4 College Mistakes You Should Avoid

A lot of people seem to be setting themselves up badly for life. The amount of stories I have heard about (usually art history, womens studies, philosophy, etc) grad students having to work in jobs such as flipping burgers, working as gallery assistants, or as janitors, has partially prompted me to write this article.

A disclaimer, of sorts, first. I fully appreciate (firsthand) that it’s never too late to turn things around. A casual search online will show you many people who decide to become a doctor in their late 30s and early 40s. With drive and ambition, these things are possible. But this article is not for those people. This article is for the young people out there who havent really dedicated themselves to any career path yet, and want to make the best decision they can.

1. Don’t rush, and get some experience first

Gender pay gap women work less

Its easy to feel the pressure to go as soon as you’re out of high school. Pressure from your parents, pressure from your friends, pressure from society. But you need to be brighter than that—you need to realize the time to go is when YOU are ready, not when its expected for you to go.

At ages 18-21 you pretty much know jack shit. Some of you will have a bit more life experience, some of you will be more well read, some of you will be a bit wiser. But you all know very little about yourselves. You might have a roundabout idea of your interests and passions, but you simply will not know yet by that stage in life what you want to be doing as a career.

Get a job. Go and work in the Police. Be an EMT. Do a bit of construction work. Try working your way up to becoming a manager at a retail store. Start looking for work in a field that you are curious about, and which will complement your long term ambitions. This has several purposes

a) You prepare yourself for working in this field in the long run

b) You get to find out if you like that line of work at all to begin with

Case in point, I worked as a beat cop for a while when I was 19-20. It was amazing, and helped me develop my character and personality. But it also helped me learn: it doesn’t suit me. I don’t even like interacting with people all that much. It helped me realize I needed to look for a different line of work. Without that experience, I wouldnt have learned about my weaknesses.

2. Treat college seriously


Dont waste more time watching nonsense on youtube than you absolutely have to

So, you’ve finally decided to make the decision. You have a good idea of what you want to do in life. Good for you. But you need to now completely dedicate yourself to that path if you want to have a good start, and become the top of your field.

College is a several-year-long job training course. If you pass it well enough, you’ll get into your field of choice. Be lazy, procrastinate, lose sight of your goal—and you’re not going to make it. All you’re doing is wasting time and money that you could have been spending on your first investments or developing yourself in different ways.

People—Americans especially—need to lose this idea that college is a place you go to have fun. If you want entertainment, you go to a circus or a comedy club. College is a place you are accumulating the knowledge and experience to work in your chosen field. So dedicate yourself completely and utterly; anything less than the top grades is unacceptable. Limit your dicking around to one day a week, or save it altogether until you’re done.

3. Don’t specialize in the wrong thing


When you start thinking about which specialization you want to take in life, don’t just look at what draws you. Thats only half the equation. You need to research and fully understand the job opportunities that are out there.

Case in point, physiotherapy. Many people go down this route due to their interest in health science and exercise (hey, both are interesting, what could go wrong?), but end up disappointed by the job prospects. They end up frustrated by the limitations placed upon their practice. If they did their research, they would have realized nursing is in more demand than ever, has a lot of overlap, and has greater long-term career potential.

Its absolutely crucial that you check whether the career path you are studying towards is in demand. Colleges wont care; they get your cash and then you’re out the door. They have no interest either way in ensuring you pick a good major, only that you pick SOMETHING. You need to be careful with an institution like this.

Use websites like: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/ To check what the prospects are for any field you choose to go down. Choose wisely, or you might be making a mistake that at best will set you back for years.

4. Don’t needlessly pay for your degree


Whilst it may seem as if the choice is strictly either going to work or going to college, there are some opportunities out there that are a lot more attractive than either of these. There are training opportunities out there that will pay you a wage whilst you study, pay the cost of your certification, and guarantee you a job at the end of it. Some even pay for your accommodation whilst you study.

My personal experience has been with the Merchant Navy, an interesting and unusual line of work. Shipping companies are so starved for deck—and ESPECIALLY engineering—officers aboard their ships, they will bend over backwards to help you enter the industry. As long as you can pass an interview and display some cursory knowledge of maritime life, these companies will pay you a wage to study at a Nautical College to obtain a degree in the field.

These opportunities normally obligate you to work a minimum number of years in the field (three being a common number that I have seen) for the company to see a return, so just bear that in mind.

There are similar opportunities in many fields, from accountancy to paramedic science. I shouldn’t have to emphasize how attractive they are compared with the average rudderless teenager’s chosen college path.

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  1. There are so many free and high quality courses you can take before deciding what path is right for you….

  2. Great article. A lot of voices around this sphere give simpler advice on college: “Run!”
    What you’ve got here is the middle way- don’t let college use you, but use college as best you can, and on your terms.
    Telling young people to wait before college rather than going directly or skipping it all together is great advice- thanks for this one.

  3. They let you be a cop at 19. Man, If I got arrested by a 19 year old I would feel pretty fucking dumb.

    1. They would in my state. Hell man you don’t even need a H.S. Diploma nor GED to get in here. They are trying to change that now, but it is believable to hear of a 19 year old cop I think.

        1. Stop trolling, you know I don’t. What you are butt hurt about is that I consider men first as individuals when they offer an opinion. It doesn’t jibe with your blind group hate thang.
          We’ve agreed on a lot in the past. Don’t become an ass just because you didn’t like my take that we are all individuals and more than some collectivist identity.

        2. Yeah, it’s a farce, to be certain. To be honest though I don’t think the alternative is going to be better. But we’ll see.

        3. It is true. In Britain you have to be reasonably bright to be a cop and they check out your background very carefully. Of course, that just means the police are more Waffen-SS than Sturmabteilung.

        4. You obviously show little understanding of the psychological underpinnings of individuals or group collectives. Your whole individualist value system is based upon Leftist ideology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individualism
          Just scroll down the page and show me the traditional right wing side of your individualist philosophy. Western Civilization was founded and built upon collectivism. It was gradually destroyed by French Enlightenment Individualism.
          Or how about this gem I found on the net:
          “There are two basic ways of understanding the relationship between individuals in a group. The first way is individualism, which states that each individual is acting on his or her own, making their own choices, and to the extent they interact with the rest of the group, it’s as individuals. (Cops are not allowed to be individuals or act in a way that suits them individually) Collectivism is the second way, and it views the group as the primary entity, with the individuals lost along the way. (Which is what happens whether it is the police, congress, senate or little league)
          Objectivism supports individualism in this sense. In a different sense, individualism is meant to be whether the individual is different from everyone else, or whether he makes up his own mind about things, or what-not. (show me a cop/soldier who does not dress, think and act like his colleagues and co-workers and I will show you a cop/soldier out of a job. where is the senator or congressman with some funky duck dynasty beard?) But in the individualist-collectivist sense of the term, individualism just means that the individual is a separate entity, making his own choices, thinking his own thoughts, and responsible for his own choices.” (cops and soldiers,don’t really have the opportunity to make their own choices-think their own thoughts-or to be held accountable for their own actions; unless of course it harms the collective. only when the state/collective is embarrassed or gets its hand caught in the cookie jar do their agents suddenly become individuals responsible for their own actions. there MUST be a human sacrifice to wash the sins away from the machine/collective to restore public trust.)
          “It doesn’t jibe with your blind group hate thang.” ~ You fail to see how a collective influences an individuals behavior. I am sure all those Nazis and Soviet gulag guards were very nice individuals, worthy of our respect and attention for being rare gems, the “Individuals” they are/were. I am sure all those Middle Eastern terrorist are just misunderstood individuals because of their evil collectivist mind set. Next time one of them starts shouting Allah Akbar “consider men first as individuals when they offer an opinion” ~ because “we are all individuals and more than some collectivist identity.”

        5. Honestly I am not interested in your collectivism. You’d scream at a police officer, for being a police officer, if he walked into the room and read the weather forecast off of an iPad, rather like you did with anonymous cop’s article a while back, where you even admitted he made sense but gave no quarter on insulting him just due to him being a cop. That’s pointless and irrational. If accepting a true fact from any individual man is too much for you to deal with because he belongs to a certain group, then you will spend the rest of your life engaged in one long continuous and unending logical fallacy. To then try to fabricate some kind of “J’accuse!” silliness because not everybody is your kind of collectivist is laughable on its face. It is also the height of passive aggressive behavior, a trait one would hope that men embracing masculinity would eschew.
          How you wish to justify it is, simply put, irrelevant.
          At this point I can see you are ego invested in protecting your psyche and will ramble for the rest of the day about this. To save the rest of the forum such a pointless exchange, I bid you good day and will leave you be to spin in your own fallacy.

        6. Thank you for justifying why I did not “debate” you the first time over this. You dismiss all arguments contrary to your personal set of beliefs with a wave of a hand. “You’d scream at a police officer, for being a police officer, if he walked into the room and read the weather forecast off of an iPad.” ~ Thank you for telling me what I “Would” do in any given situation, how womanly and clairvoyant of you. You have studied some rhetoric but just enough to sound high falutin in your ignorant counter arguments. Everything is “irrelevant” when arguing with you. You never back up your claims with hard data just opinion and you NEVER refute anyones arguments with facts. You barely even acknowledge what they have said except to shred it with your lofty personal opinions. You also LOVE using the “logical fallacy” in all your “debates”. If I was so invested in protecting my ego I would have argued the first time you gave me the back of your hand. I let it slide. Then I make one itsy bitsy little comment about you supporting cops and you give me the back of your hand again, all with gentlemanly civility I admit, but nevertheless it is obviously “You” who have an ego to protect here. Psyche don’t really apply here as that is the soul and I don’t have to protect my soul from you, but you don’t believe in such things. You also like to call into question ones “Manhood” if said person does not agree with you. You are very good at taking the moral high-ground in your arguments which is typical psychopathic behavior. Cops and politicians are experts at making evil sound rational and even beneficial. But hey, being an atheist you don’t believe in good or evil either. Just dismiss me like my thoughts or concerns mean absolutely nothing. You know, like a woman. “If accepting a true fact from any individual man is too much for you to deal with because he belongs to a certain group,” ~ Whoever said he WAS telling the truth. Some douch-bag cop -even if he was a cop, no proof- “writes” an article and it’s “published” here on ROK -fucking joke- and we are all supposed to take it at face value without any fact checking or confirmation? And I am the one wound up in logical fallacy??? You WANTED to believe it, nothing more. You did not spend time checking his story out but swallowed it hook, line and sinker without any “real” consideration. You are not erudite, you are quite common in your mentality. Congratulations, you just made an enemy, all over a cop who would probably just as soon piss in your face as you sank beneath the mire than to lend a helping hand. Hope it proves worth it…

        7. I don’t always agree with GOJ, but I tried to read your “rebuttal” and admit I got stuck. Guess I’m dumb huh? It reminded me of one of Fidel Castro’s long harangues in the hot Cuban sun. He could go on for hours and you didn’t dare pass out.

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        9. I had one run in with brit cops. It was 2000 and I found them to be rather superior to anything I ever saw in the US. I got off at Heathrow late. It was after midnight. This is back when pretty much everything in London closed up at 10. I got on the tube and must have paid the wrong fare because when I got to my destination the ticket wasn’t sufficient to get me through the turnstyle. A day of bad travel and no one in sight to help, I just jumped the turnstile. Almost immediately two cops came over to me. It took them all of about 15 seconds for them to figure out what had happened. Lost looking guy with suitcase and airline tags. They let me go through the process of explaining, but I could tell half way through that they totally understood. They even gave me directions. Very pleasant and used their brains. In NYC I would have been given a ticket and told I can plead not guilty and go through the process because the cops are, at best, functionally retarded and basically follow a script like an Indian tech support guy.

        10. “I consider men first as individuals when they offer an opinion. It doesn’t jibe with your blind group hate thang.”
          correctamundo GoJ well said

        11. Wow…you really hit all the “im a fucking dope” points here.
          Getting of to a strong start by using a wiki link to support your initial axiom. (Go read this wiki article is NEVER a valid argument)
          Then an enormous quote with no strategic editing from some place “on the net”
          Also, you (I mean your well researched quote from THE NET) starts out simply saying “there are two basic ways of understanding….” In any topic, especially one as complicated as this, saying there are two basic ways to understand it is basically the same as wearing a bronze medal from the special olympics….
          Finally, ending strong with the 4th grade understanding of what the deal was with Nazi camp guards…here is a hint…you have the entire worlds worth of information at your fingertips…learn something about Milgram and authority…then realize that the same type of authority that seduced young German men into committing atrocities is not much different than the game that gets the “nice” girl to hand over the poooooooozzz”
          And then, because you just wanted to get one last thing in, you manage to totally misunderstand a) how terrorists are recruited and brainwashed and b) how just because a person is an individual doesn’t mean that that individuality can’t be broken down and destroyed….why not say “look at all those amputees and THEN TELL ME that human being have legs.
          Meanwhile, all this dumb assery and you still didn’t present a clear or coherent point…let alone actual argument.
          I’ve been reading a posting here for a while and you, sir, officially win the dumbass contest (or loose the dumbass contest…which ever means you are a bigger dumbass)

        12. HA! HA! HA! Like I care what some fucking Yankee from NYC thinks. And wikipedia is just right for fucking shit heels like you or ghostofjefferson. There are two basic ways of understanding that you are a POS. 1. You are a fucking NYC asshole. 2. You are a fucking dickhead from NYC. Hopefully someone will push you in front of a cab or subway car. One less wart on the ass of humanity.

      1. Yeah, I believe it just think it is crazy. Here in NYC the police need a high school diploma but the standards to graduate (especially for women and minorities) are basically showing up on occasion and at least trying to to burn the school down. Being a D student and being able to grow a mustache is still qualification enough. I am sure that a sharp 19 year old with common sense would make a better cop than most of the college educated detectives in NYC.

    2. A guy I graduated with went to the police academy. I saw him a couple of years later and he was a cop at 20.
      Used to be more common. Back when 20 year olds were adults with responsibilities (sometimes even starting families) rather than 26 year olds being children in need of mommy and daddy to feed and house them.

      1. Police Academy. Such a strange term. When I think of academy I think of the arts. Is policing an art? Do you join the police to become an academic? I guess that was part of the joke of the movie…

      2. yeah, just seems odd because I’ve never been exposed to it. I guess if you can be a Marine you can be a cop.

    3. Where’s that? Must places, that I’ve seen, require you to be 21– the legal age to own a pistol.

      1. I don’t know. I was confused at first too if you follow the thread. I never asked exactly where OP was from. I believe him. I never bothered asking because I am pretty sure that everything that isn’t manhattan is one big place. 🙂

    4. RCMP can recruit 17 year olds who, in theory, can pack heat. Provincial and municipal cops tend to recruit 18 year olds but they won’t be a full constable who carries a gun until they turn 21.

      1. Crazy. I don’t think I made a correct decision until I was 30.

  4. If any highschoolers are reading this: DO NOT TAKE A GAP YEAR. You will lose SO many scholarship opportunities it’s not even funny. If you want College to be worth it, you have to try to get as much money as possible from other people to pay for it. For example, right now I’m in a large Florida university and only going to be paying about 10k afterward. Had I taken a gap year, it would probably be more like 30 or 40 thousand.

    1. If someone has great direction, the grades to get scholarships, was well-prepared, and wants to choose a difficult major that builds directly on the math and science they took their senior year of high school, what you’re saying makes sense.
      But I knew a ton of people in college who had no direction after several years, changed majors, had mediocre grades, weren’t sure what they wanted to do. I’ve met people who majored in “__ Studies” who had been told it was the right degree for them, only to graduate college with no job offers and have a *RESUME GAP*, after which they found work in HR. Others knew they’d have no job prospects, so they went onto grad school, which isn’t a great option for someone who is already unsure of what they want to do. All of these people would’ve been better off taking a gap year, or MORE. They would not have been $50k+ in debt with mediocre GPAs and lousy job prospects.
      The students who would make the most of college from the get go probably aren’t too worried about advice from an online article. But, point taken.

      1. and…plenty of those people who all went to college looked down on working a job as if it were a bad thing. I’m guessing they all went because it was the “thing to do” or they were pressured into it (versus giving it some real thought). Everyone is not college material and plenty of those people could have saved a ton of money.
        School counselors are the worst. I remember them trying to give me advice on what I should be doing (of course it was go to college – be smart). Never did any of them say take the time to think about it, maybe a trade school (job). I took my own advice and it’s worked out very well.
        Colleges will gladly take your money…they are a business.

  5. Ten years late for me, but since I’m still in college, I’m thankful either way.

  6. Many people overlook the importance of apprenticeship but it could be a better and alternate choice to college. With the college tuition and the number of graduate students with enormous amount of debt, college may not be the best suitable choice unless you are majoring in science, engineering, law, or something similar. Even then good luck getting a job after you graduate because you need a tight connection and/or be lucky or have extreme good resume and interviewing skills to wow people. Basically if you social skills suck then even your major and GPA would not matter to hiring managers. Reality is once you get an entree level job, you will feel like a office drone slave sitting in a cubicle office for 9 to 5 and repeating the process for five days a week and so on. If that is what you want then go ahead. I personally know an American male who majored in major arts in college, graduated with shit loads of debt and can’t get a job so he tried to apply wherever and has to compete in a job with illegal immigrants. It’s pretty depressing and sad.

    1. He’s competing with illegal immigrants? What is he, working in the kitchen at a Chinese restaurant?

  7. I couldn’t stress #1 enough. Get a real job for a few years just to get an idea about what you really want to do and learn the value of money.

    1. Or, get a job and work through college. Even better get a job when you are at High School. I started work at 13. I had 10 years of work experience by the time I graduated.

      1. Indeed. It gives you a sense of how the world actually works (versus viewing it through some distorted lenses). Good one.

    2. The problem is that “real jobs” are hard to find for a teenager with a high school diploma. You might be able to pick up some construction work. Or you could head out to the oil patch. I worked for the same company from when I was 14 until I was 18. I worked in the warehouse for a bit more than minimum wage. I moved to the retail counter during peak times (all the warehouse workers were guys and all the retail counter workers were girls). If I said “fuck college” I might probably could have make assistant manager shortly thereafter but that would be about it. The pay would have been enough to either buy a car or have my own apartment but not both.
      If you have an “in” at a closed shop, then you can make good money that way. The smart ones rise quickly in the union hierarchy and you can make shop steward within a few years.
      Overall, the options are pretty grim.

  8. This really is a great article. I went to college over 10 years ago. Back then there was no guidance like there is today. No real way to research where you were going in life, what degree will pay off, or what school to go to. Back then, maybe you got lucky and had a good high school counselor.
    Definitely to the young guys out there, this is good advice here. You really have the tools today and online communities available to really research your path. Id also recommend comparing your degree with trade skills. Apprenticeships and good mentors can put you way ahead of most college programs.

    1. Lee, think about what you are saying. You went to an institution built on research, which put out hundreds of research papers every year and taught classes on research, yet you found no way to research something relatively straightforward that hundreds of thousands of people deal with every day?
      Something is a amiss here.
      Btw, I went to college more than 20 years ago and there were plenty of avenues for careers research and guidance. That was pre-Internet by the way.

      1. Guess everyone has a different story. Not that im complaining though and I do respect your opinion. I just wanted to point out there are more resources now than ever before and that college isnt the only option.
        I believe a good trade and a mentor can really put a man on a better path than most of his peers going to college these days.

        1. ” I just wanted to point out there are more resources now than ever before and that college isnt the only option.”
          I suspect the way things are going that classical institutions of education will become obsolete. It’s quite easy to get educated through accessing knowledge and education via the ‘net. Today’s university /college environment is simply pay a fuckload of money to an institution and in exchange go to some classroom where some jerk-off professor tells you what to read, then regergitate the ingo on a test. Do this repeatedly for four years and this = diploma. Eventually the masses are going to wake up that they are being scammed by the whole higher education World and probably opt out of a worthless piece of paper and college debt. If that happens then we could see a major drop in college costs. I do see that web based education competing with the traditional institutions.

        2. Thats the same author who wrote “The Misandry Bubble” – excellent find, man – thanks.

    2. Very good advice for you and the author on this one. Young men just starting out should get out there, find a trade job and experience a little life. If anything, then it gives a man experience in something (versus sitting in a class room because everyone else is doing it). I never have found regret in doing my own thing (walking my own path). I didn’t go straight to college out of HS (worked for a while) then jumped into school to up my skills (paid for by employer).
      Men should experience different things, different jobs just to obtain those valuable skills. I’ve said it on here a few different times. I applied (and worked) jobs just to learn the skill: cooking, painting, construction, etc…because it’s something I knew I could use in my everyday life.
      Don’t follow…cut your own path.

  9. I graduated with an Engineering degree at age 22. I had multiple job offers and was making the equivalent of 65K at the time. It was nice money and prestige for a young guy. I bought my first house at 23. I have had an awesome career and traveled the world.

    1. Sounds like you probably didn’t get married right away when you graduated.

  10. I don’t know if anyone has come across this story yet but an Ontario public-sector worker (Shawn Simoes from HydroOne) was fired from his job for being caught on camera saying “fuck her right in the pussy” while drunk at a sporting event.
    Shauna Hunt, a Toronto reporter, was interacting with local fans and was offended by Simoes’ lewd comments. Hunt gets angry in the video-footage and Simoes’ immature behaviour has been branded as “harassment.” The internet police found this unacceptable and sent the footage to his employer, leading to his termination from HydroOne.
    If you watch the video this guy is clearly making a poor fool of himself (he comes across as an AFC) but in my mind it brings up the issue of whether or not someone should be fired for how they behave outside the workplace (especially at an entertainment venue with public drinking). He didn’t break any laws (I don’t think), he just acted like a putz at a live sporting event with his drunken buddies and was caught on camera.
    So basically men are now expected to be afraid of being caught in public acting stupid for fear of losing their job? Men are also expected to ask if yes means yes every time you want to make out with your girlfriend? Men are expected to “man up and marry those sluts” and then get ass-raped in divorce court? And if you don’t like it you’re a “bitter loser who can’t get laid”?
    I’m failing to see why men should bother participating in society at all anymore… Unless you really are content to just sit at home and play Street Fighter 10,000 and RedTube for the rest of your life. If you want your life to just be about watching your bank-balance increase than I guess it can work out but some men need a little more than that, and if Canada and other gay-ass Western countries continue on this path it will offer men absolutely nothing.
    Which of these doors is the exit, Room 101?

    1. There is a hard, real life solution to this “activism”, both against the cowardly, sniveling SJW’s and to employers who cave to them and ruin lives of decent men.
      Society frowns upon such notions though. But if applied consistently enough that it inspired real fear in the hearts of the tatted, pierced latte sipping SJW’s, this kind of thing would end in short order.

      1. There is a reason PETA goes after little girls wearing fur and not bikers wearing leather.

        1. Indeed. There is no quicker way to meet the business end of a 1911A1 than to throw paint on a biker as he’s riding down the road. Best to play it safe, go for the ditsy broads wearing a stole.

    2. If he was a Hydro One employee Im going to go out on a limb here and assume he belongs to a Union that will get him his job back in practically no time at all. The unions in this shithole have an inordinate amount of power and have bailed people out for worse things. According to the Roosh forum post though, the guy in question wasn’t even the one who made the comment, he was simply providing his opinion on it. So essentially, he lost his job for doing nothing wrong.

      1. I been reading mixed messages about who his job was and whether is was a management position. One report was that he is an “engineer” and another that he was a “senior financial analyst”. Some have said he was a manager, other say he wasn’t. As a senior financial analyst, he might not be management nor be unionized due to the nature of his work.

      1. The expectation that betas be grateful that a wall-approaching ex-carousel-rider wants to marry them and profit from their life’s work while offering basically nothing but dry vayjayjay.

        1. Is this a bad joke? Be “grateful” some used up degenerate pussy is willing to “allow” you into her life of splitting her bills? Yeah, have a good time, Betatards! I’d rather hammer nails into my cock on national television!

        2. This is the de facto female mindset because they refuse to acknowledge that they are a commodity, which they are. Only fools would marry used up skanks. This shit was common knowledge up until the last 40 years.

    3. Yet a professor at Boston University publishes a racist/sexist tweet and nothing happens.

    4. My long term plan is to go to Asia where I will play street fighter 10,000 and not even have to deal with the states anymore.
      Because of a practical paranoia, I wont name the place of my employment. But it was supposedly founded on “conservative” and “family” values. however, it seems like a comical parody of conservative America. I see a lot of old men with menacing slave owners, oh, I’m sorry, “wives” that probably got into their marital relationships through the basic cultural adage to get married. However, marriage is not a conservative institution any longer. That’s why these simps are fooled so easily. The people who decide to marry here are hit hardest by the left. “That’s sexist!” their wives will say. They regurgitate cultural slogans like the obedient citizens that they are. This is either the effects of unchained liberalism or a very tight control from the powers that be. The one thing I have learned is that free will is not something most people understand, though I admit I still have to learn more myself. If you tell enough people that something is common knowledge, they will buy into it hard.
      Most days I see close friends or bide my time at home, getting ready for my long term plan to leave.

      1. I envy you. I just discovered a great career opportunity in Toronto but I want to leave North America as well. I just can’t really pass a good thing up when I’ve worked towards it.
        God speed bro hopefully I’ll be there in half a decade or so 🙂

        1. Just found an in to getting a masters in design without having to get any prerequisites for it. And the prof is offering to put me on a grant.
          It would really round out my resume and make it unique as a guy who has both a science and arts background.
          The opportunity will probably disappear in a year as the prof matures his lab (he is a new prof who obtained remit track at a leading Canadian arts school).
          It fits with my precious research and interests so I think I’d regret it if I didn’t take the opportunity.

        2. O_O
          Ok then… I’ve been wavering about it but you just convinced me…
          International girls I can adjust to.
          Seems like OCAD is getting some real international attention right now so the opportunity came up and I think I need to go for it.
          Thanks for the nod bro 🙂

    5. He never even said it, he just said he thought it was funny and defended it/encouraged it. Thus he was fired for poor humour at best.

    6. I’ve been commenting that story furiously, particularly with respect to an article written by an experienced employment law attorney.
      The Chinese internet is acting up so I can’t find the link but the guy’s name is Howard Levitt and he writes for the National Post. The name of the article is “Firing employee got Hydro One a lot of publicity; if it’s for cause that’s a bonus.”
      There are a few basic myths that have arisen out of the whole kerfuffle:
      1) FREE SPEECH! Wrong! It isn’t a free speech issue. Free speech only applies to governments trying to control the message. True, Hydro One is a crown corporation but that is far removed from what you can classify properly as censorship.
      2) HE SIGNED A Code of Conduct SO HE IS TOAST.
      a) While probably true, we don’t know for certain that he signed it.
      b) We don’t know the specific terms relating to sexual harassment so it is not completely clear that he violated the terms.
      c) A century of common law decisions has carved out exceptions and created limits on what the courts will actually enforce in terms of an employment contract regardless of what the contract says or how the employer thinks it should be interpreted.
      d) Whatever the Code of Conduct says, they can’t fire him summarily unless his actions objectively rise to the level of legal “cause”.
      3) THE Code of Conduct IS A BINDING CONTRACT. Not necessarily, as pointed out above. Your 40 hour a week employer has limits on what they can do to control the other 128 hours a week of your life. He was on his own time, away from the workplace, and not interacting with other employees. The only legal case that I could find which resembles this was from a decade ago when a middle manager was arrest for possession of kiddie porn. The company fired him a few days later and he lost the wrongful dismissal suit. There are a lot of factual differences regarding the company’s reputation in their community and the employee’s position within the company that all seem to favour the guy presently in the spotlight. In the interest of space I won’t put them into this comment.
      4) HE DESERVES TO LOSE HIS JOB. That is debatable but it is inevitable now the a spokesperson for the employer has got on their high horse, denounced the employee and proclaimed what a marvelous company they are for white knighting in an “extra-territorial” manner. Under Canadian law you can fire any employee, any time for any reason or no reason at all as long as you provide reasonable notice or compensation in lieu (ie. severance). The exceptions are regarding certain employment standards or human rights violations, collective agreements, or where there is just cause.
      5) HE DESERVES NO MONEY FROM THE COMPANY. That remains to be seen. Unless they can establish just cause – and it appears to be an uphill battle for the employer at this point, he is probably entitled to a severance package.
      6) HE WILL SUE FOR MILLIONS. Statutory severance is basically one week’s salary per year of service. He was making approximately $2000 a week, so if he was there for 4 years that would be $8000. If they don’t pay him at least that then he could have an Employment Standards Officer investigate and make a determination. If he sued in court he could get something like one month per year of service so maybe $35k. Small claims court has a limit of $25k. Unless he has something like 10 years with the company, it won’t be worth it to hire a lawyer and go to Superior Court. There are no cost awards in Small Claims Court and the company would have to lay out about $10k in legal fees just to fight him, so even if they win, they lose. They might not care because they are using other people’s money (ie. the taxpayer’s). A likely scenario is that they offer him two weeks for each year (which is pretty standard in most large organizations like banks) and have him sign a confidentiality agreement regarding how much they paid him. The long shot is that someone finds a smoking gun something like this: a memo indicating that they knew they didn’t have cause but chose to fight the whole way and spend money on lawyers rather than a settlement because that posture is worth hundred of thousands in free publicity to showcase their white knighting and not pay a dime to him. You might get into a six figure award for that, but certainly not millions.
      It’s a PR stunt being pulled by a government monopoly utility that is despised by the public at large.
      7) STOP DEFENDING HIM YOU MISOGYNIST! I’m not defending him. He was being a doofus and he got burned. What I am fighting against is the ability for corporations to control the private lives of their employees though the use of a “Code of Conduct” that purports to govern their behavior off-site and outside of working hours, and saying that the punishment should fit the crime (loosely speaking since there was no crime committed). Pointing out the fact that if a drunk woman in a bar was rude to me and happened to work for the same company, regardless of how much video evidence I had or what she said the chances of her being fired are zero. That makes me a realist, not a misogynist. More broadly, do you think that a Code of Conduct that purported to ban employees from marching half naked in a Pride parade would hold up in court? Double and triple standards.

      1. Thanks for the detailed info.
        Glad people are paying to this. What disturbs me most is how happy everyone is to see this guy fired, we though all the know about him is that he laughed at a stupid joke and got caught on camera.

        1. He’s getting it from all sides. There are the leftist SJW types who want criminally charged but there is also the conservative wing with their “what if it was your mother/wife/daughter?” rhetoric and the simplistic “he signed the contract, he is bound by it, and he fucked himself” meme.

      2. Again, this is a very slippery slope. SJWs don’t understand that their behavior, too, will be scrutinized and they could be punished (terminated) as well. They think all is well and good (for now) because a man was fired for his behavior. But, wait until a corporation finds reason to let go of an SJW (because their behavior is usually ten times as bad).
        It’s all a matter of time but SJWs have fucked themselves. Remember: it’s all about equality.

        1. The thing is, every bit out outlandish behavior by leftists is purported to be covered some or other “human right”. The figure they have the moral high ground somehow so if someone doesn’t like the way they act, then tough.

    7. Clark Kent.. In Toronto, women and feminists rule. What they say goes. A man cannot be be drunk and enjoy a day off work and act stupid if he wants to if it offends the feminist sensibilities of women and manginas out to “protect” women from violence and “sexual harrassment” (because a stupid albeit pretty funny internet meme like yelling “fuck her in the pussy” is part of “rape culture” and male violence against women).
      Fuck Toronto. Fuck Canada. Fuck feminists. Fuck the manginas especially who pander to these women and give them power.
      Enough is enough. Men need to take a stand here. How the fuck is it ok to fire a man on his day off work for simply laughing at a pretty amusing albeit politically incorrect meme??!
      Don’t forget that these delicate women who get “triggered” and offended so easily by a stupid internet meme are also “strong,” “independent” and “empowered” and can kick male ass in a post-apocalyptic world like in Mad Max…

      1. It’s so absurd that it continues to shock me, even though I see it literally all the time.

        1. This story really is disturbing to be honest..at how much power women and feminists and their white-knighting mangina men have now. They can literally destroy a man and his career for simply laughing at a politically-incorrect and vulgar joke during his private time when he’s off work.
          Don’t forget all the men rushing to praise the reporter for her “courage” and all the mangina men supporting this frankly totalitarian, dystopian culture of policing the behaviour of men in their off times to ensure they only think and say the “right things” according to what our current politically-correct feminist overlords have decided.
          Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party
          Thomas Molcair of the NDP Party
          Peter McKay of the Conservative Party
          I’m never voting for any of those parties or those people… Justin Trudeau is really the worst of them all though. He’s the biggest white knight and mangina there is.. always rushing to appease feminists and women.
          And let’s not forget the white knight, mangina men of the White Ribbon campaign who rushed to suck up to the reporter and are working to make sports events a “safe space” for feminists and women:

        2. It is literally the thought police with telescreens (iPhones) everywhere.

        3. Step 1 – make everybody indentured serfs via debt
          Step 2 – remove/limit entrepreneurship so everyone works for govt or big corps
          Step 3 – increase surveillance and data storage to remove privacy
          Step 4 – link every action you do not like to dismissal/prison
          Step 5 – Absolute Power

    8. This trend can lead to a very slippery slope….and ones that these SJWs might find turning on them in the future. If employers are going to start firing employees on the grounds of “behaving badly” outside of work, then these SJWs are not an exception (they are part of the problem). No one displays very bad behavior (in public or social media) like an SJW.
      This shit is going to come back on them, ten fold…and it won’t be pretty. It’s similar to wanting equality. We’re here now (in 2015) and it’s gotten ugly.

      1. The difference is that catching a woman behaving badly on film and showing it to her employer would be considered “patriarchy.”
        But I agree that it wont be a surprise if this stuff hits a peak and starts to tip over.

  11. My tip is to get into work and then study whilst working.
    I had 5 years experience by the time I graduated. Now I have 13. I moved up the ladder and studied at the same, or similar, rate so experience and study were married together.

  12. Here’s one big college mistake you can avoid making: don’t go!
    If you really have to, make sure it’s in pursuit of a degree in a reliable, in-demand field of work, so then you might be fortunate enough to start working right after college to get those tens of thousands of dollars in debt paid off faster.

    1. One thing I tell young men is before deciding on a major, go to an office which hires that career and see who is working there.
      If the office is full of women, except maybe two or three men who look as if they have Victoria’s Secret under their trousers, change your major.

  13. Have the army pay for it.
    Claim VA disability
    Receive Vet’s prefence.

  14. All great points. It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to go the route of postgraduate study, there are a lot of industries that will not only support you through your studies, they’ll also pretty much guarantee a job when you’re done. The oil industry, biomedical devices, civil engineering, and so on. I have a bunch of friends who got PhDs studying wind turbines; all industry-supported. They don’t care if the wind turbines are crappy sources of electricity, they just help to build them and it’s become a lucrative business with tons of places pouring money into renewables.

  15. I would add:
    5. Keep your student loan debt as low as possible. It is possible to graduate in three years, do so if you can.
    6. If you are eyeing grad school take off a year between completing undergrad and starting grad school. Get a job and save a few bucks during the gap year. People that go straight through tend to treat grad school as undergrad plus. It is not and that attitude can be very damaging your first year in grad school.
    7. Don’t get me wrong. Partying and girls are fun to be had on the side when in college. But, they are also a huge distraction that can cost your dearly. For the first few years you get out of college or if you ever want to go to grad school the biggest thing you will be judged on is your undergrad GPA. Do whatever you can to keep it as high as possible. And doing that probably means cutting out the partying and girls or at most keeping it to one weekend a month. I know sounds lame, but you get one shot at that GPA and a low one will haunt you for many years of your professional or post undergrad life.

  16. I am planning on attending my local state university to study Finance with the goal being to commission into the Air Force. Would this be a more viable and practical option than attending the best college I could get into (Duke?)I plan on getting a Master’s degree at a better college in the military. I got my tuition paid for and plan on living at home to save money along with working at the campus.

    1. The initial Bach is fine, if you’re going for a MBA later. For the MBA only the fortune 500 companies demand pedigree(i.e. ivy league). Not saying you can’t get into one of the fortune 500’s, but the ivy leagues jump you way up on their list straight from graduation.

  17. #4 should be numbers 1 through 5….all the same.
    Dont go into college debt.

  18. First thing about college is 1) is this really a 4 year job preparation program or 2) do you want a higher education for it’s own sake?
    Secondly, how many years of university are you willing to commit to: 4, 6, 8, 10?
    Third, do you have the academic ability to get into one of those extended programs?
    The fact is that except for business, engineering, nursing, social work and a few others, a bachelors degree does not prepare you properly to work in your field of study. The odds of getting a job in that field are vanishingly small. On the other hand, most employers demand a degree for their entry level white collar positions so it isn’t a complete loss.
    However, if you are willing to commit to more than 4 years, and can jump through the hoops of standardized tests and GPA level, there are many possibilities:
    >A 1 year BEd, then try to land a job in Ontario as a public school teacher and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.
    >A 2 year MBA isn’t what it used to be but it can turn that otherwise useless undergrad degree into something marketable.
    >A 2 year post-graduate diploma. The curriculum is basically the last two years of a bachelors degree in the same field. For instance, the UBC film department offers this. If you already have a bachelors degree you skip the first two years of the film degree and jump right to your junior year. On graduation, you don’t get another bachelor degree however.
    >A 2 or 3 year masters program. Most professional positions “in the field” require this.
    >A 3 year law degree. Nuff said.
    >A 4 year medical degree
    >A PhD program that will be 4 to 10 more years.
    Note that for teachers, lawyers, MBAs and doctors, it doesn’t matter what your undergrad degree is in as long as you can score a good GPA and high marks on the required entrance exam (LSAT, GMAT, MCAT – but this really doesn’t apply to teachers, who tend to have notoriously low achievements). So you learn what you want for 4 years, get good marks, gear up for the entrance exam at least a year in advance and then use the professional degree to land a good job.

  19. YMMV if you are American, but if you are a Canadian 17 year old consider joining the army reserve, specifically the military engineers. If you are not going to college it gives you experience in trade work. If you are studying (civil) engineering the officer program will give you hands on experience with construction and project management. The pay isn’t bad. You are not forced to go on a combat tour and you can quit any time you like.* After graduation it is a part-time career and adds to your network, like a frat would.
    The side benefits is that you are forced to get into shape and chicks dig the uniform (although, the engineers have the crappiest dress uniform of all).
    *There is always a small possibility of the shit really hitting the fan and being called up.

  20. “Limit your dicking around to one day a week, or save it altogether until you’re done.”
    Unless youre on an athletic team, dont chase pussy.It is a waste of time in this feminist age, and an express lane to working at T-mobile with two kids and 60 credits of incomplete coursework.
    If you are on an athletic scholarship, I offer my condolences and some family law attorney referrals. You’ll need both.

  21. Get college out of the way BEFORE getting that working holiday visa overseas. I went to Australia after my second year and then got distracted for half a dozen more before going back to finish my business and law degrees. It all worked out well for me but in retrospect I think I defied the odds so I wouldn’t recommend interrupting your undergrad degree to travel. The world will still be there once you finish.

  22. anything less than the top grades is unacceptable. Limit your dicking around to one day a week, or save it altogether until you’re done.
    pretty good advice. I’d give it to younger me.

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