Smile When They Call You A Villain

Today we witness the inverted moral system of a deranged clique of tyrants doubling down on their suicidal plans to enslave and enfeeble anyone who thinks for themselves. Men, especially white men, are the constant targets of pin the tail on the donkey. Most lack the fortitude to stand on their own two feet. They crumble under the assault and become the next neophyte in the post modern death cult.

What A Hero Is


Before we get into the Villain, let’s discuss the Hero.  What does it mean to be a hero today?

We see that it requires no lives saved. There are no violent battles and miraculous victories. There are no herculean feats attained. In fact today the proclamation of hero will be echoed across the world’s bullhorns for no other reason than being a male who likes to have sex with other males.

Maybe you woke up one day and decided, “Hey I don’t like this penis anymore.  What I’m really craving is some tits and pumps!”

Not only will you be lauded a hero, you will likely be invited to the white house, visited by the pope and Skyped by the Dalai Lama.

The sight of a monstrously obese female wearing draperies as lingerie elicits the heartfelt pleas of adoration and praise from a coagulating mass of human entropy. Heroism has long been dead. The masses no longer have the upward striving of a young and energetic people. They languish fat and opulent holding their idols of greed and envy in fanatical devotion.

To be the best. To become the strongest. To go the farthest. These are called evil now. When a man accomplishes and succeeds in life, it must be due to some ism or archy. No one wishes to elevate upon their own merit. Everyone has an accusation to excuse their failures in life. Everyone demands special treatment in order to compete in the game.

Everyone fights for social status through virtue signaling and personal victimology. Whoever is the loudest whiner. Whoever cries the hardest has won the race.

The race to the absolute bottom.

In a degenerate and and loathsome society such as this, the new man shall embrace the label of the Villain.

Who A Villain Is

villain is

With such a perverse transvaluation of morality, you must defiantly smile when the weak label you a villain. Today you are declared such by our society if you prefer normal healthy, heterosexual relationships. If you wish to reproduce and have a large family you are a villain because, “Duh!  The world is overpopulated dummy!”

You are a terrible and evil person if you were born having a certain skin color. Did you or your ancestors help to build Western Civilization? You should be sterilized and put in a concentration camp.

Did you accomplish anything today or excel above the complacent rabble of stray human animals begging for the government tit? You disgusting, twisted Villain! These people must never endure the systemic oppression of hurt feelings! You Nazi!

Males of the West, it’s time to grow up. It’s time you stop loading the guns that others are holding to your heads.

Outlaw’s Freedom

The suburbanite male and mommy’s basement dwelling brony are degenerate forms of life just waiting for the Reaper’s scythe to come cleaving through their dough boy skulls. For many a male, he exists as the cucked slave to his Matriarch. He has man’d up! He’s married that whore! Because it’s not her fault and bastards need a home too.

Oh you think they’ll call you a hero for that don’t you? Alas it wasn’t so, Johnny Fuckboy.

Now pay up.

There is no better time than now to cast off the idea that you should ever follow the rules. Or think this is what you’re “supposed” to do. No better time than now to unburden yourself  this demeaning yoke. No better time to become the Villain. The social contract is broken. Our societies have betrayed us and they no longer speak on our behalf. We are no longer under any obligation to a hostile ruling elite.

I was born near the beginning of the millennial generation. Our parents told us multitudes of pretty lies and falsehoods. They told us to be good white knights and play fair. To be the heroic emotional tampon for the fickle female. To be the whipping boy for the world.

Our parents did not prepare us for the wasteland of their horrible choices. They were drunk on materialism, hedonism and consumerism. In a hypnotic daze from drugs and TV they regurgitated what was told to them about right and wrong, good and evil. All they did was make us disgustingly weak.

We were left to find out the hard way. For many this has resulted in their feeble backs crushed under the weight of the Leviathan. But for the savage few it means they will surpass everyone.

We are outlaws now. Notorious and infamous villains. A freedom the modern male can know. Only if he stops acting like a little bitch.

A Man’s Purpose

glorious order

We brought glorious Order before. Now it’s crumbling.

What men naturally do is bring order to reality. This is a polarizing effect that triggers attraction in females. Today the State has supplanted the male as father and provider to his women. The only way to take this back is to live by your own rules. To have your own system with brothers who uphold it. You must become a rule unto yourself. The only way to do this is to become the unashamed Villain of today’s twisted satire called civilization.

This way of life does not belong to the weak and fearful. It belongs to the unrepentant. The bold and daring.

You must create your own order in your world. Do this and there will be no shortage of women. This was your purpose all along. As per usual, trust your instincts. If your heart naturally loathes something, hate it with all your heart and might. If it loves, love it furiously. Do not ever let anyone talk down to you. We built this world. When it burns to the ground we will build it again.

Do not suffer the weak to eat from your table.

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173 thoughts on “Smile When They Call You A Villain”

  1. Anything white or masculine is automatically seen as evil. I think the plan is to demoralize and weaken white men through guilt and shame the same way the Germans post-WW2 were dominated mentally, and now one of the strongest cultures in Europe is ready for complete subjugation.
    Boys growing up today won’t even realize this is a lie, they will just accept that they were born into an oppressive criminal class, and will carry this guilt with them. Repeat a lie enough, and everyone will begin to believe it.

    1. Absolutely. That’s why every advertisement portrays white men as buffoons, or attempts to visually cuck our entire race by showing black guys with white women on tv. It’s chipping away and unfortunately so many white men are weak these days they welcome their own demise and even actively promote it

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        ……..Watch the EZ video below to learn how………………..

        1. Thank you for sharing this with us. Can you give me more info please?

        1. I was referring to his comment about black men with white women on TV. That’s been going on since the first time black men and white women met each other and hardly an example of the demise of white men.
          Actually if any race demises its far more likely to work the other way round with the minority (blacks) being absorbed into the majority (whites).

        2. Haha. When did you turn back into a blue piller? The amount of black guys with white women is extremely low.

        3. It’s not so mucheck that it’s not a reality in very very small numbers, it’s that it’s obviously an attempt to continue on with the denigration of white males. It’s in a LOT of commercials.

        4. Depends on where you live. In my opinion though its black women that should be worried not white men.

        5. Except that no matter how many times black genes get whitewashed, they still come through pretty clearly.

        6. I saw yet another example the other day of a nasty, fat, trashy white women with a black guy that looked like he was doing okay, except for the woman he was with. What’s up with fit black guys whom don’t look like trash dating nasty white women? Are black women that bad, making even that lowest level white woman a step up?
          My buddy (black guy here in the US) explained it to me that black girls are too aggressive and pushy for him and that’s why he dates white women, they are easier to get along with. Of course, he usually lands cute white girls, despite not really being very alpha himself. I guess it’s the assumption.

      2. Here’s a way we can get the white race inline. Convince white Alphas to take one super hot white girl as his steady and to leave the rest of the white girls alone for the beta’s. How could we do this? Encourage them to fuck the hell out of all girls of other races. Even the black dudes on here have admitted that white Alphas have the higest SMV, even over black Alphas, in spite of the fact that most white women assume all black guys are alpha. Or maybe because of this fact.
        Add to this, white Alphas making it obvious they would never accept a steady woman whom has dated outside of her white race, and most white girls will fall in line, hoping to grab an Alpha.
        I think I might be entering lunatic land here though.

    2. Only those children (especially boys) with fathers such as us will realise this lie. I feel sorry for every other child who, at best, will struggle for years and come to realise the big lie on their own and at worst never realise it at all.

    3. It’s already happening unfortunately… I truly feel bad for whites in today’s society. You can only imagine the pathetic parents(single mother) the kid must have.

      1. At the beginning, I was REALLY hoping he was going to troll them hard. But fuck, that’s depressing! And wow, the cringe with this kid. Can you imagine how he will speak when he’s in college? He’s already talking like a 25 year old professional SJW.
        At least the youtube commenters get it right. By the way, they gave that kid FIRST PLACE for that bullshit. Further reinforcing that when you repeat this kind of nonsense, you are rewarded and praised, so more people will mimic it. This will be a terrifying country in 20 years.

  2. You never fail to deliver, Jack. Makes me proud to have you in my tribe. We’re going to need men of strength for the future. In ages past, they were called heroes. Today, they would be deemed villains. If villains is what they care to label us, then let us be the most imposing and audacious villains they’ve ever seen.

    1. I just barely went to the link in your profile and I feel like I’ve been missing out. Shit. Top notch page.

  3. The Banker
    (A musical parody by Bob Smith, based on the song, “The Gambler”, by Kenny Rogers.)
    On a warm summer’s evenin’
    On a train bound for perdition
    I met up with the banker
    We were both too scared to sleep
    So we took turns a starin’
    Out the window at the lynch mob
    Until greed overtook him
    And he began to speak
    He said, “Son, I’ve made a life
    Out of stealin’ people’s savings
    And chargin’ lots of interest
    Printin’ money from thin air
    So if you don’t mind my sayin’
    I can see you’re wallet’s empty
    For a taste of your whiskey
    I’ll steal your underwear”
    So I handed him my bottle
    And he drank down my last swallow
    Then he bummed my credit card
    And asked me for the pin
    Then he ordered up some sirloins
    And he ordered up some champagne
    Said, “If you’re gonna play the sheeple
    Boy, you gotta play to win”
    You got to know when to foreclose
    Know when to start wars
    Know when to litigate
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re standin’ near the sheeple
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the fleecing’s done…
    Every banker knows that
    The secret to survivin’
    Is mortgage-backed securities
    And big-time usury
    Every banker is a winner
    Until he becomes a loser
    And the best that you can hope for
    Is to dangle from a tree
    And when he finished speakin’
    The lynch mob broke the windows
    Grabbed him by the short hairs
    And hanged him from a post
    And somewhere in the darkness
    The banker, he broke even
    But in his final words I found
    Advice that I could toast
    You got to know when to foreclose
    Know when to start wars
    Know when to litigate
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re standin’ near the sheeple
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the fleecing’s done…
    You got to know when to foreclose
    Know when to start wars
    Know when to litigate
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re standin’ near the sheeple
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the fleecing’s done…
    You got to know when to foreclose
    Know when to start wars
    Know when to litigate
    Know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you’re standin’ near the sheeple
    There’ll be time enough for countin’
    When the fleecing’s done…

    1. The key is to know how to fleece them with their consent. Bankers do it with false promises and hidden fees. You need to learn how to do it in the open giving people exactly what they ask for.
      Sell them worthless crap that they think they need. Sell them plastic baubles that they will willingly fork over $20+ for. Use the madness and programming around us to make your money, and sell or do it for a premium price. Then at the end of the day, take your profits, feed your family, and teach them how twisted the world has become.

  4. Oh, so Trump is supposed to be my role model. Let me laugh a bit about it.

      1. I’m can’t tell if the comments are being trolled and controlled or there are some true wimps reading this stuff.

        1. I don’t know about you but I always upvote before I flame…………………………………………………………………asshole.

      2. Correct: his political “stances”, as in plural. WashPost revealed today that he changed his political party 7 times in 13 years. I bet he changed another policy position in the time it took to type this sentence.
        Frank and unapologetic is fine. But running for leader of the free world on a platform of “My only principle is that I’m a dick and I don’t apologize for it”? He deserves to be booted.

        1. “But running for leader of the free world on a platform of “My only principle is that I’m a dick and I don’t apologize for it”?
          Interesting you take this position when the current president ran on a platform of only two words….hope and change.
          Not only that but had questionable expertise in politics.

        2. You can find video of Hillary pushing just about every stance on any issue within a 20 year period (and with a different accent per audience).

        3. You can find video of Hillary pushing just about every stance on any issue within a 20 year period (and with a different accent per audience).

        4. Straw man. I was discussing Trump. But if you want to discuss Obama — he was remarkably consistent, which is what people really want.

    1. Your overreaction is a little over the top, heh…. I didn’t read anything about Trump being a Role Model, but he is a man that doesn’t take shit. That at the least is a quality to admire.

  5. The Motorcycle Club (Hell’s Angels) was what men used to do for true brotherhood and living a real outlaw life. I doubt many here can do that. I grew up around a few of these men and always thought of them as true American Heros. They were as badass men as I will probably ever know. Why do you think the government fears and tries to prosecute these groups at every opportunity. And don’t believe the government BS about their evil intent. There have been a few bad apples (and quickly removed from the club), but I would feel relieved if my wife and kids were stuck on the side of the road and these guys arrived. Living by the code of the West and taking shit from none.

    1. Hell’s Angels are a criminal organization in my country. We do not need their drugs. Thank you.

        1. Read some info on Motorcycle club history. There are some very good books on the subject. Make no assumptions based on MSM narratives, government reports or hearsay. Sonny Barger would be a good start. Look, these guys are not going to run your city council, but they will open your eyes to the world of real men, government lies, and codes of honor.

        2. The Article we are commenting on just said what you are saying lol. smh.. I don’t think you can fix this one.

        3. You and I are not that important and will change things not a bit. The Hell’s Angels could care less what another one of the billions on this planet think of their club. They have been called worse and will not waste time with guys like you, me or anyone else reading this shit. If this is how fearful you are of the world, then life is not going to be fun for you.

        4. Too bad, He might be a good guy, but I hate to see men in fear of life. The mission of this site, and this piece in particular is lost on this one. I truly feel bad for him. Life will be long, boring, lost and regretful if he continues down this path of fear.

        5. On to the next one brother, no use in feeling bad over spilt milk right?

        6. Sir, I was not worried about the Hell’s Angels at all, but about SJW doxxing people.

        7. He could mean Canada. The hells angels and rock machine had a pretty big (for Canada) biker war back in the 90s over drugs and such. Neither are a big deal these days as far as I know. Couple murders and a car bomb or two back then though.

        8. Real men? You mean the dipshits that will overcrowd roads and will probably attack you If you challenge them? Fuck that noise.

        9. “Couple” of murders? Fucking bodies were everywhere including murdering correctional officers. Maurice “Mom” Boucher was an absolute lunatic. The Government even built a special courthouse for his trial.

        10. You forgot women at the end. They treat women like shake & bake baggies and never run out.

        11. I hate most weekend warrior motorcyclists, but if you ever run into a few HA on the road they seem relaxed and on cruise control. Their bikes arent flamboyant from what Ive seen and they arent out screaming look at me with shitty riding.

      1. Did you just read this post? You just made the author’s point. Reading and comprehension. Fuck.

  6. ROKers!
    Stop writing on the keyboard and create your own meetups!
    Second NYC summer meetup coming in the next few weeks!

      1. What part of the Bay Area? I work a lot around Vallejo,Benicia, martinez from time to time.

    1. If there’s anyone from the Boston area, I’d be up for joining a meetup.

    2. Already done here. Any men in the Middle TN area interested in joining our crew, go to my website (in my Disqus profile) and contact me. You will go through a brief vetting process before you’re allowed to come to our meet-up, but it’s nothing terrible; just making sure you’re legit and to see if your goals line up with ours (ambition for personal growth, looking for a tight knit group of men, etc).

      1. I’ll give you a heads up next time I pass through, I’m just south in bama but work on the road.

      2. In Ohio we’ll have a gauntlet that you will be forced to run. The group just needs to be established and a course set up.

    3. I doubt there are any Vermonters, simply because its an extreme state: Either liberals or salt-of-the-earth who don’t have much to do with internets.

    1. Just ask Hillary to help you with that. She’ll even find you a private server.

  7. Excellent, excellent piece! Yes, in a world where plenty of people’s one and only marketable “skill” is being Black, being obese, having a “God’s chosen tribe” last name or being an epicene menace, we must excel at all we do and take pride in everything we indulge ourselves in. Enough with leftists regurgitating anything they don’t approve of as “Nazi! Hitler!”, the most tired and exhausted of all clichès. Curse the weak and the feeble, for they shall be trampled underfoot!

    1. “Curse the weak and the feeble, for they shall be trampled underfoot!” God as a Hell’s angel? A nice antimony.

        1. Doesn’t the real evil happen often when naturally strong men who once had the best instincts and virtues become embittered ,vindictive and “evil” due to the failures they’ve encountered in their marriages or work lives? Or perhaps these are now the “weak” ones because they cannot mature and move on from these tough and painful experiences?

        2. “Bitter and vindictive is hardly evil in comparison to the high crime of being weak” There are different types of evil. Himmler was an excellent example of a pitifully weak man who had the power to do great evil through using others. When the chips were down he tried to blame and hang others and then even tried to escape by dressing up as a woman. The fact he took a cyanide capsule under arrest was typical of such a weakling, which just proves that often evil people are pathetically feeble and spineless.

        3. That’s very true. Often our sympathies can be with the Villainous characters because we see the flawed greatness that was possible in them, and that’s often a tragedy when you encounter it. Besides, Villains are interesting and compelling, in ways that a purely evil person like a serial killer simply aren’t.

        4. Yup. Scarface and Richard III are classic sympathetic villains. For stories, it’s better to put some good in the bad and some bad in the good.

        5. In one of the reviews on the link the poster mentions a difficult job experience where some of the character traits, especially narcissism and complete indifference to other people, were evident in the people he worked with. I think these people are rare enough in general life, but, I suspect in certain types of professions like the Law, Stock Trading, Advertising, you’ll find a disproportionately higher amount of these types of individuals.
          There was another study I read last year called the Wisdom of Psychopaths which touches on these themes. I didn’t find his argument that persuasive apart from the narcissism part which our society seems to be saturated with and finds to be an almost positive character trait. It’s interesting that it is a trait common equally to male and females, although it manifests itself slightly differently.
          Christopher Lasch’s (although old now) The Culture of Narcissism is still an interesting read in places, especially on its role in sports.

        6. The narcissism prevalent today reflects a childish immaturity that has failed to adapt or even accept reality. A kind which is reactive to the world around it.
          There is another kind of narcissism which is creative, not reactive. This would be exemplified in the architect(forget his name but main character) in Rand’s book The Fountainhead.

        7. I worked for an individual who recommended I read a book on terrible leadership, its traits, and its forms.
          After 3 chapters, I started realizing that every example covered her.

        8. and the best looks, and the best way of living (according to movies, at least)

    2. That argument is so old, to the point I want to showcase the tremendous Nazi success just to yank their chain.

      1. It’s like they spin a wheel of tired clichès and decide which one to spew. “Nazi! Hitler! Mommy’s basement dweller! 40 year-old virgin! (Choose any random noun)ist!”

  8. “male who likes to have sex with other males”, they do that? Ugh, absolutely disgusting. What goes where? I don’t even want to know. A little bit of sick just jumped into the back of my throat…….

  9. Fucking a right. Piss on those queer worshipping dipshits, god damn ’em.

  10. “If you’re confused and don’t know which direction to go in, just think of which direction a liberal would go. Then take the opposite direction.”
    – My dad

    1. Fucking hell! That’s a very good piece of advice.
      My dads advice was more like, “don’t punch it too hard into a drop followed by a curve” talking about driving…

    2. Pretty good life advice in general. I was thinking once my kids get older of taking them to a Starbucks and telling them “You see all these fats women and hipster men that look like women? Don’t ever look like them or date men that look like them.”

      1. Really? I don’t go but like 3 times a year, but my Starbucks has some smokin hot (albeit, basic) ladies.

        1. The fatties order a skinny latte. As if that’s gonna make a difference. I just quietly snicker to myself.

        2. Been in way too many where the baristas were obviously too cool to clean. Smelled of grog water and flies everywhere.

        3. Actually it will do the opposite. It has been shown that skimmed milk actually contributes to weight gain.
          And I’m sure they get the skinny latte to wash down their muffins…

        4. Whenever asked I go for whole milk, even though I’m lactose intolerant. My grandfather’s description of “chalk and water” usually springs to mind (he was a dairy farmer).

        5. I admit I like my starbucks. Mostly because it has a big outdoor courtyard with nice seats and tables, outlets next to each and free wifi. It is inbetween two parks, a couple gyms and a few yoga studios.
          I can go, get an iced coffee on a hot day with my laptop, and sit there all day getting free refills.
          Coffee is shit, but if you stick to black it won’t kill you (go ahead @robertsadler:disqus ) and the, er ehm, fishin’ is nice.

        6. Real men drink their milk “full strength”. Fuck this Nancy-boy ooh ooh ooh skinny latte bullshit.

        7. Yeah, but you live in the belly of the beast… and it’s just fucking weird there.

        8. Once you go whole white….
          I’ll let the crowds finish this one. My finish is that you’ve probably had vitamin D added.

        9. It’s all about where you are standing brother. I think it is just fucking weird everywhere else 🙂

        10. I drink my milk pure and golden actually…. No additives and raw if available. Just as nature intended.

      2. When they think they’re cool in their teens, make them coffee in a French press with some beans just ground from Colombia or Central America. Drink black. Then take them for a Starbucks black coffee. Advise son to sample women from said locations also.

        1. Once you go black we don’t want you back. Mudsharks and colburners, begone!

        2. I love my French press. It is the absolute best coffee maker and it is cheap and has a fun DIY component where with time andshit you can actual control your coffee.
          I am using, currently, Jim’s Organic for beans. They sell it across the street from me and their Sumatra is really good.
          Also, invest in a grinder. It is like 10-20 bucks. They last forever and when you grind your beans fresh then hit the French press you will know the difference.

        3. Just dont venture long distance from a toilet during your first trial periods.

        4. My mom drinks it black. Ug. I need sugar and cream in my coffee.

        5. Do it!
          I don’t use mine anymore because I’m now the only person in the house that drinks coffee.
          But it’s amazing!

        6. I don’t consider myself to be a coffee coniseur but I do really enjoy coffee. I felt like doing something different so I ordered some raw coffee beans online. I referenced a chart (darkness), also found online. Fried the beans in a pan (warning: lots of smoke, smells like a combination of coffee and fresh cut grass). I let the beans cool for 10 minutes, ground them and put them in a French press. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. The French press is one thing. It’s great. But, again, not an expert, I guess when the beans are stored in a bag for, who knows how many days, the beans release CO2 which will taint the quality. I recommend trying this, if you’re looking for something different to do.

        7. I recently have bought a French press and was able to tell quite a difference in the flavor of the coffee. I have never roasted my own coffee beans but it does sound like a fun little project to try at home. I might just have to give it a shot sometime.

      3. I just now saw a commercial for Feeding America with Scarlett Johansson and in it she cut her her short and manly in the vein of Miley Cyrus. Absolutelty fucking revolting. She just took a nosedive several notches in hotness!

  11. We white men may be a race of super-villains – but at least we’re super!

  12. I once seriously considered a career as a super villain. But then I “took the red pill” and realized the best villains are considered heroes.
    I’ll reconsider the decision if I ever get a super-power beyond a knack for physiognomy.

      1. If you think about it, it does fit the narrative of this article. After all, Simon Cowell was the “heel” for telling all these delusional numbnuts that they couldn’t sing for shit. In fact, he was one of the two reasons why I bothered to watch American Idol in the first place. (The other reason was the hot babes trying to “sing”, crapping out, then complaining why nobody takes them seriously.)

  13. I think it’s necessary to distinguish between the two types of villains that are out there: the ones which are labelled as such because they refuse to follow society’s whimsical dictates and those who are truly evil at heart.
    I’d say the former is what this article discusses, and best exemplifies us. This is especially true if you consider the fact that merely believing in red-pill wisdom is enough for us to be seen as villains by most people out there. If we laugh at fat people and admonish them for being lazy or lacking discipline, we’re “fat shaming”. If we point out that races have obvious differences between one another, we’re “racist”. If we believe that a man who is accused of rape deserves a fair investigation and due process, we’re “rape apologists”. If I refuse to give Tyrone Biggums my tax dollars so he can live in section 8 and smoke crack rocks, then I have “white privilege”. The article was 100% right, being a “hero” entails bending over and taking it like a worthless bitch. Even the “superhero” shows on TV and Netflix exemplify this, whereas the bad guys actually have greater character depth, personal freedom, and moral complexity (which is necessary for us considering that SJW’s are now defining what morality is these days). If society gives these people a free pass, while going after us for calling them out on their stupidity, then I’ll happily sit back and watch society burn when our economy implodes once again, or when the student loan bubble bursts, or when the power grid on the east/west coast fails because it’s old.
    The latter, however, is a type of villain that we should never be. This type of villain truly is evil and lives their life in order to inflict pain, misery, and death on others. Whether it’s a personal injury lawyer, homeowner’s association member, a college professor, politician, or SJW; these people were fucked up from the moment they were born and they know it. They embrace the fact that they’re sadistic because it gives their life purpose. When an SJW doxxes someone they disagree with, it’s not because they simply dared to disagree with them, it’s because the SJW gets a thrill that runs up their leg when they do it, one which enables them to look themselves in the mirror at home and not want to slit their own wrists.
    We should strive to be the former, we should shun and cast out the latter.

  14. Ironic, isn’t it, that the very people who own all of the mainstream media corporations (white men) are vilifying their own kind (white men). Why are they doing this? Because they don’t want any competition, and they know that the only race that will ever give them any real competition for their positions at the top of the greasy flagpole, is the white race. So they want the other races to kill off all non-rich white men. Of course, if you told the average dipshit this, they would fail to see the irony. Which is why I no longer converse with average dipshits.

    1. that the very people who own all of the mainstream media corporations
      Who actually owns the media?
      It bothers the living shit out of me that I even had to post that.

      1. Information on the top six companies that own 90% of the world’s major media companies –
        General Electric
        Largest shareholder: The Vanguard Group
        CEO: Frederick William McNabb III
        Second largest shareholder: State Street Corporation
        CEO: Joseph L. Hooley
        News Corp
        Largest shareholder: The Murdoch Family Trust
        CEO: Rupert Murdoch
        Second largest shareholder: Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud (a Saudi prince)
        Largest shareholder: The Vanguard Group
        CEO: Frederick William McNabb III
        Second largest shareholder: State Street Corporation
        CEO: Joseph L. Hooley
        Largest shareholder: Keeley Small Cap Value Fund, Inc. (CEO: Bryan R. Keeley)
        Second largest shareholder: Royce Total Return Fund (Major shareholder: Richard M. Galkin)
        Largest shareholder: The Vanguard Group
        CEO: Frederick William McNabb III
        Second largest shareholder: Massachusetts Financial Services Co. (no info available on principals)
        Largest shareholder: Capital World Investors (no info available on principals)
        Second largest shareholder: The Vanguard Group
        CEO: Frederick William McNabb III
        It appears that Roman Catholic ownership is prevalent in most of these companies – Frederick William McNabb of The Vanguard Group, Joseph L. Hooley of State Street Corporation, and Bryan Keeley of Keeley Small Cap Value Fund, Inc. (Or…do you really think those names smack of Ashkenazi Jewish descent?)
        FYI, Bank of America owns a major stake in many of these companies as well, and the Vatican holds a 51% stake in B of A.
        If someone can explain to me exactly how these major shareholders might be Jewish, I’d love to read the rebuttal…I surely don’t know everything, and my mind is open to anything.

        1. Nobody will explain it. These things you use, these, these … facts … don’t fit their worldview.

        2. Indeed…those pesky facts…they sure can mess up a guy’s take on things. The richest consortiums in the world, they sure as hell aren’t Jewish. Blue Blood money has always been as WASP-y as it gets. Here in the States, we’re talking Mayflower Blue Blood money. (By way of European Blue Blood money.) And Blue Blood males don’t spend much time eating Kosher food and singing, “Hava Nagila”…they do, however, spend a lot of time whispering about the Tribesmen. Pretty clever scam all the way around. When you have trillions, you can do shit like that…

  15. All I know is when i have ever felt a quesy feeling in my stomach that I have offended somebody somehow and my upbringing taught me that was wrong, just say FUCK IT. Put out that fire, offend the fuckers and go about the day.

  16. If you wish to reproduce and have a large family you are a villain because, “Duh! The world is overpopulated dummy!”

    Unlike many atheists, I have publicly defended Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for having a large family. Social-justice atheists don’t know what to say when I point out that their hero Charles Darwin apparently had no sexual experience at the age of 29 when he married his virginal 30-year-old cousin Emma. Despite their late start, they had ten children, and seven of them survived to adulthood.
    Yet when white people like the Duggars do that sort of thing now, the SJW’s mock them as hicks and losers.
    I keep wondering when Charles Darwin will wind up on the social-justice shit list as a fertile, patriarchal white man from the English upper classes. They want to preserve the theory of evolution because it comes in handy to beat up on traditional religionists; but they can’t plausibly attribute it to anyone from a nonwhite victim group, and they can’t turn Charles Darwin into a faggot or portray him as a colored outsider like in that preposterous musical about Alexander Hamilton.

    1. Curiosity question and I might just be reading into your comment too much (sincerely not trying to start an argument or anything):
      The way you phrased your comment, it sounded like you don’t really buy into the theory of evolution, but your name clearly marks you as an atheist. Do you have another theory of our creation and existence?

      1. I accept evolution, and I think it blows up the social-justice ideology about human fungibility, blank-slatism and the magical belief in the powers of education. Education can’t turn dumb people into smart people, and we should stop wasting so many resources on it to try to produce an impossible “equality.”

        1. This is definitely true about our education system. Sometimes it seems Jefferson’s idea failed; that being, a nation that educates its people (that is, teaches them to read and write) will not automatically make them educated. Albert Jay Nock has some interesting things to say about this. I believe he compared it to Gresham’s Law. Stating, the more people can read and write, the more books there will be to read, thus, the greater and superfluous books will push out the lesser and greater.
          In with the Twilight series, out with the classics.

        2. Twilight is not well written, but it’s actually one of the better modern series.
          Bella remains a virgin until she’s married, and she’s loyal to Edward no matter what in the end. That’s a good message.
          I’m not disagreeing with your point about classics, but you should find a better example for modern trash.

        3. “In with the Twilight series, out with the classics.”
          Yes. It seems to me that in earlier centuries when most people were illiterate, reading and writing were considered quasi-sacred arts. Now that everyone must be able to read and write on a basic level to sustain society, the quality of literature has declined significantly.

        4. “reading and writing were considered quasi-sacred arts.”
          I like that. Just like everything else in our egalitarian culture, equality means aiming for the lowest common denominator.
          Equality is found in the gutters.

    2. ‘Lucy’ isn’t enough to prove evolution. You need multiple specimins of gradually evolving remains to prove the entire progression of evolution. All the evidence stacked up shows sharp spikes and jumps in life forms being present which indicates that Earth was seeded with select genotypes. Civilization also spiked rapidly. Man was placed here and given archetectural plans to follow.

      1. They’ve been trying to discredit Tolkien for a while now. When the Jackson films came out in the early 2000s, there was an SJW stench about all the heroes being white men and slaughtering thousands of orcs/monkeys (though the screenwriters who adapted Tolkien were women, so maybe they got a pass?).
        I guess SJWs hadn’t even been properly named in 2001, but I remember the sentiment clearly in various reviews and social commentary.

        1. I remember that. As if Europe being invaded by Asian hordes weren’t a thing that happened, you know, several times in actual history.

        2. I remember that.
          Overheard some black woman crabbing about “Hows comes dey aint no black Hobbits?”.
          My answer: Because this was written BY us, FOR us. You want an epic story about blacks? Go write your own – don’t hijack ours.
          Dead silence.

  17. MAN !! Can be anything that he want !! Even being the WOMAN of the YEAR ??(Caitlyn Jenner) LOL !!

  18. This is an important and inspiring article, with which I have a single quibble: where the author says:

    Trust your instincts.

    …I would propose:

    Trust your conscience.

    In truth, the two aren’t divided by very much.

  19. Our parents told us multitudes of pretty lies and falsehoods.

    You want to get yourself better parents mate. My parents did no such thing.

  20. Ronin: way to kill and article. I loved this one.
    I also like that there is someone taking transvaluation seriously. I remember there was an article a few days back about the evolution of the machine gun (or assault rifle, I’m first to admit I don’t know shit about guns so be easy on me).
    In the article it mentioned how hitler didn’t, at first, see the value of automatic weapons or some such and someone was saying how it is a shame that the American’s sent people into war without them in WW I (I think?).
    Well I am so happy how you have understood and so clearly explained what is going on with transvaluation.
    The truth of the matter is that values CAN be transvalued. We know this because they have been. Sitting on our asses and waiting for the transvaluation to go away because what we believe is somehow “more real” is why Roman’s are, 2000 years later, bowing to statues of martyred jews.
    None of this being on our fucking knees.
    Feminists had a leg up on this. Men had a built in white knight syndrome over thousands of years and were totally blindsided. Now we have faggy men and masculine women and everywhere what we hold to be virtuous is being called evil.
    The longer we hold out and the longer we believe that things will somehow magically return to normal the worse. Saying that our values are somehow objectively true is like going into a battle unarmed for modern combat. If you take a sword onto a battle field where people are firing machine guns at you it will not end well.
    Likewise, if traditionalists go into this modern culture war thinking there is an objective truth on their sides that will eventually come through they are going to be gunned down. They have had 3 or more generations head start…but this is a very long timeline and it is past time we recognize what is going on and start using modern weaponry.
    Ronin, thank you for this informative, entertaining and, above all, important article. You are doing blogging with a hammer and I like it.

  21. I relish being the absolute greatest unmitigated evil villain conceivable to these Social Jihadi Wanker fucks-for everything they stand for I stand in diametric opposition and will continue to do so as I blast out the ghastly contents of philosophically whited sepulchers and laugh with sardonic wrath!

  22. This article reminds me of the Jaguar “Good to be Bad” commercials.

    Why be good if all it gets one is the scraps of life. A mediocre job, a big mortgage, a nagging fat wife, 2.5 kids that care more about their phone than they do you, and that’s before the divorce. Likely afterwards, you will be lucky to not be at the poverty level.
    Villains go for what they want, vs going along to get along. They are usually in control and dominant, though they usually go to far and get noticed by some do-gooder. They always seem to have nice things, very rarely do you see a poor villain. They have a code they follow, even if it’s detrimental to society. They also seem to enjoy life, even if it is a dark amusement. Good guys seem to be angst ridden about “doing what is “right,” whatever that means in that moment. This is all part of the “bad boy” allure. And for me, I’ll hew toward Villainy if that gets me to my goals.

    1. very rarely do you see a poor villain.
      Might I suggest that you watch the television show Cops?

      1. LOL. That’s fair, but Those aren’t villains. They are the toadies, the common criminals. They are the foot soldiers for the Villains. They may think they are the real villains but they lack the intelligence and vision to be anything more than a “gangsta” or live the thug life.

      2. I will chuckle about this all day.
        Need to distinguish between villain and super villain.

  23. I would like to address the issue of heroism, because i believe it truly is important since heroes are followed and revered by society and are a sign of what a Civilization stands for.
    In Classical Antiquity, heroes were usually demi gods and makers of great deeds. Hercules, Ulysses, Ajax, Hector…men that were far from perfect but that represented strength, discipline, reason, honor, or if they did not, they were taught as examples of what not to do, models of behavior. Homer “Iliad” and “The Odyssey” were the basis of Greek education, and there is no surprise that Alexander loved the “Iliad” and wanted to be the great Achilles. Well, he did become one in real life.
    With the Christianization of society, the new heroes were the saints. Saint Augustine, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, and many, many others. People wanted to be with them, to touch them and this was so powerful in peoples minds that a industry of relics began. Like the heroes of old, these men had discipline, honor, resilience, together with christian virtues of compassion and piety.
    With the modern times, starting in the XV and XVI century, heroism began being identified in painters or sculptors like Michelangelo or Rubens, writers like Camões or Goethe or generals or state men like Napoleon or Frederick the Great. Its by no coincidence all of these people are genius.
    So, the question is: wish type of heroes does our society has nowadays? What models of behavior, particularly younger people follow and look up to? Here lies the problem, because, grosso modo, we are talking of stupid “celebrities”, actors or entertainers with no greater value than a rat, empty artists or crooked politicians.
    We use the word hero or genius to anybody who as a commercial hit in a movie or a single, to anybody who makes stupid jokes in a talk show, to anybody who talks politics in the radio or on tv. The level of mediocrity is colossal. By this, by the level of “our” heroes Civilization, we can clearly see how low we are, how decadent we are, how lost and blind we are.

  24. This piece is written smoothly to where it can be read monotone and with music playing in the background. Add a slideshow of patriotic, nationalistic and patriarchal pics and you have a inspirational ‘music video’. If youth had inspirational videos to watch instead of MTV pop music trash art/music videos, we’d see the ideas take root in the mainstream of youth.
    There isn’t much in the way of extreme nationalist theme videomaking being put out in most rainbow march countries. They’ve all turned multicult globalist. They won’t even acknowledge their nation. Only one country comes to mind where hard core nationalism is the theme and ‘pop MTV’ of the youth. Check out the patriotic programming the North Koreans are cooking up. Untouched by modern pop culture and Caitlin:
    ”we’ll turn their den into a sea of flames with our pent up wrath and spite” declares this ‘pilot poet’ – –
    and the ‘happy’ North Koreans:
    ”You Love Honey” song dedicated to the ‘Il’:

    Total racial homogenous crowds as troops goose step. Has the yellow man of north Korea adoped the prussian model or did the legacy of the Fuhrer draw its pattern from ancient Korean culture?

    Surely the manosphere can make red pill rallying cry pop entertainment vids for the patriarchal resurgence. Something has to replace MTV.

  25. Nostradamus predicted the coming of a time when evil would be considered good and good evil. Sounds like now.

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