Women Are Incapable Of Solidarity

Once in a while, I enjoy reading feminist blogs. I’m sure I’m not alone in this—there’s a certain guilty pleasure in reading the histrionic ravings of women whose entire purpose in life is to pursue their vision of a wholly misandristic, leftist dystopia. There’s a healthy dose of schadenfreude to be found in watching these bitter, lonely, sexually undesirable women wallowing in miseries of their own creation.

To the feminist, there’s a rapist around every corner, the entire world is conspiring to pay her less money than men, and mean words that strangers type on the internet might irreparably damage her self-confidence. Despite the sobering reality of how feminism is contributing to the decline of civilization, I draw small comfort from the fact that at least some of these women actually believe the bullshit, and I sincerely hope that they are as miserable and fearful in real life as they appear to be online.

Recently though, I had what might be called a minor epiphany while reading a feminist’s tweets. I realized that feminists can’t get along with each other.

I actually follow a few feminists on Twitter, and they follow me—even a few radical ones. To their credit, a few of these women seem to have the same tolerance for free speech as I do—a rarity in the feminist echo chamber. I was reading a few tweets from this woman (we’ll call her ‘Maria’), and I was struck by how pathetically self-loathing she is.

To hear her tell it, Maria has been cursed by a cruel joke of genetics. As if the universe itself were plotting to create a living contradiction, or biological comic relief, Maria is a radically feminist woman… who is white.

I’d say that a good 60% of Maria’s tweets are a bizarre combination of her railing against the “discrimination” she faces as a result of a condition she didn’t choose to be born with (womanhood) while simultaneously apologizing profusely for a condition she also didn’t choose to be born with (being Caucasian). The irony is completely lost on her. Nobody is sorrier for slavery than Maria is. Anytime she makes a statement about the tribulations of plodding through life while being burdened with a uterus, she has to qualify it with “Now, of course, I’m certainly not saying that I have it as bad as a WOC” (woman of color). Maria is infatuated with her gender, but despises her race.

So as I read through Maria’s hilariously sad and apologetic musings today, I was vaguely aware of the fact that I’ve seen her brand of bullshit everywhere in the feminist community. But more importantly, I was struck by how that same bullshit is conspicuously missing from the manosphere.

For anyone who suffers from Twitter addiction as I do, the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag from last year, created by feminist Micki Kendall, was an absolute gem. Basically, all the non-white feminists got angry because feminism is way too racist; and most of the white feminists apologized because they had no idea they were being racist.

But factions within the larger umbrella of feminism don’t stop at traditional accusations of racism. Feminism still remains largely divided on whether transgendered women are actually women, or just men (rapists) pretending to be women. The debate has polarized many feminists, with popular opinion nowadays seeming to sway more in favor of inclusion.

Feminists don’t even seem to be capable of accepting the omega males who choose to become “allies.”  Of course, as is typical with weak men, these “allies” are happy to accept being spurned in the hopes of being awarded some female attention at a later date.

Across the board, feminism features deep schisms based upon perceived racial biases, distrust of transgendered people, and inclusion of male allies (white knights). You can’t go to a feminist website without seeing feminists virtually ripping each other’s throats out in competition for who is the “purest and most oppressed.” White feminists have to tiptoe around minority feminists, for fear of being perceived as “marginalizing the way WOC experience the patriarchy.” Male feminists have to tiptoe around every feminist with a vagina, for fear of being blacklisted as a “mansplainer.”

You know where they don’t do that bullshit? The manosphere.

I’ve never seen a black single father start a flame war because he feels like the men’s rights movement doesn’t talk enough about the racism he lives with (even if he actually does deal with racism in his life). I’ve never seen a divorced white guy explain that “Of course, the alimony I pay isn’t nearly as bad as what MOC have to endure.”

I know a few men who are now openly gay, but they have children, child support payments, and alimony from previous marriages. I know gay men that were always openly gay as well. All of these men are staunchly anti-feminist (yes, non leftist gay men DO exist). I don’t ever think to myself, “Fuck this guy, he doesn’t have any right to talk about things that concern hetero men!”

I also know more than a few women who have the courage to stand against feminism too. I don’t spurn them, nor do I see others in the manosphere doing that either.

Nah, fuck that. There is no tiptoeing around in the world of men. We have little tolerance for bullshit; and we don’t have the desire to get wrapped up in petty fuckery, because we only concern ourselves with real issues of relevance. Men don’t give a rat’s ass what color you are, who you like to fuck, or what you do with your free time. If you share a few core beliefs with us, or more importantly, stand against the same things we oppose, you are an ally.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You can tell that feminism is utter bullshit because they have no solidarity. They sit around all day imagining oppression where it doesn’t exist. When the outside world stops giving them attention, and they begin to sense that they have no purpose, they do what all groups of women do when they’re bored—they start fights with each other. Feminism, the supposedly noble cause, descends into a massive cat fight with every individual dropping the charade of altruism and desperately clamoring to receive more attention than anyone else.

Feminists are not women who have different traits than traditional women do. No, feminists are simply women who have rejected all the virtuous characteristics of womanhood while retaining only the undesirable traits of femininity. They’re petty, catty, selfish, backstabbing, narcissistic, competitive, and incapable of real altruism. In perhaps the most humorous caricature of female stereotypes, these women can’t even be amicable towards men (allies) who agree with everything they say! They continue trying to fight with submissive white knights, simply because feminists enjoy fighting.

After observing feminist behavior for quite some time, I have to disagree with Ms. Kendall. Solidarity isn’t for white feminists. It isn’t for feminists at all. Solidarity is for men.

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141 thoughts on “Women Are Incapable Of Solidarity”

  1. I vote for changing “manosphere” to “androsphere”. The latter sounds mature and intelligent, the former like something a middle schooler came up with.

    1. Why on earth would anyone in the manosphere give a shit how the term sounds to ‘others’? Most of us don’t use the term anyway, since it was bestowed without our permission… People can use whatever label they like, and ‘manosphere’ was coined by our enemies anyway.
      If you wanna say androsphere, say androsphere. We get it. Most of us have different affiliations anyway.

      1. You nailed it. If manosphere was a derogatory term, let us wear it as a mockery of our detractors. However, I do like the sound of androsphere. I might use that one.

    2. NO MORE EMO CRAP. It’s MANOSPHERE. Not Whining-And-Complain-Because-I-am-lazy-sphere! Andro-sphere… are you impressed by the women’s studies department’s use of big words? Then get the hell out of here!

    3. Manosphere sounds cool, but Androsphere sounds bad ass. It sounds like pure testosterone – the type that makes World Strongest man competitors and NFL footballers. Manosphere, on the other hand, just sounds like a bunch of guys sitting around a campfire- still tougher than the typical shrimp you see walking around, but not godlike. Just food for thought.

    4. Fuck no, that sounds stupid and it not catchy at all. This is a place for MEN. Hence, MANOSPHERE.

    5. No Mano or Andro garbage.There is one sphere that Men have always ruled,and it’s 8.33 light minutes away from the Sun.This is Return of Kings,not ‘refugee camp for masculine wannabes’.

  2. Okay, fellow ROK readers, I have a very important question!
    Who is more “privileged?”
    1. A black lesbian woman who is fat?
    2. A white, transgendered “woman” who is physically disabled and suffers from “ableism?”
    Clearly, this is an extremely pressing issue that requires hours of histrionics and twitter bickering.

    1. I dunno, a homosexual fat quadriplegic transgender veteran woman with PTSD from a third world country with a dozen children from jailhouse black guys kinda wins all of the sympathy.
      I mean, who cares that they are as useless as tits on a bull? It is the ‘decent thing’ to support them.
      Frankly, fuck ‘safety nets’. This world would be a better place if all the charity in the world dried up overnight and the useless people starve.. It sucks for their kids, but hey, if abortion is legal, then it’s not any kind of moral leap to let the kids starve with their useless parents.

    2. Answer to all identity issues: Who gives a shit?
      But just for entertainment, let me apply Tumblr’s hierarchy of victimhood here:
      Lesbian (+1)
      Woman (+1)
      Black (+3)
      Total: 5 points
      Transgender (+1)
      Woman (+1)
      Disabled (+1)
      White (-3)
      Total: 0 points
      Now the social justice faggots will always claim that there is no such thing as “Oppression Olympics”, but if you observe the amount of legitimacy they give to each voice, it’s clear that the ones with more victimhood points are the most popular kids in school.

      1. Goddammit, I’m a 3 cuz I’m black. I don’t see how I’m a victim though. I was born in the ghetto, studied my ass off, got into several Ivies, and now I’m about to graduate from a top 5 school with a math degree. That, and I’ve always won my fights (and man, did I get into a bunch of those!). I’m probably going to make six figures when I graduate. Now, whose the victim- me – or those poor Hmong kids from my high school who can’t even go to college – or hell, the white kids I was friends with who are getting shot at in Iraq? This entire system is bullshit, and I actually think it’s worse for the people who they call victims, because once you internalize that message, you’re fucked.The other black kids from home know that, but they’ve done it anyways. Fuck this. I’m not a victim. I’m not begging for shit. I’ll take what I need and work my way up to the top- and shit on anyone who gets in my way. Understand? That’s what we all need to do.

        1. This is super–admirable. You’ve already figured out the key principle of self- actualization- taking on responsibility for the quality of your life, at such an early age. You will go far, no doubt.
          Having been abused and neglected as a child, I always blamed others for just about everything. I’m solidly on the path to owning my own life now though.
          Of course, my biggest hurdle now is having to start over socially, with my best friend of over a decade turning against me because of this whole ” red pill” thing. It’s hard to start over socially in your thirties, but I think I can make it work. Your coming from the ghetto and yet taking charge of your own life is quite inspiring for someone like me. I also come from the ” ghetto,” though I was the only white kid in my neighborhood.

        2. Bravo brother. You are following in the path of Malcolm X, who taught self-empowerment and dignity and rejected those who tried to sucker blacks into victimhood with government handouts. Nobody can make you a victim without your consent.

        3. Unfortunately, the left judges people based not on individual achievement, but what victim/oppressor group they belong to.

        4. Individual achievement = Privilege
          if you achieve anything in life, that is because of Privilege. If you are not born with a silver spoon in mouth, you are simply not capable of getting off your knee, ever.
          Those who did achieved that by closing themselves to their feeeeelings, becomes unfeeling robots, parts of the White Patriarchy Power Structure.

        5. Learn to read and comprehend. First he said, getting shot AT. And second what kind of stupid dumb fuck statement is this? I assume the casualty list is generated all from “accidental deaths” or IED’s, right?

        6. That made a lot of sense, you completely changed the meaning of what I said with your intelligent rebuttal.
          There is very little danger in fighting civilians via the most modern technology. Nor there is much of being a victim while shooting kids with drone.
          Yes his friends are not getting shot, nor shot at, not even fired at or popped at.

        7. Keep spouting off, it does us all a valuable service when fools self identify.
          If you actually had a clue, you’d know that by late 2006 the ROE and EOF had already been designed to cripple a US soldier’s ability to defend himself from attack. By 2009, the ROE was so restrictive that it was virtually impossible to legally return fire when attacked.
          Before that happened, US forces still largely went to great lengths to avoid killing innocents, to the point of putting themselves in significant danger. Sure, sometimes innocents died, and that sucks. It’s called war, and there’s nothing pretty about it. No soldier wants to kill an innocent, but if it comes down to shredding a car full of potential innocents with an M2HB or risking a contact VBIED that will kill your whole 15 man section and dozens of civilians, guess which a sane person picks?
          Yeah, I killed people in Iraq. It’s possible a few were really unlucky innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll never know, and I sleep fine at night because I am confident I made the best decisions I could. Hell, the fact that I shot or blew up a bunch of people hardly ever crosses my mind. The only action I regret in Iraq was being hesitant to run over a uniformed IP who wanted to stop my convoy, because that could have easily have been the start of an ambush.
          On the other hand, I saw the insurgents set off several huge VBIEDs–VBIEDs that ravaged whole city blocks, bombs so large you can’t grasp the damage they did without seeing it firsthand–that killed hundreds of Iraqi citizens without an American soldier nearby. I’ll let you guess why they did that, champ.
          Not dangerous fighting in Iraq because we have modern tech, huh. So my friends died how, exactly? I guess back in Vietnam it wasn’t dangerous to fight those little yellow guys in pajamas either, right? Congratulations, you’re a fucking idiot.
          The highest tech gear I used in Iraq was my night vision.
          Iraq was all about bullets and dodging IEDs, not hellfires or JDAMs. The tankers
          had to get special clearance to even fire the Abrams main gun, and
          artillery or mortar counterfire was nothing but a wet dream for us
          grunts. The high tech shit we did try failed, specifically because of
          the operational environment and the nature of our enemies.
          TL,DR: Keep your hippie bullshit armchair quarterbacking to yourself, you fucking pussy, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      2. Don’t forget how to calculate priority on the progressive stack for free speech rights.

    3. Black lesbian is still the sacred cow that trumps everyone else. But other groups are nipping at their heels.

    4. Interesting. Ask a feminist the women looses, ask an MRA the man looses.
      But evolution calls us, and in the end we all get fucked.

  3. What feminism lacks in solidarity or logic, it makes up by being the chosen ideology of the ruling elite, who is pushing this vile ideology in their mass media, entertainment, government, education and workplace.
    Feminists are a bunch of cry-baby idiots who could not change a light bulb, but they are the tools used by the ruling class whose power is near limitless (just like their ability to create new money out of thin air). And they have men in their cross-hairs, that’s the scary part (not just men: whites, christians, and limited-government advocates are certainly targeted as well).
    The ruling class is using every facet of their power to wage a war on men. Their paid-for media whores will publish only anti-male, anti-family stories and bury any fact contradicting the narrative. Their paid-for entertainment moguls will always paint men as idiots and women as caricatures of everything good and powerful. Their paid-for politician will keep passing more anti-male laws, and ignore any plea for help for men railroaded by the system. Their government bureaucrats will keep harassing men in the family (family courts etc..) and workplace (equal pay act etc..). And of course, they will bankroll various “feminist” organizations (like femen) to the tune of billions of dollars.
    The prevalence of feminism is just a symptom that the ruling elite is not looking kindly on men..

    1. Not true, feminists CAN change light bulbs. They plug the bulb into the socket and then let the world revolve around them.

      1. How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
        One to screw in the bulb and
        Three to protest that the socket is being raped and exploited

        1. I have heard the one that Brigadon was trying to negate.
          How many Feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
          Nobody knows, because no Feminist has ever changed anything.

    2. Feminism is not about women or men. It’s about destroying successful non-elite men… in other words, the dudes that threaten to supplant or dilute the power of the elites.
      Have you noticed that as our country got more and more liberal, more and more power and wealth was consolidated into the hands of the few? If you don’t think that was intentional, you probably need your own tinfoil hat.

      1. I suspect it is also about the elite’s obsession population control. See the plummeting birth rates in feminist countries?

        1. population control goes hand in hand with maintaining power… too many people cuts into your forty thousand acres. Too many people mean too many chances of someone supplanting you. Too many people means too much chance of a revolution getting your head cut off.
          Earth has barely been scratched for it’s natural resources. It can support three times the current population EASILY without sacrificing privacy or self-sufficiency. and that’s without exploiting the ocean. And a large population encourages expansion… expansion to other planets, other solar systems… and the elite know VERY well that in frontier societies they lose all control… They do NOT want expansion, because that could cost them their power.
          There’s a reason we haven’t gone back to the moon and our space program has languished.

    3. Feminism is rooted in biology, and is the natural extension of, contrary to popular belief, the previously gynocentric Western civilisation. Once women were given universal voting rights and the majority of jobs became easy enough that even women could do them (in part due to the voting rights that created millions of government make-work jobs) things like socialism and feminism were absolutely inevitable.
      It is not the ghost of Karl Marx or some international conspiracy that has given birth to these vices, it is the men and women of the West that voted for and supported them. Stop looking for scapegoats.
      Also, who enforces the laws made by government bureaucrats? I’ve never seen a member of the elite throw someone in jail for not paying off the government/mafia?

      1. Biological differences certainly play a part, but like Stefan Molyneux says: “Feminism is to women’s rights, what welfare is to charity”. In other words: it is a top-down construct imposed on the people, and NOT something that the people spontaneously organized themselves in their communities.
        I could go on and on about all the proven facts that show how the ruling class has pushed feminism down people’s throats (rather than women demanding it), but let’s just take two recent ones: femen and the recent feminazi laws passed in France.
        Femen is absolutely hated by the people of Ukraine and France, and yet the French government has given them not only residence permits, but also FREE HOUSING paid by the French taxpayers, and has instructed the police not to interrupt their protests (and Femen knows this, because their training material states that the police is on their side and they should not fear them – which has shown to be true during their various protests). And let’s not forget where they get their money from (considering that some Femen protesters are in fact hired Ukrainian escort girls – they must not be cheap ;-), certainly not from people’s spontaneous donations!
        Example 2: last year, the leftist French government passed laws to legalize gay marriage (which is not needed in Europe, because they have civil unions which convey the same rights as marriage – in fact, even hetero couples do not get married any more there, they just get civil unions) and also laws to teach “gender is a social construct” theory to children. The French people were so outraged that the country was rocked by the largest street protests seen in a decade, and the popularity of the government sinked to abysmal levels. Parents were so outraged by the gender-theory thing, that they pulled their kids from school on the days where “gender is a social construct” bs was supposed to be taught. Over 50% of the kids were pulled from class, on these days. Tell me: does it sounds like these changes were demanded by the people or were they shoved down people’s throats by the elite?
        Finally, let’s not forget that the strain of feminism present in the anglosphere is particularly hostile towards men, whereas in other countries (example: Sweden), it is actually fairly concerned about equality (divorce laws are very reasonable in Sweden, for example). The countries that have the most man-hating version of feminism are also the same countries that have a foreign policy similar to ours. It is easy to explain why, when if you consider that they are under the sphere of influence of the same ruling class.

    4. I guess betas will not only bleat on the way to the abattoir but actively prevent anyone from escaping that way.

    1. if they really wanna talk about a pay gap then they should be talking about the weak pay immigrants get.
      Women are not the mexicans of the labor force…cuz mexicans work harder.

      1. Yes, more of the jobs that most women wouldn’t be able to physically do, mentally comprehend, or willingly undergo.

        1. That’s not why, maybe you should read “why men earn more” by Warren Farrell. Your statement above is ignorant.

  4. There are also plenty of liberal men (ie, guys who favor universal healthcare, are generally anti-war, etc) who aren’t feminists–I consider myself one.
    Otherwise, great article.

    1. Go fuck yourself, titboy. this site is for men, with men’s values, not marxists, faggots, gun grabbers, and losers that think ‘1984’ was a utopian tale.

      1. “Titboy?” God you’re a loser. Go get a job hippie.
        As for your other points, I’m on board. But stop with the gay insults. At least put in a modicum of effort.

        1. Gay insult? Titboy was a reference to fat apologists, the ‘new face’ of liberals. Although I am quite happy to insult disease-carrying shitty-dicked psychopathic sexual deviants as well.
          Fuck you and your job. I haven’t worked for anyone but myself since 1996. YOU get a job, go kiss ass all day to line someone else’s pocket, I run my own life, and my own business.

      1. It’s true that recently a large portion of the electorate has turned against foreign interventionism. But you only have to go back a few years to recall a time when conservatives were clamoring to invade Iraq and liberals were staunchly opposed. With hindsight, the liberals were right on that one.
        It’s because of this that the anti-war position had become firmly associated with the Democratic left. It’s my hope that this changes–and if guys like Rand Paul have anything to say about it, it will. Opposing bullshit wars is too important and too critical to the functioning of a free society to be a partisan issue. There’s no reason liberals and conservatives can’t come together on that particular issue.

        1. It wasn’t just liberals who protested Bush’s idiocy. The libertarians also opposed it.

        2. Perhaps you should go back and look at the Iraq resolution. 40% of Dems voted for it in the house and 58% in the Senate. I personally think both parties are idiotic beyond words but they appropriately represent how stupid the average voter is.

        3. Rand Paul, as in THE Rand Paul who betrayed his own father during his campaign to go completely mainstream (ie. become a shill)? You’re talking about that sell-out Rand Paul who unlike his father loves the Federal Reserve and sucks dick from that foreign tribal nation that always tells us what to do?

    2. either you’re lost or trolling either way i applaud your efforts at being rational in this cesspit of bigotry nonsense and social rejects

      1. You basically described the entire Internet douchebag. Now go rellax. You made your comment.
        And added just as much value as everyone else.

  5. It’s good that you check out feminist blogs. They can often inadvertently reveal truths one may not ever consider.
    For instance, an older academic feminist once wrote an article decrying the future state of women, that being a multitude of lonely, impoverished elderly women. I can’t be assed to recall the specifics of her deranged assertions that this had something to do with patriarchy. She is certainly right, but only because of the abundance of women doing nothing to attract life-long mates and divorcing decent men. Once the child support and uterus’s dry up, they’re fucked.

    1. Nope, no interest in women bitching about their fantasy reality, or helping to pay their costs with site hits.
      besides, why bother? They all come here and post their retarded observations 3 days after an article goes up anyway.
      Frankly, there is no intellectual or psychological observation that a woman can make that’s worth listening to.

      1. Unless she shoves her AK47 down your throat. Dude, I am never traveling to the Middle East. The blog Arnst mentioned is fucking scary in his post. …. don’t click on it, don’t visit it… it’s about bands of crazy armed Arab women who run little kingdoms, overthrow governments and terrorize men. That blog is stuff of nightmares!

    2. The future for the average woman looks grim. If I know anything about women, I have a feeling they are going to find ways to make sure all the happily single men suffer along with them.

    3. “Once the child support and uterus’s dry up, they’re fucked.”
      That would be their wishfull thinking!

    4. Once, years ago, I made my final CS payment. I was so happy I could not stop myself from crowing the news to all and sundry at work. One woman that I worked with, and thought was intelligent, could not get it into her head what I was talking about. She just kept asking how can CS end, you still have children? I tried to explain that children eventually grow up into adults and ex-husbands no longer have to pay ex-wives for their support. She just could not grasp this simple concept. She was not divorced so she was not impacted by CS rules, but I think her attitude is typical of women; CS is for life, as is alimony. The women really think that once she has a man married to her he has to pay her for the rest of his life no matter what happens or what kind of unfaithful harpy bitch the woman is to her husband. Their mantra seems to be men must pay women, nothing else can enter their brains.

      1. good point. Pat robertson is a serious idiot, but even Galileo got a couple of theories right.

    1. At first I was gonna say the witchcraft bit was absurd, but there is a correlation between Celtic mysticism, Wicca, and feminist bullshit…

      1. If you hang around feminist circles enough you will learn that a large portion of these women practice Wiccanism, which is witchcraft. Of course the fact that Pat Robertson was telling the truth did not save him from being savaged in the MSM. Anyone on the right side of the political spectrum will be attacked for what they say, regarless if it is true or not.

    2. hahaha, this is meant as a joke, but you’re taking it seriously which makes it even fucking funnier

  6. The odd part about Feminists and other groups who claim to fight for equality and in the end, allow themselves to fall victim to their own egotistical views, is that they lose sight of what they initially fought for which were important, They keep growing until they prove to everyone that they don’t fight for equality, they fight for leverage and power.
    To call yourself a feminist is to say you fight for the rights of women, but there is just one problem with that. It means you have to do the fair and honest job of fighting for all women. Not just women of a certain class, but women of different upbringings, cultures and backgrounds. Which sounds good in theory but in practice is a much more difficult job.

  7. Maria sounds like she’s sad she’s not a victim.
    Left wing movements are always anal about ideological purity, devouring their own with a holier-than-thou attitude. There is solidarity there, but it’s heavily dependent on the level of moral outrage its members can profess. An interesting observation is that it’s mostly whites and Jews who try to outdo each other by being more radical. I’ve noticed that the minorities in these movements tend to keep a certain distance from the extremists out of fear of stepping on an ideological landmine.

  8. “In perhaps the most humorous caricature of female stereotypes, these
    women can’t even be amicable towards men (allies) who agree with
    everything they say! They continue trying to fight…” My lord this is the truth! But it’s kind of amusing to see White Knights running away from raging feminists with their tail between their legs. Maybe they’ll find this place and learn something.

  9. Maria’s blog is actually manly than crybaby this shit! http://yemenists.wordpress.com/. You mean the chick who tried to troll the return of kings on twitter with the blog? She actually not white. It looks like a new blog about women warriors who know their way around an AK47, who aren’t afraid of being feminine or bullets. Dude, the warrior queen today leading her men into battle with bazookas is more epic than this whining crap of “Women are petty, catty, selfish….wa wa wa… I will go listen to the Weakerthans and other Emo crap go cry, wa wa.”
    ‘Person of colour” What’s this sappy magina crap! All I hear is whining and complaining! Are you a Men’s Studies professor at a lefting university? Jesus! ROK has gone EMO. Gone are the days when Tutmosis would school them all. More articles should be written on the military and game, less on lame. Start listening to good shit like Amon Amarth! More magina EMO articles, and I’m out of here.

    1. Sounds quite sensible actually. Reminds me of elements of the womanist movement amongst black women compared to the ideological feminism of white academics.

      1. Terry, it’s not sensible…. I just clicked on the yeme…something blog. Those women are fucking scary. It’s about crazy armed women warriors in the Middle East, some who overthrow governments. Don’t click on it. Don’t read it. It will give you nightmares! Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

        1. Joe, you are an EMO mangina who is scared of a blog! Leave ROK, hide behind your mama’s skirt where you belong!

    2. Actually, a woman who can legitimately help a man in combat, even pick up the gun and fire it at the enemy, and follow intense firefights with hours of passionate, rough sex….turns me the fuck on! And these chicks are Yemeni? (and thus more feminine and traditional) GG.

    3. You want out? Get out! Take you crybaby/magina/EMO terminology with you and setup your female fighter pedestal on some other blog.

  10. I liked your text so far until you mentioned altruism…
    Altruism is evil from my objectivist point of view.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with altruism per se. It should be the desire of every man to live peacefully within his community. Not bothering your neighbors and helping them when they ask for it is what living in a community is all about (of course the choice to help is yours, and not forced at gun-point). When the left talks of altruism, they mean wealth redistribution at gun-point.

  11. Feminists need to take a good fucking look at how great their lives really are. I’m running marathons this year to raise money to provide third world kids with an education to help prevent child brides, to help fund reconstructive surgery for acid attack victims and rape crisis centres in India and Pakistan.
    I still hold the many feminists who do nothing but spout misandrist bullshit on the internet with a high level of contempt. These are the feminists that jade peoples opinion on them. I recently stopped being a feminist because I was basically being mocked for caring about issues i could “do nothing about” despite me doing fundraising in the form of marathons and runs for charity. The way they excluded those real issues in favour of defeating the illusive patriarchy put me right of the whole idea of feminism. Which is a shame because the causes I’m running for this summer are what warmed me to feminism in the first place.
    third wave feminism is most definitely not what Emily Pankhurst threw herself under the horse for.

    1. They are out “Running for the Cure.” Of course, using the very products that cause breast cancer. Circle of Life.

  12. More ad nauseum of “feminists this, feminism that”. We fucking get it, feminists are idiots. This has been repeated by pretty much everyone verbatim, over and over and over. Broken down to the smallest integer. Stagnating indeed.

  13. If you wanted to run the unions out of business, one tactic would be to replace men in the workforce with women. Women wouldn’t have enough solidarity to keep a union together. Maybe the rich should do this. Oh, wait …

  14. Women don’t like the way the world is so they try to destroy it.
    Men don’t like the way the world is so they build telescopes and send them flying into the outer solar system to take close up shots of Saturn’s rings or the horse head nebula because they like to dream.

  15. but from what I’ve gathered, the PuAs and MRAs don’t see eye-to-eye (though there are valid criticism of either)

  16. For the record, I think we give too much attention to the feminists harpies. Every bit of attention gives them power. Watch for the catch – 22.

  17. Feminism has weak fundamentals, it’s pretty much a joke. How and why did it become so heavily influenced in our society and culture? Why did we fall for it?
    Good luck with your daughter. Based on how you write I think you’re smart enough to do things right in the 21st century.

    1. We fell to feminism because of gynocentrism that’s why. Ever since the 12th century we were gynocentric:

    2. I think it has to do with changing the discourse from fighting classism to intra-class fighting. The social struggle of the first half of the 20th century was all about labor gains, driving up wages and living standards.
      Then the powers that be endorse a pretty-much-immediate full 180 cultural shift towards ending racial equality, gender inequality etc.
      Then it’s not the working man vs. ownership. It’s the black man against the white man; women vs men etc. Concrete goals like higher wages, benefits etc were replaces with vague nebulous ones like perceived equality. Not exactly a step forward.

    3. It’s an ideology born from idle and bored 18th-19th century ruling class women. That’s why and how it became so prevalent.
      Ruling class ideology always has legs, even when it’s complete garbage.

    4. “How and why did it become so heavily influenced in our society and culture?”
      Through decades of social engineering by the elite that picked up momentum in the late 40s/early 50s (with the introduction of Betty Friedan, Alfred Kinsey, Wilhelm Reich, etc.). They used new technologies of mass media and public tax-payer funded school system to promote these otherwise obscure cranks and spread their dissimulation.
      The root really goes way back to the ideas of equality during the French Revolution. These ideas were evolved further by the elite tribe in Paris during the early 19th century. Karl joined them in Paris and they paid him handsomely to make their ideology more palatable and appealing to the masses. Karl exploited human contempt and jealousy for those more successful than them in order to chant for equality.
      “Why did we fall for it?”
      They (the Frankfurt school, Tavistock Institute, American Communist Party) used subversive political and psychological tactics to brainwash the current and previous generations while promoting legitimate causes (e.g. equal pay for equal work, law system that is blind to race).
      They created and owned the terminology and phrases in order to shutdown logical and political debate (e.g. “gender is a social construct”, “men are rapists”, “patriarchy is oppression” etc.).
      They created a false reality using television, movies, school textbooks, and novels to spread dissimulation about male/female dynamics (e.g. a career is better for a woman than being a house wife, males who put their woman on pedestals will get their love just like in Hollywood romance movies, men are dumb and stupid and need empowered women to figure things out for them, etc.).
      They created a cult of victimhood with new groups and organizations that exploited human anger and contempt at their perceived oppressors (e.g. woman have been oppressed for thousands of years by men, masculinity is evil, all whites are guilty of slavery, etc.).
      And they created the solutions to resolve all those thousands of years of oppression (e.g. hiring quotas that favor females over qualified males, affirmative action, emasculation of men, attitudes of self-entitlement, welfare, etc.).
      They controlled the media and government (almost all media is controlled by 5 corporations run by the tribe, the 2 main political parties are mostly sponsored by the tribe).
      Now that they’ve successfully brainwashed three generations they can ease back on the throttle and let the sheep keep the feminist/cultural marxist ball rolling while they turn their focus and attention on their next conquest: the third world.

  18. Easily one of the best articles I have read on ROK. Feminism goes against every natural instinct for a woman and therefore to keep solidarity would require a monumental effort of self loathing cultural change.
    This short haired thing at my work was harping on about how women should establish a career before having children. Another woman suggested it is a natural instinct to have kids and the most happy of women are stay at home mums. Well did the fireworks go off for the short haired wooly sheep. Made me think these stupid feminist bitches have less tolerance than the most bigoted of people and for the people whose world they are trying to change.

  19. This all reminds me of the insane hamsters of every color complaining about their men.
    Asian women: “Asian men are patriarchal! Gimme some white men!”
    White women: “White men are patriarchal! Gimme some non-white men!”
    Black women: “Black men are patriarchal! Gimme some thugs!”
    Thug women: “Thug men are patriarchal! Gimme some fucking aliens!”
    This is just insane on every level. Like they just fucking spend all of their time lying to themselves about what they want.
    Most men are like, if it’s got a pussy and doesn’t make me feel like shit, it’s fine.
    WTF is patriarchy? Seriously?

  20. This would be pretty funny if not for the fact that these harridans essentially run our society. Sobering.

    1. Maybe. I know few anti-feminist girls, but I don’t know how they interact with their girlfriends. But judging from the fact women are naturally catty, so, maybe.

      1. Anti-feminist women are basically idiots/ sheep. I’d compare one to an african american against civil rights.

  21. Yeah, I’m about to get a good dose of feminism. Found out recently I’m getting a female co-worker who’s a land whale with a law degree. Oh, and she told my bosses her passion is (insert drum roll here)…women’s issues. I can’t fucking wait.

    1. I worked with a fat feminist attorney who told me ” I have the the right to never be offended.” I just nodded and walked away. How fucking unrealistic can you be and still live your life day to day. This bitch was fat, unattractive, and over thirty, who even entertains her bullshit to the point where she can say some shit that stupid? Bruce , word to the wise, avoid that bitch like the plague.

    2. Why would anybody who owns a business or is in management, ever…ever…hire a thing like that in the first place? It’s like inviting lawyers to go ahead and start dismantling the company.

      1. A lot of these law firms hire feminists because they run law suits for “affirmative” action. These big feminist/cultural marxist law firms also donate a lot of money to presidential campaigns and even have people in the White House (Sidley
        Austin LLP, WilmerHale
        LLP, Skadden,
        Arps et al, Latham
        & Watkins LLP, etc.).
        Fun isn’t it?

  22. I’ve noticed this in the past too. Their entire code of values revolves around “oppression” and “discrimination” with a black, gay, transgendered, cisendered, poverty-stricken, jewish, hermaphroditic, amputee, at the top of the moral period as the “least privileged” kind of person… and heterosexual white men at the bottom because they are the “most privileged.” It’s a arbitrary, disgusting, counter productive, completely nonsensical worldview driven entirely by their own narcissism.

  23. Let’s not fool ourselves: anybody familiar with the comments here on ROK is well aware that the manosphere is internally divided by race (white v. colored red-pill men); orientation (hetero v. homo red-pill men); gender (men v. those red-pill women who nevertheless identify as anti-feminist); marital status (marriage strikers v. married red-pill men); politics (conservatives v. those liberal men who nevertheless identify as anti-feminist); and game level (alphas v. betas who are trying to improve themselves). It is what it is — nothing is gained by denying reality.

    1. Dont forget the red-pill men that prefer black olives on their pizza vs those who prefer green olives.

    2. incorrect. the manosphere is NOT divided into liberal and conservative camps. the liberals are over THERE, and they are the true enemy.

    1. Yep. Gender is the term we assign to some foreign language nouns, it is not sex.

  24. This is why the US military is going to shit, at least the Marine Corps and Special Forces either ban women completely or place limitations on what they can do and segregate the units. I suggest if any man wants to join, those should be his only two routes. The army has gone to shit sans army special forces. There is no honor amongst thieves and women are biologically incapable of altruism on the aggregate scale as men are. I cannot see swarms of women leaving their trenches, charging into machine gun fire and shrapnel on the Somme. I would love to see women without the aid of drones or air support fight the Taliban (in all female units). Oh dear God, I pray we allow this little experiment to proceed, I wonder how many Amys would abandoned their “sisters in arms” (sounds ridiculous) to become Aishas to avoid death? I can see the nightline and 60 minutes stories now, “How Amy became Aisha and had 8 children with Abdullah.” What a laughingstock we’ve become.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Sure there have been a handful of historical anomalies. Female soviet snipers, viking bitches carving people up. But it’s a logical fallacy indeed to try and suggest that the 1 out of a million case somehow refutes the fucking rule.

      1. Expound on the rule please. I am all to eager to hear. What is a logical fallacy? Is altruism really the question here? Can we please gather stats on infidelity statistics? How about the giant gap between the number of female single parents vs male single parents. How many women need to be chased down for child support? If we are going to play by gender, then please, let us play.
        Who stepped up during the World Wars to produce and manufacture weapons in factories? Women.
        Who educated the youth for a fraction of the cost of their male counterparts during the progressive era? Women.
        Who took the grunge jobs in WW2? Women.
        Who picked up their lives to go overseas and act as medical aids for the men? Women.
        Hull House? Women.
        Who puts their life on hold to stay at home in order to cook, clean, and raise the children. Women.
        Who is often times the voice of reason behind the brash male rulers? Women.
        The only fallacy here is your supposed patriotism yet lack of knowledge for your country’s history.
        Monica Lin Brown. If that is not altruism I don’t know what is.
        Your GEDs are showing.

    2. LANCE CHRISTOPHER: You’re no better than Amy from Slutville, California. In fact you’re worse and I’ll tell you why.
      “Oh dear God, I pray we allow this little experiment to proceed, I wonder how many Amys would abandon their “sisters in arms” (sounds ridiculous) to become Aishas to avoid death?”
      A woman goes into war knowing what she has at stake. She goes into war knowing her weaknesses. Knowing that there will be Abduls, and where there are not Abduls she must still watch her back among brethren due to the growing rape culture in the U.S army (most likely rooted in people like you who see every female as a slut from California). Despite all this, a woman still goes to war. Not because she’s drafted,and not because she’s expected to. She goes because she loves her country. No one here can attest to the depths of a woman’s love. If you try then look no further than history for my rebuttal. I’ll start you off.
      With your OWN history:
      It is out of love that a woman carried you around for 9 months. A stranger, someone she did not know. It is out of love that this same woman risked her life to give you your life. This risk wasn’t the painless death by bullet from Abdullah but rather hours upon hours of labor pain and the threat of death by hemorrhaging, complications or infection.
      “Sisters in arms”. Why is that ridiculous? If you deny us everything else, you cannot deny the fact that we keep our own. You try messing with a woman’s man or child. Everyday women fight battles to protect their own. 1 famous example: Hillary Clinton.
      To this day she stands by Bill after that ridiculous stunt he pulled, faithfully as well. Did she abandon him? Did she have every justification to? He choose a blowjob over the respect of himself, his family and his country. Yet Hillary had her country and her children in mind, so she stood by him and took on that embarrassment.
      Had Hillary pulled such a stunt do you think Bill would have stood by her? Would he have been selfless and loyal? You answer these questions and let me know.
      Your male physique, that you are so proud of, is nothing without poise. I see women in arms and I have nothing but respect. However, I read your comment and assertions and see nothing but a lack of camaraderie. You’re no better than the “Amy” from Slutville, California who elopes with Abdullah. For Amy at least it took death, to get her to flip. What did it take for you Lance? You’ve willingly come here and forsaken all your female brethren in arms but what is your justification? The fact that despite her weakness, which you’ve based solely on her gender, she still has the courage to go out and fight for her country?

  25. I hate to shit on the authors parade, but of he would only look in the comments of a few ROK articles he will find plenty of racism in the manosphere. Not really a big deal, everybody is racist I’m some fashion, but that kind of stuck with me as I read the article.

    1. Yeah it collects a lot of racists…. but most men can relate to everything talked about in the manosphere. I think one thing that the left doesn’t want to talk about ever is race. Race affects everyone every single day whether we like it or not.

      1. The problem with discussions about race are that there are a lot of men who are mixed/biracial and don’t have any dog in the race war. How illogical is it for someone to claim a specific ethnicity even when they aren’t comprised of just one?
        Should everyone take a DNA test and research their genealogy? It really seems absurd at times. I care more about individual effort and accomplishment. Why would any one want to be associated with any negative connotation that a group with similar genes produces?
        Race has it’s place, but a lot of people are too intellectually lazy to have a mature discussion about it and use it as a cop-out to dismiss an entire group wholesale. It’s hypocritical to be angered by unfair treatment and turn around and place a label on others who haven’t earned it, simply because they “look” a certain way.

  26. Hey UpperLowerClass, you live in Seattle so you know what you are talking about!
    This is the best summary of feminism I have read in a long time. Watching the duffus Senator Patty Murray, one really gets a sense for how shallow feminism is. Then, you watch the other Senator (of course Wa State has two womyns US Senators!) Maria Cantwell, and one sees he little work most women do. She shows up for elections every six years, makes one comment each about “equal pay” and “bad oil companies,” gets reelected, then disappears.
    Seattle is the epicenter of betas and White Knights.

  27. I think the whole point of this article is to touch on the embarrassing divisiveness among TRP set. ‘Cynic’ touches on all of them. The catty nit-picking is worthy of nothing more than the gender-feminist circular firing squad in full-menopausal attention whore mode. What is always said here about owning up to our mistakes? Now let’s f*cking do it.

  28. Holy Shit! A few small editions and this is the best opening paragraph I’ve ever seen.
    “Once in a while, I enjoy reading MRA blogs. I’m sure I’m not alone
    in this—there’s a certain guilty pleasure in reading the testosterone fueled
    ravings of men whose entire purpose in life is to pursue their
    vision of a wholly misogynist, right wing dystopia. There’s a healthy
    dose of schadenfreude to be found in watching these bitter, lonely,
    sexually undesirable men wallowing in miseries of their own creation.”
    Although I did legitimately enjoy your article ‘5 things to do before you loose your job’. When you don’t blame the world on women, you have good points.

  29. Feminist. I always found that term funny. I guess I am a feminist. I do support equality among gender. Key word here is equality. I don’t view myself as a martyr because I’m a woman. I also don’t appreciate a lot of the comments I read below. Perhaps it’s my naivety as a woman but what’s so wrong with desiring equality? If I am working the same job as you I should get the same pay. What about being a man makes you better than me as a woman? The fact that you have a Y chromosome? That makes you physically stronger but that’s honestly as far as it goes. To be honest this is 21st century. We’re no longer in hunter-gatherer society. Your physical aptitude is no longer necessary for our survival. The proof is in the pudding. When I go out the majority of men I see are doughy and unfit despite genetic predisposition. So what then is left? Absolutely nothing.
    Now consider these facts. We as women are working the same jobs as you are but getting paid less. However what else do we as women do behind the scenes? I only need to cite one example: Menstruation.
    That’s right, I pulled the red card. I know a lot of you squeamish bastards will scroll right past because you are too antsy to even read what we live through every month. Yet you are warriors in battle, right?
    For those will “balls”, (not that they do much):
    Every month for 1 week straight the inner lining of my uterus literally shreds itself to dispose of my unfertilized oocyte. This causes constipation, bloating and bleeding from the vagina. Sound painful, uncomfortable, and disgusting? It is.
    You guys are complaining because you have to deal with us being “moody”? I know people who are cranky to be woken up early. So why then is it so bad to be cranky that I spend a week dealing with the red sea every time I take a poop or a pee (yes, women do indeed poop)? Don’t even get me started on showers. To add to all this we don’t get to rest, or recluse for the week. No we have to go out and deal with societies bullshit all while pretending that nothing is happening. For all the hype PMS gets I honestly doubt any of you guys could accurately pick out a women while she’s on her period. Hell even I can’t.
    The person the article describes is not a feminist. Feminist is not a pejorative term. I am entitled to pursuit of equality. The closest thing I’ve seen to the psycho mold in the article above are you commenters below. Only problem is that when men fill this mold no matter how unjustified. It doesn’t get called out. There’s is no term for it.
    I am a fucking feminist. It is not ridiculous or absurd to expect equal pay when I perform the same job you do all while having to discretely go through a period every month. Let’s not also forget that the burden of child birth is also on the woman.
    Men, you are no better than women. The only advantage you have is your physical aptitude. Which is completely useless in the 21st century where every spends a majority of their waking hours on their ass. As for combat, you’re pretty much leveled there to. Hand to hand combat is rare.
    I don’t demand better treatment, I don’t find men to be inferior. However conversely, I won’t give men better treatment and I won’t be treated as an inferior. Women have the burden of life. That is a fact. You’d be a fool to deny it.
    You want to call us cry babies? Just as you are genetically mechanized to be stronger than women, we as women are genetically mechanized to be more emotional. It’s the only way we put up with all the bullshit men dish down.
    So show some appreciation or at least some respect. If you find a women who is willing to go out and work and bring in a paycheck, take care of domestics, and bear your children you should rejoice not lament. It astounds me that you men have the mouth to complain. Look up the functions of the Y chromosome please and humble yourselves because that is the only difference.

  30. Do you know what a feminist is?
    According to dictionary.com a feminist is: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.
    It’s slightly different than the last paragraph you wrote. And, may I add, a feminist isn’t necessarily a woman. In fact, any person who believe in the former statement is a feminist. (And I am pretty sure you are one. Unless you think your daughter does not deserve to have the same opportunities in life that you had, simply because of her gender.)
    Now, about the fact that ”Feminism still remains largely divided” : it is natural that people disagree now and then. Be a part of a movement or a group does not mean that you and your compatriots have the same opinion. For example, not every republican has the same idea of a good education. Some may believe in a classical format, while other praise a religious system. And it is okay, because debate is a great way to create new and better ideas.
    In conclusion, I would say that disagrement is normal, and does not prove a lack of solidarity and that anyone who believes that his/her sister, mother, brother, father, spouse isn’t worth less or more than they are, is a feminist.
    (I really think this whole site is a satire… Is it? :P)

  31. GAYS N LESBIANS R FUKIN AMAZING of course we cant forget BISEXUALS thank yall have a wonderful dick day.

  32. “Once in a while, I enjoy reading feminist blogs. I’m sure I’m not alone in this—there’s a certain guilty pleasure in reading the histrionic ravings of women whose entire purpose in life is to pursue their vision of a wholly misandristic, leftist dystopia. There’s a healthy dose of schadenfreude to be found in watching these bitter, lonely, sexually undesirable women wallowing in miseries of their own creation.”
    Oh, the irony. I could say the exact same thing whenever I read this drivel and laugh at your stupidity.

  33. As a woman that grew up in the post-feminist era, these neo-feminists are a scream of laughter.
    They debase themselves and then screech for people to treat them with respect.
    They whine endlessly about oppression as if they took the way back machine to some dystopian Dickensonian world of forced sex-factory work.
    All the while blithely begging and pleading to exchange their lives of patriarchy for dominance by a paternalistic government.
    I am just shy of 50 years old and hold both a MBA and MNR and no one ever once remotely suggested I could not accomplish my goals because math and science were simply verboten. To hear these Millennial women think so very little of themselves and their abilities simply astounds and appalls me.

  34. 😉 reading this made me happy, i had no idea these crazy woman were so divided .. if things get bad enough we can just turn them against each other.. hire actresses , have em make videos race shaming white feminists, and saying theyre the ones who dont want the white knights and trannys and watch them self destruct

  35. Women are the born enemies of one another. When we cheat on them, they turn their righteous indignation toward one another, even if we’re the only ones in the wrong. It’s the damnedest thing . . .

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