Women Only Hate Female Objectification When They Can No Longer Profit From It

With her Hollywood and silver screen career options all but dried up, former Charmed actress and constantly near-naked attention-seeker Rose McGowan is now a “leading” feminist. As you would expect, this transition occurred after her looks (which never approached those of co-star Alyssa Milano) had well and truly begun to fade. McGowan is not alone in making this spectacular shift. Pamela Anderson and professional SJW Natasha Devon are among a growing crowd of women who rail against “sexism” and “objectification” after years of trying, often very successfully, to sexualize their youth.

Seeking to cash in on her new-found fame as an unhinged SJW, Rose McGowan launched the “Rose Army,” a kind of personal cult that tries to hide the overt narcissism of its creator by supporting campaigns against “domestic violence” and “female objectification.” Full SJW mode is just a button away for her. For instance, she attacked gays for not being feminist enough and, probably projecting her jealousy over not landing a significant acting role for an eternity, claimed an X-Men movie poster promoted violence against women.

So now comes the task of reconciling the new Rose McGowan with the old one, whose self-objectification is best described by this infamous photo with ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson:

Excuses, excuses…

Rose McGowan has tried to gloss over her past history of self-objectification and sexualization by saying she was merely a pawn of the patriarchy.

McGowan is now even blaming her past personal feuds, such as with a fellow Charmed actress, Shannen Doherty, on patriarchy, sexism and female objectification. Sadly, this very public attention-seeking, in which McGowan wrote Doherty an open letter, comes at the same time that the latter is suffering from cancer. But, you know, a girl’s gotta attention-whore, including when another girl she used to have cat-fights with is about to die.

Rose McGowan has a lot in common with Pamela Anderson. Ex-Playboy cover model Anderson, after an entire career made from taking her clothes off and otherwise selling her body as if she were competing for a championship, has now come out against pornography. She may not be bad for a gal nearing 50, but her best years are a good 20-25 years behind her. I would wager that Pamela Anderson hit 45 and spent the last several years in denial, before she decided to lambaste an industry currently lauding nubile girls in their twenties and not her. Pornography addictions are bad, but Anderson showing these new colors in 2016 is nothing short of a joke.

Anderson’s position can be summed up by the following two pictures:

Time when she did not condemn pornography:

Time when she condemns pornography:

Previously, a lot of attention has been paid to fat or unattractive girls being feminists. These activists are nominally against the sexualization of women, but appear to be driven primarily by envy and the need to diminish society’s praise of attractive females. Whilst there is a lot of truth to this, it only tells part of the story. The rank opportunism of feminism is perhaps better explained by women who once made a career from selling their appearances and have subsequently turned on the industries whose financial teats they used to suckle. And what better time to turn on these industries, whether they be the pornography, film, or modeling markets, than when your looks no longer allow you to actively participate in them?

This phenomenon runs parallel to female athletes both utilizing and complaining about their sexualization. Attractive tennis players like Sabine Lisicki (and unattractive ones like Serena Williams) have made careers out of wearing revealing on-court clothing, which is much more for show than practicality. But when the chance presents itself, Lisicki and others have moaned, like at this year’s Wimbledon, about how manufacturers’ designs make them show too much skin. Many of these girls may not have lost their attractiveness yet, but they pick and choose when objectification is bad, just like celebrities whose looks have abandoned them.

It’s not just famous people

Natasha Devon.

Many Return Of Kings readers will remember Natasha Devon from her awful performance against Milo Yiannopoulos during a British Sky News debate on fashion mannequins. There seems to have been an eerie timing in Devon’s transition from self-described former model to SJW. She founded a so-called body image education program in 2006, in her mid-twenties. I don’t know about you, but this seems to be the sort of age when non-famous models in particular face the meat grinder due to competition from younger, fresher girls.

As she hurtled towards 30, Natasha Devon penned an article for Cosmopolitan magazine on bulimia, which morphed into a regular monthly column. Then came “The Self-Esteem Team” Devon created in 2012. Frequently with government funding, “The Self-Esteem Team” has essentially applauded obesity, Britain’s number one health crisis, and sought to re-engineer what humans are programmed by evolution to find attractive.

Devon, along with Anderson and McGowan, may chalk an anti-objectification epiphany down to age, experience or something similarly convenient, but the changes happened neither at the height of their self-sexualization careers nor during the pre-wall protracted slide. Always be on the look out for when exactly a woman took up feminist or general SJW activism.

When a woman complains about the “objectification of women,” it usually means a) she never had the goods to begin with, b) her goods weren’t enough to compete with other girls, or c) her goods are well and truly gone. There is a delicious irony to option c), as countless women will milk their looks until nature–or a half-decade of alcohol or drug-fueled benders–takes them away.

Feminism as projection

It is par for the course in today’s political climate that our enemies describe us as sad momma’s boys who play out failed encounters with women through our beliefs. Of anyone, Roosh has faced this entirely baseless criticism the most, all because our opponents have been unable to actually refute what he and Return Of Kings say.

We need to turn this idea of projection against feminists, even more than we have before. Modern-day feminism is itself the domain of women seeking easy comforts from an ideology that explains away either their own faults or their most primal fears about a harsh, uncertain world. For women whose looks are now washed-up, feminism enables them to label objectification as wrong and soothe the crushing blows that come from no longer getting the attention they were used to.

Rather than seeing these women as twisted and evil, it is better to perceive the behavior for what it is: desperation and the shocking realization that they are sexually irrelevant.

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331 thoughts on “Women Only Hate Female Objectification When They Can No Longer Profit From It”

    1. Because she doesn’t have to. She’s a girl living in the US. Being formerly hot taught her that just showing up was good enough to get what she wanted.

    2. because rampant male thirst will make excuses for all cunty female behavior. THAT is ultimately where the problem lies.

      1. The problem is that men aren’t saying no, that I agree with. But it
        can’t be the root cause because we’re in something relatively new.
        Maybe the ultimate problem is too many men. For much of human existence fewer boys made it to adulthood than girls. Wars and work killed off a lot of men. Many men were off doing things as well. This left women with far fewer choices and men with a much greater ability to say no.

        1. I don’t think so. Population wise, there isn’t much difference between the numbers. It is just that MEN are being tricked. If every (or at least, majority) of MEN are strong and don’t entertain arrogant, bitchy cunts (especially those who claim & talk about equality and imitate MASCULINITY) then things will be reversed pretty soon.

        2. I fully agree that if men just say no then it’s fixed. But there is has to be more than mere social trickery involved. It exists but it’s got to be more than that. Perhaps it is because we don’t have frontiers any more that alter the distribution of men and women. Or that the state protects women.
          Naturally more boys are born than girls. 105/100 if the cite I checked is correct. This evens out when more boys die but if almost all children survive to be adults then there will be more men than women. What currently evens the entire population is the old age side of the scale. We aren’t interested in that. But in the reproductive age sector we should end up with a surplus of men or a decrease in deficit. This chart tends to support that:
          It’s certainly a multifaceted problem. But men being tricked into not saying no isn’t the root cause. It starts further back.

      2. Decent looking tall guy I am semi-friends with recently started dating a girl his age (mid-30s). I mentioned some places I meet girls, places where I’m likely to meet hotter younger chicks and he made some comments about how dating a younger girl is creepy… WTF man, WTF.
        They’re thirsty for post-wall girls like McGowan, because they’ve been shamed into it. You know the biology makes them crave the 20 year olds, but I guess they’ve told themselves that’s racist and evil.

        1. I went back to my hometown, a college town with a large state university, over the summer and there were hot young 22 year olds everywhere. I’m 28 and most of my friends are around the same age and many of them said that the girls around there are too young for them. I don’t know what kind of brainwashing has happened here in America but I’m glad it missed me. I’m not really looking to meet any girls over 25.

        2. A decade later, you will still be attracted to that same age of women. That’s really sick that a guy in his 20s thinks a college girl is too young for him. Yeah, they’re immature, but they don’t get much better with age.

      3. Excellent ! I guess that’s the root of the problem. How ironic the Society is ! A female:
        =Craves for Sex as much as a Male
        =Needs Sex as much as a Male
        =Thinks of Sex as much as a Male
        =Fantasizes Sex as much as a Male
        =Gets as much Enjoyment, Satisfaction, PLEASURE and Health benefits as much as a Male (In fact, More than a Male !!!) and that too for FREE ! FREE of COST !!!
        And yet this Society makes/forces us to Pamper & Entitle the cunts.

        1. And no body is forcing Cunts to do Porn, Walk Bare Chested, Slut Walks, Deliberately and Desperately S/Exposing to get attention (aka attention seeking Whores !). They are doing this for their own benefit and for their own interests and selfishness. Problem is, they made it a habit of Blaming MEN and playing Victim card. You missed the point and simply using words to vent or vomit your disgust.

        2. This will be my last reply to your kind of femicunts. Why !? Simple reason, saying something to your kind of pussies is like: Throwing stone on pile of shit !!! Aren’t you shameful of how you side track the point ? Go get some “free pills” on Tax Payers Money !!!

      4. Exactly. She has a healthy female physique in the USA. That’s all it takes to become a famous sex symbol. Laughable. She is just another girl on the street in Europe or S. Am.

    3. Because somehow the patriarchy forced her into doing this against her will and now we men must live with the fact that we are literally Hitler.

    4. Because of Societal & Legal Double Standards and “Free Pass” given to pussies, including this kind of sluts and whores.
      And partly the blame also goes to “Manginas”.

    5. Because hedonist gamers and marxist cucks put them on a pedestal. Hence the contradictory nature of being a slut and seeking empowerment, at the same time. Test consistency and it all falls apart.

  1. Same attentionwhoring, different outfit. The see-thru mesh top and the shaved head both scream the same thing: “Please, please look at me!”
    Seriously, the total lack of personal agency and responsibility for one’s own (handsomely profitable) actions is intolerable. If these entertainers feel exploited, they should see what it feels like to have an office job, sometime.

    1. True, but that never gonna happen ! As long as these kind of “pile of shits” are pampered and given “free pass” to do whatever they want, to behave however they want without facing any consequences and no accountability and no control; this will go on …

      1. And who pampers them and gives them free shit? Men. You should be just as pissed by your brothers who contribute to this nonsense.

        1. No, I am not pissed because of my Brothers. I am pissed with retards like you. MEN are being socially forced, pressured and brainwashed to pamper Cunts; ignoring the basic fact that Cunts need MEN more than MEN need Cunts. Got your answer ?

    2. She whines about the being a “pawn of the Patriarchy”, yet still enjoys the spoils of it. If she was a true “activist”, she would give back all of her ill gotten gains and demote herself to plebe status. Not holding my breath on that one…

  2. If you think about it, women suffer from an internal hell called their minds. They need husbands and their own children to care for so that they don’t have to look within and wallow in their petty self-absorption. Married moms in their 30’s usually have their acts together better than these stupid sterile broads who tasted money and fame in their youth, only to see the goods of celebrity turn to ashes when they hit The Wall.

    1. Men need male responsibilities to grow up, it’s no different with women though they’ve been accustomed to living the carefree life of a consumer. They need female responsibilities to grow up as well.

      1. When my father got out of the Army Air Force, around the time the Air Force became a separate service, he worked in a slaughterhouse briefly before he used his G.I. Bill benefits to go to the University of Oklahoma and get a pharmacy degree.
        Could you imagine today’s snowflake boys taking jobs in slaughterhouses?

        1. LOL….decades ago when I was a boy growing up, my father would NEVER eat hot dogs. Whenever hot dogs were available at picnics or anywhere, I’d always get one but he would NEVER touch them. He said during the summers while he was in college back in the 1960s, he worked in a slaughter house cleaning animal guts up. He said he saw exactly what was used to make the hot dogs. The leftover junk. LOL.
          My father back in his younger years was a very manly 6’5” man’s man. He went to college during a time period when a lot did not, but he also worked jobs that would mentally destroy any college snowflake today: slaughter house, bailing hay, shoveling corn starch from trains cars, and bending re-bar by hand on an assembly line. There’s no freaking way any snowflake would work one of those jobs today for a minute.

        2. As someone who is familiar with meat-packing protocols since the 90s, I can assure you things aren’t the same as they might’ve been.

        3. THis is why women make less money and live longer. They choose professions that paly less and work less in a year(teachers) and they choose safer jobs. Accountants versus underwater welders. I’m sure your father had experiences he saw of hands arms legs getting mangled.

        4. You’d think they’d take a paying job where many in the field are unionized and there’s always demand for meat. Fuckin faggots would rather sit on their asses to work with the asshole public and report to some turd-world brownie owned shit operation.

        5. This is why I picked up an electricians apprenticeship. I’d rather pull wires all day than work with the public. Gives me the willies!!!

      2. Responsibility yes but not marriage or a family since all men need to do to grow up is be self sufficient.

      3. What a moron you are ! MEN are always MALES and take up responsibilities, there is no point in saying “Men need male responsibilities”, unless you are a weak, pathetic, miserable and inferior pussy.
        And you are talking about “they need female responsibilities” !!!???

        1. It may be obvious to you but it’s not obvious to the equalists or many in the MRM. OK? No need to be a dick in the combox.

      4. We have. We have bills to pay, a house to keep clean, to work everyday, to learn, to study, to develop ourselves. And the smart ones to not have marriage these sorry excuses of women in the West, to cook for ourselves and to clean after it.
        The only greatest difference is that we don’t have a culture and society saying that we’re special snowflakes that deserve all the goods of the world due to our sex.
        Women have it. And they become batshit crazy when they understand it’s not their sex. It was their sexy young freshness. That goes away after they hit the Wall.

    2. Yeah, youre probably right about that- I used to work with a woman who went back to school for an MBA at an Ivy college (I used to think that was impressive) but now she is pushing 40.
      No husband. No kids. Over the course of 10 years(her best) she bounced around the country for better paying gigs, a 2 yr layover for that MBA sandwiched in between. I’d say she moved 5 or 6 times within 12 years- how do you establish anything stable if you bounce around the country like that?

      1. It’s simple. They get what they deserve. She knows very well what she is doing and now she has to face the consequences. But, fortunately for her and unfortunately for us, the State takes the place of a Husband to pamper & feed her, at the cost of Tax Payers Money !

        1. and they almost always become/remain leftists- you just know most of those women over 35 protesting whatever never married or got divorced

      2. That’s very common too. I’ve come across countless numbers females like that. And you’ll even see them on dating sites always with the intro of : “I just moved into town….”
        They bounce around the country because they are on the affirmative action circuit. Since they have their piece paper that says “MBA” on it, there are always companies or corporations across the country looking for female affirmative action hires. So over the course of their younger years, they have their pick of what states or area of the country they want to live in. They typically own very little and live in apartments so they can literally pack up and leave at a moments notice to start their first day at work at XYZ corporation to fill a $100K affirmative action “representative” job.
        And to add to that, a guy-friend of mine posted a photo of a semi-attractive female on Linkedin along with a typical college educational resume/profile. He said he was getting constant emails of job offers across the country. Some bogus, some not. But that’s what it’s like to be a female that is just somewhat cute with a piece of paper that says they went to college.

        1. ok she went through the bullshit to get a MBA now she a affirmative action hire? fuck that, hell after attending a big ten univ and some of the bs the profs put you through, hell anybody got my respect

      3. If that is what makes her happy, then so be it. What is annoying to most of us though is when they realize that a relationship and family are further and further out of the question and they start to throw temper tantrums because of it.
        Ladies, sacrifices must be made. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Once you have eaten the cake, it’s gone.
        Men are required to live by the choices we make, or don’t make. No one gives us (nor should they) sympathy for any poor choices we might make that make us unhappy.

        1. I’m eating cake right now and I am getting paid a hefty sum to do it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

        2. Something there is HEFTY but I bet it ain’t the money….
          Yes, I’m trolling. I know I am and I do not give an actual fuck about what you think in response.

    3. “Married moms in their 30’s usually have their acts together better than these stupid sterile broads who tasted money and fame in their youth, only to see the goods of celebrity turn to ashes when they hit The Wall.”

    4. I know a girl that was a well-paid fashion model when she was 25. She
      married a baseball player and used her looks to squeeze every dime out of life. She recently turned 35 and I saw her share a news story on Facebook that read “A Woman’s Value Is Not In Her Looks.” It’s amazing how the instincts for self sufficiency and alternative value kick in as soon as women figure out they can’t use their looks. It’s a survival mechanism from our ancestral past. I am patiently waiting for her to start sharing stories about man hate as that is almost always closely behind a female’s feeling of being ignored.

    5. Imo the sexiest older women are the solid mom types, who are mentally fit & even just moderately attractive. Older women trying to maintain the edge they had at 20 are like a 30 year old 5.0 Mustang trying to act like it’s still the hottest shit on the block.

        1. Saw a 45 y/o hottie at Lowe’s last night, dressed well too. With her husband and son, and on the way out the kid had his arm around her. Wanted to just tell the husband, bravo sir, beautiful family. Like it or not, women are somewhat the backbone of a society and either strengthen it or fill it with criminals.

    1. Donovan, read your article about black women and agree 100%! I would like to add the following:
      I am a bit long in the tooth and I will try to give an abridged version of my five decades on planet Earth so far and how as a black man, it hurts that I can’t even bring myself to speak to black women except when it regards work or I encounter them as servers in restaurant or checkout clerks in a store.
      First, I was born in Compton CA in the mid-late 60’s. The birth canal I emerged from should never have bore children for she was raped and abused as a child herself, in and out of foster homes, and lived during Jim Crow America that gave her an even greater resentment for herself and the world around her.
      With that, I bore the brunt of her physical and emotional violence. When her marriage started falling apart, I was then, “just like your father” and the beatings with extension cords, hot wheel tracks and fists started. One of the last interactions I remember with my mother was when I was 16 and she was slapping me around, and I finally stood up to her and told her to stop… she did! I was angry and could have broken her neck right there and then! I was also a little bit a taller than her and ready to kill her! She sensed it and luckily for the both of us backed down!
      Now before you say that I am turned off from black women because of my mother, let me state that there are many reasons I don’t value black women as sexual partners (mulatto, pass for white, and dark skin).
      First, I understood in my 20’s that my mother was damaged goods when my mother met my father. My father even said as much to his now deceased brother a couple decades ago. Yes, I find many similarities in my mother and far too many black women, but I want to just deal with issues that affect me as a man today:
      1)Black women for the most part are irresponsible and they give birth to children who are just as irresponsible as them.
      My Grandmother (black) was a damn good woman and I could encounter someone like her, I would marry her in a second, but her type, have all but died out. Today most black women are living in a fantasy world that places themselves and the center of the Universe and nothing else matters. It’s very hard to have a relationship when you are competing for dominance with your mate.
      2)Black women have very poor self-image of themselves and as a result it Is transferred to their mates and offspring.
      My mother was medium/dark black, and brown eyes, yet green colored contacts and auburn permed hair was the image of the day.
      3)Being who I am and going through the abuse during my early years by so many blacks (male and female) it is difficult for me to feel safe around them. I was always beaten up because I spoke like a ‘white boy’, or carried model rocket books, math books, and science books under my arm.
      Blacks have a way of consuming their own like no other. It might be the conditioning of slavery; if a slave got out of hand and started to read and write, the other slaves would tell on him to master and get him beaten but good! It’s the same in 2016 as it was in 1616… sad really
      As has been pointed out, black women realize they are the lowest on the social-economic-mating ladder, and they resent that. Instead of realizing the negative stimulation that is being done to them, they lash out: loud, abrasive, anything but feminine.
      Now, I have my own set of issues: I am too intelligent for my race; I don’t fit the stereotypes. I realize that by saying this, it makes me seem like a dick, and yes I am! I can however back up my claim:
      Gardena High computer club president in the 1980s.
      Won a programming scholarship from Hughes Corp.
      Kiwanis essay winner
      Mensa member, tested IQ in the min 160s, genius starts at 137.
      Metal and Jazz guitarist. Fundamental chord progressions and modes (scales) I practice daily. In high school I was introduced to Motely Crue, Sound Barrier, Dio and never looked back!
      Graduated El Camino college in the mid 80’s with degrees in inorganic chemistry and music. Then attended U.C. Berkeley and double majored in Physics and Astronomy; graduated class of 1992.
      Radio Ham operator and used this with my childhood hobby of model rocketry, to fly (Amateur TV) ATV payloads to the edge of the Stratosphere out of Black Rock Nevada dry lake bed. Some people use balloons, I along with other team members used solid propellant rockets: 6” diam. and over 25 feet long.
      I will post old VHS footage of this on my youtube account: Jonathan D.
      A national record holder of a dozen rocketry records (visit nar.org under records you will find my name under the C-Division adult records).
      I fly radio control and full-sized gliders; working on my license.
      For the past 23 years I have ran my own computer consulting business, incorporated and working at places like America Express, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, and other Fortune 500 companies.
      I [BRING] home 6 figures just sitting at a key board 40 hours a week, running AIX, Linux, Solaris, Oracle SQL (I am a certified Oracle Database administrator.), VMWare, Weblogic and various other IT related technologies.
      There are other things but then I would appear to be bragging.
      Now take all this in, and if half of it is true, you can easy see how I have about as much in common with a black woman as a turtle has with a bird.
      Whenever I see black women in public I look away or at my phone, I try to make to it as clear to them that I am [NOT] interested in them, yet a few persist and then become violent when I don’t take the easy catch.
      Dating outside your race is a MUST for a black man who is professional and upwardly mobile. A black woman is like that crab pulling you back into the bucket with the other crabs. As I said above, my grandmother was from a different generation; a generation where the father of the child was ‘shot-gunned” into marrying the woman he impregnates. There were very few bastards running around black America then as there is today (3 out of 4 black births are bastards). My grandmother would never have known what twerking was; she was a classy woman, not like these nigger bitch whores of today.
      Just had to share my thoughts; not THOTS!

  3. Those “A Bikini A Day” Instagram Whores Devin & Natasha are gonna be PISSED when they get on the wrong side of 30 and start seeing their minimal effort – maximum profit bikini schtick crumble as they are replaced by the next hot nubile young things.
    At least in men’s careers (which actually create value for society), wages and salaries stay on an upward trend up through our 50s.

    1. If I had tits like that, I would also be monetizing the millions of thirsty guys that would inevitably be following me on Instagram.

    2. A bikini a day – this is female entrepreneurism. sigh, As much as objectification gets aimed at men as a criticism of their behavior, women especially young women are a big factor in perpetuating it as well imo.
      A. In exploiting their looks & sexuality to get extra advantages in life, for example like these 2 women, and then
      B. there are the millions of women who subscribe, like, discuss, and buy their endorsed products.
      I read an article on the top 25 Instagram women, and every one of them were young beautiful women, and these women were only famous because of other women. Men are not making them internet stars because of the bikinis, fashion, makeup, cooking, health advice.
      Young women like associating themselves with attractive & popular women in their social circles or in the media. I’ve read articles from female editors at women’s magazines who tried to change things by using bigger models, less beautiful models, no photoshopping, and what they found was that sales of their magazine went down. When they changed back to how it was before, sales picked up. Feminists would like to have you think that Rupert Murdoch or William Hearst are overseeing all the pictures of women in their magazines, but that’s bs. Cashed up women consumers have a big part to play in shaping media, and when they are young & sexy they like product association with young & sexy women as much as men, though not for quite the same reason. The topic of this article, is something I noticed over the years from women I know. The ones who exploited it then rail against it when they can’t leverage their looks anymore are hypocrites.

      1. Women controlling the buying power is an enormous the problem. I’ve read something like 70% of purchases are made by them. When you think of most of the sick and degenerate industries (MTV, instagram whores, the celebrity culture and all those magazines and shows that support it, gossiping) it all stems from women making purchases that supports these industries. If women no longer could spend frivolously, but instead were given a small stipend from their fathers or husbands for basic necessities, most of this crap would dry up overnight.
        Women could still attention whore on Instagram with bikini photos if they wanted, but without the advertising, it would be clear they were just whores. I saw that Kardashian trash on 60 minutes recently, and she was trying to describe herself as a legitimate business, a product, a serious entity. No, bitch, youre a white trash whore, end of story. A man is never going to buy any product you endorse. Women, for whatever reason, will.

        1. I saw a statistic where it was actually 85% of the material economy is fueled by women. When they get their affirmative action $100K+ corporate jobs, they blow that on as much clothes purses and shoes as they can. Rest goes towards hair makeup and the vacations so they can post to facebook of which beach they visited.

        2. A greater percentage than population is fueled by blacks. They are voracious consumers, especially of anything with social value.

        3. Which explains why they depend so heavily on marriage when The Wall smacks them face-first, and the Carousel ride is over. Too bad that they’ve ‘poisoned that well’.

        4. Wow, at 85% it becomes a vicious cycle. When women are that powerful, they must be catered to, which leads to a more feminized economy.

    3. Well if they’re smart enough to cash out or wrangle a reality tv deal, they might make book and be able to retire by the time their tits surrender to gravity.

  4. You have to wonder: Do young women who want to become actresses and other kinds of celebrities bother to read biographies of women in older generations who chose this path? Because you can find plenty of examples of ones who crashed after they aged out of their bankability. The way these women turned out might discourage some young women who have enough self-awareness to see that similar things will probably happen to them.
    Using biographies to get some insight into a career path, or as guides for a proper conduct of life, sounds more like something men would do. ROK has published numerous examples of that.

      1. Heh. Audrey’s father supported fascism.
        Gee, nobody talks about fascism these days. ; )

        1. True, but after the War he was pretty much out of her life completely. If you really sit down and look at Audrey Hepburn, all she wanted in life was to have a family.

        2. Fascism isn’t that different from a lot of the ideas we promote here. I don’t support all-out fascism, but it’s clear that complete and unfettered freedom isn’t a great idea either.

    1. They might read them, but think, “Well, I won’t make X, Y and Z mistakes which were clearly what lead to her problems (and not the celebrity lifestyle in general).”
      Just like how everyone thinks “If I won the lottery, I’d spend it sensibly so I could live comfortably for the rest of my life without ever having to work again. I wouldn’t squander it all in a few short years on hookers and blow like those other idiots.”
      But when they win the lottery, they think “Hell, I just won £10m. What’s the harm in spending £1 or £2m on a fancy car, a nice big house and a lavish party to celebrate? I’ll still have plenty enough left to live on afterwards.” By the time the planned few months’ celebrations are over, they’ve become accustomed to living like that; they end up pissing away the lot on gold-plated tat just like all the other mugs who won the lottery and then went bankrupt before the decade was out.

      1. basically….and the thing is you can tell people this till the cows come home, but they will do it anyway.
        its why lottery is a tax on stupid people.

    2. What good would it do if they read the biographies? They’ll think it won’t happen to them so it doesn’t matter.

      1. Yep, the reality that puts paid to that stupid Satayana quote simpletons like so bad, the one about those who don’t know the past repeat it.
        People almost always know the history, they just think “Yeah, but I’m not as stupid as those fuckers; I’ll do it right.”
        You know, like every communist ever says.

        1. Yeah, and the Socialists too.
          “The only reason Socialism hasn’t worked is because it wasn’t done right!”
          IOW, “…because I wasn’t in charge!”

    3. Women don’t read that shit. They want to go down the wrong path and meet the wrong men (and women). They love the misery.

      1. Correct Victor…many, many, many women search for Mr. Bad Boy over and over again……even though they have been shit on by all the previous bad boys.

        1. The definition of insanity to repeated the same mistake over and over and expecting a different outcome. I’d venture to say that all women are insane on some level.

        2. I never made the connection before, but that probably explains the fact that over half of them are on psychotropic meds of some kind nowadays.

    4. “The way these women turned out might discourage some young women who have enough self-awareness to see that similar things will probably happen to them…”
      That’s because the younger women these days ALL believe that SHE is a ‘special snowflake’ and has the ‘golden vagina with a platinum uterus’ that will beat the odds.

  5. Attention-whoring translates into a form of crypto-power on account of its plausible deniability. Specifically it’s the power that accrues from being able to operate at two different levels, an official overt level that operates at the level of public and political discourse, and a semi-concealed level that we understand intuitively or unconsciously, but which is difficult to articulate at least within respectable politically correct speech. Another way of putting this is that the message sent is split into two parts: the encrypted and the unencrypted parts, where the encrypted part operates invisibly under the surface while the unencrypted part presents itself openly as the whole message. The operation of power in this regard involves exploiting the contradictory messages being signalled. Fortunately, this encryption system is in the process of being cracked and once this not entirely ingenius enigma machine has finally been decoded we will have full access to the feminazi communication system

    1. jesus…spot on post. Women are like the DaVinci code . You have to be like a CIA agent/psychiatrist/psyop specialist to understand them…

    2. What a long-winded and convoluted way to say that the image people project to the outside world may be different or at odds with what they are inside.

      1. You seem to have missed the bit about the ‘crypto-power’ that relates to plausibly deniable narcissism. Such narcissists rely upon being able to communicate a ‘real meaning’ beneath the surface communication without anybody being able to prove that that is what they are doing (hence the plausible deniability). That is an operation of power, whether or not they may be conflicted about it, as they can not only benefit from the thing they are complaining about (in the case of attention whoring) but are also able to ‘invisibly’ (or thereabouts) create the conditions from which the benefit / complaint arises. There is an entire stratum of political power based on this strategy. Say, as In the article, you have a woman presenting substantial cleavage complaining about being objectified by men – today, many people might recognise that she is deliberately contributing to the situation she is complaining about and might speculate that she secretly enjoys the attention. Yet, in terms of public discourse this observation remains virtually anathema. When journalists, politicians, parliaments, the UN discuss the sexual objectification of women for instance, they will never discuss the possibility that such attention may be enjoyed, let alone the possibility that in some cases that objectification may have been set up to be enjoyed and then complained about. The point is that the operation of power here depends on there being a gap between what can be done and what can be said

  6. “unattractive ones like Serena Williams”
    I don’t go for the muscle woman look but there are men who do, hence that comes off as just a nasty to be nasty jab. Distracts from the article’s point.
    “When a woman complains about the “objectification of women,” it usually
    means a) she never had the goods to begin with, b) her goods weren’t
    enough to compete with other girls, or c) her goods are well and truly
    There’s often more to it though. A frequent lacking of other qualities besides their looks and gender. They have nothing else to offer. That’s what sends them down the SJW rabbit hole. Feminism gives them an outlet. There are one dimensional men as well, usually based on athletics or some such but we just never hear of them any more because there’s no outlet for lashing out in the world for their own one dimensionallity.

    1. It’s also how they evaluate male attention (or lack of it). Feminism can teach even attractive women that male attention / admiration may be toxic, however this will rarely if ever happen to an attractive woman who is confident about herself and her looks, as a healthy ego is far more likely to be able to accept attention etc as complimentary.
      It’s also worth remembering that attention may also be experienced as a mirror of the self. There used to be a page 3 model (the UK Sun newspaper) called Sam Fox who was kind of a ordinary looking blonde with big tits who became beloved by lorry drivers and working men across britain back in the 80s. Eventually she came out as a lesbian. She did an interview with the comedian Frank Skinner which I think may in part explain why she switched teams – he made this throwaway comment about the only thing a working class sun reader wanted to be happy was a naked blonde with big tits. Sam Fox lost her looks rapidly, went over to Japan, became a pop star (though back in Britain she was known exclusively for being blond with big tits) and tried to validate herself as a human being, eventually going lez with her ageing manager who managed to persuade her what a special person she was, what a wonderful singing voice she had, presumably without hardly mentioning that she was blonde with big tits. Basically the image (her objectification) she got from her working class builder’s mate phwoaring and wolf-whistling on the construction site didn’t do anything for her sense of self. On the other hand she was happy enough to take her top off for years, while the attention lasted. Women are often extremely conflicted, above all when they get too much of the attention they desire, or if the latter results in a self-image they hate. Similar things seem to happen to strippers

    2. “I don’t go for the muscle woman look but there are men who do, hence that comes off as just a nasty to be nasty jab. Distracts from the article’s point.”
      and some men are attracted to fat asses? your point? muscle women and fatasses are not hot. and it is a sick thing to be attracted to them.

      1. That’s not the point of the article. The point of the article is when objectification goes from being acceptable to unacceptable in the view of those who may be objectified. That statement detracts from the article’s point with the author’s subjective opinion. The fact that she has used objectification when it benefits her is all that is relevant.
        As to the point you’re making in a hunter gatherer society strong fit women would be an advantage.

        1. strong fit women are different from muscular.
          women only need so much muscle…..see puberty gives women lots of fat. boobs for instance which are basically sacks of fat, serve two purposes. to lure men in because OMG BOOBS!!!! and to breast feed. if a women has to much muscle her boobs suffer and she becomes an inefficient mate in said hunter gather society.
          furthermore her hips during puberty widen and gain fat. this is to give her child bearing hips which coincidentally enough men tend to find this look attractive.
          so no….big muscular women are not at an advantage because if they gain too much muscle they then become ill-equipped to bear children.
          that being said….they should be fit to an extent. but not overly fit or overly muscular. unlike a man who can look overly muscular and it is not big deal.

        2. Apparently you want a very different topic. Please find an appropriate article. I should have have even entertained your tangent for even the few characters I did.

  7. Even when I was younger, I never found Pamela Anderson that appealing. Way too much make up all the time. But funny these women have to make themselves relevant somehow.

  8. “Feminism is nothing more than a sexual trade union for women who are too old or too unattractive to secure a mans affections and provisioning.” -Nick Krauser

  9. I was never a fan of Rose or Pamela. Both seemed like bitches to me. Oh, the irony though. Imagine how many men these bitches rejected in their prime, how many nice guys they turned away. Now they aren’t getting approached as much (or at all) and it tears them up. Therefore, they say, “Don’t enjoy porn, don’t look at young hot women because of ME, ME, ME.” You see, they never gave a fuck about objectification before. They just don’t want the competition to get attention. Women can never grow up. It’s not in their nature to do so.

    1. Salma Hayek has been complaining about this lately. Funny, I googled to get the actual result which I read just a couple of weeks ago, and all I can find is stuff talking about how she was annoyed when Trump asked her out years ago, and how aging is not as bad as she thought it would be, which is exactly the opposite of what she recently said.
      It was something like how sad she was that guys don’t even approach her any more and it’s hard for her to find acting jobs (and she still looks pretty damn attractive). I think she’s married and she said something like how glad she was to have locked down a man when she could. Feminists have since scrubbed this comment from the net.

      1. Salma Hayek was never a great actress. She was competent and could be compelling when cast in the right role, but her appeal was mostly sexual. She was that sexy little latina that men wanted to bang. Nobody really took her seriously.
        Her accent can be annoying too, which doesn’t help. Time has been kind to her, but in some respects it has rendered her unemployable because she doesn’t fit anywhere. She is too old to play a hot young thing but she seems out of place when playing an older family woman.
        Overall she is complaining about nothing. She is lucky she made it as far as she did given her limited talent.

    2. It’s the same reason why older women hate when men look at younger women. And the closer she is to the man’s age, the more the older woman’s outrage.

  10. Rose McGowan has a double-whammy going on. She’s not that hot to begin with, and she sucks as an actress. Speaking of “Charmed”, she’d better work on being charming (as all women should after hitting the wall), because if she doesn’t she’ll be alone for the rest of her miserable life…

        1. Fuck yeah. I’d be like “pass.” I’ve seen her here and there on TV and she’s always been a bitch. She even told some older chick who interviewed her that she (Rose) had better boobs than her. haha…now that’s happening to her.

        2. How strange ! Assuming that this retard has “better boobs”; so what !? Did she “crafted” her boobs ? or Did she put any “effort” for better boobs ? or Did she “created” her own better boobs ?
          It is something that’s quite “natural” damn it ! It’s a GOD gift ! Being “well endowed” doesn’t mean that particular female is Intelligent, Capable, Hardworking, Decent or anything similar !!!

        3. Like most. Overreliance on simply being female will do that.
          Got my bet right, but too close to be arrogant about it. My (black, but unbiased) coach thought the Kovalev won that one. Great fight regardless.

        4. Good job, my friend. I took a pounding at college football yesterday, but I was due for a pounding. That’s part of the game.

        5. Good-looking women nowadays seldom realize — nor acknowledge — the fact that “beauty” is a physical quality that they will possess for a finite amount of time. One day, they will no longer be ‘beautiful’ and that is the day when they will have to face the results of the cruelty and arrogance that they exhibited when they were younger.
          Karma ALWAYS wins.

    1. I would bet that (like all Western women nowadays) she would rather be a hate-filled feminist, spewing nonsense and dying a crazy old cat lady (that ultimately gets eaten by them), than EVER be ‘charming’ whatsoever…

      1. What’s funny is (and maybe I’ll write an article about this, or somebody else will), in the case of older feminists who spent their lives riding the carousel, many of them found out that it was all a scam (feminism) when they got a lot older. As in, when they hit 50, or 60, or 70. Because what they wanted most, they didn’t have (children). And they had time to think about the message of feminism, and what it really engendered, not what they claimed it engendered. (What it really engendered, being bitterness and a hate-filled way of behaving and talking and thinking, to the point where nobody – especially a decent man – wanted to go anywhere near them.)
        But yeah, in most cases, they are just too stupid to figure it out, and they want to go on being filled with rage, bitterness and hate…

        1. Yeah, I agree…but I’d bet that they would rather “want to go on being filled with rage, bitterness, and hate”, than ever do any introspection — or (even worse) EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER admit that they were wrong.

        2. Yep. And society and lawmakers are encouraging women to do zero introspection – they are enabling and encouraging the “I’m not accountable for my actions” mantra. It’s pretty sickening. And when you think about that part (social engineering, and the lawmakers) you can see it’s part of an overall plan…make the craziest component of society (women) act even crazier, by giving them the green light to do and say whatever they want while remaining totally unaccountable.

        3. Yes indeed. They are clueless. They need supervision. But they have been programmed, and then turned loose to run wild. Ah well. All we can do is work on ourselves and make so much money that we can pick and choose which crazy cunts to be with…heh.

    2. she was still the hottest of the charmed chicks.
      aylssa(phoebe) would have been hotter probably but she had fucking short hair for like half of the show.
      while that show entertains me….it is very much girl power centered….she probably started believing her own fantasy character.

      1. Lena Dunham emphasizes how utterly un-oppressed womyn are in the west by the sheer fact she’s living the high life off a bogus rape allegation & being FAT.

        1. Yes. Dunham is far too young to be far too fat. She looks like she’s been eating bon-bons all her life without exercising at all.

  11. Check out the cunt below, Micah Moore (former porn star, real name Mallory Jasperson). After deciding it wasn’t a good long-term career move to take it up the ass on camera, she decided to attend college in her native Portland, Oregon. Of course, she now wants to be a social worker and “help survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking” (in other words, she wants to blame somebody else for her slutty, porno past and try to make herself look good, while continuing to be an attention-whore for as long as possible).
    I took a screen shot from the article located at the link above, featuring this slut’s quotes. Click it to enlarge. It is some hilarious shit that is worth its weight in pure gold, and dovetails with what we are discussing here…

    1. Whenever I hear the word “empower” I laugh and walk away. Every single time.

      1. Feminists just can’t get enough of being “empowered”. If they wrote a book about being a fat lazy slob and having their periods they would call it “empowering”.

      2. Yep. Empowered is the utilitarian leftist buzzword for unaccountable. (It has other meanings, too, of course. Very utilitarian…)

    2. They never stop attention whoring. And attention whoring is whoring. And whoring is boring.

    3. Many females who go into porn or broken girls and are often abused. Especially if they have a drug problems…so easy to make anyone do whatever you want, so long as you provide them their fix. She should be commended for trying to make something of herself while she’s young. Wouldn’t you rather she do that now, rather than her end up as some old useless junkie whore no one will ever hire, and sucking off the government’s teat?.

      1. If that were the case, sure, I’d admire her effort. But she was no junkie. Here’s her story – she was working as a barista at Starbucks with her best friend in Portland when she was 19 (I actually know this girl). She and her girlfriend thought they were hot enough to be strippers. So they started stripping. Nobody coerced them, they both wanted to do it.
        Then, they both thought they were hot enough to do porn. So they did porn. Willingly. They contacted the porn agencies, they wanted to do it. Nobody coerced them. She (Mallory) never had a drug problem. She was not sexually or physically abused, she attended a Catholic high school and was a “good girl” prior to getting out of the house and going wild. She gave interviews wherein she said she smoked pot, but that was it. She basically just really liked sex and showing her body off. Until she hit the wall. Then she was “sexually exploited”. This stuff happens over and over. The girl wants to get dicked on camera, enjoys the hell out of it, then she realizes it was a bad career move. Suddenly she was abused or exploited.
        Now she’s a role model for future porn stars. They can follow her lead, do whatever they want, and then cry foul – and they will get sympathy and a “safe space”. There’s no accountability, they are all “victims” – but they love the hell out of it when they are doing it (porn).

        1. I’ve noticed that’s a common theme among any porn star. Some move on and work in film, others write a bio and cash in. Can’t say it’s not entertaining, heh.

        2. Heh. Yeah, it’s definitely entertaining. This particular girl is clever. Very much so. I thought it was a pretty smooth move for her to cry foul, after everybody in her hometown knew she was getting dicked on camera. They embraced her when she went back. Now she still gets lots of attention, but they look at her as a survivor. Here’s the funny thing – she still has “professional model for hire” web pages up, online. So she isn’t doing porn any longer, but I’ll wager she’s getting dicked at some of those “modeling” jobs. Probably whores herself out via those pages. “Shh. Don’t tell anybody. I couldn’t play the victim card, if you did.” That kinda thing.

        3. Just like a lot of hot young hookers worldwide who cash in big-time, travel at will, party all they want and then suddenly were ‘trafficked’ once they are replaced in their late twenties.

    4. Uh, where’s the woman that’s supposed to be featured in that article?? Because I don’t see one…

    5. She sounds just like Linda Lovelace (the ‘star’ of the 70’s porn classic “Deep Throat”) sounded after she had her own collision with ‘The Wall’ — i.e., she was a “victim”, she was “forced to take drugs and blackmailed into doing that movie”, etc., etc.. Check out her picture both pre- and post-Wall…

      1. Women are really something. I’m not sure what that “something” is, but as my brother-in-law once told me, any man who understands a woman is one.

  12. My wife reckon is us men to blame for female emancipation. Her theory is that the home appliances men invented gave women too much free time and when a woman has too much free time on her hands it is a recipe for a disaster. Funnily, another woman, Esther Villar happens to have the same explanation.
    To give their theory a credit the time period when women’s emancipation started coincides with the invention of the first electric and gas appliances.

    1. GOJ reckons it was the advent of the washing machine. Jabs- I bet he was old enough to witness it firsthand

  13. Much of feminism is actually hypergamy in action. That last picture with the girl about to bust out of her top, yet complaining that a man is looking at her chest as opposed to maintaining eye contact, isn’t feminism en total, it’s selective feminism via hypergamy. She would let any man who she deems hot enough stare at her tits (this is why she wore the shirt), but any man not meeting the mark (most of us) would get the feminism line.
    This is why feminism seems hypocritical, but it’s not. Men are told not to hit on women anywhere; no bookstores, grocery stores, or coffee joints, but women want to be hit on by men there and anywhere. That seems contradictory, but women do not want most men to hit on them there, or anywhere, just the hot ones. The hot ones know this since they have access to an unspoken set of rules, which any of us can have, too, provided we put in the work to present well. The takeaway is to append “unless you’re hot” to any feminist statement; it makes much more sense then.

        1. Do you believe Brad Pitt in his prime had to Neg women and play memorized psychological moves to get positive responses from women?

        2. Somewhat tongue in cheek due to his present situation.
          he is a “rockstar” and women chuck themselves on him…
          however, I think he is/was in the same position as most men by being married to Angelina…
          I just got the sense that she had him by the balls…And she is borderline…
          And now appears true with the career/reputation ruining false accusations.
          I also believe this is true of all “rockstars”.
          If they continue to pump and dump, hold frame, they are ok. However once they let em move in its all over – -can have the same situation as any regular joe…shit-tests, ultimatums, etc..

        3. Like Johnny Depp, he shouldn’t have abandoned a reasonably sane woman, for batshit crazy one. Crazy might be good in the sack, but there is a high price to pay on the back end of that train.
          Notice how when there started to be rumors of trouble she cut her boobs off. To leave her then makes him look like the biggest jerk in the universe (more so than he actually is). Now she’s claiming he banged his recent mothered co-star in that new WWII movie.
          Listen to SPH, don’t date crazy.

        4. Fair enough. My ‘very good looking men don’t get shit tested’ statement was in regards to Luke Stranahan’s comments

          That seems contradictory, but women do not want most men to hit on them there, or anywhere, just the hot ones. The hot ones know this since they have access to an unspoken set of rules, which any of us can have, too, provided we put in the work to present well. The takeaway is to append “unless you’re hot” to any feminist statement; it makes much more sense then.

        5. I think good looking men do get shit tested, but women will be more receptive to their responses to the shit tests than the shit they make average guys go through as far as shit tests are concerned.
          An average guy could pass every shit test with solid game, but then some better looking guy comes along and will not have to work as hard to impress a woman. The market is designed for the top 10% of men to be successful and this is why women get so frustrated and angry when they “cant find a good man”.
          They cant find a good man because they expect one who is in the top 10% and ignore perfectly decent guys who are well within their SMV, but emotionally, they feel cheated because they think they deserve the best. Women ultimately lose in the end because they refuse to adapt and think logically about their dating prospects.

      1. “9/10 men in looks aren’t getting shit tested” … FALSE
        You wouldn’t believe some of the shit tests and mind fuckery I’ve put up with.
        High-value men make women feel EXTREMELY insecure. Right off the bat their guard is up because they think you’re a player.
        So the very first thing most women will do is test for any holes in your armor.
        And in my experience, the hotter the woman, the crazier she is. The crazier she is, the harder and more vicious she’ll shit test you.
        Older women (sex and the city types) also shit test me hard as well.

    1. I knew an old geezer who looked like grandpa on Hee-Haw. He’d hit on any hot piece, grocery stores, anywhere. The women didn’t see him as a threat but were entertained by his antics and sailor’s cursing. He did get laid when he could corner the woman and he’d kick his game up a notch, when she realized in surprise that beneath his bluntly foreward demeanor, he did indeed have some wild balls beneath his overalls. Then he’d look them dead in the eye and say “Wanna take a ride . . . ”
      Often in old folks homes, an old guy in a bed will tell his nurse “I’d like to eat your ass like a tossed salad right now sweetie”
      I think the trick is to pull off ‘old man game’ while you’re still young and mobile.

      1. Really? If you have to resort to such tactics to get laid, maybe you you need to rethink (or better yet, lose) your “game”.

      2. “The old man game”… I used to have a line that got me laid once or twice. During the conversation I’d shoot:
        “Well, If I weren’t this old and impotent, I’d make you and indecent offer you couldn’t refuse”.
        .., dude, I’m not yet even 40.

    2. Are you trying to say that women are whores and all of them are constantly looking out for the bigger better deal? That they dress like sluts, yoga pants that show the precise outline of their vulva, simply in the hopes that a rich HAWT guy will notice them? That peons like us should avert our eyes as if the presence of greater beings?
      This is why history has always made women cover up. They are attention whores, and just whores. Let Civil War 2 start soon lord Moloch.

      1. I think one of the more popular plastic surgeries nowadays is vulvaplasty, where they cosmetically change the look of their privates so it doesn’t look like they are hiding corned beef in their yoga pants.
        Can you imagine the mind bender of someone who went into a coma in the early 90s waking up to the madness of today?

  14. The biggest problem is when you use too much logic in understanding
    female behavior. They always want attention and attention can also be sought by screaming about attention. I imagine sometimes this is intentional and other times they are just going the whim of their emotions.

  15. Pamela Anderson looks half her age. Her teeth are naturally perfect and she has straight non-bow legged legs, a ripping hip bone ratio and skin complexion that looks like she’s made out of indestructable rubber. I cannot say enough how her resistance to ageing shoots her value up tremendously. Those are some genes that a nation would kill for. I will hone in on her like a missile now. I hope she has daughters or daughters of siblings. I must get to the bottom of her rubbery looking immortality.

      1. (hepatitis c ?) But no you’re right Jefferson. Anderson went to shit. I didn’t see her older picture till now. The after picture of Pam didn’t load and I was commenting on her at 45 where she is quite decent still.
        But whooo did she go down hill after 45. It’s like her chromosomes did a sudden unwind and terminated. Like space ship Columbia slamming into the troposphere. Man did she burn up quick. Over a 5 year period. Scary shit. She was doing so good, not abusing her shit or getting wasted. It has to be genetic. Some latent terminator shit going on.
        I’m always fascinated with people that don’t age though. Try and explain this woman who is 84.
        Is she a sexual vampire or is it exceptionally robust genes? Mamie Van Doren was the original ho of hollywood ho’s. And she remains non feminist. She’s the kind of sex siren that wives and feminists alike all equally hated on. She screwed Rock Hudson, Elvis, Clark Gable and literally everyone else. She was discovered by Howard Hughes in ’47 and made a star. The three M’s, Marylin Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Mamie were the biggest hollywood blonde bombshell ho’s in the 50’s. The other two died. In grief she quit Hollywood but she still continued devouring men, many who are now dead! A real life sexual vampire?? This is her at 65. She hasn’t aged much in the past 20 yrs either.

        In the 50’s she was indeed hot. She was the closest thing to a porn star before fap porn was even invented. But such a HO. Does a sex siren sexual vampire suck the life force out of men and gain life extension?? Mamie in the 1950’s oddly resembled another sex siren that turned mudshark and was restrained into monogamous domestication by a negro and was then offed (whacked). The sexual vampire’s drive to be a ho is so strong, they’d rather die trying to fulfill their ho drive rather than be domesticated. Note the resemblence of 24 yo Mamie to Nicole Brown Simpson?
        Was it really the ‘glove’ or was Nicole’s a vampire slaying?
        Mamie is still running strong with the sexual energy and objectification, rape and social justice are the farthest thing from the mind of this nonstop turbine powered energy sucking pussy connected to a living breathing body.
        Have you ever wondered why 100 yo centurions featured in the newspapers are never followed up on the following year? People aren’t allowed to advertize their extreme longetivity. They’d best hide out or change their name after 100. Mamie’s ageing seems to be tapering off. She’d best hide herself before they off her too. If she goes anonymous, she could work forever serving at a truck stop and still feed her turkey out in the parking lot. She looks roughly like a 45 yo truck stop server who smokes and screws occasionally for some blow but certainly not 80+ doesn’t she? She’d have to lose the crazy hollywood hobag getup though. She’s not my type looking anything older than 25 and all, but man o man was she hot in the 50’s. Does (or did) she bite?

        1. Plastic surgery, dude. It’ll keep you looking marginally better for a few years, but it’ll catch up, and when it does, you’ll look even worse that if you were to just age naturally.

        2. In retrospect, quitting acting at his peak to become a boxer was probably not the brightest idea

        3. I saw an interview with him. He chain smoked and knocked down two diet cokes in about 20 minutes. Diet coke is about as good for your cellular health as chemotherapy. Even in that photo he is drinking coffee and some kind of power shake garbage, likely filled with splenda or some other toxin.

  16. That last pic is hilarious. So much truth in that, on all levels.

      1. The pre-fame-ish Pam was super hot. She was an amazing find, I hear she was first discovered in a football audience by a camera panning the audience and he just…stopped and focused on her. Rightly so.
        Her young self, God damn, I’d take ten ways to Sunday proudly. She’s no Grace Kelly but she ain’t whistling Dixie either.

  17. Pawns can progress to become queens. Unfortunately the princesses don’t want to do the work to get there.

  18. Show me a woman who bitches about “the male gaze” and I’ll show you a woman who never has, or no longer is, on the receiving end of it…

  19. It is par for the course in today’s political climate that our enemies describe us as sad momma’s boys who play out failed encounters with women through our beliefs. Of anyone, Roosh has faced this entirely baseless criticism the most, all because our opponents have been unable to actually refute what he and Return Of Kings say.
    Roosh is living with his mom (or was, earlier this year).

  20. Someone needs to tell her the bald-headed feminist revolutionary look was already done by Sinead O’Connor. Not only is she a post-wall attention-whore, but not even an original one. At least come up with something new like carrying a mattress around.

  21. Women truly are like children. They want to have it both ways.
    On the one hand they want to use their young female bodies to get what they want. On the other they don’t want to “be objectified.” In other words, they want all the benefits and none of the costs.
    I have a 40+ female divorced friend. Her hubbie divorced her when he discovered how much she ran around on him.
    Quite a hottie in her younger days, she knows how to play the sex card for her advantage. Unfortunately she feels invisible now. Men she wants seek younger, hotter, tighter.
    She recently shared a story on FB in the wake of the “grab by the pussy” hoopla. She breathlessly recounted a story of a man touching her inappropriately in a bar.
    I immediately saw it for what it was — false indignation and bragging. She LOVED the fact that a man considered her attractive enough to grope. She LOVED to share on FB — it was a way to signal to other women “I’ve still got it.”
    The day no man wants to grope her is the day she’ll lose zest for life.

    1. I always wonder if these whiny women were raised by wolves, or their parents didn’t bother to explain the facts of life to them, or their parents did, but they bought the Disney dream instead. Michelle Duggars’ looking more and more like a glaze-eyed idiot clutching her husband tight in desperation while ol’ Jim Bob’s slavering over young hotties. Women used to understand that when the fun was done they could stick it out for the housework, the married woman title, an annual mercy fuck, and look the other way – or leave. Now it’s like they pass 40, find a soapbox, try to repeal the laws of male nature, and look ridiculous while doing so.

    2. When the time comes, she will “come out of closet” and say stuff like “I’ve never attracted to men to begin with anyway.”

      1. She looks like this totally naive idiot to me who wouldn’t even understand what it means to be used as a dumb puppet. Lol. Of course, maybe the pictures are deceiving …

        1. I hate that cunt.
          I know you Germans are still in a WW2 hangover guilt-complex, but honestly that woman is instigating real fear and hate around the world.
          If she didn’t allow 1 million+ military-aged Muslim invaders into the West, I honestly believe that neither Brexit nor Trump would have happened. Never before in my life have I even considered world war.
          And if world war 3 does in fact start, she needs to be hanged for treason.

        2. Dude … she hardly looks like she even understands what is happening around her. She’s probably just memorizing stuff that her masters prepared for her without getting what it means.

        3. She was given the Coudenhove-Kalergi Award in 2010. Look up what that is and your jaw will hit the floor

        4. Don’t forget that she originally comes from Marxist/Socialist East Germany. That explains a lot…

  22. Other than Sinade O’Conner, every female that I’ve seen shave their head automatically grows their hair right back out after doing so. They never keep it buzzed. They want to make the most radical “fuck you” to the patriarchy as possible but know deep down that they won’t score any D without growing their locks back out.

  23. This era has forgotten that a well aged woman turns from sexy to elegant.
    Classy gals don’t exist anymore, everyone wants to be a young hot pin-up (without the dignity of a pin-up).
    Maybe they are afraid of change, or plain lazy…

  24. The promised land of absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Straight men will find a way to get by in the ‘progressive’ culture, can’t say the same for the straight women.

  25. Good piece… they are not SJW, no.
    Colloquially they are libtards or formally they are known as NFL (Neo-Fascist Left)

  26. excellent title for the article, very succinct explanation and also very triggering to sjw harpies too

  27. Rose McGowan hasn’t hit the wall that hard yet and would still be quite attractive with makeup and her long hair back. She was also still getting starring roles when she decided to have her feminist freak out. Similar to Angelina Jolie, I think she’s just going crazy. You also have to remember that Rose McGowan’s parents were members of the Children of God cult, so she was subjected to insanity throughout her childhood. Any wonder that she has now started her own “Rose Army” cult?
    I have to disagree with the writer about Alyssa Milano being hotter than Rose back in the Charmed days. They are both tens and judging at that level basically comes down to a man’s hard wired preferences, but I think Rose was far hotter than Alyssa or any of the other women on the show.
    Gotta envy Marilyn Manson for having had both Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese in their primes…

    1. The fact that two hot, famous women chose that mess of a human being in the nineties was the canary in the coalmine.

      1. A such as I’m proud of being a 90s kid, this is something that we can’t be too proud. This tendency to date the douche bad boy started in the 80s but hit full throttle in the 90s.

        1. Yeah the douchebag thing has been around but Marilyn Manson was such a deliberate freak show; androgynous, self-mutilating etc. For him to be the apex male was a sign of a very sick culture about to unfold.

        2. Cashed up famous muso, displaying success, confidence and dedication. Leader in his field. Is it really that hard to understand the psychology behind why it pulls? Back to Mystery PUA basics…

        3. I can’t believe you missed my point. A guy deliberately shitting on the concept of masculinity is viewed as apex. You can’t look back and see the canary in the coalmine there?

        4. I see where you’re coming from… although viewed from the female subconscious perspective, it makes no difference because the classic traits of what women are attracted to are still displayed.

    2. She has hit the wall and hard.
      What you do not grasp is the fact that these women got used to the attention of *ALPHA* males. That is not manlets who act like alpha but have nothing to show (PUA types), i am talking about real world alpha men, the likes of christian grey.
      Since you dream of aging beauties of the 80s you are yourself a low SMV man. Sorry m8 that sucks but it is like it is. You are the living prove. OF COURSE she could get one of you guys any day of the week still, but…this would be hell for her.
      She is used to top quality dick, with top quality lifes – not something ordinary.
      And it is the common, the ordinary the slighty better than average type she could get these days. This idea is disgusting for her. She wants to top but the top no longer wants her. That makes women crazy.
      She is no longer a 10.

      1. Where did I say that I dream of aging beauties from the 80s? Rose McGowan didn’t start acting until 1992, and I certainly don’t spend my time dreaming of her. Writing some observations and comments about a woman doesn’t mean I’m emotionally obsessed with her, sperg.
        Rushing to label another man as low SMV is a beta tell, twinkles…

  28. I love when guys have to feel shame for appreciating the beauty of an attractive woman.
    However, its completely fine when women are into shit like Fifty Shades Of Grey or Magic Mike?

  29. To pen the wisdom of women, “We have choices now, we don’t have to depend on men” Okay, Make the choice to work hard, get a degree and support yourself the rest of your life instead of feeding of the desires of men………skank.

  30. About 20 years ago when I was living in Portland, Oregon, this group of women went nuts because a strip club had opened up near a school zone. Night after night, for a couple of weeks, these women were on TV, demonstrating and marching and throwing a fit over the evil strip club.
    What everyone who saw them on TV couldn’t help but notice, however, was that the women were old, or fat, or ugly as hell. Not a single good-looking female in the bunch.
    So on the other side of this objectification coin we have the bitter women who never got a chance to be objectified. They seethe with jealousy and hate. This “demonstration” was the only way that they could get attention – so they went for it.
    In reality, what they really objected to, was the fact that they weren’t hot, they couldn’t get on stage and show their pussies to applauding, ravenous men – because of this, they didn’t want any other women doing it, either.
    Give ’em a genie in a bottle, tell ’em to uncork it, and they would all want their three wishes to be the following – make me hot, make all the hot guys want me, and, um, give me a bunch of money, too.

    1. If those ‘old, fat, and ugly’ women had embraced and then accentuated their femininity; dressed well, ditched the aggression and victim complex, and got a sense of humour, then maybe, just maybe, they would have found someone to wife them up. But i guess that would take too much self examination, so i guess it was easier to just demand that the world revolve around them instead.

      1. Yeah, I mean, women don’t seem to get that. Play the cards you are dealt. But drop the feminist anger and misplaced righteousness. Be nice. Be modest. Be polite. Be charming. Be tolerant. Hell, I’ve met women who had those qualities, and I found them to be attractive, despite their physical appearance. But today’s women just have to cultivate misery, I guess. They’ve chosen masochism over a shot at happiness. (Hell, maybe they’ve always been like that…)

        1. My grandmother and her friends were Scottish. They would use phrases like “Goodness Gracious!”. The kids were referred to a “dear” or “dearie”. Now? If I had a nickel for every time I heard a female say “suck my dick” to someone else…

        2. Anytime I hear a women reference having a dick or a boner to try and sound “cutting edge” or a “badass chick” that’s “‘just like’ one of the guys” I pat them on the shoulder and simply say “Best of luck after 40, you’re going to need it!”.

        3. “dearie” haha. Robin Williams had the old Scottish lady down to the tee in Doubtfire.

          Sally Field was such a professional cunt and like some wealthy Mr GQ is ever going to go after a single skank is unreal. Williams had a part in the plot. He may have believed into some of the notion that real natural forces empower the cunt. If only Williams hade woke up and realised that women are artificially empowered and weaponized by enemy forces and simply need to be bent over and spanked like children. It’s like if rughead youth gangs empower your kid to rebel against you as a parent. You go after the gangs. Similarly there are also gangs and armies of organized bitch forces that leverage and empower your woman against you to neutralize you whilst she is delivered into the nanny state.

        4. Now in all fairness, Robin William’s character was a bit of a happy go lucky, irresponsible douche at the beginning. Yet, a big reason he resorted to dress in drag was precisely because Field’s character wouldn’t budge, no matter how much he improved. Also, the movie makes it clear that father figures are still a must, especially for boys.

    2. Must be a transnational thing Uncle Bob, we have had similar where I am. I guess female insanity is a universal constant like gravity and beta orbiters.

  31. Somebody beat you guys to it on this idea.
    AF has been around for about as long as the red pill.
    He sees feminism as not an act of female empowerment but instead as an attempt to get power back.
    That considerable sex leverage was lost by women with the advent of the birth control pill (men had a lot more sexual options).
    And that rather than the pill empowering women the pill forced women to take power FROM men.
    It forced women into politics in order to get back the leverage that they had taken for granted for centuries. And that THAT was really ‘the problem with no name’.
    He also has a very interesting take on the left’s support of Islam.
    That feminists actually don’t see the burka as oppressive at all.
    But instead see it as a kind of equalizer whereby younger, more attractive women aren’t able to monopolize male attention.
    IMHO it’s even more basic that that.
    Of course no one has missed the fact that the feminist lot is disproportionately unattractive.
    There’s a basic reason for this.
    Attractive women almost never identify as feminists simply because they have no need for feminism.
    That is to say that the world already revolves around them. They have loads of beta orbiters buying flowers, gifts, etc.
    But ugly women have none of that.
    But, being the more reproductively valuable sex, females have long evolved the ‘gift’ of narcissism and the inability to take criticism of any kind (in order to take full advantage of their reproductive value to men).
    So how can the unattractive women make herself the center of the known universe?
    Simple. Raise a lot of hell.
    And that’s EXACTLY what they do, right?
    Take that Trigglypuff land whale for example.
    Basically she doesn’t exist.
    Until she flails her arms and screams at the top of her lungs.
    Then she becomes, at least for a time, a kind of minor internet celebrity.
    Same goes for Sarkeesian and all the rest.

    By contrast young, attractive women tend to not like feminism because attractive women, instinctively, understand that feminism is a wallflower advocacy group that seeks to bring down the gold (them) so that the rust (the fems) can win.
    See, if the attractive women have their way then they will get the lion’s share of male resources.
    But if the fuglies get their way then those resources will be distributed equally among the parasites.
    Indeed, the entire feminist scheme of government husbandry is testament to this fundamental strategy of the wallflower female.
    You now see clearly why conservative women are usually the attractive ones while the liberals are the fugly?
    Fugly women, who can’t procure a pack mule (er husband) want to acquire money through taxation of male productivity while conservative women want their mules (er husbands) to not have to pay taxes because then all his earnings go to her.

  32. Imagine the gratuitous stuff Marilyn Manson did to her vagina and asshole….guaranteed a diseased, banged out corned beef sandwich!

    1. Roast beef? Please don’t ruin my lunch. I’m fixing to use my Arby’s coupons soon.
      What you mean to say is ‘BEEF CURTAINS’ which is totally different from the delicious food known as roast beef. Not to be confused. The beefy apperance is only a likeness but technically there’s nothing literally bovine about it. It’s ‘BEEF CURTAINS’.

      1. Good joke, but that’s just part of the natural variety of the pussy (beef curtains, second picture), not some abuse-instigated prolapse.
        I was at a show in San Francisco once and the highlight was the performer would tie her lips around a dollar bill (or maybe it was a $20; that would have been classier). Oddly enough I was in the front row and at one point it seemed to me both her and the audience wanted me to eat her out. But… I didn’t know where else that dollar bill had been.

  33. Fine article. I must say, though, that you might have chosen a better Pamela Anderson story. I read the one you linked, and it contained this gem:
    The co-writers’ feminist-unfriendly, heteronormative opining is unabashedly focused on traditional family units and heterosexual men, a highly privileged demographic that they would like to convince us is at risk and under siege.

  34. Long story short:
    Women need constant gimmicks after the ones that work,don’t work anymore.
    This is part of the reason why Facebook is so popular.
    They can be whoever they need to be at the drop of a dime.

  35. See, if the message was around not just depending solely on looks to get by, thats one thing.

  36. I guess Rose is still pissed that Robert Rodriguez didn’t leave his wife for her. Oh well. Here is her best work, for your viewing pleasure:

  37. I love women that revel in their femininity. Probably why I have dated so many South American women instead of American women.

  38. Rose McGowan. sigh she was wasted on shitheads like Marilyn Manson. seeing her like this…its just sad and pathetic. oh well next.

  39. Here’s a great game bit if a girl is wearing a “look at my tits!” outfit.
    Interrupt her with an upheld finger and “Wait wait hold that thought.”
    Then make a big display of staring at her tits for a few seconds.
    Then look back at her. “Ok had to get that out of the way. Now what were you saying?”
    Women LOVE THIS. Like catnip.
    Some of them will act all indignant. Hold your frame and double down. You’ve sidestepped her beta trap and entered alpha land.

  40. A quick google showed me that this article is a little off base. Apparently, McGowan was fired by her acting agency last year because she publicly tweeted a casting note from Adam Sandler that she deemed sexist. So it’s not really a case of her having lost work due to hitting the wall–her acting career had never really been at the blockbuster level to begin with, and she could certainly continue acting in her usual CW type shows and mid range movies if she chose to do so.
    Her feminist views are certainly repugnant, but we shouldn’t force them into a false narrative about what really occurred.

  41. Men don’t want Pam or Rose anymore so really what should they do with themselves? They’re irrelevant now and all of this “Rose Army” stupidity seems inevitable. Pam has a few sons I think (?) so maybe she’s feeling some guilt or something. Oh well. Rose was never the same after that bad car wreck.

  42. Good article, but I think it is more than just convenience for former beauties: it is a way of resolving an existential crisis. The crisis of not being the centre of attention. Sexual attention is like a drug to these women, and as they get older the level of attention declines, even in this cougar obsessed environment which creates the illusion of demand.
    Men have a right to feel indignant at what appears to be blatant hypocrisy, especially when it is combined with self righteous behaviour, but it really is just an attempt by aging women to transform weakness into strength.
    I don’t feel too sorry for them though because women who go down this path are generally the type who overly relied on and exploited their looks when they were young, often to the detriment of those around them.
    Women who exploited their beauty to the absolute fullest in their youth are virtually guaranteed to become bitter bitches when they reach middle age. It is almost like a law of physics.

  43. Ahhhh. Sherman, set the WAYBACK Machine for Grad School.
    Pretty girls (who flirt) versus the Plain Ones, with whom no one would flirt, and after a lifetime of this, have become embittered harpies.
    These Embittered Harpies found a new home and dignity (?) under the Red Banner of feminism, and made it their task to strew the dancing floor for men and women with land mines.
    All’s it took was one or two of these EH’s, particularly when they were on staff or faculty, to put a screeching halt to the meet markets in the Student Commons and libraries.
    The Plain Ones finally had their revenge against the Pretty Ones.

  44. Just give you a perfect quote: “… it was in this light that the ancients and people of the East regarded woman; they recognised her true position better than we, with our old French ideas of gallantry and absurd veneration, that highest product of Christian–Teutonic stupidity. These ideas have only served to make them arrogant and imperious, to such an extent as to remind one at times of the holy apes in Benares, who, in the consciousness of their holiness and inviolability, think they can do anything and everything they please.
    “From: On Women — By German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    1. Although I love dogs, I think that any dog who resembles Hillary should have its butt shaved and made to walk backwards…

  45. >2016
    >Caring what a bunch of post-wall sluts are doing or thinking
    >Caring what any woman thinks
    Just, no.

  46. I don’t get why women get so hung up on objectification, men are equally objectified. If it’s okay to have a topless attractive guy in the diet coke adverts, it’s okay to have a bikini clad woman in beer adverts. There is nothing wrong with looking at someone attractive, it is a perfectly natural response.

    1. The difference is, that it’s a “crime” when men do it — particularly, all men who are not rich, handsome, famous, or otherwise give women ‘da tingles’.

  47. Women above 35 are a crime against nature.
    The reason we traditionally valued the wise old woman was because there’s been a lack of them, birth and life tended to be dangerous not so long ago.

    1. Now that “mature” women have become so much more common, they have gotten really cheap, in other words.
      Also we can see from the much larger sample pushed in our faces every day just how ridiculous they look and sound. I can’t think of any woman I know whom I would consider “wise,” in the sense that I could go to her for advice I wouldn’t laugh at.

  48. Well, it’s common knowledge that models when they’re young tend to sexualize for cash, and when they hit the wall and nobody desires them anymore, they embrace feminist activism precisely because nobody wants to fuck them anymore.

  49. Rose McGowan just had a BJ/kitty showing vid “leak”. Wonder if she’ll blame the patriarchy for it. Funnily enough, it looked/sounded like the dude grabbed her by the pussy at one point. 😉

    1. Feminism is for women with no sexual value who think they should treated the same as hot women basically sexual socialism

  50. I doubt Pam Anderson had the problem of men rather looking at porn than banging her when she was younger. Lol that is a sign that your looks are gone

  51. I don’t follow “modern culture,” so I have no idea who Rose McGowan is. And frankly, I don’t give a damn!

  52. This is so true!
    What’s funny is that even when Rose McGowan was young….she still wasn’t Pretty, at ALL!
    As for Pamela Anderson she needs to tone back the Make Up! Plus her ex husband gave her Hepatitis…..so that’s probably Not helping either!
    But, yes I know of women like this……and you Nailed this on the Head! Best Article! 100% correct!

  53. Well, I guess being a blowhard idiot is a viable option too classy / refined / elegant lady. LMFAO like that was in the cards.

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