Why You Shouldn’t Seek Emotional Fulfillment Through Women

What is the purpose of women in men’s lives? This is a question which has been contemplated throughout history—possibly even by the first man. Men’s opinions on this question vary from person to person.

Essentially, men are biologically driven to seek sexual congress with women, to spread their genes. While the act of sexual congress with women essentially provides physical pleasure (or fulfillment), the emotional aspects of sex too hold some value.

Sex and “relationships” with women can provide emotional happiness for some, albeit the reality is that the nature of that happiness remains fleeting and impermanent. The thrill of banging a hottie, or the novelty of a new sexual conquest do provide an emotional “high”—even if those highs may last just a few moments. And after that feeling has faded away, the whole process starts all over again.

Discontentment indeed is the lifeblood of the evolving man

“Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.” – Thomas A. Edison

Is there such a thing as a perfect woman? No. Not even if she was the most feminine, beautiful, caring and chaste woman who magically had the skills of the most skilled broad in bed. Even the best qualities of a woman become predictable, over a period of time, in the most successful of marriages, LTRs, or mini-relationships. Predictability sets in, and this eventually leads to boredom and discontent. This is especially true in “relationships” with modern women.


Men adapt individually to this in varied ways: some seek sexual novelty, some adjust themselves to settle in a “successful” relationship by rationalizing to themselves that the present woman in their life is a better proposition than the previous women they’ve experienced, and so on. In fact, most of the so-called “successful” relationships are based on this “calibration of mutual interests and expectations.”

In fem-centric western societies, men commonly lower their standards to satiate sexual thirst and seek female companionship by adjusting to (commonly substandard) modern women. The so-called successful relationships they get into are usually those of staged togetherness—where either or both the partners are pretending to be happy while either secretly harboring unhappiness, resentment, or in the worst cases cuckoldry and adultery.

When it comes to “adjusting” in relationships today, a modern man often effectively rationalizes to himself either or some of the following reasons:

1. He couldn’t find someone else better: Either through a real lack of options in societies where women are substandard, or through the bitter truth that all women are the same

“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.”

– Goethe

2. He’d die alone , so he must find someone to take care of him in old age, which means it’s wiser to lower his expectations to have a companion

“Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old.” – John Ciardi

3. He must pass on his genes to continue his ‘legacy’

4. He’d lose out on sexual access (moreso if he has no game knowledge or his sexual frustration blinds him to other options)

5. He’s jaded of sex with different women, so he wants to “settle down”

“It is not from reason and prudence that people marry, but from inclination.” – Samuel Johnson

6. He’s finally found a unicorn (without realizing that a Madonna and a whore can be the same woman)

“Love is the illusion that one woman is different from the other”  – H.L. Mecken

7. He’s found someone who’s socially or financially better than him: essentially he’s “marrying up’ “even it entails being treated like a dog or a bought slave by his partner.

8. He must be fair to his woman (and not subject her to his will and authority)

“Marriage is one of the few institutions that allow a man to do as his wife pleases.” – Milton Berle

“A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.” – Christopher Morley

Or more. Either way, depending on the circumstances, some of these reasons might hold credibility and be valid ones to maintain a relationship in the eyes of society. But do they hold credibility for a man’s long-term emotional fulfillment?

Happiness is a time-influenced (dependent) fleeting pleasure

Time—the most important thing in life—controls the happiness in our lives, whether accepted or not. Everything in life depends on the Time factor. Our lives are finite. We are of course the masters of our choices in our lives, but we cannot deny the regulating influence of Time on our lives and fate itself. Man’s control over his choices in his life are limited, even if they might be great.

Time is also the greatest rationalizer in our lives, more than people’s own hamsters. People rationalize their personal experiences and responses depending on the circumstances Time thrusts over phases in their lives. This, however, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take charge to acquire control in our lives. The wise man understands this and masters himself to adapt to Time.

Happiness can be described as the feeling of contentment we derive from successfully achieving or doing the things we want—at the right time, that is. But the right thing done or gotten at the wrong time often becomes the wrong thing. The foodie will find no happiness with food at a time when he desperately wants to crap. The lover of women will find no happiness with women at a time when he is besieged with other problems. The worshipper of wealth will find no happiness in wealth at a time when he cannot spend that very wealth to obtain what he wants.

Thus, time is the (often cruel) master of our happiness, working secretly in the background. It can delay our personal successes, while prolonging periods of personal failure beyond our control and in spite of our best efforts. How we invest our time dictates the outcome of our happiness in our lives. Happiness is itself rarely instantaneously obtained at will.

Time also defines our relationships with women. ROIs with women often also depend on how quickly they’d put out. Our tastes in women undergo transformations throughout the phases of our lives, as do our relationships and interactions with them, as we age. The reality about women and relationships is that they all have a shelf life when it comes to providing long-term sustained emotional fulfillment in life for a man. There might be exceptions to this rule, but they are highly infrequent.


For some men, this shelf life of emotional fulfillment through women can be a few weeks, a few months, a few years, or a few decades—depending on his level of adjustment (or toleration), and the kind of woman he’s dealing with. If he’s a person who has low attention span, he’d feel frustrated as quickly as possible within the emotional drudgery of a relationship with a woman who has lost her novel physical appeal to him.

The solution is emotional detachment


Emotional detachment is one of the hallmarks of an alpha. Alpha itself is a mindset. If there is one thing I really admire about a fellow man, it is never his woman, his wealth, or anything else. It is his sense of emotional detachment to all these pleasures. Game is a great way to achieve this state of channelizing of the search of emotional fulfillment in life to other factors apart from women, while retaining physical fulfillment through sex with women. What could be these other factors which provide emotional fulfillment?

It could be a hobby, a life mission, a red pill tribe, spirituality, or a development of a skill or talent within you that provides inner fulfillment instead. I’d rather suggest looking internally than externally, for I believe every man on this planet has a talent or is gifted in some way or the other, but most of the time men themselves discover or develop their hidden talents. Instead, they seek external emotional fulfillment through interaction with women or relationships, while letting their personal gifts go to waste.

In short, the trick is to develop detachment to emotional fulfillment from sex, while instead seeking it through these internal factors that are in your own hands. No woman can hurt a man with options, so do you think a woman has even a minute chance to hurt a man who is emotionally detached?

The caveat of this is not to push emotional detachment to such a level so as to lose complete interest in women and become an ascetic. Aim for moderation to achieve liberation from emotional fulfillment through women. Sex is necessary, for if it weren’t, nature would not have itself designed male and female bodies with reproductive organs to begin with.

The irony of relationships is that women often want men to attach to them on an emotional level. Sex, love, care, affection, or sometimes outright subservience are ways women can get men to become attached. This extends to all women, whether traditional or liberated, sexual or platonic. A man’s emotional attachment is the prize which women seek. They all know a man’s emotional attachment entails his emotional dependence and manipulation, and eventual subjugation.

The power balance shifts in a woman’s favor once she realizes a man is dependent on her for his sexual and, more importantly, emotional fulfillment and gratification. You’d see this in real life cases where the “emotionally close” platonic female friend wields more power over a man than his sexually-gratifying bitchy girlfriend who is emotionally unavailable to him. The more a man emotionally attaches to a woman, the more she wields power over him—even if it may be subtle. This is one of the many reasons betas get sidetracked by women: they are often emotionally dependent on them, even when the women are not offering anything in return.

Awakened alphas understood this throughout history, and usually limited their interaction with women to sex and pleasure – with emotional detachment. Thus, they avoided slavery to their women.


Woman is the occupation of the idle mind, and the relaxation of the warrior.”

–  Napoleon Bonaparte

One thing to note is that most of these emotionally detached men had interactions with many women in their lives, who actually assisted these men by providing counsel or support. Why did those women do that? Female agency? Nope. Because that’s the natural flow of things, as I described above. In the end, the one who loves the least controls the relationship. Women know they are easily replaceable in the life of an emotionally detached man, who could walk away from them at will. The power balance is always in such a man’s favor.

Emotional detachment creates power and authority in men—which women naturally gravitate to—with the possible additional creation of mate insecurity in women, who’d instead do more to keep or impress their men. This can be in the way of sex, love, care, affection, or even wise counsel—to gain a man’s trust and, hopefully, his emotional attachment.

On the flip side, a woman often loses interest once she knows she’s captured a man’s attachment. Women often do more to get men to attach themselves, but then take men for granted after they’ve achieved that.


The more you think about it, the more you realize that emotionally detached men knew one thing: that apart from sex, the ability to rear children, and the ability to maintain a home, women don’t hold (much) potential for investment for emotional fulfillment—especially in the long run they demand through love, emotional intimacy, and relationships.

The only real relationship a man actually has in his entire life is with his own self. In the end, women are at the best a garnish to the dish of life. Regulate their involvement and use in your life, or run the risk that they’d rule your life in the end. Women can gratify you temporarily, but they can never provide complete emotional fulfillment.

If you can succeed in liberating your emotional fulfillment from physical pleasure in relationships with women, then all power goes to you. You will feel more psychologically powerful, which can heighten your pleasure in all interactions with women, both sexual and platonic. In this case, your fulfillment will be be in your own hands, and not hers.

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116 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Seek Emotional Fulfillment Through Women”

  1. The article oversimplifies things. A man is a key to opening new opportunities, a woman is a lock allowing new opportunities. The female origin is a bow, and the male origin is an arrow. The bow is useless without the arrow, and the arrow is just a toy without the bow. A woman without a man is the present without the future, and so she is just a dream; a man without a woman is the future without the present, so he is just an illusion.
    We are connected because the characteristics of the male and female gender are in each personality.

    1. Both what you just said and the article written by Oracle are codes to live by. Profound allegory Terbelis.

      1. The points of this article are valid but they apply to low quality women only.
        When you meet a high quality woman is a completely different game – she’s the bow that can send you flying. But even the best bow string gets loosened with time.

        1. Totally agree, quality women can really push you to new heights. Shit chicks can bring down even the greatest of men.

        2. It doesn’t apply to high or low quality women. It’s not about that. It’s about your mental paradigms. You should not be formatted to receive so much ‘bow string/flying’ effects from a woman’s approval, no matter who she is. You should be living independent from that.

        3. You can call me cynıcal or negatıve, but I dont belıeve there are many hıgh qualıty women left (our socıety ACTIVELY dıscourages those traıts), nor do I have the tıme to look for them. I sımply hope I have the ınsıght to know when I see actually encounter one. But lets be realıstıc. I most lıkely won’t. In the meantıme, I wıll make the most out out of the lıfe I haveç

    2. ” A man is a key to opening new opportunities, a woman is a lock allowing new opportunities. The female origin is a bow, and the male origin is an arrow. The bow is useless without the arrow, and the arrow is just a toy without the bow….”
      More flowery, gynocentric rhetoric from the House Of Fags.

    3. I’m not sure I’ve taken enough drugs this morning to appreciate this attempt at metaphor.
      Here, I’ll try one:
      The vagina is like a toilet men use to relieve themselves into. A man without a woman is like a man without a toilet.
      We are connected because we literally stick it inside and push it in and out until it squirts. There you go.

    4. Okay, now I caught the original post. Man, just go to the third world and find a girl with some silver dollars.

  2. “The caveat of this is not to push emotional detachment to such a level so as to lose complete interest in women and become an ascetic.”
    Not sure this is such a bad thing. Good article.

    1. It really isn’t much different from asshole advice about doing you. We all reap consequences when we try to follow the love society tells us exists. Just doing you makes sure whatever happens, you win.

  3. Any one has an opinion on this? Oof course once the image was released, most likely by a woman looking to garner hate rage all the ladies came flocking, married, single, fat, and everything in between to voice outrage and the desire to not bed this man. Is he right to out himself? Is he even a real person?

  4. My advice to young men is to not take women seriously at all, especially not the ones in the Anglosphere. Just DO NOT FUCKING DO IT! Because I wasted so much time in my 20’s that I can never get back pining over women, seeking their approval, tending their wounds, and basically acting like a complete chump. None of them appreciated it either, not a single one.
    I’m not suggesting to avoid women, but young men under 30 are particularly susceptible to fall for women’s bullshit, and you young bucks need to be aware of that trap so you can develop effective counterstrategies and respond accordingly; and by effective counterstrategies I mean figuring out ways to overcome the social conditioning that turned you into hopeless betas.

    1. I had the best time in my 20’s with several different great girlfriends, it did make me lazy because I was too satisfied. I had a 94 Supra Turbo in the driveway, a 15k a month income(porn income), a PAWG girlfriend who wanted the bone constantly and a 42+ inch TV to play Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2135 on. Shit was so easy. Easy can be disabling!

    2. A man derives his primary satisfaction from his work and professional accomplishments….. this take ALOT of time and training.
      It doesn’t matter whether you fancy yourself as a lawyer, banker, pro
      surfer, DJ, Engineer or whatever… it takes a long time. – Even if you
      have ‘over night’ success as a teenager, it doesn’t matter because there
      will still be another mountain to climb and more peer group respect to
      earn. That is what makes a man happy.
      Having the right woman in life and having a stable home base, can in some cases be useful – for example politician, banker, lawyer etc. but in less orthodox pursuits, eg. mountaineer, always on tour DJ, etc….. a family or even a girlfriend might be nothing but a total pain in the ass.
      More men have failed in their professional pursuits (which is what really brings them happiness), due to women hanging around and dragging things down to ‘relationship’ level. Relationships can make a man happy BUT they are just a treat for desert or a window dressing for the public.

    3. “I’m not suggesting to avoid women, but young men under 30 are particularly susceptible to fall for women’s bullshit, and you young bucks need to be aware of that trap so you can develop effective counter strategies”
      I agree but I also remember what it was like being in my 20s and despite good advice, I suspect that putting females in their proper place is a rite of passage; that is to say that each man has to experience the bullshit games, the lies, being made a fool of, the pussy farts, their dark side to fully understand what they are all about.

      1. Absolutely, they need to learn the hard way, but now there is more information out there to help them avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.
        I wish I knew about things like frame control etc when I was in my early to mid 20’s. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.

      2. So very true. I just had a nasty break up from an LTR wıth thıs gırl (I am teachıng Englısh “somewhere” ın the Balkans). Completely AGAINST the advıse of all my frıends and colleagues, I moved in wıth her last sprıng. You couldn’t talk me out of ıt, as I felt ıt was somethıng I HAD to do. I had never had the “lıve-ın gırlfrıend experıence” ın the USA (too beta & broke) and I felt ıt was a rıte of passage ınto manhood that I had to take. Let me tell you, although the fırst three months were blıss (pussy on demand and an apartment wıth a beautiful vıew of the cıty skylıne), my lıfe became a hellısh nıghtmare funhouse!! The horror I have seen and experıenced, the batshıt loonıness….you have no ıdea! I feel lıke Kurtz ın the Heart of Darkness-“…the horror…..the horror…..”) But I LIVED through it. The thıngs I have learned about myself, lıfe and the nature of women, yet thank God ıt was at mınımal cost. I can only ımagıne how screwed I would have been had ı done thıs back ın the states were chıcks can call the cops on you and falsely accuse of you all sorts of thıngs. I am a lucky man that I can lıve to talk about thıs.

    4. “Women are time wasters. Don’t spend any more time with them than what is absolutely necessary.” I can’t stress how important it is to keep this fact uppermost in one’s mind. Granted, in my case, this admonition comes from one who wasted SO much time on them that I’ve gone full bore monk ascetic ghost for the last twelve years…then again, I’m old so the testosterone fog has cleared & I’m quite happy this way. I’ve found that the only women I feel sexually attracted to are the same age range that I’ve been drawn to since I was 12 years old…which at my age is absurd.

    5. Sadly, it is as a young man that you want women the most. Hormones are raging, driving you towards pussy. A cruel cosmic joke eh?

    6. I’m a 21 year old electrician, currently studying my ass off learning complex mathematics and physics (in my spare time) when I’m not working. I’m doing everything you expressed in the third section of your comment, but not trying to hook up with stray sluts at bars. This would be really easy, and a lot of fun, but I just dont wanna waste my time doing that shit If I can lay a gorgeous 10/10 escort girl whenever and spend not even a fraction of the time and or money. What would you say to a young guy like me? Regarding the casual sex with sluts.

      1. Firstly, it’s good that you became an electrician and continue studying. I know guys in trades that are super smart when it comes to science and math but decided to not move into research because the pay is bad so they became tradesmen instead. If you have a career sorted at 21, you are doing exceptionally well.
        As for your point about sluts, I understand that you don’t want to spend time chatting up women in a bar, but I think for young men it’s like a rite of passage and it builds a certain amount of character. I suggest spending _some_ time trying to pick up women, just not a lot of time.

        1. Thanks for the reply, jios. I appreciate the compliments and heads up info. I was pretty much thinking along the same lines myself. Moderation of time spent chasing chicks is where its at and where I think a lot of young guys blow it. Im not going to. Im not entirely sorted though, either, as Im a 3rd year (out of 4) apprentice. 1 more year and then Im officially sorted. Cheers.

  5. Excellent article w/ many great historical quotes. Describes my thoughts very well and offers the single best advice of the manosphere: detach emotionally from women and derive your happiness from other sources, especially internally.

  6. Women are users. They will never see a man as more that a sperm Donor or atm machine. Do not take them seriously. Do not pay for things, press for sex early. If she rejects you for sex then at least you know up front and dont waste time an money. A woman offers sex that’s what she has and that’s it. Any woman who wants you to pay and do stuff for her and gives no sex to you is a manipulator and user. Drop her ass. Trust me. Time breaks all women. The wall takes no prisoners. One day you as a man will be happy. These nasty spinster will be sad and suicidal. You as a man are worth more than you can imagine. Your gender carved a civilization out of dangerous planet. A man is descended from an unbroken line of winners. . Women are just along for the ride.

    1. Absolutely right. Even a prostitute is more trust worthy than a manipulative woman who tries to take everything from you, make you do everything according to her whims, and gives you absolutely nothing back in return.

        1. even then….. most of them are lazy sluts that don’t perform and will do as little as possible….. which pretty much summarizes a woman’s attitude to any relationship with a man…. i get as much from you as possible, while giving up as little as possible….

    2. What I have noticed is that the tendency for women to be users is wired in so tight that they don’t know it. I think this goes back to older times when life was much harder.
      I really think that if you had a “love of your life” and there was a war and you got killed, within a year or two she would be married to one of the invading soldiers who got stationed or garrisoned locally. Will she do that on purpose? I doubt it. I have lived in countries that the US invaded and other countries invaded by other allies and met a lot of people whose parents got together under these circumstances. Spending years on Europe I met them myself and never got the impression that the women did this on purpose. As if she sat there and said to herself “Oh shit! Who do I have to fuck to get taken care of now?”
      Considering the human race are apex feeders and survived the ice age, we should not complain about this wiring.
      And what fellow really would give a shit? I feel like it’s perfectly natural that when I’m gone, for whatever reason, someone else be boinking my lady. It’s not like she would kick the bucket and expect her man to wank for the rest of his life. Even religion caught onto this. “Till death do us part” was probably acceptance of reality more than permission. And back then, people died a lot.
      That wiring serves no purpose now. As I always say, the women had a chance to improve much like men have done so (while being accused of not changing or changing enough by the feminists at every turn). Let’s see, do men still have duels now? Rarely. Machismo, that whole “I gotta have 10 kids and beat the shit out of anybody who makes eye contact with me” thing is on the way out too. Women had a chance to become enlightened and go against their wiring the same way men have been expected to and have been doing so since the middle ages.
      Therefore the women blew it. Then went one to blow a lot of cocks. Fail.

    3. This is very well said: “Your gender carved a civilization out of dangerous planet. A man is
      descended from an unbroken line of winners. . Women are just along for
      the ride”

  7. Excellent article, as always.
    Thoug while its true that long term
    oals are supposed to be more fulfilling, i seem to only really find any
    sortof hapiness in fleeting successes, though. More money, another nght
    of wild sex or winning an award feel brilliant. But if I put in more
    time than I want to, no matter how great the reward it feels like
    nothing. Two hours for sex with a new woman or five minutes for sex with
    the wife? Sex is the end goal so 5 minutes is better. A year of
    practise to get certificated in a new skill feels like too much unless I
    get a thrill out of practise. Working an hour for less than £20 feels
    like slavery, even if it would mean an extra £100 each week. I know its
    just laziness, but id rather be lazy and continually excited than hard
    working and bored out of my mind. Dedication is boring. The buildup is
    boring. The reward is the only pleasure.

    1. Interesting. The long-term, delayed gratification canard that we’ve all learned by now might just be a societal paradigm that allows a society to function better. So much of your moment to moment moods are hormonal. So is life a collection of moments or a long-term narrative? Everyone has to choose for themselves, I guess. If you endure a 50 year boner-less marriage just so you can sit on the rocking chair, patting your wife’s hand and gazing into the horizon and smiling at each other, then fine. If that’s what you want. But that was fifty years of extremely subdued moments, not just in the typical sense but also in the hormonal sense. You simply didn’t feel as good from moment to moment. You were grinding at work, coming home for your drink and laying down next to a woman whose erotic effect on you was somewhere between taking a Rafael Puig grounder straight to the nuts and testicular cancer chemotherapy. Yet there you are on your rocking chair, putting a bowtie on your clean narrative after a physically dulled life. Another guy’s life might have been a crazy mess, though filled with a 1000 times the moment to moment vitality, just due to his hormonal state (meaning constant, decades long access to sexually attractive women, clearly overseas).

      1. I agree that delayed gratifcation doesn’t work. Its all about low input to satisfactoyr output. Put in the least effrt necessary to get what you desire. And everything becomes too expensive after a certain amount of effort has gone in.

      2. I don’t think that’s the best example, somebody who is having sex with lots of sexually attractive women had to participate in some sort of delayed gratification. Whether it be hours in the gym, working on game, getting a good degree/job, abstaining from watching porn etc. In fact, you might argue that just getting married is the easier way out.

  8. What you all have to understand is that the title of this article is biblical in nature. The woman was created by God for the man, not the other way around. The feminists will try and refute this until the end of time but they need to deal with it.
    Women are not to be the focus of your life. You’re supposed to find one marry her, she’s supposed to submit to you and she’s supposed to be your helpmeet. You’re also supposed to take care of her and honor her like the gift from God she is.
    That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Given that we live in a fallen world, the chances of this occurring are unfortunately, very remote.

  9. The article makes a good point but there’s something I wonder.
    Is the fellow who is out to pump and dump all of the sluts and spending a lot of time on that just as much a chump as the beta who puts his life on hold to spend all his spare time with a woman?
    Sometimes I think the alpha male merely thinks he escaped the matrix. While he’s not necessarily a beta chump, he’s still operating under the “you NEED sex” falsity that has the betas getting their panties in wads over the prospect of not getting it.
    And even those betas who decide not to give a fuck do it in such a self-spite manner, becoming fat neckbearded gamers and demanding respect for it in much the same manner as fat girls demanding fat acceptance.
    To me, the alpha putting in substantial amounts of his time and energy to chase the poosy is no better than the beta who plays video games with most of his spare time.
    I’m not against getting laid and who does not like a good video game for some laughs? But to make lifestyles of this? Let’s get real here. The poosy hunting alpha and the neckbearded gaming beta are equally useless to the world.
    And they are both still, ironically, OF this world.
    The feminists had the power to give women real agency without kicking off that which was gifted to them by nature like a used rocket stage. Instead they chose to be hateful cunts or to be more accurate, the progressive or enlightened intent at the root was hacked out and replaced by women who were for the most part born to be concentration camp guards. It won’t do the world a favor to tell the next Madam Curry to go back to the kitchen but telling her to instead suck cocks by the bag and live with a head full of collective bullshit and shallow gratification (post modern living) while pretending not to be a slut did not improve matters much. And now when a woman has wisdom, if she has any capability for that when the end game hits and the kids she should have had are grown up, she could then go on to do great things but instead we have legions of obesoidals masses in their late 30s huffing and puffing after their toddlers and they are so screwed in the head all they are going to do is consume mass media and processed products and take up space until cancer or heart disease puts them out of their misery.
    But I would hate to see red pill methodology and thinking get blown out “just to get laid”. That too would be a waste. The end game is no better than that of the woman and I feel that it’s still a “feminine course” in the post-modern femininity sense.
    What, after all, eventually ends up happening to these PUAs?
    (If anybody thinks I’m headed for PUA hate, I’m not. I think we have the advantage here for being frank and direct in this gentlemen’s club and tell it like it is. A woman will be conditioned to think she can ride the carousel and then flip a switch and have the house, kids, picket fence, everything. But no man should expect such a pie in the sky in spite of his life choices. A fellow who is going to chase skirts his whole life should do so knowing what’s at the end of the road and the choices he will have to make when that hairline recedes and the follicles relocate to his back. )
    There’s more to life than sex and it seems redundant to seek it out while trying to maintain emotional distance from it. It’s not as simple as liking to drink beer but not wanting to get drunk.
    There’s more to life for men. It seems intangible though – can’t quite put my finger on it.
    All I know right now is I’m thinking about going to a junk yard though I have no need for parts and I feel like reading some Hemingway.

    1. “A fellow who is going to chase skirts his whole life should do so
      knowing what’s at the end of the road and the choices he will have to
      make when that hairline recedes and the follicles relocate to his back.”
      I hate this line. As a man who went fully bald in his early twenties, what’s that supposed to mean? That when your hair line recedes, no women will want you anymore and you’ll be alone forever?

      1. No, I don’t think that is what doktorjeep meant. I think he meant it more in a philosophical sense. Like if we were to all of a sudden stop what we are doing just to smell the roses. What would we smell? What are we doing in this life, and for what reason? Will what we are doing make us happy long term? I would have to say no, chasing women will not make you happy long term. You can even read in some of Roosh’s or Troy Francis articles. You’ll find sense of regret that is starting to creep into their articles concerning living this type of lifestyle. Basically, its about starting to think about all the things that they are miss out on. But the problem you have with modern culture, is that choosing this type of lifestyle is choosing the lessor of two evils. All old players realized at some point, something is is missing in their lives. But this lifestyle is infinitely better than being manipulated in a marriage, only to lose half of your earnings to ungrateful woman, who disrespects you, and eventually makes even your kids hate you. I guess in modern culture, “Even roses smell like boo boo”. LOL

        1. Thank you. Hairline is probably the #1 age indicator. Even on women. You can tell how much stress a woman has had in her life with her hair (if she did not mutilate herself). If she has hair missing from her temples like a man, it means stress. Maybe even a middle management job (meaning, avoid like the plague for she’s a cubicle rat and probably in HR).

        2. The ‘sense of regret’ is the price of wisdom….in order to fully see and understand the nature of women part of you dies inside, and in some moments you envy the normal ‘beta’ holding hands with his girlfriend while you chase skirts and sleep alone.
          The ‘lonely player’ lifestyle has its faults, but Ive seen millennial women pull so much shit with the law backing them up its hard to be optimistic with a girl

        3. More nonsense from you. Baldness is 100% genetic. You don’t even realise how offensive your comment is. Did you read my comment? I lost all my hair from 17 to 23 years. What are you saying, I did this to myself? I stressed to much? My father and his father had exactly the same thing, did they stress too much?
          You must have all your hair in your 40’s. Good for you, you have you own silly theories about ageing and ignorance must truly be bliss. Hair line or hair loss has absolutely nothing to do with ageing, it’s a genetic trait (or flaw some might say).

        4. Physical appearance isn’t fair. Tall guys who are above average looking are going to get women. I’m fortunate, but it doesn’t help you close.
          The rest of you who are bald … That’s a problem. I think women are turned off by no hair.
          However, I think ugliness and shortness can be overcome from what I have witnessed.

        5. “The rest of you who are bald … That’s a problem. I think women are turned off by no hair.”
          – Sherlock

    2. I totally agree with your assessment and I would add that a lot of sexual alphas aren’t really successful human beings. Some of them are as pathetic as fat betas.
      Where I disagree is the idea that men have a expiration date on sexual success. I still see men in their forties with 22 year olds… It’s not the norm, but old alphas can get young and tight 6, 7, and 8s.

    3. These words are smart and ring true. However, most readers of this site just don’t have the brains to appreciate your sensibility and deep sense of human value. So they will misread you, and then set out about to “correct” you, with predictably dismal results. Anyway, be well.

  10. I’ll tell ya the truth, becoming a misogynist is a great way to get good with women. In this day and age women are only useful for sex. That is it, nothing more and nothing less.

    1. Women can also be great sugar mommas. Don’t ever be afraid to take money from a woman or let her pay for shit if she offers; equality and all…

      1. My buddy suggested I strip for money in college at a cougars club (they had a chipendales group associated with a local sports team) I never did, but my 21 year old friend became a paid stripper … He ended up banging a lot of the women too. I can’t tell if was lying about the money, but he said three nights covered his monthly rent.
        He said that the women were absolute lustful animals, worse than men.
        For young men this might not be the worst occupation though, considering our bodies look closer to Adonis than 90 percent of the adult male population at that age.

        1. I remember in one of my past jobs that 3 female coworkers thought Gentlemens clubs were for men who were ugly or couldnt get laid. Funny thing is that these girls would go see male strippers and throw away their money like no tomorrow.
          Hipocrites. And they were ugly to boot.

  11. The “Greatest” and Boom gens were both raised to seek the approval of women at all costs, and their spiritual and psychological dependence upon females is reflected in the totalitarian gynarchies that resulted. Never never depend upon females for your inner worth or well-being.
    Don’t depend on Holy Game either, as it is merely the fabrications and vanities of other men (mostly young and unwise men). To have a successful and always dependable inner life, you must attune yourself to eternal things, not ephemeral and temporal things, and make those eternal things the bedrock of your inner world. NOT other human beings, even your Wonderful Wife, your mommy, the Next Hot Score, and so forth.
    There are no easy fixes, including promiscuity, Game, drugs, travel, or wealth. Only real religion (service to Father and dependence upon him) brings authentic existential solace and inner peace.

    1. POWERFUL !!! I really like what you said about past generations… They became fat and happy and allowed the degeneracy to incubate, so long as their TV was working and the fridge was full. All of you boomers out there were blessed with material and social conditions which eased the decline of your civilization without anyone noticing.
      The house of cards has collapsed. And yet no one takes any responsibility, instead everyone acts like this show can go on forever.
      There’s a difference between wealth (power over material circumstances) and materialism (accumulation and clustering of objects, assets, and consumer goods). Americans are programmed to want the latter, because America is a FEMINIZED country.
      Materialism is feminism! What guy wants a big house and nice car ahead of a life full of great deeds and heroic action? A beta male programmed consumer of female dominated culture. Even being an alpha in America is nothing but shallow phallic demonstrations of potency.
      Real men conquer, overcome, and build.

      1. Good medicine, Doc.
        ‘The house of cards has collapsed. And yet no one takes any responsibility, instead everyone acts like this show can go on forever.’
        Agree, card house is crumbling but a better house is building.
        I was raised in a much more innocent time and was a naïve young man. Didn’t even know I had responsibility for any of this Fail until late along. But I will definitely accept my (considerable) share now that I know.

  12. This thing called ‘Romantic Love’ is a byproduct of the uninformed and undeveloped mind. It’s not a coincidence that I experienced it in my early 20’s only for it to disappear as I reached my 30’s due to constant exposure and being forced to wake up by the atrocities of female treatment pre game.
    There are simply 2 things to keep in mind if you want to lead a happy and content life:
    1) Make YOU number #1 – Your goals, ambitions and personal development are yours to either succeed or fail at and should be your sole life’s focus.
    2) Learn Game – This goes without saying. If you spend your time as a man speaking to and seducing lots of women, you will develop a level of experience and wisdom that no girl will ever be able to take away from you or manipulate you with.
    Your happiness in life is in your hands gentleman. It’s time to go out and claim it!

  13. I learned this the hard way, back in 2008.
    Basically, if a man tried to lean on a woman, he’s automatically dismissed as “weak and clingy”; yet, women expect that they can lean on a man.
    Yet another sign Anglo western women are INGRATES.

  14. ” He’d die alone”
    Everyone dies alone. Maybe you will die with your spouse if you and her happen to be caught up in the same shooting spree or something, but otherwise each person dies alone.

    1. Yea its dumb to think if youre married you wont die alone. Ever been to a nursing home? Once you get that old your mind is so far fucking gone its not like youre even aware of wtf youre doing all day.

  15. “A man’s emotional attachment is the prize which women seek.”
    so true. last relationship i had (last in a very literal way) during the break up i said i was relieved it was over. no tears no nothing. the look of shock and disgust on her face was priceless.

    1. Ha ha. I can see that so clearly. The woman being disgusted that you weren’t crushed by the break-up. Not a touch of empathy on her part. Solipsistic to the end. The one time that I think I really hurt a woman with a break-up bothered me daily for years. She was very nice and I hated how I might have damaged her life. I found out through facebook that she had married and my life changed. I felt so much better, like some tumor had been removed. The typical woman; “You mean you’re not devastated that I’m breaking up with you? Fuck you!” So many of them are nowhere near what men have been making them out to be.

      1. Yea she was shocked I saw it coming and didn’t care, it was over for me long before…part of my red pill journey shall we say, anyway I too felt bad about it afterward and then felt better when I saw her with someone else. I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to break it off as much as her friends and mother wanted her to. They said i didn’t ‘provide enough’. Mind you i paid for everything (rent, utilities, most of the food like I was taught a good man does) but I was unwilling to go into debt to keep up with the jones. Guess being financially literate doesn’t give women the tingles anymore.
        So yea within the first sentence she says its not working anymore and i’m like ‘phew, same with me, what a relief, let’s move on.’ She then went totally rouge trying to say anything and everything possible to hurt me. I replied with such things as I really wish you happiness and success, which further enraged the beast. A crying fit ensued then she tried to pull it back with a whole bunch of ‘why can’t it be me’ bs…I just stood there and kept saying positive thing…you deserve to be happy, I hope you find someone to make you happy, I wish your family and friends well.
        Its a long story I suppose but feels good to talk about if for no other reason it might help someone else in the future. I learned a lot from it but one major take away was how dependent women are on the opinions of their friends and how when you date a girl you also have to date her friends. With all the damaged women out there its nearly impossible to please all sides. Strike that, it is impossible. But worth it for me in the end because my life is literally a million times better.

      2. HAHA! Trust me, you didn’t damage her life. She moved on to another guy quickly after you and you were forgotten.

        1. Actually, there was some damage and wasted time to her detriment. That’s part of the point I was making. I wasn’t trying to flatter myself. But you can go there if it meets your needs.

  16. I find that this relates to the article aswell,
    Especially the part Sasha says that “you guys have to put yourself first in life, always because nobody else is going to put your happiness first, nobody, ever”.
    I look at think about pregame and a girl I invested in, showed care, love, did everything I could do for 2 years and she returned nothing, no invest, her excuse was “I cant meet you and I cant talk to you beacuse I fear love, my past, my bad boyfriend blah blah”
    Invest in you first and only invest in people who are worth investing in.

  17. King Solomon once wrote that the best thing a man can do is to eat, drink, and find enjoyment in his work. Nothing about women from allegedly the wisest man in history.
    Oh, and did I mention that he had thousands of wives and concubines in his day. And still he excluded them from his final conclusions.
    Don’t depend on your wife, girlfriend, fuck-buddy, or random fling for emotional fulfillment.
    A wife or girlfriend can be the delight in your eyes, but she is not your emotional dumpster for you to feed your shit.

  18. Christ, the red pill movement is becoming as bad as feminism. We’re a pair bonding species and no amount of sophistry is going to change that. Its time to get off this pump and dump to find inner fulfilment rhetoric and start returning society to traditional gender roles and common sense.

    1. The use of the word “pair bonding species” reeks of implying that humans are a monogamous species. Humans form multiple “pair bonds” throughout their lives. Sex (or promiscuity) is one way to achieve that – even if the ‘pair bond’ lasts for a couple of hours or minutes in a ONS.
      Thus, emotional investment in a single woman itself , within a ‘relationship’, is illogical the more one thinks deeply about it. King Solomon had several ‘pair bonds’ with multiple wives and concubines, as per the Bible. Was he seeking emotional fulfillment? No way.
      Men who get tired of polygamy or who are inclined towards monogamy (or serial monogamy) are usually likely to fall for the pair-bonding emotional investment blue pill nonsense. Which could lead to a woman eventually dominating her man who’s emotionally invested in her. Biblical history itself shows many examples of such women who exploited their men’s emotional investment in them.
      Women’s ‘purpose’ is to bear children, and make men’s lives easier by helping around, and providing comfort. But women have failed miserably in that regard. Thus, it’s much wiser to seek inner fulfillment than to seek it in the company of a creature who brings nothing to the table except her flaky pussy. Use her pussy, but don’t emotionally invest in it.

  19. “In fem-centric western societies, men commonly lower their standards to
    satiate sexual thirst and seek female companionship by adjusting to
    (commonly substandard) modern women. The so-called successful
    relationships they get into are usually those of staged
    togetherness—where either or both the partners are pretending to be
    happy while either secretly harboring unhappiness, resentment, or in the
    worst cases cuckoldry and adultery.”
    Perfect paragraph, great article!

  20. I’ve always had talent for illustration, and it’s always been what I want to do in life, after a breakup with a girl in my mid-twenties (and after being hypnotized away from my dream by sex), I clawed my way back into it, I had a few good years sticking with it, whilst also going through a long five year sex drought. Now at 29 years of age, I’ve hit a wall. I can’t pursue sex or my hobby, confidence is waining, no job, boo hoo?, but seriously it’s disheartening to feel like everything is too little too late. Even with no bitch, marriage or mortgage holding me back…

    1. At 29 why can’t you pursue sex? What the hell is stopping you brother? You’re just right now entering an age where your SMV skyrockets compared to women. Lacking a job sucks no doubt, but otherwise women are there for the taking and are giving it away for free.

      1. Oneitis hit me hard for five years, but what I found, was that it was really only oneitis in direct response to ‘not getting any’ somewhere else, for a LONG time. Three cities, out every weekend – ZERO response from the lesser sex (funny world I live in). Prison inmates have had more puss than I have in that amount of time. I’m not part of the virgin till 25 crowd either, I had two decent looking sluts over a LTR since 18, but in my youthful innocence I made the mistake of giving them that ‘girlfriend’ status, which I now see as a big no no.
        Also, anxiety hit me for six since age twenty, i’ve only just now started to crawl my way out of that dungeon, but as a by product of that suffering my personality picked up all sorts of wierd idiosyncrasy’s along the way.
        ‘Guess I just ran out of chances
        one too many dances
        down the narrow street of time…’

  21. Counterpoint: Emotional distance didn’t work out too well for Andy in “The Shawshank Redemption.”
    Andy: My wife used to say I’m a hard man to know. Like a closed book. Complained about it all the time. She was beautiful. God, I loved her. I just didn’t know how to show it, that’s all. [pause] I killed her, Red. I didn’t pull the trigger. But I drove her away. That’s why she died, because of me. The way I am.
    Red: [pause] That don’t make you a murderer. A bad husband, maybe. Feel bad about it if you want to, but you didn’t pull the trigger.
    Andy: No, I didn’t. Somebody else did. And I wound up in here. [laughs] Bad luck, I guess.
    Red: [sighs] Yeah
    Andy: It floats around. It’s got to land on somebody. It was my turn, that’s all. I was in the path of the tornado. [sighs] I just didn’t expect the storm would last as long as it has.

    1. You do understand that Hollywood writes movies that more or less all denigrate traditional masculinity, right? Even the ones that don’t seem like they do.

  22. “The only real relationship a man actually has in his entire life is with his own self.”
    The words of a guy with no male friends. That’s the problem with orienting one’s life around endless traveling (usually in search of women): no real relationships or community, leading to a vicious cycle of loneliness that a guy attempts to deal with the emptiness by lots of sex with strangers.
    I lived in Asia three years and while I enjoyed many things about it, I have no regrets about coming home to family, real friends, and community. I may just be fortunate to have finally found a good community and friendships, which I didn’t really have before I left for Japan.
    Other than that, good post.

    1. Ta-da, you just summarized the novel http://cityofsingl.es
      I’d send you a copy of it if you want. I can’t say it isn’t fun to live as a nihilistic hedonist but it sure as fuck is not fulfilling.

  23. “Sex is necessary, for if it weren’t, nature would not have itself
    designed male and female bodies with reproductive organs to begin with.”
    Maybe you’re just being symbolic here and not literal, but sex is not necessary on an individual level. Sex, like ice cream, is something that can make you happy or sad, and different amounts are desired by different people, but without any you’ll still live, just possibly with less joy that you could have had (and even that is subjective).
    It IS necessary for a species to survive, but I wish Red Pill folks would stop combining these two. They are two very different points. Humans tend to spread their genes, but that does not make it your duty.

  24. Thinking that things in legal land had progressed… imagine my surprise to find out a stay at home (cheating whore) minus any kids, asked for 1200$ a month alimony AND GOT IT. (NC State) Due to the fact she feels entitled to keep herself in the manner in which she has become accustomed. Guys, you are nuts if you get married today. The wisest words from my late father that I failed to heed were “No son, she is not different than the others…..they are all the same”… My advice, go ahead, have a kid with a woman if you want, child support is the worst that could befall you for 18 years.. go ahead and have a family but seeing how things can and will change, getting married and giving a woman half your empire or having to pay thousands for a cheating bride to be kept in her standard of living is insane. They claim they want equal rights but they really don’t. They want superior rights.

  25. This line of thinking is caused by the fact we as men, expect women to bring something to the table, something that propel us to explore uncharted territories. As if women were the trigger to us becoming better. That’s why you think women are useless to men. Your understanding of “use” is something practical, which does not go well with humans.
    Women are no more, or no less, useful than men, when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

  26. What sad, sad men you are. What did a woman do to you that you must pretend to one another to be so above loving a woman? Bravery–true bravery–is to seek out what is vulnerable in you and not to cover its mouth but let it speak. This coldness your community feigns does not come across as “alpha,” but merely as men who have failed at the one true thing life can give you but that you cannot allow. Yes, that thing is love. Sorry for busting up your little party.

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