With First World Problems Like Feminism, The West Doesn’t Need Enemies

“We have White People Problems, in America. That’s what we have. White People Problems. You know what that is? That’s where your life is amazing, so you just make shit up to be upset about.”
–Louis C.K.

Maslow’s Pyramid—the Maslow hierarchy of needs—is a roadmap for self-improvement. It demonstrates that our basic needs—food, water, shelter, security—are prerequisites to pursuing higher ambitions for creativity and achievement. Unless you have your shit sorted out at the lower levels, trying to satisfy your intellectual desires for creativity and spontaneity is invariably building on a shaky foundation.


However, I’ve realized the pyramid is also a pretty good indicator of whether or not your society is going to make it in the long term. If a society’s priorities do not match Maslow’s pyramid, that society is probably headed for the dustbin. If you can’t provide the fundamentals of security—family, food supply, property, or resources—then by definition you won’t provide sufficient foundations to support people’s pursuit of achievement, creativity, or spontaneity. Basic needs being satisfied are prerequisites to that society supporting higher aspirations.

John Adams anticipated this ordering of priorities two hundred years ahead of Maslow:

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.

Adams knew that unless you first had an army and a functional government, you could not provide the security upon which an enlightened society rests.

Historically societies fail for any number of superficially unique reasons. Asking “Is America Rome?” is pointless, because the answer is no. New York is not situated on the Tiber, MMA tournaments do not end with execution of the loser, and North Dakota’s not likely to be pillaged by Visigoths raiding out of Manitoba anytime soon.


While history never repeats, it does echo. And common to every society’s fall is the pyramid.

This remains so no matter how enlightened your civilization becomes. The pyramid’s structure is non-negotiable. If as a society you try to push any of your higher ambitions down the pyramid—say, making creativity a more important priority than securing food—then the society must also fail, just as a pyramid collapses without a broad base. A pyramid is not complete without an apex, but you would never use the rock at the apex as the sole foundation for the structure. Where a society—be it tribe, town, kingdom, empire, republic, or nation—fails to secure or provide for its members one or more of Maslow’s foundational needs, that society is doomed.

The sacking of Rome was a foregone conclusion because its legions had degraded: Rome could no longer supply—and thus satisfy the need for—security, and the Western Roman Empire collapsed shortly thereafter. All its artistic, philosophical, and inventive thought made not a bit of difference to the final outcome. Hellenistic Greece succumbed because its city-states could not stop warring among themselves (failure to provide security) and because its finances were flawed (failure to provide security of property).

In both cases, the failure was an attempt by a society to prioritize an ambition higher on the pyramid in preference to its foundational needs—to defy the pyramid.

Western societies as a whole have the distinction of successfully holding complete pyramids together since roughly 1700. This is rare and beautiful. Historically, the wasteland is the norm: the “high periods” of Roman and Greek culture lasted a couple of centuries combined, and were bracketed by chaos; from roughly 476 to 1450 AD western Europe was an intellectual and technological backwater.

Feminism is an existential threat to Western society because it, too, seeks to defy the pyramid. Modern feminism’s aim is to make women’s confidence and self-esteem more important—a higher priority—than society’s basic requirements for security of family, health, morality, and resources. We are seeing feminism’s effect on these four areas already.

Single mother households are apparently “families,” and often by choice. This, despite the fact that single mothers have an appalling failure rate as parents, going by the backgrounds of most people in prison. Divorce, now weighted heavily in favor of women in its consequences, has provoked men to the rational economic response: conscious, childless, and permanent bachelorhood.

Health-wise, HPV is at epidemic levels such as to demand a vaccine—predominantly due to women’s promiscuity. More obviously, obesity is at record levels—predominantly among women, so much that fat acceptance is actually a publicly discussed concept.

In terms of morals, society gives its full imprimatur to young women riding the cock carousel. This reinforces both delayed marriages and an increase in childlessness, since there is no societal judgment of a woman who sleeps around and devalues herself in traditional feminine terms. While this might eventually come back to bite feminists as a group, the collateral damage is done to Western society as a whole—just as with Hellenistic Greece, which also had declining birth rates. Societies that don’t breed generally can’t survive.

As for resources? Feminism demands their misallocation. Millions in medical resources alone are consumed every single year to indulge women’s flights of fancy. How much money has been spent on women’s “rights” to have children not when they’re young and fit, but only when their clapped-out anatomy pleads “no more”? Or the resources allocated to ripping “mistakes” out of healthy wombs, often without the father’s consent? Or the millions wasted on Botox and elective plastic surgery solely for women to wish to stay in denial about what’s happening in their mirror?

These issues are all, by definition, First World Problems because they can exist as problems only here—because generations of Western men shed blood and sweat building systems efficient enough to create a situation where higher, optional aspirations could become “necessities.” The poorest in Western society live like kings compared with the majority of human beings across recorded history. Angst about Internet speeds is possible only for people whose other basic needs have been comprehensively satisfied, for people whose privilege is so great their frame of reference can be twisted to think a latte prepared with too much milk is an existential crisis.

Modern feminism is attempting to subordinate Western society’s basic needs to women’s craving for esteem. It is attempting to turn the pyramid on its head, despite all the examples of history that tell us what happens when a society does so.

#FirstWorldProblems, believe it or not, is a very important concept in this fight. The meme is a canary in a coal mine. The person who uses it realizes, even unconsciously, that priorities in Western society are seriously out of whack because nobody concerns themselves with basic security of food, water, shelter, family. The meme slaps its recipient in the face with the message that they have lost track of what’s fundamental to civilization if not life. It carries in a nutshell everything above.

It is the perfect weapon against feminism, because modern feminism is nothing but a first world problem—one that can’t exist without basic needs satisfied, one that exists only at the sufferance of men.


Feminists hate the meme, of course. They shriek that it’s “changing the subject,” accusing its user of using Third World injustice to distract people from First World injustice.

But to point out #FirstWorldProblems is to reset the debate.

The real distraction is that which feminism conducts: straight-facedly saying that fat acceptance or single parenthood by choice are existential needs or human rights. #FirstWorldProblems slaps a person upside the head and lets them see Maslow’s hierarchy clearly again. It is the hand that turns out the magician’s sleeve, to expose what was really going on while you were looking the other way.

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218 thoughts on “With First World Problems Like Feminism, The West Doesn’t Need Enemies”

    1. When will people realize that white women(particularly anglo ones) are the new white man’s burden? This is not to criticize the white man(being one myself), but it seems white men are just painfully unaware of this fact. But the metaphor none the less becomes more true with each passing year. Women of all races that live in these Western countries become just as bad within a generation or two though, don’t kid yourselves. NAWALT unicorns aren’t real. But feminists time is nearly up, they’ve been biting the hand that feeds them for many decades and they know that male protection(chivalry), generosity, kindness, and patience is at an all time low. Rather than blame themselves for their predicament, they double down on their misandry.

  1. Ever seen how the spoilt children of rich parents behave like? How decadent their behaviour is? That’s the west. Too much money, too much technology, yet not enough values, too much liberalism, too much decadence, too much “freedom”.
    Women in truly opressive societies are worried about fulfilling the roles forced onto them. They need rights (not feminism, though). Western feminists are more often than not ugly white women who live in a suburb and never truly suffered because of being a woman.

    1. Most of the bastards have never had any adversity in their lives. Make them spend some time where societal emphasis is on achieving some of the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and watch them transform.

        1. Adversity by definition is something you don’t want
          It’s the character shaped by adversity that you want
          And as far as I can tell you can’t temper steel without fire

    2. “Ever seen how the spoilt children of rich parents behave like?”
      Thats why most trust fund kids are failures.
      They are brought up in an environment where they were brought up with too much comfort. They are not able to handle the pressures and competition that the real world would throw in their face. Hence, why they hide behind their parents shield of wealth.
      For example, look at all these spoilt brat kids of Hollywood actors, who try to piggy back on their parent’s name. None of them are doctors, engineers or a productive member of society. Just too busy trying to be the next star.
      Or look at all these spoilt brat kids who go to Harvard or Yale thanks to their parents legacy or wealth, rather than actual IQ or intellectual success. Honestly, when I look at some of these politicians who go to Oxford or Harvard, I do not believe they are genuinely smart. George Bush went to both Harvard and Yale- LOL.

      1. I would argue that wealth brings privileges, particularly with connections, that makes it nearly impossible for someone from an upper middle class family or higher to fail. In fact, I understand that class mobility is worse now than it has ever been in America. Making it worse than any other developed country, which is depressing. The wealthy are well-insulated from any real failure. Even if their kids are worthless. I know over 90% of Ivy league graduates come from the top 50% and 45.8% from household incomes of at least $200k.* I can tell you from working in the private industry that nepotism is dangerously rampant. I’m routinely surrounded by friends or family of someone more important than me that is undeserving of their position. Meanwhile, I’ll interview someone qualified and capable that isn’t considered a serious candidate because they don’t have anyone listed that they know in the company. It’s outrageous.
        *Source: Forbes

        1. Exactly. When will the west EVER see any real underdog rags to rich stories of guys who came from nothing to becoming something? I don’t think this will ever happen again.
          This has got to be one of the reasons as to why there are no more legitimate role models anymore in our society. I blame the corrupt and broken education system, that continues to brainwash and indoctrinate people into thinking that without education, you cannot be a success.
          On top of that, most top employers only hire ivy league graduates.
          Thats why I hate the education system with my heart. Fucking, repulsive system that prevents people from achieving success because you need that brand school name or credential just to get your foot in the door.

        2. You may hear about that ‘rags to riches’ story but it will be told by someone coming to this country and raising a family (not from an actual citizen).
          The other welfare problem that this country has is supporting other countries. We could have new schools, bridges, highways, etc…built in Iraq before we would have any built here in this country.
          I blame both political parties. This ‘welfare’ system has been in place for decades (foreign policy used by both parties). We pay for it (taxes) and other countries (and citizens) benefit from it.

        3. Of course, I know some genuine fuck ups I graduated with. Got excellent corporate or government jobs out of no where because of parents connections. Yur margin of success has closed in the last 25 years to a few inches.
          Still possible, just have to do everything right.

        4. I grew up poor/lower middle class but make very good money at 32 (~175k/yr, SE USA, and rising rapidly). It can be done, it just requires a lot of dedication and investing in your intellectual self (not just a 4 year degree) and at least a moderate degree of skill at working through a corporate environment.

        5. Does that also include dealing with office politics?
          I hear stories where people who work in those corporate environments, need to deal with backstabbing team members, feminazi managers and a whole lot of other shit just to get to the top.

        6. That’s the spirit. The problem is that the instant gratification mindset says that if you cannot achieve the top rung with minimal effort, then the system is rigged. Class mobility is huge in the U.S., the upper classes are fluid and filled with people who were, just ten years ago, in the lower rungs. Social/economic mobility is what makes it a great thing. The detractors only look at the percentages and in a concrete mindset way figure it’s all the same people all the time. Not so.

        7. “Exactly. When will the west EVER see any real underdog rags to rich stories of guys who came from nothing to becoming something? I don’t think this will ever happen again”
          That also due to automation and consolidation. Each individual’s path to success simply cannot be duplicated in the exact same way. And I get the impression now the ‘net is really the only arena to get ahead now.

        8. There are plenty of Rags to Riches stories. The President himself for one.
          The problem, often overlooked in our media obsessed living-vicariously-though-some-schlub-on-TV age, is that a few, or even a few thousands of stories of ex cons turned rap or sports stars etc., don’t matter much for society as a whole. The important people are those who go from middle to middle, or at most lower middle to upper middle. Or perhaps lower to middle. But in an environment, and this is the important part, where each of the classifications are better off than their parents generation.
          Being, and remaining, solidly middle class in a functioning society, is not a bad way to live. It only gets bad and stagnant when those from classes above get to leverage their higher wealth to interfere in the lives of those below them. By, for example debasing the currency the middle classes wages are paid in, in order to pump up the nominal prices of the assets the upper classes own.

        9. Yes, you have to deal with office politics unless you want to start your own business. That doesn’t mean compromising your beliefs, just keeping your mouth shut more than you probably normally would.

        10. Any society that fails to be meritocratic fails in its own rights. Immigration and technological change will change what is likely to be the last of people being fed corporate jobs. I routinely had higher grades than many children of the old aristocracy but waiting in the longer queue for a job in economics seems unfulfilling. Aristotle mentions the same problem in his day and age. A magnanimous man can not be born with a silver spoon. I will need to polish my spoon till its silver and that will make all the difference.

        11. A lot of the people I know who support the leftist agenda insist on the ‘static analysis’ model & are fiercely resistant to evidence to the contrary. Baffling. I do believe our institutions are ossifying largely as a result of this attitude.

        12. A white South African with British parents who attended Wharton and Stanford. Don’t think so…the greatest rags to riches story is Murdoch. Dad died when he was young and he had alot of debt and one of the few non Jews to make it in a Jewish run industry.

        13. I think the system we live in is making it easier and easier for wealth to be accumulated in a shrinking number of hands.

        14. Hi John,
          I am in sales. Nepotism does not work in my world. If you don’t serve your clients well, you don’t get paid.
          I like my world and the people in it. There is something beautiful, honest, and self-actualizing about being paid exactly what you are worth.
          It is a shame that our schools, movies, music, literature and culture all paint salesmen as degenerates.

        15. Hell yeah.
          I see what my kids are learning and think about what I was taught in their respective grades.
          We are being deconstructed. The attack comes through our schools and is focused on the minds of our children.

        16. It will always be a fight.
          Read “The Fountainhead” for pointers and to lift your spirits.
          Brother, I hope you are the next Roark.
          If we are really lucky you are the next Galt.

        17. Marxism is fiercely resistant to any observation that contradicts their nineteenth century run-of-the-mill version of the way things ought to happen.
          They start with a hypothesis as a conclusion, and then only accept facts which support that conclusion.
          A real Objectivist would start with evidence and then disregard hypotheses not supported by that evidence.
          You may have noticed this trend among Marxist Climate Scientists…

        18. With the rampant stupidity going on in the US, it’s pretty unlikely that people from the bottom 50% breed Ivy-caliber students.

        19. Ha! Anytime!
          It is easy to do. Anyone can see that you want to do the right thing.
          I hope you win your current battle and learn to love the good fight.

      2. Oh they’re pretty useful. Doctors and engineers might make a bit, but they’re prole jobs and therefore unsuitable occupations for the “American Brahmin”.
        They’re also racialized as “immigrant” jobs, even grandchildren of Asian immigrants avoid STEM. But the children who don’t have to do these jobs are leaders in society.
        Because while a doctor saves lives, more people know Kim Kardashian, even emulating her style of cosmetics, than a rando who is viewed as a body mechanic with an impenetrable accent.

      3. This is why, for years, I’ve cautioned against continuing to elect as our public officials, “…the inbreds from the Ivy League puppy mills…” as P.J. O’Rourke called them. If a candidate is not a lawyer nor “Ivy League”, that goes a LONG way towards winning my vote.

      4. You know you could at one time access George W Bush’s academic records on line. Try finding the sainted Barack Obama’s anywhere. Bush scored the same on an IQ test that JFK did and his overall record, which is superior to John Kerry’s by the way, is indicative of one in the top 10-12% of the population. I hate the way the MSM manipulates all of us. Even those that should know better.

        1. Bush was a terrible businessman who was faking stupid to get cheap votes. Those of European heritage have always been warned to not place their trust in those who were born in intellectual circles. For that reason the Royals would need to lead the men into battle to earn their title. If they weren’t willing to die to protect the realm then why would any peasant bother. The last English king to die in battle on English soil was Richard the 3rd. America has a long history of electing those with military history who won their stars through grit. It’s a proud tradition that placed us on top of the world. No wonder the west is falling

        2. Bush damaged his brain through alcohol and cocaine addictions. IQ isn’t static. If he was intelligent at one point, he sure seemed to be a dumbass by the time he got to be president.

      5. Submitting a CV is for suckers. Getting a job requires networking through family, friends, church, college, business groups, etc. If the family has connections can’t fault them for utilizing it. If they don’t, it’s up to you to go to the next bucket. Alumni associations are a good place to start. Invite people on Linkedin for coffee. You have an “old boys network” somewhere, you just haven’t figured it out.

    3. We had scads more freedom in the year 1880 than we do now, and the women were all properly kept in check. Freedom isn’t the crux of the issue, it’s simply one of the tools that they’ve picked up and used.

    4. They dont undestand that there is a difference between freedom and liberty. Freedom is doing what you want, with responsibility, and some sort of higher purpose, and with your moral intact. Liberty is just doing what the fuck, and if anyone criticize you, they are misogynists and racists..and probably dwell in their moms basement jerking their small dicks off to anime porn..what the actual fuck ?
      I just cant..

  2. It’s just not…. not realistic for things to last the way they do. People everywhere are just getting fat, stupid, and ugly. Western civ is fucked but I mean in China people are fat, just lazy, just too much good things coming too quickly.
    But the West… a whole bunch of nefarious problems under the water, even with feminism. Feminism is being supported by men, but what is it? It’s bullying men into accepting their roles as slaves, which they are now doing. They are being literally forced to become cuckolds. Work for a living, just to find some washed up slut at age 30 to marry you for your money, long after they’ve tired of riding the cock carousel. And men still believe this!
    After much thought there’s really no solid answer to this. There isn’t a reliable solution. The fact is that a huge number of young men are just plain lazy and undesirable to women – can you blame women for wanting the top guys? And this whole beta belief that women want providers is making an entire class of lazy, listless, fat neckbeards who defend women to the last straw and help permeate an attitude of pathetic mediocrity. It’s the same thing everywhere, really, but the only difference is that in the past people were trained to just be more manly in general, down to the last child; trained to work, to drink, to fuck, to fight. It’s just not like this anymore. Maybe war will change it.
    If anything America (some parts of it, like Chinatown where I grew up) forces men to become more aesthetic and focus on themselves and their appearance more. Comparing some American born Chinese to the natives is like two different races, just way more aesthetic and good looking in general. So I guess that the extreme sexual marketplace of America has positive results. But we need to find a middle ground.
    I’m starting to just not care. It’s evolution. The only viable solution is that the Chinese or someone just makes it so that you can change your DNA so that we can all be tall swinging dicks with chiseled good looks. But somehow I imagine that the beta neck beards will get in the way of that too. “You need to accept who you are and women will love you for it.” Yeah right!

    1. It will inevitably progress to genetic engineering. However, most likely it will be prohibitively expensive so societies will become divided enormously.

    2. It is over now. Men are not working, they are retreating to porn, video games, and doing the absolute minimum. For the first time in history for most men women are not worth the effort. It is great for me because I bust my ass to be at the top mentally and physically so I get what I want from hot young bitches but most guys post college don’t care. Truthfully , I have had hot chicks start their bullshit games and I said fuck it I gotta work tomorrow, cut contact , rub one out and hunt again next week.
      I know one guy who is a pathologist that said he will never marry because women ain’t worth the risk. He has a nice apartment , 3 cars, and money in the bank. I know another guy who is a hematologist and he is married with two kids to an bitch of a wife and has not had sex in two years, and is maxed out with debt. Who do you want to be?
      The system is going to self correct, the question is how long? Japan is enacting aggressive legislation to fight the “grass eater ” phenomenon,is America far behind?

      1. Good points. And women in this country know this is gaining traction…it’s why they’re trying to shame men who seek brides in other countries.
        Women in this country are now dealing with ’cause and effect’. For so long, they’ve bitched and bitched about shit that they didn’t have (equality?)…..they get something and they keep bitching (doesn’t matter for what..it’s not important).
        So men are either ‘checking out’ or finding women elsewhere. It truly is a first world problem and men are seeking the answer in third world countries. Women…let the shaming begin (and fuck you, btw).

        1. I’ve heard that before and it strikes me as nonsensical every time it is repeated. Can you explain why, and how those things might save the west?

        2. Artificial wombs will prevent birth rates from dropping out of control. Sex bots will keep men happy and feminists very angry (gotta love that). I dont know if that is really good, but it might keep the ship floating a bit longer.
          It might have some unforeseen side effects though. As most things have that goes against nature.

        3. I believe the unforseen side effects will have us just as miserable (relatively speaking) as we are today. Feminism didn’t just fall from the sky by chance, it filled a vacuum.

    3. “You need to accept who you are and women will love you for it.”
      I believe in that. Thing is, to accept yourself as you are, not because that is what you believe other expect you to be, is the hardest thing on earth.
      Once you get there, pussy will become no problem.

  3. Impressive and poignant article. I have often discussed this idea with friends as something must be done. The solution is clear. It is time for the rod. This is an offensive idea, but what war tactic isn’t. Women must not be allowed to leave the work force until they have 3 kids. They must not be allowed to go to school for 6-12 years after high school without producing one kid. This kid must be the part of a union, marriage, and still be a member of said union. Women who express the desire to stay unmarried must perform mandatory work until the age any man in her profession would retire at. If that is 80 so be it. They must not allow to reach 25 and be single without one failed marriage. I don’t expect all women to be married but to not make the attempt means they wish to impart on the privilege feminism instills, shirk genetic responsibility. Beat the children and society will shape up quick.

    1. And a woman cannot apply for divorce until 7 years pass within a marriage or a court finds a man liable, with physical evidence, of physical abuse.

    2. Women must not be allowed to leave the work force until they have 3 kids.

      Did you mean “enter the workforce”?

      1. Thanks for the correction. Them entering the workforce after having 3 children would balance the need to run off from motherhood.

      2. Disregard the previous statement. The problem is we’ve allowed women to tell us they are children by nature. As long as we continue to treat them like children the cuckholding will continue. So like a man a woman needs to be responsible to something or someone after the age of 25. Child, husband or company. It can’t be none. If things were equal this would be the case

        1. One step along the way to achieving this would be to remove all anti-discrimination employment law. It would then be in a woman’s interest to birth and ween children before entering the workplace. Plus an employer would be unlikely to hire a woman who had not already done this. Then the woman can focus on her proper job.

        2. The other caveat would be to penalize any man, fostering a woman who after 25 who has neither husband, child or military enrollment. 3 children by 25 assumes they find a suitable mate and produce kids back to back. Keep the option of choice but set up a timetable. After 22 you get 3 years of choice if it wasn’t done before. Then mandatory military enrollment.

        3. I am no supporter of government run standing armies but I agree that all young men should have rigorous combat training. You’re not a man if you can’t defend yourself and your family.

        4. I agree with that. We’ll have more people in the work force if guys continue to protect women looking to extend their childhood. And think of all the extra things built if more men were added to our army? Women can entertain themselves while their protectors are forced to travel. Maybe the guys will find good foreign women while they’re at it. And the “feminists” lose shelter thus forcing them to take care of their own needs. Way I see it, all those who are looking to be selfish will be exposed for what they are as their boyfriends and those who sheltered them go off to protect our nation. And build things.

    3. I’m all for women getting drafted into military service and if they try to get out of it by getting knocked up they get a forced abortion. Hey they love equality and abortion so tit for tat fair is fair.

      1. The problem with them getting drafted into the armed services is that it is a guarantee of global thermonuclear war. The military will be easy pickings for any given semi-strong enemy, the top brass will panic as, say, Chinese warships show up off the coast of Massachusetts, and nukes will be launched.
        I like laughing from the sidelines, but in a thermonuclear war we all are on center stage.

    4. Conservatives already have a problem with minorities and poor people having lots of kids. I think I heard an idea like that from some white supremacists before but it would be hard to manage.

      1. Vote pandering aside, conservatives have a problem with “takers” rerproducing without means to support their soon-to-be with a hand out, service expecteing and lifetime supported gov’t sponsored brood.
        It’s fashionable to characterize conservatives as both racist and anti-poor, but the neither the facts or history support that narrative. Both Progressivism and Liberalism have done more damage to minorities and the poor in the US than anybody else.
        At least some minorities are waking up to that notion. The poor, on the other hand, are more incentivised to stay dependent on the system.

      2. The problem isn’t the amount of children but the lack of responsibility upheld in having a child. We have that happening now where women are leaving their children with the father’s and not paying child support while dating and potentially getting new children.
        Make it mandatory for men to enter trade schools who foster kids. Also monopolize universities or remove their license to educate. Just as how you have At&t or T-Mobile as monopolies expand the top three schools and make every university fall under the umbrella of one of our top three schools in America. If you aren’t under that umbrella your university will be closed. Standards of education should be higher and equal.

        1. Have you considered how much the degree of government oversight you prefer would cost, and the impact that would have on business, the commonweal, and the American way in general?

        2. Fiscally no. But what are the other options here? So you’d rather shoot down an idea with holes, replace it with no ideas and keep the status quo? More women in school, more people unemployed, more women asking for equality, more men raped in the legal system. In America the women can end a man’s efforts with a sentence. All I’m saying is make a woman’s role in society more invested so she doesn’t act out that right.

  4. Fellas, dont ever fall for the “women’s lives are so hard” bullshit from feminists (I learnt this the hard way…). Western women are the most over-privileged, pampered and gratified females on the entire planet. They’re living the dream in comparison to men around them and the third world. They will never, ever admit it though. They know better than that. They are the greatest manipulators and will never stop whining no matter how comfortable their lives be.

    1. Good points and I agree. Women are not after true “equality”. They only bitch when they’re not getting something (I’ve always said you don’t see them marching into our court system and demanding equality for all). Life is good for women on that front.
      You’ll only see women marching in these “parades” and discussions when they don’t having something…and when they get it? They’ll bitch about the next thing that they “don’t have”.

    2. I recall a feminist way back in the 70s tried dressing as a man and visiting the sorts of places she’d go to as a womn, to see what it was like. After the experiment she got depressed and stopped mentioning ‘inequal treatment’.

      1. I remember reading about that. She said that men were pretty much good to her, but would give her shit in a “friendly hazing” way about not knowing how to do “manly” things, like how to change a tire.

        1. notice that the focus of the clip goes immediately to how emotionally disconnected men are and how they need ‘help’ …. whereas being emotionally disconnected and taking care of your inner BS. is a function of being a man…. you toughen up or you ship out….
          the last thing the world needs, is a bunch of women, turning men into sensitive faggots….. we have more than enough of those already.

        2. A lot of Vincent’s view about what men “need”, while well-meaning and well-intended, are definitely informed by her being a woman.
          À bientôt,

        3. “a bunch of women, turning men into sensitive faggots”
          Otherwise referred to as the Public School System.

        4. yeah, and the problem, is that all the jaw boning about feelings and emotions, only creates useless Oprah style chit chat….. whereas when push comes to shove, the guy with the rifle in his hands that has a clear head, wins……
          and I’m not just talking about soldiers, I’m talking about the guy repairing your sewage pipes, the guy manning the power station, those on oil rigs and mining operations and sailing container ships and flying aircraft….
          what happens when the captain of the 747 that’s having engine failure, needs to have a 20 minute conversation to address his emotional state ?

        5. ”whereas being emotionally disconnected and taking care of your inner BS”
          Its not disconnection with emotion but emotional control. It is the ability to remain rational in a situation that illicit it. Cutting yourself off from your own emotions results in a loss of a part of your soul.

        6. Well said. I find that men are often more emotional than women. And more romantic too, as others have often noted here. It’s not a lack that defines man, it’s a capacity. It’s the capacity to gather all the forces of intellect, emotion, body and mind, to fulfill an abstract and difficult end goal. A man is concerned with “feeding his family” for example. It’s how he expresses his love, and he may indeed cry or get emotional about it. But the end goal is not compromised at all by his passions, which are kept in check when it’s important to do so.. Great post Titan.

        7. One example is that of Odysseus who when his comrade died at Troy cried for days. You can’t say he is unmanly for doing that.

        8. The Public School System has also turned into a 13 year long self-esteem workshop for kids, churning out these extraordinarily arrogant millenials. School is now a temple of child worship. I am a highly UNsuccessful teacher. teaching all ages. I was very slow on the uptake in this regard. Kids are gods now. Get in a classroom dispute with a nine year old and the nine year old’s word will be taken over the adult’s word every time. Get up to 15 year olds and forget about it. They are basically policing the teacher at that point. If you don’t go to school with your number one goal being kissing your students asses then the parents will be on you too. Thanks progressive thought! More destructive than lava.

        9. Plenty if men want to cry for days . They don’t because shit needs to get done and no one will be there to pick them up of their feet clothe them and feed them.The male suicide rate is more than 3x higher than the female. This stat no one goes on about. If females were killing themselves on mass. The UN would have a crisis situation because betas need pussy and if the pussy is dying and not being watered and nourished there is a serious issue for the rest of society.

        10. Funny you mention this, I’ve made it a habit, unlike my ex, to really drill my 6-yo daughter’s teachers since pre-school on what exactly her behavior has been and what she lacks in. You have to really translate and read between the lines to surmise the truth because it feels like the teachers are pre-conditioned to go easy to avoid conflict of any sort. And the results are obvious. I’ve noticed basic jobs in the service sector, fast food for instance, or really anything requiring basic organizational skills, math, and logic are becoming horrifically incompetent. 30 cars waiting idling off gas that we can’t find for less that $3.50 a gallon because some jackass on the McDonalds team forgot to defrost any burger paddy on the previous shift. Very common occurrences like this.
          If incompetence has now become the acceptable norm, with no repercussions, support groups and coups against the management occur at jobs so IF you are smart, hardworking, and reliable, they will find a way to fire you for doing well, every fucking time. This nation was never like this 30 years ago, it was do or die. Meanwhile, women are collecting welfare and getting $60 manicures with tax payer’s $$$. An increase in technology has only helped mechanized efficiency that is programmed by a smart competent person, but has destroyed the efficacy of humans by making most way less effective contributors to society in every sense, and this directly relates to Maslow’s Hiearchy.

      2. This might be that doc. “Self Made Man”… She spends a year as a man and ends up depressed. At the end she decides that she’ll take female privilege over male privilege. I thought this was pretty well done actually.

        1. Three Take Away Quotes:
          1. “They [the men on her bowling team] really showed me up as being the one who was really judgmental.”
          2. Answering a question as to whether she thought that women understand what it’s like to be a man: “Not at all. No clue.”
          3. On being female: “I think it’s more of a privilege.”
          I heard an interview with her on the radio a few year ago, and what she related was that (a) rather than getting tossed out of the league or humiliated b/c of her lack of skill, the men in her league spent a lot of time trying to improve her bowling, and (b) where she thought she was going to be great at dating, what she found out was heterosexual men have to put up with a lot of narcissism and bullshit.
          À bientôt,

        2. Men “Have to do it”?
          Well I’m now further convinced that I died at some point and didn’t get the memo.

      3. Lets celebrate this woman, not denigrate her. She did have the capacity for self-reflection and compassion, two traits that are sorely lacking in that gender. She deserves to be championed for that alone.
        Not saying that you’re doing that, but some surely will. And thanks for the video!!

    3. Yea when all problems are fixed as they are now they can still fall back on “rape culture” and “victum blaming”.
      Meaning. finding some stupid area where things are not 100% perfect..and of course never will be..
      Task is now, to reduce rape to 0%..an impossible task, and they know it. Even if no one raped anymore, they can always throw a few false rape accusations in there (like they are already doing now) . They are in fact SEARCHING for an impossible task. That way, the whining can never end.

  5. Human Resources Department- this is the modern day equivalent of the gas chambers and concentration camps that Hitler used on the Jews.
    Except this time, it is being used on men.

  6. For you sci-fi fans out there … I remember a line from an old book, “lucifers hammer” about a comet impact on earth and its aftermath. One of the female characters in the book was whining about something when another male character told her the feminist movement died one milli-second after the comets impact.

  7. Feminism, like all other ism’s and #firstworldproblems are a byproduct of modern artificial environments that shelter and detach the mind from reality. Since modern shelter minds never have to deal with the hardships of an harsh, cold, cruel, uncaring, indifferent reality that an natural environment would impose upon them the thus the mind never matures, never grow, it is stunted or retarded in other words.
    Stunted, immature minds never come to the realization that reality or nature is inherently harsh, cold, cruel, unjust, unfair, where enduring difficult hardships is mandatory for survive, indifferent to their desires, unyielding, cannot or will conform to human fantasies.If they would ever come to this realization then they would be forced to grow and mature, to adapt to the reality, to accept reality as it is on it own terms, to accept that life always has and always will be hard and cruel and need to get over it and adapt to the real world instead of demand that the world should adapt to your selfish unrealistic childish fantasies.If they ever came to this realization did then they would stop chasing their futile dreams of an perfect utopian world of equality and rights and actually focus on the essential needs of survival and how to create and maintain a civilization that can actually survive long therm and sacrifice their immediate self-gratification for an greater purpose .

  8. We’ll written, well thought out and points well made. However, both the terms “first world problems” and, a LA Louis CK, “white people problems” are fallacies.
    Make the case that solipism, feminism and gender supremacism (and so on) are more mental disorder than belief system and I agree. Thinking that the only reality is in our own heads is a sickness. Wanting to decimate the male population is a sickness. Think about that for a minute.
    Even the “beliefs” I mention above, though, are symptoms of am underlying (and off ignored) issue. There is common origion to most of the gender, social and political problems of today, and it has little to do with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Such issues certainly exist because there is space for them, but that’s as close as I will get to Maslow.
    Once we begin to focus on the cause of the attack on our societal values the symptoms will disappear. In other words, the runny nose (or feminism as an example) didn’t cause the head cold. A virus did. Let’s call it what it is rather than saying to people with colds, “at least it’s not cancer”.
    Finally, I’m glad we have some of these problems. That’s not very couth to say in most circles, but I do see an advantage. IF we learn the lesson here we will come out ahead on the other side. As with my virus example above, or in a more fitting context “taking the red pill”, we will be more resistant. Granted it is not all too comfortable getting the benefits of resistance, but real growth never is nor should it be.

  9. Cultural Marxim is about controlling the people by picking fights between groups of people. The more bogus the group, the more bogus the fight, the more control for the Cultural Marxist.
    Feminists aren’t even the problem: every society will have ugly and fat women.
    The problem is the cultural Marxist who will encourage/finance/empower and white knight for the feminist until people have to start a organized opposition.
    Notice who is starting & funding the worst aspects of feminism and what they all have in common: these are the true enemies of culture.

    1. People don’t even need to support Marxism, feminism, etc.
      They just need to support equality, for example homosexuals who want to be accepted as normal, women who want to be equal to men, weak people who wants opportunities for free, or cowards who just want to complain to get attention, protection, rights, or to control/manipulate people for money, etc
      It works because it means they get things they haven’t earned, and they get to justify those privileges by claiming oppression, discrimination or inequality.
      There is an ex KGB agent who said something interesting(1984) about these ideologies, serving a temporal purpose, destabilize society:

      1. “The main purpose of the KGB is not espionage and central intelligence at all [but rather the majority of efforts went into] ideological subversion or psychological warfare… To change the perception of reality to such an extent that no American is able to come to sensible conclusions in terms of defending themselves and their economy.”

        1. What’s absolutely crazy is that the modern version of the KGB which is the FSB may be doing us a favour in trying to save masculine civilisation. The role the CIA played in bringing the Communist state to its knees may be reversed now. We are now the evil empire.

      2. That’s exactly why equality outside of legal rights is a shit idea
        I still don’t get how it became something virtuous

  10. This goes to show why we need to roll back at least some of the Enlightenment, a product mainly of disaffected white men from christian backgrounds who overestimated their understanding of how organic societies work and thought they could rebuild everything from scratch, from “rational” first principles, as they imagined them in their philosophy. Apparently it never occurred to these guys in the 18th Century that patriarchy, especially, arose from good but not immediately obvious reasons, as a practical necessity to keep the human species in business in a harsh and dangerous world. Instead they wrongly attributed patriarchy to religious superstition.

  11. But to point out #FirstWorldProblems is to reset the debate.

    Good luck with that, Feminists have no desire to debate. Their main goal is to usurp the patriarchy, I thought that was clear?

    1. Nope. They don’t want to debate which is why I prefer “bitch, please” as my dismissive. Neverthelesss the author has a very good point. Firstworldproblems really fucks up their frame.

      1. You’re wise to deflect arguments. In general, there’s a nasty streak when disagreeing with feminists and SJW online. Even earnest and honest disagreement over facts, is met with anger and insults. You are almost guaranteed to be called sexist, misogynist or a rape apologist for questioning any part of their narrative.
        It’s futility notwithstanding, #Firstworldproblems is Feminism in a nutshell. Aside from the obvious ideological inconsistencies, it’s a VERY broad church. A profusion of grievances are put forth, up to and including absurd things like blaming patriarchy for large smartphones, which have absolutely nothing to do with equality. When such things are criticized, the broad church instantly shrinks down to “we just want equality” and the lioness turns back into a kittens.

        1. Agree. Society (as a whole) has forgotten about the rights of men.
          Women are allowed to openly say whatever they want or feel. But, if a man wants to demonstrate his first amendment rights (in the U.S.) then forget about it. Even if you bring up the fact that it’s a right (in this country) you’ll get this bullshit “well, you shouldn’t say something like that anyways” from a woman (or white knight).
          Bitch, it’s my opinion…and yes, I’ll say it (especially if the shoe fits).

        2. True, bitches are gonna be bitches but unfortunately what emboldens their bratty behavior is the way in which men react to those insults and anger.
          Screaming sexist, misogynist or rape apologist gets the exact response they are looking for…. defensiveness, silence and or fear.

        3. HAHAHA! Women are the ultimate enemies of free speech. It’s in their nature to censor themselves, and they have a strong proclivity towards censoring others through shaming techniques.

        4. Yes, they do. Women: I can say those things but you shouldn’t (or can’t) as a man….just “because”.
          Women truly are delusional.

    2. Steve Sailer claims he crossed paths with “Martin” Rothblatt in MBA school back in the early 1980’s. Nothing about “Martin,” Sailer says, struck him as feminine. And he says transgender guys in general seem especially masculine or nerdy, so he doesn’t buy the propaganda that Rothblatt and similar self-mutilators “always felt like a girl inside”: “It’s humiliating to the rest of us to have to act like we believe such nonsense.”

  12. What is strange about this article is that historically feminism was strongest in societies that rose extremely fast from poverty, such as China and the FSU.
    Doubling the workforce was able to increase the standard of living in these places. In the 1960s, a top university major for girls in these countries, and I believe the non-FSU Middle East like Iran, as well, was engineering.
    Many girls worked in steel mills, coal mines, oil fields and other macho jobs, and staying at home after marriage is just not done.
    Even in the US the only case I met of a Chinese or Indian woman staying home after marriage, was when her husband had a guest worker permit and she didn’t. I think that ‘housewives’ are less common in Russian culture as well at least in the US.
    I think there is a massive difference between this kind of first world feminism and the original feminism, which was about encouraging people to advance society regardless of their gender. We could always use more engineers.

    1. Original “feminism” was about equality (i.e. right to vote, own land, etc…).
      This shit, today, is like a disease or plague. The more you give in to women and their “movement”, the more shit they want (or complain about “they don’t have”). It’s ridiculous and yes, it’s like dealing with children.
      We’re seeing what really happens when you give a child money and let them loose in the candy store.

        1. women are the ones that spend more time with children, so it’s useful if they are more like them.
          children are driven by what they feel they need, and get that by howling for it….. they also live in a world charged with fantasy and sentiment…
          children emote simply because they cannot rationalize…. women need to understand that language to some degree…..

    2. Cute narrative… but we could always use more women convicts too. See the problem with ALL feminism is that equality only gets applied to women and to the cool/desirable stuff. Fair is a two way street, but your psyche has not absorbed that.

      1. Exactly, we definitely need more women convicts as well. Particularly if they arrest more banksters.

  13. Well done sir, nice article.
    #FirstWorldProblems, believe it or not, is a very important concept in
    this fight. The meme is a canary in a coal mine. The person who uses it
    realizes, even unconsciously, that priorities in Western society are
    seriously out of whack because nobody concerns themselves with basic
    security of food, water, shelter, family. The meme slaps its recipient
    in the face with the message that they have lost track of what’s
    fundamental to civilization if not life. It carries in a nutshell
    everything above.

    My son said this to me recently, it was the first time I’d heard the phrase, but it immediately made sense in every aspect without needing even the slightest explanation from him. He used it absolutely in the proper context too, and called out his complaining father, who was lamenting that he only had several hundred dollars worth of 20 dollar bills on him instead of smaller denominations. The remark kind of put my griping in context.

  14. Really interesting article. A few thoughts it brought to mind..
    1) People who grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths are basically incapable of empathizing with people of lower status. What would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone of lower class is to them just another note from their parents on the refrigerator. Therefore, they are likely to be wasteful, entitled, and oblivious to the experiences of others.
    2) What happens when society gives no incentive to those willing to work? People will stop working.
    3) How do people deal with this lack of natural ability to satisfy their Maslow needs in proper order? I think people WILL jump up a level or two when it becomes impossible to satisfy a need… If men can’t satisfy the family/community need because it has become virtually toxic… will they just clam up and die??? I think they will find ways to go for higher levels (i.e. self-esteem and actualization) and maybe become religious fanatics or something… I think it might become pathalogical in many cases… Surely businesses will try to capitalize on these basic human needs that can no longer be satisfied through non-artificial means.

  15. You HAVE to give young men an incentive to work, to even exist. You HAVE to. It doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s just that society has to provide at bare minimum jobs and a sense of purpose, and the prospect of love. The sexual revolution got rid of the prospect of love. The turn to atheism and feminism got rid of the prospect of purpose. The implosion of our economy by our tyrants got rid of the jobs. So what the fuck does your average twenty year old have now? It’s only the lies told him that “one at he’ll find the one.” I can’t imagine the sheer terror of knowing I’ll be alone forever. Can you imagine what would happen if this occurred with the bulk of men?

    1. This is already happening to men currently, you see it in the declining marriage rates, during the next economic downturn you will see more unplugging from the formal economy, my parents have already unplugged and there isn’t anything Uncle Sam can do it about it they are using the system against itself, albeit not on purpose, but when you already own your own home and vehicles and can take care of your utilities there isn’t much purpose in continuing to work in the current society. They are in their 40s, you will see this more and more with milenials, you won’t see this with Baby Boomers as they are 100% invested in the current system because they get most of the returns.

      1. Good….that means young women are having a lot harder time finding a marriageable men, they reap what they’ve sown. The old playbook of settling down with a rich guy will almost disappear as the amount of men under 40 with any assets will dwindle to very few.
        They don’t realize this, because as weve discussed forever on here, when theyre young and good looking they don’t give a shit and can date around…but once age creeps up on them it will be harder for them to find any dude with a good job.

        1. I wonder what the female strategy will be to counteract this trend? I have a feeling they will all just check out too. Men are doing it, so women will always follow eventually. However…
          Like so many things that men can easily do that women try to emulate, checking out of society is simply not one of those things women can do like men. Women are just too plugged into it to check out. Plus, nature naturally checks women out of the game after around age 35 or so. After the MGTOW thing gains traction, women will try it and will hate it.
          Many young women are already checking themselves out of the game by being fat, tatted, and just plain shitty and unappealing. There is a WGTOW movement currently happening as well. It’s just a lot lamer than the men’s version of it, which says a lot because the men’s version is not an ideal option.

        2. Women can’t handle being alone for more than 12 hours. Maybe. They need constant socialization and an entertaining guy – even if he’s beta – to take her places. That’s why they always date another dude immediately after a breakup. Being single is too much for them to mentally handle.
          Honestly, If I had a computer, my guitar, a stereo, beer, and some books….I could stay in complete isolation for a month and be perfectly happy. Most guys have hobbies (even if theyre ‘weird’ like vid games) to where they are comfortable being alone.
          The idea that women can go their own way is a huge bluff. They need attention and money from us.

    2. See, here’s part of the problem Johnny, nobody has to “give” you anything, especially a job. Do you know what out of work men did during the Great Depression? Did they A) all go out, grow unkempt beards, get tatted up and sit around in botique beer bars bitching at each other while their women tatted up and out-masculined them? Or did they B) head to the corner and sell pencils, take the train across country and find odd work and send the pay back home, take low crop picking work and send the money back home?
      Once you figure that out, you’ll see why they pulled through, and why millenials are fucked. No ambition, no entrepreneur spirit at all.

      1. You didn’t get his point because he worded it backwards. It’s not that young men should be GIVEN these things, but rather that they’re not TAKEN AWAY. Take away any incentive to work, procreate and have a spiritual center then men and thus civilization fall apart. And that’s what’s systematically been done to Millenials.

        1. I used to think men who lacked ambition were losers, but quite frankly, given your ‘reward’ for being successful is now paying a massive taxrate and a wife who has likely fucked minimum 5 guys before you. Im not sure checking out of society is such a bad idea. Working your ass off to have it taken by government and wife is pretty dumb.
          That’s why socialism doesn’t work, people simply respond to incentives. Baby boomers were still conservative enough that they worked hard but naively got raped in divorce. Millennial men should be smart enough now to recognize what a trap it is.

      2. Try selling pencils on the corner, it’s illegal, you need a permit. Set up a business, the government takes minimum 20% of all you make. Have you any idea how much annoying paperwork is involved?
        There is also the small matter of human dignity. People look down on those who have humble jobs. The unemployed make more money than them. Drug dealers get more respect than high school teachers. In France, the President said ‘if you don’t have a Rolex by the time you’re 40, you’ve failed at life’.
        That being say, I started a business and moved countries for work. If I’d married and knocked up a local girl, I could be living easy from government handouts!

      3. That is true that noone is owed anything, but if were gonna play by that line of thought we can’t blame someone for doing whatever they have to do to survive. How can I blame another man for robbing a bank and killing people if there are no jobs to be found? Sure we can shoot a surplus of desperate aggressive young men or put them in prison, but I think a better alternative is simply to make it so that if someone has the desire to work that they can 100% find a job.
        In my opinion, that is what made America great. Noone was owed anything, so if you sat on your ass you starved, but if you were willing to get up and work there was an opportunity to get a job and survive. Noone was given anything and it built a strong work ethic in people. Seems like those days are coming to an end.

    3. I know this is a bias website for the question, but which would you kill first: new atheism or feminism?

  16. Nice article, reading the comments on here it leaves no doubt that the current social order is not for long.
    It will be interesting to see how the society deals with the anger of the milenials which is due in a few years, these young people have pretty much done what they have been told to do since birth, compliant/non aggressive the whole nine yards. They are already turning off towards marriage, the males from this generation get a lot of flak for not being manly enough but I think some underestimate their intelligence, they are weak but I can tell some see through the bullshit. It’s only a matter of time before some of them wake up.
    Doesn’t even have to be a majority percentage, the system is running on fumes so even taking a few percentage of the population out of the workforce and not paying taxes and the system will have real trouble ala Japan. Couple that with the knee jerk reaction of the U.S system to minimal non compliance equaling prison time, it further ups the economic strain on the government.
    So yes, the current society is on it’s way out, we shall see what replaces it in the end, in the intermediate it’s clear it will be a police state in order to keep people in line, bug as we saw with the FSU , for a geographically dispersed country this is not really possible in the long run. It’s pretty clear that within generations this country will be embroiled in a civil war of some sorts against each other. The only way to head off something like this was for man to be exploring space already, that’s when you may be see true peace among humans, when they find someone else to battle it out with. Humans are built to survive and battle deny this at your own risk.

      1. I think the baby boomers will also be hit very hard by what’s to come. They have the most wealth to lose, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to lose it. Obamacare was largely designed to get rid of the boomers through bureaucracy.
        Live by the bureaucracy, die by the bureaucracy.

    1. The govt is attempting to get the turn-key police state up and running to head this problem off at the pass. They know that the economy is in shambles and that the social order is crumbling. They are now allowing illegal immigrants into the military so that they will have someone willing to fire on the American public.
      It’s all coming to a head pretty quickly now. Things are moving very fast now.

    2. Great comment, and I absolutely agree with you regarding the millennials. I think they’ll surprise us, but frankly, when you really analyze their situation, once this comes to pass we’ll likely look back and not be surprised at all. The counter argument is that the M’s are the most progressive, indeed they are, and therefore it is progressivism that is FAILING them – make note of that! Talk about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, these kids are facing the dead-pan reality of having to make do with less…soon, in fact, like right now, they’re going to start to ask the inevitable question “why?”. Yeah, why…why are you a bartista, why are you in debt, why can’t you get a job, why do you live in your parents basement, why does your life suck? How soon until they finally realized that across the board the key progressive institutions that promised them a boundless utopia were the ones that fucked them the hardest. Academia stands out front and center, as it both wasted precious time and tons of fucking money only to, ultimately, serve its own selfish, and perverse, end of material gain ($$$ from soaring tuition) as well as its own shade of megalomania i.e. their attempt to change the world to their likeness. On all accounts, these M’s were fucking exploited right up the ass, and many times convinced by academics to literally take it up the ass as a form of personal advancement. In terms of self esteem, consider that all these bubble wrapped trophy for all snowflakes are, on their own, realizing that they’re, whether true or not, losers and very much the opposite. Who will they blame? Will that gushing, annoying public school teacher(s) someday hear a crisp and cold “you fucking lied to me”. I think so. Such things are, I suspect, resulting in a what must be a painful and peculiar catharsis. Mind you, these M’s were subjected to the most complex and advanced forms of propaganda ever devised, so, this may take time and/or seem erratic. But, I think its coming. Of all the groups, the boys are the ones that will act first…we all know why.

      1. Great post, but idk man. They believe it VERY deeply. Im from Kansas even a lot of young people here believe all the liberal bullshit their teachers tell them. Very few millennials have even made the connection that government loans and intervention is feeding the academic community millions then fucking over the students.
        I know a ‘smart’ girl who went to duke to be an environmentalist….they went on a trip to ascunsion island to study turtles or some bullshit. I explained to her their trip there consumed over 20000 gallons of jet fuel for their ‘environmental’ trip. The level of mental disconnect is astounding

        1. No doubt that the M’s believe deeply in all this liberal progressive stuff, but, that’s actually my point. You see, conditions for these M’s are deteriorating across the board, apropos to this article, their Maslow’s pyramid is regressing on every scale.
          For the moment, we don’t need to have them re-embrace masculinity, nuclear families, faith, morality…no, at this juncture all we need to see them do is start asking “why”? And, again, given their deteriorating outlook this is inevitable.
          Its just a simple normal human reaction any time you’re in a pickle – why. As it applies to the M’s, why life the way it is?
          That’s the catalyst and from there the onion will self-peel itself. You see, after living in the proverbial parent’s (or mom’s) basement for, now, 10 years, life and reality starts crawling up your ass and staring through your eyes. “Why”, becomes a powerful change agent. You see, they’ll see that it wasn’t:
          Masculinity because we don’t have that
          Patriarchy because we don’t have that (we have a matriarchy if anything – ponder that)
          Religion because we don’t have that too and/or
          Christianity, shit, those people are persecuted…
          it keeps going
          Its not because of discrimination, inequity, racism or sexism. And they just keep peeling it back…further along the way and it can’t be conservatives or tea parties either, for, they had their books burned.
          How could those things be the cause? How? Even for the mentally disconnected, sooner of later they have to see the sky is blue.
          The only logical conclusion they’ll eventually acknowledge is that their station in life is due to progressivism. And, thanks to progressivism’s pervasive brainwashing and, above all, since it didn’t just not deliver on its promises of utopia and personal fulfillment but, in fact, failed miserably…and when they come to terms that they’re not nor have they ever been a special snowflake it will be a collective psychological mind fuck like nothing seen before.
          Progressivism failed these people from stem to stern/soup to nuts. They’ll turn viciously on it, but, at this stage the catharsis is has just started.

        2. They believe it because they’re young and it’s sugar coated so well for them. I believed all kinds of liberal kookie shit when I was younger too. Eventually, reality hits EVERYONE!!!
          The level of cognitive dissonance is huge for this current generation because they’re smack dab in the sweet spot of the information (mass propaganda) age. Eventually, reality will hit them. When some white night douche lets some chick stay at his place out of the goodness of his heart, then she and her neck-tatted fuck interest rip him off, he will wake up. When some social crusader spends $200K on a shit-ball law degree hoping to change the world, only to wind up changing the coffee filters at the Starbucks in the mall, she will wake up.
          You get the idea.

        3. I think its hitting them very soon. As they approach 30, there is no more parties or events to look forward to. No more partying in college living off loans, no more trips in your 20s paid by your credit cards. No wedding to look forward to as most of them are divorced or are now chained to their illegitimate children.
          It is downhill from here, except their savior Obama parachutes away with his generous retirement pension while his deepest believers will suffer the rest of their lives.

  17. Society is fucked. Any man under 40 has had his life stolen, his income potential denied, his family stolen by a woman or denied from even existing due to the fact that he could not get a good job. . The American dream is dead. The social contract broken. Telling people to go to college or you will be a loser working at McDonald’s. Then when they get out of college tell these same people to stop being entitled and apply at McDonald’s. Often said by boomers who spent not one second in college and walked out of high school with a 2.0 GPA and got handed a job making 40-50 when adjusted for inflation. Talk about the entitled generation. Look no further than drug addled, fat feminist uneducated boomers. That old economy Steve meme is spot on.

    1. Just recently I was listening to a SWPL bitch crow about how we need more diversity (code for less white men like me) in our office. My job and security and a lifetime of work could be and probably will be sacrificed to the gods of political correctness at any time.
      What the SWPL bitches don’t know is that I, too, and millions nof men like me are also seeking some “diversity” when it comes to women we spend our resources on and and breed with.
      Careful what you wish for, gurlz, especially when you are throwing rocks from the safety of your glass palace.

  18. The premise behind #firstworldproblems is the idea that human beings will innately never be happy. The pursuit of happiness is at the end of the day just that…a pursuit. It’s an idea that will never be achieved. Roosh had a very good article about that topic involving Sisyphus. America’s collapse won’t come from the fact that males are legally encouraged to plug eachother’s assholes or from the fact that we are allowing feminism to over-run the country. It even won’t come from the fact that narcissism and self worship and other forms of “social media” are now the social norm. The underlying problem at the root of this grand situation is that people have become inherently weak and irresponsible. Most of us have the ability to gather resources and navigate a semi-social life with relationships built on shaky foundations of financial reasons…but inherently nobody gives a flying fuck about anyone. Personally, I can’t wait until the ICBM’s start to fly.

    1. “but inherently nobody gives a flying fuck about anyone. ”
      I was thinking about this Yesteday. American culture is really fucked up. I am not sure if I am going to stay in this country for much longer for this reason.

      1. But where would you go? There is nowhere to go. The world is being engulfed by this current nonsense.

        1. Yup, as the saying goes “we’ve been sold a pup”. Told that we have to compete for resources, housing, food, etc., just like the pyramid above. Get Mortgage, borrow for car, education, etc. Waste your finite time on this planet paying profligate governments tax, bankers their loans created from nothing, etc. The whole system is corrupt to the point of lunacy and people are sucked up in it again and again. As soon as I have my borrowings paid back never again, going to lessen my exposure to the coming Union of European Socialist Republics….UESR…..I remember something like that from history….hmmmmm…..

        2. I’m learning Russian, I already know Spanish but I think I’m leaning toward Russia once I make enough in the oilfield. The girls are so fucking sexy, definitely alleviates any fears about expatting

        3. Not sure man, but the US is by far the worst country I have ever been in terms of socialization.

        4. Yes, but I want to go somewhere with a good standard of living and a reasonable legal system.
          People fleeing from the horrors of WW2 had America to flee to. No such safehaven seems to exists for modern ideological refugees.

      2. There are places in the world where it’s not like this. This place is sick. Just because I know how to navigate it doesn’t mean I’m healthy. I suppose I’m only here to tell people that they are fucks in the most subtle of ways…a pointless exercise but I will probably leave too once I’m over it.

  19. Great article, I’d thought about this before but the real mechanics had never really crystallised in my mind.
    I remember having a convsersation with some feminist type when I was at university about the military. I was explaining to her how mixed units of frontline troops is a bad idea as females in combat positions will undermine male morale and cause them to take additional risks to protect the females. She responded that it was just too bad and the men had to deal it, it wasn’t fair for women to be kept out of jobs they wanted (I let the idea that more than a vanishing handful of women had any interest in close quarters combat positions pass unchallenged for the sake of brevity) because men couldn’t handle it. I tried to explain to her that the military does not exist to provide equal employment opportunities, it exists to do it’s job; to protect the nation from subjugation. If women are allowed in the military it is as an indulgence, we don’t need them there, it works perfectly well without them. The men are the backbone, it is because of the men that we actually have a military that can function, anything that undermines that is counterproductive to the very purpose for which the military exists.
    Needless to say she couldn’t understand this, as far as she was concerned fairness to women was more important than combat effectiveness. As we all know, service in the military is confidence and self-esteem boosting exercise, it’s not like it’s a critical aspect of a viable nation to have armed forces that actually do their job.

    1. What is the difference in quality of a 5’7 Asian Male and your average American female? Instead of having them just join rank to glorify women’s lib, support an asexual environment and treat men and women alike. Women like Chyna and several other body builders, wrestlers have proven a woman can develop muscular capacities similar to a man. This will come at the cost of reproduction but by not becoming a mother, you’re saying you don’t want that anyway.

      1. I don’t understand the point you are making. The average Asian male is considerably more physically formidable than the average White female. The differences in physical prowess between the races are nowhere near as large as those between the sexes. Plus it is not just a matter of physical strength, males are simply more suited psychologically to combat, being both braver and hardier mentally. Also, do you really want soldiers who have to rely on dangerous hormone manipulation for their physical edge?

        1. Physically men are typically tougher than women. Heck adding the strength of a man to a woman’s physique destroys a woman’s ability to have a period in some cases. Maybe having women lead is a hormonal issue but as I’m not a woman I can’t speak on what does affect her stability. The suggestion was made to address how little responsibility women have overall to our state. It is a precarious balance that women are pushing in this country of women’s lib and it is slowly becoming utilitarian. What purpose does a woman serve? I get that we all love women and wish that our women were as simple as like attracting like and being done. However, some guys here may be nearly homeless, divorced, taking care of or took care of children they didn’t create with a woman, maybe forced to live with a woman he doesn’t like or biding his time because he is worried about the safety of his children. The mere fact that most people including myself are communicating anonymously about these topics warrants some deep thought. What are we really allowing with feminism and what will we do to make our society equal so we can focus on other things? Maybe enrollment in the military is the wrong idea. It is an idea. Maybe it is just me but I do not believe anyone should be allowed to have enough power to utter a false accusation and destroy someone’s life. Women have that power now.

      2. Ignorant. Given that statement, you hardly qualified to discuss military issues, because, I doubt you’ve ever been in a fight. You really DO NOT know what you’re talking about. First rule, dummy, NEVER ever, underestimate your opponent, especially in respect to size. But, this is elementary, men learn this as young boys, either being the taller or watching the taller/bigger boy unassumingly fight, many times provoke, a smaller boy only to see the smaller, to everyone’s surprise, kick the bigger ones ass. As far as Asian males go, good grief, Republic of Korea Marines are considered to be some of the baddest motherfuckers out there. I’m a u.s. marine, and can tell you, we admit they’re tougher. The Japanese were incredibly fierce and tough and, the Chinese will fucking wipe their ass with our multicultural, inclusive military on a straight-up fight man-to-tranny. Hell we just lost a war to goat fucking sheep herders who use rifles from when the English invaded (19th century). Here is another thing, there is a DISTINCT difference between men and women regardless of the women’s supposed physical state….I fucking saw this with my own eyes.

        1. I believe you and this sounds cold. I appreciate the logic. Pretty quick rush to judgment on the whole fight aspect. Father was a captain and mother was a cadet in the army. Been fighting since I was five. Statistically women in the army hold little to no long term bearing on our countries platoon and by in large they only entered to say women are equal. You’re argument is a solid example as to why they aren’t. The reasoning behind enforced military enrollment support is simple, just like most members of society (aside from the rich) have deterrents for despicable behavior, so to should women. Most women would avoid this like the plague, not because they can’t do it physically, but because it is responsibility that can’t be shirked. Or are you afraid they will call our bluff and we will have weakened our country in the process by forcing women to join? Don’t you have mandatory training before you actually join the front lines too?
          Marriage avoidance, school avoidance, responsibility deferment is simple a reaction. Why uphold an agent whose sole goal is chew me up and spit me out?

    2. Speaking from experience, women are just not very good in the military. This whole thing with being allowed on the front lines is pure ego masturbation and has more to do with media/social engineering than anything else, and certainly, not because there are some “repressed” girls that were fond of war games. Letting women into combat units was entirely politically motivated and, worse, this is the endstate of bullshit “theories”, such as men and women are exactly the same, produced by demented women, many of whom are too fat and incapable to perform the most basic military task, in far away places known as women’s studies departments. Frankly, no one is clamoring to be in the infantry, its by far one of the hardest jobs imaginable. Ask the newly minted grunt PFC two weeks into SOI (School of Infantry) if he’d like to get out of his contract with no consequences. I saw guys deliberately do drugs and resort to extremes to get out, hell, I saw one guy pretend he was an irreconcilable racist, after going AWOL for ~ 1 month, they made him literally spout-off about how he hates “n word” in front of a jacked dark green (that means African American) marine just to prove his case. Guys, far more capable then any female, were clawing at the gates to get out and this continued as they progressed in the fleet where conditions only got worse. Being a grunt is no place for a women, hell, its barely a place for beast let alone man. How one is treated, for instance, especially as a non-rate enlisted, is almost too hard to describe, suffice to say, its an entirely new shade of suck, in fact, I say its inhumane.

  20. The system in Eastern Europe collapsed. And what happened? People are still the same now, they have even become more selfish and materialistic. Women more promiscuous and demanding. Bear in mind, that feminism was strong in communist countries. Did people rejected it now with the failure of the system? No.
    If you think that a crash of the American system going to change the direction of which gender dynamics are heading now – think again. In fact, the future of humanity is sexless. The traditional gender roles are disappearing quickly. You can’t stop that.
    The rapid advancement of technology is going to make this possible as technology in itself is feminine. It started as a tool to help the strong alpha men but today it is designed to make people’s lives as easier as possible. Easy life, security and stability is what women crave and technology is providing for that. Easy life turns men into women. Real men thrive in adversity but the sophistication of technology is now able to sustain a society without real men. Just look at modern warfare technology – drones. How masculine is that … not?
    Point is don’t wait for the collapse, even if comes, you won’t be better off. Feminism is here to stay and it will even evolve into full transhumanism.
    Just ride the tiger. Be in the world but not of it.

    1. I disagree, we have feminism because of politics, albeit, technology has helped. However, technology helps both men and women to include Alphas or masculine men. Under this feminized and socialistic paradigm, technology appears to be feminine, simply, because the politics favors women over men. I think men should embrace technology, even more, or perhaps in new and creative ways. For instance, the main stream media, which has been one of the most powerful levers in bringing about and sustaining feminism IS right now obsolete given current technological capabilities. Very soon individuals can control exactly what they see versus being fed what to see, which was what created feminism. Technology, will decentralize things and that will keep making life easier but minus the feminist propaganda, don’t expect that ideology to last much longer.

    2. Technology is not feminine. You have easier life and you should be thankful for that. Artificial wombs are also part from the Transhumanist world. Full gender separatism can’t occur (except in USA, UK, Canada) in most countries on this planet, but we will see some kind of gender alienation.
      But as a men, we need struggle, right? I mean Evolution and Progress is NOT occurring in stable environments. I will give you a monkey anagology. You have two tribes of monkeys. The first tribe is having easy access to food. They reach their grubby hands and grab a banana. The second tribe is struggling for food. The first tribe will intellectually devolve, because they can’t progress. There is no point for change and growth. The second tribe will evolve and grow intellectually. They will research new ways for finding food.
      The Struggle can be part from the life of modern men. MMA fights, joining for a certain period Islamist groups (if you survive for 1 year, you will return as rich fucker), if you are white man – join hardline national socialist groups… This is a real bloody struggle. You have the choice to DO it, or DON’T. It’s your choice.

  21. Said it before, say it again (disclosure: I’m one of those moderate Muslims): The recent wars are not only about “money” (as all wars are ultimately), this is a battle between 1st World “Progression”, Beta-male Feminist anti-religious zealots, against 2nd and 3rd World Alpha Male religious zealots. The silent majority on either side are irrelevant (as Bridgette Gabriel has correctly said). The side that produces sufficient funds (oil/money), and babies, wins. American women talk about our “Sharia” law, which actually gives women things…yet, American men, men in the UK, Canada and Aussies, suffer in Family Court under Feminist Sharia, which is KILLING the American culture. Right now, American Betas are living off the military and infrastructure corn feed that their Alpha ancestors created, and/or took in battle, in order to suffocate, bomb and media blitz against Islam, but eventually, the world knows an Alpha when it sees one, just ask all the Anglo women in England converting to Islam. I make no political claims or claims of who is more correct or just, simply that American men are fighting wars for women who DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM, and DO NOT PRODUCE FAMILIES THAT SUCCEED.

    1. Saudi royals, Western elite, Russian elite and Chinese elite all share the same bed. The propaganda makes it look like Islam is the enemy but in reality we are in one world government political system.
      There’s no longer real enemy out there. We are in state of vacuum.

      1. Agreed, just noting that American men (turning more Beta every day) are “fighting” to defend essentially white women, who DO NOT CARE about them whatsoever, and actively work AGAINST THEM, destroying their homes, their childrens’ lives, their finances, their very LIVES. Yet they con men into fighting essentially a proxy war because white women (and by extension black women in the US) get all the benefits of having an Alpha male society, by keeping enough Beta males blowing shit up, and defending them from boardrooms to academia. OF COURSE White women, whether stated or not, want White (read: Christian) men to fight Islam…because as Muslims, we KNOW women’s ways, and that they have to be kept under control. Obviously we are not one “culture” per se, and yes, some of the Arab lands are backwards (many), but what is progress if a man isn’t safe in the very nation he built?

    2. “The recent wars are not only about “money” (as all wars are ultimately), this is a battle between 1st World “Progression”, Beta-male Feminist anti-religious zealots, against 2nd and 3rd World Alpha Male religious zealots.”
      I despise ISIS/ISIL and hope it perishes, at least in the form it is in now, but I think you are right about the kind of clash this is. People still think this is fundamentally about oil, which no doubt plays it part, but that narrative is a leftist one and not the whole picture. What Terbelis says may also be correct in part or hole (although I hope not), insofar as there are elements of this conflict that seem very controlled, almost staged, as though ISIS were actors on a stage playing the antagonist to the Western protagonists, ‘protecting freedom, advancing progress…bla bla’.
      Its worth remembering that the worst part of ‘progress’, the insanely fast rise of feminism, gay rights, and progressivism generally coincides precisely with the war against terror that began in 2001. So you may be fighting against western style progress in the east, but your doing so, at least insofar as that can be portrayed as aggression provides fuel and justification for the downward spiral in the west.
      I find it hard not to believe that the west couldn’t crush IS if it really wanted to.

      1. Yes, but that could be said of so many “sides” in war. Had the World really wanted to crush those horrible Confederates, they could have…but chose not to…not to get involved. The world finally had enough of Napoleon, and finally allied to do the job. That may happen with ISIS, but it will NOT resolve the older, larger conflict, which is a large feminized “machine” (Western Capitalism/Imperialism) versus more simple, authoritarian Alphaships. Remember, Imperialism is just a natural extension of consumerism. White women in the North for example, were PISSED that cotton and other materials were going to cost more when Mobile, Charleston, Norfolk and N. Orleans became “Southern controlled” by the newly formed Government. THAT JUST COULD NOT STAND…so white men of the North jumped into action to take back the system that perpetuated upper class whites (which is what the Southern elites were doing), particularly white women. ALL MODERN wars are about White women and have been, since Helen of Troy.

        1. “it will NOT resolve the older, larger conflict, which is a large feminized “machine” (Western Capitalism/Imperialism) versus more simple, authoritarian Alphaships”. Remember, Imperialism is just a natural extension of consumerism.
          The consumerist machine is a ‘desiring’ machine – it seeks always to promote desire for its consumables, creating new identities where necessary to generate new desires. The imperialism you speak of may be designed to create new consumer markets for such desire quenching consumables, globalising and terraforming non-conforming lands for that purpose, but in the shorter term one should not underestimate the degree to which foreign wars may be about the home market rather than a foreign market that does not even yet exist, and may never exist.
          “ALL MODERN wars are about White women and have been, since Helen of Troy.”
          I don’t know enough about the causes of the civil war to comment, but assuming you’re correct yours is a fairly classic economic reductionist argument, explaining surface politics in terms of the underlying economics, which would be quite compatible with a marxist type analysis except with respect to your characterisation of the relations of power as a) female centric and b) causally important.
          Marx for instance speaks of productive forces as a kind of motor of history, something which can be entertained without necessarily being a marxist. However if specifically female desire / female needs are the fuel for that motor then we have a convergence of the productive forces and the (real) relations of production, both of which are beholden to the feminine imperative (to borrow Rollo Tomassi’s term).
          I’m not sure all wars have been caused by white women, but women’s desires and needs always play in the background and the degree of causal influence here is something that needs to be closely examined. It is an imponderable precisely because it can work invisibly in the background. Even now when feminism is a mainstay of progressivism it can still stay hidden in the background as the men go to war. Its causal role needs to be brought to the surface

      2. I think its about pussy. Muslims are the most pussystarved people on earth, only surpassed by western men (95% of them, at least).
        So its a battle of sexless manginas who cant get laid and how dwell in basements.. You dont see brazil and thailand start wars over nothing do you ?
        Absense of pussy is absolutely devastating.

        1. “Muslims are the most pussystarved people on earth, only surpassed by western men (95% of them, at least).”
          That’s right. But that’s also why they feel threatened by the onward march of progressivism etc, which makes sexual frustration worse by raising the exchange value of pussy (not to mention the fact it eats any kind of traditional society from within).
          As progressivism / feminism seeks to increase the economic (and scarcity) value of pussy it will help create wars amongst those who know (and can see from looking at the western media) that they have everything to lose. The fact that sexual repression has driven them half insane doesn’t help

        2. Your comment is one of the strangest i ever read. It’s simply not true.
          As for ISIS… the only ones who say “they are Jewish Shills” are the western coward “truthers” and shia infidels who attacked Israel… verbally.

        3. I think that’s an oversimplification, but I get what you’re saying. Most Muslim men who are single, are pussy starved of course, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be, according to the Orthodox beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, frankly. In Muslim countries, men marry (sometimes multiple wives) have children and get on with life. In the US, white men are fucking DESTROYED by the very society they created. These same Christian men have Christian LEADERS (men) telling them to wife up whores who already have children and be happy about it. All because some OTHER guy wasn’t pussy starved, and nailed it before you got it offered to you. It’s a matter of perspective.

  22. Louis CK annoys me. People think he’s iconoclastic when really he just goes along with the cultural zeitgeist. Not important but I really don’t find him to be compelling whatsoever.

  23. Unfortunately, the process seems no more reversible than aging
    You can be fully aware of everything that’s happening, but society will still get softer, weaker, more emotional, less mature etc
    I maintain that there’s nothing wrong with being a selfish dick in an era that you can’t really affect. Let the kids waste their time debating equality or feelings, in the end they won’t be able to feed themselves with good intentions

    1. American society is one feel good orgy for beta orbiters and their matriarchs. I went in Facebook recently and the way guys are leering at te camera in their collared shirts just reminds me of…. Clueless cuckold slaves. Out here in china dudes are working themselves to death on high rises and they got more man in them than a hundred American Facebook fags.

  24. I dunno your guys take on this one. My family wasn’t rich. Lower middle class to poor. My extended family is very wealthy, maybe not wasp wealthy but probably around 150 million combined throughout our families. That’s the Chinese side. They came from the walled cities in Hong Kong and worked their way up, which is impressive. My mom wanted to be a teacher, married a white boy for status or white dick or whatever, turns out he wasn’t very good at making money because I guess it’s not as valued in western countries. She was sick of her poverty and offed herself.
    I got into Columbia bc of my uncle who is a big shot asian alumni there. Graduated with a 3.9 gpa and top 20 students there. That was in 2008. Applied to hundreds of jobs, not one single reply. Not one!!!!!! Women around me with the same majors all got meaningless bullshit jobs that I would have given my left nut to have done, but they got them. Publishing, buying, etc. nothing. Eventually I had to go to China to work for my uncle in his new company but because he’s completely nuts and getting senile he ran it into the ground. So now I’m sitting here 6 years after I graduated struggling. I swear if they offered me a job to go work down at a construction site I would do it. I know it’s not right to blame anyone but myself but for fucks sake, something has to be wrong if I’m 6’1″, decent looking , educated, intelligent, but in the USA I couldn’t find one single job and I couldn’t find a woman who was trustworthy and wanted to stick around for more than a night and I didn’t have to game mercilessly.
    How many other stories are there like me? I agree, it’s the kids with the connections getting the jobs, women get jobs by putting on makeup and flirting, engineers get jobs, but what about the regular guys who get lied into thinking a 60,000 a year education is worth it? When I was there I got massive financial aid and have zero debt but I imagine there are countless guys graduating with unfathomable debt, and then they make it worse by getting a fuckin masters degree in some useless bullshit like history! It’s all a fucking scam!
    I swear if someone offered me a job working a rig up in siberia id fucking take it! That’s how desperate I am because no matter what I will not teach English out here!

    1. You aren’t alone. A male 3.9 gpa and a female 3.9 gpa are two different things. If you take that, quota meeting, minority group bonus in some instances, you’ve got the makings of a fantastic fetish labeled equality. You may have been able to do the job better than anyone hired. Maybe you needed an internship. Maybe the education wasn’t valued as highly but it sounds like a factor could very well have been you weren’t born the right sex. And no you aren’t alone. There are many who have gone to college, not necessarily elite colleges but colleges nonetheless, who are left to struggle to exist.

    2. at least you realize you got off lucky by not having any school debt. I would consider you one hell of a massive asshole if you did not realize that. Just to make myself clear, I’m not calling you an asshole. I wouldn’t dream of it.
      but you’re not far off, though. I was actually going to school for electronic engineering technology when I ran out of money. Luckily, my dad was paying for it at the time, but I just couldn’t afford it anymore. After that, I started installing U verse for AT&T. even after getting such a heavyweight job, after I quit there I couldn’t get another job like it. I’ve been floating from job to job ever since. Sometimes, nobody gives a rats ass what your qualifications are and how much expertise you have, its all about who you’re connected with or if you have boobs. Even if you’re a little bit darker color than chocolate, you’re still good. The fucking games rigged, man.

  25. I think it’s safe to say, I’ve got everything except the peak of that damn pyramid already set up.granted, I’m not rich, but I do have enough esteem, safety, and everything else at the bottom.I think I’m going to go forward and start inventing what I want to invent, cuz honestly it’s the only damn thing left where I can actually get some freaking wealth.

  26. Upon reading an article like this, I shall opt to enjoy the decline and let the Anglo/Westernized women the hard way how much of ingrates they are.
    Make them taste their own medicine.

  27. Once one has encountered the childish, bullying tactics of progressives, then when they actually complain about unfairness, it falls on deaf ears. Hypocrisy is still abhorred among certain groups.
    So the firstworldproblem meme needs to and will continue to grow because of how progressives brought it upon themselves. Since they shouted down opposition to the horror of abortion-on-demand, they don’t get to prevent their opponents from taking them down a peg or twenty.

    1. Actually, that report says about 36% of men and women are obese, and 8% of women extremely obese — which figure is well ahead of men at 4%. And those numbers are “estimates”, in the words of that report.
      The report I cited is from 2007-2008 and comes direct from the CDC itself. It explicitly points to women as predominantly obese as opposed to men. Interestingly, nobody in your handy-dandy report even mentions that data from the CDC. Go complain to them.

  28. Maslow is most famously known for his proclomation that SEX is as important as food, water and breathing.

    1. Agreed: which is why in most rational societies — especially the West — prostitution tends to be tolerated, legalised, or dealt with in a look-the-other-way manner. Even medieval Europe (going by Joseph and Francis Gies in “Life in a Medieval City”) turned a blind eye to it: wives of merchants would sometimes turn a trick or two to pay the bills. And who can forget the pavement stones at Pompeii, inscribed with carvings of penises: primitive arrows, helpfully pointing sailors to the red light district. Hell, the Old Testament, for all Leviticus’s bellyaching about the wrath of God falling on adulterers and whatnot, still had plenty of whores populating it. A society which managed to lock down prostitution or utterly repress sex would be the sort of society due for collapse shortly thereafter.

  29. A major problem in these white countries is that people spend too much money and time on bars, drinks, dates, ect. When u r young, try to limit all this and fuckin work tirelessly so that by the time u reach 25 u have a stable self bussiness, thats maturing or that u r abt to set up, so that u can enjoy a comfortable and probably rich life ahead

  30. Excellent article.
    I am currently in SE Asia. Here, women are not mixed up with #FirstWorldProblems. They do not have their priorities confused, and worse, by feminists.
    What to know the real source of the angry young men that fuel ISIS? Just look at your local feminist, the feminist media, and the distortions and outright lies of the feminist state.

  31. Even the obesity epidemic is a big time first world problem. Real poor countries don’t have many fat people

  32. I’ve argued with you before but this is actually an interesting well though out article not to say I agree with you on all things but I am pro family if it’s not detrimental to ones health.

  33. Greece and Rome both arguably fell because of feminism, which led to lack of reproduction. Sparta fell when they could no longer field an army, because the warrior classes had long since quit reproducing. When Alexander conquered Greece, he basically found the land depopulated. There were vastly fewer towns than there had been, and they were smaller. The land was virtually empty. The Macedonians were still breeding, which in large measure is why he won. Likewise, Roman birthrates also plummeted, arguably leading directly to their demise. They could no longer field troops, and had to hire mercenaries, who eventually just swallowed them.

    1. In that respect, both societies had put the equality of their genders, a higher, aspirational desire, above the basic survival requirements that allowed their societies to continue to exist. Either way, they lost sight of the basics that allowed their societies to survive and thrive – which is really my thesis in a nutshell.

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