Wilkes McDermid Was Yet Another Victim Of A Society That Doesn’t Care About Fulfilling Men’s Basic Needs

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

-Dr. Seuss

On Feb 8, 2015, shortly after enjoying a gourmet steak dinner, Wilkes McDermid, a 39 year-old food blogger and to some a minor celebrity in London, lept to his death from the the upscale restaurant Coq D’Argent. It wasn’t the first time someone had committed suicide from leaping from the some 80-foot tall building. But what is different in McDermid’s case, is the reason for why he decided to take his own life.


In His Own (And Last) Words

In what has to be the most lucidly written suicide note I’ve ever seen, McDermid makes clear his reasons for leaving this world, summing it up in this way:

The reason for my death is simple. I have concluded that in the realm of dating and relationships the primary characteristics required for men are as follows.

-Height: above 5ft10
-Race: huge bias towards caucasian and black
-Wealth: or other manifestation of power

From my observations and research it appears that you need two of the three criteria for success with very few exceptions. What does this mean it means that it’s “game over” for me. By choosing to depart early, all I am doing is to accelerate the process of natural selection whilst saving myself a great deal of long term pain in the process.

McDermid goes on to calmly and rationally make his case, in a manner that, on rational and logical grounds, is hard to refute—after all, many studies have validated the fact that women the world over have a marked preference for male height; that White or failing that Black men do indeed fare well on the mating market ceteris paribus; and that Asian men, in the Western world at least, come dead last in terms of desirability.

Another Elliot Rodger?


When I first found out about McDermid’s situation, I couldn’t help but think back to manosphere critics’ favorite whipping boy Elliot Rodger, the American spree shooter whose bizarre manifesto and final YouTube message sparked an international conversation about a range of issues.

Rodger was held out as the result of the sector of the Internet that concerns itself with the interests, needs, and yes, challenges of men—a result that is by its very nature, a warped, twisted, and perverted one, that is obsessed with equal parts entitlement to women’s bodies and simultaneous hatred of women, too.

But, while the world reacted to the Rodger tragedy, McDermid’s untimely demise barely registered a blip on the UK press’ radar screen, and didn’t even break the American media markets.

The question has to be why?

Perhaps it’s because unlike Rodger, McDermid only took his own life? Perhaps because unlike Rodger, McDermid’s manifesto didn’t have harsh sounding words reserved for the ladies who rebuffed him? Or perhaps it was because unlike Rodger, who professed to have attempted game and pickup and failed, McDermid’s last communication to humanity contained no such references?

Maybe it was all of the above. But what definitely leapt out at me about the McDermid tragedy, was the utter indifference of it all on the part of the wider public. It was as if we were perfectly cool with a man offing himself. So long it’s only himself, and not anyone else—especially women.

After all, it’s a well known fact that men kill themselves at an astonishing rate, and even suicides of Oscar-winning national treasures like the late Robin Williams can’t spark the kind of outpouring of humanity that Rodger’s rampage could with regard to women (even when it was proven that he killed more men than anyone else).

Of course, for those of us inside the manosphere, the solution to McDermid’s woes was easy: get game, right? And for those on the outside looking in, the answer is just as easy: get therapy, right?

Well, here’s the problem with both sides of the divide: neither are keeping it brutally 100.

The Problem With Both “Schools” Of Thought

Wilkes McDermid Hat & Scarf

Game and pickup boosters are correct to point out that guys like McDermid must work to increase their chances of success in the sexual marketplace. However, the harsh reality is that race, appearance, height, and many other basic characteristics do matter, and all the game in the world can’t change certain aspects of one’s humanity.

And as for the folks who swear by stuff like Cognitive Behavorial Therapy and the like—CBT hasn’t proven itself effective in assisting men with meeting their mating goals. If they were, there would be no need for game in the first place, because therapy-based models would be getting the job done.

Most of the game and pickup critics—especially women themselves—don’t understand a fundamental aspect of the male mind: that we do what works, not what “ought” to work, or what “should” work, because it comports to what we think the world should be.

The simple truth of the matter is that CBT and the like simply doesn’t work, as McDermid himself has made clear:

For those of you who don’t know, I did end up in The Priory Hospital in Roehampton where I met some awesome people (yes, some were famous). However I found that they were low on facts and relied heavily on emotional ‘one-liners’, not logic. It also seems to address the ‘symptoms’ of the issue, not the problem itself.

I was repeatedly told to “trust the process”, but no-one was willing to outline this mystical process. To me it was one step removed from a cult with pseudo science used to ‘persuade’ rather than educate. For one session at The Priory I was told to stare at an orange for an hour… Make your own conclusions on how effective that technique was…

Obviously, mainstream psychological counseling services are ill-equipped to contend with the male mating mind, how and why it works, and how to put a guy on the right track toward meeting his mating goals. As many of us know all too well, (straight) male sexual desire is at the very least looked on with a side eye, if not outright vilified and excoriated.

In Summation

Somehow people – in our time today, straight men – are supposed to treat their attraction triggers like a light switch that they can turn on or off, or perhaps more like a dimmer light dial, where it can be adjusted at whatever setting is desired.

They are also forced to endure a “trust the process” party line from mainstream therapists who have no idea how to help them achieve their goals, as well as a manosphere counterculture that cannot give them the cure-all they are looking for to “solve” their race, height, or whatever other characteristic they view as their problem.

Regretfully, McDermid won’t be the last victim of today’s harsh sexual marketplace.

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350 thoughts on “Wilkes McDermid Was Yet Another Victim Of A Society That Doesn’t Care About Fulfilling Men’s Basic Needs”

  1. A person who commits suicide is not a victim of society, just a victim of himself. Giving up on one’s own life and ending it early is the opposite of masculinity, because a man fights to the end in whatever the situation may be.
    It is particularly ironic to see someone who is purportedly “a minor celebrity” whining about his inability to get women. Instead of killing himself he should have learned game and worked out more to get rid of all the fat that is quite evident in his pictures.
    Him whining about not getting girls is like fat girls whining about not being liked by guys, boo hoo.

      1. I bet he had a small penis.
        The fucking loser should still be paying taxes so the rich can afford quality Asian escorts. s

    1. God, you fucking shallow thinking, mentally female moral and intellectual voids. Telling that you deify that CONservative, Inc. jew whore Breitbart.
      Im a tall, high IQ white guy who has had his moments with some vag the likes of which a menstruating cretin like yourself cant even imagine. Little bits of success here and there is all its ever been, really, but Im way luckier than most men.
      That said, it blows my mind that, considering the untold hours we spend analyzing just what a spiritual/sexual/economic/intellectual hell we have all been born into, you still, like a fucking retarded, delusional woman, have nothing but contempt and shaming language for someone who actually has the balls to say “fuck this shit”.
      If everything that makes life worth living has demonstrably (he literally has scientific footnotes in his suicide letter, FFS) been taken away from you, what else is to be done? Video games and fucking porn? That living death?
      Any halfway attractive white guy knows that he speaks the truth. Im not into Asian women, generally speaking, but you couldn’t ask for a clearer illustration of what women really are. They are mercenary at their very core.
      Nothing reminds me that Im surrounded by faggots and whores like these reactions to suicides.

      1. This man speaks the truth, RoK is plagued with American “conservatives”. Of course the term I use quite loosely considering that they’re conservative in name only and support 0 actual enforceable conservative measures. The face that the comments highlight this viciousness shows the cruel nature that is as bad if not worse than progressives. Suicide due to extreme loneliness is bad? That’s like saying to me that starving to death is better than suicide(which it isn’t, one is quick and relatively painless, the other is weeks of torture).

      2. I agree with the spirit of this comment. Not unlike the naive first year female sociology student who thinks she has what it takes to solve world hunger, too many guys around these parts had an epiphany 6-12 months ago when they discovered “game” (or simply how not to be a total faggot around women) and, thanks to their modest transformation, now feel like they have all the answers to all of life’s problems in all circumstances.
        Yeah yeah, we should all work hard to improve our lot in life. We’re all responsible for our own success. Suicide is not the answer! Take the red pill! Learn game! Work hard! Just like I did! /humblebrag
        We know, you faggots. But there’s a more important point to be made here than what you’re trying to convey with your worthless platitudes.

      3. I am not disputing that his suicide was tragic, as all suicides are, I am simply saying that purposefully choosing to end one’s own genetic legacy is the opposite of masculine, and that individual responsibility makes this man the victim not of society, as the title of this piece implies, but of himself.
        Furthermore, I disagree with the several of your premises.
        1. Modern society is not an economic hell – to the contrary, the economy of the modern West produces for the average person a standard of living higher vastly higher than that which was enjoyed by monarchs only a few centuries ago.
        2. Modern society is not a sexual hell – it is filled with women who are sexually liberated and thus easy to seduce and have sex with, and if a man wants a more traditional relationship and a family he can go to a country where they don’t have sexual liberation; this system is certainly bad for the long-term prospects of the West, but for the individual wealthy man, it provides the full range of sexual options one could desire.
        3. Modern life is not an intellectual hell – while there is much propaganda in the public education system, knowledge is freely available via the Internet and other forms of media to anyone who wishes to learn the truth.
        In the vast majority of history, human life was hellish and short. In the third world, it still is. Compared to the vast majority of mankind, this man lived in a paradise.

        1. 1 – This may be true in a superficial sense, but doesn’t even come close to telling the entire story, for a number of reasons, not least of which is that above a certain baseline, material wealth doesn’t correlate with happiness. First world problems, sure, but small consolation in the eyes of many nevertheless.
          2 – Again, the idea that we’re living in a sexual utopia (or whatever you consider the opposite of a sexual hell) rings more false than it does true, for reasons that should be obvious to anybody who’s spent ten minutes reading blogs in this corner of the web. You seem to tacitly acknowledge as much yourself, with your comment that the individual wealthy man has it pretty good. By definition, the vast majority of men cannot be wealthy.

        2. Look, I appreciate the response and you not taking my jabs seriously.
          Something about the way people talk about suicides kind of gets to me, I guess. Ive known several guys who did it, and they were all above average in character, definitely in intelligence.
          I think all the positives you mentioned are illusory facades, at least as far as most men are concerned.
          1. Standard of living: we have lots of material comfort and endless food, and those in themselves are good things.
          But humans need much more than that…We need a tribe, a sense of belonging, a mission, a sense that we are needed and valued.
          I think the hierarchy of needs theory holds up…as soon as we get our base needs met, all our energy and desires get taken up by higher needs – social, sexual, intellectual, etc.
          This website alone does a great job of documenting the social atomization at the root of modern existence. And even those abundances of food and comfort have only led to a first world full of obese, depressed, lonely people.
          2. As Sharp points out, the majority of men aren’t and cannot be wealthy.
          I know lots of smart and hardworking guys who have never managed to attain any financial success. I know many more utterly worthless, talentless, immoral men who have. Some wealthy people earn it – most, nowadays, don’t.
          More to the point, the pool of these “liberated” women – they aren’t liberated, they are enslaved to their base instincts and the corporate fascist state – is clearly an absolute mess.
          Obesity, tattoos, bastardy, STDs, resting bitch face and other mental disorders, etc. I went out last night, so let me know and I can keep going…Its all quite fresh in my mind.
          Like I said, I have definitely had my moments, but this sexual/romantic market is FUBAR, and I really feel for the short guys. I am 30 and I have seen the goods get worse every year of my adult life.
          3. Its true that knowledge is available like never before, and that’s a good thing.
          I think the internet has kept those of us with brains and balls from going completely insane.
          But, I am still amazed at the level of blue pill thinking even among my own friends. I had a buddy swear to me he thinks that blonde woman on Modern Family is hotter now than she was in Happy Gilmore. SMH. Insanity.
          That’s not even getting into the government, cultural problems, etc. None of which you can bring up in mixed company without fear of losing friends, jobs, etc.
          Im not condoning what this guy did or suggesting anyone else should do the same. Don’t. Wait it out, at least…things are going to get REAL interesting soon.
          Sure, he should have lost weight, lowered his standards ( I guess…). There surely were proactive things he could have done.
          You could say its not masculine to end yourself, sure. But then again, the fact that like 10x more men do it than women makes that not such a simple assertion, IMO.
          It takes balls to overcome your deepest instinct – survival.
          I also think dragging yourself through an existence that is humiliating and pointless is less manly than suicide.
          But, again, anyone who is thinking about it should at least see what 2015 has in store.

  2. Such are the results that rampant, unchecked feminism has wrought in our society. The illusion of the “empowered female” has the majority of women believing that a man with a six pack and more than six figures in his bank account is owed to them and accepting anything else is viewed scornfully as settling for less than they feel they deserve.

    1. Yup.
      Even the fat women feminists claim that “fat is beautiful” and men need to be attracted to them in a sad attempt to raise their market value and try and get those top tier six pack rich dudes that they’re entitled to for existing.

  3. The problem I have with Game is, as Roosh has pointed out, you are merely turning yourself into a clown, peacocking to get women’s interest. They really aren’t worth all that effort. I mean, I’ve had over 100 women and every time I get done with one I just think to myself, wow that’s pretty much all she’s worth, her wet hole that I just finished with, and most guys would have to put in a lot of work just for that brief sexual act. I definitely don’t want her sticking around and fucking up every other aspect of my life after the sex act. Sex is still great, but it gets less impressive the more you have of it.
    This man may have thought women are not worth learning Game, and really they’re not. He shouldn’t have committed suicide, though. He should have just seen women for what they are, a lifestyle accoutrement at best, and acted accordingly. Unfortunately, the urge to be a Beta provider is strong in most men. And Betas aren’t exactly in demand in the modern dating market.
    I don’t want to keep one around as a housepet, at least not a Western woman, since all they’re good for is child support, alimony, palimony, gossip, false accusations, veneral disease, superficiality, mental disease, and manipulation as the MGTOW site so brilliantly points out. Really, reducing the entire interaction with women to a transactional one, i.e., legalizing prostitution as much of the world has already done, is the preferable way to get a man’s biological needs taken care of while limiting the damage the female does in other areas of his life.

    1. Prostitution is legal. They just changed the name of it. It’s now called alimony and it’s paid retroactively. If the whore is super-expensive sometimes you have to pay for her services with an entire house. With all that in mind, they need to ILLEGALIZE prostitution since so many men are being charged so much.

        1. Escorts advertise in the yellow pages. There are massage parlors in a 50 mile radius from you that everyone knows doesn’t just give massages. However, with feminist hype around “trafficking”, they want to prioritize law enforcement in cracking down.

        2. The inflated stats about trafficking are hilarious. Yeah it happens and it’s evil as shit. But the ‘400,000 women will be trafficked to the Super Bowl’ insanity is just amazing. People in the know are like, ‘Yeah. Maybe one or two or likely zero cases of trafficking during the super bowl.’
          The trafficking hysteria is just AF/BB for prostitutes about to hit the wall. They make a mint as hot 21 year olds, then get the “I was trafficked” bailout as the wall approaches and their career is ending. Then, cash payouts, free job training, housing. Trafficking justice org’s are the beta provider end of the prostitution world.
          Be clear on this; If a guy really does traffic a kidnapped person illegally, I would love to have him tortured to death.

        3. Agreed. Trafficking stats are like the “pay gap” and “1 in 5 women will be raped in college” stats. Total BS. It’s just another MSM feminist meme to crack down on yet another source of normal heterosexual male sexual gratification.

        4. Trafficking doesn’t make economic sense. It’d be like trafficking air. 10% of women admit to outright accepting money for sex at some point in their lives, and that’s only how many admit to it.
          Maggie McNeil is the go-to resource on this.

        5. I too found it incredulous that 10’s of thousands of individuals were being kidnapped…if so, the USA is a sub-third world anarchy waiting to happen…Western Europe too…stinks of hysteria.

      1. That’s fantastic.
        I generally lean right of center and like talk radio. Yet sometimes these people drive me nuts. They go off on how feminism has destroyed the nuclear family and acknowledge the court system is stacked against men in divorce n custody.
        But then 2 days later, they’ll say young men not marrying are ‘selfish’ and “can’t understand this younger generation not marrying and not having kids.”
        So even with them acknowledging how F’d Up the courts are, I’m supposed to still play the game. Yea. I don’t think so.
        You’re assessment sums it up. What guy wants to work his ass off only so wifey can take the house, deny him access to kids and garnish his check to keep her end of the dream alive.

        1. It’s better to find a woman you don’t like, and give her a house and monthly meal tickets than to marry a woman in a country where the laws are so fucked up.

        2. American conservative men have a masochistic view of masculinity and take perverse pride in their total unwillingness to understand women.

        3. Couldn’t agree more. Ever listened to some of the guys on FOX regarding this subject? To them: it’s always the guys job to put himself in harms way for a woman. And any guy who doesn’t engage in those old traditions — which were of benefit to women — is pathetic.
          I absolutely can’t stand Fox n Friends. What a mindless morning show. Yet a couple months ago I had it on for a few minutes and they had a segment on women wanting REAL men. And one of the examples was a BF who put himself infront of his GF and died for her in the Aurora Shooting. They proceeded to say, “that’s what we need to be teaching young boys — that’s being a real man.” Yes you see … to be a Real Man, you have to be disposable and willing to take a bullet for a bitch who would probably drag you over the coals in a divorce.

        4. yeah, Fox sucks. All they can talk about is Hillary Clinton, Iran and white cops shooting black perps.
          The whole American “alternative/conservative” media is just a variation on the narrow narrative of the left-wing press, and the international news is limited to whatever is of concern to Israel, as if nothing ever happens in India, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, or wherever.
          Really, the American conservative media is a caricature of American conservatism.

        5. I generally agree. CNN and PMSNBC are obsessed with proliferating the bogus 1 in 5 narrative and social justice wanker objectives.
          FOX is obsessed with proliferating the threat of terrorism and the military needing an open checkbook.
          Both sides have their annoying issues. Yet let me tell you who is amazing spot-on and knows what’s really going on when it comes to modern feminism and this bogus 1 in 5 sexual assault BS — Rush.

        6. Right, but even The Great and Powerful Rush gets roped into obsessing over the priorities of the Establishment, such as “racist” cops, campus “rape,” gay wedding cakes, or Israel’s enemies. Meanwhile, discussions of Ft Knox, the Federal Reserve, the national debt and possible abuses of America’s vast “black budget” – or about almost everything that happens both in and outside of the United States – are somewhat conspicuous by their absence.

        7. You are dead on with Rush. I only started listening to him a few years back because I was always hearing how much of a “right-wing” extremist he was. I couldn’t believe it and just had to listen to this “monster” for myself.
          Imagine my surprise at this “old White guy” who blatantly told it like it was! Whether race issues, battle between the sexes, weight loss, left vs right wing politics, or just secrets to wealth and common sense in life…just straight up truth. I’m now a huge fan of his. And although I don’t agree with everything he says, and easily tire of his tirades of ego inflating boasting – I must admit; it’s amazing he is on the air and able to espouse real wisdom and life’s truism nearly unfiltered.

        8. My story is relatively the same. Thought RUSH was a right-wing whack job and only “idiots” listened to him.
          Few years ago I threw him on and was pretty surprised at how many of my common sense views he echoed. There’s times I roll my eyes. Yet when it comes to modern feminism — RUSH is Spot On!
          I don’t think he’s on air anymore. Google Tom Leykis n click “videos.” There’s a ton of his old shows up. He was a guy who had radio show talking about the BS of modern women, divorce/ custody courts and the way women marry then do nothing. Another strong headed, incredibly articulate man who could easily debate anyone.

        9. Fear porn, that’s all it is. The selling and marketing of fear to frame the narrative and make traditional conservatives look like idiots. They are parodies.

        10. Sophisticated men of the world like myself laugh at this crap.That girl
          will be shagging some new guy in a week. You know, to console herself for her loss. Probably someone she met at
          your funeral lol

        11. Yes, people forget very quickly, you boys will learn that.Even this poor chink who killed himself will be forgot by the few people who knew him; like he never lived in a short while.
          THIS time of year a twelvemonth past,
          When Fred and I would meet,
          We needs must jangle, till at last
          We fought and I was beat.
          So then the summer fields about, 5
          Till rainy days began,
          Rose Harland on her Sundays out
          Walked with the better man.
          The better man she walks with still,
          Though now ’tis not with Fred: 10
          A lad that lives and has his will
          Is worth a dozen dead.
          Fred keeps the house all kinds of weather,
          And clay’s the house he keeps;
          When Rose and I walk out together 15
          Stock-still lies Fred and sleeps.

        12. I often wonder who listens to that old blowhard Rush. I turn him on sometimes when bored. I hear either #1) Him bragging about how great/brilliant/fat/expert he is or #2) Endless rambling that never gets to a point.

        13. ummm… as far as I’m concerned women only have priority over the kids which makes sense. If she’s a housewife I see your concern, but the thing is most women nowadays have jobs and make their own money, so her side of the check is well earnt.

      2. Alimony is not retroactive prostitution. It’s retroactive polygamy. In polygamous societies, a man may upgrade to a younger, fresher model if he can afford it, but he must maintain his previous wives.
        Same thing. Exactly the same thing.

      3. A relationships in general is prostitution. Women who seek commitment and male resources are prostitutes who disguise their true motives under the pretence of a “relationship”.

        1. Yet most women hate ‘actual’ prostitutes because they cut through the bullshit and offer sex for X amount of dollars, thereby devaluing all pussy with their straightforwardness and honesty. It’s interesting to note that “whore” has been the most popular insult women use against one another in almost every civilization in history.

        2. Thank you!!!!!
          Very well said, sir. As someone who’s adopted MGTOW path long before it was an acronym, I’ve found that by merely having a few reliable escorts on call at a moments notice has helped me do away with so much utter and complete bullshit that one must endure just by being forced to deal with females.
          Everything from the lies to the mind games, the flaking, the sheer boredom of having to listen to their vapid gut wind as they drone incessantly about their mental excretions.
          Shit, then we have the crazy bitches who snare you into a soul-draining relationship where sudden outbursts and verbal abuse becomes the norm when that beautiful, intriguing woman suddenly tosses her veneer of charm and sanity away and shows her true color.
          That simple decision to merely fork over some cash in exchange for sex SOLELY for my gratification has really allowed me to be a more productive, satisfied, and mentally tranquil individual.
          Not saying that it’s for everyone but one can’t argue with success.
          And I loathe and vocally shame any and all cunts who try to use “whore” as an epithet and tell them that hookers are probably the closest thing there is to an honest woman.

        3. Women seek commitment? They seek to dominate your time, but they do not want to commit anything in return. They will use sex, but only as one tool in their kit of manipulation. They learn from a young age that crying, whining, pleading, game playing, and lying, as well as flirting and sex will get them what they need. They are ruthless. Take away the pussy and they will simply have one less tool (albeit the most powerful one) to work with, but they will still get their way.

        4. your manpain is ridiculous. with that attitude, no wonder you’re not getting any decent woman. It is not the female sex’s fault, it’s yours, as if you only see women as objects, women who treat themselves like objects will naturally gravitate towards you, while the REAL women who would never exchange sex for committment are virtually non existent as whenever they see a man like you, you better hope that they run for the hills.

    2. Have you ever seen how much a decent looking hooker costs?
      The key to fixing our problems is to return to old world values.
      Companies need to fire all the women. Stop letting women attend college. Stop dating fat chicks and start shaming them. Make homosexuality a punishable offense by law. Only then will we start to see a better world for all men.

      1. The Buggery Act of 1533:
        “Forasmuch as there is not yet sufficient and condign punishment
        appointed and limited by the due course of the Laws of this Realm for the detestable and abominable Vice of Buggery committed with mankind or beast: It may therefore please the King’s Highness with the assent of the Lords Spiritual and the Commons of this present parliament assembled, that it may be enacted by the authority of the same, that the same offence be from henceforth ajudged Felony and that such an order and form of process therein to be used against the offenders as in cases of felony at the Common law. And that the offenders being herof convict by verdict confession or outlawry shall suffer such pains of death and losses and penalties of their good chattels debts lands tenements and hereditaments as felons do according to the Common Laws of this Realme. And that no person offending in any such offence shall be admitted to his Clergy, And that Justices of the Peace shall have power and authority within the limits of their commissions and Jurisdictions to hear and determine the said offence, as they do in the cases of other felonies. This Act to endure till the last day. of the next Parliament.”
        Thomas Cromwell, House of Commons

        1. They were out working the fields. Women had to marry to survive and for her family to survive back then. People only lived till about age 40 and dying in childbirth killed off plenty of women.

        1. The fact that living in an environment where it is allowed to flourish is in opposition to man’s happiness.

      2. Putin’s been saying it for a long time and the liberals of the whole world are cracking down on the poor man. He knows.

      3. I don’t know where you live but where I live you can get a decent looking hooker for about $300-$400 a session. Ok, I agree that it’s an outrageous amount of money for sticking your dick in a hole, but long-term it’s far cheaper to get a regular hooker than a girlfriend or wife.

        1. I suppose one question is where a few hundred dollars is worth it to avoid the indignity of playing clown game, perhaps without success and even if so then maybe only with a 6.

        2. That’s complete bullshit.
          My homeboy would find strippers and live with them for free with no job.

        3. True.
          When you factor in how much money one has to blow at night clubs and bars, including the price of gas and wear and tear on one’s vehicles, and for only some possibility of pussy, it ain’t worth it.
          Better to just save that time and energy to get a second job, or acquire the skills needed to upgrade one’s income, for stuff like vacations, traveling, hunting, martial arts, home gym and hookers.

        4. Ironically, when one knows one has the option of having a few hookers on call, one can also be a lot of aloof around women which helps if you want to occasionally try your hand at pick ups. The fun part for me is rejecting even fairly (physically) attractive women when they display some deal breaker. Or just for the lulz.

        1. Prostitution is already legal in Nevada and MUCH more expensive now that the government is involved. Why pay 200 a pop when I can pay nothing at all and fuck constantly

        2. “$200 a pop” LOLOL bro, you can’t even get a handjob from a tranny for that.
          The decent looking ones in the Legal las vegas brothels (which are like miles outside the city) will cost you AT LEAST $700 for full sex.
          This is why dudes should save up and go to Thailand and just fuck their brains out for a month for much cheaper.

      4. “Have you ever seen how much a decent looking hooker costs?”
        Ive never used one, or paid one directly I guess (heh), and I have to think a whore who even passes the boner test for me would be $1000 or something.
        Strip clubs are full of these tattooed monstrosities,I imagine the hookers are the same or worse.
        And you would have to wear a rubber. I hate rubbers.

      5. Women would just rebel, HELL NO what makes you think women would just comply willingly with having to spend their lives satisfying your tiny dick, i would much rather actually earn my way into society. Denying women basic human rights to an education just because no women would ever sleep with your vile ass just proves how pathetic you are.

    3. Have you considered looking specifically for a woman who doesn’t want a FB or ONS, yet retaining frame, and using game to improve the relationship?
      I can’t speak above your experience, since I don’t have it. Yet I find the techniques you may have mastered still important for men looking for an LTR, regardless of the “performance art” aspect of it.
      Correct me if you find me wrong.

      1. That might be fine for other guys, but I just don’t see the point of running Game 24/7 to keep a woman around. I have other things that interest me and she would just get in the way of most areas of my life that I love. I know, I’ve tried it before.
        It’s like my best friend says, if you want to keep one around you might as well just drop anchor because you aren’t going any-fucking-where in life with a bitch around. Not to mention in ‘Murica you may be signing yourself up for a lifetime of servitude if you knock her up, co-habitate with, or God forbid, marry her.

    4. “i.e., legalizing prostitution as much of the world has already done, is the preferable way to get a man’s biological needs taken care of while limiting the damage the female does in other areas of his life.”
      – Bitches be one step ahead, all the time. They know the power that prostitution holds, and it frightens the shit out of them (take a look at the face of the average Western woman and she walks through Pattaya, for instance). That’s why they make the media go hysterical over “sex trafficking.” The more society believes that hookers are held against their will, the more that cities will clamp down on your local massage parlor, or craiglist ad.
      The result? More guys with fewer options. More guys having to stay in a humiliating relationship for the sex, or going batshit crazy with lust. That is not a problem, as the article points out, for guys with game. But let’s face it – not everybody can drive in the winner’s circle. Not everybody has the discipline, or whatever other adjective you want to add, to pull chicks.
      I too predict even more beta male meltdowns. I can’t see shit getting any better for the average Joe out there.

      1. Yup. Swedish femi-cunts already made the purchase of sex illegal over there (selling it is legal, ’cause ho’s be victims yo). Canada recently followed suit. I imagine that other European countries won’t be far behind.

        1. Yes I read about the law, and I was surprised at the misandry in it. Any red pill man can see right through it and see male hatred so evident in it.

        2. the curious thing is that women only truly hate weak men whom they can control. And the more submissive men become, the more women loathe them. But men are typically not, in fact, weak. They are only socially conditioned to appear so. If men simply stood their ground, this observed misandry may well vanish like a wisp of smoke.

        3. You’ve hit the nail on the head dude. But Alas! It’s very very unfortunate that most men never realize that. The reasons for this may be lack of a father figure in young men’s life and feminist brainwashing from day one. But it’s like a cycle, or a snake biting its own tale. It goes something like this: Why do men become weak and submissive? Because of feminism. Why does feminism exist? Because of weak men!
          As you said, most men are not weak, but some are. It is those weak men of the past, and the strong men who had their white knight natural instinct manipulated, at some point in the history, that we have the present feminist movement, which is fucking all of us in the arse.

      2. Oh come on, you can never really stop prostitution. All societies have it. It can be legal or not but it will always exist.

        1. I agree. But then you have some Poor Paul caught in a random sting. Team Feminism has to flex their muscles periodically, via the police state, to fuck over some unlucky dude who accidentally calls or visits an undercover.

      3. Author wrote:
        “Why don’t you just use a prostitute every few weeks?”
        That doesn’t solve the problem.
        So I don’t think he was willing to fuck em, so I don’t know what tos ay.

      4. Most modern women realize that as feminism has stolen their lovely femininity, sex is all they can offer to men to control them. Thus when they see prostitutes, they realize that they’ve got competition and thus go hysterical!

        1. Yep. No man wants to go to a hooker, if they have lovely feminine wives, who don’t use sex as a weapon.

      5. In Canada the feminists even made sex robots illegal for the future when they’re made.
        Haha they don’t even exist yet but they were still quick enough to destroy the idea before it was even invented.

        1. Right, because the robots will be trafficked against their will.
          I expect a movie starring Liam Neilson, were he rescues his captured daughter (who happens to be a robot).

        2. LOL “oppressed” robots clearly need feminism.
          Seriously though, they said it was because it would lead to the “objectification” and “degradation” of women…. Objectification of fucking robots which are objects…..

    5. “He should have just seen women for what they are, a lifestyle accoutrement at best, and acted accordingly. ”
      You are largely correct in your assessment except that for an omega, like I was at one time, never having had a long term relationship let along a fling, the lack of a girlfriend becomes a driving obsession.
      A clue to Wilkes lack of success can be seen in his last photo, i.e. he was pudgy and quite possibly more than a little overweight. I have Chinese friends who never have problems with women, but then they work out like banshees and are quite muscular, trim and fit. As well, they have discovered the art of being “cool”, which by itself is no mean trick.
      I was fat and pudgy at one time, but once I started working out things slowly started to change. The problem was that initially I could not understand the role fitness played in attracting women, as I had been repeatedly told to “just be yourself”. I learned that lesson the hard way and after more than a year of pumping iron, I started going on dates. I was still stupid of course, and one incident in particular still brings laughs when I tell my friends. I was on a date with a hot young chick when she suggested that we go to bed, and of course I told her “No thanks, I’m not tired yet”. Like DUH!!!!
      We all start out with certain advantages and disadvantages. Some have more of one or the other, but that is life. The key is to minimize your disadvantages and work hard to gain some advantages. It won’t be easy and in fact it will be a long and hard road. It was 10 years of struggle before I broke from the past.
      What did it for me was weight lifting and getting myself into shape, dressing well and becoming more socially adept. It got to the point where women would turn around and look at me as I walked past.
      The lessons of the manosphere are out there. The road will not be easy. In fact it’ll be bloody hard but in the end it’ll be worth it.

    6. I agree with your point re. emptiness of modern women. I’m a short male, yet I learned game and managed to have sex with many women (definitely not as many as I would have if I were taller, but hey, c’est la vie).
      There are a lot of solutions to cases like this when a male has fundamentally low attractiveness. In order of preference: learning game, moving to another country, channeling energy into other activities that produce wealth and status, and prostitutes.
      But throwing away your life just because some bitches don’t want to have sex with you seems incredibly stupid and a terrible waste. I just can’t understand it.

      1. It’s just sad to see this guy kill himself over this when there are things he can do to improve himself. That’s what self-improvement is for, not living for female attention. Eventually, that will come.

        1. whose to say he didn’t try and fail. Lets be realistic, most girlswould pick an equally ugly white or black man over him.

        2. There are no guarantees that lifting weights, updating your wardrobe, making real money and acting confident will work out for you. Some of you guys are so into meaningless externals, guys “uglier” and “pudgier” than McDermid are walking around with drop dead gorgeous women on their arms. Life is unfair. Some of us deal with it better than others.

        3. That’s completely true… my first ‘kick in the pants’ came when I saw a guy who was by any measure way less attractive than me (and about the same height) pull 8’s and 9’s on a daily basis. That was when I realized I need to up my game.

    7. “I’ve had over 100 women and every time I get done with one I just think to myself, wow that’s pretty much all she’s worth, her wet hole that I just finished with, and most guys would have to put in a lot of work just for that brief sexual act. ”
      a) you’ve got a very high and probably unrealistic opinion of yourself
      b) we have no idea what types of women you’re fucking – they could all be trash
      c) if all you’re doing is fucking them, and nothing more, you have no idea as to what women are like, and really, you are not qualified to give advice – doesn’t matter how many women you’ve fucked.

        1. Seems like the stock standard response when you pull someone up on here. Isn’t that what the SJW’s do? Someone pulls you up and disagrees with you call them a name? The man is entrenched in the ‘message’.

        1. Standard response – call someone a chick when they don’t agree with what someone says – childish unimaginative response – in that light, maybe you are a chick!

        2. So, YOU can use ad hominem, but don’t accept ad hominems against YOU.
          >_>… hummmmm
          I smell the stink of double standards here…

        3. It’s not an Ad Hominem against me – it’s name calling. I don’t mind being called names, but use something imaginative that at least will make me laugh. Calling me a chick is a boring stock standard response that I would expect from a 16 year old in a schoolyard. I did respond by calling him/her a chick as well, but that response was unassailably witty and placed in the context of a wider and more mature point of view.
          I think what you can smell is the stink of your own shit as you are trying to eat it like a monkey in a zoo.

        4. I’ll gladly accept that I have shit for brains. And you should accept that you have snatch for ‘nads 😉

        5. I can’t accept that, because if I had a snatch I’d be playing with it all the time.
          It’d be nicely waxed and encased in the tiniest of pussy hammocks.

    8. I agree, I’ve fucked over 200 civilians in my life, I’ve decided to stop because I’m already 24 and should be thinking on more serious stuff and manning up. But after some women, you just think it’s just not worth all the hassle (approaching, touching them, making out and finding a place to bang). I honestly can do much better with my own hand, instead of pounding unknown sloots for one hour straight since I find it so hard to come with new girls. I’ve realized the best way to go on is to stick on your job and pay some experienced escort with superhot professional body, do some drugs with her and fuck her in some 5 star hotel that you can afford thanks to your high end job. That’s all that matters in the end. I occasionally still fuck the basic white girl when she puts in some serious effort. I don’t know how my life would have been if I was under 6’2, non white, and with an ugly or balding head, but I’m pretty sure most of success is simply due to confidence and outcome indipendence (I don’t really cared about what the girls think when I approach them).
      Happy slaying,

    9. Why would a british man so close to countries like germany and netherlands who could easily pay for hot hookers go and off himself, I don’t get it. Why would he want a relationship with a woman? Did he not understand women never love the men who they are with, they only love the attention the man provides and what the man DOES for them. Even in a good relation a woman will drop you and forget your name if something slightly better comes within grasping distance. In fact all of my pre-game relationships came from wome who monkey branched and still had a boyfriend when they started kissing, touch, fucking whatever me.
      This guy raised a very important issue that is seldom discussed in the manosphere that is problematic for men but we don’t address seriously. Who loves men. Women love children and themselves, men love women, but no one seems to give a rats ass about men.

    10. There is a lot of ‘chicken or egg’ dynamic going on with game. When guys learn to present themselves as ‘not giving a fuck’ in order to be more attractive (because they gave so much of a fuck that they actually study how to be more attractive), it gets confusing.

    11. Problem is he’s living in a society that tells him being a beta provider for a “life partner” is what you’re supposed to be. Plus society tells him that women are special snowflakes an your life is incomplete without one. Learning game, banging multiple women an seeing women for what they really are instead of putting them on a pedestal is such a foreign way of being to most men that they choose suicide. Swallowing the red pill involves de programing a whole life outlook that has been programmed into many men.

      1. Good points. I know it has to be hard (even harder for younger men, today). They are learning a new reality and how it’s stacked against men (not really for them). It has to be a shock to many of them (after so many years of the programming by society).
        The answer (I found at an early age) is to not give a fuck what other people say or think. That is really the key to freedom. People will always try to shame men into ‘manning up’ or “doing the right thing”….fuck that.
        Take care of yourself, do what is in your best interest, etc…

        1. I agree with what you say but that’s something else that needs to be de programmed, being told you have to like an get along with everybody. Blue pill gets shoved down men’s throated soon as they are born unless they have good parents, sometimes something happens that wakes them up at a young age. Also not giving a fuck can be a double edged sword, if you simply say I don’t give a fuck you can end up a fat lazy omega because you give up caring too much. But work on improvement for yourself not others is the right attitude.

        2. Yes, I agree….the improvement should always be there but for yourself. Too many men rely use self improvement (only) to get women when the real goal should be self improvement for you, first…getting women would be a kind of “side effect” if you will.

        3. I’ll admit I’ve tried to get motivated to impress women but it doesn’t last. Motivation for yourself lasts if your dedicated.

      2. Spot on mate. Now I am not going to lie here, I have shit luck with women, BUT…after a few mental readjustments, I am no longer crying myself to sleep every night.

        1. I used to have shit luck with women too but I always suspected there was something wrong with what I was being told about women an modern relationships which is what lead me to sites like this. Women arn’t the be all an end all, focus’s on improving yourself an women will come.

    12. I agree with qualification. I’d say game is worth learning if you are really young–like teenage years. It’s worth it if you are young because your brain is more plastic so you learn faster and adapt to change quicker. If you are older it might not be worth picking up. The effort required to learn and execute game is so great that the ROI makes it pointless. Roosh is right that the dating landscape has changed significantly. The downhill trend is also a steady one.
      I got what I wanted out of game. It’s time for me to handle other areas of my life that I’ve realized are more important. It’s ironic how taking pu**y off the pedestal–which is a core concept of game–opened my eyes to things I now consider more relevant. I’m now in the process of considering hanging up my hat on it and going MGTOW.

        1. I’ve yet to here of a 13 y/o learning game haha, most kids even in high school are beta as f**k and pedestalize women. Very few are “alpha” and possess game skills.

      1. I disagree. While the earlier the better, yes, remember that a man’s peak is in the ages of 38-43.
        As long as you lust for women, Game is worth your effort. Even if you only discover it at age 40.

        1. Men shouldn’t lust for women. That’s the kind of thinking that gets pu**y put on the undeserved pedestal that so many men put it on. Sex is a fun recreation, but it’s not everything. For every chick you think is a 9 or 10, there is a dude that is tired of f**king her.

    13. Men should never, ever seek validation from how many women they have or they do bang. You are a man, a human being, and you have a ton of other things to do than to let your existence revolve around women and sex. This is what the modern “players” never understand, and that’s why I believe that MGTOW is a far superior ideology. One thing I’ve realized that now giving women a damn, will actually attract them more towards you, but even this fact shouldn’t be your guiding motivation of not giving a damn. Your motivation must be a respect for yourself, that propels you to make money, start a business, read books, socialize, travel places, etc. Women and sex are just a by product of your success.

    14. I think you’re missing the reason behind his pain. His reasons for killing himself are not because he had an urge to be a “beta provider” or whatever. It’s that he felt great pain from rejection by women, and realized his rank in the socio-sexual hierarchy, which for Asian and Indian men in the West, is at the bottom.
      He could have done some things to make himself more attractive.. but Game isn’t a panacea and magic solution to everything. And even with all the Game and working out to lose weight he might have done, the most he could have pulled would have been a 4 or 5.
      Every man greatly desires a beautiful attractive woman. Only a few men are capable of getting that… And that hurts. The realization of that.. combined with an overly sexualized and feminist culture where women are pretty much rubbing their sexuality in men’s faces and then denying them sex is a lethal combination.
      I understand and empathize with this man’s pain and I hope his anguish is over now and he is resting in peace.

      1. Women are picky, no doubt about it, but there’s a counter-force to that, which is that there are a LOT of women, they’re all competing with each other, and they have very little to offer except for their vaginas. Most of them are also pretty dumb (like most men, to be fair). Plus, a lot of men aren’t that interested in women or completely lack game or have just given up. If you can use these facts to your advantage you can get pussy. I maintain that it’s still possible for an unattractive guy to get a fair amount of it.

    15. wait- so women are worthless aside from sexual gratification? what makes you think this, women are just as capable of earning and working in a functional society as men are, thank you very much. Did you have a troubled childhood with absentee parents or something? Or are you just stuck in your sick views that women are merely objects until you feel like sticking your dick in something? You think with your penis, not your brain, and I can’t wait till your generation dies out.

  4. Very sad
    With the state of modern gender relations, even if he’d found a girl, the chances are she’d cheat and humiliate him.
    Less than market-optimum men are cannon fodder. That’s the red pill truth. A horrible truth, but a truth. I know people say “game” is the answer, but it ain’t for everyone. The world is full of good, productive, intelligent, exceptional guys, who still stand no chance in the debased sexual market place.
    Suicide isn’t the answer, but I sympathise with the pain of loneliness

    1. it’s not horrible. why care about women so much?
      you cannot humiliate a person who doesn’t give up his self-respect.
      i don’t like to frame it cheating. sure, it would be nice to have someone exclusively. but it’s also nice just to have someone for whatever time-period.
      this man should have taken what life offered him instead of complaining he won’t have it all.

      1. Yeah he should. I agree he needed perspective. I wish I knew him. I could have saved him if he was my pal
        But I’ve seen seen how girls treat less than optimum guys. If you’re already on a download slope, you’ve been fed shit all your life, then you confront ugly reality… that is a tough break.
        My instincts are still to sympathise to some extent with guys like this
        So should yours

        1. Someone should direct him to read and study the articles here on RoK. Also read the comments. Then he would’ve realized that chasing women ain’t worth it. Improve on yourself and life WILL get better.

        2. If he had buffed up and treated these girls like complete shit he would still be alive today.
          Great cautionary tale, although I wish the sentiment had been more focused on self improvement.

        3. chances are he wouldn’t have been your pal. chances are you wouldn’t have liked him. if you don’t even care to have the right mindset, you usually don’t end up with good guys as friends. people like that may feel like victims, but they often act like the same kind of oppressors they condemn. i know because i did.
          i don’t see the point in sympathizing with a dead person; he has moved on. others like him – well, the world is full of people like that to receive your help. it’s easy to feel sympathy, but it takes effort and real work to change something.

        4. “well, the world is full of people like that to receive your help.”
          That’s why I’m here, Bro 😉

        5. He would argue not being white/black and not being tall enough would have put him at too big a disavdantage. And we should be fair minded, maybe he tried learning game and it didn’t work. After all most of us learning game have all 3 categories, black/white, over 5’10 and have some other form of power.

        6. He did argue that not being either of those 3 put him at a disadvantage, but not impossible. He gave up. Those of us who didn’t fit into 2 of those 3 or either of those 3 still have been successful.
          He didn’t learn game. He was taught the feminist game and lost. All the excuses he mentioned are the ways most women think.

        7. Imo, his real problem was being in britain. Firstly, having been there, I think it is a country where the only attractive females are of indian descent or a small branch of the white upper class. The other 98% of females are just not attractive at all. Even when thin, still ugly. Then being a short asian guy in a nation of tall white people dominated by a media of mostly white/black media figures he was in an uphill battle. He’d have been far better off swinging through some dark skin asian countries where the women will fuck any light skin asian men to get light skin asian babies.
          This did not even require any game. he could fly to cape town africa, then he could afford a ticket to korea, vietnam, thailand, indonesia, and china. and plenty of poor dark skin village girls would marry, fuck him and treat him good just for being a well of light skin asian man.
          No man will attract every demographic. Most white men will not attract black american women. You either get over it, or move to a place where you can get laid more easy (europe, asia, etc). Most black men in south africa will not attract a white gorgeous women. you either date another race, or go to australia or sweden or ireland where a gorgeous white women will fuck even an ugly black man.
          Sometimes you gotta move to improve your lot, but whining never does.

      2. He should have pursued what was important to him. Probably a white knight feminist who sucked up to fat chicks. I hear the UK is infamous for ugly women. Maybe he should haves moved where the odds were in his favor.
        There is no sense in a man just giving up when he can do so much better.
        I met a guy who survived meningitis who was missing both legs, looked like a burn victim and could still pull attractive women.
        I don’t come to this site to see a bunch of defeatist sentiment.

    2. “The world is full of good, productive, intelligent, exceptional guys,
      who still stand no chance in the debased sexual market place.”
      That’s life. If a man isn’t attracted to a woman then it doesn’t matter how “good, productive, intelligent, [and] exceptional” that she is either. If you’re below average in looks, then you’re choices often come down to celibacy or settling for an equally (or even more) unattractive partner.

      1. Hence you make yourself more attractive. Or, you could get society to shame women attracted to good looking bad boys.

      2. That is such a defeatist mentality.
        I’ve met guys with tiny peckers and fake legs who do just fine with women. Apparently the guy had a decent career. He should have buffed up, slimmed down, taken a trip to the Philippines and beat up the mouse.

        1. Yea, not everyone wants Pinay poon. They’re ugly. Apparently, even to pudgy Chinese men with English names.

      3. Men have one enormous advantage in the dating market. Where as woman derives ALL sexual capital from her looks which invariably deteriorate – Man derives MOST of his sexual capital from STATUS. You could be the fat ass fucking dork who plays Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones and pull mad bitches because your a famous actor on a popular show. You could be a bald and ugly-ish guy and be ripped and pull bitches. You can be short and black like Kevin Hart and be a famous comedian. As ever (money + game) can elevate you 3 to 4 points for most men that takes you from a 4 or a 5 to a fucking 7-9 on the SMV scale. It’s not that hard. Don’t commit, lift weights, stack money, fuck hoes.

        1. “Man derives MOST of his sexual capital from STATUS”
          Yes, older men do, men who are competing for the same USED women that are passed around endlessly. Once a “Western” man is old enough that his status is greatly boosting his SMV, he has already probably lost his life’s best chance of a young attractive virgin wife (inside his own country/culture).
          “Don’t commit, lift weights, stack money, fuck hoes.”
          Shockingly, most men don’t want to (just) “fuck hoes,” even the PUA gurus can get sick of it and want a traditional wife and children.

        2. dammit, i’ll say it again: latin american girls who go to church. my wife was past what most of you super-model-pump-and-dumping-alphas consider the prime (over 25) when i met her, but still a virgin. still a great wife now, too. it can be done. learn spanish, get thee to central america, and start going to church, i say.

      4. When one has dealt with enough high maintenance, bitchy “hot” females, especially those who are worthless in the sack. I’d rather have a high 5 or a 6 that is totally uninhibited and able to gratify me sexually. YMMV, which is also cool.

    3. he should have just went back to asia.
      its not fair hes got to compete with black and white superior genetics.

    4. That’s why rational people stop trying and look elsewhere after years of trying. That’s why I can’t stand people looking down on whatever the interests are. For the most part, the internet gives you everything without having to pay anything at all.
      I gave up on dating personally because for me sex is not really a big deal for me. Without the sex, the relationship with 90% of the women from anglosphere is pointless, waste of time, money and sanity. And feminists wonder why men don’t want to marry. Not to mention, I can hardly trust their words anyway.

  5. i don’t like the tone of the title. a man did some research and decided he didn’t want to live. why should anybody care? it was his choice to make. absolute freedom. i respect that.
    the title makes it sound like society should have provided him with mates. i suppose it isn’t meant that way.
    the thinking is also flawed regarding the statistics. here we have a guy who found the perfect reason for not trying. he read research papers instead of going out there. also, he was fat.
    statistics predict tendencies, not individual cases. on his blog, he writes that if there was no bias, he would expect a 50/50 ratio between the races. come on. he would “expect”? what is life to him, an exercise in wishful thinking? just because you can’t have the same chances, you shouldn’t even take those you have? a bias against asians is no predictor for all-time rejection.
    on his website, he writes that people tell him to “accept” things. what’s wrong about it? and why does he care what other people tell him? he is blaming people who gave wrong advice. if he was so convinced, why did he even bother talking to them?
    actually, he would only need to accept statistics. and live his own individual life. he was concerned by being left by a girl without him making a fault – well, that’s life, mate. i’m self-employed and can create a super product and someone else creates a better one and will have more customers. i did nothing wrong. or my customer doesn’t pay the bill. i did nothing wrong. move on.
    kudos to him for attempting to be rational about it and for not explicitly giving fault to anybody – well, maybe the people who gave him advice. kudos to him for not killing anybody else.
    yes, i see the problem of his situation. but it’s not society that oppresses him. it is the fact that he had a bad mindset. doesn’t change he was still a pussy who didn’t take his life into his own hands.

    1. I consider this comment to be both cold and needlessly vicious.
      “yes, i see the problem of his situation. but it’s not society that oppresses him. it is the fact that he had a bad mindset. doesn’t change he was still a pussy who didn’t take his life into his own hands.”
      How do you know? What if he had a redpill mindset but just realized that the effort it would take for him to get pussy was so monumental he gave up. A pussy? For not having enough game? is that the definition of being a pussy? Then I guess most of society prior to like 1960 with 0 game would be considered “pussies”, right? Hmm.

      1. please define redpill mindset. i really don’t see how “seeing the truth about women” makes you a man by itself. i have also considered suicide and, as implied in the first paragraph, i respect his choice.
        but he’s still a pussy, as i would’ve been, had i killed myself.
        for me, mindset is to realize that you can take anything life throws at you with a smirk. that failure does not necessitate extreme suffering. yeah, you need some time to realize that and hell, it’s not fair that such an easy realization should be all the difference between those who try and those who are pussies. but it is in this case.
        i’m into compassion, but i’m not into pity. and there’s not much compassion to be had with a dead guy. it’s hard to believe he can still turn things around.

  6. suicide: loser, who cares?
    mass murder suicide: everyone cares.
    I can see why the latter is becoming popular these days.

    1. There’s an old saying: if you can’t be famous, be INfamous.
      I think psychologists should look further into the involuntary celibacy issue. It never gets much attention until people like Rodger and Christine Chubbuck do something drastic.

      1. Prostitution is the key. In the old world it was seen as a societal safety valve even during the Middle Ages… they knew that men needed to nut or they would explode

        1. Why do young muslim men blow themselves up? Because rich guys have four wives, and they get nothing. Zip. Maybe the 77 virgins in heaven is bullshit, but it’s still totally worth the risk – there’s nothing for them down here.
          Legal brothels would stop suicide bombing and religious fanaticism of all stripes cold. That’s why the religious hate them.

        2. It would also provide a notable deterrent for girls slutting around if we could legally mandate their behavior to brothels. You give these cunts two choices: sucking dick as a whore or obediently sucking off a husband and watch how quickly all the unstable betas start receiving all the the therapeutic vag they need.

        3. you know almost by definition “beta” is most men. There are omegas too which are worse. And alphas obviously. And even “lesser and greater” of these sort of socio-sexual rankings. But most men are second tier- weaker , follower, types. Especially these days. Masculine ethos demands that we seize the power and freedom that is our birthright.

        4. I also think this explains why males were found to be under-performing in universities.
          They’re too busy trying to figure out how to fuck some of the girls in yoga-pants that are constantly parading themselves in their faces.
          If those guys have functioning testicles, they don’t even stand a chance.

  7. topping yourself isn’t a heroic thing to do, and it reveals a ‘dependent’ sense of self, specifically of the pussy dependency variety. He’s right though in saying he’s being logical. Society is now organised around the truths that women and feminism want the world to believe. If nothing else this guy made a reasonably authoritative statement saying that what women / feminism / society in general says is all lies. Making a statement is not a legitimate reason to top yourself, but that doesn’t mean the statement isn’t valid

    1. The problem I have is this. I find suicide a cowardly thing to do, but his suicide note is right on a descriptive level. If he was still alive and I had to explain to him that life is worth living, I doubt if I could. Not to a man with such a life story.
      He wants to find a woman and reproduce – a very normal thought for most men throughout history. He cannot do this because of factors beyond his control, related to his birth and the society he grew up in. He knows that he will never be happy, and that he can only ignore the pain it causes by distracting himself with temporary pursuits all the time. And he draws the only conclusion that he can under those circumstances: that to live, for him, is useless and that ultimately suicide is the lesser evil for him, the utilitarian choice.
      It frightens me that such a sound line of reasoning leads to such a grisly conclusion.

      1. most suicide is a cop out. I don’t think its the life story in itself that’s the problem. That life is shit was an expectation until today’s age when instead we expect it will be wonderful and respect our rights, only to become depressed when it doesn’t. In Rome, Japan suicide could be linked to politics, honour, and in this case perhaps a degree of pragmatism. The reason against is probably that we aren’t really capable of being pragmatic or rational when it comes to our own continued existence, and its difficult to be sure he was any different, although its clear he thought things through.
        Finding a woman in order to reproduce is the male biological imperative, one which appears to be somewhat in disrepute within this society despite the fact that enormous pressure exists upon individual men to fulfil that imperative. I think that’s the hypocrisy his actions were aimed at. It was a protest and protest is rarely entirely logical or rational. “The red pill” on the other would have acknowledged that biological imperative he felt he couldn’t fulfil while supporting him to manage and optimise his expectations so that he wouldn’t have felt he had to top himself.

  8. I don’t know. Lots of women out there have zero social life and they don’t kill themselves. You can’t let the opposite sex determine if you live or die.

    1. In my experience, the women who don’t have much social interaction with people tend to be the really hideous and crazy ones.
      I met one at a public place who came up to me and a friend of mine. Short, fat, clearly mentally ill. Started talking to us about her little babies who were at home alone and that she should go home soon (no idea why). We were pretty shocked, so we asked about them, and then she revealed that she meant her cats.
      She may not have been suicidal, as that is not in women’s nature. But by God she wasn’t coping.

  9. Professional sex researchers show surprisingly little curiosity about the problems of male incels. I have four different college textbooks of the Human Sexuality 101 sort published since the beginning of the 21st Century, and not a single one has a section on incels, love-shys or adult male virgins.
    By contrast, sexologists find gays, sex tourists, prostitutes, transgenders, sexually active teens, cross dressers, sadomasochists, pedophiles and god knows what else just endlessly fascinating to study.
    So if people in the alleged “counseling” professions don’t know what to do to help guys like Elliot Rodger & Wilkes McDermid, the scientific community’s neglect of this area probably explains why.

    1. “By contrast, sexologists find gays, sex tourists, prostitutes,
      transgenders, sexually active teens, cross dressers, sadomasochists,
      pedophiles and god knows what else just endlessly fascinating to study.”
      Federal study on lesbian obesity costs $3 million:
      “A federal study to determine why 75 percent of lesbian women are obese and gay men are not has totaled nearly $3 million.”
      $2.7M Federal Study: Why Do Lesbians Have Higher ‘Risk for Hazardous Drinking’?
      NIH under fire for grants toward creation of homoerotic website:
      The National Institutes of Health has spent more than 5 million dollars on a website called Sexpulse that is targeted at “men who use the Internet to seek sex with men”. The website “includes pornographic images of homosexual sex as well as naked and scantily clad men” and features “a Space Invaders-style interactive game that uses a penis-shaped blaster to shoot down gay epithets.”

      1. By contrast:
        Who is the 40-year-old virgin and where did he/she come from? Data from the National Survey of Family Growth.

        Little is known about young and middle aged adults who have never engaged in sexual intercourse.

        Prevalence and predictors of sexual inexperience in adulthood.

        The emergence of partnered sexual behavior represents an important developmental transition. However, little is known about individuals who remain sexually inexperienced well into adulthood.

        So if the typical psychotherapist’s training has this weird blind spot about the problems of incels because “little is known,” then we will continue to see more guys like Elliot or Wilkes going postal or committing suicide while leaving their manifestos of existential despair behind.

    2. I believe that sexuality is one of those subjects that even the best professionals can’t really look at from a purely objective point of view. It’s no nuclear physics. They are humans first and researchers second. And as a species, we have an interest in sex that can range from healthy to fucking morbid.
      It’s more exciting, more intense, more edgy, to look at the motivations of transsexual bug-chasers who go to Cambodia to rape kids than it is to look at low-value guys who aren’t getting any. The former gives researchers and their backers an emotional shock which can be vaguely pleasant. The latter is too matter-of-fact and boring. So with finite resources and very little qualified manpower for field work, just guess where the money goes.

      1. as mentioned above, and you derive at the end, it’s all about funding. funding from you, to them, for what you get nothing back for, except more lie-justified theft. research for how to steal more.
        how do those, who have negative value, who are so fucked up nothing in reality wants to pay for them, who are so fucked up precisely because they are righteous parasitic leeches and think-feel themselves divine for it, who refuse to actually trade for dollars, obtain dollars? well, by force, using the race to the bottom that is democracy as their chariot of petty insidious thievery. it’s all about funding.
        and not funding to discover what’s real, mind you. the research is all predetermined. there can be no empirical observation, nor scientific retesting, for feelings, by design. these people are so detached from reality, they think-feel that they should get shit for free. there is no actual excitement, there is no novel discovery, there is only novel stolen (tax provided) monies to “research” the novel lies told to justify age-old thieving and cheating. because equalist feels should trump reality, right?! feeling is thinking, deviance (from reality) is value, gay is important, so gay should be rewarded just for being gay! all important divine intrinsic value feels -> intrinsic -millions- of dollars, obviously! oh, but they don’t have millions? well, that’s discrimination! we’ll “research” how to correct this! working people are just too stupid, so we’ll help them see the light by lurking in the dark recesses of govt stolen tax dollar reappropriation.
        no need to conflate or get distracted. the true testable, verifiable undeserving trade nothing, thus have no dollars, yet do righteously believe they should get free shit. the end point to the research trick has always been giving money, not research. there is no other goal, so there is no end to the “research” (aka the lying), so there is no end to the funding, so expect more of the same.

  10. I’ve never understood why so many non-Asian women outright rejeect Asian men as partners. These guys tend to well-educated, high-earning, and non-violent. I guess this is one way I was lucky to be born mulatto instead of hapa (like Elliot Rodger).

    1. Or why Asian women reject their tribes’ own men when they have access to white or Africa-derived men. A billion Chinese had to come from Chinese women banging Chinese men, so you can’t blame the women’s current rejection on their men’s reproductive problems.

    2. I see with online dating, asian women stating they only want tall white males, even though the asian women are below average height and usually very asian in facial appearance themselves. But online dating is fucked up for lots of other reasons. I also see asian women grocery shopping with asian men in the asian super market. Some asian women obviously prefer to stay within their culture. If you were an asian man, why would you want to marry a white woman any way? If this man had been in a large asian city instead of London he probably would have had different more better social options.

        1. Says who?
          I’m black and I wouldn’t touch a white or even black woman.
          And I am damn sure I’m not missing anything.

        2. Lmfao!
          Are you serious?
          Where have you been the last 25 years?
          In don’t mean physically but attraction is not 100% physical.
          Black women’s attitudes are legendarily repulsive.

    3. i think its just anglo women. maybe all the bad cultural stereotypes get played up & get passed along in the sisterhood of traveling fat pants. who knows. I know this was in London but I find Europe to be easier to me than the US (im se asian)

  11. And now the end is here
    And so he faced the final curtain
    My friend he said it clear
    He stated his case of which he was certain
    He lived a life that’s full
    He traveled each and every highway
    And more, much more than this
    He did it his way!!!

  12. He shouldve lost weight and then tried to find a mate in the phillipines.
    Problem solved. Or wouldve been solved had he not offed himself.

    1. One year in the gym getting whipped into shape by a personal trainer, new wardrobe, a big asian city where english is spoken… hell lots of guys would never want to repatriate at that point.

    2. the depression disease doesn’t allow for that kind of logic
      Unfortunately, ageing is caused by programmed self-destruction, and our brains work in the same way in order to give a survival advantage to the species our mindset turns against us to prevent us becoming too successful for too long and using the resources left for the earlier generations, this is what the research is saying. Depression is literally by design from nature, its a programmed disease to turn you into a debilitated loser so that you get eaten/taken advantage of by a predator or die in order to give an opportunity to someone else
      Programmed self-destruction is deeply ingrained in the species, not only in our DNA but our BRAIN”s DNA.
      The more we research disease and aging, the more we find that it was done deliberately by nature, thankfully society is waking up and taking anti-aging seriously

    3. Yup. These guys who suffer in these obese Anglo bubbles are the saddest cases. Go and EASILY get a 19 year old centerfold body in just about any non-Anglo culture. When are guys going to realize that trying to find a women in Angloville is like trying to find a decent sandwich somewhere inside of a festering honey bucket. Maybe the wrong place to look? Could that be the problem?
      “I think I need to find myself a few silk neckties and some decent leather oxfords. So I’ll head to the local sewage treatment facility and start wading around in the tanks.”
      That’s about as stupid as guys pining away in Angloville for a good woman. Jesus. This guy had a successful blog too. Mobility. Some money. So sad.

      1. I don’t know London but it sounds like it has all the negatives of western women, obesity and feminism.

    4. Any of this talk about height or race being used as a justification or rationalization for either not getting girls or…ahem!…killing yourself….is bullshit to me….yes…we live in a word where being tall and rich is helpful…but for example…im 5’11″…not rich but lead a nice life….and i have roughly a 5mm gap in between my two front teeth that ive never fixed simply because I dont think i need to be a “perfect” stereotype of man….right now im not as muscular as I have been in my past….and I get rejected by girls sometimes….and other times they accept me for who i am….because im confident in who i am….this man clearly lost all of his confidence and all of his self worth throughout the events he experienced in his life….its very sad to me….but my point is that his race,height and past experiences with women to me dont justify killing yourself….look at stories of people like the guy from the movie unbroken….does anyone really think that this guy had worse experiences than him??…..probably not….but this guys definitely let his negative life experiences (which we all have)….effect him to a level that in his mind the only solution was to take his own life….the whole thing is very sad as mentioned but I fail to see how not being able to get laid at any particular point in your life (which yet again…we have all had chunks of time when we arent getting laid)…..is a reason to take your life…..everything that happens in all of our lives no matter how negative the event…can either be used to make us feel weaker or stronger….this man obviously chose to let himself become weaker because of them….

  13. Blaming your height or race on why you can’t get girls is such a cop-out to the real reasons you can’t get a girl. This guy looks like an overweight homosexual. That could have been an issue he never thought about trying to fix.

      1. Yeah he is half Asian, which makes him sadder because half Asian guys are usually more aesthetic and desired more than full asian guys.

        1. Are you sure he’s half-Asian? He looks like a full Asian (most likely either Vietnamese or Chinese) that was adopted by white parents.

    1. are you fucking me? even if he started power lifting, nobody would respect him. short guys have it tough. Im 6′ thank god but one of my shorter friends is absolutely fucked. Hell probably have to move back to the Philippines to get laid.

      1. But he still could get laid if he found girls below his SMV, which there are starting to get a lot of. I could sympathize with his struggle because I’m also short and Asian but suicide is not the answer. He could at least improve himself and quit caring so much about what females think about him.

        1. Banging girls below his SMV would’ve been good practice and worked his way up to better quality women. He would then understand the true nature of women and wouldn’t put them on a pedestal.
          This feminist society had taught him not to treat women like that, but on the contrary, that IS what you should do. Ironically women find you more attractive if you do that even though they say they detest men like that.

  14. Of course not to say this guy didn’t have his own set of mental issues, i’m cautious to say game will fix all problems. Game does not exist a traditionalist society, all the more reason to claim that America is no longer monogamous or traditionalist (which is easy to see if one opens their eyes, considering many people have 6-10 partners before marriage). Again these people that say game will fix everything also miss the problem that really in a traditionalist society with legal prostitution there would be about 0 incidents like this. And I know at least from what I remember that prostitution is necessarily legal in the UK but it is restricted (although I’m sure a troll will correct me).
    It goes far beyond sheer prostitution though, this man as did all “incel” men, he needed a real dose of love and a deeply romantic relationship. To deny this to human beings should be seen as a real crime equitable to any sort of violent or bloody act. “Game” won’t fix the problem, game is part of the problem, demolishing game should be a real idea for traditionalists. Now here comes the argument, “I don’t live in a monogamous society, so I should learn game to fuck, therefore game is good.” That is some shitty logic right there. It is like the ultimate in prisoner’s dilemma where people will cheat the other person to get an easier time.
    “They are also forced to endure a “trust the process” party line from mainstream therapists who have no idea how to help them achieve their goals, as well as a manosphere counterculture that cannot give them the cure-all they are looking for to “solve” their race, height, or whatever other characteristic they view as their problem.”
    Ehh…The way to solve these problems is to look to the past, not the present. Although I wholeheartedly agree that the party line of “just be yourself” and other shit is both shallow and empty, thrusting all men into eternal competition for mates is not a good option. It makes men angry, anti-social, and violent to do so, sound familiar? The problems of race, height, or whatever are again beautifully solved by a traditionalist society, he fucks prostitutes (who don’t care about that shit), and then he gets a wife who was reasonable expectations in a husband.
    “I was repeatedly told to “trust the process”, but no-one was willing to outline this mystical process. To me it was one step removed from a cult with pseudo science used to ‘persuade’ rather than educate. For one session at The Priory I was told to stare at an orange for an hour… Make your own conclusions on how effective that technique was…”
    Yea that sounds like modern psychology to me, remember psychology started all from papa Freud and his pseudo-science of anti-western, anti-traditionalist, “Psycho-analysis” (there’s a lot of evidence that Freud and crew were Frankfurt school pimps). I would be skeptical if such a foundation for psychology had really changed or rather just made the narrative a little more palatable. All evidence from almost all civilizations point to the fact that if you don’t agree with the society you are in (commies, fascists, western style government) then clearly there is something wrong with YOU. In that way anyone who goes against the narrative is clearly a violent psychopath/sociopath with a bone to pick, rather than an actual human being with thoughts and feelings. The Soviets were legendary at this art of saying people have “sluggish schizophrenia” for disagreeing with them.
    One article I found really helped me out when I feel depressed and I hope it helps anyone with depression who really seeks an answer:

    1. I think game would’ve helped him. He had been fed by society and MSM the wrong game. He played by the rules and produced no results like what the movies show. Only by taking the red pill would he have understood.

    2. “Game does not exist a traditionalist society . . . ”
      Game exists in all sexually reproducing species. Even plants.
      You appear to be confusing self-awareness of game, and probably pick up techniques, with game itself.

      1. And those societies in human history that embraced game? Global embarrassments, jokes, and some of the most backward places on the planet. I guess I mean game in the modern sense, I guess in the 1300’s “game” would mean having a job and morals.

        1. So? The people at the top were far different from the common man and it is the same way today. An elite had the wealth to sit around and ponder game or maybe a harem, but the rest of society needed a strict code. Some people can handle loose sexuality and advance but most cannot.

        2. “An elite had the wealth to sit around and ponder game or maybe a harem . . .”
          The main characters are monks. You are making an argument about something you clearly haven’t read.

  15. RIP but really, really….
    I mean we all should have total control over our lives, even death, and if you want to go, I won’t hate.
    But it’s close minded, why didn’t he just move to a country more favorable to his circumstance and kick-ass. At least he could have tried, there’s always an option. I guess some people just aren’t figthers.
    But then again i’m white and 5″10 so what do i know

  16. The bigger problem is that he has to compete with black and white guys. We are taller, more masculine and have bigger dicks. He should have just moved to wherever he descended from.
    Diversity is so cool until you kill yourself.

    1. I agree but LOL you look Indian/Paki mate I don’t think anyone would think you fit in either category of black and white.

  17. There are limits to Game. McDermid is correct: height, race, and wealth play a role in a man’s value in the marketplace. But it has always been like this. I think the difference now is that there are so many more women who are no longer fit for marriage. Competition for the marriageable ones is fierce.
    There are a few things he could have done. First, there is something to knowing your ballpark. A less attractive guy is not going to get the perfect 10 girl unless he has wealth. McDermid could have considered dating a less attractive Asian girl. There are plenty of Asian girls that might have a 4 or 5 face, but a 7 or 8 body. And there are also lots of short ones.
    Second, he could have worked out a bit. It is obvious from the photos that he had let himself go bit. He wasn’t the best looking guy before, but the unkempt hair and the belly didn’t do anything to make him more attractive. I don’t think it would have gotten him a date with Candace Swanepoel, but it might have made it easier to find a cute Asian.
    Finally, he could have imitated yoga guru Rodney Yee. Yee isn’t exactly the most handsome man and he is short, but he managed to snag a tall, thin, blond mistress.
    May McDermid rest in peace.

  18. Suicide, who cares, I think it’s pretty weak to kill yourself, “I know i’ll kill myself and write a note ,that will fix em”… except the world goes on and nobody gives a shit. I’ve said it before, There are other God given opportunities in a Man’s life other than pussy , yes pussy is good but a Man never let’s himself get to a point where he is thinking about killing himself over it.Killing yourself over nothing…

    1. I always kind of envy people who get to the point of suicide. If it’s that bad then go out and go CRAZY. Live in the Phills, skydive, rob banks, steal yachts. Once your crazy run is over then just off yourself.

      1. By the way i’ve tried deadlifting without the bar dragging and grinding my shins, and it works…I still am able to DL and with the same effort as when I did it Shin Grind Style, minus the Shin Pain, so it’s a good thing. However as much tension there is placed on my back, i’d still have to argue that the Hams and Glutes are also responsible as is the Back for the DL.(also the Quads if one squat’s their DL,really though once you go Heavy, it will feel like everything is working, simply to keep the body together.)

        1. Yeah, that’s good to experiment. If you start the hips higher (more back muscles usage), your hammies will be absolutely stressed to the max. Glutes too. So using more back doesn’t take the legs out at all. In fact, of all my weight room concerns, blowing the shit out of a hammy during a dead lift is my greatest concern. You ought to read ‘Starting Strength’ I know I must have said that before. Guys who read it will always point to it as a bible. It’s not in the cultish way of crossfitters, but Rippetoe is just flat logical. You would like it.

  19. For one session at The Priory I was told to stare at an orange for an hour… Make your own conclusions on how effective that technique was…

    LOL, I’ll be sure to remember this the next time someone tries to argue with me about the usefuless of psychiatry as a profession.

  20. Life is more than romantic relationships. As others have noted, so what dude? If you cant be a beta provide you dont wanna live? What about motorcycles, and jet skis, and sky diving, and fist fighting, and tiger hunting, and cunt hunt and literature and life? For God sakes this is fucking tragic. Another casualty of Western degeneracy. A man makes his own way. I’m white but I’m on the shorter side and yeah, it’s a handicap but it’s like playing a video game on Hard mode – embrace the challenge and fuck the hoes. The Red Pill Never Lies.

    1. I agree with every point except the tiger hunting. We have enough Asians wiping out the tiger population as it is.

  21. The ugliness and destructiveness of ‘diversity’ right here.
    Don’t commit suicide. Fight. Stop the parasites who prey on you.

  22. What he ended up doing is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There is so much he could work on for self-improvement instead of giving up.
    I do agree with the point. How is it no one gives a shit about this but when he takes people with him its a result of “hatredforsomething”? The media doesn’t give a shit about a negative static affecting males unless it affects women more.

  23. Just sad. Men tend to let women be the sole judge of their value. It is hardwired into our DNA.. But there is a tradition of people overriding the program. Like the religious mystics of old such as the Desert Fathers of the Eastern Orthodox Philokalia.They took vows of celibacy and kept them. I personally am not into MGTOW, but I think people are going to have to rely on other means of self-actualization if relations between the genders get any worse. Feel sorry for the young dudes at times. .More good women when I was coming along. Happily married almost 25 years. Gender studies departments ruined it all for young men and women today.. I actually used to call myself a feminist until I took a class in feminist linguistics in the early 1990’s. Changed my view completely. No more of that crap for me. Stepped into the university library where my son is in college now. All the prominently displayed books seemed to deal with PC gender stuff.

    1. The problem is that you’re still clearly an equity feminist whether you adopt the title or not – when you need to be an ardent outspoken advocate for repealing all women’s rights including suffrage, freedom from employment discrimination and the freedom to pursue higher education. Little inept girls, your wife included, can no longer have any of these things and I will put my life on the line to defend freedom and liberty for Men. Just “not calling yourself a feminist” isn’t enough anymore. Men need to scream in the face of society that women are no longer entitled to autonomy in any sense of the word – period.

      1. Seems a little extreme. I think in the 1980’s, we had it pretty good. I am 50 now. Feminism was what it should have been. Women expected to work, but it made sense ususally that the dude should put his career first as he cannot have babies. But I sure was happy when my wife cashed out her 401K and paid off our house a few years back.One heckuva gal. I also like the fact that she cans and feeezes all the veggies I grow in my garden. Cooks and feelances. Pretty good adaptation for a gal from Tokyo who grew up surrounded by trendy fashion. Now cooking rabbit, squirrel, and helping me raise chickens.Good women with freedom and intelligence and high abilities are a blessing. Too bad that Amanda Marcotte, Jessica VaLENTIi etc. are promoting things like slutwalks as a means to raise the level of human dignity rather than developing skills and talents to serve one’s family. Men and women do not have to be at war. I blame the damned gender studies departments. They are trying to re-engineer a synthetic set of values.

        1. Agreed. Gender wars are not-productive, and most of the issues the SJWS of the world focus on are not real problems, just a waste of time. I’m a woman, happily married and fairly successful. Don’t think hubby minded the six figure down payment I provided towards our home one bit 😉 I also really like to cook, whether that’s because I’m a woman, or because, well, I like to cook, who cares? He benefits, and I also benefit from lots of his skills. Not sure why people can’t just develop their natural talents and skills without being so concerned about “gender stereotypes”.

        2. SJWs have no sense of logic whatsoever. And cooking is something everyone should learn especially with the fatty food epidemic. It’s healthier and better to learn to cook.

        3. Too true! Saves my skinny white butt, I’m convinced of this. It’s also quite social when you live with someone, and keeps you from tuning in the idiot box.

        4. Fat Acceptance IS ridiculous. What’s ironic about that campaign is that it is completely sociably acceptable amongst women to criticize their peers whom they believe are “too skinny”. I know, having been the recipient of many snarky comments over the years. I try to imagine the reaction if I were to say to someone “You should eat less…you’re too fat”. With a BMI of 21, I can assure you no doctor has EVER suggested I should eat more. I point that out frequently these days. Heh. Bitches be nasty;)

  24. I wound up being counselled by a person into cognitive behavioural therapy. She seaid that the only reason bad things are bad is because we *think* they are “terrible, awful” things, and if we just stopped thinking that by changing our ideas about what’s bad, well – job done!
    Just insane. Basically advocating that we dissociate our executive mind from our actual likes and dislikes. But what got me is the *way* she held these opinions. Obviously citing them by rote. They were articles of faith, no more.

    1. Yeah, I don’t trust young people in the counseling professions simply because they don’t have much life experience.
      I see a real need for a form of therapy which helps men to gain sexual experience and confidence quickly, based on practical solutions instead of talking about your problems. Sex therapists who work with sex surrogates come close to what I have in mind. (I happen to know one through my contacts in the cryonics movement.) But I would like to see changes in how we rear boys so that the rejectable ones get some kind of sexual experience in their teens to take the edge off of their existential despair and make them feel welcome into the tribe, instead of leaving their sexual development to the haphazard so that they fall through the cracks and grow up into future candidates for omega male rampages.

  25. Sad story. Probably a case of oneitis underlying this, aswell as an inability to craft a meaningful life beyond female approval. Also a lack of critical self reflection seen in his overweight pudgy appearance. A life lived without proper male support or guidance in a culture that does not value them
    In all honesty who hasn’t had moments of crippling despair

  26. Sad, since with Game, he would have gotten at least some results.
    Plus, he was only 1-2 years away from Oculus Rift VR Sex being available, which will also make real-world women a bit more desperate.

  27. So why isn’t Manboobz Futrelle offing himself yet?
    This guy still had lot better prospects than Manboobz does. Plus, this guy contributed to society, unlike Manboobz.

  28. Mr. McDermid’s (RIP) story is a classic case of attempting to date above one’s SMV – punching above his weight and despairing over his obvious lack of success. Not to sound impious, but he was a 3, max 4 SMV. What was he thinking while attempting to get girls of SMV far higher than his? Didn’t Roosh recently write an article about. He would have fared far better in his native Asia, where being a valuable and decent man would have brought him a decent woman.
    The other thing that calls my attention is his fling with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and this is from personal experience: I’ve been depressive my whole life due to a bad childhood, and I’ve gone to therapy for many years in an attempt to straighten that out. I did not have CBT but I had therapists working according to mainstream psychology.
    All therapy I attended was unsuccsesful save for short periods of time.
    My turnaround or “healing” came with my discovery of the manosphere about 3 years ago. For the first time in my life, I understood my place in life and society, and also understood that the mishaps that I have had with women were my fault, but not because I was an asshole of “psycho” as some would endearingly call me, but because I didn’t know how to handle women as a result of my lack of male role model. All my mishaps with women came after I attempted to get into more than a ONS with them.
    Mainstream psychology, all of it, is quackery. It derives from something called the Frankfurt School, which had nothing to do with psychology for the purpose of healing people, but everything to do with destroying a society which was too successful in the eyes of the same unsuccessful, r-strategizing parasites who “gifted” us with marxism and a bunch of major genocides throughout the last century. In my view, what the manosphere has uncovered about women, their behavior and their rather simply-structured psychology, is the clearest evidence that mainstream psychology, and it’s dark sibling psychiatry, is pure bullshit, and often enough prone to cause damage.
    Anybody willing to dig more into this may want to read the books of Thomas Szasz.

  29. Who the fuck cares, alright. Its just another man, still got plenty of those walking dicks. Now give me my latte.

  30. Who the fuck cares, alright. Its just another man, still got plenty of those walking dicks. Now give me my latte.

  31. Who the fuck cares, alright. Its just another man, still got plenty of those walking dicks. He probably was a crypto-rapist. Now give me my latte.

  32. Who the fuck cares, alright. Its just another man, still got plenty of those walking dicks. He probably was a crypto-rapist. Now give me my latte.

  33. we do what works, not what “ought” to work, or what “should” work,
    If women really believed the nonsense they spew about wanting a “good” guy to be “committed” to, men would simply adapt and be the men women claim they want.
    Instead, we have to play the part of the fool, the clown, the alpha-male, in order to get and maintain attention from females. We need to spend money like we are Donald Trumpet and posses status like a movie star. If we are weak in either we risk losing the battle for women to those how either have it, or more likely better at lying about having it.

  34. It’s more important to find out who/what you are than to run after anything else. If you know who you are, nothing else matters. If you don’t know who you are, nothing else can ever matter.

  35. He was a weak pussy, plain and simple. I’m 5’8″ in a region (Dinarides) with a 6’1″ average. Did I become a fat, whiny food blogger? Fuck no, I got myself into close to peak physical condition (need to cut a bit) and mentally became a man with multiple hobbies and passions and with deep knowledge of several scientific fields, and I’m not even close to stopping. I have almost zero problems with getting what I want despite people trying left and right to sabotage me because they hate seeing someone getting out of comfort zone and having balls they don’t have. So screw these guys who refuse to develop themselves. Adapt or die, literally.

  36. Some guys think life is not worth living because they can’t get a woman.
    Other guys think life is not worth living because they can’t get rid of a woman.

    1. Statistically speaking, more guys think life is not worth living after they lose a woman, by about a factor of 3.

    2. Oh, fuck yes!!! Recall a time when I was dating a Brit gal who turned out to be possessive and insane and wouldn’t stop mentally fucking with me during her entire stay. When I finally dropper her off at the airport and got ahold of a hooker……DAMN!!!! That was when the MGTOW path took hold with me.

  37. Being smaller on average in stature, Asiatics invented martial arts to cleverly leverage themselves against larger brute force fighters. Korean masters even refused to teach certain secret neutralizing touches and precise death blows to the large marines during the war. It would give them too much power, an unfair and risky advantage.
    Not too long ago, no one in the west ever heard of cunilingus. Barn animals did it all the time, but eventually some progressive schmuck must have done his doctorate rag on it for kicks and the jews loved it. Forget the wisdom of Howard Stern, the Asians with their penchant for smart fighting could take smart pussy eating to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.
    I’ve heard a bit about the plight of Asian men trying to score in the West and the problem seems to be that they’re IN THE WEST, idolizing and trying to score impossible feminized western cunts. Asians invented kung fu, so perhaps they could invent a new art – TOUNGE FU that can neutralize a feisty resistant western beast of a woman. I once used this head massager thing on a bitchy bitch of a frigid cunt and I was down below getting STINKY FINGER with the other hand very quickly. It was the type of wire pronged head nerve tickler that oriental masseuses use in the mall spas and manicure joints. Some kind of Asian tickler device. It worked like kung fu for me. I had to hand it to Asian ingenuity to invent such things as baths and ice cream and of course the head tickler.
    I await a yellow guru somewhere to bring us a book on TOUNGE FU and how to find the chakra points on a woman’s body that can be used to transform a hand shake into a fully saddled ass smacking toboggan ride. The Chinese invented an impossible language with over 1000 characters to keep outsiders out and their race pure at a billion strong. They never needed a Great Wall, their language was their wall. Just slip me a few secrets on how to use physics to manipulate and FLIP THE PUSSY.

      1. I was suggesting Asians invent Tounge Fu to give them an edge. I know Japs crave that raw fishy taste with all the raw Jap cuisine so maybe the Japs can codify their pussy enting into an official art form. Then you’d see the Jap food bar with the extra fishy dishes, new creations like CUNNI-LINGUINI in the appetizer section. I’m surprised they haven’t evolved frog tongues to zap pussy off the street. To that, I couldn’t compete tongue for tongue and wouldn’t want to. I prefer WHITE MAN GAME. My advice on ‘tongue fu’ pussy eating was for the yellow man. A few black comedians have stated how blacks don’t eat black pussy. Blacks have larger pores in the skin and whatever BLACK MAN GAME is utilized, it is assisted by an excessive sweat and liquid bodily fluid pheremone dump onto the target female. Not much pussy eating required. She’s half way knocked out already and swimming in NIGGA FUNK.

  38. I’m glad ROK decided to touch on this subject. There a lot more I want covered actually. This site has quickly become my favorite website I can’t talk about.

  39. All Asians need to have the body of Bruce Lee or better or they won’t get laid – sad but true. They may also want to look into Yakuza penile implants.

    1. The population of China is over a billion. I’m pretty sure all the guys over there making babies don’t look like Bruce Lee

      1. He’s talking about asian men living in western or anglo cultures, where women grow up on movies where the male is always 6 inches taller than the woman, even though its not real, and actors lie about their height,and directors control the camera angles to create the illusion.

      2. I wasn’t actually talking about China itself, but point taken. Having said that, I do wonder what the guys who are making babies over there look like.

        1. Indian men are also known to be very low in desirability, yet India also has over a billion people. Do you really think the Indian and Chinese guys making babies in China & India look much different than the ones you see where you live?

        2. Oh come on man – obviously when I said ‘you sure’ I was kidding. Like I don’t know anything about China or India. I’ve even been to India and Nepal.

    1. 2. That hole near the woman’s vagina is not, in fact, an anus, for no shit comes out of it no matter how hard a train of men slam their cocks in it.

  40. I read the other day that at the beginning of the agricultural age only 1 in 17 men got to spread his seed. I guess civilization increased those odds over the millennia. But deep, deep down a woman will always trade up if she can, basically cause bitches don’t know their place anymore in the grand scheme of things, fucking up the program that built that exact civilization that lets them do what they do.
    The Last Psychiatrist nailed ‘the problem’ with modern times:
    ‘Everything is possible, yet nothing is attainable.’
    Money, success, fame, 10s, it’s all out there for the taking!! And if you can’t claim your own stake, you’re a loser.
    History is going full circle, as always.

    1. Interesting. It is hard to tell if people are starting to reject PC or if things are just getting worse.

  41. Why didn’t he just go to asia and date an asian girl? Was he one of those asian type guys who only wanted to date white girls, and complain that white girls in a country dominated by white (black) media only want men they seen in media? The fool could have easily gone to korea or taiwan and bang the white expat women who are deseperate for any cock as most white/black are knee deep in local pussy and want no western pussy.

    1. He wanted to sleep with women who were close to him and couldn’t bridge the gap. With patience and some conscious effort he could have done something but hitting 39, the end loomed ever closer in his mind.

      1. So he couldn’t get an asian girl in asia. This doesn’t add up to me. He is an asian man in britain, travels to south africa. Yet ignores Asian countries???

        1. Indoctrination into the culture of his surroundings. I imagine, looking at his waist line, and neck girth, he has long divorced many aspects within his culture and was fully absorbed into white culture. Had he been more linked with Asian culture, his diet would have made him thinner for starters. Asian women probably didn’t do it for him. Imagine, growing up disliking your parents because they ran counter to the culture you are raised in and then dating the very people you grew up putting down?

        2. Beggars can’t be choosers. If he is going to whine about being unable to attract white women due to his asianess he should have lowered his standards and considered going for black or asian women.
          This is what a sane individual normally does. When I was a young lad, I badly wanted to bone denise richards, or a women who looked like that, this was when wild things came out and she was still a near perfect 10 in looks. But guess what, almost no white women look like this. So you either adjust your standards or jump out a window I guess and he chose the later. I have no idea where the steroetype of asians being smart comes from because clearly it is not true if he thinks the solution to not being able to get women in one country is to kill yourself.
          I don’t know if he would have had any success with black women, but certainly he’d have a chance with his own kind given his prominent status as a blogger. I’ve seen far uglier asian men then him fuck decent looking women who’d I’d sleep with. Not 10s, not 8s, maybe a solid 6 or 7, but not every man deserves a 10 nor can he handle one.
          And why would it be any surprise to him that european women who are amongst the tallest in the world, would prefer a tall mate? Half the european women have masucline hard features, mainly easterners, so why would they be attracted to a roundy faced girlish looking type. He was very foolish in his selection of women.

        3. Sadly, I agree. I think Asians have a larger embracing of history and general studies. Also they have a great diet so IQ tests reflect that. Smarter, well clearly not if death was seen as logical over self improvement.
          Success with black women was not an option for him. Unless he wanted to date black 4’s, black women don’t like effeminate men. If he were lucky maybe he would have gotten a one night stand or two from a 4. Maybe dating an Asian woman would have helped but he clearly needed to fix himself up. And if he was having steak dinners, he could have put that much effort into himself.

        4. Yeah but he ain’t all that himself, and he is not entitled to 6s and 7s because he ain’t a 6 or 7 himself. He is fat, short, asian, cannot attract women probably not too charismatic or otherwise entertaining to ladies. So again him dating a black 4 might have been what he should have done.

        5. There are a few problems with that. A black four is rarely feminine, he would be better suited for a puerto rican 3. They are friendly, kind, and will make him believe he is manly. Everything else is self correction. In London, good luck finding Hispanics. A black four in America, is a crass woman, who feels entitled because many guys ran through her. She wouldn’t listen to anyone who doesn’t look like a man. He doesn’t look like a strong man at all so he would get laughed out of the approach. There is also a sad fact, women care for Asian men the least according to some dating sites. And only white women and black women prefer their own races, everyone else chooses a white man over their own race, on dating websites. He would have had to dumpster dive a bit sure, but a black four would have brought on suicide at a quicker pace.

        6. How masculine is he though? I don’t thin a man “Deserves” a woman who is mor epretty than he is handsome, that is earned.
          Maybe he could date an indian 4 or a white 4. Strangely, he never even talked about failing with women, he just stated his observation that asian women prefer mostly white and sometimes black men.

  42. It is an unfortunate affair that our biological need to procreate is so strong that it will cause us to kill ourselves if we can’t accomplish it. He very rationally surmised this fact and irrationally chose to end his life simply because he couldn’t find a solution.
    On the one hand, game is a misnomer. The end of the day women are choosing who they have sex with. We say we are gaming them and at times we are, but in truth all we are doing are showcasing more attractive traits than the next man. With this blow up of sexual promiscuity and liberal rights, right to be gay, the right to name a new sexuality affiliated only with yourself, the right to make love to a child (if you’re a woman, you pedophile), and the right to love subjugation are all allowed based on the illicit traits of attraction. Height, skin color, penis size, wallet size, vocal tone, area of influence, in other words power and all the ways a person can apply it makes you attractive. And at the end of the day power is dictated by where the women sway. The more women on your side, the more power is under your thumb, the more men will be swayed to you, the more you can accomplish due to your sphere of influence. The destructive elements here are, and correct me if I’m wrong, equality and the be yourself argument.
    Being yourself is code for staying with your conditioned habits. Your habits got you your prior results. You may even have attractive traits but were just displaying it to the wrong person. Does this make you a defect? To the world feminized yes, because the end results are all that matter. Taking steroids, surgeries, facial and body reconstruction all showcase our innate mad grab at spheres of influence and the need to have it now. To learn to walk, talk, write, have conversations, didn’t happen in one go. In that sense we have fucked many people over by promoting in any way the be yourself argument because habits aren’t yourself and we are in many ways our habits.
    The problem within the game tenements is patience. Adding attractive qualities for those who don’t have obvious ones, takes time. And often a full tank of sperm acts on the brain in such a way that logic fails to see reality. Beating off more pulls you away from reality as well pedestalizes women, placing you at a further disadvantage. Maybe it might be time to go the extra step and make getting “game” a school for men from 15 through 19 where they can acquire the skills necessary in life to attain a mate? This is the age where sperm hits the brain and male suicide starts to occur as well. And more attractive men means more men controlling the world again. Even if the women don’t marry, more men in control will more likely lead to more foreign brides, a return to religious tones, and a reinstitution of marriage. In his death, maybe he has helped us all.

    1. Useless, if more men learn game, which thy have been doing in toronto, then you get every man acting charismatic, every man is a pickup artist, every man is peacocking and now you do all that and STILL can’t get laid. Its a race to the bottom.
      The solution is to stop caring so much about women and focus on other shit and to pay for it. Either that or we will soon all need to be living in a music video just to get laid.

      1. I see. Didn’t know Toronto became such a circus. I still believe teaching boys about this at a young age will better arm them to move forward with their actual pursuits and de-pedastilize pussy. Sex isn’t the goal here but tempering the mind and pursuing life goals are.

    2. Being yourself is about being the best you can be. Accept nothing, but Its a waste of energy to change against the grain. The lowest enegy version is to stop giving a shit and ‘just be’, the usual is do what you want to, but do it well.
      Women love a man with a talent, it doesnt really matter what it is, so long as its shining. And something a bit unique has show off value to the ‘less mainstream’ girls who dont expect to bag tall rich men (or whatever the current fashion is)
      Lol, I like the idea of a Finishing School for men. Add in learning to ride a motorbike, build your own furniture, play any instrument except guitar, a specialist conversational topic other than football science and computers, and how to not walk like a monkey, and Im sold!

      1. As long as every man who finishes the school has two women, who are blissfully competing for sole rights to him, and supply him with threesomes at his choosing as well as know when to leave him be while he pursues his desires! One lady who chooses to cook, one lady who chooses conversation, and all in for sex and adventure.

        1. Sounds like a fun graduation party! ( for you I mean, Ill be in the teachers lounge proudly looking on at my proteges)
          Though I suspect you have just defined the nature of the final exam. After completing the course successfully you will easily have these wishes voluntarily bring themselves to you.

        2. Exactly. You have earned yourself a golden apple and one firm ass smack. Proud to have you on board VP!

        3. And where is it that the population has a ratio of 2:1, of females outnumbering men? We didn’t even get started on this project, and we’ve already encountered a problem, Houston.

        4. Ah ye of little faith. An all boy class/schooling process for game, should be no more than two hours a day. The world is teeming with women and I don’t believe this school would go national until it is proven successful. Or finances permit. So, still attained goals with women is the end result. That will be all that this school shoots for.

        5. And is there some kind of Hunger Games undercurrent here, because who’s going to offer up their daughters to be used in this way just for a boy to get game? And do the ladies settle issues between each other through mud-wrestling? There’s so many unanswered questions, I just can’t give this idea my support until these and more details have been sorted out.

        6. Hunger Games?! Simple. Boys will learn the art of dating then graduate by getting a woman in real situation?
          Who offers their daughter for porn? Who offers their daughter to be a stripper? Who offers their daughter to chop some man’s manhood off? Women are people who make choices.
          If mud wrestling is what you desire, your level of game will showcase whether the women will or won’t do anything. This isn’t mind control or tricks just a desire to please someone they desire. If they don’t desire you they won’t do it.

  43. Well well. Aren’t we lucky 5 foot 6 inches, 145 pound Bruce Lee didn’t bother manufacturing these reasons for striking out all those decades ago, huh?
    Oh wait..

    1. Bruce Lee did in fact marry a pretty white girl, that too when interrracial dating was very taboo, and there are almost no Chinese-Americans in America.

  44. Are mail-order brides legal in the UK? I ask because I imagine he could have “bought” a tall, leggy blonde from war-torn Ukraine on the cheap.

  45. Epiphany – the guy had obsessive oneitis for centerfold eye candy. I pity the fool. Too many simple chicks out there with two legs and a snatch. Hell even the cleaning lady. Witches aren’t the only women who know how to use the brooom. Riding a stick is riding a stick simple.

  46. Game cannot solve everything for all straight men. Height simply matters a lot and race does seem to be a real factor (just read about Matt Forney’s trip to SEA). I think wealth only matters in the sense you need to be able to afford a good place with good logistics in places where women can earn enough money to support themselves, but in London that comes at an eye popping price. Add in how fat and obnoxious the average UK chick is and you have a bad situation.
    Applied Charisma (aka Game) can allow one to overcome these things somewhat, but the taller men are and the wealthier women are, the harder it gets. Places like Toronto and Copenhagen can drive the necessary level of game to get laid to the point where you need natural talent in the way a college quarterback is talented at football. I have seen guys do it, but their game was better than most ethical game instructors.

  47. How sad, ending your life over pussy relationship. I just don’t think it’s as simple as that. From the official story it seems he moved in high circles and probably met the hottest, richest, most entitled phony people in London and the world. Just sad that he chose to end it all instead of considering other options.

    1. I’ve heard London can be different with class consciousness. Unlike america where everybody aspires to be jet set white trash and jokes about it and doesn’t care as much.

  48. It was difficult when I was a young man to be short in the dating game. It’s just brutal now. Then you have all the other demands on men today. It just goes to show you that most 20 and 30 something women aren’t worth the time of day let alone the effort in trying to bed them. Another thing I take from this sad case is that there are millions more Wilkes McDermids out there. “Game” is not the answer for many men and neither does it work on any consistent basis. We need to quit bashing each other, and instead in ways big and small be strong for each other.

  49. Do all people with terminal brain cancer just “end it all” ? Do all people who have been in car accidents where they are left handicapped end it all ? He pussed out and didn’t fight hard enough to make things happen. He could have always gone P4P which is way better than marriage..

    1. Or gone to the Philippines or Thailand where there are darksinned 9/10 asian girls who are dirt poor and have low self esteem (due to their skin tone) and banged or married one of them.
      This guy is retarded and put white girl pussy on a pedestal.

  50. Likely he suffered from serial oneits. In his case plate theory might be more appropriate than game. There are real show-stoppers as far as looks. I mean some of us are just plain ugly. In that case game won’t get you those hot chicks you fall for. Better for him to head to Asia and pick up some village girls, visit prostitutes, etc.
    The funny thing with these desperate men is that they probably view marriage as some level of heaven that they are being deprived of. If they only knew that marriage usually turns into a prison sentence.

    1. Reading between the lines I saw a man a few months away from becoming 40 y/o old virgin. He was doing internet research trying to figure out what white women desired in mates, because he lived in an anglo culture. The problem with anglo culture now is there are all kinds of built in structural obstacles in society that work against an average man. The more obese the women become the more demanding they are of man’s height because women feel in their minds they look less fat next to a bigger man. There’s probably also the feminist bitch face mentality. Asian men are at a social disadvantage in western cultures that way, usually being a few inches shorter, and coming from cultural traditions without feminism and not understanding it, and internalizing all that negative vibe that western women radiate and thinking that he must be doing something wrong to cause women to have that attitude.

  51. Problem#1: this guy bought into “The Way of The Hipster”, which is the death of masculinity… Men blaming women for their displeasure and disdain for life is extraordinarily weak. I don’t have time for it.

    1. Is that a Hipster thing? They do seem a bit judgy.
      Its a sad situation, but this chap shouldnt base his self worth on what women think of him. London is a very crappy place to be though if youre not top percentile, and I read, Asian girls are there to find themselves a stereotypical English guy, so he has an extra painful lonliness of being rejected by his own. He should have tried elsewhere first though, the guy had a false expectation he was never going to win where he was.

  52. “…manosphere counterculture that cannot give them the cure-all they are
    looking for to “solve” their race, height, or whatever other
    characteristic they view as their problem.”
    Oh I’ll solve the problem right now. I know three Asian men that have pretty decent girlfriend’s. Neither of them are over 5’8″. The problem is not that women favor black or white. They’re not messing with ANY guy that doesn’t have his stuff together. It’s that Blacks and Whites (the ones that are successful with women) tend to be the races that actually improve themselves to improve their station in life. I don’t know if that’s amount of testosterone or whatever but it’s true. Most Indian and Asian guys do not improve themselves (not in the ways girls care about) for cultural reasons I believe. Only focus is culturally one area, academics. It’s clearly seen that when they apply themselves here it has huge payoffs. But culturally they believe that they are just supposed to have a girl handed to them. Well, this isn’t an Asian country or India. It’s America, the hardest game in town if you aren’t in the top 20%. Not to tarnish his memory but come on…look at the guy. It’s not his height or him being Asian. I’m surprised someone else hasn’t jumped on this yet. He’s very overweight and it shows. Look at how he’s dressed. Look at his hair. He’s a “food blogger” for crying out loud, the most boring thing in the world. Notice how he leans in to the girl in the photo (beta behavior and I bet it permeates every interaction with women) and isn’t smiling at all while she’s having a good time. Clearly he struggles just to stand next to women. It isn’t his race height or whatever other male hamster bullshit he and the author of this article are citing. “Feel sorry for me” articles like this are not good. The author is a good writer but I disagree with the point he’s trying to make. Please don’t let this site become bitch-made.

  53. It’s funny how most of the comments here are critical. He was pudgy; shoulda been me, his problem woulda been solved. Etc.
    McDermid was exactly on target: he accelerated “natural selection”, or at least assortative mating.
    I applaud a highly rational man refusing to accept a life of sexless subordination and compensatory gluttony.
    Perhaps you bros should too.

  54. Just look at missing White Woman crap in the media constantly. It’s a national tragedy if one gets drunks and goes missing.

  55. We MGTOW have a job to do. As hard as it is to be patient with these blue pillers we have to rescue them from the self-mutilation of defining their lives by female approval.
    This has gone far enough.
    Women never have and never will love anything or anyone other than themselves. That is a fucking FACT.
    Fuck unicorn hunters and NAWALT apologists. The trade has always been resources for sex. There is no “love” between man and woman. It is and has always been a business arrangement.
    He should have gone the p4p route.
    While these guys make me sick to my stomach and I struggle to have sympathy, my humanity can’t allow me to sit back and watch another man’s life pissed down the drain over the most inferior and useless creatures in all of creation.

    1. Women never have and never will love anything or anyone other than themselves.
      THIS should be stamped on every man brain with letters of fire. Once a man internalizes this at the deepest level possible, only then is he truly FREE.

      1. I’ve dated divorced women who told me that husbands are replaceable. Wow. What if a divorced man said that to a woman he was dating? How do you think the woman would react? But that’s feminist culture for you.

    2. I would only like to add something. The fact women will never love anything except themselves a couple of things happen. And this is at the core of EVERYTHING.
      If you do something for them, it will always be not enough for them. If they do something for you, it will always be too much in their mind. And from here the hypergamy goes in full gear because they will always look at the man they’re with as something of a lesser value. They will always be “unhappy”, and have their hamster running no-matter-what. And in today’s society this fact is there for everyone to see. Some just don’t, and so they off themselves.. So stupid.

      1. Spot on.
        But even notwithstanding all this, what is in a female that could possibly add to your life?
        Fuck all.
        Even children are ruled out as they’re not even really yours. And since there are no virgin women anymore guys are essentially bending over backwards to catch a ride on a public vehicle with tits. Not only that but every woman has at least once, given it up to a dude who put in far less effort.
        Women are simply not worth the effort it takes to blink.
        The brainwashing must really be so deep that it actually physically altered the brain. Because normally when you’re fed a fantasy and you’re confronted with reality that fantasy dies. Too many men have decided to let themselves die rather than let the delusion die.

      2. Could you explain the whole “hamster” concept to me in regards to the female mind? Is it cause their minds go in circles, like that exercise machine you see hamsters use? Please help me!

        1. The hamster provides them with a “reasonable” explanation (reinforcing their no fault attitude) about all the fucked up things they do.

  56. First off, no man or woman is entitled to the affection of the opposite sex. In the old days, a man or woman not fortunate enough to marry could live out their whole lives in celibacy. That didn’t make their lives pointless or unendurable. The problem is that in the modern age, everyone’s expectations of personal pleasure are too high. Failure to score is not grounds for suicide or murder.
    Secondly, female sexual desire must be reigned in, as it is fearsome force that can destroy society without proper control and direction.
    Intelligent, talented, gracious, well-mannered men are a very good thing. Asian men are a good thing – something society could use more of. Monogamy is arguably a good thing, too. Given unlimited options, however, we know what women will choose.
    All of society has an abiding interest in the oppression of women.

    1. You’re correct no one is entitled to affection from the opposite sex, but men are being taught be a nice guy to women an they will reward you by falling in love with you an being your girlfriend. They are bassicaly teaching men a false way to attract women which creates anger when they see men who don’t act like a nice guy getting laid regulary. Men feel they are entitled to affection from women because society convinces them they can get it by putting pussy on a pedestal.

    2. All of society does have an abiding interest in the oppression of women and I have a suggestion for a finite place to begin advancing this imperative directive. We can take down the feminists sacred cows with as little effort as a yelp review. The entire livelihoods of female doctors and lawyers can be wiped out with negative reviews on social media. People don’t gamble with their health, wealth or legal wherewithal and you do not select a professional service provider without investing some due diligence in researching these professionals reputations online. One or two negative reviews will not only destroy the “careers” of these so called “strong and independent” wymyn it will equally humiliate their beta enabler fathers and husbands and serve as warning for future cunts who think they can usurp prestigious positions from Men. Your reviews should espouse nothing but verity as Dr. split-tail truly is unethical in her practice of medicine and you are rightfully concerned about what kind of medical school would have accepted such an inferior candidate and there is nothing but truth in proclaiming that she has no business practicing medicine.
      We can and will take them out kicking and screaming back to the kitchens they’ve abdicated :^) I recommend starting with female surgeons – they have the farthest to fall and the schadenfreude is so much more satisfying ruining the most disgusting egotistical whores to ever have been unleashed in a civil society.

      1. huh? why would anyone undermine someone else’ career on any basis other than competence or professionalism? Some excellent (or, at the very least, adequate) lawyers and doctors are women, and some women can’t cook to save their lives. Moreover, some women will never have the chance to marry or have children, and can better serve society in other ways.
        The loving oppression of women should not require mean-spirited slander or an inefficient allocation of labor.

        1. That’s where we certainly differ in opinion. Women have no business in professional spheres and they do not possess the innate intellects for challenging vocations traditionally reserved for men. The only way for men to exact female obedience is when they are in a position of utter dependency. period.
          If they’re allowed even a modicum of autonomy, how pray tell is that oppression? Women cannot be permitted to make any decisions about the course of their lives or they will inevitably ride the cock carousel and branch swing to infinity. No female doctor or lawyer will ever obey anything but their own childish, solipsistic whims.

        2. Yes, we do differ. The smartest of women are certainly intellectually capable of practicing law or medicine, and there is no justification for denying the public the benefit of their services. It is female lust – not talent – that must be constrained.
          Most women (and men), of course, are not exceptionally gifted (hence the term “exceptional”), and the vast majority of women would gladly choose domesticity over spinsterhood and the thankless grind of a dead-end job.
          It will always be the case that some women (and men) will make poor choices for themselves. But women are submissive and obedient by nature, and, given quality leadership, they will gladly don the yoke of oppression voluntarily.

  57. Not sure what this guy’s problem was. I spent my mid-twenties and early 30s working in the City of London, never had a girlfriend and neither did most of my friends. It was either call girls or some chicks we would pick up on weekends in high end clubs, after spending silly money on Cristal champagne. My asian mates got laid as much as everyone else.
    I guess he wanted a salt-of-the-earth, sweet Meredith, from the shire, who would love him and worship him for who he is.
    Still, sad story.

  58. You can be 6’0″+, white, ripped, and not get laid. I see it all the time in the gym: aforementioned guy will ask girl for number, get rejected. I think the PUA term is “gymcel”, or involuntarily celibate gym rats.

    1. There was a you tube on here last year about ‘Bruce’, a mother whipped bodybuilder who was ripped but had ZERO game. His psychotic bitch mother needed beat with a 2×4!!!

  59. The thing is, white women in London are a lot LESS racially restrictive than in the US. Walking around London, you see not just blacks, but even Indians and Pakistanis with cute white chicks.
    His problem was in his mind (oneitis, whatever).

  60. I think it comes down to just courage, men have to discover the way to be fearless, to ignore pain in order to accomplish their goals, and desires.

  61. A tragedy like this only further justifies me to disqualify Anglo and Celtic women as relationship material altogether.
    Gwhenhwyfar, alongside the namesake queen of Victorian England, and Margaret Thatcher demonstrate why.

  62. I am having difficulty mustering any sympathy here.
    Are there Asian guys under 5’10” meeting & banging & dating girls without being rich? Rhetorical question. Of course there are.
    This guy was too stubborn or afraid to simply learn to do what they do. Aka Game.
    Then he whined about it like a bitch. Then killed himself.
    He was literally more willing to die than give up his unproductive beliefs & leave his comfort zone. I don’t know what anyone can do to help someone like that.

    1. Probably suffered from depression for years and years, and that’s part of what scared off women. Also as other commenters have noted he could have spent a year at the gym with a personal trainer getting in shape. Then there’s always hookers in vegas on your b’day, if he needed a woman to show him what to do in bed. Just being 40 y/o virgin isn’t sufficient reason to off yourself.

  63. An Asian guy born in the West, and who speaks in a Western accent (American, British, whatever) absolutely cleans up with any Asian women from Asia. In fact, they are exactly what a FoB Asian chick wants – an Asian guy who is just Western enough to sound like the men they see in Western movies…..
    He really could have done better.

  64. The fact that he couldn’t find a partner is really only half of the equation for his suicide, and that is why people here are confused about why he didn’t seek a prostitute. This guy was good at putting up a front. That’s clear from his suicide note. He found the need to put out all the facts and paint it as a logical decision. The other half is ignored, but it is obvious. He was mentally ill. You don’t go through life experiencing rejection like this and then use that rejection as logical evidence to end it. You use it as irrational, emotional evidence.
    This man was destroyed a long time ago. Rejection after rejection. That is all he could see. It isn’t just a signal that your game is bad or you’re not adapted for mating in the 21st century. Its a signal that your very existence is of no worth. Sure, if he could have gotten women, he wouldn’t have felt the rejection, but it is wrong to blame the lack of romantic interest on suicide. It was a life of enduring claws at his soul and self identity, and the final fixation on his love life was what put him over the edge. The rejection from women and the cold reality of the universe ripped his esteem apart. Resorting to a prostitute would only have realized his fears: he was worthless. This suicide is the last irrational attempt of someone trying to save his identity from the clutches of this modern world.

  65. Uh, did this guy ever think about maybe moving to Asia? Geez…
    P.S. The possibility never enters his analysis or Q&A as far as I can tell. Talk about taking on your prison.

  66. As tragic as this story is, the Elliot Roger went on a killing spree prior to ending his life. Sandy Hook, Columbine, these stories become sensationalized by the media. I frankly believe this is very dangerous, as it encourages other mentally ill people to “go out with a bang”. One final attempt at getting noticed.
    Sadly, many people choose to end their own lives and ultimately the reason is always the same, a seemingly insurmountable problem and no one to turn to for help. Men tend to kill themselves more often than women because they are socialized to not reach out for help, to “take it like a man”. Emotional problems are perceived as a weakness. Society lets each and every one of these individuals down, but the problem is not specific to feminism or the current mating scene.

  67. Tragic. To end his life over lack of sex, which is almost never as good as you think it will be.
    Why didn’t he at least go to nearby Holland or Germany, where prostitition is legal (and surprisingly good-looking prostitutes are relatively cheap)?

  68. This guy killed himself over a class of humans (women) who sit there and tell you about their “type” and in the next minute be making out in a dark corner with someone the complete opposite of the “type” she told you.

    1. “This guy killed himself over a class of humans (women) who sit there and tell you about their “type” and in the next minute be making out in a dark corner with someone the complete opposite of the “type” she told you.”
      Indeed. R.I.P.

  69. So, a couple of things:
    1) Race is real, there is no denying its reality, I have seen supposedly politically-incorrect stereotypes play out their realities right in front of my face.
    2) The Western dating world does indeed suck, it’s way too stratifying. Outside of the anglosphere, it’s much less harsh. I’ve had the most “approaching success” rates in Hong Kong, I say “approaching success” because I never f-closed. But I’m sure that any seasoned red piller, or perhaps even person in general can date easily outside of America et al.
    3) It almost seems like McDermid had to exhibit signs of “irrational thinking” and violence in order to get any attention, this is tragic. First of all his thinking exhibited an almost cold rationality, which almost implies the fact that his observations may have been correct -> which scares the shit out of people who hold the cards in the sexual marketplace (women, and the cover-up artists in general: political correctness etc)
    4) The greatest irony is that he had to attend therapy for symptoms of his problem (sexual frustration), when the only known cure for sexual frustration is sex. So while he was impatiently waiting in this fucked-up-twilight-zone called the hospital, where he was going to be treated for “depression” (a mere symptom of his celibacy) or his “inability to get laid”, this ended up putting all the onus on him.
    Now that’s a double-whammy, a person can’t get laid feasibly, and now he’s blamed for it, and suffers a double-arrow to the heart, because he feels he should get laid, and shouldn’t be having this problem.
    There was nothing wrong with him, the signs were all there. This was merely the biological imperative trying to work itself out, instead of bringing him a woman to fuck, they tried to fix him (which wouldn’t work, the only cure is sex, and a sexual relationship).
    He was a casualty. His cold-rationality, seeing how his future would play out, seized control of his body long enough to go past the point of no return: and literally through itself over the edge of a building.
    And that’s what happened.

    1. http://nextshark.com/struggling-chinese-man-becomes-extremely-successful-after-meeting-his-beautiful-soulmate/
      ^See the opposite case, where a man who is incapable of functioning, meets his soul mate, a beautiful and loving wife. He subsequently quits school, marries her, and creates and runs a very successful business.
      You need sex, for itself.
      But you need sex for everything else too, to function, to eat, to sleep, to not suffer etc.
      It sexual relationships were restored in a healthy way, our society would literally suffer no problems whatsoever.
      Instead we have these almost parasitic red-pillers, who take advantage of the situation and have half-baked sex, as well as mangina-faggots who side with women (hoping that, somehow, by BEING a woman, women will have sex with them, or regard them as one of their own (don’t know what the fuck they’re thinking there)), and then we have discorporate entities like the government, doing who knows what, regulating who knows what, without even being in touch with their sex lives (I mean, they are discorporate entities).
      At the end of the day, everyone suffers, such is the unregulated sexual marketplace.
      I mean, if you think about it, only in an unregulated sexual marketplace, would there be both opportunists and “losers”.

  70. Another misguided man who’s only apparent purpose in his life was females and “romantic” relationships. Men are not here to please females but to serve truth and do the great work of unfucking this world. I wish he would have had some positive male friends in his life versed in truth and natural law. Taking your own life because you can’t get a female or taking your life because one left you is PATHETIC!!!! This tells you who their god was.

  71. You’re forgetting self-improvement. Yes, there are inherent advantages from genetics, but those are only one of the three bullet points that McDermid should have enumerated.
    Had he listed: genes (race and height), material resources, and mind (attitude, game, magnanimity, etc), he could have owned life.
    Maybe it’s where I live (Seattle), but I see hella jacked, short Asian dudes owning it in the gym and bars/clubs, and there are a ton of cute Asian girls and meek white women (not sloppy bar sluts) who dig them.
    I admire McDermid’s stoicism, so I’m disappointed that he didn’t get enough of the red to stay with us.
    Game saves lives.

  72. I remember this poor bloke, first thought was this is me in 15 or so years though am I’m even more of a midget then him.
    2nd some stupid bitch killed herself a week before cause she felt her current engineer boy friend wasn’t good enough and she wasn’t married at 30, nothing but sympathy for that dumb bitch. Lesson learned this society doesn’t give a shit about men.

  73. I would like to add my two cents as an Incel man…an Incel man I might add, who has given up the foolish notion of ever having sex, UNLESS I pay for it. Yes. I should have worked out. I should have learned game, I should have learned how to act like an alpha dickhead.
    But I didn’t.
    So here I am, facing 50 in a few weeks time, with less sexual experience than your average 20 year old. I’m in poor health, and have almost no income.
    My advice to young guys is simple. Get yourself jacked the fuck up, stop playing WOW and collecting action figures, and get some attitude. Or pay a hooker.
    Otherwise…my fate will be yours gentlemen.

  74. we don’t know why people do things. we guess. that being said here are some caffeine inspired musings:
    he would have been fine if he didn’t care and attached himself to something more elevating than food. the problem wasn’t women it was yuppie culture that elevated relationships above achievements and standards.
    if he had gotten into the gym learned to be a bit wittier and more dismissive he could have cleaned house with waspy broads looking for a diversity lay.
    if he wanted a relationship he would have had to learn what even tall, handsome, rich, white guys learn: women are fickle and you have to treat them accordingly.
    no need to denigrate game or psychology when the problem is clearly unrelated to either.
    soul death leads to real death.
    now go to a symphony.

  75. Firstly, let peace be with this person.
    There seems to be so much hatred here. How can one begin to sum up a vast population with a single person’s lifetime experiences? To put such limits on a part of life: no hope, no compassion, no empathy, no growth. Several comments here sound like past pain that was not reconciled and has transformed into diffuse anger, setting the tone of the lens in which one looks. Try relational practice, try introspection, try taking some responsibility for things that go on, go wrong perhaps…what happened? How did my thoughts, feelings and actions impact my experience? Here creates accountability, the capacity to forgive ourselves and others. Women are not behind your shortcomings. You are. Certainly there are people (men and women both) who have ill intentions; we must be careful and know when to distance ourselves from these energies. This is our responsibility. We respond to situations as we choose. It may feel unconsciously innate, but ultimately it has the potential for willful decision. We choose to perceive the world as we do. Everything is inherently meaningless; we are the one to give meaning, give power, give pain, give love.
    I am a person. I am your fellow human. I love men, I love women and I love the earth on which I walk. With all its hardships and abuse, it becomes beautiful with forgiveness.
    For my own growth, I have found guidance in ‘that which we hate in others is that which we hate in ourselves.’

  76. Secret to happiness? Understand that your emotional needs regarding the opposite sex are PURELY chemically wired, see an escort a week, see you friends more often, fill your life with thing’s you actually enjoy, follow MGTOW.
    Arthur Schopenhauer – “Has it not been observed how directly after copulation the devil’s laughter is heard”

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