The European Union Partners With Facebook, Google, And Twitter To Censor “Hate Speech”

The EU recently made an Orwellian announcement: it is moving to institute policies of censorship to “protect” free speech online. This is a thinly veiled first volley in curbing all freedom of expression on the internet, and forcing leftist political correctness on dissidents. Any post deemed by the European Commission and IT companies “racist” or “xenophobic” could be censored under the proposal. Spokesmouth Vĕra Jourová, the Commissioner for Justice, Consumers, and Gender Equality said:

I welcome the commitment of worldwide IT companies to review the majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours and remove or disable access to such content, if necessary.

The official EU statement says the move comes as part of a bureaucratic junta held in late 2015 which made plans to start enforcing “tolerance and respect” online and claims to be aimed at “preventing and combating Antisemitic and anti-Muslim hatred in Europe.”

These men have never trivialized rape

However, contradicting herself in the same press release, and using the Trojan Horse excuse of protecting the public from terrorism, which in some circles seems to be orchestrated or encouraged by Western governments rather than prevented by it, Jourová says:

The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech. Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and racist use to spread violence and hatred. This agreement is an important step forward to ensure that the internet remains a place of free and democratic expression.

In stark contrast to rosy and misleading PR flack spin, the move will cripple online speech among traditional European populations who have anything critical to stay about open door immigration policy for Muslims or about the ongoing epidemics of rape and violence by “immigrants.” The fact Jourová, who is also responsible for “gender equality” put out the statement hints that manosphere sites like Return Of Kings could soon be under fire because they do not follow the narratives of female superiority. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and other major tech companies all said they would be complicit in the curbing on free speech online.

It should be pointed out protections for free speech were not instituted to protect polite speech, as polite speech needs no protection. In fact, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was written to protect offensive speech. statistics currently show the majority of the public understands this concept, as 70% say “hate speech” should be protected. Some of the more astute commentators pointed out the end of freedom begins with censorship of politically correct, hot-button issues then progresses to the banning of books and other authoritarian moves.

Moreover, who is to determine which types of speech quality as racist or xenophobic? The status quo in Europe and America allows people to say anything critical of whites, but it is verboten for whites to criticize “protected” classes no matter how valid those criticisms may be. Protected classes include any group that is not Caucasian, Christian, male, or heterosexual.

Merkel has already warned Zuckerberg: She does not like criticism of her policies from the rabble (us)

Merkel has already warned Zuckerberg: She does not like criticism of her policies from the rabble (us)

Free Speech Is Under Attack

The move by the EU will create yet another bureaucratic boondoggle and cover online speech in red tape. It will require speech determined by censors to be violating vague policies to be removed within 24 hours. The aims will also be directed towards:

…promoting independent counter-narratives, new ideas and initiatives, and supporting educational programs that encourage critical thinking.

In other words, bureaucrats are hinting they will force “controversial” sites to offer alternative views those in the government find acceptable. Benjamin Jones of the The National Secular Society (UK) said the proposals will threaten criticisms of religion and other important functions of free speech online:

Far from tackling online ‘cyber jihad,’ the agreement risks having the exact opposite effect and entrapping any critical discussion of religion under vague ‘hate speech’ rules. Poorly-trained Facebook or Twitter staff, perhaps with their own ideological bias, could easily see heated criticism of Islam and think it is ‘hate speech,’ particularly if pages or users are targeted and mass reported by Islamists.

Other groups, including the Index on Censorship (UK) have warned the laws will give tech corporations carte blanche to determine what qualifies as hate speech and what does not, rather than forcing them to adhere to established law:

Hate speech laws are already too broad and ambiguous in much of Europe. This agreement fails to properly define what ‘illegal hate speech’ is and does not provide sufficient safeguards for freedom of expression. It devolves power once again to unelected corporations to determine what amounts to hate speech and police it — a move that is guaranteed to stifle free speech in the mistaken belief this will make us all safer. It won’t. It will simply drive unpalatable ideas and opinions underground where they are harder to police — or to challenge. There have been precedents of content removal for unpopular or offensive viewpoints and this agreement risks amplifying the phenomenon of deleting controversial — yet legal — content via misuse or abuse of the notification processes.

Further, just last September Mark Zuckerberg was confronted by German Chancellor Andrea Merkel for not doing enough to combat online discussion of her open-door immigration policy. The interchange came to light only because it was accidentally picked up on a live microphone. Facebook was already cracking down on free speech before the new, tyrannical moves by the Merkel and the EU. Even Muslims who are critical of extremists, such as those who expose corruption in the Palestinian Authority like Khaled Abu Toameh, are being censored by Facebook. After his Facebook account was suspended but later reopened after he protested, he wrote:

It’s still a matter of censorship. They decide what’s acceptable. Now we have to be careful about what we post and what we share. Does this mean we can’t criticize Arab governments anymore?

It seems the European and American governments are hell bent on shutting down discussion on topics that do not fit their agendas. Just as the Soviet Union once punished those who dissented against Communism, the organizing world government is attempting to shut down dissent of multiculturalism and other suicidal far left policies.

The race is on to either stop government censorship or develop a communications alternative to the current internet.

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256 thoughts on “The European Union Partners With Facebook, Google, And Twitter To Censor “Hate Speech””

  1. (((They))) are totally panicked.
    Hold fast gentlemen and attack in every way you can each day.

  2. How Br. Moner was right in his last article! Forced indifference is exactly what liberalism leads to. Where in the name of human rights all you have the is freedom to agree with the state, and any divergence from that is hate speech.

    1. Michael Savage said it best one time….to paraphrase “You don’t protection for polite speech, it’s polite and acceptable already. The 1st amendment is to protect impolite speech you idiots”

  3. I for one support this. Now I will be able to stop taking Kratom, and live out my life as a “dangerous internet sea otter” without prejudice and all that feelz badz hurting words!!!!

  4. In France, they will likely start saying any middle age man who likes red wine, wears a beret and carries a bread baguette is a likely terrorist/

  5. these are just designed to eliminate white resistance to our genocide. they wouldn’t enforce these on any muslim or non-white

  6. This is a move by the EU and these companies to censor speech. Any speech that doesn’t line up with their narrative will be labeled as “hate speech” and removed.
    People can strike back at these companies by calling for a boycotting of their products. Tell friends not to use these social media platforms any longer and tell them the reason. Pretty soon, the rest of us will move on and it will be nothing but an echo chamber for the left.
    The only reason it has so much power right now, is because there is no alternative. Once something else is created to use, then Facebook, Twitter, etc…will lose their power.
    As far as the internet goes, it will be a bad business deal (and businesses will likely push back as well). No one wants to lose business and if people stop using the internet then it will mean a huge loss to many companies. The internet wasn’t always around and we did fine before its inception.
    It may be time to kick them in the balls (the money) to get our point across: censor the internet and you can go fuck yourself

  7. Many European countries are about to turn brown. But hey, at least they didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

    1. Yup, the only thing getting hurt are the 14-year-old European girls getting raped by asylum seekers every day.

      1. Those asylum seekers are innocent children who are just looking for a better life.
        Their sexual customs are very different from europeans so they are not actually commiting any crime. How dare you.

        1. “Customs”? You mean enslaving women and treating them worse than dogs?

        2. Yes sarcasm, but some European government have indeed taken this view and have tried to educate migrants on how, in the West, rape and groping are frowned upon. They have classes and everything.

    2. Europe, a western society, is done. Hopefully the US will wake up in time.

  8. “Poorly-trained Facebook or Twitter staff, perhaps with their own ideological bias”
    Perhaps? Outside a handful of sites like this I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a moderator who hadn’t directly walked through the institutions carrying his communist party card.
    Glad this is being reported on. In fact I’d like to see free speech defence become a regular feature on ROK. This stuff is only going to get worse. ‘Tolerance and Respect’ in the EU is ideology that was heavily pushed and promoted by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.
    Having said that, you have to give them credit for the fact that they are openly admitting that they will be pushing counter-narratives. Inevitably all they will do is to exacerbate the problem with every attempt to gag the populace. I’m not sure they really care, as the more ‘intolerance’ this generates the more they can plot to introduce even more interventions designed to destroy what’s left of free societies

  9. I pointed out on Takimag the other day that white men had no trouble attracting wives and keeping healthy white communities in business for centuries by doing “racist” things. In America’s early days, a “racist” white man like, say, Andrew Jackson, who showed no hesitation about killing redskins to protect white people, or who could run his plantation and keep his black slaves in line because they feared and respected him (Jackson did both), looked like excellent husband material to the white women of his time. White women could see that these racist white men had the strength to protect and provide for them and their families.
    Well, history has come full circle. The white men in Europe who don’t want to become cucks will have to find and activate their racist powers in the face of the Muslim and African invasions if they expect white people to survive and thrive in their ancestral countries. This display of virility and willingness to use force after generations of progressive-feminist neutering will make these men look like good husband prospects to white European women again.
    In fact this shows the connection between the coordinated attacks on both racism and male authority. These two campaigns in social engineering didn’t mysteriously coincide, but they work together to destroy the power and integrity of the white male population.

    1. These invasions just go to show that not only is racism a social construct, but also that the people who get called “racists” have a justifiable reason for believing that races are just inherently different from one another, and that these differences cannot be overcome by any type of social engineering.
      In the end “racism” is the way that weak people try to undermine those in society who are stronger/more successful. These events are the living embodiment of Nietzsche’s thoughts on noble and slave moralities.

        1. I saw a segment on my local news channel tonight about the city’s annual gay pride parade. The reports were interviewing LGBTQXYZ supporters while gushing about celebrating gay culture all the while video of the event showed leather clad attendees dancing on floats. And the reporter relayed the info all seriousness, totally deadpan. Something that a few years ago would have been preceded as not suitable for all viewers is now routine viewing on the local news channel!
          And leather and promiscuity is a “culture” worthy of celebration while a culture of inventing literally fucking everything is something to be mocked.
          And no one else sees this absurdity?

      1. Yes, and non racially conscious whites are the 95% of the male white population; and the 100% of the female population.
        Do the math. We are dead and gone.

        1. I don’t know if most Jews are race conscious either. It seems many Jewish males marry and breed with Asian females and I doubt Jewish girls from Long Island aren’t listening to rap and hop hop and buying the race-mixing message in the media.

        2. Not all, no. But when you have millions dwelling in a militant very race conscious strictly Jewish country in Israel that is expanding and is tenaciously supported from the great majority of its tribesmen around the world from store clerk to American congressmen its a pretty good indication.
          If Zionists are going to start subverting China to the extent they have in the west they’re going to have to have some of them looking like them to infiltrate their society more freely to not raise suspicion. Future little Asian looking Zuckerberg is going to fit right in.

        3. If it falls, I do hope it ends up like Fallout, that much is certain. Could be great fun for a big scary dude like me.

        4. The Tribe are very conscious of their ‘uniqueness’. They dont marry and breed outside as much as you think, and those who do it are socially ostracised within the jewish community.
          Of course, they consume all the cultural garbage of the modern world, but that gargabe do not affect them because of the rigid standards within the community. Yes, your average jewish teen listen to Jay-Z and Beyonce, and they fuck the occasional nigger/latino/asian but they almost never a) married with them, b) breed with them. In 90% of the cases, when the jewish girl reach the marriage age (early 20’s) they marry with another jewish, screened before by her family. Also, the divorce rate within the jewish is lower than the rest, due to the heavily patriarchal concept they believe in.
          For more about the nature of jewishness, check the first chapter of this:

      2. It could be said of all races. Its why the Zionists promote rainbow nations of cultureless consumerist zombies yet protect the core of theirs at all costs.

    2. too little too late whitey hahaha. The black man will reign supreme.

  10. Soon my comments here will be gone then hehe since I’m posting from Europe. But if this happens very soon I will no longer be posting from Europe but from East Asia.
    Not the biggest challenge possible hehe. But it would be a loss for Europe because it will mean a few hundreds of jobs lost and a few companies won’t do as well as they could have. But sure, Europe, keep raising taxes and cutting services for us who work and make jobs. Don’t be surprised when we leave.

      1. One of the reasons, among many others, I quit my job and left last year. I’m not giving my productivity to a system that hates me and removed me from the center of family and community.

        1. This is what I encourage completely. Use your limited time on this earth for you and your tribe. We are not a part of the system any longer. Our voices are growing in number.

        2. I would suggest like-minded men will have to come together and pool resources and raise children together but how such a compound archetype could avoid ending up like the Branch Davidians in Waco I do not know.

        3. European people banding together. That’s Racist and anti semitic pal. Time to try out those new freedom Tanks and attack helicopters we purchased for city police until this town is sufficiently diverse again ie less white people.

    1. East Asia is cucked, too. They aren’t inviting in hordes of foreigners but they are suffering the same demographic death spiral as the West, and for the same reasons.

      1. Many of us productive westerners will go there soon to escape the migrant shitpile…

      2. Here in the Caribbean every other girl is pregnant. Well, that’s hyperbole but they do reproduce here. Why? This small island has not been infested with the hemlock of feminism yet. In many ways, it reminds me how men and women used to act when I was growing up. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Things make sense to me here. Comparing and contrasting between here and present day dystopian America makes me violently angry at what has been done to us as a nation and a people.

  11. Actually I do wonder if initiatives like this could be short-circuited by encouraging people to visit disapproved sites, or say disapproved things precisely under the banner of defending freedom of speech i.e. to link the issues explicitly.
    Event : EU government introduces plan / legislation to clamp down on extremism
    Response: Free-speech minded websites / organisations encourage their readers to head over to somewhere completely beyond the pale (ROK if you’re a progressive free speech type), Anywhere non-violent (i.e. no jihadi websites). The point would be to explicitly counteract attempts at enforcing tolerance.

    1. France and the UK do nothing about jihadis and jihadi drug dealers who fund, brainwash and train lost youth to fight for bullshit causes.

  12. In a way, this is a sign that Nationalism is winning. Historically, tyrants have always started massive censorship campaigns when they start losing control on society. Censorship is the last-ditch effort to keep the people in line and delay the inevitable revolt. And also historically, censorship usually angers the people more and speeds up the Revolution.

    1. I’d like to agree but I don’t think you’re right on the last point. Censorship may indeed anger people but most civilizations, at most times, have been heavily censored. In pre-civilization villages and hunter-gatherer bands you needed to be particularly careful what you said.
      Freedom is new, and fragile.

      1. Protected by who? The EU? A bunch of buerocrats looking tomprotext tbeir own jobs? That would be funny if the results arent going to be so awful.

        1. The government cannot protect free speech. How is that done? What it can do is oppose censorship of all type. That is the action that it can take. The west is not a bunch of hunter-gatherers.

        2. You protect free speech when you have a gun to back it up. When you don’t have a gun you don’t have free speech.

        3. “The government cannot protect free speech. How is that done? What it can do is oppose censorship of all type. That is the action that it can take.”
          When a nation starts taking things like “free speech” seriously, extending it and other in-group privileges to out-groups (especially those who by their speech openly signal that they are your enemies), that’s when they lose their country. Speech in America was heavily censored and controlled until the 1960s, by the Right, until the Right lost the will to govern, and the Left began heavily censoring and controlling speech, and America “jumped the shark” and has been in decline ever since.
          Saul Alinksky, Rules for Radicals:
          4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules [“free speech,” etc.]. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    2. But in an era where the population is so reliant on this one form of media to spread ideas, censorship means that approved messages can thoroughly permeate society while less popular ideas go underground for good.

      1. Nope. Censorship will only drive dissident speech underground; not eliminate it. Forums, SMS, etc cannot be banned or regulated by the paranoid left.

        1. Youre absolutely kidding yourself if you think those options offer a viable alternative. We’re talking blacklisting sites that dont toe the line of pc uberdogma.
          Think we’re a minority outlet now?

        1. What are we gonna bring back silk road just to facilitate our pun competitions?
          I really think this type of action is a serious attempt at a finishing move. I envision us in an underground complex ala Matrix Revolution only we’re just trying to lift weights and stay away from the trannies…

        2. That is the problem with these people. We just want to be left alone but they can’t stand the thought of leaving us alone.

    3. Let us all recall that when they are losing they seize the populace’s weapons too-Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin; they all did it and were amongst the worst tyrants and despots.

      1. Exactly, firearm confiscation is to protect the state from the people, not the people from each other. That’s why I think every nationalist American should buy a firearm.

    4. I have a theory that there are two forms of censorship. Regular Censorship and something I call “sacred censorship.” Regular Censorship is censorship as we know it; tyrannical, enforced by those with power, and most people disagree with it. That form of censorship will always cause revolt. But “Sacred Censorship” is a form of censorship that the people agree with. And because the people agree with it, it doesn’t cause revolt. For example, in midevil France it was against the law to criticize the Catholic Church, but because 99.9% of the French were devout Catholics, they supported the censorship of those who criticized their sacred beliefs. So historically, many forms of censorship lasted because the entire (or at least 95% or more of the) population supported it. Censoring things like criticizing God, the Church, the Crown, ect. are examples of this, and once the majority of people started to disagree with it, it was either peacefully uncensored or it led to a revolt. “Hate Speech” isn’t something sacred that the entire population supports censoring. As the article said, around 70% of people are against censoring “Hate Speech,” so that’s why I think it will anger people even more and speed up the inevitable revolt. Btw, thanks for all the replies, they got me to think about some things that I hadn’t thought of.

      1. “around 70% of people are against censoring “Hate Speech,”
        Because 70% aren’t stupid.
        They know darn well what ‘hate speech’ really is.

        1. All good ideas start as a minority. So a 70% number is irrelevant. And, historically speaking, a lot of stupid ideas have gotten to the 70% level.
          Right now, talking a stance against the current immigration policies in Europe can get you in trouble.
          The US Bill or Rights was written to protect the minority against the majority.

    5. You are way too optimistic. The times have changed. Remember, we are not the antifragile ones, here.

    6. Indeed. Nationalist countries like Nazi Germany and Revolutionary France were great protectors of free speech.

      1. “Nationalist countries like Nazi Germany and Revolutionary France were great protectors of free speech.”
        Nazis were socialists and the Jacobins of Revolutionary France were almost the international Communists of the era.

        1. Find me a nationalist country that isn’t some form of socialism. Jacobins? The French pretty much created the concept of Nationalism.

  13. The EU must think that if they can deny social media and the internet in order to deny nationalist and traditionalist ideas a forum, they can win in the end. What they fail to take into account is that this plan could only MAYBE work if the EU is even still around 5-10 years from now.
    Given the problems that nations such as Greece and Spain have had, the influx of MORE welfare colonists and rapefugees than before, increased radicalism and acts of terror from those demographics, and the re-emergence of Russia… we could very well see the EU become like Venezuela is now, in a short period of time.
    When the EU is burning and everyone who lives there is attempting to survive food shortages and more terrorism, the last thing anyone will care about are censorship laws.

  14. Kemal, muslim somali ‘refugee’ in Berlin: “im gonna fuck this white bitches and kill infidels” = vibrant diversity encouraged by the state, gets a free house in a nice suburb.
    Pedro, mexican ‘migrant’ in Sweden: “me gonna open a restaurante as a front to sell cocaina, with a little room in the back para follar las putas blancas” = vibrant diversity encouraged by the state, gets credit with swedish banks to open his restaurant.
    Jean-Francois, white, french: “i want to live in a little town, mostly french, to raise my children, I dont like the migrants here in Paris” = hatespeech, 5 years in prison (gangraped by niggers and muslims in the first night), state seize all his assets, wife and child in the streets, they end being gangraped and killed my ‘refugees’.
    Wake up white man, censorship is the first step for this near future…..

  15. First they declare your words to be “hate speech” .
    Then they declare your existence to be hateful.
    This is like South Africa all over again :
    1) Claim there is something wrong in acknowledging differences between racial groups
    2) Make the promotion of white interest inherently bad
    3) Criminalize speech and white people’s freedom of association
    4) Spit on their history (” the rebel flag, exhumating confederate soldiers, taking Jackson off the 20 dollar bill )
    5) Start a physical genocide.
    We are at stage 4. At this point “check your privillege” will soon turn into “bleed your privillege” .
    For the elites, the muslims are just a weapon against the locals. So are the feminist, antifa and useful liberal fools.
    Their goal is a race war with Europeans getting wiped out.
    The internet and alternative communications destroyed their hopes for cooking the frog slowly so now they are going all out.
    Fortunately they will lose. But dark times lay ahead, beware.
    Stack up on guns and ammo. Learn first aid. Save some provisions for upcoming crises.
    This is no laughing matter. You have been warned.

    1. Your analysis is correct, however I dont share your optimism in a future victory of our side.

      1. I do believe Whites will win , even if outnumbered.
        Whites survived way worse. After the Roman Empire fell, Spain was conquered. Arabs were advancing quickly. And then out of nowhere a dude from the mountains reclaimed Spain from the Arabs.
        The only reason Constantinopole fell was because of other Christians attacking it, and Jews opening the gates.
        Their biggest obstacle to NWO is Russia and Eastern Europe. If Russia manages to create an alternate currency to US dollar, as it is planning, the US is done.
        The US is what is holding the NWO, and it is too weakened by now. Jews are not as vigilant, their propaganda is failing. Shitlords are coming to power everywhere, even in Southeast Asia.
        Their plan will fail, because if Whites have even 1 region they can regroup to, it is only a matter of time before they will smash Arab monkeys as easily as butter.
        People overestimate Arabs. During one mission in Eastern Africa, Whites were outnumbered 1 to 1000, they still won, because those East Africans are just that bad.
        The average IQ of arabs is 88. Don’t overestimate them.
        One whiff of Right Wind Death Squads and they will leave quicker than they came.
        It is the internal enemies we should be careful about, particularily the jews who are currently in panic and are unleashing their most powerful tools, they don’t even hide their power level anymore.
        The problem is they are fighting a virus, and they are resorting to the strongest antibiotic they have. If we survive they are done. Nothing will stop us.
        If we resist this last wave of onslaught, White Global Domination is making a comeback.

        1. The white people of the Reconquista and the Gates of Vienna are not the same whites of today. For some inescrutable reason most of the whites of today are just wrecked.
          Revilo Oliver asked “have the white people lost their will to live?”, or as I say “what the fuck is going on with the white people?”. Just look at Europe: I have known male germans/french/swedes/etc (100% pure, with not a single alien blood since, say, 1750) more interested in smoking weed, fucking thai women and bring little niggers from Somalia than in helping his own race and culture.
          And the average white european woman is even worse…..

        2. You forget the ability of White people to snap
          “It took a long time when the saxon began to hate”
          Also, Romans were just as decadent when their empire was collapsing as we are now. They had a transexual emperor by the end of their life. Orgies, animal sex, their own version of furries, pedophilia, gluttony, sexual degeneracy, violent entertainment, etc.
          It took 5% of awake Germans for Hitler to take over Weimar Germany, Night of Long Knives all that.
          95 % of people don’t matter, they just go with the flow. It’s the other 5 % that matter.
          As for the Swedes, remember this guy ? How many guys like him are out there ?

          50 Breiviks vs 1000 muslims and leftists. Who wins ?
          And you can’t imagine how many Breiviks there are there waiting their time.
          It is always darkest before dawn. Towers collapse just as quickly as their built.

          And last, don’t forget Russia and EE, the true hope of Europe.

        3. I seriously hope the collapse will come within this decade. I don’t want to fight being an old man you know.

        4. I’ve said this many times. EE is not the great white hope. They’re not having kids either, and they’re starting to buy into feminism.
          Anyway, there are many in this corner of the web who seem to think that if western Europe falls, Eastern Europe -Russia in particular- will carry the torch of western civilization. This is not the case. Just as you can’t take a bunch of Arabs and expect them to continue German civilization, you can’t take Eastern Europeans and expect them to continue western civilization. White populations are not interchangeable either. Only northwestern European men can create western civilization.

        5. Yes.
          This is nothing new really. Just the savage hand of history crushing a weak and apathetic people. I agree with Curwen on the obvious truth of: most whites are weak as fuck and they will likely die and their genes likely will never spread.
          On the other hand the savage few that DO survive, will be the hardest motherfuckers on this goddamned earth.
          The weak deserve their fate.

        6. Spot on. I’m still in my twenties. Should we accelerate the collapse?

        7. White libs have been aborting themselves steadily for decades. Hence their need to import 3rd worlders.
          But what about those whites that DIDN’T abort themselves?
          If some variants have genes predisposing them against both race mixing and non-reproductive hedonism then they will surely be a force for the globalists to reckon with.

        8. Who would want to reproduce with the liberals? Hmmm… better question… Who can still and who wants to reproduce with the liberals?

        9. You could dress up as sinterklaas and throw dobble zout drop at everyone. Weapon of mass disgustion

        10. I have witnessed the same nimerous times. It is sickening. I dont even want to associate with other whites any more. Almost everyone is a fag, either sexually or in character. I do hope it is darkest before the dawn.

        11. I follow Russian politics (I speak the language). A lot of things they say are very encouraging. Its like a breath of fresh air to me, especially after listening to all the Zionist Western puppets’drivel.

        12. Russia is a civilization of its own. It has never been “Europinized”, thank God. European way of life of today is degeneracy of the worst kind, why want that?

        13. The fact that there are other men out there who are losing sleep over this cultural takeover is the only thing that gives me any hope.
          Were it not for ROK, I think I would feel to be the last sane man alive.

        14. Im well familiar with this guy. He says whatever comes to his mind, and no one cares about “hurt feelings”. Ironically, Russia has more free speech than US.

        15. It is truly terrifying when you think how complete the takeover of Western culture has been. So gradual and so insidious no one even notices it. All without a shot being fired. The most obvious truths are now derided as lies.

        16. Every day it feels like I am brought to a near boil. Every fucking day it feels like my mind is at the end of its tether. One absurdity after another is unveiled.

        17. Yes, I have to think the hardships will selectively enrich us. When Soviet bioweapons experts were trying to make the most virulent weapons, they would expose the pathogens to antibiotics to help develop resistant strains. I have to feel the challenges facing us will have a similar empowering effect on those who manage to endure.

        18. Me too. I see how the West declines day after day. Not only the function itself, but also the first and second derivatives. I feel powerless and angry.

        19. Yes but the people seeking your eradication have been planning meticulously for this for quite some time and attained the positions and power to do so. They’re going to make sure they mop up all loose ends.
          This will be all new and shell shocking to the vast majority of white folk who would have an impossible hurdle to overcome to rectify their vulnerability and adjust the culture/mindset.

        20. Liberals don’t need to reproduce because they own universities.

        21. I don’t think I’m some kind of genius or some shit. In fact I’ve been a total dumb ass in the past.
          Yet even I knew from an early age that males were being
          “put out to pasture”. I mean it was fucking obvious.
          I don’t have ONE BIT of sympathy for the males that bought into this New World Faggot ideology.
          Whether through apathy, indifference or just plain stupidity they failed to see the now blatant writing on the wall.
          Like I’ve been saying and that bitch mother nature agrees with me.
          The strong survive.
          The weak perish.

        22. Unlike you, I think the situation is in many times worse today, so if victory is achieved, it’ll be a greater achievement than before. Why?
          1. Aged population structure (more old people than children and teens in most countries) hence much less people able to fight and much less productivity without automation. And we all know that thanks to automation (partly) most young men lack survival skills beyond fighting ie. how many can fix a car or machine or understand the programming required by the hardware/software combination to interact with the real world?
          2. Mass treason by our own women.
          3. Hostile aristocracy. Charlemagne, Charles Martel, el Cid, Sobiesky, Don Juan de Austria et al were the aristocrats and the ruling class of yore…compare them with the treasonous ruling class of today and you get the picture. Even the right wing movements of today are (so far) a pale reflection of the virtues these aristocrats represented ie. Can you compare Trump to Sobieski or Don Juan de Austria? or Le Pen or Pietry with Joan d’Arc?
          4. Lack of convictions and beliefs. The people at the gates of Vienna or the ones who blocked the Turks at Malta had something trascendent to look for, beyond this life. You can criticize Christianism all you like but classical Christianism gave European peoples a sense of community that outlasted the sense of Roman citizenry for a long time and gave the men of Europe an edge vis a vis the Islamic world and the Far East with the introduction of a rational deity and a Weltanschauung which made the development of science possible. Either Christianism is purged of the infiltration or European men find something else, beyond the tribal gods of yore that only worked to justify mass killing and stagnation.
          I think it’s possible to win but dark times lie ahead as you just mentioned.

          The only reason Constantinopole fell was because of other Christians attacking it, and Jews opening the gates.

          Constantinople was decaying long before the Crusades and other Christians attacked it because Constantinople betrayed them and tried to use them as human shields (let alone the routine massacres of Catholics perpetrated by Byzantium) while it tried to rebuild their interior lines and regroup.

        23. “The white people of the Reconquista and the Gates of Vienna are not the same whites of today. For some inescrutable reason most of the whites of today are just wrecked”
          Wrecked and uber-cucked.
          And yes white european females literally are traitors.

        24. Not all is lost.
          People just need some cold showers.
          A few more bombings / shootings are bound to wake people up.

        25. I think the biggest problem with this plan is that most western men are absolute pussies now days. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

        26. I’m having more regular conversations with complete strangers that i swear are ROK readers and we both quietly discuss things but neither of us asks the other, “Do you read ROK or any other red pill material?” I had one at the airport two days ago with a guy in his early 20’s whom looked like an absolute pussy. But he’s got the right idea’s in his mind.

        27. Sorry but whites can’t win. As of today, whites are not breeding as they should, or not at all, while almost all other races are breeding in excess of their future needs.
          It’s a game of numbers, and whites are not even making a feeble representation there.

    2. I have come to the same conclusions. I have even read the Communists behind these moves are considering making it illegal and “racist” for white people to marry other whites. Making white people hate themselves was a marvel of social engineering. I say this as someone who wishes all groups could get along and stop trying to dominate each other, but I just don’t think it is realistic. Individually, some of the best friends I have ever had are from other backgrounds. However collectively, people will always look out for their own tribe. The mobs you are seeing at Trump rallies attacking white people are the equivalent of the Khmer Rouge, only instead of killing professionals as in Cambodia they are going to be killing white people in the American socialist revolution. Just look at how the media demonizes whites day in and day out.
      “People seem good while they are oppressed, but they wish to become oppressors in their turn: life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.” A truer summary of where liberalism will lead us I have never read, written by Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russell.

      1. You are correct. The German antifa is telling it’s followers to racemix at all cost and force others as well.
        The French president Nicolas Sarkozy said literally : “if the objective of race-mixing is not achieved peacefully we will have to resort to other methods”. It does not get more in your face than that.

        1. Holy shit!
          He really said that?
          They really font hide it anymore.
          And most people still cant see it

        2. Here is the video :

          “Si l’objective de metissage … Si le voluntarisme ne … Ce n’est pas un choix … ”
          Here is the English translation :

        3. “The French president Nicolas Sarkozy said literally : “if the objective of race-mixing is not achieved peacefully we will have to resort to other methods”.”
          Jesus fucking christ – where did the french president say that? Can you cite an article? I don’t dis-believe you, I simply want to read more about his remark.

        4. Unfortunately I don’t speak French. At what point in the video is it he makes the statement that translates into what you wrote above?

    3. “Stack up on guns and ammo. Learn first aid. Save some provisions for upcoming crises”
      What is your advise for americans living in europe? I refuse to go back to the land of blue haired fatties. Yes dark times are coming for europe but at least in some parts there are beautiful feminine chicks are to be found. I just do not want to be in the crisis looking at sacks of shit.

      1. One trick I learned from hooligans is to study local laws and use whatever means of protection are availabe.
        Oftentimes airsoft guns are legal. Sometimes regular guns are. Sometimes none.
        If that is the case one should look into cold weapons.
        Knuckledusters and knives are default. Smaller bats possibly. Peppersprays and tazers are a good thing to look into, some foldable batons possibly.
        If even that is illegal, look for loopholes. Keychains, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other things might be legal. Hell even locks in a sock or anything similar can be devastating. Maybe even bottles.
        I was impressed by Russian hooligans who always found loopholes. When blades over 15 cm were classed as weapons many switched to karambits, which despite their small size are extremely dangerous.
        The most problematic area is Britain, where they do not only have gun control, they even have knives control to the point that even kitchen knives and forks are illegal to buy if you are under 18 and is illegal to wear in public.
        I can’t think of much to do in those cases except as I said maybe bottles or screwdrivers or wearing a ring on every finger and passing that as a fashion choice. Maybe some umbrellas or canes designed for self defence but that may be illegal as well in Britain.
        Being in shape and knowing how to fight is best though. Personally I have been training to defend myself with scissors.
        Be as fit as you can, be as armed as you can, be as trained as you can, move to less dangerous areas and if possible join a militia of sorts (legal of course). Something that attracts right wing types and veterans. Things like the EDL in Britain or some other legal organization for right winged types.
        That’s all I can think of as now. Also a good idea to have a lawyer on the call who is an expert is civil cases (pertaining to battery and self defence) in case shit goes down and you need legal protection.

        1. Yes. Basically study local laws. Get as armed as you legally can.
          Personally having witnessed the power of a tazer, that might the first thing I’d look for, if it’s legal were you are.

        2. Gotcha. I would say fuck the laws because if we go to war, police services and courtrooms will be closed, if not gutted and set ablaze.

        1. More like eating my bank savings.
          ” If I had a nickel for every kike in Hollywood pandering his politically correct shit, I’d have no money because the jews steal all of it ”
          – Moonman

        2. How much money have you lost in your bank account from us Jews?
          “Every Kike” Why Every Jew? Why not Everyone in Hollywood? Why not Everyone Period?
          “The Jews would Steal it all”. Right.
          Because No Whites will try to steal your money.
          Because No Blacks will try to steal your money.
          Because No Asians will try to steal your money
          Because No Hispanics will try to steal your money.
          Nah Man, you’re complaining about it because we are better at it. Why do you think we invented capitalism and communism? So we can either out earn you, or when we can’t make you give away your money!
          “Git Gud Scrubs”
          *Satire for the ones who won’t understand

        3. ” Nah Man, you’re complaining about it because we are better at it. Why do
          you think we invented capitalism and communism? So we can either out
          earn you, or when we can’t make you give away your money! ”
          Good point. That’s why there was only one alternative in the 20th Century to both Communism and Capitalism.

        4. You don’t understand Fascism do you.
          The above article is talking about people pushing for FASCISM

        5. Capitalism is Economic.
          Fascism isn’t economic.
          Thanks for playing.

        6. In Israel.
          Also on the Internet, that is thanks to the jews at the SPLC and ADL who will make sure no fascist party gains ground in Europe. (except for Golden Dawn in Greece).
          Fascism is the only system that is not being given a chance. Even communism had it’s chance, lots of it.
          The short experience with fascism in 20-40’s last century showed very good results and is still showing great possibilities today.

        7. I absolutely do.
          Fascism – A system that takes in account the natural order when running a society. The system in search of an “organic society”.

        8. Que? Iran is a shia nation who fought shia iraq in the not so distant past. Beat it. ROK is above religious nonsense and ism’s. I have a giant ock you can gag on

        9. Mussolini doesn’t look like the guy on your picture
          Adam Smith was the thinnest of the three
          Karl Marx was the Fattest.

        10. Fair Enough.
          You understand that Fascism is exactly what the left wants right?

        11. No, the left wing is a subversion of the natural order.
          Right wing : Natural order (God – > King – > Lord -> Man – > Woman – > Child – > Animal – > Plants). Hierarchy
          Left Wing : Everyone is equal

        12. Every thing is the state >The
          Government is supreme and the country is all-encompasing, and all
          within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator- Seems like the left right now.
          Nothing outside the state >The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to the rule the world, and have every human sumbit to the government- Seems Like the Left to Me
          Nothing against the state >Any type of questioning the Government is not tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you’re wrong. If you don’t agree with the government, you cannot allow to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens- LEFT
          This is based off Mussolini’s 3 principles of Fascism. And that’s what the left seems to be pushing for.

        13. I read up on Fascist Economy and it is anti- self improvement. Ironic

        14. Bullcrap.
          Fascist economics are autarchic.
          They focus on reducing the dependence on foreign influence so the nation does not have to sacrifice it’s values for the ones of foreigners.
          That’s why Hitler kicked out the jewish bankers and set his own currency. And that’s why Trump wants to bring manufacturing back to America.
          Reducing dependency on foreign labor, keeping capital inside nations = fascism.

        15. Yes. Communist parties are still allowed to run and gain representation in former Eastern Bloc nations. Only fascist parties are outright banned.

        16. I don’t think anyone here has an issue with Capitalism as embodied by small businesses, e.g., bakeries, breweries, etc. What we think is wrong is Corporatism where companies grow large and powerful enough to set the agendas of nations.
          It’s better the Nation dictate to corporations rather than the other way around.

        17. Exactly my thougths.
          Zuckerberg vs Trump.
          2 Billionaires. Guess which I support and which I don’t.

    1. Official Jewry have always been happy to sell out their people in return for being allowed to be the last sent to Poland.
      Meanwhile, the people the Official Jews claim to represent are voting against hate speech laws with their feet. In Israel it is still permitted to discuss the Islamic menace in polite society.
      The hate speech laws are in nobody’s interest, except for those who want the worship of the god of Israel stamped out. The Jews will have no future in an Islamic Europe even as slaves.

  16. “Hate” speech is literally the most important speech out there, particularly that which exists online and outside of the purview of big media/big mouthpieces and it must be protected at all costs. There is virtually nothing more important than protecting the kind of speech that has the capacity to offend or go against the current grain.

  17. Troubling and yet encouraging in some ways.
    If facebook wants to turn into the next Twitter, in being a “not for profit” SJW slop bucket then so be it, carry on!
    Kuckerburgs arrogance is way out of control as of late it’s time he was fed a good dose of reality.
    Dito for the EU the more idiots like Merkel and Cameron push their nonsensical agenda against popular will by trying to control free speech the more they lead this racket to it’s demise.
    I really do feel we will see the collapse of the EU in our lifetimes and hopefully it’s autocratic ways with it.

  18. The whole concept of hate speech is bullshit to begin with, it’s just a control mechanism that’s easy to abuse, and it allows minority groups to get away with murder.

  19. Let’s remember why free speech is important: it allows open discussion of diverse ideas, thereby promoting the best contentions and peacefully dismissing the worst. The only reason to restrict freedom of speech (apart from death threats etc.) is to protect one’s own ideas from devastating scrutiny.

  20. Combat anti-semitic hate speech? Jews should be so lucky.
    Mark Zuckerberg has never been worth a wet fart to the Jewish nation. Shutting down Facebook pages calling for the destruction of the Jewish state and the extermination of its people isn’t anywhere near the top of his priority list. Far bigger concern for him is reporting Jewish Defense Leaguers and patriots of all Christian nations to law enforcement for exposing Islam.
    One of the main goals of the hate speech laws is to drive all faiths but Islam—every inch the slave morality Nietzsche accused Christianity of being and worse—from European public life.
    At least the Jews have somewhere to go where they can trust the government to take their side against Jew-killers. Nothing but a successful Russian conquest of Europe will deliver Christian Europeans from enslavement or worse.

    1. I refuse to move to Israel, No way I’m moving there. It won’t ever be safe to live until Islam is destroyed.

  21. Who cares about facebook. Social media is the cancer of the internet anyway. It’s a hypergamous tool.

      1. Disqus banned the Daily Stormer.
        And so far as I am aware it is the only website banned by them.
        Which should tell you how much they fear opposing narratives.

        1. That’s funny, I once accidentally landed on a ‘disqus discussions’ article about abortion, down’s syndrome or something so I left one comment telling young white women to quit bitching and get their asses up and pumping out white progeny AT ONCE!! Can you believe it within a munite like fifteen replies saying BAN HAMMER and the like. Banned for my first comment. Shit I once commented on Breitbart a long preachy comment against circumcision (dickchopping). Banned on Breitbart for my first comment too. It kind of made me appreciate sites like this.

        2. Yes, I make extreme statements sometimes but am not banned, instead my position is debated critically. I like that.
          Sensitive pussies don’t know what their missing.
          It’s like Reddit vs 4Chan.

        3. Lol Collin Liddell still pissed of.
          Just like Greg Johnson.
          Anglin is a genius. He did alone in 3 years what others have not managed in 20.
          Johnson and Liddell need to stop being butthurt.

  22. The authoritarians want to destroy sovereignty, dignity and the most basic of human rights. The new Gestapo wears a lot of pink, doesn’t like to be triggered and thinks western rape culture is a real thing. We are going to win this war lads.

  23. FB and Twatter are easy to do without. Google, not so much, but I guess I’ll make the effort.

    1. Google is great for random stuff. There are a few open and friendly search engines that aren’t cucked

    2. Bing is fine. If you “must” use Google (whut?!?) then use the go-between called Startpage. It deprives Google of tracking data specific to you, which helps defund them in a round about manner.

    Fucking Idiots. It’s not the Jews who actually follow the G-D Damn Religion. It’s the Secular Atheists who are Jews In Name Only. You can tell who are JINO… Ask them about Gays and Transgenders. If they say theres nothing wrong with it… You have your Answer.
    It’s the JINO who are tearing people apart. They want the destruction of The United States. It’s US first. Israel next. We’re Screwed.

    1. The scream of a jew, whose kin has been exposed.
      So you are saying the orthodox hasidic Jews are any better than the secular ones ?
      Orthdox Jews were the main sect of Judaism up to the 19th century. Your TruJews™ were deported from 103 nations.
      Care to explain why ? Could it be usury ? Could it be the fact Jews are highly nepotistic and help each other at the expense of others ? Could it be that Jews use any opportunity to dodge taxes and cover up for each other’s crimes ? Could it be that Jews have overplayed their victim cards ? Could it be barbaric practices such as sucking the penis at circumcision ? Could it be the acceptance of pedophilia in Jewish religious texts ? Could it be the hatred of Christians and Jesus who to Jews is the son of a whore and is boiling in excrement ? Could it be that Jews hate Christians so much they did not use crosses around their names, instead used circles, kikel in yiddish, from which the word “kike” comes ? Could it be Jewish Supremacism, which unlike White Supremacy™ is a real thing, indicated by the fact that “goyim”, the word meant to refer to non-Jews means cattle and the word for non-Jewish women is Shiksa which means basically a “whore” ? Could it be that traditional Jewish teaching allow any trickery against non-jews and even murder and rape and so on ? Could it be that Rabbis in Israel Jews preach that Jews are a master race and all other groups only exist to serve Jews ? Could that be the explanation of anti-semitism ?

      1. “The scream of a jew, whose kin has been exposed.” Lol.
        “Orthdox Jews were the main sect of Judaism up to the 19th century. Your TruJews™ were deported from 103 nations” Same reason people deported anyone. You Don’t follow my religion get out.
        “Could it be the fact Jews are highly nepotistic and help each other at the expense of others ?” Any Sources, Examples or anything. You’re making huge claims at least put some sources. “Help each other at the expense of others” Like White People and Slavery? Are you going to ignore any of the similar actions by white people in your posts?
        “Could it be that Jews use any opportunity to dodge taxes and cover up for each other’s crimes ?” Sources. There are plenty of white and black and asian Tax dodgers. ” Each others crimes” Specifics please.
        “Could it be that Jews have overplayed their victim cards ? Could it be barbaric practices such as sucking the penis at circumcision ?” Yea, JINO ( If you bothered to read my OP ) do that. What’s your point.
        Barbaric practice. You understand that everything in the Torah is based around 900 BC. We were pretty advanced back then to even circumsize children. (Which was way more useful then than now).
        “Could it be the acceptance of pedophilia in Jewish religious texts ?”
        “You understand Mary was young when she got ” Pregnant ” right? Like 15? And What are you specifically talking about.”
        “Could it be the hatred of Christians and Jesus who to Jews is the son of a whore and is boiling in excrement ?” We don’t hate Christians. Unless you want to talk about the minority of people. (Which will ruin some of your points if you do*). Hatred of Christians = Bad but your hatred of Jews= Good. Where are you going with that + Specifics please. WE Don’t believe Jesus existed. ” to jews son of a whore ” Specifics, who says that?
        “Could it be that Jews hate Christians so much they did not use crosses around their names, instead used circles, kikel in yiddish, from which the word “kike” comes ?” What are you specifically talking about. Crosses around their name? Circles ? I don’t speak Yiddish. That’s German Jews Language
        Could it be Jewish Supremacism, which unlike White Supremacy™ is a real thing, indicated by the fact that “goyim”, the word meant to refer to non-Jews means cattle and the word for non-Jewish women is Shiksa which means basically a “whore” ? KKK doesn’t exist? Nazi’s don’t exist? “Goyim” Specifically where do you get the idea of cattle? Shiksa? I’ll look deeper into that, sorry.
        “Could it be that traditional Jewish teaching allow any trickery against non-jews and even murder and rape and so on ?” Specifically where to be exact? Trickery, Yea, Got me there. But don’t act like Christians Didn’t use trickery to keep everyone in line. Murder? Rape? Rape where if you do rape one, you have to marry the one you raped and take care of her all your life. People on this site would see that as a punishment.
        “Could it be that Rabbis in Israel Jews preach that Jews are a master race and all other groups only exist to serve Jews ?” Sigh* Specifics specifics specifics.
        “Could that be the explanation of anti-semitism ?” Where do I say that in my post? I didn’t even say anything about Jew hatred. I’m say JINO are trying to tear everyone apart.
        For that picture- Are you seriously going to say that represents Jews. Hitler Represents White Men. Stalin Represents White men.*
        There are Bad Jews and Bad things in Judaism
        Just as Christians and Christianity. Doesn’t mean I hate Christians. I don’t hate you, but I’m only to assume you hate me. But if you’re going to hate me remember one thing. “Love Thy Neighbor”
        Goyim means Nations. It refers to Non-Jews If you’re going to say ” Goyim ” is used an insult then ” Jew ” is an insult. Can’t believe how many people think of Jew as an insult.
        Your arguments are using generalizations with no specifics. And you only point out bad things in Judaism, Why? I could point out bad things in Christianity, but who knows which christianity sector is correct. Or Un-edited. You edited The Bible, we haven’t edited the Torah.
        And you did exactly what I thought you would do. Ignore the similar things whites do but use that against Jews

      2. I’ve given a lot of though to the Jewish question. I don’t see the majority of Jews benefiting from the current situation. For every 1 mega powerful Jew like Zuckerberg there are 1,000 mild-mannered modestly successful Jews working as a doctor, orthodontist, engineer etc. Aren’t Jewish males the definition of beta male? Study hard, work hard, married to a selfish unpleasant wife. Spoiled Jewish American Princesses for daughters. Are Jewish males not having a pretty rotten time in the current dating market?

      3. I deal with many Jews in my profession. I used to think they promoted one set of beliefs and behaviors for the Gentile while promoting a totally different set for themselves. For instance, I used to think they promoted modern degenerate art as a way to demoralize us while enjoying Classical art in their private collections. However, after being in their homes and seeing that they have not beautiful Hellenic art on display but the same twisted ugly modern degenerate art as in the museum, I have to revise my opinion. I think many Jews actually believe in what they advocate. For many, I don’t think it is deception or subterfuge. I think they genuinely believe it.
        Which leads me to a paradox: how do reconcile these seeming suicidal death cult tendencies with the enduring longevity of Jewry? The Jews have outlasted every other civilization: Babylon, Ancient Egypt, the Russian Empire, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, etc.

        1. Similarly, many accuse the Jews of promoting negrophilia (adoration of jazz music, hip hop, rap). But if you deal with secular Jews, you will find they are much more likely to listen to Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong than traditional Yiddish folk music. You will be hard-pressed to find a more staunch negrophile than a secular Jew. Again, I used to think the Jews promoted worship of black culture as a cultural weapon that they did not use on their own. But I do not see this in practice.

        2. Damn god if I know.
          The Jews in the US are mixing with gentiles. There is less of them every year.
          I don’t get it either.

        3. Not really. They associate with negroes because they are of the same status of minority outsiders which Jews identify with. Jews side with outsiders against the majority population. That is their evolutionary strategy. That’s why they support immigrants, minorities, sexual deviants. All cultural outsiders like themselves.
          Peas in a pod. Birds of a feather.
          Jews and negroes scheming together.

      4. and sure after all this you post a FAKE quote of Begin. i thought lies and deception was a Jewish thing… what happened?

        1. The quote may not be his but I personally saw a rabbi say that.
          Learn from Trump. Not everything that is not 100% precise is a lie.

        2. you “personally” saw a rabbi (where, in a synagogue? or while he was sucking infants’ dicks?), then decided to attribute his words to Begin, then posted it as authentic Begin’s words – and you got the inspiration for all this from Trump. makes sense.

      5. Could it be that some unsightly, sticky foam collected in the corners of your mouth while rattling out this tedious tirade? Could it be that some Hebrew spited you in the past…and now you hate all of them? Could it be that by quoting idiots of certain provenience, you actually feel smarter and right? ;))
        By the way, “goy” means “people”…and “whore” is translated as “honte”… 😉
        But, please…proceed…))

    2. I’ve given a lot of though to the Jewish question. I don’t see the
      majority of Jews benefiting from the current situation. For every 1 mega
      powerful Jew like Zuckerberg there are 1,000 mild-mannered modestly
      successful Jews working as a doctor, orthodontist, engineer etc. Aren’t
      Jewish males the definition of beta male? Study hard, work hard, married
      to a selfish unpleasant wife. Spoiled Jewish American Princesses for
      daughters. Are Jewish males not having a pretty rotten time in the
      current dating market?

    3. Oh, how cute. 🙂
      Putting on some plastic fangs and saying “GROOOWLLL!!” shall make wolves overlook Your tied-down bunny-ears and let You run with them? ;))) An amusing concept.
      Please…DO proceed… 🙂

  25. Guys, I’ve lived in Thailand for over a decade and, whilst here, I witnessed the country collapse from a vibrant democracy that was an inspiration for all SE Asia into a fully-fledged authoritarian dictatorship.
    I can tell you, what I’m seeing in the West now is déjà vu.

    1. Dictatorship seems to be in the DNA of that country with the king able to step into politics at will, not that he always does..
      corruption like anywhere is equally the problem..

  26. I dumped Facebook and other social media about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. It’s a huge drain on productivity and there are absolutely no business benefits to be had from these mediums.
    I also won’t be voluntarily involved in the funding of this political correct bullshit, neither will any business that i’m associated with.

    1. It’s also not very masculine. I only maintain my account so I can run my free business page.

  27. Jesus, if you are a masculine man, you wouldn’t be on facebook and twitter all day anyway… both places have a teenage girl mindset!

    1. Yep. Try telling that to the virtue signalling fags like Cuckold of Akkad.
      Look we are for everyone’s speech, even our enemies. In fact let’s bail the woman accused of hate crimes against white men, which could set a groundbreaking precedent, just to prove how good we are.
      Wait, a Grandma in Germany is getting jailed for Holocaust denial ? Lol, what did she expect, right wing SJW lol. I mean I’m not against her speaking but I won’t donate a single cent to help her defend herself in court. That won’t make me look good in the eyes of progressives who hate me anyway.

      1. is it allowed to say: i don’t think it happend the way mainstream media tells us. i rather not believe mainstream media. so i dont know what happend exactly as i wasnt even born.

        1. No, according to German laws that will land you in jail.
          Theoretically the law punishes calls to violence but people will still be imprisoned even for questioning. Even one second of doubt about anything = prison.
          That is how Jews operate.

        2. I’ve come close to being assaulted form simply bringing up some questionable aspects of official story about the holocaust. In Europe it’s an article of faith virtually, so it cannot be discussed critically or examined at all, it must be believed universally.
          I’m fairly certain a lot of people died but I’m not so sure about the how. To be honest there are holes in the official story that some people have painstaking researched and pointed out, only to be demonized or ignored.
          I’m talking about chemical analysis of walls, soil etc at some locations, and simple math also.
          I also read that tens of thousands died as a result of lack of food, which was a direct result of the firebombing of Dresden. The warehouses burned down, and there was a camp nearby. This is almost never mentioned.

        3. Also the burning of thousands of Bodys with gasoline is a joke. burning a body takes so much work, no way they can burn a million people without having a mount everest of wood and coal.
          Also the number “6 million Jews” was in the newspapers years before the world war 2 happend.
          Many people died, for reasons we don’t know and the winners get to write history – world war 2 in a nutshell

  28. I noticed that with disqus they ban you if you criticize Islam.
    I was banned on CNN and Disqus ethics channel yesterday.
    Here is what I asked.
    How will banning Muslims make them join Islamic State when Farook and his wife
    did it before Trump made his comment.
    How will teaching Islam in school make people like Islam.

      1. Clearly you’re just as dumb, considering you never actually contribute to the conversation.

  29. If I was Zuckerberg I would encourage hate speech….nothing gets more replies and keeps people talking more than hate speech and controversy. More people active on Facebook equals more ad revenue.

    1. That’s not the point, cuckerberg isn’t about the money, he is about the ideology his elite masters spout. These people want to rule the world then let it burn.

      1. regardless of content, Yakov Smirnoff jokes always get an upvote from me.

    1. I might try to organize some black channels for ROK.
      But only if people are interested.

  30. Hey! Up until today when I would use Google to get to ROK I would type in “Retu” and “Return of Kings” would show up as the fourth choice down. For years! Today it did not even show up until I typed in “Return of K”. What’s up with that? Is Big Brother at work here, or what?

  31. I can already see the near term consequences. Posts questioning current immigration policies will be defined as hate speech. Posts speaking out in favor of Brexit will be defined as hate speech. And, they will use this to censor posts from American users. Since the internet is world-wide, it will give the EU the ability to censor American users.

    1. Politicians too will become even more spineless. Any chance of a politician taking up the fight or even flirting with nationalist ideas is career suicide and almost impossible to play out in a hostile system.

  32. But can these dipshits can override the First Amendment? It’s not like some European burocucks can censor us in America (and I’m including Canada because we also have the right to free speech enshrined in our Constitution), right? So how will that even work? Let’s say I was a really racist South African. Can I go on an American based Youtube channel and spew hate speech without consequences and then go on a UK based channel, do the same thing, and they are going to come to my country to arrest me? What the fuck?
    I’ve always thought WW3 was going to be started by the North Korean but maybe I should place my bets on the EU instead…

    1. You don’t get it. No one will arrest you at first. They will either make your posts invisible to the world, or make it hard for you to post online (imagine if your IP address is repeatedly banned; you could get around that, but it could be infuriating). If all those fail, they might track you down through your internet service provider, and let the local police arrest you. It is as easy as a pie to locate you through your ISP. Anywhere on the Globe.

  33. The internet is our biggest, most powerful resource.
    Every single restriction, no matter how small, placed on the internet weakens us exponentially.
    Red Pill, MGTOW, Neomasculinity, PUA, MRA, nationalist, libertarian, conservative, religious, atheist, pro-Trump/anti-Trump, pro-EU/anti-EU, pro-America/anti-America… whatever differences may exist in the manosphere are absolutely irrelevant on this one single issue.
    The internet is the hill on which we all live or die.

  34. “ statistics currently show the majority of the public understands this concept, as 70% say “hate speech” should be protected.”
    Right. It always starts that way, just as it did for same sex marriage. Five years ago it was probably 90% that said “hate speech” should be protected. Ten years from now the Thought Police will be monitoring your Tweets and e-mails.
    There is today no idea too looney for Americans to embrace under the rubric of “enlightenment”. Remember the Left’s path of progress: “ridicule, discussion, adoption”.

  35. You boys gonna cry and talk about it or gonna do something about? Yep, you’all don’t have the balls. Feminism wins and you lose. Drinking male tears.

    1. Feminism is a tool of the Жидовы designed to break down male-female relations. Soon, it will be perfectly leagal for a feminazi like you to rape a 13-year-old boy, but if I were to try and seduce a 18-year-old woman, I’d end up in jail.

      1. “Жидовы “…especially the bearded variety…have actually quite nice male-female relations…)))
        And cockblocking is neither racially-, or conspiracy-motivated.
        Envious idiots suffice. : D

    1. i hear you brother!
      after WW2 West Germany became one of the most successful and richest countries in the world – with one of the highest standards of living, after the fall of Communism, it was joined by East Germany. virtually millions of people in the world dream of becoming German citizens.
      do you need a safe space to cry about some old hag that just can’t keep her mouth shut?

  36. It is about MONOPOLY on hate speech, really.
    One wants dumb mobs rallied for his own causes, not somebody else’s, obviously..

  37. I could see a Diderot type of work around to this. In his encyclopedie, he hid criticism of the king under entries on oranges and shoes. He knew the censors were stupid and lazy. They focused on the obvious entries for the King and so it go published. They figured out to shut the barn door but the horses had bolted.
    Websites could mockingly have a govternment approved pov section , mockingly labeled as thus, then also have to good content as well.
    If they remove all th good content, then we can go back to pamphleting. Pamphlets helped spark the English Civil War. As recently as the 90s zines were huge.
    This message has wings thanks to decade or more of work by our esteemed host among other.

  38. Cleaning the tools…filling the ammo boxes…getting ready. It’s almost time.
    Ya know, it’s like they want to force us to begin. Okay by me. Revolutions gotta revolve.

  39. Oi, don’t worry goy. Of course, (((we))) get to be the ones that decide what speech is free and which is hate. :^)

  40. This is the strangest thing. The world is eating itself because of the opinions of those who didn’t receive enough attention as a child. Rather than trying to go to mars, make another trip to the moon, this is what is focused on. I’m waiting for someone to jump out and scream Just Kidding! Like it’s a giant joke everyone was in on except me. Why don’t we cure cancer? Why don’t we end world hunger? No, let’s stop mean comments online.

  41. Are they going to censor hate speech on short men? Of course not they only censor speech for what fuels their industries of money like homos and women

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