How Social Justice Warriors Ruined Australian Football

For many years, nothing epitomised Australian masculine culture more than Australian football. Hardy men engaged in rugged physical combat, cheered on by thousands of beer-drinking fans, revelling in the blows, the matehood, and the camaraderie.

Women also attended games, of course, but were very much in the background. This was a display of masculinity, and men quite rightly took centre stage.

The beginning of the decline

Things have definitely changed. From the early 2000s, the AFL made a deliberate push to court female fans. Whether they did this for financial reasons or because they felt the ever-increasing pressure of creeping political correctness in Australian society is unclear.

It started with a token female on TV panel discussions.

Then they started commentating live games.

Then they became umpires.

Then they became coaches.

Out went the cheerleaders.

Feminists complained that there was no female AFL, despite women’s football only being played by a tiny minority of untalented lesbians with serious gender identity issues.

Numerous outspoken female “experts” who had never actually played the game emerged in the media. Coaches and players started to resemble White House spokesmen, and carefully avoided anything that might be considered offensive. For Australian men used to calling a spade a spade, this made the game feel incredibly sterile.


Why is Australian football doing this to itself?

We’ve also seen the level of physicality limited (much like the NFL and MLB) so it’s more politically correct and sensitive to the growing numbers of mangina and female fans.

Feminism (which most Australian women unfortunately identify with) and political correctness go hand in hand. When you placate feminist women and grant them token positions, you open the door to an endless barrage of left-wing social justice nonsense, as male Australian sports fans are finding out to their great displeasure.

The AFL has become one of the most powerful causes for “progressive” change in Australian society, with social justice activism now almost as much a part of the AFL as the games themselves. Sound ridiculous? The following are already in place or being actively pursued, and receive extensive media commentary where the left-wing agenda is rammed down our throats:

Women’s Round

Gay Pride Round

Indigenous Round

Multicultural Round

Behold the consequences of placating SJWs



The changing face of Australian Football… yes, that really is a rainbow of footballs to promote gay pride

We are now seeing the disastrous consequences of disproportionately catering to women and allowing them to exert undue influence over a male-orientated activity. Female crowds are up, but the AFL has alienated its traditional supporter base, with overall attendance declining. The AFL is ignoring real fans to placate minorities by pushing a left-wing political agenda, and the simmering tension finally exploded this year.

The main catalyst has been the divisive behaviour of star player and former Australian of the Year Adam Goodes. Rather than be recognised for his outstanding sporting talent and as a symbol of reconciliation, Goodes has used his position to dig up old wounds and inflame racial tension.

He said Australia Day should be renamed “Invasion Day”, and handpicked a 13 year old girl out of the crowd, had her frogmarched out of the stadium by security, and denounced her as the “face of racism” in Australia. Ever since then, the crescendo of boos at games has gotten ever louder as Goodes’ war on his own country continued, and Goodes recently left the game altogether to contemplate retirement.

goodes dh

Adam Goodes: great footballer, but a first-rate dickhead – and yes, I would say the same thing if he was white

The social justice warrior crowd, led by Australia’s rabid left-wing media, has gone ballistic, citing this as irrefutable evidence of endemic racism in Australia. It’s a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” with the “enemy” of course being the heterosexual white male – the majority of AFL supporters.

OK, there might be fans that boo Goodes because they are racist, and that is obviously unacceptable. However, the vast majority boo Goodes because he’s a wanker. Seriously, completely unprovoked, the guy did a war dance and threw a fake spear at the crowd – highly inflammatory behaviour – and he is surprised when he gets a reaction? If all fans are so racist, how do SJW’s explain the fact that other aboriginals such as Eddie Betts and Cyril Rioli are crowd favourites?

Goodes spear

Goodes throws his imaginary spear at the crowd

The AFL is a microcosm of Australia, which has become a seething pit of self-loathing and political correctness. A truly masculine activity like Australian Football was the final frontier for SJWs, who are thrilled that so many people in Australia now seem to hate themselves and play the victim card as much as they do. What the fuck happened?

The media’s role


Feminist commentator Susie O’Brien: about as knowledgeable about football as I am about Sex and the City

In Australia, mainstream media gives deranged feminists like Susie O’Brien regular platforms to spout their hatred of all things male on a daily basis. O’Brien even had the gall to try to get long-standing red pill male Sam Newman sacked from the sport he has contributed so much to for daring to deviate from the social justice script.

It’s the hypocrisy from the bleeding heart mob which is especially galling. When a male commentator such as Newman passionately implores us to forget politics and focus on the game, he is vilified as a “privileged white male,” a “dinosaur” who “must retire.”

So much for tolerating people of a different demographic! You don’t have to be Australian to recognise the typical left-wing opponent censorship campaign, I’m sure.


For my non-Australian friends, this is Sam Newman. I’m sure it’s obvious why feminists are desperate to kick him off the air and out of the game!

For the record, this is what Sam Newman said:

I am told the unwashed left their grubby little fingerprints over what I said last week and they played the race card … what I said last week had nothing to do with race.

And I notice this week Geelong is going to run out between a mutual banner with the Swans.

Why don’t they let the Swans get the first couple of goals just so they feel good about themselves and see if they can give them a lift up and maybe just stop the Cats from getting in the finals?

So then we get to St Kilda who are thinking of having a gay pride game. This is just using the competition again as some political agenda.

Why don’t we have a boat people day next week or what about we have a transgender round and we will get Caitlin Jenner to sing at the grand final?

I am a white, Anglo Saxon, male, Protestant, heterosexual and I am waiting for my day to come, and when it does I will be first in line to say show stupid is this?

Couldn’t we just leave the game to try and get hold of itself and I would suggest St Kilda and Geelong and the Swans worry about a game plan that might get them into the finals without worrying about every other political cause on earth.

As a former player and media commentator for many years, Newman absolutely has earned the right to speak to a large audience on this issue, and he is utterly correct. He’s a red pill guy not afraid to speak his mind, something that is becoming increasingly rare Down Under, and he’s contributed far more to football than some talentless feminist hack like Susie O’Brien ever could.

However, now everybody in Australia is talking about sexism, racism and homophobia in football – anything but the actual game itself! The grossly overrepresented left-wing view in sports has eerie parallels with our political sphere.

Nothing to see here…

Nobody in the left-wing media is talking about the economy, our national debt, cost of living, unemployment, crime, the family breakdown and other serious issues which affect a great percentage of the population. Instead it is all about gay marriage, “refugees” (aka illegal immigrants), imagined sexism and other fringe issues that in reality affect only a tiny minority.

The Goodes saga and the AFL’s constant pandering to social justice warriors reflect the pathetic direction Australia has taken over the past decade or so. Let the minority dictate the agenda. Shut down all criticism. You’re just booing him because you’re racist; you’re only criticising me because you are sexist. Heck, even our last Prime Minister, the most powerful person in the country, tried to play the victim card.

I used to love AFL football, but I’m sick of the constant bombardment of left-wing politics. These days I enjoy my Australian football at the grass roots level only, watching the Victorian Amateur Football Association. I no longer want to watch the game played at the highest level.

I miss the sport, but because Australian men no longer have mainstream masculine activities untainted by PC feminism, it’s a price I’m prepared to pay.

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115 thoughts on “How Social Justice Warriors Ruined Australian Football”

  1. The leftist maggots are most hypocritical pieces of shit I’ve ever seen! They always talk of “tolerance” and “diversity” then have a Hitler-like rage fest when you say something they don’t like. Sorry but these people need to be deported or all their rights confiscated. Period. Why? Because they will NEVER stop until they are completely dis-empowered.
    This is like a secular version of ISIS, only they’re more passive aggressive about it. I have no doubt though they’d be executing people if it were politically possible to do so. Evil, sick, degenerates.

    1. Good post man. Glad you didn’t resort to extreme exaggeration. Would have made you look like a fucking idiot.

  2. The few times I’ve watched sports the camera was always too far away. Need to get right in the action. I enjoy playing sports, but find watching them a little lackluster. Need to either better camera angles or melee weapons.
    Imagine if gladiator-style combat was brought back… should have the tech by now to make it non-lethal to the contestants.

  3. These lefty fuckers are unreal. So tolerant until you disagree with them. Kind of like ISIS in a way, eh? Evil, sick, degenerates. They’re just more passive aggressive about it. Some dumb asses still don’t get that though.

    1. There is no such thing as left wing tolerance. It’s a smokescreen they hide behind to appear more legitimate, like pretending to be progressive even while they advocate a return to equality.

      1. They never even raised it up to begin with their care for specific groups that they are a part of was a sign of this

  4. Great article, Mark. We are tired of the NFL, here, in America. It is following that exact same script with all of the bullshit pink, breast cancer awareness shit to please (and attract) a female crowd. It’s funny how a man’s sport does not recognize cancer in men at all (or maybe very little) but you can’t escape the large backing seen at games come “that time of the year”.
    And yes, it’s only the start as female commentators, refs are on the rise with coaches probably being the next step.
    I’ve stopped watching all together and I keep my money (and time). It’s the only thing that the these corporations listen to in the long run….money.

    1. Thanks Driver. I’ve noticed the NFL doing the same thing, so I thought American readers would be able to relate, even if they aren’t familiar with Australian football. Very sad to see the SJWs have infiltrated and then changed for the worse virtually every part of society Cheers, Mark

      1. I figured it was happening overseas as well. It’s another “men only” space that had to be torn down to satisfy women (and corporations looking to cash in on new customers). I say fuck these corporations and I’ll take my money elsewhere.
        I watch hockey as well and so far no stupid SJW shit going on there….we will see what happens, though…fingers crossed. Thank you, sir.

    2. I prefer rugby, a hundred times more.
      Here in Argentina the classic is football(soccer), but the level of faking injuries, disrespecting the ref and talking a lot without backing it makes me sick.
      I’ve only seen a couple of nfl games and it’s a lot of strategy, but I’m not used to it so it kinds of bores me.
      Now, rugby and I mean Super rugby level and international, that is a great sport. You have team work above all, a little blood won’t stop them, they don’t back down when the others act as little brats, but they respect the ref, even when they are much bigger.
      And no matter how many brawls there are into the game, at the end of the game they go to have a nice time together, maybe a few beers.
      Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly one of the best team games there is

      1. I play rugby and no matter what happens on the field we always have some beers after the game with the other team even if the game had brawls and big hits, the guys I know who play soccer won’t have beers after the game with the other team because they’re upset over a leg tackle. It may not be that way with all soccer players but I can’t take soccer seriously as a masculine sport no matter how popular it is

        1. I used to play soccer. I was a defender, so I got to make many big tackles, which is what I enjoyed the most. Even made a few kids (older teenage years) cry.

      2. Proper mans game, I watch the Fri night rugger game every week just to keep my man viewpoint intact. Hard but fair.

    3. The thing is though, we stop going to games or supporting the sport at all, they lose money. In a sane society, they would look inward, look at what’s changed and recognise that these changes might not be the best thing for the sport. However, in this social climate, they would blame our hateful, misogynistic, shit-lord, homophobic selves and double down on these additions for re-education.
      Because they always know what’s best for us and society at large……..

      1. I know…very strange. I really don’t give a fuck what the league or owners do at this point. They’ve all catered to these “female customers” so fuck them. I’ll save my money and time and go elsewhere. It’s not my problem if they can’t see or recognize the problem and I don’t care what they blame it on.

    4. I say good. It’s time for men to stop passively watching sports and get out there and do real stuff, like shooting sports, camping, metal working, and other cool shit.

      1. Agree. There is no problem taking in a game once in a while (maybe because it’s a social setting) but men should be out there playing a sport, working a hobby, learning something new, outdoor life, etc…. Use your time, wisely.

        1. That’s precisely why I’ve spent 26 years and counting in the reserve components. My HOBBY is training to fly half way around the world to kill people…. and occasionally, at the behest of my nations leaders, doing just that.

      2. Young guys should be playing the game,not passively watching.The amount that the players earn in UK
        professional football is an insult to the average fan,the entrance fees alone would take up half a young out of work males dole money.
        We now have the spectacle of women’s football being
        given precedence over the men’s by the BBC coverage and I suspect that there will shortly be women in charge of the game followed by a change in the rules to “no contact”,anything to wipe out male superiority and thus divest the UK of the “saturday
        rites” which were once the male retreat

        1. I have never been a sports fan in any way, shape, or form, since I stopped participating in various sports myself (at about age 25 or so). I have never understood the draw of *watching* athletic events at all, and why guys want to just sit around and watch a bunch of other guys doing something.
          I am just not a spectator type of guy, though I realize I must be missing a gene or something. The vast majority of guys, including my own cool, masculine (now deceased) dad, really love (loved) watching sports.

      1. P.S. How many other “male only” cancers are out there?
        Also, men are not always immune to breast cancer themselves.

      2. That’s how you know it’s not truly about equality….It’s about power and control (plus money). More and more men are waking up to this reality, daily.

    5. The Arizona Cardinals have a female assistant coach (technically she’s a “coaching intern” but she’s being lauded as the “first female NFL coach”).
      It’s only a matter of time before the NFL instates some sort of gender quotas for coaching staffs.
      I can’t see it going well. I played football in high school (which, obviously is very different from the NFL, but there are certain things that translate to any level). Part of what made it such a formative experience for me was the bond between coaches and players: the coaches truly embraced the role of helping to transform us from boys into young men through hard work and discipline. It was my first real exposure to a red pill, super-masculine environment. The coaches were male role models and mentors for us. I can’t imagine a woman filling that role the same way. That opinion aside, you know damn well if her unit performs well, we’re going to have that “women can coach just as well as men!!!” rammed down our throats, and if they don’t, they’ll either sweep it under the rug or blame it on something else (injuries, sexism, the patriarchy, etc.).

      1. Agree. It’s the same as having women in combat units. It really fucks up the dynamic that a team of men have – their bond as men. You can count on loyalty, honor, etc…with men. With women, you don’t know what you’re getting (except feelings)…..and one will get you killed.

        1. “A man will cut your arm off and throw it in a river, but he’ll leave you as a human being intact. He won’t fuck with who you are. Women are nonviolent, but they will shit inside of your heart.” – Lewis C.K.

    1. Millenial cunts, immediately condescending to an icon in the world that they’re just trying to be a part of the background in. Extraordinary arrogance. You can see that the hipster males at least showed some deference. Rollins was expecting the girls to be assholes…”Counting down to when the chick mouths off..” He was ready for it as it must happen all the time. Millenial Anglo females are among the worst human beings of all time. When he was in the back looking through the CD’s he just knew he would be belittled in some way and he was ready for war. Such a revealing clip.

      1. I agree. And its not only the millenials. But also, today’s modern day middle aged anglo saxon women as well- fucking ball busting bitches with their butch dyke haircuts, tatted fat body mass, thinking they can go around bossing any man they like.
        Fucking cunts all around. Let society collapse. Then those cunts can go to hell.

        1. Agree. I see this more and more with these types of women. It’s not that there was or wasn’t a mistake or the man (the usual target) was wrong. It’s the condescending tone that these type of women use to act like they are ‘so right’. You point out the fact that they (women) are wrong and these bitches start to look pretty stupid. It’s great to see it live and in person.

        2. Yeah, there was no mistake or any type of dispute so you don’t even get to see the full colors. It was just that “Get in the Van, nyuk, nyuk,” giving him some kind of crap about his book, before they’d even met. It wasn’t necessarily an insult and it was a fairly light situation but just imagine seeing an icon like that and having the audacity to be half-jokey/half-condescending like that. I can’t imagine seeing Joyce Carol Oates in a book store and hooting out, “Hey. We Were the Mulvaneys!” (snicker, snicker, fist bump your buddy). It’s not even clever to call out the guy’s book title in a laughy way. It’s just how you’d treat your little brother, belittling his accomplishment by simply mentioning it and laughing. Millenials seem to have this default supremacy complex that is extraordinary. Not every time, certainly, but it pervades that generation. It was very well-displayed in the clip. I repeat myself but what is most revealing is how Rollins was immediately primed for the shit he knew was coming his way, just for being an ICON in a record store/cafe. He already knew there wouldn’t be a respectful deference or timidity at all. So now imagine how that same breed of cunt behaves towards normal, non-celebrity males. You can’t even interact with that generation of female. I had a minor scene the other day with a millenial anglo-cunt here in Asia. We were seated near each other in a Western restaurant and we both flagged down the waitress at the exact same time. The waitress laughed and put her hands up as it was that much of a dead heat. She couldn’t choose and it would have been impossible not to see the coincidence of the moment. I glanced over at the cunt as I deferred and she was glaring at me like I was the worst piece of shit that ever lived for even daring to coincidentally flag down the waitress when she was ready to order. There was more hatred on her face than she showed to any of her myriad college days’ ‘rapists’, I’m sure. The feminine imperative was threatened, even by innocent coincidence and there was dead hatred on her face at the drop of a hat. Hilarious. There was that level of hatred simply for a funny, harmless coincidence and a polite gesture towards her. Now imagine a dispute. Unreal. #Asia4Life. Those cunts make me sick. I’d say 2 out of 10 millenials are really nice and cool but even that is part of the same equation. You can almost sense them congratulating themselves for not being a total asshole like every other chick that age. Like their routine decorum is so great.

        3. I hear what you are saying. Women (young women) used to get shamed by older people (usually other women) for behaving in such a way. They used to say it wasn’t ‘lady like’. I don’t expect women to concede on everything or all of the time…but the pendulum has swung in such a far right (or left) direction that it’s pretty ridiculous. And then there is the crying that they can’t find a “good man”…I wonder why. No one wants to be around another person who has such a shitty attitude (man or woman). Imagine taking that girl out to a restaurant and her acting like an ass hat (on a date no less).
          Women have bought into all of the latest bullshit from SJWs, feminists and the Sex and the City bullshit….they truly are their worst enemy. So, many of them will be old and alone (with that shitty attitude).

  5. There is quite a bit of truth in this, but it is overstated.
    AFL has always had a lot of female supporters.
    Cheerleaders were never a big part of the game, and only a couple of teams had them.
    It is more of a middle-class game than, say, Rugby League.
    Sam Newman is a stirrer.
    Yes, they do have female goal umpires, some of them. I don’t recall seeing a female umpire or coach.
    What we do see is that feminist habit of jumping on successful bandwagons to wave their little flags. It is quite pathetic that this is the only way they can get attention; parasitically off a top men’s game.

  6. Fellow Aussie here, the article’s pretty spot on. I follow the footy almost religiously, but I have to say the last few years it has declined. Not hugely, but it’s a slippery slope.
    At the very most, I can get behind Indigenous round for the contributions Aboriginal players give to our game, because let’s face it, they’re amazing players and athletes. What I WON’T tolerate is the gradual influx of PC agenda-pushing. Multiculturalism is a waste of time, gay pride has NO place in sport, and I hate the idea of men dedicating a game to WOMEN’S issue without properly addressing men’s.
    Not to mention female umpires and the token female dullards in the media who’ve no fucking clue. Having women on panels changes the dynamic. Recently, there was a window where it was just the 3 retired players talking, and you could SEE the dynamic change. They just shot the shit like guys do.
    Adam Goodes is, as you said, is a great player. Dual Charlie winner, Premiership champion. But he’s a bit of a flog, and the AFL world is probably the MOST ACCEPTING of Aboriginal people than any microcosm of our society. I’m sure some are racist, some hate him cos he’s a champ, and some people are sick of hearing about Aboriginal people. But the main thing is that HE DIRECTED A FUCKING WAR DANCE AT THE CROWD. That tends to piss people off. You can’t do that, then bitch out and say everyone’s just racist. They don’t like him because he’s a flog.
    Sam Newman on the other hand- hooh buddy! He just does not give a fuck. He’s a shining light in our footy media, he says what he wants, and even though he pisses women off for probably no reason, he’s respected and he always speaks truth.
    Overall, I am seeing a gradual decline, but I mostly ignore all the PC garbage and focus on the game, that keeps my love for the game in check. But for anyone in say the US is wondering, YES, it’s pretty shithouse the PC crap and the political agendas being shoved down the AFL’s throat by our feminist society. Australia tends to follow America a lot, we’re sheeple like that. Just my 2c.

    1. Can concur. I don’t really watch it anymore, but the media and governmental powers are some of the worst in the Western world. I daresay even worse than New Zealand. Which is odd, because there is a large minority, mostly of a wide variety of immigrants which are pushing against leftism. You have rallies against Islam and open borders mostly made up by first or second generation immigrants whether from Eastern Europe or India or China, ironically the most pushy on the left are bleeding heart upper class white liberals in self-destruct mode. The hilarity that recent converts are trying to protect the nature of the country more than the native Anglos.

      1. ..mostly of a wide variety of immigrants which are pushing against leftism.”
        I have seen evidence of that in the US. The feminist wing is definetily being pushed aside by those from non-western cultures. I also read most of the russian emmigres who vote go Republican by a 3:1 margin. An old russian one once told me “the democrats talk like those from the politburo.” They know what the dems are.

    2. Some good points, here. What I will find funny is all of these SJWs (and feminists) complaining about transgenders playing in their sport’s league once they become “female” or women. You’re going to see a lot of women getting the fuck knocked down (and out) by these men (as women) who are now allowed in their league.
      That shit will come full circle and then men will finally have the last laugh. It’s all equal, right?

      1. No,you will find that the laws of the game will change overnight to become non contact.Wait and see.

  7. The problem with big-league sports is twofold. First, its financial fortunes are hard-wired to the leftwing media-entertainment complex. (In the US, where college sports are a money machine, that complex includes the university juggernaut.)
    Second, its owners are crony-capitalist, and their sports and non-sports interests depend on relationships with government for opportunities and advantages.
    All big business is headed that way; for instance, General Electric has been nicknamed “Government Electric” for its ability to mine gold in Washington. GE has chosen to become an instrument of federal policy, and as a result embraces environmentalism, diversity, and the rest of statist/progressivist political agenda.
    Avoiding these companies is difficult. Due to Procter & Gamble’s feminist efforts to redefine masculinity I never buy their products anymore, but at any moment I’m likely to discover that the companies I’ve switched over to have begun doing the same as P&G, or worse.
    Myself, I never watch pro sports anymore. I quit many years ago, once the rot had taken hold and it was obvious sports was being treated as just another form of mass entertainment, planned in concert with zeitgeist-surfing advertisers and run by glib non-sports people seeking the path of least resistance. A man has better things to do with his life than watch the deconstructed, empty shell of postmodern athletic competition.

  8. “OK, there might be fans that boo Goodes because they are racist, and that is obviously unacceptable.”
    Why is it unacceptable?

    1. While I wouldn’t hold it against anyone, and even if I am racist, I don’t go out of my way to be nasty. I can want a white country, but I’ll hold the door for the black guy behind me. Manners are what makes us more than animals.

    2. Most of them don’t boo him because of his race.. They boo him, because he’s a piece of shit picking on a little girl as being racist by calling him an ape.. Litlle girls call all the boys ape..White, Black, Yellow, a piece of shit, is a piece of shit !

      1. Actually most have NFI why they are booing him. They are just joining in with the other mouth-breathers who have no other outlet for their frustration that is their insignificant lives.

  9. That Goodes story reminds me of something, only in real life, especially the part about the rabid left:

  10. I was wondering if one of The Aussie writers was going to submit an article on Aussie Rules Footy after the Adam Goodes farce. I’m just about done with The AFL and footy has always been my favourate sport. St Kilda want to have gay pride round and want to go out holding hands with Sydney as a sign of support for Goodes. This to go along with Indigenous round, women’s round and Multicultural round have made sick of it, I watch footy for entertainment, not to have left wing politics and political correctness shoved down my throat. The only positive to come out of Goodes crying racism because people booed him is that a lot of Aussies seem to be getting sick of Aboriginals always playing the race card and white Aussies always being labeled racist, I can see some fightback but not enough.

    1. Don’t worry about it…many of us in the U.S. are tired of the same bullshit with the NFL. I am now saving more money and time…I’ll watch a little hockey from time to time. If that gets too stupid, then I’ll stop watching that as well.

      1. To be honest I’m almost done with all sports, I like rugby alot but they’re doing the same thing. Soon I’m going to spend time on the weekends doing online trading or work on the online business I want to start rather than going to footy or watching sport on tv. A far more beneficial use of my time.

        1. As will many men once this “disease” starts to creep into other sports. The good side for men….we will find other, productive things to do with our time.

        2. I already do that, I’m from Adelaide and play rugby. The rugby community is small here as it’s nearly all Aussie rules and soccer that dominates peoples interest.

    2. The worst part about Goodes is when the media says that you can’t boo him because he’s a dual Brownlowe Medalist (supposedly the best player that year, although decided by the referee’s) and Australian of the Year.

      1. Many great players get booed he’s just the first to have a cry about it. As for him being Aussie of the year that is one of biggest jokes I’ve ever seen, there were so many more worthy candidates but he wins it because a girl calls him an ape, he actually does look like an ape anyway and I don’t mean that from a racial point of view, he just genuinely does.

        1. This was the thing that really got me too… it’s not like referring to ALL Asian people as “monkeys” for example… Goodes seriously looks exactly like an ape! Can anybody seriously deny that?

  11. It isn’t a coincidence that the 2 countries that invite people to immigrate because they can’t make their population grow are Canada and Australia, and also it is a coincidence that classic family structure is dissapearing and feminism and lgbt favor is strongly established there …

    1. Wanna make population grow?Eliminate visas for the British and you’ll have 5 million peeps within a year! The good weather alone would drive immigration.

      1. Australia is a beautiful country, but it is expensive and leans heavily to the left, especially the media, the education system, the public service etc. Feminism and socialism are very strong here, but the situation is much better outside of the cities. If you are into nature and being active, you should love it. If you only wanted to come to Australia to meet girls, however, I would not recommend it. There are exceptions, but our women are generally awful

  12. In truth it has always been a fairly pathetic sport, the only difference is that it now is a pathetic PC sport, which I guess means that it has gotten worse over the years.
    Rugby is a much more cohesive game.

    1. SA/VIC/WA try and tell you it is the best sport in the world. But the fact it is only really played and followed in three states in one country in the world tells you otherwise!

  13. Wow If I didn’t see they were talking about the Aussies, I would swear they were talking about the US. Liberalism, and all of its faces: feminism, gay/transgender, hate of family, hate of anything male/masculine, is truly a cancer, and a mental disorder

    1. I think that is probably the saddest thing about feminists/liberals. They hate the family, men and kids. They’ve destroyed the family and replaced it with Big Daddy Government. Family and community spirit are almost dead here in Australia, but both used to be thriving

      1. So do you guys have an announcer like Bob Costas who will come on a Monday Night Football broadcast and use his dais to promote more gun control, which most Americans oppose?

  14. A good case for a more patriarchal and unequal society. Wherever women go, they inject irrelevant issues of compassion because most women are mentally immature and desire safety above all.
    The first step towards change is to stop adapting to the equalist status quo, and vocally disregard sexism, racism, homophobia etc as trivial.

  15. Watch the grand final but not really interested in AFL anymore. I notice married blokes usually follow it as a sort of escapism but I just don’t find it entertaining. The players are overpaid dorks and the game is sterile these days. Bring back the days of King Carey in the mid 90s I could watch it all day long and drink beer yelling sexist abuse at the tv at my local watering hole. Now, no thanks ill be going fishing or reading a book instead.

  16. Adam Goodes is a cock who was born with an aboriginal chip on his shoulder.
    I tend to despise Jason Akermanis (I think he’s a smug, slimy douchebag) but he was right when he called Goodes a sook and told him to pull his head in.

  17. I walk away from the NFL this year. I won’t watch or listen to a single game. Let the feminists have it, too.

  18. Good article mate, gave up supporting AFL years ago the only game worth watching is the Grand Final.Yep your right about the drible that comes from Susie OBrien people like her have caused the downward spiral by there deluded input.

  19. Pretty much stopped watching footy this yr, dont even know who’s in the top8! I guess NRL and Cricket are the only sports in Aus that have not been completely feminized.

  20. Hi Mark, everything you said was right and exactly what I was thinking, your in Melbourne right? :Lets catch up for a pint or two Cheers Ken

  21. This is with everything. If it’s masculine or traditional they want it destroyed. And they are all lining up to allow them to do it. Look at the NFL, look at Augustus, and many more. They don’t watch football and they certainly don’t want to join country clubs. They just hate hate hate and use the guise of equality to ruin. Look at the airline industry. Proof they don’t want equality but control. The skies were once filled with adorable, attractive, young women who loved life and to travel and treated the passengers wonderfully. The chunskters resented seeing such attractive, healthy people and seek to destroy it. Fast forward 30 years and the skies are filled with chubters, gay men, and resentful older women who look to start a fight at every corner.

  22. Brilliant article, Mark. This article says what must be said about the current situation in the great Aussie game. I can remember when I was young enough to play Australian Football (not that I was ever going to get into the VFL/AFL) and it was a man’s game that a man could be proud to say he followed or played. Nowadays, the game is so sanitised and pissweak (to appease the dippy females) that I cringe just watching it.
    If women want to be involved in sports, let them play netball (not that I regard netball as a sport). Women have no place in the hallowed game of Australian Rules Football. A woman’s place is in the kitchen.

    1. You must be unaware of all the cookery programs now which have young males on them.
      Men should be out doing things,not wasting their time making
      half baked liberals rich

  23. He …handpicked a 13 year old girl… and denounced her as the “face of racism” in Australia.

    It’s a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my
    friend,” with the “enemy” … being the heterosexual white male


    1. That’s a reasonable point to make, but let me explain the current climate in Australia. If you are white, that is bad, and you are expected to hate yourself. However, being a straight white MALE, especially 40+, is definitely another step up in terms of “things to be reviled”

  24. AFL, hockey, American college Football (NFL is already dead too me), rugby and Gaelic sports are the last Bastion of men sports and they are being succumbed to the chattering class crowd. They never stop bitching, but for some reason the powers that be think bringning women in will expand revenues. Turning sports into another leftwing platform to lecture men will kill the sport and after enough men walk away, killing the revenue streams, it will re-set back to being something worth a man’s attention.

  25. The left wants weak males strong females the only sport they honor is soccer becuase it is a global sport whereas football is not

  26. When I first saw the pink being worn in football games, I knew it was over. I am no sports fan at all. Honestly, I just never got into it young and have better things to do with my time than watch a football game. However, I do believe some things are better left untouched by feminism (which is pretty much all things), and football is one of those things. What, men can’t have their football anymore without it being tainted pink?

    1. Sadly it’s a law of nature. Where ever men go, women eventually follow and start dictating ruled to fit them even if the rules were in place for a reason.

  27. All the predicable signs of female influence, hysteria, irrationality, victim hood, entitlement. You cannot give women influence and expect anything else.

  28. LET’S FLIGHT TESTICULAR CANCER! Make the women commentators wear two little balls in a sack on their jackets. Men do the same. Why not? Hit ’em back with the same crap they force on men.

      1. I am an Aussie who has visited America twice and I can confirm that Australia is definitely more contaminated by feminism and socialism. “Social Justice Warriorism” is pretty much a religion over here…

        1. I can’t comment on the UK because I’ve never been there, and it does seem we aren’t as bad as Sweden…yet! Having been to Canada, I definitely think we are comparable, if not worse. I seriously doubt Roosh would be let into Australia if he tried to come, “Pick Up Artists” have been refused entry before, and even under a “Right Wing” Government! There are definitely more feminists per capita in Australia than America from what I’ve seen, and as much as our American friends complain about all the fatties over there, Australia is just as bad in that area. Plus, if you are somewhere like San Diego or Newport Beach, the girls are actually pretty hot, and they will treat you far better than the average sheila back home!
          The entitlement and rudeness of our young women in particular is a national disgrace. I was recently in Europe and I couldn’t believe how coarse, rude and disrespectful they were to locals and their cultures. Constantly glued to their phones and with diva personalities, they truly believed the whole world revolved around them. They were in Europe for 3 reasons only: to lie on a beach, to drink at nightclubs, and to suck European dick. That’s it.

  29. The Foss is a man’s man. I’m glad he’s taking a stand against this political bullshit, especially when he defends his antics on the Footy Show.

  30. Putting Goodes in the same category as left wing political agenda’s manipulating direction of the AFL is a joke.
    Aboriginal Australians have a short straw, Goodes is a hero and a good man, who in a country that looks down at aboriginal people, has carved a successful place for himself and presented himself as a good role model for aboriginal kids. The fact that you cant see, or deny the plight of Aboriginal Australia says more about you and every single person who “booed” at hiim, than it does him. Wether or not he was justified or not, Players who engage in drugs and or the several sexual assault allegations are met with far far FAR less negative reactions than Goodes and thats the sad truth.

  31. The NFL wears pink all October….the constant obsession with the homo Michael Sam who was too fat and slow to play in the NFL or the CFL….the NFL will react when they start losing revenue…they lost me…I’m out….fuck em!

  32. Dude….AFL was being pussified long before 2000.
    I grew up in the 70s when REAL MEN played football.
    The 1989 grand final was the pinnacle of our sport.
    Today? I refuse to watch that shit.
    Australian sport is play by women who happen to have penises.
    Look at the ashes team. Dismissed for 60 in 90 minutes. The worst outing since 1948.
    Australia is cooked…put a fork in it.
    The men are to gutless to speak out….nothing but pathetic losers.

    1. The worst outing since 1948….
      Huh? The 1948 Australian touring side is probably the most celebrated of all time. The current side aren’t worthing of lighting Lindsay Hassett’s smoke.
      As for Australian men being pathetic losers – yep, and as an Australian, it breaks my heart to say it.

      1. This is so true. They just never had a chance, so many growing up in single mother households, and going to school in our FEMINIST, LEFT-WING dominated education system… look at Aussie millennial guys – wimpy metrosexual tossbags. By the way, our media is absolutely dominated by PC group think.. did you see Mark Latham had to resign this week? His crime.. daring to criticise feminism. Don’t get me wrong, the guy’s a bitter old bastard and I am bloody glad he never became Prime Minister, but his articles canning feminism were very red pill

        1. I did my first trip home in about 3 years last week. If there is one word to describe modern Australia , it is this – FAT. Sloppy flabbos everywhere. Every show on TV revolves around cooking or losing weight. Wanna confuse the audience so they feel comforted by advertising? That’s how. Guys with double-chins and a bit of belt overhang look good compared to the other chub-a-lubs. Guys having domestic arguments with skanks in shopping malls because they have no game/frame control. FFS.

  33. Came here from a MMA discussion Board.
    Everything you say is so true. And I thought all these things only happened in Spain. It seems twe can’t escape from the hordes of feminazis…
    I always say that being a white heterosexual male in your 30s-40s is the worst thing that can happen to you in my country. It seems it’s the same everywhere. So sad.

  34. You forgot to mention that the 13 year old girl who was ‘frogmarched’ out of the stadium called Goodes an Ape. So he speaks out against it – saying he feels sorry for her because her parents must be broken. But your take on it is that he’s digging up old wounds. Shit dawg… You are broken.

  35. I will make you moan, “Ramona.” Why the fuck are you scammers targeting ROK of all places? GTFO of here.

  36. God…. ROK has really opened my eyes. I am just flabbergasted to learn that countries like Sweden, Canada, and Australia were so far off the deep end with the liberal, feminist, and multicultural crap. Substantially worse than the US.
    If our US football starting having a “multicultural quarter,” a “woman’s quarter,” and all that, I think there would be more backlash than in those other countries. Though the backlash probably wouldn’t change anything.
    And that Goodes fellow is nothing but a knuckle dragger who would have nothing were it not for white Europeans who built the comfortable society he is the beneficiary of. Another ungrateful, racial minority who needs an attitude adjustment.

  37. Newman is a fuckwit pure and simple. Redpill?…yeah naaa.Seen the guy in action on the streets the bloke is a clown and bully.
    In the Northern sates AFL is called GAYFL.The game of the Army,a body that actually does take part in actual combat is Rugby union.I’ve seen many a Aussie rules player switch over to Union in the military.
    No one plays AFL at a high level worldwide and you’ll never ever play for Australia.Except in a game of bastard soccer against the Irish.
    Further more the game is a disgrace turning it’s back on blokes that have played since day dot in order to get some basketball or soccer player that can jump.If the game is so skillful how come guys from other codes can come over and play at 18 or older?
    Lets not forget the farce of the rugby league players who came over.
    AFL’s problem is that it runs out of Melbourne and Melbourne is a mangina town.
    I agree to many special rounds and local footy and VFL is a much better.I couldn’t care less about watching sport anymore since I got into pickup and redpill.The military showed me what real mateship is all about and gave me an exposure to blokes from all over the country and their mindsets…The more elite or hard a combat unit is the less they care about playing sport.

  38. White people allow an arab inbred to invade their country and disrespect them in front of them, the fact that dipshit is still alive only shows how castrated and pathetic white people have become.

  39. I feel the same way about the UFC. I think it’s pretty sad and degenerate to see women fight each other in the octagon. To Dana White it’s a win-win: it’s a cynical money-grab and at the same time he gets points for treating women “equally”. For that reason I stopped watching and attending events.

  40. One of the most engaging articles I’ve read on here. Great stuff. There will eventually be a massive push back against all this SJW crap, that I’m sure of. Feminism/SJWism is just the media’s flavour of 2014-2015 because it generates clicks from both sides.

  41. Long-time fan of the NRL here. I was dismayed when our code introduced the “no punch rule” (like the AFL) because it’s led to a much more unattractive contest where the rival players spend 80 minutes niggling at one another and can get away with grubby tactics (tripping, elbowing players heads’ in a tackle, giving them a head-massage while they’re on the ground unable to retaliate, throwing the ball at players’ heads likewise, even hair pulling) and they know full-well that if the other player stands up to their grubbiness and gives them one on the chin, they other player will get marched.
    The NRL has had a ‘Women in League’ round now for 10 years, no
    ‘Gay Pride’ round as of yet- but regardless it pisses me off when the game becomes more sanitised for the sake of people who won’t bother watching it anyway. Rugby League is a tough game and has been since day 1- if they take the physical element away from the game and emasculate the code the way the AFL has done, is there even a point to watching it?

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