunately, the majority strongly believes that we should welcome the “refugees” and make them feel like “home” because we are not “racists”. Of course, they cannot understand that “racism” is the only way to preserve a race (mixing races is the ultimate destruction of both the races involved). If we want all the races to prosper and thrive, we have to leave separate in peace in each own lands, as God intended us to live. This “refugee” problem is certainly a quiet invasion and dangers of this “troyan” horse will eventually bring chaos and anarchy to our country.
          There was always an underling self-interest mentality in the majority of the Greeks throughout the ages (There are many examples in history that can prove that) but the situation we are now facing cannot be compared. I think the subvertion is complete. Yes, PASOK still runs the show through SYRIZA.
          I really want to be optimistic, but the situation is really bad. Not because of the economy. Economy does not mean a thing. The real issue we are facing is population decline. We are slowly but surely becoming extinct and nobody seems to notice that… The official fertility rate is 1.3 and we are already declining in numbers. Also many young men and women leaving because they cannot find a job here, for a “future” in the decadent western Europe and America and our lands are being deserted…This is a disaster really.
          I want to make a traditional family and many kids in order to help my people but i cannot find woman that is traditional and wants kids in her 20’s. All women now want to party util their late 20’s and early 30’s which by then it is too late for kids and family. I hope that something happens to reverse this disastrous trend and i think that only a divine intervention can do that.

        9. Well I am on the same waters here. But I have developed a mania about leaving as I have come to the conclusion that the Greek model has become the most dysgenic! I mean the family here is being kept healthy enough to help the worst of us to breed and incentives for it. I have come to this by personal conclusion, in the extended parts of my family I have witnessed that people are having children to get the mother a job in a public school and that is done by all the women in that part of the family!
          Plus I am fearfull of Greeks never awakening. I know the west is decadent, but so is the east and Islam is uncalculably decadent (an acquitance of mine has some roots in Thrace and in there everything happens in the night: rapes, robberies, alcohol, even pork!) There is no way to run to. Although I have considered that the only alternatives are: Hungary, Russia and maybe Austria and Poland as these places seem to have some understanding of their decadence and disease and maybe some want to fix it.
          Here we don’t even notice it and it depresses me.
          Also Greek women do not know what they want, last year I did my Master in Business Psychology, coming from Business management, The girls were complaining to me about their boyfriends and what I recieved was a mindfuck! In short it was a very difficult year…

        10. You made a very thought provoking comment about families …i have to partially agree on this. The worst self-interested and pretty wealthy individuals with money (of the father and not their own) are indeed having families. It is like the movie idiocracy (you should watch it if you havent already) where the smart people became extinct species and the dumper prevail… I have not developed any hatred over them because i understand they cannot distinguish good from evil, they never learned that, they do what other people do and most of the times it is something evil, because good things are difficult to do. We can make good people only if we educate and show them the ‘road of arete’
          Sometimes i become frustrated, depressed and disappointed because if i try to wake them up, they become very hostile towards me. Most of them have good intentions in their thinking (like the ones that believe that we should help and welcome the “refugees”) but they are so naive…Nobody wants to hear the truth, because it is ugly and always makes you feel like a stupid, if you believe in lies. only a few can actually see behind the propaganda and the lies of the system.
          Of course women do not know what they want. They are driven by their emotions. Today they “love” you, tomorrow they “hate” you and the day after that they cannot even remember your name! I was always trying to understand them, to be kind, to be supportive etc. It always seemed that it did not matter…Only thing that mattered to them is how i made them “feel” aka if they where “in love”…If they weren’t feel it anymore, it was over and there was nothing i can do about it. My advice: do not take them seriously, they are women.
          Hope you the best my friend!

      2. “In here (Greece) you start seeing even beautyfull girls go with muslim men and are so nice to them that for a Greek it would be like a dream.”
        I see this in Toronto too and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Muslims still maintain strong community and family values (i.e., patriarchy).
        Women are ultimately attracted to power first and foremost, and what is more powerful than a group of men and women with a shared identity, organic culture, and ambition towards common goals?
        I can’t wrap my head around the leftist mentality other than that it is a mental illness or complete lack of character.

        1. No it is not for that, Muslims are more decadent than us in weird ways, specific when the sun settles they start doing everything they are not allowed, what happened in Germany at that Januar was called a Taharush Gamea. This is a litteral rape game, and it plagues the middle east. Also Muslims or at least Sunnis, who form the majority, intermarry to close relatives and have nearly no sexual norms.
          They do it because Islam is cool, in and it signifies them for being anti-racists. The same thing I believe happens here.

        2. In Canada we don’t have as many border jumpers so it might be different.
          I agree that in both countries the “Islam is cool” factor is playing a role though.
          They are above criticism, even though they are the embodiment of everything feminists claim they hate.
          Truly we are living in interesting times.

        3. This does not occur in Canada because Muslims are still relatively few. If they become a 10 percent of the population such things will start to occur. In Greece such crimes occur only in Thrace which has Sharia Law and it is majority Muslim.
          For racial and religious differences to appear you require a specific number of people to be there so that they can develop their own culture freely and unhinged from the majority.
          Yes our times are interesting.

        4. It is a combination of both. It is appeal to authority and lack of character taught in schools which leads to the mental illness. And crazy is catching. That is why it is so easily spread.

      3. “In here (Greece) you start seeing even beautyfull girls go with muslim men..”
        This must be rare though…yes? I would be very surprised that many Greek parents would be very welcoming of their daughter bringing a Muslim boyfriend home.
        Is there a shortage of single Greek men after the collapse of the economy because many emigrated?
        From its history under the Turks I thought the majority of Greeks would not be welcoming of Muslims, even the left leaning ones.

        1. No it is not common but right now it starts to be noticeable. Greek parents have weird reactions in general, in older times and in some places though it would not be allowed. A good example is that in Greece if an unwanted pregnancy occurs the parents tend to encourage the daughter to have an abortion. Also due to the cultural conquest of the left in Greece the may it be happy mentality has become a plague.
          We have forgotten everything that history taught us, our politics even are stuck to the ones we had in the 80’s. The welcoming of Muslims was not a surprise here. We Greeks identify more with Turks, Arabs and Blacks than Europeans, its complicated. I am writing an article that I will propose to this site when I finish it that explains the reasons behind this mindfuck.
          The basis for this is the fact that there are two Greeces: one European and one Middle-Eastern, through popular vote the second won over the other in time, for this reason we are and emotional unreasoning people. Also that second part is unable to produce anything of value and mostly lives parasitically on the other. That fact was noticeable even a hundred years ago and our first historian (Paparigopoulos) guessed its effects on Greece for the future quite accurately.
          There are many young Greeks but girls here are very spoiled both by parents and orbiters, with these foreigners many girls show being progressive, or leftist as here only left and right exists. In short these men are mostly escapades but in occasion there are marriages.

        2. “We Greeks identify more with Turks, Arabs and Blacks than Europeans,”
          If that is true, then Greece is as good as dead.
          In the 80’s, in the American military, I spent several months in Turkey, and almost a year in Greece. The Greeks were much more hostile toward us than the Turks. I came away hoping that if they ever went to war, that Turkey would kick Greece’s ass.
          No offense to you, the good Greeks, the Golden Dawn crowd, etc. It’s just the way I felt for a long time, though I admit to being pretty anti-muslim now.
          Guess I don’t like either country, quite frankly.

        3. I am sad to upvote you but that is true. Our anti-Americanism though, is more fueled by communists in Greece, who still believe that Russia is a Soviet state. Most Greeks are good-hearted and they really think that what they believe is true and try to correct mostly and not chastise, that is why SJWs are incomprehensible to us.
          After 1995 if we went to war with Turkey they would kick our arses hard. The reason is that after nearly 20 years of Leftist propaganda we have developed a complete dislike for anything patriotic and even had our character turn from somewhat brave and fearless to cowardly. In fact no one would want to kill Turks! Again thanks to the commies in Greece who had created a close relationship with other commies from Turkey!
          The situation once became so bad, specifically at the height the decocratism fad, that you could not raise a Greek flag during our national holidayts (we got two)! Today at the very least near everybody does that, even if under a leftist government.
          That first thing you quote is the only reason I have become desperate about Greece, only if a miracle happens we may be saved. Understand that unlike Europeans and Americans Leftism has managed to control directly even the things that rightist say and believe. That is why currently a far-right party (th Independent Greeks) and a leftist with strong ties to anarchists rule Greece. The far right mostly cares about appearances, and specific our parades, while border control that is out of the picture. Also, need to point out that we have not developed much culture for the last 100 years and mostly took literature from France and music from the Arab world while Greek literature and music struggled to remain alive. While literature survived through deterioration music has become completely middle eastern and greek composers who are Europe influenced still struggle hardly. The most known is the wife of a far right politician who went to the center right, and through her I found out that we have classical composers!
          Only thing that might happen is if the problems with illegals become to apparent most people will make getting them out a priority over their pockets, this is happening in any place that is close to an asylum centre. Or if there is a rightist Junta, I am not advocating for one, but the political schema of Greece does not allow any flexibility to any degree, in fact anyone who might want to ever rule this country is obliged to follow the political doctrines that were established by Papandreou in the 80’s (he promoted also anti-americanism but developed the closest ties with the USA till very recently also he had close ties with Gadafi in Libya) that means just promise jobs in the public sector (they cannot fire you from the public sector) and you win.
          Last but not least, the Greek education has become oblivious to the dangers faced from the Muslims for nearly 4 decades right now, we simply cannot register Islam as a threat anymore even when our geopoliticists say so.

        4. Very interesting overview. Yes, I understand the communist influence there, and will not soon forget all the red, spray-painted graffiti of KKE and KNE on numerous walls. Since I was a US soldier, and this was during the Cold War, I found this reprehensible.
          As a Christian country, and part of Europe, there is a part of me that wishes Greeks would get their act together. Recognize Islam for the threat that it is, recognize the vast superiority of Western Civ., and take pride in their White Caucasian roots and history instead of idolizing knuckle-dragging blacks. Greeks have potential to be a good ally in our fight… both racially, against Islam, and for the patriarchy. But I won’t hold my breath. The average Greek is far too lazy and disinterested in the important issues. Just like so many other Europeans. Though I think the more western and northern Euro countries are waking up faster.
          Glad there are Greeks like you, though. With honor, there is hope.

        5. That’s what I thought- ‘mostly escapades’. For sure it would still be disappointing to see though, especially if the greek lads are not getting their share of escapades with the local girls and the muslim refugee women. The Greeks I know are quite conservative when it comes to their women, and are not a big fan of wifing up women who was into escapades. The Greeks in my country mostly date within their culture, and it was more so with the women.
          “There are many young Greeks but girls here are very spoiled both by parents and orbiters” – I see this with the Greeks I know as well, they spoil their children, but there seems to be an extra soft spot for their little princesses.
          I’d be interested to read your article when it hits here.

        6. No Greek men do not ponder to refugee women. In fact our other options are: Russians, Poles, Serbs and Romanians. Greek men for the most part want white women, in all my life I found only one who preferred black girls, to the point that he would go to specific street where Black prostitutes work to only watch their bodies. He was a lefty and all his girlfriends (he has money and is muscular) were Greeks, though.
          In Greece we do not want women with a lot escapades but that happens because we cannot find any without, personally I’d prefer my wife virgin but that is impossible. In general Greeks achieve more out of Greece rather when in it. The reason is that we are so egalitarian that if any differs in any good way he has done something bad. There is also a weird fascination about lower culture as being the only true one which although it stopped many leftists demands (like homo marriage) it has lead to the total devaluation of Greek culture.
          In foreign lands we tent to group tightly together, there are cases of Greeks studying abroad who never learn to speak the language fluently, this was also common for some time in Australia but for people who lived there. It is generally our only option to keep our culture.

      1. I’m not that sure. You still have some weapons, but also overweight and rampant affirmative action and the black problem.

    6. This country (the USA) has been a place crawling with control freaks since 1620. Remember control freaks that people in Europe wouldn’t tolerate came here in the 1600s.
      Looking where communism comes from, it’s funding in more is also an interesting exercise.

      1. Dont forget the German intellectuals of 1848 that fled to the US. They got more impact in your country than we are normally told.

    7. Genuine communism went belly up in eastern Europe and Russia and China’s communism has been corrupted by capitalism. North Korea is the last beacon of communism. There is too much credit given to the communist bogey man imo. Socialism/left wing forces for sure, but the wealthy in the US are not going to sit back and have their wealth go into the collective pot and be told how to run their business by the state party. Quite a few people I know are conservative on economics and lean left on social issues.

    8. nikita khrushchev famously addressed western ambassadors saying “we will bury you” – who knew it would be under a mountain of lard?

    9. “Your country is getting flushed down the toilet. And you, American men, let this happen. America did not win the cold war against communism. Communism subverted America, taking advantage of the black question, the American greed and your lack of absolute values:
      Good points made. Communism never ended, it’s simply being re-branded.

  2. Once the process starts it doesn’t stop – it always continues to its bitter bloody conclusion. Whom GOD would destroy he first makes mad.

    1. More than praying, I would say: “long march in the institutions” that we were robbed. And I say robbed, because we men, created them.

      1. America has undergone its own “Cultural Revolution.” Just as in China, all things traditional were destroyed. The only difference was in America it was done quietly and behind the scenes.

        1. I would, but I don’t even have the privilege of eating the newly enhanced fish created from the Chem trail. Seems the fish needed to be given to someone in need, whatever that means.

      1. Those jobs arent coming back, I dont care what Trump says. One CEO just said labor costs are 50% cheaper in Mexico and 75% cheaper in India when compared to China right now. Factories in China wont close an reopen here, they are gonna move to those two countries

        1. I’ve heard that big farma claims it is still cheaper to raise the chickens here in the US, slaughter them here, ship them to China where they are processed and then shipped back the US. WTF?

        2. So what does that mean? They are frozen here, thawed out there, processed there, then refrozen and sent back here? Makes sense to me

        3. Think FedEx buddy, and it will all make sense.
          EDIT: When it absolutely needs to be there overnight what better option is there?

        4. Nothing makes sense. German companies have only hired 100 refugees bc they have no job skills and cant speak the language. Merkel is now trying to force companies to hire more of them.

        5. Early on in the Syria War, their version of the Ministry of Information/DMV was bombed, completely destroyed. You have no way of verifying whose these peeps are

        6. I just returned from Latin America, and let me tell you, perhaps my biggest revelation is that labor is incredibly overpriced in the US. When you see how many people are willing and able to work for a fraction of what the US minimum wage is, and realize there are billions of them and only a few hundred million (maybe only 100 million actually employed) Americans, you realize this is a ticking time bomb.
          When you talk to people on the plane about how they are flying down to have dental work done abroad by US trained doctors living in Latin America for a fraction the cost of American labor, you see the globalization of labor at work. If you are earning more than $30,000 in the US, consider yourself lucky. I don’t know how much longer it can last.

        7. It’s simple economics, sad to say. Cost effectiveness doesn’t care about nationalism. If it’s cheaper to do something somewhere else, odds are you’ll have that activity done elsewhere.

        8. Thats the plan- these corporations are gonna keep playing a game of global hopscotch- workers get too uppity, they will jump to the next country eager to work for peanuts, cuz A peanut is better than no peanuts. Tech companies moved to Ireland, tax-exempt status for X amount of years, greedy, short-sighted pols rubbing their hands together as the status was about to expire, the companies informed them they were moving operations to Poland.
          Rinse, repeat.
          They expect us to chain ourselves to anachronisms like a mortgage, a family, a community when their is no stability anymore.

        9. It’s the Wal Mart model gone global. Around here, property and sales taxes fund the majority of public services. Wal Mart will move in to a new municipality given the promise of abatements on property and sales taxes. In 10 years when those freebies run out, they go a mile down the road to the next municipality and get the same break. Then the old city is left with a vacant store, unemployed workers, and the shopping centers around the Wal Mart experience jumps in crime and huge declines in customers. They do it over and over and over and over again. They sell so much shit and have so many customers that the cost of leaving a perfectly good building behind is negligible to their overall profits.

        10. That is true however I know companies that are folding those subs and are coming back to the west quietly due to quality issues and customer dissatisfaction. Of course Ford just announced they are moving their medium car lines to Mexico so all those Americans about to lose your over priced jobs, be sure to let the UAW and the democrat party know how you feel.

  3. “Barring some sort of great upheaval, it is likely that the US is headed for the same fate that befell Rome.”
    The upheavel will still come as we slide into the biggest banana Republic in history. Think Brazil writ large. I saw an article today that Venzuela cannot even afford to print, which is done outside the country, the money to keep up with Inflation. As the US has become the worlds septic tank thanks to corrupt polticians and their cronies, I do not think this shit is going to seap away anytime soon.

  4. That third pic is priceless. “Respect.” Yes, the only place you’re getting that is where you tattooed it on your arm, sweetheart.

    1. I like the picture of @unabashed under the headline “Diversity”
      Who knew so many ninjas were going to the beach these days.

      1. It’s an affront to ninjas that those inbred Middle Eastern balls of shit are labelled as such-I hope someone thinks up a hilarious and offensive alternative epithet for them.

        1. ZOINKS!
          They would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for ROK and a pup named Waldemar Pabst

        2. Well, since Hillary has called Pepe the Frog a tool of white supremacy, I think she is obligated to address the Benghazi / Scooby Doo connection

        3. Well, if you watch the cartoon it become very clear what happened. Ben Gazi was Professor Brixton’s number one guy and ran the archeological dig in turkey for him. He wasn’t scared of the Tar Monster. Because of this, the gang suspected that he in fact WAS the tar monster. He was really a creeper, super big and super threatening. When the gang found the missing treasure they blamed Mr. Stoner and exonerated Ben Gazi who was never seen again in the Scooby universe.
          I think it is pretty clear what happened here. Mr. Stoner was framed by Ben Gazi and sent to prison to endure gay gang rape and, ostensibly, endless hours of Morgan Freeman playing the harmonica and relating every single circumstance. Meanwhile, Ben Gazi escaped and invented terrorism.

        4. Alas Scoob and the gang are no more. They were trying to solve a mystery about the Clintons and were all found in the back of the van with gunshot woulds to the back of the head. It is being called a mass suicide by the district DA.

      2. I can see that. Ten years or so ago, when a bachelor’s in college was my goal, I would see maybe one or two trannies and Muslims existed in pocket communities in NYC. Now, Every 12 lady or so in the city is Muslim, the masses are young white girls, a small percentage are Asian girls and an even smaller grouping are African American or so. I won’t even address the tranny aspect as this has been enough to make headphones a real excuse for me to travel with nowadays.
        The demographic of males has changed too. When college starts, it is as if all the boys are only in class come orientation time and if I do see a guy, he is white and on one of the poles; nerdy or buff. It is even becoming a thing to see skinny white men in business suits with the septum piercing. Far be it for me to openly knock the faggotry, but this new America is clearly estrogen-ville.
        I noticed exactly what Mike spoke on the beach a few weekends back when I wished to observe Olympians playing volleyball in bikinis. Times are different out here.

        1. My experience as well…not so much with going to school because I stopped teaching years ago and stopped being a student years before that…but when I hire people. I see guys walk in to interviews for serious jobs, intern level, out of college, for construction management making 60k and learning the ropes at the same time setting them up for life long careers and they come in all fagged out…I can’t imagine how it would be in a less masculine field.
          That said, NYC is at is has always been…you can find what you are looking for. When I go out I usually see 80% white people and of the 20% non white they are usually Asian and indian….people are well dressed, affluent and interesting OR younger and attractive and trying to associate with people like that.
          Back to job interviews…I really liked the show House (at least until it turned to shit in like season 4).
          One of my favorite quotes is when someone comes in for a job interview to be a medical resident and he won’t hire them because he has a tattoo of an Asian character on his wrist.
          Candidate: Wow! I thought you’d be the last person to have a problem with nonconformity.
          Dr. House: Nonconformity – right. I can’t remember the last time saw a twenty-something kid with a tattoo of an Asian letter on his wrist. You are one wicked free thinker! You want to be a rebel? Stop being cool. Wear a pocket protector like he does, and get a hair cut like the Asian kids that don’t leave the library for twenty hour stretches. They’re the ones who don’t care what you think. Sayonara!

        2. I like that actor, enjoyed him in Jeeves and Wooster, and only know his House acting from Undoomed’s youtube videos, but it appears worth a watch. He appears to be a raging un-PC narcicist, and the funny thing is so many women have told me how much they love that show.

        1. I have seen a rather meek guy transform into a very well toned fit guy solely through parkour. I am wondering whether I should do that over lifting once I actually have the energy to do either.

        2. I can believe it. I think doing that in combination with lifting (thought a different brand of lifting…lighter weights, higher and faster reps) would lead to the ideal body. I do not think I could do parkour at this point. Too many injuries. My 9(lol) knee suffered pretty hard and I have herniated discs with nerve impingement. But if I was in my teens today I would be out there learning parkour asap.

      3. Those were some of my ninjas in training. I was in the field of vision for the camera when that picture was taken but, due to my insane ninja skills, I never show up in the pictures. Those two haven’t made it to that level yet.

  5. Regarding drugs, the author is on point: I used to drink very heavily. It helps to keep you numb and keep you from thinking too much. Having been totally sober for over a year, my mind is clearer than ever and feels like it races all the time and I have one insight after another about society.

    1. Ever gone to a bar late at night sober? It’s a surreal experience. Go later 10/11PM and stay for a couple of hours and it will be shocking. You’ll likely never want to drink again.

  6. OT: Elizabeth Gilbert, of “Eat, Pray, Fuck” fame just came out of the closet about her new lesbianism (and upcomig book, natch).

      1. nah. She is just an old version of what we used to call BUGS when I was in college (Bi Until Graduation). She has gone through enough cocks that she is now going to play around with twats. She will be back on a cock lickety split….probably while munching some box at the same time.

    1. Big surprise; I always thought that the ultimate goal of feminism was to turn all heterosexual women into ugly, neurotic, carpet-munching, man-hating lesbians.

  7. The scene of Hispanics too poor to afford bathing suits for their children characterizes what is wrong with White people perfectly. Most White people have bought into the myth of how expensive children are wouldn’t dream of bringing life into this world until both finish their MBAs, are established in their careers, and are pushing 40 years old. It’s all a lie: children are amazingly inexpensive. What else can you create with a bottle of Sutter, make grow with potatoes, and get out of it Shakespeare, Euclidean geometry, and Kant?

  8. It is an indication that nihilistic consumerism, the prevailing “philosophy” of our day, is unable to fulfill the deepest needs to people. I don’t think it is consumerism itself but the fact they are too poor to afford the stuff their peers can.

  9. I went for coffee the other today at one of my usual places. With summer ending and fall starting, a new group of barista types has appeared. One of these newbies waited on me. Purple hair, nose ring like a bull/cow and many tats. What’s sad is this girl (I guesstimate she’s 22-24) was genuinely pretty with a great body. Without the defacements, we’re talking a solid 8.5-9.
    Fuglies like Lena Dunham do it to get attention because no quality man with a modicum of taste would look at them. She wants to pretend she’s a “special snowflake”. It’s a pathetic attempt, but I can see the motivation. It’s a “‘Hail Mary’ on a 4th & 40” play.
    But when a GOOD LOOKING woman does it? The only logical conclusion that I can come up with is that they’re fucking brain damaged. There’s no other reason; the chick I mentioned above would 100% turn heads walking down the street, for the right reasons, without the graffiti.
    OTOH, I have seen several tattoo removal places opening up near/next to tattoo parlors. Might as well get paid twice, right?

    1. The problem is that some men, even handsome ones, think tats are art and they find that beautiful. I have a friend like that.

      1. They need neurological testing, stat.
        I remember ~20 years ago, Angelina Jolie, then new and fresh, was in Maxim magazine with a couple Asian character tats on her. I though “Look at that fucking body, those lips. The tattoos are kinda ok.” But on the other 99.9999% of women that get them, that weren’t/aren’t the same species as AJ? They look like total, complete shit.

        1. I don’t even find AJ attractive, at all. Those big American movie-star lips are a huge turn off to me.

        2. There was a short-lived tv show about a tattoo parlor. First episode guy wants giant Arnold tat on his calf. Was it Conan or Terminator Arnold? Nope, it was Last Action Hero Arnold

    2. That girl probably thinks she is as disgusting as Lena Dunham. She thinks she has low SMV and self esteem so she tatted herself up to draw attention. She’s probably an easy lay.

    3. “But when a GOOD LOOKING woman does it?”
      A combination of self-esteem, her circle of friends (women are followers) and “Daddy” issues would be a safe assumption.
      Any chinese characters? When I see tatts of chinse script on a person, I will sometimes ask, “You speak Mandarin?” Uhh. No. “You must really like Beef-and-Noodles to have it tattooed on your arm. Have a good day.” The look on their face is priceless as the doubts set in.

        1. yoga not an eastern thing. That was invented right here in the good ole united states in 1960. Posted the history as a comment yesterday on some article.

        2. Right but it is portrayed as an Eastern creation. It has all the trappings of the Orient. Sitting all cross legged on the floor and smelling of spices.

        3. The comment I posted which I will try to find is something I laid out about how Yoga came along.
          I think (some) kinds of yoga are actually very good in that it is good to stretch. I do hot yoga once a month and use yoga poses before and after weight lifting.
          The eastern shit couldn’t be more American: rank consumerism intended to make money flow from idiots to con artists.

        4. ok maybe im conflating yoga with meditation, the latter of which is definitely bs. How can you put a governor on your mind?

        5. the word yoga is the root of the English word yoke and in sanscrit is a method of tying horses up. It is used as a metaphor in the Upanishads for controlling ones thinking.
          Prince Woodeyer who was a health nut then put together a book with a series of stretches cooped from other gymnastics manuals.
          In 1960 a guy combined these two totally different things and “Yoga” as an eastern tradition was born.
          There is one cave carving of someone who looks like they are doing “yoga” that is 5000 years old. Essentially it is a picture of a person sitting cross legged on their ass. This is the entire basis of the bullshit claim that yoga is an ancient eastern tradition.

        6. yup. I was more details in my longer post that I linked below to WP. I really should write up a more full length article. I did a lot of research because I was with a yoga instructor who needed to be put down.

        7. My female cousin (why isn’t there a female word for cousin in english? strange) has a japanese tattoo on her back, only eats asian food and learns japanese all day long.
          So yeah, it’s really incredible how these whores today are worshipping eastern culture.
          And why do you need Buddhism when you have the Stoics who are the most brilliant philosophers of all time?
          Stupid sheeple.

        8. And let’s not forget anime. Alt.righters and /pol/fags love anime because it hasn’t been corrupted by da Jooz.

        9. What’s really ironic about Western women like your cousin (who have Japanese tattoos, only eat Asian food, learn Japanese, etc.), is that the Japanese culture that they practically worship is self-imploding due to the feministy Japanese women who drive Japanese men away from them to the point that they become “grass eater” MGTOW types.

    4. I am mostly successful at not having women affect me emotionally at all. However, when I see a young naturally beautiful girl like that who ruins herself for life at a young age, I really do get pissed. She’s limited herself to a lifetime of missed opportunities, because hundreds, perhaps thousands of guys will see that, and think hell no. But they will all wonder, if only I had met her BEFORE. Maybe she could make a decent GF, LTR, or wife. Perhaps she would have only been good for a ONS, but alas, after destroying herself physically and showing utter lack of self respect, I would not even converse with such a creature.
      I have asked why. Don’t get into that trap because there is no rational explanation for anything a woman does. My best explanation is that feminism (being naturally opposed to anything beautiful or the natural order of things) likes to destroy beauty and femininity and therefore targets these types for destruction. After all, if America was full of naturally beautiful feminine women, who the fuck would care about a ranting raving landwhale feminist? They could scream until their heart’s content and no one would care.

  10. I want to see one of those burka bitches riding a surf board, just the eyes showing. I’d get a full page in National Geographic with that fucker.

    1. Allah says women must be covered head to toe in a canvas tarp; meanwhile, he forgot to address the male muslim dress code so the muslim men are walking around in american eagle polos and board shorts lolz

  11. I would include steroid (ab)use, which in my observation, has exploded. There is an increasing amount of men out there who seem to think masculinity comes out of a syringe. It certainly coincides with the increasingly harsh reality of the sexual market place.
    People resort more and more to extremes these days: horrendous full body tats, pumping their bodies full of chemicals, rampant obesity, etc.

    1. Considering the unrealistic standards of modern western women, your only options are really to take steroids or drop out altogether.

      1. Say what? Lol!
        Be fit, lift heavy weights, screw steroids. Women come along just fine. Because it’s more than just having a tight physique.

        1. I’m being facetious.
          But only somewhat. Give it another few years, if present trends in the west continue. Barring, of course, Islamic takeover.

    2. Yes the amount of Americans who dream of being cut and working as a personal trainer, so they can work out all day-illustrates the short term goal narcissism. It screams, I’m down with $9/hr as long as I can look good in the mirror.

  12. The Beach Boys wouldnt have much inspiration these days. They would probably just be DJs in the modern era

        1. No, it was Iran. The whole hostage taking thing and Carters ineptitude to it cascaded into the 80s. Bomb Iraq came later.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were warmer?
      And had some form of heat?
      Wouldn’t it be nice to live together
      Instead of meeting on the street?
      Trump’s gonna make it that much better
      Tent cities growin every night and day.
      Oh wouldn’t it be nice?
      Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true.
      Maybe then, there’d be something Putin could do.
      Then we could be working.
      And then we’d be happy.
      Oh wouldn’t it be nice?
      You know the more we seem to talk bout running water
      It only makes it worse to live without it
      But let’s talk about it.
      Oh wouldn’t it be nice.

    2. I would assume Brian Wilson (the guy who actually wrote and produced all of the beach boys music) would be doing traditional western music (like Beethoven stuff) if he wasn’t doing the baroque pop/surf music.

  13. Those Muslim bitches are hilarious. Do you know when they go to hospitals in America, they refuse to be touched by male nurses or doctors? Bitch, do you medical assistance or not? Unreal. What happened to, “When in Rome …” ?

    1. Granted, I prefer male doctors, because I am male. When I was at psychiatry, I despised having been assigned to a female for ‘talking’ and shit.
      Also reminds me of this time where I was at a female doctor’s and she then was telling me that I should wear longer t-shirts to not catch a cold, while she used the opportunity to massage my back with her hand and almost slip into my jeans. She was around 50, so it was not exactly comfortable. Didn’t really think much about it, tho. Took it as a compliment or whatever. I am not THAT sensitive.

      1. I had an incident where a young, female doctor was deeply shy and embarrassed about seeing me naked. It pissed me off.

        1. After I got my dim light vision fucked by a female laser eye surgeon I will select males exclusively in the future.

        1. Is that where you are taken to the doctor and must stand naked before them? I think I had that and I felt it was pretty wrong back then, but I didn’t want to be ‘the odd one out’.

  14. I often ride quickly on the boardwalk. I have done it for years. I have not once crashed into somebody.
    Come on, shed those sheepy fears about so-called safety. ‘The boardwalk is for passengers and the bikeway is for bikes’. Nice. Could be out of some rule-book on ‘how to be a good authority-abiding citizen’. Fuck that.
    Seriously, I drive the bicycle like an asshole sometimes, but in years, I have not once crashed with anybody or hurt anybody. Granted, I once oversaw some object on the floor that ‘didn’t belong there’ and hurt myself. But hey, that’s life. Bruises and shit. The real lesson there was not: That thing didn’t belong there! But: Forget what should be and open your eyes to what is.
    Our ancestors who lived in the jungle, would they have said: The lion / vesp nest / whatever should not have been there? No. They would have said: Open your fucking eyes.

    1. The author clearly said he didn’t care about people riding bikes slowly on the boardwalk. He had a problem with the dickheads in lycra pedaling along at 30mph, weaving around people trying to walk, and old enough to know better, with a dedicated bike path just yards away. It’s called “common courtesy”.

        1. Sorry Tom, but that makes you a dick. No regard for the safety of others might make you feel cool, but you’re going to plow into some unsuspecting kid or old person and then what? Snigger and leave them in a heap on the sidewalk as you speed off? It’s going to happen some day, the 12 year old refrain “Nothing’s happened to me yet” notwithstanding.

        2. I am not saying it will never happen, because that is to challenge fate. But I’m a pretty decent cyclist and while I drive seemingly recklessly, I do look out and make good predictions about what will happen. When there’s a little kid around that seems very active, I always brake or make a big sweep around it.
          And while something MIGHT theoretically happen: Oh well. Life is not safe, man. There is so many things that are more dangerous than what I do. In fact, there seem to be many people whose heads are so full of all the safety rules they follow that they hardly even open their eyes to actually drive safe.
          I also think that such an accident will not happen just because. It borders on blind faith in God what I am saying, but I think we have a good gut instinct for a reason and when it fails us, it may be because we have it coming. And no safety rules can protect us against that – it will come when we least expect it.

  15. This is what happens when countries have it way to easy and not a war to fight with reducing resources for military use.

  16. It’s not just in the US. I saw almost the same situation in a posh beach club on the Italian Riviera. The youngsters are tattooed, drugged and all staring at their phones as if their lives depend on them. Even there I saw Muslims swimming fully clothed. But the most annoying part were black Africans selling hard all sorts of useless stuff.

        1. He was one of my favorites. I always liked the idea that he was in Asia buying an American car. If I could do his voice spot on I would randomly scream SERCRET AGENT?!?!?!?!?!?! ON WHOSE SIDE????????

        2. I read an article years ago about how the Japanese thought the pinnacle of “making it” was buying a Buick. I have never and likely will never own an American car (maybe Tesla in 2030), although I must admit my grandmother’s Buick was smooth as butter going down the road. But I always found it hilarious that as Americans were shunning domestic autos, Japs held up the Buick as the best one could do. The grass truly is greener, eh?

        3. GM woulda shut down Buick brand if it didnt sell so well in China. What does “buick” mean in Cantonese? manly hairy chest?

        4. Actually, the article may have been China and not Japan. China is the “neauveou riche”. Japan knows a Lexus beats a Buick.

        5. I think it means “old fart.” The fact that Buicks sell so well in China proves their culture really does respect the elderly!

      1. Yes, wooden elephants.
        One guy handed an elephant toy to one of my kids.
        I said: No, no, we don’t want that.
        He said: No, sir, it’s free, today’s Senegal National Day, everything is free.
        I still said: No, we don’t want it.
        Nevertheless, he tied it on the kid’s wrist and then he said: Five euro OK, ten euro OK.
        I said: What? Wasn’t that free for Senegal’s Day? Forget it.
        So the kid got to keep the elephant and the guy got nothing.

    1. Of course a generation will be depressed and drugged if for 8 years the women, are being taken by state, so “we can have better lives”.
      On black African immigrants, well, merchants stay merchanting. Just turn the other way once you hear that bass in the voice announcing wares for sale.

    2. At least the black Africans are doing something to make money, even if it is annoying. The Muslims do nothing. They are like American welfare recipients in their dependency and inability to handle freedom.

      1. I’m sure they are on welfare and this is just an extra hustle for them. They were all very laid back but still annoyingly pushy. I bet with this attitude they get a lot of white girls.

  17. I’m usually on board with these kinds of articles, but this one had a very definite “Hey, you kids, get off of my lawn!” vibe to it. Come on, one of the last examples was that there were skateboarders on the boardwalk when they belong on the street. Heavens, no! Not skateboarders on the boardwalk! Think of the CHILDREN!!!

    1. Yeah, complaints like that are nothing new. I remember my parents telling off members of my generation for stuff like cycling on the pavement, dropping litter and spitting in public; I’m sure my grandparents’ generation yelled at my parents’ generation for such things, and so on since time immemorial. Well, at least since the invention of the bicycle.

    2. I will say, other areas where there is surfing might give you hope. Santa Cruz, youll see toned men and women of all ages killing it. And I mean from 6 to 70, male and female. I once saw a gray Bigfoot/David Hasselhoff thing that was a roughly 65 and cut like Magic Mike. Waikiki also has entertaining beach fare.

    3. yeah, the skateboarders were a little much. With all the video games and interwebs pr0n available I applaud any kid who has his skateboard out

  18. I’ve gone down to the shore regularly for more than a decade. I have to say the number of fat people, especially fat women wearing bikinis, has starkly increased. Kids also don’t respect personal space. Last time literally had a kid playing catch with his friends two feet from my towel despite the vast expanses open for him to play elsewhere. I don’t mind drinking (even where it is not allowed by our overseers) but kids getting black out drunk, underage, in the middle of the day is another thing. This is just all the downfall of America though. May she rest in peace.

    1. Define “underage.” If you’re old enough to vote, sign a contract or join the military, you’re not underage. Let’s not forget that.

    2. You do realize underage drinking has actually been going down, right? I have noticed that the dementia is really starting to set in on all of you baby boomers. You seem to remember an absolutely crime free, drug free, America for whatever the reason, which is statistically, utter bollocks.

      1. Back in he 70’s and through till the early 90’s most of the crime was contained within major cities. If you got to the outer suburbs or the country there was virtually none. Once we started reclaiming urban landscape though crime got more pushed out into rural areas spreading it more evenly. True that crime rates have gone down but now crime is more evenly spread out. If you lived in the countryside there was no term like “meth lab”. Now it is common place in small town America. So yes statistically speaking you correct, but concentration wise you are incorrect. Back in the day there were many sections of America that were virtually crime free.

        1. “Back in he 70’s and through till the early 90’s most of the crime was contained within major cities. If you got to the outer suburbs or the country there was virtually none. Once we started reclaiming urban landscape though crime got more pushed out into rural areas spreading it more evenly.” That is bullshit. Crime has either stagnated or gone down pretty much EVERYWHERE in the United States. Even in white majority areas.
          “If you lived in the countryside there was no term like ‘meth lab’.” And I don’t think it’s black people who don’t even have high school diplomas making meth either.
          “Now it is common place in small town America.” No it isn’t. And by the way, the number of labs is also going down: https://www.dea.gov/resource-center/meth-lab-maps.shtml

      1. “First world problems.”
        Ugh? what other kind of problems are there?
        Side note: a few years ago before I escaped the facebooks I saw someone update a status to say they were pregnant with a sonogram pic. I commented “Third World Problems”
        The shit I got from that.

        1. Yeah I had to delete fb, too easy to verbally shred the idiocy of crap family and “friends” post. Sister-in-law and her old whore pals were like fish in a barrel, then things were weird in person.

        2. It was. But mostly, I just didn’t care. Facebook seems to me to be a confessional for a world in which god is dead.
          I would log onto facebook and be like “don’t care don’t care don’t care don’t care don’t care”
          The only social media I have is Instagram. for some reason IG doesn’t bug me nearly as much.

  19. Can’t say i don’t agree, but it’s a little strange to just assume people are on meth. We are not at the point yet where meth is a casual recreational drug; it has stigma even among idiots. But adderall gets precribed like candy, and its not much different, so same difference i guess.

  20. Timid Circle Jerk with a dash of idealistic nostalgia – wipe the cum from your face my friend it’s your turn to receive that sweeet sweet facial from America 😉

    1. i’m ok with it too. But it is like a blonde or a tall girl. Just something I may or may not be in the mood for at a particular time.

  21. Those burkinis are an absolute fucking joke. What enjoyment can a woman get swimming in the ocean when she’s clothed head to ankle? The enjoyment of swimming is to feel the water on your body. Also they must get heavy when they get wet.

        1. Maybe feminists will change their minds when we are under Sharia law and women get raped and then stoned to death for allowing themselves to be raped.

    1. You know what else I don’t get? How on earth do Muslim women play soccer/football with covered heads? I’m surprised they don’t sweat to death.

      1. Perhaps that’s why the US’ ridiculous token muslim Olympian was effortlessly dispatched by France in the 2016 Games.
        Probably the only time I was glad to see America lose.

  22. This article is spot on. One thing that is really on the rise is tats. I was SHOCKED by the amount of people now with these ugly tatoos all over, even on people way past 40s. One day I went to a “beach” in Canada (yes we do have some) and the level of vulgarity was too much, I had the urge to leave with my family. I’d say a good 30% of people were tatooed, taking selfies and checking their phones every minute. That’s how low we’ve gotten in the west. This being said, I’m not sure why you’re having an issue with muslim women all dressed up. I’d take that any day over the vulgarity of western sluts.

  23. You and your soft, doughy neighbors, most of whom are no doubt proudly voting for Hillary, share a lot of blame in this situation. You pricks in your nice lily White neighborhoods, and cushy government jobs, isolated from the results of your absurd politics, all love to look down your nose at “uneducated” trailer trash and other poor Whites. You love to uplift negroes and other non-Whites at the expense of your brethren. The beast will be at your doorstep soon enough.

    1. I see you’re still deep in your ‘woe is me’ feelings again. So to keep this straight, you’re against any and all melanin (fair enough), but well-to-do white folk upset you as well?
      This article says nothing about uplifting non-white people; in fact, he explicitly mentions diversity and drugged-out white zombies as problems America faces.
      Stop lamenting from your bed, brush your teeth, choose your best brooding hoodie, and start your Uber shift.

      1. You think John Freeman has a job? That would require him to actually take responsibility for his own life instead of blaming everyone else.

        1. Close, but I prefer educated black man.
          Join john freeman on the “hate everyone who isn’t poor and white” train. There’s plenty of room and they serve all the mayo sandwiches and faygo you can drink.

  24. Do whatever you want with your body. That said, the whole tattoo thing is completely lost on me. There is a very small set of the population who can actually get away with it. Not every body is a canvas.

    1. People are lemmings, that’s why.
      It’s promoted by Jewry as We are told in the bible that our bodies are a temple and not to desecrate
      Any questions?

  25. The way that governments aren’t doubling down on their ancestral rightful European homeland and instead are actively letting in Middle Easterners and Africans is sickening. Even without industrial and technological domination, traditional Western culture, art, and spirituality is admired by people around the world, but modern people seem to be doing all they can to destroy their civilization in a total pursuit of individualistic wanton. The “redpill” doesn’t really help either, not when you see threads bragging about fornicative exploits and confusing the fruits of lust with manly productivity and resistance.
    Perhaps that is the biggest fault of post-Renaissance Europe: they moved away from God and towards humanism and technology. Even conservatives in our society think instinctively that man is not just entitled to family and life, but also physical comfort. They don’t realize what Goethe realized, that mastery shows itself only in constraint, that maintaining civilization is painful and humbling. Britain is going to take a big economic hit after Brexit and I doubt that the population is going to like it. It’s easy to say that you want independence from the EU, from immigration, and all that, but when you have to make do with a smaller paycheck and fewer social services, how may will accept it?
    The notion that Europeans are racially superior is also a great folly. The only reason why European civilization dominated in the 19th and 20th centuries is that it lucked into being the first to develop mass industry. If it had happened in China or India or the Middle East, they’d occupy that role today, and in fact the gap is not so big anymore. Furthermore, if a country like China can retain and reinforce the essentials of its internalized Confucian deference, it might well avoid or mitigate the pitfalls of cultural degeneracy, destruction of the family, rampant drug abuse, and other hedonist impulses that arose in Europe after life became too comfortable. Call them lacking in innovation, greedy, backward, whatever… with motivated and patient leadership the Chinese masses have and can make unfathomable sacrifices to keep their empire united and competitive.

    1. Look at what happened to the Japanese society. The Chinese are less exposed to the jewculture and jewtactics of the West but still comfort breeds complacency and eventually their society will get corrupt too.

      1. Indeed, China has all these problems and then some, but there are some fundamental differences between the character of the Chinese and Japanese. The Japanese never had dynamic centralized leadership; change usually occurred chaotically at the hands of a factionalized warrior class.
        Compare this with the Chinese who have had more than their share of emperors who pacified continents, engineered entire governments, assimilated barbarians, and issued long-lived philosophical paradigms. Even after 60 years of communist madness, there are some very smart people in Beijing who work on the old principles. They have central authority over the people and industry, and are not beholden to any outside group.

      2. Less exposed?
        They took the bait of joo communism hook, line and sinker.
        A demented shallow people who are cruel, eat tiger blood and penis, and even baby soup

        1. Yes, that’s true but the Jews are finding it hard to corrupt them as much as they have done with the USA as they can’t blend as much with the locals due to racial differences.

    2. Ya it was just luck white people invented mass industry. The only reason the chinese aren’t so far behind anymore is because western nation’s treasonous governments let in chinese spies who engaged in technological theft, otherwise they would still be bent over in a rice field.

    3. Folly?
      It sure as hell is no coincidence that Europe basically created Western civilization and did so before the industrial revolution.
      And yes., they are superior racially and why Jewry is intent on destroying the other races are easily controlled and led. Whites, not so much

  26. Look at any old news photos from the 50’s and 60’s and you will see that even the bystanders look sharp, compared to people of today. The men are frequently wearing suits and ties (or at minimum a buttoned shirt and pressed slacks) and they are well groomed. The women are slender and fashionably attired, their bodies utterly devoid of any tattoos or nose/lip piercings. Even common street criminals appear better dressed. A shocking contrast to today’s slob culture.

    1. IKR.. the only ones laughing are corrective surgery places, all the way to the bank. “Dr John’s Clinic: Removing all traces of your thoughtless, cringe-worthy extended adolescence”.

  27. More diversity you force in, the lonelier you feel.
    Forced diversity brings out the worse traits of people. Disconnection and more paranoia, and less trust between people.

  28. No one is too poor to afford a swimming costume. That isn’t material poverty, that is a complete lack of any pride or standards. A spiritual poverty.

  29. I have never been to America but the more articles I read on ROK and Roosh v the more it seems like things are exactly the same as my country Australia. Australian beaches are the same, women the same and the same problems with SJWs, feminists and pushy degenerate “out and proud” faggots. Sydney is the San Francisco of the Southern Hemisphere, a fact which embarrasses every right thinking heterosexual Australian man. Both major parties standing for the same things controlled by globalists. Even the job market and campus life are the same. False rape and domestic violence accusations are endemic here and men get shafted and fleeced in divorce court the same way.

    1. It’s nowhere near as bad as the author is suggesting. Maybe his trip was personally bad, I get that, but it’s not this “whole U.S.” thing. I was at Panama City Beach this last June and it was chock full of beautiful people, and there really weren’t many minorities, with the only ones I saw the entire week being blacks, which you’d expect, and they were no worse for wear than the whites. No burquinis, no Pablo and Esmerelda in street clothes, none of that nonsense.

      1. Jacksonville Beach is exactly as he described.
        Why on earth would you feel the need to countersignal his points? Is it hard as an older man to admit how much you’ve let this country turn to shit? My old man is the same way – clueless.

  30. “Diversity,” I’m getting more and more annoyed with this word. It’s like a wet fart going in my ear. Diverthfffffppppfffppppity.

  31. It all goes back to the loss of the greater family, it’s death by diversity. Virtue is what caused this, not what prevents it.

    1. not in America- we have giant police forces that know how to keep folks in line.. now, if we elect another weak leader.. other countries will run all over the world. The difference between a strong leader and a weak leader is a strong leader; you will find a bomb under your pillow if you p him off.

  32. “When I was a teenager, the beach was nearly 100% white”
    You’re just a goddamn pathetic racist. What do you think? That the beaches are yours? That the lands are yours? You’re not even native to North-America, so shut the fuck up. Do you think the real natives (Native Americans) were happy when pale monkeys like your ancestors arrived on their lands? Were your ancestors ready to adapt to their customs? No, so shut the fuck up with complaining about ‘foreigners’ coming to ‘your’ land and not adapting to ‘your’ standards.
    White autistic losers like you should live in isolated places, because they can’t handle people who are different than themselves. You probably live in the illusion that whites are superior and that you’re more entitled to the country than others. Well, let me tell you, if whites were really superior, then they wouldn’t be degenerates in the first place. And reality clearly shows that white people are the biggest freaks and sluts walking on this planet.

    1. “pale monkeys”, “freaks”, “degenerates”.. you go girl. There’s nothing quite like a healthy dose of projection.

    2. “When” is past tense for the english language challenged such as yourself. obviously you have some liberal mental issues to deal with.. maybe you should “shame some beta chump” like I seen on the yahoo website where it showed a bunch of fat ladies as “beautiful” going down a reinforced concrete runway because they were about 300+lbs. IF your that angry, maybe you should go to another website..maybe- a Hillary Clinton website where you can feel good about being lied to.

    3. What has “ancestors” got to do with the price of fish? I am responsible for my own actions not those of my forebears. You condemn “racism” and then display bigotry against the disabled by using the word “autistic” as a term of abuse.

    4. You’re not even native to North-America, so shut the fuck up. Do you think the real natives (Native Americans)
      I was born here. I’m a native.
      Go stuff your head in a pig, faggot.

    5. Muhfuh, do you even have an idea what a ‘Country/State’ is?? Redskin Indians have been chopping off each other’s head for thousand years, yet never built anything upon this continent, no Law, no Constitution, no Institution, no Tech, no Military, no Industry no Nuhffin!! America is named after European explorer, this IS our country, our system and our achievement! Don’t like it? Try Apefrika, no dem program!

  33. It’s not just America, sadly. Another trend I’ve noticed is the rise in antisocial behavior. You kids are probably too young to remember.. people have always drank when going to the beach, but you didn’t get the roving gangs of drunken dickheads who’s mission is to ruin everyone’s day. You also didn’t get the groups of drunken skanks, slooting around (or just passed out) at 10am.
    But the most antisocial behavior tends to flare up when different.. how should I put this.. “socio-ethnic groups” bump into each other. Big fucking surprise there.

  34. No pix? How the hell am I supposed to determine the merit of this article with no factual evidence of what the fuck he’s purporting about a beach trip? Another weak ass white boy complaining about how shit ain’t the way it “should” be. FOH

  35. Lane discipline died in the USA in 1974. This applies to paths as well. The chicago bike path was bad in this regard when I started riding it in 1992. Americans have no sense of lane discipline or keep right except to pass.

  36. I can vouch for the Hispanics swimming with street clothes. Here in my country only low-class people do it, so you are right when you say they are probably poor (most likely). Any time I go to the beach I see those people swimming with their street clothes and I just wonder: Is a swimsuit so expensive?

    1. its a cost saving measure; get your clothes washed at the same time. LOL.
      3rd world types don’t wear swimsuits. An yes, it is expensive when your living on a buck a day and selling fruit on a streetcorner.

      1. Depends really. None of my friends does it, nor anyone I personally know. In Peru I only see it in people from poor districts. I think it may be the case in Africa, where 5 dollars a day is a fortune.

  37. In a way, this is actually good for guys like us. We go to the beach with our bulging biceps, and the few good looking women there flock to us. It is so easy to stand out as a guy in America these days! While I would prefer to live in Eastern Europe for the quality of women there, it has never been easier to get laid in America than in it right now!

  38. FWIW I personally don’t mind the increasing number of Asians (Chinese, Japs, Koreans, etc) at the beach. They tend to be pretty quiet and law abiding, not getting pissed off their brains and behaving stupidly. Same can be said for Indians, although they have a tendency to blast out godawful Bollywood music from their iphones, LOL. The worst that can be said is throngs of kids running around. The big northerner Chinese can get a bit rowdy, with bad habits like smoking like chimneys and leaving trash behind, especially tourists.
    Frankly, white people have the tendency to be loud and obnoxious, although it’s really mostly young people, drunkards and backpackers. (I won’t comment on black people or Hispanics because I’m not American).
    But the absolute worst are — you guessed it — the Muzzies. (We’re talking Middle Easteners, not Pakkies and subcontinent people so much, although it may be different in UK.) These people, the guys in particular, are the most obnoxious shits you’ll encounter on the beach. Trouble seems to follow them around like cheap aftershave. They’re super aggressive against any men not from their tribe (and even those who are), and any white woman not dressed in a black burlap sack is a whore and up for grabs. Meanwhile their black-garbed women will yell and spit at you if you accidentally look sideways, and likewise call any girl in a bikini a slut. Google 2005 Cronulla Riots to see what I mean. Very unpleasant people.
    There’s been a lot of hot air and criticism from liberals over the French burkini ban.. what people have to realize is, these things never happen in a vacuum.

    1. I really hate burkinis. I would say that the most ironic thing I have seen in my life is SJWs and feminists supporting women wearing niqab. I can see the reasons why French people and a lot of others want them banned, but I am not a fan of banning things because it just does not work. Pot has been banned for about 70 years now but that has not stopped people smoking it. Prostitution the same. I despise homos much more than burkinis but banning them never stopped them. If burkinis were banned in Australia the police would never enforce the ban anyway, it would be too much trouble for them.

        1. I agree, if there is one thing dumber than a feminist supporting Muslim immigration it is a fag supporting it. Despite the fact that they throw them off rooftops there are plenty of fags in the middle east. They keep it discreet of course.

        2. There is an incredible amount of closet faggotism in the middle east. Most of those guys throwing the gays off rooftops have probably themselves done the wild thing with another man.
          The most hypocritical ethno-religious group on the planet.

      1. Banning stuff, whether it’s smoking weed or pillow-biting or wearing medieval Islamic fashion, is the antithesis of a free society. It’s no one’s fucking business what people get up to as long as it isn’t hurting anyone, and it sure as shit isn’t the government’s business. Of course, that doesn’t make their life choices immune from the court of public opinion 😉 But as Diogenes retorted to the citizens disgusted by his public masturbation.. “If only hunger could be cured by simply rubbing the stomach”.

  39. We’re seeing the effects of decades of:
    -Destruction of the family via “no fault” divorce
    -The elimination of WASP culture
    In today’s “society”. Barring a bloody reset…is it going to get better?

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  41. Turd world defective shape skulled obsoletes will always bitch how everything should be their’s.
    They need to go back to their bullshit culture origins or get their heads cracked, then sank in a river.

    1. *theirs.
      I guess my defective shaped skull means I have a better grasp on English grammar than you do.

  42. A huge part of the decline and destruction has been caused by feminism. This hate movement, engineered and inflicted by the government, almost singlehandedly has destroyed America.
    Men, particularly white men, have been berated, demeaned, emasculated and blamed for everything that’s wrong with the world, and every difficulty in women’s lives.
    Mr. Obama does this publically with regularity.
    Men, being hardwired and socially conditioned to provide for and protect women will not fight back against this degradation.
    Promiscuity and vile behavior is not only accepted in women, it is encouraged. Women are increasingly absolved of horrid abuse and any and all bad behavior.
    Women were once the gatekeepers of morality and decency – not any more.
    Men are being stripped of basic human rights and are regarded as nothing more than utilitarian slave labor and objects of disgust by brainwashed women.
    Men have never stood up for themselves and have taken feminist abuse for decades without so much as a peep – and we are now in the end days. Men conquered this land and built civilization. They made America the great colossus and rich lethal super power it once was.
    Then they let women destroy everything.
    History has shown when a country becomes rich and powerful it becomes complacent – and it then gives power to women. An unearned right is a privilege. The male vote is a right. The female vote is a privilege. The female vote for more and bigger government is what has largely ruined America.
    If a certain woman is elected in November – the ball game’s over.
    Fat, lazy, vile, self absorbed, pampered females + weakened, kowtowing, shamed, spineless males = total social collapse.

    1. Very good reply Samantha. My thoughts exactly. I’m 45 and live in the UK. My mother is now 83 and she is a world of difference to even women twenty years her junior. She epitomizes all that is good, kind, compassionate in this world and is one of the last ‘ladies’ walking this earth.
      Children are having children and its why they are the way they are. Their mothers are not able to guide them as they are not adults themselves. They missed their education of life while being a single mother at 15/16. Look at my mother. She was 38 when I was born. My father 45! I grew up in a stable family and taught good and bad, right and wrong.
      You blame feminism but sadly, this is nothing more than out of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxist’s book of western, civilization destruction. Feminism, mass immigration, multiculturalism, promotion of diversity, multiracial societies, authoritarian state, creation of groupthink mentality and destruction of individuality, promotion of LGBT…the list goes on and feminism is merely one of the tentacles on the many tentacled octopus that seeks to obliterate our civilization.
      If Trump is elected it’s all over as well. Both are merely puppets of the globalists.

      1. Exactly.
        You are absolutely correct. The western world is and has been under attack for decades by all of the various cancers you described. In my opinion feminism has done the most damage. So many American women have become highly toxic as a result of Marxist feminist ideology. For decades women have been brainwashed into believing they have been “oppressed” by men, when in fact they have been protected, provided for, and treated as the superior gender by men.
        52% of voters are female. Women are all about self preservation. Most women vote with emotion rather than logic. Combine both these facts with indoctrinated women being convinced men are responsible for the oppression/ ruination of female lives, and misandric Marxist politicians catering to every petty female desire and imaginary “issue” and you have a recipe for downfall and disaster. Emasculated men + infantilized females = government control … ‘viola – MARXISM.
        Interesting isn’t it that women in the developed world have far more rights than men and certainly more privilege and politicians running for office always have “women’s rights” as a primary issue. Men’s rights, which are becoming non existent, are never addressed – that would be political suicide. Cries of “MISOGYNY!!!” would be heard from women the world over.
        America is saturated by misandry. We now live in a society where women can aim the most vicious, hateful, degrading remarks and behaviors at men with absolute impunity. Any man who expresses disgust or anger at the most vile female behavior is instantly branded a misogynist. There is an increasing agenda to remove any and all accountability and consequence from women for any of their actions, no matter how disgusting or reprehensible.
        Employment equity and affirmative action (legalized discrimination) against males has ensured our schools, universities, banks, government institutions and offices have been gender cleansed, as virtually all employees are now female.
        Feminist females hire more feminist females – and spread man hate.
        President Obama, the most openly misandric President in history has publically stated “Women are more intelligent than men, that’s why they vote democrat.”
        First “Lady” Michelle Obama said at the African Leaders Summit “Women out number men, and there’s nothing they can do about it.”
        You and I both know what would happen if the words “men and “women” were reversed in both those statements.
        The hot topic now with the liberals is LGBT rights, like feminism, another Marxist engineered infection designed to weaken and confuse. .03% of American’s are transgendered, yet this is a huge issue for the Democrats. Increasing numbers of school aged children are now “identifying” as transgendered, I believe they are nothing more than messed up kids who have had messed up parents (mostly the products of single mothers). Transgenderism is being promoted by Hollywood and the main stream media as a perfectly acceptable and normal alternative lifestyle.
        Male suicide, depression, high school drop out rates, unemployment, blatant discrimination, and media degradation has reached epidemic proportions. Is this a campaign issue?
        Christianity is not “cool” here anymore. It’s increasingly considered old fashioned, stuffy, and bigoted. Yet it’s fine to bring in Muslims by the thousands along with their beliefs and religious practices.
        Maybe once Sharia law is implemented American feminists will realize for the first time in history American women were the most indulged, pampered, elite, entitled people on earth.
        It’s all derailing right now, and most people are to blind, to stupid, to brainwashed and to indoctrinated to see the devastation right before their very eyes.
        If Clinton is elected it will crash and burn – suddenly and with ferocity. Trump my delay the collapse somewhat, but until all of the cancers are acknowledged and addressed (which will never happen) armageddon is imminent.

  43. Never cared for the beach and so I haven’t been in years, but I can only imagine the number of tatted sluts and fatties in 2016, ugh.
    Great article observations.

  44. Yup…and if any of us tried to change things, the military, which many on this website refer to as “alpha” would turn their collective guns on us.

  45. There are really quite a few factors as to why America is the way it is today. Europe is following fast at its heels. WW2 was the war that would murder millions of Europe’s finest. This planned war, by the globalist bankers, resulted in their promotion of their ‘new world order’ which is, in essence, the removal of the ‘old world order’ so goodbye moral behaviour, respect and taboos and hello depravity, degeneracy and deplorable behaviour.
    In 1933, Frankfurt, the Cultural Marxists, fled Hitler, knowing they’d be executed for their attempted racial, social and cultural subversion of the German people. They fled into the west, instead to do it there, attaining top positions in universities (because they were Jews) and started to sew the seeds of society we have today. Incidentally, many were later hunted down by Stalin death squads. Even he hated them. It was they who would create what hell we have today.
    Add to this that in the 60’s second wave feminism arose, to destroy the family, straight from Marxist rhetoric and then the soon to be promotion of the LGBT agenda was about to begin. It wasn’t about what was good and right anymore. It was a case of “if two people love one another who am I to stop them” and “what people do in their own home is no business of mine”. This opens up a Pandora’s box of wrongs. What if they’re having sex with dead people? What if they’re eating people? What if they’re molesting children? What if they’re having sexual relations with family members?
    The msm & Hollywood, not to mention academia, have played their part in the demolition of western society. I truly abhor tattoos on women. It’s complete narcissism. Add to that fat women, with their blue hair, not forgetting to mention most probably social justice warriors, who attack everyone for not agreeing with their beliefs and we have the messed up reality of today.
    We have passed tipping point. If children are being born in the west, it’s to these horrid women, who most certainly have no desire of a family but bringing in a ‘new best friend’ into the world.
    Our society is contaminated.
    We need another great flood.

      1. I know that Stalin sent the NKVD to murder Willi Munzenburg in the South of France, who was hanged from a tree. There is also speculation if him whacking Walter Benjamin. I think search on the internet will bring you some joy

  46. who actually cares though lol how much of an SJW do you have to be to be offended by fatties and druggies :^) lmao go back to tumblr

  47. It’s all part of the same Leftist bullshit: “Being Fat is beautiful. Drug addiction is a medical problem. Tattoos are art. Cops kill blacks. White people are racist…” blah, blah, blah. I live in a city with some of the world’s best beaches, and I’ve watched as the beach crowd has gotten fatter, sloppier, lazier, ruder, and more obnoxious. We live in a society that’s being dominated by the lowest common denominator.

  48. “Hispanics were notable because it was very apparent that they were poor. Many of the families did not have bathing suits—they were in the ocean in their street clothes.”
    I’m not sure this is due to actual poverty but more of a cultural poverty/poverty mindset. I think it could be because some Hispanics come from very poor countries they bring that mindset into western countries even when they have money. Mexicans, for example, are known for wearing street clothes. Does anybody believe that all those people have money to live in the US and pay gays to drive to a beach but that they you don’t have $8 to by a two piece on clearance at Walmart?

  49. “Waaaaa, waaaaa…..things around me are changing, not as many people are as rich and white as me…..I’m scared mommy. Only Uncle Trump can save us now.” Or “please ladies, stop fucking blacks and Latinos, us white boys are starting to feel inadequate.”
    That’s what ROK writers have been sounding like lately. Go write for Vice already, fucking white beta faggots.
    And you don’t own the beach, you uppity piece of shit.

      1. I’m not offended by anything, I’m just pointing out how weak and pathetic ROK writers have become. And I’m not going anywhere, so many white girls that crave brown dick that need to be taken care of. Got any sisters? A daughter? Your wife or gf?

        1. Well, I’m not the one whining about “poor people” and “Hispanics” at the beach like a triggered little bitch.

        2. Only a small fraction do rabbi Goldberg but thanks for pointing out the miscegenation angle.
          It’s sad that Israel has apartheid jaws enforced to prevent mixed marriages. When Jewish women get to bed nappy headed negros and birth their children,the world will be a better place

  50. Wowzers… Scary stuff.
    If you ever get the chance, come to any of hundreds of rural Queensland beaches. My favourite local one is Woodgate Beach of Queensland. Mostly empty of people other than a handful of friendly local families, white sand, clear waters, kangaroos lazing in the shade on the sand dunes…
    It’ll go a long way toward making up for your recent holiday. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c957900ed1d612941fcb77a5c08cbf98abdf7ec5890f71d2efd795117557c1bc.jpg

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