The Power Of Feminism

While I have no ambitions to change the world, watching the manosphere grow has made me wonder if our beliefs are becoming mainstream. Is it possible that one day the views of game guys and men’s rights guys will crush feminism and repair its negative consequences on society?

I looked at feminist sites and blogs, trying to to estimate their traffic and userbase when I could. I’ll spare you the effort: the feminist sphere is formidable  The manosphere has less than 100 blogs with a least modest traffic, but they have thousands. Jezebel alone gets more visits than all of us combined.

They have 99% of women in their corner. They have all the beta males and white knights, which alone outnumber us ten-fold. They have all the gays and transsexuals. Even when you step out of the internet realm, they’ve infected higher education, government, and the media. Not only do they have near unlimited power to push their anti-male agenda, but they literally have millions of minions that spread their message. I estimate there are less than 100,000 guys in America who have firm red pill beliefs. We’re essentially extremists.

If this was a real war, we’d have to run into the mountains and resort to guerrilla fighting because of the size of their army, but this is not a war. We’re not fighting them. While they should be checked when the opportunity arises, any efforts to destroy them is ultimately futile. Society is not ready for men to reign superior. Forcing it will result is few gains. I could dedicate my life to changing America, by signing up one million dedicated culture warriors, yet still fail in the end. Unless you’re trying to target specific legislation or take down the most egregious of feminists, war is a less useful use of our time than working on ourselves.

It pains me to admit that feminists were successful with their revolution. They had a long laundry-list of changes they wanted to enact and they got it all while men of our generation are left feeling stunned and powerless. But there is something they can never take away from us: the power of choice. It’s possible to make choices that avoid their revolution and its effects. You can choose whether to buy products that mock men in advertisements. You can choose which woman to date, and whether or not to take abuse from them. You can choose whether to pay tuition for a college that has a radical woman’s studies program. You can even choose whether to live in countries that don’t have a feminist stronghold.

For me, those choices have already been made. In the past couple of years, except for five months in Scandinavia and one month in America, I have not been exposed to feminist women who have a deep-seated hatred of men, and on the rare occasion I do meet one, I simply stop talking to them. It really is that simple. My only exposure to them is from what I read online, and in that case I don’t feel anger but sympathy for the men who still have to interact with them.

If feminism contain lies, and manosphere sites contain truth, that leads to a question of whether we should actively bring in other guys into the fold. Should we expose them to teachings that help them get what they want in a society that is wholly against them? I say probably not. It will just be like trying to teach a guy game when he hasn’t hit rock bottom. There will be a part of him that knows it’s what he should learn, but he’s not yet frustrated or angry enough to accept a new belief system. He’ll close his eyes and shake his head like a petulant child refusing to take his medicine.

If a beta orbiter is getting validation that makes it seem like his compliment and cuddle strategy will some day in the next ten years lead to sex, he will not want to suddenly give that up (until he’s 30 years old and realizes he’s still a virgin). If a man thinks he’s in a happy marriage, he’s not going to care about men’s rights (until he’s raped in divorce court and loses custody of his kids). I say forget about feminism and the guys who insist on changing their tampons. I say let them destroy society. With the thousands of us already here, our energy is better spent helping each other instead of trying to change the world. The truth is they already won. The best we can do is find our own happiness.

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  1. The only advice I can give guys is to try to find a way to be happy and enjoy life on whatever terms it presents itself to you. Some things can be changed, some can’t. Some things can be changed with great effort, but maybe it’s not worth it. Changing the culture is impossible. Challenging the government or legal system is suicidal. For omegas it comes out awfully close to MGTOW, but that’s OK. If you have the opportunity to live and work in another country, go for it.

  2. As men we should focus on how much we have gained from some of this ridiculous feminist nonsense. I’ve been reading manosphere blogs for about 2 years now. For fully aware red-pill men, there has NEVER been a better time in history to get lots of free pussy without any real commitment. Forget all those white-night lovesick beta douchebags who want to trap themselves in marriage situations. They’re idiots. Most rational, intelligent, and secure men can understand that this will always be a man’s world for those men who aren’t stupid halfwits who believe everything they’re told on TV.
    Roosh: I love your writing. It’s very insightful. If we want to attack feminism, (which we really don’t even need to do) we have to use reverse psychology. Have we learned nothing about women? If you want to get something to stick in their craw, we should all start praising these feminist hags for making sex so easy for us to get. Nothing will piss them off more than knowing that they’ve facilitated easy, cheap, non-committal sex for guys like us.
    The point I’m trying to make is who cares about feminism and society? What has society ever done for us? As men we need to enjoy this pussy bonanza while it lasts. Don’t feel sorry for guys who make bad choices in life like getting married. It’s got nothing to do with us. As men, we need to enjoy the fact that on any given night, you could go out to a club or bar and take home some totally willing chick and not have to commit any real financial or emotional resources to her whatsoever. If that’s not progress for men, I don’t know what is. Sure it’s bad for society and there’s no way this will last forever, but who cares. The decline of Rome was a total orgy. We might as well just enjoy our American orgy.

  3. We can’t force our manosphere beliefs on others. You’re right about a few things though. Men will not accept game until they hit rock bottom and consciously decide to use their innately unique male rationality to figure women out as best they can for their own benefit. That’s how I arrived at the manosphere; I hit rock bottom and got fed-up. That’s the beauty of being a man. We have the ability to think rationally to solve our problems rather than blaming society, feminism, etc. Blaming extrinsic forces and not being self-reflective to solve personal problems is what women do.
    Clearly, there is a growing market for manosphere ideas. Let’s let market forces dictate where the manosphere goes. The manosphere is growing steadily on it’s own because men are realizing that something is wrong out there and that their current beta beliefs simply do not work in today’s modern society.
    One glaring difference between men and woman is that men truly want to help other men when it comes to gender relations. Brotherhood between men is a very real thing. Any man who has sisters or has spent any time around women will tell you that women are petty and ultra-competitive with each other with regards to men, sex, etc. They tend to not have a strong sense of sisterhood. How many women have had their best friend simply turn their back on them for no real reason whatsoever? When a girl gets engaged, her BFF cries tears of jealously and resentment, not tears of joy for her friend. Sad, but true.
    The manosphere exists for the benefit of all men, and women who want to become better human beings. The manosphere is growing on it’s own because there is a growing market for the important information and ideas exchanged in the manosphere. The content is very broad indeed because the issues are so complex. We need to make sure that the information on here is less about attacking feminism and more about male self-improvement. Certainly, men need to understand feminism to understand the society in which they live. We would be doing men a disservice by not informing them of this nonsense. However, we should focus more on helping each other, getting the information out, and letting market forces dictate the fall of idiotic, irrational feminist ideology.

  4. Over the summer I’ve been reading manosphere blogs with reckless abandon, and many of the things expressed therein I’ve long believed, but failed to put into words or been punished for suggesting such masculine (and therefore, pro-feminine) thoughts and behaviors. Now that I’ve taken the red pill, I wish to bring it to the men I care about in my life: my twin brother who just got married and my 3 younger brothers who are growing up in this country’s hellhole of a school system.
    The question is how? How can I introduce them? “Here, just read through the archives of these handful of blogs and you’ll get it.”? They haven’t had the necessary experiences in life to motivate them to take the red pill, to know that something isn’t right. How can I show them the way to stop molding their lives around the pleasing and serving of women into taking the red pill and leading lives they consider fulfilling to themselves? I know this kind of sounds “evangelical,” but I really do want to save them from a life of betatude, the fate of the herb, and the misery of the married AFC. I don’t want them to become experts at 19th century russian history too.
    I have looked, googled, and explored the archives of your main blog, the blogs on your blogroll, and the blogs of your friends, and most of it is, to your credit, deeply involved and very focused on specific issues.
    Do you have any idea where I could find a primer on the modern manosphere? Somewhere I could point my brothers and friends to start their journey down the rabbit hole? Does such a thing even exist?
    If feminism has destroyed society, then I want to save those I can. They need not go down with the ship like so many others.

    1. My two older brothers got caught in the beta, serve women trap. However, my younger bother seems to be savvier about it all. Take your younger bros under your wing and explain this stuff to them. Just remember that red pill awareness cannot be taught. It’s an awareness that must be arrived at through experience. There is no other way. Many men will continue to get trapped. Such is life.

    2. Send them a blog post that answers one of their problems. Don’t say anything about the source. If they’re interested, they’ll read more on their own.

    3. Fornax tell your brothers to google a free book called ‘The Principles of Social Competence’. That single book is like a user manual for the game of life. It’ll teach and prepare the reader with everything he needs to know about getting his needs met (relationships, sex, women) and exercising his masculinity in a hostile feminist society.

  5. When you put it that way, it sounds like a worthy challenge. To topple the interests of thousands of unintelligent women combined with thousands of manipulated men. Yes it is a challenge, but a challenge that is still exciting and worthwhile.

  6. Here’s how you defeat feminism. Use mainstream infrastructure to attack feminism. Whenever you see a misandrist or pro-feminism online article on a high traffic site, drop breadcrumbs to the red pill.
    1) Ask people to Google any one of the following phrases:
    “wedded abyss” or “misandry bubble” or “manosphere” or “false rape” or “divorce theft” or “rotating polyandry” or “paternity fraud”…
    2) Ask readers and commenters to educate themselves and spread the word.
    Do this on high traffic websites and let the knowledge spread like an online chain letter.
    That’s it. Rinse. Repeat. Return to your life.
    Chain letter + Internet = Viral Spread Gangnam Style
    No need to post links or argue with anyone. A few fake accounts on NYTimes, WSJ, Disqus, Facebook or Twitter would help. If you can afford it, outsource. Hire people for less than a dollar an hour from oDesk or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to spread the word.
    Ours is an insurgency. To defeat a powerful foe, we need to use asymmetric warfare tactics and strategies.
    If you agree with this method, cut and paste (or quote) this comment on sites throughout the manosphere. Attribution is not necessary. Improve it as you see fit.

  7. Am I the only one not seeing the “war” here? Don’t take dating advice from women and don’t get married. Isn’t that it? Why do we have to convince women of a certain viewpoint. Each gender is obviously bipartisan to its own interests.

      1. Wrong Tim.
        This is war!
        If you do nothing, your rights will be destroyed…
        while all the women are fucking the top 1% men.
        You will pay and get nothing in return…
        while the feminists laugh in your face and steal your money
        Take a look around the world…
        Lower fertility rates, rise in homosexuality, broken homes, smartphone society…
        Because we have done nother, we are already working uphill…
        The only thing the Manosphere needs is better marketing….
        to recruit new members and give them the red pill.
        So they can TAKE BACK their lives and live like Kings (btw nice domain Roosh)

  8. How come Roosh doesn’t post meaningful articles like this on his main website? Instead, he uses it to post dysfunctional pua (poo-ah) crap

    1. I think that’s why he created this website; to be a little different than the other one. I like this new Return of Kings website. It’s got lots of different, short, meaningful articles that cover a broader range of topics.

  9. Roosh, you grossly underestimate the adoption of red-pill beliefs. I’d say, at least in my experience outside of the manosphere, that we have a lot more support of at least our more “moderate” viewpoints, mostly amongst men but also amongst some women too. Too many outcast 18-21 year olds who’re wising up and taking charge.

  10. Feminism was necessary to bring balance. Let’s not swing too far in either direction again.
    I’d also advise you not to see in terms of friends and enemies. Highly dualistic thinking is not favorable to self-actualization.

    1. Speaking of self-actualization, Roosh, I clicked on your Happy Man link and commenter Solo wrote that you forgot “spirituality” in the pentagram, which he sees as an important component of a happy life. You replied “I’m atheist”.
      Doesn’t matter. Spirituality does not require you to believe in a god. That’s the beauty and genius of the rational Asian systems of knowledge such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, etc.

      1. Ah, yes, those rational Eastern systems. The buddhists who pioneered suicide bombing in Sri Lanka as an assassination technique before Hezbola. The relgious tensions between India and Pakistan that are still the most likely provocation for a nuclear war. The Mahayana Buddhists that indoctrinated fighters in WWII for the Japanese, giving them spiritual license to rape and murder the Chinese. Let’s not forget that Confucianism teaches one to know their place, and not try and elevate themselves.
        All the same bullshit beliefs, just a slightly different face.

  11. The manosphere may be growing, but I feel that we are still decades away before society realize the damage of extreme feminism.

  12. “The truth is they already won. The best we can do is find our own happiness.”

    Nailed it.

  13. maybe kids on 4chan and reddit can troll feminists until theyre arguements totally break down….

  14. Feminists are not anti-male. I’ll repeat that so you can perhaps get it through your bigoted head: FEMINISTS ARE NOT ANTI-MALE. Feminism is the radical idea that women are real people and not just sex objects and baby-machines. Feminism does not want to take rights and privileges away from men, they just want women to be taken seriously and judged on their actual merits rather than their appearances. And if you took the time to actually imagine what being objectified and told you’re worthless without your appearance is like, you’d see why 99% of women are behind feminist ideals.

    1. You say feminists are not anti-male, and then go on to spout a bunch of anti-male statements. Just because you say something is not that, doesn’t make it true. In fact, in my experience, usually when a makes an effort to say they are not doing something, that’s exactly what they are doing.
      Feminism is, and always has been nothing more than a form of institutionalized gender bigotry. You are the one with the bigoted head.

  15. For better or worse, nothing in this world ever stays the same for very long, and nothing regresses to a previous condition. For anyone, resilience and adapting is a key to survival, just do your best to work very hard to become independently wealthy (like I did, legally) and maintain your own freedom. I control only myself and no one else. The only person you can truly control is yourself.

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